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File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

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File: ab65029b75a1e8d⋯.png (79.05 KB, 305x265, 61:53, 1457530380278.png)

Hm. I am conflicted. This feels all so... wrong.

I mean, I see nothing wrong with piracy if you pirate stuff like music or games made by people who earn way too much money anyway (or from Fek, screw Fek).

But some of these artist earn just $500 a month. If word goes round that their stuff is easily available for free, it's actually really bad for them.

Am I a moralfag now? Or do I feel empathy because I'm high on my sleeping meds and listen to Gymnopédie by Erik Satie right now?

Help me.



paywalling mediocre content is what's wrong and a poor business model

if a creator is truly using patreon as just a "tip jar" then they should have nothing to worry about, since their patrons are pledging to support the creator, not to get access to exclusive content



>paywalling mediocre content

Uh, so something like those progress updates on animations, like zonkpunch does?

Okay, I think I get it. Now that I think about it, the art that's posted on patreon isn't even that special.

I support people on patreon to get like, 20% off on commissions and other little benefits.

Now I feel a little better. Thank you.


File: ef36e2bb4604dfa⋯.jpg (75.76 KB, 640x472, 80:59, copyrightbanner2.jpg)



You retards are so behind the times with your mental gymnastics.



There is no economy in furry porn because there is no baseline price and a low estimate of 80 percent of the content is copyrighted by someone else anyway. Checkmate, faggot. Your little peer to peer trading model is nowhere close to an economy and Patreonfags trying to turn it into one are the true cancer.

I remember once Andrew WK (famous musician, furry) came into cuckchan /mu/ eons ago and an anon asked him what he thought of piracy. He said "As an artist I understand wanting something so bad you have to real it and I actually feel honored being the source of that passion. I've lived comfortably because they hear my work and decide on its merits alone to contribute to my beer funds. All I have to do to keep the gravy train rolling is not make shit so the pirates give me good word of mouth." Maybe you should take a lesson from him and let your work speak for itself, unless your work is fucking garbage like a good 95% of furfags are.



Ah. Cool.

Thanks mang.



Are they to be pitied? To a degree, some of them.

What's really sad, is that they don't realize that they're kind of shooting themselves in the foot.

Exposure is one thing a starting artist needs more than anything else. Since there are so many artists out there, it's hard to get seen in the first place. And with no work to show, you're fucked. Let's say they get some income from commissions, and a bit from patreon. It can easily turn into a circlejerk damn fast, and without further exposure, they can fall into a rut and see themselves in a decline.

Because they believe their art MUST be aquired only through payment, the only ones who will get to see it, is those willing to gamble on paying. And let's face it, it really is a gamble on what a patron will get. And since they're likely supporting other artists simultaneously (or simply have a low income, but have a little extra to spend), they can't take that chance.

However, this changes when their art is 100% (or at least a majority) public. They can be quickly valued, and the ones who would desire to support their continued work will do so. For some reason, [starting paywall artists] think that their work must never be shared under any circumstance, when that's not the case. Putting it up for free doesn't de-value their art. Instead, it showcases their works for others to see, and attracts more people to support them.

If they're worried about rewarding patrons, they could easily just have a downscaled version for public users, and a high res version, templates, project files, tutorials, how-tos for the patrons. Maybe even a sketchdump, or stream quick rough sketch requests. Plenty of ways to reward patrons, get exposure, and still satisfy fans of your work all at once. Getting paid is never guaranteed, but no PR is bad, and bad PR is hard to recover from.

Bigger paywall artists could afford to let it slide. They just choose not to. Not everyone looking to see their art is ever going to pay, and there are artists that aren't really hard-up for money either. No amount of takedowns is going to convert those wanting to get it for free. That's just a fact.

Then you have the exploitation of fans/commissioners, where some of the bigger artists not only want to double-dip for their art by getting money for the [paid] commission and money from their paywall, but will also willingly _steal_ (as in, draw a character from an intellectual property that they have no permission to use, as seen here http://chrisoatley.com/fan-art/ ) a character from a show in order to siphon money from fans of said property.

TL;DR: Don't feel too bad. Plenty of artists out there, and those who want to learn their lesson the hard way, will.



>I support people on patreon to get like, 20% off on commissions and other little benefits.

Good PR. One big reason some people support partreons.



>"m-muh digital piracy"

This goy fell for the meme.

Pirated copy count is never equal to lost sale count. You might lose a handful of payments, but that's not even a drop in the ocean compared to those who just want to get a look/copy.

Bottom line is, you just want to "stick it to the pirates".


File: d6790b0022767cd⋯.png (26.75 KB, 1015x690, 203:138, d9f816cce699e0f93609ac4c11….png)


I see!

Thank you for taking the time to elaborate.


can someone 'CUF' aedollon and diesalbrain

https://yiff.party/389749 (Aedollon)

https://yiff.party/83333 (Diesalbrain)


question to any possible patrons who are holding off on using the importer: is there anything I can do to convince you to contribute?

I'm not expecting everyone to help out, but for those who are considering it, I'd like to offer as much reassurance as possible that the process is completely safe in every way imaginable and that neither patreon nor the creators are able to detect it

it's possible that I may need to open up yiff.party to the public again to bring in more contributors



Are there any prepaid cards you can use for patreon? I'd love to help out but I tend to only use cash so I'm retarded when it comes to online purchases.



yes, they should work. Stripe (patreon's payment processor) has an option to disallow prepaid cards, but I've successfully managed to add one to a patreon account, so they must have it disabled



you could also consider paypal cash, but I believe you still need a card added to your paypal account in order to set it up with patreon



Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I've got a few suggestions for the site.

1) option for posts per page instead of one long scrolling page.

2) Allow to order posts by date added to site (so new ones don't get buried when missing posts do get added)

3) Option (or disable) gif previews/loading. Or, "click to load" instead. This kills slower internet connections. And I can only imagine how it is for those on mobile devices.


May as well put what I know to use, right?



>1) option for posts per page instead of one long scrolling page.


>2) Allow to order posts by date added to site (so new ones don't get buried when missing posts do get added)

also possible


the problem with this is that the thumbnail patreon provides for gif posts is a gif, but I'll definitely look into converting them to single-frame images



>1) option for posts per page instead of one long scrolling page.


>2) Allow to order posts by date added to site (so new ones don't get buried when missing posts do get added)

also possible

>3) Option (or disable) gif previews/loading. Or, "click to load" instead. This kills slower internet connections. And I can only imagine how it is for those on mobile devices.

the problem with this is that the thumbnail patreon provides for gif posts is a gif, but I'll definitely look into converting them to single-frame images


File: 463ecadbf131a7d⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 649x489, 649:489, MAXIMUM EGOISM.jpg)


>copying is stealing

lol no, besides even if it was, it's not stealing. It belongs to me. Property rights are a spook. Also, read Stirner.


Fucking THIS


>Am I a moralfag now?

Yes. Disregard artists and follow your own will.


File: 3496d316b31aec9⋯.png (88.68 KB, 1280x1158, 640:579, 1415529__safe_artist-colon….png)


There wouldn't be a way to just single out gif posts and have them display a central/default "this is a gif" type image? It'd save on bandwidth.

Though if bandwidth were an issue, I don't think you'd be doing this.


Can you make the site navigatable without javascript? Thanks.




Pretty much every news site abuses the fuck out of javascript so I (not that guy) browse with it off by default




Can't we just have the old index page back at another URL? That one worked fine without scripting.



This, having trouble finding people I know the name of.



I mean, if that's what you want


the reason I ditched it in the first place is because it takes a minute to render



Thanks, works perfectly!



There's a search bar directly above the small creator box.



They can earn a lot more than that by getting an actual fucking job.



