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File: 4aa5594252ac211⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 260x260, 1:1, sadnate.jpg)




>> https://yiff.party/zauth <<

If you get a sadnate.jpg, make sure that:

1) Your browser isn't blocking third party referrers

2) You are left-clicking the link and not right/shift-clicking

3) The URL you are viewing this thread (and clicking the link) from is one of the following:






If you're still having trouble, go to https://yiff.party/ref and post what you see there here.

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Alright, you made me laugh.


File: 4bc5f9b4f54dbe8⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, smug lionman figure.jpg)


>implying he didn't blew it all on dragon dildos, murrsuit and klondike bars


So how long does a queued update take? Checked a creator page and they're missing a bunch of posts, but it says "Update queued. Please check back soon"

just curious since I've never seen that before



or captcha-solving pajeets


File: 27f3b7bbc7224b5⋯.png (155.46 KB, 316x250, 158:125, TFW no jutsu.png)


Most definitely, there even used to be a notice when you tried to add someone via the bots that someone would take a look at whoever you were adding to see if they were yiffy enough. Of course that may have just been a lie, at this point I really don't know what to think about anything regarding YP other than that the whole thing's gone up in flames so large that the very concept has been slain. It's not like YP dying would allow a new one to pop up, artists are still distributing their work through other means and Patreon is still on the lookout for precisely this sort of activity. What's more, I haven't checked myself but apparently Patreon's new payment processor disallows prepaid debit cards which is the only way I have (or will) ever thrown money at this sort of thing. At least the bots seemingly aren't tied up with BS anymore although I'm sure a large chunk of the update requests are still for shit that straight up doesn't belong. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how long it takes for my requests to go through, I remember when that was just a matter of minutes.



furry without commissions, patreon, or any money whatsoever would be much better than what we've got now for the 98% of the time i spend not masturbating. if you draw to de-stress after work, great. excellent. you don't need to be paid for it.

>you're entitled! i'll just draw and keep the files for my own viewing!

also an excellent choice that i would encourage everyone who doesn't want to share things for free to take. for those who are content to simply share and to talk, i'll show them my art, they'll show theirs, and we can all have fun while the new money kids who can only concieve of human relationships as financial transactions fuck off to poison some other hobby.



Over 12 hours later and it still says there's an update queued. How long does this take?


File: 4e89de4aa78a450⋯.png (6.63 KB, 373x34, 373:34, ClipboardImage.png)

I hope everyone's ready to have the same shit around Christmas. as if anyone will give a fuck about donating to it instead of just buying a gift or treating themselves.




2 days later and still "Update queued"



nobody cares. this wont be fixed until bui purges the normalfags clogging up the que



>the new money kids who can only concieve of human relationships as financial transactions fuck off to poison some other hobby

That's a pipe dream Anon, they're already balls deep in everything. It's gotten to the point where I'm considering getting into SFM because I see dudes who do nothing but download other peoples' models and pose them throw their stuff up behind paywalls and get people to throw them enough money to essentially make beer free every month while they simply make the things they want to make. If retards are going to fuck things up I feel like at the very least I should be taking advantage of them. Hell, they'd probably defend me taking advantage of them because somehow people have forgotten that a major part of functional capitalism is consumers looking out for themselves instead of bending over for every form of nonsense that people can think up.



Lmao it's gotten to the point where doing that earns you more money than people who studied years and do it as a profession on triple A stuff. Get real, anon.


Someone please update, it's been three months.



update requesting seems to be working again finally


File: 7d5c3f9f6f441a6⋯.png (584.62 KB, 1920x498, 320:83, 15.png)

File: db511f7fb3cd477⋯.jpg (100.34 KB, 767x1200, 767:1200, Dt3NSoFXgAEuSbs_u18chan.jpg)


Quite a few artists are learning how to circumvent yp. Many like scifijack are using discord integration.Others like komsj have built their own website that connects to patreon and prevents external leaks to non-members.

Little by little artists are learning how to beat yp.



>what is shared files



>> Shared Files (0)




Yeah but you'll likely be waiting quite a while for anything to happen. I put in some update requests several days ago and they still haven't gone through. Some Anon's been bitching since the 2nd and I'll bet his stuff hasn't gone through either.


A feature that people didn't even bother to update back when it was relatively easy. I think Anon's point was more about the bots becoming increasingly useless. Things seem to be progressing towards the point where manual updates will be the only real option and at that point why not just use sadpanda? It's not like YP is secret anymore and considering that it's apparently bloated to the point where Bui needs help sustaining it this just seems like a money pit. Ironic that YP's reaction to impending CUF was more destructive than CUF itself, especially since CUF wasn't implemented across all artists.



Is that a request?


>Things seem to be progressing towards the point where manual updates will be the only real option

<implying that's a bad thing

YP's biggest mistake was relying on fully-automatic tools. It got us crap we don't need; and there'd be content behind the reach of any bot, whether or not the updater works.



>implying that's a bad thing

It is. Without the bots what is the point of YP? Being a worse archive than practically every other archive?



>Without the bots what is the point of YP?

Upload content stuck behind Patreon paywalls. Agaiin, the problem is the reliance on fully-automatic tools. That said, I'm not worried because posts are still being uploaded.. Regardless of how automated that is, it renders your complaint moot.



>Upload content stuck behind Patreon paywalls.

Just like we see on other, better archives. So in other words your answer to my last question is yes.

>Regardless of how automated that is, it renders your complaint moot.

I don't think that logic holds water, popufurs and instagram thots catching steady updates while the lesser known artists who are many peoples' entire reason for bothering with YP go untouched only highlights the need for the bots to be back in action.

Good morning BTW, looks like we probably woke up around the same time.


Thats the issue now that YP is well known, artists are continuously finding new ways to circumvent the bots that update. An increasing amount of artist pages on YP now have previews the bots grabbed claiming it is updated properly. The previews either lead to a site or inform that the full version is on an exclusive patreon-linked discord channel.

I would request scifijackrabbit angelthecatgirl sif komsjar and mrsafetylion for those very reasons. If possible, its okay if it can't be done.


File: 915fe1f69e43972⋯.png (134.38 KB, 1196x277, 1196:277, yiffbs.png)

Look at the most requested patreons

Only two are drawn ( I didn't check if they were furry) and the rest are just instagram/cosplay whores. We need a Real Life purge.



>Just like we see on other, better archives

Name one.

>I don't think that logic holds water, popufurs and instagram thots catching steady updates while the lesser known artists who are many peoples' entire reason for bothering with YP go untouched only highlights the need for the bots to be back in action.

So we have a problem. How does that contradict the fact that relevant page are still being updated? Without the updater, we are crippled at worst.




File: 30586e91773410d⋯.png (36.25 KB, 377x643, 377:643, Untitled11234456.png)


I got on today and belledelphine was the most recently updated thing as well as the most wanted.


>Name one.

You've likely already heard of it, pic related. I follow several uploaders that specialize in taking stuff off of Patreon as well as whatever the Japanese equivalents are, Pawoo I think.

>Without the updater, we are crippled at worst.

And constantly being asked to throw money at a crippled site that's circling the drain because problems aren't being fixed. Some relevant things are still getting updated, I don't dispute that, but that's a crappy metric by which to gauge the overall state of the site.



There's no point to the shared section if nobody is bothering to use that function.

Those same artists have 0 in shared. Which is why I'm requesting the previously listed artists be updated manually when someone gets a chance.


Okay, so what is your strategy when it comes to these 'first come first serve' things on patreon? How do you make the page and the comment box load as fast as possible on new posts?


Is the site frozen?


Isn't it crazy yiff.party can meet it's quota in like ten days, but Wikipedia is still on it's hands and knees begging for a donation?



wikipedia doesn't even need your money they're just trying to hoard a shit ton of cash



>You've likely already heard of it, pic related. I follow several uploaders that specialize in taking stuff off of Patreon as well as whatever the Japanese equivalents are, Pawoo I think.

