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File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

Post last edited at


File: f7ce5c5960c9245⋯.png (5.71 KB, 171x139, 171:139, ClipboardImage.png)


>Bui any chance you could make it so we can sort our favorites by recent activity?



these are individual votes, best i can do atm





Interesting, thanks bUI.


File: bbf014cc43bdf89⋯.png (572.23 KB, 955x538, 955:538, ye.PNG)

Could we get an update on this? hopefully someone here could share the last animation he/she posted behind that paywall




well shit. that is quite a coincidence. also fuck cuckold foundry im not registering there either.

thanks for your effort though anon, those pics kickstarted me into sick futa shit so they're kind of nostalgic.


nothing paswords? https://yiff.party/185810


Hey Bui, can you wrap anchor tags around each row in the All/Favourite creator tables on the front page?

I'd like to Ctrl-click my favourite creators into new tabs in succession, but the current setup always switches into the new tab.



I am trying to join, someone said you had to write a message you came from the 8ch thread. They rejected my account, anyone have a refer code?



ctrl-click works for me and stays on the same tab

what browser are you using?


File: fcd11f1d37b1736⋯.jpg (26.33 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1454813865717.jpg)

Hey Bui, how's that feature to download things from external URLs posted on patreons before they're deleted and lost 5ever coming along?



yeah, I've had that put off for a while. the time I have to work on yiff.party is limited due to other commitments, and external link fetching isn't the easiest thing to implement

it'll come eventually


File: a621b0cc42dc531⋯.png (113.42 KB, 284x387, 284:387, 1451884580763-3.png)


Do your best, Bui! :3




what do you mean bui? i need an explanation here. isn't bui the one who shat our previous board (and all of 8chan)?



Yes he is, he's the most autistic two faced piece of shit to ever grace the internet, and the evidence stacks up for miles. Thankfully this service is something he did that is actually worth a shit, but I wouldn't trust for a second that he isn't datamining everybody.


File: 37549f66a66d449⋯.png (478.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, tumblr_o64zbxfrod1v3z45no1….png)


Alright, I managed to get in. Just click the yiff.party link and then the authorization link. Refresh every 5-10 seconds the yiff.party or the authorization link and you're in. It seems it takes a little while to let you in but 100% confirmed you don't need login details or tokens. Thank you all for your help!



Firefox 45.8.0 on Linux



yeah not much I can do about firefox, but you can set browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground in about:config to true and it'll work

I can't add anchors because they'd need to be added to every table cell and that would make performance go down the shitter


can a kind anon update yiffalicious?


A huuuuge thank you to whoever is keeping up with Imanika's exclusive files. Keep up the good work.



If that pic is anything to go by, the animation must be shit. Nothing of value was lost.



Isn't already there?




Just shut up already, okay?



Does anyone have the missing posts/art packs sent via email from spelunkersal's patreon?


Anyone following Argento that can put up some missing CUF stuff?


Excuse me, could I kindly request an update to a particular patreon user, at the site https://www.patreon.com/diives

I would be heavily appreciative if someone could, this artist makes very adorable characters and updates his patreon quite often with exclusive content, often with animated things and would very much recommend anyone who is not aware of this artist to check him out!



That's a very nice and gentle request but those are some gross humans which I refuse to support.


File: 6e6dd1b862b06b5⋯.png (28.9 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1392101251517.png)

wew lad, more and more artists are starting to give their new posts via e-mail or DM.



I don't like the humans either but the artist appears to be 100% "muh lost profits" so if it was within my power, I would've done it just to piss him off.



Funny, because now I see that cosplayers are being added.

Also how long does it takes to update creators?, it claims to check in a minute because is being updated, but it has been more than a day and still nothing



>Funny, because now I see that cosplayers are being added.

have you not checked the thread for a month or so


File: 3fac2fb1d67e61f⋯.gif (849.58 KB, 384x384, 1:1, bernie fire eyes face only.gif)


You think that's bad, wait till they start using watermarks.




how much porn do you need until you'll be satisfied?



Dude, if you have to ask that, how come are you even here?



>replying to a question with another question



Watermark are already being used by certain patreon comic for a while now and are relatively easy to defeat, beside it take skill to put up a system for watermarking id content to identify a downloader, something most of those "artist" can't do, doing so manually is out of discussion, unless you have 10 petreon max


If the quality is good, i could have terabyte of the shit and never be satisfied, i always try to increase my collection, and if it wasn't for paywalling bullshit i may even think of contributing the more worthy author, no way i am helping sustain paywalls


I know of a famous psychologist that did that, got called father of psychology for this, don't scoff at it, no matter how infuriating can be


https://yiff.party/847327 would anyone be so kind to help with the missing posts for this patreon?



You're a godsend


Add this guy. It's a pretty good looking yiff game.



File: e6dfb2b131efb6f⋯.jpg (210.58 KB, 720x773, 720:773, 59699101_p0.jpg)

File: 7b5ca56de0668dc⋯.jpg (189.82 KB, 780x690, 26:23, 60235909_p0.jpg)

File: f40ccf71304595f⋯.jpg (204.1 KB, 740x784, 185:196, 60566953_p0.jpg)

File: dfefdd1f6a2a6c3⋯.jpg (146.09 KB, 782x680, 23:20, 60962938_p0.jpg)

Melonaleaf has some content that's available on


But not on his patroon.

Or so i think.

Because i cant find pick related full works s you can also find on enty if you scroll down the lsit of his works on there.


I think he is closing it together whit patreon so it might be lost forever if someone doesn't share it.



He said he's gonna sell off the art from it in some other way like the japanese jew he is.



Can anyone do an update on Freckles?



thank you for that very generous donation!



no problem haha!


I'm having difficulty adding a creator because yiff.party said they already existed

https://yiff.party/775477 (formerly called KulPlant but the creator changed it's name and then just abandon it)

https://www.patreon.com/NotesofHearts (the real Notes Of Hearts patreon account that yiff.party refuses to accept)





The updater seems to be choking on one of the newer posts here: https://yiff.party/5921972

It's been trying to pull it down, seems to fail silently, then restarts the process next time the page gets checked.


Lastest update from https://www.patreon.com/cypressz

Didn't get an update yet




>99.99% human vagina garbage

>posts their stuff publicly on their tumblr and also gets posted on derpibooru anyway (with the exception of one possible exclusive, it seems)

Go and stay go with your shit taste.



>99.99% human vagina garbage

>Go and stay go with your shit taste.

>If it weren't for my horse...



Would somebody be so kind as to provide files for TealStreaks recent and, if possible, future uploads? They're forcing patrons to send PM's due to "theft", so public posts are censored. Thanks in advance for any help.



creators who haven't been able to be updated for the past few days (eg >>34758) should now be fixed, issue was with an external provider. apologies for the inconvenience





File: c5fc31a8920c94b⋯.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, himZD0M.gif)


7 patrons


File: eeb1fd77800f2d8⋯.jpg (24.09 KB, 600x451, 600:451, b4f.jpg)


Less than 200 watchers on IB and already paywalling. Fuck them.



many thanks!


Someone please update https://yiff.party/684141 again.



bui's busy shitting up 4/vp/ too much to care right now



welcome back to magic sunday





Would appreciate this one, if possible.



Could someone please update: https://yiff.party/5774141

Thanks a lot.



Just wanted the full res versions, dickhead.





