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File: 118b9c97b6d8ccb⋯.jpg (10.06 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)


Post your greentext stories about being sad and furry, and we anons will try to comfort each other. no bully


Stuck in an unhealthy relationship with my dad that includes working with him. I've slowly degraded into mass porn consumption, neglecting house work that's caused a roach infestation, and I keep getting angry over the smallest things. I'm lost on what to do.


My depression basically amounts to being frustrated and upset that having money means fuckall if you don't have the opportunities to fulfill your dreams and wishes before someone else does and claims them as their own. Literally as of half an hour ago cancelled 3 commissions I had ordered and just don't fucking care anymore. It fits with how thematically my life is full of me trying hard to earn something and someoen else comes and fucks me over and I keep getting nothing for my efforts, and there's no one in my life to at least tell me 'hey at least you tried bro' because nobody cares.


File: 1b1395fd12a93f6⋯.jpeg (59.03 KB, 842x1186, 421:593, bullied sobble.jpeg)

>be me

>stuck with the same fetish as millions of annoying obnoxious faggots


just kill yourself, your gonna die anyways when your 80, why suffer and burn alive slowly and suffocate from global warming? or nuclear war, its where were headed, just look at the signs. were gonna be smog city like china, living on oxygen tanks.


>have original ideas and concepts, have money with which to realize them

>other people end up having very similar ideas and concepts too but they have what I don't have, opportunity

>they present theirs first

>give up because if I still presented my own shit, the only thing people will do is just completely ignore what I made while making endless comparisons back to whatever they first saw while not realizing how disrespectful they are to ignoring the creation I put my heart and passion into, only to have people's feedback be reduced to "oh that reminds me of other thing, neat" while said other thing has mountains upon mountains of praise and lavishing and everyone loves it and it's popular as fuck, everything else remotely like it will be permanently eclipsed by it for eternity because humanity only accepts what it sees first and even if something does the initial thing better, it still doesn't matter and can never see the same raw and genuine high praise of a first impression which is so precious and pure

I don't try anymore. Second place is first loser. Always has been, always will be. Doesn't matter. The worst thing to experience is to have these wonderful thoughts and ideas in your head for years, then explore the internet a bit too much and find out that your ship sailed long ago. It doesn't matter how much different interpretations of one thing there is. The initial impact is forever gone.


This is a stupid fucking thread

It's just a bunch of whiners complaining about first world problems

You want real depression? Try being homeless and eating trash for food and relying on public restrooms for showers

You fuckers are pathetic



>that's not real depression!

And I'm sure notch with his billions has no human feelings because he's rich right?



He certainly doesn't get "depression* over the minor things posted in this thread



Just hurry up and say your empty and soulless "Just stop feeling negative things lol" line so we can get all of the meaningless npc dialogue noise and tropes out of the way and we can get to posts that sound more unique and individualistic.



Life looks enjoyable up to your 50s so I'll stick around til then. Don't wanna miss good video.



So why did Anthony Bourdain and Chester Bennington kill themselves?



They didn't kill themselves, they were hunted down by the Illuminati because they were getting too popular



>having money means fuckall if you don't have the opportunities to fulfill your dreams and wishes before someone else does and claims them as their own

elaborate please.


>be jobless and without motivation

>social cripple because muh autism

>have existential crisis and feelings of hopelessness

Not much at all to do with furfaggotry, as all that aspect is involved in is as a self-destructive method of coping with my bad decisions/inability to get my shit together long enough to apply for a job. It's really my own damn fault, but at least I still have my vidya I guess.


Meh, just write that shit down anyways- and maybe you sort out the mess of ideas into something pretty decent once you aren't aren't hopelessly depressed or whatever.


