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File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

Post last edited at



This post is missing


Also, will it be possible one day to bypass CUF post?



The file is not an image. Download it, and it's not the right size for an image, open it as text file to see what happened.


Don't suppose anyone could update this one?



if you believe a post file is broken, refetch it at https://yiff.party/refetch




thx for the fix >>42171



Great fix!

Any chance that a similar 'refetch' style feature can be added for patreon accounts that fell through the cracks of the universe and are lost in the request table? Half the time when I try to add a creator it says they're already in the request-table and they stay there indefinitely.



you can now retry adding creators who are stuck in the request table, as long as it has been one hour since the last request



Sure, but I was curious since you can create accounts, wouldn't it be good if it also could be used to save these? What's the point of having an account if it doesn't save your patrons anyway, since you can do the same thing with anon ones




>This post doesn't need refetched. If you think it does, please let us know.









Can we ban "please update" posts?


Does the site have a way to queue/request updates like it used to?



when you load a creator, it will automatically check for updates and update if necessary





https://yiff.party/3028272 (This one's not entirely necessary, but if possible)

Update for these please?


>please update

>please update

>please update

>please update

nagging intensifies



Thanks. I also have https://yiff.party/patreon_data/4497366/GDA-Gotta20Have20That20Non-Dairy20Creamer20Take20Two20v420WEB.png and https://yiff.party/patreon_data/11119436/uiyghigh.png in my bookmarks for some reason, but the refetcher gives a 404 on them. They both "cannot be displayed because [they] contain errors". Did something happen while YP was retrieving posts?


I think RMK was being updated for a long while, and then suddenly it stopped? https://yiff.party/2621185




Honestly there should be a rule or something to not beg for updates.

Yiff.party is an important part of this board, so I'm sure it could be implemented.



I'm not complaining. This thread is cyclic, so it doesn't affect the rest of the board. It helps with PPH too.


>All creators


Is Ian drawing furry porn now or do the /k/furs have more influence than I realized?


Are we able to notify about patreons that haven't been updated in a while here?

Because if so, https://yiff.party/633260 and https://yiff.party/250185 don't look like they've been updated for months.




File: d2f1f5d1e56df48⋯.png (28.09 KB, 300x180, 5:3, Please Notice this.png)

Whoever shared the file:

Cursedmarked Gumroad Image Pack PLUS feat. Kumatetsu 2017-04-23 03:20

Image Pack PLUS feat. Kumatetsu


the containing folder can't be opened because it's "invalid"; someone please fix.


i'd like this guy to be updated if possible, he just released a new cream the rabbit comic





File: b292cba9a2154f0⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 465x467, 465:467, 1504506928643.jpg)

Anyone got this?


pic possibly related


Anyone got the pack #3 and #4 of Thy's reward?


How many Accounts are there right now? I'm interested in seeing the ratio of anons to accounts



there are currently 420 accounts

out of those, only 66 have contributed content. when I get some time I'll begin to prune inactive accounts


I can't access yiffparty right now, is the site down?



Only 66? Jesus. Well I'm happy to be in that number, at least. 16% contribution rate is inexcusable.



I am an anon, but I at least donate what and when I can, that a lot of non helping anons.



Down for me too




the wsgi server blew up for some reason, should be fixed now



I'm up, thanks



Needs updating from 2017-08-08 13:50 onward.



I just want to see that update


would someone be able to update https://yiff.party/825569 ? There's some new content out.


This is probably a dumb question, but how do I view the full image and not just the thumb?

Clicking on the post just bring me to the comments instead.



Just click the image.

Or if bui fucked up again, right click, open image in new tab.


Sketch Dump August 1/4

Sketch Dump August 2/4

Sketch Dump August 3/4

Are all broken on BravoArt's page and clicking them does nothing.



click "post file"



data.yiff.tech is still down







Update request for: https://yiff.party/2449649


Dumb question.

Do anybody know where to find the patreon of https://yiff.party/5926538 ? I wanted to try and find it, but I can't. Searching for it don't yield results.





this is getting ridiculous


Can we have an update for these two please? Thanks.




File: d199409be90fee4⋯.jpg (870.41 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Cobalion05.jpg)


Does that include shared files or only imported posts? I noticed only latter seem to add tokens.



shared files do give points, at 1 per file



Check if .zips count because I've shared a few and I'm still at 0 toks.




oops, that should be fixed now. sorry about that


Can't download the files from https://yiff.party/2545370 (lumazcomics) throws up a Bad Request error


Would anyone want to upload these?




The last one is missing some of the earlier packs.


Can someone post that snake girl drawn by scappo onto here?


Is there anyone who has the "invite token ". My email furrybob@yandex.com


just updated 87 dragk posts


>tfw forced to contribute shekels to avoid getting kicked off in the great yiffparty freeloader purge of 2017

curse you bui


File: 5f5573f9a2a8055⋯.jpg (32.04 KB, 461x581, 461:581, 1499619834852.jpg)


>91 missing posts



Why are people still pushing this "yiff.party won't be available to non-contributors" meme?

As far as I know he's just trying to get rid of outsiders, like /trash/ scum.