Ah, thanks for at least considering! He mainly posts the majority of his content, from what ive seen, as poke-morph content. I could totally understand if you dislike the human side of this stuff and can only hope that someone would be generous enough to potentially update the diives patreon, as I personally find his art style to be quite adorable!


there used to be a page with just the list of creators, all of them, sortable by number of posts/files, updated date, alphabetical etc... how do I get to that now? The little tiny box shoved to one side on the front page is utter shit in comparison.



it's all shat out with javascript too, meaning they're not real links and ctrl+click doesn't work either, that's not good and this is a major downgrade



how about you make your own yiff.party then



Or, I can give the creators honest feedback to improve theirs.

Why do people still think the traitorous critic fallacy is a valid argument in 2017?



or... you can give constructive feedback without whining and hur-dur shitposting

honesty =/= assholeness



I wasn't being an asshole at all. Not even a little lol. I didn't insult anyone. I wasn't rude unless you count "adult" language, which, I mean, this is a porn site


File: 2e883b6bd5c5d11⋯.jpg (151.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1464974332326.jpg)


I agree with you and all but 8chan is not a porn site.

It has porn, especially this board, but it's not a porn site.




would love to hear the reason for why you need a full sortable list?


would love to hear the reason for why you can't use javascript on yiff.party?



>would love to hear the reason for why you can't use javascript on yiff.party?

Not who you're replying to, but I can answer: Tor. It would be nice to use the site without having to turn off Tor's security settings. It's the same reason the account system works better than the zauth link, since Tor by default blocks HTTP referrals in the header.

yiff.party hidden service when?


>ctrl+click doesn't work either, that's not good and this is a major downgrade

Try this, it worked for me: >>34398



add yiff.party to noscript whitelist



Hey Bui,

Would it be complicated to add a specific "entire post" refetch tool?

Different from the current "image post" refetch tool?


Hey Bui I think there is something wrong with the add creator thing, I requested rubyrogue a few days ago and it still hasn't been added, says "This creator is already in the request table." however I just requested another and it was added after only a few seconds.


File: ed3b3c3e98ff254⋯.png (37.76 KB, 684x582, 114:97, yiff.party_-_Mozilla_Firef….png)


>would love to hear the reason for why you need a full sortable list?

Why do we need pic related? Clearly nobody needs this, so let's just axe it entirely! No, wait, that would be awful and you already know that.

It's obviously the single most user-desired object on the entire site, so shunting it into a little box competing with other content is not a good UX decision. It's also loading extra stuff every time someone goes to use it, too... which also makes it poor optimization.

>would love to hear the reason for why you can't use javascript on yiff.party?

I don't have javascript disabled or I wouldn't be seeing anything... You should be asking "why does the site run a bulky script with clear drawbacks to display basic hypertext"



posts do not use a revision system (yet), so implementing it now could lead to abuse (by creators)




you're the first person to complain about that table

where else do you suggest I put it then?

>It's also loading extra stuff every time someone goes to use it, too

compared to adding an extra 300KB of creator data to the page body, what's the difference

>why does the site run a bulky script with clear drawbacks to display basic hypertext

are you using a toaster, or...?


File: 0fea925c1fc5343⋯.png (102.72 KB, 308x333, 308:333, 9e6b587c065a284ba29f1f05a3….png)


I can help you out if you can figure out what the following has in common:

30878 = 60325

26964 = 56609


File: 56fdb93a4341793⋯.jpg (231.55 KB, 1212x1280, 303:320, 1495006575.falleninthedark….jpg)


Requesting update for




All numbers have 5 digits.


bui why can't we use filters in the "recent activity" section yet

you lazy mUTT


Is there some buttton that allows me to download all posts by artist and not to do this manually one by one?


Can DMQuetzalli's page be updated sometime? https://yiff.party/891375

It's been about a month since the last update for them and they have 25 posts missing.


File: 54bae5523e4eef3⋯.jpg (28.8 KB, 361x361, 1:1, I hate you.jpg)


Touché, that wasn't the answer I was looking for but I'll reward you for that answer.



You'll have to figure the rest out yourself like I did unless my original question is answered correctly.

Have fun.



Not >> 35227, but clearly user account identifiers for jp version of jewtron?


Would anyone want to update this?




Yeah sure, right after Trump gets impeached.



File: 3231c11f0648d94⋯.jpg (282.89 KB, 1028x1112, 257:278, Costanza no kimyona boken.jpg)



they are the numbers corresponding to the thumbnail and full picture in that shitty jap site.

30878 (thumbnail)


60325 (full picture)

26964 (thumbnail)


56609 (full picture)

you made it obvious with your post. now help the kid out, you cryptologist-wannabe fucks are the worst kind of people and should all get genocided.

also, that japanese site is pure browser AIDS. it slowed my computer down to a snail pace, so i closed it, im not gonna bother looking although its quite a good artist.




Not even that guy, but you're an idiot.

And apparently, you've also got a toaster for a computer.

love it when I don't notice when I delete what's in the reply box until I already hit "post".



hey moron, he's trying to establish a connection between those numbers to get access to more of the full pictures.

but you were not capable of figuring that out by yourself, did you, Mr. Intellectually Challenged?




>"but you didn't figure that out yourself didn't you?"

>replying to the very post where i figure it myself

are you mentally retarded or you just didn't think before sending the post? that is literally what i did in my post you dumbfuck

>hey figure out my retarded puzzle of mystery teehee


the fuck is your mental problem? kill yourself retard, both of you, post the pictures or fuck off.


File: 22c67feeb255d63⋯.jpg (150.54 KB, 640x533, 640:533, this is you.jpg)


My post was replying to the part where you said

>now help the kid out, you cryptologist-wannabe fucks are the worst kind of people and should all get genocided.

But I didn't feel like copy/pasting anything.

>kill yourself retard, both of you, post the pictures or fuck off.

Still stand by my statement of "You're an idiot." No one has an obligation to do shit for you. Remember that. FYI, I don't know what they meant by their hint either, but I don't care enough about it right now to figure it out.



>i dont know what they mean by their hint

see >>35285 retard, don't go calling other people idiots when you can't figure out the simplest shit, even when they drop you a big clue like >>35251

the only reason i don't bother finding the pictures myself is because i don't know shitty.jp works and i have no intention of figuring it out

>he has no obligation

would still be a cock if he didn't post the pictures after i played his dumb game and solved it. or what? do you think the numbers in >>35251 are just coincidentally the same ones in his initial clue?


Requesting https://yiff.party/684141. Please update anyone?



>where else do you suggest I put it then?

on its own page by itself using the whole central content area, like it used to be

>are you using a toaster, or...?

Just because I'm not doesn't mean it isn't slower, less secure and less functional to run a script to display text




This plus S3 translator makes it usable in firefox



replied to the wrong post?



replied to someone playing the pronoun game and got it wrong, I guess


Does anyone have dog-bone's recent 4k artpacks?



This anon has it right.


I had to google what a cryptologist was and you're asking me to spoonfeed you.

Seriously this shit is basic and when I started I didn't even have that huge hint.

Deciphering is really fun when you get porn everytime you figure something out.



That's the pattern, but simply replacing the numbers doesn't work. Looks like we also need to work out the filenames.




Thumbnail numbers also correspond with enty.jp post numbers. It could just be that the full images are hosted on Amazon servers and are simply arranged differently compared to the enty.jp servers.



this dense inbreeder still has no clue what he got wrong



Is there a scraper or something for creator pages? Saving each image and attachment one at a time is getting very tedious.



then don't hoard



And risk losing everything if the site ever goes down? I've seen enough sites go down, artists delete their galleries, and other shit to know I can't trust anything to remain acquirable on the internet forever.


