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File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

Post last edited at


ok you rat finks, I foking updated a creator, or at least I think I did, the import function is slow af

have fun fapping off to jay kuma



Does this work for patreons that give people messages with download links? Like private ones not ones that all subscribers can see.


Does anyone have the art packs that alancampos made? It seems like some of the shared files are skipped or missing.


File: 68e334e27514392⋯.png (182.58 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-07-22-03-3….png)

yo, a may and june pack post is missing from here

can some try to be sure to get it or import it?




File: 9e197190bf982b2⋯.png (366.33 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_8993.PNG)

TairuPanda's stuff isn't displaying anymore, anyone know why?


An update to Sioteru and Skiddart would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




File: fc0207b4c9d6e11⋯.png (12.67 KB, 867x246, 289:82, tairu2.png)



Don't know why but I found a quick workaround - open the broken image/link in a new tab and remove the first part of the URL (until c3.patreon like on screenshot) - it'll save the image on your pc that you can then open.



IT's not only Tairu.

SOme of the artists don't display anything too.


File: a0ebfcecf26d4fe⋯.jpg (179.28 KB, 754x747, 754:747, hello butthurt.jpg)



happy birthday yiff.party

here's the post that started it all



File: 2e766ec1529cd05⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….webm)

File: 2adfe6122206853⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH….jpg)



Holy shit, i saved thousands of pictures off tumblr over the years without ever knowing this. I knew about the ":orig" thing on twitter but not this.




>I knew about the ":orig" thing on twitter

Explain pls?



If you put :orig at the end of a twitter image's direct url, you get the full resolution image.


File: 4919f38aa06ba2d⋯.png (109.06 KB, 1583x711, 1583:711, 123furries.PNG)


man these threads didn't change too much since then, always the same shit (good shit <:^3)



I can believe it's been 2 years and it still up and running, happy bday indeed


File: ed67a039f5fa3f0⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 960x636, 80:53, jgh.jpg)

Great job closing off yiff party to people who don't have molah


I know this is probably too much to ask, but could somebody update https://yiff.party/82522 please?



you don't have ONE FUCKING DOLLAR to spare for the guy you're fapping to and you come here to beg like that?

that's just pathetic...



Does this surprise you? Do you even know where we are? Begging is practically half the purpose of this thread and Y.P. is specifically for bypassing paywalls, no matter how cheap they are. Just get used to it.





Could someone update https://yiff.party/831965


Could I get an update on

https://www.patreon.com/Lovepap , please?



pathetic intensifies


I was going to be a fulltime artist and I even have a really popular followship of 50K on tumblr but I don't think I could make art fulltime.

In this economy, even $100 commissions aren't that profitable. I make more money in my dayjob.

I was going to go the Patreon route but with the way things are going I should probably delete all my shit so it doesn't get linked to my real identity. I don't want to get fired from my job.

Thanks for ruining the dream guys.



>I should probably delete all my shit

reason #198673 that we pirate art, artists ragequitting



Please do.

No one cares about your complex artistic sould.

Don't like the things as they are then proceed to quit.

You won't be missed


File: 83781ec190fefac⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 585x108, 65:12, darkgem.jpg)


>bwaaa living off drawn furry cocks is hard!!

Who would've thunk it?

>In this economy, even $100 commissions aren't that profitable.

Then drive your prices up or work harder stupid. If JMGN can make a profit off dick ugly hyper furries made out of fucking rubber then so can anyone else. If you only want money become a surgeon or a businessman not a fucking furry artist.

>I'm literally going to get fired from my job because I draw furry porn and it's all your fault and I'm deleting everything!!!

Yeah ok good riddance whoever you are. It sounds like you're just blaming yiffparty for your inability to be a good artist or sell yourself. You're fucking pathetic.



It's hilarious that faggots think darkgem is a godlike artist when he's unable to draw hands correctly without using references



are you skipping your medications again?







Faggots like you are why so many potential drawfags get nowhere: because you act like looking at references is cheating.


File: 7fc03593d47eeff⋯.png (790.45 KB, 603x611, 603:611, ClipboardImage.png)





>I was going to be a fulltime artist and I even have a really popular followship of 50K on tumblr but I don't think I could make art fulltime.

That's on you.

>In this economy, even $100 commissions aren't that profitable. I make more money in my dayjob.

>I was going to go the Patreon route but with the way things are going I should probably delete all my shit so it doesn't get linked to my real identity. I don't want to get fired from my job.

That has nothing to do with us.


File: f5f73f78259c43f⋯.png (77.95 KB, 286x245, 286:245, 1440485560899.png)


Oh what a world, you cannot make a living out of drawing disproportionately sized dog dicks squirting gallons of cum everywhere and the perverts who would otherwise throwing piles of cash towards you are instead sharing it with each other to get around a bullshit pay-wall.

The very idea that you come here with some autistic screeching about how you can't make your art profitable probably means you forgotten what it means to make art in the first place. If you had any confidence or passion in your work to the point where you have 50k people following you on tumblr then you'd simply make it for yourself without the need for a pay-wall like Pateron. Why not just do it the old way and ask for a dollar or two so you can draw someone's character if they want then when you get enough money go to a convention and showcase your work?

Of course you won't, you just want some extra scratch because you think your 50k followers fucking owe you something because you're a narcissist.


Would like to see a mass import update for EbonyLeopard and Zummeng's pages. That's a ton of content missing.






Nice strawman you fucking inbreds. I can tell neither of you have ever drawn seriously and just parrot the excuses of someone that has photo references as a crutch :^)


File: fc848ec315b1ee8⋯.png (416.47 KB, 1022x1024, 511:512, sktbit.png)




Feel free to step out of "muh formal setting" and post your reference-free godtier art anytime you want anon



File: 5dd298e8b92e681⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1750x1381, 1750:1381, 1484875585.sherrimayim_bat….png)

Can somebody update sherrimayim's page


I'm mainly interested in the story related to pic.


ayo fams, can we get some updates done to this comic? https://yiff.party/744430




All feedback is useful, constructive criticism supremacy a shit.

