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File: d2abd45426d6df0⋯.jpg (853.95 KB, 1260x983, 1260:983, futrzaste boje się kochają.jpg)


Are some of you virgins?

Tfw when I've reached the wizard status few days ago.

In my cause, there was the combination

>being straight and male

>being quite shy and socially awkward as a result of bullying in past

>I had no money for cons and socializing in past, now I have but I have no one to go with and honestly, I don't want to buy physical artworks, I dislike fursuits, I'm too inexperienced to engage into casual sex

>where are the females in the fandom?

>I work mostly online, I'm extreme homebody because of my poor health - I'm partially disabled

I wish I could turn gay.


Virginity is the standard for anonymous imageboards. Sex is for normalfags, anyway.



but the furries are literally fucking like animals during the cons



What percentage of all furries do you think have ever gone to a con?


Just pay a whore, you dumb faggot.



Yeah dude, I'm going for wizardhood, currently 27. I'm this way because around six years ago I got an erection while watching some kids rough-housing on a beach, the little girl was in a child bikini and the boy had on those tight swim trunks that school swim teams wear. so in discovering that I'm a pedophile, I've decided to cut myself off from 3dpd love, and focus my lust on 2d boys, girls, and what ever other/d/-tier fetish i've developed.



But most of them don't go to anonymous imageboards, do they?


You don't sound that bad in all honesty, you just need to get out more. Both in real life and online. Meet new folks, chill and hang, sex isn't everything and there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. Just get some hobbies


>straight and male

you stupid fuck, no wonder you're incel

>where are the females in the fandom?

they don't exist and even if they did they wouldn't fuck you, even if you go outside the fandom you won't get any pussy because you don't have any sexual marketplace value

>I wish I could turn gay

you can pavlovian condition yourself into becoming a fag and having any fetish you want, it's easier to do that now than ever with all the niche fetish porn on the internet, start today and you'll be a fully functioning shitpacker within a year, my brother



You say you're straight but you're posting gay porn



>tfw too emotionally retarded to connect with people irl

>tfw too weird for normie dating apps

>tfw not confident enough for hookups

I'm not as wizard as most of y'all but I'm thinking of resorting to hitting up zeemaps on some halfchan trash generals to go on dates with if they're equally as desperate



I got pity fucked only once and my only reason to live on is one day getting another BJ.

Technically I could turn gay for that buuut... I'm kind of like the role of being a cocktease to gays while not switching sides.

Does that make me an asshole? I just want to be appreciated somehow...



I'd worry more about having fulfilling relationships in your life than a few minutes of fuck. Sex isn't much different than just jerking off.

But being lonely is a lot worse.


File: 5ea71547d52d15d⋯.jpg (434.7 KB, 1920x1242, 320:207, carlo-arellano-fragilis.jpg)

Chicxulub killed all my sweethearths ;_;



why not just have sex with legally aged twinks? I don't think getting an erection literally a singular time at the beach makes you a pedophile.

Have you ever tried actually engaging sexually with another adult?



>I'm too normie for dating apps

>I'll just use what is essentially a dating app but for furry autists

go make an account on furries extreme or something lmao or join a telegram group



Dogs eating chocolate? Is this suicide sex?



Well kind of wish that I am still a virgin. Losing it at 8 y/o is kind of... meh?



what kind of hyperchad are you to love your virginity that early?




fbi please go away, only gay foxes here



>Furry Bureau of Investigation



Not him, but I was molested at six. Now I'm gay and a Pokefur.

So it could be similar to that.


File: 5b421591d1bd9b4⋯.gif (144.27 KB, 126x126, 1:1, 30thBirthday.gif)

Yes. And I can say I'm proud to still be a virgin. Seems a lot of people nowadays are generally promiscuous and that bothers me. I wouldn't want to be with someone else who has already given themselves away, but at the same time I've rationalized I'll never be with anyone anyway. It goes like this.

>hate kids

>don't want to have kids

>only reason to be with someone is to have kids

>otherwise it's a waste

>don't need to be with anyone otherwise I'm wasting them

That and I have shit genes. I'm already a furry.



And totally straight foxes you guys.


File: baa0787796db4ae⋯.png (495.46 KB, 953x1282, 953:1282, 458baae662d88214253cb9409f….png)



Define virgin. If it's another man shoving his unprotected pecker on your dirty asshole. That's not losing your virginity z that's just gaining the risk of aids... Another Infected Dick Sucker.


Yes. Not out of lack of ability, mind you, but because I was raised to think that saving yourself for marriage is a good thing.



I had a bf once owo

maybe some day I'll have a bf again uwu


I'm too paranoid to have sex. Too many crazy people in the world, I feel like I can't trust anyone enough for physical intimacy.


Taking my bf on a spa vacation in 6 days. Gonna fuck his brains out.



I've had a bf for over a year but we've fucked like a grand total of 3 times, does that count as virginity

I wish that my libido wasn't a pile of garbage and that buttsex didn't hurt


File: a6c9b5adf9cd26f⋯.jpg (656.31 KB, 960x1260, 16:21, 9d1b53e24233100fc18c8d6de2….jpg)

>add artist on skype

>ask permission to use art as world-building material for roleplay group

>become friends


>road trip to their place, lose virginity, they say it's their first time too

>they have such bad social anxiety i'm inclined to believe it

>invite them to live w me

>still together

it's been a decade since the skype add

normally wouldn't have replied, but tacklebox is top-tier


File: e177e4bc1a4b602⋯.jpg (233.33 KB, 1464x2048, 183:256, 6593fa32112d9627bf99a7cf17….jpg)




where did you meet your bfs?

>tfw no qt furry bf to bathe in their musk



He was a close online friend I'd had for several years before eventually we realised that we lived about half an hour away from each other.



I met mine on the /furry/ zeemap



Didn't really have a fighting chance against an adult back then.



669 here. Met mine on IRC years and years ago, both of us hating on a few furries. Love at first spite. 12th anniversary vacation in 5 days!

And it's a kinda-open relationship. Other couples are invited to apply. :D



>Open relationship

So not an actual one, then?


Personally, I think OP is limiting himself too much by keeping it furry-only. I know it's all personal preference but I think anyone who looks for people who are specifically furries quite saddening, besides, there's always the chance of making a non-fur interested in fur stuff afterwards.

I've been a furry for almost 10 years now, been with my weeby ass partner for 5. They're super chill with the whole thing and don't see a problem with it. Even joins in with furry jokes since they're around me enough to understand the odd reference



>open relationship

Man I hate that crap, that's why I don't start once. Basically, you're just one of many fuckbois.


I'm a week away from wizard status and..I don't care? It's not a "I've come to accept I'll never get laid" thing, I mean I was asked out less than a year ago by a co-worker and have been told I clean up nicely. I could probably get laid but I'm just really apathetic about it. I'm probably retarded or something but I don't have an overwhelming desire to go out and get fucked. I'm actually more worried that I'm not worried about it. Isn't being a 30-year-old virgin a bad thing?



In that age your sex drive withers anyway and you think of it to be just an option, not a must.