File: 81a37bf370d2794⋯.png (504.52 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Robotnik_grin.png)



You're close enough,

You change the post number to get what you want

It's usually one down to get what you want sometimes more and up vice a versa

So from:


You go down from 60325 to 60324


And the preview images use _sn and the uncensored use _mo

The letter before depends on the image that is usually mentioned in the preview as https://img01.enty.jp/uploads/post/thumbnail/30878/161225_5_c_sn.jpg

has 5_c.

As for how to find starting points search on google the post names like "Post:[ '16 12/18_Week - No.2 ] ティナカちゃんに電マでマッサージ | Enty[エンティ]"

From the preview images on Enty you replace the price with the number of the post so "No.2"

And the URL link is quite often in the description.

If someone can find the answer to the original question It would be a cinch to locate the missing content, thats why I tried to make this a game, I've spent long enough figuring this shit out despite not knowing how to code.




kill yourself retard



yes, i know, however eggman only asked for what was in common between the numbers , and i gave him just that >>35275





An update to demicoeur's page would be awesome. 103 posts missing.




Congrats on getting the IDIOT OF THE THREAD AWARD.

The prize will be available MON-FRI, 8am-5pm, right outside your ass, so you can claim it as soon as you get your own head out of it.



>your le idiot because i say so xDD

just kill yourself already m8, you've been shitposting from the beginning.


ITT: Entitled retards



>implying there's anything wrong with being entitled

Back to your cuckshed.



Kys retard, you living on welfare isn't doing the real working people any favors.


haven't seen anyone request an update for https://yiff.party/2506077, has 55 missing posts


File: 074424f13d1e3c0⋯.png (480.94 KB, 553x827, 553:827, superiority to plebs.png)


Bitch nigga, I'm a factory worker. If you honestly consider sitting on your ass and drawing dicks to be actual "work" or a "real job" chances are you're a trust fund kiddie. Why don't you fuck off back to FAgAffinity where you can suck popufur cock there.



Yes it is, if it wasn't everyone that likes things would be doing it. I never said it was MY job, in fact it's my hobby.

However if you're stupid enough to think that something that takes years of work to get to a point that people think it's worth taking for free or they throw a hissyfit you're a fucking retard.

If that's the case you better be working at the factory for free you fucking moron.





One question: have you paid your taxes on that income?



I don't run a patreon, nor do I accept donations so I have no reason to. I only draw what interests me and ignore all comments and requests. Quite frankly the only thing I care about is seeing the likes knowing others share my interests.

However that doesn't stop me from being able to comprehend the desires of others who try and get some value out of all the work they put in learning things like anatomy and perspective, things people with no experience are quick to devalue the difficulty of.


Thanks to whoever imported mleonheart's stuff, minus the $100 posts.


Could someone update https://www.patreon.com/DarkestMbongo please




Disregard, I'm a retard



But that answer isn't useful unless we figure out how to find the corresponding number for the image on the Amazon server.



>As for how to find starting points search on google the post names like "Post:[ '16 12/18_Week - No.2 ] ティナカちゃんに電マでマッサージ | Enty[エンティ]"

Google didn't get me results, but it did get me https://entyjp.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/ckeditor/pictures/52801/content_161009_6_c_mo.jpg. My guess is that the six digit number is for a given set of images.



Still retarded, that number is found in the filename of the preview image. I kinda brute forced my way to get the full set, though, using the basic method described (except guessing at the letters until I got an image). The site is being slow on my end, so being similarly brutal is gonna take a bit. At least the set will be easy to recognize once the images are fully loaded.


Could I get some help with grabbing the image I want from here (https://enty.jp/en/posts/56150?src=same_c). I've trying this for a while.



>>35443 basically applies (except if you don't have a full image to reference, you're stuck).



thanks. I did not know that.


File: be9820e857a710c⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Don't come back.webm)


>years of work

lol have you seen this art? hardly. Fuck off, faggot. Die in a fire.


>I only draw what interests me

Let's see some of that art then, pansy


Why the fuck all questions considering mass download/gallery download are being ignored Bui?



oh sorry








Most of the new pics are either on dropbox or are mailed directly. Downloading everything on the site wouldn't do didley.



Sadly, this. Most artists have pussied out and are using external sources to share content with patrons. The only good that mass downloading would do is for content from earlier points in time and that would only be useful if there's something that you missed.

Nowadays, though, it would do jack shit since all you'd get is crops and/or censored previews from most artists' pages.


Does anyone have the May and June packs for Ssocrates?


File: bbada14b1c4dd53⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 1024x608, 32:19, DEWCP-OUIAIQkzV.jpg)

can someone add


to the list please?




It turns out I missed the first two in the set. I assumed that the artist was just being weird with the uploads, but then I finally saw the previews. The first two images in the set can't seem to be found by doing the same thing. Hopefully I'm not just being retarded.



Thumbnail=full, even=odd. When the post number is odd, the full image should be even. Still doesn't tell us the full story.



As far as I can tell, the first two posts of a given set don't fit the pattern described >>35330.


Embeds for the 2017-07-08 02:21 post at yiff.party/5748416 are broken. Attempting to view the image results in "Error 404: Server couldn't parse the ?url= that you were looking for, error it got: The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden" at https://images.weserv.nl/?url=ssl:c9.patreon.com/post/12671117/263977e4da1c4c26a462fadba2bf69c9?v=1499509222-iNjvvqbOLImMjn3lWPZzJfaAmmvtkXnIstMJ%2B9GIWh0%3D.



Can anyone update Endless's Patreon please? Guy's got a lotta new stuff



Sadly enough, those posts are only going to be a fraction of the content they have. The rest of the major portion of the content is behind a password-protected tumblr, which no one has ripped yet.


File: a1f3b0baecf2359⋯.webm (622.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, output1499844504.webm)

Not really a big deal but I noticed the search bar contents remain after reloading the page.


File: 37e2b1f1b8e873b⋯.png (640.2 KB, 1280x777, 1280:777, 1499836655.sprucethedeer_e….png)


Could somebody update TheOtherHalf's page as well as including his zip files? Thanks.



File: 8ea33afb11f80f3⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 1500x700, 15:7, lunala.jpg)

Has somebody the high res pictures of eosphorite?

He sends them only per message or mail.


Can someone import https://www.patreon.com/Spokle please?


Friendly Neighborhood Anonman here...there is a Trinityfate Lucoa pic that is being deeply neglected to be uploaded...thanks in advance... ;)


Does anyone have May's art pack for https://yiff.party/176407 ? It was sent to $5 patrons.


File: ac02631783450ed⋯.jpg (203.57 KB, 1083x1270, 1083:1270, 029_1449887827.danza_feral….jpg)

Anyone have the messy version?




this is interesting. I will look into it later, as I want to start saving inline images locally anyway instead of having to use a proxy service


fixed in the latest JS



Thanks. So how do we know when to omit the "_mo"?


What is the name of the character pictured above?


