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File: 1429722110919.png (1.52 MB, 1300x1000, 13:10, frz.png)


Welcome to Frozen General. This is a board for everything Frozen and Frozen related. At the moment, the board is still under construction, so please wait while I get it up and running fully. If you have any questions, please post them here for now.

This is now the official meta thread

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What kind of construction?



Just a list of rules and board banners. So it's not really anything super important.

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Sorry for my inactivity with the rules and board banners, but there isn't anyone really posting so I guess it's fine.

Here is a list of rules that I will make a page for later. I will try to work on board banners as well. Feel free to make suggestions.


1. Try to stay on-topic. This is a board about the Disney movie Frozen. While some off-topic posting will be tolerated to a degree, excessive off-topic posting is discouraged.

2. No spamming or flooding. Image dump threads are allowed of course, however excessive dumping is discouraged. This also applies to intentionally bumping threads off the board and/or intentionally flooding a thread to bump limit.

3. Trolling, baiting, and starting flame wars is not allowed. This doesn't mean everything you don't like is considered trolling/baiting either though. There is a difference between unpopular opinions and trolling/baiting. The moderating team reserves the right to determine this, but will take into account the community.

4. No commercial advertising/spam. This is pretty self-explanatory. Posting about upcoming Frozen-related actions by Disney is not considered commercial advertising.

5. Keep all meta-posting and complaints limited to the designated meta thread. Any complaints or questions should be directed there or at the board owners email at (I will set up and email and possibly be on IRC for this). If you feel someone is breaking the rules, use the report feature rather than posting about it. The report button is there for a reason, so use it.

6. Frozen General is a NSFW board, however, NSFW images should be spoiled as a courtesy. This rule will be enforced, however mistakes and accidents will not result in punitive action.

7. No ban evading.

8. Tripfagging/namefagging has its purposes and for now, forced anonymity will remain off. However, using trips or names without a reason is highly discouraged. Attention whoring is not a valid reason.

Moderation Guide

The above rules will be enforced on /frz/, however, we also understand that overmoderation can be a bad thing. The following is how /frz/ will be moderated;

Deletion Violation of the rules will result in a deletion of the offending image or post. First time offenders will not be banned and this is considered a warning. If you see your posts disappear, it means you should stop and think what you are doing wrong. If excessive off-topic images are included with on-topic posts, only the image will be removed. NSFW images that are not spoiled will be marked with spoilers.

Warnings Continuing to break the rules or users that have a history of breaking the rules will receive a warning. A warning is nothing more than a very short ban, usually just a few minutes that includes a warning in hopes that the message gets across. Hopefully, moderation will never have to go past this point.

Bans Bans are usually reserved as a last resort when deletions and warnings do not get the point across. The length of the ban will be based off the history of the offender and the severity of the offensive. Generally, they will be kept to several hours to a day and will gradually increase in length for repeat offenders. I'd rather have users learn from their mistakes than ban them for long periods of time.

Permanent Ban Permanent bans are reserved for the most severe offenses. Posting illegal content, spamming/flooding the board, and evading bans that are 24 hrs or longer will result in permanent bans without going through the above processes. However, permanent bans will only be used as a last resort on regular offenses. I would rather give a user several short bans until they get the point than ban them forever.

Editing While it is possible to edit posts, this will not be done. Therefore, including on-topic content in a post you know is against the rules will not save your post.

Public Bans Public banning will only be done to make a point as a last resort.

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Speaking of banners, do what are y'all opinions about using some of using some of the old banners? Don't know if it'd be appropriate to use the ones that say snowchan though…



I think you should use them. Not the ones that say Snowchan though.



Maybe start a banner call thread?

If you want I can make some new ones that say /frz/.



I'll go through them later tonight and add them then.


That's up to you. If you want to, just posting them here in is okay.



>posting them here

A'ight, I'll do that.


Are banners restricted to 300x100 or can 500x150 be used too?



I don't remember, but at the moment it doesn't matter anyway. It seems banner editing is disabled at the moment, not sure why. Will let you know and find out the answer when it's enabled again.


File: 1457826832199.png (34.26 KB, 500x150, 10:3, game-of-frz.png)


Oh, bummer.


File: 1457868971182.jpg (71.4 KB, 500x150, 10:3, snowchanbanner base.jpg)

For the banners I still have the base for this one I made.