>living with normies


File: 4f72063c93c2146⋯.jpeg (7.34 KB, 250x188, 125:94, download (4).jpeg)

>turned scalie when I was 12 when I found a flash game with old Athus' art

>Scalies, especially feral ones, became my new standard of beauty

>In younger dates, never kept a long lasting interest in women because they're human

>My last attempt at trying to find a coping partner was me trying out a FTM trans person because I thought the sleeker profile would help


>Can be attracted to people, but it never lasts

>Alone, but now lives with multiple giant snakes

Keep your kids off the internet until they're 16.



I don’t get this whole “non porn furries” deal. It’s like walking into a BDSM club and just going “I just like the leather suits man, I’m not into the fetish”. /kemono/ tends to be pretty tame, at least compared to this fucking place



or hitmen because someone didnt like them. holloywood is basically the mafia.


File: 29d0ea84906c7a8⋯.jpg (43.65 KB, 400x299, 400:299, 29d0ea84906c7a836120cc1bf9….jpg)



>have original furry-themed idea and concept

>have art and tech skills to realize concept

>quickly burn through initial excitement and realize first draft of concept


>progress slows

>toxic boomer family destroys my future

>progress halts

>must sell my art and tech skills to realize other's ideas and concepts in order to eat

>no money nor time left to think about my original idea and concept

>not narcissistic enough to rip furries off for a fat Patreon cheque

>realize nobody would give a shit anyway because it's not porn

>meanwhile narcissistic fucks with no skills scam furries for fat Patreon cheques

At least I have a job and a career, right.

I'm not trying to be like the "first world problems guy", but what the fuck are you on about? Every work is derivative in some way, there is nothing "truly original" in this world. So what if it reminds people of a certain thing? If it's the thing that inspired you, then it means you were successful. If it's someone else's rendition and you don't like it, then show that fucker why yours is better. Unless you don't believe enough in your own idea to do so, in which case the issue lies elsewhere.

Fuck, when I found out someone made the ideas I wanted to see, I was overjoyed. I had finally found someone who I could share my passion with. It motivated me further.


>artist accepts the money for your commission

>then simply doesn't bother to do it, goes perfectly radio silent

>artist gets free money with no consequence at all

>attempt to speak out about this


I lost $235.


It's been 20 days since I ordered a commission and the artist has said nothing to me at all, but have delivered upon several other people's commissions. Should I be worried? Because I feel deeply concerned right now.


File: e129ad242e7bbfb⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 640x427, 640:427, pencil-and-paper.jpg)


Just threaten to chargeback or a paypal dispute. THAT'll get them mobilized. A paypal dispute will freeze their funds and prevent them from accepting or giving out money.

or alternatively learn to do it yourself anon. Beat them at their own game.


File: 7d40a6ec0d16bbd⋯.jpg (650.62 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1558289695386.jpg)

File: 1074f6be39dbb7e⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 2000x3490, 200:349, 1558101633264.jpg)


I'd say you have it pretty good anon. I don't even have any scaly creatures to hold!

I empathize with your plight though. As someone who was also a prepubescent scalie, I never developed much of an interest in women when I was young, but now, I certainly would like some kind of relationship with one, and hopefully with one that loves scaly things too.

Furthermore, how hard is it to take care of a reptile? I've owned dogs, cats, and several kinds of rodents, but I'd really like to get some sort of scaly creature.



20 days nigger? Fuck I've been battling a furry autist....I mean artist for over a year now for a refund. Get used to being fucked over by these idiots and then they play the victim.


File: 32e043f7b2f4bce⋯.gif (981.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5162667822417.gif)

>whiskey in hand

>chet baker on full blast

>alone again

>another day out of my life

>too normal to be a neet

>not furry enough

>level 1 socials

>just want to be accepted and have fun/loved with someone

>still waiting for that spark

>don't care anymore but really do deep down

Time to pull a kabscorner and whine on newgrounds I guess



As long as you keep them warm, it should be easy. They're pretty much fucked if the heat lamp goes out though.

