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File: 86f178d18f53d8f⋯.jpg (498.89 KB, 1600x1160, 40:29, Sexiest_Ranger_Contest_Rou….jpg)


Why is the game racist? Because of this?

That was obvious.

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Power Rangers started in Japan. It was called Super Sentai. This blatant display of Asian hate, makes me sick. It is apparent by your comments on Patreon that you and your patrons have a bias for the white rangers. How can you have a sexiest ranger contest and not have Erika Fong in it? That is just ludicrous. She has always been the binding force for the Power Rangers SAMURAI franchise. She is epic out here in Japan. You are crazy!


File: 6cf2969b5d09ea7⋯.jpg (162.99 KB, 2166x610, 1083:305, Screengrab 2.jpg)

When you have other people comment on Patreon and say that, you do not understand why Trini is winning. Look at the comment you made with the user Stagwood. (I included in reply) I will tell you why…because other people outside of Germany like how SEA women look. There are more Asians than any other population on earth, and we cannot vote together is what you say. What difference it make if many people vote at same time for one person. It show people want to participate for you,

This is why we STOP supporting you, not because we do not like Power Rangers. We love Power Rangers, we do NOT like racist that disqualify not only one, but two Asians in vote because you do not like result.


You try to explain, by calling us cheaters, and how we should believe any truth you want us to believe, but the truth is right there in the screengrab. You say we are only voting for Trini because of "nostalgia", not because she is more sexy than the blonde hair girl she competes with. You even say, "Nah" Mia is not as sexy as the other girl. She only won because of hype on Discord, It is clear to see who you want to win, but you say you want to be fair. I do not think so. I used to follow you on Reddit and Patreon, but not anymore.


I am sure that we won't see another Asian character in the game. The Asian in game now, have yellow artwork. I look in mirror everyday, and I don't see yellow. It is a world stereotype from world war two, and before.


I am not a big fan of this game. It can't hold up to some of the games on F95. I did like the Power Rangers when I was younger, but this game is nothing like that. I don't give a shit if the Asian's are out of the sexy vote. I never liked the look of Asians anyway. The Mexican one Christina is hot chicita. :-p

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