Not necessarily. 500 dollars can come a long way if the artist is from some poor country and since some furry artists are NEETs living with their parents or on some welfare program 500 untaxed dollars a month for just occasionally posting dog dicks can been seen as more preferable to just getting a job.



thanks bui <3


Could someone please import some posts to this one so it can get on the list?




You magnificent bastard. Thank you, Bui.



though i would be nice if it could list more than TWO artist names per page. Like, you know, 30 instead? Clicking through the list to spot familiar names takes ages.

Although big thanks for the service. Didn't find anything great and revolutionary, but at least now I know which artists I should definitely avoid :)




>but at least now I know which artists I should definitely avoid

One reason I know that some of them paywall. Not sure how many of them, but it's guaranteed this is a reason.


issues with updating should be fixed now; patreon made a breaking change last night


Is there a link to the importer on the front page?



"Import posts"



Oh it's on the creators' pages.

Why would someone new to the site look up a creator they already give money to? Why would they decide to pay if it's CUF? You gotta push the feature more.



? it's on the navbar, which is on every page


>recently added: zone

I thought there was a rule or something against creators that mostly/exclusively posted humans?



zone had a fair amount of furry stuff on e621 so I gave it the pass



There's no navbar on mobile, even when requesting desktop site



oh, right, I didn't expect many mobile users which is why I never focused on making sure everything looked good on smaller screens

I'll see about adding a menu button for mobile later on


Anyone else getting 502 errors? :(



Seconding this.


I've (hopefully) improved the creator status check reliability; the patreon read timeout has been increased an you'll now actually see an error message if something bad happens

sorry for all the small hiccups that have been going on, but rest assured I'm working on stabilising everything, it just takes time


I also plan to revamp the zip system soon, because at the moment, generating them for large creators is stressful for the server. I'd also like to improve the file architecture, eg. include post data, add post names to folders, etc.

until then I've disabled them


patreon is trying to cockblock me and I'm too tired to fix it rn

I'll do it when I wake up


need a better way to keep track.

I want to be able to hide artist that draw(undesirable fetish genre)

in trying to find new and amazing artist, I keep clicking artist forgetting that I made that mistake a month ago, but forgot the name so I clicked again.



see >>23471



tell that to the people treating it as an art gallery.

cause right now its the best way to find new and good artist who are good enough that people pay for more

not clicking people again after I've already clicked once would be a great way to save bandwidth



As a temporary solution, you could save a local "shitlist" text document.

Is there any way to do a "block" list for artists, like an inverted subscribe list?


File: 826b790cc32fd69⋯.png (21.07 KB, 112x112, 1:1, doodstare.png)

>seeing a good chunk of the creators switched to CUF



>Is there any way to do a "block" list for artists, like an inverted subscribe list?

...why? if you're not interested in a creator, don't click them?

I keep having to repeat yiff.party isn't an art gallery - it works best already knowing the creator you're looking for. the creator list is just there for convenience. if you want to browse, use patreon.com, or furaffinity





ffs, someone better start leaking them soon



Started using cuf. Anybody subbed to them?



I was just asking as an idea. Other people keep asking for something to that effect, so I thought I could suggest something to alleviate it.



catch 22, I need to click to know if I'm interested so I won't know until after I click


favorites list doesnt save, its useless.



works for me


File: 69c7318033cff63⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 500x334, 250:167, 1448152275555-1.gif)

>Please note that yiff.party operates on a strict "furry and furry-esque creators only" policy. What is considered to fall within this realm is left up to the staff


Hold on, there's staff now? Who else works on yiffparty besides Bui?





>not giving a name



>on an anonymous imageboard



Well just saying "me" doesn't do anyone any good

For all I know you could be bullshitting.


anyone going to import those Kadath posts?


anyone willing to import pics for




>suirano's posts are up to date.



That's a lie. Suirano went CUF at the beginning of the year




huh, that's strange. I'll look into it



Seems like the check is broken again, same thing happens to other creators that so far as I know aren't CUF Xpray, snao (Though his posts are free to view anyway) gisacomic and others



In that they have new posts available but it says their posts are up to date


patreon made some pretty major changes to their API, fixing the updater now





also fixed the 404 error some post files (mostly embeds) were returning

if anyone finds any more bugs, let me know


I uploaded image packs to this artist. You'll know who it is




Damn, dude. Thanks a lot!


File: 13f5ff44d63cc7b⋯.jpg (14.88 KB, 235x380, 47:76, 13450109_1593829287613913_….jpg)

hey boys, I shelled out some of my wages to Diives and have their missing posts importing now, anybody have any requests? If I like what I see I might shell out a bit more for my fellow degenerates



I think I bought them all so I'll be posting them too



Reuqesting >>24927 please.


to anyone who might've been using creators.json - it's been deprecated, please use creators2.json now






These are like3 I have in my faves they are all different themes of art not sure if they fit your taste.


File: a3c720e42474e82⋯.png (893.17 KB, 1280x1009, 1280:1009, 17349550_1747396522257188_….png)



If nobody fulfills these bythe start of May then Ill help ya'll out, figure I should wait so then I can have them scrape whatever comes out in May without having to send more of my hard earned shekels, Ive got Suirano and Freckles bookmarked until then




Thanks dude





Hey Bui, you should set up a bitcoin address for the donation page. You might get a few more donations that way.



I uploaded all the imagepacks for Cursedmarked here.



File: abb7a83ac299606⋯.jpg (113.27 KB, 800x756, 200:189, C895EBwUIAAmUoI.jpg)



Seconding this one, that artist rocks


File: 9674118ee862861⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1492546581.danza_spyrofa.png)


Do you think you could do Danza ? https://yiff.party/553502

He's starting to paywall his nsfw art after having already paywalled the alternate and messy versions of his pictures.


File: 9abbcdb19a17bd7⋯.jpg (6.42 KB, 200x213, 200:213, 14717113_1656454014684773_….jpg)



Like what I see, added them to the list.

Im donating at the beginning of May Ill have the bots do their thing around the start and end of the month



A true patron of the arts




You are fucking awesome. Thank you so much dude.


File: 0d37d49ad808af8⋯.jpg (77.73 KB, 694x788, 347:394, 0d3.jpg)


thx pal


Bump because the other one got bumped


Archive of the previous thread for anyone who cares:





Thanks you :)



If you have stuffs of alancampos (https://yiff.party/372032) can you upload it?

Thank you!


Could someone import all the hi res stuff from https://www.patreon.com/xnirox please?

<tinyboard flag alt></tinyboard>



Seconding this



>monstergirl island

wrong board



monsterfags are furries just like ponyfags






>6 hours later


File: 3032682d0d706b2⋯.png (12.7 KB, 398x174, 199:87, boi.PNG)


File: d5b95f5af281949⋯.gif (229.26 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 0491c4dbfd1fde3e6008993223….gif)

File: 29ca4e2fdb91e73⋯.gif (645.69 KB, 200x400, 1:2, 2608a75947f916d0abcf9efcda….gif)



one of the only furfag animators that puts a lot of effort into his work, and can make sparkledog colors appealing. nice choice. but you're going to get tons of ebegging fags swarming you for your offer.


Anyone got https://yiff.party/4875599 url to access his google drive archives?


File: dc6ea35166fe6f3⋯.png (190.67 KB, 294x405, 98:135, really.PNG)

Anyone have Antidev's stuff? It's all behind email shit.



Unless someone's gone through and meticulously de-watermarked all his shit, don't waste your breath.


File: 131dc299eec22b1⋯.jpg (154.37 KB, 1122x766, 561:383, 1462092489401.jpg)


What happened to being able to download the whole archive? The only option at the top now is to subscribe.


This is fucking great.