I always thought people thinking with their dicks in their teen years were embarrassing and retarded. Yet they got just as far as me by cheating themselves through life. Society is shit.



But I've been like that since forever. I actually masturbate more now than before



You tried dating sites?

My wife is a furry believe it or not (Im not a catholic preist I dont get money from faith). Just dont look for 10/10 looks you wont find that my wife is chubby and 99% of population would find her uggly Im happy with her character.



I never knew why people cared so much about being or not being virgin. If someone reads this and concers himself this much just hire a hooker. If you cant afford one I would be more concered about your financial status than your sexual one...



We're married. We've just opened up to inviting other couples in for play. We don't go roaming individually.


Sometimes the other couples do just want to be the subservient fuckbois. What's wrong with that?



Nothing if you don't ever fucking talk to me, because I don't want anything to do with couples like you.




Besides fucking her and then laughing at you, of course.


File: d8f950586b581ad⋯.jpg (146.65 KB, 900x603, 100:67, 4eGLv1Q7b3bchJsqt9Ufk7iXo7….jpg)


"Sometimes the other couples do just want to be the subservient fuckbois. What's wrong with that?"

Youre a cuck. Everything is wrong with that from the evolutionary look. But again some men are just made to raise the offspring of their alphas.

But if that makes you happy. Let it be.



I just don't understand why someone wouldn't be pissed or worried about it. I just don't understand.

Is it me? Am I the stupid one here? Could you live with the thought you get denied while your GF fucks someone else, because you just friggin suck at sex and are just good enough for moral support? And if you would do the same, she'd be friggin pissed at you?

That's simply idiotic and defeatist behaviour, out of desperation, clinging on to the illusion of a relationship not to be alone. But you're already done in that relationship. You're basically just there now. Good enough to talk with, but not good enough to fuck with. Ugh. I'm clenching my fist just talking about it. Fucking women man.



>Youre a cuck.

You appear to not have the mental faculties to process the world around you. Nice assumption when you don't even know me.

You sound like a lonely sad person that couldn't even maintain a relationship for 12 years, let alone 12 months.



Ditto you. You sound very sad, sheltered, and very insecure.



The whole "muh cuck" thing is just the latest hate fad, it'll pass and the all the edgelords who honestly think it's cool to say it and that they're so superior for doing so will move onto something else. Just like it did when words like "fag" and "noob" were a thing, they'll eventually dilute their meaning and impact and no one will even care. Saying it doesn't make you special.

>But again some men are just made to raise the offspring of their alphas

Yeah I mean fuck adoption right? Caring for other peoples' kids is for cux. Burn down the orphanages and let the little bastards freeze to death, amirite?



No, it's just a word describing something well. I feel sorry for everyone who think a relationship isn't worth shit. You don't even deserve one. Give me one if you don't fucking want it.



Joke's on you, fagboy; I'm uninterested in relationships. Enjoy fawning over a 3DPD slutfu IRL.



It's kinda funny how, once in my life, I have zero doubt that I'm not the retard in this discussion.



If you adopt kids you're wasting your resources on spreading another man's genes instead of your own genes

>saying cuck is mean and hateful

you're a cuck.



Wait, you seduced an 18+ thot at 8? Please chad, leave some testosterone for the rest of us!



Please reconsider: you are retarded.


>If you adopt kids you're wasting your resources on spreading another man's genes instead of your own genes

You're an idiot. Kids deserve a home and a loving family regardless of who they are. I bet you're the kind of cuck who would tell a beaten kid who ran away to go back to his abusive3 family. What a faggot you are. Cuck.



>You sound like a lonely sad person that couldn't even maintain a relationship for 12 years, let alone 12 months.

What did he mean by this?



The term works in a figurative sense because it means that you enjoy being fucked over.



Than be an example and adopt one instead of having yours.


So now you will try to bellitle me with "12 years old" arguments instead of saying what is not bad in being a cuck and what makes you hapy in not spreading your genes further? OK If being one makes you this insecure...


A fad or not a fad it describes his fetish perfectly cause instead of maintaining a healthy relationship with a woman and having kids like a normal human being no matter the race or culture he enjoys watching someone fuck over his female. But again if that makes him happy who am I to judge dem cucks.


Cause you are normal from evolutionary point of view. Probably raised in a normal relationship with both parents being loyal and faithfull and not alcoholic etc. Am I right?



You're right. Not really loyal but always crawling back home.


i sure do love discussing politics and philosophies next to my furry porn





>Than be an example and adopt one instead of having yours

>wanting furfags to have kids

>wanting to have kids at all

Not just for the child's sake, but because of people like you, this is why I remain an anti-natalist. And in case you haven't noticed practically no one here on a fucking anonymous imageboard is in any position to be having kids. Not just because most of us are fucked up, but also because most of us are NEETs, live with parents, and can't find a job. Even so, don't chase after normalfag fantasies of thinking dumping as many kids into the world as possible is somehow the best thing to do. Best to just live oneself out without regard to these ridiculous external standards.

>A fad or not a fad it describes his fetish perfectly

No actually in absolute definition a cuck is just someone who's wife cheats on him, it doesn't automatically entail the husband wanting to sit in the same room and watch his wife fuck other men.


File: bc7df4ca6233b78⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 606x630, 101:105, bc7df4ca6233b785be6c51e355….jpg)


A cuck by the absolute definition is a bird that gets tricked into raising another bird's offspring. If you're not being manipulated, and you're not raising children that aren't yours, it's not cuckoldry. It's an open relationship.

Maybe I'm just broken as hell but I knew from the start that a monogamous, romantic commitment was not for me. "Love" just isn't something I feel. I feel lust, and the more bodies I have with which to satisfy that lust, the happier I am. Affection is worth nothing to me, so no amount of it is worth giving up the freedom to do a hot guy when I see one. So I told my bf going in that it was going to be an open relationship, never lied about it once. And here we are. Things are working out perfectly.



>this is why I remain an anti-natalist

This makes you sound like you were raised in a pathological family. And I dont meant ot offend you or bellitle you. Having kids is one of the best things that happened to me in my life and I can reccomend this to anyone. There is nothing better than getting hugged by your own daughter and hearing "I love you dad".

What you people fail to see is that no one was born a parent they become one and either love you or raise you in sucha a way you see the world is cruel and dont want to have kids of your own.

>most of us are NEETs, live with parents, and can't find a job

Than do something to change yourself instead of blaming anyone else.



>Yeah I mean fuck adoption right? Caring for other peoples' kids is for cux. Burn down the orphanages and let the little bastards freeze to death, amirite?

Thats what you said. I wouldnt call a person who cant have their own kids a cuck. So dont put words in my mouth.



It depends how you see manipulated if you were for example raised in a different family with different values and that would make you behave more monogamous would that mean you were tricked by the previous environment in wich you were raised?

And I understand you. Im not homophobic or anything or anti cuck what I dont understand is why people get so angry if you call them a cuck. Look at the ammount of shit 1 words started. I know gay people whom you might call gay or even faggot and they would laugh this off I respect them. They accept who they are. But call a man a cuck and they go ape shit.