File: 1457870323917.jpg (27.27 KB, 500x150, 10:3, frz banner.jpg)

Might as well redo the one I did for snowchan.




File: 1457913908622.jpg (17.82 KB, 500x150, 10:3, s∕frz∕ando.jpg)


File: 1457913956078.jpg (28.92 KB, 500x150, 10:3, flakes.jpg)


Does anyone have the spoiler image from snowchan?

Also if anyone wants to, they can make an image for deleted files and for "no file" file.

The deleted file must be 140 x 50 and the no file image must be 500x500. Both must be smaller than 500KB and either PNG or GIF format



Oh and something else. This site allows the board owners to add custom flags. This doesn't work like country flags on /int/ or /sp/ since you can choose which flag to post with. If you browsed /pol/ before Dec 2014, you'll know how this works. If anyone wants to make Frozen-related flags, I'd be happy to add them. Here are the requirements.

>Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels.

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We know Arendelle has the crocus, but do the Southern Isles or Weselton have anything like that?



I'm sure someone could use their imagination.


File: 1457922144092.png (32.71 KB, 128x128, 1:1, spoiler.png)



custom flags as in how 8/b/ does it?



>clicked the spoiler image thinking it was a spoilered image

:| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|



I did exactly the same thing


File: 1457999138162.png (123.77 KB, 450x496, 225:248, 1422638842323.png)

>all that rage in the general thread


File: 1458000410161.png (8.35 KB, 150x40, 15:4, file_deleted.png)



It hurts.



Yours is 150x40 though.




Anyway, I think this one's less shitty.



There. If it doesn't show up, clear your cache and refresh the page.



But you just did? What's the problem?

It might be an issue with the site itself though. Be aware that is site is absolute trash, I'm constantly having problems with it myself.


Wasn't 8chan going to have this big transfer to different servers or something? Did that ever happen?



Go to >>>/infinitynext/ or something and witness the trainwreck.


Welcome back. I missed /frz/, I got lost when the generals disappeared in 4/co/ and then I moved to here in 8ch. I found snowchan only a few days ago and marked it as a secondary chan that I'd visit from time to time, and now I hear it's gone.


Banner upload is currently disabled due to an exploit. Hasn't been fixed if I remember correctly.


File: 1458293152710.png (55.46 KB, 741x644, 741:644, bing bong.png)

But I wasn't?

I don't understand what I did to warrant it.

Also >>8 last resort my ass.

Meanwhile, esl porn spammer continues his idiocy. gg no re.



You can have arguments without resorting to hostility towards other users. It wasn't the first time either. Consider it a warning.

>Also >>8 last resort my ass.

I already said I didn't create all that, but I never said anything about following that moderation guide and besides I've already had to delete some of your posts.

>Meanwhile, esl porn spammer continues his idiocy. gg no re.

What is a proxy?



I haven't noticed any of my posts getting deleted. Scrolled through the threads I posted in just now, and even the ones where I think I was pretty rude are there.



onii-san admin at work


So is 8chan reeeeeaaaally sluggish and error-prone for anyone else here? I didn't use it at all until snowchan was shut down a couple weeks ago, so if this is common knowledge, my apologies for being a newfy piece of shit.



No, it's not just you. The site is the piece of shit.



Is it like this on all the boards?



Porn flood probably coincided with mod being away.



Porn flood probably coincided with mod being away.

Hilariously, I'm getting "flood detected, post discarded" while trying to post this.




Interesting that anon gets butthurt, then porn starts getting spammed.


I've increased the bump limit from 400 to 600 posts. That shouldn't really effect anything other than the general threads. There are plenty of pages to play with, so space won't be an issue for a while.


File: 1458768631363.gif (382.48 KB, 500x150, 10:3, frz1.gif)



Noice. Btw, is there an image limit per thread?


Woah. That thing is almost too beautiful for this place.



There is no limit. I've also enabled captcha, but only for thread creation. It's mostly to keep bots from spamming cp links. It shouldn't be a big deal considering how rare new threads need to be made.


File: 1459283721848.png (46.39 KB, 500x150, 10:3, hooray.png)

Continuing the trend of me ripping off the art of others…


File: 1459290963673.png (39.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, missing2.png)

Where exactly is the "missing file" image used?



