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File: 7c7323446ba866d⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 419x526, 419:526, 548490a2b2e114a0fc44297b97….jpg)

File: 06d11100a26641e⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1426x1199, 1426:1199, 06d11100a26641ea96e4be0f15….png)

File: c2328b242dcc612⋯.png (173.75 KB, 900x810, 10:9, c2328b242dcc61279ac8a52050….png)

File: c3f97201edef6de⋯.png (160.81 KB, 1412x1464, 353:366, 7924bdf48688d1e288dcbf2cfb….png)

File: 576b6afc7c5cb7c⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 402x495, 134:165, ss (2017-02-16 at 09.30.53….jpg)


There's like 4 threads for various characters and combinations thereof (but none for f8th), so let's make one big thread for them all. Post your rare 8s and friends, there's not a lot of documentation on them out there.


File: aed13c9b69eb6c9⋯.png (126.98 KB, 625x625, 1:1, Katt_You.png)

File: 35f40fe3e030737⋯.png (47.97 KB, 500x496, 125:124, 35f40fe3e030737949ebe14fdd….png)

File: 72afc3903d700b4⋯.png (152.02 KB, 490x860, 49:86, 72afc3903d700b440808b29f7f….png)

File: b80cecdea58668e⋯.png (229.95 KB, 827x641, 827:641, b80cecdea58668eaa5fdd351b0….png)

File: aa906cd0b33d2f0⋯.png (935.05 KB, 934x1936, 467:968, e28c379f5de8ad99f83a587f65….png)


File: 0d7c171517bff2d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 334.9 KB, 1497x957, 499:319, whenyousketchautisticlyfor….PNG)

File: 084828f6cba90c9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 396.78 KB, 800x582, 400:291, 084828f6cba90c98cdc1e94a55….png)

File: 08f549b826d226b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 194.14 KB, 680x830, 68:83, c83b6eb55af352ae58c5ccf611….png)

File: f9ea34d26972884⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 495.05 KB, 1584x1731, 528:577, 5bb5bf3538ff96abb893da6917….png)

File: 032dc0d71d6014b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 032dc0d71d6014b27de01e060b….jpg)


File: deea282c073c2cf⋯.jpg (105.38 KB, 732x1091, 732:1091, deea282c073c2cfe2fc1049ee0….jpg)

File: 56d8a582eef1e9c⋯.png (339.11 KB, 1100x750, 22:15, 56d8a582eef1e9caf6918c6455….png)

File: 84565b50c27b8cf⋯.png (34.3 KB, 421x559, 421:559, de557e42fc62ed5ddb0b78430e….png)

File: 0b196513f8402d4⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1427x1667, 1427:1667, 0b196513f8402d4412cb51428a….png)

File: 7678497f5c67893⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1200x1587, 400:529, kemo.jpg)


File: 99bebf7125ed386⋯.jpg (236.97 KB, 684x2000, 171:500, whitelist.jpg)

File: c6f0b6cff4d46fe⋯.png (369.88 KB, 2015x1203, 2015:1203, c6f0b6cff4d46fea5faab8668e….png)

File: 35d6630eaef8837⋯.jpg (201.92 KB, 1938x1266, 323:211, stop screwing f8 and get s….jpg)

File: 56aedb000f5cfb8⋯.png (147.09 KB, 746x1200, 373:600, 56aedb000f5cfb863277f02486….png)


File: 2332e5375b91f0d⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 1200x1125, 16:15, 81062218e34456844194b0036f….jpg)


>not putting Bill in the OP

One job. One!


File: edc7d075878f86e⋯.png (134.84 KB, 625x625, 1:1, edc7d075878f86ef1d3dbed819….png)

File: 35f40fe3e030737⋯.png (47.97 KB, 500x496, 125:124, 35f40fe3e030737949ebe14fdd….png)

File: f88af382d11f3ec⋯.png (131.77 KB, 1001x1600, 1001:1600, a52dea6c31efa026fd9942d8d1….png)

File: bee240edfd5e9ed⋯.png (185.81 KB, 1032x1376, 3:4, 203eeb9c5a84036da119b22848….png)


You had an opportunity to post this.

But you fucked it up.

Anyways, what are these things? Whiskers? Tufts?


File: 6ad0ee43ce7cbae⋯.png (524.15 KB, 773x855, 773:855, wip never.png)


just funny tufts of fur for the character design i think. the 2nd pic is ridiculous though, they're usually smaller than that.

Lemme add to the thread with some oc that will never be finished.



Well I hope never comes soon, it's very nice

a little off-model with the tail and coloring though



its been months since ive touched it, so not likely. i made it back on /furry/ before the exodus to /fur/. The tail i dont really like and id probably just redo it, having it lay flat on the bed instead. if i went back to it.



Alright then. You've got wonderful lighting and backgrounds.


File: ea289addb843476⋯.png (148.94 KB, 1000x825, 40:33, p.png)


>the 2nd pic is ridiculous though, they're usually smaller than that.

Sorry, I tend not to be concerned with being very "on-model". My art is very inconsistent anyway



I love her.


File: 1826578f708ee3f⋯.png (158.01 KB, 704x800, 22:25, egg.png)


File: c94b13a51cec9cf⋯.png (29.67 KB, 411x198, 137:66, huh.PNG)


A chocolate bunny come to life?


File: 4f23d3f41639abc⋯.png (347.63 KB, 305x1111, 305:1111, downloadf62d6759_379f5de8a….png)


A rare k8?



i want to lick k8s cunny



pls no, n8 is the only whore in the family


File: 1bcaea9895c9382⋯.png (200.61 KB, 791x671, 791:671, egg2.png)



Way more disappointing.




I was wondering what happened to Bushy.


File: 668207ad67cbae9⋯.jpg (5.23 KB, 134x148, 67:74, 7327270f7cc283c7bfa071e73d….jpg)


Bushy! I wonder how long he's been trapped.

I bet there are more eggs inside of him


anyone want to draw an anon and k8 doing something vanilla?




F8 I mean.


Still confused. Is there a cub K8 and a teen K8, or are the teen K8 pics F8? Or is it completely random?

I like to think that K8 and N8 have an older sister.


File: d0ef930ea539641⋯.png (317.63 KB, 1706x884, 853:442, 8 family.png)


not that confusing, the older one is the mom. you can see her in the middle of the new years pic.


File: 485a1a8d0a800a8⋯.jpg (112.57 KB, 1400x1258, 700:629, 485a1a8d0a800a8a27d1afeadf….jpg)


So pic related is actually F8?



Yep. The kids' ages range from like 5-17 though, depending on the artist.



Good... so I can take artistic... cough... liberties.


File: f5a662359a26b66⋯.png (238.59 KB, 1643x1164, 1643:1164, f5a662359a26b66d038193fb92….png)

easy way to tell if its older k8 or f8th besides side tuft things is the bow. k8 always has a bow.



Starting to add the longer hair like in that bloomers pic might also help.



It took me longer to figure out she's holding a bag than I'd like to admit.


File: 3ca6a187ec5805e⋯.png (309.5 KB, 1643x1164, 1643:1164, ClipboardImage.png)


artist didnt draw the opening to the bag, and there's a tangent with the neck so it looks a little funny. see if this is easier to spot its a bag



Yeah, this one's better.


File: 0bd480d315b9681⋯.png (114.33 KB, 1180x664, 295:166, f8 love.png)



decided to try doing it myself, got burnt out pretty fast though. Might finish it later.



Could be worth finishing. Not sure if the personality fits though.



I figured she was the loving motherly type just happy to be with her husband and kids.

It's hard to really go off the personality of a character like F8 because there isn't really much. She's definitely a qt though.

I'm still debating on making a 3d model or puppet of her at some point. Love her design.



I wanna see a puppet. Could be cute!


File: 57ac60c4e272283⋯.png (373.01 KB, 486x648, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


I think so too. I just need to muster up the creative drive to finish this sort of stuff.

I'm like the definition of jack of all trades master of none.


File: bf66a72ed1a6940⋯.png (37.84 KB, 128x128, 1:1, F8th_Spoiler_TVScreen.png)

File: 38ac0c3c2e0d4a7⋯.png (327.68 KB, 625x627, 625:627, f8th avert your eyes.png)


>just happy to be with her kids

You got that part right, only thing potentially out of character is being together with an anon.

Went and repurposed the spoiler we never used.



>only thing potentially out of character is being together with an anon.

I figured it was better to just place a self insert red anon in there than drawing some random furry guy or some other nonsense.

you don't wanna be a good husband and father anon?



Is that yours? It's very well done.


Very cool. What could the numbers mean though?



How old is YCH? Or did YCH get filled in by Bushy?



nah, but that's the quality I aim for. Most puppets are nightmare fuel, but thankfully the Stan Winston helps you avoid that.


File: ba8d90c6715c7a4⋯.png (138.87 KB, 667x960, 667:960, ba8d90c6715c7a4b53cecef132….png)

File: e7f941cc694ae51⋯.png (257.45 KB, 618x960, 103:160, e7f941cc694ae511f58de1b29b….png)


high quality puppet anon, looks gr8.


Stan Winston videos*



The numbers were just 888 instead of XXX. nothin more too it besides being silly. 8chan is not a place for children



We never did figure out who exactly the father in the 8 family was. I once thought about drawing some ideas of what it could be, but I get the feeling that maybe it's actually better as a question mark. Leaving it ambiguous feels better than any defined character I could come up with.



Yeah, I like the single mother motif. Makes her more independent.



>redanon / ych

you made the right call instead of inserting some fursona.



He just randomly appeared. Should I give him a backstory or something? I don't think he needs any.

Do Kemo and Bill have one?

They all seem to hang around though. Seems to me like the furry version of Loud House.

Wouldn't that be a fun concept? Like everyone living in the same house with their own unique interior but it's like anyone has access to anyone else's room.

And the whole house being completely insane, like Bill having a hangar attached to the building or something.



