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File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

Post last edited at


File: 3e9a26133490737⋯.jpg (118.86 KB, 900x562, 450:281, 520ce6bed938b8a0a6e88e9850….jpg)

I can see sollyz_sundayz posts on yiff.party, but I can't see how to download the full res images. it seems to be just what's posted publically. am I missing something?


This guy appears to have some decent art which has yet to appear.




Am I reading a nigerian 419 scam



seconding this, page updated but not the password images



People like things for free when they aren't usually free.

Especially if it's something they are really into, like furry porn.

That's why outsiders go out of their way to try and fail posting here.


These have not been update in a while. Is anyone able too?





File: eac2bd6fb33a980⋯.png (6.18 MB, 2091x3574, 2091:3574, 1.png)


Someone update Hioshiru's page with CUFs if possible please or I'm going to be mad


File: 1b007cfb43573f5⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 3600x3600, 1:1, e5eab0bfd60f0305f864641dc9….jpg)


mfw I didn't notice how fucking awesome this thread is until now.




Most pics I've waited months for are kinda disappointing. Meh. Solo female pics are nothing compared to her m/f pics.


Someone please update jaykuma



This, feral is basically the only thing I follow her art for, the rest isn't really worth it, maybe you get one like what you just posted once every 8 months?


Now, if maybe someone could get https://www.patreon.com/SciFiCat that would be great.


File: ac02631783450ed⋯.jpg (203.57 KB, 1083x1270, 1083:1270, 029_1449887827.danza_feral….jpg)

Anyone have the Patreon version?


Are https://yiff.party/3035566 and https://yiff.party/371321 ever going to be fixed?

The first has been showing "Update queued. Please check back in a minute." for weeks and the second returns a 502 error


yiff.party/720186 has multiple posts with broken embeds pointing to http:///. What do?



I'm obsessed with the way she draws ponies, while the topic otherwise gets on my nerves these days. She still seems to have trouble drawing e.g. Maid Marion, but the Alpha & Omega pic is flawless.

What really troubles me is that several artists started to copy her style, but badly. And that she got in contact with my former favorite artist, who ended up drawing S&M crap all of a sudden. Thankfully, that didn't influence her.

Ugh do you guys know that feel?

When your favorite artists start drawing shit?

Sometimes literally, like Tricksta.



I actually considered getting 2 commissions from her, too. Since I always wanted to draw two MLP pics but never got to it, because everyone does it better than me.

But I think the artist is Russian and I'm too pissed off about Russia these days to send money there.


eternal bump of sore dicks


Did Tumblr just recently killed the raw trick? 404 even if you strip the subsubdomain.



use data.tumblr.com instead of media.tumblr.com

you're welcome


Can I get lil bit of dis shit



Is yiffparty died?



not died, just abandoned mostly


Someone for the love of god update https://yiff.party/441906 and https://yiff.party/250185


Someone feel like adding https://www.patreon.com/Momokun ?


Having issues sharing a file (~26mb .zip) for https://yiff.party/214479, all I get is "Unknown error occurred, please try again."


skiddart, please


Whoever updated https://yiff.party/684141 thank you!


Requesting https://yiff.party/2566634 to be updated,missing 60 posts.


can some one update this https://yiff.party/4850846



I'm having the same problem (with another artist) and I successfully uploaded days before.


Can someone update the missing cuf posts for this guy? https://yiff.party/3983080


yiff.party/598243 still has broken embeds pointing to c10.patreon.com. Pretty sure it's been updated since that problem has been fixed.



"maxmancommissions" is missing some recent posts.




File: 8156cf5a8d56851⋯.jpg (259.23 KB, 984x1280, 123:160, power_shower_07.jpg)


The first comic is on u18chan now. Someone should still upload Ryan's patreon so we can see the second one.


File: 06111a2b10ad148⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 550x550, 1:1, tumblr_oxgnb8WgXF1r7w0iso1….gif)

Can someone please update https://yiff.party/252083? Thanks in advance.



dogbone seem to went back to being less autistic. You can grab all posted 4k content for $10 and she even posts her art again.

I can only assume her content purge was due to some job that didn't pay as well as rolling in furry commish money does; wouldn't be the first. That or just autistic surge.



Anyone have it?



merenhor just disappeared from the internet. Did anyone get his stuff before he pulled it?




Can patrons pay for just one post?


Could somebody update celeste's page please? Been four months since its last update. Thanks.



>People are only updating diives with his freely accessible content

Come on, man.

Requesting update from someone who actually has the paywall stuff.



File: 369e6f61288fed1⋯.gif (979.93 KB, 219x300, 73:100, hug cat.gif)


I found the thread with the first comic: https://u18chan.com/gc/topic/1332176

A thread before this one was deleted. If it gets deleted again, ask in this thread and I can provide the first comic.



auth is no longer required to access yiff.party + accounts are disabled (for now)



Sweet. Still hope someone gets the second comic. Ty for the link.


Anyone who donates to Zummeng, xe has a million old posts missing at $10 and $15 levels.


Sorry, I didn't catch it, but the Furry Booru and the onion archive have some stuff.


>This content is password protected. To

view it please enter your password below:

they are aware of what yiff party is doing, they're putting content behind another fucking wall

its DMR behind DRM behind DENUVO


Just wondering, why is this artist always 404?



File: 1b2d01ce4c829d1⋯.png (15.15 KB, 283x124, 283:124, you know the site is publi….png)




This wont end well


Patreon: Hey let's slaughter revenue stream by crackdown on adult content!

noname55 "under review" etc

*grabs popcorn*




>CUF pending



File: 240d18c9c471471⋯.jpg (301.36 KB, 757x1280, 757:1280, 1509958_impious_330riolu.jpg)

Requesting update (Impious)




Sure can't help but wonder how many furry patreons are gonna get absolutely fucked sideways now>>50998




Hes like my favorite SFM producer.



Any updates on this?

So I can just get it over with.


Can someone please update RedEquinox?




Seriously? $1? if you can't afford that on your own just go die in a gutter



Xennos has already moved to patreon "black market" aka discord. I imagine this will be next trend for everyone else with "dubious content" aka non-con, incest, bestiality, ferals, cubs and probably anything else that's not casual pinup.

Blank patreon pages only used to charge people and distribute content via discord. That's the future I guess?

>>22069 discord importer next?



btw OP can you reimport just one post (before patreon nukes it)? External links were updated.

I remember there was re-import tool but forgot url.






Ash shit. So Patreon is planning on putting down a cock block?

One has to wonder why they decide to do this?