t. had a pet lizard when I was 10 that was also a science fair experiment which was probably a thinly veiled attempt by me to get a pet lizard or something


realising that you'll never fit in to this community

being caught between every social norm of this community pulling in the opposite direction to your perception of the good, and still sometimes secretly wishing you could just forget it all and enjoy it.

wanting to just give up and exit, but being unable to stop hanging around the periphery in the hopes that one day you'll reconcile the two

being unable to drop the core interest in anthros, while also knowing you can do nothing with it without risking being swarmed by furries, possibly approvingly, and being stuck between a high-ground need to pretend they don't exist and a basic social politeness requirement to treat them like everyone else.

i'm tired

i want to sleep


File: 884ec2e98fdc95a⋯.png (1.8 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, e9a104785b63c54b05a9ba7314….png)


Always remember, the degeneracy chose you- not the other way around. inb4 someone rants about how "lube wins" or some bulkshit"


>have dream

>realize I'm too retarded for dream

>try something that isn't dream


eh, not like any of this matters anyway

just going to start over again when I'm finally allowed to bite the bullet

If my nightmares have anything to do with it, that's probably about 10-15 years, probably less.

I don't want to come back here again if I have the choice, hell, I never did have the choice.




The reason why in the span of a few years I went from defending the community on the internet to bashing it like everyone else did.


>waaah here's my impossible first world problem, it's a CHALLENGE to live day-to-day

Do I fit in yet?



Nope because you screwed up the greentext



Nah, you have to be a rich faggot that wastes money on food solely to throw it at her enemies.




unoriginal post someone already said basically exactly what you did



> waaah here's my impossible first world problem, it's a CHALLENGE to live day-to-day


> Do I fit in yet?

fixed your shit, anon



he gets depressed like any human, im well off and i get depressed despite having alot in my life, material items dont replace chemicals


File: 257f97b8168f1d4⋯.jpg (38.21 KB, 480x866, 240:433, uMQ8uEj_d.jpg)

>no friends

>plagued by anxiety and depression

>stressed out 24/7

>shitty job leaves me too little hours to make art or socialize

fucking sucks man


File: 73d647447f847c0⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 310x325, 62:65, 73d647447f847c01c844a833f9….jpg)


>Anything you experience is irrelevant because there's someone else somewhere who has it worse



Shit this hits home hard. How do you spend your time with sneks?



I bet you care all about the starving kids in africa too right


> feral-lite childhood with intense sibling rivalry and nearly unlimited unsupervised internet access

> by emotional brain clamped onto the notion of dog/cat = unconditional affection from others, ergo I became a furry at 12 years old

> someone here will throw a fit if I say I think I'm autistic. Whatever I am, there's no way in hell it's neurotypical

> school friends were numerous in k-5, dwindled to a toxic friend group by high school that dissolved just before during college

> got a degree(without successfully making a single friend) and a tech job that pays the bills

> my one good friend from k-12 is off getting his Ph. D for another year and is dealing with as much or more shit than me (16 hour days in the lab, broke up with his fiance who then tried to commit suicide)

> got a depressed wife that sits around all day, so I do the chores/cooking and try to get her to get out of her shell a bit with varying degrees of failure

> my salary is decent, but we both live(and pay student loans) off it exclusively

> we'd both like to have kids, but my salary wouldn't support that, and I can't raise kids while I'm at work and my wife's our of commission. She also might be infertile.

> I would die before I leave her, so that's just the cost of doing business

> parents are in their 70's, had me in their late 30's

> dad's reverting to alcoholism, is basically crippled

> mom's going senile, has life-threatening medical complications and rare diseases that ER nurses seem to think I'm making up

> can't get them in a home of some variety to make sure they get full time care without a legal battle my sisters and I can't afford to orchestrate

> tryhard at work, get promoted with a 2% raise

> make friends with one dev out of overlapping interests, a few non-devs due to busting my ass to make their jobs less stressful

