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File: d2b7a960176af1c⋯.jpg (68.19 KB, 750x510, 25:17, 1537603056785.jpg)


Far too many threads are being derailed by this low hanging fruit of an easy target. So, got something negative to say about cub related content? Post it here and spare the other threads of having to deal with it.

And while we're at it, direct any gripes about any other "icky" topics here as well.


its desenitized pedophilia and you know that.



It is, just as violent media desenities violent acts, murder, rape, etc, and furries as a collective desenitized zoophilia, and so on, so what's your point? Everything's being trivialized nowadays.




how about you accept your a pedophile zoophiles accept there zoos why cant you accept you like children?



You're kidding, right? Tell most any furry they're a zoophile and they're gonna flip a tit, because terms like that weren't made for literal definitions, they were made for a specific kind of attraction/condition, for zoo it's being attracted to actual animals, and for pedo it's being attracted to actual kids. In both cases the label carries said negative associations, which is why people don't want to be associated with it when what they like is specifically in a subjective, fictional form, one in which it can only exist in that form.


File: a3e146db9f58dd5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.07 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 58b98207b5671a1b9de7dc58bd….jpg)


what if the cub consents tho?


File: 6904da3bd81fdfa⋯.jpg (17.45 KB, 390x310, 39:31, Stirner1.jpg)

>He still believes in wrong and right

Wew, despook yourselves sheeple






in your imagination, maybe. but children cant consent in real, and youll always have to remember that everytime you lie to yourself


Pedos don't deserve rights and the cub fetish is just pedophilia, dressed up and something they can enjoy because some countries are slow to punish all pedo shit

>and it won't happen in the US so long as we have a president who defends known child molesters

>nor will it happen so long as politicians think that downloading pirated media is a worse crime than child abuse, spouse abuse, etc, because that hurts the entertainment industry more, which surprise surprise, is known now to be crawling with pedophiles

They deny they are pedos because it's not like they'd openly admit to doing anything actually illegal, but it's not like anyone with intelligence buys their blatant lies to begin with so they just keep parroting out their fake bullshit as a defense mechanism.

It's no wonder so many lean conservative, what with Trump defending Moore, Kavanaugh, etc and their habit of lying being in line with typical conservative behavior.



Obama didn't do anything about cub porn either, but he's a lazy Democrat who's all talk and no action just like Hillary



>Furries don't deserve rights and the anthro fetish is just zoophilia, dressed up and something they can enjoy because some countries are slow to punish all dogfucking shit


File: 8528b1a02bc3aeb⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 179x180, 179:180, a573639e77dcb4bd4ec0aadb36….jpg)


>implying being banned from anything related to cuckchan is a bad thing


File: fee82795bc1f4fa⋯.jpg (17.28 KB, 255x230, 51:46, 006ea85e25b7ffd20ffa381efa….jpg)


Go back to /b/lacked, your bait is shit.



>B-b-b-buh bad bait!

>Still replied





have fun you probably download real CP too.



no they take about 6 or so months to gather evidience they have to subpoena the ISP and get the IP and stuff.



they can also track your tor visits and where your exit nodes its all collected by your IP and stored.


Go fuck yourself, supersonic250




do tell is this jucy?




your not the low hanging fruit.


File: e9849359d0e065b⋯.gif (862.02 KB, 346x244, 173:122, you_make_me_laugh_god_bles….gif)


This wouldn't be the first time I've dared someone to report me to the FBI. A few years ago I did the same thing and they never showed up. You moralfags make me laugh, God bless you. XD


File: a2077d678f06a96⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.01 KB, 1483x1484, 1483:1484, 39006489c86b59525e7136e499….jpg)

God all the anti-cub bitching in here makes me horny

This is it chief



no I'm p. sure it's "your"


I'm sorry the taboo of fucking a cute cub turns me on so much.



as long as your not going to associate it with the idea of it being a child or molest actual children and not the typical defense of yes yes sir its age play theheheh *shit eating grin* and all the people engaging in it are over the age of 18 and not pedophiles or sex offenders then cub art is totally fine if the statue of the art is draw with the intent that it is age play and there not trying to be a child or are a child then fine.

to whatever floats your boat but using it as an excuse to commit pedophillia or make representations of children is not ok.

see toast the rabbits arrest record and how they said even drawings and representations of children arent allowed ie cub would be one of them.



If cub content is pedophilia, all furry anything is zoophilia

Is it hard for some to wrap their head around furries are nearly entirely (nearly, there's the freaks) just individuals with a fursona alternate persona. I know many cubs/babyfurs irl. While you can decide if they are freaks or not, they aren't pedophiles. Its an age play thing, and THEY identify with the young cub, if anything because of this they're nearly all only attracted to daddy/mommy dom roles. I don't know why everything age play gets labeled pedo-ey when it's such a simple concept to understand. I won't argue with you whether or not its weird or degenerate as fuck, because I agree even as one myself.



They too need to be removed, however pedo is more of a problem and get's priority as a result.



Drawn content is only ever used to hammer a person convicted of legit cp. I don't think there has ever been a case of someone being convicted on that content alone.

You could easily make a 1st amendment argument for it since its just art work at the end of the day.