There's already a lot of crossposters so probably the only thing that'll really end up deterring anyone on that front is that if the referral-link doesn't match the whitelist in OP it'll just sadfox you, and you could prolly find his name within five minutes of lurking /fur/ here. The bawling about non-contributors is from dopes that can't even be bothered to read the OP, it's hilariously easy to circumvent the newfag filter if you just read the goddamned OP


File: c1dfcb4930a0af2⋯.png (45.68 KB, 253x222, 253:222, Sharkman001.png)

Question. If it was possible. Could the guys who run the site implement a feature where on a artist's yiffparty page, there will be a link to the artist's Patreon page.

Before anybody goes: "Can't you just search for their name in the search bar, or on google or some other search engine?" As true as that sentence should be, A. It's not always that the yiffparty name is the same as their Patreon name. B. Searching for them on Google and Patreon doesn't always yield results.

So yeah. If there now is a good reason for why this would be a terrible idea. Please respond with an explanation for why. I would apreciate that very much.



it already exists. It's the last icon beside their name (next to the favorite-star).



Ah. I see. Thank you for clearing that up!

I guess ou learn something new every day!


Embeds appear to be broken again. Some embeds appear as broken images that link to https:///, See the 2017-08-25 02:37 post on yiff.party/4669492 for an example, showing mixed success.

Others, like the 2017-07-31 20:14 post on yiff.party/779188 have all broken embeds that link to an expired resource on c10.patreon.com.


Skygracer updated.


Just dropping in to say that yiff.party is awesome, big thanks to bui for making it and all the anons who add content to it,

Fuck jew furries, their tears are delicious



requesting update on



File: 3c1e633721578b7⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 562x255, 562:255, incredible.jpg)


>can download the newest zonkpunch animation without coughing up shekels or grabbing a 2 second 240p clip off cuckchan

Thanks mate


File: 9478ac822f811a2⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 694x521, 694:521, angry renamon.jpg)

>when the artist sends out their rewards via email and there's posts from 2 years back saying to just "check your email :^)"

fuck these goddamn niggerjews.



>163 missing posts

requesting update on this


File: e91b48cd039b054⋯.png (5.09 KB, 136x118, 68:59, 4886428 _edd1c1b4fb1668288….png)



There's always the silver lining in that some off them may sell those images on Gumroad for a reasonable price, but yeah. Far to often, a lot of artists tend to just send those images out, and move on. Never caring that some people might only find them after, and thus will never be able to get the files.

Off course, luckily. So far, it seems like these people are a minority to those upstanding people who upload the files, and leave them available for anybody who pledges the right tier amount anytime that is convenient to them.



Here? https://www.patreon.com/thesecretcave

You can also click the Patreon logo on their yiff.party page...


Is there a way to mass download all the images from a specific artist?


r/ing the latest cloud meadow build


this is great


Anybody here have the collection of alt pics xpray sends out with his non comic pages?


can someone update this please? https://yiff.party/2339026



>hyper burd

unf, me likey



File: c8655cb0a68c091⋯.jpg (75.33 KB, 1275x624, 425:208, rip.JPG)

The fuck it this?



Nevermind, didn't have the auth lole.


I come begging for https://yiff.party/510148


how does one gain tokens by sharing files?

I've shared 3, but since I don't have an account I guess I don't get any, right?


File: 6b8b87fa1eab00f⋯.jpg (102.58 KB, 1280x521, 1280:521, 1504045903.el-doc_content.….jpg)


Is there any chance that someone supporting ShutUpJen could grab all the porn in her patron-only Twitter with a folder and upload it?



File: 72ea45a0f09a120⋯.jpg (23.97 KB, 307x305, 307:305, Capture.JPG)

who tf is this guy



Willy the Red Panda




Yiffy, the Red Fox



A handsome lad.




who is this?



it me



But seriously, why do we need to name him if we have never seen the little turd before.



if you haven't seen him before then you shouldn't be here, go back to /trash/



More like you belong in the trash. Hoho



>/trash/ "humour"



Thats just plain edgy.



Why don't ya wanna tell, if its so well known. how come reserve image search doesnt show anything? All mighty memer



Jacob the red fox

Now stop crying


File: b7ccd5295f470b7⋯.png (839.56 KB, 1095x723, 365:241, 1447821903540.png)





Tairu is somewhat fixed, but BravoArt is still broken and

"End of month sketch dump 2017-07-31 22:14"

from TairuPanda is still broken.



File: a4a0d80fc7ebb12⋯.png (68.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, a4a0d80fc7ebb124e532f7192a….png)


What's funny is that A. I found it by just looking trough earlier posts in this thread,. And B. The name is in a thread not too long back in the thread list of this board.

A little secret: The name doesn't really contain the number 8, but you could be fooled to beilive it would, just by hearing his name.



OK I'll bite the bait. His name is N8, aka Nate, mascot of >>>/furry/. Has two sisters, K8 and F8th. Nobody gives a fuck about him anymore because what he represents can no longer be found here.