> dev has showed less interest in talking to me the last three months or so

> I can't fix the non-dev's jobs, so all of them are quitting by now

> saving up to buy a new car for when my current car dies so I can keep going to work

> parents have eaten from that car fund by running short of rent, hospital bills, etc. Car might die before I have cash for a replacement

> my hobbies are various shades of escapism(f-list, game dev, video games, audiobooks while driving/doing chores)

> simply not interested in talking with normies most of the time due to their lack of attention span

> starting to grow adversarial relationships with people at work because of friction between personality and disputes over where our responsibilities overlap

> on a four back-end dev team, I get along with them because I'm currently handling 35-60% of the work, depending on the week

> starting to outgrow the legacy tech our company has, and hitting the limits set forth by non-technical business people

> got a gym membership and started going every other weekday so I get some form of cardio

> debating on hopping jobs out of state for a pay raise

At the end of the month I have positive cash flow after fixed costs, and if I wanted to, I could buy starbucks coffee AND go to a movie without going broke. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the hassle to consistently have more problems than solutions. I'd talk this out with a professional, but I wouldn't expect even educated people to know more about the human brain than my CEO knows about making the products his company sells.




Why would he?

Why would you?

Why the fuck would someone who made billions off of something they created ever get depressed?

There is literally no issue in the world that can't be solved by throwing enough money at it, except death (or a grave illness). And death comes to us all.

You both have the means to do and have whatever you want. But... you just stand there claiming to be depressed?

Sorry, but the only issue is in your head. It's one thing to go "hurr durr first world problems" and another to point out that you're just sitting there feeling sorry for yourselves while there's people out there with plenty of dreams and plenty of willpower who wish they had the means to do what they want, but just don't.




If you find financial stability, you'll feel shit too. Humans are psychologically dependant on overcoming problems and dealing with other problems after that.

Lets take a hypothetical old millionaire and a soldier captured by militants. Who's situation is objectively worse? The soldier's. But say special forces break in and kill all the militants, thats one problem solved but many remain: perhaps the soldiers wife left him, perhaps he has payments he cant make but still he's ecstatic. He gets to live to solve those problems later.

Meanwhile the millionaire pours a shot of whisky and shoots himself because hes already solved every problem, started a buisness, a family, etc.

Its tiered like the hierarchy of needs, and caps off at some itterative task that cant be perfected.



>money =/= happiness

It isn't if you're just sitting on your ass all day whining about being depressed for attention.

Put that money to work, pursuing what brings you happiness. Millions of people don't have the chance to do so, yet still try.

Someone who has money to do whatever they want literally has no reason to not be happy, other than willingly choosing to be unhappy. In which case, you can kys.



You clearly have no idea what it's like to have money. You're like a small child demanding another shouldn't be sad about their parents getting divorced because they have a bunch of cool toys. You can't buy parents, a self image, or a resolution of inner conflict.

Why don't you go find something better to do than tell people to commit suicide in a thread about sharing stories about sad things and depression. You could be doing many better things with your time, but are instead attacking people for seeking sympathy in an online image board. Whatever your concept of happiness is, it's undermined by your incapacity for empathy. I doubt benevolence is motivating you to decry the sympathy seeking of those in this thread, and I doubt you care about anyone here. That said, go soak your head.



>You can't buy parents, a self image, or a resolution of inner conflict.

Neither can people without money.

>You clearly have no idea what it's like to have money.

Indeed I don't, since the money I had saved (enough to buy a house in cash) was stolen by toxic boomer parents who treated me like their own personal piggybank.

Even with the little I have left, I try to focus as much as I can on the things that bring me happiness.

But I could do much, much more if only I had money.

>your incapacity for empathy.

Which is really fucking ironic when you think the whole reason why I'm here is because I'm being constantly nagged by cunts in my life (furries included) who keep telling me how "lucky" I was because I busted my ass for years to be able to work the job I wanted, unlike them who had to resort to take whatever they got. And since every day I try (and succeed) to scrape a little happiness from the bottom of the rotten barrel of my life, every horrible card life dealt me magically doesn't count anymore, and I'm expected to act like nothing bad ever happened to me.