File: 3577afa77ca971e⋯.png (25.1 KB, 622x152, 311:76, art without adversity.png)

Merry early christmas boys <3




Everyone who posted a link between these 2 posts should be getting the requested artists page updated soon




I love you.



Requesting https://yiff.party/596930

Please? And thank you.


File: 274ebf016a6c3e2⋯.jpg (78.93 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 3d6dabb9b8a929bfe22ab61f2d….jpg)


thx Anon!


Hey Bui, is this true? http://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/9079436/#9083055

>but some artists put hidden watermarks to identify who's posted the image, AntiDev is notorious for doing it thats why no one posts his patreon images as much



for post files and attachments: no, to the best of my knowledge, it is not possible for multiple versions of a file to be distributed via patreon, and there is no "watermark" option for creators to use. people using the post importer are completely safe in this regard, since they're sharing the same exact files every other patron gets

but if a creator is sending files out themselves, whether it's via DM or email, then yes, it's very possible for them to send unique copies out. if you're uploading this content to the yiff.party shared files, you probably want to try and remove whatever identifying information is in the file before uploading


File: 5775ebfcb290ae7⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 127x137, 127:137, 1452889215568.jpg)


Not Bui, but I can confirm artists this is true: Artists make separate copies of their work when they release content with seemingly unnoticeable watermarks, if they find their work has been reposted, all they have to do is cross-reference the type of watermark to the specific individual it was sent to. If they find out, they lock you out of future releases. There's a way around this but I don't think i remember how to do it.

But it's nothing to be concerned about; yiffparty uses fake payment info so even if they find out, Bui will just make a new account with fake payment and get their works either way. lol.



Only way to clear out the hidden watermark is by obtaining multiple copies from different users and comparing them to weed out the possible answer. The more sources, the better and easier it gets. No other way of doing it, as far as I know.



>4chan's /trash/




If the watermark is unique and almost impossible to see wouldn't just lowering the quality of the pic render it useless for the artist to cross-reference?



Oh my god, you're a sexy man! <3


How to see updated CUF posts? I can see that some artists are "updated" but there are no new posts.



posts are ordered by creation date


Anyone willing to import post from:

https://yiff.party/533185 (mleonheart)

https://yiff.party/758927 (kissurai)

https://yiff.party/84543 (argento)


File: 5e774e38e9419ac⋯.png (797.93 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS!.png)



As well as from:

https://yiff.party/100088 (sukebepanda)



Not sure. I'm not entirely knowledgeable on the subject. However, there's a few of kinds of watermarks I've heard of, like changing the tint ever so slightly, one pixel difference, hidden data in the picture/file that can only be seen/found if you know exactly what you're looking for, a random object in the picture altered or changed entirely, shit like that.


https://yiff.party/2430280 seems like its updated. It says 178 posts, but when you open there are only 83 old posts. Something wrong with CUF update?



what do you mean

it says 6 CUF posts



I have an odd feeling that https://yiff.party/559004 is using some really sneaky means to hide their art, all the posts don't show naughty stuff. :/



I mean that it was much more CUF posts that were updated and they are invisible. Those 6 posts are probably younger than update or just expensive and that didnt update because person who gave his account didnt pledge enough for them. I hope You understand :)




Nvm, now everything is ok and posts are visible. I was concerned because update was 2 days ago.



Did you even bother clicking the description for any of the images at all?

>A link has been sent out to patrons who were charged



Yes, I think they PM Links, rather than simply put them in the description. What a bastard...



Ern's page is over 5 months old. He has posted stuff since I am sure.



Maybe someone will import it since they're CUF




Be warned... some of these artists might be like >>26149.


Requesting imports for https://yiff.party/847327 (daigo)

Thanks in advance


So Bui is still keeping this site alive? Well I'm impressed.


requesting imports from https://www.patreon.com/kagami06

he has some amazing art!!



>gay humanshit

These faces are fucking atrocious, who would ever put this shit up on his front page like its something to be proud of? Your taste is shit.


https://yiff.party/2457118 (Istani)

Does anyone have this guy's stuff? I need that shit man, I'm almost ready to just go buy it myself if no one already has it.




is the latest post download not working for anyone else? the zip is corrupted on my end



works on my machine using 7zip



the wallset.zip right? neither winrar or 7zip work at all


File: 9829949d910c830⋯.png (117.67 KB, 675x362, 675:362, ClipboardImage.png)


the second image in the zip works, the first doesn't seem to open though




after updating my 7-zip managed to open both but the first is corrupted near the bottom



that is corrupted. there was a brief period after switching the servers yiff.party scrapes from during which files might've been partially downloaded, but I quickly fixed that

it's easy to replace though since I store the original access urls, eg. https://c3.patreon.com/1/patreon-posts/1647093531126690212.jpg?v=Uo-DST51GK6UCsxqBANY4yRRFi_pfDyTsiIcsgVCQQU%3D for that specific file

I just need to add a form to the site to make the process automatic, I'll add that to the todo list



thanks a bunch


Out of curiosity, does anybody bother to upload PM-sent content in the shared files tab?

I'm just asking because there's a lot of limp-dicked artists hiding their stuff in PM's and the shared files tab doesn't seem to be getting much use. It would be awesome and highly appreciated if we could get some people to upload their PM-sent art in the shared files tab. Imanika and FR95 come to mind.



plenty of people upload stuff


in fact, we just recently surpassed 500 shared files

thank you to everyone who has contributed!


and just a small update on what I'm currently working on:

there are a fair amount of creators who link to their rewards in form of a dropbox/google drive/etc. link in their post. these links tend to expire in time, so yiff.party will soon automatically download any external links in posts, making them permanently available!

this will take some time to complete. after that, I will begin the zip system rewrite

also: I need your help in figuring out what sites creators host their stuff externally on, so I can add support for them

right now I have the obvious ones: dropbox, google docs/drive, mega, onedrive, box

are there any others creators often use?


File: 1f9504c94ea5c06⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 345x270, 23:18, 1419213473.gif)


>tfw based admin listened to the dropbox suggestion

Fuck yes.

Too bad some of the links already expired, anyway I think I've seen some of them also use Imgur for off site hosting but yeah the most popular are Dropbox and Drive.



webmshare, gfycat, and imgur are 3 that immediately come to mind.



yes, unfortunately I am a bit late, but all existing posts will have their external link content archived (if still available)






Huh, I guess I don't view many artists, then. My Imanika and FR95 request still stands, though.



Same guy here


Yeah they send out links and such to patrons at certain points, Ill try to upload those whenever they come out and I get the chance

dont worry




I think this artist is the one who do this...


Import request for: https://yiff.party/2449649 (21CenturyRaccoon)


import request for https://yiff.party/350086



You are one awesome guy


Don't know what's happening. website worked fine for yesterday and now it has an error 522 connection timed out host error



Yeah I got that too.


There were alot more posts here earlier, did someone get rid of them?



some artist are using https://sta.sh/ for external content.



issue tracker: https://github.com/yiffparty/tracker

also use this for feature requests etc. so I can keep track of them; I'll be making extensive use of labels to track progress



Wouldn't this tip off creators?



not really?


Was wondering if https://www.patreon.com/wereworld could be added. It says it was denied, but I don't think it's any different from other creators already on Yiffparty



ok i understand you and i see where you're coming from with this argument but consider this:




This would be greatly appreciated.

I have found some files that are corrupted.


if someone could import: https://yiff.party/994694 that would be epic


File: 1457d0f8c1b74ff⋯.jpg (97.74 KB, 668x500, 167:125, you_make_me_sad_by_youryal….jpg)


but it's ok, I understand


does anyone have updates on https://yiff.party/460110


Still no update for Kadath or Jaynaylor?


