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File: d8045b9b4c5afa3⋯.jpg (404.92 KB, 750x896, 375:448, 472947.jpg)


How is there no booru that actually gives a shit about archiving anymore? e621 is basically a cuckchan for furry porn now, when it began, it cared about archiving everything it could and hosted paywalled art after 2 years. Now its just an administrative dystopia with Ratte and NotMeNotYou going trigger happy on anything that dissents their shit policies (don't get me wrong, a lot of bans are justifiable like spam, cringy comments and captain picard, but nobody can even have a discussion there anymore about website policies). I assume Varka doesn't do anything anymore there and he's just the owner, letting the mods run free to satiate their power fetish while he's busy trying to figure out how to use a mould of the Empire State building for his next dragon dildo design.

YP works well, its just invaded with cam thots and if you want to find furry stuff you need to know what you're looking for, unlike a booru where everything thats uploaded is neatly shown by the most recent post from top to bottom for whatever tag you're looking for. I don't know why u18chan doesn't have a booru and has a garbage thread index instead of a catalog. If it did have a booru it could clone e621 but have paywall content as well, making e621 completely eclipsed and useless in comparison, which is the goal here.

How do you create a booru, how do you store so much shit on it and where can you host it where DMCA takedown requests don't mean shit? I know it could be done on an onion site, but it would be surprising if it could be functional for flash games, webms and other high size/demand files. How much money would it take to start it and keep it running? If it takes under $1000 for starting costs like HDDs and whatever else you need and then do some ads on there like e621 does already it could pay for itself as long as it doesn't get shoahd, that and literally any determined schmuck with some 100 dollaridoos lying around could get it off the ground, and theres furfags that spend over 3 grand on larpsuits and commissions as it is. How do we start?



>where can you host it where DMCA takedown requests don't mean shit?




i2p and freenet are better, except for that they use Java




Can any of these support flash player and webm?


e621 bans you if you RP in the comments or post about you liking your fetishes / creepy comments whats even the point of the site anymore


Most countries are going to recognize DMCA takedowns even if said country doesn't have the same copyright laws- the US flat out forced their allies to abide by US copyrights and laws just to stay on good terms with them.

And as usual it's "fuck the artists, they are slaves, I want my freebie fap material" around here, which is amazing as it's a liberal attitude when the board and most posters are hardcore conservative and would cringe at the thought of pirating material from big companies. Only the rich matter to you, I suppose. This is one of several good reasons I no longer upload art online- you want it but don't appreciate it or the time it takes? Then fuck you, you don't get it.




They're tremendously slooooooow though. I think that something like Zeronet would be better even though it's not secure.



If the purpose is archiving it shouldn't matter how fast it is



>Most countries are going to recognize DMCA takedowns even if said country doesn't have the same copyright laws- the US flat out forced their allies to abide by US copyrights and laws just to stay on good terms with them.

Then how does u18chan do it then? Aren't they in germany or something?

>which is amazing as it's a liberal attitude when the board and most posters are hardcore conservative and would cringe at the thought of pirating material from big companies.


I don't think theres a single user of this site that gives a shit about big companies getting pirated from, and there is certainly more sympathy for small fry like these artists.

>you want it but don't appreciate it or the time it takes?

Good artists are definitely appreciated for the time and effort they put into their work, which is often why pirates will share their works illicitly in the first place; because it would be a shame to not let others marvel at its glory. The greatest marker of an artist of good character is their ability to see that people like your art so much that they are desperate pirate it. No such thing as bad publicity and all that.



It would preferably not take longer than 10 seconds to load a whole page of thumbnails. It also needs to be usable on mobile as well, which I'm not sure if zeronet can do yet.



The person you're responding to is the artist version of a standard "will die alone as a cat lady" feminist, and has been here for a while bitching about things that don't happen.

Just report and indirectly mock them.


File: ab1ba9c0ec3b426⋯.jpeg (68.02 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1452799725001.jpeg)

You're welcome





files are posted on ipfs, while database, tags, etc are hosted on a central server over there. Development looks promising. I hope it becomes federated.

Anonymizing the host will make it realistically impossible to DMCA. Worst case scenario for that is an abusive mod (see /fur/ mods) or a spam attack, which can be mitigated by whitelisting trustworthy posters/bots.

Running a federated network (see mastodon) of boorus may also mitigate the situation.

alice-booru could start blocking bob-booru, but alice booru would also need to block all other nodes that connect to bob-booru, still limiting alice-booru's power.


As much as I like i2p, it really is slow, and I hope it gets better. I seriously get dial up speeds with that. It may run faster if you keep it on for 24 hours, but at that assumes you never move around or change IPs. Which means you need to run your own server (either you have good symetric internet speeds or you rent a VPS), which will make the barrier of entry too high for most people to do that.

