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File: 431f456f449d5a0⋯.png (1017.61 KB, 700x840, 5:6, eaedff8e47de255bd3510948c0….png)


It's supposed to be the same as a ring: a collar means you are owned by a mate and you are taken. This is for communication so you don't waste your time on taken furs.

But now you have fandom sluts wearing collars, bottoms wearing no collars when they should wear one... Everyone is either unaware or trying too hard to break the mold and be special.

This breaks down communication in the fandom and this should be frowned upon more.


because collars are accessories and are use for sluts and pet types. so having a collar means they are basically a pet to whatever, even wearing an unclaimed collar means you are open for someone to replace that tag, alot of times they are symbolic by not being removed or putting a bell to later have it be replaced with a tag or something.

so what if it mean to be something, let people do what they want. so what if it means less people for you to openly fuck i still own all my collars from my old masters and scratch there names of the back free accessories are free accessories and it keeps my fursuit in place so someone cant rip it off or during sex so it doesnt fall off.


Collars are rings? Since fucking when. Collars are a sign of ownership, and a warning system for birds/prey-animals that, at least in the case of cats, that one is coming.



people have tried to use collars to own me / pesudo marry me and those relationships have never lasted.


Not all furries are bdsm kinksters is the answer.

Not all collars are sign of ownership either. I'd love to see a furry having a choke collar used properly on him every time he does something stupid at a con tho.


All I know is, I started wearing a collar, with a teeny brass padlock on the front, to bars (mainly gay bars) so that I could get on the dance floor and not get hit on. In the places I go, nobody is really sleazy, but I wanted to be left alone. It worked like a charm. When I got into a relationship-- which is not BDSM at all-- I gave my partner one of the keys to that lock. I don't really care what it means to other people. I do wear it daily (the padlock doesn't do anything, it fastens in the back) and just tuck it down into the collar of my shirt unless I'm out having fun. Most people at work don't notice, and the few who have noticed don't care.


File: 77b84a93742a8c1⋯.png (720.51 KB, 835x643, 835:643, Verlistism.png)



Is this you Anon?



>Why doesn't everyone subscribe to my headcanon?

This is a question that you really need to crowdsource an answer to?



Back in the early 90s collars were just furry fashion accessories. Pretty much anyone wore them. There were some who used them like rings, but among those furries it was very common to see a medallion or charm signifying a commitment.

I don’t know where the idea came from that a collar signifies a commitment but it hasn’t been that way all along.

If anything, a collar used to signify the difference between a “were” or therian or feral, and a furry “lifestyler.”



because furries have to turn everything sexual and a hotbed for drama.



>It's supposed to be the same as a ring

Who the fuck died and left you in charge of building the third temple?

It's a fashion accessory for the slutty generic fox types. At no point has it ever been anything else.



LOL. Nope. Troll harder, I can't hear you.

There's A photo, just one, of me online somewhere. I'm wearing the collar and it's visible. I'm wearing a black suit jacket and shirt, a blue paisley tie and a black homburg hat, I have round rimless glasses, and the lock is hanging in front of my tie knot. My collar is black leather with a small D-ring in front, and my lock is about 1/2" square.No facial hair, and I don't own headphones *(those are hideously ugly, by the way).


They've been popular for years as fashion accessories. In the 90s, Hot Topic had cheap, shitty ones. I haven't been in a Hot Topic in 20 years, but friends tell me BDSM stores still sell cheap, shitty ones.

The guy in the photo up there, with the ugly ear candy crap, making a gesture as if to say, "I like roleplaying a persona that makes most gay people uncomfortable," has got to have a rash on his neck. Pet collars don't work well as people collars, they're too rough. I bought mine from CollarFactory, who make only people collars, and after one month of wear, taking it off at night, it was falling apart. It also irritated my neck-- turns out that's because it had exposed rivets on the inside.I spent the same amount to buy one from a guy called Lagarto, and after four years, it's still undamaged. Lagarto has my CollarFactory one with him in his con kit, to show customers how NOT to construct a comfortable collar.

I wear it because I like it. I don't care what meaning it's "supposed" to have. When there's any chance that it could be inappropriate (say, at work) I tuck it down into my shirt collar and nobody notices it.


File: cbaee7e2a84e51a⋯.jpg (47.83 KB, 540x720, 3:4, BlueSuitByCaseyJepson.jpg)


Ah, I mis-remembered it slightly. This is me wearing my collar. The lock is knocked slightly to the side here.



You look like a tool.



Hit the gym more, and stop being a pompous cunt.



I think it looks top notch. Certainly echelons above typical furry attire.



pretty much its just a slut collar and furries made it more because they have to keep moving goalposts to make the fandom better for some reason.


