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File: 110c373be654a2d⋯.jpg (26.67 KB, 724x315, 724:315, 356.jpg)


For artists to vent about all this frustrating things that furries, furry artists and clients do


File: c40dc6758cf72e8⋯.jpg (88.18 KB, 1280x511, 1280:511, photo_2017-11-29_00-17-17.jpg)

>when the client demands that you use the specific colours on the ref sheet

>even though the image is a sunset and the colours will be changed dramatically


>When the client wants you to trace a picture of his dick for the image

I've had this more than once


>When the client wants cum absolutely everywhere

It's one thing to have alot of cum but when you start adding cum in places it wouldn't realistically end up it takes away from the believability of the image.

It no longer looks like the cum came from that one person and you no longer can relate to how it would feel to cum so much


>When other artists don't study and then complain to you that they're not improving and it's making them feel bad

This one happens way too much, many artists have never studied a minute in their life so its no surprise that they plateau quickly. You can't come complaining to me that I've surpassed you as if you want me to stop drawing


>When the client wants an image that shows the dick balls tits ass taint face and feet all in the same image


>Artist draws cum yellow

>In neutral lighting

>On a character that is not alien or otherwise exotic enough for there to be an excuse

>With a consistency that is clearly not urine

Please god stop this, if your cum is yellow there is something wrong with you it is not sexy


>I do SFW only, don't ask me to do NSFW

>Unless you're part of a select group of certain friends

>Or I feel like making a crude sexual joke

>Also don't spread around my NSFW stuff because it makes me really upset and reminds me that I will throw away my "SFW-only" dignitas if enough money gets waved under my nose


>critique me and I'll sic my fanboys on you

You are not Leonardo da Vinci, you are a disposable replaceable furry porn artist. Drop the ego. If you died your fans would care for 5 minutes then find another artist to obsess over.


>conflict between art style and character design

>ref pics that dont make sense

>when client doesn't know how to answer the questions you have about what they want

>"just do whatever you want uwu"


>artist severely fucks up either anatomy or details

>refuses to correct their mistake unless client pays extra for "time"

This is why furries rely on commissions for money and can't run real businesses. Businesses that fuck up and refuse to correct it lose customers but furries are dumb enough to bend over and take it when the artist develops an attitude.

>artist charges money for commission work

>"lol the final drawing is still MY property"

Fuck your buyers over, I bet it feels good. Just don't expect any company to hire you with that attitude. I don't know why you feel a need to retain full copyright and give them nothing but you're a fucking asshole for doing this and you deserve no money.

What, would you build someone a house if they pay you and then tell them "nope, it's MY house, fuck off"? I don't know why the laws on hired artwork are such a mess compared to other paid jobs but this should be "work for hire" 100% of the time.



Recategorizing it as work for hire would entail significant price hikes for a number of commissioners. You want to own something lock-stock-and-barrel, be prepared to pay what an actual contractor pays.



But y do?


>water mark or no watermark?

>its ugly but I want people to be able to find me if they see my stuff somewhere I didn't post


>when the client wants you to touch up a pic

>the only version they saved was a 500x400 jpeg that's been severely artifacted



>> keep seeing an artist that puts watermarks on fucking ICON commissions that take up a quarter of the image



If you buy a CD, you can't go and copy that CD and sell it for profit

This is why industry jobs pay more than unprofessional jobs, becuase you are not just selling your services, but also the rights to what you make



Don't watermark, just put a small readable signature somewhere, it doesn't have to stand out, if someone wants to find the artist they will search for a signature



this, it's very important to be clear on what changes are the fault of the artist vs the fault of the client



That's on you, as the artist you should have a full resolution file prefereably with tidy layers so that you can edit things. I've made a ton of money in after-the-fact commissions when the client comes back a few months later and wants some elements changed




>you no longer can relate to how it would feel to cum so much

99.999% of furry images with cum have more of it than any human could ever produce, so that's just being ridiculous.



>Puts a giant fuck you watermark over a image.

>Is incomprehensible unless you knew who the artist was beforehand, and even then could be obscured to the point of being indecipherable.

So not only do you ruin a image by plastering some sort of scribble like a toddler with their older siblings prized book collection, you also make it impossible to find them anyway, unless reverse google image search decides to be cooperative the rare times it is.


>Changing the filename on a furaffinity file, frequently the only way to find the original artist again.



Emphasis on "readable". So many signatures I come across are complete unreadable jibberish.



That's a matter of calligraphy, I think.



>signature is a symbol

We all need to agree to stop doing this.


>artist blocks someone for arbitrary bullshit hurt feelings reasons

>person blocks artist in return, artist cries and pretends they did nothing to deserve it, claims their freedom of speech was violated, etc

up yours, SonicDash



Blame the shitheads that refuse to abide by "do not repost to boorus" requests.

Regardless of what stupid people think, posting art online doe snot wave copyright nor put it in the public domain.


File: ab18e9f90ac81c9⋯.png (512.63 KB, 1204x708, 301:177, l70wojy2.png)

>ask for requests

>0% chance of non-lewd cute girl requests



It's your fault that you don't specify what you will and won't do.



Anyone got any tips for removing watermarks without harming the image too much?


i think maybe i'll just slap a gallery url in the corner of my art?



Just an alias is enough anon, seriously


Every furry I meet is either a left wing sjw only here because he was too ugly for npc society, or a cum-brained whore who unironically types "glomps u" in chat, or both.



You must be either running in the wrong circles, or very unlucky. I rarely meet either of those. Left-wing, yes, ugly SJW no.


File: f43deebdd179caf⋯.png (3.89 KB, 525x553, 75:79, Secret Message.png)


If security is the reason for doing this, it would suffice to put a signature somewhere in a background or anywhere solid colored, that's barely a different shade of that color. It wouldn't be visible to the human eye, but it would be visible if you went and changed the color of that section with the paint-bucket tool. Then if anyone steals your art, they can't just remove the signature because they don't know where it is unless they go combing painstakingly over the image. Nobody will bother. And if anyone does, you can reveal the location of the signature and everyone who saved the image will be able to see it like a message written in invisible ink, proving you're the owner and the person who uploaded it is a thief.

Pic related as an example. Just open it up in an image editor and color-fill somewhere in the background, making sure it only fills that exact color value. Simple!



Depends on which circle you go into. I was lucky enough to find a lot of right-wingers. They're usually the ones who like religion or firearms.



File: 5a0836cc9a93c92⋯.png (6.15 KB, 525x553, 75:79, f43deebdd179caf3a227b31dc7….png)



>find the signature

>remove it

wow, that's really hard, I can't see anyone doing that

to be fair, though, most people wouldn't even care, and the fagartist who does would be able to do whatever gayshit they usually do with signatures and watermarks or something.



>Unironically thinking this

>On a chan board of all places

Have a hardy "fuck you" on the house. Art getting posted around is the only way art survives when sites go down or artists decide to have a hissy fit and delete everything, usually for absolutely retarded reasons. Posting art to boorus without a proper link back to source is a shitty thing to do, but otherwise not doing this is guaranteed to piss off people in the future when sources inevitably get shut down and it wasn't backed up elsewhere because "Oh the artist didn't want you to".

You'd be stupid to give a fuck about "Muh copyright" when you post art on the internet. Other people claiming art as your own when it absolutely isn't, absolutely assblast them. But not expecting people to both either save that art locally and/or repost it elsewhere, frequently with nothing but high praise for the artwork/artist if they went out of their way to do so, then you're properly delusional.


There's no way around it, if you want to remove watermarks, you've just gotta have a bit of artistic skill and paint over it the best you can, obviously with the same colors, and/or with duplicate parts of the image if you can.


I have a question for the artists in here. If I commission an artist and they say "oh I love your character I'm so excited to draw them etc etc."

are those genuine compliments or is that just like a marketing trick to get people to spend more?



We're not inhuman corporate tricksters, infact most furry artists are quite the opposite, they're as far from being a salesman as you can get


File: 202cd6a59990a0b⋯.png (43.73 KB, 691x178, 691:178, faf.png)



When I say that its genuine. I do try to be nice though so I'll find other things to say if their character isn't particularly fun. But its motivated by my own social anxiety- not to butter them up.

And besides, at that point the flat price and job is already agreed to. I can't motivate the customer choice to spend more money unless they're thinking about tipping me more or coming back.



In my experience, there are only two kinds of people in life. People who are salesmen, and people who are poor.



too bad FA staff would never bother with this, not to mention it'd have no effect on the archives.



Is it bad that I assumed the watermark would be the happy merchant?



Hiring an actual professional artist would be several times cheaper.



>muh artists deleting everything

>muh (((intellectual property)))


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


don't listen to this turbokike >>89035

all you need is a copy of photoshop, legitamate or not

what you do is you use the clone tool or the spot heal tool and the rest is self explanatory



>industry jobs pay more than unprofessional jobs

This is a fucking meme that needs to stop.

Industry jobs pay fuck all and being a cunt on the the Internet selling cartoon animal porn to furries not only will make you several dozen times more money, you also get to work from home, you don't have have any responsibilities, no supervisors are breathing down your neck, no deadlines, and you don't even need to be actually good nor skilled at your job, unlike the industry.

The real deal breaker is that the personality needed to become an overpaid popufur is incompatible with both holding an industry job and being focused on growth and improvement as an artist.



>no deadlines

there's always deadlines, no matter where or how you work



In this fandom you only set deadlines yourself, 6 months in the future for work that should only take 3 hours, and when you miss even that fucking deadline, nobody will hold you accountable for anything.

Even if your product is a "game" and you miss your own deadline by years and keep receiving millionaire fundings for it. Do you know what happens in the real world? The investors pull their money and your ass gets blacklisted, forcing you to find another field of work.

In this fandom?

>"Oh, he must need more money!"



>you only set deadlines yourself

that's still a deadline



It's as much of a deadline as "I'll start my diet tomorrow"

It's fucking empty and meaningless and you know it, stop pretending it isn't for the sake of arguing semantics.



But I'm not pretending, semantics are important.



The point being?



you didn't need to include the no deadlines bit because it was 1, pointless and 2, misleading




No REAL, MEANINGFUL deadlines set BY THE CLIENTS that they MUST MEET in order to get paid and eat.


Now are you gonna stop pretending all of this made a single difference?



no, not including it in the first place would have been better




Deal with it, it would've also been better if your dad had worn a condom the day you were conceived, yet here you are, single handedly lowering the world's average IQ by a few points.



Citation fucking needed



damn, how did you know


File: e1d52320e2f6d54⋯.jpg (12.69 KB, 298x340, 149:170, image.jpg)

>WIPs cost $

Why in the holy mother of fuck should your paying customers pay you more just to make sure you're not fucking up their character?





>surprise someone with free art

>they complain that I got a small detail wrong

No more gift art then.



>>WIPs cost $

omg, that's some EA level shit


File: 3e59306e1fef4e4⋯.png (1.53 MB, 750x1000, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)



This is fucking meaningless for the purposes of a comparison between work-for-hire artists and furry commissioners.


File: 6853c0434c7cc37⋯.jpg (100.1 KB, 1200x784, 75:49, 685.jpg)


Orange man make people not do good Inpeach orange man




face reality, the furry porn industry is literally a bunch of drawfags scamming retards



The only post in this thread that actually matters.


File: b760ad269d08d5e⋯.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1:1, b760ad269d08d5ed0cb6653e73….gif)


>Implying that everything evil that was ever done since Trump took office is essentially his fault

Orange man bad

<Please go away share blue



1. Nice of you to avoid the crux of the argument like a fucking faggot

2. Fools and their money deserve to be parted in any event



>Trumped ruined Furry.

Furry was ruined when fags co-opted the fandom.


File: 5d27f32a29825a9⋯.png (40.84 KB, 1158x538, 579:269, Place hidden text in image….png)

File: 4ef456715fa9047⋯.png (8.03 KB, 1150x529, 50:23, Ancient hieroglyphics.png)


In some cases you can find the secret text by tilting your computer screen and adjusting the screen lighting settings; the rods in your retina that detect brightness can more easily distinguish between value changes than the cones in your central fovea that can detect color changes. So in short, it is easier to detect a slight change in 2 different shades of black/white than 2 different shades of any color that slightly differs by saturation while retaining the same brightness. The red-green channel that distinguishes between these colors is measured by the divided excitement of the red and green cones and combines them to distinguish the brightness, therefore has the weakest contrast (hardest to detect between 2 differing saturations).