Opening https://yiff.party/patreon_data/8322193/880833/IMG_3170.JPG in a text editor shows this:


"errors": [


"code": 903,

"code_name": "AttachmentViewForbidden",

"detail": "You do not have permission to view attachment with id 880833.",

"id": "139775474165224",

"status": "403",

"title": "You do not have permission to view this attachment."





Requesting DMQuetzalli, he has 100+ CUF posts https://yiff.party/891375


Could we get an import update on Kayla-Na and TheOtherHalf, pretty please?




import/shared files request https://yiff.party/926648


Great. Now RatofDrawn went the CUF route. :(


Xennos is about to go CUF, as well. Goddamn.


File: d7196aedc8096bf⋯.png (43.87 KB, 604x402, 302:201, infuriated_tracer.png)

Does anyone have the specific art he's talking about? He's pretty mad about it being ripped from his patreon.



>ruin the fun of paying a bunch for the exclusivity & privacy of an image

>"It's fun to pay for my bills goy"

Jesus Christ, Patreon whores do live inside their own fucking assholes.

Oh and to answer your question anon: no idea.



I think he's the patron, not the whore. Why would some rando commission something for the guy's boyfriend?


File: a68b0bfd74d7d6a⋯.jpg (38.22 KB, 473x355, 473:355, I873SH.jpg)


Ah shit I understood it wrong but still, the fun of paying to paywalls?

That's like saying ransom is an enjoyable activity to the guy getting his ass extorted.


Can we get an update to this CUF? https://yiff.party/861641 99 posts missing



he worded it like a retard, it's more like the "the feeling you're important because of owning exclusive rare items" not fun, just the same reason that limited runs are bigger sellers to collectors, its just supply and demand. he is correct that leaking ruins that.


File: 5599a4709dbcfc4⋯.jpeg (62.32 KB, 520x386, 260:193, 1-d1OYgQmcd2WfiUcMYnEMTQ.jpeg)


Does anyone have some of Isrka's exclusive content? The stuff he posts through Patreon is really just teases and previews...



File: 3c3c5feaf187d97⋯.jpg (149.44 KB, 1335x781, 1335:781, 3c3c5feaf187d9718dfe47852f….jpg)




The guy is pissed about his gift that he spent commisioning an artist on patreon was ruined by a leaker faggot. He didnt get it ripped from his own patreon. the fun would be giving a surprise gift, not paying for it. youre a cynical little shit aint ya. I hope no one ever gets you any gifts ever, and make sure you berate them every time if they do about extortion, instead of being happy for the gift because it's the same thing. faggot.


File: 5e94e6d6d07fa80⋯.jpg (74.04 KB, 353x513, 353:513, Alternates.jpg)

Xpray has a few pics with supposed alternates Does anyone have any of these or know if they even exist?



>Commissioning an artist through Patreon

He deserved to get that commission leaked.


yiff.party/5934643 has links to art in the posts' comment section



>comes to a thread about leaking

>gets mad at leakers

What are you doing here?

If they guy wanted it to be a private surprise he should've commissioned the artist outside of Patreon or at least tell the artist not to post the commission.

>youre a cynical little shit aint ya. I hope no one ever gets you any gifts ever

Holy shit you have the fucking rudeness of a 5yo. I'm telling Santa you're a naughty boy so you don't get anything for Christmas. How about that huh?! Yee you're done now... f-f-faggot!

>and make sure you berate them every time if they do about extortion, instead of being happy for the gift because it's the same thing. faggot.

You missed the point, unsurprisingly. Get off your whiteknight horse. Kihu is not gonna suck your dick for it.



Still nothing?


To the niggah that shared Danza's april stuff, thank ya.


Requesting https://yiff.party/596930 please anyone.



Why the fuck would you have it posted on Patreon if it's supposed to be private, though

I get why he's upset, but someone with even a modicum of common sense could've avoided this. It's like he thinks all the other nameless patrons are his super trustworthy friends or something.


If someone could please upload all of Demicoeur's CUF posts, that'd be awesome. Uploading his monthly art packs to the shared files section would be appreciated, too. If that's too much work, then just upload the art packs. I've been looking everywhere for those.


Does anyone have some of Isrka's exclusive content? The stuff he posts through Patreon is really just teases and previews...




Yeah, that's exactly what I was gonna say.


If anyone gets any future art from https://yiff.party/5967771 , please share it. They're eventually planing to go CUF.


File: d627a66642099de⋯.jpg (50.61 KB, 460x452, 115:113, q3Ktyrq.jpg)

We should start up some fake news, where charging upfront gives out viruses or someshit. Something to prevent everyone from going CUF.



>horse art, and only been open a month before greed hits

Not my thing, sorry.



I'd much rather it become an actual, legit thing than some fake stunt. Provoking the jews with false alarms will only make things worse.


I would like to second the above requests for Iskra's work, but I'm only interested in that comic they're working on, "Eugene's Reward". Also, would like to see Yulliandress's art packs.



There's nothing to really get though. All their reward tiers only mention wips, voting, HD versions (which doesn't mean much, as they're not potato quality on derpi), and PSDs (which I'm sure almost no one uses). Just hit up derpibooru for their stuff. As long as they upload elsewhere, I don't see the big deal.

On a side note:

>human pussy on ponies

And nothing of value was lost.



Is there any way to get the information on how much creators are getting if they hide their earnings on their page? I'm curious as to what they're hiding, but more to the point why they're hiding it.


Can someone import for :https://yiff.party/2449649



pretty sure these are email


could people kindly refrain from requesting non-furry creators

they won't get added, and it's getting pretty sad that only about 1 in 5 creator requests are actually being approved



Start up a non-furry version, then. You allowed non-furry artists at the start, that's your fault. So, don't come crying to us and begging for the requests to stop. Either find a friend who's willing to maintain a non-furry clone of the site, start allowing more non-furry artists, or deal with it.



Fuck off with your autistic approval and just add a non-furry tag. Wow problem solved!




don't tell me how to run my website when you're not even from this board


File: c90e8e668437fc1⋯.png (215.28 KB, 500x610, 50:61, c90e8e668437fc17a441e7da06….png)


not an argument



Why are you so reluctant to add non-furry artists?



because storage

part of the reason why I have to redo the zip system is because available storage space is already creeping towards the limit, so I plan to offload zips to a remote server when I reintroduce them

I already offered a chance several months ago to people who want non-furry creators if they paid for the storage costs, but nobody was interested, so


File: 3a646ff965fa40a⋯.png (62.91 KB, 956x408, 239:102, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminder from the last thread


hes just being a shitter.



>Reminder from the last thread

yeah that was for creators already on the site

my stance on new creators isn't changing unless someone coughs up the money for a bigger server, as non-furry creators isn't something I'm interested in supporting on the already cramped server


File: 2e4b164e181a864⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 552x341, 552:341, 0697f20f506b3a375643f6a2cd….jpg)


>Tagging is only for ME

>Submitting is only for ME

>I've sold out

>pay for the server costs

>Im not adding any more unless you pay for another server

>and pay for the new server costs which will be even more expensive



Shitter confirmed



Okay. He's being a stubborn ass, but you're just being an ass for the hell of it.



E3-SAT-1 would double the available storage space and make it possible for the approval system to be removed and have automatic non-CUF creator addition


£30 is about $40, so we're halfway there :^)



what server are you using now




then how about you fuckin remove them already

done, problem solved



removing anything already on the site would raise eyebrows

the space currently used by them isn't a problem as it's barely anything, it's just I'm reserving the rest of the space for creators the site is actually intended for



raise whose eyebrows? i doubt that anyone from here actively browses those creators

you have to remember that as long as it's on, some people WILL try to use it as an excuse to push their non-furry shit


well I just woke up to a new $30 donation, ty anon

I have to go out shortly but I'll work on migrating the server when I get back



can someone who has shadbase on patreon please update? ty


you can now add non-furry creators


the process is also now automatic

because I know some people won't be happy about this, I'll try and prioritise some sort of tagging system to filter out non-furry creators



>I'll try and prioritise some sort of tagging system to filter out non-furry creators

How about you do the opposite? No one gives a shit about furfags.