Personally I picture it being Bill's weird customized house, with F8h and the kids having moved in. N8 wants to run away to be with Bushy, while F8h and K8 hang around and take care of the house since it's neglected by Bill who constantly works on his crazy projects.


File: 0254869526f28c8⋯.png (128.78 KB, 450x389, 450:389, download353858bc_femulated….png)


We anthro Gorillaz now.



YCH was N8's best friend and now Bushy is, so I think Bushy is the "character here" of "your character here".


File: 8b552f8d30e2a03⋯.png (166.33 KB, 630x651, 30:31, f0eb2677ed754c1cc114d28069….png)


This reminds me of something


File: 942ac0a0168133d⋯.png (36.52 KB, 655x337, 655:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 44745e1525610b5⋯.png (42.82 KB, 631x330, 631:330, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6f736e70c7ddb80⋯.png (45.86 KB, 634x330, 317:165, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eef2b2e4398c72d⋯.png (111.08 KB, 1352x373, 1352:373, ClipboardImage.png)


>n8 was friends with ych.

do we have any more of ych and n8 interacting?


File: 7f67e115863f928⋯.png (44.16 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1466643695115.png)



I remember N8 and YCH driving a monster truck, but I never saved the image.



nggggghhhhh...mah dick


Wait, is Bushy a fox or is he a wolf?




Oh ok, let me just go fix those tags...


File: 9177547429d7277⋯.png (197.28 KB, 1110x699, 370:233, hiber1.png)

File: 9c2abf777881f29⋯.png (435.32 KB, 1140x1200, 19:20, hiber2.png)


He was hibernating but N8 got bored and woke him up.



My brain was also hibernating when I left that red spot in the empty space.


File: 13b58c8fb693c38⋯.png (127.43 KB, 950x630, 95:63, 13b58c8fb693c38d7501bbadac….png)


For straight activities, right?



That Nate looks hilarious. Like a fat cat.



Cute! I like teen Bill.


File: bd0f15b2c8e01e0⋯.png (741.28 KB, 1428x988, 357:247, bully.PNG)


You forgot the 8 mask on N8 too



the 8mask goes missing a lot.

>>23845 2nd and 3rd pic

>>23859 3rd pic




This thread's title made me think we're planning some kind of podcast. How does a podcast for furry content even happen with so little going on?



I'd imagine it would just be a regular podcast of friends making each other laugh who also happen to be furries.


File: 9af9f493595ccb8⋯.png (91.42 KB, 1314x657, 2:1, F8 ink.png)

File: b2d0e52b61e95bd⋯.png (119.51 KB, 1310x656, 655:328, f8 love color.png)



yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the 8 mask but I definitely understand why it's there.

here's a quick ink and color.



I thought YCH was our version of Anon



trips confirm it is

dont know who else it would be though



Bushy confirmed for literal autism.



The mask is a little annoying and hard to draw for pure lineart drawings, it can easily end up looking messy. You need to be so careful that I sometimes just don't bother unless I end up coloring it.




Crap how could I!?

Gotta add it.



How is that pencil tool named that everyone and their mom uses?



Your art improved a good deal since last time.



I dunno when you saw me the last time, but if it was on /co/, then yes.



It's just a rough nib to simulate being on paper. Most programs have it but I have a special preset in TVP. I'll post it here in a bit.

Sadly though, I really wouldn't use TVP at the moment. I noticed a really bad issue when it comes to moving something while trying to fix a minor thing on that pic. For whatever reason the move tool blurs whatever it moves and drops the quality horribly.


File: 7369ad37bd57d58⋯.png (337.81 KB, 1077x2087, 1077:2087, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 34c9e11931d8e05⋯.png (438.4 KB, 1140x1200, 19:20, hiber3.png)


Oh ok its not Photoshop. Thanks anyway.

Also, deleted my last post, I shrunk N8 down, now it's complete.



Nah, but photoshop should be super easy to find that type of brush in. Either look for a dry brush, sumi brush, or even a pencil that holds a decent darkness.

Personally I'd recommend you switch to Manga Studio or Paint Tool Sai though.




Dual brushes or texture tips set to depth should be able to get the look rather easily.


File: f1d0989a7625cca⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 8chan truck.png)

File: e849927f54c385e⋯.png (44.38 KB, 830x672, 415:336, 1097175_Dacad_n8-lifejacke….png)

File: f7ab4cd6790b79e⋯.png (642.86 KB, 750x850, 15:17, 1498784_number_memecream2.png)

File: ecd8cdb85297460⋯.png (93.11 KB, 492x700, 123:175, 1468161151.cybermananon_14….png)

File: 8d7a9de3c86b7a3⋯.jpg (524.58 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, N8chan mousepad3.jpg)


Found it in my old n8 collection


File: 86ec7651eeb5c3f⋯.png (195.31 KB, 900x707, 900:707, colors2.png)



This could cause me to improve and when I improve I can't whine anymore.



whats going on with that second pic?



>She painted a heart right over his crotch




k8 a cute



Hey bushy, you don't mind being tagged as the artist on e621, right?



Tag me as MildlyBushy pls, that's my Inkbunny name.



Got it.



I start to dig drawing him black and white, considering the opportunities. I could basically use one template and color it in tons of ways.


File: 2e91d2bf228390c⋯.png (16.87 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 2e91d2bf228390c1d515832708….png)

File: 4f7e6febfaa7d7d⋯.png (78.26 KB, 771x821, 771:821, 4f7e6febfaa7d7dbf6740f8268….png)

File: 0ae6e502f86b691⋯.png (271.13 KB, 540x1620, 1:3, 119525f46f0c11297104f6e27f….png)

File: dd37efa145c4751⋯.jpg (95.17 KB, 763x876, 763:876, dd37efa145c4751514a2486ab8….jpg)


File: 674aa11ebc8e966⋯.png (268.63 KB, 625x790, 125:158, loss.png)

File: 09b129b590eeaf9⋯.png (1.16 MB, 500x4497, 500:4497, bushy comic.png)

File: eb516d6fc9f73f6⋯.jpg (40.37 KB, 778x1027, 778:1027, eb516d6fc9f73f60eb2a52b29b….jpg)

File: 9318804da6ab5e4⋯.png (928.12 KB, 900x4180, 45:209, 9318804da6ab5e463fcb8e06dc….png)


File: 573fcb5bb0f018c⋯.png (215.2 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 573fcb5bb0f018ccb31aa4ef8d….png)

File: 15fcbb6e99f60f5⋯.png (38.95 KB, 2128x1172, 532:293, 14713146135090.png)

Where's Twang, I miss his stuff.



I remember making that silly "If you see this image..." thing for the whitelist thread, but I don't recall if anyone ever actually posted "Bushy/N8 is my OTP!" in response.


File: c4b9a055a29d45c⋯.png (162.97 KB, 1063x397, 1063:397, downloadc4d434f0_d_2f10_2f….png)

Guys it's working



>not just linking the page.

Looks like there's some new fans of Faith





>all these cute f8ths

Makes me wanna draw her even though I suck at drawing


File: 9a7f5215423a44f⋯.png (243.52 KB, 1050x671, 1050:671, ClipboardImage.png)

ey found the kemo kat jojo pic buried in wrong folders thats still unfinished.



Great expression, crotch looks a bit weird though.


File: 1be5459a9b105bb⋯.png (131.84 KB, 1100x1426, 550:713, c818033822003dfa400cfdc614….png)

Rare lewd Bill



id be done with it by now if it wasnt just pure lineart.



The motion lines on the booty get me every time.



there's something about #1 that's really cute



I think him being monochrome even when everything else is in color is a cool look.


File: 1ab77407cd82dd9⋯.jpeg (152.31 KB, 1751x1716, 1751:1716, dick fencing.jpeg)



no homo


File: a70e16cc1a840a6⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2900x3700, 29:37, F8th Sweater.jpg)

Well I started something. Hopefully it'll start to turn out half-decent instead of complete shit.



ooh, virgin killer?



It happened tho.

But I was too lazy and let the train pass.

Tbh this thread is more satisfying than my current job already.


File: 1ed8096076c92ce⋯.png (118.18 KB, 743x810, 743:810, 1ed8096076c92cec407221d95f….png)

File: 1737c825f25d3b4⋯.png (183.45 KB, 880x939, 880:939, 1737c825f25d3b4c2bb7ad5615….png)

File: 4ac45429a4b4b0d⋯.png (90.37 KB, 630x651, 30:31, 4ac45429a4b4b0d1872d5f950c….png)

File: ac97d40c4dbb91b⋯.png (136.03 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ac97d40c4dbb91b0e6485fb680….png)



Dem hips, I wish more artists did that instead of boring human hips.



It was already posted as a collection on e621. Ur oversharing.



These are higher resolution



In that fourth image, Bushy's tail is making half-a-swastika for... reasons??






So you can make the other half for him



His tail is bushy and flexible.


Anybody wanna draw the kids riding/hugging f8th's tail?



I might. I like the idea, though I dunno if people liked my art considering there wasn't much response >>23998

If there is something I can improve I'd love to know.



I just wasn't a fan of F8th not being single. Your head shape is basically human with ears on top, you should practice snouts.



>If there is something I can improve I'd love to know.

This isnt really an art thread for crits but the bulbous back-shoulders connection stuck out to me the most. pretty easy to fix while still staying in the style


File: 681bf3c90704c79⋯.png (441.28 KB, 625x635, 125:127, 681bf3c90704c7949f3f281760….png)




Feel free to post in the art thread for better feedback



Same. Without the dialogue it would be nice.

Anyway though, it's like the whole family each is a fetish on its own, so she's the milf.



Your pic was great, people were possibly expecting you to "finish" or add more details.


File: 9fea14b639817ec⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 2900x3700, 29:37, F8th Sweater1.jpg)

Gotta love it when the reference you use for a drawing cuts off the fucking leg



Looking good. The face is a bit wonky, it'll probably get better when you shade it.