I haven't tried Lokinet, but I bet it's faster. It just looks like an immature version of i2p rewritten with smarter features.


e621 can be pretty scary when you rile up a mod.

there's been a couple times when I've had something deleted, first time I found the mod was into some really disturbing fetishes, second time the mod was extremely rude.

their "don't tag what you can't see" rule is super strict. it's a huge problem if it's not clear from the artwork what the species or gender/sex it is. you can't tell the mods "but that's what the artist intended!", they just ignore you.


like for example bustyboys and herms are almost always tagged as "dickgirl" which is... not great, you know?


File: 2d75c7d70240b29⋯.png (139.55 KB, 1424x665, 1424:665, ClipboardImage.png)

>Now its just an administrative dystopia with Ratte and NotMeNotYou going trigger happy on anything that dissents their shit policies

<Be Varkas butt buddy

<Have god admin powers over e621 even if you aren't associated with it




It lays the groundwork, and already has over 2,000,000 posts (probably made by bots) but it doesn't appear that there are any tag requirements, theres no favorites, and I'm not quite sure how to upload yet, and the GUI is currently hot garbage as well. Serious improvment needs to be done



A great experience I had one of the few times I tried tagging something was that when I posted a herm picture and while mostly obscured, you could still make out the vag if you looked for it. Someone changed it to not be tagged with vag and herm, so I changed it back to what I had and left an edit note saying why. I then had the guy sperg over how tag what you see means "tag what you see, unless you can only see some arbitrary proportion of it, in which case you don't tag what you see." He changed it back to not being tagged with herm and vag and I just gave up then.

I forget what picture this was on, but that was the last time that I ever tried tagging anything there.



>flash player

Yes, though you'd have to be a total idiot to want to use Adobe Flash.




>Ten shekels have been deposited in your account.

I wonder who could be behind this post.


i2p was actually faster than tor, many of the times I used it. It's been a long while, though.

What you do have to know is you CAN'T use i2p's default bandwidth settings. You have to multiply them at least by 10 to get good speeds. i2p's default settings promote extreme privacy over bandwidth. And yes, you have to raise both your download and upload to get good speeds.

You want your router (i.e. your i2p setup) to be listed with the X capability.


>X: Over 2000 KBps shared bandwidth (as of release 0.9.20)

Freenet IS slow, though. It will always be slow.

Makes me wonder about GNUnet, which I've never used.


>Then how does u18chan do it then? Aren't they in germany or something?

Romania, which doesn't recognise DMCA takedowns. A lot of very good services are hosted in Romania. cock.li email is intentionally hosted in Romania too, not Germany.


Intersex is for losers.



everyone who posts a comment on a picture on e621 is destined to inevitably be banned, the question is when it will happen



Lol, they completely ignore those suggested suspension lengths. I was given a permanent ban for hurting Ratte's feefees, and they later perma-banned some innocent person who they accused of being me. Probably signed up on the same public WiFi network I used or something, who knows?



Is there any way some newfag such as myself or anyone else could host a e621 clone there from the USA or do you actually need to be in Romania


File: d444f31ee66ac62⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 14541639597410.jpg)


I'm an indie game dev with a paid game on itch working its way to steam and I don't have a problem with pirates (it's not furry). They're not my customers. They don't represent "missed income". They're the people that would take a free doughnut but wouldn't buy one for a quarter. Maybe they don't like doughnuts. Maybe they're trying to save money. Or maybe they're taking free doughnuts to spite you. In the end it doesn't matter - you're not getting a dime from them. If people cared about your doughnuts they would buy them. If people didn't cared about your doughnuts beyond being able to get one for free, they sure as shit wouldn't start caring if you withdrew your free offering. You're not to gain anything if you made it harder for people to get free doughnuts. Conversely, since making more of the same doughnuts costs you nothing, you're not to lose anything if people were able to get them for free. Beyond that all, of all people who took your doughnuts for free, some of them might like them and start buying them.

TL;DR you're a faggot.



You don't need to live in Romania. You just need to rent a server in Romania.


e621 is just there to attract underge furries so the mods can perv on them



I've been visiting this. It's not bad but it's scraping way too much irrelevant content.

It's already bigger than e621



Hi, there. Got any proof the mods are pedos, or is this just more of your bullshit?



Doubt it, but some /baph/ nig could probably plant cp on their PC and swat them, which is also somewhat of a solution



I hope this becomes copy pasta so I can copy paste it everywhere.

wise cat.



>most posters are hardcore conservative

Somebody hasn't looked in the political compass thread


Well said anon. Good luck with your game on steam.


File: dcd9d766a4d37fc⋯.png (76.58 KB, 344x376, 43:47, 1470619419043.png)


It becomes a copypasta the moment you save it with intention of reposting.



