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File: 6078ab02e03f4dc⋯.jpg (99.44 KB, 565x565, 1:1, Dick the cocks havin a gig….jpg)


>look at chill classmate's laptop in lecture

>see a reminder for "furry writing"


>zootopia profile pic on social media

>chosen anglicised first name is same as a certain zootopia character

closet furry master race

there was also some underageb& (15 I think) 8ch autist back in highschool who was a proud furry talking about yiff on the bus. i have no idea how things went for him.


tfw no furry bf



If he named himself after that fucking striped bunny that doesn't exist you should kill him.



where my fellow closet furries at


File: 458f768a4f4a333⋯.jpg (345.82 KB, 1980x1308, 165:109, maxresdefault.jpg)


>have two computers

>use desktop for fucking around online and gaming, the laptop for serious work

>never so much as look at twitter on the laptop in case someone asks to use it for a search or asks me to check something, so i can safely share it without raising any questions.

>sitting in a crowded room elbow-to-elbow with others, laptop up on the desk in front of me

>have to log in to my network account to access some slides

>had been doing this earlier so presumed my username was still on the clipboard



>username: furaffinity.net



If we told you, we wouldn't be there



you live in Florida dont you


File: 343ecdea1ba02e2⋯.png (153.39 KB, 600x760, 15:19, totally bellcat2.png)


None here. O..only perfectly straight human individuals!


I found out I have a coworker who, while perhaps not necessarily a "furry," was super into Warrior Cats and is very adept with Internet memes, so probably a furry.


File: 97f47ae2792c64f⋯.png (64.67 KB, 367x314, 367:314, 44f3925c6e8e4ef386755bc2fc….png)

lol I browsed housepets in front of everyone in class in a computer science course while in a break thinking people would think nothing of it. First thing I hear is my colleague besides me : what is this? are you a furry?

I replied with an unconfident I just like this



Jack Savage is the WD Gaster of Zootopia and Nick Wilde's OTP



What a coincidence. Both characters are shit.



Do not bully the foxboi. Only Jack gets to do that. And only in bed.



I don't insult Nick who is wasted on that fandom shit-character. I'm talking about that fucking striped rabbit (why would a rabbit be striped? Fuck this.) and that stupid ass ghost fat 13 year old tumblr chicks obsess about.


My bf in high school was a furry. He introduced me to the fandom, much to my eternal regret.



I've only met 2 other furries in life. One was male, gay and an asshole. The other female and a psycho who got flights to Murrica just for cons, and she was always projecting being a furry to everyone (furry shirts, furry mug, furry desktop wallpaper...) but expecting noone to notice. When I noticed, she tried to get me fired.

I'm glad not knowing any furry, but screwing one might be interesting.



>but screwing one might be interesting.

Never stick your dick in crazy.

It's not a rule you wanna learn the hard way.

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