>all the people engaging in it are ... not pedophiles or sex offenders

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there. Why not?? Wouldn't you rather two pedos take turns fucking each other while pretending to be little kids, than risk the possibility that they go fuck real kids? Besides, this reads a lot like trying to police everyone else's sexual activities just so you can maintain a No True Scotsman delusion that there is an uncrossable line between cub porn and actual pedophilia.



It could technically fall under obscenity laws, but those are so flimsy and antiquated that any lawyer worth their salt could probably get you off if that's all they had on you provided you didn't take a plea deal like a retard or actually have CP.



Has this logic ever been truly challenged though? I'm not saying they can or can't but it seems kinda weird that people are so quick to say they can't consent with the same factual delivery of saying 'the sun is hot'.



Your resasoning and logic are disgustingly flawed. Its extremely simple, you are turn on by cub porn because it shows the act of young children having sex. Its not what is pictured, its the idea behind it. That idea, unlike many furry fetishes, spreads into the realm of reality and has been proven time and time again to do so. The cub thread here couldnt even survive for 50 posts because it instantly went to some sick fuck sharing his stiry about being molested for jerkoff material. Cub art comes from pedophiles finding acceptance in the only group fucked up enough to attempt to normalize their behavior, and thats why furry fandom is the only place you'll see this bullshit accepted. There is no pedophile Homestuck art, no pedophile Steven Universe art, no pedophile Hamilton art, no pedophile MCU art, you could go for days. The only reason they chose the furry fandom is because they needed someone as disgustingly perverted as them, so when the time came to defend themselves, furries had nothing to say about them in fear of brightening their own shortcomings. Its why in this thread and everywhere fucking else, they use the "well ur a zoophile then!!!" argument, because they desperately latch onto the one thing society reviles just as much in the only place they can do so.



>Its extremely simple, you are turn on by cub porn because it shows the act of young children having sex.

It's nowhere near that simple.

First of all, most child molesters aren't pedophiles - they're acting from the position of power, i.e. they want to assert their dominance and power. They don't actually care who their target is, just that their target is defenseless - children. There's a big difference between child molesters and pedophiles. Pedophiles can be child molesters, but child molesters aren't always pedophiles. Square is a rectangle, rectangle isn't always a square.

With that out of the way, there are many, many reasons people have for being into cub art. Yes, some people are into it for the express laid out terms that it shows the act of young children having sex, but the appeal is a lot more broad. A much more important appeal to consider with this is that of size difference. Big things going into small holes is arousing to a lot of people, and forms the basis of hyperphilia. This idea actually shows up a lot more in most actual cub art - creatures with the bodies suggesting that they are practical toddlers, but with genitals, sexual maturity, and often even the implied ability to consent as if they were adults. I use the word implied because we only associate consent to an age for the ease of the legal process, as true consent requires a level of understanding, maturity, and trust.

This is only one alternative way it can be arousing to people. Some people like the idea of being the cub, being in a position of relative helplessness (the same concept as pet play, chastity, or even more 'vanilla' stuff like general BDSM) and having to completely trust their partner. There are many others that I can't even think of, and honestly probably not worth the time of notating to you since given your language I suspect you think all pedophilia is disgusting and anything even remotely cub-like is intrinsically child molestation.

That aside:

>There is no pedophile Homestuck art

Wrong. Many of the characters of Homestuck are under the age of consent in most civilized places, and thus any sexual artwork is intrinsically featuring underaged characteres.

>no pedophile Steven Universe art

lmao wrong there's a thread for it on our /shota/ board

>no pedophile MCU art

I'm sure you could find some Iron Man/Spiderman stuff if you really looked.

It's not just furries my dude. It's almost like this stuff is appealing for more reasons than just the age.


File: ceed2399accc323⋯.png (3.86 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Reality Check~.png)


>he thinks cub/porn of underage characters are exclusive to furries

How much of a newfag are you? Look up any/all of those IPs at rule34 and you'll find loli/shota porn

>The only reason they chose the furry fandom is because they needed someone as disgustingly perverted as them, so when the time came to defend themselves, furries had nothing to say about them in fear of brightening their own shortcomings.

Or maybe, MAYBE, they just like browsing art of small, cute animal characters getting railed? You don't have to be "part of the fandom" not want "acceptance" from the fandom for that.

>Its why in this thread and everywhere fucking else, they use the "well ur a zoophile then!!!" argument, because they desperately latch onto the one thing society reviles just as much in the only place they can do so.

They use that argument to remind furries, of all people, that they should be the LAST ones trying to employ the "guilty by association, you like it in fiction you like it for real, X and Y did it for real, so the rest of you will too! etc" arguments. Nearly every fetish out there involves the person "liking the idea of it", so to claim that people into cub MUST be pedos, but furries and every other fetish out there has so much layered nuance that comparing it with things in reality is almost completely unfounded is bias hypocrisy at best.

>but anthros are consenting adults, so it's not the same

Cool, nevermind the fact that in fiction our concept of "consent" is irrelevant, seeing how things can operate quite literally however the maker wants, with no inherent rules holding them back, they're still sexualized animals. Completely, mindless, feral animals? No, but "animal" enough for them to not be "human", and for those animal aspects to be the main fixation of the appeal.


Cub is fine, the problem is conservative Trumptards getting all high and mighty upon their throne of shit.


Censoring art in any way is nigger tier

/microphone drop



pretty much this

honestly can't even get mad with the content, because at the end of the day it boils down to "i don't like this" and that would be real shitty of me to project my shallow opinions on everyone else


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I have no problems with people who like cub, as long as they know where to draw the line between fantasy and reality. Normalfags can't seem to understand where the line is met.