>Somebody hasn't looked in the political compass thread

Those tests are always shit and never accurate. Want to know how concepts such as "Left wing and Right wing" started? It was a result of the French Revolution where the government was on the Right while the public were on the Left. Since then, the concept has been deluded even further to where "Left" and "Right" basically means how much if a Communist/Athiest you are. Ever since, people have been trying to "fix it" by turning it into a map and give all these scales in different areas, but it's been nothing but a flawed concept since the very beginning. Those "political compass tests" are nothing but a way for the very insecure to reassure that they're one of the "good guys", or to attack people for "not being X enough".


File: ee010bba604e2f0⋯.jpg (182.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1463191049017.jpg)


The political compass doesn't strike me as particularly accurate, for the simple fact that right-wing aliases with libertarianism and left-wing aliases with authoritarianism. Your left vs right wing inclination is basically whether you believe the government should regulate everything vs the society should work itself out as it sees fit, respectively. Pretty obviously former implies authoritarian government, and latter implies libertarian government or even complete lack of thereof in extreme scenarios. A free market under totalitarian control makes as much sense as communism with no pressure exerted to keep it going - nil, these things are mutually exclusive by definition. You can't have communism when nobody's enforcing equity ownership by the workers and other such paradigms, and a market that's micromanaged by the government isn't free by any stretch of imagination.

In some way it's similar to the 5-parameter personality tests, but political compass is a 2-parameter test that measures your current opinions rather than character traits. With the above said, I think it's actually a 1-parameter test which gives you a fake 2nd dimension by specially processing loaded questions. A proper factor analysis would reveal if there are actually 2 dimensions to this or if it's really a single continuity between two extremes, where the questions really relate to a single parameter but worded to imply different things. If you read FAQ, it says nothing on the matter, but goes to great lengths to shit all over the reader.



Cool story bro but it doesn't change the fact that with so many going into the green square it's pretty safe to assume that "Most posters are hardcore conservative" is probably not exactly the most accurate statement.


File: c4cfed23378ec5e⋯.jpg (936.66 KB, 2228x2228, 1:1, 1551033049804.jpg)

2011 was the golden age of e621.

We're never getting it back with egotistical admins kowtowing to artist demands and banning people for posting comments they don't like.



An e621 admin uploaded my art onto e621, so I'm cool with 'em.




kind of related



Dioseth, you either commission Super Mario r34 and draw without knowing your fundamentals, later ranting about how people aren't paying attention to it. Just do the exercises on https://drawabox.com instead of ranting about conservative boogeymen on both /furi/ and /fur/.



- about WHO gets to see her art -


Can't respect that one little thing?

Then go find something else to jerk off to.

Looking at my art is a privilege, not a right.



Tumblr pls go and stay go.


File: 27de8657c48e770⋯.jpg (66.93 KB, 849x427, 849:427, young alex.jpg)


>mfw archiving artist uploads and uploading them myself when artists inevitably bawwwlete everything

>mfw artists try to issue takedowns but my upload source gives them the middle finger



This is false in every case except for the single case where art is drawn, and never leaves the piece of paper or hard drive it was originally drawn on, shared with no-one.



Last I checked it was mostly purple and blue, with maybe some stray greens.


File: c1d2e7f0c414546⋯.png (110.57 KB, 988x275, 988:275, screencap - gamedev cat on….png)



Ya how many dollerinos you got to show for that buddy? I bet zero.


File: 48f26e2d90e1380⋯.jpg (79.78 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 29f9e2a729ab2cbe043fbe29d5….jpg)


Are you implying that only the people who don't make any money can hold beliefs like that, and any influx of funds immediately blinds people to logic and reason and impregnates them with boundless greed?


e621 is like facebook or discord. everybody knows they're terrible, but people use them because its what everybody else uses.

you are forced to use it by the masses. what good is being part of a kingdom with no one on it?


File: d0c904fc4f8de17⋯.jpg (79.43 KB, 960x960, 1:1, d2e34419cee5e60657ded824a2….jpg)




You guys ever wonder why there aren't many artists that hang around here?



because furry artists are mostly leftist NPC retards with very, very feeble feelings and multiple mental illnesses. they cant handle the kind of banter that we dish out here regularly.

hell, most art-site users (FA, IB, Tumblr, Twitter, DA, etc.) still believe the narrative that 8ch is the evil darkweb pedo nazi grounds.



Banter? You guys are almost completely hostile to artists. Even /v/ is less harsh towards it's artists. And look just look at the content disparity.



>You guys are almost completely hostile to artists.

[citation needed]


File: d3bf284da7d7e2c⋯.jpg (114.32 KB, 1024x936, 128:117, 15462489207660.jpg)



Because there's no upvotes. Clearly. You post art to seek validation and admiration, not for the sake of sharing it with everyone, and imageboards as a platform don't provide such facilities. There's also no rules saying that everyone should suck artists' dicks and under no circumstances are allowed to criticize their work or god forbid their faggot persona.




