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File: 5bb16736af1810f⋯.jpg (63.63 KB, 639x627, 213:209, 547b1e1ff79395221ca004f1b9….jpg)


post bears, it's rather simple

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File: 8a167081ef99df2⋯.jpg (314.63 KB, 746x1000, 373:500, 790047_BulletSoup_ambrosia….jpg)

File: a1ada0453fa5b6c⋯.jpg (278.87 KB, 575x760, 115:152, 336152_BulletSoup_ambrosia….jpg)



Also a good bear.


File: f0c9027c6b7f644⋯.png (340.55 KB, 844x960, 211:240, dgshjsdjgjfgj.png)


I'm doing it!!!!!!!


File: 98e21339dd3040b⋯.webm (4.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, galleta1_VP8.webm)

i love bears, i love cub bears even more!



Very good. Very good indeed.


File: f642fe49735117e⋯.jpg (153.33 KB, 915x1280, 183:256, Mao_JJJ DvzAJBUVsAAje4R or….jpg)

File: 582a7d3f22fbd61⋯.jpg (316.39 KB, 660x880, 3:4, e7ab3e49a9669394827832b844….jpg)

File: 596afbfd75fb4d5⋯.jpg (161.89 KB, 545x1000, 109:200, tumblr_nhfb41ekgc1tdv657o1….jpg)

File: 14edc191faec80f⋯.png (389.71 KB, 720x1169, 720:1169, tumblr_nlj3lhwha21tdv657o4….png)


Because birds is the best.

Reminder that no tits > tits.

But bird is still better than no bird.

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File: aac467bd924d5d4⋯.png (586.84 KB, 1350x1892, 675:946, c053bf88cf1ffe02610729c40c….png)

File: 51996fcffa8fb58⋯.png (446.39 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, df41c873be2090399b16caeacf….png)

File: 24e52cd92422e54⋯.png (178.52 KB, 602x894, 301:447, 1480389063274.png)

File: f8389ae181bb247⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1350x1732, 675:866, 01d15d52d6fb6251fc7496b8a2….png)



Where's the bird?


File: cba705a783b0734⋯.jpg (349.2 KB, 2428x3507, 2428:3507, cba705a783b0734c7dfb66bcbf….jpg)

File: 2a0046e09ee07b1⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1980x3000, 33:50, 2a0046e09ee07b1f42ab147132….png)

File: 5d497cca9ffa3b1⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1600x1713, 1600:1713, 5d497cca9ffa3b1f39a7e1ed6b….png)

File: fae9a64ac505f3e⋯.jpg (128.59 KB, 1100x1296, 275:324, fae9a64ac505f3ed70d265e59c….jpg)

New birb








File: 1c886a10d899a3a⋯.png (233.45 KB, 704x898, 352:449, 1c886a10d899a3a5b2ee7adc78….png)

File: d439a8c6990f363⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1100x1332, 275:333, d439a8c6990f363d33896b34fb….png)

File: a0c7de1c12f12e7⋯.png (1.3 MB, 958x1280, 479:640, a0c7de1c12f12e7f2787bf916a….png)

File: 8a5d21ebdca8667⋯.jpg (466.92 KB, 1074x1660, 537:830, 8a5d21ebdca86677c7cf980a08….jpg)

File: 33493ab1772ce53⋯.jpg (125.96 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 33493ab1772ce53596def6a175….jpg)



But you can't put toddler in cage and cover it with blanket.

File: ca9a2f239d54d0a⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1139x1030, 1139:1030, 1536613898.elty_demueltyle….png)

File: dc59f30971465b1⋯.jpg (122.3 KB, 771x1280, 771:1280, 1535589009.elty_yurelferri….jpg)


I remember being excited when Demu uploaded some nice new smut to his FA but it seems like it's all been deleted now. Does anyone else have some of his NSFW drawings saved?



Also doesn't it seem like he's become less of a stuck-up asshole over the years? Except he's nuking NSFW from his gallery again.



Aight. Guess you can still find it somewhere.



Yeah just call him a prick in public, that'll get your porn back

File: 66a4790e99da4a7⋯.jpg (208.24 KB, 1230x792, 205:132, basketgirls__commission__b….jpg)

File: f81aa2229009f14⋯.jpg (684.09 KB, 1200x1580, 60:79, 1422200534243.jpg)

File: 8187f177588d955⋯.png (177.43 KB, 505x615, 101:123, 1392156145327.png)


The OGs of furrydom

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God damn I want to lick up those sugar cunts


File: a5da1e43f14d6c0⋯.png (486.84 KB, 1013x1220, 1013:1220, tumblr_ph2exdmtw51uvdg2so1….png)


File: 1c5ad6c06655147⋯.png (576.88 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, 5abbeb4d-38c8-45bc-8f8e-c3….png)


File: 439f0f0b1fe2802⋯.jpg (128.02 KB, 667x800, 667:800, 885e4b215cdf015258144f2a4c….jpg)

File: d442d59eae4904b⋯.jpg (154.73 KB, 667x800, 667:800, 864df3e0cf15050a05bfe5458a….jpg)


File: 9e01bbccf191aa6⋯.jpg (84.13 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, 1546190850861.jpg)

File: d59a56729c52b9b⋯.jpeg (154.69 KB, 993x1280, 993:1280, 1541722841.luca_fremder_s….jpeg)


Don't you think you should have one by now?