Still though: cub is stage 1 of pedophilia. stage 2 is normal loli/shota. stage 3 is real children. stage 4 is molesting children for real. as long as it doesn't advance to stage 3, it's fine, though it's still a slippery slope. say all you want, but studies have shown that it can go from stage 1 to stage 3. not always, but too often, and that's why cubfags get a bad rep in general. It's also closely related to sexualizing children and cub fans are generally more desensitized from child abuse than people who hate loli type stuff in general. But for the most part, it's just mentally disabled people looking for a group of "socially unacceptable people" to pick on. People mostly just pick on pedophiles because you can still be PC while bullying pedophiles, and it feeds their satisfaction further.


Inkbunny is not entirely drama-free.


Bait, but I'll bite the hook.

>Cubs are mythical creatures of fantasy, not human-like much. It's its own brand of degeneracy, aside from pedophilia. If pedos wanted to jerk off to children, 2D loli and The Loud House porn already very heavily exists with no legal consequences.


File: 934a51328ebedc0⋯.png (31.03 KB, 1346x282, 673:141, screenshot-www.reddit.com-….png)



File: 0c624e333217bd8⋯.jpg (42.18 KB, 800x696, 100:87, the_nutshack_tito_dick_inf….jpg)


You can stop avatarfagging now, Kitsune Nekochan of Instagram. It's quite obvious Instagram has fucked your brain, because your sense of humor is garbage.



Also, aren't you underage b&?


File: 658664895bd87bd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 596.3 KB, 1467x1345, 1467:1345, dc8c3e8da541272f2d2ed0bcf6….png)



You seem more underage b& than they are tbh



>say all you want, but studies have shown that it can go from stage 1 to stage 3. not always

say it with me:

correlation is not causation.

studies on this sort of thing are extremely difficult to find, let alone confirm how unbiased and properly made they were. we can't just trust anything just because "studies have shown" - biased studies are very frequently used as propaganda tools. see: sugar vs. fat in America.

You even undermine your entire premise immediately after:

>not always, but too often

If it's not always, then how do we know it's cub art that causes the transition to attraction to real children? What's "too often"? What sets the people that do progress through your arbitrarily defined stages apart from those that don't? These are extremely loosely defined terms with very poorly defined structure that from a real scientific viewpoint I 100% doubt the ability for anyone to recreate the results of this so-called study.


>"waah stop calling me a pedo just because I obsess over underage porn"




It's more like pedos are into cub, and loli/shota, because it's still legal in most countries so they can openly indulge in their pedo fantasies in a way that lets them brag and socialize, while still denying it in public.

Not gonna convince me you're not a pedo for being into underage since the very definition of pedophilia is an attraction to children. They don't distinguish between real or fantasy since it's an attraction to children that's required.

And since Trump thinks actual child molesters(pedophiles are attracted to children, child molesters ave actually raped children, distinction is state of mind vs physical act) are "good people", see his unending defense of Michael Jackson, Jeff Epstein, Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh, I'm not surprised furries like Trump. He is "friend to all pedophiles".



Your post was a whole lot of nothing and vapid accusations. I would almost suspect you're not arguing in good faith and just want to verbally masturbate over your moral superiority.

Again: Pedophilia vs. child molestation. They are two distinct circles with overlap. Yes, pedophiles can molest children, and child molesters can be pedophiles, but not all child molestation acts are engaged and motivated for the sake of pedophilia, and not all pedophiles engage in child molestation.

For the rest of your broad brush, I'd direct you to the other post I made that cub art can be appealing for reasons other than underaged fictional characters:




> Its not what is pictured, its the idea behind it. That idea, unlike many furry fetishes, spreads into the realm of reality and has been proven time and time again to do so

Notice that all but one of the furries arrested for having CP had nothing to do with cub art.

>There is no pedophile Homestuck art, no pedophile Steven Universe art, no pedophile Hamilton art, no pedophile MCU art, you could go for days

As others pointed out, yes, there is.


>studies have shown that it can go from stage 1 to stage 3. not always, but too often

Got some of those studies handy? I'm betting you don't. I'm betting, in fact, that you haven't even seen one at all, but you assume this must be in some studies, somewhere.



No he doesn’t because it’s some shit he made up. Like the stages of pedophilia.



>Got some of those studies handy? I'm betting you don't. I'm betting, in fact, that you haven't even seen one at all, but you assume this must be in some studies, somewhere.

You're right. I guess I just have the monkey-see, monkey-do mentality. Just heard it online. My fault, sorry.


Stages are fake, yes.


File: c7babd87877d260⋯.png (282.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sLLvEEva.png)


I act 13, while they act 17!!




>Just heard it online. My fault, sorry

At least you can admit that. Many can't, they just keep repeating supposed stats without finding any actual stats. Most just say, "look it up," and if you say it's not out there, "look harder."

Yes, stages are BS. You're either attracted to underaged people or you're not. But just because you are doesn't necessarily mean you act on it. People bring up things like zoophilia because there's so many claims of "likes loli/shots/cub = child molester," but while people bitch about rape, gore, bestiality, etc. in art, it's only pedophilia (and bestiality) that are claimed to always be signs of real intent-- and when gore and rape art is brought up, they're dismissed as only fantasy.