So with that in mind I came up with an idea: I decided to block the recognizement of contrastment altogether by employing red at a slight 1-value brightness and then add another color, which is also red but with another red point in the digitized RGB spectrum, yet the brightness is still the same AND the color is not differentiated in saturation, simply put, this is 2 different colors recognized by photoshop, but impossible to detect by human eyes because the difference doesn't actually exist. In the physical world, these are the exact same color, but to photoshop, they're different, so it's the best solution for placing transparent text and hidden messages inside images.

Pics related: tutorial and also an example.



>2. Fools and their money deserve to be parted in any event

See >>89144


File: f52c708207f555b⋯.png (236.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8um7op86wgo11.png)

Literally nobody commissions me because my art isn't good enough. I open requests and all I get is 2 weird people requesting fetishy art of younger characters and some person's young OC meeting Spiderman


File: e1c930f357272dd⋯.jpg (339.45 KB, 1809x2048, 1809:2048, IMG_20181125_140324.jpg)


>tell artist to just draw anything they want and i'll pay them to do it

>had artist refuse to draw anything in the world he wanted instead of some generic fox


>have incredible artist friend

>commission him to draw a ref

>show him a ton of pictures that are similar to what I want, and specifically point out the parts that should be emphasized

>he sketches something

>has literally none of what I wanted

>try to explain what needs to be removed and what needs to be added

>he makes the bare minimum changes and goes ahead and colors it without warning me

>draw my own sketch to show him exactly what I want but drawn better

>he makes fun of it and goes to work on other commissions

I dunno what to do. He's normally a cool guy and a very talented artist but I don't think this is gonna work out and I don't just want to cancel my commission since he's already started putting work into it.



I have a hunch that he's trying to give you hints. Ask yourself and others, if the things you asked for are good ideas.



I dunno, my old ref was pretty popular when I used it. I think it's more a clash in art styles. My old ref is cartoony as fuck and I just wanted it to take a step toward realism but he seems to only want to draw hyper realistic stuff now. He drew something for me before that was a nice balance between cartoony and realistic and I asked him to draw something like that again but he seems dead set on drawing a scientific image of a generic wild animal instead of a semi-realistic one with the unique identifying traits I pointed out.



No, he's just being stubborn I guess. And no, what I meant by unique identifying traits was stuff like muscle definition, facial structure, stuff like that, not rainbow fur patterns. What he's drawn now could be any generic dog instead of what my character actually looks like.



Mind showing some examples?



Sounds like you commissioned the wrong artist

You can't blend cartoony and realistic, you have to stay somewhere on either end, if you go in the middle you end up with a really creepy result


File: 2382ed603af2db7⋯.png (436.77 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 1455365089.arceus55_realis….png)


For the sake of anonymity, I'd rather not post his drawings nor any of mine. I found a picture that has the general idea of what I'm talking about though. The center image isn't wholly realistic but it takes a step closer to realism with the eyes and mouth especially, as well as generally increased detail as you can see in the fur compared to the image in the bottom left. Now imagine if the artist had drawn the center image without the hair, drew completely different ears and ignored the floof style and distribution of the original and responded to everything with "this is how real animals are" and that's what I'm working with.


Yeah, I guess I did commission the wrong artist. It's weird, he was very flexible and easy to work with last time I commissioned him. And he actually reached out to me first for this commission rather than me coming to him, so I know he's not just annoyed with me and hoping I'll stop bothering him. I'm gonna try explaining what I want again and tell him to stick to the existing refs, and if I get burned then whatever.


File: a5ed7d976994822⋯.png (1.17 MB, 900x666, 50:37, a5ed7d97699482255c200033c9….png)


I found a picture just browsing /fur/ that looks like the the drawing I received in the sense that it's a generic canine that's you couldn't possibly identify as my character.


File: 8fecef07808bb44⋯.jpg (46.1 KB, 675x151, 675:151, kayla-na.jpg)

>hate someone with an intense passion

>yet go to look at their art submissions anyway

I don't separate art from artist. You fuck me over, you spew political garbage that leans towards labeling me the devil because of my lifestyle, you support horrible things, you committed a serious crime, I'll boycott your shit. Nor do I want people who smear me looking at my stuff.

I'm glad FA prevents you from watching/faving if a user has blocked you. If only they'd do like twitter and kick existing watchers, and also prevent you from even viewing a submission if you are blocked. They also need to work the block system so that if you block someone, they automatically block you as well.

Maybe if people didn't separate art from artist, artists wouldn't go to do horrible things. Yes I know this will be abused into boycotting over hurt feelings but so what? In the end of the damn day EVERYTHING is a matter of personal feelings and opinions.



simple- he's not doing what you want even when paid. Cancel it AND if he's insulting you he's not your friend. Get at least a partial refund and never speak to the shitbag again.



what crime did kayla-na commit?



Have a well-deserved "fuck you and your entire family" preferably with a cup of chlorine bleach you drink quickly for your entitled attitude in which you think artists should be more than happy to "enrich the world" for no compensation or ownership of their creations.

No the copyright is not waived, no you aren't entitled to have it. I wish your family members die in a horrible auto accident, would serve your dumb ass right for being a clueless prick that thinks Trey & Matt's idiotic ideas on art have merit.

I wasn't put on this planet to make you happy. Go kill yourself.



I'd refer you to her ED article detailing over a decade of her treating much of this fandom like trash and getting away with it, but the whiny bitches who run ED bend over backwards and take her articles down when she complains.

I also suspect she's either a janitor on 4chan /pol/(which would not be a huge surprise what with her being a conservative) or has a friend who is, as I made a thread there on her ED articles getting purged once and got banned from all boards within 2 damn minutes of the post. Gofy bitch has someho wmanaged a level of authority despite contributing nothing positive ot the fandom, but even though she used to call Zaush a rapist she now sucks up to him so she probably know show to play the system. Even so she'll still end up homeless someday, she could never cut it in the real world and needs online asspats, and her net fame won't last indefinitely.


>porn artists & "shippers" think their delusional made-up horseshit is in line with canon

Here's a hint- if you don't own the IP, if you don't work for the company, you don't get to say what is and is not canon. That goes double for your "but the characters really love each other" garbage.

If only companies would actually C&D the crap that flies in the face of official material...



Awww, is baby furry upset?

Free market, bitch. Art is worthless because art skills are easy to pick up.



>she's either a janitor on 4chan /pol/(which would not be a huge surprise what with her being a conservative)

Pol doesn't have conservative janitors, you dumb gay nigger.



get a load of this internet tough guy


>Commission 2 pictures from popular artist

>Get one after 70 days of him posting gift art for friends and a few other commissions

>Does more gift art and some other commissions instead of just doing my second picture right after the first

>Get the second one after another 70 or so days

What's worse is that it only took a month the first time I commissioned him.The latest commission from him took over 4 months for 1 picture. Also:

>Artist finishes my commission

>Ask if he could make a version with 1 character edited out

>Charges full price

If only there was an AI that could paste what I see in my head into photoshop, i'd never have to commission these people again.


>artists talks about how disgusting their clients are and how much they hate furry porn

Well maybe if you think that way you should get a different job dumbass. It must be really hard staying home and drawing all day.


Its really hard to resist the urge to show off my commission wips. I normally pester my friends with my in-progress work, but I respect commissioner privacy.


File: 5d38cf593f8fb11⋯.png (461.43 KB, 667x670, 667:670, ClipboardImage.png)

>artist doesnt title their work

>fucking hard to find

>never responds to any messages at all

>under the suspicion that they don't even speak english at all

>no presence anywhere else

i just want to comission him.



They say that to everyone because it fools suckers into tipping more or coming back as repeat customers.

If an artist actually likes your character there are some pretty obvious signs

>they'll give you priority because they actually do like and want to draw it

>they might draw it for free

>they'll actively discuss the dirty details of your commission because your character turns them on

If all you've gotten is an empty compliment it's just that, an empty marketing trick



too bad.



Italian motorcycles are always falling apart and people still wait on lists and work second jobs so they can own one. There’s no accounting for taste right?



Here's some signs it's genuine in my experience.

>give you a free extra alongside the commission

>faster than normal turnover

>give you a discount or upgrade your commission at no extra cost

>alternative to >>90438's 3rd point, asks questions about your character because they want to learn more about them

>vent to you about how they're finally able to draw a character like yours and not more samey stuff

Granted my last point is more questionable as my characters are from rarely seen species so take it as you will.



Maybe if you weren't a nazi supporter people wouldn't run away from you



Then why even allow you stuff to be posted on the internet in the first place?



>we're not inhuman corporate tricksters

um...most furry artists are exactly that, money grubbers who attempt to wring the commissioner for as much as possible while doing as little as possible.

To be quite frank, if an artist compliments you, the commissioner, assuming you are not an artist yourself or a writer then 90% of the time the compliment is for one reason only.

An attempt to butter you up so you don't complain when they put zero effort into your piece and fuck you over. Most furry artists actually are essentially parasites that you have to carefully tread around and gently coax into actually doing what you've paid them to do

It's pretty fucked up when you think about it



How rude



>um...most furry artists are exactly that, money grubbers who attempt to wring the commissioner for as much as possible while doing as little as possible

I haven't experienced that. I can't recall any friends who have, either. But none of us commission the top-level popufurs, either. And we also don't really do "samey" stuff; we've had artists say they were excited by something different.




both. the people who get ahead are the people who genuinely believe it and yet also just want your money.

counter-intuitive as it seems: in this fandom the fake is genuine and the genuine is fake.



most popufurs are terrible people

to give an example AdelaHerz literally goes through a list of people who watch her and spam favorites their stuff whenever she's about to open for commissions/ych so she can try and endear them into spending money


File: 4f0f19c1aad980e⋯.png (12.52 KB, 516x173, 516:173, hmm.png)

hey guys, is this a good sign or a bad sign?



I get that. But "most popufurs" does not equal "most furry artists." There are maybe hundreds of really good furry artists, who are friendly and personable and will work with you to make sure you get what you want. Nobody is required to commission the most popular people.



Link me six (5) artists that are not only good BUT not shitbags too



You're screwed


File: 2439f301543b13a⋯.png (188.35 KB, 650x627, 650:627, 1505444865289.png)

Maybe off topic but God damn it why are there no bara artists with open commissions, I want to give them my money! Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough but my friends and I can't find any and it's frustrating



Your fault for still posting there

Reminder that dragoneer is basically a pedo and had a cub character with that Chrome fellow and is desperately trying to bury that



I can't guarantee anything, because "good" art is very subjective. Things I love, you could easily hate. But here are six artists I really like, who I think are friendly and whose art I tend to enjoy. Note that not all of them draw porn. The only one I commission regularly is DrJavi, and he's a pleasure to work with.







They're all on FA under those names. Stasis_Delirium is another favorite of mine. But while he draws wonderful scenic art, he's also quite reserved and doesn't do commissions.



>good art is subjective

Wrong, art is a very technical and precise thing. A person's mastery over anatomy or scenic rendering is an objective skill and of the 7 names you listed only 2 are mildly passable

The rest are embarrassingly shit. This is ultimately why people go for popufurs because even if they're money hungry predators like adelaherz or tanraak, nobody in their right mind could say with a straight face that their art is bad



Ah, I understand now. You have an extremely high bar, you accept only the best, and you're angry that the artists you consider to be the best are assholes. Now, you say "only two are mildly passable," I say all seven are to my personal liking. When you said you wanted me to name artists who are good, you didn't specify what you meant by 'good.' To me, there is art which is cartoony, and that's okay. There is art which has some flaws but is still enjoyable.

Fox-Pop, Mary Mouse, Dr. Javi and Kae Mantis do toony work, which may not be your thing, but is mine, and I think these are examples of "good" toony art, but I've talked to people who feel "good" and "cartoony" cannot be connected. That's an opinion, of course.

Rick Griffin does comic strips. His stuff includes detailed backgrounds, but it's still somewhat cartoonish. Zorryn focuses on character detail, but still has occasional anatomy flaws. Stasis Delirium draws intensely detailed scenery, and I think anatomy and perspective issues can be set aside when the art still draws me in.

Next time you issue a challenge, you should say what you mean. Openly explain your lofty standards, and state that you will accept no flaws of any kind. You'll find that most artists, whether they're friendly, popular or not, will have some. Perhaps, since I gave you my list, you can give me a list of your own: name six artists who draw technically-perfect work, but have shitty personalities. I'm not doubting your ability to come up with such a list, nor am I doubting that they exist, I'd just like to see it.