Rich kids' enraged religious parents or p's CEO aiming to become a saint. Or at the very least be... politically correct?



must be related to the new multi-millionaire investor they kept bragging about over the last weeks


can you guys implement some sort of "update old posts" sytem? a lot of patreons update old posts instead of posting new ones and yiff party completely ignores this, locking out a bunch of content




Fucking normies.


alright i updated skiddart so you guys can beat off to that shit i guess


hello am new, what's this whole thing about



it's a community for sharing pictures of your momma's gaping asshole


Site now says I'm logged into an anonymous account rather than my old one, and clicking "log out" to try and enter my credentials does nothing. I can still access the site just fine, but now any invite tokens I could've generated are gone and it means importing posts doesn't show that I'm contributing to the site.



Sounds like they didn't properly config the anonymous system now that you don't need to click the thread link to use it.



but tokens are useless now that there's no accounts, so what's the problem?


Is there a problem with the importer? I got a "too many attempts" error when i try over the last 2 days.


Anyone have Shared Files for https://yiff.party/259255 ? Full versions of their content aren't available on the Patreon posts.




Didn't Discord go on a huge crackdown on taboo servers like a few months ago? I don't see this working for very long.



>taboo servers

what you mean?



If you're 20$ or up, be a dear?



Please don't update him until the beginning of the month. The only exclusive shit he posts can be accessed through a dropbox link which he changes every month, so it's best to wait until he does.



ahh, so it seems. be sure to wait for that, then!


i'm currently running into cloudflare 523's and 524's. Is shit just screwy on my end, or is YP down atm?



Nah you're not the only one, I'm running into it as well. What's going on??




is this still happening?



works just fine for me



I might have one pack (one with centaur gurl), although dropped the artist after it, if you need it I can look for it. Was very disappointed in contents tho, Fool me once... wish I spent the money on zummeng/gracer instead as they at least don't jew it with packs.


Discord TOS is also basically no-adult-stuff, so they nuked few bigger fetish servers or something for PR/legal mumbo-jumbo.


Its disposable and it's free. In case of banhammer just recreate account/server and connect to patreon again. PatreonBot autoinvites people so the whole setup can be restored in about an hour or so. Somebody could also write a simple bot that would also repost rewards etc.

Now weight that against a ban on patreon. That's a whole different story.


If no one else will shell out that $10 for 797556 I will cause dat renamon ass in hd. In fact, expect CUF content drop as I'm gonna shell out about $70 next month and fap my way to oblivion. Though not sure if I'll use importer or just shared files.

So if anybody is willing to get 797556 covered, that would be nice to know ahead of time.

Fun fact: russian censor ops hate bunny cub incest and tried to take it down by mass reporting abuse. Who knew?



It was fucked for a while yesterday but works fine now.


Can someone add https://www.patreon.com/Beetlecat and some other fursuit makers please? Thank you ^_^


File: 32d9c9d51e2a3b2⋯.jpg (191.93 KB, 1500x1358, 750:679, 2017-6_daily_zelda.jpg)

Requesting update



Can anyone update https://yiff.party/919407 please?



can someone pls plague $20 cuase you can get the password to the nsfw blog


Hey, they changed the importer so now you can update people with cookies. If anyone here is a $1 or up patron of ViperV, creator of Divine Arms, could you please update his yiff.party page? His posts haven't been public since fuckin June man...


Surely someone has the 2.02 version of CloudMeadow, right?


Requesting major update



how does the cookie thing work, can I use it to transfer one artist in particular or is it always all artists I'm supporting?



Go to yiff.party and click on the artist you're supporting on patreon. When the orange box says they are CUF click it and try to import their posts. From there it will give you the option to use the cookies, eliminating the need to give out your username and password. So as far as I know, it's only for the one you're trying to import


Where will I be able to fine noname55's "stuff" now



all artists



Discord also records all content for the authorities. Keep using software and ignore TOS


Now that yiff.party is open to the public, is this thread basically now a request thread for CUF artists?



Could someone please add



Requesting update for raccoon21's patreon:



To whoever updated https://yiff.party/252083 , THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Why the fuck is this full of human shit now? I don't want to see ugly Tumblr tits. yiff.party isn't furry related anymore.



Human shit has been on the site for several months now you inattentive shitdick retard.


Kandlin is now uploading HD/SD versions of his pics on discord channels now. This is kinda a slap in the face for patreon users now since you now have to make a discord just to see the art it's fucking ridiculous. anyone happen to know how to get those pics?


Has anyone uploaded Readyartzone's Patreon yet?

The main tier is only $1/month.




Shit happens and some people can't follow threads/websites 24/7 forever.

Plus, since the thread is a cyclical, you can't just scroll up to learn what happened.


Ty for the monthly archives!



There's a lot to sift through, can anyone point me to some creators who do nice Pokemon animations, 3D or not?



If you consider automatic tweening as 'animation', then zonkpunch did a good pokemon one recently.


Requesting natsumemetalsonic



that's your personal problem.

deal with it or gtfo.


File: b6f3ca04d0359c7⋯.jpeg (106.56 KB, 700x525, 4:3, CBCA759D-08F4-451C-8272-A….jpeg)

Doors anyone have the rest of this packet, with the girl being inflated with slime on yiff?


The fuck even is yiff.party?



A site where people reupload patreon content.

Originally only doing furry patreons (hence the name) but now doing all kinds of patreons.


File: 85a2f68536f6b59⋯.jpg (180.56 KB, 1000x434, 500:217, 1 fap.jpg)


>Guy does 10-minute cuck video

>then radio silence on his tumblr

>notice he has a paytreon

>Regular updates

>MFW considering dropping word to nintendo just to fuck his shit up

>MFW I can just cuck him of his content now as wellinstead

Feels good. This is a good thing you folks are doing.


Does anyone have the pizzacat comic from this and could upload it?


Is anyone a patreon of this?




Due to Patreon introducing "device verification", importing via username/password is no longer possible.


File: d2bb42f37ba3678⋯.png (59.02 KB, 459x402, 153:134, 1461289874621.png)

Someone... please?




>in ukraine right now

It's okay, he's dead anyway.


File: f36405ce2d1b0be⋯.png (1 MB, 1280x1489, 1280:1489, tumblr_oym7oe3pjV1s52t8no1….png)




The 2017-08-22 11:35, 2017-08-12 18:04 and 2017-07-25 15:08 still have broken embeds point to c10.patreon.com or c10.patreonusercontent.com links. Wasn't something supposed to happen every update to correct these problems?


someone please update Skygracer




he just released some 3k cynder pics so he's gotta be alive still, but no one has updated it in over a month.


thanks so much for adding ghettoyouth. so excited


File: 0ef591a553d86b2⋯.gif (100.57 KB, 201x199, 201:199, Fox Girl.gif)

Cmon guys. I had a pleasent day. Show me a good furry artist that needs an update.

