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heres the current thing till i upload the rest on here

>be me

>be 12
>live in a somewhat large city
>get a bus ticket for infinity busrides
>go on bus to see friend every day, come home on last bus
>coming home late one day
>on bus alone
>first stop after the one i get on i see an older woman get on (40 ish)
>she sits right next to me
>look out of the window and dont acknowledge her cuz shy
>feel a hand on my leg
>look over, too stunned to react
>shivers going up spine
>fixate on her hand for a minute as it moves to my inner thigh
>force myself to tear away and look at her face
>not even looking at me, just staring at her hand/my basketball shorts
>start getting hard
>hope she doesnt notice
for some reason i thought she was just being nice
>'stealthily' flip it up into the elastic trying to make it look like i was just itching my belly
>she clearly notices
>hooks her thumb into the elastic and flips it down exposing my penis to the air
>super confused and scared and horny
>'im a boy right? im supposed to like this'
>decide to relax and see what happens
>she reaches in her purse, leaving my cock bobbing with the shaking of the bus
>realise how cold it is while she ruffles through her purse
>she comes back with a tiny travel bottle of baby oil like she was plotting this
>drips it into her hands slowly
"has anyone ever touched you like this before?"
>cant decide weather to lie and be cool or to tell the truth and not risk getting in trouble
>stay silent instead
>i remember her biting her lip and having a lipstick mark on her teeth after that
'just relax'
>she grabs my cock all at once full fist
>its the coldest thing ever. ice cold fingers in a cold bus with cold oil all smashed between
>immediately full speed pumping, no build up or anything
>trying my hardest not to cum in to her hand because that would probably be rude
>squirming and moving around near violently knees rubbing together
>eyes rolling
>suddenly feel hot breath on my neck
"is that nice?" in my ear
"does that feel good?"

>feel a tongue go up the side of my neck

>cum for a solid 30-45 seconds
>filling her closed fist with pulses of slime
>whispering into my ear the whole time
"i knew you liked that"
"you really like me dont you?"
>a minute or two passes
>she reaches in to her purse with her clean hand
>pulls out travel tissues
>cleans me and her hand up
>leaves at the next stop
"see you"
and that was the moment a handjob fetish was instilled within me.
>realise i missed my stop
>ride the circuit again
>get in trouble for being late when i get home
>dont visit friend for a few weeks, afraid to ride the bus
>horny all the time thinking about it
>one day decide that i want it again
>start riding the bus at that time every day
>a few weeks and i dont see her again
>finally see her again
>bus isnt empty but she sits by me anyways
"i didnt see you for a while after we met, i thought i might have scared you"
"naw i do that all the time"
"oh really?"
>clearly not impressed or buying it
"well do you want to do it again"
>she chuckles quietly
"well is too bad there are so many people!"
>switches seats to across the isle.
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>she winks and looks away
>feel excited and horny and dissapointed all at once
>get up at my stop
>walk off the bus cant wait to try again tomorrow
>see her standing there as i turn around to cross the street
"come here"
>follow her without question into a mcdonalds
>she goes to the restroom
>almost follow her in feeling ballsy as fuck after the bus
"wait here"
>awkwardly wait outside of the womens restroom
>people looking
>feel embarrased
>she pops her head out
"hey whats your name?"
"im anon whats your name?"
>ducks her head back in to the restroom
>comes out with a paper perscription bag with TO ANON written on the side in lipstick
"here, dont open it till you get home and dont let your mom or dad see it either"
>she just walks out
>walk home awkwardly hiding this bag in my jacket
>it collapsed prettymuch entirely
>almost convinced it was empty
>get home, say hi
>Wait for parents to go to bed
>go to my bathroom
>lock the door
>open the bag
>its a pair of black panties
>first thought is that its gross
>started thinking about where they had been
>pull them out of the bag
>boner growing in basketball shorts
(not the same pair, i just had a bunch)
>catch a scent on the air
>unconciously rubbing myself through the shorts
>strip completely naked
>masturbating just looking at them
>eventually start smelling them deeply to fuel my boner
>masturbate to completion 2 or 3 times
>go to sleep
i actually still had them up until about a year ago when i moved.
>catch no sight of her for days on the bus
>make full use of the panties every night
>during that time a family of mexicans begins taking the route daily at that time
>See her one day
>she sits next to me, in the same spot
"did you like my gift?"
"what did you do with it?"
>she looked dissapointed briefly
"do you ride this every day just to see me?"
"kinda…i mean i see my friend sometimes too"
"well meet me here tomorrow at lunch time, can you be here at 12?"
>go home blueballed again
>get on the bus at 11:00 and ride it till 12 just in case
>after i notice its 12 the next time the bus hits her stop she gets on
>she spots me immediately and i feel slightly embarrassed as she walks towards me with a half smile on her face
"hey anon, are you happy to see me?"
"well thats good cuz im going to show you something cool"
>the bus makes a full circuit
>awkwardly silent the whole time
>gets back to her stop
"come on"
>breifly consider saying no, stranger danger and all
>fuck it
>follow her anyways
>get off the bus and cross the street to an apartment complex
>go up to her apartment and walk in
>its mostly empty with just a couch and a tv
"here sit down"
>sit on the couch
>she sits next to me
>unsure of how i should be acting or what i should be doing
>she must have noticed my tension
"just relax honey,"
>i let myself lean back on to the cushions of the couch
>sitting in awkard silence for a moment or two
>shes just looking at me
"hey anon"
"have you ever seen boobies before?"
"nuh uh"
"you wanna see mine?"
"ok yeah"
>she starts sliding down her tank top
"its not fair if im the only one taking off my clothes you take off yours too"
>suddenly realize she means for us both to get totally naked
>cock is diamonds
>start to take off my shirt slowly
>shes just watching not moving
>feel really weird as i strip down
>get down to whitey tighties
>erection clearly visible through fabric but icant bring myself to expose it
>she senses my hesitation
>she grabs the elastic and drops them to my ankles
>bone twitching in the open air
>feel super vulnerable and exposed
>cock is defiant to my mental state
"okay baby, now you watch me"


>notice her voice is different, deeper
>one by one she removes her clothing
>shes standing in front of me completely naked except for her panties
>identical to the panties she gave me
>mesmerised by her breasts
>she walks towards me and leans her hips towards me
>instincts take over and i feel her through her panties
>she stops me after i rub around for a moment
"take them off"
>dont say anything just grab the elastic
>start sliding them down
>the powerful scent of vagina hits me as her crotch is just inches from my face
>i want to do something but i dont know what
>she pushes me back against the cushions
>shes hovering her pussy above me
>i can feel the heat on my member
>staring at the gap between us intently
"is that what you want?
"have you ever done that before?"
>she lowers her hips to where shes pinning my cock down
>slides her body down mine
>for a breif moment i get my first feeling of a vagina on my boyhood
>she continues sliding
>kissing my body lightly all the way
>want to cum just from the feeling of her soft warm body sliding down my cock
>eventually her face is behind my penis
>i know whats about to happen
"what about this?"
>she sticks my whole penis into her mouth, down to the balls
(i was 12, this was not a huge accomplishment)
>blowing me full speed
>disgustigly sexual sucking noises
>mind completely goes blank
>can only throw my head back and try not to cum in her mouth
there was NO way that was OK
>can feel cooling drool dribbling off my nutsack
>after a minute feel it building up within me
>barely manage to squeek out
"hey you should stop"
>have no word for the event that i know of just let myself trail off
>she redoubles her efforts
>managing heroically to hold off my orgasm
>feel a finger brush my asshole lightly
>cum instantly
>ponder breifly on how strange it feels having your cum whisked away as soon as it leaves your penis
>unload my balls entirely into her mouth
>she keeps going
>whole body twitching and convulsing with each slurp
>eventually she lets up as i start to soften
>she flops down next to me
"did that feel good?"
>words barely being put together in my mind
>she flips on the tv and we watch it for a while completely nude
>at some point i fall asleep
>wake up sometime later
>she alerts me to the time
>get dressed and go home
>parents wonder why im so quiet
>play it off like im tired
>go to bed
>using every excuse to ride the bus
>always picking up groceries
>even riding on days when my friends werent home
>finally see her again after weeks and weeks
>bored of the panties by this point
"fancy meeting you here"
>laugh awkwardly
>its just us on the bus again
>already hard with anticipation
>pitching a major tent
>not even bothering to hide it
>she takes notice
>looks at me with a cocked eyebrow
"i wish i could help you with your little problem there but ive got to be somewhere"
>she keeps staring
>"why dont you come over to my house this weekend?"
>bus stops
>shes still staring for a moment
"heres for the road"
>she rubs me furiously through my shorts for a few seconds
>leaning in to it
>all at once she gets up and leaves
>rub one out on the bus
>cum on the floor
>go home
>weekend rolls around
>head over to her apartment at like 7-8AM
>knock on the door
>she opens it
>looks like i woke her up
>in a bathrobe
"oh hey, come in"
>walk in
>smells exactly like last time
"you hungry?"
>nod my head
"cool, ill make some breakfast.
what time do you have to be home?"
"uhh idont know, before dark i guess"
>turn on the tv
"hey i didnt say you could use that!"
>shiver of embarrassed fear
"only joking! dont be so tense kid!"
>force a small laugh and turn back to the tv
>eat some eggs after a minute
>dick stuffed into elastic from the moment i walked up to the door
>shes sitting next to me on the couch
>she leans on to my shoulder
>can feel the skin of her stomach on my arm through the center of the robe
>minutes pass
>both silently watching tv
>internally only focusing on my arm
>dick straining against the elastic
>she repositions her arm around my shoulder
>dissapointed at the lack of skin contact
"hang on, let me get more comfy"
>she repositions me to where my head is resting on her breast
>her hand is on my belly threaded under my arm
the cushions on the couch where super squishy so we where basically laying down at this point
>feel kind of awkwardly positioned
>but my head is touching a boob and im cool with that
>more time is passing
>maybe if i make it seem natural i can get my hand on her bare leg through the robe
>work my hand on to her leg with painful slowness
>finally my full hand is resting on her thigh
>dont think shes noticed
"what do you think youre doing?"


"are you trying to get to this?"
>she grabs my hand
>slides it up her leg to her pussy
>no panties!
>its hot and wet and slightly fuzzy
>first time ive had a chance to explore a vagina
>running my hand through all the details
>find her hole
>'its really low'
>breifly run my fingers along the inside
>fingers are slick and slimy
>feeling all through her folds
>run my fingers over a certain point
>hear the smallest 'ah' from above me
>realize im making her feel good
>so hard it feels like my dick skin is too tight
>whole time im exploring her hand has been slowly rubbing my belly
>didnt realise till i felt her fingers slip in to my shorts
>stop exploring breifly as my entire focus shifts to the fingers approaching my cock
"dont stop"
>return to trying to make her feel good
"here ill show you how sit up"
>We both sit up
>she takes my hand on her crotch with her hand that was in my shorts moments ago
>she slides my fingers into position
"just do little circles like this"
>she guides my hand for a few moments
>the pressure is already making my fingers sore
>dont want to dissapoint though so i keep going
>we flop back
>she slides her fingers down my waist under my shorts to my cock
>leaves a trail of juices down my front
>not much is left by the time she gets to me
>already drying up after a few glorious tugs
>she keeps jerking and i keep rubbing till she is basically just pulling on my dick
"that wont do"
>she lifts her hand to her face and spits in it
"get rid of these shorts, anon"
>use my free hand to slide down my shorts and shimmy them off
>my shame pointing directly into the air
"aww hes so happy!"
>she grabs me and starts masturbating me slowly
"try to take your time on this one anon"
>this continues for a long stretch of time
>fingers feel like they are going to break off
>she keeps telling me to move my fingers faster or to use moree pressure
>bear through the pain for the physical pleasure of being jerked off and the mental pleasure of reciprocating
>hear occasional 'ah's
>feeling intense pleasure
>shes not even having to spit into her hand anymore as my penis is self lubricating
>nothing exists except my dick and my hand
>cant help but make small squeaks and squirm
"is it getting close?"
>she increases her pace
>i increase mine
>cant resist anymore
>bust into her hand
>clear goo leaks over her fingers
>some squirted on to my shirt
"wow youve been waiting on that huh?"
>dont say anything
"why did your hand stop?"