File: b8ab6fbef7891f5⋯.png (182.49 KB, 788x653, 788:653, ClipboardImage.png)


jacob the red fox


File: 63e87d1f083bc0a⋯.png (8.91 KB, 164x323, 164:323, ClipboardImage.png)

dying rn



no it's jacob the red fox the filename says so



Why does this showed up?



well fuck lmao thanks for spoiling it after 10 seconds, now all the shitters are back in

i need a better plan



You didn't think this through did you


The picture didnt even come up for me.



one less /trash/iteater and i'm happy


reload your css and it will


File: c32e9d84d0803cf⋯.png (273.43 KB, 750x850, 15:17, jacob.png)

jacob the red fox is very hot


So how does one log in?




No dice. Going to the link in the top of the thread.



you have to type in jacob the red fox



That's not the name. :^)



I haven't been paying attention, what's the issue with shitters and what are you trying to solve/accomplish by adding the challenge before entry?



this is fucking retarded. i don't give a shit about your yiff shit i just want to see quiet getting fucked by a horse.


Really, Bui? All this time and you pick NOW to be worried about shitters fucking things up? What is even going on right now?


what the fuck is this login shit REEEEEE


So, I've been providing a few artist imports for a while now. There are a few that I also look through, is there a way that I can get an account so I don't have to worry about losing the few artist that I have saved and can also import the ones I have?

If I need to provide my pledges to whoever that's fine, I just want to be able to have an account that doesn't keep deleting my saves.



create an account then, there's nothing stopping you



Who's to say that I haven't tried but it's nixed because the same attitude that you just gave me when I was legitimately trying to help even if I gain from it.

Don't act like it's that easy.


>About to get a few posts imported

>lol reauth and nothing works.

Another paycheck, I guess.



not sure what you're saying here

if you create an account saying "i can provide patreon content" or similar, it'll likely be declined for vagueness


what do you mean nothing works



I provide about 6 artist and none of which are furry. I assumed that's why I was denied. I may not have listed the artist exactly. I think I said the same as my first message here that I'd provide them in requested. I thought that's what I was suppose to do. I don't share this for the very fear of what has happened or basically it getting shut down. Have money for some artist but not every single one out there.So I am willing to contribute.

With what I meant, you were somewhat rude even if straightforward. You maybe could have explained the method of getting in through creating name since I didn't have it work the first time.



When I could access the site this morning and earlier today, now it's kinda' not letting me in and the login screen has no bypass.



Anyone have the updated link?


Why doesn't the authorization link work anymore? It used to take us straight there now we have to guess some kind of name.



your guess is as good as mine.


Cripes Bui, what are you doing, man? Just friggin tell us already.


The name is nate.





Hey bui, maybe you should try a random question. Seed it on their IP so they can't refresh until they get a known one.


File: db0e0a8a9819b64⋯.png (136.06 KB, 680x830, 68:83, jacob the red panda.png)


>jacob the red fox

How can nobody spell well his name? obviously is Jacob the Red Panda



I thought he was a tanuki. Maybe that's why I kept getting it wrong.



it really isn't difficult, just list the creators that you're pledged to, that's all that's needed


how did you get into yiff.party before?


I can't think of any other 8chan-specific questions



What about the current whitelist OP post number on fur? Or "whitelist me sempai"



that wouldn't stop people like >>35911



Before one would access the site via the authorization link, but that shit doesn't work now for whatever reason.



it does


cleaning the cache and reseting IP works?





What's his name of this fox, panda or whatever ?!!

Nothing works !!





I type jacob, and jacob the red fox and is still incorrecr, so that's not the answer, is another


Here's a hint: It's not jacob.


type "Jacob the Red Fox"

it works


Admin, how does one traverse patreon api post list? I mean, I can get the first page, but what params to offset it?






Ask about Jakob's family relations maybe? Or like, favorite passtimes or whatever.



the purpose of the test is to weed out people who've just arrived. questions about jacob are kinda specific, not everyone is super familiar with him



I must be doing something wrong then, getting only "related"...campaigns/123/posts ?



.../posts is deprecated afaik

you want to use api.patreon.com/stream

tinker about with the ajax on campaign pages to figure out the params to use



You say deprecated, but it actually works now that I've seen that the cursor should be a date not a number...

anyway, thanks!



Ok what about stuff like "who is the BO" or "what is our bot called" or even "what is our slogan"


So what is the name of that fox?

I tried Jacob like people suggested but it does not work



Oh its nate




delete this



Wouldn't matter. People will figure it out eventually.



It's supposed to filter out suckers that came here just for yiffparty.




There are several other post with the correct answer, dunno why people even bother making up a fake one







>>> https://yiff.p

jacob the red panda


Bui, just delete the auth link. The entitled shitheads in this thread do nothing for yiffparty.


Bui, you still have the admin permissions, right?

Just remove any post related to the password.


I'm a furry myself but even I have to start seeing a trend after beeing on the scene of pirating and hacking for a while?

Guess what, furry and/or trans devs have an ABSURD high tendency of starting a project and then fucking it all up because "muh cumminity" or "pressure" from the userbase.

Don't fucking fuck this up because you decided to bitch about it OP, surprise us for once.


Got my account approved and just imported 94 posts. No idea what I'll do with those invite tokens I earned, but it feels really good knowing I've helped out.



I love yiff party to death but is there any way of getting the forward and back buttons spaced out a bit? it's a pain to browse on phone



>this is interesting. I will look into it later, as I want to start saving inline images locally anyway instead of having to use a proxy service

Is it possible that those images are hosted elsewhere, but can't be fetched from the post because it's restricted to patrons in a certain way?



I'll see


nope, they are directly uploaded to patreon, otherwise the URL would be different



Its on the OP filename you retard.

Anyone who found this thread would figure it out.



File: f8ca2e0494ba6bb⋯.jpg (69.62 KB, 500x658, 250:329, Furry insult lizard.jpg)


What shitters? What the fuck is going on, Bui?


>using phones

Get a PC you fucking normalfag



>calling someone a normalfag for using a phone to access the Internet

Is that your best?



>using a phone to access the Internet

>using a phone to access porn












You weak pathetic fool! All too Easy!


I added a creator, and it says it went through, but I don't see them on the site. Tried again to see if it was a glitch, and it says they're already in the request pool. Can you elaborate on this pool, please? Do creators have to be manually approved now?



no, but post the creator and I'll add them

sometimes the automatic import process fails



Thank you. This guy specializes in armpits, and goddam do I love me some pits.






>Thumbnail numbers also correspond with enty.jp post numbers.

Since that's the case, and since not every post has paid content attached to it, then there's no pattern we can work with. I wonder if, like enty.jp post numbers, that the numbers for full images are universal. In any case, I can't find a mathmatic connection between thumbnail=full (probably because posts don't necessarily have attachments).

Basically, it's gonna take quite a bit of work experimenting with what we have, but the artist's post list might give us enough to at least make educated guesses if we work from the known full image numbers as offsets.


To the anon who is consistently updating the Dreamkeepers page, could we get an update? There's supposed to be some fresh news about the series. Thanks.


Any of you gents care to add this?





Minor note: doing the "raw" thing will now earn you a big fat "404 not found" on all images.

Shouldn't have let it get widespread.




baby u smart



Damn, here I thought the 404 thing meant there was no "raw" version.

Welp, time to spend another day re-downloading.



What the fuck is this?


File: 68d6e60f17d5906⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 400x300, 4:3, Liru.gif)


Woah. I never knew about that. Thanks m8



Why don't you go post this on your twitter, normalfag?


Anyone have an update to this?




Also, still no updated link?



You're just a bigger, dumber punching bag.


yo I get empty_referrer no matter what. what's up with that?



fite me irl fagt



I measure up. You don't.