File: 3b42d03130ce565⋯.png (301.56 KB, 800x720, 10:9, Bushy N8 Touch.png)


>nobody gives a fuck about him anymore

W...what? I like him. Kinda. In a straight way.


what the hell is with this new registration shit. seriously wtf



I'm fairly certain you don't have to make an account if ya don't want to.



he is bretty good, it is pretty shitty that he doesn't post shit anywhere else now



n8 is a qt please stop the bully


File: d7d173de8edc4cc⋯.png (216.89 KB, 435x844, 435:844, 1495061177.bristol_7f92fda….png)

Requesting update posts from



Requesting an update for


I have a weakness for bad 3d models.


Requesting update on this one



Requesting update posts from




You were not kidding. That is god awful.




oh jesus christ. the sheer amount of videos this guy makes, and fucking all of them, ALL OF THEM are about fucking urethral insertions and "growth". but those 3d models are horrifying


Can someone check if there is something to do about FR95 art? As it is now only previews are uploaded instead of the whole pic.



It's because they are one of those patreons who send a link to their dropbox trough the mail. where you can download the image.



Any pulsarbird/PulsarCardinal's subscribers mind dumping an update? :D


requesting updates for

https://yiff.party/100088 (sukebepanda)

https://yiff.party/177432 (freckles)

https://yiff.party/758927 (kissurai)



Might wanna ask this on the rules/meta thread instead.

This thread is on cyclical anyway, so it never goes into autosage and just removes old posts.


Requesting updates for these three artists if possible:

Tojyo: https://yiff.party/744091

Coolblue: https://yiff.party/74985

Hotred: https://yiff.party/75015

Thanks in advance.



File: 2ee7eb2c410ad62⋯.png (397.71 KB, 605x467, 605:467, 45798045243.PNG)



Do this now


does anyone have any password for Cuisine's new comics?


New patreon from RocketRaptor/Daxzor



Anyone have Anhes new Rocket stuff?


can someone update - https://yiff.party/281841





Holy fuck that's bad.

The comments and journals are even worse.

>you deserve rest for your hard work

>you are a hero of the people

>I have anxiety attacks pls feel 4 me

Jesus H Christ, I know why you have anxiety attacks. It's your conscience trying to tell you you're a piece of shit and deserve only laughs, not praise and money.

Stop enabling these fucks



Is anyone a patreon of this guy?



no sorry i'm afraid that i'm not


Can someone update this artist?



someone have the password for the files of https://yiff.party/7242260 ?



Does anyone have an image like this, but with the horse girl?




Also requesting this. I love his artwork.


File: 3bb2d2a610fa688⋯.png (203.24 KB, 973x636, 973:636, party.png)

oww :C










get used to that, half of the patreons I follow activated CUF, they get incredibly bitchy about fake pledges and end up forcing support to activate CUF


File: 95d139f7514bd33⋯.png (6.32 KB, 700x680, 35:34, patreon_monogram.png)

Is it just me, or is the new Patreon logo fucking retarded?

I hate this "simplistic design" meme companies are following these days.

It's like they went into ms paint, and used a few shapes + a paint bucket.

It's worse than making everything a square with rounded corners back when the iphone was new.



What is this even?

It's a fucking line and a circle. Was the semi-stylish P not good enough for them?



Can't wait to see that crap on aaaall furry pics ever made.



reposting this again but can anyone update any of these? thanks




File: 697932005df692c⋯.png (29.17 KB, 1397x1360, 1397:1360, 95d139f7514bd337172db7ebdd….png)



dead meme



Go play with your Fidget Spinner and Pokemon, the grown ups have fun with their memes here.


Patreon is throwing me 502 and YP is throwing me 520

Did something explode?



File: 2b49e83a1c821a1⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 550x511, 550:511, tumblr_ovtydvvYA91r7w0iso1….gif)

need an update doc



File: 61c58433f14f90e⋯.jpg (114.19 KB, 309x397, 309:397, 1336576208504.jpg)


oh come ooon, i know you giggled a little at least~


Need an update for LimeBreaker: https://yiff.party/3248310



Is anyone a patron of ViperV at https://yiff.party/299383 by chance? His posts on YP haven't been updated in 3 months.


trying to update https://yiff.party/3035566 but it seems to be having some trouble doing so



This guy has pass protected files. Anyone got them?


Eternal bump of justice


File: 6a06bae02a85cca⋯.jpg (140.77 KB, 643x917, 643:917, TheSpecimenCover.jpg)

Does anyone have the rest of MeanyBeany's "The Specimen" comic pages? She posted the first 3 on her paytreon and I have them, but then she sent the rest of the pages over email.


Requesting update for: https://yiff.party/2449649


https://yiff.party/3035566 keeps saying "update queued" but still hasn't updated


oh for fuck's sake, the shiin threads got taken down, somebody upload the shiin art on the bot scraper: https://yiff.party/186792


https://yiff.party/371321 keeps giving me error 502, it's been days since it first happened



Requesting update


File: 55f8b266359c887⋯.jpg (17.67 KB, 400x225, 16:9, avatar.jpg)

Anyone have Acheroth's links to his dropboxes or wherever for his animations?


File: 5a8e506f3f190d1⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 400x346, 200:173, avatar.jpg)

MithrilArts disabled access to his googledrive folders, did anyone save any of his stuff?



>Anyone have Acheroth's links to his dropboxes or wherever for his animations?

iirc his animations were on e621


Would anyone be able to update this?




>>38143 We're pretty much fucked. So much for free shit. :T



Why don't you do it yourself? Save up 5 dollars per week/month, and like, fix it yourself?