Maybe i pledge him and import the page.

Can't wait for all the humanshit replies on this




This is already updated and i won't pledge $30 for just one post.



That's a really low res gif, not to mention the clashing colors. I really like the smooth animation though, who's the artist?

And assuming this is not a bait post, zonkpunch could use an update, as the last one was a month ago. Or https://yiff.party/443660 if you don't like popufurs that put no effort into their 'animations'.


He probably didn't see that it was updated yet.



oh, fuck me, sorry. i didn't see that someone had updated it after my post.


File: 03af17e2350f3b0⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 691x687, 691:687, Fox Girl.gif)


https://yiff.party/443660 has no new updates since 26 sept.

Strange i was sure i'd saved a better version. Here's a better one of that fox girl.

That was the image name orginally. Maybe you can find the artist with it.




Don't know if you like pony porn, but https://yiff.party/3988631 could use an update. I can't get the page to finish checking for missing posts but there are.



Not a request for a update per se, but proxer (https://yiff.party/2297438) has a bunch of broken image links near the bottom, could whomever is getting this guys stuff fix it please?


Can someone please really update this?https://yiff.party/3983080

I really love his work.


Anyone got updates for https://yiff.party/2501979?



I think YP is having problems with embeds again.


yiff.party board: https://yiff.party/bbs/list





Both of these artists draw furry art occasionally.


Since I saw some concern for one Noname55, here's a thread in the discussion board relating to artists like them and their content. Hope it helps in the long run.




Can you update this one, https://yiff.party/523894?



Can you not?


I fear I know the answer but I might as well ask. Has Patreon clarified at all what is and isn't allowed under the new rules yet?








LOL that reminds me. I wonder what Kabier is gonna have to do with her page.


It seems as though Vader-san's (https://yiff.party/152869) dropbox links for his older stuff's broken. Does anyone have copies of the older high res stuff he has?


File: eabc9188bc33c24⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 691x523, 691:523, Capture.JPG)

Has someone figured out how to get animopron's newest bestiality thingy with sound? It's actually posted to yiffparty but the link to the file itself is back on patreon, really bizarre



he has already released it for free on naughty machinima, xvideos and pretty much anywhere else.

His paywall is just a 3-day time-paywall


>Xennos and Apostle purged their stuff because of new rules

Oy vey, it's like a 8th Shoah in here.

You niggas know anyone else who had to remove/relocate stuff?



it's in Shared Files


Yeah in low res trash form



where my aedollon shit at


File: 3fb51cb4175cc4d⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 270x188, 135:94, 4B16BB81-1A97-4A76-9D31-95….gif)


Someone please upload this. I wanna read the sequel so badly.


File: 406cc4077e12024⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, avatar.jpg)

Someone grab the 0.13.1 patch pls?



Hey, it's November now and they've posted the 20$+ dropbox, finally.



Update, please?



Could use an update on



Is there any of this available?




This plz


Requesting an update to https://www.patreon.com/uncleloko


requesting update for https://yiff.party/942643



So, i must start locally saving everything i found, before the great purge which obviously about nearest 2-3 months.


Please update Werethrope Patreon

It has 27 missing posts already



File: f7f310aba096455⋯.jpg (46.01 KB, 450x650, 9:13, 1507857780.kayla-na_asriet….jpg)

anyone got the october update of this? Or a better res of this?




That's has always been good practice. When video streaming got big, people started thinking "why even bother downloading porn?". Bad idea.


Anyone got the link to Whitekitten's google drive?


File: 8267fbe61f5e58f⋯.jpeg (939.68 KB, 817x1080, 817:1080, 979bf3f93b37c770c557f2909….jpeg)


If anyone is interested. Mainly preg and futa stuff



Is zonkpunch adding an ahegao for that cervix penetration?


So half the guys I follow are now adding website-only content and more are announcing to be soon to follow. It was nice having this for the time it was worth


File: bfa4f08a205507d⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 235x257, 235:257, 1396027542726.jpg)


If anyone else digs this horrid shit and happens to feel like sharing I'd be much obliged.



How do they intend to control access to paid pics?



People are getting more and more retarded, since patreon began it's shitty crusade for paying artist, many of them have nearly vanished from public listing on various forums and boards, i don't even remember the name of some of them and can't see anything of what they are doing without yiffparty

Making their own site reek of desperation, it can only end badly, among the other obvious thing, none will even know they exist or care they exist as more and new artist that are not utter morons will actually publish their shit, plus place to share like this one will just increase in numbers at that point, it's just too convenient, follow 1 idiot and get the album of everyone else other people follow for free, it's just too much of a good deal to stop

Not to mention most of the so called artist have a very small pool of possible follower available that is willing to pay for their content, such pool can only decrease with so much isolation from the public. On sofurry the idiots have attempted the same trick, block access to their story unless you are their friends, and you can only be friend if you contribute to it's patreon, or they made their own blog/site and moved their story there

Results? Many author have been completely forgotten, and their blog have a pretty small visit counter as a result, why they don't even appear any more in most search on the site, how can you even know about them? Their pitiful attempt to publish only half the story and hook you on their blog miserably failed, it just pissed the reader off and quickened their figurative demise

At this point the collapse of patreon and friends is inevitable, various signs are beginning to appear on most major boards, and when the bubble burst, i will be there with the popcorn watching the "drama" unfold


Is there anyone donating to www.patreon.com/albatrossart that's able to import their posts? I know it's trash but it's the trash I like




It would seem that patreon is allowing to link these websites with the patreon accounts. You login to get content directly with your certified patreon, and now that its outsource, yiff.party can't easily have access to that unless the system is completely overhauled and allows people to submit outside posts to patreons, but that would mean hell because there would be no way to make sure the artist's content was being uploaded to the correct account


also gonna request https://www.patreon.com/fidchell cause im a fucking degenerate

20 or up is probably a rip, but oh well



>we can't upload shared content






>nobody's checking all these consecutive digits



These have not been updated for a long time. Could anyone update them please?




anyone mind uploading the $3 tier for ranken?



can someone add this artist?


thanks in advance.



No one?



Anybody that could please update the shared files of Alancampos? Missing more then half of his packs.