"my fingers are really tired"
>mostly disinterested now that ive came
"you poor thing, ill teach you a better way OK?"
>agree even though i wasnt feeling it
"let me see your shirt"
>take it off and pass it over, now completely nude
>she uses it as a towel to clean up all the kidcum and tosses it accross the room
"roll over on your belly"
>i oblige without question
"you remember when i put your thing in my mouth?"
"will you lick mine too?"
>internally i really dont want to but i agree anyways
>scoot up so that i can get my tongue at the spot i was rubbing with my fingers
>its a stretch but i can just manage it
>feel around with my tongue for a while trying to find what i was feeling before
>getting helpful tips like "a little higher"
>eventually find the spot "right there"
>going in rhythmic circles like she showed me
>shes rubbing my back
>tastes weird and it smells really strongly
>super uncomfortable and kind of grossed out
>she starts rubbing her finger on the outside of my buttcrack
>weird but ok, not as weird as what im doing
>her hand disappears
>comes back with a wet middle finger
>confused but afraid to stop
>her finger slips in between my cheeks
>rubs against my hole
>disgusted and confused
>but it feels ok
>still eating her out as her wet finger is sliding around my rim
>feels super weird
>after a while the stimulation and the scent and the thought of what i was doing start to have an effect on me
>cock begins to stiffen underneath me
> minutes pass
>tongue is sore
>her juices are flowing at an intense rate
>hips have started to unconciously gryate with the motions of her finger
>hard cock is grinding in to the fabric of the couch
"am i making you feel good? youre doing a great job anon that feels so nice"
>her voice was very breathy
>really want to make her cum
>force my face down harder to get more leverage
>tongue with all my might
>start to notice that shes breathing kind of loudly
>take that as a good sign and redouble my efforts
>the 'ah's are coming more frequently now, almost in time with my rythm
>she starts running the fingers of her free hand through my hair
>the pressure and speed on my hole is steadily increasing
"just for-"
"just go for a few more seconds"
>a half a minute or so passes
>this one was different
>more voicey and less breathy, you could hear the H stop like her throat closed
>she has my hair in a fist, nearly pulling
>her finger is begginning to rub me raw
>still licking wildly waiting for her to shoot a load (lol)
>'ah's increasing in volume
>shes grinding her hips into me, holding my head with her hand
>mixed feelings of fear and exitement
>basically thrusting into the couch
>more time passes
>time a thrust wrong and push back into her finger
>the tip slips inside of me
>ghasp audibly
>stop licking
>make a small grunt as i cum into the couch
>can feel myself tightening around her fingertip
"did you just..?


"its allright sweetie, ill just flip the cushion"
>start to move back into position
"oh thats ok anon, im done. lets just take a break for now allright?"
"but you didnt, uh..orgasm"
"did too, a couple of minutes before you did!"

>sit up and stretch my neck

>tongue feels so much better resting in my mouth
>face is cold after being crammed into her crotch
>feel incredibly tired
>look at the clock
>its been like an hour and some change since i got there
>lean back into the cushions and zone out at the tv for a while
>fall asleep
>wake up at about lunchtime
>she had apperantly fallen asleep too as she was snoozing on the couch
>throat is super dry
>walk in to the kitchen butt ass nekkid
>grab my brakfast cup from beside the sink and fill it
>drink the most refreshing cup of tap water ive had to date
>feel masculine
>eyeball her from the other side of the room
>she was slumped over still in her robe with her tits and pussy completely exposed
>walk over to get a better look at it
>kneel down between her legs in front of it
>examining it closely for a minute
>'she probably wont mind if i touch it'
>start to open it up with my fingers
>looking for that spot she likes
>it starts to grow warmer and begins to moisten
>'is this how girls get boners?'
>give it a sniff
"does it smell good?"
>startled i look up
>no telling how long she had been watching me
>she was smiling though so i wasnt super worried but it was a hungry smile, not a happy one
"dont mind me, keep doing whatever you where doing"
"oh where you done? you should probably stand up then"
>as i stand i realise that my cock is once again hard
"oh man, what where you going to do with that thing?"
>she changes her position to where her crotch is more exposed
>not sure if shes signaling what i think she is
"its probably cold out there all by itself. maybe it should go somewhere warmer?"
>start to position myself so that i can lose my virginity
>she isnt protesting so i grow more confident
>first try
>second try
>third, and fourth try
>she reaches down and grabs my boyhood and begins pulling
>i move my hips forward with her tug
"there now try"
>i push forward into her
>my mind is nothing but 'hot wet squishy'
"ooh that feels good thrust in to me big boy"
>i oblige as my wheels start turning again
>pumping in to her semi rythmically
>cant find my flow
"go faster"
>and i do
>this repeats every few minutes until im going fast enough to where theres an audible slapping sound as our sexes collide
>it felt good but i wasnt building up an orgasm as fast since i was moving
"thats good baby, just fuck me all you want"
>my cock twitched at the word 'fuck'
>time passes
>feeling her juices run down my shaft and my leg
>time passes
>'man ive been doing this forever im good at this'
>eventually i start to get tired
>my flow falters
>she can tell
"lets switch around, you lay down now ok?"
>she gets up and i lay longways on the couch
>the thing is crusty in some places and outright wet in others
>she moves above me and strattles me
>my cock is straining to meet her slit
>shes hovering above me
>i feel small in comparison to her adult size
>all of a sudden she leans forward and puts her mouth on mine
>she opens my lips with her tongue and explores the inside of my mouth
>dont know if i should be doing anything back or not but i like it so i let it happen
>while shes licking all inside my mouth she grabs me between her legs and guides me into her
>she starts pumping back in to me
>my mind cant decide weather to focus on the sex or on the kiss
>both are great
>have to keep swallowing her saliva cuz gravity
>after only a couple minutes i start feeling my pleasure increasing
>i moan slightly into her mouth
>she moans in to mine
>she runs her hand down my chest and starts fondling my balls
>the stimulation is becoming too much
>after a half a minute or so i involuntarily thrust in to her and cum
>not sure if anything came out
>i didnt leave more than a smear on the couch earlier
>pretty sure this was how babies are made
>whatever shes the adult, its her job to be worried about it
>she continues pumping and fondling and kissing
>im a puddle of pleasure
>my entire groin was wet from her juices
>start going soft
>she pulls away from my mouth
>strands of spit connect us for a moment or two
>she pulls off of me diagnoally on a knee and i see my cock slide out of her
"thanks sweetie, lets dry off and go get some food"
>realise how starving i am
>the clock shows 3pm
>she leaves and comes back with a towel for me
>dry off all my wet bits
>pull on my shorts and turn my cummy tshirt inside out
>hop in her car with her
>go get a burger at applebees and a ride home
>about to get out of her car
"hey anon"
"do you want another kiss to hold you over till next weekend?"
>i lean in and open my mouth slightly
>spend a few minutes trading spit with her
>this time exploring her mouth a little with my tongue
>finally break the kiss
>dont know what to say
>just sort of leave and wave when she pulls off
>head up to my apartment and go directly to bed just at sunset

>next day

>stay at home all day nothing to do
>mother gets home
>says friend told her i wasnt there yesterday
>make up some lie about going to the mall once i found out he wasnt home
>scolds me and tells me i shouldnt be at the mall by myself
>someone could take me to their home and do things to me
>terrified that she knows
>she doesnt
>eat dinner go to bed
>week passes incredibly slowly
weekend rolls around
>super nervous
>it sometime in the afternoon
>hop on the bus
>jacking off has lost its zest
>havent masturbated all week
>entire focus for the last week has been this weekend
>body is ready
>walk up to her apartment door
>she answers
>bright red lipstick low cut black tank top and jean skirt
>Still feel nervous and horny every time i see her
"hey kid, what do you want to do today?"
"uhh well, you know…"
>that hungry grin
"do you want to go swimming?"
"i dont have any shorts or anything"
"well i have some chores to run today, we can pick you up a pair what do you say?"
>she invites me
>breifly discuss something unimportant while she puts her shoes on and gets her keys
>hop in the car
>stop at a fast food place and pick up some drinks
>head to some loan office or tax place or some shit, didnt know what it was when i was there
>wait outside in the reception area for a while
>awkward small talk
>get called back to a closed cubicle
>boring adult talk about money and shit
>zone out for several minutes
>feel a hand on my leg
>snap in to focus and look up
>shes completely ignoring me
>carrying on her conversation
>not sure if im cool with where this is going
>cant say anything or else i expose us
>she works her hand up the leg of my shorts
>giving my crank a dry rub
>feels good but not that good
>shes exploring my balls pinching the skin lightly occasionally
>starting to feel pretty good
>cock begins to leak
>suddenly a lubricated handjob
>lay my head down on the desk like im tired to hide my face
>just watching her hand under my shorts
>her hand withdraws
>apperantly she had finished her business
>cock pressing against the fabric of my shorts leaves a tiny wet spot
>flip it up and follow her out the door
>get outside
"howcome you did that?"
"did you like it?"
"well yeah but…"
"but what?"
"wont we get in trouble if someone sees?"
"yeah, but you just let me worry about that and ill make sure you never get in trouble"
>get back in the car and start riding
"i was hoping to make you cum before we had to leave"
"what does cum mean?"
"oh you know when uh"
>she makes a motion with her hand like a flower blooming repeatedly
"oh! im sorry"
>she laughs
>feel embarrassed
"dont be sorry, its my fault not yours. really i should be sorry for leaving you unfinished"
"oh thats allright no big deal"
"youre such a gentleman anon, keep that up and youll have the ladies all over you"
>laugh awkwardly and dont reply
>pull up to a wallmart
>cock at half chub
>can be seen clearly through shorts but too soft to flip into elastic
>hope no one notices
>eventually find a pair of swim shorts in my size
"you like those?"
"theyre OK"