Not really sure tbh


>tfw I keep pressing "watch thread" by accident because it's in the same place as "view last 50 posts" was


I think it's when you delete an image, but not the post itself.



But there's this image >>612 for that.


So this >>2828 and similar gets to stay but my posts are removed?

Should I report half the threads then? Because I think half of the posts should be deleted because clearly they're written by a 14 year old.

I suppose mine could be considered meta complaining, but then why did the other guy's stay? If you nuke meta, at least be consistent.



>makes baseless accusations and meta complains on an IP with no other posts, while the report queue is dead empty and the meta thread is dead

>after the fact, complains about other posts remaining that he never even tried to report in the first place

I thought this was bad enough but now you're complaining because the anon that called you out didn't get his post's deleted?



So…what IS the standard for posts like that? I know that rule 5 says to report things instead of complaining, but I'm not sure where posts like that fall. They're technically on topic, but they don't engender much discussion and there are clearly two camps of "fuck Elsa" and "love Elsa" and they seem to try and bait each other, so it's not clear to me what should be done about them.



I'm just not sure how I can even take you seriously when you're hiding behind the rules that earlier in the thread you admitted to not following.

So what you're saying is what, if I reported anon calling me out you would have deleted his posts too? If mine weren't reported but his were, mine would stay? For god's sake, man, that's pretty selective. And yes, that's part of what I'm complaining about. His posts are meta too, aren't they?

>>after the fact, complains about other posts remaining that he never even tried to report in the first place

So you ONLY delete what is reported?



There is no standard and there won't be one. I think it's better to deal with them on a case by case basis. As it stands right now, nobody on this site has a problem with them because nobody is complaining about them so I have no reason to deal with them. Though to be frank, I didn't even realize those posts were there until someone pointed them out since I automatically filter them out mentally.

That being said, if you have a problem with those posts, report them. When you report, just give a reasoning why you think those posts are breaking the rules. If you notice, some of the rules are rather vague so you have a lot of leeway here. Hell, you can just say you plain don't like them. The report system is meant to be abused, though keep in mind over abusing it may prevent you from being taken seriously.

To be honest, if somebody reported the posts in question, I probably would have deleted them. >>2841 made sure that isn't going to happen this time though and for future reference, doing what >>2841 did is the perfect way to keep those types of posts around. I'm not even going to consider your opinion if you don't try the proper routes first.


His posts aren't complaining about anything, he called you out for being a retard and now you're upset I didn't delete them too. That's like complaining someone punched you after you punched them first. Nigger-tier logic.

>So you ONLY delete what is reported?

Of course not, but how am I supposed to know what you want if you don't even try to go through the proper channels.



I didn't intend to make it look like that, but I can understand how it can be seen like it right now. Sorry for being whiny. It was just upsetting at the time to see my shitpost gone, while half of the thread consists of what I consider shitposts too, and pretty "abusive" or whatever at that. I'll report shit in the future.



Please do. As I said, I don't even see those posts because I don't pay attention to them anymore and as far as I can tell no one has a problem with them because no one was complaining about them. Please take advantage of the report function in the future.

Also want to say that I know the old admin would operate by deleting every post in a case like yours, but if you noticed I don't do that. I usually only delete the ones breaking the rules, not the ones calling them out. Part of that is because it's a pain in the ass deleting individual posts on this broken ass site, but also because I just don't mind leaving broken conversations, something the old admin didn't like.

You also had the disadvantage of not having any other posts on that ip you were using. That didn't help your case because I always take into account posting history. I understand that can't be helped though because I know people, especially here, change IPs and devices often. I use a VPN myself so I'm constantly having to relogin as a moderator. Usually when people shitpost without any posting history I instaban them, but I figured you were a regular user.



I feel kinda bad about channeling my anger towards you, so sorry about that too.

Guess I've grown used to how snowchan was run and assumed stuff I shouldn't have.

>not having any other posts on that ip

That's…weird, isp must have switched to dynamic when going through some mergers recently. Shame I wasn't notified.

Welp, looking back I feel embarrassed as fuck, so yay me.


What happened to >>2918?


What happened to the general?



I have no idea. The sites been broken for hours so it could be a result of that. I can't even see the log. Just make a new one for now.