File: 5a3024b93a452a9⋯.png (643.96 KB, 1280x1478, 640:739, d672b2b3-8e92-4ab8-9a28-32….png)

Can anyone update https://yiff.party/233822 please? Thanks in advance!


can someone update 15$ reward links?



There's a whole lot of IRL humanshit being added lately. Did we go public yet?


Anyone got NaughtyMorg's password?



I imagine it's because of their affiliation with PayPal. You know how much PP love to bible thump and censor shit.


Can I get an update to Agawa?

This guy https://yiff.party/2347514


Is anyone a patreon of Thecon and can upload it?



Site down for anyone else?



down for me also



It's down for me too. Thought it was just my shitty internet.


rip T-T



It's down for me too.


can someone please update https://yiff.party/325660



It's doubtful, but if anyone's pledging to this guy, please upload the models.


Surprised his patreon isn't included in here yet, they have a comic going on that I've been aching to read but all the NSFW bits of that comic are paywalled and actually exclude some story because of that.


can someone update https://yiff.party/327837 with the password pages



Please update because it's literally the only art I can fap to nowadays.




[text requesting an update with a jesting note about how there are 4 requests in a row now.]


File: 420c47fa99952d5⋯.png (175.83 KB, 295x353, 295:353, Danger zone.png)

Downloads seem to be slower right now, and I'm getting "size mismatch" errors when downloading pictures. What's going on?



Would anyone update this please?





File: bf561a35e1127ab⋯.gif (367.55 KB, 326x326, 1:1, wtf.gif)


This, I have the same problem

Can anyone tell us why?


seems to be offline


Creators' page taking a long time to load for anyone else?


Requesting update for 21CenturyRaccoon's patreon: https://yiff.party/2449649


im new here. what the hell is this yff party thing?


File: 209fd8f06ce8fee⋯.png (4.35 MB, 2120x3000, 53:75, Shantaepreview.png)

Anyone have the $10 Shared Files for https://yiff.party/259255 ?


Can someone update this?


They finally uploaded the final(ish) version of the game



File: 9499993a602fd86⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 746x1130, 373:565, 1864833_yoshitura_chu.jpg)

File: 33972d8c7345e84⋯.jpg (113.15 KB, 954x570, 159:95, 02-01-17-pink-beret-bunny-….jpg)

File: 5b63e06e6e238c4⋯.jpg (201.81 KB, 1140x932, 285:233, 13-02-17-chip-cookie-crisp….jpg)


oops forgot examples


Can someone update https://yiff.party/2606562 please?



someone update this at 20$ level ffs


Can someone update this?


"HD"? :'|


File: b18d522e500fd4d⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 400x400, 1:1, avatar.jpg)

rwolf deleted a fuckload of his Hi-res files off dropbox, anyone have them?



File: c1c78288d6f6943⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 480x561, 160:187, 3262cd2b7a10ac404770050fbc….jpg)


>Trash tier vore art


That's gonna be a firm 'no'



File: 3f92f6407b25d40⋯.png (87.75 KB, 192x275, 192:275, NC4j1fp.png)

They really should add a way for whoever's posting stuff to add notes or comments or passwords. So many of the smarter artists are using passwords that are shared over email, and it ends up locking a lot of content away.


File: 5c16113800b7371⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 500x281, 500:281, DPwhPu4W0AAbWuh.jpg)

>Never really used FA

>Never commissioned anyone

>Only ever notice comics getting uploaded on various furry imageboards

>Artists begin locking all their shit behind patreon

>Its all trash

I can fucking view it for free with yiff.party and its not even worth the time to browse through all the shit.

Who is retarded enough to give these talentless hacks more than 50 cents?




Can some one upload dat shit?



I really hate that patreon is just going to become the new cam girl site with no little to no comparative fees for them.





how about this trash tier vore art for only $15?




File: fbf5f111865d8ca⋯.png (323.6 KB, 999x654, 333:218, oww.png)

oowww :c



oh no, not generic human porn artist #8435627!

whatever will we do?


What happened to the update button?


xpray last suvirvor?




File: cf5db1b6bea6949⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 550x700, 11:14, e2c95eb7-fed7-4420-9b58-c1….gif)

Anyone wanna update https://yiff.party/252083 again? Thanks in advance.


someone please get salty_tart's $10 shit for the love of god


>artist just sends images over a PM

why even live



I was actually about to bring this up. There should be an option to upload those that content as well, because it sort of defeats the purpose of yiffparty if it's bypassed that easily.

I mean I KNOW that the "released" version is still inferior, which makes me wonder why they wait to release the inferior free version if they're still just going to give a higher quality to just patreons. It's to trick them into thinking that there isn't a content paywall



Seconding this. I need this shit.


>find sexy image on FA but it's lineart with no color

>artist's description says if you want the color version you have to support them on Patreon

>use yiffparty to find the colored version for free

>turns out the colored version is significantly worse than just the lineart

Thanks yiffparty.


foxmcfly has yet to be updated



Nice, gg guys.


After checking all links, I gotta say I'm shocked what artists expect money for their crap and even get it.

Holy shit I'm missing out.



innit? Just fire up MS Paint and draw dicks. Instant money. Honestly, I don't even know why some people complain about being short on cash when it's so easy to scam furries. No sarcasm, I'm dead serious.



I agree. And I'm so pissed off that quality doesn't matter. I'm never satisfied, while I watch low quality getting praise (I try context over quality now instead).

Sometimes I think about it and feel sorry, because I kept complaining about Patreon while not knowing anything about it or the work posted there, so I sounded like a jealous troll.

But holy crap, this thread proves all my prejudice. Examples:

- Someone sketches with a red pen on paper, there. Work done. Give me money.

- Downright unfinished work with extremely rough lines and half-assed coloring, no background.

- People actually writing "sorry lol, I have to pay bills so this is exclusive", which to me is the same as begging

- I was looking for a Patreon exclusive 3D video, all that's public is a gif preview. The gif preview looks really good, but the complete video is really disappointing, ugly and short. The whole work was put into the part for the preview. The rest is so ugly, it looks like from a different animator.

- I pay for pictures showing the artist's fursona screwing his/her imaginary mate. And like 70% of that artist's folio is just about that, seems super desperate. I actually love it when obsessed couples split up and their whole gallery based around their relationship is ruined.



Just to add to my rant: I have to say, it seems to me like the payers really get ripped off, and the system is indeed made for people too lazy to get a real job. There are some artists with a large output of high quality, but those are really the minority.



