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File: 7bcafc24fb15767⋯.png (222.92 KB, 1080x823, 1080:823, IMG_20180426_020156.png)

File: 773e3c08b3c562b⋯.png (327.83 KB, 1034x916, 517:458, IMG_20180426_020330.png)

File: 5adf4d381cbe418⋯.png (875.92 KB, 1080x678, 180:113, IMG_20180426_020220.png)

File: b80dbd580ff6af3⋯.png (85.48 KB, 1080x301, 1080:301, IMG_20180426_020313.png)

File: 577721b6856b40f⋯.png (252.62 KB, 1047x1311, 349:437, IMG_20180426_020252.png)


The old ones past bump limit - lets revive with fresh material



Wow that just makes me feel sad for him. How does someone even get into Digimon when they're in their 40s?


File: 10328aa49159c60⋯.png (6.52 KB, 809x81, 809:81, ss (2018-04-25 at 09.20.58….png)

File: 7e317d11b9b5aa5⋯.png (5.17 KB, 810x80, 81:8, ss (2018-04-25 at 09.21.08….png)

fresh cringe, hot of the press

fucking lmao "sage"



>"Oh no, I can't bump threads with same rehashed arguments anymore."

Calm down homie, don't you get bored seeing the exact pointless posts again? I mean, it's not like if any changed their views from those threads. It's just an excuse to figuratively flip off each other. I don't like that content, but cub fans aren't going to stop jacking off nor will it prevent real child rape from occurring. It's always going to exist and it's best to pretend that it's not there.

You probably would reject what I'm saying and double down with a lame excuse, but I've seen plenty of these threads to know the outcome.



this guy looks a lot older than 50 and it's cringy as fuck hearing someone overuse the word mate




>looking for mate on FA

Can't he find somewhere else...decent?



I don't get bored because it's most of the activity we get. Are you saying, for example, I should stop shitposting about that otter/seadragon fag with the terrible fursona just because he won't change his fursona from those threads? If I had that attitude, I would have stopped visiting 8ch before /furry/ even died.

It's cringe because bumplocking the threads shows a lack of understanding chan culture posting (not to mention saying he's 'saging' it) as if we need to be moderated at all. The bottom edge of threads on the catalog have been left untouched for three months because they came to their natural end and people stopped caring about that thread, so when we're this slow, what's the point?

>You probably would reject what I'm saying and double down with a lame excuse, but I've seen plenty of these threads to know the outcome.

This is stupid and I hope you know it. I don't even disagree that the threads got derailed, but this isn't Reddit, who fucking cares?



>expecting an animal to think like a human


stumbled on this one


>ponies everywhere

>farting ponies

>anthro/human stuff has terrible anatomy

>it's all commissioned art, they were paid to draw this


File: 8bc200982c434a4⋯.png (134.61 KB, 500x534, 250:267, absolutely-disgusting-2678….png)


>Age 50

>guy was probably late 30s-40s when this shit was coming out

>Is only pretending to like a children's cartoon to solicit gay sex from young adults



nice reading comprehension idiot, he clearly stated female multiple times



There's a fine line between cringe and sex offender, because he lures people with a franchise for kids.



No way this guy is 49 years old, he's at least 60



he said female a lot of times anon, quit perpetuating the stereotype


this man is a grim reminder to us that we will not get any less autist as we grow up


File: 4b944f3008758b0⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 413x451, 413:451, therearemanythings.jpg)


Oh wow this guy. I got contacted by this guy about twice I think.

So this guy is quite a hoot. Probably most shocking is that in his gallery he had an image (that he most likely made himself) of an MS Paint edit of sooooo many Pokemon and Digimon eating characters from their respected show, RIGHT next to real life photos he took of his baby nephew/cousin or whatever. Point is, lil baby pics riiiight next to the MS Paint vore pics.

Sadly I can't find the notes he sent me (this was years ago) but from what I recall, I think he was asking me to RP with him or something. Now that I think about it more, he may have left a comment on one of my pics and I'm confusing that for him noting me. But I still think he noted me. Anyways, the stuff he said to me was pretty creepy, but the poor guy obviously doesn't know what he's doing. Makes me wonder if he or someone else stepped in to wipe his profile.

I still think my favorite profile is of the Crocodile dude who draws all of his inflation stuff in crayon and has the group 'Autistic Christian Furries' on his FA page. Now that's a classic.


Anything "RaiderSonic"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


motherfucker ain't got shit on my nigga Hip Hop Husky.

it hurts so bad trying to get through the whole thing sober.


someone post that neon gree dick auction pic


File: 24386c7519cb8d8⋯.jpg (240.59 KB, 1314x2557, 1314:2557, 1325 USD.jpg)


Got ya covered



And some people still think Miles DF was "trolling" when he made those 1200 dollars YCH



>Yeah but he's a great artist and never opens commissions so this is a great chance to support them! I'd pay double if I could!

t. Average fanboy dicksucker

I hate it

Also speaking of cringe I accidentally some of Aogamis stuff. I want to like it but when they draw a cuckold gender tf comic or a comic about a cub daycare where they get pregnant,it's a little too... Specific



I'm pretty sure Aogami is purely a commission slut now. He draws anything as long as someone brings the money, and people will bring the money for some really fucked up shit.


File: aae1a20123a3695⋯.png (441.88 KB, 845x700, 169:140, ClipboardImage.png)

Some of you have probably seen this already



Why did you feel the need to censor the name?



I didn't, this was a screencap I stole from a discord server desu



You can't call yourself a true fan of an artist's work unless you're willing to jerk off to that artist's work while sniffing their dirty jockstrap.


File: ab10b7511a40786⋯.png (33.54 KB, 798x259, 114:37, watcher shout idea.png)

I'm thinking of leaving my new FurAffinity watchers a funny shout to thank them for watching me. Do you think this is OK or is it cringy?



It's funny, I say go for it.



wasnt there an adoptable auction where a guy wasted like 900 dollars?


File: 69ad38758a1f080⋯.jpg (51.08 KB, 476x512, 119:128, afd10ef13c7e99e56ce6d3e678….jpg)

I hope this dude realizes that even if they were real, theyre not compatable and therefore cannot conceive human children


File: aab50bc03132c09⋯.png (88.75 KB, 300x300, 1:1, shiny_mega_absol_global_li….png)


this Neopets-tier sparkledog is what he's lusting over?



asymmetry was a fucking mistake


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I want to die



This is what writers who make TV shows that have an episode that featuring the fandom think that furry is.


File: 53aa2aac37667bf⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1141, 1080:1141, IMG_20180524_131035.png)

File: 60c9d623745284b⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1149, 360:383, IMG_20180524_131105.png)

File: 83e35a3176452d5⋯.jpg (358.98 KB, 1051x1852, 1051:1852, IMG_20180524_131048.jpg)

File: d76f31218c0a4d2⋯.png (860.97 KB, 1080x1053, 40:39, IMG_20180524_131119.png)

This guy honestly has one of the most bizarre fetishes I've seen on FA. He likes to "bathe" with characters and animals on tshirts


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's just a drowning fetish except he can't draw. Not even that. Basically, his worth for the world is zero.



Artists dignity is 1325 bucks worth.



Why is the water so dirty?



It's a "mud bath" according to the title. Just guess.



>he squeezes the water out of his nose at 11:50

That was actually kind of funny.

What an odd thing to do though. I can't image spending a good amount of money on a suit and then bathing in it. It must take forever to dry out too.


File: 706c115f07ca341⋯.jpg (55.86 KB, 540x960, 9:16, a5rmDMT.jpg)


I think it's a terribly executed bathing fetish, as he's not holding them down like they're drowning. Either way it's creepy asf


File: cae778df2ac2dff⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 499x624, 499:624, 31401067_213013866095305_7….jpg)

Not furry but still cringe


I wish I could contribute to this thread. Do I just have to dig around on FA, etc for the good stuff?


I'm hope that's satirical.


File: 5a51145b36afd60⋯.png (622.12 KB, 1064x1000, 133:125, 1486178547164.png)


File: f9b1baf88ce74a2⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 500x419, 500:419, Veemon gives the bird.jpg)



Looks like trolling,


File: c50cc3dbd94e2b5⋯.jpg (17.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 20582923_570676383323174_9….jpg)

File: 25e789c6ee28774⋯.gif (520.16 KB, 277x156, 277:156, tumblr_lwlra5jIum1qgznlio1….gif)

File: 4f3f4ab7803c37b⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 26c9cb2de74fc9b⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 210x230, 21:23, st,small,215x235-pad,210x2….jpg)

File: c2980e9b6858cb5⋯.png (115.37 KB, 520x1088, 65:136, furry_cringe_comp_by_c0ffe….png)



I don't see any problem with the last one, typical 12-15 year old girl fursona



How bout you praise me for the 4 good ones I found instead of criticizing me for the 1 not-so-good one?



Thanks for hacking my tripcode. Appreciate it.


the art style is terrible



I'm not as clever as you think I am.


File: bbfe05adc20453a⋯.jpg (800.69 KB, 1560x915, 104:61, dragomaww.jpg)

File: 7ab6a4820a6545c⋯.png (426.29 KB, 570x396, 95:66, drago.png)

File: f03ef07d76e5276⋯.png (225.56 KB, 490x392, 5:4, maw.png)



Hip Hop Husky, otherwise known as Snaz Dragon, has quite the history.

He was a guy with high ambitions, now I believe, around the same time he got his suit or before, he started up a Vore Toy business. Snaz approached me to be one of his artists.

Eventually, he set up an Indiegogo page to expand his business. Raised $8,000+ with flexible funding (lol) and managed to get 3 people to donate $1000-2000+, promising they would receive either a massive, dragoness head that could vore you, or a big.. belly sack you could slip into, i think? Even I wasn't entirely sure how this guy would create these massive toys.

I decided to give him a hand & donate some cash in hopes of receiving a bottle of "saliva". They never shipped out, with Snaz claiming the truck shipping em got in a wreck. He then never really followed up on anyone who donated to his indiegogo and went ~poof~

Before he went under, I think he managed to sell a few "vore toys" which were essentially massive silicone tubes you stuck your head in, and covered in "saliva" (lube).

One of the backers of the massive $2000 fucking head, left the fandom and made a statement mentioning Snaz.

"I've been duped too! One fellow with little ambition and horrible communication skills to me is Snaz Dragon, or some of you know the guy as DragoMaw. He dreamed big to produce these vore toys. I've invested over 2K in having me something made from this fellow and here are what he mustard up:

- Some sort of upper and lower jaw made from "Expensive wood" that had cost most of the money, but went to waste because it was to heavy, and his silicone didn't stick to the surface to the wood- which later I find out silicone doesn't stick so well to other surfaces other than itself.

- Some teeth

I've spoken with the folks from the better business bureau, and I have a civil suit case here. This guy made a project that he mislead me into (shame on me for jumping into this, but I won't be fooled twice) I Have received no product from this guy, neither any reference art from what this guy envisioned. Big dreams (he's an almost) very little ambition. " https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7412434/






Everything is archived on Wayback Machine in case he comes back and tries to cover this stuff up.

If anyone happens to have his music videos he deleted, please do share.

Specifically, the one where he is rapping about how he's single and keeps getting rejected by girls. That one was GREAT and I miss it :')


File: d17e64f6cd24728⋯.mp4 (6.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tripfags PSA.mp4)


Stop being a faggot already and embrace anonymity, no wonder everyone here hates your guts.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Anyone been following the drama going on in the u18chan edit thread lately?



Honestly this shit is dime a dozen on fa. I can find ten accounts just like this through the first recently uploaded page alone.



not at all! Could you link? Their threads are a bitch to navigate, unless there's a catalog link that's evading my eyes >_>



A thread about cringe or a thread about cringe threads? Here is one >>73056


File: db372f18632f1b5⋯.gif (41.92 KB, 728x90, 364:45, ohgosh.gif)

How about this ad on e621? It links to a YouTube video of this character taking off his snap-leg pants (I'd bet the commissioner has a gigantic fetish for guys doing this). Clicking goes to a short YouTube vid showing the image and linking to the artist's Patreon.



It's basically that vid but with uglier costumes


File: adffb30ed5d0204⋯.png (408.19 KB, 1565x1213, 1565:1213, space daddy.png)


File: 99492cb6c79ceea⋯.png (364.46 KB, 581x1555, 581:1555, Mzmm.png)

The people butthurt about that tweet were really ironic


File: c44e68747f23969⋯.png (102.12 KB, 1563x597, 521:199, mzmm5.png)

File: 41aff803b2482a5⋯.png (95.32 KB, 608x531, 608:531, mzmm6.png)


bonus content.


File: 4f92d2c13287881⋯.jpeg (117.31 KB, 585x1199, 585:1199, Dkkww6TU4AAAS9P.jpeg)


Can you honestly expect something that looks like this to make any intelligent decisions?



was the tweet deleted? i wanted to read more replies ;-;



which one? the thing calling out furs who go to cons? I'd have to search for it. Most furries screenshot it and subtweeted to reply because thats how they stay under the radar.



You looked at his tweets and you will be cursed. He is a hypochondriac of epic proportions, thinks he is about to die almost daily, and talks about going to the hospital twice a week for reason like "I ate too much salt" and "I drank too much water"


File: 7a8f5650b3a1d00⋯.png (45.89 KB, 585x502, 585:502, mzmmgross1.png)


lol holy shit I just noticed this set



>the thing calling out furs who go to cons?

yeah. i looked at their profile and it's not there.


File: 6ce3de925105b85⋯.png (54.53 KB, 1571x570, 1571:570, brain damage.PNG)

File: dcf454034008355⋯.png (219.4 KB, 1564x421, 1564:421, brain damage 1.PNG)

File: 4675d056b8cab14⋯.png (37.43 KB, 1576x215, 1576:215, brain damamge 3.PNG)

File: a2731fd8b559845⋯.png (27.16 KB, 1570x243, 1570:243, brain damage 2.PNG)

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand kid fucking.




>Using a dark theme

I think we all know who the real retard here is.



I'd use cyberpunk if it worked half the time.




i like how everyone's interpreting it as "poor people can't have nice things" and getting mad, rather than "artists who have plenty of income trying to guilt people into buying their shit." and "irresponsible people who know others will bail them out, have no real income but probably aren't from a poor background."

>all these people saying "it's okay if you go for business"

>all these almost-certainly-not-poor people speaking up on behalf of poor people

>the existence of people who can afford to be irresponsible because twitter will bail them out before they wind up on the street

>the failure to realise that people do this on repeat, so it's not just a one-time shortfall, it's having emergency commissions and donations requests going out every month.

being poor and bitter i think some of these replies would make me mad if i wasn't completely out of it thanks to staying up for like 24 hours. even the people who sound like they've got legitimate cashflow problems still see a $1k+ purchase as being at-all viable.