So yes, I even know what it's like to be on the receiving end of the very same thing I'm telling you, since I'm better off than someone who is forced to work a shitty job they never wanted in order to eat.

But unlike you, I have already exhausted all the options available to me and I'm limited by a lack of money.

So hearing someone whine they have a lot of money but shitty parents or whatever and are therefore too depressed to live makes me angry as fuck, since it's clear to me that they're just not seeing they have many more options available to them, but they just don't take them for some reason. Because it's better to whine on a fucking imageboard about how having too much money supposedly limits your possibilities.

You can focus your whole day on doing ANYTHING you want but you CHOOSE NOT TO? WHY? It's INSULTING to people who wish they could but CAN'T.

Seriously, how do you justify being all gloomy n shit while having the means to do literally anything that may bring you happiness, without having to worry about food or rent?

Shitty parents? Shitty relationship? Literally everyone has shitty parents and relationships, and inner conflicts, and insecurities. EVERYONE, rich and poor. Stop acting like you're a special fucking snowflake.


File: 22b172eba56feb3⋯.png (169.75 KB, 645x729, 215:243, ClipboardImage.png)


How did you get this stupid? Please tell me you think you're a clever troll, and this text diarrhea isn't an earnest attempt to argue about something.



>muh money

You can still be happy without money.

You can be unhappy with money. If everybody hates your guts and laughs at your misfortunes, while being of poor health, it's easy to be unhappy even with millions in the bank.

While I'm not willing to part with it obviously, beyond securing your basic life necessities, money is kinda overrated.


Question, since I see it being said a lot, what even is a friend?



person you can easily manipulate for your own benefit and an instrument in satisfying a selfish ego



someone you enjoy spending time with



>toxic boomer parents

All you had to is to say no. And you didn't. And yet you whine about being invalidated by sad mopes that miss their opportunities.



Somebody who helps you hide the body.



I didn't know you could just say no to make burglars go away. Or rapists, for that matter. What part of "stolen" wasn't clear to you?


File: f6589ddebe14ae8⋯.png (141.76 KB, 225x259, 225:259, 1385599615635.png)

i'll bite

>no father

>molested as a kid, which in turned made me a hypersexual shit who fooled around with other kids

>uncle introduces me to porn with no context at a young age, further ruining me

>sexually imprint on animals around the age of 10

i still remember vividly the first time i saw a horse pecker, it was all downhill from there

>mother dies when I was 12, grandmother 2 years later

>drop out of school

>no supervision and no friends (the several i did have just used me as a place to hang out where there were no adults)

>spend my entire teenage life on 4chan and constantly surrounded by furry smut after finding out about HTH at 12-13

>destroyed every friendship i ever had

Somehow despite all that I didn't kms or fall into hard drugs and was able to keep steady jobs from 20+. I took acid in my mid twenties which woke me the fuck up and helped me recover from some of the mental trauma and "cured" my depression. Still a socially autistic fuckwit but it's too late for me. I just reprioritized what I really care about so I could focus on my passions and reasons to live because caring about everything just makes you exhausted while caring about nothing makes you a zombie. I really wish I could have taken acid sooner honestly. Also acid + fursuits is fucking awesome.



when you die theres no more orgasms man



i don't care i didn't even learn how to masturbate properly until after 25 anyway



>masturbate properly

How did you do it improperly?


File: 9f54cfd5e7f21c0⋯.png (173.24 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2018-06-12-16h51m0….png)

I can't seem to find where I want to be in life. Normalfags don't like me, internet autists don't like me. I always manage to fuck things up. I tried nofap then gave up because I felt nobody cares about me or what I do anyways. It's complicated and I'm tired. Ass burgers gets too complicated in general. I just want to be liked but I keep screwing things up. I'm not saying that either, I legitimately keep messing up.