I seem to recall a Stephen King quote, but it may not have been him, along the lines of: "When a reader says they dislike something, they're right. When they say why, they're probably wrong."

In this case it doesn't even matter, since he actually pointed out exactly how he would prefer it: 1) make it searchable sans JS, 2) make them real links.

Claiming, as you imply, one ought only provide positive feedback (largely worthless, since it doesn't help the creator improve) or recreate a thing with the problems one sees fixed is absurd.



Not him, but so long as patreon doesn't accept anonymous payments (probably, but not necessarily, cryptocurrency) without having an account (just let me buy a tarball of everything current please, or give me a link with some key (a UUID would do it) in the get parameters for long-term access in lieu of an account) then I'm not giving them a penny, because I don't much feel like tying my degeneracy to my real information.



Misinterpreting what I said yet again, yawn.


Can anyone update freckles please?


Has a good amount of stuff, and a comic series being worked on.


Could somebody please update apollopop

They are pending CUF




>I don't have evidence or even a real argument

Man, imagine being this childishly mad and jealous about some artist's superior skills.



Hey, can i get updates to Holy Knight Nadia and Thestripedwurf? thanks


Can anyone update this one?



I sure do hope someone updates skygracer soon.

But no rush, only 4 missing posts as of now.

Only one contains whats imo the hottest thing he's drawn as of lately




I don't have a smug picture on me right now but imagine I do okay?


File: ce5aa4271f15aff⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 294x329, 42:47, born to hurt.jpg)

File: a2709b21e46b48f⋯.webm (9.06 MB, 854x480, 427:240, it aint evan.webm)


>Because of the large scale art piracy that yiff.party engages in, it has led the site to become controversial and often criticized by creators and patrons alike.



File: 9222497635c328d⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 364x600, 91:150, cool-it.jpg)




>le epic overwatch quote




File: 5d3f1009f7a7f51⋯.jpg (123.95 KB, 960x849, 320:283, 5d3f1009f7a7f511c8a87069cb….jpg)

tittyman in distress, pls update



Angelthecatgirl decided to post all her rewards on her patreon, heres hoping someone can continue to leak them.



*discord you mean?



I JUST noticed my error. That's what I get for not getting enough sleep.



The door is that way, faggot, now get out




this is her discordapp

she mostly asked if you join

send her a message from your patreon account of pledge

of you dont do that she removed you from discord and banned

i hope i help alot of people with this


File: e02ae426dc1e458⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 391x264, 391:264, 1513752_1534205276833638_2….jpg)

Need updates from RedEquinox plz



File: 7964f3edf7898a3⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 1501203128.nikisupostat_an….gif)

Can anyone update Nikisupostat on yiff party? He released a new animation.






>automatic tweening

hopefully not



It's like junk food. Not great, but sufficient for what I want.



yeah but at least junkfood doesn't make you puke

at least not until you eat like >10 hamburgers in a row



Well this is like 9 burgers so it'll be fine.


File: 59e9acb6391d069⋯.png (569.44 KB, 1158x818, 579:409, 1480451133.spokleart_ships….png)

File: 5f0110a33a0eb10⋯.png (798 KB, 1158x818, 579:409, 1474464542.spokleart_dinin….png)

File: 4244b7a8e940db9⋯.png (594.55 KB, 1158x818, 579:409, 1475966400.spokleart_candc….png)

/r/ add & import www.patreon.com/Spokle

Yes there's some humanshit but there's furry too


Huh, first time I search an artist and they're not there. LessDraws. Draws mostly monstergirls and angels and demons, but draws some furry stuff once in a while.





File: 172cb49c44eda12⋯.gif (468.99 KB, 512x807, 512:807, 1499428343301.gif)


Why does this even exist? and why on a shitty furry wikia?


File: c39da9fe3ceeeeb⋯.jpg (10.36 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 177e7186d06637365ad8f5eb69….jpg)


Wikifur is solely a narcissistic ego stroking website

the vast, vast majority of articles are written and edited by the people they're about (you can tell if you go to the history pages). The lone exceptions being some of the popufur ones.


File: b2a62acf256a1ba⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 297x222, 99:74, HAHAHAHAHAHA.gif)

File: d9c4cc43a1c8663⋯.png (14.38 KB, 1314x205, 1314:205, JESUS FUCK MY SIDES.PNG)



They don't seem to care a shit for the truth, they reverted my removal of the word illegal because they seem to think the US runs the world.

The site is probably not illegal in Japan (where the domain contact is registered), though IANAL. Wikipedia has this to say: "Works can be performed or exhibited freely if the performer is not remunerated, and the audience is not charged an admission fee."



>tells someone to kys

you first, nigga



>They don't seem to care a shit for the truth, they reverted my removal of the word illegal because they seem to think the US runs the world.

The vast majority of furries have zero idea how the law works

like they think that if someone sets up a website like this, then it's a criminal offense. When in reality it isn't, it's a civil offense. In order to even potentially prosecute someone for it, they'd need to fly to Japan and prosecute them in Japanese civil court. Which is next to impossible for the vast majority of all of these artists because they can barely afford to pay the rent on their apartment. Which is why they're paywalling all of their content to begin with.



>The vast majority of US citizen have zero idea how the law works, and that the world IS NOT under their authority or regulation

Fixed for you


File: 716db2feb6e9e8e⋯.gif (321.24 KB, 499x385, 499:385, CFC.gif)



>InkedFur has taken action against Yiff Party and have been met with incompetence from Cloudflare as they forwarded our owner’s personal cell phone, email, and full name to the malicious website owners.

eternally btfo



At this point i began to genuinely think that most american people are complete retards

With what authority an us court, with neither the server nor the domain in the us, can mandate and executive order for it?

