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File: 4bfee00a04d1cb4⋯.jpg (41.71 KB, 474x474, 1:1, fu.jpg)

File: 754cdc7127611b8⋯.jpg (204.52 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, eurofurence.jpg)

File: 5426e102dc23b6f⋯.jpg (152.6 KB, 1200x583, 1200:583, ef1.jpg)

File: f243b4df3ea8d95⋯.jpg (181.08 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, ef2.jpg)


Lets laugh at the Nazi Fur Wars or get angry if that's your deal.


How about not having a political thread? We have a Russian thread instead...


File: 06d447c387691df⋯.jpg (103.08 KB, 749x1006, 749:1006, Dkz-z3dX0AIKY8G.jpg)

File: 5266c04d996555c⋯.jpg (174.98 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Dk4eJ8gUUAAFgRK.jpg)


>or get angry if that's your deal.



>Karl Popper

god damn why do furries have to be such fucking pseuds, it's embarrassing. I wish I could put my finger on it, it's like childishly trying to import credibility from anywhere they can. Oh, we're in movies, we're in books, we sell lots of stuff we're quoting le tolerance man. They couldn't even dig up someone interesting, some old dead french or english guy who cut heads off or stole tea while talking about the virtue of liberty, no, it's got to be the most reddit-infographic cliche quote they could dig up on the subject. I'd put money on the fact they got the quote from that fucking infographic on tolerance, you know the one. What's next year's cliche going to be: First they came for the furries? They don't have to worry, I'll speak up - if only to tell the police about the rats in the loft.

>Eurofurence is about being who we are and no government, no politician and definitely no internet hate mob is going to take that away from us.

This rubs me the wrong way as well. As though some politician is going to try to stop you being a furry. It's a nonsense fantasy, the kind of dystopia people dream of after being assigned 1984 in English class, completely out of touch with the modern world. It isn't politicians who stop you from "being yourself". In the internet age, it's a much more confusing concoction of other people, cultural norms and market forces that stand in the way of self actualisation, something which raises all sorts of interesting questions. That will of course by why furry will never touch on them, because the fandom has the social consciousness and introspective capabilities of a Tekno puppy.

I'm not even mad, just disappointed. Really what I'm trying to say is that it's 100 euro to go to Eurofurence when I could get 6 litres of vodka for that price so I think I'll pass.



Dear GOD the cringe!

>no step snek! ANTIFA = MUH COMMIES! cummin fur muh private property! muh physical ruhmoval! muh heligobbters xDDDDDD

Reminder Hoppeans are cucks who worship a man who said it was ok for a rightwing "libertarian" society to physically drag a homosexual couple having consensual gay sex in their house and throw them out of the city limits:


If rightfurfags actually endorsed this society it will kill off the entire furry fandom. He's also anti-empiricist which makes him anti-science, considering empiricism is the backbone of the scientific method. His reasoning is the same as the christfag fundamentalists.

"Don't tread on me!...But it's perfectly OK for me to tread on you!"

>F*ck off

Self-censorship is the faggiest thing ever. You're an adult now (I hope), so act like it.


>Indiana Jones or Deo?

FFS can American'ts please use a real world example to get their point across? Deo technically wins by default because she exists, whereas Indy is just a movie character.



>You're an adult now (I hope), so act like it.

That's another mindset that would kill off the entire furry fandom.



Who posts these threads? Are there unironic antifa retards on here?



Why would an antifa person be posting the pro-Antifa conbook and articles in a thread where the topic is to laugh at the drama of the whole thing? Think this through for a minute.



There's retards on twitter who unironically believe in that garbage. Don't blame me for having a little bit of skepticism.





It's a bit difficult to take someone seriously when they're dressed like some sort of oversized plush toy. the bike lock to the skull would hurt just as much though As long as they keep to themselves and don't try to violenty overthrow the "bourgeois" or whoever else disagrees with their ideology I don't really give a shit. I'm not really convinced that the so-called Nazifurs are really anything other than libertarians and ancaps posting edgy memes though. I'm sure there might be some actual NatSoc yifffags out there, but they're surely even more insignificant than the non-degenerate variety. not really up to date on what "far-right" even means these days, but aren't nazis, white/black/asian nationalists, and racial supremacists different ideologies that aren't necessarily even right wing or part of the traditional political spectrum at all?


In what world is Antifa not full of people that embrace marxist ideology? As far as I'm aware, even the 1930s version of it was really into the communist manifesto.



Really low-hanging fruit there, even for easily offended dramawhores.


File: 8a82a9c6b58b53f⋯.png (277.01 KB, 1063x591, 1063:591, c4384ffb85b52c5fdf3c3ab3d8….png)


>If rightfurfags actually endorsed this society it will kill off the entire furry fandom.

This would be preferable. Saged for being /leftypol/. Nigger



Ugh. I've said it once before, but I'll say it again. Of course, the only reason you would oppose these badges is because you're a Nazi, right? No.

It fuels that paranoia, fear and hysteria. If you follow Twitter, the Antifa furs love to exaggerate the 'Nazi problem' in the fandom. Most furs aren't even aware of alleged Nazi problem, AltFurry, Furry Raiders and whatnot.