This dude is a super cool content creator. You should wait awhile after the entire comic has been completed before sharing it


If anyone can update https://yiff.party/312424 it looks like we're missing two polls and a sketch page for an upcoming new comic.


Looking for updates of https://yiff.party/847327 and https://yiff.party/176407

Thanks in advance~


File: f7102070fdc05a9⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 600x600, 1:1, a1c0c7d1db66e27f52de6af321….gif)



Already exists and there's nothing even on it.


File: 3516f90e0ea71b6⋯.png (413.57 KB, 1280x1086, 640:543, ,.png)

Can someone get this and maybe any other fur shit they have? Because I'm not funding their tranny delusion, especially when she needs to get a job that's not blueballing poorfags



I saw that a lot of artist are sending the best materials by private messages to each patron.

my BIG question is:

- Is it possible to know the content of those messages?



I'm no tech, but I would suspect that accessing PM's would be a far greater endeavor than accessing userpage postings. If it could be done, though, it would be way better than having to deal with the shared files system that nobody seems to be using. But, then artists would get wise to that and move their shit to e-mail or file-sharing. A lot to consider here.



I imagine that e-mails are easier to share than PMs.



just a heads up and sorry if i'm late, but patreon is gonna increase the fees



File: 06ca9e687d45c11⋯.png (247.42 KB, 676x839, 676:839, anythingoes.png)

So more people are knowing about yiff party now that its public. Do you think patreon can shut it down or other people?



personally, i doubt it if only because of the fact that leaks will still be a thing after its gone, on top of that its off site so patreon cant really do much about it. Theres leaks here, 420chan, u18, etc, which patreon itself cant take down either. Yiff party merely provides a platform specifically for patreon based leaks that are provided by users themselves. What with charge up front being a thing for like 75% of patreons, yiff party practically does nothing other than being a glorified image board where you can only post patreon posts. Also lmao, judging furries for this shit because its called yiff party when the hentai community jumped on that shit like a wild fire when it opened its doors. Sure the furries started it but i swear a majority of the content is hentai now


anyone got boogie's tier 3 password for december?


Please update shiin https://yiff.party/186792



Does anyone have that new christmas art pack that plankboy made?


File: f1162c5841607d8⋯.png (104.96 KB, 1329x828, 443:276, Anotheronebitesthedust.png)



he acts like anyone cares about him, lol



That asshole can go fuck himself. Thanks to whoever started leaking his shit. I dont mind the whole "Patreon first then release public after a while" scheme some have got going but this faggot straight up went over and let his tumblr practically rot only occasionally making a fraction of what he makes public.


File: 15e827e6781d63f⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 492x376, 123:94, weenie-1.jpg)



This really got to me. I've been sitting here crying for the past 10 minutes, thinking about what losses I've unfairly inflicting upon all these artists by stealing their work without paying for it. The Bible tells us in Provers 6:31 "Yet if he is caught, he must pay sevenfold, though it costs him all the wealth of his house."

I think it's time I reform my ways and stop being an image pirate. Unfortunately this means I have to become a Patron to ALL the furry artists whose works I've illegally stolen over these past few months, AND pay sevenfold to undo the financial damage I've caused to them, as in instructs in Proverbs.

I guess the lesson here is that yiff piracy doesn't pay, folks. You'll end up paying a lot more money than if you just became their Patreon patron in the first place. I invite fellow furries to join me in this journey of righteousness.


Could someone please update Oni?


$1 is fine, that's what rogue-like is.


If someone could add some of bikupan's stuff it'd be much appreciated.




Paywall scum at its finest.


File: cff9545ff3b67b7⋯.png (40.21 KB, 1902x429, 634:143, PM files.png)


It seem like importing CUF isn't gonna cut it

Hopefully this will encourage uploading files and make shared files a big thing


File: 128f3369543fb74⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 256x256, 1:1, avatar.jpg)


The "Bonfire 0.14.1 Windows 64-Bit Installer" shared file has been uploaded twice. Someone please remove the duplicate file.



>Anybody here have the collection of alt pics xpray sends out with his non comic pages?

I second this request.



Any chance someone could provide the PM files of this artist? If they want to start a pointless war, they better be ready to finish it.


https://yiff.party/5541134 Can we get a Dramamine CUF update around here.


Anyone know what happened to https://yiff.party/5006670 animations named "Cowgirl" and "It does a body good"? WIPs was posted long time ago before other works, but still no release.


Can somebody please add SuperTito patreon?



Yes please someone share that



He's been fully updated


Does anybody have all the art packs to upload to Kozmonius's Shared Files tab? All of his finished works are PM only. https://yiff.party/938231


can somone share www.patreon.com/rufflenecks?

im sure it used to be on yiff.party




Requesting dis dood

Ty in advance



can someone update kitticlub's content?


File: c8a539a728e5bf6⋯.png (141.35 KB, 618x637, 618:637, H8BujkSLSu2L9b_8i3Cn1Q[1].png)

It seems some moralfags are trying to get yiffparty's PayPal access revoked.


File: 6ac3c16ff2178c5⋯.jpg (250.03 KB, 1924x1394, 962:697, ''stealing''.jpg)

File: de5ff8b1558f8ab⋯.jpg (188.4 KB, 480x726, 80:121, SHUT IT DOWN!.jpg)



Guy is a butthurt moralfag artist-sucker mouthpiece who tries very desperately to pretend tumblfags' scribblings are worth anything. The usual. Get this hot take:

<a couple years back I featured a site that is devoted to following creators on Patreon with useless credit cards, downloading all their content, and reposting them for free because they think paywalls are evil.

<They've really upped their game recently, and created bots that are building up to harvest EVERYONE'S paid posts.

<In the ultimate irony, they now post all of @forexposure_txt's paid posts for free as well.

>This nigger thinks we're committing credit card fraud



This fucking retard is part of the "If i work i MUST get paid" group, despite being paid and working are two completely different things on the market, especially for artist or writers

You need to make a deal to gain money out of your work, not pretend everyone owe you something because you do it, jewatron included




Oh someone brought him along, too bad 99% of his stuff is missing



>furries: basically fucking niggers with nigger-tier reasoning

I'm not even surprised anymore


>gibs me dat porn cracka

>reparashuns and sheeit

porn is literally post scarcity and there are god knows how many free works released by artists and you niggers still want to steal shit, it's amazing really




I was kinda hoping that the shared file feature would be used more often by now for people who send the pics directly to Patrons (like Oxdarock)




I bet you pirate games and music, though? I'm right, aren't I?