What are you waiting for?

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Uh, I think you just went sailing off a cliff with that one. Care to take a deep breath and try again? No, I'm not attracted to non0sapient quadrupeds. I'm not attracted to real animals because they're not sapient. Yes, sapience is a key factor in my attraction to a fictional quad; I may not be discussing quantum physics during sex, but I'd want to have a conversation beforehand.



>why don’t you have a feral form of your fursona

Feral’s can’t talk.



Jokes on you. Humans are animals, and that makes you a zoophile!



jokes on you that means animals that are not human ie zoophile.

ie zoophillia is just bestiality with romantic bs attached its still a paraphillia and is always sexual.



Why not?

File: 9988c5dfdabb966⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1920x1017, 640:339, 1534469110.eclipsecentral_….png)



this just looks like SL porn why is this important.



I don't know why he deleted it. need to save.



why dont you just comission porn from him thats very cheap for the quality he makes in this videos.


this thread died. bump for revive *defib battlefield noise*



I was just asking about the backup.

File: c582469325f47fd⋯.jpeg (217.6 KB, 920x1300, 46:65, 088_20181002_kerbersky_00….jpeg)

File: 9d4b72cd220a7ca⋯.jpg (21.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, XYnrdiVr_400x400.jpg)



Another furry pedophile groomer discovered. This time he's going to prison.

>MUSKEGON, MI - An apparent "furry fandom" enthusiast who dresses up as a cartoon character has been sentenced to prison for no less than 25 years to 40 years.

>Kerbersky was accused of repeatedly raping the child in 2015, according to the Muskegon County Prosecutor's Office.

>On his Facebook page and Twitter account, Kerbersky identifies himself as "Lavadog Ashpaw," and uses an avatar of a dire wolf as his profile picture.

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File: 01849666cb75b5b⋯.gif (26.33 KB, 204x199, 204:199, 01849666cb75b5b667bc4387bf….gif)


Well, Jesus is god, an god impregnated an underage girl, sooooooooo



fucking kek.



Why is it illegal then?



god doesnt exist, someone created a fake religion to cover up there cheating cuckeryass



Because "poofing" a baby into a girl's uterus with holy mumbo jumbo and having sex with a child to satisfy a kink are two completely different things.

File: 369356e614e8f49⋯.jpg (317.23 KB, 1273x1221, 1273:1221, DufsMEYXQAcSYXc.jpg)


Furry Convention Further Confusion just banned Pedophiles and Sex Offenders from attending.


139 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


roflmao growly banned roflcoptor



i know right i hate people who dont play original dues ex because they dont know the whole entire game is actually an information trove of true leaked information.



I'm not a gamer at all. I know Deus Ex is supposed to be a great game, but that's all I know. Nothing against gamers or gaming, it's just not my bag.



P.S. LOLwow




Well that proves you're retarded. You get your protein straight from black cock, don't you?

Never underestimate the sheer insanity of the conservative mind. They believe they are being actively oppressed by anyone who isn't exactly like them, yet are perfectly willing to fuck over or even kill people who are exactly like them if it offers personal benefit. They scream "oppression" when "tolerant" liberals don't put up with their insane bullshit, citing it as some sort of hypocrisy that someone might think gay marriage is okay but racism/bigotry are not. Apparently "tolerance" must be universal or something.

They'll claim that liberals hate women, while they try to ban abortion, take away a woman's rights and coddle their own whenever a conservative is exposed as a rapist. They'll claim liberals are trying to "normalize" pedophilia yet desire it being legalized and are perfectly fine whenever one of their own is exposed as a child molester. They claim Islam is some evil cult while Christianity is just as bad and has a track record of just as much violence throughout history, and they will also insist that atheists are out to end the world because.... they don't believe in an unproven myth. That's another thing- they insist Kavanaugh dindu nuffin because there is "no evidence"(even if ti was recorded they'd ignore it though) yet demand everyone believe in a god that has no evidence. They insist all liberals hate guns and are too weak to be violent, only to turn around and accuse liberals of being violent trigger-happy monsters whenever one punches them or fights back.

They are also notoriously dishonest and I'm not sure if it's on purpose or if they actually believe the garbage they spew.