Provide a unit for artistic merit, and then a formula to calculate it. Oh yeah, I forgot it's actually subjective and exists in the same way that any social construct does.



>there's no such thing as artistic consistency

go back to school



>name six artists with technically perfect work

I never said it had to be flawless, just "good"

I'll give you my list



Patto (only person on the list who is actually nice in person)

Null-ghost (idk if he's an asshole or not)





>have a friend artist who I want to give money to

>"I don't do commissions for friends"



money between friends always ends up badly, he made the right decision









Too lazy for a sixth (5th), but all are chill good artists



>all six (5) artists are actually good

wow, nice job anon you actually did what I asked. I'm glad someone else actually understands what "good artist" means. You get a gold star



It wouldnt be the first time there was money between us and it doesnt "always" end up badly. Never happened to me actually.



Well, someone understood after you explained. That's like going to a restaurant, telling them to bring you "good food," and being upset when they don't realize you think that steak and potatoes are the best food. Say what you mean.


Thanks. Glad you were able to placate him. I definitely like some of those, but didn't mention them because I know absolutely nothing about the artists.


>be good at art

>charge $200-300 per picture because I can and it pays the bills

>retarded nobody artists rant about me on their streams and say that anything above $80 is too much

>retarded poorfags agree

honestly, fuck me I guess for trying to make a career out of my hobby. It's ok for a plumber to charge $70 plus tip to tighten a few loose bits of tubing but god forbid I give people a physical representation of their hearts desire and actually manage to eat after I'm done.



when you make a career out of your hobby, it ceases to be a hobby and becomes a career.

so yes, fuck you for being part of the trend of dissolving the work-life balance and marching us towards the precipice of perpetual toil.

(but only fuck you a little bit, because it's a big material trend and you're just one internet loser.)



>only a material trend

ok communist, whatever you say.

Also, I would hardly call myself a loser, getting to jack off on the job and make money, I mean I'm pretty fucking happy, I still like and enjoy what I draw even if it's commissions



It sucks that supply and demand are a thing, but then again, if you care about people who can't afford your pics, you can do it easily.


Oh boy, people want to make some money and have a car/house/advance in life? Stop the presses, someone does what they like and get paid for it!



I can only show sympathy depending on the level of quality of the art in question. If we're talking top notch anatomy and fine painterly detail that needs a 4k or larger monitor to truly appreciate in one go, then fair enough on those prices.

If we're talking just your semi-basic toony linework with loose attention to detail, along with solid shadows and maybe highlights as well, and not much else, then I'd agree with the streamers you're overcharging by possibly up to 3x more than it's probably worth.



It's worth exactly as much as somebody is willing to pay for it.



>if you don't think one artist can stop the tide you're a communist

baffling little faggot


>Oh boy, people want to make some money and have a car/house/advance in life

believe it or not there was a day where you could do that without the house being rented and used as a neo-workhouse for the benefit of a few coastal liberal tech twats.


File: cec171cd36cdbb7⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1077, 360:359, baby.png)


I honestly didn't even see that post of him explaining it until now, was just doing a driveby to shill out some neato artists earlier. The artists listed are all ones I've personally dealt with somehow, a couple I chat with regularly. All are certified cool people.


I don't know if you're still here, but I'm back so adding a couple more names so that I've got six in total for you. I haven't really interacted with these two so dunno if they're cool or not, but caraid and deyvarah are nice as well if you're not already following them. deyvarah mostly posts on twatter or something I think, not too much has been going up on FA from them.


but some popufurs are bad at drawing :^)



>I honestly didn't even see that post of him explaining it until now, was just doing a driveby to shill out some neato artists earlier. The artists listed are all ones I've personally dealt with somehow, a couple I chat with regularly. All are certified cool people

Awesome. Either way, your list satisfied him, but I stand by my statement that he didn't specify what he meant by "good." Especially notable is not stating from square one that he's one of those "I am a coldly logical person and everything is completely objective" types.


I have a question, is it considered rude or like, a social faux pas to either

A) commission an artist twice in one month

B) commission them multiple months in a row

because like, I don't want to be a dick and put pressure on them or risk upsetting other people who want a shot. Also, for in-stream commissions, what's the etiquette? I assume if you get something too detailed it's rude because it takes a lot of time



If the artist is willing to take on multiple commissions from you over any period of time, I say feel free to do so. It's the same with anything with limited supply. Artists will usually tell you whether your request is too detailed for a stream and will either tell you to change it or charge extra. You seem to be concerned over being overbearing, which is good, since you should be able to tell if an artist is holding back. But most artists will speak up if you do act poorly.



idk, I just ask because none of the artists I speak to ever really say anything. So I've been asking and some people just say "oh don't worry, artists love getting money so any return customer is a welcome one"

at the same time I don't ever want to end up being "that guy" who gets bitched about in these types of threads. Truth be told I'm still kind of new to the whole commissioning thing so I'm not exactly positive on the ins and outs on what I should be doing



you're overthinking it

buying from furfag artists is no different than buying from any other business entity

90% of the time, they don't care who or what you are as long as they get money. On the off chance you do meet some sperg who gets upset about being paid then just avoid them and don't engage them ever again.

Other than that, go nuts.



If you're worried about it, ask the artist. The preferences may vary.



>at the same time I don't ever want to end up being "that guy" who gets bitched about in these types of threads.

Nah, just learn to ignore bitching like that. You don't need the approval of random anons like that.



As long as you're not annoying, have a weird character or ask for weird art, nobody will mind.


>when you're irrationally paranoid that some other artist doesn't like you based on one whole interaction een though they probably don't even remember who you are

This sucks, bros


>an actual artist in the industry charges maybe $180-200 for a fully shaded digital art piece

>a furry porn artist charges 300+ for black and white renders




An actual artist can charge a million for a black square on white canvas. People have a right to sell for whatever they want, people have a right to buy for whatever they want.

You can't put objective value on art.



you can't price in externalities of art either, apparently.

the furry commission market should be made to bear the full cost of the negative social externalities it creates.



We need to tax furries. Or send them all to gulags.




>actually trying to justify furry scams

yeah, no people's scribblings for hundreds of dollars is utterly ridiculous



Then don't pay this much.



if you won't pay you can't play



If the artist asks for too much, they won't get any money. If the artist asks for too little, they'll get buried in work.

And if you can't pay, you also can't get food, water and a roof over your head. Strangely enough, artists need those, too.


>people actually pay furry artists in full before getting their product

Honestly I never understood this, most artists are dishonest and out to just grab money while doing no work. Standard practice should be half when you receive a sketch and the other half when it's finally done.



>And if you can't pay, you also can't get food, water and a roof over your head.

society at least tokenistically considers this to be "a. bad. thing." and hasn't yet abolished the measures that were created to try and stop it from being a thing.

of course if you're a furry you don't have to worry about that, you can be a trust fund kid or the vassal of the trust fund kids.


>client wants you to 'make it work'


>artist strategically puts their unintelligible watermark/sig in plain view right next to the sex bits of an image

100% chance I won't save it no matter how good the pic quality was.



gee what a fucking friend



Society considers the fact that we have to pay people for their work spent on producing food/water/etc. a bad thing? I understand that slavery is still remembered fondly by some, but I don't think that society at large wants it.



>Society considers the fact that we have to pay people for their work spent on producing food/water/etc. a bad thing?

so are you strawmanning or are you just an utter retard?



Strawmanning, since your argument is shit, so I had to make an actual one out of it. You'd have to really explain the weird notion that society thinks it's bad that you have to pay for food.



>Honestly I never understood this, most artists are dishonest and out to just grab money while doing no work

You made this argument in another thread, too, but it seems you have only anecdotal evidence.


Are you the guy who was claiming that most furries are wealthy?



this is the first thread I've been in tho?


File: 1b1392e279c49fb⋯.png (369.31 KB, 598x985, 598:985, for_publication.png)


I've never had any issue with getting scammed by artists to any meaningful degree. As the client, you have complete control over who not to work with, so don't give the greedy merchants your money. Always good to check out how regular the artist is with their work and stuff like that, read through their journals and look at upload dates. Just seeing how they interact with others and how others interact with them is good to do too. If their queue is oddly stagnant or something smells fishy, just be cautious and don't pay in advance for anything.

A big reason for charging up front is when paypal takes their cut, it's a percentage of the payment + a flat fee. Splitting up the payment makes the artist pay the flat fee twice, asking for payment afterwards makes it easy for the client to run off with a drawing free of charge. I've always thought the best solution here is the artist does a thumbnail sketch, client pays, artist finishes the commission. For larger pieces, I do prefer the half after sketch, half at completion way.


It's so expensive because not only are you paying for the work put into making the art, but you're paying the popufur tax too. There's no shortage of people who will drop fat stacks on someone like milesdf or whoever just so they can say they have art from them. Unlike professional artist stuff, furry art is more of a "community" and popularity contest wild west environment of drama. It's best to just give your money to artists who are good but don't have that tax added. The pic attached was $100 for a little north of 4hr of painting.



>not defining your terms

You first, buddy.

I could draw a fat scuba diving fur 3000 times, keeping my technique consistent. Is that objectively better quality than someone who paints a single masterpiece?

Oh look, I didn't interpret your vague notion charitably and so can dismiss it easily.



You have to understand, furries do not buy art because they want a quality product, there are many popufur artists that have either awful proportions or other problems with them and then after getting popular, people continue to spend money not because they actually want a "good" art piece but because they want the name attached to it, they want attention and what's the best way of getting attention for your character? get a popufur to draw and post it on twitter.

Take rajii for example, his art is decent, just that, decent. He can only draw a blushing face or some breed of femboys (which nets him points from retards) but he has a huge flaw that many artists, popufurs especially suffer from.

They can't draw fur, it's just bodypaint skin and yet, despite being a FURRY artist who can't draw fur, he is extremely popular which allows him to charge ridiculous amounts of money for a commission. At this point people buy just so they can get a brand name, regardless of the actual quality of the piece.



Dont dog on Kody like that man. He has an important job of being every furry artist's "at least I'm not".



>You'd have to really explain the weird notion that society thinks it's bad that you have to pay for food

But that's not what was said. What was said is that society thinks it's bad that some people can't pay for food, and has taken measures to ensure that this situation is not the case - or at least should not be the case if everything goes to plan.

not that it's a surprise that a furry would immediately jump to the stupidest interpretation possible.



Society thinks that some people who are not able to perform any work to pay for stuff is bad, not that paying for stuff is bad.

I see where the confusion is, you've taken the thing out of context and tried to sound smart. If you don't want to interpreted, maybe you should write clearly.


File: 73d955e51566daf⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 600x590, 60:59, fedora.jpg)

>Society thinks that some people who are not able to perform any work to pay for stuff is bad, not that paying for stuff is bad.

>I see where the confusion is, you've taken the thing out of context and tried to sound smart. If you don't want to interpreted, maybe you should write clearly.


File: aaabd62129e9b65⋯.jpg (170.97 KB, 621x511, 621:511, 154281372.jpg)

File: ec080406222497a⋯.jpg (297.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7Z1POeB.jpg)


My man what is going on with that multicolored bullfox?





>artist doesnt instantly hand you a completed pic after payment

wtf bros



I didn't notice the smaller eyes until this post.


>artist has a fetish for monochrome

>they don't realize monochrome is more than just black and white


Welp, I'm bored, tell me guys, what artists are secret assholes, I'm not talking about well known cunts like kayla-na or zaush.

I mean lesser known people, like maybe todex, anixis or rajii

Are these people nice? Does anybody know any of them, name drop some random artists good or bad. I want to read stories



Most artists are just normal people, if you want some fucked up stories go to KiwiFarms or ED or something.

Vader-san is a nice guy though, streams frequently and is pretty open about everything. Would recommend as a decent person.



PatrikTheDog is a massive cunt



Care to elaborate? Is it more than "didn't accept my commission"?



Ah, there was someone a while back claiming that ALL furry artists are assholes who only want to take your money and give as little as possible.



One of those overrated lazy YCH artists that's fine if you want a quick commission and you don't care about the details. I claimed one with a request that I made extremely clear before paying that I wanted a slight change to the sketch. She agreed, no big deal, said it would be a simple change, and said she'd show me the edited sketch before starting on the commission. Two weeks later she tells me she completed the commission, and not only did she not make the edit but the character's markings are pretty off and didn't match my reference sheet. I was disappointed but I still wanted to be nice, so I said it looked cool (I mean she's a good artist) but that I really wish she kept me in the loop before completing the whole thing because she forgot the edit. She responds saying no problem, she will start the entire thing over. I immediately felt guilty and said that she didn't have to start COMPLETELY over but it would very much be appreciated if she made the changes I asked for. She says no problem.