Yup. Shit like the linked stuff at >>79899 and >>79900 is way too fucking common, and it's obvious that it's the kind of shit the post is talking about. Sure people with less money are allowed to be happy, no one said they can't. But may don't beg for money, and then not even 24 hours after ask who you can buy commissions from.

Also if you frequently find yourself tweeting about not being able to afford food, you clearly didn't budget yourself properly if you spent a heavy chunk on your trip to a con.

People just dig for an interpretation of something that makes them angry, especially if the statement hits too close to home, they need to discredit it somehow.

Bottom line, god tier call out even if not to anyone specific


File: a311106fcb26c84⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1100x777, 1100:777, 1534369088.arcticlion_ych_….png)


File: 6b9b8f8c6ba582c⋯.png (14.96 KB, 578x138, 289:69, mzmm14.png)

File: 6a21dc2dd28961d⋯.png (31.42 KB, 576x389, 576:389, mzmm15.png)


Oh the irony today.



How the fuck do those guys even feel about that?

Like what the fuck. I wonder if anybody tried to resend their bid once they noticed that.



That pink THING is just so jarring.

Also very hard to see a bull in a dom position when they've got capped horns.


File: 0ba16d54d544c7e⋯.jpg (116.37 KB, 1175x643, 1175:643, 1518042493261.jpg)

File: bbf7d3a73075276⋯.png (466.68 KB, 486x767, 486:767, 1517958393906.png)

posting some classics


File: bdd4561d6ea5313⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 565x379, 565:379, 56478689890790ß.JPG)

File: c80c8cea5cd1d67⋯.jpg (134.66 KB, 1009x1280, 1009:1280, 1275597915.0r30_dsc_0057.jpg)

File: ec0cbc02f680ff4⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 494x492, 247:246, 634634634634.JPG)


File: 01208a0d022316d⋯.jpg (55.32 KB, 320x569, 320:569, 1518103436867.jpg)

File: d404f180fe8c3a5⋯.jpg (125.17 KB, 1141x1218, 163:174, 1518027186901.jpg)


File: 2c540aa455c5bd9⋯.jpg (66.93 KB, 598x512, 299:256, 1517958588354.jpg)


File: 5f2c183e772fddb⋯.png (819.64 KB, 1280x439, 1280:439, image0.png)


File: d3a8b27d2e18c64⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 98x147, 2:3, door.gif)



I don't get it, just looks like generic art unless I'm missing something?



The pink abomination?



Oh was that a ych slot and they lost the lottery of buyers?



I would completely create some eye-cancer character to insert into these sort of things. Just the most absurd-looking bullshit to force the artist to draw a clusterfuck of details.



incredibly specific fur patters with unpleasantly odd features, like one boob, dick that comes out the side of your hip, anus where your belly button should be.


File: 6ccc3af65fb5d13⋯.jpg (336.13 KB, 1280x1790, 128:179, furry_youtuber.jpg)



Yeah it was, and since the artist draws males 99% of the time the other participants were probably not prepared for this.


File: 3758be5c2dafa09⋯.jpg (450.88 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, 1530568362.arcticlion_ad2r.jpg)



The YCH slots make this way more funny



Holy fuck that thing is awful, the only use the art is good for is cropped icons for the individual characters


Thanks for posting this, could never find the "glue fursuit" image when I need it



they paid $125 to get in there lol



And this pisses me off about YCH. I always know some rich autist destroys the good template (even if its just a rough sketch) with the ugliest characters possible.

I especially hate that when it happens to my favorite artist Hioshiru, when she offers some generic feral furry slots and in the end you get some sparkledog shit with muzzle-tails.



To be fair, I just think the artist is really bad at drawing slime girls, and it shows.

It's a real massive bait and switch to go from that picture, clearly all dudes, to saying "sure girls work too" in the comments. I wonder if any of the buyers were pissed?



The fact itself that he had to draw a slime girl is fucking stupid.

But hey, throw your self-respect away for money, artists. Just like how Pokefound has to draw nazis and Kagemusha has to draw some pedo's circumcision fantasies. Have fun. Show us all what fucking waste of talent you are.



>throw your self-respect away for money, artists

need this put up on a big electronic sign in times square advertising the furry fandom.



Some people make a living off of art?



First: This isn't the only option, so don't blame me for their stupid choice.

Second: I'm gonna complain until I'm gonna be the sellout. But at the moment, or overall, I don't have time. I can either have a job or draw, both at once is impossible.




Never heard that name before, then I realized it's that Pokehidden dude that disappeared. Also looked and it looks like he is inactive again anyway.

I don't get why people do that so much. Pony art or not, hes at least decent enough at art that if he kept doing it he could keep a following and make cool shit, probably be flooded for commissions and all that.



He didn't have to. All YCH artists have rules regarding what kinds of characters they will allow (often things like: no huge wings that will block other characters, no multiple limbs, etc.). He very easily could have spoken to the auction winner in private, "Hey, sorry but your character isn't really my type, because it's a slime and not a furry." Maybe sweetened the deal by offering a free/discounted solo commissioned piece of the character. Then just get someone else to fill the YCH slot, like the second-place bidder or whatever. But what he's done here is (most likely) upset three customers in order to please a single one, and that's just fucking STUPID.

But hey, that's just my logic on the issue. Nobody ever accused furry artists of having good business sense.


File: c2b17f1cd69d998⋯.png (72.12 KB, 947x597, 947:597, whynot.png)



Why not indeed



He's still active and seems to be the most self loathing person ever. But yes, I agree that he made funny stuff and I liked "Banned from Equestria", so why do people keep making shit they know is offending?

Okay you could say I'm offending people when I draw underage characters, but not willingly.



Yeah exactly, and it's even more stupid considering he obviously lacked the experience for that kind of character. But I guess he needed money, and fast. And I hate that. YCH and Patreon kill art. I even go as far and say it's already dead.

Hell I'd even say (and now shit hits the fan) you find the last good art on tumblr.



>Just like how Pokefound has to draw nazis

Imagine being this asshurt over art made a year ago. Are you Jewish? If so, drop your persecution complex. It makes no difference when people offend you or not because you actively search for content that offends you.



>and Kagemusha has to draw some pedo's circumcision fantasies.

Kage draws rape and snuff porn. She has no fucking dignity or self-respect left.

Just let her sink lower with each day.



yeah when I saw that I unwatched immediately



Naw I'm German. I'm offended that you shitheads call yourself nazis.




Wait, really? What the fuck.



Same. But it's not Kagemushas fault, he (she?) is only drawing for the same pedo asshole who keeps self inserting himself into the pics. Even if I were into it, it would be too cringy.

The pics of Renamon are downright disturbing. Why refusing to draw the adult version of a perfectly fine character?






true cringe right here


File: ab3d7564a350ac7⋯.png (211.8 KB, 584x972, 146:243, mzmm16.png)

I will keep bumping with these as long as it keeps happening.

3 minutes after posting about spending money on Patreon, begs for money. Trying to set a record



This man needs to be put down



This shit.

An artist I used to commission opened a Patreon and a Ko-Fi, begging for money "woe is me my job sux and pays little, I need donations to get by" but then is giving that money to other Patreon accounts and Kickstarter game projects in between buying $50 and up anime statues and figures.

If you can afford to give to Patreon and buy toys, you are not broke.


File: 16b8d56aa42d754⋯.jpg (116.35 KB, 793x642, 793:642, religion.jpg)


>because you actively search for content that offends you.

so does /pol/, but it's magically different when they do it



Sadly aborting 20 year olds isn't legal yet



I dare you to look at his twitter feed with the knowledge that he constantly begs for money



It should be when you're preying on gullible people by giving a sob story, I know for a fact some poor fool is gonna bail him out because he sympathizes with this trash when in reality the bastard is just going to spend it on dumb shit and beg for more



How can someone be so bad at handling money?



Most people don't go to the hospital via uber because they ate too much salt from a bag of pretzels or what ever.

4 times in a week.


File: 1f119fa95747cb1⋯.png (428.12 KB, 590x746, 295:373, mzmm17.png)


He also just posted another commission he bought right after. I can't even keep up



What a waste of time and money.



He tweeted about going to emergency care because he thought he "tore an artery in his neck" and got angry when the doctor told him he would be dead if he did that.

I can't imagine the reaction those people must have seeing that idiot's face coming through the door.



I bet he has WebMD tabs open at all times.



He posts on some some site caleld nomorepanic which is supposed to be a web place for people to get random medical advice, and to stop you from thinking you have 20 forms of cancer after reading webmd.

It looks like it's down right now, but he has links on his twitter to some of his posts where people always just reply and tell him to stop freaking out. He of course, ignores them.

Here is one link for when it comes back online: http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=222080



Imagine how angry the owners of those other characters must be.



torn between wanting someone to call him out so we can see how he justifies this (at the risk of him actually cutting it out) and leaving him be as a permanent monument to... being stupid, i guess. in any case, if i understand ko-fi right he's made at least $1800, though some of that could've come from random donations rather than begging.

it's not even like i'm completely unsympathetic, i'm usually willing to defend people in dire straits from those who preach personal responsibility as the cure to all ills. i understand the necessity of an indulgence to cope when you've got a shit life, but there's blowing your own money and getting into trouble, and there's begging others to dig you out only to dig yourself back in again. worse, there's begging others to dig you out while showing off the things you've bought that others still can't afford. on top of everything else it just doesn't look good.

maybe it's just because i'm bitter knowing that nobody would normal people outside an internet clique so much as a cent if trouble came, and because my response to the charge that i don't think poor people should be allowed conspicuous consumption is that i don't think anyone should engage in conspicuous consumption. that sounds a bit political. it's not really intentional, it's a worldview i think is probably rooted in being raised in a small town. everyone i know regardless of political views has almost apolitical pseudo-egalitarian attitude and general personal modesty that runs completely against the grain of the modern internet.


furry/other donation-heavy communities enable it.

actually i have to wonder if e-begging is worse for encouraging financial irresponsibility than if you had something less personal (like the state) guaranteed to pick up the tab, since it almost turns overspending into a form gambling on whether or not you'll get enough to cover it, with the tools of the gamble being your personal worth to others measured in financial terms. maybe that makes it more addictive or encouraging. (or maybe it's just more visible.) plus, i suppose any guilt you'd feel over taking public money goes away when people are giving money voluntarily.



He would probably have some insane justification on why it makes sense to constantly talk about wanting to purchase commissions, also posting all those new commissions, while also complaining about being broke and needing more hand outs.


File: 47bcf675f5f4f49⋯.jpg (218.84 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 0vHS2ELy.jpg large.jpg)


Is that jaiheart? lol



Being raised by Boomers who just told them "Lol, just get a job, any job, and you'll have a steady paycheck with enough to cover the bills, make a payment on a house, go out on dates with your girl, save up for a new car, and they'll even throw in free dental and a pension! That's what I did. Isn't America the best?"



I was raised by boomers and they taught me to be frugal as fuck.


File: df6f5d25064c13a⋯.png (1000.5 KB, 2402x3002, 1201:1501, Blame skeksi for this garb….png)

vore is garbage




What's wrong with her being a woman?

A lot of of female artists draw rape porn, sometimes even romanticized.

Fucked up stuff, but it's there.


File: 7ac7e49851e23dc⋯.png (942.9 KB, 1355x6273, 1355:6273, thestoryofnorth.png)

File: 330f72f7701b20a⋯.png (248.48 KB, 1185x1933, 1185:1933, North2thenorthining.png)

File: 45adc318014c30c⋯.png (60.65 KB, 1215x470, 243:94, honeyigoogledthenorth.PNG)

File: e9ed6ac268026e9⋯.png (87.27 KB, 1477x800, 1477:800, Iknowwhatyoudidtothecouchl….PNG)

Posting a classic. Does anyone remember that one picture that was a composite of like, 5 or 6 traced assets and the collage of the anons who pieced it back together? Pretty sure it was a zootopia thing.


File: c2e82d70294a1d6⋯.png (81.71 KB, 1494x598, 747:299, Northruinsabirthday.PNG)

File: 16cde0171d8872c⋯.png (61.45 KB, 1494x401, 1494:401, north is fucking dead dead.PNG)

File: 88654d241bc3bcc⋯.png (199.18 KB, 1494x1425, 498:475, north horses around.png)


And the last half.



Did I say there's something wrong?

I've just known that guy for like forever and didn't know. And the storytelling is surprisingly shitty for a female artist.


File: e2f35617160f550⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 317.72 KB, 920x572, 230:143, why hate this fandom.png)


File: 64039c3bd30d3bc⋯.png (382.64 KB, 673x885, 673:885, 1476850817895.png)



Anyone who calls themselves “Bloated Butt Plug” is a retard.



The face when you want to lose the war



I believed the story up until the "mauled by wolves" bit. Still amusing, though.


File: 9b463b925ea2c0c⋯.jpg (35.3 KB, 300x429, 100:143, ranma-26.jpg)


>And the storytelling is surprisingly shitty for a female artist.

Nah, I'd say it's not that surprising.



>commissioning artwork of Funk Pops

>at probably a higher price than the overpriced pieces of crap even sell for

People will be burning those things for hear in a few years. The only ones I ever see sell at Gamestop are the ones they put in the clearance section. Yet the Pop fans have to have these pieces of junk, they all look the same, they have "guides" on how to collect them, they rarely open them(why bother? They barely move and it's a window box)they buy a clear plastic box to store them in to "protect" the boxed Pop and this box costs as much as the Pop itself, when the dam thing will be worth $2 total within 10 years. There are now bootlegs of the convention exclusives, the exact same quality as "real" ones, because the real ones are poorly made. They're the new Beanie Babies.

And you're paying money to draw pictures of them?



This looks so seriously low effort that I am honestly considering selling them myself, drawing a template, and just EZ editing it


File: d90f72b73fe09ce⋯.png (400.99 KB, 582x2207, 582:2207, mzmm18.png)

Oh look more of the same.



Is this retard mentally ill or what?

Worse yet, why people are still giving him money?



You'd have to ask him, I have no fucking clue. They have to see him doing it each time he begs.

The first time I heard about him was from a friend of his who said hes always complaining about being broke and needing money for rent, but constantly using that money on commissions so he stays broke.



>Is this retard mentally ill

It looks like he got over $90 with just a few minutes of work. That's impressive.

The only retards here are the ones that give him money.


File: f25dc685800f365⋯.png (330.35 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

thread was deleted but i still had the tab open.



>>Eeriefag trying to on other people




You just went up 5 points in my book for using Opera.


File: 4d3906d0967f88f⋯.png (336.95 KB, 1896x900, 158:75, Pathetic.PNG)

File: 7de154edc383ebf⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 512x384, 4:3, 7c117e470410f50d0813632fa9….gif)


Made the exact same thread (likely to remove comments/advice they didn't like) and then deleted it again.