I dunno what you're talking about, there's 3or four artists here at least- which is pretty high for such a small board that the rest of the site views as a trashfire, not to mention it's own posters as well.



if you're making a reference to this post >>101435 and the replies to it, then let me explain:

when you make a piece of media and put it on the internet, it doesn't belong to you anymore. Thinking otherwise is wrong, and when you're wrong on the internet, we're going to call you out on it.

also, what >>101483 said. artist seek validation for their art, and we refuse to give them validation. we're not here to compliment you and give you the praise you so desperately seek because daddy doesn't love you.



>artist seek validation for their art

Yes we do, and it's not a secret, so drop the "gotcha" tone. When you create something you're proud of (of course, you as a non-artist wouldn't be familiar with such emotions) you want to see how others will praise you for what you've done. This is true of all things. Whatever your job is if someone compliments you on it you smile because it makes you feel good.




lmao they should plant cp on e621 and swat them



you are one genuinely stupid motherfucker


File: dcc5791156c7094⋯.jpg (49.96 KB, 1078x718, 539:359, women apology.jpg)


see here's the problem with artniggers, you think we're in debt to you and we have to praise you like a fucking god (anything short of this is "hostility").

i'd love having more artists in the board, but not if they're going to come here expecting preferential treatment just because they can draw, fuck off with that faggot attitude of yours. this is an anonymous imageboard, not your furaffinity circlejerk bubble.

our core imageboard values and etiquette are infinitely more important than your doodles.


File: 8bcc9c58774906d⋯.jpg (98.08 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 2349589_Kuni_new_canvas2.jpg)


Ahh yes, I'm sure "pride" is what most furry artists draw for. Yessir, I'm sure it has nothing to do with blowing a fat load to degenerate fantasies.


theres literally more cub and young tagged

photos with valid comments then you can shake a stick at.



not really because its hard to disprove possession of child porn when it was on your server, esp if its someone that the gov wants to take down and get rid of, i would know, i read the law, instead of angrily defending someone.


File: 79beeb545c951d0⋯.jpg (243.23 KB, 3253x2057, 3253:2057, 1483896_Animew_mikotokebab….jpg)




You know, at this point I'm going to just recommend you go ahead and do it, bro. I'm sure nothing bad will happen to you.



why do i need to upload Cp to there server when they have a bunch of cup porn that falls under obscenity laws and all those lovely other laws, they already got the cp all it takes is someone with more money then them, which is not alot because if they were rich they wouldnt be ebegging for donations.


File: 7c77d09635a650c⋯.png (1.47 MB, 4472x2824, 559:353, CUCKCHANNERS_GET_OUT.png)



And, YOU can fuck off back to where you came from as well.



There are tons of artists here.



well this thread went completely off the rails didn't it



Right, so you're not just an idiot, you're a fucking pussy, too. This you, DarkShadowFox? I'm going to start dumping bits of your personal info hither and thither if you don't fuck off and never come back, asshole.



WHAT exactly you don't like? Summarize in 1(one) short sentence.


File: 5e1fc3861c8c5e6⋯.png (408.59 KB, 559x429, 43:33, laugh or vomit?.png)


>that image



I never posted my work here, but now I never will. For what you said alone, I hope you never get a job, and if you do, will be forced to do it for free till you die of starvation.

>in b4 triggered



Your work is fucking dogshit. Change my mind.



The market for furshit is over-saturated. We don't need to praise you because there's millions of other pieces of smut to consume, and chances are most of us won't like your work anyway because opinions are subjective. If you're gonna call this a job, then you need to look at the full picture, not just the narrow view that makes you feel good.


File: f3809d699f0156a⋯.jpg (127.02 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Sketch29503131.jpg)


So you are a cuckchanneler?

Either integrate to this site, or go back to your home in the /trash/. If anything /leftypol/ would be making a piss poor attempt to turn the meme against the people who use it like they always do- remember when lefties suddenly decided they'd try no u with the label SJW/snowflake? this is close to be that cringeworthy.


Not like it matters much, there's tons of artist anons with thicker skin that also have artist ambitions. If you can't take the banter, imageboards are probably the wrong place to be posting your art. Don't get me wrong, /fur/ is a bit of a trashfire, much like the rest of the fandom, but it's otherwise typical of a board on this site.



Whatever. If your work is anywhere on the Internet to begin with, we'll see it and judge it accordingly. I'm sure you think you're sending us to bed without supper here but you're forgetting the fact that we can get fucking whatever we want delivered to our goddamn bedroom window anyway. We have reached a post-scarcity point for furry artwork. Your ability to peddle your wares now hinges entirely on your ability to convince us that you offer something no one else does.