I agree, words weigh less than air and should be treated accordingly. People who get offended by words should not be treated as responsible adults.



"12 years old"

You've proven you can't fucking read. Good job, retard.

And since none of you seem to have a clue, time for someone THAT ACTUALLY WORKED IN PORN to tell you what cuckoldry is in these modern times - a woman cheating on his man and the man is so whipped that he just accepts it because he can't do shit about the other man/men.



Still no arguments just slurs.



Still no reading, just replying, I see. Too stupid to understand that a 12-year relationship is not talking about a 12 year old person? Wanna keep doubling down on your stupidity?

Thought so.

And again, I worked in porn, so I know what a cuck is in far more detail and depth than you likely ever will.



>Still no reading, just replying

Still no argument just replying and attacking a typo.

>And again, I worked in porn

You know how believable this sounds on a virgin furry thread?


File: 162a4f7b9abb15c⋯.jpg (7.88 KB, 199x254, 199:254, images.jpg)


>I know what a cuck is in far more detail and depth than you likely ever will.

I dont even have the strength to be here anymore after reading this. This wasnt even cancirogenic this was poison.



>There is nothing better than getting hugged by your own daughter and hearing "I love you dad".

If you like kids, maybe. I certainly don't.



What the fuck are you even doing here?

With that history, being here is kinda pathetic, right?!



Something tells me it's Khyber



You're saying you got pity fucked in one sentence and then talk about how not being gay makes you a cocktease. Are you sexy or not?



I've always heard you shouldn't give animals chocolate but how much does it hurt them? Any vet-fag around to elaborate on the subject? Or is it just as bad as drinking Pepsi for humans?


> Played "let's hide it in your mouth" with a "friend" at 7-8 (can't remember exactly)

> The turns to use my mouth always seemed to be longer but whatever.

> Taste wasn't awful but it wasn't exactly exciting in a sexual way. It was more the thrill to do something naughty

> He tried to shove it in just once. Hurt like shit. Nearly woke his parents with a scream. Never tried again.

> Felt inclination towards the gay side in my teens, but wasn't really open about it besides jerking off and roleplaying.

> Got fondled by a 18 years old when I was 14. Nothing ever happened with him after that.

> Had proper sex for the first time when I was..21 or 23 with a complete stranger I met through a chat. (can't recall exactly, but I think 23).

> Nervous as fuck, quick, emotionless and never saw the guy again.

> Have sex with people in a sauna once in awhile

> The experience is enough to put me off for months at a time.

> 26 now

> Prefer jerking off to actual sex

> Too much of a sperg to try it with the only two guys I could maybe form a connection with.

> One's too much into dude weed lmao and crossdressing and the other's a wizard now.

> Not really attracted to them physically.

Eh.. That is the story of my life.


File: b51f7f21b051c04⋯.jpg (6.78 KB, 256x200, 32:25, prospector.jpg)


>> Played "let's hide it in your mouth"




It's a poison for them. Darker is worse.



How so? They can't digest it?



I was just trying to find a clever way to say we sucked each other's dicks.


I'm a virgin, would like to get my proverbial cherry popped but I've got no confidence and seem to be composed of 90% spaghetti.


File: 49017a4e3f0f108⋯.jpg (49.86 KB, 252x234, 14:13, 1451884775060-0.jpg)


I understand what happened, but just what the fuck to your entire post.


File: e3bb976d79b6482⋯.png (193.5 KB, 500x492, 125:123, iscream.png)


There was no good reason. Just wanted to share my story



Let me put on my fursuit and suck your dick a couple times.

You'll be as gay as the night is long when I'm done.

My fursuit has boobs so it won't be strange.


>straight furfag

What a joke, right?


what even is this thread?



Yeah, that’s pretty gay, anon.



I got pity fucked by an older woman but for some reason keep attracting guys even though I do my best not to.

Not playing into male stereotypes and being kinda interested in cute and girly shit in a sexual way is doing the best to be straight right? RIGHT?

Or that urge to listen to electronic music or the fact I can't have my coffee without cake or wearing a scarf most of the year because I catch a cold easily. That's manly, right? I'm manly. Arrr.



You would bet correctly.

Meanwhile, morons like >>65882 and >>65881 have obviously never left their house excepting to go to school, and wouldn't know much about the real world, hence the continual meme and redirection replies to their getting owned.


Reading and mocking the words of the terminally stupid, what I do best. Ain't you ever heard of LOLFurries or the Furluminati? It's what we do.



Well... I've heard about fursecution quite often.



>have obviously never left their house excepting to go to school

Dude Im black not white.




You played the husband that leaves to work before the black neighbour comes in to visit your wife?



>I know what a cuck is in far more detail and depth than you likely ever will.

You can't make this up



>LOLFurries or the Furluminati

OOOOOH had to google this nerd shit up so you are just autistic that explains a lot.

"The site was founded by furries who wanted to have a place to make fun of other furries and not have to answer to anyone for being remotely anti-fur. The site is comprised of trolls within the fandom, dogfuckers, babyfurs, and other low-lifes from the furry fandom"

Thank God for encyclopedia dramatica.


File: a9d44af952db83f⋯.pdf (1.04 MB, Better Never to Have Been.pdf)


No actually I came to that conclusion by reading Schopenhauer & David Benatar.

>There is nothing better than getting hugged by your own daughter and hearing "I love you dad".

Of course you're describing how good it makes you feel personally without taking into account the welfare of the actual child. I love my kids enough not to have them.

>Than do something to change yourself instead of blaming anyone else

>muh bootstraps

Can you hear me alright all the way back there in the 50s?


>I wouldnt call a person who cant have their own kids a cuck

So in your world the only reason for not having kids is if you can't have kids and and not because there are no runaways from broken homes? C'mon now.



>you are just autistic

Autism is a social problem. If they were part of such a large group, that by definition can't be autism.

Did you fail basic DSM or what?


TFW no furry gf



Furry as in an anthropomorphic animal or someone who is a furry?



Either or :(


File: d581210ffcdd7ac⋯.jpg (24.11 KB, 434x219, 434:219, 1439925186894-2.jpg)


I've accepted the fact that I'll be single forever, I can't find humans attractive anymore, my heart yearns for anthros.



>criticizes someone for not reading something he doesn't bring up any aspect of the diagnosis for ASD from and in fact commits a critical error when he assumes ASDs *can't* form a social life

Oh, sweet ironing. Why are autistics so bad at reading? I know dyslexia runs high in your subset but c'mon. Apply yourself. And stop ripping off tags off the back of your shirt: you're not 12 anymore.



>A cuck by the absolute definition is a bird that gets tricked into raising another bird's offspring. If you're not being manipulated, and you're not raising children that aren't yours, it's not cuckoldry. It's an open relationship.


A cuckold is the husband to an adulteress.

Adultery is extramarital sex

Therefore it doesn't matter if you are aware or not, if you get off to it or not, or if you aren't raising a kid or not. If your wife is fucking someone other than you ("you" being her husband) then you are a cuckold, which is usually shortened to "cuck".



Dont explain it to them anymore Its not worth the fuss. Let them live in their cuck view and definition.