1 month later I finally get a sketch. It's not what I asked. I feel awkward at this point and say it's not exactly what I asked for, but that it's pretty close. No response. Another month passes. Tons and I means TONS of other much newer commissions are completed and uploaded. I send her a message once every 2-3 weeks (usually when she does an upload dump of newer commissions) very simple messages just asking for an update, and I try my best to be friendly because it felt like I was walking on coals. I did receive a "finished" product after all. My messages get read and I don't receive a response most of the time, other times I get some sort of weird excuse. And the end of month 3 I get fed up and file a dispute with PayPal after a recommendation from a friend, and in the dispute I make an ultimatum. Finish my commission or I want my money back. The commission was finished 2 days later.

Not a pleasant experience. I regret giving that bitch my money, and it's all I can think of when I look at that picture now. I highly recommend Zizicakes though, she(?) was lovely. The commission I got from her was half the price, was done within a week, and it wasn't a shitty YCH.



Anixis and rajii are pretty nice from my experience.

Theres a lot of popular suit makers who don't give a fuck, though



I've never spoken to rajii, what's he like. Also, is he actually indian because rajii is an indian name




>overt-exaggeration technicolor femboy trash

>i'm supposed to understand why people gobble this shit up

Get some better taste you faggots



This, rajii and anixis have terrible fucking art styles and one of em is now an unstable tranny.



Those are definitely big japanese dog eyebrows


>give artist money

>artist doesn't give me and 15 other people what they paid for

>They complain about not having enough money despite this



>Stop liking things I don't like!


>Commission artist

>they kill themselves 2 days later

>didnt get my pic in that timeframe

think the refund will still go through?



I can do one for you if you want.



If it was through PayPal then yeah, file a dispute and escalate it.



Who kys'd?


>artist tries to pretend they have emotions other than an unending lust for money



I want to say that this isn't true but every western furry artist I've met has actually seemed to not enjoy their craft at all and only want money,

Japanese artists I've met were all pleasant though



used to do art for money and it sucks the joy right out of it. seen a lot of studies that back this up in other fields. when you make a fun hobby into a job it ends up just being a job in the end.



It's no longer a hobby if you have to force yourself to do it. And you force yourself because you need the money. It's a job, but you enjoy it more than McDonalds job, right?



honestly? hell no. at least you get social interaction at mcdonalds. this is why I "used to" do art as a hobby/job. now i don't do it at all.



If you're starved for it, sure. But if you can't get enough social interaction while having a freelance job, then the job might not be the problem. Have you considered going out with friends when they're off work?



thanks for the advice man, but I quit years ago and got a job I like more. I'm a lot happier now. art was the thing I did to survive at the time and it cost me but thats just life sometimes. I know a lot of freelancers who suffer from getting shut in or burned out, usually both at the same time. they have a different drive to what I had tho and I respect them for their decision to keep going at something they love. I didn't love it, thats all there is.



It's fine, I was just curious about a freelancer complaining about lack of social interaction, it seems really weird considering how my freelancer friends work and socialize.


>commission artist

>they say they like my character

>take this as a sign that it's ok to commission them again this month because another client of his does it anyway.

>I'm first in the que this time

>artist works on a "I'll finish everything in the month" type schedule

>month almost over

>not even a wip sketch

>artist currently doing streams instead of working on the que

So... Uh... what's the proper etiquette here? I was kind of looking forward to the piece but I don't want everyone else in the que to end up getting shafted just because the artist actually doesn't want to do mine



>when you make a fun hobby into a job it ends up just being a job in the end.

the root problem with furry in a sentence



just forget about it my dude the money is already gone anyway


>If you don't get a commission slot 1 minute after midnight on saturday morning from lonbluewolf then you will literally never be able to get shit from him unless you luck out and he takes a request during the week

At least it won't form any bad habits that artificially reduce my monthly income by 140 dollars! What a subscription that would be!


>pay upfront for a commission

>all of a sudden after the artist confirms that the payment went through, says they're going to go hang out with friends and when they come back they'll start work on the commissions I bought

>notice my slot info still says I'm unpaid

>it's been 17 hours

one hell of a party



sucks, guess that's 80 bucks I'll never get back. Oh well



Just politely ask them for an ETA or something you sperg. It's entirely possible that they just forgot to do it or something, don't just sit there saying nothing after you pay and nothing is happening.



Have some patience. If it's five or so days and they're still blowing you off, THEN start to worry.



>Paid to do something in advance

>lol they just forgot

huge red flag



Artist probably has friends, family and a life outside of art. "I forgot, sorry" is an excuse I would accept. That being said, I would only accept it once if an ETA has been given.


I stopped uploading to FA due to low view/fave/watch counts.

Why bother to give them more of what they don't want?

I refuse to change and make shit they want that I don't like.

The only choices were to change and give them what they want when I hate it, or walk off and realize what I do isn't marketable to the masses. If I'm going to lose either way I may as well cut out the effort and not bother, and if your stuff isn't getting attention then you waste your time uploading it. Fuck anyone who says faves/watchers aren't important, that's a lie, it's the only thing that matters on FA and no popufur would ever give up their fame.



>inb4 "you're depriving the world of enrichment do what you want not what the masses want" etc

If it's getting no attention when it's posted then not posting it isn't depriving the world of jack shit. Don't act like you want everything then ignore 50% of it when you do get it, you entitled fucker.

This is the problem- furries act like they are owed, show no appreciation and are highly picky. Give it to them and they don't want it. Don't give it to them and they act like they're being deprived.



It’s a serious plague on our culture that likes and faves matter. I mean look at the Kardashians. They built an empire on that shit

How well you promote yourself and use your creative abilities to build a personal brand is an important indicator of your personal success, but having 50k idiots following you on Facebook is not the same as successfully promoting yourself. The egg proved that. In spite of this, tho, that is how the world sees it.

Yes, faves/likes are crucially important, but only because the idiotic majority of social media users choose to make it that way.



>artist has a life outside of art

I have a life outside of my job too but I never "forget" to do my work on time because when people who have real jobs do that, they get fired



Upload to twitter, people eat that shit up and it spreads really fast


File: f63bb1ca0056c11⋯.jpg (45.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 42325558_168239694098287_5….jpg)


It's rare, but I have had it happen to me once or twice. An artist that I've been working with for several years now was supposed to draw me a couple similar pieces, but only drew one. They had stuff come up IRL, so between that throwing them off and the ideas being similar, they forgot to do my other piece.

Even if you pay in advance and the artist runs, paypal has the chargeback feature. Yeah, you'll be out of that money while the artist sits on their ass screwing you over, but you'll get the sweet satisfaction of pulling the rug out from under them in return.


Market yourself, get your name out there. If your work is actually good, people have to be able to see it before they can like it. Beyond twitter, try commenting more on other people's stuff or strategically favoriting things. Granted I'm a paypig and not an artist, but I hardly get any attention when I post good shit to my gallery. The only people who will see you post on FA when you're new is if they catch you on the front page or they try searching for some specific tag. Most of the people who follow me do so because they found my gallery through the artist posting what I commissioned.

You could raffle out some free sketches, do cheap comms, or think of some others ways that would make people want to share this new cool artist that they just found who has these good rates.

SFW art is also bad if you're just concerned about building a following. You can be seriously talented and produce great stuff, but it's still primarily a porn site at the end of the day. NSFW always helps, see if there's some niche you can cater to a little bit as well. Try joining telegram and discord servers that would be relevant to your art, post some stuff there too. People interested in that niche material will be on you like flies on shit once they catch scent.

Basically, just posting stuff on FA and hoping for the best won't be enough if you want to build a presence with any speed.




>doesn't mention comments

why? comments are literally the only form of interaction that are high-enough effort to value.



But you're not everyone. My memory is shitty; were I an artist, I might forget. Which is why I said I'd personally give an artist one "I'm sorry, I forgot" chance. After that, I would tell them very firmly (though, admittedly, still politely) that I've paid and that I really do need to know when it'll be done.


File: f489548d0c9c30a⋯.png (580.48 KB, 964x768, 241:192, 2634967 - Animal_Crossing ….png)


This does not prevent Mouse right click v save or capping.


File: 2471ead9d323f28⋯.jpg (84.5 KB, 1024x719, 1024:719, LazyLiberalFaggots.jpg)


>Society thinks that some people who are not able to perform any work to pay for stuff is bad.

Unless you're a completely incapacitated vegetable who can only blink their eyes there's no reason you can't do some kind of productive job or work that helps society in general. Even Dr Stephen Hawking, who was 99 percent disabled, still managed to build a career in physics equal to that of Einsteins. This should inspire you to action. If not then what's your excuse for just sitting on your ass doing nothing?


File: a8363bab030dda1⋯.png (198.7 KB, 768x768, 1:1, BimboBreadBetty.png)

There's way too many faggots in the fur community. Like other things they've hijacked it's like they decided, "hey, check this out, it's really cool. Let's steal it and make it exclusively gay."

Okay, maybe it's not entirely like that yet but it's sure getting there fast! It's getting harder and harder to find s/fur threads anywhere, anymore.

Again, this just proves...





















ban assault high capacity gays


File: 56cf635c2b196a6⋯.jpg (99.87 KB, 1024x446, 512:223, 54YiffyGrandma.jpg)

Fixed that for you.

>You're welcome.



You the guy who's been posting claims that homosexuals are a pox on society?







today i learned food stamps don't exist

thank god furries know more than the federal government


Pedos who try to use the "I'm not a pedo I only look at drawn stuff" argument and other bullshit defenses, you got owned hard here



What the fuck is lonbluewolf's timezone that he is always automatically full on commissions the instant saturday morning hits


File: 722d073c4169995⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, image0-7-1.gif)


>tfw no one will care about your art unless you draw lewd stuff

it hurts



Because the veracity and logic of any argument is increased a thousandfold when said argument is presented in streaming video, by comparison to simply typing it out here.



Of course not. The actual reason is because an eceleb is saying it.


File: 5bc25dcbce3a0f4⋯.png (39.9 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 5bc.png)


I agree, that argument the guy in the video quotes is retarded, however, swap "murderer" with "sociopath" and now you have an actual argument.

>no anon, you stupid retard, he already addressed that, it doesn't work!

All he did was debunk the, correct, statement that "playing" vidya doesn't make you a "murderer". He does, however, completely ignore the psychological implications behind playing and enjoying said violent media. The idea of reducing the thought/action of taking numerous human lives in a myriad of depraved and sadistic means to being a simple "game", that plays on the satisfaction/mental rush the player gets from preforming these acts, encouraging them to repeat it and perfect their techniques with a "higher score", how is that anything but the cultivation of "sociopathy"? Of course, that's stupid, it's just pretend/fiction, But, If we're going by the "cub/loli/shota is CP, and ur a pedo" logic, it doesn't matter that it's fake, nor that "you wouldn't do it for real" you enjoy the "idea" of it, so that's proof enough. Both are just as "doable" and "realistic" as one another.

>No, no! It's "easier" to assault a child then kill a bunch of people!

I dunno anon, it doesn't take a nuclear scientist to rent a uhaul or use/steal a car/truck and find a crowded sidewalk. If anything that's a hell of a lot easier than getting close enough to a child long enough to preform acts on them.

>Shut the fuck up anon, you're just defending pedos!

If that's your only defense then I suppose it just proves my point. Your arguments hold no more or less ground than mine.

>There's examples of people looking at underage porn who diddled kids/looked at real CP for real!

And there's examples of people who indulge in violent vidya/media in general who ended up planning to go on/went on sprees, so which is it? Is everyone guilty by association, or is there nuance and only outliers are guilty? You can't have it both ways.

Also, it's hilarious how you, a furfag, is trying to use this guy as some mouth piece while directly in the comments below he expresses how he holds the same feelings towards furries as being zoophiles in denial.



Mexico or south america, which might explain why he sounds so much like a robot in PMs, unless he's just THAT disinterested.


>artist makes a handful of stock easily editable animations and recolors them indefinitely

>they proceed to make infinite money thanks to the monopoly they themselves made

can't say I'm not jealous


Commission artists who can't get shit right straight from a reference sheet, fuck up the anatomy and then expect the customer to pay extra to fix their mistakes don't deserve anyone's business. I've dealt with one who has made constant errors with hands, from fingers way too long to the finger split too far up the hand, or even fingers weirdly turned sideways, and looking over one older commission compared to official art they got the skin tone way off and the character's belt is somehow 1/3 the thickness it should be. Frankly I can't tell if they're just phoning in effort to rush it out the door or if it's somehow on purpose so I have to pay them more money later to correct it. Well they can fuck a cactus, I'm not paying them. Not to fix this, not ever again.