So I ask, which is it? Do people who like a fetish in fantasy automatically like it in real life? And I really do get people who INSIST that if you're inrto rape or murder in fantasy, it could just be fantasy, but if you're into zoophilia or cub in fantasy, you can only be a real animal rapist/child molester. Yes, there are folks who think some fantasies can be disconnected from reality, while others are ALWAYS firmly connected. Why? "You sick fucks, those fetishes disgust me, which means I hate you" seems to be as far as an answer goes.


cub porn is pedophillia.


File: 8ac058f4fac393c⋯.png (251.58 KB, 920x1018, 460:509, 1540077443356.png)


Don't forget to get your diaper changed by your mommy you whiny baby



So what if it is?

It's not like anyone is being harmed.



It's lines on paper. Pixels. Loads of people have fantasy fetishes and would never even think about trying them IRL.


File: 7988eaabba237df⋯.jpg (51.74 KB, 233x233, 1:1, 36ceaab8855f4060c4bfd728d1….jpg)


All you pedofags and pokemon fart porn aficionados think that just because a person likes anthro porn(or just anthro art in general) that they now have to suddenly accept all your weird ass hang-ups. That is not how that shit works. It's not bad to have standards. The only people who benefit from not having them, are diseased freaks like you. And no, this isn't just a matter of taste. Pedoshit is legit messed up because it legitimizes pedophilia. You can twist it however you'd like, and say that it's just pictures. I'm not saying you should be locked up or anything because nobody has been hurt, however, it shouldn't be socially tolerated because what you do is a necessary precondition for the normalization of this type of shit -which is wrong because a child is not developed enough to consent to contracts and these acts can be damaging to them both physically (as they're often not yet fully developed enough to engage in these activates) and psychologically. Get fucked chomo.



File: 2806b9aa3fff1a6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.51 KB, 724x696, 181:174, 4eaa959a71a41b794ef78d9329….jpg)

File: 6a1b1aefa1a6a7e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.76 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 45402757_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 34dd3dc6317d67f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.9 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 9b6eb6e459a02b0de2672e5b09….jpg)


>All you pedofags and pokemon fart porn aficionados

How oddly specific

Anyways, I can't speak for everyone, but for me personally I couldn't care less about "wanting acceptance", I was never truly part of this furry collective, and as time went on I only wanted less and less to do with it, (socially, anyways), my involvement has, and always will be just casually browsing/creating art. I know what I'm into (pics related), and why i'm into it, so the varying assumptions people have are irrelevant to me.

You feel it "legitimizes/condones/normalizes" pedophillia? Alright, that's your opinion, the same could just as easily be said about most all forms of violent media for murder, rape, etc, and furries with zoophilia and bestiality, but I digress. I'm fairly certain no one outside delusional pedos like the ones in the lavadog thread will honestly try to argue kids can consent. However, the great thing about fiction is that it's not bound by the rules of reality. Animals can't assume a human body, genitals, and mentality, a horse cock going into anything smaller than another horse would kill that animal/creature/human, and feral animals don't have sapience/sentience, but in all those cases it works in fiction, because things operate however the hell you want there. You're free to take issue with the lines of thinking for these types of things, but the fact remains that fiction isn't bound by the inherent rules of reality, and few, if any, actually believe things in fiction fly in reality as well.


Ok, and?


No one denies that there's furry pedos out there, but using random outliers as your "smoking gun" (despite the fact that it never mentions or alludes to cub) doesn't really work.


>/fur/ is full of the furry equivalent of retards that spam FBI memes and get angry at people lewding lolis

I'm not sure what I expected but it wasn't this.


File: 66725a18b15333d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.09 KB, 1442x2048, 721:1024, c8de7a1afe4f55110766e66f25….jpg)


Truly a paradise, isn't it?



fuck no pedo.



yeah sure molesting children is morally and okay in anyone without brain damage pedofur. go back to your TayFerret hive and molest more brainwashed coerced children you sicko.



stop defending pedos.



stop defending pedophiles and allowing them around easy accessable children



why? you know its desensitsed pedophillia and is furry children. there are very few people who comission it because of ABDL. there will be no arrests over cub art. doesnt mean your not a pedophile and shouldnt be allowed around children esp if you are arrested and expunged for some reason which makes no sense at all.

using that argument is like saying hentai should be illegal because it makes you masturbate.

its an excuse.

once again, stop defending known pedophiles he and growly had no right to be at the convention.

sicko. your argument is invalid.

you are comission the art knowing its a furry child ie thats what cub means teens and prebusecent furry children according to the definition on e621 falls under obscenity laws in the us.

your move pedodefender.

this thread was started to bring awareness to the fact there are free roaming pedophiles at MFF and furry conventions.







Moralfaggotry has been on the rise since SA was popular, unfortunately the average internet user has figured out how getting outraged at stuff feels good and costs nothing.



oh man supporting pedophillia and child molestation is great. lets keep doing that because its funny for me and im a pedophile @ the guy who posted what im responding too.

pedophillia should be outlawed from modern society. children do not want your sex you want that kindly go back to ancient rome.

aka kill yourself quickly.



Where the hell are you getting child molestation and rape from? Who in this thread is trying to advocate for that act?



anyone who says children seeing








>>89838 This post is being ironic in response to the one it's responding too





And these are in response to reactions to cub artwork, not sex acts on physical, tangible children, nor a desire to do so.


