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File: 1cf8cd83c12dd34⋯.jpg (36.91 KB, 629x584, 629:584, gopnik.jpg)


I'm tired of being a broke-ass SFW artist that can't get barely any commisions. I want to start doing NSFW.

I spend hours upon hours of my week studying a lot of art fundamentals and giving free art to my followers on Twitter to get more followers, but everytime i announce commisions for a very fair price, i get almost no interest.

I'm a digital artist for 4 years, now. I'm not the most talented person in the world, but i know enough about anatomy, rendering, color and composition to be considered a pretty average artist. I'm actually in college, so some money for my work would really come in handy right now.

I want some advice from the people that work with this type of art, how can i have success? What are the steps i should follow? I'm interested in making gay yiff art.


File: 8b793e517c60f72⋯.png (253.2 KB, 640x737, 640:737, kupo.png)


>I'm a digital artist for 4 years, now

And it took you this long to realize that all the money is in NSFW art? Only the exceptionally talented artists manage to get constant SFW art at insane prices.

>how can i have success?

By marketing to the most popular demographic: canines. Wolves, foxes, dogs, coyotes, etc. they're all very similar in design and are among the most popular fursona choice. Horses with giant cocks are also a good touch. Also invest in fetishes like vore, hyper, and paws.


Just find some specific, degenerate fetish like necrophilia, inflation, macro, etc. Preferably one with few/no artists already doing it. Then draw some shit and watch as you get thousands of dollars to make porn by autists that have too much money.



Thank you, furanon, I'll consider it.

My plan is to create a new Twitter account dedicated exclusively to NSFW, and start doing yiff arts of famous anthro characters, or creating some, and, after i get some visibility, I'll start selling YCHs to people with a lot of followers. What do you think?



Thanks, I'll look into it



Sounds like a plan. Don't forget to interact with popufurs if you can so you can try and become famous by association: when people become famous, fans suddenly take in interest in said person's friends, family, and mates.

>>100444 (checked)



That's a first.


get a full murrsuit is the easest way to become sexually accepted while drawing porn at the same time, will make you very popular very quickly



Mind if I see your SFW work?



Why WOULDN'T macro be lumped in with the likes of inflation, diapers, and other fetishes that are actively offensive to those who don't share in them?

That's usually the kind of thing people are talking about when they call any fetish "degenerate".



>when you're mutuals with several popufurs but theyve never posted about you so you might as well not exist



I might do it with the cash i get from the commisions. Of course, after i buy some Bad Dragons uwu



Sorry, anon, can't do it. Don't want to be doxxed. I know everyone here is cool and all, but better safe than sorry.



I had a friend who's only fetish is macro and the excuse is, "it's more vanilla than the others so I wouldn't compare it to fetish stuff" but they also say they aren't a furry but only get off to furry macro so I dunno.


File: 9e3c15473335542⋯.jpg (173.81 KB, 630x840, 3:4, 9f3db1093c55dd2e9404a0c8a0….jpg)


>Why WOULDN'T macro be lumped in with the likes of inflation, diapers, and other fetishes that are actively offensive to those who don't share in them?

Because macro alone isn't really fetish material. See pic related.



>how do I get more customers

>haha sorry no doxxy woxxy x3

Exposure is a big part of getting more commissioners you know

If you're going to be a pussy and hide every time someone wants to see your art you're going to stay in obscurity forever like you are now



>I'm interested in making gay yiff art



>furries wearing pup hoods and all sorts of bondage gear

guaranteed instant followers from all the pupfags and pupfag enablers on twitter

>drawing musk related fetishes such as jockstap/armpit sniffing

also an immediate draw and most importantly, ychs are your friend. Not immediatley mind you, you have to get a gallery going first but eventually when you have a following throwing up a ych will net you money ez while also letting you draw poses you actually want to draw.

Also being mildly flirty and sociable will work to your advantage, since a lot of artists are trannies who hate the porn they draw it would take a lot of guilt away from your customers to occasionally say "you know your oc is really cute/hot" "he looks so sexy like this" they'll come back for more, literally works every time.

Of course you will have to sift through some retards who will take that and try to erp with you.



This is great advice! Thank you. I'm taking notes.



Scratch that, I just got banned from FA because someone filed a sexual harrassment ticket

Fuck you



Hahahaha, that sucks, dude. I want to be more active on Twitter, i think i won't have that problem. I can be moderately flirty.



Especially necrophilia since lately that one's all the rage, expect to get a ton of private commissions



Just because there's no dicks cumming everywhere doesn't mean it's not a fetish piece. That's a fetish piece.



How degenerate are ya willing to go as far as commissions?