They have 0 authority on the matter, their constant and idiotic sperg is pointless, at worst they could try contact the authorities where the server reside, but it should be legal there so again, pointless

Somehow however they think that the us can impose their authority on the world, even where they clearly have NONE, even cloudflare is not forced to shut down anything by their own law, wtf


File: 3ce361119aef4b0⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 460x288, 115:72, Question Time.jpg)

What makes this invite code any more different than a regular user without an account?


update for sakusakupanic pls thank you https://yiff.party/435586



Nothing. He's trying to phase out the auth link and/or make it so only actual /fur/ users can use it.



What about those of us oldfags who have been using the the site for awhile but don't contribute?


Someone wanna upload recent Hatton_Slayden stuff?


Just wanting to point out that TairuPanda's stuff still doesn't work AND the workaround no longer works to download them.



>implying international law isn't a thing

>implying relevant treaties don't exist



International treaties have to be accepted by the host country, otherwise it's just trashed paper

Japan for example do not respect various international treaties, and no one can do anything about it, just like extradition, if a country say no then whining and bitching about it won't do anything


Hey Bui,

Can I suggest you make a view more /recentlyadded?p=1 like you've done for recent activity?

Thanks for the awesome work



This is also happening to DeadStrayBear and multiple others.


Requesting an update for


Will be getting some extra cash this month, hope to help a little.



What treaties are relevant that Japan has no part in?


File: 3835b8e78ff5e61⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 460x398, 230:199, Early animation of Disney ….gif)


Thanks for the information pal.Say. Are there any more sites I can do similar things like this one.

Like Deviantart, twitter ( now know about :orig, but still) FA, The posts on Patreon, etc.?



Far as I know, the pics under "download" are the full size.


Requesting update



Requesting update



Call me crazy, but I think we just lost a ton of comments at the top of the thread. The hell happened?



cycle thread would be my best guess.


The importer freezes up after a bit. Is it busted? I let it sit for a while longer than it normally takes to complete a run and nothing.






what does debug mode say


Anyone know what happen to https://yiff.party/779188 hes newest posts links wont work


Can anyone update these guys? Broke at the moment.

Tojyo: https://yiff.party/744091

Coolblue: https://yiff.party/74985

Hotred: https://yiff.party/75015




Hmmm, makes sense. I thought a new thread would have been made if this one got too big, but I guess pruning out older posts would be easier.




Any way of looking at catsudon's pictures?



Nothing. When I first used debug mode a month or so back, it actually said what was going on, but this time nothing came up.



what stage is it stuck at, exactly? email me if you want



Says that they're no longer active but they clearly have posts here


Also, tried to add them, saying they exist. heres the old url





Thx for the assist


File: e2e19ef47a313a2⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 600x797, 600:797, fug.jpg)

Oi, is this stuff meant to sekrit club and hush hush? There's a few folks over at the /vore/ board that are asking for patreon stuff and I think they'd be pretty glad for the crosspost due to a bunch of the names they're asking for are already on this site. I'd rather not tread on toes here since you guys are doing us all a great service.



As a fellow user, I'd prefer if this overall was kept on the downlow. Too much attention could turn negative.



Requesting to add her.

She makes some human but she also makes some furry.

Proof: http://slightlyangryunicorn.deviantart.com/



If they don't have the know-how to get here, then just feed them what you get from yiff yourself and pretend you are a patreon of the user yourself if you want. If you want this service to be maintained, you should not spread it out.

Its downfall would be when some autist decides to post this thread on some subreddit or something, people will sperg about it and ruin everything, creators start messaging their patreons with new content instead of posting it, etc>>38568


Anyone else having an issue with viewing pages that have more than about 300 posts causing the tab to skyrocket in memory usage and crash? Have to stop the loading right away to view any posts from those artists, and even then only the more recent stuff since loading's cancelled before it gets to the end.




What are they talking about? Is it another trick to stop outsiders from coming? If so, that's genius.



I've been told some people have had login issues with the importer, these should hopefully be fixed now



I just tried again, and it's been stuck at "post func" for about an hour and a half, just like before.



I found the issue, working on fixing it now



Bui, the creator of yiff.party has stated many times on this very thread that he wants to create as much awareness as possible to YP.

So, go on, spread it like your life depended on it, anon.


File: 54246b548c7d6e0⋯.png (30.16 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 409464_20-_20Falco_Lombard….png)



Spread it in the right places.

Places like u-18chan, eh/ex-hentai, etc. Places where people will have a similar mindset to ours.




we don't even have a agreeable mindset in this own thread

you have reeeeally high hopes, dude



Why do people keep saying Bui made yiff.party





File: 700c29d40b7edf8⋯.png (235.83 KB, 586x669, 586:669, ClipboardImage.png)



why do people keep saying Bui didn't make yiff.party?




oh you poor little thing.

you really think that whois information is real, don't you?

that whoever created YP would put all their real info for, idk, patreon to see?

what a gullible person you are...



says who?



It is a bit odd that he would create a matching email to use with git though.


File: 7a07e4ed3ce883c⋯.png (5.6 KB, 627x77, 57:7, paypal.png)



>wasting money to prove a point



even if that was true, how do you know that's not bui :3



I restarted and it worked this time.


File: 1c7cb8fec8311f8⋯.jpg (105.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, have we started the fire.jpg)


Have we started the fire?


Would someone mind updating these? They have not been updated for a while.





oh you poor little thing.

you really think that paypal information is real, don't you?

that whoever created YP would put all their real info for, idk, patreon to see?

what a gullible person you are...


File: bf9e3bc50f3e006⋯.png (922 B, 55x17, 55:17, paypal.png)


You should put your glasses on before shitposting.



dude, I have 5 "verified" paypal accounts with different names

the world is a fucked up place and the sooner you realize it, the less of a gape your ass will be



Sure thing, Terauchi


Surprised no one has ever updated Scappo.


Yeah, this is my way of saying: "please, someone update scappo"



I want Bui to lick my paws










I really wonder who asked for this artist https://yiff.party/5775932 ...seriously...she only asks 2$ to view all the pieces, pretty sure she's the cheapest in patreon considering she also asks 10$ (more or less but cheaper than any other artist on patreon) for a commission.



you underestimate the stinginess of anons



Considering she's not hiding her art behind a huge paywall, I would think no one is such a cheap bastard to ask her page on yiff.party




haha disregard please I suck cocks



There's the similar mindset we're looking for.