"how about we keep looking."
>put the trunks back
>she finds another pair
>solid black
>waist size is right but the legs where really short, like hotpants
"how about these?"
"uuh no i dont like those"
>she laughs
"lets just try them on ok?
>dont really want to argue
>'ill just pretend they dont fit comfortably'
>take them to the dressing room
>shes following me
"i dont think theyll let you come in here"
"hush, they probably think im your mom"
>thats a weird thought
>didnt realise how we appeared until just now
>let her follow me in to the dressing room
>feel weird not comfortable changing in front of her even though she was already familiar with my body
"do you need some help sweetie?"
>let her pull my clothes off
>totally naked in the dressing room
>feel like the nudity isnt really neccesary since im just trying on shorts
>take note of my body in the mirror
>wish i wasnt so short, i always feel so small around her
>she starts to help me put on the shorts like a toddler who doesnt know how clothes work
>i take them from her and put them on myself
"those look perfect on you, here sit down and let me see how they look"
>sit on the little bench in the changing room
>they feel uncomfortably tight in my groin
>suddenly she leans forward and grabs my head, roughly tilting it to the side
>licks up the length of my neck from my shoulder
>chills up my spine
>can feel my penis stirring
>she pushes me back against the mirror and kisses me deeply
>cock straining against the shorts so much that its sore
>she steps back after a little bit and looks at me
>im hiding my bulge with the way im sitting
"dont sit like that, let me see"
>start to uncross legs
>but slowly because embarrased
>she grows impatient and grabs my knees pushing them apart
"thats nice. yeah i think these shorts are perfect for you"
>she kneels down between my legs
>my cock twitches, still straining to break free of the shorts
>she peels back the shorts off of my cock
>feels amazing being unbound
>nervous as fuck about being in wallmart
>can hear other people in the stalls around me
>she looks me in the eye and drools into her open palm
>grips my member and starts pumping me
>balls tightly bound by the folded back shorts
>trying to enjoy it but shes staring directly at my face
>look away for a moment
>look back
>shes still staring intently
>she begins rubbing my balls through the shorts
>warmth of her hand feels really good
>unnerved by the staring but the stimulation is starting to get to me
>ready to cum right away
>leaning back into the mirror
>bare back is definitely smudging it
>dont care
>mind is consumed with pleasure
>legs twitching and torso is wiggling
>breathing heavily
>hope no one hears
>just as im nearing orgasm she flips the shorts back up over my cock
>continues rubbing furiously through them
>cum in to the shorts
>feel it leaking down the sides of my crotch and back into my butt
"maan, this is gross"
>im frowning as i say this
>she starts laughing loudly
"oh gosh im sorry anon i uh- i just didnt want to make a mess in wallmart is all"
>start to take them off
>she grabs my wrist
"youre going to have to wear those out"
"no! why?"
"uhh well if you dont ill have to hand them to the lady at the counter. she will probably find the mess inside of them wont she?"
>my soul is crushed
>clearly the only way is to wear them out
"allright lets go"
>she tears the tag off and we leave
>luckily the shorts where black and made of a rubbery material so what little liquid soaked through was not apperant
>get up to the counter
>she hands the lady the tag from the shorts
>counter-lady eyeballs me and the tag
"ma'am youre not supposed to take the tag off before you buy it"
"oh im sorry he was just really excited about his new shorts and he insisted on wearing them to the car"
"thats all right but for future reference we dont allow this"
"sure, sure"
>she pays the woman, we go
>squish my way through walmart
>not making eye contact with anyone
>get to the car
>start to change in to normal shorts in the front seat
>notice that shes staring
"dont look"
"OK, OK. there are napkins in the glove compartment if you need them"
>use the napkins to clean my lower body up somewhat
>cleaning the goo out of my crevaces
>shes staring
"i said dont look!"
"sorry, i just couldnt help myself. ill make it up to you OK?"
"allright i guess"
>finally pull on my shorts
>still feel sticky and gross
>shove the cummy swim shorts and napkins onto the floorboards
"where do you want to go now?"
"im kind of hungry…"
"lets go get some food"
>she pulls out of the parking lot
>go to the mall
>grab some food court food
>wondering around
"can we go to the arcade?"
"yeah sure"
>we head to the arcade area
>she buys me a card with a couple tokens on it
>manage to win a decent amount of tokens on a gambleing type game
>play for a couple hours
>she reks my shit at time crysis


>run out of tokens
>we decide to go back to her place
>pretty quiet car ride
>fall half asleep on the way there
>pull into her little shed
"looks like its going to be dark soon anon, we should probably get you home in a few minutes"
"yeah i guess"
"we didnt even get to go to the pool!, want to go tomorrow?"
>not enthusiastic at all about leaving
>she leans in and starts kissing me by surprise
>we tongue eachothers mouths for a while
>she climbs over the console not breaking the kiss the entire time
>shes grinding into my rod through my shorts
>feel cock starting to get wet through shorts
>after a few breif moments pass start to shimmy shorts down while still kissing
>tip of penis breaks free
>feel hot wet flesh
>she hadnt been wearing panties all day
>remove shorts in overdrive
>keep expecting her to put me inside
>totally cool with the grinding though it feels great
>its hot and slick
>so much pressure against my shaft
>time passes
>shes starting to breathe heavily
>into my mouth sort of
>so am i
>she starts making little noises
>over the course of a few minutes they turn in to quiet moans
>its so sexy
>can feel myself getting ready to cum
>body is twitching all over
>break our kiss just as i cum onto her pussy and my belly
>shes resting her head on my shoulder
>still grinding into me hard
>smearing my goo between us
>the stimulation is almost too much to handle
>whole body convulsing in rythm with her thrusts
>shes gripping my shoulders pretty hard at this point
>increasing her pace
>nails are digging in to me
>cock is sore but still hard as a rock
>she grips my head and whispers in my ear
"oh, im going to come, youre going to make me come"
>want her to hurry up for my own gratification and so i can go to bed
>her pace suddenly changes from rythmic glides to spasmic twitches
>that same little noise from when i was eating her
>feel a fresh rush of heat and wetness coat my boyhood
>she slows to a stop
>we breifly kiss for a moment or two
"i needed that anon, you made me feel soo good"
>she switches back to her seat and starts the car
>i just lean back and recouperate
>we pull into my apartment complex and i use some more napkins in the dash to mop up
>stealthily pocket one that i think is mostly her juices
>exchange goodbyes
>head inside
>get scolded for coming home a little after dark
>have to go to bed as soon as i eat dinner
>cool with that im tired as fuck anyways
>crash hard
>next day
>wake up after parents leave
>watch television for a while waiting for it to get to the hot part of the day
>gather towel and backpack
>head over her place
>knock on her door
>she invites me in
>wearing a sweatshirt with the neck cut out and jeans
>we chill on the couch for a while
"oh! wait here"
>she hurries off to another part of the apartment
>comes back with those damned shorts
"i washed them for you"
>change in to them anyways
>Stuff my dry clothes in the backpack
"look at that sexy guy there! ill change quickly and we can go"
>she comes back wearing a simple black two peice
>trying not to get hard in my shorts
>this is going to be a problem
>top is so low cut i can almost see her nipples
>start to head out
>realise we are matching
>shes walking in front of me
>mesmerised by her ass
>her bikini bottoms where riding up ever so slightly
>try to think about other things
>already hard in my shorts
>hop in the car
>manage to calm my boner on the way to the pool
>pull up to a house in an adjacent neighborhood
>she grabs a key from under a fake stone and unlocks the padlock to the back gate
"whose house is this?"
"its belongs to my friend, hes out of town for a few weeks and let me use his pool"
"thats pretty cool"
>set my bag down and feel the water with my feet
>she pushes me in
>splash her
>she jumps in
>swims up to me and tickles my sides
>giggle and manage to excape after the breifest of ticklings
>'sneak' up behind her
>poke her sides looking for a ticklish spot
>she backs up in to me
>pushes my in to the pool wall
>grinding her ass against me
>hard in a few seconds
>she swims away leaving me hard
>make chase
>chase her around the pool a few times
>dick around for an hour or so
>have to pee
>start to climb out of the pool
"hey where are you going?"
"i gotta pee"
>clamber out
>walk over to the side of the house
>hear her splashing around beind me
>just as i pull my dick out of the shorts i hear her walk up behind me
>flip it back in sanic fast and turn around
"sorry, didnt mean to startle you"
"oh no i wasnt scared"
"umm are you going to pee?"
"well i was trying to"
>she moves up in front of me
>rests her arms on my shoulders
"can i hold it for you?"
>Staring at her wet chest
>didnt understand her meaning
"well yeah but can i pee first?"
"im asking if i can hold it for you while you pee"
"please, anon?"
"ok i guess…"
>she grabs my shoulders and turns me around
>kneels down behind me
>pulls my shorts all the way down and drops them on the ground
>she grabs my cock and waits
>nothing coming out because nervous
>starting to get hard
"you ready?"
>try and relax my bladder to go before i get a full boner
>fully hard
>finally manage to start going
>gettin dat crazy arc because boner
>keep stopping and starting from boner interference
>prettysure i might have had a couple drops run down my shaft on to her hand
>she didnt say anything though so maybe not
>strangest feeling ever having someone else hold it for me
>shes watching from my side
>finish peeing
"that it?"
>she starts rubbing my cock slowly
>just stay like that for a minute standing there getting a reach around
"hey anon, did you like it when i touched your butt last week?"
"it felt really weird…"
"good weird, right?"
"yeah i guess"
"can i touch your butt again?"
>figure she just held it for me while i peed so i may as well let her


>pulls her hand away for a moment
>she spits in her hand and keeps jerking
>this time with more energy
>uses her other hand to grip my butt cheek and pull it aside
>in the same motion brings her face close
>my first reaction is to clench up and pull away
>but she has an iron grip on my cheek and my cock
"rellax anon i know its weird but everyone does this, i promise you will like it"
>feel her breath on my pucker with each word
>relax a little
>buttcheek is sore from her kung fu grip
>feel a tongue lightly touch me and then start tracing my hole
>she stops for a second
"i told you it would feel good"
>returns to licking with renewed vigor
>pumping me in time with her tongue
>felt my orgasm approach since the moment her tongue touched me
>leaning one hand on the house
>knees almost buckle
>have an incredible orgasm
>shoot a couple ropes of kid cum onto the side of the house
>pulls her mouth away
"did you like that?"
>still recovering
>mind reeling
>her hand slows to a stop
>she stands up
>turn around to face her in time to see her wiping the cum off onto her belly
"ill see you back in the pool when youre ready"
>she leaves
>can hear her get in
>lean against the wall and recouperate for a few minutes
>put my dick back in my pants and go back to the pool
>embarrased to look at her now that shes licked my asshole
>walk down the steps and sit down just deep enough for the water to be up to my shoulders
>relax for a while
>she swims up next to me and sits down
"youre being quiet"
"im just a little tired"
>she looks at me for a moment
>suddenly starts tickling my sides
>cant escape
>finally wiggle free after a minute or two
>start playing chase
>play around for a couple hours
>she starts climbing out
>she announces
"ive got to pee now"
>she uses another hidden key to get inside
>floating around alone in the pool for a while
>she returns after a few minutes
"look what i found
>shes carrying a small cd player
>she plugs it in and puts on the radio
>turns out this guy has tons of stand up and stuff on CD
>spend the next two or three hours sporatically playing, relaxing, and listening to music or stand up
>swim up next to her
>snap the back of her panties
>she laughs and swims away
>catch up to her and do the same thing with her top strap
>this escilated over a few minutes to me just trying to get my hand into her suit
>manage to get a good feel of her pussy a couple times
>to be honest im pretty sure she was letting me
>change tactics
>pull the string on her top
>it unties and comes off
>shes hides those awesome soaking wet tits with one arm
"oh anon, thats not fair!"
>she starts to retreat
>start trying to pull her panties off
>not nearly as easy
>suddenly she retaliates
>uses her superior size and longer arms to remove my shorts in one swoop
>of course i only half heartly tried to stop her anyways
>realise how sore my bone was after being confined to those shorts for so long
>swimming naked feels awesome
>redouble my efforts to get those bottoms off of her
>manage to get behind her
>holding her from behind tightly
>cock is pressed between her cheeks
>use friction to pull them down by sliding my body against hers
>she doesnt even try to stop me
>use my foot to get it the rest of the way
>grinding between her asscheeks hard
>tip catches on something between her cheeks
>she spins around in the water lightning fast
"wow anon, youre really adventurous huh?"
>not sure what she means, just laugh awkwardly
>she grabs my wrist and pulls me to the shallow end of the pool
>shallow enough to where its up to my chest while im sitting
>she menouvres around me so that our genetals are close together with her legs wrapped around my waist
>starts jacking me off
"anon youre so sexy"
>shes rubbing her pussy so close to my cock i can feel the heat coming from it
"play with my boobies sweetie"
>grab her tits
>playing with her nipples
>shes making those quiet moans
>getting ready to cum
>body is twitching
"no dont finish yet anon"
>try to hold it in valiantly
>thrust in to her hand involuntarily
>shoot a rope of cloudy goo into the pool
>before the word even finishes leaving her mouth
>she repositions her body and impales herself on my boyhood
>shoot the rest of my cum inside her
>shes pumping violently
>alternating between kissing me roughly and telling me not to get soft in my ear
>terrified but it feels good
>stimulation directly after orgasm is making my body twitch and spasm
>water is splashing and making tons of noise
>start to go soft
>slipping out of her over and over
>she switches to grinding in to me powerfully
>start to get hard again from the stimulation after some time
"yeah, youd better get stiff, you have to make me cum before we leave"
>shes kissing and bitting my neck between words
>cock is really sore
>not even horny but hard despite that
"you like assholes kid? here."
>she takes my hand and puts it between her ass cheeks
>shoves a couple of my fingers into her
"do it, damn it, play with it"
>start fingering and exploring her ass out of fear
>the grinding is beginning to feel faintly pleasureable
>her ass is warm and her pussy is hot
>shes kissing me too deep and too hard
>hips getting sore
>carrys on for a long time
>pleasure is building
>grunt into her mouth
>she breaks the kiss
"do it."
>she doesnt break pace
>have a dry orgasm under her pussy
>eyes are rolling from overstimulation
>just want to go to sleep
>after a few minutes she leans back in to kiss
>kisses me deeply and thrusts on to me harder with more emphasis a handfull of times
>cock is basically numb and nearly soft
>she slides off of me
"thank you baby that was so much fun"
>cant even talk
>just recovering
>its getting dark
>mention that we should probably leave
>let her gather up our swim clothes
>dry off and change in to my clothes
>fall asleep on the ride home
>about to get out of the car
"are you gonna come see me again next weekend?"
>nod halfheartedly
>'boys like sex, duh'
>go inside like a zombie
>eat a little food and hit the hay
>dick was sore for days and days after
>wait on the weekend
>dick still kind of hurts
>decide not to go
>'ill go next weekend and make up some excuse'
>school year starts that week
>really want to show off my sex and kising skills
>trying to talk to girls
>make a few friends
>weekend rolls around
>hop on the bus and head over her place
>knock on the door around lunchtime
>cracks the door and peeps through
>realises its me and opens it all the way
>looks like she was sleeping
>just wearing that robe
>cock gtting hard from memories
"i missed you last weekend, what happened?"
"sorry my mom took me to go visit my grandmother"
>she looks at me skeptically
>lets me in anyways
>follow her to the back part of the apartment
>she flops in to her bed facing the tv
>i just kind of stand here
>she pats the mattress next to her
>take off my shoes and crawl in
>bed is messy
>vaguely feels wet where im sitting
>dont question it
>shes got a glass of clear liquid and a bottle of it on her nightstand
>watching some gameshow in tv
>just chill for a while
>Awkward silence
"hey kid, do you want a drink?"
"no thanks, ive got a water bottle"
>show her my half drank waterbottle
>she holds out her hand when i show her
>she takes it
>pours some water from her bottle in to it
"try that and tell me what you think"
>take a sip
>warm watered down vodka as fuck
>barely manage not to spit it out
"ugh, thats really gross, are you drinking that?"
"yeah it makes you drunk"
"like beer?" (my parents never had liqour in the house)
"better than beer."
>take another small sip
>still disgusting
"i cant drink this"
>she looks at me
"hey man, that stuff is expensive dont waste it!"
>look at the bottle
"its easier if you just drink it really fast"
>staring at the bottle
>minutes pass
>she gets on all fours and crawls over to me
>nuzzles my penis with her cheek till im fully hard
>starts licking and sucking me through my shorts
"dont you want to make me happy anon?"
>getting exited
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no racist but are you black, or white?
and is she black or white?


