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File: 4810a8e62b167fc⋯.png (255.67 KB, 410x485, 82:97, Absolutely Disgusting Nick.png)


>Their gallery is full of humanshit


File: 2461b53d747b7ad⋯.jpg (130.12 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 4byrT8o.jpg)


>their gallery has a photo of themselves


File: 1c308ed023ba815⋯.webm (249.09 KB, 628x360, 157:90, bigger oven.webm)

>their gallery is full of anime chars



well this face is definitely...unique

Do you feel disgusted by human/anime art in general? Why so?

I´m equally degenerate lolicon and furfag so as long as they are cute the species doesn't matter to me, though I don´t think its okay when people upload human art to furry sites.


File: 9308b9b0bce5bdd⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 499x497, 499:497, Trash7.jpg)


>I don´t think its okay when people upload human art to furry sites

Pretty sure the point of the thread is to insult people who upload stupid shit in their furry art galleries. In this case OP holds in contempt those who upload pictures of humans into places like FURaffinity, whose purpose is to host furry art, it's in the name. If you want to upload human art, take it to a human art site, like DeviantArt.


>Their gallery is full of ponyshit


File: 55df3da60d071f8⋯.jpg (8.57 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Wonka_rage.jpg)

>They claim to do cub

>It's all diapers and pacifiers


>Hey, nice art

>oh, it's their favorites


File: d2e6a779d4aa8cb⋯.jpg (108.44 KB, 728x696, 91:87, Are you all retarded.jpg)

>To download the Hi-res version of this pic, click on this link to imgur/dropbox

>Yes this website has the space available to host the hi-res version, but I'm choosing to host it over there instead



>good variation of styles

>it's just what they commissioned


File: e520ada961abe97⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 300x400, 3:4, WHY would you guys serious….jpg)

>Gallery is filled with MSPaint pictures


File: 78adaffd24e7a17⋯.jpg (573.8 KB, 1024x556, 256:139, Misedventure[1].jpg)

>their gallery is now 99% mlp characters doing random things like eating an apple or reading a book


File: 3dd0551dffd5ffa⋯.png (159.29 KB, 510x512, 255:256, Gorilla_rage.png)


>This picture violates the website's TOS, so here's a crop of just a tiny part of it

>Please visit this other website that's behind a registration-wall to see the full picture



Fuck Aogami and inkbunny in general for that.


File: 2950c94962c7955⋯.png (157.27 KB, 500x366, 250:183, 1466213530697.png)

>Random selfies and photos of loved ones dotted everything in their gallery






i unwatched him because he keeps spamming these dumps of sketches and shit every single day, if i don't go to IB for a week, when i go in there i have 100+ drawings of aogami alone clogging my new subs, his art is also very rarely fapworthy its good when he does smol/cub cuminflation and full insertion but he doesn't very often

dont really mind visiting pixiv tbh



These people are truly worse than Mussolini. Not even having the common decency to put it in sketches.




The pictures artists want to draw, and the pictures viewers want to look at, don't always overlap. And submitting art to a online gallery means you want viewers to look at it.

As an artist, when you get an idea you gotta ask yourself, “if someone else drew an exact picture of the idea I have in my mind right now, would I download it?”

If the answer is no, either draw your idea as a quick practise sketch, or come up with a better idea. There's lots of tutorials on /how/ to draw, but few if any tutorials on /what/ to draw and how to create interesting ideas for pictures that people will /want/ to look at.



I unwatched him because he had the audacity to think he deserves 35 bucks an hour for sketches


File: 53302addf5156cd⋯.jpg (123.81 KB, 483x751, 483:751, Bell.jpg)


>their gallery is full of human-on-furry


File: 2b771e5dd5bb47c⋯.jpg (44.1 KB, 500x284, 125:71, doge-iz-angry_gp_2476293.jpg)

>tfw all their art has obnoxious watermarks


File: 812f06b86f63f37⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 728x546, 4:3, sensible no.jpg)

>gallery is photos of guns

>gallery is photos of cars

>gallery is video game screenshots


File: 05febc43876247b⋯.png (987.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20170516-194747.png)


>their gallery is full of borderline beastiality


File: 9512e30f788c7ef⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 1359x775, 1359:775, Leave.jpg)


>their gallery is full of pictures of their pets


File: 3c6b229e5190a24⋯.jpg (13.29 KB, 268x268, 1:1, my-brain-is-full-of-fuck.jpg)

>They make a single drawing/animation/flash-game

>Their gallery is overflowing with tiny "updates" to this one thing, each of which absolutely requires a completely new upload



File: ad5463ce06438a8⋯.jpg (50.64 KB, 545x545, 1:1, is this guy serious.jpg)


>someone leaves a comment complimenting their dog's sheath


Lessee, what's MY gripe...

