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File: 847107686ecadd3⋯.png (2.79 MB, 5000x2836, 1250:709, 8ACC7A00-2A86-4127-A1A6-17….png)


What do you guys think about cucking?


>What do you guys think about cucking?

It's kinda boring. Easier to have threesomes instead.


File: b407bf7fc527484⋯.jpg (715.79 KB, 1800x1140, 30:19, 1413597929.zaush_was-that-….jpg)

File: c965f6c6e783019⋯.png (1010.58 KB, 3000x2700, 10:9, 8151f74ebe9c8c8cd4d2d117b4….png)

File: 08853e50cf993fc⋯.png (294.11 KB, 703x620, 703:620, 794675d8f0aea2fd349c79d865….png)

I find it really weird when the person being cucked likes it, watches, but doesn't participate... I see that similar to chastity fetishes. "HAHA! I've placed a cage on your cock, now you won't be able to fap until I say you can." And the guy's like "Oh yes please, I can't even edge like this, but I love it!" I find that's odd.

What I do like is if it starts off with cheating, the person being cheated on doesn't know. Finds out, and is initially appalled. But gets forced into a threesome by the new partner. In a kind of semi-consensual way.

Like in this pic here (first one), say the otter finds his mate has been getting pounded by that gator. Next thing the otter-boy knows he's been pinned down by the big gator and starts to like getting his prostate wrecked. Maybe have the otter girl get in below him and blow him while he gets fucked. That turns me on like nobody's business. And by the end otter-boy's been given so many orgasms he can't deny he loves it.

So, start off with cheating, then turns into a threesome.

Same idea with Balto finding out Jenna is cheating on him with Steele. Initially he goes "WTF, Steele she's mine. Get out." But Steele just pins Balto to the ground and fucks his ass until Balto's cumming all over himself from being anally stimulated.



Anyone who has this fetish needs to be fucking executed



I find it funny how this fetish causes people more anger (on average) than rape or cub fetishes.

It's just a bit of fooling around. Yet people often react like they themselves are being attacked when it's brought up.



Maybe it's because you've never had your fucking heart ripped out of you and had your emotions shrivel up and die inside because your loving partner of 14 years decided to cheat on you and think you'd be perfectly fine with it



it's the most epic meme fetish ever next to le handholding so degenerate >w<



Any fetish that needs dialogue in order to work is objectively shit and no amount of mental gymnastics can change that.



> sad incest themed music starts playing



>It's just a bit of fooling around

Breaking apart the most fundamental foundation of a human relationship? Fetishising the undermining of the most fundamental foundation of how people are even able to relate to each other? Naw, it's just fooling around.



Not enough femdoms forcing their hubbies to watch while they get another guys pups.



>fetishize cheating

>oh no my relationship is in flames, whatever did I do for this

>surprised when people don't like being cheated on



>Think you'd be fine with it

Why would someone think that unless they knew you had this fetish? Most people actively hide infidelity, which points to the opposite conclusion that the assumption is that the other person is not ok with it.


File: 5555d8f354f075c⋯.jpg (21.57 KB, 310x297, 310:297, 1397270796359.jpg)





Pet-fucking degenerates going full moral sentinels on kinks they don't like will never not be hilarious.



It's because /pol/ likes underage girls and raping women(or both at once like Roy Moore did), but sees cucking as white genocide and expanded the meaning to include "liking what I don't like"

Marriage has always been a sham, in the old days as stated in various holy books women are to 100% obey their husbands. The tax shit is the only modern benefit to an otherwise empty ceremony. Conservatives think 'the family structure" is a big deal and disregards the well-being of the family. So what if dad beats everyone and they barely have money for food or bills because the government won't give them welfare? at least the STRUCTURE is intact under one roof!


File: 83a2e3716c5bb18⋯.jpg (282.92 KB, 720x648, 10:9, 46bfc76b5bb9e5ee2f5b0bd97d….jpg)

File: 0443d72155946a5⋯.png (620.34 KB, 882x1074, 147:179, 4f32eecf3bd9d8490d9f5765f7….png)

File: 647e91863540755⋯.jpg (219.84 KB, 1280x1148, 320:287, 486d926a964133f9131f1a99d1….jpg)



this, learn to neck yourself before you wreck yourself. even furniggs such as us vomit at this shit


File: 6e994eee090356b⋯.png (265.16 KB, 379x558, 379:558, unamused.png)




Case here is probably like what they say about homophobes; that they're subconsciously gay and hate themselves for it. Cuckphobes, stop punishing yourselves and just give it a try already.