Requesting update





That's just an excuse of convenience. It would be more honest to say that you don't want to pay...stop




Oh, I found one of those cheap bastards I was talking about...trying to offend me beacause I'm helping a friend with her business? You're such a poor thing :) anyway, she's going to close her patreon page, no more free arts from her, just commissions on her FA page if you want to see something



Tell her to have fun with no audience



I'm trying to, but y.p isn't cooperating. If whoever made it is around, here's the last few events:



"data": "fetching attachment 1132689",

"id": 961527,

"type": "log_debug"



"data": "fetching attachment 1132690",

"id": 961574,

"type": "log_debug"



"data": "Processing missing post: 1 of 237 (ID 11836752)",

"id": 961615,

"type": "log"



"data": "post func",

"id": 961616,

"type": "log_debug"



"data": "post status False",

"id": 961617,

"type": "log_debug"



"data": "(CU) end post 11836752",

"id": 961618,

"type": "log_debug"



"data": "(CU) start post 11810043",

"id": 961619,

"type": "log_debug"





try sending something to the github page



>Please note that this tracker is NOT for the following purposes, and that issues opened concerning these will be closed and locked without reply:

> Issues regarding access to yiff.party or authorization issues

> Issues regarding specific creators or import requests



I checked the logs and it appears that the import session hanged because you had already started the import previously, so some posts were fetched twice

I'm gonna guess you thought it hanged on the first session because it was still fetching a buttload of comments, which I realize can be confusing, so I'll see about adding a "Fetching (x) comments" log line to clear that confusion


Say, before I do it; is there any rule against adding patreons that are non-furry, non-porn to the system?



yooo will anyone get sollysundyz shit?


Is anyone here a patreon for skygracer and wants to update his page?


File: f7bdd347f0c6c04⋯.png (413.3 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 5611248013814.png)


>2 Patrons, 1 is a scraper

o im laffin


would be nice if someone would just post the googledrive links for sp3d, apparently they're accessible on the patreon page once logged in but he doesn't put them in the posts that are scraped.


Requesting https://yiff.party/684141 to be updated please.


Any ETA on the fix for the embedded images? DeadStrayBear and TairuPanda are still broken.


Requesting an update to https://yiff.party/299383. He's got some great stuff in the works and I was hoping someone could get around CUF



she's not actually...she had 12 patreon, considering I found her page on yiff.party I wonder where are the missing 10 ppl. However, she gains more with commissions, patreon had to be something like a bonus


File: c419ac25b213b19⋯.png (2.03 KB, 217x29, 217:29, Captura de pantalla (27).png)

You are hero.



the missing people are probably the yiff-bots that were marked as fraud and thus removed from the count, which nowadays only include non-refused patrons


Anyone got updates to Viperv's YP page at https://yiff.party/299383? I need that shit ASAP please.


https://yiff.party/435586 sakusakupanic update request pls


Crittermatic update plz https://yiff.party/697643



seconded. i really want his stuff!


Just did an import for TheCon. If you like big-booty shortstacks and anal, I'm your man.




No thanks, I prefer my "big booty shortstacks" and anal without cancer.



Thanks man.



Appreciate it


File: 146779a92ce7bc4⋯.png (362.88 KB, 800x546, 400:273, tumblr_ou1jc7sPjy1s1pc7uo1….png)

Requesting update



File: f21f6fe523777e9⋯.png (15.54 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1339997569099.png)

>check the front page's list of last profiles updated




I've seen chris chan a few times too.


>see some guy named Karbo had some posts imported

>profile picture is cute, let's check him out

>"Vore Party HD"

>"Eaten and Digested (color)"

>"A Snack for Dahlia"

Goddamit, this always happens.



You're trying way too hard to bamboozle people with that image, it's nothing like his page at all.


File: 82f40c84d176edb⋯.png (495.72 KB, 1280x1305, 256:261, 82f40c84d176edbff9e39e94a5….png)

If you're interested in an artist to be added here, who doesn't even draw porn, would it be appropriate to simply request that artist to be added or would that be pretty improper?



>Breakdown of missing post tiers

>$1.00 - 25 posts

>$5.00 - 10 posts

>$7.00 - 10 posts

>$10.00 - 10 posts



Well, I just requested them on the "Add Creator" page. I hope that'll be fine.



I honestly doubt that he suddenly stopped drawing what he drew and started drawing something good.


Requesting https://yiff.party/684141 to be updated again please.


I've subscribed to some new creators to help bring in more content, but also lessened my reward tier on some other guys to to balance the budget. Is that ok?



Sounds like a good idea.



That's good. You could also pledge to one or two creators for the max so everything gets shared, then switch to a new creator after a while.



Good point


Has anyone used the invite tokens they've generated yet? I've thought about sending one to my brother, but otherwise just passing them around willy-nilly would seem to defeat their purpose.



I've updated a decent amount of posts and haven't gotten a token yet. does it take a while to receive them?


File: fa26ed59c0ca4d0⋯.png (42.76 KB, 936x344, 117:43, Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at ….png)


They're listed under your account page.


>create a means to access paywalled content without having to pay

>get assmad for some circlejerky cliquish reason probably

>lock behind account registration

>now you have to contribute

>to contribute content you must be subscribed to someone on patreon in order to add their stuff here

>you're paying for patreon content in order to use a utility designed to allow users to avoid having to pay for patreon content

literally what is the point you set of fucking morons i might as well subscribe to the authors directly at this point

fuck you



It's simple. Say there's creators x, y, and z that I like. I only have the means to pay for one, and I choose x. Someone else is also into those three, but only chooses to support y, and finally there's someone who supports z. Now through yiff party we get to enjoy all three while only shouldering 1/3rd of the burden.