The cub porn in this thread does not contribute to the conversation, and this wont turn into a second cub thread. You have one on the catalog already. Use it. If this continues to be used as a dump, this thread gets an anchor. You people are the only group here who seems to have a continual issue with understanding this basic idea that everyone else follows with no problem.


SJWs have even infiltrated the furry scene? It's almost as if the SJWs have teamed up with the puritans and are systematically pushing dehumanization into everything these days.


>not actively blocking fuckheads who make or endorse cub shit

Not a violation of your first amendment rights to do so!




You ARE a pedo, why so defensive over what you really are, bitch?


Cub fans are special. In the "Olympics" use of special.


>disliking underage shit makes you an SJW now

I see the "durr Chris Hansen frames people" retards from Lulz have worked their way here. This is what happens when their president defends known child molesters.



The right can meme but do so in a shitty manner.

>if you disagree with conservatives oyu consume soy products

Makes literally no sense. The level of "logic" from fuckers who think god wants them to be bigots or that god exists at all. They're happy that jizzboy Jew Milo Yiannopoulos said it's okay to fuck kids, and they also drink jizz. That's where their protein comes from.

Can't wait for the right to lose and the day of the guillotine to behead them all. That's another thing, those chickenshits are all about the "day of the rope", they're too cheap to buy a real tool and too cowardly to get blood everywhere.

We need Chris Hansen in the attorney general seat and more laws passed. Beats letting conservatives stick child molesters on the supreme court and their whiny focus on passing laws over internet piracy. More conservative "logic" I suppose- "downloading MP3s is a worse crime than child rape." Can we get those guillotines ready?



Chris Hansen isn’t the guy responsible. He just happened to stumble onto pervertedjustice, which had a long track record of entrapping and instigating “internet sex predators,” which they would then dox and encourage people to harass or attack.

Dateline conceived a show around the idea, and then worked very hard to make PJ look like professional criminal investigators, but they were never more than a bunch of... well people like we have in this thread. “These people are sick so we need to attack and persecute them and make them suffer.”

If you read the original PJ transcripts before Hansen got a hold of it (I was a fan of the site just for the drama) you can see just how awful they are. A lot of the “children” being “preyed upon” were the first to bring up sex in the conversation, particularly in rooms where they figured someone might be daring enough to PM them. Some of the conversations just couldn’t be put on tv.

So yeah it is mostly entrapment and that’s why hardly any convictions stuck.



Oh and also yes I believe downloading an MP3 is a worse crime than taking sexy over the net to a child who doesn’t even exist.

And I think both of those are crimes that are nowhere near worth the time and money to investigate.



thank you, its really funny how they draw the cubs in the same style and manner as underaged children why not draw them with massive boobs and a snatch fur, suspicious...



How were you even given board volunteer status when you obviously have a huge bias against cub posters and relentlessly persecute and oppress them

It's like a KKK member being given power over a black only board

You need to be stripped of your power asap, you're blatantly abusing it for your own agenda



I kinda side with volunteer guy here. It’s not the right place and there are rules about keeping stuff contained. But I also don’t pay for internet by the byte and I don’t mind scrolling past it.


Why don't the cub haters just go to /trash/? It's literally /fur/ with more activity and zero tolerance for cub.


File: a04e6b6a8477f94⋯.jpg (58.26 KB, 400x300, 4:3, raichu chips.jpg)


You're being purposefully obtuse, there is plenty of shit like that, just go look up opai loli.


What gets me about that show is that they were going after some of the most harmless pedos; they only came over when they had consent and even brought presents and shit, it's not like they were breaking into the house to rape and murder the "kid". Some the ages weren't even in real pedo territory, some of the episodes had a grown woman pretending to be a 14 year old boy and the dudes would politely wait in the kitchen twiddling their thumbs. Like if you're going to make an anti-pedo show at least make it a spectacle.



Honestly, neither does the constant spam and whining about unrelated politics. /pol/ or /leftypol/ are far more suited to those few poster's blogposting about how much they hate blumpf or love Macron. Unless the politics are something directly pertaining to how furry sites are operated or how conventions are ran, it's generally a good idea to keep them to their respective boards unless you can refrain from derailing threads. Fighting turf wars over fetish boards and false-flagging as your enemies won't gain you any support, especially when you get caught doing it.


I still don't understand how someone can make it onto an imageboard and not understand that there's a difference between fiction and reality, and that 2D != 3D. I'd say newfags are to blame, but obviously there's enough people who never move past that stage.


Cub lover here. I'd prefer not to have autists screaming at me that I'm a pedophile for it (especially since I have no attraction to real children), but I also hope cub/loli/shota art is never normalized. Like the other extreme/taboo kinks (scat/guro/feral etc) I'd like it to be one of those kinks that are simply contained away from the mainstream so that people who aren't interested/are disgusted by it can simply not interact with it. Of course if any pedos/maps or whatever they want to call themselves (the ones who think that loving real kids is ok) get into said container I'd like them to be exiled asap into a mental facility. Those who separate fiction from reality can stay in their own bubble in the back of the fandom.



There was that one guy that got kicked off the police force and pretended to his whole social circle that he was still on the job, and showed up with a carload of guns and fireworks, but he also looked like a harmless little geek that likes to go shoot fresca cans at the dump.