>"What do you mean, 'Nazi furs'?

>"Yeah so the fandom right now suffers a huge Nazi infestation, they catch and indoctrinate children into Nazism, they are armed and dangerous and if you rub them up the wrong way they will find and kill you and your entire family. So here take this badge."




*which means NOT barging

fuck me.


File: 088efbf660eb26b⋯.gif (44.27 KB, 1000x1335, 200:267, jc-012.gif)

Remember the good old days when Berkeley Hippie Furries used to draw Nazi fetish stuff all day? I dos.



criticizing marxism or antifa != defending national socialism

Of course most people are going to be against inherently authoritarian ideologies unless they're some sort of ideological extremists, no matter if it's the one enacted in Germany or Russia. Normal people don't have to go out of their way and say they're anti-fascist or anti-juche, because those idealogy are largely dead outside of a couple of countries. The thing about Antifa is, despite not being a single entity, most of its cells have shown themselves to be ardent marxists without much of an impending fascist threat to fight- so they turned on the moderates and non-authoritarion members of the left and right and decided to call them Nazis. And then the self-styled revolutionary vigilantes started bashing people with bike locks and pepper-spraying random women.

Didn't even mention Hoppes, not even sure who he is. I can tell you that the Gadsen flag isn't some new thing though, it's just an old revolution era flag that was used by the early US military.



>most of its cells have shown themselves to be ardent marxists

Most of them couldn't tell you the opening lines of the communist manifesto*, let alone "ardent marxists." They're all LARPers, nobody has the time to actually read Marx nowadays. Everyone loves to fall into this belief that their opponents are actually ideologically coherent. Even where modern antifa are vaguely coherent, they're anarchists. But even that doesn't matter because they're a LARP organisation in a foreign country. Manchildren are by nature incapable of serious politics. Everyone wants to imagine that someone out there has a real serious and coherent ideology. They don't. Everyone is bluffing.

*you're thinking "oh, what an odd purity test", but it's not an odd purity test. "A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism." is a line anyone should be familiar with. Not being familiar with it is like being a Christian who thinks "Let there be light." was said by Thomas Edison. and if you want to tunnel more into obscurity, it gets even weirder because the communist manifesto is only really culturally interesting to Marxists. 90% of it is made up of an irrelevant electoral-type program for the 1800s - like "The Labour Manifesto" in Britain, just a temporary program rather than the defining "Once you have these you've got communism" - or factional shitflinging with socialist groups that have been dead longer than Marx. Communists only go on about it because it's got the shortest explanation of the whole Proletarian/Bourgeoisie divide and because despite all the irrelevant information it's still about the shortest coherent thing Marx wrote. So it's sort of like how to be a Christian you've gotta have Genesis, but if you've only read Genesis you're probably an Athiest who picked the bible up to see what all the fuss was about and got bored once the begats started hitting you.

What I'm saying is, lol at furry politics.



>criticizing marxism or antifa != defending national socialism

Nowhere did I imply that. Please don't strawman me.

>of its cells have shown themselves to be ardent marxists

How the fuck do you know? Did you sit down and talk to them? Did you take a statistical analysis?

>And then the self-styled revolutionary vigilantes started bashing people with bike locks and pepper-spraying random women.

Video footage can be edited to suit one's own needs so I tend to be skeptical of the people who, most of the time alt-right, posting it on youtube or the MSM. At the same time the alt-right have been hell-bent on calling anyone they disagree ith communists and violently attacking people, what with alt-right attacking peaceful Unionists during a May Day protest and William Fears shooting at a crowd of liberals and some autist running over a woman in his car. Say what you want about antifa, but at least they aren't murderers.


File: c9c62a99d7e2796⋯.jpg (54.17 KB, 630x541, 630:541, boot.JPG)

File: c193c0d3877f841⋯.jpg (52.56 KB, 630x477, 70:53, booted.JPG)

File: 09e5d848a44234c⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 625x457, 625:457, ban.JPG)

Foxler got kicked out of Denver City Furcon kek.

> related: http://dogpatch.press/2017/04/28/collapse-of-rmfc-problem/



>Nowhere did I imply that. Please don't strawman me

Your whole first paragraph wasn't really necessary then. I get the logic, it's not foreign to me. Same as both a liberal and Nazi or ancap/libertarian if we're going with economic leanings instead of the useless "social" version of the political spectrum can think Communism is bad whilst not being the same ideology.

>How the fuck do you know? Did you sit down and talk to them? Did you take a statistical analysis?

I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the anti-capitalist sentiment Antifa groups seem to have is legitimate. The only other major anti-capitalism school I'm aware of is the one they claim to oppose. It'd be a bit strange to see a NatSoc/Fascist claim to be a part of Antifa.

>but muh alt-right

They're worthless faggots with a group defined so loosely that they could be literal communists and still be called alt-right because they happen to dislike Jews or black Africans. The videos of Antifa attacking people or destroying property weren't posted originally by anyone you could really call alt-right. Of course e-celebs of every point on the political spectrum jump on that and have their commentary, but 9 times out of 10 they aren't the person targeted or filming it.