Whoops, I was signed into an anonymous account. I sent a registration for a regular account a few weeks ago but haven't heard back.



The fuck are you on about? You don't need an account to enter you retard.



Any update on that weserv.nl thing? yiff.party/779188 and yiff.party/5310501 still have broken embeds.



go back to /trash/ and stay there



>>Breakdown of missing post tiers

>55 posts

>>I honestly doubt that he suddenly stopped drawing what he drew and started drawing something good.




>misinformed and doesn't do the research

>pretentious faggot

>probably likes getting cucked by paywalls

>probably shills like this elsewhere too

Please reconsider your life choices and reflect upon your questionable behaviour.



Okay, there's one good image, and everything below that is trash.

Do you really think I, or anyone would consider paying for one image when they can pay the same price for a full gallery of paywalled work?



Need an update to Viperv at https://yiff.party/299383. He finally posted new gameplay and I need it ASAP


so i got the sadnate.jpg

and i tried using a 3rd party control referrer to make sure it works everytime when i go into yiff party.

it doesn't.

is there some new sekrit klub verification bullshit i have to do?



you probably have to read the OP



>>Breakdown of missing post tiers

>55 posts

Quality is subjective, and we're not seeing everything.



Oh come on already, you should just contribute yourself if you're this goddamn desperate.


Let's stop the bickering and get back to the updates please


Requesting https://yiff.party/3434745 be updated please, since the most recent posts have most likely been edited and updated.


File: 290f84e611f7c83⋯.png (596.81 KB, 563x750, 563:750, KaylaNa.png)

I require imported posts from




I wasn't the one asking for an update. Just saying that this artist could feasibly be hiding his best stuff behind a paywall, presently not retrieved, and that one post (on the first page of his blog) is just a sample.


Anyone have the passwords to secazz's dropbox? Or to his Sherry zip?


File: e061e8ebc98bfa7⋯.jpg (91.07 KB, 756x772, 189:193, 4503fc7eaf45484d5433eb45b0….jpg)


>this dumpster chimp again

At least your pirating, I cant support feeding this animal any more money.



To think thaf fat minority fuck trolls you on the web acting all high and mighty, makes me wanna strangle herEEERH someone. I meant "someone".


i want help help please help help i want help help please help i want help help please help i want help help please help

please help me



But the things on his patreon are the exact same shit, at least the old stuff.


*helps* >w<



How old are we talking?



29th of July.


Hey, can I get a big update to Holy Knight Nadia here: https://yiff.party/744430 ?



I can't tell if this is someone trying way too hard to replicate bittenhard's style or it's bittenhard himself and I just didn't know that he drew so much of awful trash.

If it's the latter, why the name?



It's a joint comic effort by both Bittenhard and another artist, Black Rook. So, since it's not just one artist, the patreon's named after their collective work. I don't care how terrible the hentai is, I just want comic updates anyway.



Hey Bui, some creators are still stuck in the request table. Is there any way to clean it out automatically?

https://www.patreon.com/Pettyexpo (id: 4341631)


Reqeusting https://yiff.party/5460239 to be updated please.



>29th of July.


Both pawoo and yiff.party go back farther than that.




That's their latest post on yiff.party, and it's awful.


File: be11c3cf057589d⋯.jpg (49.1 KB, 338x496, 169:248, 1388364117137.jpg)

If anybody's kind enough https://yiff.party/815779 needs updating. Thanks in advance to whomever takes the time.



catsudon yiff.party/3926536

images are missing aswell



>>That's their latest post on yiff.party

But not necessarily on Patreon. The latest post on pawoo for the same artist is basically >>39304, but I wasn't asking for the _latest_ both on either site. The _oldest_ stuff on goes as far back as 2015-08-31 01:16 on yiff.party, so now I'm confused about how far you actually went back to make your judgment.


Surprised no one put this up yet:


MITY is basically the only western dev that actually cares about his h-game and commits to implementing content regurlarly


File: f5f82514d87fb52⋯.jpg (428.42 KB, 970x1500, 97:150, 2cjgfwq4e482fx.jpg)


Anyone kind enough to import DNA's posts? Thanks






Who's that artist?


Would anyone want to import this?



Could we get an update to Kayla-Na's page, please? Would like to see this smut of a certain Disney movie that she said she would not draw smut of anymore.


Hey bui, can you please add https://www.patreon.com/parkdaleart ?

They're been in the request table fr a while now :(


Mantis_X added, yiss !



Can someone please update the RADD posts on Cake inferno's page (https://yiff.party/3434745)? The links are busted.




Then how you enter without an account?


Is anyone able to update yiff.party/787265?


Any chance to have access to poll posts as well?



Try looking at the OP you anagnosmaphobic fuck.


File: 5db76a5c68e29fb⋯.png (255.22 KB, 500x354, 250:177, ClipboardImage.png)


556 harold ave atlanta GA, fucking fight me



why? you would not be able to vote


Could I get an update on https://www.patreon.com/thattechnique ? Thanks!


Bui could you please update ViperV's page on yiff party at https://yiff.party/299383? He's got many more posts and It's been over a month since he got updated


Requesting https://yiff.party/684141 please. Uploaded a comic that I would like to see.



You couldn't? Well never mind then.


Hey But, can you please update ViperV's page at https://yiff.party/299383?? It's been over a month since he got updated and he's got lots of posts


apologies that post about ViperV was not meant to be made twice. I glitched out and posted twice :/


Can anyone update monstergirlisland aka redamz? thanks furbros


I wish there was a way to know (anonymously) how many people are subscribed to a CUF creators and how often they import. Could help avoid unnecessary overlap and thus save money.




I wonder how many faggots like you have tried to take down bui and yiff party and have gotten nowhere



That complaint is old. I don't think Howard still bothers to come here after getting his brazilian ass blasted.

>I wonder how many faggots like you have tried to take down bui

When YP started there was a page to look at all the DMCAs bui had received. The butthurt was so fucking good.



Is this page still up? I'd like to take a look at the butthurt myself.