By the off chance he's still lurking, given your response to the complete non issue regarding IB and you nuking threads like some assmad redditor not getting a pity party, it's clear you're just a spoiled child who wants it all your way. Your dream site doesn't exist, so either make due with what you got or fuck off.




Use uBlock nigger.



uBlock Origin*


File: 8905b643d924545⋯.png (807.89 KB, 800x560, 10:7, my sides.png)


link me boyo


File: 78655afcc5f66d0⋯.png (26.57 KB, 587x273, 587:273, mzmm19.png)

It is now self aware


File: 2923ca24de7a7ff⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 269.54 KB, 578x929, 578:929, mzmm20.png)


Not self aware enough apparently. Went right back to it.

spoilered because cockvore.





You're welcome!



I don't still have the link, and I no longer see the ad on there. I tried to ignore it. It reminded me of those furries who have hyperfocused but totally nonsexual fetishes - in this case, the process of removing snap-leg pants - because they're really religious (and the "OH GOSH" seemed to support that guess).


File: 10c687ea73745de⋯.png (18.6 KB, 585x168, 195:56, mzmm21.png)


Seeing this tweet reminded me of that phone BS, lol



Wolves don't work like that. There are a very few in such sanctuaries who're acclimated to humans, as well as halfbreeds who were once bought as pets (people often get rid of them when they realize their mistake!), loosely, but if you try to manhandle them, they'll just GTFO. Other wolves, in there or otherwise, will avoid the hell out of humans. They also generally won't attack them; even in cases of near-famine, packs that wander into towns go for pets and livestock, never people. Besides that, wolves are tricky critters, so enclosures in these places are hard to get into without a key. Can't climb the fences, either.

There's pretty much zero chance that this guy snuck into a wolf sanctuary, managed to get inside a pen, managed to get his hands on a wolf, and got mauled to death. There are so many variables that are set wrong. Doesn't mean the entire stories of this "North" are fictional, but at least the ending is.

If I had to guess, I'd say the stories aren't fiction, but are exaggerated, and they had to have this guy dead to kill the chances of someone running into the guy they were talking about, them realizing the basis, and finding out the reality.



Pretty much. Use HicceArs, Pixiv or IB and STFU, or make his own site. Them's the options, take 'em or leave 'em. Personally, I think using InkBunny and Imgur links for human art is fine, but if this guy absolutely cannot bear to post without all the rules he wants and none of the rules he doesn't, that's his problem!


In a way, I get this. I've known people who're terrible with spending. I have some issues (but I don't solicit donations). But I think others need to know that, if they donate to him for life expenses, there's a strong chance he'll buy art, fund Patreons, dine out, and then still owe those life expenses.

Too bad there's not a way to set donations to go straight to the bills he needs to pay. But were this kind of thing available, would this guy take it? Or would he refuse? That's a moot idea since it doesn't exist, but if it did, it'd be interesting to see his choice. Does he WANT to keep begging for help paying bills and then spending on other stuff, or is it just that he lacks impulse control?

That is, is he like my friend A? A is addicted to gambling. When he doesn't have money, he's sick to death of throwing it away at casinos, and does not want to continue. But when he does, he can't seem to stop himself from going straight there. He wants to stop, but hasn't yet acquired the impulse control.



One of the greatest truths about humans beings is that they are almost always most comfortable where they are. Even if "where they are" is objectively a bad place. It's often been cited that people who have been in prison for a long time, upon release, immediately commit crimes to get sent back to prison. This is because the outside world scares the shit out of them, and they simply don't know what to do with themselves.

But not many people realize that it can also be the same with a financial situation. If a person is poor, if they're always behind on their bills, always dodging collection agencies, always in a state of "I'll pay you back later" that's their comfortable situation. So if they get a lot of money, especially quickly, they will subconsciously want to rid themselves of it, so they can return to their own "normal". It happens with winning the lottery, it happens with donations, it happens with handouts.

There's also a bit of a reflection of the "marshmallow test". This was a psychological experiment in which young children were put in a room with a table, and on that table was a marshmallow. They were told they can eat it now, or get two marshmallows later. At this point the adult running the test would exit the room for a few minutes, leaving the child alone. They found out that children from wealthy families tended to wait for the double reward. But the kids from poor families? They gobbled down that marshmallow the second they were left alone. See, in an environment like that, a child quickly learns that "now" is all they have: not snatching up something "now" means probably never getting another chance. It's not greed; it's survival. Spending money the moment they get it is a survival tactic, because saving it offers no tangible benefit.



Well-put. Some interesting stuff!


File: f3171882a88807d⋯.png (50.83 KB, 579x281, 579:281, curiouscat.png)

He wants people to ask him questions, and you can ask anonymously. lol



File: f7dbdd1d94f8a74⋯.png (50.82 KB, 589x552, 589:552, curiouscat2.png)


File: ce4c6a2be708775⋯.png (1.13 MB, 799x1366, 799:1366, 1537565771338.png)




holy shit wtf, lol. ebegging pays for some dumbasses



>Emergency Cheezits under the bed



i can respect that.


File: 3307bc08fc350d6⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 2015-08-15_00001.jpg)


>I'm bad at spending extra cash properly

The fact that he feels like the only purpose extra cash has is to immediately be spent tells a lot.

>bad with money

>needs a website with a bunch of shit to waste money on



You don't have enemies. You have trolls.



What's the difference?



Enemies legitimately hate you, trolls just pick on you because they think it's funny.

Take Ghost from True Capitalist Radio for instance, his troll callers don't actually hate him and want him dead, they just mock him and pretend to be people he hates when they call in because they find his reactions hilarious, he's their source of entertainment.



I'd think enemies would want to fuck with him because they see him as a problem, sucking money out of gullible people and wasting it.

Trolls would fuck with him ONLY because they want to make him mad for their own entertainment, and might not give a shit about anything else he does.



But that's only a difference in intent, not result.



It's still a difference, and a notable one. He thinks he has enemies, I suspect most of them are just trolls.



He keeps begging for these but posting no new answers. What are some quality questions I should ask him?


File: 6f189ba929a0259⋯.png (42.4 KB, 581x609, 83:87, mzmm23.png)

What else could it possibly beeeeeeeeeeee?


File: fbed5acc529b3a1⋯.png (35.39 KB, 588x341, 588:341, debtandcommissions.png)

Posting about debt is a good time to announce upcoming commissions you bought, right?

Pretty sure Kass is one of his characters




Oh shit, I remember this.

Wonder what happened to the dude who wrote it?



I bet this guy thinks the moon is real



No one can be that retarded.

Everyone knows it's the eye of Al'Qthoph


File: 5362fba335daf82⋯.png (29.22 KB, 667x280, 667:280, 001.png)

File: 76da73b2e94390f⋯.png (31.38 KB, 676x306, 338:153, 002.png)

File: 7dfa66be164bcb5⋯.png (44.19 KB, 678x331, 678:331, 003.png)

This guy is a massive hypochondriac and this annoys me because my sister was exactly the same until we kicked her off the house.


Good thread, friends. Keep it up.



what the fuck is water intoxication.




It's a shame you have survived


File: def6b2635022fec⋯.png (253.99 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


It is possible to drink too much water at a time. If intake wasn't a problem, drowning wouldn't exist, obviously; however, he's not talking about just water, dumbshit drank nearly a whole liter of soda at lunch. Yeah, that'd make me feel like shit too. So not only is he a hypochondriac he can't control himself.


File: 9835fbabd192034⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, V37b9Qp.jpg)


His next complaint


File: e4fc1b7e5897502⋯.gif (39.62 KB, 501x585, 167:195, Just as planned.gif)


I know goy.

Every day I've had to live with the memories. Every day my life is a living hell. YHWH take me!



Thank you for supplying quality cringe to the cringe thread. Homebrew content



I didn't have the energy to screenshot all that shit. Frankly I don't care if he tweet storms about what ever various way he thinks he is dieing. It's much shittier that he blatantly begs for money and then just fucking wastes it on stupid shit


File: 71a3b0bd771e6a4⋯.png (76.81 KB, 468x559, 36:43, mzmm.png)


It is worse but its almost like we are the only ones who care at all.

He hasnt been mentioned anywhere else. He hasnt been mentioned in channel 4, he hasnt been in ED, he hasnt been in KF. He hasnt even been mentioned here outside this thread. I havent seen him called out or made fun of in Twitter either where these things supposedly are happening.

I havent even seen journals in furaffinity about him and he keeps getting almost 600 bucks monthly for no reason. I think its pretty much safe to say that as much as we dislike it, nobody else cares.



According to his twitter he just died from sneezing too hard. RIP



As much as this seems nuts, this degree of fear isn't uncommon among hypochondriacs, especially if they have other sorts of anxiety. I know a few people like this; the ones I know understand that they're getting worried for small reasons, but they still can't stop it.


He's not doing stuff that usually attracts channel 4 or ED. He's a one-trick pony. Well, two-trick pony: being an extreme hypochodriac, and begging for donations while wasting money.


supersonic250 is pure cringe and a perfect example of the crap the fandom tolerates.

She openly admits her life revolves around cub porn and hypno/rape fetish material. She admits to being obsessed with this. She e-stalks, posts callout journals and harasses ANYONE who does not like cub porn, and staff of every art site turn a blind eye when she does it. She thinks she's a "good girl" for being a douchebag to those she disagrees with and plays up being a victim whenever anyone she gives shit to tells her to fuck off. The fandom also sticks up for her despite her despicable asshole behavior, and when confronted she pulls the usual fall-back excuse of "well, I have a diagnosed mental condition, I can't help it" as if that somehow makes her shit okay. Naturally, as the name implies, she's a Sonic fan which is already a furry subfandom known to be a haven of problematic people.



Never heard of them, got any links or screenshots of those journals?



I highly doubt this supersonic250 is allowed to do this by InkBunny mods, and other sites don't allow cub porn anyway. InkBunny mods tend not to tolerate douchebaggery-- look at the recent incidents with people who treat IB as their personal political soapbox.

I found their InKbunny, which lists all their accounts. IB and FA are the only ones to which I have full access. They seem ragey and pissy, but I don't see any nastiness against anti-cub folks on their Journals. But then, I never run into pro-cub stuff on FA, and anti-cub folks on IB just block things.


> I think its pretty much safe to say that as much as we dislike it, nobody else cares.

Except the 84 people giving him nearly 7k a year. He's not even a somebody, yet for being in the right social circle, speaking in the right way (probably littered with class shibboleths) and so on this fandom lets him convert that status into more money than some students are expected to live on (including rent) in other first-world countries.

This bothers me to an unreasonable degree. The popular, the socially skilled, the remotely talented, and the people with good middle-class-or-above backgrounds and speaking/typing styles can convert that into money on the modern internet, but if you're in genuine need with nowhere else to turn then you'll definitely fall short in one way or another and be left to fall further and further behind, all while the people throwing money at their peers can tell themselves they're charitable and making a difference. What a joke.


File: 8a8b927b838d57f⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1440x5405, 288:1081, 8a8b927b838d57f1e97d2c3c83….png)

oh no no no


File: d4792963f5bf410⋯.png (1.14 MB, 850x1103, 850:1103, 1cc0f4ac445.png)


>People who don't deserve it are making money, sometimes lots of money, for merely existing

How new are you to this world?


Aw, how cute. Did Mark let you become BO of /v/ for a day? What a big boy you are! One can always tell the cowards when they cannot debate their opposition, and merely seek to silence them through underhanded means. Who do you think you're going to impress by doing this?

Never forget; I OWN you. I own your board. I own this board! Putting me in time-out for a week whenever you get scared of me changes nothing. I'm patient. If 8chan actually HAD real permabans, you wouldn't hesitate, but the best you can do is wrist-slaps. Your ultimate power, and it's so weak as to not even bother me. Sad.

Wherever I am, whenever I choose to speak, people listen, and things happen. Not always GOOD things, but always something. Creation, or destruction; either is fine. The worst thing in the world is to be ignored, but that never happens to me. No wind makes the windmill spin faster, and if it spins so fast that it breaks, so be it. I was here before imageboards, and I will survive them.

Every new entry to your little "collection" makes you more and more my personal bitch and puppet and plaything. Permanently staining your harddrive like crusted semen on a beloved shirt. So be sure to add this one, too, like the good little bitch you are.



you're the cringe here


File: 4c175553a3ebf88⋯.jpg (18.18 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 12998759_10205574188860455….jpg)

File: a0947edbdf43b1f⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 14925375_10206927429250619….jpg)

File: 688e0abc6168d3d⋯.jpg (181.23 KB, 986x1280, 493:640, 17547077_10207963580513753….jpg)

File: 0854fce8bc340ec⋯.jpg (62.96 KB, 1041x448, 1041:448, C91Yb85VwAATXH2.jpg large.jpg)

I have a few like this. Here's Grimaude!


File: 98a6f65aa91603e⋯.jpg (84.48 KB, 1141x653, 1141:653, what_.jpg)

File: d9f2f55075e8c8d⋯.jpg (215.38 KB, 900x769, 900:769, Puppyz.jpg)

File: 12f401fa1679422⋯.jpg (212.62 KB, 997x1280, 997:1280, 1224025536.dragongex20007_….jpg)

File: 4112a1ecc86d4c8⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1206146969.taraswiftclaw_m….jpg)

oldies but goodies.


File: 0566373acfd6f2e⋯.png (15.33 KB, 339x168, 113:56, maskedsow.png)


Seems the first guy is dead. That sucks.



Don't think I've seen that before.


File: 7aa67c57990f8ff⋯.png (128.1 KB, 1221x619, 1221:619, aaaaaa.PNG)

File: 5ccef8e3e1281bf⋯.png (108.95 KB, 911x731, 911:731, Squirlx.PNG)

File: 41ad6356dc2c8a3⋯.jpg (166.98 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1234811059.picadelphon_tit….jpg)

File: 1b7887e62b6dc44⋯.png (26.81 KB, 1072x401, 1072:401, ohneer.PNG)


Yeah, it's a bit scary to see all those weird furries have finally died alone on a cluttered apartment... Haaa... But the fandom has always been a huge reactor for this kind of content, I have a folder full of these.



> I OWN you. I own your board. I own this board

thanks for confirming that you lied about being BO of /underground/




we live in a society



used to anyway


File: c9d143503510f2d⋯.png (35.45 KB, 585x371, 585:371, hotel.png)

He has been sleeping in a hotel because his roommate is mining bitcoin. Says hes been getting poisoned by formaldehyde or some shit, I don't know.

Also recently went to the hospital again for something seemingly unrelated to that, but I could be wrong, uber as well as usual, I think he ubered to the hotel last time too.

Mostly posting this because I'm expecting the ebeg post soon, and the inevitable posting of new commission art.



bottom fox



They'll tell you "we live in a society" but what they DON'T tell you is, we die in a society, too.