> They draw NOTHING but a single niche fetish, over and over and over and over and over, with every drawing hyperfocused on it


File: 2d2ff423fc8277b⋯.gif (5.98 KB, 355x200, 71:40, DETAIN.gif)


>They commission NOTHING but a single niche fetish, over and over and over and over and over, with every drawing hyperfocused on it


File: 0935631a1bf9203⋯.png (41.38 KB, 600x503, 600:503, really.png)

>Their gallery is nothing but screencaps of secondlife avatars

>they label themselves as an artist


File: e0b48dfce83aa44⋯.jpg (102.43 KB, 412x285, 412:285, I_cant_fap.jpg)


>Worse yet, it's nothing but screencaps from some "dress-up" flash game


File: b3f552243b8632f⋯.png (88.86 KB, 330x328, 165:164, THE FUN STOPS HERE.png)

>gallery consists of their "closed species" special snowflake abominations


File: f3569455d857d83⋯.png (554.04 KB, 711x410, 711:410, 1433755059200.png)


>Gallery is all recolored ADOPTABLES of their 'closed species' special snowflake characters, which they expect you to pay $25 for the privilege of using them.

>Bonus rage if the 'closed species' is a regular animal but with special snowflake-y wings/horns


File: 5b1b382742eb877⋯.jpg (63.38 KB, 1074x780, 179:130, timetoleave.jpg)

>Their gallery is just photos of them with characters badly photoshopped in next to them


File: 010593b776ee018⋯.png (38.77 KB, 317x316, 317:316, iwannafuckthat.png)


Not seeing a problem, here.


>straight artist gradually becomes gay

>now 90% of art is male solo pics

it keeps happening


That pic is beautiful. Now I feel bad about having no pants on.


File: 35d91099065cf66⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 228x257, 228:257, gross.jpg)


How could you ever be aroused by the prospect of sex involving shaved primates?




Not even once, that bearded bastard makes me sick


File: ab0292e0a9209f5⋯.png (548.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, spread plague.png)

>gallery is full of sonicshit



I'm a fruit who does a lot of straight stuff, is it ideal if I keep straight and gay stuff separate?



What you mean, 2 accounts? Making only gay or straight stuff is not the best idea to get views in a fanbase that is 60% is bisexual.Keep everything together.


File: 3f0c5db89e60b10⋯.jpg (45.65 KB, 498x282, 83:47, 555-COME-ON-NOW.jpg)


How could you ever not be aroused by the prospect of sex involving shaved primates?


File: 53bc8c4ccea4d94⋯.png (450.18 KB, 2000x1100, 20:11, wraith at da beech.png)

File: dcc5a479cccd6a3⋯.png (494.83 KB, 1083x1300, 1083:1300, dabooty.png)


Don't listen to that faggot below you. Peasants aren't worth anything more than the silvers they've got on them. Do it for them, but don't be a slave to it. Fag artists tend to draw the best chicks, whenever they do. For that alone, you simply must do something straight at least once-a-sessiom, among your usual shit, to not get swamped in the annoyance of faggotry. You should know how that "community" gets.

Take this piece, for example. The gay who drew these was so ashamed of drawing something even vaguely straight for a thread on an anonymous imageboard, that they aren't even in any of his official collections. He's so much of a fag that he can't even post something straight outside of an imageboard, without people "finding out" about his straightness. Absolute madness.

Don't let that happen to you, because chances are, you could draw a real good chick. All the meat in the right places, ya know? Keep at it.


File: de33540dd47f7c6⋯.jpg (18.96 KB, 460x276, 5:3, XHjWQoj[1].jpg)


>Don't listen to that faggot below you.