I'm an economics student, and I wish I could find a good way to calculate any potential lost revenue from yiff party. It'd go nowhere because I imagine most user's willingness to pay is zero: they would have never subscribed to the patrons they're leaching off of to begin with. It's a great example of perfect price elasticity: if a creator who used to provide free content goes behind a paywall, we all say fuck it and go elsewhere.


Hi, I've provided updates for Jaykuma, Trinity-Fate, and SatsumaLord over the past week, in return could someone please update Anastimafilia? Thanks! https://yiff.party/367039



it's kinda strange that ritts has never been added to yp

any kind soul willing to put the work in?


File: d0824ceb3343723⋯.gif (4.7 MB, 430x215, 2:1, kek.gif)


>away for a few months

>come back, check yiff

>what's that account thingy?

>find thread

You're a genius bui


any way to fix the missing links of catsudon, deadstraybear and tairupanda?

the broken images used to show but now not even that, the post are there but not the images.


Would anyone update these?


This one is missing a comic.





Oh fuck... Chris Chan has a patreon??????



took me a while to figure it out, I am dumb as shit


Patreon went down for several hours this morning, and a bunch of creators got stuck in the requests pool/requests table.


File: f25083fba711eb1⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 460x259, 460:259, Thinking_Emoji.gif)


There's a lot of popular paywall artists that people don't care enough to update/add to the site.

Not whining or anything, I'm just kinda curious.



That's Christina, you shitlord.



If anyone could update https://yiff.party/100088 plz


File: 4e0ee61c25e4823⋯.png (311.43 KB, 600x524, 150:131, TRIGGERED.png)



Oh it gets better. You see that cutesy anime girl avatar of his? He commissioned a female artist on patreon to draw it, then proceeded to cyberstalk her and claim they were best friends.


Any way to update individual posts after they've been edited?


Seriously though, Bui, I'm begging you to update https://yiff.party/299383. It hasn't been updated since June 26 or something and it's really depressing.


I see a lot of sloppily made fetish stuff has been added to the site. Is that a sweet gig to get in on? Are some people so desperate for content that I could, for example, shit out some really badly drawn diaper porn and make some beer money?



Autists are surprisingly picky and critical, so you'd have to find a REALLY underdeveloped niche


Anyone able to update Agawa's Patreon?

https://yiff.party/2347514 Link for convenience.



Answer: Yes.

They might get on your case at some point on how to really cater to their specific tastes. But other than that, it's easy money.



I just dropped by to let you know you're awesome, and I still really appreciate you for ding this!




I tried adding both of these, but ritts is already added and Haps is in the "request table". Did you miss the "add creator" button?

And as long as we're doing requests, could someone do an import for this:



I was wondering if anyone could update https://yiff.party/847327 ? Thank you~



This is the sixth time you've asked.

How about you take a hint? Clearly no one's interested.



This is the second time I've ever posted and this patreon's been updated once before, not sure why you're angry at me :o



If this many people want it then why has no one actually contributed?

It is very clear it is just you, especially since at one point you requested it alongside a controversial at the time statement, so you're looking for ways to hide the link so you won't be associated with that.

Unless I'm just being fucking retarded because it's 3 AM, in which case I apologize but the original guy that did that is still a cunt.



There's no way to prove it so I can only give you my word that it's not only me. Either way don't you have anything better to do than obsess with people and pretend it's always samefagging?


File: 5521e4285977c10⋯.png (117.46 KB, 1241x677, 1241:677, Captureggg.PNG)

if i get this how do i get in



The answer is "Nate" Mr Normie






You fucking faggot that question is there for a reason




You don't deserve access.


forgot to sage and reply




Requesting a ban on these two fucktards



At 3 AM?

No, not really.



requesting an update



wtf is that. I let others draw my oc and get 2k a month for it?

I really should start writing some "fanfic" stories with shitty oc's


Requesting please https://yiff.party/684141



Would anyone happen to be subscribed to this fellow and be able to update his page?





>mimic .gifs files are ".jpg's"

>even elements display nothing but .jpg

okay wat


TairuPANdA's embedding issue https://yiff.party/779188


You guys know any other sites like that, preferably for non-furry patreon material? It has some, but is seriously lacking.


Dogbone is on there


That is fuckin' hilarious. For those who do not know Dog Bone or "Dog Boner" as she was known on FA is an artist who made a shit ton of dosh on FA selling commission art. She opened up a Patreon and took down all the art she had in her on-line galleries. She makes people pay to see web resolution artwork that has already been paid for. This caused an uproar on FA and Inkbunny & she blocked all the people who complained to her about what she was doing. Her FA account was banned not to long after this tho I think it was for an unrelated reason.for I noticed the other day ago she was unbanned. Wonder whose dick she sucked to get unbanned? Anyways she was charging $30 a month to see high res versions of her commission art. She would post dropbox links onto her Pateron but the links would get leaked. She switched to archives but instead of using passwords she just put up a pay wall. I was jacking her high res art for an entire year before she did this. I had lost hope of ever seeing her new stuff until I discovers yiff.party. Now I have all her art in high res. Thank you whoever created this.


It's a crime that RBG has gone a full year without getting updated, so I rectified that.


How do we I view current number of tokens after importing from my account? It says my account is anonymous and nothing else.



So you never actually make a unique account, no username or anything? If so, I'd imagine that's the issue.


I'm curious, when will faved patreons be saved? I had to reinstall my browser and I lost all of them, another time when I restarted my router, same thing.


Is the embedded images ever going to be fixed for pages like Tairu, Deadstraybear, and Catsudon?

I'm trying to do the work around to see Catsudon's images from Secret CatsuBook Episode 2 and nothing is downloading.



The answer is literally in the OP for anyone who isn't literally braindead.



you can export faves by clicking on the save icon right beside the title.

it's mostly a copy/paste action that you can save anywhere and just use it in any other browser/computer/phone you want


What is happening when one gets the "The image ... cannot be displayed because it contains errors?"