You say there's no upload quotas, but can you give us a rough idea of what you want? I'll do an import once a week, but obviously the number of posts brought in is at the mercy of the content creators I'm subscribed to.



don't block referrers


i'm thinking i'll delete accounts that have never contributed anything in 1~2 months

accounts created with invite code are except to this of course






What is https://kek.yiff.party/futaba.html and why is it on yiff.party



you tell me



Way to pussy out, fag.



Go to sleep, scumbag.


Please update https://yiff.party/684141 please.



Come over here and make me, you cumrag.


Someone please explain to me either how to view content or who can give me a referral code so I don't have to contribute anything. I don't have any money. ;-;



seems to be using a Patreon-only image hosting or something so his images come up broken. Not sure what's going on here.



see >>35826

I'll check it out later today maybe




It looks like they're proxying the patreon uploads? weird/interesting.

the full url is:


Pretty easy to get around:

if you replace the beginning of it ( "https://images.weserv.nl/?url=ssl:" ) with "https://" the file will prompt for download from patreon instead, and even though it has no file extension is still the correct file, slap on any image extension and/or open it in any image viewer or browser.

I wonder if the intent here is tracking? I also wonder if the query data at the end of the url is the yiff.party crawler account's auth info, or the original creator's.



Oops: I did not see you had already said it was proxying, my mistake.

I have noticed 3 bugs with the site:

(1) when adding a new creator via the "Add Creator" form, clicking the submit BUTTON does nothing.

Only clicking the WORD "submit" ON the button actually submits. The button animates when clicked either way, making you think it went through.

(2) Also the "Add Creator" form.

If a creator's username is "UserName", and you VISIT "patreon.com/uSeRnAmE", patreon corrects the casing in the url to "UserName" and loads the page.

But if you submit "uSeRnAmE" to the "Add Creator" form, it expects an exact case match, fails to find the desired user "UserName", and returns as an invalid user.

(3) As of time of this posting, for the past few days patreon user 6868731 has shown "creator_status" of "status":"up_to_date". But checking the actual Patreon page shows three new posts.

Maybe this is not a bug? Does your system only checks any given creator on a weekly basis at most? If that is the case, it would be nice if there was an alternate "creator_status" response covering that... "new_content_but_crawl_delayed" or something?

None of this is critical is critical of course, thank you for not completely barring entry to myself and the rest of the non-contributing leeches yet.



yiff.party proxies inline images for privacy purposes. if a creator were to post an inline on a host controlled by them, they could easily log IP addresses that are accessing their content via yiff.party

the patreon.com inlines are from drag-and-drop images, and seem to have special properties in that the auth URL changes depending on the patron viewing. for this reason I will start saving inlines locally instead of proxying


1. fixed, it was a materialize.js update regression

2. patreon often like to change how they handle redirects for incorrect creator URLs. this should now be fixed

3. yiff.party caches creator status for 1 hour (12 hours for cuf_only).

those three posts are actually there if you ctrl+f the titles, but the dates are wrong - not sure why, but I'll investigate


I can't blame you for wanting people to contribute but you should make something where I can donate instead of uploading, so that I don't have to make a patreon account that will just get banned because I don't know what I'm doing.



I'm not selling accounts, I only accept donations that are 100% voluntary

your patreon account won't get banned because of yiff.party, as there is no feasible way for patreon to tell you're using it to import. I haven't had a single instance of anyone getting in trouble yet, so you should be fine



Way to fag out, pussy.



so, you're sorta running your own patreon campaign?

how hypocritical



I think what he's doing, "you can only donate to me under the condition that you get absolutely NOTHING in return", is the exact opposite of how Patreons generally function.



> I want you to give me money to keep doing the thing I like and that you seem to like too

Seems the exact same thing to me



except you're not giving me money, you're paying the cost of the server rental + email service, and nothing more



>if donations are in excess of the monthly goal, used to fuel my motivation to keep working on and dedicating more of my time to improve the site

So you're pocketing the profits?



i should probably remove that tbh

no, there is no profits - you see that the tracker is at $141, and every cent of that will be used for future bills



Yes, people are giving YOU money to keep YOU doing the thing YOU like and that THEY seem to like too.

How you spend the money is beside the point..

You're still receiving money for your pet project.



where are you trying to go with this



It was my first statement:

hypocrite Bui is running a patreon-like crowdfunding for keeping yiff.party running



what a stupid post



doesn't make it less true



Is yiff.party paywalling content?



Except that yiff.party is still available for those who choose not to donate, despite bui fucking it up the ass continuously.



paywalling content or not has nothing to do with the fact that he is still crowdfunding his operation

some patreon creators do paywall, some don't

Hence, bui is still crowdfunding his shady operation patreon-ally

Also, I highly doubt he is making only the amount stated on the site. How gullible are you to believe THAT!?



Not many people actually want/can support the website.

And if they do, most of the times they'll just leak a patreon's files.



i wonder which buttmad creator this is



actually, I'm not that butthurt.

I received a lot more contributors after my page was listed in yiff.party and I don't even paywall.

Now wait, if I'm getting benefits, why am I even complaining? weird, right?

bui's robinhoodin act doesn't fool me

he's actually the one that got so butthurt about patreon creators being paid money he went berserk and did an entire new website as a homage to his sore poophole

how much funnier and pathetic could that get?


He now asks for money to (allegedly) keep it hosted and who knows what more.

I mean... wow.

I'm not even mad.

It's really impressive.

And the whole thing works because it gives people more porn for free.

The guy IS a genius.

a hypocrite genius, but still a genius.



you realize no one cares about your crying right? nice reddit formatting btw nigger :^)


oh, that cuf finder is a neat feature



Regardless of his intentions, you've gotta admit it's highly successful. He doesn't even pay for it.


File: b6bddea915d3326⋯.jpg (66.59 KB, 1050x451, 1050:451, 123.jpg)

So I just tried to import animopron's $20 stuff and my Patreon account was disabled. Feels bad man



I sent them an email asking what's up, it was a completely new account for yiff.party purposes so it can't be anything else, the credit card payment went through too. I am using a VPN (as always) but I highly doubt they'll disable an account over that, or even have a way of seeing it


File: fc8bf3e94de6215⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 611x403, 47:31, Capture.JPG)


Wait nevermind they sent me this.






how old is the account



Created it about 10 minutes before posting, it's brand new without any problems. I paid for animopron's $20 tier and tried to import immediately after. Do you think they figured out how the importer works? It quite literally can't be credit card fraud because without taking a screenshot of my bank account I can say that I've got $20 (and if it declined they wouldn't say it's fraud anyway). Like I said it might possibly be the VPN but that makes even less sense since I'm not even using an IP from a different country


I'll just post the results of their investigation when they get back to me, if it is related to the importer at least I can give a heads up



was the account suspended prior to using the importer (as in, did you check /seconds/ before)? I'm 99% certain it must've been, because fraud bans are never handed out on login, it's always something to do with your registration or billing details



No it wouldn't be related to the login details since I use the same email for all sorts of stuff that I pay for. Like I said my bank account is completely in order. I'll wait for their response to see the exact cause of the issue and if it doesn't give it I'll make another account and try again. The account was suspended in the period after paying and up to importing (as you can see in the screenshot) and it was 100% something automatic because it happened so fast. I'm reasonably sure it has to be related to payment, but I can't figure out why.



yeah, I used to have the same problem with the yiff.party bots. after seconds of completing a pledge they would get logged out and suspended for the exact same reason (I did try to contact patreon out of curiosity and they asked me to send ID and shit, so it might not be worth your time)

I fixed it by changing the registration details; previously they were using randomly generated names and fake email addresses, but after I changed the algorithm to a more complex one the bans stopped happening

I have no idea what triggered the ban on your end, but I can say for certain it's not related to yiff.party


reminder yiff party has to include a porn ID check to keep out underage brits before 2018 :^)




>A person contravenes this subsection if the person makes pornographic material available on the internet to persons in the United Kingdom on a commercial basis

>on a commercial basis



Your anger strengths me.





lol no, fag



>using fag over and over again

Your mediocrity is killing me.