What are you even doing here then, kindly gtfo.



>stop liking what i dont like

Yeah okay.



Hey can you update Suirano's stuff please?



Will all the creators who were denied for not being furry enough be added now, or should we resubmit requests for them?



you will have to resubmit


Hey Bui what's going on with yiff.party? Why can't I see images from the creators?



Scratch that. I saw the notice. I'm a dumbass.



>Admin falling for the morons that don't know how yiff.party works

So are you going to rename the site to Weeb.Party and host the threads on /a/? Because that's all it's gonna be about now.


Despite human shitters finally getting what they want, this should change nothing. Got all my fave artists bookmarked and the search engine works. Personally, I get off to anything drawn that makes my dick happy, so I'm impartial to this update. If anything, I get to see what artists on dA are hiding on their Paytreons now.

So, anyway, back to matters at hand. Still waiting on any file sharing uploads for Iskra and Yulliandress.



>So are you going to rename the site to Weeb.Party and host the threads on /a/?

So are you going to cry because not everything pleases you, you special snowflake furfag?


Anyone else getting lots of 404 messages when clicking the "Post Image" link?

Hell the post images have just been out and out disappearing on a few pages (DoomXwolf is the first one it happened to me on)



He's changing servers. As soon as he is done with the transfer, then everything should he back the way it was before.




Kek ok weeb. It was supposed to be a joke but it looks like you actually took it personal.

As long as the site keeps hosting my porn I'm ok with whatever the admin does. If anything this is gonna bring more people that might be willing to cooperate.



>goes to the furry board to complain about furries

Are you autistic?


I'm still waiting for someone to upload stuff from xNIROx via the importer. Maybe when the servers are done migrating


When should the Servers be done migrating anyways?


Can anyone update the cathouse tale to current/


File: f19b978fdd0af72⋯.jpg (27.43 KB, 627x626, 627:626, f19b978fdd0af72314d9ab95fb….jpg)


bait anthro when?





<!DOCTYPE html>


<head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

<title>Dropbox - 404</title>

<link href="https://cfl.dropboxstatic.com/static/css/error.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="https://cfl.dropboxstatic.com/static/images/favicon.ico"/>



<div class="figure">

<img src="https://cfl.dropboxstatic.com/static/images/publicfoldersunset.svg" alt="Error: 404"/>


<div id="errorbox">

<div class="public-folder-404"> <h1 class="error_message">File not found</h1> <br> <div class="message_body"> Sorry, that file doesn&rsquo;t live here anymore. It might have been moved or made private. </div> <br> <a class="c-btn c-btn--primary public-folder-link" href="https://www.dropbox.com">



>tfw vixinecomics will never switch to patreon so the webcomics could be leaked again.


migration is complete


File: 5808261cdf91402⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 266x340, 133:170, Almost got me that time bu….jpg)

File: 0bb404337e87ddc⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 723x706, 723:706, Baitopia.jpg)

File: 823f625d4b63706⋯.png (43.88 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Five Baits at Fishie's.png)


Here's some furry-themed b8 images


so I'm thinking about adding a user account system

for you guys, nothing will change. you will always have a link in this thread that logs you into an anonymous account

but the truth is, I'm missing out in a lot of contributor opportunities. to get more people to import I'm gonna have to open up, but I can't do that outright since it puts me at risk of my hosting providers shutting me down

so I think an account system (with manual approval and an agreement to contribute, to weed out any abuse departments) is the best option, unless anyone has any better ideas?

again, nobody in this thread will need an account, since the link in the OP will always be an option



and I'll add invite codes too


File: 002527cf632c9b3⋯.png (744.22 KB, 597x769, 597:769, Explain.png)


Not sure I fully understand, what's the advantage of having user accounts add content rather than anonymous users uploading files?



contributions will continue to be anonymous even with an account.

the purpose of accounts is to give outsiders -- i.e. non-8channers, a chance to use the site and contribute.

it serves as a way to ensure my hosting providers aren't able to access yiff.party and take me down. if I just removed the sadnate function right now without an account system, everything would be completely public, you see?


File: 9894f9066adf0af⋯.jpg (88.77 KB, 460x385, 92:77, Do not disturb the grass.jpg)


>Trusting normalfags

We're smooth sailing right now, let's not rock this boat, yeah? Let's not ruin this 8chan in-group trust. yiffparty is pretty much unheard of, you're risking giving voice to faggots who could ruin it by telling others causing them to go CUF.



yiff.party is actually very well heard of, including by Patreon themselves and countless creators, some of which I know personally. yiff.party was never a secret club, which you would know if you were here from the beginning. the only reason for why I restrict access is simply because I'm at risk of getting shut down by hosting providers

like it or not, Patreon is going to enforce CUF for all creators soon. they were supposed to do this last November but delayed it for whatever reason

we aren't smooth sailing. there are currently only a few users who use the importer (thank you btw), and currently we're only averaging one import a day, which are usually only for a few posts.

once Patreon adds sitewide CUF, yiff.party is fucked unless we find more contributors



>which you would know if you were here from the beginning

I was, actually, I just don't devote my life to scanning every last paytreon journal.

>once Patreon adds sitewide CUF, yiff.party is fucked unless we find more contributors

With the way you put it like that, you make it seem like you're going to do this anyway, so you don't care about people giving opinions on it. In any case;


>manual approval and an agreement to contribute, to weed out any abuse departments

So what, are people expected to push out a quota of number of patreons they rip from, or can you just sign up, rip one time, and be done forever?



As long as only people that contribute images have accounts, I'm fine with that.



>With the way you put it like that, you make it seem like you're going to do this anyway, so you don't care about people giving opinions on it. In any case;

well I asked if anyone has any better ideas. an account system is the best I have

if I do nothing, yiff.party will die

>So what, are people expected to push out a quota of number of patreons they rip from, or can you just sign up, rip one time, and be done forever?

it's really just to weed out the leechers and hosting providers. as long as they express interest in their application form I'll give it the OK, but I won't add any sort of quotas. I could maybe incentivize contributing by giving users invite codes for each contribution? idk


yes, and you can still contribute without an account. I want to make it clear that if you're reading this, you won't need an account, you can continue to use the link in the OP to authenticate


File: b3e07316a491760⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 285x326, 285:326, Concerned Nick.jpg)


>'s really just to weed out the leechers and hosting providers

What do you mean "weeding out leechers"? I hope you're not implying that yiffparty access will be closed to those who don't contribute...are you?




again, nothing will change for people in this thread

it's just for outsiders signing up for an account. I want people to sign up primarily because they have something to contribute, not just for their free Patreon porn


importer disconnection issues have been fixed



So Bui, if yiff.party is fucked, would that actually mean that you would shut down the site for good?



I don't mean fucked in that sense. it just means the automatic scraper would be useless, and the only way new posts could be added is via the importer

that WILL happen sooner or later, so I'm trying to get more users in who can import stuff



Community contribution will be a must, in that case. Importer uploads and sharing private files will be the norm once sitewide CUF hits the site. We really need more people to jump on and help out. I'll spread the word in other distribution rings to see if anyone would like to help when sitewide CUF goes live.



Have you considered moving yiff.party to onion land? No dns to fuck with, no provider to snitch to, no cloudfail, normalfags filtered by default.



Just keep the auth link on /fur/ and we'll be fine



I don't think you get it, anon

I'm trying to make yiff.party more accessible, not less than it already is

the more secretive yiff.party is, the more dead it'll be when everyone is CUF


Any updates for this?