>Agree with the comment



He said to obey the gay majority and "keep everything together". Not good. You can't treat this shit as a meal ticket, or you'll go mad from the faggotry. Nobody wants that. Some need it, but they don't matter.



I'll keep that in mind. I understand what you mean after I took a quick glance at artdecade's twitter timeline.


>discover their gallery while they are catering to a normal fetish

>they slowly descend into bizarre fetish buffets like sissification scat transformation vore

>they delete their old stuff



Good. That means you're learning. Keep this tenacity up, and you will stand paramount, amongst the waste and dirt below you. Never give in. Never give up.


File: 3d86ca75a50b590⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 340x565, 68:113, even this dog thinks you c….jpg)

>Artist insists their character is copyrighted and threatens to go to court if anyone draws them without their permission


File: 0c67ba77ad3c059⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 255x250, 51:50, Genuine Anger.jpg)


>They claim to do vore

>It's all fat chars eating regular food


File: 6f26f26dc26e7d1⋯.gif (992.12 KB, 389x259, 389:259, 1126[1].gif)


Not sure why but keked hard.


File: b4cd537b5fae143⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1021.83 KB, 1125x945, 25:21, I AM THE LAW.png)


File: bbc1ca7659af3d8⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 240x180, 4:3, 1396400596422.gif)

>commissions: open

>"if you want to order a commission, you have to say so in the stream chat when I start streaming and I need to respond to you while 50 other guys are spamming the chat"


File: 12f60c862c7ca24⋯.png (112.26 KB, 303x381, 101:127, j.png)


>Those rules are to minimize the number of incorrect or inaccurate depictions of Etheras, and to maintain an overall high standard of quality and accuracy for the Ethereas character,his likeness, and his canon.



File: 45bbec293d9d216⋯.png (132.47 KB, 306x227, 306:227, Picard WTF.png)


The thing about stuff like this is that it doesn't do any fucking good. Most people would abide by these "rules" as a matter of common sense and courtesy; but those who would not are under no obligation to follow these rules simply because you state them outright. Claiming characters that are not yours already violates most site's TOS in the first place.

So basically it becomes the same as writing "fragile" on your mailed packages. The sorters and delivery drivers are already legally obligated to NOT throw packages against a wall, so asking them to not do so won't change anything. The ones who do it just because they're assholes or don't care aren't going to be stopped by you writing it on there. In fact, it might just piss them off.


File: b413d237e606710⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, DISGUSTING.jpg)


>they delete their old stuff


File: c028c6a756c2bc2⋯.jpg (133.88 KB, 825x464, 825:464, sherlock_holmes.jpg)



This person is just annoyed at people reposting his artwork and thus feels like he can throw his weight around because "muh art muh rules" and feels like throwing around terms like "prosecuted" will make him seem more threataning.

In reality this guy most likely has zero money and can't actually afford a lawyer nor a private investigator to actually track someone down and attempt to sue them for infringing on his copywrite. (it would easily cost more than 10 000$ just to put the case to court). The most he can actually do is just get an administrator on the website to take down the picture or at worst, send a DMCA if he is even aware of how to do that. The only time I tend to see websites DMCA'd is when they post pornography that belongs to an actual porn company that has actual money.

Then it gets into a significantly more legal grey area since he most likely hasn't made money on his work so it would likely get thrown out of court for wasting everyone's time. (Since he can't sue for damages because he isn't making money or marketing a brand). Ontop of that I doubt his artwork is particularly original and whether or not he is even able to make money off a lot of it would be put into question.

Most furry artists have such a vague understanding of how laws work they just think they have a blanket copywrite and people will just obey it if you wag a finger in front of them. If massive multi million dollar corporations that make movies can't fight this sort of thing, some furry NEET isn't even a blip on the radar.


File: a98d07f5ea59acd⋯.png (223.87 KB, 371x399, 53:57, a98d07f5ea59acd8701299109c….png)


This happens so often it's why I tend to save almost every furry image I see nowadays

The weird thing to me is they never have a rational reason for doing it. It's almost always an emotional reason like. "I think it looks terrible" or "I want to start fresh" or "I just felt embarrassed" or other stupid shit like that. There's never a logical reason to nuke your gallery of all of your hard work.