great story btw10/10


>havent had an orgasm since two weeks ago in the pool
"well drink it up and we can make eachother happy"
>she pulls away from my cock
>twitching wet bulge in fabric
>force my self to take a swig
>gag but manage to hold it down
"thats so manly, anon"
>she grabs me through my shorts
"do it again"
>she said it slowly pumping me with every word
>pinch my nose and drink another large swig
>as my making faces from the taste she pumps me quickly
>best chaser
>she pulls my shorts down
>exposing me to the cool air of the room
>stops and looks at me expectantly
>take a moment
>another large swig
>she leans down and starts suckling on my penis
>drink the rest of the bottle down
>lean back and enjoy her pleasuring me
>lips and nose feel kind of numb
>she lifts up
>replaces her mouth with her hand
>passes me her glass
"take a drink of this one now"
>dont even hesitate
>go to take a large gulp
>get like, a decent mouthfull
>sputter as i swallow
>'jesus this is so much worse'
>throat is burning
>shes laughing
>mad that shes laughing at me
>want to get some water to get this nasty taste out of my mouth, have to pee too
>let her jack me off for a second
>scoot over to get off the bed
>her hand slips off my cock and makes a small noise
"whats the matter anon?"
>she sounded worried
"gotta pee"
>feet touch the floor
>go to pick up shorts
>floor is crooked
>not ready for the floor to be crooked
>fall over while picking up shorts
>pull up shorts on floor
>hope she didnt notice me fall
>pull myself up with the bed
>walk towards the door
>accidentally bump the frame with my shoulder
>'this is drunk?'
>find the bathroom
>have a hard time aiming
>have to wipe pee off the seat with tp
>holding on to the toilet with my other hand while i do it
>get a cup of water from the tap
>chug a whole cup
>stomach making weird noises
>look at myself for a minute in the hallway mirror on the way back
>i look the same even though i feel different
>get back in the room
>'oh yeah there was sex in here!'
>hop back on the bed
"you feel better?"
"whats the cup for?"
>realise i brought the empty cup from the kitchen
"i had shome water?"
>she takes the cup from me
>puts it next to hers on the night stand
>feeling really good
>kind of want to go ride my bike
>she rolls over onto her belly
>rests her head on my chest
>staring at my face
>runs her hand down my belly
>pulls my shorts down
>slowly getting hard
>shorts down around knees
>half chub
>shes slapping my limp noodle around
>slaps my belly with it
>both giggle at the noise
>slides her head up my chest
>kisses me
>her mouth tastes like vodka
>she starts squeezing my dick
>grow hard in her hand
>getting a dry rub
>feels pretty allright
>she breaks the kiss
>moves down my body
>licks all around my cock to lube it up
>pumping my cock more smoothly now
"i want to know before you cum anon, make sure you tell me"
>nod my head
>not really paying attention
>enjoying the handjob
>shes jacking me off
>starts licking my nuts
>feels amazing
>cant help but moan a little
>can hear her trying not to giggle
>moves her toungue down my taint
>alternating between rimming me and sucking my balls
>pleasure is intense
"im going to uh- youre going to make me cum"
>she stops all at once
>pleasure sinks back down in my body
>vaguely dissapointed
>cock is leaking and twitching
"take off your clothes for me"
>stand up
>slide off my shorts the rest of the way and take off my shirt
>throw them on the bed
>watch her slip out of her robe and panties
>cock feels like its going to burst from its skin
"you want to fuck me?"
>cock twitches at the word
"yeah but i want to know when you cum"
>she laughs
"okay sweetie ill let you know"
>she climbs over me
>straddles me facing backwards
>leans forward on to my ankles
>shiver as i feel her wet pussy press down on my cock
>first clear view of her asshole
>can vaguely smell ass
>shes pumping up and down on my member
"does my pussy feel good anon?"
>dont say anything
"does it? does it feel good?
"im glad my pussy makes you feel good"
>throb every time she says pussy
>mesmerised by her ass
>start touching it
"you really like my butt, huh?"
>lick a couple fingers
>start exploring her asshole
>she pulls up and i fall out of her
>worried i made her mad for a second
>she presses back down and starts grinding in to me
>breifly wonder why she likes doing this so much
>distracted from the thought by the stimulation and the ass in front of me
>dick is sopping wet
>cooling juices running down my sides
>start getting brave and sticking my fingers in her ass
>manage to fit two in
>wiggling them around
>dipping in and out
>shes moaning quietly
>making little 'ah' sounds
>get the idea to match my rythm to her grinding
>can tell shes liking it
>visible chill bumps down her back and on her asscheeks
>after a while decide to get a look at her face
>lean over and crane my neck
>bitch is watching TV
>whatever at least i have an ass to play with
>time passes
>impressed with myself for not cumming yet
>her noises are steadily getting more frequent
>her pace is increasing
>increasing my pace to match
>more time passes and it get more fervent
>feels good but still not ready to cum yet
"ah anon im going to come on you, say you want me to come for you"
"uhh… i want you to come for me?"
"say it -ah- like you mean it!"
>remember the pool
>try to match her tone
"Do it."
"okay baby okay"
>shes making little ohs and ahs
>she makes a more pronounced 'ah'
>feel a rush of fresh juices run down my cock and dribble off my sides
>feel her asshole squeezing my fingers in little pulses
>shes grinding in to me less rhythmically with more force
>she sits up on m cock
>my fingers are pulled from her asshole
"it your turn anon"
>she turns around to face me
>leans back on one hand
>grabs my cock
>rubs it on her pussy for a bit
>starts pressing me against her back door
>chills of excitement run through me
>can see her hole straining against me
>head pops in
>feels like my dick is being strangled
"i can tell youre loving this you little pervert"
>starts pumping me with her ass hole
>super tight at her ring
>not so tight inside
>shes leaning back on one arm
>rubbing her pussy with her free hand
>feels amazing
>she pumps me for a long stretch of time
>she eventually changes to riding me in a normal position
>feel my pleasure building up
"im going to cum!"
>she starts pumping me faster
"just hold on for a few more seconds, just a few more seconds im so close"
>cant hold on
>squirting my goo in her ass
>feel a huge load empty into her
>shes still pumping me and its leaking out
>start to soften
>slip out
>she scrambles up the bed still rubbing her pussy
>knee on either side of my head
>pussy inches from my face
>holding herself up with one arm on the headboard
>uncomfortable because not horny anymore
"use your mouth, please, im so close"
>lick her pussy everywhere but where her fingers are touching
>stick my tongue in her hole
>a minute or so passes
>hear her make another 'ah' noise
>feel juices running over my face and into my mouth
>she keeps rubbing for a few moments while i lap away
>eventually she climbs off of my face
>flops down on the bed next to me
>lay there and recouperate for a moment
>she looks pretty winded herself
>sit up
>lean over and reach around her
>mistake her glass for mine on the nighstand
>take a gulp expecting water
>definitely not water
>hit my stomach completely wrong
>hop off the bed and sprint to the bathroom naked
>empty my guts
>eventually run out of stuff to throw up
>dry heaving
>she walks in also naked
>rubbing my back
>finally finish heaving
>manage to squeak out an apology between hiccoughs
"dont be sorry sweetie it happens sometimes"
>watch her bend down under the sink