File: 0ea6054bf4a0f57⋯.jpg (125.12 KB, 395x500, 79:100, Gospel of Piracy.jpg)


The donations go towards keeping the ripped content free. I bet you're the retard fucking up every thread by whining at pirates and flaunting "the commissions I got are for ME ME ME AND NOT U!!!!!!!!" and yet hasn't shown us any of the so-called commissions probably because they don't exist.

Way to go with your moralfagging! You sure showed us! Guess we'll stop pirating and it was all thanks to one lone newfag and his retarded whiteknighting moralfaggotry xDDDDDDDDD Only 699 more cocks to suck before you can get your FREE* commission from that copyright nazi artist you so love! Faggot.

Back to >>>/furaffinity/ with you.


Will you people fuck off already and stop shitting up the thread?



>Will you people fuck off already and stop shitting up the thread?

you first


As great yiff.party was before this "account" shit, as shitty it became now. RIP. Go fuck yourself and your fuck-o-rama.



at least you can still get away from jewing artists you flaming faggot


hello can anyone share some working invite tokens please



do you not know who jacob the red fox is? no? then fuck off, newfag



>he's actually the one that got so butthurt about patreon creators being paid money

I thought he was mad about artists paywalling their shit.



Doesn't work, you retard. Go drink enemas or whatever you do for fun.



you are complaining about not being able to access a site that was not meant for you

that is like complaining to twitter about not being able to access someone else's account because you don't know their password



Really? Then it shouldn't have been made accessible in the first place.


File: 18dc1e50cff7b6a⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 236x214, 118:107, 619addef18b32da3a068def3cb….jpg)

File: 43ca26fda42ccb9⋯.jpg (55.24 KB, 260x200, 13:10, 446986-32630-38.jpg)



Have you both done? What is this a geriatric bar for easily triggered alzheimer patients?

Fuck it anon, the answer is literally written in this thread, just between the trolls and the genuinely unconvinced that are not still dreaming of anthropomorphic red foxes

Only 2 names appear, how about trying both


File: 30ef84b6e27621d⋯.png (978.17 KB, 1516x1263, 1516:1263, 0217_sfw_4.png)

Anyone know why Tairu's newer images aren't showing up? Did he change his method for sending out content?



how in the fuck do you not know who underage red fox is? you must be fucking brain damaged.



everyone bitching is from /trash/ or some other board


Hey, can somebody please update TheStripedWurf's patreon posts: https://www.patreon.com/TheStripedWurf ? Oh, and the red faggot's name when you get password blocked is Nate. The Cunt's name is Nate. Good Day, Cunts.



>trying to troll newfags this hard

Lol, it's obviously Bushy. I bet you guys have never been on /fury/.



We're supposed to be a sekrit club, you cuck bitch. Thanks for destroying everything, faggot.


bruh, all i want is good ol porn, and yall are here shitting up a big ol storm of nothing

people have to actually do some google research to even find this exact link, and most are too fucking lazy to do that. Thanks for yelling at me Cunties ;)


Plus, it's not exactly a sekrit if I can find you fags on google lmao





good luck getting that creator updated now, lmaola


at least you cunties still listen to my other requests ;)))))



>please update this creator

>also fuck you




I never said that, all i said is cunts, cunties, some form of female genitalia, stop projecting bud


damn we just got cyberbullied by that 4chan guy



I'm from trash, granted I've been here for 4 months, so I know most of everything I need to know, and I also know that people have getting progressively more bitchy in the past 2 months


can someone give me a run down of what exactly this is?



Right now it's completely useless.



fuck off


It's a site dedicated to pissing off jewing artists


File: 4417b6bfd41011b⋯.jpg (20.86 KB, 639x621, 71:69, 4vrtz50g5jzy.jpg)


Nah dude, the person who made this site is a complete hypocrite. Hope it gets shut down and weeded out.



how so? honest question?


>n8 isn't a valid answer

i r8 this g8 0/8, i h8 it, m8


File: 70a1d4d1fa3d7df⋯.jpg (45.06 KB, 178x242, 89:121, summer.jpg)

Man, summer has really started. The threads are alive with the sound of stupid.


He's probably just the haha actually I'm not even mad lol "content creator" from a few posts above still trying to start shit on something nobody cares about.



kek I tried that too at first.


kek I saw that thread on trash and laughed


Thanks for updating https://yiff.party/684141






Man I'm so glad I left /trash/ after like the first year. It sure has become a shitfest.

I mean, how can you have this little self-awareness?




>yiff.party proxies inline images for privacy purposes. if a creator were to post an inline on a host controlled by them, they could easily log IP addresses that are accessing their content via yiff.party


>the patreon.com inlines are from drag-and-drop images, and seem to have special properties in that the auth URL changes depending on the patron viewing. for this reason I will start saving inlines locally instead of proxying

In the meantime, perhaps the proxy needs a new IP address?



I redeemed it and turned it into a n8 thread.


File: 68a481b8286e7e1⋯.png (141.01 KB, 923x778, 923:778, 68a481b8286e7e1fe201327b14….png)


Gross, why would you promote our wonderful mascot on /trash/.


Could somebody please import some posts to tsaiwolf so he can get on the list?


What is with all the salt going on suddenly? Is the account system really that big of a turnoff? I'm already subscribed to a couple patreons, so I can actually contribute shit and got my account approved.



It's not the account system, it's bui's new security measure that's making all the outsider newfriends upset and confused.


File: a062a77d94e9526⋯.png (413.31 KB, 811x767, 811:767, FsDrg0BoZ3ZnJTZbVTKF6JdEov….png)

>tfw your Patreon is on yiff.party and you receive a note from Bui on FA asking about commissions


File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 608.jpg)


>tfw your patreon is on yiffparty and you don't receive a note from bui asking about commissions


File: b09d71da76755a8⋯.png (634.37 KB, 1272x715, 1272:715, overwhelmingly summerfag.png)


lmfao summerfags



yiff.party is a patreon post scraper




you better start paying for your own kinks, you broke-ass unemployed nigga



Pay for your own dick, faggot. Nobody likes masturbating to a bad made fursuit.


Bui, can we get better filters for artists? The current system is basically useless for finding specific fetishes. Maybe have "major" themes that identify what the artist does most of the time (ideally a max of 2 tags) and then minor themes for stuff they do less often.



here we go again



it's just a suggestion bui

besides, you still haven't made so the "recently updated" section can be filtered

stop slacking off or i won't let you smell my stinky paws anymore



- only a minority of creators draw fetish art. and you keep forgetting not all creators are artists

- tagging creators based on what they draw is a flawed system, because most of that minority doesn't draw the same thing 100% of the time

- yiff.party is still a post scraper, not an artist finding tool. I'm flattered that you want to use yiff.party to discover new vore artists but that's really not what's it's for; have you tried furaffinity?



i am not the person who suggested the thing

i'm just saying it's a suggestion and there's no reason to get upset immediately



>I'm flattered that you want to use yiff.party to discover new vore artists

Bui, it's rude to assume someone has shit taste.