They will deny scientific definitions just to excuse their pathetic genes.

"A cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife. In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own. [...] Unlike the traditional definition of the term, in fetish usage a cuckold is complicit in his (or her) partner's sexual "infidelity"; the wife who enjoys cuckolding her husband is called a cuckoldress if the man is more submissive."

So you fucking cunts are cuckolds. End of story.


Than aim for people who are on your level of atractiveness unless you are on the sheer bottom wich would be a pissed homeless alcoholic living in the sewers.

Either accept this or do something to change yourself. Shave your head bald if you dont have too much hair. Tan that pale fucking face. Hit the gym or loose weight. Find a hobby that isnt consiting of masturbation untill your balls fall off.

Either do this or live with what you have. Your choice.


Nigga did you even read about autism before you posted this?


File: 8677b973d135f59⋯.jpg (196.23 KB, 600x852, 50:71, delirious_by_abz_j_harding….jpg)

I lost my virginity at age 19 to a beautiful teen girl and have been punching myself in the gut ever since for not marrying her. Every other fuck I had was an attempt to find someone else who could fill that gap only to be disappointed with the results every time.

Nowadays I am just unsure where even to look anymore. I don't want flings, I want something solid, something that actually matters or means something. I don't like the principle of having someone only attracted to me in a sexual manner as I find it fleeting and therefore a waste of energy and time.

It could just be my upbringing, I was raised by parents who stuck through it thick and thin no matter what came up. I want what my father had too. Now I just waste time working on random self improvement measures and securing myself financially because those more easily occupy my centers of stress whilst taking care of any intimate lonesomeness via elaborate roleplay in a simulated environment.

The cynical philosopher inside myself knew this would eventually be the outcome and I've yet to truly be thankful for such an existence. Until then, I will simply try to find someone with a "less is more" mindset that I might click and share with.

Sorry for blogposting



The uglier girls tend to cling to a man like a dog cause they know whey wont get anny attention from someone else.

Dont pay attention to looks at all stick to the characters first than to them just being clean (hygiene I mean).

Dunno maybe this will help you as you sound like a good person. But dont be sorry it makes you look like a weak faggot and no woman wants that. Wish you best of luck.



>I wish I could turn gay.

Aww. Don't feel that way, anon! You're perfect the way you are! You sound like a sweet person. I wish I knew you in real life so I could be your friend.

I'm a gay male though, I'm sorry I'm not who you need. Sometimes I fantasize about living together with a straight guy, just like really close friends, nothing sexual. Sex isn't everything, right?

(I can't help but imagining your fursona as either of the two in the pic you posted. So cute.)



It's not about anon, it's about correctly informing the lurkers, newfags, and scrapers



Wouldn't living with a straight guy friggin annoy you? But hey, sometimes I think about living with a gay guy because those male tropes of... let's say... simpler people get on my nerves.

No, mowing the lawn isn't manly, it's friggin boring. And most beers are disgusting and holy crap, sports are stupid. And I feel dumb talking about women all the time.



What you described is called a plebeian.

Dunno what sexuality has to do with this.

Gay or straight a person can still be a fucking pleb.



>Either accept this or do something to change yourself.

I've already accepted it and I'm fine with it. I don't need to be with anyone to be happy.






File: c57a77411b2e9d4⋯.png (395.71 KB, 2480x2320, 31:29, d52076909216b7fc2ac71058ac….png)


I lost my virginity about a year ago. So I'm saved from Wizardhood.

Now I have a regular sexual relationship with a woman. Outside of the fandom naturally since there's no girls that don't have severe mental problems.

I would say after having done it I mostly realized how mundane the act was. Like it really wasn't anything special and I had orgasms while masturbating that were better. It mostly just felt good to get it over with and not have it held over me. After I did it I was able to better focus on more important things in my life.



Yeah this. You do it because everyone else wants you to. I only miss parts of it, but I'm keeping myself too busy to think about it, just like before.

There's no end goal to screwing, that makes it pointless.


I'm straight, but I met a guy on f-list who I was starting to fall for, and he was falling for me, then he disappeared one day, and I never saw him again. 6 months until becoming a wizard


Not a virgin, and currently have a boyfriend. But I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm pretty much not sexually attracted to people at all



Straight people thinking that they're falling for people of the same sex is how you get sadness anyway, anon.


>all the straights on here who can't get laid

Sounds about right. Why haven't y'all hit up the massive tranny population a-brewin' 'n' this fandom yet?



If they won't go for men what makes you think they'll go for mutilated ones on crazy pills?


File: 0b0ad3c02f6e15e⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 105x204, 35:68, 1404470816562.jpg)


>I would say after having done it I mostly realized how mundane the act was. Like it really wasn't anything special and I had orgasms while masturbating that were better. It mostly just felt good to get it over with and not have it held over me. After I did it I was able to better focus on more important things in my life.

>tfw already realized all of this and still know I'd be better off just getting it done

Goddamn aggravating.



I can fap to cheating stuff but only when I can supplant myself in as the alpha. I don't understand wanting to be the cuck, I get that it's some kind of humiliation thing but to actually want your lover to be fucked by another man and acting on it no less is beyond pathetic, it's like natural selection has supplanted this fetish into the minds of the weaklings of our species to keep them from breeding.

On topic, I've sucked a couple dicks before and played around with a couple chicks but haven't really met up with someone who really jives with me enough for me to want to actually put the effort in to fuck them. I've got no furries out where I live fucking Nebraska and that's the kind of person I'd love to actually have a relationship with, male or female, I'd even invest in a suit for fuck's sake I just want a cute furry bf/gf.




You don't have sex for your own enjoyment. That's idiotic and childish.






there's two people having sex, anon. They have to enjoy it too


File: a74cc6b802bd6df⋯.png (399.54 KB, 500x562, 250:281, 6e2ed659f168611c6fc6a5848a….png)

I lost my virginity roughly around 2 years ago. I honestly didn't like my first go around and I still to this day find sex pretty overrated even with regular run ins with a fwb.

I'm gonna share an unpopular opinion here, but furries are really sex prioritized almost to a frustrating extent. If it wasn't for sex being so stigmatized in the fandom; open relationships which is just an 'upgraded' fwb scenario in my eyes wouldn't be so popular within the furry fandom.

I'm honestly happier dating outside the fandom since I have more of a chance wanting to stick to a mono/closed relationship. It really hurts when you see someone you really like in the fandom but they're too stubborn and just want to sleep around with others when a con eventually rolls around. I see plenty of people in the fandom that are willing but unable to commit, honestly.

I've had open/poly relationships before and I don't see how it would work for other people, maybe it's because i'm not the type to dive into peoples pants but it's madness. I guess I get to anxious but I want to take things seriously. I guess I shouldn't be worrying about committing and getting serious being 18, but I just don't see the point.



The anons you were responding to (at least one of them I don't know what the fuck that first one is even about) never said otherwise though.


I'm hoping to get back into the dating game now that I won't be working literally every day from now on. Months and months of 8-10 hour days kills any chance of going out and meeting someone.