Furthermore the client should get ownership of the pic, not the artist. The artist was paid to draw it, and they expect to keep ownership? Fuck em with a hot iron.



I have never seen a furry commission done with a valid contract, or even a halfassed attempt at one.

Mention a due date and most artists freak the fuck out on you for badgering them.



But... it’s true.



There's an old saying that's just as true today as it was when it was first coined: "if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck and it swims like a duck and it flies like a duck then it must be a duck!"

If it looks like a child and it walks like a child and it talks like a child then it must be a child.

This is simple logic: If you become sexually aroused by looking at drawn pictures which are representative of naked children then you are expressing a desire to have sex with children. Having that desire is defined as PEDOPHILIA.

Conclusion: you are a pedophile and nothing you say or do can change that or change my mind about that.



people who unironically want to censor art because "it causes harm" should be killed



Chris Hansen isn’t going to be doing any more dateline stings. He used to bust people for other stuff besides kiddie diddling, like fraud, and now that he has been caught committing fraud, his career will become more complicated.


File: 006dddd89d46098⋯.png (303.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, bye.png)



File: 320ff9fad5516db⋯.png (20.17 KB, 500x459, 500:459, de530545e0f3f62cd46168cf71….png)


>All I do is lambaste their interests, equate them to criminals and their criminal acts, wish death and/or prison for them, strawman each and every individual, and periodically, if not constantly shove these ideas in their faces. For what reason could they possibly have to react negatively towards me and/or be defensive about the topic?




>It’s like the artist has SEEN children, perhaps in photographs, but never gotten close enough to talk to one or observe how they act

Or, perhaps, that the artists/writers are very intentionally trying to portray them as not being like actual children?


>all these people unironically defending kiddy diddlers



>All these other people unironically regressing to the mentality of pearl clutching religious fundamentalists freaking out that violent media is turning people/society into dangerous sociopaths.


File: 2b7b26c1cb886e8⋯.jpg (23.32 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 8031908ae45e579ad157dd2935….jpg)


>not liking pedofags and those with shit taste is like being some backwater dude who doesn't get vidya

Sure thing, faggot.


File: 16e595ef7b9745e⋯.jpg (45.33 KB, 903x960, 301:320, 16e595ef7b9745e1a070cf9254….jpg)


>Initiates with the claim of people defending kiddy diddlers

>backpedals to it just being a matter of "shit taste" to downplay any serious responses

Stick with one narrative, dumbass, your argument isn't gonna look any less retarded.



You're talking to 2 different people by the way.



Then allow me to rephrase

>Piggybacking off another post, while backpedaling from that original point in order to invalidate any responses by downplaying it

Either way, still retarded.


File: dc5309cceb38627⋯.jpg (449.79 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, YCH prices capitalism.jpg)

File: 1a02925a353da35⋯.png (308.94 KB, 574x819, 82:117, ClipboardImage.png)

what about this ridiculous shit?


File: 196319f90eb2ed2⋯.jpg (5.43 KB, 304x300, 76:75, 47e077fcd4bf99b7123f785da7….jpg)


It's scary how much disposable cash a lot of furries have.



>Babies first strawman

Wow, it's been years since I've seen that argument.

Look, artists should be paid for commissions, but that's not something exclusive to capitalism, not to mention that capitalism has definitively shown to select bullshit 'art' like Warhole over actual talent and ability. This applies to all sorts of artistic media, Film, painting, architecture, sculpture, writing, poetry etc, has seen a severe decline under global capitalism.



Stephen Hawking became progressively paralyzed, he started off being physically feeble but otherwise normal. He is also a fucking GENIUS level intelligence. He also lived in a different time. Wages and prices rose together but after Reagan and Thatcher dropped regulations Wages stagnated as prices continued to rise and established corporations proceeded to completely quash any serious competition, so that only the minor percentage of people in the world possessing actual capital could actually do anything that didn't involve scrounging for money or working like a dog for no reason other than a profit. And when people didn't like being ripped off like that... that's where Sweatshops started being a big thing.

Productive jobs and having a good work ethic is a necessary part of human survival but being massively exploited is not. Not to mention that Stephen Hawking does his work because he likes it, he is paid for his work, sure, but he could just as receive benefits... he's done his part while still mobile, he doesn't owe anyone anything anymore. The same goes for many disabled people. Just because a person with a missing arm can still do work doesn't mean that society should socio-economically force him to work to survive. Work ought to be, not for pure labour, but because you want to do it. Surviving is not pleasant, and hoarding and saving like fucking Scrooge is no way to live, because after 40 years when you finally can 'retire' you're left with a mediocre pension and some money in your bank account, and not enough time left to do anything more than have a vacation at the beach before dying and being disposed of and forgotten by society, another blurry-faced person who was as apathetic and ignorant of others as others were of them.



people literally only pay that much money so they can feel special and famous because people will be talking about them just based on that alone

most of the time they dont care what they are actually getting, considering you can get godly shit for 200 dollars USD but that thousand dollar slot in a super ych will get you something that can't be gotten anywhere else, and that's recognition for better or for worse



who did that? its very good



maybe try reading the watermark



>artists should be paid for commissions

commissions shouldn't exist as part of the community tbh, furry should be a community of hobbyists.

art quality would be lower but the people would be better and the number of acceptable artists, and people inspired to take up art, would be much higher.

when you make your hobby your job you diminish your hobby.


File: 0389bc62b976da4⋯.png (224.17 KB, 346x386, 173:193, el croppo.png)


As the other person pointed out, it's in the watermark. I will add onto it by saying that as someone who has worked with her a few times that they're a pretty cool person too. I like working with her not just for the top-notch art, but because of the chill factor too.



>when you make your hobby your job you diminish your hobby.

While often true, that isn't always the case from my experience. For the aforementioned artist and a few others that I know, being paid for commissions allows them to be drawing for a living instead of being forced to work a more traditional job (meaning much less time to practice and improve). If they're drawing characters they like with subject matter they like, I know some artists don't feel very different drawing that vs drawing personal art. I'm sure some appreciate the social aspect of working with another person, as well as being able to put two brains towards thinking of an idea instead of only one.

I've never really cared much for the fandom at large, too much cult of personality drama BS and other assorted faggotry, although I'm not entirely sure that removing commissions would be the fix. Actually implementing anything of that scale will always be a pipe dream, so I'm not going to invest too much thought into what it would actually do. Between the internet being as gay and spergy as it is, many in the fandom having their own little character and internet persona to share, and sex playing as large of a role as it does, I suspect that petty drama is going to be an inherent part of furry shit. Just a bunch of hormone-fueled speds holding brown nosing and pissing contests.



I don’t entirely agree that commissions have no place in a fandom. It takes time and effort to make furry art. If I draw furry art, and you can earn the price of my work in less time than it would take you to do the work yourself, you absolutely should pay me to do it, just like I pay someone else to fix my air conditioner while I stay in my studio drawing.

Now, I do think that furries waste a hell of a lot of their income on bullshit furry art, just to promote their social status. But that’s not a strike against free market economy.



>just like I pay someone else to fix my air conditioner

That analogy is more appropriate than you think.

>that’s not a strike against free market economy.

Excluding the market from a minor area of one's life doesn't get rid of the overall architecture of the market economy. Imageboards don't become socialist just because you can't pay to promote your posts or give people 8ch gold. Actually, come to think of it imageboards are basically the perfect mirror to hold up to the furry fandom and show that you can have internet communities that avoid nearly all the mistakes furry makes. Except the arguing, and the stupidity, but those are mandatory anyway. Even CERN physics mailing lists are probably full of shitposts.



Explain the air conditioner thing if you don’t mind. I don’t get where you’re coming from.

Unless you mean like, I pay the guy to show up every week so I can keep the world in the loop about how baller my air conditioner is.


File: 49f5ded20007ded⋯.jpg (9.36 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 6ZtFmD_-_400x400.jpg)

Zaush is a rapist & a pedo. Anyone who defends him is a piece of shit. Disagree with me and you are a liar.

I hope he gets shot by a mugger.

No, better yet, busted by pic related the next time he tries to groom & rape someone, and he and the furry fandom humiliated on national TV. Would serve his defenders right.



Except that, if furry artist logic applied to all services, the guy you pay to fix that air conditioner would keep the air conditioner because.... fuck if I know but artists who demand to keep rights to paid work are selfish assholes. They want money to do something they'd otherwise do for free while keeping all the extra benefits.



There's a reason there isn't a community of AC Repairmen and AC Repair consumers.

(But if there was one, it would be closer and more communal than furry because god damn that is niche.)



Ok well, what do you think about people who buy all this silicone molding shit and learn to make custom paw pads and get really good at it, then recoup their expenses selling paws to other furries? Is that a similar practice?

I think the fandom is improved by people like that.



>Zaush is a rapist & a pedo.

Where are the proofs.



Who needs proof when you should LISTEN and BELIEVE!



look everyone im projecting


File: 86c2d038e545d5f⋯.png (442.86 KB, 1125x843, 375:281, yxbwu516f8j1.png)


Interesting, alright, I take your strawmen and raise you a strawMAN


File: 44bac9d62bbde0b⋯.jpg (25.07 KB, 480x480, 1:1, furry (you).jpg)


>70-90% Of Science Articles NOT Reproducible



That would be accurate... if I was interested in sexualized anthro creatures. anthropomorphic beings are not sexual in and of themselves... not unless the entire emphasis was their jiggling genitals and other stuff.

>Inb4 you're on /fur/ so you like sexual content

No, it's just the best place to find drama like this thread and observe it (with occasional commentary).



>>just because I lead coordinated attacks against jack thomson and anita sarkeesian doesn't make it harassment

I was on board until this, This Gamer-Gate levels of bullshit is retarded. I have only agreed with Anita Sarkeesian's opinions twice in my life and as the phrase goes a broken clock is right twice a day. Fuck her and her liberal shit-show, she's just as bad as the moron gamers who get autistic over retarded fictional drama.



Oh, so you're a faggot who got lost on your way to /cow/.



> you're a faggot who got lost on your way to /cow/.

? This is the only thread I have posted in, in the past week, Are you referring to the shit in that "god v atheists" thread? I took the archive citation because that's true, information is information.



Ah, so you're a newfag too.



>you're a newfag too

No, I just haven't posted/lurked in a year or so after the board got filled with political drama that was all over the place... though it seems things haven't changed since then.


File: cf50a727933e6e5⋯.png (56.84 KB, 800x211, 800:211, 8chan is pol 2.0.png)


>though it seems things haven't changed since then.

<Thinks that ANYWHERE on this site isn't some variation of /pol/


I'm going to dox an artist that has done consistently shitty commission work for me. Full name, address and Paypal info. Then I'll report them to Paypal for accepting payments for adult artwork, which is an instant clampdown on their account for violating the TOS.


File: 4ea53b62e188bfa⋯.jpg (258.36 KB, 633x950, 633:950, uhhfuckinwhat.jpg)


it gets better



Someone named Vagoo already bought this fyi. It sold out within an hour.



Still says open and miles is usually quick to update, especially since it's only been a few hours since posting.



>ANYWHERE on this site isn't some variation of /pol/















The comment section for this is aids. It's either people (rightfully) calling out the bullshit price, or white knights defending this greedy shit for literally no reason other than to be suck ups.


File: 263dcf19f82d6f8⋯.png (4.94 KB, 728x156, 14:3, faggot.png)


What the fuck is this faggot's problem?



i'd just like to point out this guy has been in the comments section for five hours



I remember that paste-eater, he cried all over /fur/ with chains of melodramatic underage rambling when people said his fursona was shit


File: fd2c658f6913811⋯.png (5.12 KB, 596x27, 596:27, asdas.PNG)

TalRasha, your fursona a shit



Talrasha re-enabled his account? Can't even leave properly, fuckin pussy. 'Sona is shit, too.



If you've been following his antics he's enabled and re-enabled his account multiple times


File: 9279e37bacca232⋯.jpg (121.12 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, DzE1s6SW0AYIoyC.jpg large.jpg)


If you look closely he's in miles' screencap 4 times



I wish rasha~chan would respond to my comments



That fucker wasted the reply spot to the first comment. That would've been the best possible place to advertise my art.


