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Discuss anything related to /fringe/ and its rules, moderation, posting quality, etc. here. All suggestions are welcome!


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If the board goes up for claim and the board owner can't be found anywhere, please contact live:chanseywrites on Skype to give this board to her.


baaba5 No.1[Reply]


This board is for discussing anything related to the management or future of >>>/fringe/

Try not to spam the board, and be sure to follow the global rules. Other than that, any suggestions/criticisms are welcome!

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baaba5 No.90


>tfw got the 88 GET

fe3bc0 No.60[Reply]

tipp here, board is coming along great, testing to be done this weekend.

If you want to reach me you can do so here


Does someone remember my fringe skypename? I'll know the password if I get the login ID, I'm sure Smiley has it but I doubt he'll remember either.

ITT AMA, see if we can figure out a way to make sure you all know my identity.

to start with, made this, maybe you've seen me spam one or the either before.


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c65bfc No.164


Why the fug do you have to call it a competitor?

I think you're just trying to put a divide between me and Tipp that doesn't have to exist.

I'll denounce it as shit like those other stupid splinter boards when it actually turns out to be such.

>muh ego shittery

gas yourself


Nice pseudopsychological analysis there kike. You don't know me.


I would prefer to think of it as an extension of the site and a good effort towards decentralization and also improving on imageboard code. I don't want to make enemies of people that are actually doing me a favor. Shills just want me to dislike Tipp.

c65bfc No.171

Hey Tipp send the password and username to [email protected]

f17d2e No.172


Youre the type of person I'd expect to meet at a Furry Convention

c65bfc No.175


Omcoon's a literal furfaggot as is liberalfeline.

I for one am disgusted by the addition of animal traits to the human form.

cf0580 No.177


Its not live yet.

ed03bf No.165[Reply]

ed03bf No.176

SemiteSlayer really needs to read this.

41f111 No.162[Reply]

>pretend to bring in /pol/ moderation and hand it off to them despite not leaving like you said you would do

>have """""""""""""/pol/ mods"""""""""""""""""" go on huge banning spree with permabans

>use your own account to remove bans

>actually think people will believe this obviously fake sequence of events and hail you as a "good" moderator

>all because people said you were a bad one that acted exactly like the moderators you complain about




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bc685d No.168

Smiley is definitely /cow/ material, if there hasn't been a thread on him there yet I don't know how

a6f634 No.169


All /cow/ browsers are /cow/ material.

a6f634 No.170


>is the face of /fringe/ that can get /4chon/ moderators to delete a copy of this thread's OP posted over there AND all posts embedding and discussing a video you yourself posted publicly on your youtube channel

Oh more completely wrong conspiracy shit. I don't know what bullshit you're spamming /4chon/ with but I haven't told HDV to take down anything, he's just acting independently. You're probably going to deny my assertion here too though.

41f111 No.173


>i give up goys I'm leaving for real and am tired reeeeeeeeeeeeee


a6f634 No.174


>being a mental invalid who probably actually models the actions and behavior of people like this and thinks he has them figured out

Low IQ shitters like you are good for manual labour not for commenting on imageboards.

That thread is literally years old.

...and ever since I posted it, I haven't really read much books since then, and just talk to god instead.

Also that thread says a lot of different stuff all at once and isn't simplified to "hurr I'm leaving and tired" which was not what was being said there. Try actually reading and comprehending that thread there.

aa6159 No.151[Reply]

>tfw smiley gets so mad he starts deleting posts on /ask/ and disables embeds

5dcf8b No.155



>You've never bothered to speak to me like a person to a person, so dito, I suppose we don't click or something.

Silly assumption. I'm just a busy and reclusive man.

>Anyway, your board is going to shit, you had to cancel a journey which might have led to something because Omran is tormenting you for fun, you gave it up to the corrupt mods of /pol/ who work actively to shut down certain discussions, which is mainly, aside from Omran, what started this project for a new "bunker".

Alright hurry up and get the bunker ready as soon as possible so these attacks finally end.



Everything you say is disingenous social engineering garbage.