I am pleased to report that inline images have now been fixed for all all posts going forward. sorry it took so long, but I haven't been able to tend to yiff.party as much lately

for existing posts, please enter creator IDs in the bottom form of this page to have their posts updated (may take a while):


let me know if there are any issues



Thank you! Seems Tairu and Deadstraybear are fine now. I submitted a refetch for Catsudon.



This post is missing


Also, will it be possible one day to bypass CUF post?



The file is not an image. Download it, and it's not the right size for an image, open it as text file to see what happened.


Don't suppose anyone could update this one?



if you believe a post file is broken, refetch it at https://yiff.party/refetch




thx for the fix >>42171



Great fix!

Any chance that a similar 'refetch' style feature can be added for patreon accounts that fell through the cracks of the universe and are lost in the request table? Half the time when I try to add a creator it says they're already in the request-table and they stay there indefinitely.



you can now retry adding creators who are stuck in the request table, as long as it has been one hour since the last request



Sure, but I was curious since you can create accounts, wouldn't it be good if it also could be used to save these? What's the point of having an account if it doesn't save your patrons anyway, since you can do the same thing with anon ones




>This post doesn't need refetched. If you think it does, please let us know.









Can we ban "please update" posts?


Does the site have a way to queue/request updates like it used to?



when you load a creator, it will automatically check for updates and update if necessary





https://yiff.party/3028272 (This one's not entirely necessary, but if possible)

Update for these please?


>please update

>please update

>please update

>please update

nagging intensifies



Thanks. I also have https://yiff.party/patreon_data/4497366/GDA-Gotta20Have20That20Non-Dairy20Creamer20Take20Two20v420WEB.png and https://yiff.party/patreon_data/11119436/uiyghigh.png in my bookmarks for some reason, but the refetcher gives a 404 on them. They both "cannot be displayed because [they] contain errors". Did something happen while YP was retrieving posts?


I think RMK was being updated for a long while, and then suddenly it stopped? https://yiff.party/2621185




Honestly there should be a rule or something to not beg for updates.

Yiff.party is an important part of this board, so I'm sure it could be implemented.



I'm not complaining. This thread is cyclic, so it doesn't affect the rest of the board. It helps with PPH too.


>All creators


Is Ian drawing furry porn now or do the /k/furs have more influence than I realized?


Are we able to notify about patreons that haven't been updated in a while here?

Because if so, https://yiff.party/633260 and https://yiff.party/250185 don't look like they've been updated for months.




File: d2f1f5d1e56df48⋯.png (28.09 KB, 300x180, 5:3, Please Notice this.png)

Whoever shared the file:

Cursedmarked Gumroad Image Pack PLUS feat. Kumatetsu 2017-04-23 03:20

Image Pack PLUS feat. Kumatetsu


the containing folder can't be opened because it's "invalid"; someone please fix.


i'd like this guy to be updated if possible, he just released a new cream the rabbit comic





File: b292cba9a2154f0⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 465x467, 465:467, 1504506928643.jpg)

Anyone got this?


pic possibly related


Anyone got the pack #3 and #4 of Thy's reward?


How many Accounts are there right now? I'm interested in seeing the ratio of anons to accounts



there are currently 420 accounts

out of those, only 66 have contributed content. when I get some time I'll begin to prune inactive accounts


I can't access yiffparty right now, is the site down?



Only 66? Jesus. Well I'm happy to be in that number, at least. 16% contribution rate is inexcusable.



I am an anon, but I at least donate what and when I can, that a lot of non helping anons.



Down for me too




the wsgi server blew up for some reason, should be fixed now



I'm up, thanks



Needs updating from 2017-08-08 13:50 onward.



I just want to see that update


would someone be able to update https://yiff.party/825569 ? There's some new content out.


This is probably a dumb question, but how do I view the full image and not just the thumb?

Clicking on the post just bring me to the comments instead.



Just click the image.

Or if bui fucked up again, right click, open image in new tab.


Sketch Dump August 1/4

Sketch Dump August 2/4

Sketch Dump August 3/4

Are all broken on BravoArt's page and clicking them does nothing.



click "post file"



data.yiff.tech is still down







Update request for: https://yiff.party/2449649


Dumb question.

Do anybody know where to find the patreon of https://yiff.party/5926538 ? I wanted to try and find it, but I can't. Searching for it don't yield results.





this is getting ridiculous


Can we have an update for these two please? Thanks.




File: d199409be90fee4⋯.jpg (870.41 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Cobalion05.jpg)


Does that include shared files or only imported posts? I noticed only latter seem to add tokens.



shared files do give points, at 1 per file



Check if .zips count because I've shared a few and I'm still at 0 toks.




oops, that should be fixed now. sorry about that


Can't download the files from https://yiff.party/2545370 (lumazcomics) throws up a Bad Request error


Would anyone want to upload these?




The last one is missing some of the earlier packs.


Can someone post that snake girl drawn by scappo onto here?


Is there anyone who has the "invite token ". My email [email protected]


just updated 87 dragk posts


>tfw forced to contribute shekels to avoid getting kicked off in the great yiffparty freeloader purge of 2017

curse you bui


File: 5f5573f9a2a8055⋯.jpg (32.04 KB, 461x581, 461:581, 1499619834852.jpg)


>91 missing posts



Why are people still pushing this "yiff.party won't be available to non-contributors" meme?

As far as I know he's just trying to get rid of outsiders, like /trash/ scum.



There's already a lot of crossposters so probably the only thing that'll really end up deterring anyone on that front is that if the referral-link doesn't match the whitelist in OP it'll just sadfox you, and you could prolly find his name within five minutes of lurking /fur/ here. The bawling about non-contributors is from dopes that can't even be bothered to read the OP, it's hilariously easy to circumvent the newfag filter if you just read the goddamned OP


File: c1dfcb4930a0af2⋯.png (45.68 KB, 253x222, 253:222, Sharkman001.png)

Question. If it was possible. Could the guys who run the site implement a feature where on a artist's yiffparty page, there will be a link to the artist's Patreon page.