im white, so was she.
>pussy and ass on display
>manage to appreciate it despite my state
>comes back with a toothbrush and some paste
"here ive got an extra"
>brush the gross out of my mouth
>follow her back to her room
>hop in the bed with her
>fall asleep
>wake up at 4 or 5
>sun is going to set soon
>mouth is dry and head is throbbing
>blink crust out of my eyes
>laying on top of the covers naked
>in the room alone
>climb out of the bed bleary eyed
>still kind of drunk
>cant find clothes
>face and hands and crotch are sticky
>walk out to the living room naked
>dont see her
>turn in to the kitchen
>shes cleaning some dishes
"oh hey, did you sleep good?"
>walk past her
>get a glass of water and drink deeply
"where are my clothes?"
"in the dryer, we made them sort of nasty"
"ive got a headache"
"im sorry sweetie, a hot shower will make you feel better. by the time youre done your clothes should be dry. hows that sound?"
>body is sticky
>she takes my hand and walks me to the bathroom
>starts the water for me
>feel weird, consider telling her i know how showers work
>she starts taking off her clothes
>'i thought i was the one getting in the shower'
>watch her climb in, admiring her body
"come on, the water is fine"
>climb in the water
>its almost too hot
>feels amazing
>she squirts me and herself with body soap
>starts rubbing me all over my torso making a lather
>penis begins to stir
>start scrubbing her tits for her to save her the trouble
>let her squirt shampoo in my hair and massage my scalp for a while
>rock hard
"hows your head feel now anon?"
"still hurts"
"lets see what we can do about that"
>she kneels down in front of me
>takes my balls in her mouth
>cock resting on her face
>feels great
>slides her tongue up the lengsth of my balls and shaft
>takes me entirely into her mouth
>swirls my cock around in her mouth with her tongue
>involuntarily thrusting into her mouth slightly
>she takes a hand and starts massaging my hole while she sucks me
>start to lose myself in pleasure
>she pulls back her head and stops moving so just my tip is in her mouth
>thrust in to her mouth slightly
>she accepts the thrusting
>can only thrust far enough to get about halfway in
>experimentally move her head forward slightly
>she doesnt resist
>pull her head down on my cock
>she doesnt pull back
>thrust in to her mouth
>the thrust moves her head back to being too far away
>eventually start holding her head and fucking it
>all the while her finger rubbing my ass
>pleasure starting to mount
>somehow she is able to tell im nearing climax
>pulls away from my cock and starts jacking me off furiously
>cum in her hand
>watch a few drops of goo drip on to her tits and get lost in the water pouring down on us
>she stands up
>sliding her tits against my torso
>her mouth meets mine
>we kiss deeply for a while
>doesnt even taste like vodka this time
>cock still sort of hard
>poking her in the leg
>groping and feeling her ass while we kiss
>run a hand along her pussy
>she breaks the kiss
"we dont have time to finish what youre about to start anon"
>she kisses me again breifly
>we rinse our bodies off
>get some towels from beneath the sink
>watch her towel herself off
>dries her legs by putting one on the toilet
>amazing view of her pussy
>watch her rub her tits dry
>rock hard by the time im ready to put my clothes on
>watch her ass move as she walks out to go gather our clothes
>she pops back in still naked
>watching me as she gets dressed
>decide to put my shirt on first
>let my cock enjoy the last few seconds of freedom
>she notices my erection
>pokes it making it bob in the air
"youve got so much energy all of a sudden. its too bad you have to be home"
>agree with her and finish getting dressed
>we had back to the main room
"want to eat really fast?"
>nod at her
>she quickly makes a couple sandwiches
>sit next to her on the couch eating
>still hard
>letting my cock pitch a tent in my shorts
>not bothering to hide it
>she keeps looking at it
"allright geeze"
>dont know what shes talking about
>take a bite of sandwich
>she grips me unexpectedly through my short legs
>almost choke on my sandwich
>lean back and enjoy getting stroked
>feels amazing
>she pushes the leg of my shorts up enough to expose my cock
>jerking me off dry
>eating her sandwich
>we continue eating
>a minute or so after my sandwich is gone
>start feeling spasms of pleasure shoot up my rod
>cock starts leaking
>steadily progresses to a top speed handjob
>cant stop thinking about how this is just like the bus
>let her masturbate me for a long time
>watch the sun start setting
>finally she says
"weve got to head out"
>shuffle after her to the car
>trying to hide my boner
>we get in and she starts the engine
"pull your little cock out, kid"
"its not little!"
>pull it out anyways
>she spits in to her hand
"scoot over here as much as you can"
>scoot over
>shes jacking me off with one hand
>driving with the other
>let her pleasure me all the way to my complex
>pull up
>she parks
"are you close?"
>shake my head
>she leans over the seat and starts sucking me
>trying hard to come quickly
>its just not happening
>finally after 15 minutes or so she gives up
"sorry sweetie, next weekend."
>flip my boner up
>she leans forward and kisses me deeply
>waste more time kissing
>its been dark for a while at this point
>grab her boob for posterity
>head out of the car
>get inside
>get scolded for being late
>eat dinner
>go to bed


BRUH you better post more tonight


best story I've read in a while


update incoming in a few minutes,


>another week at school
>meet a brother and his sister during recess
>brother is older than me
>sister is younger
>find out they live in my apartment complex
>want to hang out
>get our parents to meet
>staying the night at his house in his room on the top bunk
>mentioni have an eyetoy play (it was a webcam game for the PS2)
>hes seen one at walmart, really want to play
>play the main games for a while
>get bored of that
>eventually invent a game where one of us hides in the closet and the other creates a short video for the other
>shift back and forth
>it escilates from making faces and saying dumb things to flashing
>to straight up jerking it on cam for the durantion of the entire video
>hang out and repeat every day till the weekend
>get ready to go to get on the bus
>mom is home for some reason
>says im grounded for coming home late two weekends in a row
>feel my stomach sink
>dont have a way to let her know im not coming
>already missed one date
>wait till noon
>lose patience
>Ask mom if i can go
>after much pleading and begging manage to get her to let me go to friend from schools house
lets call him billy and his sister jean
>hanging out at billies
>bust out the eyetoy
>sister wants to play with us
>cant play THAT game with her
>steal some cigarettes from his mom
>go out to wander the neighborhood behind the apartments
>head to the ball park
>hanging out under the bridge over a mostly empty drainage canal
>gigantic concrete overflow pipe behind us
>billy is catching minnows and smashing them
>all three of us smoking cigarettes
>get the idea to see who can walk the farthest into the overflow pipe without getting scared
>its pitch black inside
>billy goes in first
>gets pretty far in
>runs out
>i go in
>feel the weight of the darkness on me
>manage to go several steps in
>lose my nerve
>run back out
>jeans turn
>doesnt want to
>starts crying
>billy convinces me to go in with her since he made it the farthest
>she grabs my hand and we walk in
>its not as scary with her right next to me
>shes got her entire body pressed against me
>walk forward until shoes hit a wall
>follow along the wall and make a turn
>can hear water dripping and things moving
>jean is breathing on my neck
>getting hard from the closeness
>trying to play it cool
>act like im tripping to mess with her
>'accidentally' fall back against a wall
>pull her down into my lap
>boner is pressed against her ass
>she gets up quickly
>stand up beside her
>dont bother flipping my rod up because of the total darkness
"what was that?"
"what was what?"
"in your lap, what did i sit on?"
>didnt plan this far ahead
"that was my uhh, well it was uhh, it was my…"
>i lean in to whisper in her ear
>lean back
"sorry, it was an accident"
>we just stand ther in silence for a minute
"whats a penis?"
"thats where a guy pees from"
"Oh!, are all penises hard like that?"
"no, theyre only like that sometimes"


"i dont know it just gets like that when im around pretty girls"
>'i am so smooth'
>she grabs on to me
>start walking again
>she trips
>pushes me over
>lands on top of me again
>sits on my lap for a few moments
>legs and ass are clammy and wet from the damp floor
>still the pressure feels good through my thin shorts
>stand up
>press in to her for a second
>try and make it seem accidental
"if you let me feel yours you can feel mine"
"OK, you can go first"
>mentally celebrating
>she touches my torso and feels around till she finds it
>groping and squeezing throgh my shorts
>pull it out of my shorts and place her hand on it
"why is it so warm?"
"i dont know"
>she fondles me for a minute longer
>lets go
"ok your turn"
>touch her chest 'accidentally'
>feel down her body slowly
>try to get my fingers in her denim shorts
>its too tight
>unbutton them for her
>she stays silent
>can feel her whole body jerk from the pressure of popping the button out
>reach into her panties with one hand
>lick other hand and start masturbating since she cant see
>hope she mistakes the slimy spitty noise for the water sounds around us
>it feels different from my adult friends pussy
>perfectly smooth
>just a tiny slit
>feel around for that spot
>start to feel some moisture on my fingertip
>explore her little hole for some time masturbating
>start trying to pleasure her
"anon this feels really weird"
>incredibly horny
>fapping at light speed
>billy yells int o the pipe
>yell back
>feel her up and pull on my junk for a second or two longer
"lets go"
>slide hand out of her panties
>smell fingers
>smells more like pee than im used to
>she grabs my hand and starts to lead me out
>slip boner into elastic before we hit the light
>squint for a moment or two
"what did you find"
"nothing it just goes on and on"
>he looks dissapointed
>jean is super attatched to me for the rest of the day
>sitting next to me constantly
>dont pick up on it, used to more directness
>head back to his house
>billy wants to hang out alone
>jean insists on not being left out
>they argue for a while
>jean tells mom, mom makes him let her play with us
>i remain neutral
>play videogames and watch tv for a few hours


>starts getting really late everyone else is asleep so we cant leave the room
>eventually bust out the eyetoy cuz nothing else to do
>playing the normal eyetoy games for a while
>decide to play the video message game
>recording dumb messages
>nothing dirty because of jean
>get left in the closet with jean while billy records a message
>she pretends to trip in to me
>on to her game
>fall so that she lands in my lap
>she remains sitting in my lap
"its not hard anymore"
"i can make it hard"
>not sure if shes saying she wants me to or not
>decide to do it regardless
>wrap my hands around her waist
>start grinding on her ass
>she starts squirming a little
"what are you doing?"
"it gets hard if you rub on it a little sometimes"
>she doesnt say anything but relaxes into my lap
>grind on her until fully hard
>grind a little more for pleasure
>lean back and let her go
>she gets up
>still sitting on the ground pitching a major tent
"can i look at it?"
"only if you let me see yours"
>she stares
>realise after a second shes waiting for me to pull it out
>flip my shorts down over it and reveal my cock
>she reaches forward and grabs it
>moving it too and fro inspecting it
>pushes the skin up and down a bit
"it feels good when you rub it up and down like that"
>she rubs it a little more
>dick starts throbbing
"ew! its moving!"
"yeah it does that"
>she lets go
>put my dick away
"now your turn"
>closet door opens
>we have to go watch billies video
>glad we didnt get caught
>watch the video
>its my turn
>record a stupid rushed video
>they come out
>now its me and billy in the closet waiting on jean
>talking about stupid stuff
>gets quiet for a second
>he flashes his hard cock at me for a split second and starts laughing
>laughing with him
>flash mine
>start flashing eachother for longer and longer periods of time
>eventually just drop our shorts down
>laughter dies waway
>just looking at eachother boyhoods twitching in the air
>eventually we sit on the ground, cocks poking in the air
>i ask him
"how come yours looks like that?"
"this is how its supposed to look, i didnt have the skin taken off"
>goes completely over my head, assume that sometimes boys are born with extra skin and they have it removed
"how do you pee with all that skin in the way?"
"like this
>he slides his foreskin back
"have you ever had sex before?"
"no way."
"i have!"
"dude! youre such a liar!"
"i swear to god, i have sex all the time"
"with who?"
>tell him a little about the woman and the first time on the bus
>cock is rock hard thinking about it
>absentmindedly rubbing it against my palm for a second then taking it away and repeating
>tell him about the handjob in detail
>he starts masturbating right there in front of me during my tale
>dont say anything just continue with the story
>join him in the masturbation
"dude thats awesome i wish i could get one"
"i could give you one"
>cock is throbbing
>he lets his cock go and pokes it out in the air
>reach forward and feel his cock
>feels thinner than mine and more warm
>pull his foreskin back and forth a couple times
>hes making strangled squeaks
"here do mine too"
>he grabs my cock
"it feels better if your hand is wet"
>spit on my hand
>start pumping him for real
"spit on yours man"
>he does so
>hes jerking me unrythmically and sporatically
>clearly effected by the ministrations of my hand
>jacking him off hard and fast
>his legs are twitching
>his hand stops pumping