File: c43ca903ce945a3⋯.png (111.26 KB, 586x788, 293:394, called it.png)


I can predict the future


File: 4ad0b09e37f71cd⋯.png (183.04 KB, 821x758, 821:758, bbhood.png)


Oh! Now I know who the anti-Drumpf poster is. /v/ doesn't like those games because it's a magnet for attracting those types of users. /v/ doesn't really complain about games like Squad, Swat 4, Joint Operations, or Ground Branch because the realistic style wards off the Tumblr types. Those communities have bros who can take a joke since they're adults. No one on those games flipped their shit when the hard R was dropped, it was weird and great.

That said, Undertale is overrated shit with three distinct playstyles. I don't know how people still manage to talk about it today. It's not cryptic as LISA or OFF was since the storyline and themes were straightforward. The "humans are the REAL monsters" meme has been done before in games like Nier, Darkstalkers, and Drakenguard.



I mean, I hate undertale because I don't like bullet hell style mechanics. Dodging things like that just isn't fun to me.

The fact that I said I didn't like the game, only to have friends harass me about it saying all those "IT'S SO GOOD DON'T LOOK UP SPOILERS" and then proceed to give me spoilers like it might impress me speaks to how strongly opinionated the fans are. When your trailer alone spoils the black and white morality component, it's not much of a surprise, at least not to me. I looked up info on the story and surprises, and don't feel I personally missed much.

Overrated, sure, but I do still respect that one guy made it, even if I think it's a bit shit.



> I have a folder full of these.

anon please share that fucking shit



How the actual fuck do you flood your place with formaldehyde?

Where would anyone get that much formaldehyde?



hypochondriac. Hes complaining about his roommates bitcoin miner, which was in his roommates room. His roommate didn't leave and is fine. If there was an issue, you'd think sleeping in the same room as the thing would be damaging.



Oh and hes also posting pictures about going to the hospital again for some other reason but I don't really have the time to look into what is going on this time.



Formaldehyde can apparently be found in the lumber the floorboards are made of, but I doubt that's what he's referring to.


File: cfeef03611c44f0⋯.png (439.31 KB, 578x2907, 34:171, rent.png)

When begging for money, be sure to also post commissions you bought while complaining no one has given you money


File: a7d69e13f1e82ce⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 253x254, 253:254, 1523967654019.jpg)


I don't get it. Are people afraid of calling this faggot out?


File: 20b274f21a12301⋯.png (123.91 KB, 500x375, 4:3, I don't even have words fo….png)




No need.

Just continue to ignore his pleas for free money, he'll get evicted, and then he'll have to either nut up and support himself or starve in a ditch or something.



If an artist gave me the pic he got as a commission, I’d want my money back. How do people not realize what a scam this shit is. If you want fury art just type it in the google search engine.



>If an artist gave me the pic he got as a commission, I’d want my money back.

>You will never make a living working as a middle man to arrange commissions for the cripplingly socially stunted


File: 24a6a5d97f69411⋯.png (37.83 KB, 581x366, 581:366, patreon.png)

This idiot still doesn't understand that he shouldn't be wasting money on patreon when he needs to beg for money monthly. He thinks that spending money a previous day has nothing to do with him being broke today.


File: 6bbde8374ef3e75⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1833x823, 1833:823, Baby Jay.png)


>Posting baby pictures next to vore pics



>Posting baby pictures on fetish website



Awful. Truly awful when clueless people do this. I one saw photos from some guy's brother's funeral in their gallery posted in between their regular stream of gay furry porn.



You can't take the hate, so the fuck off the internet hate machine, faggot.


File: b35c2296b8ff3e7⋯.png (46.5 KB, 202x206, 101:103, scared.png)


>That baby knows


File: d12264c2e48c869⋯.png (35.1 KB, 532x361, 28:19, 1539885468.png)

File: 8dbd09cd0cc463f⋯.png (326.23 KB, 608x664, 76:83, 1539885662.png)



>That said, Undertale is overrated shit with three distinct playstyles.

Which is funny because it's more around two, where if you get anything else you're egged on at the end to go full edgelord or full pansy and get one of two rushed endings that are both equally shit.


That reminds me, pretty much everything that Undertale tried to do, Nier did about a billion times better. That's not even mentioning ending E of Automata being the ending of undertale but actually doing something other than opening up an "easter egg."


>I mean, I hate undertale because I don't like bullet hell style mechanics. Dodging things like that just isn't fun to me.

That's not necessarily a good reason to hate any game, but what is a good reason is how lackluster it developed it's turned based mechanics and the bullet hell mechanics. It's more like a tech demo than anything else. On top of that, the whole meta shtick that Toby wrote for flowey had to be completely written out in favor of puns the skeleton because he was too lazy to find a use for flowey. The demo was able to handle the meta shit better than the final release. I don't know how the fuck you manage to do that, but toby sure as hell did.



>The demo was able to handle the meta shit better than the final release

What the fuck are you talking about?? The demo didn't have anything that the full version didn't have aside from the benefit of "it's unfinished, so feel free to project your impossible expectations upon this".



The use of Flowey actually made sense in the demo, and he wasn't written out for a le fooni skeleton with an exact copy of his abilities.


File: 281245a12c5f768⋯.png (95.48 KB, 598x1040, 23:40, mzmm29.png)


Irony on this so thick now



If I had an active twitter account I'd call him out and have a laugh seeing how he tries to defend himself.



>skeleton with an exact copy of his abilities

If you know nothing about the game except what you were told, and never played it, do us all a favor and keep your retard mouth shut.



Yeah twitter is garbage


File: f24990cf28ec4de⋯.png (24.08 KB, 273x117, 7:3, thonink.PNG)

File: f0dac3e7150b286⋯.png (251.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, yw4hlST.png)



Nice fake screenshot anon. It is actually impossible to play Undertale for 33 hours and not enjoy every tiny aspect of the game



Well then that makes me better than you, because I can keep playing a game even though I don't like it.



You know damn well it's a very flawed game as much as I do.

take your (You)

take another (You) while you're at it


File: a3434652d4beb6a⋯.png (121.27 KB, 953x838, 953:838, undertale_the_anime_by_mae….png)

File: 7f1c56921401eb8⋯.png (442.31 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, this_is_fine_by_dominobear….png)


No matter your opinion on Undertale, I think we can all agree that it has become a breeding ground for internet retardation.


File: 70080180c8cb183⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 702x1024, 351:512, Hold Up.jpg)


>missing the obvious sarcasm this hard



The internet is the breeding ground for internet retardation. Undertale may have gathered a lot of shit around it, but it didn't create any new garbage of its own accord aside from a few (mostly forced) memes.


File: 28010d57e7c0534⋯.png (306.76 KB, 1280x693, 1280:693, 1404231315.electropawartwo….png)

File: 52c71c838cee421⋯.jpg (277.62 KB, 950x633, 950:633, 1414108479.tcw_maxx_commis….jpg)

File: 375c9208add3c53⋯.png (145.47 KB, 1070x1280, 107:128, 1420735462.maxximizer_1420….png)

File: 4afae195ba8016d⋯.png (2.21 MB, 2572x939, 2572:939, 1420793450.maxximizer_1420….png)

File: 3972d575de09e1d⋯.png (504.12 KB, 1600x937, 1600:937, 1437228305.maxximizer_wg-c….png)

How to not make an OC

This guy spent 60k on furry porn going into debt and having to sell his car to keep going, and eventually was so disliked that people hacked his account to get rid of him and he eventually dropped off the face of the planet.



>poe's law doesn't real

I've seen more retarded shit on the internet, why shouldn't I have taken your post seriously?


File: 7127f667726c238⋯.png (56.57 KB, 163x187, 163:187, ClipboardImage.png)


This is horrible


File: d84ebde3a2cafd9⋯.png (276.76 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 469f599104b1aa3686e7e542b8….png)


Those ears look familiar.



do not bully the dickboy


File: 635b2af8b28a229⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Jul07_06.jpg)

https://archive.fursuit.me/index.php?/category/1986 a lot of cringe in the anthrocon category, especially from the very first anthrocon



honestly there's something about derpy home-made fursuits of the 90s that i prefer to modern sameface stalkereye suits.

can't put my finger on it, it's like they're qualitatively different to durrsuits while still not being "good."



Honestly it's not THAT BAD of a design. The ear-wings are stupid and childish, but as an "expressive" concept (rather than just being meaningless accessories) it's an interesting idea.

But then it was ruined completely by probably the worst fetish in the entire fandom...



I dunno what fandom you're in, but in the furry fandom forced scat snuff, dickchopping, and getting a girl pregnant againat her will are all pretty common and are among some the tamer fetishes I've seen on yiff sites. If you're thinking of the fetish I'm thinking of, it's not that bad at all.



Scat and gore and rape and all that are almost universally for the shock value and for the taboo. Nobody is actually aroused that shit (lol) because otherwise they would probably be murderous psychopaths in prison. It isn't, therefore, a "fetish".

But people really are (for some reason) sexually attracted to morbid obesity. It's a real fetish, not just a joke.



>of the 90s

Probably being able to justify the lack of quality with that.

If you saw that same one these days it'd just be lazy.



>the belly on that third one

>check the artist's gallery

>can't find anything else close to it


>This guy spent 60k on furry porn going into debt and having to sell his car to keep going, and eventually was so disliked that people hacked his account to get rid of him and he eventually dropped off the face of the planet.

Jesus christ, if it didn't sound like the guy was already days away from being homeless I'd say they did him a favor.

>Patamon/Raichu Hybrid




Taboo is certainly a fetish. But so, too, can the others be. And people can have fantasy fetishes that they don't want to do in real life; that shows up even among tamer fetishes.


Any of you guys got some furry TikTok cringe?



Probably not, but go ahead.



Exactly. Everything with runaway popularity-- the My Little Pony reboot, Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy's, Fortnite, you name it-- garners some of that "internet retardation," and most of what they get is people claiming the fanbase is retarded, much more than the fanbase actually being so. It's hipster shit, really: the notion that, if something is popular, it's automatically bad, or, in the case of the internet, if it's popular, its fans can only be autistic idiots.




He's got a good few in his compilations


File: 1b926164889f8bd⋯.mp4 (2.09 MB, 544x480, 17:15, furry.exe.mp4)

File: 224428d0bb1e637⋯.mp4 (2.81 MB, 540x960, 9:16, de22fbb3aece481684fc6fd0b8….mp4)


Managed to find a few from a discord:

https://youtu.be/jPAyX7b1_3U (This one's a youtube video).

(Got three more but I can only upload the MP4s)


File: 1723091e918acc8⋯.mp4 (1.23 MB, 480x428, 120:107, video (2).mp4)

File: 316a9d549fd46f6⋯.mp4 (1.19 MB, 480x428, 120:107, video.mp4)



Never before have a seen a more flammable person than this.



i don't think many people who want to be vored or are into guro would actually do it in real life. dying for a wank is a bit extreme.



Vore would fall under the "impossible" umbrella; and from what I've seen almost everyone into guro is the aggressor. Rarely have I seen the commissioner as the victim, and in all cases it's a fursona that has a magical regeneration ability so they can do it again and again. Which is also "impossible", and in context is less dying and more play-acting as a character who has a dramatic death scene.



File: a9b98fc8084079a⋯.jpg (115.79 KB, 872x1094, 436:547, 1540467124488.jpg)



10 bucks he doesn't fucking pass



>started by a trans girl

[citation needed]


File: c97fa2e0311f900⋯.png (52.01 KB, 1172x218, 586:109, stirner was a cuck.png)


Now Chakat’s Den is some pretty Cringy shit, however he’s one especially cringy gem.



File: f6b9bac24d6984f⋯.png (137.45 KB, 970x357, 970:357, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at ….png)


Nazfurs need to die



I can't tell what's worse, that tweet or that font.



>Nazfurs need to die





>Nazfurs need to die

And deprive us of all that delicious cringe, drama, and generic lulz?



It's a meme you dip.



>still butthurt about egoist anarchism BTFO his spooks he brings up unrelated personal info and posts it to a furry board

top kek, nerd.


File: b3271a62ab19b93⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 2283737491.png)

I have no idea who told ultragaydeer to hide his faggotry behind an "AD" twitter account, but I kind of miss the cringe he was giving.

Now I can't laugh at his posts saying he was going to die because he drank too much water.


>> 11 | Female | Bisexual






Somebody edited a page from that comic using tweets from glitchedpuppet.



Wholesome is such a reddit buzzword that means nothing anymore holy shit



>"Surprise, you've been de-fagged!"

Actually I think this is the best way to do these YCH ~~scam~auctions. Just create a series of terrible characters and pic whichever one the artist would hate drawing most or would most fuck up the situation.

>Artist draws mostly gay? Let's have some big titty rainbow dog.

>Femboys and Futa? Here's Claymore, the bearmode cyborg crocodile.

>Sparkledogs and anime-derived style? Here's DaNA, the genetic cat. Make sure to get the Full-Body GCAT pattern and gimp suit correct or else I'm not paying.

Make these artists reconsider their crimes one awful character at a time. Become the next Wonderbread-Guy.


File: c425a96ce95e5d9⋯.png (210.49 KB, 515x515, 1:1, smug content aware scale.png)


>That pic

You do know the bible has loads of text that would be considered bigoted, muhsoggykneesticks, and says that gays are to be killed right?


>Reeee grombald rumpft supporter is using a maymay I like.

What you gonna do about it stick shift?



Artists always reserve the right to refuse to draw your fursona. Most YCHs even have stated rules about how the character can look, usually excluding things that don't fit the setting (like it's medieval but your character is a cyborg) or will interrupt the scene (like your character has huge wings that will block other characters). If you expect the people to side with YOU instead of the artist on the issue, should you choose to raise a stink, you're sadly mistaken.


>the bible has loads of text that ... says that gays are to be killed

Patently and provably false. The only thing that says anything about the issue is the oft-quoted Leviticus, and that merely says it's "an abomination". And considering it's in the same passage as banning rotation of crops or wearing clothes of mixed fabrics and says all those are just as bad (so if your shirt is cotton/polyester, you're just as evil as practicing homosexuals in the eyes of OT God!), and most scholars firmly believe that Jesus basically retconned all that old nonsense, only retards claim it as "proof" of anything.



>Make sure to get the Full-Body GCAT pattern and gimp suit correct or else I'm not paying

I've got some characters with crazy colors, etc. but I always make sure that, no matter what, besides having species-specific markings (which the artist can interpret as they like) no details, markings or color patterns are required to be drawn a certain way. I want my characters to be fun to draw.


I've asked several Christians over the years (specifically ones who I found out, in some manner, used Leviticus as support for saying homosexuality is sinful) why we're supposed to follow that law from Leviticus, but not the others. All it one have had no answer; the one said "they don't apply any more" but refused to elaborate.

I usually end by telling them I'm gay and Christian (true), and walk away, letting them puzzle that out on their own.



