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Discuss anything related to /fringe/ and its rules, moderation, posting quality, etc. here. All suggestions are welcome!


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baaba5  No.1[Reply]


This board is for discussing anything related to the management or future of >>>/fringe/

Try not to spam the board, and be sure to follow the global rules. Other than that, any suggestions/criticisms are welcome!

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d39e2c  No.322

I just want to say


Thank you for your service.

d329aa  No.363[Reply]

>6. Do not sit on the default flag or post with no flag all the time. Use other flags, preferably the flag most relevant to your specific post, or you may select flags at random. Those who ignore this rule will be occasionally banned and told to switch flags. Do not try to create an identity around constant use of a specific flag.

This is probably one of the stupidest rules I've ever read. Is it even enforced? Delete rule 6 already.

Also why the bloody hell was an epic wynn flag ever added? Moderation should be discouraging the decay of the board, not encouraging it.

023b1b  No.366

>wanting people to make an identity based on a flag

5763ca  No.323[Reply]


I'm pretty sure that OP's thread does not violate rule 4 or 3.

Rule 5, sure, though. Maybe rule 7 since he keeps breaking rules with signature fagging all the time.

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5763ca  No.345


15 minutes for self-doxxing, weeks or even a month for if they dox someone else.

5763ca  No.346


He's reducing the overall anonymity of the board by creating a persona and instigating identity-based drama.

The more people that do this kind of thing, the less anonymous the remaining anons become. We are the most anonymous when everyone is anonymous.

Yes, writing styles and file names and all that give away things too, but what the anon in question is doing with signature fagging (and avatarfagging but I don't think that's against the rules) is really intentionally trying to create an identity for oneself.

We're supposed to be anonymous and about ideas not personas.

5763ca  No.347

All he has to do is stop signing his posts with a signature.

He can keep doing everything else the same and even write his own book and link it when he likes but every single post having a signature is stupid.

36c47b  No.364


All users have the rights to Free Privacy and Free Publicity. Every user as far as Free Privacy goes, has the right to moderately restrain individual personal information about their self. Every user as far as Free Publicity goes, has the right to use any social media to spread information about their self.

All users have as much right to be a secret, as they do to be a battle cry. To take away the user's right to control their information is a breach of these rights that all users must fight, for the sake of their own freedom.

Freedom before Anonymity. We are not a collectivist hegemony of non-identifiable users. If the government wants you, they'll find you regardless of this attempt at putting security before liberty. Anyone who would sacrifice a little bit of liberty for a little bit of security will deserve neither and lose both.

To separate the person from the idea, is to create a soulless boring detail without context. To separate the idea from the person, is to create a soulful thoughtless story without meaning. Respect the value of both; the master and their lessons are both important to achieving understanding.

~E p y c [redacted] W y n n (Rule 5)

IIUU Prime Minister

5763ca  No.365


I'd rather have my ideas separate from myself as people have a hard time understanding those who entertain ideas and yet do not own or identify with them and will try to make you be defined by whatever ideas you did espouse at one time.

>We are not a collectivist hegemony of non-identifiable users.

We should be.

000000  No.352[Reply]


I have made some slight updates in the "Contact The Mods" section.

Any other changes that should be made here? I'm pretty sure contact info for all the mods isn't even listed here.

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000000  No.358


>While this rule is stupid and they KNOW it's not a useful rule that causes more harm than good,

The only harm is my time wasted dealing with your antics instead of focused on my research and training.

You have your own flag. Can you please just stop signature fagging?

000000  No.359

Fringe Moderation Philosophy In A Nutshell:

Create a board where people have the maximum free speech possible to discuss religions, metaphysics, occult, etc. (related topics) in an anonymous environment with a few minimum of rules that are entirely technical (e.g. no duplicate threads) and have nothing to do with moderating opinion.

32144d  No.360


I guess in the end it comes down to sacrificing a little bit of freedom of speech for a little more anonymity.