>some autist running over a woman in his car.

It turns out an even bigger autist was chasing him with a rifle, and apparently the woman wasn't even hit by the car but died of a heart attack. It makes sense given she was overweight and overworked herself walking on a hot day.


It's funny how this guy gets called a Nazi for nothing more than shadman-tier edgy tweets and a shitty red armband.

>dogpatch press


Why are you posting such an old article? And from tabloid-tier trash as well?



What exactly did he do? Been browsing through Twitter but nobody seems to be sure.


File: 2b23f2aebda0eeb⋯.jpg (231.15 KB, 1076x1265, 1076:1265, DlWPx3EUYAEx0Qx.jpg large.jpg)


>Why are you posting such an old article? And from (((tabloid-tier trash))) as well?

For the upcoming "who the hell is Foxler" replies. Don't expect legit news articles when we are talking about furry.




File: 15507e3afe9e3b7⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 475x694, 475:694, butt.jpg)

File: fa9c2bfa104a76a⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 544x347, 544:347, butts.jpg)

File: 9ca6b0bd24a86f8⋯.jpg (24.63 KB, 535x317, 535:317, buttts.jpg)


Being a dumb-ass edgelord who trolls other furry cons should be enough.


File: 7bcf2ac6f2f2c4c⋯.jpg (21.49 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 55.jpg)


File: 16090cbc31014b2⋯.jpg (111.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3423423235.jpg)



isn't this the esports guy

how could you play battlefield 1942 (the only worthwhile fps) without nazis? well most of my favourite levels are against the japanese but still.



He's dumb, but the people who think that he'll form a third reich are even more dumber.


Pretty disappointing that people get their entire political insight from a gay twitter retard.



>The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Pub.L. 88–352, 78 Stat. 241, enacted July 2, 1964) is a landmark civil rights and US labor law in the United States that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Not even a lawyer, but which one of these protects your "right" not to be discriminated against for being a furfag? Does everyone in this fandom have a persecution complex?


He plays fightan games like Street Fighter, not shootan games.


The whole thing started because at some furry convention Foxler rented out all the hotel rooms causing attendees to have to go move further to out of the way hotels or to sleep in their cars, and some had no plans so they had to cancel their plans to visit the furcon, etc. while Foxler gave a few of the rented-out rooms to his friends and left the rest of the rooms unoccupied. Sure you can argue that he rented the hotel rooms so it's his right not to occupy them but you gotta admit it's a real dick move.



Thanks for clarifying. Foxler is an idiotic edgy dickhead, but people are hating him for all of the wrong reasons. There's no need for them to lie that he's a Nazi, they could just say that he was a troll who intentionally disrupts conventions to get attention.



>Who fights Nazis better?

Can I vote for Stalin?


File: 3854dfb8aa57478⋯.jpg (50.72 KB, 680x453, 680:453, DresdenBombing.jpg)


They bomb them



>fighting nazis equals whining at them really hard on twitter these days

This is an insult to everyone who fucking fought and died (fighting or not) to the actual nazis, I hope these fuckers get taught a lesson just for that, Jesus fucking Christ. This con allegedly takes place in fucking Germany, you'd think they'd have SOME perspective on the subject.


One thing I've been wondering lately is what are the actual requirements for being a Nazi?

I suppose anyone currently getting called a Nazi is more being referred to as a Neo-Nazi, because it's not like there are very many people left who align to Hitler's political and racial ideals simultaneously.

Is glorifying Nazi aesthetic enough to be called a Nazi, even if you dislike their ideas?


it's always the same thing with these people. oh, we're so inclusive, we don't like nazis or homophobes. la dee da, nobody likes nazis or homophobes. every prison gang that isn't aryan nation hates nazis christ, half the people enforcing segregation in the south hated Nazis in WW2. Hypocrites, maybe, but that's how low the bar is. Hating Nazis is the default, it's not an achievement at all, it's LARPing. how about doing something concrete for the dispossessed of furry, like staging a stalinist purge of all the rich kids and a five year plan for restoring some originality, some creativity, some viewer participation beyond saying what colour the cock in the YCH is going to be and firing up paypal. god, how about at least trying. make some shit liberal effort like pushing the concept of a fair price. Push for tip-jars, not paywalls. Offer 50% off con tickets for poor people on the honour system. Those are all shit individualist-moralist solutions, they won't help in any meaningful systematic way, but jesus it would at least look like there was an effort to be inclusive in a way that involves some self-sacrifice. but then no, why do that? poor people have fucking terrible optics and to help them usually means giving up something yourself rather than just passively tolerating. so naturally nobody wants to help them. what is this, 1963? no. fuck the poor. if you want more money just raid your trust fund like everyone else. No, what we really need to do is rally against nazis, because some bay area rich kids are pretending they're actually bothered by a fat weirdo with a paw armband who looks more like a variation of NAZBOL than Nazi, rather than just admitting they're looking for something to rally against, something to feel a part of something. no amount of money can buy a soul. behind the last fursuit, the last YCH, the last OwO shitpost, you know what lies there? The void. The void we're all trying to escape from. No matter how big your trust fund, you'll never fill the void and eventually it will return. It didn't have to be this way, you know. The internet in general and this fandom in particular really could serve as genuine antidote to the void, or at least embolden us to resist being sucked in, if only it were structured differently. If only we knew what we really wanted. If only we really cared for one another. If only we could put the pieces together.