That and I'm way to damn picky some times. I'm not really interested in hooking up with randos or dipshits any more. Done enough of that to never want to do that shit again.


File: f09873a748c1d32⋯.gif (595.87 KB, 313x255, 313:255, 1455091797858.gif)


they cant tell anyone if they cant leave


>lose virginity to my first girlfriend

>regret the relationship and just wish I could be a virgin again



if I give my virginity to you, would that make you a virgin again?



>regret the relationship

My god, anon! You should report her for rape as soon as possible!



it would be EXTREMELY painful.....................


File: 651bfb6c162811e⋯.jpg (49.97 KB, 450x335, 90:67, what.jpg)


(Pic Unrelated)

>be me

>live in Leafland Rustbelt

>grew up with two older sisters

>both of them are very feminist

>oldest one is a lesbian and tumblrite who thinks men are evil

>she has some problem where she wants to be Dad's favorite and so treats me like shit since I'm the only boy

>sisters teach me while growing up that Dad's "be a man" is evil misogyny and I have to grow up like a Numale

>the only way to get love from women is to be a massive pussy always willing to serve.

>actually buy it because what the fuck does 12 year old me know.

>fast forward to grade 9

>awkward as fuck manlet having not hit puberty

>think that numale is the only "true man" because how else would life work for me?

>can't ask girls out because I'm always too awkward and when I do I get turned down

>start having depression problems

>finally hit puberty, and that only makes things worse because I get the hots for girls far out of my league who aren't interested in me

>couple years pass

>I became a hat tipping athiest

>find out I am of the furry persuasion and my sisters detest furries, so I hide my power level

>shit starts hitting the fan in my school and work life

>get diagnosed with depression and need to take an extra year for grades for University


>no longer a manlet, but still have never been on a date because I'm an awkward DnD nerd and have acne like 12' birdshot to the face.

>in grade 13

>SOCJUS growing fast

>start to realise what I always knew, that feminism doesn't really care about hwite men like me

>grow up a lot, stop believing that Soycialism is the perfect world and start secretly ditching feminist beliefs

>get a lot more chill with redpilled Dad

>finally go to university hoping I might finally get a girlfriend

>Nope.jpg the school is one of the most left wing recesses in Leafdom

>surrounded by Torontards who don't understand the rest of the country

>"Only cucks wanted here"

>now I have to hide two power levels

>still single virgin and alone at a tiny university with more open Communists than Conservatives

>highschool friends are still cool though so I suppose that's ok

I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't hate kids and actually wants a family, and now that I might finally have the confedance to actually try to start a relationship, I can't find anyone sane (and I don't want to hookup or go to clubs because I can't stand the noise).



lost virginity at 18

had sex multiple times

but being a furry condemned me to being a fetishist, vanilla sex is boring as fuck.

facesitting for life. i have had a few hookups only for facesit and it has been fun. but you know what

it aint more fun that surfing online for porn


I'm 20, and almost 21. I'm a virgin, and I don't really care right now.

I'm more interested in a long term relationship rather than sex. I've seen someone go through a divorce and lose a bunch of shit due to a dumb bitch.

I'm probably more introverted than a bunch of people. I'm not bad at socializing with people, I just tend not to go out of my way to do so. The only thing that really gets me social is phenibut, (please research and proceed with caution if you're considering taking phenibut - I only take it occasionally on weekends)

Also, I'd probably consider myself bi - but I have a bit of a bias against men, unless he's Asian. Asians are really cute.


File: fa93d2892637d08⋯.jpeg (30.73 KB, 400x400, 1:1, d098b5d3a43f95466c5c08d1f….jpeg)

Had sex at 16 then at 19 ...6 years later and I never had another relationship again and have no idea anymore how to get one,

I was a nice looking teenager but aged awfully, also I'm simply not social, teenager years dating was so fucking simple when compared to adult life, all you had to do is ask, there was no standards, no "reading signs",you could sound akward because everyone was inexperienced as well, fuck I miss my teenager years


File: 1bfe5f618e8369d⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 716x716, 1:1, 286cOitm[1].jpeg)


>EXTREMELY painful

You're a BIG guy?


File: 1ea49e33878255c⋯.jpg (31.26 KB, 1000x631, 1000:631, big_1473769801_image.jpg)





your kids wouldn't even belong to you anyway, kids belong to the government.


File: 4002b610a481814⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 768x766, 384:383, big mouth.jpg)


> Played "let's hide it in your mouth" with a "friend" at 7-8 (can't remember exactly)

best game ever



I hate your guts for reminding me that this vomitous show exists.



This show already existed as a way better character: Tina Belcher.



Please do not compare that disgusting show to Bob's Burgers.

That was a great show.

Tina was probably the worst character to be fair, anyway.



I think the show lives with the interactions, I think the worst character is the brother (I can't even remember his name that's how much he annoys me). Tina has the most positive look on sexuality I've ever seen in any shit that gets here from Murrica. I guess all the prudency gave you a shitty, Two and a Half Men view on fucking.



Jean? He was okay. He was stupid as fuck, but he had a lot of amazing oneliners. Sometimes lead to interesting items. Certain areas he was really annoying, though.

Maybe it's just my prudish outlook, but Tina's stuff always seemed forced, out of place, and rather uncomfortably drawn out.



That was the joke, I guess. And yeah, Jean had some funny oneliners. Hey, at least Tina isn't Lisa Simpson.



The joke probably didn't roll well on me for the same reason a lot of foreign comedy doesn't, then.

Low attention span.

You draw a joke out for more than a few seconds, and I think it's lost its value.

Must be a regional thing.


File: 85d33a221371061⋯.jpg (61.57 KB, 504x470, 252:235, Cyanide.jpg)

>tfw you'd literally get fucked or fuck anything interested and you're still a virgin

I haven't even been touched and the only kiss I ever got was because someone got dared to in High School cause I was 'the ugly retarded kid'

I've practically given up at this point on finding anyone for me outside of the digital space



Well, if you're from Murrica, then you have Seth Mc Farlane, and noone drags bad jokes out as much as him, so I guess it's a taste thing.



When I realized my digital love was a guy and at first I was pissed but then figured out I stopped caring at that point, but I was declared obsessed and contact broke up, I knew I won't even find someone digitally.


File: 94d14d3cc5ce948⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 565x564, 565:564, Cutscene.jpg)


Anyone I even try getting close with ends up either with each other, or just friendzoning me hard.

>tfw you can't even get a fake gf/bf in the digital world



Fair enough. Though, I think that's more about smashing as many jokes as possible, and having stuff to padd the episodes out.



>Anyone I even try getting close with ends up either with each other, or just friendzoning me hard.

Fucking this, that's why I started to only hang out with people who got a long-term GF, even thought I hated it before. I ruined my one and only chance for a relationship by making the mistake to introduce my friends to each other.



literally all you have to do to stop being friendzoned is to ask them on a date sooner

if they don't want to take the time to get to know you, then you missed nothing


I'm gay, 25 and still a virgin. Never even been close to any gay guy I've talked to expressing remote interest in a relationship with me or wanting to do anything sexual. Hell, furries even seem to not want anything to do with me whenever I just try to make friends. How much of a fucking loser am I, right?