>All users have a right to privacy and a right to freedom of speech. Privacy is required to guarantee free speech. You are reducing the pool of anonymity by using a signature to identify yourself in every post.

When you put it this way I can see your thought process behind the rule and I can agree to an extent. I just think the amount of anonymity gained is REALLY minuscule, but so is the sacrifice for it.

4aca88  No.361


Once you have an identity it's a slippery slope towards a lot of shit that you could never have predicted from the start. It leads to all kinds of dynamics on imageboards that become pure cancer and end in a very bad way, both for the individuals who opted to create an identity for themselves, and for the boards infested with their personas.

723f9e  No.362


Yeah, this is very similar to how it works with tripfags, and they are all notoriously difficult to deal with too.

e8f142  No.308[Reply]

>when you check the reports log and there's like 22 reports begging for a certain notorious signature fag to be banned

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e69f8b  No.320

Now that you two fags have agreed upon the meaning of your private exchange, can you finally ban that epic wynn faggot from fagging up the board?

e8f142  No.348



Impersonator. This is not the real BO.

e8f142  No.349


FringeWizard@protonmail.com (or @pm.me) if you want to talk to the actual owner/creator of /fringe/

e8f142  No.350


Just my interpretation but "the creating identity rule isn't enforced at all" (without knowing the larger context as I haven't read that imgur screencap) might just mean that, at the time of that email exchange, nobody was enforcing it because they didn't have to? Was there anyone at that specific time that email exchange happened violating that rule?

e8f142  No.351


I think also that, in regards to the rules, it's the exact same technicality as with police. That is, they don't have to enforce the law, they can if they want to. The exact term is called discretion. Moderators are allowed to use discretion in whether they enforce a rule or not. One example is, if someone starts a question thread, even though it violates rule 2... if it immediately sparked really interesting replies and conversation before a mod got to it, it can just be left alone.


Do some research into the above and you get the idea.

Mods are encouraged to be laid-back and not heavy-handed, to be forgiving and to come to try to correct the misbehavior through communication and such.

In the case of the certain someone causing trouble right now he's been blatantly breaking the rules and stirring up trouble despite all attempts at getting him to stop signature fagging for months now.

d33f66  No.299[Reply]

Nobody likes Epyc Wynn. If you're so dead set on this free speech thing then just know, the board will always be terrible. It could be a great board if half the threads weren't blatant sarcastic shitposts and half the replies weren't obvious bullshit.

b93518  No.301

It's pretty obvious that he's intentionally shitting up the board with his fedora-tier posts. Besides, he still knowingly breaks the rules despite being accommodated by the moderation immensely.

e74d9a  No.306



He who is without memes, cast the first spell.

~E p y c [redacted] W y n n

9db1c3  No.310


Just counter his shitposting with effortposting.

1bef9a  No.321


Why would anyone 'effortpost' (this term is terrible, by the way, because it implies that there is something extra-ordinary about putting effort into your posts) in a toilet?

430669  No.330


I find your parentheses amusing when your question implies exactly that.

281516  No.294[Reply]

Do smilebergs parents keep him locked in a cage and feed him his vegetable brothers vomit?

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281516  No.297

He goes home after a hard working day at the market and reads occult books as they chain him to a radiator in the basement.

281516  No.298

His mama tells smileberg that she's saving his virginity for herself. After his father dies, she's going to take it.

19516c  No.305


His dominatrix mother gets off to using that fat boomer with erectile dysfunction as a living sextoy. Since she doesn't use his limp dick for sex, why wouldn't she go for Mr. Smileyberg's virgin cock right away?

888cdd  No.307


She uses his veggie bro's hard benis. He's her sextoy until he randomly dies. Smiebergs dick is next on her list.

069940  No.309

You are severely fucked in the head.

8f7ba8  No.302[Reply]

This is a thread for posting the >> of any messages which are spam or ads, such as Discord links, that do not belong on the board.

Do not use this thread to remove messages or threads just because they're 'stupid,' 'annoying,' or just because you disagree.