What's the story behind this TalRasha guy?



Literally just some random shitposter with a recognizable name.



That's a comment stolen from what some popufurs said during a previous ych outrage when miles was first cracking the four digit slots. Yikes.


File: 5e3caa40be56c06⋯.png (394.66 KB, 610x500, 61:50, unknown.png)


>ask artist if I could have a version with a watermark because it says in their t.o.s to only reupload the watermarked version to my own FA

>they haven't responded in a week



File: 04cd81fed964123⋯.png (26.17 KB, 842x182, 421:91, Screenshot_20190211-100356….png)


I've been wondering who this weirdo was ever since he left this on my page.

I don't even know what he's talking about



I looked at their fa journals. It makes much more sense now.



Joke's on him, I'm already blacklisted for insulting his 1500 dollar YCH which at least showed pussy.

Seriously, there should be a group of artists starting a group named "Make Miles bankrupt", marketing themselves as "do something worthwhile with your fucking money."



god damn these people exist

the world cries out for a 95% tax on being furry.



The social stigma was enough of a tax that I purged all furry artifacts from my life and went full closeted.

In many ways, the only bad thing about the fandom is all the furries in it. Practiced in solitude it’s quite enjoyable.


rasha~chan still didnt reply to one of my comments



I personally can never stop thinking about them and how much I hate them every single day.



They probably have you and half of FA blocked.


arent blocklists and blacklists two different things



I don’t know how it works on fa but I know a lot of people on social media have delicate psyches and rely on filters to keep the world tolerable.



>even on 8chan you find good goys turning a thread into "muh gamergate harassment"




We here at the illustrious 8ch dont take kindly to irony


>Miles.df is actually moderating the comments section after having closed it off at 3530

>5 comments say they were deleted by administration

Guess there are people going on that blacklist afterall



I bet it’s a big list. A big long list of people who would be denied the opportunity to hand over thousands of dollars. Yeah right.



It's a big list of al the poorfags he dabbed on


>Attempt to commission an artist as soon as they open,full on ready to give them money

>It's not a raffle or ych or anything,comms from artist are first come, first serve

>don't know the artist

>tell them I want to buy their most expensive tier

>Get completely fucking ignored as slots fill out mostly for sketch shit










>client commissions me

>I ask them not to upload it for a week so I can let on my patreon first

>they post it anyway




>Trying to put paid commissions behind a timed paywall

But why? you already have non-commission stuff you post on your patreon, right? It almost feels like double dipping if it wasn't timed.



>Double dipping

I don't know what sort of agreement this commissioner had with you, but on a general note, that person paid for the art, so really as long as they're not making money without compensation from the art, there's absolutely nothing wrong with them doing literally whatever with it.

Frankly putting up commissioner art on a patreon that isn't exactly what's being put up elsewhere, at the same time it's being put up elsewhere, is A grade bullshit, but given patreon inherently encourages bullshit practises, it's hardly surprising this happens.



It’s pretty grimy looking to charge someone for a commission, then use a paywall to charge other people for the same commission. Raise your commission rate, or make generic shit for the paywall. People want to show off art of their characters. Nobody is going to like paying for a piece and then not being allowed to post it. They may want your art bad enough to tolerate being abused like that but it doesn’t mean you should take advantage of their situation.



Yeah I don’t think he truly understands the source of all the ire. There’s a lot of stupid bullshit out there that people both can’t afford and would never want at any price.





It's only one week, it's not a big deal you know? Besides, people only share art for followers anyway, I'm perfectly happy to post it on twitter when time is up myself so I can link him and direct traffic to him w/e

All I ask is for a grace period, I take a lot of commissions and do a lot of other art. Is it really fair to someone who constantly spends money on my patreon to just never get anything? A week is just a nice little bonus really, it's not a big deal. Besides, it's not like I'm mad/unwilling to accept more commissions from this client, I just wanted some exclusivity time.

It is my drawing and my labor after all, not his. And frankly, I never forbade him from sharing it with his friends, I just didn't want him posting it public early and I didn't want him posting the hi-rez version at all and I'm kinda miffed he did but whatever, I'll just be more firm next time.



The reason miles-df gets shit for his prices isn't just because of the money, it's because his art is embarrassingly bad and he actually expects us to believe people pay the public prices he posts when in reality that retard just draws the ychs for his buddies at $200 a pop while pretending to have outrageous prices.

It's literally a controversial persona built upon deceit and that's why he gets shit. An actual artist with talent charging thousands of dollars doesn't raise any eyebrows. hell fuzz amorous sold an animation a few days ago for 5 grand. Is that strange? No, because he does good work. Unlike miles



>Besides, people only share art for followers anyway

I can't speak for everyone, but I share art I make or pay other people to make because I want other people to enjoy it, I couldn't give a shit about meaningless statistics. If art's only being made for some perpetual popularity contest, then that's pretty hollow for all people involved.

It "Only being one week" doesn't really matter, it's still de facto definition of double dipping, which is pretty sleezy no matter which way you try to cut it. If you can't keep making enough content for the patreon, then maybe shutting down the patreon would be the better idea.

>It is my drawing and my labor after all

He paid for it to be made though, does that not count for anything?



Same Don't give two shits about likes, followers or magical internet points, or being popular or internet-famous. I commission things I enjoy looking at, and I hope other people will also enjoy looking at them.



whats the matter bro did some calculations and found you're making less than minimum wage?



Ok... grimy is a harsh word but it feels like you’re working for the commissioner but also the audience you’re cultivating behind the paywall. Like, is he making it for me or for them? I’d rather pay what it costs to have the artist’s commitment to my work and not worry if my notes and requests will be compared against what will draw more traffic to your patreon page.



Most artists don’t make a lot. Musicians, actors, and most other creative fields too. You don’t have to be shitty about it tho. Some careers are rewarding in ways beyond a paycheck.



I don't know about you, but I share mine so I have a quick and easy place to access my stuff, for reference when I'm getting more art, and since I know others would like to see it as well. I'd like it better if I stayed being obscure so that I don't always have someone breathing down my neck wondering what I'm up to. If I were popular, I can't really see how that'd improve my life from where I am now, if anything it'd introduce drama to it because furries are retarded.



Yeah I'm sure artists actually give a fuck about the fetish shit they're forced to draw in order to live



Eh for me it’s like being a public school teacher. For every life you change you have to babysit 100 brain dead zombie sheep.



> Is it really fair to someone who constantly spends money on my patreon to just never get anything?

if that's what they've signed up for, yeah. if you really feel an obligation to give something back, why not give them something unique (but that nobody will care are paywalled) like WIP sketches?



Patreon was started to emulate the very old custom of patrons contributing to the arts, the way rich fancy nobles supported people we study today in art history.

It’s still ok to support an artist you like even if everyone else is using it like a vending machine to sell their boring old shit. I don’t expect something just for me out of the deal but I won’t enable some lazy fuck who is just trying to squeeze residual income out of shit he already made.



>Patreon was started to emulate the very old custom of patrons contributing to the arts

I've always thought that they did this too well and the result is actually pretty dystopian but nobody's picked up on it yet. Like, do we really want to have artists rise and fall on the whims of a google programmer in San Jose who now gets to play feudal lord of the manor? Is that really the ideal future of the late 2010s?

Even if the idea was to have a centralised way for a large number of average people who want to make small payments that collectively add up, market forces and other factors would suggest that the best approach is to target a smaller number of higher paying people. (Which I mean I guess you can see represented in microcosm with how many of the biggest paid Patreon users are furries.) I guess that helps lead people towards using it as a paywall as well. You drive away smallfry doing that, but all it takes is one rich guy who wants to see what's behind the fence to offset them all in an instant.

I don't know. I wrote that in a very economic way but it's more like an underexplored social question. I don't have any neat agenda to push either way.


>want to commission xilrayne

>they're exclusively on inkbunny



And that's a problem.... because?



>I didn't want him posting the hi-rez version at all

Why not? He paid for the high resolution version, so why shouldn't he be allowed to share it at full size? Is it because you only want patreon subs to get it? Why not just draw stuff specifically for patreon like literally everyone else instead of relying on people to commission you, and then putting those on patreon while not even allowing the person who paid for it to share it?


File: 0e07b5745607071⋯.png (157.52 KB, 505x452, 505:452, thinkening.PNG)




Doesn't a commission also make it your property to begin with?

I mean, you never read about renaissance artists pitching a fit over the people who commissioned them showing off their work.



tell me your name so I never accidentally commission you


File: d484579b0e180d0⋯.jpg (3.07 KB, 171x294, 57:98, images.jpg)


Art is a social phenomenon with no intrinsic value. Skill doesn't matter, but who you are as a person. The more expensive the art, the better the person was.



Don’t give him the high res version then. But seriously consider what the value of that high res version is to you. Is it making you money or are your patrons willing to pay you even if it is possible to track down new works one at a time? Cuz to the buyer it just looks like you’re trying to resell his commission to others. I know you can get away with it but it just seems extra greedy.


Commissioning lavenderpandy was a mistake.



Just don't even give him his pic at all, upload it behind his back with it hidden behind your nsfw artwork patreon tier that he hopefully has already paid for like a good paypiggie if he wants to see what he actually got.


>people saying it's not ok for an artist to not approve public upload of the hi-rez pic

>the vast majority of furry artists put in their t.o.s to not upload the hi-rez version



the vast majority of furry artists are contemptible though



>I didn't want him posting the hi-rez version at all

I'll never understand this mentality. If I spent the massive amount of time required to learn to draw I'd want only one version available: the best version, at the highest resolution possible to let everyone fully appreciate my hard work and skill.



hoarder mentality


Just wondering, but any opinions on if a commissioner *didn't* post their commissions? I've gotten super lazy about it and just excuse it with "I don't want to come up with a title".



There is so much wrong with your attitude.

>It is my drawing and my labor after all, not his.

It's his money. You traded labour for money, so the result of that labour belongs to him. That's how the exchange of money works you moron

> I just didn't want him posting it public early and I didn't want him posting the hi-rez version at all and I'm kinda miffed he did

He paid for that. Why do you think you have any right telling him what he can and can't do with it? If you don't want people sharing high res images then stop making high res images. People will avoid you because it'll make your art look like shit, but that's obviously what you want or else you wouldn't be here acting like a complete scumbag.



If you’re worried about ownership claims two things: first mix on the borders and crop your final image. Keep the whole canvas for your records. It’s much easier to establish ownership when you have the full artboard for not only a given work but all of your work, no matter what resolution file is under question.

And second if the uniqueness of your work depends on people not getting a good look at it you are still looking for the thing that will set your style apart and make things like watermarks and retaining ownership unnecessary.



>the vast majority of furry artists put in their t.o.s to not upload the hi-rez version

I've only come across one artist like this besides the one in this thread.



Literally who? Name some. I've never heard of that.



I've ran out of titles and descriptions too but I still make up a title and post.



What do you use for a title when you've ran out?


I'm not the guy who said it, and while I don't usually bother to actually read the ToS, I do generally get given a low res posting version and a full res posting version. I'm sure that I could dig up some names if I really wanted to, but I know there's plenty of artists out there who do ask you to not post the full size. There are definitely also plenty who don't give a fuck which one you post, just as long as credit is given.


The biggest issue the fandom has is that it's so obsessed with drama that it sticks to someone forever. The only way to handle it is to be popufur. Small time artists can be ruined in a hurry due to it and never recover. Apologizing and all that really doesn't do a damn thing to fix it.



Artists who are willing to take someone's money to draw a pic only to insist the final pic is their property are little more than thieves.

Find an artist that gives you ownership of the final piece and given them your business, don't deal with these artists that treat paying customers like shit.



I just make some shit up based on the picture, usually 2 words.



Hey just as an aside, from someone on the spectrum; there is a difference between ASD and pedophilia.


File: 61cc31aa15eef0f⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 308x308, 1:1, 61c.jpg)


>Put this thread back on track

>btw you're all disgusting kiddy diddlers, you can't change my mind, so accept the label

I truly can't fathom the retardation that lets you complain about wanting to end the problem you yourself are creating and pushing. If you want the cubshit to stop being a topic, then quit bringing it up, no one gives a fuck what you think about it, or the people into it.

(Consistent cub shitposting)


This thread has gone too far off the rails. It is a simple concept: Talk about frustrating things that artists do. Not whether or not cub porn is okay. Not whether or not liking cub porn makes you a pedophile. Just talk about things furries do artwise that frustrate you.

