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File: 6078ab02e03f4dc⋯.jpg (99.44 KB, 565x565, 1:1, Dick the cocks havin a gig….jpg)


>look at chill classmate's laptop in lecture

>see a reminder for "furry writing"


>zootopia profile pic on social media

>chosen anglicised first name is same as a certain zootopia character

closet furry master race

there was also some underageb& (15 I think) 8ch autist back in highschool who was a proud furry talking about yiff on the bus. i have no idea how things went for him.


tfw no furry bf



If he named himself after that fucking striped bunny that doesn't exist you should kill him.



where my fellow closet furries at


File: 458f768a4f4a333⋯.jpg (345.82 KB, 1980x1308, 165:109, maxresdefault.jpg)


>have two computers

>use desktop for fucking around online and gaming, the laptop for serious work

>never so much as look at twitter on the laptop in case someone asks to use it for a search or asks me to check something, so i can safely share it without raising any questions.

>sitting in a crowded room elbow-to-elbow with others, laptop up on the desk in front of me

>have to log in to my network account to access some slides

>had been doing this earlier so presumed my username was still on the clipboard



>username: furaffinity.net



If we told you, we wouldn't be there



you live in Florida dont you


File: 343ecdea1ba02e2⋯.png (153.39 KB, 600x760, 15:19, totally bellcat2.png)


None here. O..only perfectly straight human individuals!


I found out I have a coworker who, while perhaps not necessarily a "furry," was super into Warrior Cats and is very adept with Internet memes, so probably a furry.


File: 97f47ae2792c64f⋯.png (64.67 KB, 367x314, 367:314, 44f3925c6e8e4ef386755bc2fc….png)

lol I browsed housepets in front of everyone in class in a computer science course while in a break thinking people would think nothing of it. First thing I hear is my colleague besides me : what is this? are you a furry?

I replied with an unconfident I just like this



Jack Savage is the WD Gaster of Zootopia and Nick Wilde's OTP



What a coincidence. Both characters are shit.



Do not bully the foxboi. Only Jack gets to do that. And only in bed.



I don't insult Nick who is wasted on that fandom shit-character. I'm talking about that fucking striped rabbit (why would a rabbit be striped? Fuck this.) and that stupid ass ghost fat 13 year old tumblr chicks obsess about.


My bf in high school was a furry. He introduced me to the fandom, much to my eternal regret.



I've only met 2 other furries in life. One was male, gay and an asshole. The other female and a psycho who got flights to Murrica just for cons, and she was always projecting being a furry to everyone (furry shirts, furry mug, furry desktop wallpaper...) but expecting noone to notice. When I noticed, she tried to get me fired.

I'm glad not knowing any furry, but screwing one might be interesting.



>but screwing one might be interesting.

Never stick your dick in crazy.

It's not a rule you wanna learn the hard way.



This is the worst thing of leading the double-life. I'm entering university soon, and I can't afford a second computer. I don't want even a 0.1% chance that I'll accidentally send nude pics of anthro pokemon or whatever to my classmates instead of that big lab-report that's due next monday.

> "Anon, why don't you just use dropbox or google drive? It goes onto your computer and just syncs and copies EVERYTHING you do on it."



Make a 2nd user account on your computer. Set the permissions to be owner only and let the OS take care of the separation. Make sure you don't use the same online accounts across users.



>thinking people would think nothing of it

You've got to be retarded



>Why don't you just give all your data to Google anon? It's not like you're hiding something :P

Man I hate normalfags


I'd hang out with one of you guys irl. I've always said 8ch has the best ones



>"Are you a furry?"


Wow, that was hard. It has the side effect of stopping retards associating with you as well.



>It has the side effect of stopping retards associating with you as well.

How are they retarded for asking him if he's a furfag just for reading something with anthropomorphic characters?


File: e710af60c3e2135⋯.jpg (61.37 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 1530664185708.jpg)


>stopping retards associating with you as well.

most people don't go researching what a furry is or is not, they have better things to do. It is understandable for people to think furries are dog fucker fetishists, it doesn't mean they're stupid.



Willful ignorance is the worst kind of ignorance. And you want these people voting for leaders of the country, without bothering to research who the fuck they're voting for because they can't be bothered to take the time to understand things? Do you want a fascist dictatorship? Because this is how you get a fascist dictatorship. An intelligent and knowing population cannot be manipulated by a madman, but a willfully ignorant one can and always is.


File: 64d8ecc29c2a59b⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1331875074473.jpg)


>Learning about degeneracy = Researching governmental candidates



I've almost sent fetish porn instead of a funny picture to my brother once. Barely managed to stop my finger from pressing enter once I realized the thumbnail was the shit I was jacking it to a few minutes earlier because Right Click > Copy Image didn't work.