And yeah, I forgot that the original transcripts were so raunchy. They typically aimed at the single-digit age range. When I heard the Dateline show was being produced, I actually was excited to see some of these ridiculous scenarios I'd read about on PJ. But no, they were mostly impersonating 14-15-year olds and trying to get anyone over the age of 18. Some of them weren't over 18.

It's really hard to get outraged at a person hitting on a 15-year-old when it's perfectly OK in many US states to have sex with a 16-year-old. My theory is that they just don't get enough perverts who are dumb enough to believe that a six-year-old is home using AIM and ICQ with no supervision and home alone all weekend.



They are a subversive group, much like SJW: they care more about having power over others than realizing their stated goals.



Why don't you just go to the pedo boards instead?

(Open) cub fans will burn in hell. Keep that shit private, degenerate childfuckers.



>furry calling people degenerates

This whole thread is the pot calling the kettle black. It's baffling.

I don't even like cub/loli/shota but I don't sperg out about it because it's not real. I don't like vore or expansion either but I don't think everyone who like vore is a cannibal and I don't get upset at fiction. How do you people care so much that you freak out at the sight of cub?


File: 7a956f37dfcd666⋯.jpg (111.66 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Idiot.jpg)


>I don't even like cub/loli/shota

Then you are an idiot.



Of the many possible responses, the appeal to hypocrisy always struck me as the weakest one.

Of course I'm a degenerate like you. Who, then, should be an authority on degeneracy if not a degenerate?

I'm of course aware depictions aren't reality. And yet, if your brain is turned on by such things I'm abhorred - just like someone less degenerate than me would be abhorred by furry art in general.

Just because I'm in debt doesn't mean I can't say making debts isn't bad. My situation has nothing to do with my sentiment or the truth value of my statement.

I'm merely saying your fetish disgusts because, well, frankly it's normal to be disgusted by these things.

To put it in a different light, this is the thread to sperg about this, right?

So let me tell you. I know pictures aren't real. But I deplore anyone who is so broken in his head that he finds kids, fantastic or not, pain, torture, etc. sexually appealing.

I deplore you for two reasons. One is that you don't repent. You think having these urges and instincts are okay - but it isn't. The fact you don't, instinctively, feel bad about these desires makes me wish you could find help. The other reason is that thoughts, to me, are real. We all fantasize sometimes. But the moment our fantasies harm children, most people have a pang of guilt. I wish you considered chemical castration. It's the best way to deal with your deep-seated pedophilia.

The same goes for 'feral' lovers. I know most of you wouldn't act on these desires but I know you would, if you could get away with it.



but I can't find them

(but yeah why the fuck have furries started becoming more open about their fetishes all over the internet, this whole shitstorm could have been avoided if they just realized nobody wants to know what gets them off. Keep that shit private so people can live their lives in relative comfort)



>the appeal to hypocrisy always struck me as the weakest one.

Because you're an hypocrite?

Also the slippery slope scenario is clear here.

>Who, then, should be an authority on degeneracy if not a degenerate?

No one, the entire point of degeneracy is being far outside of what is socially considered acceptable: if you create your own mini society with its own standards you're not really an authority on degeneracy as a whole.

>I know most of you wouldn't act on these desires but I know you would, if you could get away with it.

Lol nope, fantasy does away with many pesky details you won't be able to ignore in real life.


your all pedophiles for liking furry children




gotta trim the low hanging fruit so the big fish make mistakes. the more you make a spectacle of it, the more lols i have.

but sure keep supporting child sex and abuse you dumb advocate please eat a shotgun asap


My only real gripe is that Bulletsoup is gone. His ambrosia stuff was top-shelf and I wish he were still around making more.



yeah it was nice to have the pedos to have something to wank to so they werent offending at cons in secret.



Right? Bulletsoups's stuff was great and sadly there weren't be any decent replacement anytime soon.



Well, in my case, as someone who really enjoys cub art, I wouldn't visit a pedo board because I don't want to see real kids. Are there even pedo imageboards at all, outside of the dark web? I've never seen one, but I also haven't looked.


Exactly. Lines on paper. Pixels. Who cares. Don't like, don't look.


>I'm merely saying your fetish disgusts because, well, frankly it's normal to be disgusted by these things

I think that's fine, and yes, this is the thread for doing so. I've got nothing against having threads for expressing opinions. I'm only annoyed by the folks who feel they have to pop into the threads set aside for cub art and say immature BS like "Have you considered killing yourself?"



Make sure you find RB on InkBunny. They're trying to take up that spot.


File: de26e9bf0146b18⋯.jpg (27.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1543643899904.jpg)


>But the moment our fantasies harm children

Well it's a good thing most, if not all anons on this board agree and haven't ever touched a child, huh?

>The other reason is that thoughts, to me, are real

Why does every anti-cub post come down to projection, if you see your thoughts as blurring with reality then that's YOUR problem. I can fap to porn or play violent video games and keep it separate from reality, as can the vast majority of the population. Stop trying to control the behaviors of others because of your own shortcomings.



> Are there even pedo imageboards at all, outside of the dark web? I've never seen one, but I also haven't looked.