Maybe if you have a fetish for clothed macros with no sexual implications.



Just learn a new skill like 3d modeling/game dev/VR/animation and work on a project. That will get you more attention and money than doing commissions.


I post my art here repeatedly, most people don't care unless if you're catering to the type of people who would dox you and make callouts in the first place. The dumb people who do the guilt by association shtick are those you should never have as friends to begin with. After all, you should be judged for your own actions instead of what others do. Plenty of normal sane people will understand that.



Use >w< every other sentence when talking to people



Ok anon >w<



Learning 3D is on my crosshairs for the future. I plan on learn modeling on Blender, and then, move to Maya



>tfw the guy I commission most gives my character compliments all the time

Is this really just a marketing trick? Wtf????? Why are artists such fucking socieopaths


File: 25ea0304725b66e⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1200x1188, 100:99, DvfQb_9WsAAL5Zb.png)




>not just erping with your customers

It's like you people don't even try



Being kind to your costumers is a very valuable skill. He may be doing it for personal benefit, but he also may really like your characters and working for you.

It's not like we lie to you about what we think about your ideas and characters, we are just being kind and thankful for you choosing our services.



Learn modeling, sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, texture baking, and rigging.


get a murrsuit. you will become instantly popular like a married woman who removes there ring in a crowded bar.



>since a lot of artists are trannies who hate the porn they draw

WTF makes you think that!?



Not him, but I've seen asexual artists draw porn for money and later talk about how much they hate porn but like money.



Post examples and your prices, retard. Preferably both SFW and NSFW.



Honest advice; learn animation, and learn how to sketch well, and very quickly.

The animation side is still gaining momentum, however its not flooded with nearly as many artists, as compared to illustration, comics, etc, and as a result you will be in higher demand.

Sketches/sketch-pages are in my opinion, the golden goose of the fandom, financially speaking. It doesn't matter as much what species/kink you tackle, it only matters that you service as many commissioners as possible, as fast as possible. Working in bulk-drawing at a reasonable price will keep you stable even if you arent a popular artist, you just need to push through those first hundred/thousand followers on fA so you can get the ball rolling. In the meantime, multistreaming with people that have established fan bases will help you get those first bites.

if you 'absolutely' dont know what to charge, but you NEED money, then do a pay-what-you-want for an hour of sketching, and aim to get 3 drawings of someone's character in that hour (set yourself a timer.) at *worst* no one is going to pay you below $10, not for 3 drawings. That means that if you can keep people's attention, you worst case scenario would be about minimum wage for however many hours you'd like to be on stream.


Furries are really generous, usually. You may end up getting $20, some people might give you $40, its always a mixed bag. Once you've done this for a good 10-20 pages (which is still only a weeks' work of a part time job, comparatively) then you'll have data points about what on average, people pay. If 6/10 pay $15, 2 pay $25, and two pay you $5, then you switch away from PWYW to "$15 for an hour of sketches, tips appreciated" and you work from there.

Each sketch page becomes a new post, and even if a daylong high-polish painting gets 3x as many views as a sketchpage, doesnt matter, because you can make at least 6 sketchpages in an 8 hour workday, which gives you a larger sum of views (and post frequency.)

When your prices are cheap, you draw a lot for the hour frame, it becomes both a bargain for your commissioner, but still a solid hourly rate for you, and if one of your drawings just looks like a dumpster fire, if the sketch page has some good drawings, and it was cheap anyway, people are super chill about it! You then repeat this process until you have more people in stream waiting for slots than you can fill, and at that point you put in the raffle system (because it allows late-arrival viewers a chance to grab a slot if your early birds take them all.) and then introduce a raffle-bypass at double price, meaning if someone "really really" wants your art, and now, and not wait on it, and they think its worth double your bargain price, they'll start paying for a bypass, meanwhile you're not shifting from your standard prices for everyone else.

From there, you keep working the routine, and you make it your fulltime job; set up a stream in the morning, end it at night, start AND finish your work in the same day. DO NOT LET THESE THINGS BACKLOG. You will also be looked at as a magical unicorn for having work delivered quickly.

Every few weeks, or maybe months, you do a slight price increase from your base, doing $15 to $20, to $25, to $30, and you mark how it affects your streams; if people are reguarly paying for your double-price for a bypass, it definitely means no one is going to gasp at you for a $5 increase from your base, and you can always lower it back down if you dont feel comfy.

From there you can just specialize how you like to do your streams, what specialty rules you want, your do's and donts, everyone's going to have their own spin on it, but as long as your projects in stream stay below $100, you'll have a lot of fish to catch (and you'd be surprised how many people would pay for double hours, or clear out your days' schedule eventually.)