How is better, though?

>And constantly being asked to throw money at a crippled site


>at worst

>Some relevant things are still getting updated

Exactly. Unsolved problems aside, it's working as well as it needs to (for now). We got to this point because too much was automated, but some of us (even you, a bit) are exaggerating about the state of YP.


File: 6152489d7635203⋯.png (134.01 KB, 1298x281, 1298:281, YP most wanted 12 17 2018.png)

File: 91c6c5f7d673a89⋯.png (115.77 KB, 1308x339, 436:113, YP recently added artists ….png)


>There's no point to the shared section if nobody is bothering to use that function.

I know, I made that point earlier. That's half the reason I make sure to check out artists on other sites even if I've seen their YP page.


>How is better, though?

Does everything YP does and more, at least as far as hosting and searching goes, but without the risk of going down every month. Stuff that should end up in shared galleries but often doesn't on YP tends to end up on SP. At this point what's YP's edge?

>at worst

I saw it the first time Anon. I stand by my comment that YP is circling the drain but more pertinently you don't seem to be disputing that YP is crippled, and that's just "without the updater," but other features have been subsumed by the normals as well. Look at the most wanted updates. 2 of those are furry artists, 1 is a zoofag and the rest (9/12) are instagram thots. I think it can safely be said that the most wanted feature is fucked. Granted it was always skewed towards popufurs but now it's mostly stuff that doesn't belong. Look at the recently added creators. These days you have to manually update to add someone but 8/9 of those people don't upload furry content. Recent activity seems to stay around 50% not furry. Of course the things that I saw while sitting there refreshing and typing this post don't make up anything approaching a respectable sample size but I'm willing to bet that things would trend this way if examined over the foreseeable future.

I would imagine that automation likely did contribute to the influx of normie shit but since the problem is not only present but self-sustaining even with the bots in their current state I question the degree to which this actually affected things and I feel like saying that the bots being half-dead is a good thing is not a realistic view.



>At this point what's YP's edge?

A good question to ask after examples are eluded to.

>I stand by my comment that YP is circling the drain but more pertinently you don't seem to be disputing that YP is crippled,

<at worst

It works as well as it needs to, meaning we're not as in bad shape as you (and others) think, even with the unsolved problems.

>I question the degree to which this actually affected things and I feel like saying that the bots being half-dead is a good thing is not a realistic view.

Creators weren't always added automatically, and it wasn't until manual review ended that we ended up where we're at now. Meanwhile. if we had semi-automatic uploading from the beginning, Patreon would've had to work harder to secure their holes due the challenge of distinguishing legitimate use from abuse. How's that for "not a realistic view"?




Any similar sites to yp that may have all this discord and external site exclusive content that stays behind a paywall?



No dedicated site like YP, but exhentai sometimes has a person who'll dump an artists patreon work together, though the likelihood of any given person you want being there with all the patreon exclusives is pretty low.


If anybody is a mlp futa fan please consider updating this for us if you can.



I didnt even know shared files was a community upload thing, and always just assumed it was something scrapped from patreon. So I would add shared files, except does it even get updated? it has to go through manual review and with bui being a cock these days I doubt shit would even matter.


"An update is currently in progress. Please check back in a few minutes."

turns into

"An error occurred, please reload to try again."




The auto updater hasn't worked for like a year you dumb faggot.


https://yiff.party/891375 hasn't veen updated in a while and they take fucking ages to release the paysite content. Anybody willing to help?



Teddy jack

Las updated 4 months ago

123 missings posts



Can someone update Silvercomics with the two new Operation S.I.L.V.E.R. comic pages?


Yiff.party hasn't updated in a while. Is something wrong again?



Looks like it. The site has been freezing on and off for the past few days. I don't know why it's happening and Bui has been super quiet about it. The state of y.p. is becoming laughable at this point.



Well that sucks. Some artists have updates I want to see but can't cause the site's fucked up.



Everything is manually-updated now, so if someone has patrons who don't use the site, they don't get updated.



No I mean there has been zero activity from the site in a while. Literally nothing is updating at all.


aaaaaaaaaa fix it fix it fix it i want to update my shit



Weird, My past 10 faves have been updated from 1 to 8 days ago.


Updates just resumed again. Weird, it's like the site was just frozen for a while.


Were only a few people noticing the freeze? I don't have a ton of artists saved and the ones I do only update every 3-4 days so everything seemed normal for me.


>dead again

fuck off now




It seems to be fine now, for 12 hours it just wasn't updating anything for me.



Get ready, folks. Self-managed crypto paywalling is coming. Yiff.party is done.



Can someone post the latest from Silvercomics now that the site's working again?



Can anyone update Biglovealicia's stuff?



>A good question to ask after examples are eluded to.

Then can I get an answer?

>It works as well as it needs to, meaning we're not as in bad shape as you (and others) think

Again I'm noticing that you're not disputing YP's status as crippled.

>it wasn't until manual review ended that we ended up where we're at now

That's certainly part of the problem but that's more about manual review ending than anything else. The things that you say the bots might've brought upon us earlier came anyways and appear to be self-sustaining without the bots so I hardly think the bots can be blamed for the current state of YP. Certainly they take a share of the blame but the real issue here is lack of exclusivity, that's what's causing costs to balloon and ostensibly that's what's really driven Patreon to lock their shit down, I don't remember them doing much when it was just fringe pornographers complaining.

Happy new year BTW, hope your holidays were enjoyable.



>Then can I get an answer?

You mean it wasn't a rhetorical question? YP can't beat superior alternatives. You did you part here.

>Again I'm noticing that you're not disputing YP's status as crippled.

YP's updates speak for itself. Have fun contriving concurrence.

>That's certainly part of the problem but that's more about manual review ending than anything else.

Exactly: With it, we wouldn't be where we're at today re: content and resources.

>The things that you say the bots might've brought upon us earlier came anyways and appear to be self-sustaining without the bots so I hardly think the bots can be blamed for the current state of YP.

Careless automation is what caused Patreon to make CUF an option (and currently making difficult for Bui to bypass their security). Why is this difficult to understand?

>the real issue here is lack of exclusivity, that's what's causing costs to balloon and ostensibly that's what's really driven Patreon to lock their shit down, I don't remember them doing much when it was just fringe pornographers complaining.

What you described is the result if indiscriminate importing (which wasn't a problem before manual review had been cancelled).


Can someone grab this guys stuff?



Any chance someone could get the missing posts from redrabbu?


I need my dosis of her



could someone add this creator?


Can anyone update?




>mess of a website

>clunky search engine for creators

>click a creator, get a tab that does nothing for 2 minutes, then Error 524's me

Why is this place garbage?



>click a creator, get a tab that does nothing for 2 minutes, then Error 524's me

It works for me.



Good for you



Can someone update Dark_Blue_workshop's Moonlace comic posts please?



File: b889c6ac05e716a⋯.jpeg (184.44 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 251675EC-7615-49AB-8C78-D….jpeg)

Can someone please update rusheloc’s stuff? I’m desperate here.



What happened with yiff party?



I'm guessing the usual maintenance. Not seen it go down for a while, only seems right for it to be down atm.



I am only worried that he fell on the day when server rent should be paid. Dozes said it happens on the 15th. I really hope for a coincidence.



Did look like the payment was made by looking at his bitcoin wallet. Saw a few out not long ago.