Before anybody goes: "Can't you just search for their name in the search bar, or on google or some other search engine?" As true as that sentence should be, A. It's not always that the yiffparty name is the same as their Patreon name. B. Searching for them on Google and Patreon doesn't always yield results.

So yeah. If there now is a good reason for why this would be a terrible idea. Please respond with an explanation for why. I would apreciate that very much.



it already exists. It's the last icon beside their name (next to the favorite-star).



Ah. I see. Thank you for clearing that up!

I guess ou learn something new every day!


Embeds appear to be broken again. Some embeds appear as broken images that link to https:///, See the 2017-08-25 02:37 post on yiff.party/4669492 for an example, showing mixed success.

Others, like the 2017-07-31 20:14 post on yiff.party/779188 have all broken embeds that link to an expired resource on c10.patreon.com.


Skygracer updated.


Just dropping in to say that yiff.party is awesome, big thanks to bui for making it and all the anons who add content to it,

Fuck jew furries, their tears are delicious



requesting update on



File: 3c1e633721578b7⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 562x255, 562:255, incredible.jpg)


>can download the newest zonkpunch animation without coughing up shekels or grabbing a 2 second 240p clip off cuckchan

Thanks mate


File: 9478ac822f811a2⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 694x521, 694:521, angry renamon.jpg)

>when the artist sends out their rewards via email and there's posts from 2 years back saying to just "check your email :^)"

fuck these goddamn niggerjews.



>163 missing posts

requesting update on this


File: e91b48cd039b054⋯.png (5.09 KB, 136x118, 68:59, 4886428 _edd1c1b4fb1668288….png)



There's always the silver lining in that some off them may sell those images on Gumroad for a reasonable price, but yeah. Far to often, a lot of artists tend to just send those images out, and move on. Never caring that some people might only find them after, and thus will never be able to get the files.

Off course, luckily. So far, it seems like these people are a minority to those upstanding people who upload the files, and leave them available for anybody who pledges the right tier amount anytime that is convenient to them.



Here? https://www.patreon.com/thesecretcave

You can also click the Patreon logo on their yiff.party page...


Is there a way to mass download all the images from a specific artist?


r/ing the latest cloud meadow build


this is great


Anybody here have the collection of alt pics xpray sends out with his non comic pages?


can someone update this please? https://yiff.party/2339026



>hyper burd

unf, me likey



File: c8655cb0a68c091⋯.jpg (75.33 KB, 1275x624, 425:208, rip.JPG)

The fuck it this?



Nevermind, didn't have the auth lole.


I come begging for https://yiff.party/510148


how does one gain tokens by sharing files?

I've shared 3, but since I don't have an account I guess I don't get any, right?


File: 6b8b87fa1eab00f⋯.jpg (102.58 KB, 1280x521, 1280:521, 1504045903.el-doc_content.….jpg)


Is there any chance that someone supporting ShutUpJen could grab all the porn in her patron-only Twitter with a folder and upload it?



File: 72ea45a0f09a120⋯.jpg (23.97 KB, 307x305, 307:305, Capture.JPG)

who tf is this guy



Willy the Red Panda




Yiffy, the Red Fox



A handsome lad.




who is this?



it me



But seriously, why do we need to name him if we have never seen the little turd before.



if you haven't seen him before then you shouldn't be here, go back to /trash/



More like you belong in the trash. Hoho



>/trash/ "humour"



Thats just plain edgy.



Why don't ya wanna tell, if its so well known. how come reserve image search doesnt show anything? All mighty memer



Jacob the red fox

Now stop crying


File: b7ccd5295f470b7⋯.png (839.56 KB, 1095x723, 365:241, 1447821903540.png)





Tairu is somewhat fixed, but BravoArt is still broken and

"End of month sketch dump 2017-07-31 22:14"

from TairuPanda is still broken.



File: a4a0d80fc7ebb12⋯.png (68.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, a4a0d80fc7ebb124e532f7192a….png)


What's funny is that A. I found it by just looking trough earlier posts in this thread,. And B. The name is in a thread not too long back in the thread list of this board.

A little secret: The name doesn't really contain the number 8, but you could be fooled to beilive it would, just by hearing his name.



OK I'll bite the bait. His name is N8, aka Nate, mascot of >>>/furry/. Has two sisters, K8 and F8th. Nobody gives a fuck about him anymore because what he represents can no longer be found here.



File: 3b42d03130ce565⋯.png (301.56 KB, 800x720, 10:9, Bushy N8 Touch.png)


>nobody gives a fuck about him anymore

W...what? I like him. Kinda. In a straight way.


what the hell is with this new registration shit. seriously wtf



I'm fairly certain you don't have to make an account if ya don't want to.



he is bretty good, it is pretty shitty that he doesn't post shit anywhere else now



n8 is a qt please stop the bully


File: d7d173de8edc4cc⋯.png (216.89 KB, 435x844, 435:844, 1495061177.bristol_7f92fda….png)

Requesting update posts from



Requesting an update for


I have a weakness for bad 3d models.


Requesting update on this one



Requesting update posts from




You were not kidding. That is god awful.




oh jesus christ. the sheer amount of videos this guy makes, and fucking all of them, ALL OF THEM are about fucking urethral insertions and "growth". but those 3d models are horrifying


Can someone check if there is something to do about FR95 art? As it is now only previews are uploaded instead of the whole pic.



It's because they are one of those patreons who send a link to their dropbox trough the mail. where you can download the image.



Any pulsarbird/PulsarCardinal's subscribers mind dumping an update? :D


requesting updates for

https://yiff.party/100088 (sukebepanda)

https://yiff.party/177432 (freckles)

https://yiff.party/758927 (kissurai)



Might wanna ask this on the rules/meta thread instead.

This thread is on cyclical anyway, so it never goes into autosage and just removes old posts.


Requesting updates for these three artists if possible:

Tojyo: https://yiff.party/744091

Coolblue: https://yiff.party/74985

Hotred: https://yiff.party/75015

Thanks in advance.

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