Does anyone have whitekitten's stuff? I'm wondering if there's anything worth it in there, but I'm not giving 5 bucks to that psycho.


File: 75d269d5cccb61f⋯.png (40.02 KB, 286x170, 143:85, Fucking kek.png)

Ok who submitted this?


Wasn't he fucking banned? Is the guy pulling a Shadman on it or what?


File: 32af713812047d9⋯.png (29.95 KB, 669x102, 223:34, 123.PNG)


For what purpose.




These people don't even post art, what is this BS?


I finally graduated from CSS school, the index should no longer look like aids

only thing left is the tables on mobile


Is anyone able to add the last eight months of shit from jmgn?

I get the feeling there's images in the patreon that aren't being released outside it


File: b1f93db0cf1f9d2⋯.png (81.46 KB, 1328x192, 83:12, for what purpose.PNG)


yeah i noticed theres a lot more of these, what gives? i thought it was just a fluke for the first few to get through but then shit like this is happening.


Ayo yiff party fam, anybody up for uploading TrinityFate62 lewds? dankz buds


Is the 'download posts' option gone or am I retarded?



I dunno what Shadman did, but he made another Patreon account after getting banned yeah


File: 388c3f8b0100ef0⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 320x480, 2:3, larry-david-mobile-wallpap….jpg)





Seconding, what happened to that? Was useful to backstuff up one at a time.



simple 4 tag system:




Other (for non-art related campaigns)




how about only the first two


ok, voting system is now live

filtering will come soon


I'm conflicted on whether to add a Xeno category


Eternal bump of great justice


What the hell is sargon doing on yiff party?!



it's not yiff.party anymore

you might as well rename it patreon.party



get rid of shit like, these arent even content creators in any way.







you'll be able to hide creator types you aren't interested in soon, calm down

I've already said it twice, but once Patreon rolls out sitewide CUF, yiff.party will essentially die since barely anyone contributes

more creators → more overall users → more contributors (incl. for furry creators)

it's either no creators or all creators, amigo

also, people need to stop assuming yiff.party was ever a furry-creator exclusive site. I said way back when I enacted the furry-only policy that the reason for it was because of disk space. that is no longer a problem so the restriction has been removed



ah yes, yiff.party - my favorite website for sargon of akkhad leaks

come the fuck on bui


File: f7c05481d78bd9c⋯.png (81.09 KB, 624x628, 156:157, f7c05481d78bd9c538ae0cd382….png)


>dont tell me how to run my website

>gets told how to run his website

>my stance on new (non furry) creators isnt changing unless someone coughs up money for a bigger server

>non furry creators isnt something im interested in supporting

>Disregard all of that I suck cocks!

>niggers who added shitposting patreons are ever going to contribute

>niggers who added shitposting patreons arent just going to be leechers


The tag vote should allow for at least 2 votes for those who do more than just one thing.

As an example, https://yiff.party/170385 does furry, pony (anthro), and humans.



even if that was an option, the category for the creator would still be the option with the most votes (or in the event of a tie, multiple categories)

I planned to have a checkbox-style filtering system (ie. you can select/unselect which types to show) since it's the simplest implementation, a percentage-based system would just over complicate things

vote for the category that's most relevant


when can we download again?


you can now vote for content type, in addition to theme

refresh your JS if it isn't working



oh and I'd like feedback on the categories button. putting the tag system in a modal seemed like the cleanest way to me, since I don't want to overcrowd the header with a million tag buttons


File: f503e79512e9129⋯.png (140.52 KB, 1143x330, 381:110, ClipboardImage.png)



>y i f f



Read the thread. It's been discussed already.

If you already read it, you're just being purposefully ignorant. I'm not interested in the animu/normie stuff either, but it's not a bad idea to do what he's doing.


I'm still waiting to be able to intercept dropbox stuff, anyone know the status of that?


Can anyone add the latest Paraphore stuff?

Don't judge me






Speaking from personal experience moderating AnonGTS, I'm going to have to vouch for the account system. The biggest non-technical barriers for getting users to contribute are twofold:

1) Nobody wants to do it alone. If an artist has a lot of comics for sale on a place like gumroad, and you want to buy one, you'll probably want the others too. It's an all-or-nothing mentality; if someone can't get everything or at least a good chunk of it, then they won't bother getting anything. I find the best way to coax users into contributing is to round up some others who are interested and 'split the bill', where we grab one or two comics each.

2) Buying porn is for losers. It's a long-running meme that only cucks pay for fap material (which is mostly true), which makes a lot of would-be contributors apprehensive about dropping cash on niche fetish porn. Combine that with the fact that most online purchases stay on your credit card invoices, and anonymous methods like prepaid gift cards or Bitcoin involve a lot of extra fees/overhead, and nobody's going to bother being ``that`` guy. Point 2 is very closely related to point 1 in that regard.

Patreon's system only makes things more complicated.

First, you can't really 'split the bill' on a single artist. Each person has to tackle separate artists.

Second, Patreon's post system means that getting content from a Patreon is a pain in the ass. Even the "download zip" feature yiff.party used to have would be a nightmare, having to sift through all those folders. Plus, you have files shared by PMs, links to external sites, etc., depending on who you're pledging to, which makes the process that much more convoluted.

Finally, Patreon suffers from the concept of delayed gratification. If an artist releases one illustration a week for $5 a month, you can either pay now and get 4 pictures for $5, or wait a month and get 8 pictures for $5, or wait 2 months and get 12 pics for $5... Typically, the longer you wait, the more shit you'll get when you do pledge.

tl;dr ```Ripping Patreon feeds efficiently takes a massive amount of coordination, so accounts would be a good idea.``` Just don't actually lock anything behind an account, because that would be incredibly gay.



oh fug I dicked up the formatting





It was surprisingly hotter and more entertaining than I thought it would be. Never heard of it before either. So thanks for that Anon.


filtering has arrived, click the settings cog in the top right

I'm aware mobile users don't have a navbar, I'll work on that later since I gotta go now

be aware that filtering only works if a creator has been voted on. for a creator with no votes, it will show up regardless of which categories you have set to show


nav menu added to mobile


Anyone have the 1.37 update to Extracurricular Activities?


i saw there's a tab for changing the language

you want some help translating the site, bui?



that's the plan, I'm currently in the process of setting up the i18n system


Could we get an update to Zaush's page? I haven't seen any updates to that comic he's working on yet.


Any updates for R-MK?



Can we please get an update to AnimasAnimus? There's a few Patreom rewards that are long overdue.


File: 8201fc29a0e0121⋯.png (572.22 KB, 778x1100, 389:550, 8201fc29a0e01210ebb2164b6d….png)

This thread is very close to the bumplimit (450)

How do you want to handle the YP threads for the future Bui?

A) Make a new thread when bumplimit hits. the old one is archived and deleted. Is there any value in the old thread discussion?

B) Make this thread a cyclical, since the OP can just be updated with new information if needed and doesnt seem to ever really change beyond that. It saves everyone some time. One less thread to moderate in the catalog and no need to watch for the bumplimit.



make it cyclical I guess


the site is getting a lot of traffic all of a sudden, currently working to reconfigure the server to get everything working smoothly again. the importer might be down for a while, sorry



>hey guys i'm gonna add in humans and other irrelevant shit because we need more traffic

>oh no traffic, i have to shut down the importer



File: 1dffb77e9d29e92⋯.png (128.76 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1dffb77e9d29e9244ab62380a9….png)


looks like youve been roasted. we all saw this coming. still think the normalfag shit is worth being on the server?




Nice samefag dude.


Requesting https://yiff.party/684141 again please.



This guy has the gall to CUF with his shit-tier art? And not only that, but people [idiots] are giving this guy $532?