File: 647f44a16273689⋯.jpg (38.32 KB, 500x680, 25:34, fatcj.jpg)


CJ I dont want to say this but maybe you should hit the gym


File: 3fee03a373caa3e⋯.png (740.92 KB, 624x612, 52:51, questioning lizardbro.png)



Why would you post this. Dude.


File: 9ae6b2f8e7ee1e7⋯.jpg (31.32 KB, 780x439, 780:439, oh_my_god.jpg)


Oh my god.




Thanks for your opinions. I have to wear a suit at work, and after a few years of that, I just got used to it. You seem quite confident that clothing alone makes me a pompous cunt.


Thanks. I never wear fandom-related stuff outside of a con. In public, I wear what I'm comfortable wearing.



Is it some kind of vast faux pas? It's not like anyone is going to ID me from that, LOL. Wanted an example of "wearing a collar without looking like a fetishist." And it seems to be pissing people off too, which is practically a spectator sport here, so... win-win.



Naw, you still look like a tool. It's okay, I understand your frustrations. I mean putting lipstick on a pig and all....


File: c68718d282e671c⋯.jpg (16.84 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1517833371198.jpg)


Why is there a toilet hanging out of your mouth?



Cause cigars are too much for him.



because hes one of those rich old gay fetish men with too much money.


because furries are into making everything look as unique as possible.



I never claimed to be good-looking. I do smoke that pipe, by the way, and yeah, I suppose irtr does look vaguely toilet-like. Smells a lot better, though. I wear what I'm comfortable wearing. My job requires this kind of clothing, and several years of it just got me used to it. Laugh at me all you like, I posted knowing very well that I'd get some insults. 'Tis the way of the internet. Doesn't bother me at all. But if you're going to insult me, at least get a bit creative?


Are you that guy who was claiming most furries are wealthy chads?


File: 74ec654e96a3ec5⋯.jpg (102.07 KB, 780x1103, 780:1103, 8988d61b45b4036ae705ae83e7….jpg)



>everything about this

Holy shit it's like someone found a way to pay through time and sent an autistic weebrant from the early 2000's. I haven't laughed this hard in weeks. I miss this kind of autistic sincerity. Fuck man keep the dream alive.



I wasn't trying to insult you. I'm just pointing out simple truths. Lose the hat collar and pipe. You'll look much better. No one cares about your furriness... nobody. There's no need to publicly display it outside of a convention. Otherwise you'll be known, behind your back, as that weirdo that wears a collar.



most furries in the fandom make 70k or over fyi. cause they all work in IT and are mostly high level progammers or sysadmins or some shit and or do comissions that are overly expensive and make bank.


because furries are whores


File: b19d00a86e1baa6⋯.png (397.73 KB, 1230x1132, 615:566, 14dd48c695d75643463d09655e….png)



Glad I gave you a laugh. I posted that knowing I'd be made fun of.


I don't display it outside cons, the collar has nothing to do with furriness (for me). But the rest of what you see is what I have to wear at work, an actual dress code. Everything except pipe and collar (at work, the collar gets tucked in). Oddly enough, I get nothing but compliments on my clothes in person, but I think that's probably influenced by the fact that I use proper hygiene, I shave, and I don't talk like a Ye Olde Gentlesir.


Ah, okay, I don't think you're the same guy. Other guy in other thread, who was on the incel bandwagon, tried to claim that most average furry congoers are wealthy chads.


File: 732d70260777fdd⋯.jpg (2.7 MB, 2810x1880, 281:188, a-soldier-wearing-anpvs-5-….jpg)


Oh man but you DO look like one!


File: 5525a70fb8f4b27⋯.gif (526.99 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1518461564594.gif)

File: f9028399c40b7db⋯.png (56.08 KB, 960x425, 192:85, Screenshot_20190117_214413.png)


>it's fucking real



Thanks...uhh, I think...


LOL yeah. But you'd get the same from any employee where I work. The dress code includes the hat, but it can be any kind of dress hat. Most of us wear homburgs or, yeah, fedoras. One guy wears a top hat. Women can look fucking sexy in a suit and a fedora (the one female employee is gorgeous, don't imagine a hambeast type here).



actually i am the same guy. i just made like two points in two posts.



Are you that far gone? Thinking other people need to care about your fetishes?



I think we'd all love it if someone came into the shop and called us autistic weebs. We'd be laughing for days, and months later we could drop that term and get a laugh. We sell clothing, so we'd damn well better dress sharp! People don't buy three-piece suits from someone in worn jeans and a t-shirt.


Right? People do what they want. I know I do. If you want a specific meaning attached to your use of a collar, OP, do it your own self.


File: 015a043cdd365ec⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 664x374, 332:187, trample2_small.jpg)


>a collar means you are owned

That requires a system of traditions. You can get this if everyone enforces it.