They never ever consider the fact that other people might like it, it's entirely a me me me mindset. It's why I completely lose respect for an artist that does it.


File: 7005c78e63214bd⋯.jpg (83.76 KB, 312x312, 1:1, 1384927543205.jpg)

>Gallery is all SFM


File: 17c7d79924fcc26⋯.jpg (48.75 KB, 283x323, 283:323, 1409269000661.jpg)


>Gallery is full of flavour of the month meme characters.

>Gallery is full of new characters or adopted characters they make a big deal of then never touch again.

>Pic descriptions are some long-winded kiss-ass session about how much they adore and love and respect and worship popufur artist they got the pic from and how unbelievably glad they were to get a slot for overpriced shit.

>Other descriptions when not popufur artist are barely one sentence, even for gifts.



When an artist destroys his works, it means for the death of him. Really, that is what it is. That man you knew before? Gone. All it should mean for his future is that he has changed as a person, and that man you knew as he was is dead, whatever that means for you.



Or it could just be that my early art was utter mspaint-tier shit uploaded when I was young with shit social skills and no shame and didn't know better.

Not everything is some pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-spiritual bullshit you faggot.


File: 7ec0c3edb6db871⋯.png (180.85 KB, 460x558, 230:279, Disgust.png)


>I think it looks terrible

>I want to start fresh

>I just felt embarrassed

Look to the previous post, anon. You've no excuses to feel shame, but the possible fact you've managed to become worse, and wish to hide that. A man who cannot face the facts to all of his work is an emotional waste.



>Or it could just be that my early art was utter mspaint-tier shit uploaded when I was young with shit social skills and no shame and didn't know better.

People are generally aware of that, especially other artists.

They aren't going to hold decade-old art against you, there's no reason to hide it.



>Yes this website has the space available to host the hi-res version

Since when has FA had that feature? They max out at 1280px, which was "hi-res" back in the Win98 era.

>complaining baout human art

Complain to Dragoneer or Toumal, not us. They're the ones who allow it to be uploaded. Actually, Toumal should back down pretty easily on it, he tends to appeal to "hurt feelings" types without a fight, given the sheer number of site features he's weakened or removed because one person whined. He actually weakened the block function severely because of whiners.



>Since when has FA had that feature? They max out at 1280px, which was "hi-res" back in the Win98 era.

Only for the intial upload. Afterwards you can use the "Change submission file" button, reupload the full picture and it will be fullsized. They even tell you this when you submit something.



>They never ever consider the fact that other people might like it

So? They're the IP owner, they're the only one with a say on the matter. You think some random generic furry artist doing this is bad? Lots of professional works get destroyed or buried because the IP holder/creator comes to hate it and refuses to allow it out again.

Sometimes it takes someone else overruling them or buying the property to bypass this. Doug TenNapel hates the Earthworm Jim cartoon, because he's a right-wing religious freak that hates evolution, women's rights, etc, and the EWJ cartoon acknowledged evolution, made the princess into a fighter, etc. He kept the cartoon off DVD for years because of it, and it only came out because someone else went over his head.

Star Trek Animated was practically forgotten about, Gene Roddenberry basically hated it and considered it non-canon. That decision was only reversed in later years when others came to own the property, saw money in a DVD release, and declared the cartoon to be canon.

George Lucas hates the Star Wars Holiday Special(well.... who can blame him?). He wanted every copy destroyed. Now that Disney owns SW though... if they ever choose to release it, tough shit what Lucas thinks.



maybe if these furry sites had the ability to auto-resize the damn thing so my browser window isn't stretched by a 4K pixel image I'd support this, but FA is still about 10-15 years behind in most basic features. And they're likely to decrease the quality anyway, if I want hi-res clear versions I want PNG or BMP, not some JPEG with bleeding muddy red.