>keep rubbing him off
>looks like hes really concentrating
>his eyes close
>feel him pump into my hand a couple times
>see him squirt a little goo over my hand
>its really hot
"ahh gross dude, youre so gay"
>whipe it on his shirt
>he blushes
"am not"
>still laughing for a moment
"it feels so much better when someone does it for you"
"yeah i know man its awesome. but dude you have to keep the bus story a secret"
>let him bask for a bit
>pull up shorts
>cock goes limp
>his sister opens the closet door
>its his turn
>he says
"i dont really feel like playing anymore you guys play"
>he goes over and flops on the bottom bunk of his bed
>kind of frustrted
>jerk him off and this is the thanks i get
>me and jean keep playing the video game with him out in the room on the bed
>after a few minutes notice that he is asleep
"hey jean lets just watch tv or something"
>we climb on the top bunk
lower bodies under a blanket
"hey you still have to let me see yours"
>she rolls her eyes
>Starts squirming left and right
>wonder what shes doing
>after a moment or two she pushes the blanket down to her knees
>no pants or underwear
>looks entirely different from what im used to
>smooth and all contained under the skin
>just a small line where theres normally all sorts of fold action going on
>get on all fours in front of her for a better view
>slowly start touching it
>she lets me
>spread it apart and look at it
>start noticing similarities
>cock is rock hard
>start to poke a inside
"ouch, dont that hurts"
>withdraw the finger
>shes starting to get moist
"did someone really touch you on the bus?"
>shiver goes up spine
"how do you know about that?"
"i heard you and my brother in the closet, whats a handjob?"
"ill only tell you if you promise not to tell anyone what you heard in the closet"
"i promise"
"its where you rub on a penis until a guy cums"
"until what?"
"its uhh, its like when… i cant really describe it, do you want to just see?"
>scoot back next to her and shimmy my shorts off under the covers
>take her hand and place it on my cock
>she starts awkwardly rubbing
"spit in your hand"
"ew no"
"it feels better that way, do it"
"you want my spit to touch you?"
"i guess"
>she spits a tiny bit into her hand
>not enough for proper lube
>mildly frustrated
>grab her hand and lick it
"like this"
"oh my god eww!"
>ignore her protests
>place her hand back on my cock
>she goes back to stroking
>going more smoothly now that her hand can glide accross my shaft
>place my hand on the back of her hand
>move her hand in a rhythm
"keep doing it this way"
>feel her naked side pressed against me
>run a hand along her leg up to her pussy
>rubbing various spots trying to feel for her bean
>shes jacking me off still clumsily for a while
>not paying attention to my head as much as im used too
>still feels great


>excited by the vagina steadily growing moist in my hand
>pleasure starting to build up
>she stops
"why did you stop?"
"my arm is tired rub it yourself"
>flip the blanket down
>take my hand off her pussy and start jacking it
>go back to being on all fours in front of her
>using her juices and my spit as lube
>she starts to pull the blanket up to hide herself
"no leave it down"
"because it feels better if i can look at you"
>she seems embarrassed
>wont look at me but lets me view her
"have you ever kissed a boy before jean?"
"do you want to?"
>still jerking and staring at her pussy
>let the question hang in the air for a minute
>crawl forward and press my mouth against hers
>her lips are sticky
>pry her lips open with my tongue
>she breaks the kiss
>faces an inch away from eachother
"gross what are you doing?"
"thats how boys and girls are supposed to kiss"
"thats nasty"
"it feels really good let me show you"
>take her silence as an agreement
>lean back in to kiss her
>tongue goes in her mouth unimpeded this time
>she has bad breath
>too horny to care
>explore the inside of her mouth with my tongue
>lean in to it more because im so turned on
>her mouth feels much smaller than im used to
>head of dick is poking her soft stomach
>feel the motions of my masturbation leaving a little trail of slime
>really want to fuck her
>dont want to hurt her though
>beak the kiss and lean back
>stop kissing her after a while
>notice i left spit all over her face
"can i kiss you down there?"
"why not?"
"thats really gross"
"come on jean everyone does it. i bet it will feel really really good too"
>silence again
>figure its a good sign
>bring my head lower to her pussy
>look up
>shes not looking at me
>it smells strongly of urine
>put my mouth on it
>feel her tense up
>start exploring with my tongue
>tastes of sweat and vaginal juices
>approaching my climax
>licking more vigorously as i near the edge
>feel her start twitching
>start licking harder and faster
>suddenly she grabs my head and pulls me up
"stop it, anon stop"
"whyd you stop me?"
"its too much"
>have no idea what that means
>decide im about ready to cum anyways
>crawl up to kiss her
>shes surprised but accepts my tongue
>rubbing cockhead furiously against her sotmach as i bate
>feel my climax approaching
>involuntarily thrust into her belly and release my slime
>she breaks the kiss and tries to push away as soon as i start coming
>almost done
>hold my ground for a couple seconds
>finally back off of her


>she looks like shes about to cry
>see shiny streaks where my jizz ran down her belly and over her pussy
>see wet spots on the bed beneath her
>not sure if they are from me or her
"did you pee on me?!"
"no thats not pee thats what cumming is, you said you wanted to see"
>he starts sniffling
"whyd you do that?"
"i thought you would like it!"
>finally she breaks down
>she sputters through tears
"i dont like it, get it off of me"
>hop off the bed and retreive a towel from the bathroom super fast
>climb back up and help her towel off
>try to towell off her pussy
>she stops me, angry
>let her dry herself off
"im sorry jean i didnt know"
>decide to leave her alone
>climb off the bed and go to sleep on the floor feeling guilty
>next day
>wake up alone in the room
>go downstairs
>everyones eating breakfast
>theres a plate for me
>start eating
>billy is talking about some school stuff with his parents
>jean wont look me in the eye
>fresh wave of guilt
>decide to leave early
>go home
>school week passes uneventfully, everythings normal except jean still wont talk to me
>feel guilty and horny every time i see her
>too guilty to jack off
>cant believe i blew it so hard
>just wanted to feel good with her
>make it to saturday
>moms at work this weekend
>decide to make up for my last missed weekend
>roll up on her apartment
>exchange greetings
>shes wearing sweats
>head inside
>hang out on the couch for a bit
"whats the matter sweetie, youre being quiet"
>guilt and sadness well up at being asked
>start crying a little
>trying not to
>cant help it
>tell her about the weekend before
>neglect to mention how i told them about the bus
"dont worry about it hun, just let her have some space. im sure shes just confused ,she doesnt hate you. not everyone is as ready for this kind of thing as you"
>she wants me to go back to talking about billy and the game we play with the eyetoy
>makes me tell her the handjob story in tons of details
>asks me to try and make the sounds i was describing him making
>tell her how i have the pictures from the eyetoy saved on a memory card
>asks if she can see
"ill have to get my playstation to look at them"
>she sends me off to get it
>ride the bus back home. pick it up and bring it back
>hook it up for her and boot it up
>open the album and show her how to navigate the videos
>she spends a few minutes getting comfortable with it
>rubbing herself excitedly through her sweatpants
>act like i dont notice but secretly watch through the corner of my eye
>hard as a rock under my shorts
>turn to her
"look what happened"
>she turns sideways on the couch and spreads her legs
>see a dark wet spot on the light grey sweat shorts where she was rubbing
"you want to play with me?"
>cock is ready to explode
>crawl on top of her and start kissing
>grinding through our clothes in to her
>she lets me continue for a while before breaking the kiss
>playfully shoves me back on to the couch
"lets take care of this first"
>she starts pulling her clothes off
>i do the same, admiring her body
>she sits back on the couch
>i crawl up next to her and press my body against her
>trying to kiss her
>shes dodging
>she grabs me by my cock


>i freeze
"youre so excited today, did you miss me that much?"
>she turns around and pushes me into the couch
>climbs into my lap facing me
"you want to burn off some energy?
>cock starts throbbing from the vaginal contact
>brings her lips to mine and begins to tonguewrestle with me
>brings a hand between us and puts my tip against her opening
>drops her hips and penetrates herself with my boyhood
>feels so good
>thrusting in to her in time with her movements
>only a few moments pass
>toes curling ready to cum
>legs beginning to twitch and spasm
>she breaks the kiss and holds my face with both hands
"you gunna cum kid? are you going to blow your load inside me?"
>her sexy voice sends me over the edge
>thrust in to her and pull her down over my cock
>impaling myself as deeply as i can
>feel a perverse pleasure seperate from my orgasm as i pump my goo into her
>after my orgasm has died down i let her hips go
>she pulls off of me
>a trail of slime connects our sexes for a moment
>she sits next to me on the couch
"you feel better now?"
"no you dont."
"i dont?"
>she reaches over and grabs my softening slimy dick
>starts pumping me
>feel the blood sloshing around in my half chub
>squeezing the base forsing the top to get hard
>she hands me the ps2 controller
"i want you to keep the videos playing"
>take it from her
>play the first video
>kind of grossed out at his penis
>notice that shes rubbing her pussy
>masturbating to the tv and jacking me off
>maintain a half hard state for many minutes
>ignoring the video just watching her rub off
>she keeps dipping her fingers inside herself
>using my cum as lube
>getting hard as i observe
"hes awake again"
>many minutes pass
>shes starting to make noises
>shes starting to make a lot of noises actually
>constant oohs and mmhs
>more noise than im used to her making but its incredibly sexy
>growing harder in her hand
>she notices
"is watching me making you hot anon?"
>stay silent and continue observing
"you want to see me cum?"
>still silent
"do you ?"
"tell me to cum for you"
"cum for me"
"say please"
"please cum for me"
>shes rubbing much more frantically now
>throws her head back and closes her eyes
>watch her hips buck as her rythm breaks
>liquid visibly running on to the couch
>super turned on
>shes still jerking
>not moving any other part of her body but her hand on her pussy slightly
>after a while she says
"lets do something different"
>has me stand up
>repositions to laying longways on the couch
"lick me."
>start to climb between her legs
>she stops me
"other way"
"what do you mean?"
>she sighs
"i want your weiner up here"
>she points to her mouth
>get the idea
>climb on top of her into the 69 position
>our body sizes dont match up right
>face by her pussy
>cock is poking her chest
>on my knees so as not to put my weight on her
"i dont think this is going to work"
"be quiet and lick me"
>i oblige
>it vaguely occurs to me that at least some of this sloppy mess is my own cum
>try not to think about it and continue licking
>feel her starting to rub my balls
>a hand pushes past my face
>she rubs all over her pussy for a moment interrupting my flow
>suddenly shes jacking me off with a slimy hand
>uses her free hand to hook around my hip
>pulls my body back
>almost cant reach her pussy with my tongue
>feel heat on my hole


>realise what is about to happen
>after a few moments of anticipation i feel it
>a tongue sliding around my door
>hot and wet and slimy
>feels strange and awesome at the same time
>not about to pop instantly this time since i just came a few minutes ago
>enjoy being milked and licked while i eat her pussy
>top of cock is rubbing on her chest in time with her pumps
>using her free hand to roll my nuts around and pinch my sack
>getting light headed from all the stimulation
>have my rythm down pat
>can hear her getting worked up over time
>moaning in to my ass
>tasting waves of juices
>tongue is sore but i power through
"yes, right there dont stop"
>increase my pace and pressure
>she bucks and grinds against my face
>spreading her new wave of juices all over my mouth and chin
"if you keep getting better at that pretty soon ill be following you aruond like a stray cat"
>kind of laugh
>start to get up
"just relax sweetie its your turn"
>she goes back to licking me for a short while
>still licking her a little just because its in my face, less urgently
"are you getting close?"
"not really"
>feel her spit on my hole instead of continuing to lick
>momentarily confused
>feel a finger press on to it
>feel it almost going in
>tense up
>its beginning to slide in despite my efforts
>realise whats happening
>try and sit up
>she catches me around my neck with her legs
>pushing my face into her pussy and preventing me from getting up
>Can barely breath
>neck feels like its going to break
>pussy juice in eyes burning
>feel her tip go in
>feels wrong but sort of good
>think shes going to stop after her finger tip
>keeps going deeper
>cant handle it
>feeling is so intense
>still being jerked off
>feels like her finger is 10 miles long
>finally she stops
>ears are burning from the pressure of her legs
>cant hear anything but the thrum of her heart beat
>she starts pulling out
>sweet releif
>just as shes about to exit my ass completely
>she dips in much faster than before
>whole body tenses up
>toes curling
>then she pulls back out
>'is this what its like to be a girl?'
>she works herself up to pumping her finger in my ass frantically
>incredibly intense feeling is building up in my guts
>dont know whats going to happen
>moaning loudly into her pussy
>mind is nothing but stimulation
>all at once feel myself tighten around her finger
>feel it stop pumping and start wiggling around inside me
>whole body jerks and contracts as im wracked with the most intense orgasm i had ever had up till now
>thrusting involuntarily into her chest
>cumming more than i ever had previously
>she keeps me pinned down
>dizzy with a face full of pussy
>still fingering my ass
>more cum is pumping out of me
>finally legs give out and i collapse on to her chest
>she lets up with her hold
>cant move yet
>she helps me slide off of her
>she stands up