Eight years, DorkShitshowFox. Eight years of "compiling evidence" on your zoofriends and you have fucking nothing of any worth to show for it. You're fucking TERRIBLE at this. I'd tell you to not quit your day job but I'm pretty sure you don't have a fucking job anyway.


File: 1499d04211d9ac4⋯.jpg (98.38 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, mfwNoMoreFreeCoolCatMovie.jpg)




aye bois. Looks like we got yet an other influx of dumblrinas here on 8/fur/.

Why are most biological female artists such massive fucking YCH commission SJW whores? You dumblrinas cannot handle the slightest of criticisms. Besides, biological male artists will always be better.



see? you're proving my point by throwing this little tantrum and being a little bitch about it.


File: fd8bb408b723f89⋯.png (313.78 KB, 830x568, 415:284, Untitled.png)


the people who join fandoms and degenerate subcultures are always the bottom of the genetic barrel.

however, since the standards for a genetically successful man are much higher than for a genetically successful woman, what happens is that you get a gender disparity that is clearly visible. just go to any furcon or anime convention and you'll see a majority of males, but not only that, the males you see you could range from 1/10 all the way as high as 6/10 or 7/10 in physical appearance, but then you look at the woman and you won't manage to find anything above a 4/10.

that is because being biologically successful as a woman requires much less work and quality of genes than it does for a man, the 8/10-10/10 men are fucking all the 5/10-10/10 women in the outside world, hence there's less quality in the pool of females that join such communities. thats why you only see fatties and aposematic retards with serious personality issues around. with the rare exception of course.

these people consider anything short of blind worship to be criticism or harassment.



Impressive knowledge, anon and it actually makes fucking sense for once.

Explains why most artists are biological females, and why they are so obsessed with things like Nintendo for example. Splatoon Trans Non Binary Rights amirite? lololoololol



>Explains why most artists are females

the proportion of female artists is higher. the majority of artists are still men because of the sheer number of them.

>biological females

if they're not "biological females" then they're just failed men. dont cave in to tranny vocabulary. synthetic females with artificial wombs aren't a thing yet, so save the terminology for a brighter future


File: 3da1738ba28e95e⋯.png (266.04 KB, 500x772, 125:193, o-idea-where-am-no-idea-wh….png)



So in relation to the original topic before it degenerated into horseshit, what amount of bandwidth, CPU power, RAM, and disk space would be needed to run such a site? I have literally no idea how to make a website, but at this point I'm determined to create a clearnet website like u18chan. I have no idea where to start, I have no idea what to do, I have no idea why no one has done it before me, be I know that it must be done.



Save offline, that's the only realistic solution. Any online website can be subject to an artist throwing a massive hissyfit and threatening legal action. It's not worth fighting it, so the host ends up caving.

Now that Google is cleaning up it's entire image we can't rely on cached anymore. And even the waybackmachine has had most of it's archives purged.

The library is burning down, grab as many copies as you can and store them under your mattress.



Hahaha, it looks like another innocent person was accused of being me, and then perma-banned! All because I called Ratte an "autistic asshole" while using a public WiFi network.

Never change, e621. Never change.


We should make an e621 clone based in IPFS, with a tor hidden site and perhaps a freenet backup. Decentralization is the key.



You don't actually need much CPU power to serve a simple website, especially if it's all static. I run a website off an ancient Dell desktop I got for free, that a company was going to throw away. Doesn't have much memory either.

>disk space

This would be your biggest issue with a site that stores images. You'd probably want multiple 2TB drives with redundancy via RAID, or something.

One thing you haven't mentioned is bandwidth. Your upload speed is for more important than any user's download speed.




To clarify about specs: especially because of upload speeds being incredibly limited in home scenarios, you should really consider VM options like Vultr and DigitalOcean, as they can give you tons of upload, while still being cheap.

However, you don't own those computers, you merely rent them. You'd want to be taking backups to a local machine quite often in case you get fucked over.



I just forgot, Vultr and DigitalOcean aren't great choices since we're thinking of hosting in Romania. My bad.

Still an option before you're targeted by DMCAs, not an option after.



Thats why it will be hosted in Romania, Russia or Netherlands. Whether the hardware you can own yourself and have hosted elsewhere so when the host commits sudoku you can just jump to the next host, I don't know, but the idea is just to create an invincible to DMCA free621.


So the most important parts are the hosts upload speed and disk space. I remember that e621 got 76TB of HDDs a long time ago so I imagine to get that much you would have to be making some profit beforehand through ads to get that many HDDs. It would seem this could only be done if you can have your physical server here and it connected to Romania, but that seems like it could be vulnerable to physical raids.


These would be good to have as backups for the clearnet site, but ultimately the clearnet would be the main so its not unbearably slow

Is there a way to design and build the website before it goes online? It would need to be danbooru I think, since thats what e621 is already but I think their version is heavily modified


File: e6a94f49f285129⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 1900x2200, 19:22, 1551413213151.jpg)


How are you going to find advertisers when you host copyrighted material?