File: 8070f75dd6a4520⋯.jpeg (258.93 KB, 1165x1220, 233:244, file.jpeg)

File: 990277569536d96⋯.jpg (322.23 KB, 1846x1973, 1846:1973, 34__#$!@%!#__unknown.jpg)

File: eaf6c9563b6c847⋯.jpeg (574.6 KB, 1242x1735, 1242:1735, file.jpeg)

File: 188b1d5a48a4c09⋯.png (146.03 KB, 817x1100, 817:1100, file.png)

File: 8b8efb73672ca3e⋯.png (297.68 KB, 1293x940, 1293:940, file.png)


Asriel preferred

217 posts and 272 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



How do you know?



What would you suck as a pacifier? :3


File: 8c45aefae1fad4c⋯.png (498.65 KB, 1280x1244, 320:311, Goat_boi.png)


Honestly I preferred him just being a black goat.


File: df26bfd5daa69d2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.52 KB, 894x1500, 149:250, df26bfd5daa69d261e11d0f9cc….jpg)

File: 7595f2548ae9621⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 318.11 KB, 894x1500, 149:250, 7595f2548ae96219c99e4a3648….jpg)

File: 06c875c1e96eac1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.97 KB, 894x1500, 149:250, 06c875c1e96eac11c78066da71….jpg)

File: 4e087b84c40b9c0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.25 KB, 894x1500, 149:250, 4e087b84c40b9c0430937feb46….jpg)


mommy's massive penis. that'd also provide dinner after a short sucking.



I wish I could be bab mode and suck his little dink ;w;

File: ad6e8420c797e2e⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 573x499, 573:499, nazrin.jpg)


What's the most guaranteed way to get your FA account permanently banned?

I figure it's best if I cut ties with the fandom at this point and would rather make sure it's permanent than simply leave, as I might be tempted to return to it if I have access to the account.

26 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



i love 10 minute mails its how dragoneer actively grows his fanbase with throwaway accounts aka his site users, theres so many inactive/ limited access accounts on that site its halarious.


post alot of real gore to the front page en masse spammy all labled safe for work



Funnily enough, I got in an argument with a tranny and I didn't get banned.


Just talk about the fact many mods and popufurs are proven dogfuckers and pedos, can't remember his name but some mod with Summer in his name got outed as a dogfucker and banned me for a month for mentioning it in a random users post. FA is so dogshit, they let scamming cunts like Jailbird who owes hundreds of people money for commissions still have an account yet try and silence anyone who calls her out for it, fuck that place.



the site is still accessible while banned

File: 3ef25d9a39e3887⋯.jpg (55.42 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1535094857.robertbear_hild….jpg)


Press F to pay respects.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.






what did he die of ? aids?



Not really. Hilda was based on the art of Jerry Collins.



He's been in poor health for years. He had to quit drawing and fursuiting from neuropathy caused by diabetes.


File: 23a1489c8f2e678⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 320x180, 16:9, YgkawK.gif)



Oh god no. I know that feels... Years ago I have been suffer from neuropathy for months and it change my view forever it's one reason I stop drawing also



Recently found out he died of pneumonia. He was in his 60s.

File: 2ecddc2534ea168⋯.jpg (509.82 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, GoodVibes.jpg)



So we have this redbubble and it needs a name. The current working title is "Good vibes, Bad boi". I know you guys can do better than that.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





let's play 'character designer who wears a fursuit'.

You would think Amblin/Dreamworks would know to avoid this shit at any cost now..

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



there is nothing unique and creative about furry

the banal laziness of corporations is actually more creative than the fandom




Why are you still here? Go away.



Or maybe we just want to fuck sexy cartoon foxes...


r34 gogogo



Isn't there a sexsuiter video of almost exactly the same character? (bluish fur, extra-large ears, etc.)

File: 40dd74a3527a3f5⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 496x900, 124:225, Cyberdog_009A.jpg)



For those of you who aren't aware, there is currently a rip off Gideon's website that covers everything from the last upload on the site up until last month. Enjoy!


I want to download but it seems i need an account. Is it worth it? I use this site all the time, but what benifits do i get with an account besides downloading?



>Is it worth it?


>but what benifits do i get with an account besides downloading?

access to exhentai

File: 694f636ccc10bf8⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 236x300, 59:75, s-l300.jpg)


Not like, feral porn or anything, just feral characters.

As someone who likes both anthro and feral, I think they're more fun -and easy- to draw.

What do you think, furfags?

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


your one step closer too zoophillia if you like realistic 4 legged furries.

>they can talk so its okay

yeah nice loophole.



yep. tons of under 15 children on IG and in the fandom draw warriorcats porn, it was what sparkledog drew.



of course you do you sick fuck


feral rape is hot



Got any proof?

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