*I'm too tired to proof read this, so i hope it makes sense


File: c77eb0aba4a3d59⋯.png (263.95 KB, 1296x653, 1296:653, Photoshop_2017-04-30_00-49….png)

Colored pictures get way more attention than sketches, so keep that in mind. Each picture posted is another opportunity for people to see your stuff, so it would be good for you to be regular with posting. Being regular with your art also lets any potential client know that if they commission you, you're not going to spend 4 weeks doing lord knows what instead of working. Don't bitch in your journals and make excuses for not working. Work instead. People don't want to commission you when you look like an emotional wreck that could disappear at random. They want to know that when they give you money, you give them porn.

Drawing R34 of popular characters always helps. If you draw some specific fetish and it's passable, that's an easy way to start getting a lot of people who like that stuff to consider getting it from you. Try networking and talking to other people. Go into discord and telegram severs and lowkey shill your art. Make a twitter account and post there. Don't be overbearing about it, or you'll look desperate and you'll turn people off.

Underpricing your work is another thing you can do, though it sounds like you're already kinda doing that. If people see good art at a low price, the price alone could be all it takes for you to get their business. Make sure your commission information is easy to find (and in multiple places) and make sure to leave in your profile description and other places that you're currently open for commissions.

tl;dr if you want to do NSFW for money, it's probably more helpful to focus on getting an audience before focusing too much on the money aspect.


Posting your art isn't doxxing yourself you dingus. I've seen a few popular artists post here in the past and it didn't do anything to them. One is the sort of guy who I would have thought would hate 8ch too. Will be easier to help if we can see the stuff



This is good advice too. He's recommending sketches en masse whereas I'm recommending stuff with at least flat colors or something. At least on FA, the colors help since it makes it a lot easier to read what's going on in the picture based purely on the thumbnail (how a lot of material on FA will be first seen). On places like twitter, images are displayed much larger, so posting sketches will not be as much of a hindrance. You can probably try some colored pics one time and some sketch pages at another as test runs and see which is overall better for you. The multistreaming is another excellent tip that I forgot to recommend.

All the other stuff recommended in his post is pretty solid as well.


Anon wants to become NSFW

but his mom won't let him


buy a murrsuit





did you get a murrsuit yet


did you buy a murrsuit


havest thou purchased thine seksual furry skin suit yet?


Going NSFW isn't a magical ticket to money. You still have to be good. This for example


Their anatomy is so bad that they can't even get $50 a month on Patreon, yet they have over 1K watchers on FA. All they do remotely well are ponies which literally anyone can do so it's nothing special, their human/anthro anatomy has all sorts of mistakes throughout, and even when their Patreon went NSFW they still managed to get no extra backers.

No, you need to be good at it to stand out to make people want to give you money. If you're either so generic you can't be distinguished, or so bad no one likes it, you'll make nothing.



>Their anatomy is so bad

que angry below 80iq faggots complaining about muh style or some inane bullshit to justify not gitting gud


You shouldn't get into art for money. Oh, you should earn money with art, no question, but if you do this change for monetary reasons and not because you have something to communicate, a passion in your heart that has to get out, you'll definitely fail - or worse, make money with mass produced garbage that has no soul, no artistic merit and is only used by weirdos to jizz to.

You won't be an artist, you'll just be another terrible smut peddler, reputation among normal people ruined for the rest of your life.




Never heard of them but they probably appeal to a certain homo fetish with these balloon animal bodies. Everything is the same.



>Hasn't heard of aaron

Nigger he's been shitting out bad gfur art for over a decade



>gfur art

So now you know why I'm unfamiliar with them


File: c60449be2a2a03d⋯.jpg (160.37 KB, 565x800, 113:160, c5489e190da61269c77a7201eb….jpg)

File: d492652c8975682⋯.jpg (159.09 KB, 565x800, 113:160, c01663e57b0f340a62f17c7f0c….jpg)

File: 561be41a9dff872⋯.jpg (177.84 KB, 565x800, 113:160, ba3497337db2fb92813cb1ed5e….jpg)

File: bde9a1d8bfc4c24⋯.jpg (160.77 KB, 565x800, 113:160, 7879c36b4a0d162f4b76da1758….jpg)

File: 5cdbe64869f400e⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1000x1429, 1000:1429, 80a0f1736152266359d00720e9….jpg)

>He wants to become NSFW



File: e7991b7bf057e44⋯.jpg (221.23 KB, 975x1388, 975:1388, 2.jpg)


the last image very hot

I like to see the fall of mighty



Bump for the comic

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