You don't.

A potential site owner should just publicly log all his expenses, and ask people to donate. Works for cock.li. Emphasis on logging all expenses, or else people have a far smaller reason to donate.

Once you have ads, you have to do things legally.



So, I mean, you're forced to run it as a fucking charity basically. A charity for furry smut. That's funnier than it should be.



File: 63179b8d603cf61⋯.jpg (151.59 KB, 989x1024, 989:1024, 9210d11a75b1e22964bfb91a91….jpg)


Yiff.party is donation funded yet retards keep throwing their wallets at it despite its owner refusing to divulge what he's doing with those funds, all while making the site shittier with a massive influx of thots and their thirsty white knight orbiters.



We already have that, look above




Serving tons of people could be quite intensive. I run h@h and back when I was getting 150 requests a min it maxed out the 4-core cpu on my old 2013 pc.

e621 only has almost 2TB of content. You could probably get 5 times that with enterprise ssds and the cost would still be reasonable.


File: d3a04353ee0977f⋯.jpg (295.26 KB, 3840x2180, 192:109, 2630874_BrieNoir_roo.jpg)


While not to suggest storage is cheap, the biggest cost is bandwidth and administration. That shit would eat up a retarded amount of data, and you'd have to be highly active to prevent shitters from flooding the site with garbage/irrelevant material or flat out sabotaging it by fucking with tags and other infrastructure. And good luck getting jannies to keep your e621 piratebay running when you don't pay them and the kind of people that don't recognize intellectual property are a mixed bag of attitudes and ethics.


>not just renting a server and crowdfunding the server cost



True, I'm not entirely certain how administration would work, but it could be made easier by only having a few rules. It would only be

1. No real humans, especially captain picard

2. No spam/sabotaging

4. No white knighting/mod impersonation

5. No doxxing



Not necessarily, whoever is responsible for those hilariously bad furfling ads seems to have no problem advertising them on u18chan, which I'm not sure if its because its not exclusively a pirate site or because they see opportunity where there would otherwise be none. Individuals could also shill their website, project, discord or minecraft donkey dick and that could still suffice, the payments would just have to be somewhat under the table. Or just go thepiratebay route and be a complete shyster and have a miner working in the background of the site farming your cpu for shekels, but that probably would be the worst because it would disable ancient devices from using the site and it would hurt playback performance on flashes and webms.


Is there a way to actually own a domain name or do you have to use a registering site to rent it?



The Domain Name System is run by a company called ICANN and it allows third party companies called registrars to reserve domain names to users. You have to either go through one of these registrars or become a registrar yourself which is easier said than done. It's not possible to "own" a domain name you just reserve it and must pay for it periodically. Usually every year although a lot of registrars allow you to reserve the domain for multiple years in succession if you really want to.



As the other guy said. But typically it's less then 100 dollars for 10 years.


Any ideas for the domain name? I was just thinking free621.net but I was also considering .ro or .su, but I heard the last one can be a bit tricky to get




Vitamin C's E number



Good idea to use another E number, I think e252.ro is good, which is saltpeter. Now I just need to figure out how to build it, which I honestly have no idea how to do


File: b18855468955f24⋯.webm (6.6 MB, 426x240, 71:40, b18855468955f245c46fe3ec4….webm)

This is important to anyone going "Muh copyright":

Court Rules Copying Photos Found on Internet is Fair Use





Why not just have it simply be E8?



You could go with the chemical name of e621, MSG.



what would E8 refer to?


msg.ro is taken and msg.net appears to be some phishing site



What about monosodiumglutamate.net






And if that's taken try mononatriumglutamate.net





It'll be tough to remember. On the bright side, it'll keep the website obscure from those who DMCA.



I really like multi nipples but the dog face and ass ruins it



>he thinks it's possible to exert control over non-excludable, non-rivalrous goods

Good luck with that bro. Works of expression have no owner, only their copies do. And the moment you upload something and someone else makes a copy is the moment you lose control over a work.






your a furry what the fuck is the point of you even commenting.





File: 4ceffd44ee5cf43⋯.jpg (178.77 KB, 615x820, 3:4, 31a1f1.jpg)


He likes animal people but only when they don't have animal features and follow human anatomy. It's 2019, I can't believe bigots like you still exist!



Oh hey on the topic of e621 cucking out, tsampikos pulled all artwork from the site, but they're still available on FA. what the fuck happened?




Stay in your fucking containment thread, DarkShadowFox



e621 removes all art from an artist if the artist wants it to be removed, which is why it must be replaced.

