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File: 1458242890771.jpg (86.87 KB, 540x720, 3:4, elsa-tattoo.jpg)


No-one else seemed to do it. Do we have a pasta for the general first posts, btw?

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File: 1459054162317.jpg (230.57 KB, 1920x894, 320:149, 453789897.jpg)

So I just watched Frozen for the second time last night, but I tried something different. I know it has an award-winning soundtrack, but the whole story seemed like it could be experienced differently; darker, more Old Norse myth.

I watch the movie on mute with Wardruna's Gap Var Ginnunga (started before the Disney castle) followed by Yggdrasil, and it was a trip and a half.

Does anybody know of any other such "Dark Side of the Rainbow" type things for Frozen?


File: 1459054505329.jpg (63.51 KB, 500x713, 500:713, 1432515052285.jpg)

I wish I could start a family with Elsa.

She'd be a wonderful mother, and we'd be so happy.


Reminder that Elsa likes it when it hurts a little bit.


File: 1459115026951.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.48 KB, 494x426, 247:213, 1420791158432.jpg)


Wrong. She likes it when it hurts a lot.


File: 1459118910208.jpg (143.14 KB, 1097x856, 1097:856, thats not abuse.jpg)



File: 1457811674795.png (141.89 KB, 500x431, 500:431, tumblr_na0xunc3Yi1rsu9vvo1….png)


Might as well, huh?

No matter where we are, scattered in the world, the spirit of /frz/ will never die.

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I know that feel. Many aspects of my life have improved because of the influence of Frozen, Elsa, and Anna.


Nobody creating the new general?



I don't know what the topic should be ;_;





New thread


restoring thread

File: 1457868466056.jpg (38.84 KB, 859x554, 859:554, WriteThread - A New Beginn….jpg)


Does anyone have the original copypasta for the writethread? Let's have a rollcall, /frz/ authors!

And allow me to inaugurate our first 8chan WriteThread!



Feel free to suggest good links; these will be put in the Links Pastebin. Aspiring writers, current ones, readers; all are welcome.

Here, you may ask for help on language and editing, characterizations, themes, historical or technical accuracy, and plotlines of your work, suggest ideas you'd like to see, commiserate with those also struck with writer's block, complain about over or underused scenarios: you name it, we'll talk about it.

Editions Pastebin:


Links Pastebin:


Character Analysis/Prompt Tumblr


File: 1438976637363.jpg (251.37 KB, 1240x698, 620:349, Oaken 01.jpg)


Snowchan is currently undergoing maintenance/migration to a new server.

This is where we hang out while that happens.

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Admin got fed up and shut it down.


Is it really over guys?








To be fair, he dindu owe you shit. And the spam was getting pretty obnoxious.

Guess I won't be making that Frozen 2 Snowchan banner in 2❄18.


RIP snowchan. Let's see how this place works out.


I thought so for about a minute until I remembered this place existed.

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