>person has 1K or more watchers

>gallery is 100% commission art they did not draw

>bonus points for morons telling the person they have good art when it's not even their art, because idiots can't read a description



>They max out at 1280px

Not every site is FA

>Complain to Dragoneer or Toumal, not us

You don't belong here


>so my browser window isn't stretched by a 4K pixel image

>He's not using downloaders



File: 6cbb02de7a6722a⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 340x421, 340:421, I don't want to see this.jpg)

>People start roleplaying in the comments



>I'm as asshole, yo de yo, yo de yo, yo de yo

>I'm as asshole(he's a huge fucking asshole)



>They aren't going to hold decade-old art against you

You'd have to be stupid to think that. It's actually very often on e621 that a random image will be uploaded, and when you check the source on FA or whatever it was "uploaded 7 years ago". That shit will come back to haunt you. It's also less about the quality of the art and more about the fact that, if you started drawing as a literal child a decade ago, then your gallery would be full of shit from your Sonic phase, Pokemon phase, Sparkledog phase, etc.. It's the same reason many people dump their first few fursonas.


File: e3e2c38a1c2543e⋯.jpg (486.29 KB, 1043x987, 149:141, DMC what the fuck am I rea….jpg)


Are you having a stroke?



Are you having a stroke? I'm >>28499 and I didn't say anything politically-related. Also I'm /leftypol/.

But >>28520 is still a retard.


File: 195663133469063⋯.png (2.59 KB, 324x451, 324:451, 6a92fee31891086666032038aa….png)




Chill before you two start a derail.




Please stay on topic.


File: c2a94998345854a⋯.png (293.89 KB, 250x300, 5:6, Serious cancer.png)

>Artist does YCHs


Mods please delete the political spam derail


As I was saying before /pol/ threw a bitch tantrum because a minor thing offended them, it doesn't matter if people like something- if the creator hates it, tough shit. Art does not belong to the world. Instead of acting like you deserve it because you breathe air

>hard to ask of furries, who Patreon paywall everything then go all GIBS ME DAT like they are entitled to money

Maybe you should respect the wishes of the IP owner.



>also I'm /leftypol/

Don't do that.



>Maybe you should respect the wishes of the IP owner.

Nah this is an anonymous board where you share your random thoughts about anything without giving shit about feelings, no one should respect shit here.


File: 70dd5d7c0e5d11f⋯.jpg (16.41 KB, 184x184, 1:1, stgggs.jpg)


>please delete




Passive aggressive jabs don't help either.

And the proposed issue is nothing about the artist not having a right to do it, but that it may be dumb to do based on the circumstance. Examples of IP owners disliking what other people do with their IP are far removed from what that anon is talking about.


File: 7d4325ff55867c5⋯.jpg (41.61 KB, 100x180, 5:9, WHY.jpg)

>user has a well-drawn furry avatar

>it was commissioned

>rest of the gallery is low effort MS Paint or pencil drawings



>I'm a fruit who does a lot of straight stuff, is it ideal if I keep straight and gay stuff separate?

Doesn't really matter tbh.



So what?

My early works are just bad. I keep them there. It shows improvement.



> -grabs him by the throat- back the fuck off!?!?




You have made so little sense I don't even know where to start


Typing like this, are you high off your rocker?


Explain it to me because I'm lost.



>You have made so little sense I don't even know where to start



>clear my own gallery out of shame

>non-popufur so no one even notices

Is anyone really deprived if the work is unpopular and no one cares about it?



I don't really care at all when bad to mediocre art is deleted.


They have no obligation to share their art with the world anyway, be glad with what you get.


File: 9fa271e3d344abd⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 352x395, 352:395, 5ac3eb471dc9fae9fc3abe9efb….jpg)


>Being leftypol.

You must go back.



>Is anyone really deprived if the work is unpopular and no one cares about it?

If you mean *literally* no-one, then maybe not.


>They have no obligation to share their art with the world anyway, be glad with what you get.

Sure, but that doesn't make it less annoying when someone releases something to the public and then removes it without reason or consideration. I'm under no obligation to be civil on an imageboard, but that doesn't make it ok for me to be a shit to everyone reading my posts.




I'm encouraging him to not get swamped up in faggot drama, like yours. Give in to the dumb majority, and you lose your soul.


File: b5dd0a0b361340a⋯.png (1.01 MB, 900x1153, 900:1153, ClipboardImage.png)


I saw a retweet of this. Checks his account. It is full of gay human bara shit.