Most people pick-and-choose what to follow and what to not from whatever document they hold as sacred (whether it's the Bible or the Constitution or whatever else) based entirely on themselves with zero objectivity. The majority of "Christians" likely have not read the Bible, nor are they educationally equipped to understand it should they try. At best, the language is as archaic as Shakespeare, and the King James version is pretty fucking far removed from the original mish-mash of Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic scriptures in the first place. People dedicate their entire lives to study to try to figure out what the original and "truest" meaning is, complicated by how incomplete our understanding of those languages even is and how unlike they are to English (such as the whole "lacking vowels" thing, as YHWH -> Yahweh for a quick example). Many meanings for some words are disputed to this day, to say nothing of the meaning of entire passages containing those words.

To make things easier on themselves, they just assume their minister is correct when he tells them "God hates gays!"



>I'm gay and Christian


The truth is, it's condemned in much the same way any other sin is. Leviticus isn't the only place where it's called sinful though- the new testament has it listed among those that won't inherit the kingdom of heaven or the like if they don't repent. How many times its stated is really irrelevant anyway, unless you're into numerology. Thing is genocide and stealing a bike both get you the same fate unless you become a Christian anyway, so getting hung up on the whole "they don't like gayness" thing is really a poor angle of trying to attack it.


>The majority of "Christians" likely have not read the Bible, nor are they educationally equipped to understand it should they try

If you're going by the "my great grandparents went to church once a month so I'm technically Christian I guess" people, then of course they haven't. But they're not the ones that would think anything negative about homosex, so you're sort of muddling things.


File: ce59ed3711ff728⋯.png (794.51 KB, 1009x2076, 1009:2076, download305600c4_2f0_2fDCI….png)

File: 9dca125ea89239b⋯.jpg (613.46 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181104-081519….jpg)

File: c8185ab2099c030⋯.jpg (667.51 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181104-081929….jpg)

File: e3c9325c6b00df4⋯.png (605.43 KB, 1009x2076, 1009:2076, download44aed365_2f0_2fDCI….png)

File: 8979e3a37580d9f⋯.jpg (599.82 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181104-081408….jpg)

Cringe OC from 2012

Comparing me in 2011/12 to me in the current year might as well be two entirely different people

Fuck you I was 17. Kill me

Images a bit out of order



Also the suicide bf bit was a lie and the jail bf was partly a lie


File: 4674c53c1c2aa27⋯.gif (889.24 KB, 260x125, 52:25, tenor.gif)


>Smart, Clevar, But at times Slow

>So many grammatical errors and misspellings

Topkek, autism sure makes you delusional


you wanna know cringe, the entire furry fandom attempting to hide the whole zoosadist thing.



Indeed it is. I take the Bible as having some nice lessons, but taking it all-- especially doing so literally-- is a terrible idea. As is trusting the leaders of your church to interpret it for you.


It's true. I'm, well, not exactly gay, I'm not straight. And I believe in God. I'm not a church-goer or a big Bible guy. I, personally, believe the theory, which has some theologists' support, that passages about things like prostitution in pagan temples were changed by the translation scholars hired by King James II to refer to homosexuality in general, and that they did so because James was having dalliances with men and they wanted to coerce him into getting down to the King's duty of producing a male heir.


Why don't you tell us about that. You certainly can't say that the entire fandom is covering it up, because I certainly didn't know, and I read a whole hell of a lot of drama. Yes, I have a grasp on what zoosadism would be, and I'm sure there area few furries who're into zoophilia *and* sadism, which is terrible. But you're suggesting that there's some big incident that all, or perhaps most, furries explicitly know about, and that they're covering it up somehow. It's not even as if any large number of furries are real-life zoophiles at all.


Hmm, it occurs to me... I sometimes look at drawn "feral" porn. Rarely do I run into any that's sadistic. If it is out there in any large amount, I'd wager that it's on some specific *chan board or the like geared only toward zoosadism and, as I haven't hunted specifically for that, I haven't run into it. If it's photos and not art, I wouldn't have run into it at all.



>the new testament has it listed among those that won't inherit the kingdom of heaven or the like if they don't repent

"Not believing in God" is also a sin that means you can't get into heaven (virtuous nonbelievers get purgatory), so honestly it's a really high bar they set in the first place. The thing is, majority public attitudes toward homosexuality, and the stance of the Papacy on the matter, have changed over time (and continue to) while the Bible obviously has NOT changed. So to say that people's current beliefs have anything to do with the text of scriptures that they are, and I repeat: INCAPABLE of properly understanding unless they've spent decades in seminary, is completely illogical. They just believe whatever their minister (or alternately some millionaire "reverend" on the TV or radio) tells them. Americans have always been highly susceptible to suggestion if it's repeated enough; the reason why everyone almost universally spays/neuters their pets (compared to European countries) has nothing to do with rationality, but because Bob Barker TOLD THEM to do it, day after day after day.



The trouble here is that the Bible HAS changed. Even as a Christian, I fully admit that it's been re-translated many times, and that translation is not an exacting science. Some words simply don't have a counterpart. In some cases, the starting language has been so old that words may have multiple meanings, and translators can only make a guess, albeit a fairly educated one, by looking at context. It's also completely possible, as in the King James theory cited above, for intentional mis-translation to occur.

There's an assumption being made-- and it IS an assumption, and a big one-- that God has supervised and swayed all translations in order to make them "perfect." But even were that to be thought true, one has to deal with eachj person who reads the Bible themselves interpreting parts of it slightly differently, and it certainly seems that those who actually really read the Bible do exactly that: interpret parts of it in widely differing ways.



>that passages about things like prostitution in pagan temples were changed by the translation scholars hired by King James II to refer to homosexuality in general, and that they did so because James was having dalliances with men and they wanted to coerce him into getting down to the King's duty of producing a male heir

The thing is, there's been better sources found for the translation since then- and those two specific verses are consistently interpreted the same in every modern translation I've seen so far. So if that change was made at all, it was done hundreds of years earlier and in the original language.


>"Not believing in God" is also a sin that means you can't get into heaven

Yes, that's one of the core beliefs of the religion.

>(virtuous nonbelievers get purgatory)

Only in Catholicism, though the Orthodox church and a handful of protestant denominations have similar beliefs.

>The thing is, majority public attitudes toward homosexuality

Yes, in increasingly less religious western nations. If you're talking about the majority of all people on the planet, things may or may not be different in that regard.

>the stance of the Papacy on the matter, have changed over time (and continue to) while the Bible obviously has NOT changed

Irrelevant if you aren't Catholic. Either way, it hasn't changed to outright endorsement quite yet.

>So to say that people's current beliefs have anything to do with the text of scriptures that they are, and I repeat: INCAPABLE of properly understanding unless they've spent decades in seminary, is completely illogical.

The only way it take decades of study to properly understand it is if it was really full of DaVinci code bullshit as people seem to think it is, or if you're trying to read it in the original languages.

this is the last place on the site I expected to see theological debateI'd expect it on a board like /christian/ or /islam/, it'd at least be on topic there


That's why finding a good translation is rather important, especially for religious texts.



>The only way it take decades of study to properly understand it is if it was really full of DaVinci code bullshit as people seem to think it is, or if you're trying to read it in the original languages

The "decades of study" was for the original texts, much as they are.

But as I also said, even the KJ version is still in very archaic English that most people cannot understand properly. Even if the words are all clear, the phrases and idioms have fallen out of disuse in the 400 intervening years.

>I'd expect it on a board like /christian/

Well, the thing is, I've been there and they are ALL "being gay is the worst sin; you're gonna burn in Hell; God hates fags!" fire-and-brimstone retard fundamentalist-types. There's simply no way to actually debate it over there, because they all scream and cry with their pompous asshole groupthink memes. For all the bitching people do about how we're all supposed to love popufurs, I've found time and again that /fur/ (and /furry/ before it) is the board LEAST infected with groupthink. It's the only board(s) I've been on h8chan where not embracing an idiotic set of memes and mores gets you an instant ban, and where debate is tolerated instead of inane circlejerking.


File: 32f2e7dd27c5444⋯.jpg (52.91 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, halloween-yard-decor.jpg)

Okay, so to bring this back on topic, as it were.

On Halloween, I managed to get one of those big skeleton-wolf props (howls and its jaw moves and eyes light up) for half-price, since they're clearing out stock. It's about the size of a 50-pound dog or so (close to pic related). Figured I could make it look a little more creepy for next year by bulking it up, adding some shreds of fabric and making it look mangy and undead, instead of just bare clean bones. Did something similar a number of years back to make a giant furry spider. As I was looking at it, I noticed that for some STRANGE reason the entire skeleton is made of rigid plastic, except for the tail which is made of flexible rubber. You can flex it to either side to make it wag, pull it down, lift it up...

...well, that's when I caught myself wondering if the opening in the pelvis in the back was actually large enough to shove a BD penetrable in it. The answer, naturally, is yes.

About half an hour later, with some small towels, zip ties, belts, and a dog-dick shaped dildo to make it a boy, and I've got something vaguely fuck-able. It's just standing there waiting to be fucked, but I haven't yet gathered the courage to try. Because on a scale of 1 (normal Halloween-level creepy) to 10 (calling the police) this is probably a 7 or 8.

Just thought you guys should know.


File: 70630d3f66e21de⋯.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, thinking emoji.png)


File: f0e8d7e611637ee⋯.jpg (177.5 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, lolAtYou5.jpg)






File: 54e475b6d94c8ab⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1503255124535.jpg)

>browse the front page of FA the other day

>find a goddamn self-admitted 12 year old posting about his birthday and talking about RP in his shouts with a 16 year old

>browse the front page of FA today

>find a 14 year old taking selfies and posting his fucking school

holy shit man



When innocent DIY turns into something truly horrifying....

Really though, it's impressive what a little ingenuity can lead to. Would you be willing to post a picture of it? Bonus points if you spook it up a bit to balance out the erotic/spooky duality.


If kids get into the fandom when they're that young, I worry that there'll be no hope for for them later in life. More so if they shoot themselves in the foot posting selfies.


File: 4683c91cafa7c13⋯.gif (3.9 MB, 300x216, 25:18, 1501285519353.gif)


>If kids get into the fandom when they're that young, I worry that there'll be no hope for for them later in life.

I got into furfaggotry around 12, maybe just a little younger due to discovering porn earlier than I should have, but holy shit am I glad I never did what these kids were doing.



It's creepy enough as-is (or hilarious) because it's got an assortment of colorful towels wrapped around the middle but the head and legs are still just bones.

Also gave it a try last night. Kinda awkward because it's still too small for me, but managed to get off. Haven't decided whether just humping pillows and using my imagination is better than this.




It's got a passage in there full fucking stop.




I've mostly seen catholics vs protestant shitposting. While their position on the issue is in line with what you describe, I feel you exaggerate somewhat. Anyway, the KJV is the only translation out there.


If you're looking for a personal army against your annoying friend, /baphomet/ or /leftypol/ may be more your speed.


>not archiving




A passage composed of multiple parts that everyone ignores. Like a sign that says "No food, no open alcohol containers, no bicycles, no skateboards"; and then you go around with food and an open beer, on a bicycle, screaming at everyone on a skateboard that you see, pointing out the sign and that they're breaking the rules.

I guarantee you're wearing blended fabric right now.



The following is only my opinion. Leviticus was a list of societal rules, and the society which used them thought, "These are our laws, and we are Godly people, thus these must be God's laws."



It's possible. Surely any REAL God wouldn't be such a retard as to not understand the benefits of crop rotation.


File: abb9d22286a9f72⋯.png (160.84 KB, 500x497, 500:497, heh (2).PNG)


"It's got a passage in there full fucking stop."

Point to the stutter or stfu forever.

>I guarantee you're wearing blended fabric right now.

>He thinks I'm religious.



If you're not religious then you can't quote Leviticus to say why homosexuality is wrong. If you are, then you're being a hypocrite for failing to follow ALL the tenets.

Either way, you lose, fucko.



Christians don't have to follow ceremonial law, only moral law, and the ceremonial laws were (well, not moral laws) for distinction between neighboring groups and for caste identification within them. the mixed fabrics thing is because at the time only a priest's robe could be mixed, but you could still wear different articles made of different fabrics (i.e a cotton turtleneck, silk boxers, and wool sweatpants) whereas homosexual sex violated moral law (a coupling unfit for the purpose of man and woman as given by God).



How does Leviticus differentiate between ceremonial and moral law? It certainly doesn't seem to denote the one about homosexuality as being different.



>No! You don't understand. The rule about skateboarders is MORE IMPORTANT than those other rules!

>Yes, I know it doesn't actually say that, but you just have to trust me on this. I KNOW GOD'S WILL!!



>If you're not religious then you can't quote Leviticus to say why homosexuality is wrong.

1. That isn't what I even said, I said you can't be a fag and a christian.

2. I don't need the bibble to tell me why the gays need to be eliminated.



>gays need to be eliminated

Don't cut yourself on that edge, Shadow.



>Compose 2-3% of the population.

>Have over 50% of the HIV cases.

>Have over 80% of the Syphilis cases.

>80% have a STD period.

>Most abuse the adoptive children they get, to the point where over half are depressed.

>Make up almost half of the child predators.

<It's edgy to say they need to be eliminated.

It's called common sense which isn't so common anymore it seems.


File: 0eb7fc9e8e2cfb6⋯.png (7.21 KB, 1320x115, 264:23, ss (2018-11-10 at 06.09.08….png)

spotted this today


futa, herm, and cuntboy are slurs now



I've been seeing that for a while now, it's pretty retarded how trannies project themselves onto this shit, but that's not nearly as stupid as-

>dislikes "zoophilia"

>gets off to dog knots

The absolute state of this fucking fandom...



Uh... I hate to break it to you, but... this miiiight not be your kind of board.



You're not allowed to have a vulva as a guy if you're not willing to culturally appropriate trans the experiences and hardships of men assigned female at birth :^)



>Look at all these statistics I pulled out of my ass!

Nobody is impressed.


Furry fandom cringe is when you realize that free speech does not exist in the fandom.

Stating you simply dislike fetishes is considered hate speech and you are either expected to apologize & draw that fetish as atonement, or potentially be actually banned by site staff over it because people complained.

While you're not automatically exempt from the consequences of what you say, the fact people who hold these views are effectively not even allowed to say what's on their minds anymore means your fandom can fucking die already.

Cub fans often pretend to be oppressed yet are the biggest harassers and troublemakers, usually getting their way in the end by running anti-cub people out of "their" fandom. The only "oppression" they suffer is websites banning cub because of legal definitions of pedophilia yet they can still get easy access to it on other sites while the owners of these sites still openly express that they think pedophilia is acceptable and will actually ban people for not liking cub and completely ignoring reports of harassment filed against cub fans.



>What you gonna do about it stick shift?

Disgaree with you. That alone makes you hypochristian slowflakes madder than anything else. You can't stand not being agreed with, because you're an always wrong bitch.