It is only a timeout, not it being fully down so something would only be wrong if something was wrong with the server


https://www.pixiv.net/fanbox/creator/1105305?utm_campaign=creator_page&utm_medium=share&utm_source=twitter Anyone know how the fuck to get shit out of fanboxes when you dont have yen to donate


File: 7f71fc26192fdf9⋯.png (20.81 KB, 1842x226, 921:113, Screenshot_2019-01-15 http….png)

gosh I wonder if all the ultra high res 3dpd images are using up space and making it cost more, hmmmmm


File: bf1d43418f59694⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1516743870862.jpg)


Can we just remove all 3dpd from the site? Their cuck army doesn't even pay the server rent, bet they hardly know how to use a computer at all.



Seriously, just mass delete the garbage. Not like it's difficult to spot. Just from the thumbnails alone.


I hope it fucking dies already. I'm sick of this fucker terrorizing us with data wipe if we don't pay the bill while not doing anything to improve the site.

Everyone who cares about YP's data has already backed up stuff they needed.



Yep, sure, after tumbler died with thousands of pictures, pixiv and imageboards started deleting bulks of random images lets lose even more data. Fuck 2d art.





Holy fuck this so much. Camwhores, etc. are just trash, eating up resources.



You just listed reasons why you should've started saving images years ago instead of relying on some random guy or company to host this stuff for you.

Just a friendly reminder if you don't know this: there are no backups of YP. Admin stated it more than once. He's also ignoring anyone who offer help in making it. Do you really want to keep it going if it will die at some point anyway because of the server hard drive failure?


File: 6152489d7635203⋯.png (134.01 KB, 1298x281, 1298:281, YP_most_wanted_12_17_2018.png)

This here alone was the downfall.

Allowing non furries in there was the day i stopped uploading fluff-kevlar's stuff and just lurked myself.

It may brought more visitors to the site but sadly only the worst kind. Beggars everywhere here and on the yiff.party board, normiefags getting their cam/youtube/streamwhores on the list while giving bui a little bit more money at the start.

But these kind of people quickly cut the moneyflow while demanding more and more so more patreon "creators" got added and that needed more capacity and bandwidth so in the end it costed more than these normies brought in.

I repeat myself from months ago when i stopped uploading but in the end i guess we'll have to find a furry friendly alternative while bui tries to milk every last drop out of the normies until yiff.party sadly closes.



There was someone in the yiff.party threads making a complete backup of alot of the more popular furry patreons, unfortunatly I don't remember where I left the link.



Yep, someone uploaded some of YP content into ipfs:


But it consists mostly of people I don't care about so I have my own 220GB backup consisting of about 70 creators and all associated metadata.


Should come up with our own offshoot at this point instead of relying on that useless idiot. No 3D shit, zero tolerance.


It's down. Might stay down. Real shame, but can't say it's unexpected.



I can't save everything + surely my backups won't update automatically every month with new content from artists patreons. You are an idiot, if you hardly care about this whole deal then just be on your way.


Replace the camwhores with female murrsuiters and maybe we can call it even.



>surely my backups won't update automatically every month with new content from artists patreons

Implying yiff.party was updating each and every artist consistently for the last 6mo+


File: 21b30eb741a7c8c⋯.jpeg (261.79 KB, 1280x1764, 320:441, nazimaiden.jpeg)


Sorry for being a lazy fuck. It's only 47 out of the 240 creators I've backed up. I will update the link later when I find time to do so.

Also: http://54sdi3p2kf4intp7.onion/ipns/QmPc9yqAV3J69puyh7vTz4gKtsNyWDVQUnfY6hrthtK1SV for quicker response.



Its not perfect but its the only thing we got.



That includes the shared files as well right? For a number of artists having a backup is mostly useless without them.



File: 7d440e07e82592e⋯.jpg (25.98 KB, 200x176, 25:22, 1538446875183.jpg)



>only two of the top twelve pages being requested for updates are furry

This is absolute bullshit. What was Bui thinking opening this site up to every single Patreon page out there? Was it really that hard to just ignore all the normies' bitching and screeching to have their fave "creators" added? Was it really that hard to just scan through each request for an actual non-furry creator of quality content and just add them and not the dozens of camwhores? It's bad enough that Patreon was eventually going to find a way to roadblock the auto-updater, but allowing so many useless Patreon pages to clog up the server and skyrocket the bandwidth costs is just fucking stupid. If this site does die off in the next two days, it would be a shame. But, I hope to hell someone else with more brains than balls will rebuild it.


The shared files would be the biggest loss out of all of this. A lot of the files stored under that tab is half stuff that is now exceptionally rare and half stuff that artists only share through e-mail, file-sharing or Discord.




If the site gets back up we need to purge all 3dpd and Ecleb content. That fact that there is barely no yiff on yiff party is astounding.


Not Bui but just posting this to prove a point.



Is there any way of viewing a previous version of the site from my cookies or something? I want to get a list of the patreons I was following.



Honestly it's the requirement for paying in meme money than it is the 3Dpd that stops me from sparing some change to keep the place running.



Don't think so. I never trust websites to keep their data or artists in general they won't delete a specific blog. I always have bookmarks, docx, or some sort of file with artists names.

If the site returns my suggestion is to write somewhere all the names of all the people you are following. It will take you 10-15 minute maximum but you will do yourself a favor. Just don't delete your history-cache when the/if the site returns.


>posts onion link for takedown backup

>onion link gone

>yiff.party url still up

yiffpartyrn7kd5g.onion is gone, where did it go?



It's just a tor proxy of the main site. It won't work if site dies for non-domain problems (like if bui needs more money to spend on his bad dragon dildo collect... i mean server hosting)




Fuck 3d people. Anime, furry and pony stuff only, begone thots


Does 3D animation count as 3DPD?






yiff.party's servers have been suspended by our provider due to non-payment.

We have until Thursday, January 17 to settle our outstanding bill before the servers are wiped for good and all data is lost forever.

If you'd like to keep yiff.party running, please consider donating.

Progress: $151.12/$160.00

Bitcoin: 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Bitcoin Cash: qrqvzez7dh6tzwqesyvx29pr47fm8w7785e43kyq29

Ethereum: 0xdB82E028f199E0933E6D3F5BD0f6B7B4990f116F

Ethereum Classic: 0x0f662faBc4eA9fC478301Af50cEeaC8bBB574d69

Litecoin: MUoVV3emRHpYJ3HgDfYEzy1fdCeT8LjoMT




Anyone got 10 bucks in crypto?


Why it must be shitcoins anyway? Is it that hard to add an option to pay in dollars?


File: 58fadc434636640⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 200x179, 200:179, you.jpg)


It turns out that legitimate payment providers tend to frown on funding illegal activities, including filesharing. Who would've guessed?



seems like the url host doesn't (what I thought was the takedown concern, file hosting would be be moved not deleted) care and he has a backup url

couldn't we just make a .tk or ftp and host it with old hhd computer for a backup somewhere in timbuktu, whole computer would cost less than two months of hosting bullshit, there's got to be a furfag in every country that'll put up the electric bill


File: a6e0760cbb75a24⋯.gif (1002.81 KB, 245x220, 49:44, democracy.gif)

Goal reached



get rid of the 3D thots


File: 8690109f28c0933⋯.png (124.46 KB, 277x243, 277:243, sad.png)

>people still haven't stopped donating to a scam site that does nothing to fix glaring issues that have plagued it for over 6 months and won't remove the camwhore shit bloating server costs


>February 2019 donation progress: $0.00/$160

so do anyone what to do again?


File: 3d6fa491f1776ff⋯.jpg (317.43 KB, 500x741, 500:741, war_is_hell_by_kraftzarco-….jpg)

Yeah seriously get rid of the patreon thots, you can get every variety of tits anywhere on the internet for free. They're just burning through datacaps at this point.



~10TB is not that much to backup for someone who deals with data storage but the problem is that whoever hosts the website throttles the connection speed. It will take months to backup yiff.party assuming they don't block you while you are doing it.