No, because I have a job :^) faggots




>he doesn't understand co-operative economics.

the marginal cost of uploading paywalled content is negligible while the marginal utility gained from feeling you've made other people happy is - even if also negligible - likely higher. (otherwise why would you do it?)

What lies at the root of this is of course the oddity of trying to sell digital files. Instead of selling the service of creating the files (via commissions) or the labour of selling the files (by having a donation-only patreon), artists are trying to sell the files themselves as commodities. The problem here is that the cost of reproducing those commodities is so much lower than the price charged for them in the first place, making it trivial for others to create further reproductions and pass them on. Complaining about people engaging in the perfectly rational action of sharing instead of showing artists that alternative business models exist is a Candlemakers' Petition.

Furthermore there is an additional psychological problem, the one of taking something that people mentally believe used to be free and imposing a cost for it. Even if people value the goods and services more than they value the cost they're being charged, the move from so much as $0.00 to $0.01 is psychologically grating. (Not to mention in digital terms, imposing a not-insignificant extra burden of setting up payments where in real life you can hand over cash with ease.) An illustrative story: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2012/07/13/156737801/the-cost-of-free-doughnuts-70-years-of-regret

This is doubly the case because art is now distributed - when paid for - over the internet via patreon rather than in CD form, and we don't usually mentally value digital goods the same way we do physical goods. (Which in large part is an accurate assessment on our part, the labour theory of price is long outdated.) So you still have that mental perception that what's being sold was once free. Even if this expectation and understanding is wrong, expectations matter and it would be much easier for artists to go with the grain than try and fight it because - as we see - it's quite ineffective.

The real economic question that fascinates me is why furries in general are so willing to hand over their money. Simply having higher than average disposable income (either genuinely, or via a combination of welfare and low living costs - i.e. living with parents.) wouldn't seem to explain it alone. Is it because people feel a sense of community with the people that they're giving money to? Is it because buying things becomes a matter of conspicuous consumption as much as of wanting the artwork? I genuinely don't know, and I'm quite annoyed we'll probably never get a serious paper on the topic.


File: 38dd188743174a2⋯.jpg (154.77 KB, 400x505, 80:101, 38d.jpg)


You better get used to it, fucker; one day A.I. will become advanced enough to make art on par with that of you scammers without the entitlement to cash, then you'll really be out of a job, and the only artists that will remain are people who aren't in it for the money and do it simply as a hobby

Better start learning a proper trade like the rest of us, bitchboi, before it's too late and you can't even do that



It would be amazing if we had programs capable of drawing art for you based on the images you imagine in your head.


File: 3b556328641fcea⋯.png (31.89 KB, 196x197, 196:197, mario_relax.png)


With the advances in cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and technology in general we've had recently, such will very likely become a real thing someday

It's too hard to say if it will be anytime soon, but I'm certain it will happen eventually



Thank you.

You fucking get it. You put into proper words how I've felt/thought about this for a while.

If you ever find a paper/study done on it, let me know. I'd like to read something like that.



<complaining about YP

>I have a job :^) faggots

Check out this millionaire



>waah spending money makes me feel icky waah

Sure feels nice to have money to burn :^)


I ain't even on Patreon you dumb nigger

I'm just pointing out how fucking niggerish furries are (and I'm right)



>I lack reading comprehension

From a completely economic standpoint, it is a waste of resources to acquire a commodity that can be reproduced for no cost.

Is it ethical? No. Should you support artists you like? Yes, because supply is driven by demand. However, if your service model is easily defeated by a simple Ctrl+V, then your model is flawed. As Gabe Newell once said before he stopped giving a shit about his userbase, piracy is a service problem. If there's more benefit to pirating something over buying it, then the supplier needs to revise his services.

This is an inconvenient truth: if piracy affects your livelihood this badly, you need to change your model. Complaining about it isn't going to solve anything; given the anonymous nature of the Internet, complaining will more likely drive people to pirate entirely to spite the content creator.



>I ain't even on Patreon

Ah, so you're either booty bothered that your favorite jew is losing a few shekels or just a retarded moralfag

>I'm just pointing out how fucking niggerish furries are

>He thinks this is exclusive to furfags

Are you new?

Like, new to the entire internet?


>try to download leave2gether update

>download failed

>download failed x5, always cuts out at random point

what the fug downloading shit was working fine before

even massive 300mb videos from zonkpunch

have the american ISPs finally gone full retard and started severing connections randomly if site owners don't pay them extra? is it just too much traffic?

PS: yiffparty admin if it is too much traffic you mind giving out a "try later message" rather than cucking me mid-download, thanks. real time server utilization on the main page would be neat to know if I need to fuck off then come back in 5-8 hours when the server isn't taking such a beating


File: 097c6c0fe0473c5⋯.jpg (80.88 KB, 960x720, 4:3, smug animes laugh at you.jpg)

>Tfw commission artists I like frequently enough

>Tfw also using YiffParty because paying for the chance an artist will draw something you like pales in comparison

>Tfw some autist is ass-blasted that I'm cucking himhis favorite artist out of some monthly fag enabler tax or something.

And the best part is that I did so before YP and will do so after. This isn't anywhere close to being the only place to find paywalled content.



Requesting Twistedgrim's CUFs to get updated




As cute as this is, it's also alarming for us. Naturally, there isn't a damn thing artists nor Patreon could do to shut the site down. But, with paywallers beginning to rally, it means that using the shared files feature and de-watermarking will become far more frequent endeavors. It's only a matter of time before Patreon implements site-wide CUF, regardless of how many or how long artists bitch to them, so the bots will be stopped cold.

If artists are going to spread the word, we need to do the same as well, because actual supporters are going to be the norm real soon and we need as many as we can get.



Good let the bubble burst and burn. They dont know about the post importing and think CuF will solve the scraping so lets speed it up.


File: 361e345b87c7d19⋯.gif (138.1 KB, 640x400, 8:5, zZrwQN8.gif)


>100 furries think signing a petition is going to fix online piracy

It's going to be fun watching CUF get enabled and have them still make whiny journals like these about people 'stealing' their art,

all while they completely ignore the copyrights on the characters they sell porn of.


File: 5778b684bcb6493⋯.png (383.88 KB, 842x1128, 421:564, 3e896b0f22a020a439bada8b87….png)


>All the effort of multinational corporations and law enforcement has failed to bring down major pirate sites like ThePirateBay

>a bunch of furniggers think they're going to be able to accomplish anything


File: e5ce0e3319bfb6b⋯.png (727.78 KB, 1046x1280, 523:640, afd6e67d-43d5-43bd-b80a-f2….png)

Can anyone update https://yiff.party/252083 again?