File: 3e4310cfcaea60e⋯.jpg (68.68 KB, 700x955, 140:191, Worthless.jpg)


>Ignorance is okay if it's about something I don't like!!

And using an image of a pop-science figure, in a culture that is becoming increasingly anti-science as a result of their willful ignorance, is deliciously ironic.


File: 5a5a12fdf0d6b2d⋯.gif (777.11 KB, 233x173, 233:173, amaze.gif)


>Ignorance is okay if it's about something I don't like!!

>missing the point by that much


Do you really think it's as important for someone to do research on the people they plan to vote into office as it is for them to look into fetishes neither they or anyone they know are into just for the sake of knowing about it?

Even when it's entirely possible they might never knowingly meet someone else who is into it and would let them put that knowledge to use?


I've been furry since 2006 and I've never yet met another furry IRL. Am I missing out on anything?



Okay, so what's your excuse for not knowing every detail of theoretical physics off the top of your head?

>"b-but it's too hard!"

Not an excuse.


Nope, the ones that are open about it outside the internet aren't worth your time. They're either all massive retards or pricks, or they lack basic socialization skills and probably have some mental illness or developmental disabilities of some sort.

If you know they're a furry before you meet them, steer clear. the only acceptable way is if the fact somehow slips out from your existing friends that they are one.



Making poor judgements about a select group of people without knowing a damn thing about them is how every war and genocide in the history of the fucking human race has started. It's less to do about furries in particular as it's evidence of a serious character flaw.


Don't strawman me. There's a huge difference between "I don't know that because I haven't (yet) had time to learn it" and "I'm going to stick my fingers in my ears and resolve to never learn it."



There is no excuse for ignorance. Period.



File: 0b1eacc4f08db7d⋯.gif (232.33 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Smoke.gif)


>It's less to do about furries in particular as it's evidence of a serious character flaw.

They didn't even say anything negative to >>79379 when they asked him if he was a furry.

It was just assumed that they had a poor opinion of furshit because you know about it.

They might've been genuinely curious about the idea due to their naivety before they got an awkward "I just like this" in response.


File: 7908b0ad41c27f2⋯.png (242.33 KB, 376x363, 376:363, heheheheheh.png)


>not knowing what a furry is will make people ignorant and therefore become fascist

>"And you want these people voting for leaders of the country"



Doubling down on your failed argument doesn't make it less failed. :^)


>Posting anime smug outside of /a/

You're not among friends. Nobody likes you. Go back and never return.


File: 0acd86352237356⋯.png (432.35 KB, 720x480, 3:2, aku happy.png)

>work at a petstore

>furry con going on that weekend

>someone mentions they have a convention they're going to but purposely doesn't want to mention the name

>ask them what con it was knowing full well what con it was

>they awkwardly mention the name and walks away embarrassed

>mfw I'm filled with a mix of smug schadenfreude and second hand cringe



>petstore furry accessories store



What did they buy?


File: a39ed92548e1f25⋯.png (113.82 KB, 335x288, 335:288, Kass.png)

I actually witnessed a guy discovering and becoming part of the fandom in college. Bearing in mind in the UK at the time you left school at 16 years old and college is kind of an extension of high school until uni. So this guy must have been 17 so still basically a kid but no less cringy.

>First few months just a typical spazzy kid, bit of a loner, had an NES controller designed backpack, occasionally quoted memes irl, just assumed he was somewhere on the spectrum and left him at that. I accepted his friend request on facebook (Back when I actually used facebook) because why not.

>Notice he changed his middle name to "Wolfboy", thought nothing on it, assumed he was just an edgy kid, probably had a few giggles.

>He starts drawing pawprints all over his notebooks in college, it clicks. Oh shit I am watching a repeat of myself at 14 when I discovered the fucking fandom, kill me now.

>He then starts to greet the few friends he has made by making fucking dog noises at them from time to time

>Catch him looking at FA on library computers occasionally, not on SFW mode either, still to this day never knew why the site wasn't blocked on campus, deviantart was.

>Near the end of our year in the same class, he started wearing a fuzzy grey wolf tail which he attached to the belt at the back on his jeans.

It's been 8 years. He's now a fursuiter and has a lynx fursona. He attends furmeets on the reg, thankfully I don't do any of that shit anymore (because the london fur meets actually make me want to ram an ice pick up my nose into my brain) so he still has no idea I'm also a furry and I'm happy with this.

He seems to be quite content now though so I won't rag on his current self, his "furry awakening" however what a hilarious display of tisms that had me grinning from ear to ear each day so If you're in here college furfag buddy, thank you for making my college years a bit more memorable.


File: 8e42aef73979ad5⋯.jpg (41.19 KB, 480x542, 240:271, 8e42aef73979ad547cb7e3acac….jpg)

In College. Literally no one knows I'm a furry.