I want this joke to end.


The best thing about Yiff party is that now I know that most of those artist galleries are actually just a bunch of sketches, they produce less than what the avarege furry artist draw and post for free on FA.

So thanks for the redpill Bui, now I hate those fags of patreon even more.


Yiff Party... tainted with human porn. :'[



Fuck off furfag.



We'll convert them eventually.


File: 26d151a56808653⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 650x382, 325:191, picard-laugh-650x382[1].jpg)


> since yiff.party changed and allows now all patreon creators to be added i'll stopping uploads for fluff-kevlar.

:'< welp, the only uploads I actually cared for



>He is on fur board

>Accuse others of liking fur and looking for it

Are you feeling well anon? You sure?


lmao furfags eternally btfo of their own website



He's joking.


I like this site.



>abloo bloo bloo he exposes my hypocrisy so he's just joking



Yeah, that was bullshit, also

>inb4 the "bui can do no wrong, you owe him" dicksucker



based on the swarm of normalfaggots taking a dump on YiffParty?


File: e3c939d72210709⋯.jpeg (83.66 KB, 936x749, 936:749, 142947328225.jpeg)


>bui opens y.p in hopes more people will share

>people stop sharing

who would've thunk it?



Is bui giving this board link to normalfags?



uh yeah because i am a butthurt furfag and i need my safe space ;(




At this point you should change the name of the site, non furry content will eventually outnumber the furry ones anyway and "yiff party" only scare non furries away what will fuck with your little plan. There is no reason to keep pretending that is a furry site anymore.



>I was totally going to contribute a lot to this one of a kind community leak but the name makes me sad ;C

Said no one, ever.

Bui didnt want to expand the servers to cover human shit, someone paid for the servers, human shit was allowed.

That is it. Get over it and stop shitposting daily.



>Someone gave bui a 30$ donation =/= paying for human servers

the choice to move to a new server is on bui, no proof that the donator wanted that.

stop shitposting your antifurry shit on a furry board


why are people too braindead to use the filter



filters are useless because the creators are added without any tags, and faster than anyone could tag.

just remove the non furry shit



would you be happy if I required new creators to be tagged by the user adding them



Even if he wanted it would impact the site image too negatively at this point, too much content.



purge all of the recent creator updates, do a rollback before all of this massive fuck up and force people to pick tags when they submit, a 0 tag should give a "please pick one category" message.



>furries caring about being viewed negatively




the new automatic creator add so far only served to make creators go CUF and/or stop posting content on the feed, making it by email or pm





>have humans filtered

>still see human creators

I don't know what you did bui, but it didn't work.

If creators have to be accepted by you, can't YOU just tag them?



creators are now processed automatically, so no



>creators are now processed automatically

wow in what world did you think this would be a good fuckin idea



what a mess

way to go into making yp become worthless


Oh my fucking God, just get the fuck over it already. How lazy are you people to not bookmark all your favorite artists so you don't have to swim through the sea of big, bad human artists to find them? I've already done that and I use the search feature to find any other furry artists who may have been added.

Just get a life, shut your mouth and appreciate the service that we have. You ungrateful pricks have no idea how lucky we are to even have this site with no strings attached. No fucking idea.



i appreciate the site and i definitely respect bui, but that doesn't mean that he should be shielded from criticism and negative reactions when he does something really retarded



getting salty over creators you don't like being added is not criticism lad



maybe, but being """salty""" over lack of quality control/moderation IS criticism.



quality control? I don't know if you got the memo yet, but there are no longer any restrictions on which creators can be added. that's the end of it. I'm not going to police which creators are allowed based on your subjective opinion of "quality". you can, however, do this yourself by using the filter, which I implemented for this very reason. the only "quality control" I'll be doing from here on is approving shared files to make sure it's not just spam



yeah that'd be a great idea if the filter fucking worked, but because you're being an incompetent fuck - it doesn't



if you believe there is a technical bug with the filter system, do let me know. but unfortunately there isn't much I can do about your mental inability to use it properly



i filtered human in both all and recent creators, yet i'm still getting human creators

please explain to me how it's MY fault



Stop trying to find new porn in the most retarded way possible and none of this will ever bother you to begin with

Let me explain how you use YP since you're so special:

1. Search monosodium glutamate, inkbunny or whatever until you find an artist you enjoy who is paywalling his content on patreon

2. Note his patreon name

3. Search that name on yp

4. Complain about jewish tactics




What you're trying to accomplish is make the man mad. So mad that he decides to go on another hiatus, only this time he may not come back. If this happens, my faith in humanity will have sunk even more.

So the man has made some boneheaded decisions. Who the fuck doesn't? In this day and age, it's practically the norm. Instead of being a tight-ass and trying to ruin something amazing for everybody, how about using that "criticism" of yours and actually explain what needs to be fixed?



it's your fault for assuming I have magic technology powers to automatically determine which category a creator belongs to

you see, most users are able to understand that the filter system depends on other users tagging creators appropriately. I shouldn't need to explain this



again, i respect bui and his work but that doesn't mean he can't do anything wrong. the fact that he doesn't acknowledge his mistakes is the biggest issue here


ah, so it doesn't work and you're not going to do anything to make it work, gotcha



you're making every patreon creator go full pm with the rewards, by making yp expand so much without sustentability?

is that criticism reasonable enough or you're gonna tag it as salty?



feel free to prove that



And, instead of being the bigger man and describing his mistakes in detail, you're going to sit there and thump his nose like a playground bully until he goes running away crying. The way I see it, whatever respect you have for Bui must be minuscule judging by your behavior.


Y.P. is still off the radar to most artists. Yes, some furry artists who are aware of the site might go snitching to the art community abroad about it, but it will have very minimal effects. But, if things take a turn for the worst, then that might encourage somebody to make a copy of the site for non-furry art. Should that happen, Bui will have no point in keeping non-furry content on Y.P., then everyone's happy.

But, until that day comes, we have nothing to worry about.



as a patron to creators I used to be an uploader of stuff in yp, but now I can't wait until they implement full cuf and see your little precious creations decay into oblivion

you do nothing but masturbate to the idea that you've accomplished something


pathetic as fuck



are you even trying anymore? this is just sad lmao



I'll make my personal quest to use yp and reach to every creator I can, telling them to spread the word and stop posting content on their feeds

under the radar?


it's known by patreon techs, it's currently being talked about on every other chan and spreading faster than wildfire on f-a

yp is about to become as pointless as your personal life



why would i need to describe everything to bui in details?

he's not a child and i doubt he's going to listen either way, because who cares if features of your site don't work amirite?

>you're saying mean words to him so that means you hate him!!!

uh, okay


File: fc40ccfa3e39a72⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, 625:626, all out.jpg)


You won't do shit.


>why would i need to describe everything to bui in details?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe to keep things all kosher between admin and users? Instead of resorting to baseless complaints, insults and other childish nonsense?

So, he probably doesn't care what we think should be done to improve the site. But, all that matters is that you try, don't you think?

>don't tell me not to say mean words to the meal ticket of patreon piracy!!!

Fucking brain-dead is what you are. Pic related is for both of you that I replied to.



>yes good goim only say good things about bui or otherwise i'll post bait images x)

i see you're still ignoring everything what i said



>users actually have to tag things for tags to work


So what exactly is your solution to automate tags?

Invest in firearms, invade google's HQ and steal a prototype AI?



I already posted a solution, and bui is being a cocknigger ignoring it while YP continues to go to shit flooded with untagged garbage.



either enforcing tags, or even better, bui actually having to approve creators again, with him adding a tag (which he won't do because he's lazy and he would rather blame the issues on something else)

he's trying to make the site moderate itself, which has never worked and never will


File: b006cd82f9e7661⋯.jpg (27.31 KB, 490x450, 49:45, obama-thumbsx-large.jpg)


It worked fine, I'm loving adding somebody (GTS/Bimbo/Camwhore), seeing that they do fuck all on their patreon and not having to pay.