But that's literally how I've been getting friendzoned.



>bobs burgers


fuck off



Suck Seth's dick somewhere else.



dont care about either. shits burgers is garbage on its own.



I bet noone wants to hang out with you. Don't ever complain in a virgin thread.



>doesn't like Bob's Burgers

Let me guess; You're more of a Rick and Morty guy, aren't you?



rick & morty is trash too



Nono. He's just a sad loser you won't hang out with.



why do you keep bringing this hang out thing? are you projecting?



If furries don't even want to be friends with you then you're probably autistic, attention-whore, or both.



Not really. I think I might be exactly the opposite of attention whoring because I don't have any social media accounts furries generally use or even a fursona, so it might be that they see me as dull and not worth interacting with. Also, I could possibly be slightly autistic, but cmon,who isn't in this fandom? I don't think that could ever be an obstacle here.


I never got any and I think I turned out alright.


File: a575d76f2323b9a⋯.webm (551 KB, 512x384, 4:3, Where do you think we are.webm)



Not really man, I actually have shit to talk about when I hang out with people, instead of complaining about everything like a sourpuss.


File: e874f04e858d19f⋯.jpg (157.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, you have no power here.jpg)


>b-b-b-but muh hangouts

kill yourself


i first had sex when i was 16 with a 21 year old. it was pretty good and i came in her. (she was on pills) after that i only had sex a couple times with a later gf. i havent had any intimacy with anyone for 6 years or so now. i am currently 24. i kinda want to date a guy, but im not sure.



Lol what a pussy. I fucked once and had 2 BJs and I'm 31. Do you see me complain?

Oh wait... you do.



im not really complaining. i can take care of myself with my hand.


>disgusting fat slob at work constantly talks about his gf

>feel bad because that dipshit has a gf and I don't

>one day his gf comes into work

>is even more of a disgusting fat slob than him

>realizing it's not about lack of ability to get a gf, but rather a lack of lowering standards

From that day on my life has been magical. It really opened my eyes how everyone is so desperate to get laid they will hook up with anyone. I still want a gf that's into bestiality, but it no longer makes me feel bad to see others in relationships.



This. But often cute girls lower their standards which pisses you off as a guy, when you see with what freaks they hang out with.

Also, lowering standards might not be bad. I know a guy with a weeb psycho GF. She's nuts, clingy and obsessed and he bound himself to her because they live in a flat owned by her parents.

But on the other side, she's friggin horny. And that's something I've never seen and miss in live, girls who are actually horny and not just need some asshole to pay shit for them.



I've had a bf and a gf for almost a year now. We all equally love each other and fucked each other brains out when we all met. Going find and steady.

I first lost my virginity to some local furs who double-teamed me 2 yrs ago, it was a fun experience.

Sex isn't all that.


>tfw harassed by women growing up about how I'm unlovable

>tfw only gay men keep trying to have relationships with me despite being straight

>tfw already accepted I'll never know a woman's love

Oh well.



Same here bru. EXACTLY the same.






you can turn gay, it's a fetish, no one is born gay.


28, straight, male, never even had a relationship let alone sex

though to be fair I never really felt a need to go pursue a relationship since I have other things to worry about


File: 2132a735bb5c5d0⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1181x796, 1181:796, gallery-share-150901378350….png)

>be me

>have a toxic relationship for a year with first GF

>GF was dirty but never let me fuck her


>get with new girl I knew for five years prior

>she lives in the opposite side of the country

Why god must punish me so much?



>she lives in the opposite side of the country

Like, Kursk to Vladivostok, or Danzig to Warsaw?



kurst to vladivostok



You need to find a woman by walking outside, anon. Quit using the internet for anything beyond anonymity. You're cucking yourself.



Kissless virgin, 25. I never had any problems with socializing throughout childhood, highschool, or college. I learned pretty early on that people just want others to listen to them rant about their problems and opinions and that the easiest way to make friends was to just agree with whatever they propose and feign interest. I've always felt fine on my own and never truly cared for anything beyond friendship. Dating, romance, and sex always seemed like a waste of time and excessive source of drama. I'm not a prude, but I genuinely don't see the social value of sex or the inherent shame in being a virgin. Also

>where are the females in the fandom?

Scarce and generally undesirable in one way or another. Most females into furshit are dykes, morbidly obese, lazy and unmotivated NEETs, cum dumps, or psychologically damaged. The ones that aren't are almost always taken. You're better off looking for a relationship under a different interest.


File: 6c986f81f5a4aa0⋯.jpg (28.89 KB, 762x429, 254:143, jpeg.jpg)

One reason a lot of you are virgins is because you've lived very sheltered and undisciplined lives that caused you to not interact with a lot of people in your social circle. And because you're no longer around other people your age regularly it becomes massively harder to actually accomplish something most people consider mundane. It's similar to other skills like learning to read, which is significantly harder for adults to do compared to children.


>I learned pretty early on that people just want others to listen to them rant about their problems and opinions and that the easiest way to make friends was to just agree with whatever they propose and feign interest

Something you have to be aware of anon is that comes across as fake to people and it makes them not really want to be around you. Because you don't seem genuine and like you'd drop them like a sack of bricks the moment they tried to lean on you.

It's important to not underestimate other people in social situations because everyone shows social cues. If you ever take a sales course something they teach you very early on is it's not possible to truly fake sincerity. You have to essentially humble yourself and try to genuinely believe in what you're doing. Otherwise people will think that you're just a con artist and they won't want to be around you. This is all subconscious too people won't usually consciously pick up on it but if they get asked to write a list of "who are your top friends" you'll never make it on there.


File: eb7837d59fed185⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)


>this just in

>poster considered a faggot

> more at 11


File: 0c136cc2cf2b502⋯.png (463.38 KB, 1070x601, 1070:601, wojack.png)

I lost mine a few minutes ago. I didn't like it at all. I couldn't stay hard while doing it, I got too hot despite having AC on, and my orgasm sucked compared to jerking off. Like holy shit it was such a let down and I wound up feeling shitty because of my performance.

I thought it would be the best moment I'd ever had but I wound up feeling impotent and developed a new thing to hate myself about.



>You're better off looking for a relationship under a different interest.

This, definitely. There's tons of decent girls into nerdy shit if you spread out to things like anime cosplaying, pokemon, and so on. Then from there you can slowly get her interested in furry stuff.



That's pretty typical of a first time though, I didn't even finish.



Thanks that makes me feel better.



Sex is a skill, of course you're going to suck at it, it's your first time. But like any skill, it can be improved, with practice.


File: 8a3290debe440b4⋯.jpg (27.82 KB, 480x342, 80:57, 025997f7e78ab1121cfda59c80….jpg)


>I thought it would be the best moment I'd ever had but I wound up feeling impotent and developed a new thing to hate myself about.

Now you know how foolish you've been putting so much importance in it. It's a very mundane event comparable to the first time you learn to ride a bike or learning to swim. It kind of sucks.