File: 1a386e8bb77db6f⋯.png (6.96 KB, 677x161, 677:161, Yall think this a game 1..PNG)

File: 00af80854147e38⋯.png (141.56 KB, 1422x630, 79:35, yall think this a game 2.PNG)

Yall think this a game? It's just five dollars, and then you can immediately cuck outta there lolololllll


File: fab598a65924a1c⋯.png (86.23 KB, 233x272, 233:272, smug litten.png)



>>36712 (top lel)


how greedy are you


How do you join? I can't contribute any content, so I have no idea what I can do to make an account...



why can't you contribute



>mfw I have that guy's entire dropbox folder of art







No money for patreon because university is expensive.




Name is Nate.


File: 2f298b52a9990bd⋯.png (450.92 KB, 966x432, 161:72, it makes cars go.PNG)


time to go on the deep web or something



No money, prices are too high, property rights are a spook, etc.




Right, I thought it was some kind of a technical issue.


I have two suggestions about the filter system.

One is that I agree the current tag names aren't as helpful as they could be.

Worksafe Level:

"SFW", "NSFW (Softcore/Cheesecake)", "NSFW (Hardcore)"

Subject Matter:

"Human", "Furry", "Pony", "Xeno", "Other"

Content Type:

"Illustration (Artwork)", "Illustration (Comic)", "Illustration (Animation)",

"Photography (Pictures)", "Photography (Videos)",


"3D Models (Artwork)", "3D Models (Comic)", "3D Models (Animation)",

"Audio Recordings",

"Game (Visual Novel/Trainer)", "Game (Simulation)", "Game (Mods)", "Game (Other)"

"Other Artwork", "Other"

I think just these categories (and ignoring the infinite possible fetishes) would improve quality of life a lot.

You could break down content type further into "Medium" (Digital, Traditional, Photography, 3D..) and "Content Type" (Image/Photo, Animation/Video, Comic ...) but that has some downsides, like not knowing if someone with "Digital" + "Photography" + "Animation/Video" makes recordings of themselves drawing, or actually creates drawn animations.


File: 1b159b907550c5a⋯.png (24.92 KB, 711x473, 711:473, creator_filters_suggestion.png)

My other suggestion is to change how the filtering system actually filters posts, and to allow multiple tag votes per user. Many patreons post multiple content types or multiple subject matter types (human and furry, artwork and comics, etc), and your system is already set up to have counters for each individual tag.

Current filtering:

>Filtering acts only as a whitelist/"required tags list".

>The spotty tag coverage + limited tagging makes this more of an issue than it would be, but changing it would still be beneficial.

>sometimes the filtering acts unexpectedly, and untagged or partially tagged creators show up or don't show up.

>Example: I can filter to only "Furry" and "Game". Many, many creators show up in the results that have been tagged with "Furry" category but have no type tags. But I wanted only "Games". This is confusing/unexpected/not useful filtering.


>Change settings from "Unset / Required" toggle, to "Unset / Required / Blacklisted".

>So that if I want to require "Furry" + "Animation", but still blacklist anyone that also does "Cosplay", I can.

>Or if I want to search "Furry", and blacklist all types except for "Animation" and "Digital Art" (but not REQUIRE any types), that I could then reasonably expect untagged creators to also show up as long as they haven't been tagged with other types.



I have written up most of the logic for it, and posted it here rather than inline (granted, it is borderline pseudo-code):


This is the only way I know of to be useful, and I thought that writing a sloppy reference may up the chances of you taking up my suggestion.

Thank you again for running this, either way.


One last suggestion.

Right now favorites are stored locally.

I noticed that you track user tag votes per creator and those persist between sessions.

(Although that might become more complex if you allow multiple tags votes per user as I suggested.)

Could you piggyback off of your tag system, and add a hidden or visually separate "Favorited" tag? Then, when logging in, do a query for "creators that this user has tagged as Favorited" and have that set the local preferences.

I use incognito mode and do not use the favorites system. Importing and exporting feels like a chore. But I know that that is unreasonable.





"Required" really seems useless. Removing shit you don't want is enough.

>required: human

I get that this is just an example but it still left bad taste in my mouth.

>I use Incognito mode

But why?



> removing shit you don't want is enough

In case you missed part of my point, the current system is "Required", and is not "remove shit you don't want".

Live example of current filtering:

>Creator "Amuzoreh" is tagged with "Furry", "Human", and "Digital Art".

>If you filter out "Human", Amuzoreh still comes up.

>Because you are not filtering out "Human". You are filtering "Require at least one of these tags: Furry, Pony, Xeno, Other".

Hypothetical example of why Required is not useless:

>I want to only see creators that create "Furry" content. I do not care if they also create "Xeno" content. But I do not want to ever see "Human" content.

>The settings for this filter would be:

>Require "Furry", blacklist "Human". "Xeno" would be unset.

But without the Require filter, if you only have a blacklist:

>Blacklisting "Human", creators that only create "Xeno" content, and do not create "Furry" content, would appear in the results.

>Blacklisting both "Human" and "Xeno", creators that do create "Furry" content but also create "Xeno" content would be blacklisted, and would not appear.



What I meant by incognito mode was that I delete my browsing history on a regular basis. It has the same effect of clearing my yiff.party favorites settings. I said incognito mode because it is something I believe more people identify with and it is shorter.



Ohh, that's a really good idea then. Hopefully bui listens.


Yeah, I get what you mean. No idea why would you do it though, unless your family/friends constantly browse through your computer.



It is not only browsing history but all other private data that I clear. There are more reasons to do it than I have the time to get into. I can summarize it as security and privacy concerns.


Can someone please update taifunriders CUF posts for at least 2$ please?





thank you for your feedback. as I've previously mentioned, creator discovery is not a priority at the moment, as there are far more important things to be working on. but I will keep these ideas in mind when I go back to working on the filtering system


the way I plan to do things is: anon users' settings/faves are saved locally (as it is now), registered users server-side

this will come in time.

right now development is slow because of other (paid) commitments, but I will keep the thread informed of what's going on


>mass download button removed



ok you rat finks, I foking updated a creator, or at least I think I did, the import function is slow af

have fun fapping off to jay kuma



Does this work for patreons that give people messages with download links? Like private ones not ones that all subscribers can see.


Does anyone have the art packs that alancampos made? It seems like some of the shared files are skipped or missing.


File: 68e334e27514392⋯.png (182.58 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-07-22-03-3….png)

yo, a may and june pack post is missing from here

can some try to be sure to get it or import it?




File: 9e197190bf982b2⋯.png (366.33 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_8993.PNG)

TairuPanda's stuff isn't displaying anymore, anyone know why?


An update to Sioteru and Skiddart would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




File: fc0207b4c9d6e11⋯.png (12.67 KB, 867x246, 289:82, tairu2.png)



Don't know why but I found a quick workaround - open the broken image/link in a new tab and remove the first part of the URL (until c3.patreon like on screenshot) - it'll save the image on your pc that you can then open.



IT's not only Tairu.

SOme of the artists don't display anything too.