Human dudes disgust me.


>furry sites are literally 10 years or more behind on basic features that nearly every other website has, because they are too lazy to implement them

Folders were on DA a long ass time ago, Dragoneer.



>being bitchy over human art

FA allows it, tough shit. Artists don't work for you, don't like it, go look elsewhere, don't demand they pander to your tastes.

Some people are banned from DA, others left DA because they got sick of the batshit crazy hypocrites that moderate it. They go where they can.

Maybe if you bitch to the site owners and play up your hurt feelings they will ban human art, otherwise live with it, asshole.

>have uploaded human art to my gallery for years

>people sometimes -watch me because I uploaded human art, even though they have watched me for years and know exactly what my gallery is like

I keep a text copy of my watcher list, it's easy to ID someone who -watches and block them. FA doesn't allow blocked users to watch you, I just make sure their asshurt departure is a permanent one. If they're suddenly offended by what my gallery has had for a long time, then they can fuck a sharp object.

Most watchers are ungrateful, entitled dipshits anyway and if FA instituted a kick follower feature like Twitter has, I'd use it.


File: 46f120795561fa2⋯.gif (127.83 KB, 728x426, 364:213, 1388533361193[1].gif)



We already did a cleanup on political shitpost derailment, dont bring it up again.

Post last edited at


File: fff87559af4350a⋯.png (161.59 KB, 543x342, 181:114, 1432993751583.png)



Why are you being so mad about people unwatching you? That feels needlessly vindictive. People unwatch for different reasons. I'd say the only time a block is warrented is if they harass you or message you with an autism rage post on top of unwatching.

Your asshurt rage is even more pathetic because at least they had the self control to contain their autism to themselves and merely unwatch.

I'd normally hope posts like this are bait but this is the furry community such autism flows unhindered here.


File: 4bf1d012a5b27c4⋯.jpg (9.68 KB, 241x206, 241:206, whybother.jpg)

If this is the kind of exposure your submission has after 3 years, you may as well delete it.



if all your doing is look to become a popufur then what do you expect? art is a form of self expression so do it for yourself.


File: 4a9c8013b8d1295⋯.png (171.03 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 4a9c8013b8d1295d952d1dcbf2….png)


If you block everyone, no one can watch you.


File: e72e06de8f0f7e2⋯.png (876.8 KB, 3333x3728, 3333:3728, d2749b92293a6027592acb9fa2….png)

>>28688 (heiled dubs confirm)

Anyone who's so petty over attention that they block someone because they clicked a little button, deserves a bottle, not more watchers.


File: 52f3645032a04b7⋯.png (388.15 KB, 420x892, 105:223, bemusedaraki.png)


>wanting to be rich and famous for drawings

>not seeking to simply please others with what pleases yourself


File: f38d65ff6cceb02⋯.jpg (81.37 KB, 708x720, 59:60, f38d65ff6cceb0230f02ab9611….jpg)


You're projecting a whole lot of something into situations where it is non-existent. I'll leave it at that.



>you're projecting a whole lot of something




>art is a form of self expression so do it for yourself

In which case you shouldn't even bother posting it at all. Just keep it on your own computer for yourself.



Make me, nigger.


butthurt FAglet detected



butthurt animal fucker detected. Good thing you will never fuck a human woman, at least you won't have an idiot kid.



>thinking what you want is what everyone else wants

You don't get famous selling things that appeal to you and no one else.

I just refuse to make the popular things. I fucking hate Undertale and FNAF, I don't' watch MLP, I don't care for Steven Universe(if I wanted to watch SJW propaganda I'd watch Jem, and I'd rather be dead than watch Jem), and honestly I'd rather play video games than make art anyway.




If you're willing to unwatch over petty shit, then why would you ever want to rewatch anyway? Blocking someone who has less than a 1% chance of returning really doesn't affect anything, it's unlikely they will ever even notice.

And it's not like Kayla-Na doesn't have over 1K users blocked, I guess it's okay when popufurs do it, well its always okay when a popufur does it.



>And it's not like Kayla-Na doesn't have over 1K users blocked, I guess it's okay when popufurs do it, well its always okay when a popufur does it.

