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a61c1f No.128


>banning people for saying something you don't like

Hypocrite that you are, you will defend this while crying about /pol/ moderation.

b7cdd7 No.129

Actually I banned him because he's one of the board raiders and has been raiding the board over and over. That particular post is just the one I selected to apply the ban message to while the other offending posts were deleted.

As much as you want to imagine I'm a bad mod it's just not so.

However with all these new mods, you might encounter some actual oppression for the first time.

a61c1f No.134


>trying this pathetically

Jesus christ Ken. This is just a fraudulent excuse for you to banning someone for saying something you don't like by pretending some magic other post that doesn't even exist was the one that caused it.

Your facade is falling.

You will be exposed for the fraud you are.

832142 No.136



You didn't delete any of my other posts and I'm not le spoopy board raider

b7cdd7 No.140


If you are truly innocent I'll just unban you then. There have been a few times where innocent anons have been caught in the crossfire.

b7cdd7 No.141


You realize I don't need a facade or anything right? I can do as I please. The only reason I'm saying this shit is because it's true.

a61c1f No.150


Why are you still lying, Ken? Do the authorities need to know details of your location and your recent actions?

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