You could say that to every beggar on here.

Good luck with that, since begging is 90% of the thread now that bui has stopped working on the site.




your mom?


File: af477afc3f166c1⋯.png (258.11 KB, 1058x793, 1058:793, Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at ….png)


I can't even


Can anyone update teckworks?


Thanks to bui and everyone who's contributed.

I have requests, of course, but I think the thanks is way more important.


any update possible for https://yiff.party/326759 would be much appreciated




Although I'm going to have to re-download it, at least it's viewable in high res now. Found it kind of funny in my case that it was the artist who pointed it out.


Does anyone have the content thus far for FR95? https://yiff.party/376129

She's not providing old content anymore and it's not on here


how do i access yiff.party? the descriptions dont work. if i click the link, it asks me to put down the name of a red character. but i dont know.



are you fucking kidding me



Be a champ, and fucking look trough the comments in this thread.

Trust me. If you had bothered to do so. You wouldn't be looked at as a fool right now.



be a champ and stop handholding retards


Is the site down for now? I'm getting this constant "Error 502: Bad Gateway" Problem.



> begging intensifies



How is his request any different from someone asking for updates or file shares from specific patreons?

Also, >>49192 why are you namefagging... And even more so, actually sharing your email address....



Lurk moar

Or, you know, fucking read the thread.

People like you are exactly why this exists.



no difference

all the same begfags

the nerve on this one was just particularly annoying for me today


I found AkemiExpansions on Yiff.party, but a lot of her content is now on a Google Drive link, does anyone have any link they could share?

P.S. I didn't really notice that most people were anonymous here, I hope I fixed all that.


invite token




File: a138cbb5cf628fb⋯.png (736.23 KB, 1089x1273, 1089:1273, eyy.png)


Seconding, password for Unbreakable Bond would be helpful. Seems they're dropping it going forward since it's a weird and obtuse way to get around scalpers/"patreon pirates" but Cuisine seems nothing if not determined to keep their r63 hedgehog titties under proper paywall.



>I didn't really notice that most people were anonymous here

I didn't even know you could newfag this hard, until you did.


Someone's been updating this patreon https://yiff.party/2437797 for a while with 1$ posts, but stopped, care to resume? Please?



>how fucking sad one must be to beg for $1 this hard. jeez.


BTW, I impoted most of Freckles work


All except the $10 posts, but he stopped offering that tier.



has it ever occurred to you that maybe people ask not because they don't have the money, but because they don't have a credit card?


Anyone has the new passwords for Notboogie?



Seff's stuff hasn't been updated in months.




Oh, whoops, that sailed completely over my head. Thanks.



anyone willing to share SSocrates' stuff?

anyone know why the guy who was uploading his pics at first stopped?


Requesting update for




No credit card? Why? Are you underage?

Even if it's some other reason, patreon has been back at accepting paypal for almost an year now.

You can buy paypal credit even at drugstores.

Your argument is invalid.



Could someone upload Readyart's Patreon, please?



Can someone get all posts from this? https://yiff.party/3983080


https://yiff.party/847327 I was wondering if anyone could update this one, many thanks in advance.


Hello, can anyone update this https://yiff.party/523894?


Well I added Didi Esmerelda to the site last week. And upon doing another regular import this week, I see that not even 100 of the ones from last week have been imported, and there's over 600 of them. Did I screw the pooch here? Due to my actions the site is trying import gigabytes upon gigabytes from this one creator, because she uploads full res zip files to patreon.


Anyone got Iskra' s monthly archives?



can someone update this xd xd https://yiff.party/3542613


update request for

https://yiff.party/91003 (especially the HD posts)


Marblesodas's been perpetually "updating" for a month now. Is it fucked?



File: 31facd6c4279987⋯.gif (366.76 KB, 484x688, 121:172, 31facd6c4279987b584b1d2340….gif)

Can someone please upload Ryan Smith's stuff? He did a comic called Power Shower with some really hot gay bird characters and he's currently doing a sequel



Anyone have the newest RainbowScreen art packs? They send them out via PM, but I know that at least somebody out there who's on YP who has them




This please




What's with the imageboard newfags? I thought it was just /trash/ that was leeching off of us.



May I please request https://yiff.party/684141?



I would also like this.


Anyone wanna update https://yiff.party/4722869



Fuck he’s doing a second one? Someone please upload this.


Someone please post this's guys work https://yiff.party/7778651


Why is tsaiwolf not available?





File: 3e9a26133490737⋯.jpg (118.86 KB, 900x562, 450:281, 520ce6bed938b8a0a6e88e9850….jpg)

I can see sollyz_sundayz posts on yiff.party, but I can't see how to download the full res images. it seems to be just what's posted publically. am I missing something?


This guy appears to have some decent art which has yet to appear.




Am I reading a nigerian 419 scam



seconding this, page updated but not the password images



People like things for free when they aren't usually free.

Especially if it's something they are really into, like furry porn.

That's why outsiders go out of their way to try and fail posting here.


These have not been update in a while. Is anyone able too?