BTW, gamergate wa snot about video games(didnd't start when Gerstmann was fired) and Adam Baldwin is a failed d-lister.



pedophilla is never acceptable i hope it never gains traction in the US and is made illegal. gay rights are ok molesting children or anyone under 18 if your over 18 is a mental disorder.


File: ca1361e933f9104⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 207x253, 9:11, 14c.jpg)


>Cub fans often pretend to be oppressed yet are the biggest harassers and troublemakers

[Citation Needed]



im gonna throw my 2 cents on it. the bible was created in a time when times were hard and laws barely existed yes religion works for some people but if you expect it to do hunkey dorey magic that defy basic science and principles then you are a slave to the system itself. money has no place in the church and churches are the biggest cash cow in the world.

the bible is fiction and was written by someone its equviliant to the adult version of a picture book its only points to live by and guide your life not something to define your whole life around like some god fearing citizen.

we all die live your life happy and wholly and stop hating on people for what they are.

afterall the main saying from jesus is love thy fellow man IE. accept everyone.

that and the bible has been translated and moved into so many different versions and the statements have dual meanings that people just choose whatever makes the more powerful and this BS.

whatever do what makes you happy but killing people and opressing people is not the way to make a united utopia of an earth.

we only have on earth stop destroying it and shitting it up and making it an unfriendly place because we have proven via elon muskt that we cannot even fucking live on mars the amount of technolgoy and years it would take to terriform a planet is in the millions of years,

look how long it took earth to go from a steaming molten pile of rock to a habital planet

f a n t a s y.






Daily reminder that gods, deities, ghosts and all that do not actually exist and all religions are a form of slavery and excuses. Bigots use "god's will" to justify their hatred of others because they are too cowardly to admit they just hate, they think "god's will" makes it moral & acceptable.



>Stating you simply dislike fetishes is considered hate speech and you are either expected to apologize & draw that fetish as atonement, or potentially be actually banned by site staff over it because people complained

People don't get banned for saying they don't care for a fetish. They get banned for shouting it as loud as possible, over and over and over, posting rants, etc. If you don't like it, blacklist it, don't draw it, and avoid people who do draw it. Don't have a daily tantrum over the fact that you and people who draw/enjoy that fetish exist on the same website and it grinds your gears. The people who get in hot water on InkBunny, for example, are ones like RoareyRaccoon, who post illustrated, politicized rants, and have a fit over anyone who disagrees (or, for that matter, anyone who says, "hey, maybe this isn't the place to bring that up.")

>free speech does not exist in the fandom

You ARE on private websites. The only thing guaranteed by our right to free speech is that the Government cannot declare certain topics treasonous. Any private place, from a restaurant to a chat room to a furry art site, is completely within their rights to disallow certain topics. That's not infringing on the right to free speech, which absolutely does not mean you can say anything you want, anywhere you want.

Oh, and...

>expected to apologize & draw that fetish as atonement

...that was out of left field. Where'd you even come up with that?


Don't worry, it's not gaining traction. If you're talking about the claim that the GLBTQ world is beginning to accept "pedosexuality" as an orientation, you need to do some reading on that. It was entirely started by a *chan board, whose posters said, basically, "Ya know how this disgusting, degenerate gay shit is being forced on us? We should shit in their Wheaties by trying to spread the message that they now support pedophilia too!" Long story short, they don't support pedophilia. At all. If you want me to do the work for you and look up the details, just say so.




do all the work for me because i am lazy




You can say that about the majority of human ideas.

Many of them are post-adhoc justifications, blatant lies, and so on. Even secularism and nihilism can be explained away as a web of circular logic intended solely to explain our short existence that won't even be a blip in the history of the endless abyss we call existence. Tell me, are you able to conclusively prove that reality even exists as more than a particularly vivid hallucination?



Violations of free speech do not cease to be so just because they are committed by a private individual or megacorps such as Google and Facebook. To truly believe otherwise demonstrates an incredible level of naivete or even outright malice toward the very concept. It isn't okay for your rights to be violated because "they're a private company and can do what they want". Perhaps you've forgotten there is nothing preventing private entities from acting as if they themselves are some sort of government, and that there are historical examples of actual megacorporation essentially ruling an entire country (The East India Company, for example). Therefore, limiting the protection of your rights from simply government abuses and nothing else is an incomprehensibly stupid idea. Don't mistake my disdain for corporations as an endorsement of communist/socialist politics however, as governments are even more incompetent and willing to abuse their power.

>If you're talking about the claim that the GLBBQ world is beginning to accept "pedosexuality" as an orientation, you need to do some reading on that.

>It was entirely started by a *chan board

Unfortunately, as much as I wish /pol/ had made that up- it's simply not the case. They can take credit for making news outlets and left-wing activists think milk and the ok sign are symbols of white supremacy. You have to remember, we live in a world where the number of scoops of ice cream a public figure has somehow became worthy of news coverage.



Religion is an institutionalized version of this, deliberately manufactured for the subjugation of the poor and stupid masses, though.





Can't tell if real or imposter.



thank you, DarkShadowFox few are brave enough to say this



>"I have ZERO tolerance for zoophilia"

>Has pics of feral birds having sex with anthros in his favorites

Also, I'm pretty sure there's a gay lion rape pic somewhere


File: aaa38a3d25be03d⋯.png (583.92 KB, 1460x527, 1460:527, big anime tiddies bad, ped….PNG)

File: a65c5a518fc65f2⋯.mp4 (12.1 MB, 854x480, 427:240, TEDX_pro-pedos.mp4)


You could've at least tried to disprove me (which you can't) and actually move the conversation in some direction.



Let me refer you back to my "I don't need the bibble to tell me why the gays need to be eliminated." comment.


You know you people really miss out on a lot of money not charging rent.

>Adam Baldwin

Are you actually trying to have a point or just wildly throwing to see what sticks?


>Unfortunately, as much as I wish /pol/ had made that up- it's simply not the case.

To add onto and back this up.


>Tell me, are you able to conclusively prove that reality even exists as more than a particularly vivid hallucination?

Are you able to prove it's a particularly vivid hallucination?



>Here's some shit about pedophiles that prove how bad gays are!!

Meanwhile, here's some information about nuclear war to prove how bad furries are.

Also, "eliminated"? Are you fucking serious? You're a fat ugly basement-dwelling retard on a fucking imageboard who doesn't have the balls to "eliminate" a housefly, much less raise even a single of his fat greasy fingers to change the world. All you can do is bitch and complain on the internet about all the things you don't like in the world, powerless to do a fucking thing about it. You're a useless cunt of a human being who will amount to absolutely nothing, guaranteed. When you die, you'll leave behind nothing more than a pile of garbage and bad memories.

It's people like you who need to be eliminated. Not because of how you were born, but because of what you choose to do.



I'll have to disagree, different opinions have far more of a negative effect on you and your ilk.


You seem to know a lot about being a "fat basement dwelling retard", you speak from personal experience I presume? Know this, while you whine about someone having a "bad" opinion on something you clearly care a lot about- that person is probably out there right now being the catalyst for the change they wish to see. You won't stop them by epic owning them on a board with 10 to 20 people max, since your virtue signaling about how much of a gay ally you are will only reach the ears of a few.



did not write that.



i wrote all that.



File: 587339b6da7151e⋯.mp4 (140.62 KB, 496x278, 248:139, invincible.mp4)


i wrote everything but the gas the jews BS. its some political ex worker i definetly know who is writing all this shit about me, he was a political anti nazi hunter who has a huge egotysicaly complex.

I have nothing against any races. the only thing i do have a problem with is white supremacy and nazis and pedophiles and zoophiles despite the zoos best attempt to make me look worse then them kiwifarms is just steamrolling them everytime they push one.

this is the last time i post here because the internet trolls want to make me look as bad as possible when i get a postive or end it thinking its funny.

well its really not, i have a life to live and no matter what you do neilzars going to be a sex offender.

kero will be charged with animal abuse, the zoophiles in kiwifarms will be investigated for animal abuse nothing the zoo community can do to me will stop the internet from breaking them apart and holding those accountable/ outing the people responsible.


stop using my fucking name to post your white supremacy bullshit nobody fucking cares about your nazi crap, grow up because im gonna give you a history lesson.

you need to be blond and blue eyed and of pure german heritage to be a nazi.

i bet if 100% of the nazis traced there heritage back they would not be 100% white. a little bit of german in you does not allow you to be racists towards others.

we have more important problems like our fucking planet dying and a whole terrorist group trying to kill us yes including nazis to control the world.

ISIS there the new nazis, so keep your nazi political crap off my name.

or ill let kiwifarms know about more of your nazi furry bretheran.


stop posing as me to push your nazi agenda or ill pull my strings and pull the hammer on you, ive already snipped your IPs from hacking into my phone twice regardless if they are not yours i can have people look into it

that is a threat and the police are watching your little fandom.



File: 81d1d377b543383⋯.png (465.01 KB, 640x788, 160:197, fags_aids.png)


>Here's some shit about pedophiles that prove how bad gays are!!

Actually read my comment and see who I'm talking to before you run your cock sucker, though since you want pics here's ya one.

>Are you fucking serious?

Yes as I highlighted my reasons here >>87673 they do nothing but carry and spread disease while also screwing up kids they get into contact with.

>on a fucking imageboard

You do realize you're on an imageboard as well right?

>It's people like you who need to be eliminated. Not because of how you were born, but because of what you choose to do.

Right back at ya fag.


File: db4470a1621e2d2⋯.png (949.57 KB, 900x771, 300:257, 1542232765.chotpot_felix-r….png)



Uncanny how all leftyfur millennials draw in that exact same style.




i started noticing that this style is like a throwback to sparkledog shit from years ago



>25 years old

obvious lie, he has to be 15



Yeah, mentally


This thread is very meta.



>Implying a bunch of dead Boomer faggots has any bearing on our lives

This is like claiming that Europeans having the plague back in the middle ages means we should genocide the white race right now.

Where do you think STDs come from? Do you think being a homosexual just makes them spring up inside their bodies out of thin air? Even if every single member but one of [insert demographic here] is [insert bad thing here] it DOES NOT GIVE YOU REASON to discriminate on that one last person! That's irrational behavior (not to mention paranoia). That's still persecuting someone based on assuming an unknown. It's typical behavior by an ignorant fool who cannot be bothered to educate himself about reality. It's running scared from every single snake because you can't tell the difference between the venomous ones and the safe ones.

That's you, the scared little kid running from snakes. You can't tell the difference between gays that are sluts and have lots of STDs from the ones who are monogamous and clean, and that SCARES YOU, so you decided to hate on all of them just to "be safe". It's pathetic.

Aside from that, the only way a homosexual having AIDS could ever affect you is if you had sex with them or did drugs with them. Is there something you want to share with the class, anon...?




Wow, we know youre gay, but no one would have thought you'd be this much of a faggot.


>Even if every single member but one of [insert demographic here] is [insert bad thing here] it DOES NOT GIVE YOU REASON to discriminate on that one last person!

>That's irrational behavior (not to mention paranoia)

If all but one are guaranteed to be doing something objectively wrongor harmful to others, because who knows when one of those "MORALITY IS SUBJECTIVE SO I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH NO REGARDS TO THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS" faggots will come along from the kero thread or the zoo boards, then that doesn't really sound irrational.



>Do you think being a homosexual just makes them spring up inside their bodies out of thin air? Well damn.

If that was how they got STDs it'd be kinda hard to hold it against them.

Something completely out of their control like that?

Instead it's something entirely avoidable that they either refuse to do or in some cases outright chase after.

>You can't tell the difference between gays that are sluts and have lots of STDs from the ones who are monogamous and clean, and that SCARES YOU

Italics works much better for emphasis, just sayin'.

>so you decided to hate on all of them just to "be safe". It's pathetic.

How is hating on a whole group because of what the majority does surprising to you?

I mean hell, this is a fur board.

The fandom has been dealing with that exact same blanket stereotyping for years, and it happens for completely understandable reasons.

How is this fear anyway?

That's like taunting someone for being afraid to stick their hand in a variety box of pissed off snakes because only most of them are venomous and can kill.

It's not "paranoia" to avoid playing when the odds are stacked that high against you.



The difference is, the gay community is vastly different now than it was in the 1970s and 1980s. It moved ahead. Your opinions stayed behind-- proudly, it would seem.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, it got even more bareback-fucking aids carriers.



>all but one are guaranteed

There are no guarantees. Going all "every fag has AIDS!" or "every nigger wants to kill whites!" is nothing more than paranoia. And pointless paranoia, because as said, it does not affect their lives. Ever.


As soon as you stick your hand in a box full of gays, let me know. Otherwise your analogy is fucking garbage.

And it was NEVER a majority. That's shitty statistics. Same as the whole bit about the average homosexual having 1000 sex partners or something. Read by people who don't understand the difference between an average and a median or mode, and made worse by the people who made those statistics (with a clear agenda) and didn't bother removing outliers. Couldn't take the chance that the public wouldn't be duped when the point was to dupe them, eh?

Oh, and there's more straight people with HIV than gays. Just so you know.


All the internet has done is shed light on those few retards among us. Or are you going to let one furfag who is an admitted zoophile speak for what you do, just because he went on public record saying he fucks dogs?


File: 5589efbdd878800⋯.png (117.23 KB, 851x1050, 851:1050, homoaids1430116110635.png)

File: 662fc8da6ed93bb⋯.png (162.05 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, why we should send the bla….png)




Thanks for dealing with the fag(s) while I was away.


>You can't tell the difference between gays that are sluts and have lots of STDs from the ones who are monogamous and clean

The problem is MOST gays are the sluts with like 20 different kinds of STDs for every clean monogamous one.

>and that SCARES YOU

As if that's a bad thing to be afraid of a portion of the population that carries and spreads dread diseases and likes molesting children.

>the only way a homosexual having AIDS could ever affect you is if you had sex with them or did drugs with them

There's way more than that as looking through basic medical safety and the bug chaser set have helpfully highlighted fag.


>There are no guarantees.

That's why you always gear things in your favor "If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck" this applies to so goddamn many things (even ones that aren't conflict related) it isn't even funny.

>Going all "every fag has AIDS!" or "every nigger wants to kill whites!"

Doesn't matter if every single fag has AIDS or every nigger wants to kill whites the effects are the same.

>because as said, it does not affect their lives. Ever.

Only because they're extremely small minorities (in the case of THE GAY COMMUNITY) or minority (in the case of the Wakandans) you let these groups increase in number they will destroy everything.

>Oh, and there's more straight people with HIV than gays. Just so you know.

1. There's WAY more straights than gays PERIOD.

2. Most of those are black.

>Or are you going to let one furfag who is an admitted zoophile speak for what you do

It's funny some of the furries try to say "certain people in this community need to go because of their sexual interests being damaging" but all they get back is "but the furry community will die if we get rid of people into those things".