But dwelling on that would take introspection. that would take self-reflection, indeed to act on it would involve self sacrifice. it would utterly transform if not indeed *create* this hobby. and that's a painful process. indeed, it is a *political* process. unlike punch nazis lol which involves a lot of symbolic conflict, but no real questions of politics, asking questions about income distribution, the validity of allowing markets into a space notionally about free and accepting self expression and who gets paid for what if we do it, the question of whether acceptance includes accepting lower quality in exchange for exclusivity, that's real politics. That deals with fundamental questions: Who can be a member of the fandom? When? How? Why that particular way? Who do you have to exclude to promote the greatest possible inclusion for others? These are difficult questions. So let's not answer them. Once you ask them, there are three routes available: You can answer that we include individual artisan commercial producers, at the cost of excluding the poor. You can answer that we exclude those producers, promoting greater accessibility, or you can ignore the question entirely. This being furry, the latter is the inevitable route. Don't want to ask hard questions, don't want to think, don't want to put in the effort. Just buy me the twerk YCH daddy.

In conclusion




>One thing I've been wondering lately is what are the actual requirements for being a Nazi?

Racial purity, authoritarian state, reactionary values, cultural conservatism

>Is glorifying Nazi aesthetic enough to be called a Nazi, even if you dislike their ideas?

Anon, there's an important concept called "style vs. substance"; the style something is presented in, and the substance of the thing. Sometimes people mistake the style for the substance and the substance for the style because of how they seem to be linked so closely. When you see a nazi uniform you think of nazism, genocide, war, death, the holocaust, and this puts people off. However your pre-defined, top-down schema makes you nazi not see the uniform for what it really is, and that's a piece of black clothing. all the uniform is is a piece of black clothing. People rely on the style, nazism, to make a judge about the substance, a piece of black clothing,. so they fall prey to thinking that wearing a black uniform makes you a nazi, such is untrue. You can make people biased just by presenting something in a bad style that overrides people's ability to see the substance. OK, for example, let's take a charity that helps sick kids. Surely nobody could be against THAT, right? What kind of asshole wants sick, innocent kids to die? But now imagine all these charity workers were dressed in nazi uniforms, they're not nazis of course, but people could instantly turn against such a charity because the way the style it was presented in overrides their ability to see the substance in which it advocates for, which is helping sick kids.It's ok to wear a nazi uniform, just don't be a nazi yourself.

This is coming from an anarchist, I'm about as far left as you can get without falling off the political compass. Nazi uniforms are actually pretty hot, just take the substance of "heil hitler 14/88" out of it, so that all that's left is the style, and everything will be ok. Also, read Stirner.



>Racial purity, authoritarian state, reactionary values, cultural conservatism

Glad to know that Israel is a Nazi state and that no one is a nazi in the US.



Mind elaborating?



not being a communist antifa fucking dipshit makes you a nazi, either you're a communist, or you're a nazi, there is nothing in between



wew laddie, stroking that persecution complex pretty well, huh? Don't you know what out-group homogeneity bias is?



it was you commies who started calling everyone outside your group a nazi, this is your fault so you can sit your fucking red ass down and blame yourself, bitch.



>it was you commies who started calling everyone outside your group a nazi

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU FUCKING MISSED THE IRONY! I'm not antifa and you proved the exact same point that I was trying to make in my last post.

Educate yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_attribution_error




It's common knowledge that they're an authoritarian state with a fixation towards racial purity.


"Unlimited tolerance leads to the disappearance of tolerance."

Huh, weird. It's almost as if people are compelled to defend themselves from threats unless they're prevented from doing so by an outside force.



No, I prefer splashing commie's teeth across the sidewalk and stomping on their heads until they stop moving as opposed to arguing with them




YOU are what's wrong with the world.



No, you are what's wrong with the world, you are the ones who refused to argue and started calling us nazis and punching us instead, you made your bed, now lie in it.



Except I didn't do any of that. Please re-read: >>80969




I don't care if you don't self identify as antifa, antifa doesn't give a shit if we identify as nazi or not, you clearly support them more than you support us therefore you are my enemy

also, this is just self defense to me, I know what happens if you let communists gain power because I'm not a fucking idiot, we must destroy them before they destroy us all



Antifa is an idiotic group, but the guy that you're talking to just asked a question of definition of a "Nazi". He never said that he was communist nor antifa. The fact that each antifa activist defines "Nazi" differently should prove the fact that it should be taken with a grain of salt.