>8am class

>Enter computer lab. Full room.

>Open Chrome



>Oh shit

>Exit Immediately.

>No one saw as far as I can tell.

>Computer had bullshit Teacher monitor program. professor definitely saw.

At the time I literally only used furaffinity for porn.


File: 3ddb5a64b6adc63⋯.png (555 KB, 1275x1275, 1:1, 1458624671.rednoodle.inc_f….png)

>In college bio

>class ends

>fucking red-haired sperg walks up to professor with iphone

>starts talking about furries and shows her con pics

>explains what a furry is

>"yeah you know most people think it's just a sexual fetish but there's also-"


>"yeah some people dress up as animals and have sex but-"



>high school

>most socially awkward person ever shows up in computer class

>admits to being autistic, has issue where his cornea might explode at any second

>talks about how much furry porn he has on his phone, constantly makes self-deprecating references to the fact

>has furry porn as his phone background

>one days brings his laptop in for lan party/repair it

>looks like it's been thrown off a building, doesn't have a keyboard

>on the somehow still undamaged screen, he's got a background of some deviantart-tier shirtless dragon

>despite all this, he somehow managed to be in my group of friends there

>probably threw my friends off ever suspecting anything

I wonder where Shane is now. That was an interesting time, despite his spergery.



>red-haired sperg walks up to professor with iphone

The hell prompted that?


So there was this quiet kid that sat in the corner during class, friendly enough but a complete introvert. Iran into him at megaplex. I didn't say anything, was just surprised. He didn't seem the type to ever do anything cringy though. I doubt he went back to megaplex though as he was bored.

Since I lived in a very small town that is very traditional, it was odd running into anyone I knew outside of the city let alone at a convention.


File: cc7f4e8a4e1b5e9⋯.png (141.7 KB, 415x367, 415:367, 1433738557490.png)

>8th grade recess after biology lesson

>recently in the fandom, porn and all

>classmates discussing animal penises

>horse comes up

>everyone confused what it looks like

>explain in great detail for faaar too long

>face red with embarrasment by the end of it

>"...okay anon"



File: 68df20a31709ff2⋯.jpg (139.16 KB, 745x546, 745:546, 54894131654.jpg)


Glad I wasn't there because I would've broken down laughing.



>could explain in detail why animal dicks look how they look by watching documentaries

>people call you pervert

>but in truth you're the educated one.


File: 3b373c9fe8bc1cc⋯.png (42.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1487537546729.png)


My best friend knew I was into furry shit and he just cringed the whole time.


Later people would ask me as a joke what different animal penises look like. I just said "haha nice one"

but I knew



Closetfur and probably closetfag for life, just because I know if I'd meet an open furry RL, I'd cringe hard.

Keep it in the bedroom. Please. In mine.


File: 0ec61c6b92581df⋯.png (91.32 KB, 329x232, 329:232, sweating_koops.png)

>found vore at an uncomfortably early age thanks to family letting my retarded ass search up "yoshi" unsupervised

>spent days telling people about it in school since nobody knew what fetishes were yet


File: 7b3ec10d16b11a1⋯.png (36.02 KB, 480x406, 240:203, 1522226795647.png)


i have a story

>be me

>be about 5 years ago

>i was a freshman

>walk into highschool feeling like a new era

>feel great

>i just moved back cause my parents divorced so after 2 years it feels good to see old buds

> we can skip this part and move straight up to lunch

>be at lunch

>have a lunch

>find a group of people that also seems to be freshmen and kinda normies

>thank god im sitting around these guys i look like a normie

>for once feel so happy to find others who are like me

(i was a furry but that was not what we connected on we had a shared interests in vidya)

>it feels great

>next day

>come to lunch talking to buddy

lets call him keith

>keith mentions its his second year here

> say its weird how his buddy rob was not here

mistake number 1

>before we leave to go back to class tells me that rob had just been sitting somewhere else and that he would introduce me to him tommorow



File: 71c25562ccb2bd3⋯.jpg (439.18 KB, 957x1803, 319:601, 1523610695198.jpg)


>next day

>sit at my normal spot

since i dont buy school lunch i go straight to my seat

>wait for keith

>a kid in all black with black hair with green highlights (i think) wearing a lemonbrats furry fox jacket in all black sleeves cut off with a long sleeved waffle ironed shirt with pants with chains and zippers galore at least 600 lbs and smelling like a mix between smelly feet armpits shitty axe ball sweat and expired yogurt sits down infront of me

>the pungent smell hits me harder than a atomic bomb

>his awful clothing sense purley disgusts me

his voice that sounds like i can hear every little bit of saliva move around in his mouth in-between his breathing