>her whole chest is wet and streams of cum are running down her belly to her crotch
>feel like my insides are in the wrong places
>cock is softening
>little droplets of cum are still leaking out onto my belly
"look at this mess youve made all over me"
>fake angry voice
>still dizzy, cant think of a reply
>she crouches down next to my face on the couch
>starts kissing me
>kiss her sideways, dont even bother lifting my head
>shes licking her fluids off of my lips and chin
>keep the kiss up for several minutes
>wonder why shes kissing me for so long
>dont mind it though
>several more minutes pass
>she starts moaning in to my mouth
>realise shes been maturbating
>she grabs a fist full of my hair
>starts forcing my face in to hers
>moaning more frequently
>suddently she breaks the kiss and stands up
>see her lubrication running down the sides of her legs as shes rubbing
>she swings a leg over my head and lowers her pussy to my mouth
>still rubbing
>doesnt say anything just starts grinding on my face
>smells like old cum
>spreading liquids all over
>after a couple seconds feel her legs tense around my head and hear her make a little squeak
>taste a fresh wave of juice coat my tongue and chin
>she climbs down my body
>lays on the my leg with her head on my belly
"youre still all dirty"
>she licks the cum droplets off of my belly
>takes my limp noodle in her mouth
>swirls it around and sucks away all the jizz
>she keeps going for a bit
>trying to get me hard i guess
>nothing doing
>still spent
>eventually she gives up and just lays her head on my belly
>she reaches over and grabs the ps2 controller
>starts playing the videos again of my and my friend jacking off
>fall asleep for a moment
>wake up to movement
>shes still watching the videos
>my lower leg is moist
>shes grinding on it
>'how can anyone be this horny?'
>fall back asleep
>crash hard
>wake up
>can see the oven clock from the couch
>its been most of the day
>have to go in a couple hours
>shes still sleeping with her head on my belly
>feel her breasts pressing in to me
>her hot pussy on my leg
>playstation still running
>realise that she probably came on my leg god knows how many times while i was asleep
>thats kind of sexy
>start to get erect
>feel cock poke her lips
>roll my hips up a little and manage to dip it in her mouth a fraction
>she starts waking up
>afraid of a repeat of earlier
>pretend to be asleep
>close eyes
>feel her weight start to reposition as she sits up on my leg
>after a minute hear her whisper
"what are you dreaming about?"
>feel her take my cock in her hand
>giving me a slow dry rub
>feel warm wetness hit my tip
>getting a lubricated handjob
>cock reaches maximum hardness
>hear her try and stifle a laugh
>another whisper
"my hands are special, arent they?"
>feel a moist heat on my leg
>pleasure is building up
>can feel myself getting ready to cum
>having lots of trouble keeping a straight face but manage it
>cant help the leg twitching
>she recognizes the signs
>moments before i explode she leans forward and takes me into her mouth
>feel her swallow away my cum as fast as i shoot it
>she lays back down on me
>head on my stomach
>stay 'asleep'
>minutes pass


>start to actually fall asleep
>she gets up
>climbs up my body
>can feel her breath on my face
>she presses her lips in to mine
>starts kissing me deeply
>cant keep up the charade through this
>pretend to start waking up
>start kissing her back
>after a few moments she breaks the kiss
>tits pressing into my chest
"morning, did you have good dreams?"
"i dont really remember"
"something tells me you probably did"
>she winks
>pretend not to get it
>we start kissing again
>spend a while tangled up on the couch playing with her tits
>she breaks the kiss
>props herself up on an elbow
>reaches up over the arm of the couch
>grabs the remote and turns on the tv
>get up to go pee
>come back and shes laying tits down on the couch
>wedge myself between her and the back of the couch
>sitting up on my elbow so i can see tv
>space out at the set for around an hour or so
>she opens the guide
>starts scrolling through
>flips to the pay per view porn channels
>selects one about butts
>didnt think shed actually buy it
>hard core porn starts playing on the tv
>had never seen a porn before
>first time ever seeing a nude black woman
>start to get excited
>unconciously grinding my member into her side
"you like this stuff dont you anon?"
>feel her press her hip into my rod
"instead of my side why dont you climb up and fuck my butt instead?"
>cock twitches at the word fuck
>still not used to adults cussing without being mad
>unstick myself from her side
>on my knees sitting on the backs of her legs
>spread her cheeks with both hands
>work up a decent amount of salive
>spit onto her asshole
>watch it run down to her pussy
>start massaging it in with a finger
>hotdog her a little to lube up more thuroughly
"am i beaing teased?"
>she starts gyrating her hips
"put it in, pweease"
>prod her hole for a minute trying to find purchace
>slide in slowly at first
>start pumping in to her ass more forcefully
>decide that this is a good opportunity to get revenge for earlier
>fucking her with all my child might
>watching my first porno the whole time
>occasionally adding moe spit to the mixture
>feel her shift position as she moves her hand underneath her body
>many minutes pass as i pound in to her
>beginning to hear moans
>impressed with myself for putting her in this state
>hear her voice jumping with my every thrust
>feel her begin to tighten in pulses around my shaft
>keep pumping straight through it
>after just a minute or two feel her start to convulse again
>cant work through it this time
>let it carry me over the edge
>slam myself into her as far as i can
>feel my boyhood thrum and pulse with my orgasm deep inside her anus
>flop forward and rest on her back, not even bothering to pull out
>my softening member is forced out as she tenses from yet another orgasm
>lay on her back like this for a while
>eventually notice the sun is beginning to set
>politely ask for a ride home
>i put my clothes back on and she hers
>manage to get home before night time
>eat dinner
>mom makes a comment about how i smell funny
>go to bed