File: eac2bd6fb33a980⋯.png (6.18 MB, 2091x3574, 2091:3574, 1.png)


Someone update Hioshiru's page with CUFs if possible please or I'm going to be mad


File: 1b007cfb43573f5⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 3600x3600, 1:1, e5eab0bfd60f0305f864641dc9….jpg)


mfw I didn't notice how fucking awesome this thread is until now.




Most pics I've waited months for are kinda disappointing. Meh. Solo female pics are nothing compared to her m/f pics.


Someone please update jaykuma



This, feral is basically the only thing I follow her art for, the rest isn't really worth it, maybe you get one like what you just posted once every 8 months?


Now, if maybe someone could get https://www.patreon.com/SciFiCat that would be great.


File: ac02631783450ed⋯.jpg (203.57 KB, 1083x1270, 1083:1270, 029_1449887827.danza_feral….jpg)

Anyone have the Patreon version?


Are https://yiff.party/3035566 and https://yiff.party/371321 ever going to be fixed?

The first has been showing "Update queued. Please check back in a minute." for weeks and the second returns a 502 error


yiff.party/720186 has multiple posts with broken embeds pointing to http:///. What do?



I'm obsessed with the way she draws ponies, while the topic otherwise gets on my nerves these days. She still seems to have trouble drawing e.g. Maid Marion, but the Alpha & Omega pic is flawless.

What really troubles me is that several artists started to copy her style, but badly. And that she got in contact with my former favorite artist, who ended up drawing S&M crap all of a sudden. Thankfully, that didn't influence her.

Ugh do you guys know that feel?

When your favorite artists start drawing shit?

Sometimes literally, like Tricksta.



I actually considered getting 2 commissions from her, too. Since I always wanted to draw two MLP pics but never got to it, because everyone does it better than me.

But I think the artist is Russian and I'm too pissed off about Russia these days to send money there.


eternal bump of sore dicks


Did Tumblr just recently killed the raw trick? 404 even if you strip the subsubdomain.



use data.tumblr.com instead of media.tumblr.com

you're welcome


Can I get lil bit of dis shit



Is yiffparty died?



not died, just abandoned mostly


Someone for the love of god update https://yiff.party/441906 and https://yiff.party/250185


Someone feel like adding https://www.patreon.com/Momokun ?


Having issues sharing a file (~26mb .zip) for https://yiff.party/214479, all I get is "Unknown error occurred, please try again."


skiddart, please


Whoever updated https://yiff.party/684141 thank you!


Requesting https://yiff.party/2566634 to be updated,missing 60 posts.


can some one update this https://yiff.party/4850846



I'm having the same problem (with another artist) and I successfully uploaded days before.


Can someone update the missing cuf posts for this guy? https://yiff.party/3983080


yiff.party/598243 still has broken embeds pointing to c10.patreon.com. Pretty sure it's been updated since that problem has been fixed.



"maxmancommissions" is missing some recent posts.




File: 8156cf5a8d56851⋯.jpg (259.23 KB, 984x1280, 123:160, power_shower_07.jpg)


The first comic is on u18chan now. Someone should still upload Ryan's patreon so we can see the second one.


File: 06111a2b10ad148⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 550x550, 1:1, tumblr_oxgnb8WgXF1r7w0iso1….gif)

Can someone please update https://yiff.party/252083? Thanks in advance.



dogbone seem to went back to being less autistic. You can grab all posted 4k content for $10 and she even posts her art again.

I can only assume her content purge was due to some job that didn't pay as well as rolling in furry commish money does; wouldn't be the first. That or just autistic surge.



Anyone have it?



merenhor just disappeared from the internet. Did anyone get his stuff before he pulled it?




Can patrons pay for just one post?


Could somebody update celeste's page please? Been four months since its last update. Thanks.



>People are only updating diives with his freely accessible content

Come on, man.

Requesting update from someone who actually has the paywall stuff.



File: 369e6f61288fed1⋯.gif (979.93 KB, 219x300, 73:100, hug cat.gif)


I found the thread with the first comic: https://u18chan.com/gc/topic/1332176

A thread before this one was deleted. If it gets deleted again, ask in this thread and I can provide the first comic.



auth is no longer required to access yiff.party + accounts are disabled (for now)



Sweet. Still hope someone gets the second comic. Ty for the link.


Anyone who donates to Zummeng, xe has a million old posts missing at $10 and $15 levels.


Sorry, I didn't catch it, but the Furry Booru and the onion archive have some stuff.


>This content is password protected. To

view it please enter your password below:

they are aware of what yiff party is doing, they're putting content behind another fucking wall

its DMR behind DRM behind DENUVO


Just wondering, why is this artist always 404?



File: 1b2d01ce4c829d1⋯.png (15.15 KB, 283x124, 283:124, you know the site is publi….png)




This wont end well


Patreon: Hey let's slaughter revenue stream by crackdown on adult content!

noname55 "under review" etc

*grabs popcorn*




>CUF pending



File: 240d18c9c471471⋯.jpg (301.36 KB, 757x1280, 757:1280, 1509958_impious_330riolu.jpg)

Requesting update (Impious)




Sure can't help but wonder how many furry patreons are gonna get absolutely fucked sideways now>>50998




Hes like my favorite SFM producer.



Any updates on this?

So I can just get it over with.


Can someone please update RedEquinox?