Then again, there is pic related as a sure sign of ownership.


>a collar means you are owned by a mate and you are taken

>bottoms wearing no collars when they should wear one

Which is it? A symbol of a relationship, or a symbol of being a sub?

>This breaks down communication in the fandom

Uh, you do realize that collars were a symbol in BDSM well before furries existed, yes?

If you like a collar, wear one. If you want it to mean something, it can mean something to you, but there's no way to be sure it'll broadcast that same meaning to others.


if someone wears a collar it means there a kinkster, cut and dry end of story get with the BDSM scene furries didnt invent collar wearing the 90s did



Except when it doesn't, like in my case, or that of several friends I know. Not BDSM, and some of them aren't furries, we just like them.


Collars don't have specific meaning, but usually submissiveness is implied. You can't force the whole of furries to accept your specific meaning to a pre-dated fetish by posting on a Serbian frog-racing forum.



It's mental illness. Why else would you wear a dog collar?



because kinksters do it for BDSM, i guess thats a mental illness too. shut the fuck up and stop pushing your anti gay agenda and BS propaganda. the only one thats mentally ill is you thinking everyone is ill and yes im going to tag this post as mine so people stop thinking other posts are me.

fucking mentally ill hetero bS cop justice system arsehole, burn in a fire.

your probably one of those PRO pedo pushing agendas saying how everything else is mentally ill but being a pedophile isnt because your autistic like that.




Sweetheart, you sure are triggered easily. Now after I see that's it's darkdickheadfox posting I understand that you have several mental illnesses and project a lot. It's ok, I'll still be your friend.



I can't say why anyone else does it. I can say that I do it because I like it. And incidentally, people, don't wear dog collars, they're terribly uncomfortable. Buy a collar made for human use. Lagarto makes good ones.


...I can't believe I'm agreeing with DarkShadowFox. Holey smokes! But only the first half. See below.

>your probably one of those PRO pedo pushing agendas saying how everything else is mentally ill but being a pedophile isnt because your autistic like that

When are you going to dump this stupid shit and find a new purpose? Repeat after me:

The fandom is not full of pedophiles

The fandom is not full of pedophiles

The fandom is NOT full of pedophiles

There now. Don't you feel better already?



Again, both of you are projecting.

I never said anything about pedos. Both of you used that argument. I never brought it up.....guilty much?


Burned. ( )

Sick burned. (x)



if the fandoms not full of pedophiles why did i read and dig up so much material on people fucking teenagers at cons/ being sexual abusers and being outed for having child porn?????!?!?! if the fandoms not full of pedos why does inkbunny exist? for ageplay UNLIKEY

theres no way that many people are into ageplay ADBL and diperfandoms have been outed for harboring/ protecting pedos. *shakes you*



>I never said anything about pedos. Both of you used that argument. I never brought it up.....guilty much?

I'm talking mainly about DarkShadowFox, who's been spamming all over with claims that pedos (and zoosadists) are EVERYWHERE in the fandom (and that the entire fandom is covering up for them).


Care to post some of that? 20 years of cons and rarely do I see any non-adults. Almost no teens, but I see some kids with parents. As for CP, do note that, with one exception, the perhaps ten or so furries who've been arrested for CP over the years didn't draw or fave cub porn.

Got some proof?



How many furries have been convicted or charged with kiddie porn crimes?

How does that number compare to the number of famous people like Kevin Spacey or that glee actor, who have been charged or convicted with child abuse/porn crimes?

I never gave it much thought. It sounds reasonable to me that a lot of perverts are in the fandom, but I bet there’s way more furries in the world than celebrity actors right now.


You sound like a salty monogamist, OP. I associate collars with petplay, not monogamy. A person wearing a collar is a pet, someone tamed or owned, perhaps both, but not necessarily in a monogamous relationship.

Collars are fetish gear.


First of all, I actually am a monogamist and even I don't think that a collar is the same as a ring.

For one thing, there is no existing social sanction or expectation of collars denoting committed relationships. Instead, they are associated with animals and are being used to represent the person's bestial nature as you could say.

Furthermore the fetish community and polyamory does also make your interpretation impractical. For example does a poly person wear multiple collars, or perhaps multiple tags on their collar?

Not to mention there are about 50 subs to every dom so most people into fetish would not be permitted to wear collars under your interpretation.

If you wanna date then try a dating site or just spend 5 minutes getting to know them and ask if they're in a relationship seriously it isn't that hard and it is simply unrealistic attempting to change the entire culture. (And multiple cultures at once, really)


Using actual pet collars on yourself looks fucking dumb. That being said, there are some very stylish chokers and such available. Not my cup of tea, frankly - I do not like having things snug around my neck - but they can be neat accessories if you're into that sort of thing.

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