Kayla-na is infamous popufur that is bashed in pretty much every site without hugbox moderation, she and her fans just got BTFO on youtube after she took down a video from a gamer because he did show one of her pics for a couple of seconds in a video of 10 minutes.



>butthurt animal fucker detected. Good thing you will never fuck a human woman, at least you won't have an idiot kid.

t. furry



Not quite the same. That's like saying to a lonely person that talking to a mirror is all they need to do to: you could, but it's not the best choice for almost anyone.

If you want to get better at your art, you should share it to get critique. If you want other people to be able to enjoy it like you did, you should share it.




>bitchy moron writes a 10-page article on why my art doesn't please them and they MUST unwatch me

Do yourself a favor- add the name "kagura_nitrogat" to your block list so he can never watch you. He's been massive trouble to nearly every artist he follows and has written entire novels in the comments section whenever someone uploads art he doesn't care for. Another one of those "I watched you, now pander to me" entitlement babies. He's a Sonic fan, naturally, which partly explains why he's an idiot.


File: 12250f20c0b3183⋯.png (63.96 KB, 268x200, 67:50, 122[1].png)


Saved any of those comments? From other artists galleries so he will not make shitty drama about you.



How the hell does having old art uploaded equate to everyone automatically thinking worse of you for some nearly decade old garbage drawing?

Especially when a lot of artists and even people that just doodled in their notebooks during school often drew the same things.


File: c51a9b51e19c633⋯.jpg (13.22 KB, 225x225, 1:1, smugmangaka.jpg)


>you don't get famous selling things that appeal to you

Don't get famous, then. Seeking fame and fortune will only lead you to disappointment at how little of it you have. If nobody likes what you like, either improve, until they do, or stop drawing, altogether. Taking commissions is one thing, but changing your regular works for the sake of fame and fortune is only lying to yourself, compromising your spirit.



>Especially when a lot of artists and even people that just doodled in their notebooks during school often drew the same things

That doesn't mean they'll admit it. How many times have you seen authors release books of all their shitty "stories" they wrote as a kid? How many times have you heard musicians put out albums of themselves playing drums as a toddler? How many politicians are okay with you digging up a speech they made twenty years ago and assuming that's still their platform? We know all about Picasso's Blue Period, but I've yet to find ANYTHING on his Teenage Scribbles period.



Plenty of Bandcamp artists start releasing when they're inexperienced and never take it down, even years later when they've improved so much. It's inspiring, seeing how much they've improved.



>Gallery includes 3D renders of their dog's penis with textures taken from their own photographs

gdanes a fucking freak



plenty of artists upload their old shit for everyone to see in massive sketch book zip files or do videos on it.

Heres the thing, good artists dont stop drawing shitty throw away content (in their eyes) its just you never see 90% of it from a skilled artist because they dont upload and show all of their failures like they used to.


>not having CigarSkunk on your ignore list



there was a thread on Lulz last year, people screencapped it, MASSIVE drama from this guy, kept writing these 2-3 paragraph replies in the comments section about WHY he had to unwatch an artist over one pic. He wrote what must have been enough to fill 5 pages.


The day Star Trek is reality, that might work. Until then, things like food, shelter, utilities and other things cost money. You either get a 9-5 job or sell stuff you make. That feel good "do art for you" crap doesn't put food in your mouth.



You aren't one of those guys that takes out loans, and gets into education beyond the bare minimum. Right? Something tells me your problem lies with your life, itself, rather than your passion for art.


>someone complaining about artists hosting the hi-res copy elsewhere

Trust me, 99% of you are content with the small copy anyway. It's not worth the hassle to upload the 5000 pixel res copy to FA with its broken image viewer.

My off-site hi-res gallery has full visitor stats. Less than 1% of FA visitors care enough to go get the big copy in PNG format. It's so few I could probably kill the off-site image gallery and no one would miss it.

Barely 10% of FA users even bother to read descriptions in the first place.



>making assumptions about a total stranger because they aren't pandering to you

Look, clueless prick, I don't feel like wasting time on shit that doesn't really get any attention, when I could be off doing shit I want to do or making money on a real job. You act deprived? Please, FA is full of piles of users, one person not playing the game isn't depriving your ass of content, there are piles of artists who will give you what you want. Artists only work for you if you pay them for commissions, otherwise, they don't really owe you.