File: d05608a913752a2⋯.png (815.82 KB, 1295x887, 1295:887, Manly Delcatty.png)



>internet autists don't like me

why anon

post your discord i'll be your friend anon



I have a feeling you're shitposting but here you go anyways



Honestly, I'm not really depressed, my problems are very minor, but fuck it I feel like talking about it anyway

>have sona

>I personally love my own sona deeply

>I can tell that most people really don't like the design

>have money but even if I'm first in que I get delayed and ignored while the artist does streams or other things

>If I ever catch my character getting reposted in a porn discord or on reddit somewhere it's usually like 1 or 2 people saying they like it while most people say it looks stupid

I know it's a dumb thing to be upset about because it's just a cartoon porn character but... Idk, it feels really personal to me, I just wish I was born with better taste or design sense, then I wouldn't have this problem



>too capricious and indecisive to pick a fursona, or even make an OC, to represent "me"

>been active (but not necessarily engaged) with the fandom for almost 12 years


File: 23e6476b6be57ff⋯.png (495.85 KB, 1217x475, 1217:475, 1559503365770.png)

I know that I need to get started on cleaning myself up and finding a partner to start a family with but I can't bring myself to deal with the fact that most of my social interactions outside of work have only been online with people from every country but mine and the fact that I have been fapping to nothing but degenerate pokemon pronography for more than a decade. How do you bridge that gap?



or Mossad


My mom and stepdad do NOT have a stable relationship, to put it lightly. There's basically this cycle of my stepdad doing something (usually drinking or doing drugs again), my mom getting pissed, they fight, temporarily break up, he fucks off with all his money, then comes back when he's broke. So I'm stuck paying for whatever he was responsible for, and the fact it happens so often and so randomly has made it impossible for me to save up for anything substantial or even try to move out. I feel too scared to go to college too because I'd hate to have to drop out because I'd suddenly need to pay most of the bills or something if my stepdad fucked off like, right before bills needed paid. So all I can do is just keep working dead end retail jobs and wonder when the goal I've been trying to reach financially will be crushed again.


Also pretty much all but 2 or 3 of the friends I've made online in the past however many years have slowly just devolved into the shallowest shit. It's just nothing but, they send me porn or hit me up for smut rp when they're horny, briefly talk about games or some shit, and that's it. Like... Alright, cool, I'm just an e-slut to y'all, lol. I don't really know how to address it, and it's just been making me feel like shit when the two real friends I talk to aren't around.



Take your mom with you if she isn't a cunt too, otherwise just fuck off and leave them. You're not responsible for your parents and if they're more like overgrown children instead of adults then even less so.

Don't feel bad for them, because they don't feel bad for using you and fucking your life up.



Pretty much this.


>money doesn't buy happiness

this is literally a lie that rich people tell poor people in order to brainwash them into complaining less. It's literally cope


File: 4e996a668e98ae0⋯.png (28.93 KB, 635x273, 635:273, AuhdSWF.png)


File: dbd38b2df60acda⋯.jpeg (17.58 KB, 474x474, 1:1, th.jpeg)

i am only into having ocs to cope with my depression. i have the legit diagnosed type depression and i constantly commission and request as much cute art of my own ocs as possible in order to make me haply. i can't get into the porn at all, it makes me want to get help for even considering it. i even commissioned art before. despite being exactly what i was looking for every time, it did nothing for me at all besides make me feel empty and ashamed. i honestly really really just want to pet my ocs more than anything and it makes me realize i would likely stop being into furry shit if i got a dog but i would be too poor to keep them. i hate being a furry, yet i can't help but use my furry ocs to cope with my depression. looking at my ocs being pet fills me with a strange sense of happiness, like as if i were watching a video of kittens and puppies play together.


I am sad about how ridiculous it is that I'm sad about gender stuff.