This is strictly for spam: excessive posting of the exact same message from one user, and ads: links to products/services/social media meant to increase profit/fame. Exceptions may apply if the spam/ad is relevant to the board or the thread's topic.

~E p y c [redacted] W y n n

8f7ba8  No.303

Please Remove:







They are spamming up this thread: https://8ch.net/fringe/res/129227.html

8f7ba8  No.304


~E p y c [redacted] W y n n

000000  No.292[Reply]

Holy shit, this might not be very fringe related but I just wanted to say Im so glad I found this board. Ive been on 4chan's /x/ for like 2 years and this is such a breath of fresh air. Nearly no schizos, no balls to the walls conspiracy theories and flat earth spam, down to earth discussion, very nice info and actually useful sticky etc. So yeah, just wanted to say that.

bfc330  No.293




















c41151  No.291[Reply]

I made a flag.


000000  No.264[Reply]

ITT: Is posting signatures a violation of rule 5 yes or no?

A certain someone is always signing his posts with a signature. This is contrary to the nature of an anonymous imageboard.


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000000  No.284


>Attempts to create and discuss identities for anons will result in posts being deleted and bans being handed out.

<right under rule 5 in "The Rules of /fringe/" under "Pertaining to Posting In General"

>5. Identifying posts / namefag drama.

<right under point 5 of PLEASE REPORT THE FOLLOWING

>Namefag drama and attempts at identifying or establishing identities for posters will be combated by posting editing or deletion and those that persistently engage in this drama will be banned.

>right under moderator guidelines

Note these are all the same rules and guidelines we've had now for years. If there's any previous archives of the rules page you'll see that these aren't recent changes. There is clearly, indisputably, the grounds laid out here for the actions which have been taken concerning your posts which violate our board rules. I don't think it could be more clear when you go through the rules page itself.

000000  No.285


>Attempts to create and discuss identities for anons will result in posts being deleted and bans being handed out.

<right under rule 5 in "The Rules of /fringe/" under "Pertaining to Posting In General"

>5. Identifying posts / namefag drama.

<right under point 5 of PLEASE REPORT THE FOLLOWING

>Namefag drama and attempts at identifying or establishing identities for posters will be combated by posting editing or deletion and those that persistently engage in this drama will be banned.

<right under moderator guidelines

Note these are all the same rules and guidelines we've had now for years. If there's any previous archives of the rules page you'll see that these aren't recent changes. There is clearly, indisputably, the grounds laid out here for the actions which have been taken concerning your posts which violate our board rules. I don't think it could be more clear when you go through the rules page itself.

Edit: Sigh. "Tor users can't delete their own posts" when I try to delete the older one.

6fcbb3  No.288

Ya you can namefag if you are the OP of your thread though. That's about the only case. It better be a damn good thread or everyone will call you a faggot as per the customs dating back to the epoch of imageboards :)

bd4116  No.289


No you're not supposed to namefag even then not sure where you got this notion from.

bd4116  No.290


Basically the only time you're sort of allowed to namefag is if you can mention yourself or a person as being the author of a book or other public work.

923607  No.38[Reply]

...is best girl.

923607  No.41

*fringes internally*

000000  No.253


b1d190  No.272

She isn't a real waifu if there isn't porn of her.

~Epyc Wynn

38e1fd  No.280


There is one lewd in the Fringe Girl thread.

b1d190  No.287


Not porn for me. Not attractive enough.

~Epyc Wynn

d6de0b  No.260[Reply]

>no asking questions

But I have so many of them

Can't there be some sort of FAQ for people intrested and starting with the occult?

da3711  No.261


Whoever said not to ask questions? You're allowed to ask questions.

bd170f  No.270


You cannot make an OP just to ask a single question, but otherwise it's fine. You can get away with asking a question within an OP provided the main purpose of the OP is discussion while the question is merely a side-matter. You can also ask a question within a thread provided you aren't doing so within the OP. And if all that fails, the Q&A thread covers questions in general. This is to prevent the board from being flooded by newbies posting tons of threads asking "HOW DO I MAGIKY MY ANUS!???" while experienced users feel the urge to wince and leave the board.

