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here it is

heres the current thing till i upload the rest on here

>be me

>be 12
>live in a somewhat large city
>get a bus ticket for infinity busrides
>go on bus to see friend every day, come home on last bus
>coming home late one day
>on bus alone
>first stop after the one i get on i see an older woman get on (40 ish)
>she sits right next to me
>look out of the window and dont acknowledge her cuz shy
>feel a hand on my leg
>look over, too stunned to react
>shivers going up spine
>fixate on her hand for a minute as it moves to my inner thigh
>force myself to tear away and look at her face
>not even looking at me, just staring at her hand/my basketball shorts
>start getting hard
>hope she doesnt notice
for some reason i thought she was just being nice
>'stealthily' flip it up into the elastic trying to make it look like i was just itching my belly
>she clearly notices
>hooks her thumb into the elastic and flips it down exposing my penis to the air
>super confused and scared and horny
>'im a boy right? im supposed to like this'
>decide to relax and see what happens
>she reaches in her purse, leaving my cock bobbing with the shaking of the bus
>realise how cold it is while she ruffles through her purse
>she comes back with a tiny travel bottle of baby oil like she was plotting this
>drips it into her hands slowly
"has anyone ever touched you like this before?"
>cant decide weather to lie and be cool or to tell the truth and not risk getting in trouble
>stay silent instead
>i remember her biting her lip and having a lipstick mark on her teeth after that
'just relax'
>she grabs my cock all at once full fist
>its the coldest thing ever. ice cold fingers in a cold bus with cold oil all smashed between
>immediately full speed pumping, no build up or anything
>trying my hardest not to cum in to her hand because that would probably be rude
>squirming and moving around near violently knees rubbing together
>eyes rolling
>suddenly feel hot breath on my neck
"is that nice?" in my ear
"does that feel good?"

>feel a tongue go up the side of my neck

>cum for a solid 30-45 seconds
>filling her closed fist with pulses of slime
>whispering into my ear the whole time
"i knew you liked that"
"you really like me dont you?"
>a minute or two passes
>she reaches in to her purse with her clean hand
>pulls out travel tissues
>cleans me and her hand up
>leaves at the next stop
"see you"
and that was the moment a handjob fetish was instilled within me.
>realise i missed my stop
>ride the circuit again
>get in trouble for being late when i get home
>dont visit friend for a few weeks, afraid to ride the bus
>horny all the time thinking about it
>one day decide that i want it again
>start riding the bus at that time every day
>a few weeks and i dont see her again
>finally see her again
>bus isnt empty but she sits by me anyways
"i didnt see you for a while after we met, i thought i might have scared you"
"naw i do that all the time"
"oh really?"
>clearly not impressed or buying it
"well do you want to do it again"
>she chuckles quietly
"well is too bad there are so many people!"
>switches seats to across the isle.
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Encounters with Rayne

Sure, I'll bite. Here is my story.

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First time

My first time was with my brother. I was 8, he was 13. We were laying in my mom's bed, watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and he put his hand on my thigh under the covers. He kept slowly creeping closer to my vagina until finally his hand was on top of my pajama pants. He put his hand inside my pj pants and started rubbing my clit. I got really wet and he started fingering me and kissing me hard on the lips. Then he whispered in my ear that he wanted to make his baby sister cum. He started playing with clit again and pulled his pants down and guided my hand to his cock. He folded his hand over mine and started moving it up and down over his hard cock. I came while this was happening. After I came, he went back to fingering me inside while I kept moving my hand up and down on his penis until he was about to come then he leaned over and finished himself into a tissue. And thus began 6 years of playing with and fucking my older brother. Also began a serious incest fetish lol.