My first time wasn't great either


File: 648e7a778b14fc0⋯.jpg (114.61 KB, 548x698, 274:349, 1525425812881.jpg)


Don't give up so easily, anon.



I'd yiff her



Like she'd go with you



>Proud to serve the country and to be a part of the furry community.

Why does this fit?



Passive-aggresively bitching down your mating competitors won't make you any more likely to get some, cucklord. Have some confidence.


File: bc394cd7bcda7ce⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 354x192, 59:32, OwOwhatsthis.jpg)


Furrys are the true patriots.



yeah but, she's a milifag...



Oh no! She probably likes to shoot guns! Is there a problem, citizen?



It's not the guns, it's the brainwashing to never question orders from your superiors and being trained to be a sociopath with a hint of patriotism.



>I love pol but you gotta go back to lefty pol friendo



Reads like a woman, to me.






stick it in my puss puss ;3


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I will be a cboy


File: f1f498dc6eb8104⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 480x359, 480:359, 1522103430553.jpg)


>be me

>be christian

>also a furry

>gonna go fuck my gf"s asshole

>ass is my fetish

>i get to her pad

>about 30-35 minutes in we head up stairs

>>>ooc she had taken an enema before i got there

>we both start to take clothes off

>i start fucking her ass

>after like 40 minutes bust my nut

>I spurt out in ecstasy

>"your so tight toriel"

>>her name is toril

>about 15 minutes after i left she calls me a freak

>tells me its over

well its not all bad, bad dragon keeps me company now




Not you, what you wrote about the woman.



I prefer her without the fursuit.


File: ef1da0d9d6af67c⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 300x220, 15:11, 90122469-xavier-renegade-a….jpg)


>she calls me a freak


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Are some of you virgins?

>Are some of you

>Are some of

>some of








I've had one rl bf so far uwu


>the thread about being a virgin turned into a shit-slinging festival about people calling each other cucks

thank the lord for containment threads



You're a cuck. Be an alpha who gets his woman all to himself, like me, faggot.



>"your so tight toriel"

10/10 taste in goat ass


>OP is a Polish faggot


i cant belive ive lost such opportunity fuck this


File: e86446a2393a10a⋯.png (262.57 KB, 500x956, 125:239, ehhhh.png)


Just make your way over to /hypno/, worked for me.


I'm a 21 yo gay kisless virgin, and it probably won't change in the near future


also never been in any relationship, never even tried tbh



can I be in a relationship with you anon?






Just buy me a ticket out of this lonely island and I'm all yours



>21 AND gay AND kissless

I thought that's impossible.



Fucked up if true



Jokes on you, I'm 22



I'm nooooot

but since the relationship in which that happened didn't work out tfw no bf




I accepted my homosexuality like 2 months ago, so maybe that's the reason



I resist it because I don't want to give women the satisfaction that they even fucking took my sexuality from me.


File: 69af2f5bcabe4fc⋯.png (21.24 KB, 152x254, 76:127, sickos.png)



You could solve that by walking into any gay bar single and just hanging around for 5 minutes.



Are you literally afraid of coming out, because people could think that your failure to seduce women is the only reason that you became gay?



It's less like coming out but forcing myself into switching my interest because the other interest became impossible and atrocious.



maybe I don't want to kiss random people

also I don't go to bars or clubs, I'm a basement dweller



I'm most likely going to be a wizard, I don't have much interest in making/maintaining relationships within reality. It's not like I don't enjoy talking to people, however anything outside of joking around or acting professionally I freeze up because I've lived under a rock for the majority of my life. Also I don't have a motivation to go lose said virginity, I already struggle making bonds with even my own pre-existing family. All I'd want out of a relationship is to be loved and I just don't see that happening with how little I trust and feel for other human beings. I feel like my overall feelings are contrarian.


How to find a shy and lonely bf?



Check random basements. Shy and lonely boys don't go outside.



that's the problem, I'm shy and lonely too, so I don't go outside either


File: 4b4d2688df96606⋯.png (218.99 KB, 600x345, 40:23, 4b4d2688df966065c5c19f69b0….png)

>have longterm gf

>everything you can ask for in a grill

>she knows I have a prediliction for dick and boipucci

>gets sad and blames herseld not being attractive enough

>try to explain this shit comes in waves, and there will just be a couple weeks I am just way more attracted to gay shit than straight.

>tell her I will never cheat on her and that I love her like no other

>never even told her Im into gay furry porn

>she thinks furries are creepy as fuck

Sometimes you just have to bury some shit for the sake of the relationship.



I'm right here!



how are you qt :^) ?



Lonely of course



Wait so are you actually prison? Or were you bi the whole time



>Wait so are you actually prison?

But if he was prison, then who was phone?


File: 5f815846a27148e⋯.png (440.56 KB, 880x626, 440:313, e7398609d5ed824446932d7e0d….png)


I lost it at 16, then from 18 - 20 i went through 13 girls by using tinder and asking if they wanted to get high. My advice to any guy in their 20s is to get fit, download tinder and just offer girls drugs it really raises your success rates lmfao



i-is this the sort of thing that straight people really do?



straight people fuck all the time and frankly it's fucking disgusting


I want to administer a deadly dose of lead to everyone in this thread, why are you even here if you can fuck real, actual women without breaking a law? Please please get cancer and die.


File: 8f41ec0261d63a0⋯.jpg (110.66 KB, 839x1200, 839:1200, 8f41ec0261d63a0db1f5187233….jpg)


What did he mean by this?







Yes, everyone here who fucks 3dpds should get the fuck out and return to facebook where they came from

go on tinder and fuck a bitch you fucking normalfag



>calling people who hate 3dpd normalfags

Stop trying to fit in



Can you fucking pay attention for once in your fucking life bitch?



0/10 still too tryhard see me after class to discuss how to sage


File: d7ec1be541ae027⋯.png (65.96 KB, 396x252, 11:7, toppus kekus.PNG)


... maybe I should go to a con then.

Do you think that I could get laid if I had only a cheap furry mask instead of full fursuit?


File: 5ecb6c188b0141d⋯.jpg (482.47 KB, 1250x966, 625:483, 1385573012_SF_2013_TSA_08.jpg)


Yep, if you're straight girls will only fuck you for a bit before leaving for the next guy, so you gotta give them shit in exchange for pussy. Most guys do it with expensive dates or gifts, but for low moral dudes like myself I just give them weed and percocet :^)



Technically I'm not a virgin if you call being molested when you're a kid as losing virginity.

Otherwise, I actually choose to not have sex or date, or anything. Don't think this is me being edgy or anything but I'm just genuinely disgusted with humanity as a whole.

I'm not some ugly ogre, or some hamplanet because I go to the gym reguarly. I've caught looks and I had to let people down gently both men and women Men are a lot more cool with it but there were a couple psycho bitches, I just have no interest at all. I'm not "asexual" either because that's an impossibility despite what tumblrites will tell you, and 'cus I love furry art and stuff. Just people piss me off to no end with their stupid and inane shit.