File: 12c85f9243546ac⋯.mp4 (794.99 KB, 288x640, 9:20, it's yo life.mp4)


No you don't understand, you have to give money to some greaseball yuroNEET furfag for rehosting content instead of giving money to the actual content creator.

I swear the furry fandom is maximum retard. A purging would do some good.


Since he's not getting rid of the thots, what about splitting the thots to one site (thot.party) from the sfw misc (safe.party), and the 2d, the non-irl 3d, and the BBS stays on yiff.party? Then, have the separate donations displayed at the top, and have donations in their separate pools. Whatever stays afloat, will stay afloat at that point.


happy new year everyone!

can someone please post this artist archives?


thank you in advance



Why give money to only one when, for the same amount or less, you can have all the others it offers?

Who's the retard now?



File: dc6ce46d9993ec5⋯.png (35.39 KB, 200x200, 1:1, solotorobo smug.png)


Gee, good question. Ask one of the 6 gorillion seething autists in this thread who are fed up with the way YiffParty is going.


File: 8948146904800fb⋯.gif (27.71 KB, 256x192, 4:3, Phoenix_Confident_1.gif)


They're spoiled brats. What's your point?



Hey guys!

Since YP is being a bit overwhelmed by camwhores and thots right now, I thought I'll try and submit a request here.

Could someone please update this creator?




38 posts missing, last updated 5 months ago. $5 to see all his stuff.

Transformation art, the guy has a very unique style.

It's been a long time since he was updated, and his art is really good. Please, I've been missing seeing his stuff for a while now! He is still non-CUF. Please, someone charitable out there, import if you can! Thanks!



>Hey guys!

Kill yourself


File: 74b3c9d199a4f2f⋯.jpg (89.86 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, begone_thot.jpg)

>people are still asking for thots in the request thread on the y.p. forums


Fuck you, Bui. You let this happen.


File: 61ac255f8e68a74⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 500x379, 500:379, D8666CE37B1B4441AFFB0711BD….jpg)




3 D




Thots are good. Whores are good. Anything that drives down the market value of pussy is an unalloyed good.


What's the point of keeping this site afloat with current Patreon policy and and handling new posts if your creator never gets updated?

It was fun while it lasted I guess.

I sill don't like patreon but I do not like how Yiff party handles stuff nowdays too.


here's the thing though: when the end of the month hits and Bui has to strongarm the users into donating or face total loss of data. who do you think is going to shell out more cash? a bunch of imageboard furfags or a bunch of normalfag porn addicts who use hydrus to organize millions of files?

yiff.party has been overtaken by normalniggers and our opinion doesn't even matter anymore because money talks more than 8chan posts. if you gave me the option between pandering to a minority group to be recognized as "cool" and having thousands of dollars in the bank i'd probably do the same. he doesn't even do transparency reports so how do we know he didn't get far more than 160$


File: 6f2b8bbc86302b9⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 204x255, 4:5, aint no party like a schlo….gif)


>he doesn't even do transparency reports so how do we know he didn't get far more than 160$

Why do you think he doesn't do transparency reports? Why do you think he's appeasing thotbots?


Say, does anyone here know if Yiffy-Get actually works?


been going over various sites this month downloading things what with all the fear-mongering about FOSTA banning most if not all adult content on the internet (due to a technicality in the law and how it could be interpeted)

And I can't be arsed to modify HTTrack for yiff.party.

Or, you know, if someone has a good setup for wget that'd work too.


File: 216fbfbd8d96248⋯.png (382.57 KB, 800x764, 200:191, juden 1.png)



>What's the point of keeping this site afloat with current Patreon policy and and handling new posts if your creator never gets updated?




wouldn't using torrents, or IPFS or Hydrus be better for that though?

or shit, having things set up like https://the-eye.eu where someone could grab everything with wget in case the site is in danger of going down or something



I would consider donating if you accepted Monero



>wouldn't using torrents, or IPFS or Hydrus be better for that though?

YP has the data just the same. The longer is stays up, the more time there is to archive.



I just mean if YP went down or something.

Everyone on 4chan's /a/ collectively panicked and shat themselves when nyaa went down and that only stopped once the backup meta-torrent was found out about.

Anyways, I'm sure some autist has already added everything to IPFS anyways, I mean shit like pixiv and e621 are already all backed up on there, and that there are threads about downloaders to bulk download from YP shows there are already people of similar thought addressing the issue already so I suppose its more of an issue of knowing where this information is rather then if it is being backed up or not.


Can someone update https://yiff.party/6608334 It hasn't been updated in a while.



on topic, but does anyone have that mega link filled with all of jay naylors comics and what not


I was listening to these guys' commentary tracks https://yiff.party/36723 and the 13 reasons why episode 9 file is kinda fucked, can anyone legit download it and upload it on mega?


File: eae1d92fad929d9⋯.png (311.96 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 13068810026.png)


Sorry, my mom taught me not to talk to niggers.


File: b85138cb63f181b⋯.png (110.72 KB, 500x363, 500:363, life has many doors.png)


Would it be possible to add



File: 945dc763d3e2155⋯.png (397.97 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Maany_Doors.png)


iskra please





Is there any way for bui to remove and reupdate patreons like Spindles that use a placeholder image for a while to trick the system and then upload the real art later?



sure as hell hope so

there are some pages that have broken images too



>implying he'll do anything besides putting up the donation page this month


File: 7d2146d9120e98f⋯.png (1.21 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1542709202032.png)


Yes goy, donate to m- I mean, our lord and savior Bui! He needs all the funds he can get to fight the big bad content creators by rehosting their content! So what if he's not actually being transparent with the donations, don't you want to see 99% of yiffparty filled with thots?



This would require someone who's pledged to re-import all those images, it's not something he can do alone.



Well if he'd just delete it, then the next time someone updated it should be fixed i'd presume?


can someone add this one here?



Yo is anyone able to leak Jaeh’s new comic Tight Situation? Idk if this pertains to yiff.party exactly but it is through a pay wall so I mean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but can I request an update for fauvfox?



Could anyone be so kind to update redrabbu?


There are some new minisets I would love to see.


Could anyone update thecon? He has not been updated in a while.



Can someone upload Braford's House of Beef V1.3 for PC to the Shared Files section please? The Dropbox link has already expired.


To whoever just updated Dyne's, thank you so much!





50 posts missing, last updated 6 months ago. $5 to see all his stuff.

Furry transformation art, the guy has a very unique style. He started posting more frequently again. Every post missing is artwork, not just text updates.

It's been a long time since he was updated, and his art is really good. He is still non-CUF. Please, someone charitable out there, import if you can! Thanks!


Has PL changed how it watermarks images?

I have some from September where the entire image is scarred by a code, in addition to the smaller ones scattered throughout the image. But some from the same artist in January don't have any obvious marks at all.


Why am I still getting timedout when trying to view Sakimichan's page? It's the only oneI have favorited that's doing that.


File: 5ebcad2c77afc1c⋯.png (3.56 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, weird fucking pepe.png)

Can somebody import https://www.patreon.com/Penken please?



No. No you cannot have PenKen. You disgusting thirsty humanfags ruined the website, blew it up, and you don't even have the decency to donate to keep the thing you destroyed limping along. Fuck you, go back to where you come from, eat shit.


>Artist uses fake pictures to trick the system before uploading the real ones

>Yiff Party has a flag tool for when an artist updates and image, which could solve this problem

>"Can't flag posts at this time"

What's the point even?


I want frogposters to go back to Reddit where they belong



Delayed importing would also help


File: 76a3f196c391f2c⋯.png (407.15 KB, 800x1374, 400:687, 57345917_p0.png)


All files in "january batch 1, 2 and 3" are 404 when I click on them. Can somebody please reupload?