Imagine being a billionaire after almost single handedly developing one of the most successful games of all time and STILL needing this much fucking attention that you resort to substance abuse and Twitter to get pitied.

Some people literally just don't deserve to live.


File: f4dce8f92b29d83⋯.jpg (100.22 KB, 938x1200, 469:600, D52e3o8UEAEti9x.jpg)

I've been to the bottom of the barrel with depression, I've been to some really dark places. It's been about eleven years of trying to improve myself, but within the past year or so I've reached a point where I can very confidently say that it gets better. It truly does get better, but it's a hard journey. I've found worth in it, as part of the journey I also found meaning for my life, such that I'm not held down by financial stresses or anything else, and I've found what it's like to honestly live in pursuit of happiness, and I now know I wouldn't have had my life any other way. Some of you might need to hear that - it does get better, but the hardest part is wanting, truly and honestly, to be a better version of you. That's the hard part because depression inherently inhibits your energy to try to be a better person.

Therapy is necessary for some, but others can climb up with healthy introspection once set on the right track. Even if you can't get to regularly seeing a therapist, I highly recommend looking into the basics of CBT and DBT, as they build the foundation of healthy thinking habits - and that's sort of the secret of depression, a wild mass of unhealthy thinking habits that physically affect you. Two key techniques are mindfulness and rational acceptance. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing, such that while thoughts may still exist in your head, they are set aside for the actual execution of a task, and rational acceptance is the objective judgment of a situation, setting aside all biases and seeing something for precisely what it is, rather than how you feel it is.

It gets better guys, but that doesn't mean it's not a hard journey. It's still your journey to make, though, and that's what makes it special.



Notch is a fucking idiot. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. He started here, on 4chan originally, before 8ch was a thing. On imageboards. He was just like us. Then he hit it big and has money and so what? Money can't buy happiness you knob



>notch is a fucking idiot

yes he is, money can indeed by happiness but that retarded attentionwhore is just too stupid to see that so he publicly whinges so he can get pity from people


File: 6a1bd0ad84e2583⋯.png (226.92 KB, 635x661, 635:661, 6a1bd0ad84e2583ec5bf2ec69a….png)


>money can indeed by happiness

Do you even know why he's depressed? He's brought up all of his reasons. Like the fact he can't trust anyone because everyone just wants his money. Nobody wants to be around him. He lost all of his motivation to make vidya because "why bother?" It's a true testament to the phrase "Success is the worst teacher". Similar patterns occur with lottery winners. Like people who just blow the money and end up in a worse state than when they won it. Notch has stated numerous times he regrets selling Minecraft to Microsoft because all he was thinking about was how cool it'd be to have a ton of money. But now he has literally no idea what to spend his money on. He's afraid to trust anyone who approaches him with a business idea because he thinks they'll rip him off like Microsoft did. And this would most likely happen at some point. Like he attempted to fund a Psychonauts 2 with Tim Schafer, a man who provably has a track record with defrauding investors (see his investment platform Fig) over how he supposedly demanded an absurd amount of money to make it like 19 million dollars. The only thing Notch is probably spending his money on is vapid shit that he doesn't use and he has nobody who wants to be around him who isn't just a parasite. It's like a purgatory for him that will never end because his money won't run out.



>It's like a purgatory for him that will never end because his money won't run out.

He could easily get rid of it if he really wanted to. He won't because he knows he's got nothing else going for him.

He could always buy himself a cult of comfortably well off sycophants in this fandom.



Notch is too smart for that he's aware that almost anyone who would talk to him is just there for his money. Why would you surround yourself with parasites who only pretend to like you? It's like flirting with a homeless person.



>Like the fact he can't trust anyone because everyone just wants his money.

Awwwwwww, boo fucking hoo.

Parents steal their kids' college funds and/or salaries every single day on this God forsaken earth in order to buy luxuries for attention and treat them like their own personal retirement fund, ruining their kids' lives before they realize what is happening is wrong and the fact that it was being done by the cunt or the dick that birthed them was no excuse to let it happen.