File: c1ab448784a8328⋯.jpg (244.34 KB, 758x871, 758:871, ussr.jpg)


> I know what happens if you let communists gain power



>let's just ignore all the atrocities committed

That's what you call propaganda. Neo-Nazis also love to post images like these, with all the good things National Socialism did.

And everything bad about Communism is actually just Allied/Capitalist/RedScare propaganda. And everything bad about National Socialism is just Allied/Soviet/Jewish propaganda.



Hi, follow up question: Does anyone sincerely believe that there is an authoritarian regime infiltrating the USA?



Do you mean like, there is a foreign force under an authoritarian regime that tries to take over the US from within or

the US, on its own, is slowly being turned into an authoritarian regime?



You're right, communism can achieve all these good things

until you run out of other people's money and people start burning shit for warmth


File: ba901603df8744a⋯.png (131.51 KB, 374x516, 187:258, 1535085780.lethaldoors_no_….png)


You're forgetting the atrocities Capitalism has committed.



Look at this triggered faggot. Right Leaning Libertarian here, I would have no problem rounding up blacks and faggots to ensure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of whites is not threatened.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>everyone I dont like is le triggerrurd

Such a sad ape you are. It's calm criticism. Your inability to take it betrays an immature mindset. As is usual of your kind.

>Right Leaning Libertarian here

You mean crypto-fascist? You cant uphold individual liberty and say you want to kill people you dont like. Imbecile.

>I would have no problem rounding up blacks and faggots

Lol start with yourself, amerimutt. And don't cut yourself on that edge on your way to the adult daycare center.



>I don't care if you don't self identify as antifa, antifa doesn't give a shit if we identify as nazi or not, you clearly support them more than you support us therefore you are my enemy

Imagine being this retarded



Libertarianism is not compatible with capitalism or white supremacy.



There are legit /pol/tards and reich-wingers who literally only support fascism because they can't get laid. "if capitalism and socialism can't get me laid, then fascism will!"

Reality check right-niggers: women are not obligated to have sex with you. Get a haircut, take a shower, move out of your parents basement, and get a job. Then maybe when you have something to actually offer women, maybe then they'll want to fuck you.



>everything bad about Communism is actually just Allied/Capitalist/RedScare propaganda

that is correct


File: ebf6c2dede3b41d⋯.png (990.58 KB, 1404x1480, 351:370, 459740356e8837b273907ebbee….png)

>all the posts about the fandom ignored in favour of an argument between nazis, lolbergs and communists

fuck imageboards too. i'm done, i hope this planet is uninhabitable within 20 years.


File: 47f23741ea1aea3⋯.jpg (46.96 KB, 956x495, 956:495, 12439436_10154042774894641….jpg)


how very very interesting!


File: dc2ba06a547f9e1⋯.jpeg (8.32 KB, 300x168, 25:14, Unknown.jpeg)


What do you expect. Most people on 8chan are literal Nazis. And the rest are Communists.

>It’s the 21st century, it shouldn’t really matter, should it?

It maters in 90% of the world



I love graphs like these because of how utterly unreadable they are. Here's a bunch of similar colours with similar shapes to differentiate them all.



>What do you expect. Most people on 8chan are literal Nazis.

So going by an earlier poster, most people on 8chan support the following?

<Racial purity, authoritarian state, reactionary values, cultural conservatism



>people start burning shit for warmth

painfully moronic post unless you've got a solar heating system installed.



Fun fact: the rise of reactionary fundamentalist Islam was funded by the CIA.



And mi6. It's funny, they wanna bash Islam for it's violent half when it was actively created by us.



whether most do or not, they act as if they do because they oppose

<racial homogeneity, progressive values, cultural liberalism ("marxism")

you'll note i left out authoritarian state. that's because everyone supports a sufficiently authoritarian state, provided it's doing their dirty work. even me.

>b-but muh hoppe

mate if a trade union beating up scabs constitutes a state - and most ancaps will wind up arguing this - then a lynch mob getting rid of transgender people constitutes a state.

anyway trying to define what it means to be a nazi is pointless. like most things, you know it when you see it depending on what you personally support and drawing dividing lines is just an excuse to have arguments. (Since in the strictest sense, to be a Nazi you'd have to be a member of the NSDAP who supported NSDAP policy unquestioningly, even when it changed, except when it changed against the spirit of true national socialism... And even if you could go through that contortion, you'd still be excluding all modern nazis, even those who agreed with you 1:1.) and the same is true of basically everything else. (See for example Cuckservatives, Blairites, and whatever the Democrats term is for the sell-outs who've run the party since Clinton. All basically people who're inside or outside your chosen ideological group depending on your own perspective)



Not considered in that statistic: women and children starving to death in gulags



Gulags are CIA and Pentagon lies. Solzhenitsyn was a CIA propagandist.



>being this retarded

Yeah and the holodomor never happened and Nikolai Yezhov was a favorite public figure.


File: a286890a37b27d4⋯.jpeg (53.01 KB, 500x474, 250:237, 1096_94b0.jpeg)

File: e4685711b5b3d79⋯.png (231.15 KB, 476x463, 476:463, kCLzW54.png)

File: 84108b2ef08d80b⋯.jpeg (72.63 KB, 500x547, 500:547, 6328_bf37_500.jpeg)


Exactly, just like the Holocaust is a lie. Gas chambers with wooden doors? lol yeah right



>cultural liberalism ("marxism")

are you retarded?