File: a0ebfcecf26d4fe⋯.jpg (179.28 KB, 754x747, 754:747, hello butthurt.jpg)


happy birthday yiff.party

here's the post that started it all



File: 2e766ec1529cd05⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….webm)

File: 2adfe6122206853⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH….jpg)



Holy shit, i saved thousands of pictures off tumblr over the years without ever knowing this. I knew about the ":orig" thing on twitter but not this.




>I knew about the ":orig" thing on twitter

Explain pls?



If you put :orig at the end of a twitter image's direct url, you get the full resolution image.


File: 4919f38aa06ba2d⋯.png (109.06 KB, 1583x711, 1583:711, 123furries.PNG)


man these threads didn't change too much since then, always the same shit (good shit <:^3)



I can believe it's been 2 years and it still up and running, happy bday indeed


File: ed67a039f5fa3f0⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 960x636, 80:53, jgh.jpg)

Great job closing off yiff party to people who don't have molah


I know this is probably too much to ask, but could somebody update https://yiff.party/82522 please?



you don't have ONE FUCKING DOLLAR to spare for the guy you're fapping to and you come here to beg like that?

that's just pathetic...



Does this surprise you? Do you even know where we are? Begging is practically half the purpose of this thread and Y.P. is specifically for bypassing paywalls, no matter how cheap they are. Just get used to it.





Could someone update https://yiff.party/831965


Could I get an update on

https://www.patreon.com/Lovepap , please?



pathetic intensifies


I was going to be a fulltime artist and I even have a really popular followship of 50K on tumblr but I don't think I could make art fulltime.

In this economy, even $100 commissions aren't that profitable. I make more money in my dayjob.

I was going to go the Patreon route but with the way things are going I should probably delete all my shit so it doesn't get linked to my real identity. I don't want to get fired from my job.

Thanks for ruining the dream guys.



>I should probably delete all my shit

reason #198673 that we pirate art, artists ragequitting



Please do.

No one cares about your complex artistic sould.

Don't like the things as they are then proceed to quit.

You won't be missed


File: 83781ec190fefac⋯.jpg (33.99 KB, 585x108, 65:12, darkgem.jpg)


>bwaaa living off drawn furry cocks is hard!!

Who would've thunk it?

>In this economy, even $100 commissions aren't that profitable.

Then drive your prices up or work harder stupid. If JMGN can make a profit off dick ugly hyper furries made out of fucking rubber then so can anyone else. If you only want money become a surgeon or a businessman not a fucking furry artist.

>I'm literally going to get fired from my job because I draw furry porn and it's all your fault and I'm deleting everything!!!

Yeah ok good riddance whoever you are. It sounds like you're just blaming yiffparty for your inability to be a good artist or sell yourself. You're fucking pathetic.



It's hilarious that faggots think darkgem is a godlike artist when he's unable to draw hands correctly without using references



are you skipping your medications again?







Faggots like you are why so many potential drawfags get nowhere: because you act like looking at references is cheating.


File: 7fc03593d47eeff⋯.png (790.45 KB, 603x611, 603:611, ClipboardImage.png)





>I was going to be a fulltime artist and I even have a really popular followship of 50K on tumblr but I don't think I could make art fulltime.

That's on you.

>In this economy, even $100 commissions aren't that profitable. I make more money in my dayjob.

>I was going to go the Patreon route but with the way things are going I should probably delete all my shit so it doesn't get linked to my real identity. I don't want to get fired from my job.

That has nothing to do with us.


File: f5f73f78259c43f⋯.png (77.95 KB, 286x245, 286:245, 1440485560899.png)


Oh what a world, you cannot make a living out of drawing disproportionately sized dog dicks squirting gallons of cum everywhere and the perverts who would otherwise throwing piles of cash towards you are instead sharing it with each other to get around a bullshit pay-wall.

The very idea that you come here with some autistic screeching about how you can't make your art profitable probably means you forgotten what it means to make art in the first place. If you had any confidence or passion in your work to the point where you have 50k people following you on tumblr then you'd simply make it for yourself without the need for a pay-wall like Pateron. Why not just do it the old way and ask for a dollar or two so you can draw someone's character if they want then when you get enough money go to a convention and showcase your work?

Of course you won't, you just want some extra scratch because you think your 50k followers fucking owe you something because you're a narcissist.


Would like to see a mass import update for EbonyLeopard and Zummeng's pages. That's a ton of content missing.






Nice strawman you fucking inbreds. I can tell neither of you have ever drawn seriously and just parrot the excuses of someone that has photo references as a crutch :^)


File: fc848ec315b1ee8⋯.png (416.47 KB, 1022x1024, 511:512, sktbit.png)




Feel free to step out of "muh formal setting" and post your reference-free godtier art anytime you want anon



File: 5dd298e8b92e681⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1750x1381, 1750:1381, 1484875585.sherrimayim_bat….png)

Can somebody update sherrimayim's page


I'm mainly interested in the story related to pic.


ayo fams, can we get some updates done to this comic? https://yiff.party/744430




All feedback is useful, constructive criticism supremacy a shit.

I seem to recall a Stephen King quote, but it may not have been him, along the lines of: "When a reader says they dislike something, they're right. When they say why, they're probably wrong."

In this case it doesn't even matter, since he actually pointed out exactly how he would prefer it: 1) make it searchable sans JS, 2) make them real links.

Claiming, as you imply, one ought only provide positive feedback (largely worthless, since it doesn't help the creator improve) or recreate a thing with the problems one sees fixed is absurd.



Not him, but so long as patreon doesn't accept anonymous payments (probably, but not necessarily, cryptocurrency) without having an account (just let me buy a tarball of everything current please, or give me a link with some key (a UUID would do it) in the get parameters for long-term access in lieu of an account) then I'm not giving them a penny, because I don't much feel like tying my degeneracy to my real information.



Misinterpreting what I said yet again, yawn.


Can anyone update freckles please?


Has a good amount of stuff, and a comic series being worked on.


Could somebody please update apollopop

They are pending CUF




>I don't have evidence or even a real argument

Man, imagine being this childishly mad and jealous about some artist's superior skills.



Hey, can i get updates to Holy Knight Nadia and Thestripedwurf? thanks


Can anyone update this one?



I sure do hope someone updates skygracer soon.

But no rush, only 4 missing posts as of now.

Only one contains whats imo the hottest thing he's drawn as of lately




I don't have a smug picture on me right now but imagine I do okay?


File: ce5aa4271f15aff⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 294x329, 42:47, born to hurt.jpg)

File: a2709b21e46b48f⋯.webm (9.06 MB, 854x480, 427:240, it aint evan.webm)


>Because of the large scale art piracy that yiff.party engages in, it has led the site to become controversial and often criticized by creators and patrons alike.



File: 9222497635c328d⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 364x600, 91:150, cool-it.jpg)




>le epic overwatch quote




File: 5d3f1009f7a7f51⋯.jpg (123.95 KB, 960x849, 320:283, 5d3f1009f7a7f511c8a87069cb….jpg)

tittyman in distress, pls update



Angelthecatgirl decided to post all her rewards on her patreon, heres hoping someone can continue to leak them.



*discord you mean?



I JUST noticed my error. That's what I get for not getting enough sleep.



The door is that way, faggot, now get out




this is her discordapp

she mostly asked if you join

send her a message from your patreon account of pledge

of you dont do that she removed you from discord and banned

i hope i help alot of people with this


File: e02ae426dc1e458⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 391x264, 391:264, 1513752_1534205276833638_2….jpg)

Need updates from RedEquinox plz


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