Patreon need to only bow their head and shut up, if WE start reporting every violation of their own rules they ignore to other interested parties, or all the copyrighted content on their site, guess who is gonna lose more?

A loss for their payment method back paddling, it would have quickened their end, but it will happen on the most part at least, stupid act like this petition, with their user base could only spell doom for the place



Yeah. Hell the number of people using Nintendo IPs in their art alone would shut down a lot of the smut creators I follow. Also smut is against the rules, as is raffles (including things like donating above a certain amount gives you the chance at X).


Requesting an update of https://yiff.party/275326


do these "moral" furry artists trying to get this site shut down understand that the streisand effect exists?


Anyone wanna update ZONE's stuff?

He did another animation recently.



Moralfags in general don't understand the concept of the Strisand effect

>Captcha: kin df u




Well meme'd, me.



It represents the quality you get for tons of money better...



I just want the new animation man, me.



Requesting an update for https://yiff.party/312424



Am I doing something wrong? All I see when I type in zone is a few drawings and a trailer.



It's on his H-key website. I realized this, he just uses Patreon to scam more people out of their money.



Like everyone, then.


requesting an update from https://yiff.party/435586


requesting an update for https://yiff.party/435586


I noticed Dreamkeepers gets constant updates, but a lot of their posts aren't showing up. Admin, could you look into it please?


Just updated zdemian's page.

Friendly reminder to everyone who's currently pledged to a CUF creator:

Make sure to update yiff.party tonight before you lose access or get charged again!

I think this should be a monthly message on yiff.party. The end of the month is the best time to update.

You can also unpledge from a CUF Patreon and you'll still have access to their posts until the end of the month.



Second this.

Maybe even auto-pull from the session cookies people have submitted (if they're still active) before the month ends.


Someone please update https://yiff.party/495576



need an update for over 100 $15 CUF posts please




Could someone update https://yiff.party/1002277 ?

He found out a system to cheat out the site, no CUF required


So as this one, https://yiff.party/8525377

They're using dummy images



I'm wondering if it would be possible to add some functionality to mark an image as a dummy image so that it could be re-uploaded by the system. It could display previous images as well in a drop-down or something.



Don't know if this was just implemented or what, but you can flag posts in need to be fixed. Although:

>It'd be nice to be able to mass select a bunch of posts to be flagged to save on not having to go through one at a time if there's a number of posts this has been happening to.

>Also, the ability to flag all posts instead of just normal posts, I can't flag "Culture Shock" pg. 5 (https://yiff.party/2297438, 2017-07-14 09:48) because it's a pure text post (with a broken image link.)



Came here to post this.

That was strangely clever coming from someone who I know is usually not very smart.

But eh, not like he updates too often or like his art is too good. Right now I'd rather someone find a workaround for the PMs method ....but we can't have it all, can we?



>Right now I'd rather someone find a workaround for the PMs method

The only way to do that is by finding a way to hack into the artist's patreon account and scour all of their pms for links, or hack into patreon itself.


Any cub, rape, feral, or watersports artists in there?


i know this is degenerate garbo but i need my nut someone please update



Any Haychel updates?



Requesting an update on: https://yiff.party/2385134


There's a ton of dummy images on https://yiff.party/179861


Anyone wanna upload Studio FOW new asinine bullshit?

The patreon is just fow



Seconding this one if anyone is kind enough to share



Not that anyone here cares, but kotaku (the video game "news" site) has a article about yiff.party. Take a wild guess as to their stance on the whole thing.



Oh yay.


File: 6f78f8d962a3dfb⋯.jpg (116 KB, 500x390, 50:39, fuck-this.jpg)


The thread list is starting to fill with people bitching


>On 8chan’s /furry forum, users request specific posts or creators from one another.

ah yes

I'm glad I'm astonished by how retarded kotaku is, it means I haven't been exposed to them recently and I haven't gotten used to it



>Welcome, Kotaku readers! Please make yourselves at home, and apologies for the bumpy ride due to the influx in visitors.

Genuine kek.


File: b889c6ac05e716a⋯.jpeg (184.44 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 04D0316A-9C9D-46BC-83B6-D….jpeg)

Goodboycomics is on yiffparty but the pdf’s aren’t posted. Can someone post it please?



we fuckin did it reddit


Kotaku knows what it's doing though. Nowadays everything that brings in clicks is liquid gold no matter the content and consequences. Tis now I hear is called "journalism".

I wonder if artists could actually sue kotaku for indirectly spreading their content? Hmmm...





Now even more of them will use the inboxing. Iskra switched now. Bloody hell



What are you on about? She's been doing this for years now.


requesting CUF update for https://yiff.party/326759


File: 1f07e106fa199e3⋯.png (83.45 KB, 1153x577, 1153:577, NO MORE FUCKING RATS.PNG)

File: 73961d5d87567a9⋯.png (62.41 KB, 1128x313, 1128:313, NO MORE SHIT ADMIN.PNG)

since we still have time

can we talk about BUI and his intention to be a faggy asslicker and invite shitty rats to our beloved yiff.party?



your beloved yiff.party has been long dead. get over it.




oof that samefagging



"Face it guys, XY is ruined." DING! 2 Mio. subs.



>your beloved yiff.party has been long dead. get over it.

That is not dead which can eternal lie (on a bulletproof server in the Seychelles). And with strange aeons even death may die.


If this is the place where you guys make dreams come true, can someone get all of xprays alts for his pictures? I need all that herm stuff and I just can not wait the years it would take to get them all from him even if I paid @_@




Hold the fuck up.

>direct links to their paypal, ko-fi and/or commissions

That's actually brilliant.

Might I add "links to their FA,IB,Weasyl,dA,etc." where applicable?



I meant "and/or commission info*"



$0.03 in PaytreonBucks™ has been deposited into your account*

Thank you for whiteknighting with us!

*No monetary value


File: 2f099aebbc757ae⋯.gif (940.91 KB, 350x200, 7:4, 2f0.gif)

>CUF is spreading wider than ever, only a matter of time before everything gets locked down

>Already seeing tons of Patreon update posts addressing it

>Previously CUF'd content rarely have leaks to begin with

Welp, it was fun while it lasted.


File: 146998bc3a769ca⋯.png (22.36 KB, 174x136, 87:68, Hyper Gay.png)

yiff.party will prevail, in one form or another.

The dick is mightier than the dollar.





Could someone update this? https://yiff.party/684141


Dear anon who uploaded the jmgn stuff

come back plox I have the need


do you fucks know that Kotaku did an article on our beloved site?