Don't take this the wrong way, but if you can't draw a foot then you have no business drawing the rest of a body.



You're one buzzkill bastard, aren't you?!

If you know so well, get your fucking pen and contribute.

Be an asshole on U18chan with the others.



Chill, Captain Autismo. I've contributed plenty of times and will continue to contribute, that "You can't say food tastes bad unless you cook yourself" argument is extremely played out.

Feet or paws are the literal foundation of a body. Would you hire someone to build a house for you that couldn't set the foundation first? Would you hire someone to build a car if they didn't know how to put on the wheels? Your attitude smacks of immaturity so I'll let it slide since I'm hoping you're young, but step into the future with the knowledge that you'll never improve unless you work on your basics. The entire body is much, much more complex than just a foot, and so if you can't draw a simple rectangle with toes, how the fuck are you supposed to draw the muscles of the torso? Use your brain here, kid.



I'm old as fuck and hate people full of themselves because they can draw decently.



Eh that's understandable, I tried using the building blocks for a human head but tried to alter it for a cartoonish animal one.


True, though I mainly did this to try to get back into drawing since it's been awhile since I've attempted to pick up my tablet pen for anything.



Do it like me and just cut everything out around the character so that you don't see the second foot. Problem solved.



Yeah but it's gonna look lazy and might cut off the tail a bit. Most likely gonna draw in the foot before I start shading it.



I think I'll let somebody else do it for now then. I can see the errors now that people have pointed them out and don't really feel like fixing them and thinking of starting something new tires me out.

I think I'll jump back to 3d modeling for a bit. Sculpting tends to be more therapeutic than technical. I think that's what I want right now.


glad you like it, and sorry about that. Inking is probably my least favorite to do so my details are always to a minimum in that regard.



>gonna look lazy

Know Buckley or The Weaver, who earn a shitton of money with copy pasta and MS Paint?

Well, there you go. Give up. Be lazy. Quality isn't required anymore. Populism is.



>Feet or paws are the literal foundation of a body

What the fuck? Just how do you figure hands and feet to be the foundation over the head and torso?

Kira pls go


I don't know why I had sage on



I agree that it's a dumb analogy but he has a point. Tracing doesn't get you very far.



Yeah, that's a good point



>when the reference you use for a drawing cuts off the fucking leg

thats why you learn to draw from imagination, you dont want to be slave to reference pics because you'll never find the perfect ref for what you want.

Hiding hands and feet because theyre bad at them is very common on beginners but youre already 90% there, just look up how to draw a foot and finish the drawing.


File: c2bcd3f55d55be1⋯.png (660.6 KB, 1115x918, 1115:918, F8th.png)

I usually draw Thick curvy proportioned Women, so Drawing F8th is a nice breath of fresh air.

that being said I still draw her a bit thick, she's supposed to be a little bit more thin, need to practice that.



Thick is hot.



but f8th is not thick



But f8th's tail is thicc


File: 9e87f40c4632fd2⋯.jpg (48.37 KB, 412x573, 412:573, -how-do-you-like-your-wom[….jpg)



Thick is delicious, more to bite.



It's good for a mom to be thicc.



I like the change of pace than just playing to the thicc mom trope again.



Hyper tail is the only good hyper



Also, /trash/ already has their fatass girl mascot.


/r/ Bill making chocolate pudding at 4AM



For whom?



N8, because he's lost control of his life.



F8th: Bill? What are you doing?

Bill: Coding Kemo thera.py.

F8th: It's four-o-clock in the morning; why on EARTH are you coding Kemo thera.py??

Bill: Because I've lost control of my Bui.


Bill: Here's you're Kemo, K8.

K8: Oh, that's okay, Uncle Bill. I don't want to be on the whitelist anymore.


Meanwhile N8 and Bushy are making out in a nearby closet.



This would work pretty well with n8 being the dom



>shota n8


give up your fantasies



i thought that's how he's always been



Shota dom is the best, you silly.


I'd love to draw if I wasn't drunk af



Weaver doesn't make a lot of money though, hes gotten a lot of flak for dropping project all the time to band wagon, he's only making 500 now



Bushy, I just want to say your artstyle hadn't changed a bit in all these years. That is to say, it's stagnant. The lines are soulless and mostly monowidth. There's hardly any depth. It looks like your experience comes from doodling without any learning effort, except that you've been doing it digital so nothing cool can happen by accident. You're painfully mediocre and I wish you'd apply yourself more. You're basically a less douchey Andrew Dobson.


what if there was another n8 called Sk8. he's all radicool and 80's but also a horny fucker.



>Andrew Dobson.

This fag is more of a tumblrtard than a artist, the_weaver would be a better comparison to bushy, even though the weaver style is even more bland since is near stick figures lvl.



Thanks for luring me into another shit fit.

Why do you care, it's not like I draw for you.

I draw for fun, drawing is low priority for me. I won't start again from zero just so it will look good one day for anyone who wants art for free.

And it won't. Somebody will always complain.


/r/ a portrait of n8 or k8 laughing uncontrollably


File: af79bba0f17a84c⋯.png (43.09 KB, 300x100, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png)



thats just n8 with glasses and a backwards hat.

it needs to be MORE 80's






He essentially needs to be drawn dressed like the 90's version of Chuck E. Cheese. Fingerless gloves, loudly-colored clothing, hi-top sneakers (or switch out the skateboard for rollerskates to make it more 80's), and have him carrying around a boombox on his shoulder.

Reminds me of the time I went to one of those places for a little cousin's birthday a few years back, which was my first time stepping into one in like 20 years. I didn't know they had redesigned the character and had a huge "Oh no, he's HOT!" moment.



holy shit anon contain yourself in public



I didn't say it out loud, you doofus.


File: 42d5b1ccfe4d5f9⋯.png (75.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 753a353aaf7d85af864e9a339c….png)

So is this crossdressing n8, or just k8?


File: b7ccea303ac1b2e⋯.png (12.92 KB, 360x532, 90:133, b7ccea303ac1b2edcd0dc95cde….png)

File: 4e554bcc439d7f7⋯.png (771.48 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 4e554bcc439d7f78183a183c6a….png)

File: 5b69074a9d49d40⋯.png (336.21 KB, 695x900, 139:180, 5b69074a9d49d4045acb8f027e….png)

File: 97ac0e42563074a⋯.jpg (80.94 KB, 947x844, 947:844, 97ac0e42563074a6675c2a59e7….jpg)


just a crossdressing n8, k8s design started as that but branched off as her own oc in last pic.

n8 was drawn a few times as a subby cross dresser before his dom bully attitude stuck, we can lorecraft that he was going through a girly phase copying his sister for attentionor mocking her being excessively girlyor even sibling rivalry that he can be a better girl than herand maybe seeing Bill be a femboy brings up memories


I'm fucking pissed that people had to make offshoots of n8. goddamn pussies afraid of gcub



Oh cool, I haven't seen that last one before.


File: 12c1974e7e73889⋯.gif (142.45 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 12c1974e7e7388984782810f82….gif)


>afraid of gcub

>n8 was gcub to begin with



It's because n8 is so good he can't be contained in one character.



he directs all his bullying at bill because he reminds him of his past self his past self that he was forced into?



seems pretty believable tbh, n8 was just doing it as a joke at firstbut got pushed into it for others fetish and fap materialhe didnt enjoy itbut remembers how it was like.he was low self esteem when he was subby fapbait just taking dicks all daybut bill isnt a subby femboy so it conflicts with what he knows


File: 5be63e57b6e2506⋯.png (49.35 KB, 1051x367, 1051:367, Screenshot_406.png)

Hey, I hope you'll forgive me the newfaggotry in regards to this board here.

I'm a random drawfag who has for a few years now been cataloguing the mascot cast of various boards on 8ch, ever since 2015 when I needed to know what characters to use on the 2nd anniversary drawings. Since then every once in a while I like to fire the autism machine and catalogue and draw stuff related to this. I occasionally use /btan/ for this stuff, if you'd like to check.

Anyway, last I checked what was going on on these sides of 8ch, you guys had N8 and K8. I know since, F8th became a thing. But can I ask for references and explanations on these other characters and how they all relate to one another? I vaguely recall Bushy, and I see Kemo on the sticky thread, but I'd love to know more (and have better references- the Kemo sprite in this thing I'm doing for fun is unfinished but you can already tell it's fairly misinterpreting the design since I didn't have many references). Can I get an infodump?


File: deea282c073c2cf⋯.jpg (105.38 KB, 732x1091, 732:1091, deea282c073c2cfe2fc1049ee0….jpg)

File: 2332e5375b91f0d⋯.jpg (91.05 KB, 1200x1125, 16:15, c7e6c647195539adbbbe38b878….jpg)

File: 9318804da6ab5e4⋯.png (928.12 KB, 900x4180, 45:209, 9318804da6ab5e463fcb8e06dc….png)

File: bb29298fc103375⋯.png (337.02 KB, 655x1127, 655:1127, download41b51a49__2fstorag….png)


Bill is a bisexual femboy engineer. He built kemo-chan and is friends with f8th. Bushy is n8's age and is a closet gay.


File: 6c57a480d0d6785⋯.gif (536.16 KB, 800x792, 100:99, 6c57a480d0d6785fa3aadddf18….gif)


>Kemo next to Tay

>Kemo is an ai

>Tay is an ai

>ai besties involved in keepin it white



Kemo doesn't have a very well defined design, different people draw her a bit differently. For example some people draw the wings on her hips and some on her back.

Bill Katt doesn't represent anything as far as I know, I think he was meant to be some kind of a mascot for /fur/ since N8 was technically /furry/'s.



Bill was an attempt to literally force a mascot as quickly and unnaturally as possible, by a small group of /fur/ purefags who were upset that we'd simply imported N8 and his family from /furry/ following the hacking exodus. They also didn't want to accept Bushy since he was just kinda shoved onto them. But either way, it was their own damn fault for never having made a mascot in the first place. I only really accept Bill because I really like Kemo as a mascot, and he fits in well with that whole narrative, and his kinda cute — y'know, for a FELINE.