>a trade union beating up scabs

oh, yeah, you are.


>nazifag propaganda

Nice unsourced bullshit, stormnigger.


every post in this thread that isn't about the furry fandom, including my own, should be purged.


You are all faggots and we'll never have a furry ethnostate if you can't shut the fuck up and just love the knot.


File: 1be3ed39ba891ef⋯.gif (2.3 MB, 1174x1608, 587:804, 7f5972d53fff1256ee2090029f….gif)


>Another fanbase needlessly politicized by far left violent ideologues

Nah. It's just depressing.



Remember when the mods used to ban politishit?



furry is politicised not by ideologues, but by idiots with almost no ideology, just aesthetic preferences. "nazi furs fuck off" is the equal and opposite to the early-stage furry raiders ("gas all humans"), and both of these are necessary distractions from any serious non-partisan political awareness. ("why do they get that?")

you really think a furry is going to flip open a tome written in 18th century english, or even a reading guide, or even a wikipedia article when they can just bullshit? red star, communist now. swastika, nazi now. simple as.



Faggot you just used a lot of words to say nothing.



typical furry moron


I said I was a Nazi fur ironically online and now I'm banned from Twitter and Instagram




The problem is they're talking specific individuals, rather than fictional items.

Or at least, I think that's the problem. Truth be told, your argument is rather broken up, and, I'm not really sure what you're trying to say.

Point is, it isn't politics to draw communist party furries in some commie setting, strangling fascist doggos. We've had such for a while.

It's pretty damn political, however, when you decide to start banning people from events and assaulting them.



no u, i'm fuck you uncle's hot ass you little shit.

Saged for being /leftypol/. People who don't masturbate are THE Nigger, you non-furry Nigger



we punch them instead


FA needs the ability to kick watchers off your account.

I could boot the nazi furs, Kayla-Na fans, fans of cubpedo shit... oh that's not free speech? You'd do the same to me if you could! You'd boot anything and anyone even remotely anti-/pol/ from your list, don't cry when your tactics get turned on you!



Just turn off the monitor. Look away, you sensitive faggot.



oh no, I'll have to use bookmarks

the horror

you sured showed those gush durn nutzis



Harold Lasswell defined politics as a competition about who gets what, when, and how. Furry doesn't want to deal with those questions because they require you to take a long hard look at the world from someone else's perspective and they invariably cut too close to the bone of how you actually live your life. (What if you getting something deprives someone else? How can you continue to imagine yourself charitable?) So instead, furries crib aesthetics from past conflicts to dress up personal drama with a serious flare, crudely emulating the political battles of the outside world in a culture uniquely ill-suited to Lasswellian politics.

>It's pretty damn political, however, when you decide to start banning people from events and assaulting them.

It isn't really though. We've had arbitrary bans and group bans in furry forever, and we've had arbitrary violence since before we'd even found out you could live in a cave. Banning people who draw nazi dogs isn't really "political" at all, it has nothing to do with real political questions about how we live our lives (who what when how). What getting into such conflicts does do is pander to a need for conflict between basically fictional strawmen of other people, as furry cliques have always done. Having the appearance of being political by picking an extreme and aesthetic ideology and getting into fights is a great advantage, but the whole thing has more in common with Battlefield 1942 than it does with the German elections of 1932.

If you discuss future visions of society with a furry, you will always get some of the most childish, unimaginative, uninformed visions possible even from people with qualifications in subjects like economics that ought to inform their views. Nobody is going to give you a classless, stateless, moneyless society (blah blah blah), the few who quote it parrot-like couldn't imagine it if they tried (everyone gets art but the artists get paid!) or a racially pure society in eternal conflict so as to best promote the strong. It's always a facile, furry-based vision, as though what Marx, Hitler, Jesus and Clinton all really wanted was the choice between Clinton and Trump but both candidates promise a fursuit stipend.


File: 22e938841ddab3c⋯.png (233.21 KB, 656x564, 164:141, being der fuhrer.png)

File: a2dac20326c474a⋯.jpg (119.69 KB, 878x878, 1:1, political chart.jpg)


>FA needs the ability to kick watchers off your account.

For what purpose?

>You'd do the same to me if you could!

For what purpose?

My shitter doesn't get shoah'd because a leftist could see something I've made, infact I'd WANT the leftists to see something I've made that I've deemed good enough for people to see since it would be better than anything a leftist could ever hope to make for the same reason leftists can't meme.

Also the Nazis are far too leftist and authoritarian for my tastes, but they're REALLY good at making Commies angry, so I like em for that.