Also good luck getting the gays or blacks to do the same to their group, the only ones that ever say "maybe the problems we face are our own doing" are ignored by the majority if it's some nobody or (((coincidentally))) get every allegation under the sun thrown at them if they have an ounce of notoriety.



This is actually hilarious



Those images make me sad, and now I'm curious how the numbers might have changed since they're not particularly recent.

If they somehow managed to get worse I'll be simultaneously impressed and depressed.



>MOST gays are the sluts with like 20 different kinds of STDs

[citation needed]

>and likes molesting children

[citation needed]

And you accuse others of making shit up. That's funny.


I once did some math on the numbers after seeing a similar list of statistics as this one, and the rate of new HIV infections attributed to homosexuals, if charted on a graph, exceeded the actual number of homosexuals that would be born considering commonly-accepted rates of homosexuality in the population. You see, the numbers are different because they're using completely different terminology. Note how it says "MSM", which stands for "men who have sex with men". Not homosexuals. In fact, the largest group of HIV+ people are self-declared bisexual men. Not homosexuals. They're textbook "depraved bisexuals" that fuck anything with a hole in it. Think of any famous "gay" from history (say: Freddie Mercury because the movie just came out); all were bisexual or pansexual or whatever you call it when the person is an unrestrained slut. Most homosexuals, by comparison, are monogamous, similar by rate to heterosexuals. But you don't see statistics on this because that's not how the CDC does things; they're concerned only with vectors, not sociology. If an otherwise straight men in the study got prison-raped and got HIV from it, he'd be shoved into the MSM umbrella. How sensible is that?

But you so often see people like this guy folding them into the "gay" label for convenience of advancing their agenda. Kinda like how they do with pedophiles or whatever else. A male child molester who molests a boy is gay... even if he also molested girls. It's easy to point fingers at a group for being evil when you falsely redefine the group to contain evil people to begin with.

To put a racial bent with it, consider how many "races" are under the white umbrella. They include many types of Europeans and those of mixed-race as white, so long as they look white enough, just so they can claim a demographic majority. But as soon as one of them commits a serious media-worthy crime, they excise them from the group, call him an "Italian" or a "third-generation Mexican" or whatever else, to deny the idea that the white race has any criminals in it. They're trying to have it both ways. Same thing is going on here. They say that bisexuals are homosexuals to inflate the number of those who have HIV, and then REMOVE the bisexuals to say that the number of homosexuals is only about 2% of the population (if you include every level of bisexual it would be closer to 5% or even 8%). See? It's shuffling statistical pieces on the board around to "prove" whatever talking point they want to, in order to justify the biases that they already had. Nobody is ever convinced of anything by these silly little infographics; they're made by people who already "know" things, in order to circlejerk with the like-minded about how bad these people are that they already hate. It's unbelievably pathetic, but that's imageboards for you.



>Nobody is ever convinced of anything by these silly little infographics

I hope everyone is convinced. Test whether you or your partner has HIV before fucking. Build a record.Your ignorance of real victims from this modern plague is sickening and almost normalizes third degree murder.

What makes you define the terms that gay men don't include gay men that also fuck women on the side? All most people are concerned with is whether a man is fucking a man. Because that's how diseases spread (rupturing of the anus). Bisexuals that spread HIV are even worse, because they spread it to women, who can 1/5 spread it to their children.

> to deny the idea that the white race has any criminals in it

Most white supremacists don't consider mixed races white at all. Ever. Not even positively. Their entire premise that white people are a true minority hinges on this, because they proclaim white race % is fucked with by including hispanics in the polling. With an added running joke how MSM recolors mugshots of hispanics to look bleached white for their press releases.

The prisoner thing may have to do with how black and hispanic people declare themselves white believing in a lighter penalty doing so. Pay those public mugshot sites a visit for a hearthy laugh at the mongrels.

You don't have to mess with statistics to show that the act of sticking your penis inside a non-HIV-tested promiscuous male is A Really Stupid Idea. Instead of promoting ignorance of reality, promote awareness so gay and bisexual men can enjoy sex safely. This favors everyone's causes.



>Test whether you or your partner has HIV before fucking

Of course. But pretending like "lol, only fags and nigs get HIV" is a huge reason why there's so many straight people getting it, too. There's tons of men that think if you only fuck girls, or only fuck whites, you can't ever get HIV or that the chances are so low they don't need to bother having their partner tested or use condoms.

Having sex with anyone who is promiscuous is "A Really Stupid Idea" whether they're gay or straight or anything else. Full fucking stop. Just handwaving it to "oh, let's just consider literally every homosexual to be a diseased slut, just to be safe" accomplishes NOTHING.


File: 62fed6df205a124⋯.png (847.8 KB, 943x900, 943:900, pajeet furry.png)

So it begins.



>There's tons of men that think if you only fuck girls, or only fuck whites, you can't ever get HIV or that the chances are so low they don't need to bother having their partner tested or use condoms.

Cool, let the idiots dumb enough to think that makes sense off themselves.


>see new fave notification

>go to their page to thank them

>they're a fan of Kayla-Na

>feel disgusted that someone with such shit taste in terrible people looked at my stuff too, refuse to thank them

Does the FA block system still prevent blocked users from faving your stuff, or did they wimp out and revert that?



But even the tests don't mean much since it can take MONTHS after infection for it to test positive.

Such tests do not check for the presence of the bacteria/virus in the blood, they test for the presence of antibodies that fight it. This is why false negatives are easy to see with anything that the body has a delayed reaction to. This means even if they show you fresh test results that they are clean, it means little if they got it a week ago.

Relying on condoms is also pretty risky, sure it lowers the chance of infection but even the tiniest hole can let the stuff through and they can also rip. They are not 100% reliable even to this day.

Think sticking to virgins is the answer? Did they have a blood transfusion or receive even one unit of whole blood? Even with screenings there's still that off chance those donated samples might be infected yet show negative due to the testing methods being so flawed. And their answer? "Durr well the gays might have it more so we won't take blood from gays but everyone else is free to give" and BTW they often merely take someone's word at donation. I would not be surprised if the rate of people getting all sorts of illnesses from blood at hospitals is growing.



>Implying that people who get HIV die instantly

First of all, you missed my point entirely. Second, remember the old adage: when you have sex with someone, you have sex with everyone they had sex with, and everyone those people had sex with, etc.. If you fuck a girl who isn't a virgin, it's practically a guarantee that SOMEWHERE down that line one of those "idiots" will pop up. Now everyone has AIDS. Good job.


If you read the history, you'll see that research into treatments for AIDS was blocked at first because it was just "a gay problem". It took years for them to figure out that it was actually an immunosuppressant virus, because they didn't bother to look. The prevailing theory (and the origin of the term GRIDS) at the time was that having lots of sex somehow caused the body's immune system to shut down of its own accord, and that slowing down with the fucking (but not necessarily stopping) would allow things to go back to normal. Nobody gave a shit because it was just gays, so research was shelved; the idea that it was a disease transmittable in a single sexual encounter, or by blood, wasn't considered until HIV was discovered (which also led to the invention of the more-correct blanket term AIDS). Later, drugs that might have been effective were denied a wide release because they were still doing "trials", funding for some were cut to focus on ones that didn't work (causing the other's prices to skyrocket to the point that literally nobody could afford them). The epidemic may have been contained if action had been taken swiftly, but it wasn't, and so spread everywhere to every demographic. They only switched tactics once it started killing off straight people, too.

It took like thirty years, but they finally got smart. Instead of bashing their faces against the wall trying to develop a "total cure" to the exclusion of all else, they started making preventative medications. Now there are drugs that lower your risk for contracting HIV, which adds another layer of protection in case condoms fail. And before you say "b-but that's just going to make things worse because now people that weren't going to have sex because their partner has AIDS will!" consider that it's completely impossible to stop people from having sex. Ever. It's why states that practice "abstinence only" sex-ed have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy. Doing SOMETHING is always going to be better than doing NOTHING.

Also, antiretroviral treatments have gotten so good that people with HIV often lower their blood viral loads to "undetectable" levels. It's not just that they live longer, it's that they become nearly incapable of passing on HIV in the first place. They should still be using protection just in case, but if they won't do it either way, lowering the possibility of transmission is better than just slut-shaming them and throwing up your hands in defeat. Who is the bigger idiot? The one going around infecting people, or the one who could stop them from doing so but chooses not to out of spite?

Also, bugchasing isn't "spreading". That's propaganda. Just because the internet exists and has given a public forum to the people doing it, whereas before there was not, doesn't mean it's new. When AIDS first started, it really WAS widespread; gays at the time regarded it as an inevitability, like a death-sentence that could come at any day and eventually would. Because the culture at the time denied them the possibility of any semblance of a normal life, like having kids or a family or being accepted in the world, their only choice was to burn bright in their youth and then die. They had nothing to live for but their sad hedonism, because other choices were kept from them. Whether it was by AIDS or drugs or suicide, belief that nobody would make it far past age 30 (the real origin of the "gay death" meme) prevailed. Since the incubation time from first contraction for HIV to develop into full-blown AIDS and kill someone was a decade long or more, getting it over with just meant a guarantee of death while still in their prime, while changing nothing at first but giving that horrible "peace of mind".

In the last ten years, Western society on the matter has changed. Now gays can have a family and a relatively normal life; there is a reason to live and so hardly anyone really wants to get HIV anymore. Even more so because it's no longer a death-sentence; it's a disease that only kills if you stop taking medication, almost like as if type-1 diabetes were an STD that didn't show symptoms for the first ten years. And what is the result? New HIV infections are decreasing rapidly.

So why do so many bigots want to go backwards? Take away their medication and let them die...? Okay, but since it takes 15 years for them to die you're just going to get a lot more AIDS spreading around. Is that what you want, or are you just ignorant about the reality?


File: 3c81c656b9d5d56⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1285x1808, 1285:1808, pol will never love you.png)


As far as ratios it's probably the same since I've seen no newer infographs to tip me off to any changes.

Though we've now got things like 8 year old crossdressers/trannies so it could be far worse, and I'm not really interested in looking in that horrible abyss.


>What is hyperbole of a very real problem THE GAY COMMUNITY has.

Let's refer back to the image in my post here >>88045 not a damn thing has changed in THE GAY COMMUNITY between now and then, only medicine has got better so those disease carriers can live rather then die like they should/did.

>You just made that up.

While I'll admit I forget where I put the infograph on the 40% figure I originally listed to pull the source from, basic math dictates it would be around 50% straight 50% gay since boys and girls are predated on about the same by men and women last I heard.

So you're wanting to argue against a figure that actually goes in YOUR favor for a less accurate and considerate figure.


>In fact, the largest group of HIV+ people are self-declared bisexual men. Not homosexuals. They're textbook "depraved bisexuals" that fuck anything with a hole in it.

>Most homosexuals, by comparison, are monogamous, similar by rate to heterosexuals.

I've been waiting for a chance to use this.

>But you don't see statistics on this because that's not how the CDC does things; they're concerned only with vectors, not sociology.

Because I just can't see how social interactions would be important to know in a social species.

>They include many types of Europeans and those of mixed-race as white, so long as they look white enough, just so they can claim a demographic majority.

Whites are European full stop.

> call him an "Italian"

That's D&C.

> or a "third-generation Mexican"

While technically Mexicans have Spanish in them, it's diluted to background noise.

>or whatever else to deny the idea that the white race has any criminals in it.

Oh like you're doing for THE GAY COMMUNITY?

>homosexuals is only about 2% of the population (if you include every level of bisexual it would be closer to 5% or even 8%)

A difference of 3-6% totally disproves my point (PROTIP: it doesn't).



That's not how HIV works you dumb nignog, those idiots will spread it around without even realizing long before they notice something is wrong.




That's just because a lot of Tumblr is trolls roleplaying as gay, trans, etc. trolling each other back and forth.



Then the people that fucked them without getting them tested are just as stupid.



>not a damn thing has changed in THE GAY COMMUNITY between now and then

>I know this because I haven't found more recent infographics

>All Europeans are white, no exceptions

Okay, now I know you're shitposting.


File: cd49c94488fb439⋯.png (305.97 KB, 720x540, 4:3, oldass pic.png)

File: 5e621075abb0bd3⋯.png (578.3 KB, 750x747, 250:249, slaanesh.png)

File: bd7a76fba140eed⋯.png (504.5 KB, 852x805, 852:805, WITS.png)

File: 2fbeaf7359b018b⋯.png (67.95 KB, 926x522, 463:261, GTD chart.png)


Don't care about the reasons, posted it because of the /pol/ /lgbt/ interaction in response to him claiming fags are monogamous.


>Chopping comments I've made up and putting them together in a fashion I never said them in.

How leftist of you.

It's quite cute how you have to take a statement about how in DECADES nothing has changed in THE GAY COMMUNITY, and combine it with a statement about YEARS in regards to infographs (which are a fairly new thing).

Hell the oldest pic I have is this scene of some mountains in the fall taken in 1989 that I saved from an anon that posted on here (as in 8chan, the exact board I don't remember).

As I said to the person I was replying to I'm not interested in regularly looking around for updated data on THE GAY COMMUNITY's exploits partly because things are only getting worse hence my "horrible abyss." mention and (((cohencidentally))) things that show more refined data get significantly less refined or completely shut down.

Now before you have an autistic shitfit I'm not claiming fags are terrorists but this is just a handy example of how finding data for things are now and how older data has to be used in it's stead.

WITS was the old terrorism database/tracking system we had till it was replaced by GTD in 2012, notice all the data WITS has then compare it to GTD, it's just a line graph with only 3 things poorly tracked.

(Political shitposting.)


File: 54c5079a0c7055c⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, unknown.png)



>I don't have any information about the time period before my Totally Sourced and Vetted Infographics (TM) but fags never changed

>I know this because a bunch of Very Smart People (TM) have told me about how things were, decades before I was born

>Of course I believe them because people don't lie on the internet, right...?

You're an idiot. Plain and simple. You've been on /pol/ so fucking long that you actually believe that nonsense is the real truth, like Flat Earthers really believe that world ain't round if they read enough "scientific evidence" that supposedly proves it. Tell me. How long did you suck Trump's dick like everyone else before being you figured out (oh wait, sorry, before you WERE TOLD) that he's not on your side? Because I'm betting it was at least a full year. None of you retards can think for yourselves. It's just one giant circlejerk by a bunch of cowardly pathetic idiots larping as Internet Tough Guys while in reality cowering in their mothers basement and maybe, sometimes, calling a black guy a nigger in a strained whisper when you pass him on the street, after he's a hundred yards out of earshot.