>"asexual" either because that's an impossibility despite what tumblrites will tell you

asexual is documented and does exist, tumblrites just overblow it. Don't let a bad association deride you from the science. It is, much like homosexuality, also well-documented in other animals. For example, pandas. Japs can't get them to mate and they're in danger of going extinct.



there are no pandas in japan you fucking stupid bitch, all their current ranges are in china, and asexual doesn't exist, just like bisexual it's just bullshit made up by faggots for attention and you are a retard for believing in it



whatever, but asexuality does exist.

>it's just bullshit made up by faggots for attention


Your autistic spergout opinions < objective science

also lrn2sage, fagatron


File: 7bbb16793ce47cf⋯.png (349.58 KB, 739x748, 739:748, 7bbb16793ce47cf60e95ee6517….png)

Virgin reporting in

I've gave up on the idea of sex now at 25. It just doesn't interest me anymore since I realize my fantasies are just better than any realistic sex I could actually have. Besides, 2D > 3DPD.

Another thing is that I'm just not romantically attracted to anyone (even though people have confessed feelings/hit on me). I cannot imagine settling down with anyone and I've never been in love so I'm probably autistic or maybe even a sociopath. Since sex is a lot of work and carries too much risk; it's just easier to masturbate instead.



a 16 yo dude wants to fuck me

I'm a 22 years old virgin. He's a virgin too.

I'm kinda stressed. Is this very weird to bottom for such a young guy?



Those are the problems fags have? Maybe its not as easy as I thought.



what do you mean?



Is that legal in your country?



yeah, the age of consent here is 15



that's fucked up



no, the entire civilized world is like that

you americans are fucked up



If anything that age of consent is too high. I started fapping when I was 9.



Is he just a dude, or is he a friend, acquaintance, etc? I probably wouldn't with a stranger. Otherwise, I don't see any reason not to. In fact, I think it would be cute.


I think he means that gay men are still just as selective when choosing their partners as straight men are.


Is it? I mean, the age gap seems pretty big currently, but if they were both 10 years older it wouldn't seem as bad I'd think.


But the age of consent in america is mostly 16, with a few states a year or two higher. I don't think it's too unreasonable.



Then go ahead


File: 3eeba3666f3ae32⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 225x225, 1:1, smugnachi.jpg)


>fucking gender studies bullshit

>>>>objective science



>Science takes a back seat to the human experience in the introduction of the book, where Cerankowski and Milks each share personal anecdotes.

>>>>objective science

I think we should just recognize that it's a mental illness. I'd even be okay with alternative sexualities as a whole being recognized as mental illnesses, because a lot of it is shaped from what basically amounts to crossed wires. There shouldn't be a reason to accept asex as a "healthy" thing to be - especially when we have far more studies that confirm a healthy sex life is important to both relationships in general as well as personal health than we have studies parroting how asexuality is totally a thing through... personal anecdotes...?

If there's no proper cure for chemical imbalances that lead to diminished sexual drive, then sure, we as a society should live around it, but we shouldn't pretend that it's a thing to strive to be. We're setting up a culture where it's cool to be asex, where it's cool to be trendsgendered - which is an absolutely awful thing because we're glorifying being of a particular group that has a disproportionately high depression and suicide rate (thus suggesting something seriously wrong???).



Wracaj na wypok


why do you care if were virgins or not? taking someones virginity is usually really awkward and bad sex because there not sexually active. ive had sex with virgins the only thing it makes its good porn and furries cant film porn for the life of them laughable single angles on a tripod and shaky camera work. waste of talent.



lots of furries that are asexual turn to be zoophiles and just mean asexual with humans.

i think the whole asexual thing is laughable because alot of times furries use it as an excuse not to have sex with someone and are off found banging someone 3 hotel rooms over in a convention the whole sexuality shit in the fandom is laugable lots of two faced dweebs with too much money and too little brains, lmao.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>gender studies



gender studies means they just are all banging each other and being sexual and goofing around.


I mean I've fucked once but being drunk prolonged my erection and my anxiety kept me from ejaculating. The girl said I was great but I was surprised and reloeved so now I have sexual experience. I lost mine at 22. I think due to me not having ANY sexual contact with others until 22 has led me to being unfaitbful like I'll flirt with guys and grills online. I sicken myself. This is what happens when you give the emotionally autistic anon any type of sexual activity.


File: bcb78a176f263ab⋯.jpg (21.6 KB, 250x353, 250:353, bcb78a176f263ab2f2d45fbcd2….jpg)


Forgot image



hello kkk sex phone hotline gas the jews 1800 niggers are dead.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 49e0657e924e17d⋯.jpg (72.1 KB, 440x406, 220:203, 49e0657e924e17dc16fcc30ac7….jpg)


Where do you think you are?


I often wonder if theres a guy out there I could legit be with. You see it online all the time "tfw no bf". But obviously a number of these guys are undateable. Nobodies perfect, and I wouldn't expect chad tier physique. But is it too much to ask for an average looking guy who's hygienic and not a faggy slut? Apparently those standards are too high.

At 21, I don't care about the sex anymore. I just want a relationship, someone I can passionately kiss and snuggle and be lazy with.



The dream


File: 41cfac8c9c480c7⋯.png (39.25 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1413163580402.png)


I'v often thought myself as a 7 out of 10, I'd say I"m pretty passionateKKK anon here byw





>letting tumblrites distract you from objective science

>mixing up sex with gender

>confusing sexuality with fucking gender

You people are idiots, christ.



>This mad

Gender is biological, it shouldnt be any different like sex is.



I'm not mad though.

>Gender is biological

gender is a spook, read Stirner.


>tfw pretty handsome

>tfw getting in shape

>tfw when only (sightly) spergy/autistic apparently (I don't think so but eh)

>tfw good career

>tfw I'd rather jerk off to fucking anthro animals than go out into any sort of bar either gay or straight because I deeply hate people

Who here /edgycel/?



Just go gay anon, or date a trap.



Discussion, then porn.


I'm a 33 yo straight dude. No wizards power granted, virginity at this age sucks because people can feel it somewhat and they treat me as a child.

Disabled too, add mental illness to the whole mess (mild schizophrenia), living with elderly parents.

I know some furries who are 10 and much younger than me and when they told me about their sexual antics - threesomes, orgies, kinks, cons - I feel inferior to them, just like a child.

I've never felt adult, I'm not independent, never lived alone, spent a large chunk of my youth in mental wards, being generally considered as the odd guy, bullies, humiliated.

I feel totally isolated from the society, I mean I feel that everyone is a part of well, a club, organization, which is exclusive, that everyone partakes in some activity and I'm the only one excluded.



And yet you're probably that asshole who keeps sitting on a high horse on all threads calling everyone zoophile, wondering why noone fucks you.



I got pity fucked so that insult can't hit me anymore. It's like "Oh well that shit's done, I wonder what all the fuzz is about."



I'm not straight but even though I gay, I'm in similar size shoes. Health and mental illness doesn't discriminate. I'm sorry it's that bad for you. I actually am half independent and I still feel like lost and wasted half my life (because I did while I was still healthier and now regret it).

Btw ignore asshole comments like those above, I bet he's the one calling people zoophiles to stir shit up just to be able to say stuff like that.

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