I am very pleased that my efforts to singlehandedly transform "F8" into "F8th" have clearly been paying dividends. Now would be the right time to debut my epic supervillain laughter, but I honestly consider it a service to proper rationality.



We had an 800 post thread on it over the course of 5 days and I, a /furry/ refugee, contributed to the design quite a bit.



File: f11dc22b48974db⋯.jpg (28.34 KB, 378x485, 378:485, 3ee61edfab33ff77292bbe62ef….jpg)


>making a mascot thread

>unnatural process

>my efforts to single handledly transform f8 into f8th

>my efforts

it was always faith, straight out of the drawfag's mouth



which contributions did you do anon?



Goggles and fur pattern.



that's a pretty big contribution, the goggles flipped the mascot from being a nerd cat to being sci-fi engineer. I came up with the fur "leggings"


File: f2575bbd98a3b20⋯.png (86.8 KB, 408x619, 408:619, Screenshot_409.png)

File: 51013910e9dcefa⋯.png (109.24 KB, 294x654, 49:109, Screenshot_408.png)

File: f883b5b5cd5ecb2⋯.png (311.65 KB, 601x931, 601:931, Screenshot_407.png)

hey, thanks for the replies! did a couple drawings as thanks. they're rougher than I'd like as I'm without access to manga studio right now, but as first attempts at drawing these characters, they work.

Does Bushy have any actual colours?


File: 7710081b2749e5a⋯.png (24 KB, 661x221, 661:221, kemo death.png)

File: 1a410a7a0bf083f⋯.png (1019.23 KB, 1278x884, 639:442, 1a410a7a0bf083fa97953b3aee….png)


cute pics. I just want to murder people every time they do the indent ironman meme of kemo's armor. shes an anthro intelligence drone, it's supposed to be a sphere with a camera.



I was thinking more Metal Sonic, being honest, but note taken for the future. Any other thoughts regarding on how I drew her?


File: d82d4712b903dff⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1442934499588[1].jpg)



I think Bill and Kemo are based on the board admin and the program he created to stop the spam, bell is a kinda mysterious guy so I think people wanted to create a mascot/fursona to him.

I think bill was/is supposed to be like that cat girl that represent m00t on 4chan


File: bbdc4f0abe5463f⋯.png (148.23 KB, 535x738, 535:738, bbdc4f0abe5463f22969456653….png)

File: 31443555f6b2b66⋯.png (149.51 KB, 535x738, 535:738, 31443555f6b2b663060328d73e….png)


>metal sonic

By god youre right, thats even worse.

I dont blame you for doing following the kemo indent meme since no one pointed it out before hand and it grows in popularity like cancer.

Also Bushy is someone's fursona who has really ugly colors for his official creation, but /fur/'s Bushy is like an alternate universe who's an artic fox, monochrome except for his scarf (white n blue) 2nd pic >>23844



>lime green scarf

>sparkledog fox

that's the original bushy, the white one is the one we use from /furry/ whos been adopted and claimed as part of the /fur/ cast


File: a3790582767875e⋯.png (306.27 KB, 601x931, 601:931, Screenshot_407.png)



Noted, thanks. This work better, then?


File: f660410575b91fe⋯.png (9.76 KB, 130x112, 65:56, ClipboardImage.png)


I actually thought you did it in traditional markers so wasnt going to bother you about changing (redrawing it). the camera is the only thing i get triggered over because it makes her look like a normal robot instead of an aeromorph, the rest looks fine and recognizable. thanks anon


File: 777d4bcbe89c3c2⋯.png (398.92 KB, 1032x729, 344:243, 777d4bcbe89c3c270d0d5d6234….png)

File: 7ee45de7541ba99⋯.png (186.93 KB, 982x544, 491:272, 7ee45de7541ba99382509f8a2f….png)

File: a5369dfc1b93cc2⋯.png (55.97 KB, 364x349, 364:349, a5369dfc1b93cc2d9aa1d984a5….png)

File: 703036b4abde1f9⋯.png (385.22 KB, 989x611, 989:611, 703036b4abde1f92d29d7b46cf….png)


those sort of things people picked up on were from my very first scribbles on her design and kept trying to find something that was an improvement so I left a good bit of it behind for simplicity



Your colour distribution's the best one, I think futurely I'll use this as reference. Thanks, man.



Her hips look a bit too widespread.


File: 040db7c61d3d42a⋯.png (665.81 KB, 750x2535, 50:169, Bills Advice to Kemo.png)

File: ba0846ad471bd95⋯.png (205.55 KB, 936x495, 104:55, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff40aae95218373⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1994x940, 997:470, ClipboardImage.png)


the only other thing that you're missing thats pretty important to her design is her hip tailfins. some anons put the big wings on the hips but i usually stick with the smaller ones. her colors are the most free part of the design imo, since shes a living drone she can get painted all sorts of different ways



Just letting you know these are good work, thanks.


File: 13f8e73ff21f4d9⋯.png (214.9 KB, 1405x816, 1405:816, bushy only 3.png)


He has but noone likes it.



Also, adorbs.



You kept attention. <3


File: 15683899cba3e91⋯.png (217.19 KB, 589x805, 589:805, Screenshot_411.png)

New attempt now that I've Manga Studio on hand. Based the colours on the stuff on this post >>25930

Anyway, thank you guys for all the info!


File: ee13fc92db6d3bc⋯.png (256.07 KB, 1405x816, 1405:816, ee13fc92db6d3bc01d1565edea….png)


>purple pawpad sparkledog

>even the cookies look unappealing

get this trashy bushy outa my face.


File: f5f8cca587bfbfb⋯.png (162.37 KB, 668x621, 668:621, Poll bantz_full.png)


oh fuck, this is really fucking cute. I was doing the cutest kemo a while ago but never finished, i think i have to bow down to your chibi skills.

Also the thread was sorely lacking in Poll, so here she is in feral form



Who is Poll, another board character?

And thanks, man. I try to make all board-tan material I draw obey a chibi-like set of proportions where the standard is Vivian James (since I started this stuff from /v/) being 4 heads tall, so everyone else ends up feeling chibi-like too. Makes them cute and cartoony which I like.


File: ef6ad578727a480⋯.png (8.43 MB, 1939x2849, 277:407, 5de73261cd080728ae47f34047….png)



Maybe she should have a "8" simbol somewhere?Maybe that would make her a little more unique, sometimes is kinda hard to tell her apart from other plane girls


File: 2435b1973abfc20⋯.png (696.16 KB, 774x763, 774:763, ClipboardImage.png)


>overusing the 8

not a fan of her having it in every single version ever but she does have it on her wing int he whitelist pic as a decal.

>kinda hard to tell her apart

not really. her head might be similar to other aeros but the antenna rod is pretty unique to her.



Yeah, here's the thread: >>15919


File: 0e97bf95621c872⋯.png (230.79 KB, 817x743, 817:743, Screenshot_412.png)


File: 5707c7bdbb47e6d⋯.png (152.22 KB, 935x855, 187:171, goofysmile[1].png)





Great pose.


File: 37dd86be5825506⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1000x1110, 100:111, ClipboardImage.png)



Minor details, but if you're going to be full autistic then heres all the ref points. your variations are totally fine and I see you got the wheels around hands, but the wing style might make her look more like a jet than a drone. but maybe a cross between a jet and a drone is what bill built?



Well, if you hadn't waited like six months before revealing that he's supposed to be grey, letting us get attached to the white version, then it wouldn't be a problem. The scarf makes thematic sense if you assume he's a snowfox.



Implying I can't simply change the color of his pawpads to something else.


She's not a jet?!


Implying everyone here draws in color. I just didn't want to spend too much time on it.


File: 2d7c470ba53ca95⋯.png (539.76 KB, 1532x1013, 1532:1013, Screenshot_413.png)


Couldn't find a way to put the propeller in the design without making it clunky.


File: c4f9beee179c780⋯.png (298.13 KB, 1437x714, 479:238, Screenshot_874.png)

Also I found this old thing, I don't remember the context in which I drew it but here it is.



>N8 father with mustache

I remember some people talking about this one,people opinions about how n8 dad would look changed from person to person but there was some agreement about the mustache,god this is an old meme from even before the exodus to /fur/, I thought no one drew it.



We need a slightly older, horny K8 named B8.




>old thing

how old are we talking about? the idea of baradad n8 (sl8) I first put the idea out there when /furry/ had their 2nd anniversary but no one ever drew it. n8 dad mustaches was an idea spawned on /fur/ but never really caught enough popularity to be drawn.



you and me both man, the propeller is hard to work with. thats one of the reasons i went with the more dragon-like body at first. but if I were to try to draw it right now it would probably be a super small but super powerful little propeller placed like a tail. I think this is the first time anyone did a paperdoll of kemo though



N8 doesn't have a dad. That's why he's so fucked up.



or maybe his dad is the one who fucked him up in the first place




You don't need a fucked up childhood to be a fucked up person



it sure helps though. what other reason would he become fucked up?



He's not fucked up, though. He's a bit of a bully sometimes, but that's just because he's a preteen boy. He's just overtly sexual because literally everyone is, from the day they are born, when they're a furry. You can't really compare his behavior to real-life kids.


Nature vs. Nurture. Some people can just be born with the ability to become fucked up.



>He's just overtly sexual because literally everyone is, from the day they are born, when they're a furry

I hate this meme. Also K8 and F8 aren't, especially F8.



>inb4 grandpa n8


File: 262da5b647011e5⋯.png (311.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 262da5b647011e5245f5706b78….png)


>you're a sex freak from birth when in furry land

>You cant compare furries to real life

this is no better than the worst bottom of the barrel furfag fap comics. Absolute shit-tier lore my dude. you know what makes for good fantasy is a dash of reality right?



