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File: 4049c1ab1fd47fd⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1228x1332, 307:333, 1185357639.zen_zentiger_-_….png)


Anyone else this way? I have zero interest in getting sexual with a guy. I might rarely look at a nude pinup of a RL dude with a big dick or whatever, but 90% of the time only if I can't see his face.

But furries? Straight, gay, lesbian, herm, whatever, it all gets me going.



Furry doesn’t fit into the dichotomy of male/female straight/gay cis/trans. It ain’t gay if it ain’t human.

I never really got into porn with dudes in it at all because I don’t find it as hot when some other dude is having sex with a woman.

Also I think “straight vs gay vs bi” is one of the biggest lies of the 20th century. And 21st I guess. Who made up the original rule that we have to be one of those? I’m a guitarist but there’s some guitarists I like to play bass for because it’s just fun. You probably have friends that like the outdoors and friends that like going to movies. You don’t have to identify as a film buff or a survivalist to enjoy an afternoon with those people.

Experiment with life and find out what makes it awesome for you.



Well, what I meant was, to be more specific, IRL I'm only interested in having sex with women only. For most people that's straight.

I just wonder why it is that if I look at a real dick I'm mostly meh, but furry dick I'm like YES MORE PLEASE



I'm also like this

Even if only because I find IRL gay stuff disgusting.



I find most real porn gross, gay or straight. I don't know what it is, but it's like most of those people are going "ooh look we're so nasty".

I mean, keep up with the times y'know? Sex being bad was dead like 40 years ago


File: 6b0cca9e1ed9404⋯.jpg (196.69 KB, 1600x1115, 320:223, 6b0cca9e1ed9404c88a1dfc1f1….jpg)


Its kind of a slippery slope. I was the exact same way with furry degenerate porn. Anything gay IRL was a major turn off but eventually it kinda grew on me and now I'm a degenerate Bi IRL.

fucking murrsuits are a hell of a gateway.



I stopped believing in orientation when I realized that there are humans out there with Y chromosomes that can get my attention. Just like there are women way too ugly for me to find attractive.

I don’t feel obligated to wear a label that defines what turns me on, and I don’t care what people think of that. If I’m having a good time and whoever I’m with is also into it then I’m going to see where it goes. It’s not like I’m a stop and say oh wait we gotta stop this because it’s gross.


File: 521675e4b1398b8⋯.png (816.77 KB, 900x562, 450:281, 84a9c4a37d4de52ccd7b50870e….png)

File: c304f40f70dbccf⋯.png (876.12 KB, 900x562, 450:281, 2e883bd1fe62b287047f307440….png)

I can relate. I find myself being more attracted to furry bois even though I'm only attracted to women irl.


All of you involved are just jailhouse gay...you fantasize about your female 9 tailed dragoness, you fap to cartoon pics of such, you begin to realize....it doesn't exist, you go online and meet others with the same needs, you go online, you decide to meet at a con. Then there is where it happens....you talk about that 9 tailed dragoness and you realize that you both have the same likes, boners are brewed up and you have gay sex.....faggots!


I used to be able to relate to this. Then I started self-inserting as the sub. Now I'd probably like having sex with a man even if I'm not inherently attracted to them. The bigger and manlier he is, the smaller and cuter I'd feel by comparison. So maybe that means I'm meta-attracted to men.

Genuinely attracted to young men though. Not even traps; I'd do all kinds of gay stuff with a guy that looks like a normal guy in public but can put just a little effort into looking cute in the bedroom. And then before long I'd think he's cute the way he is.

Who am I kidding, I'm mad gay.



Yeah, never been attracted to another human in my entire life, have no want or need for a mate. But as for furries, I'll do basically everyone there is, my standards are incredibly low. Humans disgust me.


File: ddb56c482875768⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1476x748, 369:187, irtzel8e3t201.png)


This is the norm OP. Same deal with me. Give it enough time and you'll make the shift.



Nah, I've been furry since I was a teenager. If I'm not gay now, I'll never be.

I guess I call myself straight because it's an "identity" as they call it. Some people find labels restricting, others like to feel like they're part of a group. I think both are equally valid.



I don’t really think so... there’s nothing like a vagina. Jacking off doesn’t make you gay either, even tho technically you’re rubbing a penis to climax. Being straight or gay is more of a mind/body/soul thing than a map of where your genitals are permitted to go.


File: 159c8f2a80cb3a1⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 790x842, 395:421, 1410465637333.jpg)


>I have zero interest in getting sexual with a guy

You'll keep saying this right up until you land yourself a boyfriend.


>posts non straight image

>op kek your gay.



His BF will say hes a furry femboy but will be an obease bear.




wee woo zoophile.


File: 7569a7516e41d89⋯.png (677.06 KB, 1852x1615, 1852:1615, tumblr_oucauu5KCr1t8icefo2….png)

File: dbcf2e37633b626⋯.png (736.87 KB, 1852x1615, 1852:1615, tumblr_oucauu5KCr1t8icefo1….png)

Hey if you guys really want something for straight guys, I've got plenty




No thanks



just because you don't like it...

c'mon this isn't even that big



Why are you so butthurt that you bring up unrelated zoo accusations against literally everyone on this board? Are you even a furry? Fuck off, nigger.


One weird side effect of this is that I have no idea what kind of woman I'm attracted to. I know I want her to be pretty, have some nice curves, and not too much makeup, but anything more specific than that, I have no clue.

I find all kinds of furry girls sexy, so maybe I just have too broad a taste to know. I kinda figure I'll know it when I see it...



A lot of furshit falls outside the normal "gay' area for me, I'd say.

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