They probably also mean cub imageboards, judging by their comment. I'm fairly certain those exist


Here Girls Always Want to Fuck - http://sex-meeting.com


Merely saying you dislike cub porn paints a bullseye on you in this fandom, the cub fans WILL take this as a personal attack on their pedo fetish and come after you, this happens to everyone who dislikes pedo shit. Expect them to retaliate however they can, because Dragoner, Toumal, Inkbunny staff and the Weasyl staff are pedo-friendly.

I've had to disable voting on Sofurry because of this, the cub fans are too numerous to block(not that I think it helps, Toumal weakened the block function massively) and 1-star vote everything I upload out of sheer butthurt and a need to attack anyone who doens't like their fetish. And since Toumal chose to make 1-4 star votes anonymous I don't know who they are, so the only option was to disable votes entirely.

I have also had more than a few make callout journals naming me and telling people I'm a fascist who hates free speech or some other lies, and every report went ignored.

That's okay- you pedos can always be doxxed, exposed to communities and family and your lives ruined, if you want a war. Fuck your fetish and fuck how butthurt & defensive you get at anyone who simply states they don't like it, you troublemaking fucks. I hope you lose your jobs and your neighbors bludgeon you when they find out what you are.


File: 4bb26379e72dc9d⋯.jpg (88.07 KB, 700x465, 140:93, 10080019.jpg)


>I'M the victim here! Cubfuckers bully me!




Learn to read.

I said thoughts to me are real. What that means is not that I think what you think is reality or that fantasy and reality are the same.

What it means is just the elementary fact that thoughts exist. And I hate you for having thoughts about child fucking, whether they are covered in fur or 1000 year vampires.

That's all. Now, I've always been generally against the notion of wrongthing. You're free to think these things. I'm free to think you're a dog deserving death.

The problem is when you share your pedolust. When you share materials telling others, hey, there are more like me. You are normalizing this shit.

You know what that leads to? Pedos everywhere coming out of the woodwork instead of keeping their disgusting shit to themselves.

If you want to fuck kids or cubs, for the love of God, stay the fuck away from us furries. You're driving all the normal folk away. Eventually the fandom will be nothing but AIDS and extreme fetishes.

Heck, we're almost there already.



> RB on InkBunny

Good suggestion.



>you pedos can always be doxxed, exposed to communities and family and your lives ruined, if you want a war

You're either autistic or underage.


File: b480c488710120c⋯.jpg (43.66 KB, 480x768, 5:8, 3e05c72926d68c2555721f3df3….jpg)


>I don't get it, whenever I kick the beehive the bees get angry, aren't they just suppposed to sit there and take whatever I throw at them? I mean, they deserve it, don't they?

The problem here isn't protective/defensive fans, you get that for quite literally every subculture (believe it or not you get the same reaction if you call furries dogfuckers), it's dense retards like you who think that because it's weird and taboo it's open season for ridicule and anyone and everyone just has to deal with hearing (your) random, often directed opinions on it.


File: 8fbe76710ffe3f4⋯.png (4.04 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 8fbe76710ffe3f40146baba6da….png)


>stay the fuck away from US furries.

>You're driving all the normal folk away.

>Eventually the fandom will be nothing but AIDS and extreme fetishes.

Jesus fucking christ you newfurfags are delusional and insufferably entitled. What the fuck did you think you were getting yourselves into when you joined a community who's main selling point is sexualized animal characters? A wholesome, vanilla, family friendly experience? This "fandom" was built on an interest in socially taboo themes, topics, and kinks presented in art, and people who wanted to share those interests, it's nothing new, nor is it going away because it's not what (you) wanted, you can fuck off and make your own subculture.

>The problem is when you share your pedolust. When you share materials telling others, hey, there are more like me. You are normalizing this shit.

Sharing an interest in art doesn't universally make/mean the people sharing the theme of said art believe it's "normal" you fucking spaz. Do you flog yourself every time you share random furry porn to remind yourself and others that "I don't actually wanna fuck an animal"? No? Good, that sentiment is usually a given. So why the fuck should anyone else? Just because (you) find it abhorrent and "icky" doesn't mean it operates on the worse case scenario, lowest common denominator situation you have cooked up in your head for every individual out there.



I'm the quiet majority disgusted by your shit. Get fucked.

The fact you resort to something bland like "newfag" when I've been watching this trashfire since the turn of the millennium is astounding.

There's always been two sides. The "burned furs" that were disgusted by the sexual excess and garbage like you.

There can't be peace or an agreement here. You're relativist scum that will defend am immoral practice. I'm on a high horse and in a glass house and shouldn't throw rocks.

We're human garbage, but it's fun to fight.


File: 4399e2404e837cf⋯.jpg (29.79 KB, 1024x742, 512:371, 0b49233531a3c7e07cb9e22a30….jpg)


>Scoffs the newfag label

>While continuing to use reddit spacing

It's like you're asking to be mocked



I don't use Reddit. What's Reddit spacing? How else an I to separate paragraphs? This certainly wasn't a point of contention during moot's 4ch before it was cucked.



>What's Reddit spacing?









Whew, good thing I don't do that then. FYI, when 4chan spawned from SA, a lot of people separated disjunct paragraphs this way, long before social media existed.

What an odd thing to focus on.



You've done it with every post you've made in this thread, but sure. And no, 2-3 sentences aren't paragraphs.



