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File: 455390f90acd1fb⋯.png (45.37 KB, 324x362, 162:181, 455.png)


>sonic porn artist

>inaccurate (but consistent) anatomy which doesn't matter because half of the fandom has bad anatomy

>was a bitch at times but every furry has emotional issues what exactly makes Kayla any more special than your average Instagram teen

>actually a better popufur artist than Jay Naylor or something

I don't see the problem with Kayla-Na. Educate me, otherwise I'll just take it that it's one person with multiple personalities saying that Kayla-Na is furry Hitler and that keeps frankensteining old drama in an attempt to be relevant.



It's literally one person complaining about her everywhere. I knew them since 9 years ago on lulz.net.



shes a gross STD infected whore that fucks to get things in life.



It isn't just one person. She's not furry Hitler, but she can be a real asshole. She certainly was nasty to Kayla-La, the late furry from whom she took her name.



Kayla-La commited suicide,

i wonder if this Na person had forced her to do so. nobody had said why she had commited suicide in the first place. or what the motive behind it was or if she left messages, im sure she had a computer with lots of messages on it that a forsensics team went through.


I mean, she got her fanbase to dox a kid because he didn't like one pic of hers, cost a YouTuber a couple thousand bucks over 2 seconds of a pic he flashed on a video, Toby Fox had to personally tell her to quit selling porn of his game and she kept it up, she got a C&D from Hasbro for her pony shit, constantly steals ideas from other artists, gets art from others of her OCs or just a theme for something to make profit from and keeps all the money, shit talks paying customers to their face, invades a current trendy fandom until people figure out she's a pile of shit then moves to next fandom, has a never ending trail of former friends and customers who got bitched out of her inner circle for no real reasons, starts her own hate threads and gets mad when people actually don't like her, creates intentionally offensive shit in fandoms and throws a bitch fest when people are offended... But sure, it's all just one guy complaining.

Why the Kiwis haven't come after is a mystery. She's up there with Glip in shittiness, only she's the one who actually does all the shitty stuff. Probably gave the forum mods free Sonic porn or something.



So like any regular woman?



She has no ED page either and badmouthing her on 4chan /pol/ will get you banned. I suspect she's got some ties, either political or criminal, to get such sites to not badmouth her. Most anyone who has had an issue with her also gets made out to look like an instigator as well when she often started shit and the "it's only one person" defense always pops up.

She used to hate Zaush and called him a rapist, now she sucks his dick for e-fame.

Don't forget the time she actually contacted police and filed complaints of an actual death threat because someone made an offhand "fuck you" comment to her.

Frankly if someone slugged her at a con, they'd have my support. I doubt her "power" will save her ass if someone actually chooses to fight her back. It's not like there isn't a long line of people who want to.

Her art is also horrid, every face is the same expression of anger, no doubt because she's so filled with hate and most of the lines are jagged corners.

>cost a YouTuber a couple thousand bucks over 2 seconds of a pic he flashed on a video

And she only backed off that because the YTer in question had ten times the fanbase she does. They went after her. She fucked with someone bigger than her and couldn't win.


She's such a piece of shit that whenever I get a new watcher, if they also watch her, I block them, no exception. I would just outright state that her fans can fuck off but she'd get pissed and turn her fans on me.

Funny how she's allowed to block whoever she wishes, probably almost has her block field filled to the maximum number of names allowed, but if anyone blocks her, even in return, she claims it's violating free speech.

Is anyone honestly surprised she supports Trump?



she supports trump because shes a sheep.


She routinely spies on people she hates, then claims "oh one of my fans reported it to me" when she discusses literally anything the targets of her wrath do.



isnt cyberstalking illegal in this day and age, im pretty sure if they cant bust her up they can bust her up for something minor and get more dirt on her when they press and get her to spill the beans,

like this one dude i read about on the news who had like 2 warrants out for them and got busted by a cop for texting at a stoplight.

cops wont go after you for something major if they cant get you that way they will find a way to get you by doing a random simple stop and frisk or something to make the initial contact and get the process moving like what happened with seiphius they did the austrian version of a stop and frisk to lul him into a false sense of security. its all psychological



Not sure what that has to do with the topic at hand. I suspect your thread got deleted because mods were sick of you bringing it up in every other thread, too.


I, too, laughed at the claim that Kayla-Na had one and only one hater. She had entire threads just about how shitty she was on other boards, with board regulars chiming in.


>go to 8ch.net

>post soynpcwojak from cuckchan

we did it reddit

check these dubs


Don't forget she charges her commissioners taxes that don't exist in her state.

Also makes temporary friends with minorities to excuse her own shitty behavior. Currently Rattlecat is her homo of the moment to excuse her constantly shitting on the queers. Any time she gets called on it she says she cant possibly be a homophobe, she has a gay friend! It's something to behold.

The reason ops for 4chan threads about her get banned is because they were usually her. She shit up the boards constantly and the mods got sick of it.