more pls


allright, ill post the update early for you

>sleeping in on sunday

>no one home but me
>hear a knock on my window
>its billy wearing his back pack
>let him inside
>still in my boxers half asleep
>we chill on the couch for a while
"hey dude check this out"
>he opens his pack
>pulls out a nudie mag
>first pornographic magazine id ever seen
>were flipping through it
>start getting hard
>flip rod up in elastic while he isnt looking
>he is not so shy
>starts wacking it right there
>pointing out little articles and showing me pictures
>best part is the ads
>the promises of things you could do if you only had a little cash
>getting excited
>start fapping through the hole in my boxers
>make it to the end of the magazine
"tell me about the hand job again"
>decide to tell him about my first blowjob instead
>he is clearly impressed
"i want a blowjob."
>he sounds half joking
>but he also sounds half serious
"no way"
"come on mann, i wont tell anyone"
>he still sounds like hes kidding but i know hes serious
"ok ill do it but you have to do me first since you didnt help me out last time"
>he looks shocked for a moment
>seems like hes considering it
"dude no"
"fine have it your way"
"please? ill do anything else"
>this goes back and forth for a while
>eventually give in
"fine ill do it, but you have to swear to let me do whatever i want when im done"
"ok i fine i swear"
>move my face towards his cock
>its twitching at me
>not sure if i really want to do this, but im horny so whatever
>take the tip in my mouth
>can smell his entire crotch region
>feel him react with his whole body
>pull his foreskin back with my hand
>cant fit it all the way in my mouth
>start to swirl around the tip with my tongue in the way i was used to
>feel him jerk a couple times
>figure im doing ok
>it tastes like sweat and the texture is strange
>after only a few more seconds feel his cock throb and swell slightly in my mouth
>taste a slightly salty warm mess dribble out on to my tongue
>swallow it just like i had been shown
>super disgusted
>cant get the smell out of the back of my nose after i sit up
>he looks relaxed
"that felt great!"
"yeah and now its my turn"
>he looks like hes about to say no
>shoot him a look
"ok, what do you want to do?"
>instruct him to get naked
>get undressed in kind
>have him lay on his side on the couch
>lay behind him
>lube up my cock with spit
>start to hotdog him
>he resists at first
>convince him with a 'dude you swore'
>continue grinding in to his ass for several minutes
>start to get brave
>poke his hole with my tip
>almost instantly he scrambles completely off the couch
"no way man, not there"
>eventaully get him back on the couch
>still hotdogging him
>want to fuck something though
>get an idea
>slime up the insides of his thighs
>start fucking between his legs
>feel my cock poking in to the back of his sack with every thrust
>eventually ready to cum
>push in to him and blow my load all over the back of his balls
>want to relax and bask in it for a moment
>he gets up right away
>is thuroughly disgusted
>see my juices running down his legs
>being passive aggressive
>wants to use my shower
>go ahead and let him
>get dressed in the meantime
>head over to his place after
>nervous about seeing jean
>shes really excited to see me
>surprised she isnt mad anymore
>play with the two of them till their mom comes home around 2
>billy has to leave to go to basketball practice
>about to go home while the thre of them leave
>jean starts crying
>really wants to stay and keep playing
>her mom relents
>leaves us there alone
> we start watching tv
>apologize for what had hapopened
>shes not mad
>in fact she had a question for me
"can you like, do that thing you did to me again?"
"you mean kiss?"
"no the other thing"
>Still confused
"you want me to cum on you again?!"
"no stupid, the OTHER thing"
>realise she wants me to lick her pussy
>figure i owe it to her
"like, right now?"
"well you dont have to…"
"no its cool, i want to. its just that you have to take your pants off"
>she has her shorts and pantiesa off in a split second
>hard as a rock seeing her exposed pussy
"here lay down"
>have her lay longways on the couch
>position my face between her legs
>smells like i remember
>put my mouth on it
>feel her start to squirm a little
>run a hand up her body feeling her chest
>feel her start to squirm
>increase pace and pressure
>tongue is sore but i bear through it
>focusing entirely on making her cum
>after a few moments shes really squirming hard
"ok anon stop now"
>dont stop
>hear her making little squeaks
>shes squirming so much its starting to get dangerous between her legs
>power through
"stop, i cant- stop"
>put a final burst of speed in it
>shes bucking in to my face
>torture her for a few more seconds
>finally let up
>she looks exhausted
"did that feel good?"
>she just looks at me
>climb forard and kiss her
>she uses her tongue a little this time
>sit back on the couch
>shes still recovering
>cock is rock hard in pants
>she puts knees down and rests her feet in my lap
>one of her feet brushes my hard bone
>she starts poking it with a toe
"why is it hard?"
"you made it that way"
"can i lick it for you?"
>surprised she wants anything to do with it after last time
>pull it out
>she climbs over and grabs it
>giving it little licks on the side
"uhh, try licking it here"
>direct her to the tip
>shes licking the tip
>feels better but still not great
>grab her hand and start moving it
>after only a couple of minutes she stops
"my arm is tired"
>get an idea
"you want to do something that will make us both feel good?"
>she seems interested
>pull my shorts down a little
>grab her arms and bring her in to my lap
>shes trying not to touch it but failing
"like this"
>push her down onto the bottom of my cock
>its mostly dry
"hold on"
>get my hand sloppy and spitty
>push it between us and rub her cunny a little
>can tell she likes it
>rub the rest of the spit on my cock
>start gliding her up and down it
>let her take over the movements
>shes not really keeping a rythm but i dont mind
>this is more than i had dared to hope for anyways
>After a minute or so she lays her head down on my chest and just moves her lower body
>despite the lack of rythm im still incredibly turned on
>start rubbing her back and kissing her neck
>run a hand up her shirt and feel her nipple
>feel it get hard in my hand
>so turned on
>feel it building up in me even without a good rythm
>grab her ass and start guiding her rythm
>whisper in her ear
"if you keep moving like this im going to cum again"
>she doest stop
>take it as a good sign
>toes are curling
>leg is shaking
>feeling myself about to release seed
>lean back in to the couch
>let myself cum on her sex and my stomach
>she stops immediately
>quickly reach down and keep her going for a moment or two smearing my cum all over her bits
>she looks up at me
"boys are disgusting"
>kiss her again since her face is so close
>untangle ourselves after a couple of moments
>walk to the bathroom together
>clean the cum off of our bodies, stealthily admiring eachother in the meantime
>finally get dressed
>fall asleep in front of the tv
>woken up when they get back
>have to go home because its getting late
>say my goodbyes and head off
>next day
>go to school
>theres a rumor going around that ive had my first kiss
>dont deny it
>getting teased
>dont understand what the teasing is for
>one girl is being particularly nasty
>torments me all week
>convinced i made up the rumor to look cool
>says im too scardy to actually kiss a girl
>waiting on the bus to take my hom on friday
>everyone is sitting around and goofing off
>shes doing her shit again
>getting all up in my grill
>everyone is just staring
>she decides to call me out in front of the school
>insist that i have had not just my first kiss but also have kissed other girls
(just one other girl actually but dont want to admit that little detail)
>surprised for a second
"yeah thats what i thou-"
>interrupt her with the angriest kiss ive ever given
>her mouth was already open so i get a little tongue action in there
>she breaks away after getting over her shock
>spits on the floor
>starts sobbing
>everyone is laughing
>she leaves
>hero for 10 minutes
>busses get there
>take us home
>saturday morning
>go over her house like normal
>she isnt home
>dissapointed, was excited to get my sex on
>head home and go over billies place instead
>billy is at another friends house but jean is home
>she comes outside
>we wonder around for a bit
>sit on a bench in the apartments
>she sits in my lap
>grinds in to me till im hard
"hey dont do that"
"doesnt it feel good?"
"well yeah but its not fair to start it unless youre going to finish it"
>she climbs off
>want to get her alone but both of our parents are home
>formulate a plan
>head to the ball park
>get her to go in to th e drainage pipe
>we walk back in to it and turn the corner
>its pitch black
>start kissing her in the dark
>she kisses back
>press her in to the wall with my body, still kissing
>running my hands all over her body
>start to slide down her elastic shorts
>she lets them drop to her ankles
>feeling her pussy through her panties
>a wet spot is beginning to form
>drop my shorts and underwear
>cock is exposed
>take her hand and put it on my erect penis
>she starts jacking me off dry
>cock is poking her in the panties
>want to fuck her more than anything
>break the kiss
>pull her panties down and kneel in front of her
>feels weird pulling my boyhood out of her hand
>start licking her
>can feel her pressing in to my mouth
>eat her in the dark for the longest time
>hear her making little squeeks and feel her twitching
"anon quit"
>dont stop
>shes protesting but still obviously enjoying it
>still bucking in to my mouth slightly
>feeling her juices run freely
>her knees buckle and she slides down the wall
>follow her down with my mouth
>shes starting to make enough noise to hear it echo in the pipe
>her legs are pressing against my ears
>push harder and tongue faster
>resolve not to stop until she has an orgasm
>running my hand up her shirt and feeling her flat chest
"oh gosh i dont- just stop i can- oh gosh"
>keep the tongue work up
>feel her convulse in to my mouth
>feel a rush of liquids pass my lips
>squeezing my head in rythmic spasms with her thighs
>feels like its going to bust like a watermelon
>eventually slow to a stop
>her legs sort of flop down
>hard as a rock
"will you help me now?"
>hes still sitting on the ground
>stand beside her
>put her hand on my rod
>starts half heartedly rubbing me
>figure shes probably tired
"here just open your mouth"
>poking her face with it
>she turns her head
>feel her tentatively take the tip in her mouth
>push my cock in
"hey dont touch it with your teeth"
>she obliges
>position in front of her with a leg on either side of her
>slowly dipping my cock in and out of her mouth
>ready to cum right away from all the excitement
>breifly consider cumming in her mouth
>decide she probably wont like that
>pull out before i cum and step back a little
>grunt a little
>cum directly down where i assume the floor is
>she ghasps
>'god damn it'
"oh shit im sorry, where did it land?"
"on my crotch!"
>apologize again
"do you have anything to clean it off with?"
"well i dont want to get it all inside my underwear"
>can tell shes getting mad
"ill get it"
>try and whipe it off with my hand
"ugh youre just getting it everywhere"
>realise i need to do something about this quick before it becomes another issue
>start licking it off of her
"what are you?- oh"
>she gets really quiet
>despite her complaining i got most of it off with my hand
>manage to clean her off
>keep licking longer than neccesary
>feel her starting to twitch
>stand up
>she cant find her shorts or underwear
>both scout around in the dark
>find her panties
>pocket them and dont say anything
>eventaully she gives up
>she has to lean on me to pull her shorts on over her shoes and socks
>grope her little tits while she does it
>she giggles
"quit it you pervert"
>do it anyways
>finally walk out into the daylight
>takes forever for my eyes to adjust
>she wants to go home and go to sleep
>walk with her back to her place
>she stops outside of her door
>kisses me deeply, tongue and all for a moment
>heads inside
>go home
>nothing to do for the rest of the day
>lock myself in the bathroom with her panties later that night
>smell the wet spot i had helped her make
>cum in them
>cumple them up and store them back in my hiding place under my mattress
new cum rag, acquired
>day goes uneventfully
>make use of the new cum rag once more before going to sleep
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this is the best story ever <3333


where's the update </3


y u no update </3


somehow gave me a boner


going to kill myself bc no update </3


come back :((





this is the hottest thing I've ever read anon, honestly. Where to you live? not like address but country



The us



does it have an end?


Thanks op i didn't even realize i liked /ss/

i occasionally click the random board button when I'm bored, and this is the first time it's actually paid off.

btw you're a faggot for that shit you did with billy even though this story is obviously not true


Are you ever going to continue OP?




what is this? the link's not working.



thank you jesus

thank you /ss/ for showing me

youre a god



Life is a little in the way right now. My computer is and has been broken. Once i catch up financially and get a new one I'll update it more.



oh noice.


Same here. Clicked random and ended up here



i'll keep it bookmarked until then, thanks op



Hey OP did you fix your PC?


this seems like the kind of story that should be in dimension h!


One of the best stories of their kind that I've read. I hope there will finally be a conclusion someday.


i really flaked out on you guys, when i started it i never expected it to turn in to such a long project, i might post more updates in the future but for now ill add one more for anyone still interested after all this time


>months later

>occasional handjobs and blowjobs from jean/billy in the mean time

>she still hasnt come back, a new family seems to have moved in to her old place.

>have to stay over billies place so parents can go visit uncle

>billy isnt home, hes staying at a classmates house

>her parents had recently become comfortable enough with me not to check on us when we were alone

>taking turns on some SNES

>she mentions that her brother would be mad if he knew we got in to his videogames

"know what would make him super mad? if we did it on his bed"

>she looks a little angry

>at this point i had been bothering her for weeks to have actual sex with me to no avail

>decide to try a different approach

>start touching and rubbing her all over

>she leans back in to me

>reach around to grab her delicious flat chest

>door opens

"what are you two doing?"

>i have no idea what to say

"i hurt my back and anon promised to rub it for me"

>mentally make a note to reward her later

>her parents seem suspicious but leave us

>i suggest we go somewhere else

>we wind up heading down to the ballpark

>play around and climb trees for a while

it starts to get dark

>we race eachother back

>turn up to the house dirty and sweaty and smelly

>her parents make us take showers before bed

>it was a school night so we had a bed time

>after much whining and complaining and promising by jean she managed to get her parents to let us sleep in billies bunkbed so we could talk before sleep

>for a while we chat about nothing

>a person we saw or how something made us feel

>we complained about the adults and school

>i fall asleep

>wake up to the feeling of my bed shifting

>jean is climbing in with me

>i move over and let her in


>i kiss her

>she kisses back

>by now our mouths effortlessly worked in tandem

>feel my erection growing

>she can too

>she starts marturbating me slowly through my shorts

>i pull her panties down to her knees so i can begin rubbing her tiny slit

>after a while i get an idea

>i climb on top of her

>were still kissing

>shes slowly spreading her legs so i have enough access to keep rubbing on her

>eventually her arm gets tired

>the moment i had planned for was beginning

>she stops

>i start grinding on her

>trying my hardest to hit her clit

>shes into it

>this goes on for several minutes

>our bodies are slick with her juices

>i slide the tip in just a little

>can see shes noticed but shes not stopping me

>inch my way in

>its glorious

>feels like its going to crush my boner

>shes making this cute little hiccoughing sounds every time i pull out and start my slow thrust again

>it feels way too good

>did not plan for this amount of pleasure

>start to lose my rythm

>can feel my organs starting to move down my shaft

>decide to go for broke

>start pumping her as fast as i can

>pouring in all my pent up feelings about having learned all this and not gotten to use it on someone who could appreciate it

>shes sweating and shaking

>push in to her as hard as i can

>at the apex of my thrust feel my cock jerking and draining inside of her

>thrust a few more times till i feel satisfied

>look up at her face

>she looks terrible

>not angry just exhausted and unaware

>we should probably go to bed

>she just nods

>climb on to the top bunk she was on before and go to sleep

>sit together on the bus

>Want to talk about it but we dont get a chance

>get off at my stop after school to greet my parents

>no time alone with jill for a few days

>pure torture

>pretty sure i saw her giving me the stink eye on the bus

>basically convinced she hates me now

>finally get together alone with her for a few minutes

>ask her if she hates me

>for some reason saying it makes me want to cry and i dont know why

>she laughs at my face

"No! why would i hate you!?"

>feel better but embarrassed

"i dunno.."

>play hard and happily with billy and jean for the rest of the day

>get home exhausted

>use her panties for old times sake

>collapse into a deep sleep.


File: 1468831975717.gif (1.92 MB, 500x292, 125:73, 8289820.gif)


Bra-fucking-vo, anon.

This story is absolutely 10/10 brilliant. It has so much fucking content, and I'm a fan of it all! I'm definitely bookmarking this and jerkin off to it whenever I can.

If/when you continue it, could you expand on the older woman's pee fetish? Something like her drinking your pee or you drinking her's.

Anyways, best regards, and I hope you continue this story forever.




im not dead yet, there should be another chapter coming up soon.

sooner if i can figure out how to regain adminship on this board


Dude I've been reading your story for the past week and I feel in love with it. Hope you can continue if you're not dead


hey man i need more!


Its cool that there's still people interested in this after all this time in this backwoods assed dead board. I haven't thought about it in a while, normally these get deleted after a while. Now that I k own this is still here ill back up the story while I can. Im not going to promise another chapter again but I've got a few days free so ill look in to another way to give this story an outlet and maybe monetise it a little if I can. If I can get people interested in it and find a way to get adds on it ill definitely get back in to updating it regularly.


Great to see that you're checking the thread from time to time man, I'd love to read more of this story.

Are you planning on keeping it up then?



Hell Yeah man, keep us updated

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