Just needs to be on TOR and im good to go.



Enforcing tags when submiting does almost nothing unless you want to sift through thousands of patreons not tagged "other" or "human" until you find something decent.

Only way this could ever work without community tagging is if Bui researches every artist to see if they occasionally draw ponies or xenos to properly tag everything by himself.



just watch me


Even with YP self-destructing, I'm hoping a nice sould could import the latest stuff from https://yiff.party/559004

I know this is the worst time, but with U18 down, this is the only place to request their stuff.



just remember this over the very next days, bui:

you brought this on yourself.



Patreon is already going to force everyone into CUF soon.

At most your autism will slightly speed up the inevitable. Oh noes.


File: 5ad07caab158e5c⋯.gif (4.61 MB, 480x270, 16:9, assholes.gif)

>global CUF inevitable

>everyone turning on the only person on the internet, at this point in time, with enough balls to create a site that serves as a back door for every patreon out there

>just cuz he decided to break the mold of said site for once

Man, you people just have to look the gift horse in the mouth, don't you?


>people think one guy is going to tag over a thousand Patreon pages by himself

You lazy shits. Go to the no_votes page, pick five random names, tag them. Do your part.


>people complaining about the lack of quality control

See >>24846


This is the best solution. Before you add a creator, give it a preliminary tag as human/pony/furry/xeno/other. You can include the type as well, but I don't think it matters as much as the theme.



Burn baby, burn!

Can't wait to get the internet rid of this pinnacle of entitlement.



>but with U18 down

About that, what the hell's going on with them?


I don't even get the bitching. Someone gave him the support needed to grab the other material, and it's just a flood of


Which is about as autistic as SJWs.


Make no mistake. The only entitled ones here, are the Jewtreon paywallers. I've already mentioned before what they could do to benefit them and their fans. Whether or not they listen, is up to them.



Yeah, obviously Bui is a god and dindu nuffin!!!

Fuck the haters and furfags lmao




Hey where are those links at dude?



>I've already mentioned before what they could do to benefit them and their fans

oh, watch out y'all,

we have a real pro economics post-doctorate here, who has it ALL figured out.

who's your book sales going on, messiah?


considering literally everyone here hates what's happening, isn't that proof enough that you fucked up? I mean, even if you don't agree?



Only you furfags hate wats going on, everybody else is fine



Everyone else = bui samefagging


Hey bui, could you implement patreon old-posts re-checking, for creators who update their old posts and/or files that were corrupted in the first retrieval?



yeah that's planned at some point, there's an issue on github for it


the importer has returned, I apologise for the delay

it now uses ajax instead of websocket, which is what was causing issues before. it should now work fine, but let me know if you spot any issues



>samefag every day and dont even bother changing the style

>everyone calls you a retard and counters your "arguments"

>everyone here hates whats happening, you really fucked up bui!

Nevermind the fact that none of your tired complaints matter if you are using yiffparty like you're supposed to.






Not him but if that's the way you're supposed to do it, why is there a filtering system?

Seems kinda counter productive.



the filters are worthless you shitter. we already went over this. you have to go back.




Still samefagging, lmao.

Just use the site like you're supposed to.



>everyone who dissagrees with me is a samefag




>le leftypol may may




For the exact same reason a creator list was there?

I dont see how an optional feature is counter productive when all you need is the patreon account name.



No, you.

You cant fathom that tags are a community effort and want Bui to do everything by himself to protect your virgin eyes from seeing a hairless ape while searching for new porn in the worst place possible.



a site cannot just moderate itself

when are you going to stop white knighting bui and realize that




>a patreon scraper

what did he mean by this



the only thing the "community" of shitters is doing is contributing to shitting up the site with more untagged shit. why should someone else clean up the submitters mess?

implement a fucking tag requirement at the submission process already. Im not going to pay bui a nother penny until he removes all the human normalfag shit or fixes this.



he just likes to go full retard



>why should someone else clean up the submitters mess?

just stop using tags if you dont want to help tag things

why is this such a hard concept?

tag requirement would help but then 99% of the artists would have only a single tag, that doesnt fix the issue


File: 2080b12eebcfd05⋯.png (46.13 KB, 418x508, 209:254, 1488405618098.png)


>just stop using tags





Why are furfags always so butthurt?



please see >>29105

tags are working as intended. your thickheadedness and inability to grasp that they are community tags, is not my or anyone else's problem

do you expect varka to tag every picture uploaded to e621?



e621 is a completely different thing, because the tags there are actually, you know, enforced. and there's actually a lot of people there

as long as i will see human creators on yiff.party with the filter on, i will whine



I like how you always ignore when someone brings up that enforcing tags still results in you having to waddle through a million poorly tagged pages.



you can't really do a poor job at marking a creator as "human" or "furry".


File: 0df704ba32ece60⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 438x303, 146:101, 0df704ba32ece60c6c2485adc7….jpg)


how about you just get banned so your bills dont have to be our problem.



Besides the multitude of artists that draw both, why would you want to click a random artist with no other tags, no gallery, scroll through hundreds of WIP/stream notification and other bullshit patreon posts, etc?

Might as well type "furry" on deviantart and browse the newest images.



that's a really good point, but it doesn't change the fact that tags do not work

i use the site as """"""it's intended""""""", but sometimes i just like to go to the creator list and look at the names that stand out

discovering new things doesn't hurt


File: e040ead9adc89cb⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 815x608, 815:608, 1468003005016.jpg)


the filtering system on yiff.party is a cool idea, but unfortunately it's not very effective for recently added creators because you don't enforce adding tags at the time of adding a creators

could you maybe consider adding such functionality to the add creator page? it would be much appreciated!

was that so fucking hard


File: d0d1b3431e6fac7⋯.jpg (121.51 KB, 893x533, 893:533, you cant make this shit up.jpg)

Bui do you also have a bot adding patreons at random? That recently added creators section can get fucking hilarious.



Getting some cannot display because it contains errors on the attachments on the latest post for: https://yiff.party/652450


bui doesn't want to tag

users don't want to tag

if nobody involved wants to fix this... why have it?


I added a filter to my adblocker that removes the "recently added" section

so problem solved on my end


Hey Guys, I'm just curious, what does Yiff.party track? I mean, do you keep a database of all the people who connect? Also, might I suggest a bitcoin donation, as opposed to paypal?



yiff.party doesn't, but new relic might

I'm waiting for coinbase to verify my account before I can accept bitcoin donations



Buijew intensifies


File: 7516f3f340a5757⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ.webm)

Why not just make seperate catalogs for furry and non-furry content creators, and uploaders/approvers have to tag their patreon/content as either one? That way non-fur content isn't shitting up the catalog of furries who don't want to see non-furshit, and vice versa. Everyone wins.


Update for https://yiff.party/2814971 please



maybe if some faggot didnt open the floodgates to normalfag shit we could tag it, but theres too much to deal with.


doesnt solve anything just puts it temporarily out of mind, its still a clusterfuck happening.



Well then maybe you should use the site as intended, furfag.


Hey is it me, or has Yiff Party taken on creators whose patreons involve art that isn't... well... furry? There's like one called Maxgrowth, that's just a bunch of RL females, using costumes and paddings and props to change their figure and chests, and nothing in it is Furry at all. I mean... really? All the creators I checked have patreons with Furry art, so why add in new ones that... well... don't?



news flash:

bui drank all of the kool-aid and now all creators are permitted on the site



Yeah, he should've just pocketed that donation to protect my feelings, fuck bui.




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