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File: b63a487fdda80e8⋯.png (292.42 KB, 1200x631, 1200:631, Adult (29).png)

4a6bb4 No.56

Any haters of me here?

4a6bb4 No.58

File: 3e3ae9feb501d60⋯.png (639.57 KB, 912x949, 912:949, Adult (23).png)

4a6bb4 No.59

File: 063ca48dbac3db9⋯.jpg (153.82 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, Adult (69).jpg)

4a6bb4 No.60

File: 4705e5dceb002b9⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1500x1122, 250:187, Adult (7).png)

3c1474 No.61

File: 3f7aea6c209c6ee⋯.png (937.02 KB, 700x906, 350:453, arghs.png)

66def5 No.62

How was Germany?

4a6bb4 No.63

File: 5905d714faefd96⋯.jpg (633.13 KB, 1000x907, 1000:907, Canine (74).jpg)


it was green, dreamy, and surreal.

4a6bb4 No.64

File: deee1d37e6ac45a⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 3626x3626, 1:1, Canine (2).jpg)


I just wish I wasn't so lazy and learned some German. My goal is to do small time translating work there to have some income, eventually marrying, and then living in Germany.

9d275d No.65


I learned German in high school. It wasn't hard. A lot of the words are cognate to English words. Wolf is even spelled the same for example. Memorizing which noun is der, die, or das is annoying though.

9d275d No.66


Never been to Germany though.

4a6bb4 No.67

File: 49ff5c6461aa589⋯.jpg (152.6 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, Canine (39).jpg)


thats reassuring to know. I just hope I can get good enough to do serious translation work.

80126b No.123


So why did you get with your bf over all the other potential options, despite the distance issue and what not?

7e990d No.124


Because he's a sweet, kind, caring, and loving person and what other potential options do you mean? I can tell he genuinely is interested in me and my well being and yes, distance sucks when you really want to be with someone but if you truly love them you wait and are patient until you reach the day when you can be with them. That's what I don't understand, why do so many people think long distance relationships won't work compared to local ones? How many local relationships end in a breakup? lots! And how is it he had me meet two very old couples of both started long distance in a time where they only could communicate through letters and 1 week visit each year?!

I've know my boyfriend for 2 years, talked on Skype voice constantly, sync-watched lots of movies and tv shows while having a good time, and met him 3 weeks in Germany. Next year I am hoping to say 88 days there! Today we have so much more when it comes to long distance communication than they had back then, so why can't people stay loyal to each other and wait until they can live with the person they love? Fuck! Gay marriage is fucking legal in Germany recently! Things are looking okay for us and I have hope things will work out. He needs my love and I need his, it's simple as that.

000000 No.127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wann und wo, wann und wo

Sehen wir uns wieder und sind froh?

80126b No.129


Gonna get mugged by Syrians together?

7e990d No.134


The refugee problem isn't bad where he lives.

80126b No.135


So how did you meet up with each other and in what way did you connect? Is the German Shepherd rumour true or just menial shitposting?

80126b No.136


ps, now you quit /furi,/ stay here!

7e990d No.137


We met on lulz after I had a bad LSD trip. I called out in my pain to anyone who would listen and he made a Skype account so we could talk to each other. Through many other drug trips and heart pouring we saw that we were meant for each other. We needed each other in our lives. And he's not into zoo, it's just shit talking. He loves dogs but not in a sexual way, just like me. We love our pet doggies in a cuddly way, not a sexual way.

80126b No.138


Your life to live either way but I can certainly abide finding meaning in another person and wanting to share experiences. I have to say, you're more resolved to face up to what you are than Steam who has superficially similar issues.

I wonder if that's why you hate him and why he likes you?

7e990d No.139

File: 28aa6b43023abab⋯.jpeg (113.4 KB, 652x1280, 163:320, Clean (1).jpeg)


I honestly have no clue, it's so fucking puzzling why he shows interest in me. One person even said "why do you put up with Braves abuse and what do you see in him" when I would talk shit to him and tell him I AM ABSOLUTELY no interested in him despite me saying I have a boyfriend of 2 years already and that I love him. That's why I want him to get with this Anus guy I met briefly on another board as a social experiment. Maybe they're long lost soul mates or something, they have very similar personalities and both tried to get with me despite me shooting down their advances.

80126b No.140


I imagine you dislike him because he deals with his issues in a far more pretentious manner yet at least appears to get through them on the surface level and doesn't show any respect towards the decisions you've made, romantically or otherwise.

He's like a little kid who never really grew up in a lot of ways, I find.

7e990d No.141

File: c232aabb7f1a695⋯.jpg (146.47 KB, 1162x1280, 581:640, Clean (13).jpg)


He's just fucking crazy and nasty. But still, if this Anus guy really is his soul mate I would be happy for them, honest.

80126b No.142


I remember when he punched Unell and also wrecked a ton of guys in a barfight solo while drunk. Gave the poor Canadian kid a bucketload of nightmares, that did

7e990d No.143


Yeah, he's a total freak and a liar, so who knows what true from him. I don't really like him or the Anus guy but I must do this just because how shitty they both are, maybe they'll cancel out their shitness.

80126b No.144


Didn't fancy being abused by a 6 ft guy with Hulk strength I guess? lol. He cheats with his online partners, anyway

7e990d No.145

File: 5808cd0e3c9a8b4⋯.png (180.99 KB, 641x498, 641:498, Clean (5).png)


Of course not, I wasn't that stupid. You think I'd get the hint when he threatened to murder me the first time I chatted with him, he can fuck off. My love in Germany is 6'4'' and strong in his own lanky German way and I feel totally safe around him and calm and comfortable. And this anus guy travels around a lot, he will probably want to meet Steam in person probably. That would be totally fucking interesting!!

80126b No.146


What's this Anus guy like? Currently diving motherfuckers in OW as Winston so I might be a little sluggish.

7e990d No.147

and I like inhaled soap while showering today and it burned and I couldn't breathe. after I washed it down with water it hurt to swallow and made me feel nausea each time i tried. god that scared me good!

7e990d No.148


inscecure, whiny, crazy, aloof, nasty personality, he's basically steam junior.

80126b No.149


Can't wait to hear how his scrawny ass is going to get wrecked by Steam. This guy looked like a twig in the picture you shown me, of him

7e990d No.150



80126b No.151


Do you play OW? I'd party up with you for qp and stuff. I enjoy it

7e990d No.152


nope. I totally abandoned games. im simply a video watcher; movies, shows, whatever as long as i can just sit and watch.

7e990d No.153


honestly, games trigger my OCD tendencies which is why i try avoiding them. its easier on my mind to enjoy simpler things

80126b No.154


interesting. OCD, huh?

7e990d No.155


Yes, got it really bad when younger. made life a living hell for me for years. could barely function normally. probably developed due to extreme stress my parents put on me with their constant fighting. If I have one weakness its yelling or screaming, totally saps the strength from my legs. guess im a total sissy when it comes to stuff like that.

7e990d No.156


ahhhh ocd. when every position is uncomfortable and you have to tap something 100 times before you feel ok.

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