Also, should I buy the domain with an anonymous debit card or do I want my name to be known to the domain seller so that it can be verified that I own it? I think I'm going to go with e252.ro



i know that already, what with the shitshow of PK happening. but what was the drama caused by Tsam to pull out when it was fine for years, there's no tranny shit they do so I doubt it was over anything being 'offended'



Tsampikos is a drama whore who whines over twitter about wanting to kill himself. Who gives a shit.


File: c250a9cfb30cf02⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 3508x4960, 877:1240, c250a9cfb30cf028fdfac23af7….jpg)

If you want a better booru then e621, a furfag on /tech/ was already creating one called Borehole last year

e621 is dated and shit even without the mods, the furfag on /tech/ had pictures of it working but the archive killed all the spoilered pictures because 8ch's archive is fucking garbage.




File: f090fbdba7257cf⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1200x818, 600:409, 2361439_sicMoP_ededdddf.png)


>e621 is dated and shit

How? The only bad thing are the admins.



Even derpibooru is more advanced than e621 and db is still dated



That doesn't answer the question. *How* is it outdated?



>can only search 6 tags at once



That's an administrative problem, not a software issue. Admins could easily increase the tag scopes, but they reserve anything more than 6 for privileged users.



>but they reserve anything more than 6 for privileged users.

is this seriously a thing, like paying to search for more tags?


File: 7fa76ce5df56b97⋯.png (115.19 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1259238_crepix_32d.png)




>regular user search tag limit: 6

>privileged: 8

>contributor/janitor/moderator: Undocumented, presumably much more (though after a certain amount there's no point due to the results becoming so sparse)

I'm not sure why they're so limited for normal users, but my best guess is to protect against a form of DDoS employed by draining the servers' processing power if many accounts were consistently searching for hundreds of tags at once.



They also limit tag subscription.

Also pretty sure privilege status isn't something one can pay for.



I remember they used to allow anyone to subscribe to tags. Now you have to manually search for them. Shit sucks.



wow, I didn't know that was a thing. I've always just bookmarked my tag search to do that



shit like this is why i use hydrus. no limitation except my hard drive space



So is it a working program now or was it abandoned? Is there a way to test it without needing the website to be online yet?

If not, I'm going to need to know in what manner I should buy my domain so I don't get V& when DMCA comes knocking, but also so I can prove that I own it to the registrar. Or do I even need to prove it? Can I even get V& for just owning the domain name? Does this even matter if its .ro?



Tag subscriptions haven't worked properly since about 2011, they're basically just broken bookmarks now. You're far better off using RSS subscription for any search you want. The only downside to RSS is that you can't have your blacklist applied to it as it's anonymous.


File: ecc2fb8a013c980⋯.jpg (46.6 KB, 805x638, 805:638, she didn't fly so well.jpg)


>can I get arrested for purchasing a website domain?

Be honest with me. How many times were you dropped on your head as a child?



Probably too many times considering that I'm here, but I'll take that to mean that no matter what awful garbage a website hosts the owner can't be arrested based on just ownership of the domain



the offline version is on github.



You post it on the internet, you fucking lost all rights to who can and can not, faggot.


File: 4fb462eb1de0ec4⋯.jpg (95.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 6268.jpg)


Blacklist is for whiny little babies who need to be protected from being offended. You miss out on all the weird shit with a blacklist >>96645




You should pick a domain registrar that doesn't care. I would say Namecheap, but they've folded before.


if you were to make an e621 alternative, would you be able to mirror e621 and furry.booru into it?

see, e621 gets the most new content, and furry.booru keeps a backup of most content on e621 that was nuked over the years due to "takedown requests" cuckoldry.


also have you considered hydrus integration in some form? its a really damn good software. i've been using it for a year and i have no regrets.




I don't have any idea how to make a website, I'm just trying to learn now and the best bet I have to actually get it working is to use borehole >>102422 that I downloaded, but still don't know how to look at in html format. Or just straight up rip the e621 html and give it a different color and stuff later, but thats another process to learn. If someone could tell me how to get a functional site going I would be footing the bill for it anyway



I finally got an answer. It's because of e621's tag what you see tranny admins decided to label all of Mik's pics as 'cuntboy'. Years of Tsam Mik uploaded perfectly fine and everyone knew she was a flat chested female, all undone because of the admins.


File: b2c79be05d9bccb⋯.png (258.19 KB, 890x930, 89:93, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8023f90ad5e09be⋯.png (191.2 KB, 892x913, 892:913, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 08097c6fa6bca29⋯.png (689.16 KB, 1156x904, 289:226, ClipboardImage.png)



Is this still up? Where's the source?



>everyone knew she was a flat chested female

And yet the rule is "tag what you see." It doesn't matter what you know to be true for any character. That's not mods being assholes, it's in the rules.


I guess e621 just wants to offend everyone who believes in gender non-conformity now?

which is like, almost all furries I've come across, so...



Which has always been a retarded rule



It's a stupid, inconsistently enforced rule that shouldn't be in place in the first place.