>teeth green

>notice a little lqbtq+ pin on his sleeve

>notice a pentagram necklace around his neck

>i wanna get off the ride

>it continues

>he pulls out a insulator after saying some unintelligible mess i can not understand

>Keith sits down

>says to the human cannon ball to get the fuck outta his friends seat

>1ton pauses

>says he is rob

>keith gets up and leaves

>rob (1ton) turns to me and beings mentioning how he had changed over the summer

>says he realized he was a gay furry after spending a summer with his dad who had lived in Seattle

>or something i could not hear him well he was showering me with his spit and his mouth smelled like the insides of satans asshole

>the lunch period ends

>call my drug boi and ask him for some percocet

cont i have morre storys about him



what the fuck happened to your friend while he was in seatle



>Five years ago I saw this guy one time but I can still remember every detail of what he was wearing and how he smelled

This is some shitty bait.




Whenever I read a comic, watch a video or play a game featuring cartoon animals comparable to Looneytoons, there's bound to be someone asking if I'm a furry.

Deep inside all I want is for a casual peeker to ask about it and feel interested, but if someone starts the conversation asking if I'm a furry I'll end it right there.


File: f0c1c5a6d67bdac⋯.png (148.92 KB, 375x375, 1:1, costanza belittles.png)


>be me

Have you ever considered being someone else?



not my friend but what i had heard from him was that he had made friends with a guy and he told him about furries and he looked it up i later heard from Keith that he was always big but like 1 quarter the size he was pre summer


i did not just see him once man i saw him every day until junior year when he graduated his smell is burned into my nose

worst part is is that he came out and said he was trying to make a school shooter movie (i am being dead series he is trying to make a school shooter movie)


we should

Wig out sometime






File: 4a6f719efc801ad⋯.mp4 (696.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, conglaturatio n!.mp4)


You could have taken my comment 1 of 2 ways either a simple "who else would you be?" or "have you tried not being someone so pathetic you use "be me"?"

Instead you took the third option to being even more pathetic than I originally gave you credit for.


File: ebc70d6b21b574c⋯.gif (546.21 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1424141904482.gif)

>send furry porn to my IRL friend's Discord server

>he doesn't seem to be all that disgusted by it

Either he's very tolerant, so memey that he hates nothing, or...


File: 230b300405de062⋯.png (233.02 KB, 520x423, 520:423, 230b300405de06289323844aac….png)

I've been lurking and hiding being a furry for years. Eventually I tell a few friends. They dont care, as it turns out a friends girlfriend is a furry. This is where the nightmare begins

>work a 16 hour day and need a place to stay

>Ask girlfriend of friend while he's working abroad.

>broach the subject. reveal my shame.

This was my first mistake

>she immediately gets her art book.

>12 year old "how to draw manga" style art.

>furry porn and blowjobs everywhere.

>wants to see my fursona.

>wants to see my porn collection

>asks me about fetishes

>hint at things like bad dragon toys & transformation.

>"one sec anon"

>returns with a butt plug

>"here i dont use this. have it"


>a Raspberry.

>continues into the night. Just want to fucking sleep

>ready to jump from the balcony.

Doesn't end there. She told a bunch of other friends and revealed I'm going to anthrocon to people I rather not know. Worst of all shes messaged me 3 times so far telling me I've given her furry wet dreams and explaining them detail.

Friend is ok with it as long as she doesn't act on those feelings, but shes trying to push for an open relationship.

This is why you dont tell people youre a furry.



Look at the bright side, maybe you get to experiment with your friend OwO.


File: b3557dba9e164fc⋯.png (2.84 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, b3557dba9e164fc0f3a9a2b6ec….png)


serves you right for revealing your powerlevel



Is she good looking or is she a 9000lb ham planet?



I dunno anon this sounds like a net gain for you so long as she looks at least decent



Are you stupid? She's his friend's girlfriend. This can and will drive a wedge between them, and for a girl that will obviously leave him for the next cute guy into anthros she meets.

There's a REASON it's "bros before hoes", anon.


File: a2741424ebd06bc⋯.gif (282.53 KB, 500x397, 500:397, a2741424ebd06bcaf11ce0561e….gif)


Basically why I didn't make a move.

I mean shes not a Ham or anything but even more important than the rule of "Bros Before Hoes" is "Dont fuck crazy"

Been friends with this guy since kindergarten. known her only 2 years. not worth it to get my dick wet.

The raspberry was pretty alright tho.


File: a5ed7d976994822⋯.png (1.17 MB, 900x666, 50:37, 1510353812.vjorgen_wooolf.png)


Don't be so negative and reactive, just roll with it


File: 249589c07101233⋯.png (968.46 KB, 750x852, 125:142, 4a8d5aea3f39c1328e94aadafa….png)


Same, only a few years older than you.

The only thing I've missed out on so far is life. No big deal.

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