Seriously? $1? if you can't afford that on your own just go die in a gutter



Xennos has already moved to patreon "black market" aka discord. I imagine this will be next trend for everyone else with "dubious content" aka non-con, incest, bestiality, ferals, cubs and probably anything else that's not casual pinup.

Blank patreon pages only used to charge people and distribute content via discord. That's the future I guess?

>>22069 discord importer next?



btw OP can you reimport just one post (before patreon nukes it)? External links were updated.

I remember there was re-import tool but forgot url.






Ash shit. So Patreon is planning on putting down a cock block?

One has to wonder why they decide to do this?



Rich kids' enraged religious parents or p's CEO aiming to become a saint. Or at the very least be... politically correct?



must be related to the new multi-millionaire investor they kept bragging about over the last weeks


can you guys implement some sort of "update old posts" sytem? a lot of patreons update old posts instead of posting new ones and yiff party completely ignores this, locking out a bunch of content




Fucking normies.


alright i updated skiddart so you guys can beat off to that shit i guess


hello am new, what's this whole thing about



it's a community for sharing pictures of your momma's gaping asshole


Site now says I'm logged into an anonymous account rather than my old one, and clicking "log out" to try and enter my credentials does nothing. I can still access the site just fine, but now any invite tokens I could've generated are gone and it means importing posts doesn't show that I'm contributing to the site.



Sounds like they didn't properly config the anonymous system now that you don't need to click the thread link to use it.



but tokens are useless now that there's no accounts, so what's the problem?


Is there a problem with the importer? I got a "too many attempts" error when i try over the last 2 days.


Anyone have Shared Files for https://yiff.party/259255 ? Full versions of their content aren't available on the Patreon posts.




Didn't Discord go on a huge crackdown on taboo servers like a few months ago? I don't see this working for very long.



>taboo servers

what you mean?



If you're 20$ or up, be a dear?



Please don't update him until the beginning of the month. The only exclusive shit he posts can be accessed through a dropbox link which he changes every month, so it's best to wait until he does.



ahh, so it seems. be sure to wait for that, then!


i'm currently running into cloudflare 523's and 524's. Is shit just screwy on my end, or is YP down atm?



Nah you're not the only one, I'm running into it as well. What's going on??




is this still happening?



works just fine for me



I might have one pack (one with centaur gurl), although dropped the artist after it, if you need it I can look for it. Was very disappointed in contents tho, Fool me once... wish I spent the money on zummeng/gracer instead as they at least don't jew it with packs.


Discord TOS is also basically no-adult-stuff, so they nuked few bigger fetish servers or something for PR/legal mumbo-jumbo.


Its disposable and it's free. In case of banhammer just recreate account/server and connect to patreon again. PatreonBot autoinvites people so the whole setup can be restored in about an hour or so. Somebody could also write a simple bot that would also repost rewards etc.

Now weight that against a ban on patreon. That's a whole different story.


If no one else will shell out that $10 for 797556 I will cause dat renamon ass in hd. In fact, expect CUF content drop as I'm gonna shell out about $70 next month and fap my way to oblivion. Though not sure if I'll use importer or just shared files.

So if anybody is willing to get 797556 covered, that would be nice to know ahead of time.

Fun fact: russian censor ops hate bunny cub incest and tried to take it down by mass reporting abuse. Who knew?



It was fucked for a while yesterday but works fine now.


Can someone add https://www.patreon.com/Beetlecat and some other fursuit makers please? Thank you ^_^


File: 32d9c9d51e2a3b2⋯.jpg (191.93 KB, 1500x1358, 750:679, 2017-6_daily_zelda.jpg)

Requesting update



Can anyone update https://yiff.party/919407 please?



can someone pls plague $20 cuase you can get the password to the nsfw blog


Hey, they changed the importer so now you can update people with cookies. If anyone here is a $1 or up patron of ViperV, creator of Divine Arms, could you please update his yiff.party page? His posts haven't been public since fuckin June man...


Surely someone has the 2.02 version of CloudMeadow, right?


Requesting major update



how does the cookie thing work, can I use it to transfer one artist in particular or is it always all artists I'm supporting?



Go to yiff.party and click on the artist you're supporting on patreon. When the orange box says they are CUF click it and try to import their posts. From there it will give you the option to use the cookies, eliminating the need to give out your username and password. So as far as I know, it's only for the one you're trying to import


Where will I be able to fine noname55's "stuff" now



all artists



Discord also records all content for the authorities. Keep using software and ignore TOS


Now that yiff.party is open to the public, is this thread basically now a request thread for CUF artists?



Could someone please add



Requesting update for raccoon21's patreon:



To whoever updated https://yiff.party/252083 , THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Why the fuck is this full of human shit now? I don't want to see ugly Tumblr tits. yiff.party isn't furry related anymore.



Human shit has been on the site for several months now you inattentive shitdick retard.


Kandlin is now uploading HD/SD versions of his pics on discord channels now. This is kinda a slap in the face for patreon users now since you now have to make a discord just to see the art it's fucking ridiculous. anyone happen to know how to get those pics?


Has anyone uploaded Readyartzone's Patreon yet?

The main tier is only $1/month.




Shit happens and some people can't follow threads/websites 24/7 forever.