~Epyc Wynn

9fa32f  No.281


Very well put. Hey, you know the https://8ch.net/fringe/rules.html ?

Maybe you could make a copy of this of your own and then write up an edited version of it?

If you need me to pastebin the raw text so you have the formatting I can do so.

You explained how rule 2 works very well.

bd170f  No.286


I would not mind but I have no idea who would allow such revisions to be made. I would not see it as overall worth-while unless I knew in advance Rule 5 were going to be revised to allow users to identify their own selves if they wish to. If that change cannot be made, I do not wish to bother with the other rules which for me are a secondary issue compared to the biggest issue caused by Rule 5's present wording.

~Epyc Wynn

44fae4  No.229[Reply]

Proposal to move to mewch permanently. I'm tired of 8chan.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

c8da37  No.239


The flag rule isn't really a big deal anymore but there were people bypassing the flags system to post without a flag before. The rule is mostly there now just to inform people not to flagfag, that is, not to just always use the same flag; that you're expected to change your flag from time to time. This is mainly to prevent the formation of an identity / to keep in line with the principle of anonymity.

c673df  No.257

what's this flag shit

why do i have to constantly change it

why do i have to use even use one

>inb4 rule4

it's fucking annoying

c97ea2  No.263


It relates to rule 5. If people aren't in the habit of using different flags all the time, then it becomes easier to identify someone, so we encourage flag use. It's so people don't stick out for using a flag or form identities around flags.

597d93  No.269


No. They walled me off to a single thread because they didn't like 'Epyc-Wynn-related' threads. I do not at this time trust mewch's fringe board with free speech.

~Epyc Wynn

8659c3  No.282


Probably was just one person wanting that.

Also, I don't mean to be a dick, but if you weren't a personafag it would be impossible for them to even make a suggestion like that.

37e67f  No.265[Reply]

ITT: We discuss whether anons are in the right when they create spam threads purely to advertise a discord.

Some ideas:

>We can make a board page that is a list of discords we already have a list of "friends of /fringe/" listing various boards. I personally wouldn't much enjoy having to constantly update and add various random discords (and take them down if they are dead) maintaining such a list but it's an idea.

>…or people can post their off-site links in pre-existing threads without creating a whole thread just to advertise.

>…or I can slightly change rule 2 to say "2. No making threads just to ask questions or advertise, actually present substantial information if you're going to make a thread "

>The gist of rule 2 is you're supposed to make threads that present substantial information on a topic. Hell OP could have made an a thread if he wanted, and included the discord link, as long as it was an otherwise legitimate thread.


fedc85  No.268

Create a megathread for Fringe Discord links and Fringe Discord-related discussions. Whenever the thread fills up, allow a new one; same as the Q&A thread.

I believe that is a fair way of handling the matter without getting censor-happy.

~Epyc Wynn

f952fc  No.274


I actually made a dedicated shill thread a while back that allowed any type of shilling including websites, products, services, irc/discords etc and would lock threads shilling and redirect them there but i forgot that we had auto prune enabled and the thread got auto pruned and i never got around to making it again. This lasted for about a month then the thread pruned. I still think this is the best course of action to still give people as many options as possible but also keep spam to a minimum. Lmk what you guys think.

I tried to find the shill thread in waybackmachine but i cant find it. Fortunately I have the thread saved that led me to make the shill thread, screen shots below (can't post images)


If I recall correctly the rules for the shill thread were only permanent invite links and only one post per service.

0ee1dc  No.278


Still feels pointless when they could use the stickied questions thread to post their ads there instead and /fringemeta/ to discuss their discords.

0ee1dc  No.279

I'd prefer a board page for ads to be added and maybe a new rule that is more explicit about advertising or one of the pre-existing rules amended to specify.

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