I take that back, the log is still visibile. Seems like the shitposter had been the one who created that thread, which wasn't a surprise considering it was a furryfag, and deleted his own post then took advantage of the temp spam settings I put in place to prevent anyone else from creating new threads. It should be fine now.



>tfw m-od broke his own site

Is this guy retarded or something or does he truly not understand how this site works?



Oh, he's just retarded then.


File: 1462688967019.jpg (25.62 KB, 308x354, 154:177, 8ch enters modernity.jpg)




??? It's always been there, I just enabled it until the local retard gets bored. Just deal with it for the next one or two days.



Oh I'm not complaining, I was genuinely happy to see this change. Thought it would replace the 24h bypass thing. For some reason constant verification is preferable to me, maybe because i'm more used to it.


>Unoriginal content. You have been muted for x seconds.

Um, que? I just want to post pics in the Elsa thread.



I never thought of that, but not sure if it does. It might not though, it might be a site wide thing. Despite what some people think board owners aren't on the same level as mods or admins and have no control over the site as a whole, so I wouldn't know.

If nobody else has a problem with it then I'll keep it, but if the 24 hours verification thing still applies it might be a hassle.





The 24 hour + individual captcha thing really only comes into play if you post rarely, so it's not that big a deal.



Agree with >>3129, despite whatever weird preferences I may have it probably makes more sense to have the 24h captcha, especially for people who post more frequently than I do.


In case anyone is wondering why those cp links are still up, I've promoted the reports for that thread to the site moderators because they have a better handle at dealing with these. If anyone remembers the last time this happened, those links continued to get spammed until I promoted the posts and they stopped after the site mods dealt with it. Let's hope it works this time, so for now hide the thread and continue to report any new ones you see. If they don't do anything within a day, I'll go back to deleting them on site.


Huh, the rules says forced anonimity is off, but why can't I add a name in my posts?



Nvm, just read the FAQ. Bummer.

Can't find how to delete my own posts as well. Gosh, I'm feeling like a noob around here.



Forced anonymity was supposed to be off, however for some reason it was turned on. I may have accidentally turned it on.

Post last edited at



I remember why I turned it on now.



Ooh, mystery! Share it with us!



see >>3325

The red ## Board Owner would sometimes turn into a tripcode when it was off.


I just realized that banners are active again through a third party extension. Unfortunately, none of the ones from snowchan can be used due to size restrictions. New banners have to be less than 500KB and are restricted to 300x100.

If anyone wants to make some, go ahead and I'll add them.


File: 2d6d1a69bac7d5c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.08 KB, 500x150, 10:3, tfwsnowchan5.jpg)


You could just resample the ones posted in this thread to fit the resolution needed. Shame my hd died a while ago, I had some new shit I could've replaced the text in.


Some threads are showing a blank page with e0001 error.

Frozen Containment Thread


Frozen General What Happened ? Edition Thread


and some more. Please fix them



You need to report technical issues to the administration. Board owners do not run this site, only individual boards and this is an issue beyond their scope.


In regards to this e0001 error, this is a problem that the incompetent administrators of this broken site need to fix. It seems to be a problem with inactive threads not redirecting to the correct server or something like that. As far I know, there's no permanent fix, however as board owner I'm still able to access these threads and bumping them seems to fix it…sometimes…maybe. In regards to the two threads people were having trouble with, the one is fixed, however the old general I'm not so sure about. I can access it from the catalog, but not from the link that was posted in this thread.

I encourage you to email the administrators over this issue though as this isn't something I can fix alone and it seems posting in the meta/support boards isn't accomplishing anything either. Just spam their inbox until they fix it.


How come I can't see any posts from the last week on the main page? Everything from after Monday just disappeared. They still show up when I open individual threads, but not the main page. More weird 8chan glitches?



Never mind. My post appears to have updated everything for me. Weird…


Why am I unable to post?



I don't get it. I can post here but not in the social thread? What gives?


We can't delete own posts?


What happened to all the posts? The last 3 days just disappeared!



You haven't been able to for the past 11 months.


Not sure what you're talking about. Nothing is missing.



There was some kind of glitch that had made Monday-Wednesday's posts disappear. It fixed itself a few hours later. Never mind.




And now all posts from last Friday onward have disappeared. What gives?



Huh, My post appears to have un-deleted everything. Weird…


recovering thread for safekeeping pass=password

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