Fair criticism actually. One way to make it work visually is to have the couple be the same species but make the bull a different species.



guess I better go try that transgender thing everyone's raving about then



Thank you for helping me realize I'm actually the prophet Mohammed. Inshallah my brothers.



>no john you are the demons



>If you don't like something, you secretly like it

I also think necrophilia is shit, but hey I guess I must want to fuck roadkill.

No, cuck, your fetish is shit and trying to rationalize it isn't going to do anyone any favors.


File: e3666d5b9cfac8e⋯.png (122.27 KB, 439x478, 439:478, 128781286923.png)


There is a difference between simply disliking something and throwing a bitchfit at every opportunity like that shit's actively ruining your life or to show everyone how virtuous you are for hating it when you could simply ignore it.

Guess which one of those apply to you closeted cucks.



>to show everyone how virtuous you are for hating it when you could simply ignore it.

So you're a closeted anti-cuck by your own incredibly fallible logic. Hows it feel to secretly hate something you publically claim to love?


File: 1756baa182a38bc⋯.png (149.87 KB, 403x312, 31:24, tumblr_inline_ow37fjL4Hi1t….png)


I never claimed to love it.

I am also here just to laugh at degenerates getting mad at other degenerates for inane shit.



I'm here to laugh at degenerates that believe just because you've dipped your toes into one aspect of degeneracy- you have to go all in. Even furfags have their limits.


I can't believe I suddenly want to rape helpless little kids to death all because I hate pedophiles.

I think I understand the philosophy though. If I get to them first, then that means the real pedophiles don't get them. In a way, I am defending the children. I understand now.



So hitler was the savior of the jews this whole time. He killed them all so the real anti-semites couldn't.


mind blown



Mr.Hitler sent 6 million Jews to heaven. They should be thankful.



>throwing a bitch fit

telling someone their fetish is shit isn't throwing a bitch fit, it's telling them the truth. You're going to have to accept that you have shit taste sooner than later and trying to pull a "well you're a furry, you can't say anything about cucks" doesn't work because even furry isn't that bad. Cuckshit is cancer because it has the same defense force furries have, but there's no good ones (see: furries that have a bit of self awareness) to balance it out.



Hitler was Based and Jewpilled this whole time.


I like how the first couple replys i see about cucking is raping kids and hitler lol



Pathetic Fetish



first day?


File: a26e49f6ff9fc08⋯.png (1.14 MB, 752x900, 188:225, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0cb0596340f0897⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x944, 80:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eecf71a9ae7e57f⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1280x853, 1280:853, ClipboardImage.png)

I think it's a lot hotter if it's gay or there's some bi play


Cuckoldry works really well in Furry because both you and your partner have fursonas - which in a normal relationship are drawn have sex together - but in this case you get to have your partner's fursona drawn having sex with someone else while your fursona watches; no real-world cuckoldry needs to happen.










>Wanting other guys to watch you fuck

>getting off on other guys watching you fuck

There's no good part of cuckshit.



You must really hate exhibition.



Exhibition is a crowd and not reliant on a participants' sex. It's just a sex in front of a crowd or in public.

Cuckshit requires a male specifically.



Would you like to try roleplaying it out with us? Maybe you'll find being the bull in a cuckold fantasy relationship more...exciting than you expect?

*wags his tail and gives you a 'pwease?' look~*



whhy aree you soo angre


Why is cuckoldry so forced lately? Even in fucking 2015 you didn't see everyone jumping on it like the latest meme.



Some people just don't want to inflict something they'd hate have done to them to some random guy, now somebody you hate and that deserves it...



You even use the word "victim" yourself. How about no making victims of people?


File: d9f4c0e106d6145⋯.jpg (605.02 KB, 1192x1578, 596:789, e671385f206ddc92555c75c3c5….jpg)


Not even kinkshaming, but it's all the soyboys bro.

Again no judgment, but I'd hate to be cucked. Doing the cucking though? That's pretty fucking hot. Pounding some wuss' bitch in front of the poor, tied-up sap? Oh yeah. Power dynamics baby. If everybody is into it then what's the problem? We're all adults here.