Requesting update for 21CenturyRaccoon's patreon: https://yiff.party/2449649




Would anyone update this? It has not been updated for a while now.


Requesting updates for alancampos's shared files: https://yiff.party/372032#shared_files


a update on EpicHoagie paytreon please



just updated dragk if anyone's interested


Is there an equivalent for yiff.party for Japan's Patreon clone, Enty?

There are some artists I'd like to support but they block any cards outside of japan



>Japan's Patreon clone

>Can't just use the otherwise established setup

Why does this not surprise me.


Can someone please update this: https://yiff.party/350086

I'm sick of waiting that long for like... 2 pics.


File: d8718d91c585994⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1280x835, 256:167, 1515481322.roy_pikachu_par….png)

Yo, if someone can get the high resolution version of this Pikachu pic up on the site, that'd rock.


Here's his page on the site:


Thanks in advance.



I could be wrong, but from what I now understand, the dude only posts high resolution images in a big pack at the end of the month, and only to the $5 tier, so it may have to wait until then. Either way, whenever it does go up, I'd love it if someone could upload it.




Meme is real, anon.


Can anyone update https://yiff.party/82522 Patreon please?

It has not been updated for a while now.


fucked up on formatting last post

This is less of a "pirate" thing and more of a showy off thing for someone who might've gone under the radar. Word of warning: This guy's art isn't going to be many people's cup of tea. but some of it gets me hard like no one's fucking business https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8387516/

>Now that that's out, i wanted to make the sketch archive more available since i always thought that 20$ was a steep entry with no alternative.

>So, since the Patreon idea doesn't work out as i wanted it, i am offering the bundle the way it used to be, though paypal invoices, but in several packages:

>5$ Archive Bundle - The toe dipping

>300 Scanned sketches, chronologically ordered at ~140 DPI

>20 Full color images in high resolution at ~140 DPI

>10$ Archive Bundle - The tainting

>600 Scanned sketches, chronologically ordered at ~140 DPI

>40 Full color images in high resolution at ~140 DPI

>20$ Archive Bundle - The reveling

>1200 Scanned sketches, chronologically ordered at ~140 DPI

>80 Full color images in high resolution at ~140 DPI

>25$ Full Access - The Lusting

>Direct access to the Dropbox Folder with all the above and an additional folder that i will fill with sketches as i scan them.

>Note that with reaching 1500, i have zipped 1201-1500 and taken those out of the running release folder.

>Inside the running release are currently only 9 highres full color images.

>If you're interested in any of the Bundles, please note me with an email address i can sent a paypal invoice to.

>The Full color images all have been uploaded to FA but at much lower resolution.

>Since i have also been often doing larger group images with backgrounds that i didn't finish, i was wondering if i should include those in some additional folder for the 25$ tier.



Can someone update Darknessminotaur please?


I got banned or kicked from the yiff.party discord for no reason




i kicked you because you're annoying


Im not sure what is happening but can anybody knows why suddenly all the imgurs links are not working on https://yiff.party/861641 ?


I don’t know why but yiff party is really slow to load on my wifi. Anyone know what’s up?




Found your problem.


File: 38f78fee1d92d05⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 550x348, 275:174, tumblr_p2zjzrQHFK1r7w0iso1….gif)

Anyone wanna update Alfa995 (https://yiff.party/252083) again?



anyone able to update Anastimafilia's patreon?



can anybody update this? https://yiff.party/222568


I hope Bui release "Le Secret Cafe". I can't find it anywhere.


Someone please update this: https://yiff.party/6875730

All images before this date: 2017-08-27 10:05 cannot be seen.


Can someone update leave2gether again?





Why don't you just email him and ask him yourself?


summin aint right


There's been an update either in progress or queued for this patreon for like three days now


I can't enter. There's a problem on the cloudflare.



Would anyone be able to update skygracer's page?



Thats also what I say whenever I'm asked about my sex life.



>kicking out newfags

Way to go, good way to keep your servers active


File: 3511cb24adbe9be⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 359x253, 359:253, PbTsgX4.gif)

>updater fucked cuz of anti-piracy measures

>fave artists haven't updated in 3+ days


Soooooo, anyone know any good artists on MakerSupport to pirate from [while we wait for based admin to fix things]?



Anti-piracy measures? What even happened? I noticed that the updater service was disabled.



Posts are uploaded manually by patreons or automatically by auto-updater. Auto-updater currently doesn't work because new anti-piracy measures patreon implemented.


Anyone have the new password for Awfulsfms stuff



Requesting to add Alyse Kizia; she has some human but also some furry.



To whoever the fuck for whatever reason uploaded content from OGATOGALATICO, you must CERTAINLY have better content to spend money on. Come the fuck on.



you literally just repeated what he asked


Could someone post BK-Mita's Izanagi pack from October?


Site has 600 posts of Jeremy Bernal's patreon, mostly censored, but anyone know if there's an archive of his older work somewhere?


Is the updater broken again?




It had a good run, it's over fellas. Time to pack it up




the bot-made accounts get disabled automatically by patreon now



Well, fuck. I'm surprised it took them this long to finally do it tough.



Wow. I'm legitimately amazed it took them this long to find the bots and stop them. Looks like the good old days are about to be history.


Whoever added balsamique I thank you


Requesting update on https://yiff.party/3434745


Is anyone a patreon of skygracer?




I seriously hate to ask because I know this is the lowest of the low, but could anyone please get this updated?


And on the less horrendous side, it's been a while since this artist's been updated: https://yiff.party/165413


Can anybody update Cakeinferno's?




This please yes please I second this request.



Anyway to sidetrack this or is it over?


Hey can someone update this guy please?



Can someone update goodboycomics? When is the auto updater gonna be fixed?



After Bloodborne gets ported to PC.


Can anyone please add the following artist?




>anti-piracy measures

This meme needs to be killed for good. So as patreon.


Can anyone please update skygracer?




This might have some insight: >>62628



any chance for an update on https://yiff.party/896281

some good cow TF starting there


Is anyone willing to update https://yiff.party/3592653 ?

Sorry for the begging post


Would love to see HammyToy's TMNT animation, if anyone could update his!


To the angel that suddenly stopped updating animopron's content:

Please come back



Whoever was uploading AngelTheCatGirl's stuff vanished as well. I'm very sad.


Would anyone be willing to update these two? They have not been updated in a while.




The new animation he's done has come out. Can someone upload his recent stuff?



Could someone update this please https://yiff.party/309108

$5+ Tier


Any updates for sukebepanda?

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