I have not disabled embeds or deleted anything on /ask/.

However, Dwarf tends to delete her own posts all the time, and may be doing that.

As for embeds not working, my assumption is that the current server transfer is to blame.

aa6159 No.161


>replying to the wrong posts


f52815 No.157[Reply]


CSS to /fringe/-ify /fringemeta/

a61c1f No.128[Reply]


>banning people for saying something you don't like

Hypocrite that you are, you will defend this while crying about /pol/ moderation.

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a61c1f No.134


>trying this pathetically

Jesus christ Ken. This is just a fraudulent excuse for you to banning someone for saying something you don't like by pretending some magic other post that doesn't even exist was the one that caused it.

Your facade is falling.

You will be exposed for the fraud you are.

832142 No.136



You didn't delete any of my other posts and I'm not le spoopy board raider

b7cdd7 No.140


If you are truly innocent I'll just unban you then. There have been a few times where innocent anons have been caught in the crossfire.

b7cdd7 No.141


You realize I don't need a facade or anything right? I can do as I please. The only reason I'm saying this shit is because it's true.

a61c1f No.150


Why are you still lying, Ken? Do the authorities need to know details of your location and your recent actions?

9d9b69 No.116[Reply]

This thread does not violate any of those rules, Ken. You are acting exactly as you claim the moderators of /pol/ act. You are a hypocrite.

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9d9b69 No.126


None of the posts violated the rules. You are a hypocrite. Being esoteric and disagreeing with you is not a raid, Ken.

3bbab2 No.131


Shut up faggot, you can't see his post history, I deleted all his offending posts. What do you want, for me to just apply bans to each specific post that broke a rule, instead of just doing it all at once and then deleting the other shit? It takes a lot of time to ban each rule breaking post individually. I am no hypocrite. I don't ban people for disagreeing with me.

9d9b69 No.132


None of the posts violated the rules. You are a hypocrite. Being esoteric and disagreeing with you is not a raid, Ken.

> What do you want,

You to stop lying and stop banning for things that do not violate rules just because they hurt your feelings.

3bbab2 No.144


I'm probably going to revise the rules maybe.

9d9b69 No.149


>revise the rules

>so you can keep being a hypocrite but will have new rules to hide behind

<all the while you're totally not going to be using or moderating the board for a while and totally gave it to others

9146da No.99[Reply]

>he's a shitposter

>on the internet

>on an anime imageboard

>he does it for fun

>he takes his "hobby" very seriously

>he does it because it is the only amount of social interaction he will ever have in his pathetic life

>he shitposts ironically in threads he doesn't like because whenever he gets upset he has an asthma attack

>he shitposts ironically in threads he doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of little girl chinese cartoons he still has to watch

>he will never have a real job

>he will never move out of his parent's house

>he will never be at a healthy weight

>he will never know how to cook anything besides a hot pocket

>he will never have a girlfriend

>he will never have any friends

46dc0d No.100

9146da No.146

9146da No.147

>he's a sandcoon shitposter

>on the darknet

>on an occultist imageboard

>he does it for fun

>he takes his "hobby" very seriously

>he does it because it is the only amount of social interaction he will ever have in his pathetic life

>he shitposts ironically in threads he doesn't like because whenever he gets upset he has an asthma attack

>he shitposts ironically in threads he doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of my little pony porn cartoons he still has to watch

>he will never have a real job

>he will never move out of his parent's house

>he will never be at a healthy weight

>he will never know how to cook anything besides a pineapple

>he will never have a sharia-compliant ghost girlfriend

>he will never have any friends

9146da No.148

>"So, your son is a jihadist?"

>"Well, kind of… It's actually online, something to do with haram westerners. I don't really understand it."

>"Does he like doing it for allah?"

>"He likes the cyber-jihad, but whenever he's working, he seems so… upset. I hear him yelling from the mosque."

>"Well, work can be stressful for everyone. Does he at least have the blessings of the imam?"


>He does it because some infidel ignored one of his posts long ago."