File: f101d1e80b4dd9e⋯.jpg (158.94 KB, 720x900, 4:5, 720px-The_last_Jew_in_Vinn….jpg)


Would burning bodies really require much fuel? I mean the whole thing is combustible and would sustain itself, I would think a match and some decent kindling would be enough to burn a pile, and after the initial fire they only need to add bodies as more fuel. They used mass graves for a lot of the bodies, I don't think anyone claims 6 million people were individually burned in cremation facilities. In fact we have written accounts of before using gas, they tried mass execution via gunshot but it took to long and some nazi's even had second thoughts when they could physically see their victims dying.

Another thing I don't get about /pol/acks is why they deny the holocaust while simultaneously embracing it. You can't take the moral high ground pretending genocide didn't happen, but the caveat it with wishing it did.



damn dude thats fuckin epic


Nazifurs have been around for fucking years now. Every politician who has ever opened their mouth has been compared to Hitler. The only reason Antifaggots are pretending like they're Indiana Jones now is because it's trendy to do so. I'm kind of starting to wish Nazism was as wide spread as they say it is, just so I could watch hyperbolic authoritarians who pretend they aren't get lined up against the wall and ended.


File: 2ce71843928e17f⋯.jpg (110.48 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 01-Heres-Why-Blood-Is-Red-….jpg)

File: 403d608ed85863b⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 284x471, 284:471, human-body-72-water.jpg)


>the whole thing is combustible and would sustain itself



File: d34041407751756⋯.jpg (98.41 KB, 457x303, 457:303, shut up commie.jpg)


Well then



I'm not particularly inclined to give a damn what this no name shitter says about politics. You ask me, he's full of shit, so why the fuck should I give a damn what he thinks? It's irrelevant to me. I'm not like to defer to his assumptions

In any case: banning people from an event for their supposed ties to another political group rivaling your own is, by its nature. I don't see how this psuedo intellectual drivel changes this.



execrable post


File: 90c990d5a66785d⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 642x800, 321:400, 28943758934758947.jpg)

File: b847c5c3182334a⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 1024x992, 32:31, 2893475983475.jpg)

find a flaw to nazi zootopia

protip: u cant :^)



which species would they be persecuting?


File: 1ef1497fb47507f⋯.jpg (179.88 KB, 1001x1077, 1001:1077, 1ef1497fb47507fc280d97caf6….jpg)


jews of course


This blind hatred for nazis is just historical ignorance.





the nazis were weak bitches who didn't stand a chance against the soviets


File: 08c928d08bc6640⋯.gif (209.29 KB, 620x622, 310:311, war1515958852671.gif)


Thats funny because until the United States, Britain and about 50 other allied nations all stepped in, the commies were getting wiped from Europe by Hitlers army(.gif related).



>baby's first WW2 map.gif



not a valid argument.


File: 2513ae5afd4d3ff⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Dlpmz7iW0AAZ5Sv.jpg)

File: c2d5e7009064add⋯.jpg (61.04 KB, 1106x622, 553:311, Dlpm0SjX4AAUPRD.jpg)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



always wanted to know deo's thoughts on the massive economic class divide (or at least, high income-based barriers to participation) in the furry fandom but don't like registering for websites and probably wouldn't be sufficiently iconoclastic if i had a username so i won't.


File: 338cfe5d8c2d273⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 382x290, 191:145, 1535919384360.jpg)

File: 84ab7e8da3909aa⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 993x1024, 993:1024, 1535921858933m.jpg)

File: 836b8923ed9d517⋯.jpg (54.1 KB, 566x480, 283:240, 1535278398268.jpg)

File: 781e1f2273b4381⋯.jpg (147.71 KB, 1024x851, 1024:851, 1524160323730m.jpg)


Cough cough


File: 032d45b5294d173⋯.png (139.08 KB, 1023x768, 341:256, 1456163616164.png)


>muh gazillions killed by [dead ideology]

open your eyes and see the real threat to modern life.



File: f8c9e7c06e931aa⋯.png (107.73 KB, 500x700, 5:7, uninformed-naz-its-da-joos….png)


It's all Germany's fault tho.



>communism is a dead ideology

>social democracy isn't just liberalism with a new coat of paint



communism is dead, naziism is dead, social democracy is dead, all that is left is spectacular conflict between fast-moving identity symbols at the end of history as the oceans boil, the continents become uninhabitable and the bees die off.

Ave Mercatus, morituri te salutant!


File: 6cbae182394f35a⋯.jpg (7.03 KB, 250x250, 1:1, thonk.jpg)


is he implying that people who debate nazis don't win?



that's a confusion of the inverse

don't confuse the inverse, bad things happen.



what vidya?



thats a whole lot of ideology you got going on there



File: f608445371eafac⋯.jpg (323.08 KB, 1922x2048, 961:1024, badge.jpg)

I volunteer with one of the larger furry conventions. Can I get away with this or would I be asked to step down?




No it wasn't. Islam has never, and likely will never, invent anything or make any useful and productive contributions to the world. It was founded by a pedophile merchant turned warlord. It was spread by violence for its entire history. Its only "scientific achievements" were copied from Europe and India (Piri Reis map was a flawed compilation of other maps, telescopes were only used in war or to orient mosques, etc.) and even that was frequently wrong and eventually ignored. They've always hated other religions, especially Jews and the non-religious (punishable by death in Islamic law and Muslim-majority countries) usually out of jealousy. And during WW2 Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini met with and collaborated with the Nazis, and strongly supported the Holocaust.