You know, actually the part with "He's fucked up because he's got no dad" is the shit-tier furfag fap comic lore.

Also: Pic or it didn't happen. If noone draws lore, there is no lore. Look at all the fun Kemo stuff for example without getting into a backstory.


File: 1809e9702241f0f⋯.png (512.55 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, kemo.png)


Nice work anon. Kemo-chan's looking fierce.




Shit, forgot to quote.



This is sweet, anon. It could be a sticker.


>that guy uploading everything to e621



hey man, gotta support the board somehow



Well, if you want "reality" I can come up with a lot better ideas than "muh Freudian absent-father" bullshit. What about the fact that F8th was working as a model? Maybe N8 looked into what kind of a job that was and accidentally stumbled into some internet pornography. So he started acting out sexually because he thinks that's what it means to be an adult. He's only a bully because he doesn't have many friends and he's lonely and frustrated.



I ain't gonna lie. I first came to /furry/ because of the N8 stuff posted onto e621 attracted me. I'm sure there are literally hundreds of others who could say the same.



I feel like tagging everything with "anonymous_artist" is a bit lazy



wouldn't unknown_artist be even lazier? I tag the artist if I recognize them like the oekaki anon



anonymous_artist look like a rather serious tag judging by its wiki entry, so I think unknown_artist would be better. But best would be to just ask the artist how they want to be tagged.



>tfw youl never be recognized because you're secretly making furry art.



this looks nice, but was I imagining a redder tint to the shadows earlier, where did that post go? it worked the best out of the variations imo.



I can't unsee Kemo with a massive angry fart.


File: a79a0c611bcecea⋯.png (31.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, a79a0c611bcecea0880b67e37d….png)


>best would be to just ask the artist how they want to be tagged.

What if I don't want to be tagged?



A shitload of artists with only one or two tagged images doesn't help anyone. That's not what tags are FOR. Just leave it under "anonymous_artist".



if it shows up in a reverse image search, I'm tagging it.



>artist isnt anonymous

>hey lets tag it as anonymous_artist

you dont know how to use tags at all



ok dude whatever you say



I know how to use tags; my point was, you don't know WHY to use tags.

Literally every tag that has less than 10 entries should be deleted, whether that covers an artist, character, species, fetish, whatever. They're just cluttering up e621 and serving no actual purpose beyond fulfilling someone's autistic desire to categorize and label literally everything.



Then you can say so and you'll be tagged as anonymous_artist


How do you know there'll only be 2 images? Twang has 61 images, and you didn't bother tagging him


File: 8f2a218335dc3dd⋯.png (1019.32 KB, 684x2000, 171:500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a08e8dd7f3d4331⋯.png (258.14 KB, 1000x398, 500:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7a5c5fb3fc12565⋯.png (434.76 KB, 1892x1253, 1892:1253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 630a0fa40c280a9⋯.png (647.62 KB, 1208x822, 604:411, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 987379a8ec9682d⋯.png (356.95 KB, 471x471, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

last old kemo art that hasnt gotten posted so far.



>third pic

Damn nigga, kemo is hot in this one.


File: 898d5b1698c6bce⋯.jpg (11.05 KB, 228x217, 228:217, 216c2c4c7efb507cc15c84c92a….jpg)


>They're just cluttering up e621 and serving no actual purpose beyond fulfilling someone's autistic desire to categorize and label literally everything.

someone's never been on e621.



check again, got him weeks ago





huh that bushy sketcher is better than I thought, when will he do a full color pic of bushy x n8? he could just pull straight from the writing fic for a pic.


File: a379eb9c9c01bbb⋯.png (13.55 KB, 315x310, 63:62, Screenshot_416.png)



Tag autism is the cancer killing e621. Especially shit like "tag what you see", which resulted in much hair-tearing-out (and unintentional hilarity) here: https://e621.net/pool/show/11110

Artist draws a male bird getting cloaca-fucked, but despite his best efforts can't get it recognized as a male, or tagged as such, resulting in him scribbling shit like "this crow is male" and "gay!" in the margins, to no avail, and at the end needing to draw a goddamned ANATOMICAL DIAGRAM labeling the bird's testicles to get it tagged as "male" instead of "ambiguous gender".



Nah,e621 search sistem works well because of that, unlike furaffintiy where is near impossible to find anything.


File: 6404ddbe1f30326⋯.png (69.89 KB, 1034x208, 517:104, ClipboardImage.png)


>tag autism is the cancer killing e621

>tag autism caused unintentional hilarity

these are contradicting statements, i think its fucking hilarious and muh canon-autists getting btfo is always a win.


File: 55df3da60d071f8⋯.jpg (8.57 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Wonka_rage.jpg)


>Tag autism is okay, but canon-autism is not

I just don't get you, man.



What if you wish to see the other works of an artist, lol. Having to have more than 10 entries to get a tag just because some autist can't handle too many words on a web page is pretty stupid.



>What if you wish to see the other works of an artist

Sometimes you don't always get what you want, kid.



>Male symbol doesn't mean he's male!

How do these retards survive in the real world?


File: 4ad690ec2396705⋯.png (34.31 KB, 421x559, 421:559, 84565b50c27b8cf6ad13c5511e….png)




if we allow that shit we'll go back to PK uploading male characters and tagging them female, she'll just put "female symbol" in the drawing as justification.


File: a30f9e2ddeccd08⋯.png (335.12 KB, 500x725, 20:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Tag what you see is the only thing preventing the dam of tumblr muh fluids destroying the actual use of it. Reminder that PK wanted to tag a pink pony with a huge dick, no breasts and no vag as "Male". but threw a huge tantrum and pulled of her art because she couldnt get her way.



other way around, she wanted that tagged as "female" despite the horsecock


File: c5919a19044b560⋯.png (322.03 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


you're right. had a crosswire brain fart. according to PK this is female on female. and thats why canon autists are the cancer that would kill e621 in a heartbeat. if they changed that one rule of TWYS it would ruin e621 because all the canon-autists would go on a retagging spree.


File: 5bc4496e228ce77⋯.jpg (46.65 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_m5q2unONr01r2ttivo1….jpg)


Holy fuck I had no idea that Lizardlars was such a giant autist.




>ambiguous gender

how can you see something that is ambiguous?


>I had no idea that Lizardlars was such a giant autist.

you misspelled "e621 mods"






>you misspelled "e621 mods"

No I didn't, they got a reason to always follow a pattern, a site with a 1.000.000 pics with thousands of different artists and viewers must always follow a pattern, author "claims" canb e changed at any time, furry artists can delet everything at any moment.

Lizardsperg in the other hand has no reason at all to give so much of a fuck about what gender people believe his characters are.



dick+pussy+breasts= herm

dick+pussy-breasts+muscles=masculine herm






But this means that a bird or whatever other creature that is anatomically_correct can literally never be tagged with a gender OR with an orientation. Just to pacify the whiny straight men who will lose their shit if they ever see a dick in their porn.


All of this breaks down if it's a species that doesn't have breasts, or an individual too young to have developed them.


File: 3016767606663f9⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 1398306612578.png)

File: 176525720ef47ca⋯.png (630.18 KB, 580x740, 29:37, 1398305450597.png)

File: f4cc295f004a5e6⋯.png (366.22 KB, 618x800, 309:400, 1398305482577.png)

File: 4e9cb4ec189a60c⋯.jpg (88.54 KB, 1000x773, 1000:773, 1398306524713.jpg)

File: f8c0cda5902d2ae⋯.jpg (243.83 KB, 800x618, 400:309, 1398306569048.jpg)


>a species that doesn't have breasts

you think that fucking stops anything?

hint: it's called anthro, not zoo



Thank god, her art is fucking stupid. It's like she's incapable of drawing sex that is fun. Something I've seen from ALL female artists out there.

Interesting. Is everyone else just stuck up about it? Or are they just as disgusting as guys if not more? One of my favorite female artists ended up drawing herself as a piss drinking slave.

And don't make me start with Kayla.

Oh shit I said her name. She'll show up and spam her art. "Notice meee, noone is reacting to my U18 chan threads!"


File: 698e32e5146239f⋯.png (80.21 KB, 1102x319, 38:11, ClipboardImage.png)


Your discord shilling is the cancer. go away nigger.



spambot deployed, next time i see you shilling i'll double down

~<3 polite sage


File: 8083cedb8df6fcb⋯.jpg (133.1 KB, 1152x993, 384:331, 1456777667554.jpg)

File: 84a900613130bdc⋯.png (501.53 KB, 1280x1358, 640:679, cutest birb.png)


You're too eager to defend your stylistic preference. I'm pretty sure he meant if someone designs characters with more realistic inspiration, which is a good point.

The design variety is what makes furry characters interesting in the first place.



>no acknowledgement of this

It's adorable


File: d3079229986aebc⋯.png (208.22 KB, 472x671, 472:671, download41b51a49__2fstorag….png)

Hey guys! Let's get this thread back on track.




Admin in the linked e621 post says otherwise.


>Your discord shilling is the cancer. go away nigger.






I think he misquoted you. There was a post advertising some unrelated discord.



If we can get a companion N8 as Darwin, that would be Gr8.



holy shit that's gold, more please


I think f8th might be my waifu. I've never had a waifu before.




Yes I remember, Bell(the Admin) saying something like "I don't want a fursona, I like girly boys but I'm not one" and then people and some mods teasing and pushing him.

I believe that Bill katt was created to be his fursona, but /fur/ got desperate to get a mascot and ended up pushing him since he was the only original character created on this board so far.


File: 10541d9f34554bb⋯.jpg (17.98 KB, 357x294, 17:14, fcfdaa4010069a16cc361054c9….jpg)


>bill was created to be his fursona


>only original character

also wrong. kemo was created before bill. stop trying to rewrite history you faggot.



Well, less his "fursona", and more an "expy", then. He was clearly meant to be a representation of the Admin, of some type.

>stop trying to rewrite history

But we might solve this mystery.

DuckTales, whoo-hoo.