Also "October Batch 2\3" is empty



>All files in "january batch 1, 2 and 3" are 404 when I click on them

Works for me


Would be nice to see https://www.patreon.com/kalchivo added


Anyone else getting timedout when trying to view Sakimichan's page? It's the only page that's doing that.


dumb fucking lagging 3dpd-ridden website


Could anyone possibly just press the update button on these.





>YP's updates speak for itself.

I'll say, I've been gone for a couple months and now I've returned to see that not jack shit has changed even after what I'd imagine was several hundred dollars worth of requests for donations. Not sure why you're under the impression that I don't understand YP's issues when things that I said last year are still playing out a quarter of the way into this one.



>YP's updates speak for itself.

<speaks anyway

>Not sure why you're under the impression that I don't understand YP's issues

When did I say that?

>YP's issues when things that I said last year are still playing out a quarter of the way into this one.


>What you described is the result if indiscriminate importing (which wasn't a problem before manual review had been cancelled).


can the both of you just shut up



TIL this site once specifically required furry content; I found it in September or so and saw it had mostly furry content but also some cosplayers, porn stars, and camwhores, and then I figured it had always been a generic Patreon-scraper that only recently became known outside the furry fandom.

I have been manually importing every Patreon creator that I'm subscribed to every month, and because I'm more accustomed to rewards being removed at the end of the month rather than made available on delay, I've been updating them almost every day; I have actually subscribed to some creators specifically to import them.

Today, I had a problem with the importer, and I guessed that Patreon's design update (as seen by the new fonts) came along with a security update that kept the creator list from being loaded properly (even though the importer got an HTTP 200); I looked at the boards for the first time to see whether this was a problem that required a workaround, something temporary, or maybe just something on my end.

I've cut down on the number of creators I'm subscribed to this month (I might snag a particular non-CUF camwhore though, just so she shows up on the site; most of the ones I sub to are CUF though), and I might bother to buy some crypto-tokens just to keep the site alive; I was about to scramble to do that during the downtime in the middle of January and was relieved when the funds were finally raised.

(I won't say which creators I've added or updated here, because then it wouldn't take long for them to figure out and ban me, but the common factor is slim with naturally big tits, softcore at the most.)


I originally posted the previous message on YP's own board; since then, I found out that the problem was just something temporary, probably on my end, and I got the latest updates in: https://yiff.party/bbs/read/12795#27637



This is the worst post I have ever seen. Oh my fucking god. Please go the fuck back to Reddit. Please. Get out. Now. This website is not for you. Go away. Kill yourself. Jump in front of a car and just lie down and let the universe fix itself.




7 days left to donate before yiff.party dies

Bitcoin - 3HttRJutvffZN1t3TUYxq6rG9FSDqxV1FF

Bitcoin Cash - qrqvzez7dh6tzwqesyvx29pr47fm8w7785e43kyq29

Ethereum - 0xdB82E028f199E0933E6D3F5BD0f6B7B4990f116F

Ethereum Classic - 0x0f662faBc4eA9fC478301Af50cEeaC8bBB574d69

Litecoin - MUoVV3emRHpYJ3HgDfYEzy1fdCeT8LjoMT




Nonetheless, importer problems should not be ignored.


Can anyone please update Scappo's page?


Can anyone who's a member of


please post the PSD files ($12 tier) by adding that tier to YiffParty? As of now we've just got the comic files and one HD image along with a lot of non-file posts: https://yiff.party/154349

I'd love to have the unflattened images. <3 <3



3dpd ruins everything.



Hey, maybe you can start a patreon to fund the site.

Oh wait, I forgot. Everything is free now so we only have to pay fuck all.



Can we get an update for Silvercomics please? It's been a while.



>dat non-sequitur


I just want this thing to end already. I'd much rather go back to begging on u18chan than giving my hopes up for updates to the creators I care about.


How do I add creators again? Only see the import option



why the fuck is it so laggy



Because you goyim didn't pay up!




Could this artist be added please?


File: dc4ce90e2bcd0d2⋯.png (13.86 KB, 316x78, 158:39, yA9buSU.png)

File: b2b4de6aae209ec⋯.jpg (797.29 KB, 1506x1645, 1506:1645, 1449414746309.jpg)

disgusting normalfag scourge




Wish tail blazer or keycock could get an update.


File: 9d6ad890b2ed132⋯.jpg (18.5 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 1419318972274.jpg)

I honestly wish this site would just die already. It's a sad shell of its former self. It used to be a niche little alcove our secrit club in the internet where we could stick it to the greedy kike furfag artists that gated everything beyond a paywall, but now the sites gone completely off the rails. 3DPD disgusting camwhores, regular boring hentai artists, barely any if at all furry creators in the top requested, constant "danger" of shutting down due to increased server costs because of 3DPD "content creators" taking up space.

I bet over the half of the normalniggers here and on the yiff party board couldn't even tell me who originally created the site and for it's original purpose. This site either needs a complete purge or to just shutdown and be remade already.



I honestly don't see why Bui opened it to the public as everyone knows that normies ruin everything.


Can anyone pls update redrabbu? https://yiff.party/3196388


File: e966e9ef8a52111⋯.jpg (72.92 KB, 1696x359, 1696:359, Capture.JPG)

Its been a long time since Pixel-Perry had an update.

Can somebody please update his page? There has been a ton of new stuff and its been months since we had an update.

Please if any kind user on this fine site can share you will be considered a Hero among us. .



Thank You


Anyone else getting a bunch of 524 errors? Site not loading for me.


We need and update for Rikolo as a big update on their animation Diner for three is available.



Also Gingers "Going through changes" comic has been adding new pages but there has not been an update in months. Please update their page.



Finally, ScrewingwithSFM has uploaded numerous big animations yet there has not been an update to their paid posts in awhile just free public ones. Their page used to be updated frequently but its been awhile since we had animation updates on here. Please be so kind to update their page.




File: 7663cd3c191aed6⋯.jpg (191.02 KB, 783x783, 1:1, 3c0c7eeee5dd275bd4cea016dd….jpg)




Well, look who decided to show himself and spew his usual pot of bullshit. Bui, of course!



Wow, he's such a cunt.



Can we get an update for Arniro111? He's got some new stuff.



>yiff.party is not exclusive to furry content. It never was


>creates it on a furry board

>the first years of it's life was furry only

god bui is so fucking stupid it hurts


File: 19267afdaa88bd2⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 448x536, 56:67, who could be behind this.webm)



Of course not goy-guys! Yiff.party™ was always open to everybody and inclusive! Don't be rewriting history when yiff.party was a safe space with open borders for everyone you bigot!

By the way, don't forget to donate. Were only at 46% and I need more sheckles for those great beautiful 3D content creators that are totally not eating server space :^)



I ain't donating while primary admins continue to be lying sacks of shit.


So, apparently complaining about content that has no place on YP is now considered spam. Bui taking the censorship route now.


File: fe5e92e17383fd0⋯.png (197.36 KB, 556x666, 278:333, 14297501369412.png)



You know, someone in the Y.P. forums was threatening to dox Bui's ass. Not that I'm advocating for it, but I really hope someone does at this point. Piece of shit needs to have his ego knocked down a few pegs.



Yes please.



are you new anon, bui has been doxed years ago



I saw this happen live in the categorizing thread. I'm not importing this month and relogging to change my session id after this shit. Fuck you Bui, you shameless sheckle goblin.


File: a7e3674213212ca⋯.png (107.01 KB, 961x611, 961:611, no_you.PNG)

So, it's official. He never gave a shit about anybody. This whole endeavor that is yiff.party was all about popularity by becoming the great big pain in Patreon's collective ass. It wasn't really about us or scraping furry-only content, it was only about him. Naming the site yiff.party was just to get us to come in and give his site the attention it needed so he could then fuck us over later. Well, fuck him. At least us ten users who don't like what's going on here have said more than the 400 users who don't ever say shit about anything.