Plus, since the thread is a cyclical, you can't just scroll up to learn what happened.


Ty for the monthly archives!



There's a lot to sift through, can anyone point me to some creators who do nice Pokemon animations, 3D or not?



If you consider automatic tweening as 'animation', then zonkpunch did a good pokemon one recently.


Requesting natsumemetalsonic



that's your personal problem.

deal with it or gtfo.


File: b6f3ca04d0359c7⋯.jpeg (106.56 KB, 700x525, 4:3, CBCA759D-08F4-451C-8272-A….jpeg)

Doors anyone have the rest of this packet, with the girl being inflated with slime on yiff?


The fuck even is yiff.party?



A site where people reupload patreon content.

Originally only doing furry patreons (hence the name) but now doing all kinds of patreons.


File: 85a2f68536f6b59⋯.jpg (180.56 KB, 1000x434, 500:217, 1 fap.jpg)


>Guy does 10-minute cuck video

>then radio silence on his tumblr

>notice he has a paytreon

>Regular updates

>MFW considering dropping word to nintendo just to fuck his shit up

>MFW I can just cuck him of his content now as wellinstead

Feels good. This is a good thing you folks are doing.


Does anyone have the pizzacat comic from this and could upload it?


Is anyone a patreon of this?




Due to Patreon introducing "device verification", importing via username/password is no longer possible.


File: d2bb42f37ba3678⋯.png (59.02 KB, 459x402, 153:134, 1461289874621.png)

Someone... please?




>in ukraine right now

It's okay, he's dead anyway.


File: f36405ce2d1b0be⋯.png (1 MB, 1280x1489, 1280:1489, tumblr_oym7oe3pjV1s52t8no1….png)




The 2017-08-22 11:35, 2017-08-12 18:04 and 2017-07-25 15:08 still have broken embeds point to c10.patreon.com or c10.patreonusercontent.com links. Wasn't something supposed to happen every update to correct these problems?


someone please update Skygracer




he just released some 3k cynder pics so he's gotta be alive still, but no one has updated it in over a month.


thanks so much for adding ghettoyouth. so excited


File: 0ef591a553d86b2⋯.gif (100.57 KB, 201x199, 201:199, Fox Girl.gif)

Cmon guys. I had a pleasent day. Show me a good furry artist that needs an update.

Maybe i pledge him and import the page.

Can't wait for all the humanshit replies on this




This is already updated and i won't pledge $30 for just one post.



That's a really low res gif, not to mention the clashing colors. I really like the smooth animation though, who's the artist?

And assuming this is not a bait post, zonkpunch could use an update, as the last one was a month ago. Or https://yiff.party/443660 if you don't like popufurs that put no effort into their 'animations'.


He probably didn't see that it was updated yet.



oh, fuck me, sorry. i didn't see that someone had updated it after my post.


File: 03af17e2350f3b0⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 691x687, 691:687, Fox Girl.gif)


https://yiff.party/443660 has no new updates since 26 sept.

Strange i was sure i'd saved a better version. Here's a better one of that fox girl.

That was the image name orginally. Maybe you can find the artist with it.




Don't know if you like pony porn, but https://yiff.party/3988631 could use an update. I can't get the page to finish checking for missing posts but there are.



Not a request for a update per se, but proxer (https://yiff.party/2297438) has a bunch of broken image links near the bottom, could whomever is getting this guys stuff fix it please?


Can someone please really update this?https://yiff.party/3983080

I really love his work.


Anyone got updates for https://yiff.party/2501979?



I think YP is having problems with embeds again.


yiff.party board: https://yiff.party/bbs/list





Both of these artists draw furry art occasionally.


Since I saw some concern for one Noname55, here's a thread in the discussion board relating to artists like them and their content. Hope it helps in the long run.




Can you update this one, https://yiff.party/523894?



Can you not?


I fear I know the answer but I might as well ask. Has Patreon clarified at all what is and isn't allowed under the new rules yet?








LOL that reminds me. I wonder what Kabier is gonna have to do with her page.


It seems as though Vader-san's (https://yiff.party/152869) dropbox links for his older stuff's broken. Does anyone have copies of the older high res stuff he has?


File: eabc9188bc33c24⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 691x523, 691:523, Capture.JPG)

Has someone figured out how to get animopron's newest bestiality thingy with sound? It's actually posted to yiffparty but the link to the file itself is back on patreon, really bizarre



he has already released it for free on naughty machinima, xvideos and pretty much anywhere else.

His paywall is just a 3-day time-paywall


>Xennos and Apostle purged their stuff because of new rules

Oy vey, it's like a 8th Shoah in here.

You niggas know anyone else who had to remove/relocate stuff?



it's in Shared Files


Yeah in low res trash form



where my aedollon shit at


File: 3fb51cb4175cc4d⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 270x188, 135:94, 4B16BB81-1A97-4A76-9D31-95….gif)


Someone please upload this. I wanna read the sequel so badly.


File: 406cc4077e12024⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, avatar.jpg)

Someone grab the 0.13.1 patch pls?



Hey, it's November now and they've posted the 20$+ dropbox, finally.



Update, please?



Could use an update on



Is there any of this available?