File: c33e42e8ffb3aa9⋯.png (18.58 KB, 901x157, 901:157, Screenshot_421.png)

Along with characters from other boards, did first passes at the /fur/ cast today. They all still need polish, unlike the other characters whom I consider generally finished.



Looks pretty good anon. The resolution is somewhat limiting, but I guess you're trying to keep things at consistent scale.



Thats so cute! Nice work.


File: bab4af54c70a5ee⋯.png (124.59 KB, 994x888, 497:444, Screenshot_423.png)


Yeah. I was doing the sprites originally at a bigger resolution, double this one in fact, but this smaller resolution means it's easier to make multiple sprites, which both for futurely animating and also to do all these characters, is useful.


Thank you, anon.



Haha that reminds me of my project to turn every Monster Hunter monster into the fsjal-meme.

I really should continue, did all for Unite and next would be Tri.



very well made




Shouldn't the dad just be YCH?

N8 was a creation of the board



I was under the impression he was N8's friend but that could work.



That probably makes more sense.


File: 014ae1b7ebe13d6⋯.jpg (6.68 KB, 204x201, 68:67, 8chan anon.jpg)

File: 294a9f6cef5731c⋯.gif (107.59 KB, 192x255, 64:85, Red anon dancing.gif)

File: ce5b7b4f691b29f⋯.png (64.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8chan anon laughing.png)


I imagined YCH was /fur/'s version of Anon self-insert, just like how red anon is the default image of the average 8channer, pics related



This is what it is. YCH is the furry anonymous that it could be anybody or anything in the furry world, I've seen some furry boards even have YCH as their greenname. though i cant remember which ones it was.


File: b6d3dc65834152d⋯.png (15.73 KB, 255x246, 85:82, Omegacat.png)


>I've seen some furry boards even have YCH as their greenname. though i cant remember which ones it was

I think you're thinking of https://endchan.xyz/furry/catalog.html

Speaking of which, why can endchan hold 250MB upload limit per post, but 8chan can only hold 12MB? disgraceful tbh


File: f5cbd7f55a9d7be⋯.png (152.6 KB, 594x552, 99:92, ClipboardImage.png)


ive seen it elsewhere too, but with boards still unrecovered I think those are lost forever wouldnt be opposed to switching to YCH for /fur/ too.

>why can endchan hold 250mb limit

probably because of the bandwidth would kill 8chan if a popular imageboard had tons of users uploading massive files, so end can do it because they have barely any traffic. But it seems pretty retarded to do anyways when there's just offsite file hosting you can do like mega.



Mega are jews, you don't want them to hold your data.

That being said, endchan has been confirmed holding data.

Rather be fucked by odili than kim, I guess.



That was sort of my point, because n8, as well as his "cannon" are a creation of the board as a collective.



Mother of CHRIST this board is dead.



>why can endchan hold 250MB upload limit per post

because a whooping total of ~10 people use endchan.

if it was like here, where we get people in the 10 thousands every day, endchan would definitely have to reduce the post size limit.

>Site-wide, 1,621 posts have been made in the last hour

there's your why.


File: 03f166be66f1c4d⋯.png (210.12 KB, 637x910, 7:10, ClipboardImage.png)


it's endchan, its the whole site is dead. the last post anyone made on their furry board was from a /fur/ art anon. with the rarest mspaint f8th fit rendition



Oh god


File: 5b1d23ca7d752ae⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 535.24 KB, 1200x1493, 1200:1493, 5b1d23ca7d752ae76cac202441….png)

File: 9c62423d73ee43f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 125.29 KB, 637x658, 91:94, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6810701a824892e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 143.9 KB, 634x658, 317:329, ClipboardImage.png)


>the most popular board is still a graveyard


then just use torrents. what the fuck would be the point of having a huge file upload on imageboards, to feel important about a feature no one uses because there is no users?


>no tail rings and no hyper tail

>the 8 looks like glasses

>thick manly eyebrows and manly body build

>ears and muzzle look more like a mouse

how would you r8 mspaint f8th?



That artist has literally only one style of body and I fucking hate it and think the anatomy is an atrocious abortion but that's just, like, my opinion, man.



endchan IS a graveyard, thats why its called ENDchan and not STARTchan



well they know what they like and they're consistent about it. I might take the pose and redo it without the steroids


Would an anon be willing to do some sort of slice-of-life comic to build the characters' personalities? I want more lore.



Comic pages are literally an order of magnitude more complex than a single drawing. Asking for a ten-page comic is like asking for 100 request images. Unless you're okay with "N8 Quest" level of oekaki garbage, you're not going to get anyone biting on this.



I know. I was thinking something more simple like a one-page or three-panel comic.



I want to do some eventually, but I want to do it for so many of the board-tan characters that by the time I reach /fur/ stuff it'll probably be a year from now



its not a bad idea, and boardtans have gotten drawfriends to move but if you want something like that then best start building a list of ideas for skits.




There's really not a lot of canon about the cast. Most of it is really vague. This would essentially require someone (probably a writefag who has been here long enough to remember all the shit that's been said about them) to take the reigns and personally direct them as if they were his own characters. Else you'll just end up with pointless one-off jokes based on very little information.


File: 5613312d8763e58⋯.jpg (25.59 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 5613312d8763e584bbc5241192….jpg)


>been here long enough to remember all of the shit thats been said about them

you rang?




So I guess we need backstories? I think it's accepted that F8th worked (works?) as a model, and a lot of it rubbed off on N8.

Maybe N8 has some sort of rivalry with K8? She seems quiet, maybe N8 shuns her into the background? I guess Bill is a family friend, how did he meet the 8s? Who takes care of the kids when F8th is working? Do they go to school? I guess they'd be in 3rd grade, assuming they're 8 years old. What does Bill do for a job? What does Kemo do in-universe?



from months ago lore, n8 didnt pick up "modeling" from his mom, thats more likely just a product of the times. In one writefags furfag story n8 streamed his sexual escapades live with forcing bushy out of the closet. Definitely not the traditional modeling that we think of when f8th is involved and the sort of degenerate pics n8's been drawn in dont really ever allude to him being a model, but it probably more of a roleplayer due to how many costumes that n8 has put on, possibly influenced by f8ths acting career in b-movies.

It was established that f8th turned down doing lewd porno pics so whatever reason that n8 went fullblast into them is an area to explore. its likely not something that f8th would want to bring up around her kids or anyone, so its probably more likely that n8 stumbled onto the information about his moms possible career shift that she turned down and he saw it as a great way to get some fans and cash.



So is he a camboy or what?



Yeah, and I can't do it, because everything I write is dark as fuck and painfully realistic. I can't spin N8 and Bushy being preteen and sexual without making it about abuse and child exploitation and broken homes. It seems clear that everyone would rather N8 be a cute kid who dresses is a variety of costumes and gets a lot of sex and this sort of thing is perfectly normal and okay, because that's just how the furry fandom works.


File: 0ee39a2cf444c54⋯.png (4.35 MB, 2480x8523, 2480:8523, ClipboardImage.png)


>is n8 a camboy?

id say by flipping through his pictures that he loves the camera, because he loves the attention. n8 is almost always smiling and loving it except when hes turned into the sub or reminded that hes always fetish fodder to his fans, thats when his esteem drops sharply. he somtimes puts on a smug mask or tries to play along, but it aint always so easy like for the /furry/ 2nd anniversary



im the same way, writing an ongoing 3 panel skit that has no real continuity and stays light hearted or mindless is more difficult to keep interesting than pulling all the guns out on going into lore.

piecing everything together that seems at first unrelated like a puzzle is what i love to do. we have all sorts of information we can gleen from looking at the history of the characters from the perspective that imageboards are a real physical place to them. thats way more fun of a concept to explore than just the typical furshit


File: d9070ba2480d9fb⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, fur.jpg)

I've done this before on other boards, can be fun.



This looks delightful. Thank you, drawfriend!



wew looks great, you're super quick boardtan friend. clearly n8 is a pranking lil menace. we need to draw up servicebot, kemo being a hardass doesnt really fit her tbh.



is this photoshop wet edges or some other program?



Manga Studio, Frenden Brush set.


You're welcome!




I'm not a regular in this board, so I wouldn't assume to tell how the characters act, but I do have a general idea for a common setting for boardtan characters that I've used in the past for at least /v/ and /co/ characters. I can give an overview of how I thought it, if you guys want- can help give you context for your stuff. Or not, since it's just basically my individual autistic stories with all these public domain characters.



its pretty late so i wont be able to come up with anything for the bubbles. the speech space is pretty limited so thats double difficulty.

Aside from kemo it looks like everything is pretty close to their lining up with their personalities (i have no idea what YCHs personality is like)

im off to bed but you can drop the overview if you want. im sure you could do the 3panel layout too, you look like youve got a pretty good grasp on timing events and your expressive style is great for this sort of thing


File: d8a06e46bc731e5⋯.png (1.79 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, ClipboardImage.png)

we can do this mad libs style, and pass it along to the next anon for the next bubble.


File: a0bcec861b86116⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 727.83 KB, 948x1342, 474:671, 2.jpg)

File: 26cfefc686b70c4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 372.91 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, page1.jpg)

File: 5ea87be4cf09ddb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 296.01 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, pagetest.jpg)

File: 62443e632a6fa82⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 132.03 KB, 991x884, 991:884, Screenshot_440.png)


>the speech space is pretty limited so thats double difficulty.

Yeah. Other times I did this (for /v/ and for /leftypol/) I did two pages, giving more space to the panels, but I felt like seeing what I could do with a 4-3-2 layout here.

>im off to bed but you can drop the overview if you want. im sure you could do the 3panel layout too, you look like youve got a pretty good grasp on timing events and your expressive style is great for this sort of thing

I can do some quick layout stuff, but I'd probably need someone to give the gag ideas, or at least decide a decent lineup of their personalities.