*40,000 users



i am cringing so hard at you rn



tat was cute anyone know twitter link also thats probably a different bui

also whos doze is he the old admin



hello mr bribe how much money do you need

if mod/janitor is seeing this plz lurk yiff.party/bbs for more info and don't forget to use archive.is



so the new admin is apparently being bribed


is there anything we can actually do to fix this at this point?

all I can think of is some other person needs to create a new Patreon scraper

the hardest part would be importing YP's content to the new site

our old hero is a villain now, we need a new hero



Manual importing is the way to go, thanks to him.


i know someone updated dog bones stuff in bulk every couple months, thanks, u a champ




Can someone add this please?



Disregard this post, I meant to ask for an update.


site added a poll asking what you come to YP for






Anybody with links to (female) fursuiters on YP, please direct them to me for further research.



>6000 votes

holy fuck



make sure to vote for furry porn only



Really, who's coming here for anime porn?



I don't even give a shit about hentai on yiff.party. If I had to pick hentai or camwhores to stay on the site, you don't need to guess which I would go for.


Anyone else here into furry related TFs (human -> furry, furry -> something else)?


File: 20c471dcb53eac5⋯.jpg (205.21 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1.jpg)

And now the site is down. GG Bui



Still up



It's his shitty April Fool's joke.



File: 09442e92cb833bf⋯.png (171.19 KB, 722x872, 361:436, D1fm2RdUwAEstmd.png)


Anyone could help with this one? I'm also looking for an update on her blog. It's not only a girl taking pics of herself, her art is freaking sweet.


so I poked around the wayback machine for evidence of YP once being furry-only


and YES, whoever was running the site back in late 2015 (bui or whoever) insisted on having no human-only content

BUT they said the reason was a lack of disk space

seems to me that now that he does have that space he has less bandwidth and less money than he did before, pretty ironic



I get why people want furry only content, but what about human and furry (i.e. twokinds, which still can't be accessed on yiff.party, takes ages then loads an error page), what about good human-only creators? I know one who does human-only and is actually rather good (digital artist BTW), with only some non-human ikages.


I mostly use it for furry porn, but also to get smut stories and blender stuff. Better get everything before they find a permanent solution.



>they find a permanent solution




In those instances, we should have an "absolute maximum of" number for them.



What are you on about? I still don't know what the permanent solution(s) are.



Out of curiosity, what patreons on yiff party have smut stories?




The worst thing about e-thots is that it's the same shit by different people. It's a waste of server space just because of that.



>so I poked around the wayback machine for evidence of YP once being furry-only

>Anons don't know

Yeah, yiff.party was for furrys only. We had a poal.me for adding features and one of them was to allow non-furry 2d porn (and it won first place and the owners said no, maybe later).




I agree


>funny ed and eddy

Don't do that rolf is pure


File: 037200cf1cce797⋯.png (35.76 KB, 1297x563, 1297:563, c16ace383681725b41b87e2fe7….png)


Could Bui actually be deleting the thots?


>Server maintenance!

>09:50 UTC - We're currently upgrading yiff.party's database server. We don't expect this to take more than a few hours, and when we return, the site will should be faster than ever (no more timeout errors!). We'll also be pushing a code update that fixes a lot of the bugs that have cropped up in the last few months.

>Thank you for your patience!

>(No, this is not going to increase the monthly donation goal.)

Why would it?



Yeah, and cringey too... I saw a Willne vide j Belle a while ago, and from I what I saw, here was no appeal at all... who would get off to that? At least add the good human-only creators, wherever they do art or something else, like tutorials IDK.



I hope it fixes the 404 errors and flagging too

>no more timeout errors!

Finally I can look at twokinds


I checked and 404 stuff is still there, flagging is not possible and twokinds gives me 502 errors


Any way to search or sort by general fetish or other queries? like feral



Don't think so, the admin mentioned categorising creators and voting on them, but it made no sense to me on how it worked.



It helps to know the Creator ID, but I've got 404s bookmarked without any sort of context. Admin really fucked that on up.



the url structure of the files changed


the site's slower than it was before...



.... Instead of just attempting to locate the missing files. So I do I resolve the bookmarked 404s?



And how do we know what to do?


What this site, or a future better one, also needs is support for other sources. Say a patreon creator uploads a password protected file, and a user knows the password, they can upload the file (if it isn't done so already) and save the password somehow so the next time someone views it, the password will be entered in automatically or at least given.

As for discord, there is this: https://dht.chylex.com/

Or we could make something that will scrape all images/videos/files by certain users fromnthe server.


Seems like we have 7 days left to get the rest of the money to keep the site up for another month... Can someone please just maoe a better one already?



That might be why I'm getting a 404 then.



That's due to a server migration or something like that apparently, and the admin can't be bothered to either:

A. Remove the 404'd posts

B. Allow already existing posts to be updated.



The only way another site could be better is if it costs nothing to run.



And keep the same problems as the old one?


Is there any reason that the post file links now start with dold.yiff.party instead of yiff.party?



Probably on the old server or something, I dunno.



Can someone upload the "Hell of Swallowed:Lucy" comic, that's the latest work that's missing.



Apparently he was moving the site to servers in Uganda. I've never seen a site load so slowly since 2005.


Rikolo has another big update on their animation Diner for Three. We need their page updated.



Taurin Fox has been working on alot of large animation projects yet his page has not been updated in a log time. Please we need an update here is well.




is bui still running yp?


File: aa47b1ffed8ccb4⋯.jpg (19.99 KB, 601x229, 601:229, Needed Animation.JPG)

ElKaola or CDV has had an exclusive patreon animation for almost 3 months, It has yet to be shared here. Please somebody update his page so we all can get access to the amazing animation called. Uritur.




File: 8f414f0f2a0390f⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 023c.jpg)

File: ba73791aafbd0d7⋯.jpg (33.28 KB, 413x354, 7:6, 023c1.jpg)

File: 81ec19fba61fd60⋯.jpg (12.58 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 023c2.jpg)

File: 7afe9aacf0ec3d5⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 298x239, 298:239, 023d.jpg)

File: d4378c02181bdb5⋯.jpg (21.9 KB, 312x258, 52:43, 023d1.jpg)

I can't wait until they finally introduce this great new character, just in time for the last series!


So what the hell is going to happen? The donation counter hasn't been updated, and it doesn't say how many days left, so is the site safe or not?

If not, then what do we do? Can someone even make a better version, since it'll probably be hard to recreate some features, like scraping with session id and keeping the site up despite takedown stuff, and the layout of yiff.party as a whole is great but it's just that functionality is terrible. It would be awesome if someone could make a a yiff.party 2.0 which is similar to this yiff.party but with many of the problems fixed. For one, being cheaper to run, and another being that files are BACKED UP in case something goes wrong.


Hey, sorry im fucked retarted but wtf is this website from OP



just let the fucking thing die

BUIfag is sooo pissed at me

admin hates bribes sooo

solution : ban the people who tell the truth

bui im leaving this site for a few days to a week your attitude is SHIT btw im outta here



>It helps to know the Creator ID

Turns out it actually doesn't.


>the layout of yiff.party as a whole is great


prepare for a blanket ban everybody admin is mass banning people on YP



Prepare for the site to shut down more like.


3 art packs behind :(




>speaks anyway

Just like you did, imagine that.

>When did I say that?

Well it's basically been your point all along and that's why you keep insisting that what I think is wrong is actually the fault of something else but to keep it simple we can just take a look at your previous post. Why throw

>Why is this difficult to understand?

if you think I'm on the ball?


According to the admin: "We have many things planned over the next few weeks and months, so I hope you will look forward to them."