It's a stupid, inconsistently enforced rule that shouldn't be in place the way it is in the first place


apparently, my password changed immediately after I posted somehow so I cant fix the double post, nice

Sorry about that lads.





Without that, people can toss in all sorts of claimed tags.



original version of fender pic pls



>arbitrarily decide that pictures tags have to change 5+ years later

>lock tags

>hurr da rules

fuck off ratte



if the tagger can reliably prove the tags are relevant I don't see why not


File: 0d8ddc4886bc8de⋯.png (122.54 KB, 1815x272, 1815:272, uy6tyyggt.PNG)


my screenshot is better



I have no problem with artists if they're not complete fucking asses. I doubt you are but you seem a bit misguided and definitely misaligned with chan culture.



gender nonconformity is retarded, but only slightly less so than not believing there can be flat chested women



That would annoy me, I agree, I just have never seen that in action. So maybe my opinions are what they are because I haven't encountered the situations you have? That's possible. But no, I'm not ratte, I'm not anybody you'd have heard of. Got less than fifty watchers on FA or IB.


I still don't mind "tag what you see," because it does seem to help me find what I'm looking for.



for me it's been harder to find things since they started enforcing it



you too


File: 8b9a9805a64c065⋯.png (80.19 KB, 1493x220, 1493:220, piracy.png)


No mine is because it has a dark theme


He's right though, and to be fair I've noticed a lot of people picking up cuckchan terms without realizing they're from cuckchan just because they don't pay attention and they make sense.


File: eb7b2f3a1840b7c⋯.png (4.46 KB, 110x110, 1:1, 110166_after.png)

Never forget that furries prioritize popufur art over all other art, and that they often only want to see a particular piece by a non-popufur if they're told they can no longer have it- which is why they will blissfully ignore it in the 5-10 years they had to download a copy, but suddenly act like a family member was murdered if that thing they ignored was taken down. They still don't even want it, they just need to defy whoever told them they can't see it. And even then they are often too lazy to save a copy on their hard drive, relying solely on online galleries to see shit. They often deserve nothing because they don't value it whatsoever nor do they value those that provide it to them for free. You deserve this and little else, you stupid assholes.



>misuses "cuckold"

>thinks he's not a 4chan /pol/tard as well

I block Trumpets and Zaush defenders on FA, so kiss my ass. Oh wait, those 2 demographics are generally the same- they're both shitheads with low IQs.


File: e6aae677aa393fe⋯.jpg (187.14 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, IMG_20190520_002524_173.jpg)

I've been downloading the entirety of e621, furaffinity, yiffparty and many other websites and over 2000 telegram channels for years. But making an interface to distribute everything it's quite hard since all the time I spend is in finding new storage space since I keep running out of it.



>I spend is in finding new storage space since I keep running out of it.

Maybe you should stop downloading your archives onto your phone then


ive contacted u18chan at their support email to see if they would be interested in making a booru if i bought the hardware yesterday, dont really expect a response but you never know


dam fam, you should set up the website then if youve downloaded all the furry porn ever



That's a ssh console on my phone, can't you see it's tmux?



Not him, but that's pretty sick. I never thought of ssh'ing into my computer from my phone. Wow, the possibilities seem endless now.



u18chan's mods are terrible. The bulgarian one, at one point a few years ago, banned discussion and basically tried to turn u18chan into an art archive.



Send it to the other dude making a boruu >>101254



What archiver is that?


File: 50f9cc6cb2cba52⋯.png (133.16 KB, 726x464, 363:232, Screenshot_2019-05-20_19-0….png)


My own one. I also have a telegram archiver as well.



Open source please.


File: 063bd76e772f41b⋯.png (213.25 KB, 1303x1109, 1303:1109, Screenshot_2019-05-20_19-2….png)


I plan to, but not now.


File: 934146cf90afbcd⋯.jpg (101.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1000x1000.jpg)

Furries consider "never forgive never forget" a way of life, and triggering the hell out of them is not very hard. Their eternal hateboners and inability to tolerate what they don't like means they obsess over the same old shit for years, couple that with their entitlement and disregard for others, and you end up with a pile of insanity that's not worth fucking around in unless you're already popufur, and those who stick around if they're clearly not wanted are either delusional enough to think otherwise, or are too desperate to let go of some tiny thing they have in the fandom.

That's not even counting the politics that have ruined shit hard in the past 2-3 years or the "everyone who posts things I dislike is one person I hate" mentality.

The only way to beat the game is to never play it.



Based autist, I myself have saved at least 20k pictures, but sadly it is unsorted, and I have a few duplicates.


File: aa07d373e849ed5⋯.mp4 (110.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SKULL TRUMPET [720p].mp4)





>SELECT count(*) FROM ib.media


>SELECT count(*) FROM tg.media



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