Anyway, spoilering for autism, a lot of it originating from /co/.

the overview is basically that 8ch is represented as an apartment block (Infinity Apartment Block) in a specific district of East Town (vaguely indicating being Japan, since 2ch owns 8ch and all). Characters either migrated into it from Fortune City which had some shit go on (/v/, the /co/ characters, board-tans that came from cuckchan, in other words), or are native to East Town and move to the 8th Alley-Infinity Apartment Block area because it's cheap housing. N8, K8, F8th would therefore just be inhabitants of either the Apartment Block or the surrounding area.

Something I thought additionally later, as I thought of ideas for a game for Vivian James and the reason why in my file of board-tan sprites there's a random segment of enemies, is that eventually East Town is attacked by some group (corporation? cult? I've no idea yet) that embodies the generalised boogiemen and annoyances of all the boards of the site- from having antifa for /pol/, MAGA incels for /leftypol/, feminists for /v/ and /co/, /intl/ for everyone, and general other stuff like 4chan/Endchan anons or Reddit aliens. And more notably for this board, one of the first ideas of "enemies that any board would see as enemies" that I had were furry spambots- so what I'm thinking is, in-universe, Bill Katt makes Kemo-chan in response to the attack of these enemies, to protect his home, presumably (be it the Apartment Block the other characters live in or not).



cute style



The oekaki style works if you clean it up a little.

N8: asshole, bully, thin-skinned, gay, dominant

K8: probably the opposite of N8, we haven't developed her much

F8th: pure, loving, tries to be the best mom she can while working a lot

Bill: nerdy femboy engineer, too much internet?, bisexual

Bushy: closet gay, friends with N8, beta male

Kemo: protector of the board, voyeur, no genitals


File: 785ad09b7a6f2fc⋯.png (1.67 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, Untitled 1_3.png)



which jack is bushy watching on tv?





File: 4e895f39525dacc⋯.png (1.8 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, ClipboardImage.png)


File: a16e3e30b650f82⋯.png (1.68 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, Untitled 1_4.png)



I always thought of K8 as ambitious and cheeky, but living with the other nutballs doesn't leave her with much privacy or focus.






That sounds pretty good. How does N8 interact with her?



>he thinks she's boring and should join the fun

Yeah, was thinking about this. Maybe K8 tries to separate herself from the others so she can study/think/art (like with art thread 2.0's OP) in peace, and N8 keeps dragging her out to be with her family because he loves her



Sorry, deleted the post for spelling errors.

I've been thinking about that long and hard, but I've got no clue. I thought of panty raids or being an overall perv and voyeur, but since he's gay, that doesn't work.

Then I thought of him pranking and annoying her on purpose, but I don't know why he should do that.

An idea would be that he thinks she's boring and should join the fun. Maybe he's a bit jealous that she makes F8th proud?

Also, not a fan of shipping characters, but to me, I imagined K8 as older as N8 and it would be hilarious if he successfully kept hitting on and dominating K8s boyfriends, which are older than him.



Yeah... that's how I'd imagine a sitcom about nerds if those weren't written by fucking morons.



How much older? 18? Could work well, I've always thought a big sister would be fun.



Also, if it weren't so confusing we could make F8 (not F8th) the big sister and be a terrible influence on he kids.



Would be nice if we had F8th, F8, K8 (the youngest) and N8. Would also be hilarious if their father is kinda this mysterious, absent, traveling guy who's some kind of adventurer who does crazy things, which are never shown but only mentioned in letters or something. And any pics of him are obscured.





honestly. im not really very enthusiastic about expanding the 8 family again. and would rather have Bushy have an older sister fill the role instead.



Yeah, you're probably right. Keep it simple.



I wish I had one lol.


File: 8b63a55248fdb12⋯.png (311.55 KB, 724x724, 1:1, 8b63a55248fdb123410526cce1….png)


plus we already solve the f8 or f8th issue by making a backstory that Fate was her modeling name (think how marketable that would be, her fur is redish and red is associated with the red string of fate) but Faith is her real name. so both are uses are correct and they're the same person.

t. your local loreanon >>27376



thanks local lore anon



So because of the whole "red string of fate" thing, they got F8th to go on completely chaste dates with lonely men (kinda like the Japanese thing where people hire men to pretend to be their boyfriend or father or whatever for important events) and pretend as if she's their destiny or whatever.

N8 finds out about this and because he's young and doesn't understand, assumes she's actually a prostitute, and this really fucks him in the head.


File: 769bf15ed9d0624⋯.png (298.27 KB, 724x724, 1:1, Untitled 1_5_3.png)


Is there an original version of this? Here's a quick cleanup edit.


File: 9505e7ce0de7fba⋯.jpg (362.31 KB, 2272x2048, 71:64, k.jpg)


I didn't make the smug edit but here's the original krita file if it helps.




Ooh, new colors. Thanks anon do you want me to tag you as tsnn?



>new colors

It was an adjustment layer that I disabled before posting it originally. There's also a lineart layer with a different thumb.

I'd rather not get tagged as anything ever, but I can't be bothered to care so do what you want.





File: e554cffca393853⋯.png (109.54 KB, 600x639, 200:213, UP.png)

So I'm planning on drawing more. Using styles as orientation for #34 is way easier than drawing pics of Bushy.

Can't draw like Twang at all and I'd rather draw him with a longer canine snout, unlike N8. Any suggestions? Got much trouble with that and tutorials usually explain how to be Da Vinci, not how to doodle. Haven't managed to do that all my life.


File: f2989e3be58dee3⋯.png (1.81 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 8f44a88cda74401⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, waffles.jpg)



File: 49d204ed7478742⋯.png (790.28 KB, 779x854, 779:854, 49d204ed7478742c06c8196ec7….png)


>Using styles as orientation for #34 is way easier than drawing pics of Bushy.

i dont understand this sentence, so i cant give any suggestions


File: 4726ef81ec2c67b⋯.png (7.04 KB, 472x404, 118:101, 4726ef81ec2c67b55fa7695578….png)



I mean it's harder to find an own style instead of copying one.



He's a fox; he should obviously have a longer muzzle than a raccoon.



Not sure what he should say for the first panel. "Let's have some fun"?



"Bui-Gate was an inside job!"



Top Ten Epic Roommate Pranks!



File: 17fc93c17426370⋯.jpg (182.53 KB, 887x639, 887:639, cfcbab7418e663399f8a14ae6c….jpg)

File: d8a01e6a3d21196⋯.png (735.51 KB, 738x1083, 246:361, b672ec9ba626939b4cb7a6631e….png)

New material from the drawthread


So any oldfag can tell me when and how was Bill Katt created?




>"So... uh guys, we need a mascot. We should all work together to collectively form a character, organically combining ideas from multiple people to truly represent this board and its diversity. It will not be easy, and it may take a long time, but we will persevere."

>"How about a nerdy gay femboy cat engineer."

>"...forget everything I just said, we're doing THAT."

So is F8th literally the only straight character in our entire lineup?

F8th: Presumably straight, but too pure for that anyway.

N8: Gay as fuck.

K8: Undetermined.

Bushy: Gay as fuck.

Bill: Gay or possibly bi.

Kemo: Asexual but a voyeur.

Since all the boys are gay, it means even making the girls straight just means EVERYONE WANTS DICK!

You know what would be funny, though? Also making K8 gay. Then you have this weird thing going where sometimes N8 is boyish but sometimes he crossdresses, and sometimes K8 is girly but sometimes she's butch. Wherever the two cross over, they can pretty much pretend to be each other and people will be fooled. This goes back to when they were a lot younger and were literally indistinguishable, which was made worse by F8th dressing them in matching outfits because loltwins. They're nothing alike in personality, though.



>Twins crossdressing as each other

I need this.

Also Bill is meant to be evenly predisposed to guys and girls.



>Also Bill is meant to be evenly predisposed to guys and girls

Just so long as he avoids the stereotype of the "top-only" bisexual and isn't a total whore, I'm okay with this.


File: 72afc3903d700b4⋯.png (152.02 KB, 490x860, 49:86, 72afc3903d700b440808b29f7f….png)


>the kids see who's better at being the other

>whoever gives up first does chores for a week

>one of n8's rougher partners sees k8 and decides to surprise "him"


File: 1e78ac3455acff7⋯.png (31.94 KB, 1438x297, 1438:297, Screenshot_466.png)

I'd forgotten to add Poll



>Poll the Parrot

I didn't even think that was a thing anymore.



Maybe we should just put pictographs in for dialogue.


File: cf2164aa3544b36⋯.png (69.47 KB, 499x387, 499:387, rude.png)


G...gay as fuck? RUDE.



Yeah that Bushy look is exactly the look I give myself every morning.



Why is Poll here? he was a cheap shitposting thread topic.



Because a drawfag drew him



and? drawfags take requests all the time, that's no reason to make every OC special.




Poll is in the banners. She just hasnt gotten drawn as much, but the potential is there. nottin wrong with a full cast.



it was a generic parrot that was made for shitposting. It's not the same as N8 or Bill who have history and personality.



>implying n8 was more than shitposting


File: a201554ade1f2f7⋯.png (123.83 KB, 421x697, 421:697, tumblr_inline_nn4wckA6PG1r….png)


You take that back you whore!

N8 is pure, unlike your shitparrot.



N8 is as pure as the semen cocktail in his butt


File: e917a1c3499ecdf⋯.png (202.69 KB, 635x783, 635:783, 1462239552311.png)


That's non-canon


File: 435b0b2bb5ef7ca⋯.png (36.35 KB, 512x444, 128:111, Triforce_(golden)[1].png)





File: a1a2f1f75805a57⋯.jpg (23.4 KB, 300x470, 30:47, ece7a441f2c5b8b01da48031f6….jpg)



>n8 is pure

>n8 isnt a little slut

I think n8 just wants to be k8.



fite me irl fgt





Nah, I'm just kidding, Bushy. You're totally straight; you just haven't found the right girl yet. But until you do, nobody would blame you for continuing to "experiment" with N8. Foxes have needs!