Can someone post the latest image from Slypon?



New-ish patreon with hot Imp art


>there's more normie shit than furshit on a site called yiffparty now


Holy fucking shit!

"404 files are now able to be restored by using the importer (free posts will be restored naturally on a creator's next update check). I have done limited testing on this, but it should work fine. Please let me know if any issues occur."


Only guys please


File: 73d647447f847c0⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 310x325, 62:65, really.jpg)




Anyone know how to view twokinds? I managed to get on the yiff.party page but it endlessly checks user status, no images load (only way to view them is by opening the file links in a new tab), and I can't click on the posts to view the descriptions.


It would do you well to not invent controversy where none exists.


>Well it's basically been your point all along and that's why you keep insisting that what I think is wrong is actually the fault of something else but to keep it simple we can just take a look at your previous post.

That's not what I asked. If you can't point to where I ever accused you of being unfamiliar with YP's issues, then we can resume the conversation here: >>93060

>What you described is the result if indiscriminate importing (which wasn't a problem before manual review had been cancelled).


Is it down for anyone else or just me?



Me too. Hope it's just a short outage or the admin doing something



The onion link doesn't work either



Should be back up now



An update would be much appreciated





quit your whining. It goes down every so often. probably to sort out the shit site infrastructure. doesn't work half the time. about time admin is doing at least something.



>about time admin is doing at least something.

Sure, "doing something". Changing and reverting the background would be "doing something", and that'd be about just as useful as what Admin's up to.


Please consider updating if you support the following.



Hey just wondering but is there any website for downloading and sharing bases and .PSD files?

A lot of artists who make bases are not on Patreon so it would be nice to get those ones too. I've got plenty for trade if anybody wants to swap some



This one shouldn't be too hard with the amount of people subbed

Anyone got any more updates for Fek?



requesting xenoforge/dogbone



If anybody would be so kind as to update Rikolos page. A new scene for dinner for 3 a large movie is available part 4




Requesting the newest image from Slypon.



File: 0027089741c599b⋯.png (382.6 KB, 598x594, 299:297, Pepper_Paladinsicon.png)

anyone have the nude and full-rez?


Rusheloc update anyone? Please?



>we wont add any features and all the old features are broken

>it's fixed if i say so

>the thots most wanted update dont matter because the updater doesnt work anyways l0l

>[bans you]

<Pay up goy



the link is dead F

ipfs resolve -r /ipns/QmPc9yqAV3J69puyh7vTz4gKtsNyWDVQUnfY6hrthtK1SV: could not resolve name


File: d806f6a87d17804⋯.png (61.53 KB, 1014x618, 169:103, ClipboardImage.png)

>YP severs shitting the bed, way to go bui!


Promptly tell me to fuck off if I'm out of line here, but, well, I guess you could call me a free-range archivist, and you guys have fallen into my endangered list.

I'll keep it short.

First, is there any semi-official way to take a full backup of the site?

I'll be throwing some money into their coffers, but money isn't everything here.

Archiving Patreon is a nigh-impossible task due to site changes, and spare re-writing yiff.party from scratch and archiving at a snail's pace/rebuilding the userbase, if this site goes down, there's no real easy way to get it back.

Secondly and finally, is there any word from the devs on sharing their back end?

So far I've found one empty github account and fuck all else. The site itself doesn't have all that much to say, not FAQ section, so short of emailing the operators directly I'm grasping as straws.

I have no intention on forking the site, but keeping backups has proven invaluable in the past, and when they weren't made, it took years to recover, if ever.

(Also, considering half this thread is talking about going fur-only, would anyone be too upset about another site either taking the normies off your hands or being fur-exclusive, if push came to shove?)



Fuck me, ignore that. They have a fucking imageboard on site, how could I miss that?



I think both parties (furries and normies) would approve of separating that stuff


Can someone post the latest animation from H0rs3?




>(Also, considering half this thread is talking about going fur-only, would anyone be too upset about another site either taking the normies off your hands or being fur-exclusive, if push came to shove?)

What we need is a normie alternative for that purpose. I'd say build anyway and find out. I'm sure YP's public post fetcher would work just fine, but you should use something different for the importer (something that properly uses the importing user as an intermediary, to keep Patreon blind of server/client transactions). Arbitrary time delays for initiating imports and pacing bot activities to that conceivably in the range of human activity would also help.

For pre-launch posts, you might want to talk to Admin about retrieval (should you go through with this). Perhaps consider redirects from YP normie pages after the transfer.


someone mind adding Malfeasance to the site? no one has done it yet, and he draws some really damn good stuff



KamaDevaSFM has not been updated in months and recently made a huge update post with all of his works. Can somebody please update their page? Thanks





>wanting more garbage to add to the pile



this nutjob just wiped their patreon and now a month's worth of art is lost


https://yiff.party/6077355 aliscik needs some updates if someone with good tastes wants to update it.



How would we decide what non-fur or part-fur creators deserve to be on the site?



it should be for fiction porn only.

ie: SFM/humans/hentai is ok


im sick of looking at belle delshit in the "most requested section" everytime i open the page. her and all these women who live life on gamejourno mode should have their own separate site.



does this answer the question (old pic)




As far as I'm concerned, it's the camwhore wannabes ("e-thots") that are the problem. YouTube and software (i.e. elementaryOS) is also wasteful.



>im sick of looking at belle delshit in the "most requested section" everytime i open the page

This is very telling. YP has been pandering who people who refuse to contribute. At least the yiff crowd contributes enough.


oh no so many cloudflare errors im drowning gulp gulp

also his name is doze https://8ch.net/fur/res/85703.html



Any idea when it will be back online? This happens too often.


I can't believe YP is fucking dead





It got the month's donations, so why this?




its not, its just working incredibly slow for some reason.



gee thanks a lot BUI-dozer

if buifag bans me again i will summon my b0tnet

speaking of bui does he own /fur/



is bui wapanese



Anyone ripped yiffparty of diives? I heard nintendo is taking down all of his nintendo porn and prohibiting him from drawing more.


File: 101a587c99ce76f⋯.jpg (34.43 KB, 673x433, 673:433, Doubt.jpg)


File: b133ca811983b88⋯.png (165.51 KB, 500x385, 100:77, chalmers honda.png)

look at this literal SHIT consuming precious gigabytes of data


why? why bui? why do you let this happen? why did you allow the cancer to take hold? meanwhile the patreons i've been requesting for months don't get added. but this EPIC ANIME REACTION XDDD shit has been added and updated multiple times.



lol, get fucked by the mainstream, nichefag



site keeps crashing today










Can anyone upload this to yiff.party?




"anon asks for malfeasance to be uploaded post #87561"

glad to see more people asking for it. i've been asking for weeks and nothing.








let me clarify


yep, that's mainstream these days


File: 1a326ff1f8e03aa⋯.png (3.65 MB, 1892x1893, 1892:1893, GuilSpread_HD.png)

Can someone please update Scappo?



I wouldn't call a bunch of nobodies "reacting" mainstream.




File: ffa766d2164f263⋯.png (89.26 KB, 710x514, 355:257, Screenshot_2019-05-14 Slyp….png)


Anyone have this new image from Slypon?



File: 413543872c04409⋯.png (193.9 KB, 427x240, 427:240, ClipboardImage.png)

There we go, since I got myself a job, I took one for the team and imported 180 posts of this artist

Cause fuck having >85% of your artwork behind a paywall, I hope you guys enjoy



It seems more and more negros are wising up to Patreon.



Any of you fags got this? Or would this shit be in the wrong thread?


Is this a good place to request updates?



Actually I can't believe I forgot but this guy's got an entire patreon.


Apparently it's merely higher res pictures and early access, but anyone willing to take yet another one would be very much appreciated.


Can someone update accessworld and add beingobscbeingobscene?