As a moderation team we are currently discussing a way to make a rule to stem this tide of bullshit cub back and forth that seems to infect every single thread nowadays that won't affect everyone's conversation or infringe on your right to free speech. Until we do, the simple rule of do not derail still applies. Bans are going to start being handed out if this is too hard of a concept for you.

Post last edited at



Sharing is caring, you filthy jew.


File: 09d699111931ea0⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 640x646, 320:323, fd984ca2d492577c60047efb06….jpg)


>Only bans a person responding to the shit posting

>Does nothing to the person/people initiating the derailment


>artist says they're done with the drama

>gets doxxed

>artist says they're done with the drama for real now

>keep stirring shit up anyway

Some people never learn



Sorry.. I just remembered we’re not supposed to be feeding the troll. I tried to delete my post but the password is gone.

Add to the list of annoying furry behaviors “not reading shit the first time”



Please, PLEASE start booting the guy who brings up this topic in every thread. He's anti-cub and he thinks the whole fandom is against him. His crusade is getting annoying (and is spreading to other boards).

On-topic, are there more than one commissioner who demand that their drawings always look the same? A friend who draws badges used to draw for a guy who demanded almost flawlessly identical badges with only the year changed; he joked about making a base and digitally pasting in the year (but wouldn't have actually done that, and didn't). Are there others known who're so anal?



Well, for a badge, I think that kinda makes sense if the guy just really liked the first design.



I get that. In this case, the guy had a fursuit with a lot of mascot suit-type aspects that were uncommon, and his badge had to have these details precise-- one really had to take detail photos, but he wouldn't stick around for that. He had a habit of getting vocally bent out-of-shape at the artist if it wasn't precise involving details they'd really have to be looking at the suit to get exact, and "it doesn't look like last year's" was a common comment in said tirade. My friend finally just politely refused to draw for him.






Like, real autism, not internet autism? As far as I know. the anal-retentive commissioner in question isn't autistic, I've met him out-of-suit at cons and (having heard the stories) made a point of chatting with him. He doesn't activate my autism radar, which I'd like to think is rather sharp, having worked in the special-ed classroom in high school. He's just focused on the looks of his character and, unfortunately, pitches a bitch when art isn't flawless, so much so that he drove an easygoing friend of mine to refuse him.



I think that’s the normal attitude in the fandom toward missed details in character designs. I don’t have a ref sheet, and I always tell artists that my character is defined only so much, and what’s important/valuable to me in a commission is how an artist interprets that definition. I show them other artists’ work and tell them what I like about it (and there’s never anything I don’t like, even if they draw the ears the wrong color or forget to draw a marking.)

About half of artists I encounter straight up refuse to work like that. They might be afraid I’ll come back like your guy and want a refund/redo or they might just be afraid to express themselves but it seems that most furries consider it a mortal sin to fuck up the hue of someone’s eyebrows or the number of stripes on whatever side.

But then half of ref sheets are super vague overall with incredibly detailed closeups of the dick and butthole so what do I know.



>Draws cuckshit

>Gets known for drawing cuckshit

>Starts adding the cucking as a "stinger" at the end of images

You know what? I hope his patreon explodes for some reason and he's cursed taking sparkledog commissions for years.


I'm an artist interested in making anthros proportional to their real life sizes (sorta like zootopia). Small mice. Big tigers. I am very worried though, about how often things like that are mistaken for cub.



He was clearly b& for getting those trips.


checked, nice digits



Big boobs and hips for days.

Not even joking, the whole cub thing comes from ambiguity with the age of the characters in question, if it's explicitely apparent what the age of the characters are, like with big boobs and hips for days, then it's kinda hard to confuse them for underage. Also proportion your characters with less child like proportions (smaller heads to bodies, longer limbs, etc.) helps as a more serious way to avoid confusion.

Also helps to not put them in sexual situations at all, or age up their faces, but if you're still paranoid the best thing for it is to put the base height at human adult height and work up from there, as impractical as that may be.



Trips of truth



>Big boobs and hips for days.

>make everything a shortstack

Please don't do this. the shortstack meme is so overplayed and I'm tired of seeing short females with a body mass 30% tit because the artist is scared of some useful idiot mistaking it for cub porn.



From talking to artists, yes, I get the impression that there are quite a few jerks about that, but they don't seem to be the vast majority. As for my friend, he had people who were sticklers about things being precise, and ones who got upset if they weren't, but this guy was extreme even compared to those. To him, the kicker was, again, him saying that it doesn't look exactly like last year's-- and seriously blowing his top while doing it.


Kids' heads are larger vs. the size of their body than adults. However, unusually small adults must have larger heads vs. their bodies, but not nearly as much as children. The other way to get there is with body type. Breasts, hips, etc. They don't have to be "thicc," as the slang goes, you can draw slender ones, but female children don't have serious hips. Or breasts.


how can an artist promote their art without being seen as obnoxious .__. ?



Just make what you want to make and ignore what the numbskulls think or say.


Oppai loli exists though.



Yeah the same as last year thing is gross, I concur. I shouldn’t have said “normal” about that. That is not the normal attitude.


>attempt to give an artist money

>they find some reason to excuse even though they're not closed




My opinion (and I said as much to my friend, with him agreeing) was that "this year must look exactly like last year" would be fine if the commissioner was nice about correcting errors.



Errors is one thing but when it’s said like that it sounds to me like “fuck your artistic growth, I want more of what you used to be.”



Funny thing is, in this case, my friend's style hadn't changed. But if the pose was off by a few millimeters, it was too different. His quip about copy-pasting was made because it seemed as though it had to be that precise!

I've asked artists (politely) about drawing more like an older style of theirs a couple of times. If they can or can't, they've all been polite back. I never got around to making the commission, but Ollie Canal was the one I remember exactly who said yes.



'''artistic growth'' is a meme in the fandom. The vast majority of porn artists learn trash habbits and end up WORSE than what they were years ago, hence the criticism.

>Zaush got worse despite having a 'cleaner style'

>meesh is worse

>todex was always bad but fell right off a cliff

>Miles df is worse

It's awful. Go back, christ



Please tell me you are intentionally fuck with us because I have a hard time believing I share a space with such entitled, unscrupulous scum. I don't want to accidentally be one of the idiots that pays you and gets your shitty abusive business practices foisted on me. At least people like Miles have massive redflags in both behavior and shit art.

High and low res alone are enough to earn my contempt, thanks for littering the internet with garbage teasers and blurry shit with the only purpose is advertising. I hope you get what's coming to you in your life, a tiny crawl space to live in, the stench of an unregulated slaughterhouse drifting through the air, constant noise from the nightclubs around you, and having to trip over signboards to walk down your front street trying to sell your shit. Get arthritis and die.


Wait, is getting a high and low rez version actually that strange? Like 90% of the art I've bought from different artists has been like that. Actually one artist in particular once gave me only a high res non watermarked image and they said "don't post this, wait for me to post the small version on my FA, then you can post that version" so I was forced to wait 2 weeks for that.



I've never had an artist give me a lowres version, and they're always fine with me posting the full size right away.



I noticed that after all the drama with this shit YCH a lot of artists have dropped the YCH prices considerably.



Pretty common for me to get two versions like that, especially when the original file is retard levels of big. If the full size is already not too much larger than 1280x1280, then it's a lot more likely that I'll only be given one version.



The artist I commission most, when he finishes something for me, asks me to wait to post on my account until he's posted on his. But he always then posts his immediately.


File: f250ff9f9f5584a⋯.png (10.19 KB, 1038x38, 519:19, ClipboardImage.png)

why do artists do this



I would really love to know the answer to this.

I suspect it comes from the amateur artist’s desire to “be more professional” and weigh their work down with boilerplate user agreements because that’s what big companies do. Big companies must have some reason involving money, so they assume that this will also result in growth for them.

There is a “best resolution” for any image. This is the resolution below which quantizing artifacts begin to appear in the picture. It’s not difficult to figure out, especially if you’re the one drawing the picture. That’s the resolution you should give the customer. No traditional artist smears dirt all over their work to conceal the nuances of their art form, and no furry artist should be blurring out details of their work for the sake of “protecting a more valuable full resolution version.”

The version of the picture on the public form is your introduction to new audiences. Put your best foot forward!

Likewise for watermarks. They’re all hideous, they all detract from the composition, and if you keep at it and develop a solid, distinctive style, people will know your work even if you don’t sign it. Just don’t watermark your art. Ever. Especially with photos.



To add to this, don't confuse watermarks with signatures. I can't believe the number of people I've seen who think adding their name to a corner is watermarking or throwing a giant semi transparant scribble over the entire image is a signature.

(Legible) signatures are a good thing, it helps people who find art without the context of the artist find the artist again in the frequent event reverse image searching is fruitless. Keyword there being legible. If it's a incomprehensible smudge of lines loosely in the form of some kind of lettering, that's of no help to anyone.

Putting a long list of different websites in every image though, especially patreon, brings it beyond "Putting info to facilitate finding the artist" and just to blatant advertizing of the worst kind, which while is bad but fine for personal art and when that list of places isn't encroaching the art, it's pretty shitty to do that for commission work and/or have that long list of websites start to take over the image.

Photos though, I still don't understand making any sort of big deal about whoever took the photograph. I see this mostly with cosplayers, where some photographers will put giant signatures (or worse, watermark it) somewhere on the photo, as if they somehow have more relevency than the subject matter of the costume being photographed.



I think a tastefully watermarked photo is tolerable when the photo itself is the subject of interest, but like you said it pops up a lot in photos of fursuits, which are obviously the art form being represented. It’s awesome if you have lights and the skill to make an amazing fursuit photo but if the image is going on someone’s profile or website then don’t shit it up with your watermark. People aren’t coming to a furry suiter’s twitter feed to check out photographers. Just ask them to credit the photo the way every other publisher in the world does.

It’s like that kid at the birthday party whose birthday it is not, but who wants to shout at everyone anyway about all the awesome presents he got when it was his birthday.

You can put watermarked photos on your own photography business website. Then when people look at the photo the contact info is right there. Those viewers care more about who took the photo than the random furry they never heard of in the suit.



I don't do this to clients, but it comes from a certain anxiety about theft and credit. They want to give the client the best version of the image and for the picture to be safe for public posting.

Without a watermark its easier for their work to be recirculated, unsourced, and unlinked to their gallery. People can spread it, but they likely won't view the gallery. Additionally accounts that do nothing but repost/curate art or websites that print work without permision would be able to take advantage.

Watermarks benefit the artist's exposure and also add a sense of security and control over one's work. It's real hard to come to terms with how little control artists have over distribution after posting. Not to forget, the possibility of actual copyright violations.


>May not post full-sized version publicly

>Posting it in private chat rooms is fine tho

I don't think they understand how the internet works. It's going to end up public one way or another. They share it with some friends, those friends share with their friends, so on and so forth until it eventually gets posted somewhere public and spreads from there.



They only want patreons to see the full size.



this particular artist doesn't even have a patreon


File: 49aca19c0039c6a⋯.jpg (51.7 KB, 1016x518, 508:259, WJ13nf5.jpg)

>previously commissioned artist several times over a few years

>commission a different artist for a fetish(incest, not cub) pic

>out of the blue previous artist messages me to tell me they're banning me from every commissioning them again because they don't like my fetish

>proceeds to harass friends of mine to unfollow me or unfollow them because of it

I can't understand this level of mental instability and judgement in the furry fandom of all places



Does their name start with A?

They sell fucking YCH's for hundreds. Drop them, they're scum.



I would out them on AB for that shit.

An artist has no right to fuck with you because of something in your life that has nothing at all to do with your business relationship.

What if I commission him and then he finds something he doesn’t like about me, kills the commission, and/or decides to keep my money for inconveniencing him?

No fuck that. Put that shit on blast and save the rest of us the aggravation.



oh no heaven forbid an artist be retarded enough to deny a frequent client from continuing to give them money

starving artists am I right?



That’ll show him!



There's an artist that I'm aware of who refused to draw anthro stuff for a certain client on the grounds that the client had a lot of feral stuff in their gallery. Said artist now accepts feral porn commissions 🤔


File: f79d98ebd2e3289⋯.png (229.06 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, ditto.png)

some chucklefuck put this up as an adopt auction with the claim that their copy-but-anthro of the new pokemans is totally original and anyone who thinks otherwise is 500% wrong

Like goddamn, at least use slightly different colors or something. Or at least not throw a fit if people say something about it. Seeing an artist post adopts turns me off to them to a degree, but this is on a whole new level


What is the most effective way to get crusty cum stains out of a fursuit?