N8 used to be a slut, but since he got with Bushy he's been faithful to only him. Because it's so much cuter that way.


File: 288059e1ae82603⋯.png (1.97 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f705c7cd1e85d13⋯.png (1.97 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, ClipboardImage.png)







I cant believe it's taken this long to finish the comic. heres a couple alts. which one do you think we should go with?



>Buigate was an inside job


The first is better, I think



Then again, #2 sets the tone as satire which redeems some of the other dialogue.


File: 508a15615a61eab⋯.png (1.97 MB, 948x1342, 474:671, ClipboardImage.png)



maybe a little variation on the typography, since 2 is hard to read so small


Let's elaborate more on relationships. Is Bill the landlord (which would kind of block him from befriending F8th), or does he just live in the neighboring apartment as a handyman? Is he a family friend? Does he take care of the kids when they're not and school and F8th is working? What is he to K8? Does she look up to him because of his STEM background? What about N8, is Bill just a cute boy he can bully around?

What does the family think of Kemo, are the kids scared of her? Does N8 influence her? Is she kept a secret? Does she spy on the neighbours?

Sorry about the question format, I'm just spitballing here



theres nothin saying you cant be friends with your landlord but we did establish a friendly interaction between f8th and bill already. ex: 3rd pic >>26211

its kind of a funny thing that Faith, a pure non lewd mom would be friends with a casually lewd Bill though. Probably a family friend but not before k8 and n8 were born.



I like the idea of Bill as a landlord and the apartment complex's maintenance guy. I can't imagine he has much of any interaction with the kids, but he would be friendly (possibly even flirty) with F8th while he fixes shit around their apartment. N8 probably couldn't give too shits about Bill (though he might get suspicious/protective of his mother if Bill decides to get too forward), but it would be neat if K8 looked up to him. Since she's prone to being tomboyish, she could be the "likes to take stuff apart to see how it works" kind of kid. Bushy also lives in the same complex and hangs out with N8 a lot possibly his parents get killed in an accident and he has no other living relatives so F8th convinces the court to let her adopt him so he doesn't have to go to an orphanage.

Kemo is a surveillance drone that flies above the place for security purposes (and possibly also to let Bill spy on F8th while she's in the shower). I doubt anyone knows she is even sentient.



Bill being a landlord conflicts if we want to integrate with other boards' lore though. >>27395


File: 939ae4b1d802506⋯.png (73.66 KB, 493x255, 29:15, pls.png)


>I doubt anyone knows shes even sentient

not cool anon, kemo does her best and its hurtful to just suggest such a thing. theres plenty of time for her to be social when shes off patrol duty.



>N8 probably couldn't give too shits about Bill

So far they had mutiple pics together and all seem to show rivalry/antagonism, what makes sense since they're opposites in almost every way.



Nothing to say they have to live in the same apartment block, they can live in a separate building.

Also nothing saying you have to integrate with that lore- it's mostly just used by one guy.



>if we want to integrate with other boards' lore

Not sure about anyone else, but I DON'T. We're a small and unimportant board; you start inviting in those other fucks and their "lore" and it will just completely push our characters out of the way.



That's true. There's not much point in having all these human characters in our world.




if youre talking about /v/ /pol/ ect all of those board tans I think the only one we ever really considered exploring was the furry related ones like /trash/ and ofc lorecrafting over what happened on the aftermath of /furry/



This. You know why of all places I ended up here and on 8ch /co/? I've got the feeling the cancer hasn't found us yet. And we shouldn't enforce that.



Not working heavily off other board's lorecrafting doesn't mean we have to ignore the existence of other tans. We just need to put our own ideas first and later find room for crossover.



I still want a story (maybe not a literal story, but a happening) where Bill has to watch the kids for F8th. Maybe they get into his gadgets while he's not looking and mischief ensues.



Well, you see, anon, there's the simple fact of the matter that literally all the boardtans except for ours are COMPLETE AND UTTER HORSESHIT, and it doesn't make sense inviting non-anthros into an anthro universe in the first place.



Well Bill is a teenager, teenagers work as babysitters in US right?



I always thought he was 18-24ish. Assuming he's gone to college. F8th is like 30.



He's only a little taller than n8 and bushy and clearly shorter than f8 in their pics, looks like a teenager.



Well yeah, he's fun-size.



So I would guess he's 13-15



No. We've got too many underage characters. The "older teen" role is filled by Bushy. Bill is 18.


File: f3237dfa633fa66⋯.png (321.97 KB, 1140x1200, 19:20, fc44543ea47cd4c5e4eac289cc….png)


that simply contradict all their pics so far,Katt was never drawn as an adult and Bushy was never drawn as a "older teen".



Bushy's doodle was later edited to shrink N8 down. Regardless, it's non-canon. Read the mascot thread https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20170407102336/http://8ch.net/fur/res/11038.html


File: 13b58c8fb693c38⋯.png (127.43 KB, 950x630, 95:63, 9019bffd44b123d49b529540ef….png)

File: 9318804da6ab5e4⋯.png (928.12 KB, 900x4180, 45:209, 2875401a50e6f80d85038bd163….png)

File: be2cc2a829fb469⋯.jpg (134.06 KB, 1751x1716, 1751:1716, 508b5a8ccde1b65e28033672f3….jpg)


Bushy is always drawn in N8 age,never older teen and Bill is not described as adult in this thread




Katt was always closer to F8th's age than n8. Just cuz some anons want to make him another underageB& doesnt mean it's canon.


File: 35d6630eaef8837⋯.jpg (201.92 KB, 1938x1266, 323:211, 35d6630eaef88377bb674c5042….jpg)

File: bdd2463521534f6⋯.png (178.53 KB, 1892x1253, 1892:1253, 7a5c5fb3fc1256537df53cb90d….png)


Comparing head size to shoulder width, Bill looks pretty on-par if not bigger than F8th.


>Regarding age

N8 and K8 are eight; that's pretty obvious.

F8th is around thirty just by virtue of the kid's ages. Any younger and you start edging toward "teen-mom" territory.

Bushy is around ten because it's funnier if he's a little older than N8 but just as small and more submissive. Also, kids don't generally start getting bravado about being "straight" until middle school.

Bill has never been described as being underage. Considering how much it seems obvious that he's going to end up with F8th, it would be really squicky to make him younger than 20. He's canonically a femboy, so of course he's a manlet too. College-age works fine.



Bill age seems the most confusing one of them all, looks like each artist drew him with a different age. n8,k8 and bushy seem all to be same age though and I didn't see nothing to suggest that bushy is older.

We need more Bill pics imo,even his personality seem to change from depressed/tired to arrogant/girly.



N8 started off as legal. Age really just depends on the artist. I do agree that we need to flesh out his personality, though. He's smart, but maybe a little scatterbrained, constantly being sleep-deprived. I don't think "sassy" works too well for him.



bills personality was already cemented as casual and chill in the mascot thread. which would contrast n8 who would probably push his buttons and try to break his calm demeanor


File: 9a5690db407927d⋯.png (40.38 KB, 480x239, 480:239, ClipboardImage.png)


Ex: from mascot thread

an anon needs to post the full pic because archive.is gives 404 trying to pull up the image.



I wouldn't really call Bill a 'femboy', he's more like 'DYEL as fuck due to locking himself inside and eating nothing but cup ramen and making robots'



Well, he can still be drawn as a femboy. Regardless, he's a little bit girly in personality.



only the confident sort of girly tho, we specifically aimed him to be something besides the cliche femboy girlygirl boipussy flirty frilly sub



There's been very little "personality" of any of the characters, to be honest, beyond the joking around bits. I'm sure there could be a lot more for N8 than just bratty slutty kid.


Well, he just LOOKS like a femboy (which is partially from being a cat in the first place). It has no bearing on how he acts, and it would be better if it didn't so it bucks the trend a little bit. After all, he's an engineer and a tinkerer, so he wears practical clothing and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.



I think answering questions about how they would act in certain situations and interact with others is more effective than throwing adjectives around. Hell, why not take a personality test?


Is Bushy bi too? Isn't N8 turning him gay because he's after F8th?



alright, so let's just go with 24 for him and 32 for f8th because multiples of 8



Bushy is completely 100% gay, he's just in denial about it. He thinks he's still too young to get sexual feelings for girls (which conveniently explains why he doesn't) and thus his raging lust for N8 is just a phase he's going through. So he tries desperately to act straight, but fails at every attempt. He tries to flirt with F8th but fails to do more than sound like a retard, spies on her getting undressed and tries to fap but can't even get hard, buys a porno mag but then gets nauseous when he sees the big tits, goes on a date with a girl from school but runs away because he's afraid to kiss her.

After every time, he goes to N8 crying in agony. And N8 makes him feel better because despite being a jerk, he really loves his cute snowfox.



>Bushy is completely 100% gay, he's just in denial about it.

Bushy is a fursona/mascot from an artist so he's the who decide it



We pretty much co-opted Bushy and made him much more than the original concept, and the artist was okay with that.



There's Bushy, and then there's Metal Bushy. Bushy is ours.



post related: >>25924



>Metal bushy



>then there's Metal Bushy

No, that's liquid Bushy. Look closer


File: ff8c73ae323176f⋯.png (131.87 KB, 686x690, 343:345, metal bushy.PNG)



File: 79e4d58e22e6635⋯.png (160.44 KB, 767x729, 767:729, metal bushy.PNG)

Forgot the tail



Because he can.


File: 09b129b590eeaf9⋯.png (1.16 MB, 500x4497, 500:4497, bushy comic.png)


>Bushy around ten

That's way too young considering his awareness of sexual tension.

I see him and N8 as immature teens, N8 in the sense of acting childish, Bushy in the sense of insecurity and lack of any life experience.

*COUGH* because it hits close to home *COUGH* >>29033 these might as well be my straight encounters *COUGH*



Furry characters are sexually mature at birth so that hardly makes a difference.

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