I mean the cuck presumably isn't an actual "victim" insofar as they are a consenting party to being "cheated" on. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding this fetish, in which case I am completely retarded.



>if you don't like my shit fetish you secretly have my shit fetish


File: a0253ec01e51957⋯.jpg (167.8 KB, 850x658, 425:329, sample_35f2e21bf52c3a6d49e….jpg)

File: 88f4233bdbe563f⋯.jpg (148.48 KB, 850x556, 425:278, sample_c8c6c861b9992cc98b3….jpg)

File: e73530d014f6b30⋯.jpg (132.68 KB, 850x823, 850:823, sample_96f9a8a15b8a6b12c59….jpg)

Adam wan is so good at this stuff too


And this stuff doesn't revolt you? You don't have something inside you feel absolutely horrified at seeing this?

I find that hard to believe or even understand. Don't we all have a conscience? I understand that it's only drawn but our brains are pretty aware that it's still immoral to wantonly slaughter. It should be similar with this weird degenerate stuff.



Cuckshit is much more bearable if you assume the person being cheated upon immediately commits at least a double homicide for which he is acquitted due to the court ruling it being a situation under which a reasonable person would lose control.



That does seem like the only way they could keep their integrity as a man intact. Fair.


I was cheated on while I was in the same room, and they thought I was drunk asleep. Kinda fucked me up for a few years, not gonna lie. I think the art is kinda hot, in a power fantasy sort of way, but I know anyone who would actively want to be cucked is broken beyond repair.



I was browsing through /fur/ and found this thread still getting replies for some reason so I came back to tell you this post was so god-awful I lost sleep wondering if anyone could actually type like that genuinely.


>Unless I'm completely misunderstanding this fetish, in which case I am completely retarded

You are. Cucking requires zero(0) consent and anyone saying otherwise, especially if they try the "this fetish means you're even more manly than non-cucks" line, are unaware at best and straight up lying at the most likely.



>And this stuff doesn't revolt you? You don't have something inside you feel absolutely horrified at seeing this?

The brain is wired to see domination as sexy. That's just how it works. Also, have you ever considered that maybe some people imagine themselves as the ones doing the cucking, not the ones being cucked?


Cuckolding is a control fantasy, you don't like cucking, you like the idea itself. You like it because you control it, you manipulate yourself as liking it.

Imagine violent videogames, you like shooting people online, but you would never consider killing people IRL. You like the idea of it, not the act of killing itself. Ok?



That might have been true in Texas in the 1800s but today it would considered criminal manslaughter and you'd still get prison time for it.


Worthless meme fetish used almost exclusively these days for trolling.



I didn't get the shit beaten out of me for my whole childhood just to end up in a time where being a pathetic loser turns people on, or doing whatever shit I was beaten up for is cool.



Olli is a sweet boy. Don't rope him into this.


File: 7700918d536169d⋯.png (4.43 KB, 374x587, 374:587, 7700918d536169dd88f1cb8ec5….png)


>The brain is wired to see domination as sexy. That's just how it works. Also, have you ever considered that maybe some people imagine themselves as the ones doing the cucking, not the ones being cucked?

Am I reading a post written by a sociopath?


Choosing to fuck or get fucked outside your relationship is degenerate. Cucking is only slightly better than getting cucked.



But it's true. Evolutionary psychology shows us partners prefer mates as large and aggressive. That's why furfags see macros and big furries who dom partners as sexy. That's just how it is, just accept reality, don't try and fight it.



We're also wired to see betrayal by our mates as a bad thing. For males, it calls into question the heredity of the child, thus meaning we're wasting resources on something that isn't spreading our genes forward.

For females, it's because resources aren't being used on them, making rearing a child harder.

Cucking is retarded, even on a biological level.



I already told you, people like the idea of cucking, not the actual act itself IRL, see >>106422


good and cool



I think it's just another fetish.

I don't see anything wrong with liking it.



Yep. doesn't mean we aren't wired like that. It explains the dislike neatly and properly puts the people that enjoying in the aberrant category they should be in.



That's just your opinion. You're like the whining SJWs on twatter who decry cub as "fictional CP"


This anon has the right atitude.


is it possible for gays to be cucked?



>You're just like SJWs

Next to "If you hate something you must secretly like it" this is the most used dismissal. It's not a "feels over reals" it's observable fact.



according to e621. I do not have an account there but each time I feel like responding "it doesn´t apply if is m/m".

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