When some fag starts asking about "do you take arbitruary Good Boy Points for comissions." Bitch I need real money, fuck your digital play money. Why do little niggers do this?



Patto accepts WoW gold for commissions. If an actual talented artist can accept it then some nobody loser like you should be able to to accept it too



You can at least liquidate WoW assets. Some artists trade in what is essentially made up furry art scrip that no one would ever pay cash or trade anything valuable for. There’s already stuff like PayPal or hell even bitcoin that is at least valued in dollars.


>when you can never get to commission an artist because the trust fund babies have a monopoly on all the slots



TFW there was an artist that was really nice to work with and did good art, but then more and more trust fund babies found them until the artist stopped taking ideas from me because my projects wouldn't give as big of a payout.

feels bad man




Unless you're talking about YCH slots, you literally have to just step up and hustle more. Set calendar notices if an artist mentions they'll open at a certain date and check journal notices whenever you can. Only a very small minority of artists can claim to be monopolized by a single person each, with most being claimed not through money, but because they're buddy buddy. As long as you can pay their prices, artists are usually quite non-discriminatory with who they choose, with many still doing first come first serve. There are also still a fuckton of sub $100/piece artists out there, too. You just have to find them.



The thing is that the artist I had worked with was one I had worked with for a few years up until then, not just for a piece or two. We were pretty chummy to the point of me not needing to worry about getting a slot before queue closes.

They're not being monopolized by a single person, it's a cadre of people with bottomless pockets who can get their really fancy illustrations faster than they can draw them. I can't even get a quote from the artist anymore and I know I've not been the only other person cucked by them either. I guess working with me would mean that they need to juggle a greater amount of clients and ideas to earn a similar amount of money. tbh kinda salty about getting cucked still



Should've tried being richer in all those years bro. The only thing that matters to furries and their artists is money and you're retarded if you think otherwise.



I am working on the getting richer part, one issue being that I spend my money on other things besides furry porn. I would hope that actually being muh internet friends would mean something to these people, but it looks like that's too much to ask for. I suppose that for a lot of these people, it's less about being a decent person and more about doing what you can do advance yourself, whether that means making more money or getting more attention/popularity. If that means knocking your pals down to raise yourself up, then that's what you've got to do.



Don't commission if you don't have enough money to be a valued customer.


File: 05855d8bb5cc322⋯.jpg (286.02 KB, 920x1380, 2:3, 2623336_Fuf_garretskunk2.jpg)


Asshole with a TERRIBLE generic OC asks half the internet, including good artists to draw his requests.

Asks someone to draw him drugging and raping Tabitha from Sabrina Online.

I'm not kink-shaming, it's just that self-insert cub porn/ lolicon is creepy as fuck and that person is probably dangerous.



If all you see in your customers is the money in their fist you don’t know what value is.



Anyone who wants to commission someone to draw someone else’s character is an inconsiderate jerk whether the character in question is being abused or not. It’s not his fucking character to use, and it’s not that other artist’s either.

But there’s a line where it becomes ok. Somewhere between the average noname furry and a big company like Disney who can afford a little “fan service,” the idea that you should respect other people’s shit gets lost. Sabrina is probably popular enough that they can say fuck Eric, this is fair use.



I absolutely hate that. I requested my OC to be drawn only once, knowing that once I don't like my OC anymore, that art goes to waste.

Found self-shipping always cringy and desperate, even when I was age 13.

Just as worse is requesting a quality artist to draw porn of you and your online GF and your pathetic relationship, so you can't even look at it once she breaks ab (and she probably will).

Noone seems to have an understanding how useful money actually is, too.



>It’s not his fucking character to use, and it’s not that other artist’s either.

At least here I disagree because why should Rule 34 exclude the work of artists who try to validate their fetish by drawing SFW stuff?

I'd draw smut of e.g. Gamercat just for the sake of it, even if I feel a bit sorry after I grew to like the artist and comic.

But I keep it between the characters for the sake of parody and ruining the innocence of the material. But that? How can you call yourself a fan of anything if you dream of friggin violating a character?




*however, I now encourage everyone to draw my character just because everyone's art is simply better than mine



Like the other anon said, you're not very bright if you're picking customers purely off how much money they have. I do have enough money to consistently get art from the artist, but I'm not about to throw $1000 at them every month either. I would like to think that there's still value in having clients who while not as rich, are still able to reliably give you quick, hassle-free projects.



>worlds worst cliffhanger

I'm looking forward to this and his shitty character doesn't ruin it any more than some greasy fat bald mook in a doujin, in fact it makes it hotter some ugly OC gets to ruin her instead of something self-insertable. Hope she winds up snuffed in his rape dungeon with a gaped cunny. Legally I hope this happens more frequently under the protection of parody law.



it sold for $250 jesus christ



Cub porn doesn't bother me, I like (some of) it. But commissioning someone else's cub character, and a character which the owner doesn't use for porn, and having your own character kidnap, drug and rape them, is an enormous clusterfuck of creepiness!


>artist takes your money and then proceeds to suddenly stop deciding to draw your commission

>they go radio silent after that

>can't chargeback the 410 dollars you wasted

And that's the story of how I learned to stop buying porn when everyone else is already buying shitloads for me and proudly uploading it all publically thanks to the mutually benefitting lust for attention they all have.


>Artist likes money but doesnt like the work required to earn it



YCH auctions in a nutshell



For 5000 that artist's ass should be mine for life.



Sorry that happened to do. But there are artists who don't do that. Look at their other commissions, and note a few people. Ask what their experience was like. Also: check "Artists Beware," both the new site and the archives on LiveJournal. Artists who do that often have a history of doing that.


YCH varies widely. Sometimes it's exactly that. Some artists I've talked to say that it helps eliminate corrections about poses, scene details, etc. because what you see is what you'll get.


File: 69e2eb410cad305⋯.png (25.29 KB, 586x250, 293:125, 1552925084183.png)

>artist is....*eccentric*



This guy lives in Los Angeles and obviously doesn't know half an ass about the history of Ireland. "Full Irish" fuck me I hate the American mentality on heritage so much

>Pretending that your ancestors didn't go through hell just because you want to think you're some powerful oppressor who needs to be punished for crimes you weren't alive to commit

This is bordering on Freudian



>Some artists I've talked to say that it helps eliminate corrections about poses, scene details, etc. because what you see is what you'll get.

Predictability has artistic merit only when making airplane safety cards tbh



>Predictability has artistic merit only when making airplane safety cards tbh

Okay, you don't like ych. I get it. Some people don't. That doesn't make it objectively trash. Don't like it, don't buy it, really.


>want to commission an artist with very desirable art style

>their commission queue is inifnite and neverending and everyone who lucked out enough to already get to be in it is a neet with procedurally generating funds so that they can monopolize the artist indefinitely

>or the artist simply doesn't bother with taking commissions despite art that provokes such a deep thirst, and will only ever draw less than a hundred images in their lifetime before nuking themselves from existence

there's no artists left and it's too late to catch any trains, all that's left is to just hope that one of the individuals out there finally ends up commissioning something that's up your alley so you can enjoy the fruits of someone else's publically uploaded labor



>a neet with procedurally generating funds so that they can monopolize the artist indefinitely

Is anyone stupid enough to actually believe this?


>artist who doesn't have experience with drawing female bodies just draws vaguely female faces on a male body

I paid $25 and waited three fucking months for an uncolored sketch and I got the shittiest image I could've possibly asked for. I stopped commissioning entirely because of that.


>everyone who lucked out enough to already get to be in it is a neet with procedurally generating funds so that they can monopolize the artist indefinitely

>tfw i was that person until they stopped responding for two months after doing the sketch for one sfw image

>they drew all of my characters exactly the way i liked them, and in a consistent fashion

>don't have to go find other artists and waste money because it turns out they don't draw my ocs the way i like

>when i asked them for an update, they didn't try to haggle me to do another image instead, they just outright paid me double what i paid them to go away

>nobody draws my oc in that same kind of style while consistently doing well on the anatomy side too

>feel like a crack feen in withdrawal

and thats how i am beginning to lose interest in furry stuff entirely



The fuck did you do to them?



What kind of person are you if someone paid you to leave them alone?


The fandom has a massive bias that it barely hides which often leans towards propping up terrible people solely because they provide fetish material. They can often be spotted by the fact they break site rules left & right or commit crimes while the staff turns a blind eye, to the point they will either ignore tickets filed concerning their harassment of others or will pretend they magically can't see the offending content, yet anyone who speaks out against them or their behavior is punished by a staff member within 1-3 hours if they say anything negative about that person.




Irish immigrants were often treated only SLIGHTLY better than blacks back then. The whole "European American" thing that white supremacists like to boast about is very selective, most of Europe is not considered "white" in their eyes and then or now they gladly spit on and fuck over other whites because the white person in question is not from an area they prefer.

Fine by me, if these white supremacist assholes don't want me in their group for being Irish then I'm content to not be one of them. Fuck them anyway.


The fandom has stagnated. Everyone wants to watch only popufurs so non-popufurs get little attention and it's impossible to become popufur. If you're not already friends with a popufur you never will be and new artists wont' sell commissions because people don't buy art, they buy a brand name- so what if a newcomer charges $20 and has talent? That doesn't get a link to your account on a submission seen by 10K people!



supersonic250 has claimed artists/creators that won't allow porn drawn of their underage characters "hate free speech". Cub fans are selfish and insane.



>see screencap of some idiot that hates white people

>start complaining about muh wheat supremacy



>Note saying Commissions are closed

>Usually right next to a patreon link




>mentally ill tranny who's idol is fucking dog_bone is a giant piece of shit

wow what a FUCKING shock


File: 2ad5690bfeaf6c5⋯.jpg (86.11 KB, 800x480, 5:3, cat-fishbowl-face.jpg)


I will say that you need to look harder, they definitely are still out there. They'll naturally take a fair bit of digging to find, but I've found a few this way. I won't deny that it is annoying though when you find a good artist, only to realize that they seem to only draw for the same handful of people over and over.


I know some loser who got bitcoin rich and seriously clogged up some artist's queue since he kept paying extra to skip queue. It usually isn't a full monopoly, but it still is really annoying.


I will say that's partly on you for taking a risk by telling an artist to draw something that they're not well practiced with, but a 3 month wait for a $25 commission is just poor work ethic on the artist's end (barring some big IRL happening in their life).


First off, that artist must have hated you if they actually PAID you to fuck. Never heard of anyone pissing off an artist to the point of that happening. That said, post your character so we can laugh at you and maybe recommend an artist.


The power of money and boners combined is very hard to overcome. An admin isn't going to kick an artist if that artist is who draws a lot of the shit they like. It's kinda lame, but that's furries.


Trying to be pals with someone already popufur is a fool's errand. They have so many people around them that you're not going to get their attention unless you give them a good reason to pay attention. The whole furry popularity scene is gay as fuck, so I just avoid it and commission smaller artists who are more willing to chat and value your business more.



I hate this. As soon as they open a patreon or start doing ych commissions, they stop taking regular commissions because they're getting more money for much less effort. I know it's the capitalist goal and all but it still hurts when the only way to get art from a good artist is to either gamble each month with patreon and hope they make something you like, or compete with autists in a YCH auction who are willing to pay $200+ more than the artist would normally charge for commissions, and usually only for a simple 1-character pinup scene.



>"i'm full irish"

la creatura





i have extremely plain fetishes, i literally only asked for simplistic sfw pinups. i think it was because i asked for way too many, as i would pay him like $200 for a bunch of images and then as soon as he was done with that i paid him another $200 for even more images. it was a cycle of that because i hate putting time into finding artists who draw my ocs in the way i like them so when i find one i like i get as much as i can out of them


>Artist blocks you after you've commissioned them and received the pic

i didnt think this was possible

guess in a furry market you don't need repeat customers when there are so many thirsty people out there



Do you have any inkling that it might have been your fault?



all I can think of is I apparently didn't suck their dick hard enough while issuing my stock reactions to the wip progress


>I don't want to work with your character.


>Artist calls you sexist because you paid money for explicit depiction of the female figure in a crude act and blocks you after making a passive-aggressive callout journal about disgusting people in 'the fandom'


File: 027c513d2709f76⋯.png (125.91 KB, 345x448, 345:448, ClipboardImage.png)

>artist is a racist piece of shit

oof, cringe, yikes


File: 9224c16590e1ed5⋯.png (289.08 KB, 1440x778, 720:389, ClipboardImage.png)



BASED, I'm following them



>Only picks characters by other artists

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