My friend, how to separate paragraphs is up to he who writes them. In my mind, the spacing was fine. In your mind I could be a moron who knows not how to arrange his written thoughts. I've spaced this way since before chans existed and I'll space that way long after chans are a thing of the past. Considering many wrote this way in the past, this seems like an odd thing to argue about. Yes, I can see the logic: he says he's not a newfag, yet he's ignorant about this board's culture. Fair! But that's not what I meant. I meant newfag in the sense of not being new to this argument or furry culture. I was making no statement about my board experience.


so has anyone outed the pedo ring in the fandom yet.



Not really, no, there's a pretty concrete way to structure paragraphs, as is the case with sentences, your deviation from it is just a mistake, not a "preference". And going by your pevious stances, the "newfag" label applies universally here. You may have "been in the fandom" for a while, but your reactions are that of someone who just figured out the hardcore fetish side and having a moral panic as a result.



There are two cub boards, yeah, and one site which allows cub threads. None of them are very active.


>Merely saying you dislike cub porn paints a bullseye on you in this fandom, the cub fans WILL take this as a personal attack on their pedo fetish and come after you, this happens to everyone who dislikes pedo shit

No, it doesn't. It only happens to the people who spam every cub board and IB posts with how disgusting they think it is. People who're open about their hate, but don't actively go around shouting it in everyone's faces repeatedly, don't typically get bothered-- unless we're talking about people responding to their posts on IB submissions or cub boards. If they're spamming their anger everywhere and they get angrier when anyone responds to that spam, that's their issue.

>I have also had more than a few make callout journals naming me and telling people I'm a fascist who hates free speech or some other lies, and every report went ignored

Then I suggest you make some of these posts, and their responses, public.


Got any proof that there is one? Go ahead and post it here. I'll be around.


File: 1b999a19f963b33⋯.jpg (83.72 KB, 913x1024, 913:1024, 1543864394119.jpg)


>quiet majority




>What's Reddit spacing?

Triple newfag


File: ad3cb0c4222bb4c⋯.gif (392.79 KB, 320x240, 4:3, image0.gif)


Drawings can't consent therefore all hentai is rape boom


File: 41d282f21ec2bee⋯.jpg (227.28 KB, 810x1580, 81:158, anitpedophileposting.jpg)




If a bunch of kids manage to manhandle a guy onto a bed, bind his limbs so he can't move, and then take turns riding his dick and ass against his will, who's raping who?


File: 1eb78f5374e83d8⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 1eb78f5374e83d8da827418c53….jpg)


>Using a post directed specifically at actual, tangible, "harms and involves actual children" CP as some sort of "gotcha" for furry animal children drawings

This isn't even grasping at straws anymore, it's just flailing around.



nice motive still illegal



nice deflection attempt


File: 0cea8ef5b6b7d3c⋯.jpg (16.73 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 43130709_308317489771571_8….jpg)

File: d13b6d80f742955⋯.jpg (61.29 KB, 900x709, 900:709, 0c2fdbd1c17e8739e2b0310f90….jpg)

How could you resist?



Nice projection. Address the point you mong.



That doesn't answer the question.


File: 72f313110fa719e⋯.jpg (33.97 KB, 600x524, 150:131, 230114_908223010.jpg)


How is it deflection when it's not even the same argument retard? That's like making a case against first person shooters by bringing up some random gun violence statistic. Sure, both cases involve the theme of X, but one's an actual crime being committed against real people, and the other's some make-believe shit locked behind a screen. It's one thing to not like the fundamental ideas behind both, but it's a completely different thing to conflate the impact/consequences of the two solely based on the fact that a singular theme matches.



child sex and pedophillia is not okay, atleast first person shooters have show to improve motorskills and lessen gun related violence because there highly addictive and the rare violence that does happen is rare vs the thousands or hundreds of molestations and child porn webpages on the dark web that exist.

where are there thousands of murders and dark web pages related to killing people due to first person shooters.

non 0, invalid argument. stop raping children fake cop



>child sex and pedophillia is not okay

I agree, although my point was never in favor of that, so I'm not sure what the point of your tangent was.



I agree with you that cp is wrong, but what bearing does that have on furry art? You have yet to explain how the two have any meaningful relation, as >>91885 pointed out.



So being raped is illegal?


I nearly forgot about this! Had a guy contact me through PMs on IB. This was a while ago, at least a year. Keep in mind, I have cub porn in my faves, though all the art I post is G-rated (I never commission porn). They seemed to want to be friends, and asked about the kinds of things I like in art, species, fetishes, etc. Eventually, they asked point-blank if I liked real kids. Jaw, meet floor. Checked their account. No cub porn posted, none faved, though they were an IB member who had posted and faved other stuff. This goes back to how it seems most furries who get arrested for being into CP/real kids don't draw cub porn, don't post cub porn, don't fave cub porn (the most recent example was an exception). I told them firmly how disgusted I was by that idea, and even after doing so, they asked if I had any kids in my family and if I ever had sexual thoughts about them. My angry response didn't just make them vanish, they kept trying to talk to me about it. I finally told them to get bent and blocked them. Fuck that shit.

I just checked my PMs to see if I kept any of theirs. If so, I'd name them here. But no, I deleted them all, probably with great prejudice!


dog penises and niggers


>draws children like bodies

>says there adults

>most of them look like under 18 and under 12 teenagers and kids who have hit puberty

>obscenity laws in play.

>says there not pedos.




niggers and watermallon and fried chicken

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