Islam, at least as it is right now, and has been since its inception, is a blight on the world that has constantly threatened the existence of the Jewish people, personal liberty, scientific progress, and civil society. It it does not radically change then it must end. Or be ended.


File: ac6fd7541bb13e8⋯.jpg (210.71 KB, 800x908, 200:227, ac6.jpg)


"Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance."

So to avoid tolerance disappearing outside of our control we're going to preemptively destroy it, along with our enemies. Who are our enemies? Good question. It could be someone who disagrees with us, journalists who photograph our activities in public where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, charitable people who get fed up with our shenanigans and cut us off, or even you.

Just remember, we're the good guys. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves. Also, even though we all wear black shirts we're not fascists! And True Communism® has never been tried.



gamers rise up



You have a guillotine in your future, fascist CIA scum. Your and you whole family must be killed.



It's subtle enough that you can act like a peacekeeper and safe space, but ancap enough to make people fuck off



>hello """""""""fellow internet swellers"""""""""





File: 4acd6a652555277⋯.gif (612.89 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 281612__UNOPT__safe_animat….gif)


Even today look at who can try to stir up shit in Europe. Who want the Brexit to be a pain for England? Who wanted Greece to fail? Who hates Italy for defending their borders? Who tries to influence Swiss's politics? Who tries to sink French and Spanish economy? Who acts like if Belgium is one of your states? Who has always treated Poland like shit? Who can not live without the EU and becomes overpowerful because of all the things coming from all Europe to serve it?

Who has the grasp, the audacious lack of shame to lecture our countries, our nations about far right extremism, while disrespecting EVERY democratic vote done by the EU?

Germany. Under Schroeder it was a thing, under Merkel it's heading to a fourth Reich.

The krauts are always at it, if we want to save Europe, Germany has to go.




Get a load of these nutjobs.



I don't suppose shooting for a citizen killcount of 0 would be too much to ask of a government?





>Does everyone in this fandom have a persecution complex?



File: 945c7bb44253b3d⋯.png (747.98 KB, 960x919, 960:919, normal person i hate nazis….png)


>these people opposing Nazis should be shamed for not fighting Nazis as hard as previous generations

>doesn't even bother to condemn Nazis himself tho



It's so interesting whenever you see /leftypol/ trying to subvert a meme.



It's a legitimate point though. Communists might be worse than fascists, but they're both godawful choices to people who value their civil rights.


File: 08d7090628b0b1c⋯.png (149.35 KB, 482x450, 241:225, nick_v-tan.png)

File: 370ab24e9a0bf8f⋯.png (726.28 KB, 760x596, 190:149, gaf.png)



>/leftypol/ tries to subvert evil capitalist meme

>unintentionally argues that both versions of dictatorship are bad

They can't be that inept. I swear, it's becoming harder to tell the difference between /leftypol/ and /pol/ false flags these days. It wouldn't be surprising if the only reason they have traffic is because most of the board is /pol/ pretending to be leftists.



>It's a legitimate point though.

It isn't, it relies on a jenga tower of bad assumptions to make any sense.

The dislike for twatter antifa is not born out of the idea that fascism is better, it's the normal level of annoyance their whining causes.


File: ce1ef8f63bf9e02⋯.jpg (210.32 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, scratch_the_fash.jpg)


supporting racism and white power idealism is a never a good stance no matter how cool things look.

do you wanna know why bad guys look cool because it implants a memory in people when there marching at you its indimidating the same reason a lamborghini is a fucking cool when it gaps your shitty 1989 honda civic



lelele this made me giggle.


communism is p shit tbh no homo


Nazi furs? Thats kind of an oxymoron right? Cuz the furs would totally be gassed.



They know, but think it's a worthy price to pay.



>It was founded by a pedophile merchant

so you should love it, since both the alt-right and furries are into that sick shit.


File: 3f0e6a32ef320af⋯.jpg (182.04 KB, 989x559, 23:13, 1466957548016.jpg)


pretty much




Slapping stupid text on an image you downloaded from Google is the best you got? You can't create anything original or good, memes are all you have and they're the laziest shit imaginable.

You're not "redpilling" anyone, only looking like an incompetent boob who can't do real work.



>waah you have to accept the fact I exist, no I'm not sensitive YOU are waah pay attention to me and like me or look away, don't you dare use your free speech to disagree with me

Eat shit. Oh wait, you have a fetish for that!


>implying 95% of the internet knows what browser bookmarks are anymore

You can't comment or fave if blocked and most of you use the faves list instead of bookmarks.

Also, cub fans are pedophiles, all of them, just admit it.


File: 596bf965dcb8af2⋯.jpg (404.05 KB, 588x1280, 147:320, CORPS Puma clothed.jpg)



You're not winning over the audience, by shamelessly copying propaganda.


Quit projecting your heeb fecal fixation on others, and grow some skin, faggot.

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