As for my life, well that's none of your business. Stop being so damn selfish as to think everyone should draw art with a smile on their face. If my art is going to be ignored, well, I can play video games, watch TV, plenty of other enjoyable acts. Oh I'm not contributing to society or enriching the world? BIG DEAL. Plenty of others do. You're not hurting for fap material. If no one made any porn from now on, the internet is still so loaded with porn that if you beta off to a new pic each time, you'd still never see even 1% of it before you die.

And when men like Stephen Hawking are saying humanity probably has a century before our dumb asses wipe ourselves out through clueless politics, pollution and refusal to accept scientific advancement, well I'm not too concerned with enriching the world with entertainment. I doubt we'll last long enough for some insignificant under 500 watcher individual to ever make even a slight dent on the art world. Yes, less than 500 and I joined FA 10 years ago. I also annoyed a popufur about 7 years ago and my name has been pretty shit since, as watch count = credibility when someone leis and says you were harassing them.

Fuck off if you think I should do something I don't care for, that catches me mostly shit, because you think 1 person matters. 1 person only matters if they are famous. The rest of us, we could die tomorrow and you'd never feel it or notice. The rest of us are replaceable. One of us isn't doing art? 5 others will.



Goddamit bro, date a popufur you will get your views.



>humanity probably has a century before our dumb asses wipe ourselves out through clueless politics, pollution and refusal to accept scientific advancement

I hope it's in less than 40 years. I want to be alive and still able to take full care of myself when the nukes start flying.



How can one even know the reason for umwatching though?



Gotta agree with you anon, artists of all kinds make pictures 2x larger than they actually upload but there's no actual loss in quality that anyone would really care about unless you're uploading pictures for ants.



It's nice to have desktop-resolution art though if you don't hide your power level



>Unwatch over petty shit

Like what? it goes both ways if someone is being obnoxiously petty like you then I have no interest in watching you and would unwatch. I dont even really like to use watchlists because the upload feed gets so clogged up with new posts its just an endless stream of shit.

Speaking of streams, if someone keeps posting a new art post/journal for STREAMING NOW then Im gunna unwatch them because its just advertising spam. I dont think that's petty, there are better places for those sorts of things like Twitter not watch lists.



I love me some HD art. It's underrated.


>if you don't hide your power level

The kid next to me in maths tutes has an anime lockscreen and a desktop wallpaper that looks like a naked demonish loli. I mean, seriously mate? I couldn't bare anyone with a furry lockscreen/laptop-screen though. You've got to be extremely secure or autistic to do that.

That said, I do have a little girl on my lockscreen, but she isn't fucking naked; she's telling people to fuck off.


File: f3d3b5e7c79613e⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1920x2998, 960:1499, Lt. Vixen.png)


>tfw don't live in a nuclear target

feels good



>animal fucker

Where the fuck do you think you are? You must've gotten lost on your way to



File: 25b6a215ce6523c⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 479x282, 479:282, ShinjiBSOD.jpg)


>TFW I live halfway between a major West Coast naval base and marine base

Naaaah, I'll be fine. Just gotta head straight east before enough fallout comes to turn me into a ghoul. It's not like there's 1000 miles of nothing but desert in that direction. R-right...?


>cub fans harassing anyone who doesn't like cub porn

Sensitive, much? Feeling threatened because others simply don't indulge in your fetish? "Stop not liking what I like!" Being unable to understand that others have differing tastes to yours is one sign of autism.


>thinking you deserve free art or preferential commission slots because you clicked +watch

well you can click -watch cuz you're not owed it.



There is little that sucks more than skimming through a tasty art gallery maybe or maybe not one handed and then BAM it's the pimply-transitioning RL face of the artist.



>It's not like there's 1000 miles of nothing but desert in that direction. R-right...?

Worse: that's where all the important secret bases are.



Yeah. Seems I've made a mark, in my guessing. Really, it seems you've got a problem. Not the world.



Yeah, Big MT is vaguely in that direction. Maybe I can get my brain removed.


>not having the good sense to block everyone who watches supersonic250


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