And this doesn't happen only in openly abusive families. Nor just well off or billionaire ones where it wouldn't make a difference in the latter.

He discovered the hard way that the amount of people who will ever truly care about you specifically will amount to probably only two in your entire life (and not necessarily among your relatives) , while for everyone else you're just a +1 on their follower count. The money just accelerated the process and made it much clearer.

Go tell the other poor sods how some billionaire faggot is so depressed because of that while they're suffering the same ordeal AND were stripped away of their physical means to achieve happiness, unlike him who has a virtually infinite amount.

If he wasn't such a socially retarded cuckchanner at heart, he'd fund promising indie games made by people who have passion and something to express and not vapid attention whores, and make a shitton of people's dreams come true. Of course, you'd need to NOT be one of the latter types yourself in order to be able to pick out the former amongst the crowd.

Good riddance then, I hope he chokes on a line. He deserves nothing.


>am continuously losing attraction to humans

>don't want to be lonely tho



File: df5c4926f332e7a⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1440, 3:4, IMG_20190605_225334148_noe….png)

File: bf315599ccab3d6⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1080x1440, 3:4, IMG_20190531_172720469_noe….png)

File: c4161afa66b7340⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1440, 3:4, IMG_20190603_235702344_noe….png)


You can literally keep a snek happy in a large tote with a reptile heating mat. Snakes don't like places that are too high, they like small spaces with their backs close to the ceiling, it keeps their stress low. Feeding is easy if you got some guys locally that sell frozen bulk. Buy young and get them used to eating frozen dead. Always make sure they got a water supply. Although it is recommended not to cohabitate, I have two snek that like to make a plate of spaghetti whenever they're near one another so that can be done every now and then. They even shift around sharing the direct heat and coiling in a way that shows, to me, a form of cooperative thermal management. It's really cute.

Always make sure snek is handled by you and you feel literally no fear. Think of them as a baby and their sensitive sense of smell picks up on non-threatening pheromones. I have a reticulated python that doesn't even strike at me anymore save for when I make her upset. Even then she intentionally misses as a form of communication, she's a smart girl. Always get lazy with your sneks and cuddle them regularly because they like your body heat.

Snek is love, snek is life. If not for mine I probably would have gone insane by now.


File: 009caab594eb460⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1440, 3:4, IMG_20190525_111826341_noe….png)


I let them free roam in my room like some sort of crazy cat lady.

The largest ones even enjoy taking naps with me because of body heat.


Faggot. I bullied



Snakes are not pets no matter how you spell snek.



I don't understand the appeal either. Sure, I see lots of cute snek pet art. But snakes aren't really cute, relatively inactive, it's annoying to clean up after them and the larger a snek is, the more I dislike their smell.

Then again, I wish I had a fox, and that's also not a pet and one of the smelliest animals out there.



i understand why you dont have visitors



you can stop humanizing barely sentient reptiles any time now

or just keep doing it because your lifestyle is soon to wind up with you dead


File: d3bbfcfb61e9b39⋯.jpg (34.45 KB, 500x432, 125:108, kawaii_snake.jpg)


Very nice anon


File: b10f051dde6a2c0⋯.mp4 (764.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 201.mp4)


> This

It's true that people don't take drugs to feel better, rather, they take them to feel normal.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Foxes can be pets too.

>smelliest animals

Maybe because you'd be a shit owner but not everyone is as incompetent as you.




Paypal is actually really weird in that it's like the only 3rd party payment app that will act as in intermediary in disputes. So long as it's a Visa or Master card you should be able to do a charge back at this point. Just be sure to request a dispute investigation and not a fraud investigation.

As an added bonus Paypal completely freezes the account and may even shut it down depended on how it's ruled.

You will probably have to show the fraud investigators your chat logs asking for gay furry art though, it helps your case.



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