62da4b No.138[Reply]

If this is true then the board is officially dead. The mods of /pol/ are some of the most corrupt bastards on the entire site, many of us were banned from there simply for stating a different point of view from the deranged ideological status quo they try to push there so much, they are the kind of mods that will ban you simply because they don't like what you post and label it as shilling to furtherly manipulate the rest of the users. I remember especially at the start of the year many of us performed in the raid at /pol/ to try and demonstrate how retarded and stupid this manufactured left/right dichotomy had become and take many users to higher paths. Many of us where originally /pol/ users but than had an epiphany which made us realise that this hate and anger driven ideology was just as bad as what the other side where doing, it was taking mundane politics and throwing away what was meaningful to us, so we could be come absorbed in a collective that preaches genocide and violence - fuck that.

The past week or so the board has been spammed by idiots and attracted the kind of young morons /pol/ thrives upon. The kind of /fringe/ they are into is immature idolatry over kek and praising ebolachan trying to kill people, use black magic, etc. They are childish shitposters not concerned with anything other than their own self-indulgence. If /fringe/ is to become some right-wing endorsed and moderated shitposting bastion then so much of what most of us come here for is dead. This will not work.

The board has been contaminated by people with nefarious purposes, do you really expect us to believe that /pol/ mods, the very same ones that banned 100s of users for expressing a viewpoint opposed to genocide, or simply not following Trump 100%, will keep /fringe/ a balanced board where all viewpoints can be explored and everyone has a voice? No. Rather they will try to turn the board into another propaganda piece and ways of manipulating people to their own political agenda. That is why many of us have agreed to stop using /fringe/ entirely and keep communications in channels which are less pozzed to the illuminatti agenda - one that seeks to breeed disonance and division rather than cultivate enlightenment and propserity on a spiritual level. Someone is in the process of making another /fringechan/ and when that happePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3f2eae No.139

You know anon I started off reading your post sympathetically and by the end of it realized you're some newfag who was never around for the previous iterations of /fringe/ and who'd just be as bad as the /pol/ mods but in reverse.

I am the only common thread through all the various iterations of /fringe/. I made the CSS, I chose the board mascot, and I have been a mod on every version of /fringe/. I have had some simple rules and I have moderated the board more or less the same way forever.

Right now my orders to the /pol/ mods are very clear. If they fuck up I'll remove bans they placed. If they delete any legitimate threads or posts they will be demodded.

3f2eae No.145


7c0fd0 No.127[Reply]

Why are you lying, Smiley? What did you upload to your youtube to get it shut down?

29c8f2 No.130

I uploaded an ISIS meme as an unlisted video.

It was taken down in minutes. Even though I never shared it.

7c0fd0 No.133


You're a terrorist supporter? No fucking wonder police and government officials are after you. You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you? Better watch out. Hear that knocking on the door? It's the RCMP, here for you.

29c8f2 No.143


w o o



5c79a5 No.135[Reply]

Where were you when Kenneth Schueler revealed himself to be a supporter of islamic terrorism?

725872 No.142

I'm a big guy for the CIA.

CIA made Discordianism and ISIS and is pretty much behind everything I do for you.

The next step in the master plan is a balance of powers and decentralization through putting opposition groups against each other.

We're going to crash the world with no mundane survivors.

You don't get to bring friends.

f854cb No.137[Reply]

reddits window

24af51 No.12[Reply]

If anyone is curious who is doing the raiding, consensus cracking, etc. it's literally all just one sandcoon with multiple personas from the United Arab Emirates called Omran AlShamsi.

His attacks start when he wakes up, stops when he has to pray, and stops when he has to sleep.


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faf0b5 No.119


The more pictures I see of this guy the more I like him. He looks like a good person.

256627 No.120


All reported.

18e0db No.123

000000 No.124



c7f534 No.125


thanks for the loosh mund00ne :--DDDDxddddd

f42ad5 No.32[Reply]

ITT: Request threads of merit to be added to the "important threads" in the board sticky: >>>/fringe/77411

f42ad5 No.33

f42ad5 No.122

>tfw I set this board to have only 1 page

>tfw it has 2 pages right now and it seems like the minimum number of pages a board can have is 5

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