This plz


Requesting an update to https://www.patreon.com/uncleloko


requesting update for https://yiff.party/942643



So, i must start locally saving everything i found, before the great purge which obviously about nearest 2-3 months.


Please update Werethrope Patreon

It has 27 missing posts already



File: f7f310aba096455⋯.jpg (46.01 KB, 450x650, 9:13, 1507857780.kayla-na_asriet….jpg)

anyone got the october update of this? Or a better res of this?




That's has always been good practice. When video streaming got big, people started thinking "why even bother downloading porn?". Bad idea.


Anyone got the link to Whitekitten's google drive?


File: 8267fbe61f5e58f⋯.jpeg (939.68 KB, 817x1080, 817:1080, 979bf3f93b37c770c557f2909….jpeg)


If anyone is interested. Mainly preg and futa stuff



Is zonkpunch adding an ahegao for that cervix penetration?


So half the guys I follow are now adding website-only content and more are announcing to be soon to follow. It was nice having this for the time it was worth


File: bfa4f08a205507d⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 235x257, 235:257, 1396027542726.jpg)


If anyone else digs this horrid shit and happens to feel like sharing I'd be much obliged.



How do they intend to control access to paid pics?



People are getting more and more retarded, since patreon began it's shitty crusade for paying artist, many of them have nearly vanished from public listing on various forums and boards, i don't even remember the name of some of them and can't see anything of what they are doing without yiffparty

Making their own site reek of desperation, it can only end badly, among the other obvious thing, none will even know they exist or care they exist as more and new artist that are not utter morons will actually publish their shit, plus place to share like this one will just increase in numbers at that point, it's just too convenient, follow 1 idiot and get the album of everyone else other people follow for free, it's just too much of a good deal to stop

Not to mention most of the so called artist have a very small pool of possible follower available that is willing to pay for their content, such pool can only decrease with so much isolation from the public. On sofurry the idiots have attempted the same trick, block access to their story unless you are their friends, and you can only be friend if you contribute to it's patreon, or they made their own blog/site and moved their story there

Results? Many author have been completely forgotten, and their blog have a pretty small visit counter as a result, why they don't even appear any more in most search on the site, how can you even know about them? Their pitiful attempt to publish only half the story and hook you on their blog miserably failed, it just pissed the reader off and quickened their figurative demise

At this point the collapse of patreon and friends is inevitable, various signs are beginning to appear on most major boards, and when the bubble burst, i will be there with the popcorn watching the "drama" unfold


Is there anyone donating to www.patreon.com/albatrossart that's able to import their posts? I know it's trash but it's the trash I like




It would seem that patreon is allowing to link these websites with the patreon accounts. You login to get content directly with your certified patreon, and now that its outsource, yiff.party can't easily have access to that unless the system is completely overhauled and allows people to submit outside posts to patreons, but that would mean hell because there would be no way to make sure the artist's content was being uploaded to the correct account


also gonna request https://www.patreon.com/fidchell cause im a fucking degenerate

20 or up is probably a rip, but oh well



>we can't upload shared content






>nobody's checking all these consecutive digits



These have not been updated for a long time. Could anyone update them please?




anyone mind uploading the $3 tier for ranken?



can someone add this artist?


thanks in advance.



No one?



Anybody that could please update the shared files of Alancampos? Missing more then half of his packs.


File: 5a3024b93a452a9⋯.png (643.96 KB, 1280x1478, 640:739, d672b2b3-8e92-4ab8-9a28-32….png)

Can anyone update https://yiff.party/233822 please? Thanks in advance!


can someone update 15$ reward links?



There's a whole lot of IRL humanshit being added lately. Did we go public yet?


Anyone got NaughtyMorg's password?



I imagine it's because of their affiliation with PayPal. You know how much PP love to bible thump and censor shit.


Can I get an update to Agawa?

This guy https://yiff.party/2347514


Is anyone a patreon of Thecon and can upload it?



Site down for anyone else?



down for me also



It's down for me too. Thought it was just my shitty internet.


rip T-T



It's down for me too.


can someone please update https://yiff.party/325660



It's doubtful, but if anyone's pledging to this guy, please upload the models.


Surprised his patreon isn't included in here yet, they have a comic going on that I've been aching to read but all the NSFW bits of that comic are paywalled and actually exclude some story because of that.


can someone update https://yiff.party/327837 with the password pages



Please update because it's literally the only art I can fap to nowadays.




[text requesting an update with a jesting note about how there are 4 requests in a row now.]


File: 420c47fa99952d5⋯.png (175.83 KB, 295x353, 295:353, Danger zone.png)

Downloads seem to be slower right now, and I'm getting "size mismatch" errors when downloading pictures. What's going on?



Would anyone update this please?





File: bf561a35e1127ab⋯.gif (367.55 KB, 326x326, 1:1, wtf.gif)


This, I have the same problem

Can anyone tell us why?


seems to be offline


Creators' page taking a long time to load for anyone else?


Requesting update for 21CenturyRaccoon's patreon: https://yiff.party/2449649


im new here. what the hell is this yff party thing?


File: 209fd8f06ce8fee⋯.png (4.35 MB, 2120x3000, 53:75, Shantaepreview.png)

Anyone have the $10 Shared Files for https://yiff.party/259255 ?

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