Why are you so threatened by homosexuals, anyway? Honestly curious. Because unlike Jews or blacks or terrorist Muslims or whatever else, gays don't actually affect your life or your society one bit. You get yourself infected by AIDS, that's your fault; you let your kids be indoctrinated by strawman liberal public education, that's your fault; you get pissed off because they made up a gay superhero, that's your fault. So what's your beef? Do you even have one, or is this just you carrying on a crusade that you were told to do by your wannabe-Nazi friends, and like a good bitch you took those infographics and obeyed?

(Political shitposting.)



Holy shit, this is some copypasta tier ass mad. Why do furfags get so angry anyways?



He's mad because hillary lost.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm fairly sure this was on TV. If anything deserves a big of embarrassment by proxy it's this.




This goes way beyond cringe and actually becomes comedy fucking gold. Thought it wouldn't get good after the first photo but

FUCK. Thanks for the fantastic read.


File: f8ec3a64c5e2c5d⋯.png (3.85 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Where_do_you_think_we_are.png)

File: 3bf85f489155c96⋯.webm (685.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, don't interact with them..webm)


>Well what about before. X2

Once again let's refer back to an earlier post >>88045 either THE GAY COMMUNITY is the exact same or worse take your pick.


So infographs are now ANCAP?

>if they read enough "scientific evidence" that supposedly proves it.

Ah so science only goes in your side's favor, anything that doesn't paint the rosiest picture of something you care about is automatically false because it's some "bad" ism or phobia.

>cowering in their mothers basement.

I've got just the pic for this.

>Why are you so threatened by homosexuals, anyway?

I've already told you why, multiple times infact.

I don't have to personally be effected by them to have issue with them, I can look at statistics and see that they cause an inordinate amount of entirely preventable problems.

>Well it's YOUR fault if it happens to you.

It's funny how that works, if something bad happens to you because of a group "It's your fault" but if you insulate yourself from that same group "you're a bigot".

Either way I don't interact with them and if the matter comes up I warn others about them.

(Political Shitposting)


File: 92af69cb6c5474a⋯.png (4.58 MB, 2056x9512, 257:1189, Original_Content.png)


>5 or 6 traced assets and the collage of the anons who pieced it back together? Pretty sure it was a zootopia thing

Found it. The proverbial rabbit hole went pretty deep on that one.


File: ba9c5b829c8e05d⋯.jpg (101.2 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1491316127.brallion_134370….jpg)


File: 987938636c93548⋯.jpg (261.12 KB, 1414x900, 707:450, Titosuit.jpg)

Can’t forget this classic


File: 9c699b4ae29b5a2⋯.png (93.58 KB, 1853x608, 1853:608, screenshot-comments.devian….png)

File: 17aaaa305572f8a⋯.png (81.45 KB, 937x448, 937:448, screenshot-www.deviantart.….png)

File: 0b98a2e8b7ae4dc⋯.png (72.69 KB, 1564x336, 391:84, screenshot-www.deviantart.….png)


File: 088041fa4ec170c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 174.37 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2018-06-12-15h45m0….png)


Even the sparkledog shit was better





gamer of corse


File: e1c79a92d7c34ff⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 100.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2018-06-12-15h47m4….png)



>using tik tok

>being such a normie that you can't post anything but the lowest hanging fruit


File: 669a4b7cbc9e6e9⋯.jpg (166.3 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1531013138408.jpg)


I remember this faggot, he went on full autismo mode on inkbunny for breaking the no-human rule.

Basically he started a rant saying he was suing inkbunny for deleting his works and the next day he was banned



he should have been banned a long time ago. in 2015 he wrote a bunch of journals about how he was going to commit suicide via cop by calling 911 and stabbing every emergency respondent to death till they kill him back.

greenreaper skims all journals that get posted and i guess he missed some goldmines.



Ouch. And his other complaint was easy-to-solve: he could have gone off to HicceArs or Pixiv. But noooo, he had to have a bitchfit about GreenReaper instead-- who, I think, does a fine job. But I guess GreenReaper is an asshole for not allowing humans. LOL



Honestly, it looks so stupid that it's almost cute.



File: 667c31932c35c81⋯.jpg (23.93 KB, 327x337, 327:337, Miku.jpg)


>shorts are self-made with a pocket dimension to hold his genitals at any size


Found this eyesore today. Artist doesn't even link the person who actually commissioned this.


>Has an unusual focus for a sister.

>Character "works" for said sister rather than go out on his own, pointedly works "part time" most likely due to commitment issues

>Character "served" in a reputable service like the army, so you can't make fun of him or you hate veterans.

>A junk that size and he expects people to believe he'd ever be enlisted

>Enjoys bladed weapons yet has a monsterously sized junk that'd be extremely painful were something to nick it. Not to mention the look of strain on the scrotum looks like it'd tear itself apart with it's own weight were there a small cut.

>Convenient "pocket dimension" and a "charm" because can't commit to having a hyper character


>Only wants submissive women and wants a harem.

Yeesh this dude must have serious issues going on if this is his self-insert.


File: c4bb100c511fc97⋯.png (1003.9 KB, 1940x1433, 1940:1433, ClipboardImage.png)



>Sister has the same slender body, with giant breasts

>Breasts are able to grow to be larger than her entire body

>Always lactating

>Also has a charm, which can reduce her breast size

>"Likes men with 3-foor-long, 6-inch-wide cocks with ground-dragging balls." In other words, just her brother

>Don't forget a shared tragic past!


Tbh, some of the things you call "Cringe" are actually jokes but you don't realize it. Like, a thread ago there was a weird drawing of a furry/fidget spinner thing, and when the spinner was spun the dog cock would cum. That was meant as a joke, I later found other things by the artist that were tolerable. So, just double-check. I love mocking other people, but you gotta make sure.


File: e83fe73c299bbb1⋯.jpg (304.92 KB, 2717x3307, 2717:3307, 594a697d32dec73ef7181f7b98….jpg)


File: 9960197677b2427⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1280x1032, 160:129, ClipboardImage.png)

Adoptables need to fucking end.



Isn't that the cock-demon from SMT?



Nope, that one makes sense.

This one is pure wtf.



I remember the fidget spinner. Yep, it was drawn with the intention of being cringey.


Please tell me that's not a real adoptable. Please.


File: ec12bb52033744f⋯.jpg (134.81 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 8f02849a0af313097963b1ecd4….jpg)


>3rd pic

I recognize that bulge!


File: 066629dff4a4520⋯.png (772.82 KB, 600x843, 200:281, 1347846859123.png)


>make a fetish vehicle

>try to give it a backstory to make it an actual character



>Pocket dimension for oversized genitals

>Still somehow has a huge bulge in the front.

At this point just make him a shapeshifter with a fetish for size. That's way less retarded than balls with more mass than the body attached and special pants.



the bulge is the pocket dimension, anon



Still not as bad as the bear with the rainbow ass.



I say this one is twenty times worse.


Okay, okay, I got one, and it's a doozy. I've posted this a few places before. A close friend got a note via Gchat from some random guy, who wanted to chat. He's straight as an arrow. Talking about or seeing furry art of non-straight stuff doesn't bother him, but he has limits. Here's the chat log, with a few bits of commentary I added. The name the guy used (here modified a bit) was ditched several years ago, hopefully due to maturity.

Some other research on him revealed the following: despite having admitted elsewhere to recently discovering creepypastas and reading only a few, he seemed to have his OOC/IC lines blurred and talked as though he was actually a god tasked with overseeing all creepypastas. You know that theory that all fiction ever created exists in some other dimension...? Yeah...

>the-creepypasta-deity: Um hello can we rp?

>friend: As long as no sex is involved, I suppose so.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Aww OK. I guess I could use some practice with sfw stuff

>friend: Please understand, I'm a married (species), I won't cheat on my wife.

(His main OC is indeed married to another OC of his. He's being silly because of the "hi can we fuck?" attitude this nut has)

>the-creepypasta-deity: …… What? I thought we were talking mod to mod

>friend: We were, I just briefly changed to IC. :P Sorry

>the-creepypasta-deity: Please if you could rp as a (species) that I can do nsfw stuff with. I just get so confused and stuff when I don't get nsfw stuff

>friend: I'm sorry, but I don't do nsfw stuff with strangers. We'll have to get to know each other better before I can do that.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Ok lets do that

>friend: Heh, it's okay. So who are you, either mod or character wise?

>the-creepypasta-deity: What do you mean?

>friend: Just who you are. I know nothing about you.

>the-creepypasta-deity: I'm afraid I can't tell you that because it will scare you off

>friend: That's no good. I can't imagine what you could possibly be like that's worse than the penis golems people try to get me to draw as a furry artist.

>the-creepypasta-deity: …..what the fuck…. Ya know what no

>friend: My life is very weird. xD

>the-creepypasta-deity: I don't want to know

>friend: You certainly don't!

>the-creepypasta-deity: Try being the lord of all creepypastas

>friend: Even the Sonic ones?

>the-creepypasta-deity: ….. I'm sorry did I say all? I'm pretty sure that means all

>friend: Oh boy. That actually sounds kind of cool. I have a pal who loves creepypastas.

>the-creepypasta-deity: OK well I would rather not talk about my job right now. So….

>friend: So what else?

>the-creepypasta-deity: Idk what else do you want to know?

>friend: What your hobbies are, what can your character actually do, how old you are, that kind of stuff



>the-creepypasta-deity: I like to play skyrim. He can do just about anything. He's a god! I'm 15 IRL. Don't judge me. OK…

>friend: I couldn't judge a 15 y/o.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Why? How old are you?

>friend: Twice as much. And I remember when I was 15, so I know it isn't exactly the easiest age to go through. Anything you would like to know about me or my characters?

>the-creepypasta-deity: Idk. Do you have a character that is a virgin? I could explain why its important but you will possibly throw up and cry.

>friend: I don't think so. Most of my characters are adults, so they have had their chances in the past or have stable relationships.

>the-creepypasta-deity: ….. OK just because they have had a chance to lose their virginity doesn't mean they have. There's such thing as not being a whore.

>friend: They have had their chances to lose their virginity to people they trusted and cared about. Except maybe one or two of my characters, who would probably fit your definition of "a whore".

>the-creepypasta-deity: …… I'm pretty sure I hate you right now

>friend: I'm sorry that you do. Welp, I suppose you may no longer want to befriend me. There go our RPing chances.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Listen let's assume that all your characters that aren't in a relationship are virgins OK? It just makes more sense then everyone in your universe being a stupid whore

>friend: How about those who had sex while in relationships that eventually ended?

(By now, he's not interested in even basic RP, he just wants to see more of the trainwreck)

>the-creepypasta-deity: No. Just no

>friend: Very well then, no RPing it is.

>the-creepypasta-deity: I'm trying to work out a comprise that can make this rp possible. I need some god damn cooperation from you

>friend: I'm afraid your points of view are too strict for this game to work. My characters sexual status should not be of any relevance anyway.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Just because people have had the opportunities to have sex before doesn't mean they have had sex before. Take for existence a nun. A nun has had the chance before she became a nun but guess what. She didn't do it. And that's why she is able to be a nun. She didn't have sex. Very simple.. And it is very relevant. Its gonna be nsfw isn't it? I require my mate to be a virgin at first

>friend: I'm sorry, that won't happen.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Then let's wait a day or two for the friendship to sink in a bit

>friend: Are you sure there are no other people you can RP with?

>the-creepypasta-deity: Nope

>friend: Please, I do not want to RP sex with you, nor do I want to force a friendship for that specific purpose.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Nobody else really answers because they're too busy whoring themselves out to everyone else to rp sex with. Also: Why?

>friend: Well, I only "whore myself out" to people I deeply care about, and that level of care takes a long time to develop. You can't just push it in order to get sex with someone you don't really know anything about. That would be, in fact, being a whore.

>the-creepypasta-deity: …… I'll wait and get to know you. That's the point I tried to get across before

>friend: For as many years as required?

>the-creepypasta-deity: Years?! Damn um OK sure I guess…

>friend: Very well then.


A few days later, he got another message.

>the-creepypasta-deity: I did it! I sealed the deal

>friend: Hooray!

>the-creepypasta-deity: I finally have some form of release! My balls have been aching. I just wish I had something to empty this backed up cum into so I don't have to make a huge mess. I suppose you could never help with that

>friend: I use a towel.

>the-creepypasta-deity: BTW I meant like a living thing. Like a person! You wouldn't ever help me by any chance would ya? Like in the future

>friend: I don't think I follow.

>the-creepypasta-deity: With my problem. I need a person to empty into

>friend: Well, I'm straight, so no.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Exactly as I thought. Would you happen to know someone who would help?

>friend: Nope. I don't think I have any friend who is into being ejaculated into by a stranger.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Ok. What do you think would happen if I used my dog?

>friend: You would probably get arrested for animal abuse.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Abuse? Hell he wants it! Ive woken up to him trying to lick my cock

>friend: Yyyeah, that's a moral issue right there. I'm going to not give an opinion.

>the-creepypasta-deity: He's a strange animal. Anyway, I don't think I'll use him. Any ideas on who I could use?

>friend: No one. Just discard it. Ejaculating into a stranger is a very specific fetish, and one I'm not into.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Its not a fetish dumbass! I explained this before. I'm in heat! I need a mate. During this time I need sex more than anything. Sex involves cumming inside my mate!

(Why do I get the impression this kid is in an uber-religious family, and has developed this bizarre idea of sexuality because of it? ...wait, HE is in HEAT!?)

>friend: Sex does not involve just cumming inside a mate. That's sex for the purpose of reproduction. Human kind (and actually several other animal species) has created lots of kinds of sex that require no internal ejaculation.

>the-creepypasta-deity: I'm not sure if you know what heat is then. Heat is when you crave a mate and sex with said mate FOR REPRODUCTION! and besides it physically impossible for me to pull out anyway

(Does he think he has a knot? Maybe everything he knows about sex came from a furry story archive)

>friend: Please, let's stop talking about sex. It's making me really uncomfortable.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Then understand my struggle for five minutes!

(Read: "give me exactly what I want, or else! My nads really hurt, and I can't jerk off or dad'll get out the belt again!")

>friend: I think I'm going to leave now. I'll see you later.

>the-creepypasta-deity: Whatever!

At this point, he got a big ol' block and had to fuck along somewhere else. Some more research revealed another person who did roleplay with him and, when her character pushed back on his advances, he OOC threatened to get one of his father's guns and kill himself. She told him she'd witnessed someone's suicide before, and he had the gall to reply that she needed to quit pissing him off.

Hope you guys get some good cringe out of this nutjob's bullshit.



Is he still around?


File: f8a1730f2778a17⋯.jpg (106.31 KB, 700x368, 175:92, yokai tanuki.jpg)


Why not just make him a tanuki instead of go through all this nonsense?


>At this point just make him a shapeshifter with a fetish for size

He already gave him the ability to shrink his genitals. So I'm not sure what's the point of having both that and the bag of holding pants too.



I have no idea. If he is, it's not by this name. His threatening suicide was in 2015 or so.

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