Correction: beingobscene


YP not loading for anyone else?




File: 11de8ac038733e1⋯.jpg (54.15 KB, 843x410, 843:410, Needs Update.JPG)

KamaDevaSFM has not been updated in a LONG TIME. He has been working on a ton of new projects including one with a sexy Futa Orc. Please we need a HERO to update their page ASAP. Thank You




Can something be done to 3DPD bitches on yiffparty finally? They attract hoards of normies and you cant even imagine on what trash dumps they share links to yiffparty and how much they spread knowledge of its existence. This wont end well.


File: 2dca5458afb320e⋯.jpg (85.09 KB, 786x719, 786:719, P7rfy7_1.jpg)


File: ff1e7f78dfa4eca⋯.jpeg (624.01 KB, 1849x891, 1849:891, 294B288F-B033-4C9B-9E44-E….jpeg)

Requesting and update? 25 posts currently missing



Anyone else find all these artists who already content lock behind patreon also making use of shinies on FA completely ridiculous? How many different ways are you gonna monetize the same shit, seriously.


File: 2155907dd8bc44b⋯.jpg (57.6 KB, 1476x402, 246:67, Pixel Perry.JPG)

Pixel-Perry is missing over 100 posts and had not seen an update in over 2 months. Please can somebody update his page? Thanks





Dreamkeepers is missing almost 500 posts, most of them being the $1 pledge. Could somebody be kind enough to pledge a dollar so the page can get an update? Thanks.




Error 504 anyone?


File: 4edb1b717bec423⋯.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1433x4300, 1433:4300, Arcanine1_u18chan.jpeg)


WHITECROW No longer posts content on Patreon, just Thumbnails when an animation is done. The content supposedly can be found on a Discord server, although on which one, I'm not sure. I'm in one, and there are works posted, but I'm afraid they are the public ones. He has a different server for the good stuff, I think.

Again, could someone please update Scappo, once Yiff unfucks itself?



Seconding the earlier request to add:



Can anyone post 'June Sketch Reward 3' from 30th of June 2018 by dizzybydesign? The post has 404'd.


And 'The Queen and the Hound Page 10' oo? I'll post as I go down


The Queen and the Hound Page 8

December Sketch Reward 12 (2017)

All of their dropbox stuff, links seem to be broken



Can someone update "TheVoreHouseofKlyneth"? It hasn't been updated in a while.



Someone please update the Taurinfox page. There's bound to lots of new stuff by now.


Anyone have this cunt's missing sets? 2767098

Apparently a massive lolcow too.



I really need Frostlock's stuff to be added



Gone again


I'm not sure if it's just 'down' or down for good


I'm getting a 504 gateway error message after 3 minutes of white screen. I think the site broke from too much imports from the panic setting in.


If it is down for good (very likely) and anyone here before comes here to read this, can someone please make a better version in every way possible?


I'm in full agreement with this. I think the original yiff.party admin who started the original would be the perfect person to do it.


If yiff party is going to be permanently down.


Big fat F for this site.


Did anyone at least catch a glimpse if the donation goal was met?



Assuming it was correct at the time, nope. Around $100.50 out of $160.


Didn't even finish archiving lunate, RIP. Anyone here supporting them?



How would you get the original admin, and why would they be good? They left us for a worse one.



I didn't know that happened. I didn't pay much attention to the yiff party forums. I just thought it was a good idea since they would know what to do. Forget that then. It has to be someone new. It'll take longer but if that's what need to be done, I guess that's how it has to be.



But who, and how? The thing is, it needs to have the same functionality as yiff.party but better, updating posts, etc. The layout itself of the posts, attachments, etc was good. They also need to know how to make a scraper like in yiff.party all that stuff.



I know it's going to sound obvious but it can't be the previous yiff party admin. He doesn't belong anywhere near this new one. I'm sure you can agree with me on this. To find a new admin, we definitely need someone who has the knowledge of what you said but also not be in it for the money. Instead have the purpose of making best performing site possible. No greed or complacency. That's what brought yiff party down in the first place.


And is it possible to lower the server costs too? Also new admin needs to actually back up stuff this time



I'm not sure because i noticed in the 'increased server costs' thread that the cause of the donation cost because of the server storage increase. I also noticed when i was paying attention to the forums that someone said after admin revealed that yiff party was using 12TB that it wouldn't cost $160 for a 12TB server. It was something like that. I only saw the response once and can't remember exactly what the person said. I'm still going to go with greedy admin on this one.


It's up again



Wait, what?


Holy shit, it is, somehow


Get everything while you still can!


I found a new bug. With old posts, mainly 2017 and older, embedded images (images thatt appear when you 'expand' a post by clicking on it) don't work. Instead of linking to the image via yiff.party, it links to the original patreon link it's based off of.



>People put the artwork in the post instead of sending it out to their patrons

The website is a glorified post notification system. It needs to die.


So someone saved YP pretty much last minute, and gave us $29.57 for June.



Shame tbh fam. Wish the site would just die already so all the normalniggers would lose their 3DPD whores.



Makes me fucking angry that "Fucking Who" tier scat/diaper/3DPD fucks get added and updated daily, while real quality stuff only gets an update once every blue moon


And they still can't be bothered to fix twokinds



Add please https://www.patreon.com/Rabbity_Art

for love of good taste



can someone add this artist also please and thank you


Imagine if someone made a discord bot or something similar to or related to this?



It would very quickly get banned on a lot of artist's servers.




At this point, I'm wondering if Admin is the one paying at the last minute.



Doesn't mean... say... one of us could put it in a random server with just one person in it. You know?



Requesting update to https://www.patreon.com/Kamidu . Almost 2 years since he went charge up front. Please and thank you.




I mean fuck e-thots in general


But I do like other artist doing >>>/tight/ stuff that is non-furry. See: >>>/d/10166


File: 38a9f0fae8525b7⋯.png (66.25 KB, 1363x658, 29:14, ClipboardImage.png)

Não estou conseguindo acessar o site



Who comes into a thread in which every single person has spoke nothing but English and decides Portuguese the ideal way to communicate.



a nigger




Fun fact: 8chan attracts more normies than 4chan.



Not really.

Due to being the larger site, cuckchan will always attract more normalfags. The fact that you even know what 8chan is means you're so far down the imageboard rabbit hole that there's no escape.



can anyone update

kitticlub's archives



please ':^s



to whoever updated dog bone with the art packs, you da best, appreciate ya.


File: 34997af9a36fd49⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 450x340, 45:34, IMG_4025.JPG)

Someone please update and get the post for



I’ve waited so long



Dice rollRolled 3 + 1 (1d3)


this is no accident it was clear that he was lying all along


Dice rollRolled 4, 7 + 3 = 14 (2d10)


wtf was that anybody saw comments there



Dice rollRolled 4, 2 + 3 = 9 (2d10)

this site has gone so downhill to the point that even my RFID chip tells me not to visit the site anymore

also BUI can fuck off



begone BUI now thats better isnt it


File: 8c1d4c2f0af62f8⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 374x374, 1:1, tf.jpg)

So is this website broken? It takes forever for it to load and when it does, it leads me to a "This site took too long to load" page.


File: 3b2c34310c4612e⋯.png (891.92 KB, 1159x1080, 1159:1080, 1560119181952.png)


Same tbh. I just discovered the website and was about to have the fap of my life until it stopped working for me.


File: 13ecc38ee334223⋯.jpg (221.22 KB, 2442x2674, 1221:1337, 0a0fbae9ae3f180cc63bef8450….jpg)

If someone can add SS2 I'll love them forever.




File: e75f1dbb8892ccf⋯.jpg (82.01 KB, 457x395, 457:395, THISCANTBE.jpg)



Can we get the latest image from Slypon? Been waiting since April.

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