With ED, she has friends on staff who take down any article that gets started about her.


Kayla-Na is not only extremely dishonest but so are her friends. One of them used to go around telling everyone he was in special forces, until a number of actual confirmed military people exposed everything he was saying as crap he learned from playing CoD. Most special forces members won't brag about it, maybe not even admit it. They don't feel a need to brag or seek attention, and much of what they do is classified meaning they can't talk about it. He also made a lot of other claims that were debunked in seconds when the soldiers got wind of it.

That's the kind of human garbage she wants as a close friend. Not like she isn't surrounded by man-hating feminists like CautionCat already- who straight up admitted that Kayla enjoys being rude to people just to amuse herself because she thinks she's better than everyone else.


She tries to start drama with people on purpose too and when they don't respond to her she moves on to someone else who will. And once she gets them to react she acts like she's the victim. It's kind of sick and says a lot about the kind of person she is. Once someone stops being useful to her she'll find something petty to use as a reason to cut them off. She's done it to a ton of people she claimed were really good friends until she couldn't get anything out of them anymore.


Who cares



I used to have a furry friend with the exact same MO. I became the “customer from hell” when the fursuit I commissioned still wasn’t delivered two years after the promised date.

I should have known better because the customer from hell when I met her was another person that used to be her friend and active in the local scene.

Then after me, another local commissioned a suit and the same thing happened again. I hope that guy felt as stupid as I did, because he REALLY should have known better. But there’s always a new sucker waiting.

Who cares? Well I mean, I don’t feel concern for the future of furry. It’s kind of all fucked up already.


File: 8fecef07808bb44⋯.jpg (46.1 KB, 675x151, 675:151, kayla-na.jpg)

Her behavior is actually typical of people from that state.



gimme some of that scammed money please.


Kayla-Na reminds me of that stupid cunt from Amy's Baking Company. If she were trying her shit in the real world and not the broken furry fandom she'd be a joke, just as humiliated as Amy, not a successful popufur. More proof that furries are fucking disgusting and too dumb to make good decisions, willing to prop up horrible people on pedestals just to get more smut.



it went downhill when they started accepting everyone to trade popularity for common sense.



Too bad furries are autists, and therefore the very people moderating ED and Kiwifarms in the

>current year



if you had autism and no ability to make friends? where would you go?



Discord, but it's more of a gay and tranny thing.



why would you go on discord, its all run by furries and full of underage teenagers and underage "femboys" from the tumblr purge.


Routinely nukes everything in her patreon so she can resell it to the same people in art packs. Basically you have to pay her twice to get a bunch of half assed sketches.


Did anyone mention you have to fake being her friend to see her Discord Art after you already pay for it? Basically you get robbed if she decides you’re not kissing ass hard enough. No refunds!


Kayla-Na is a cunt. Her friends are cunts and any of her family poking into the fandom are just as horrible as she is.

Much of her behavior and even her horrible art style was on par with Steve Addlesee, he was hated and belittled by the fandom but she has tits so she got e-fame for it. She ignores the hate and writes it off by saying anyone who doens't kiss her ass is either a troll or a racist. She gets away with being an instigator because she's popufur and sucks up to other popufurs. Even so she's still a nobody outside the fandom and if she lost what she has in the fandom and the husband she married to leech from, her ass would be homeless inside of 3 days. I doubt her life skills or bitchy attitude would do her any good in a real job.

FA banned her once for being a cunt, one of the few times they ever made a good decision, but unbanned her and a few others back when they needed to take heat off for letting Zaush be an admin, some pretend "we care about the community" gesture.

I hope she gets cancer.


why is the ncp an image of the guy who got his head blown off



Ehh, Addlesee only believed the whole fandom hated him. He was annoying as fuck, but most furries either didn't know who he was, or didn't care. His entire format was claiming he despised the entire furry fandom because the fandom hated him and had banned him officially-- as though they're some kind of entity with official membership and leaders who can serve bans. It's no wonder he played a heel in some dinky local wrestling league; that was his whole fandom schtick, playing a heel character.

Kayla, like Addlesee, has her little circle of adoring fans. Her big differences are that, while Steve just stayed in his circle, she actively reaches out to be an asshole to other people and fuck around with them, and while Steve's followers also stayed in the circle, hers follow her moves and gang up on anyone who tries to fight back.

>I hope she gets cancer

I don't wish that on anyone. But I sincerely hope that someone does something to her which makes her step back, realize how much it hurt, and not simply gear up for total annihilation, but rather reflect on what she does. Sadly, I don't think that will happen. She's punch-drunk on her power trip, and she has a little personal army.



I think the only thing that would get through to her is losing most/all of her popufur money. She doesn't give a shit about how anyone feels but her (see: coopting minority "friends" to excuse her behavior then dumping said "friends" as soon as they cease being useful).

It'd be nice if she got therapy or something for that narcissism though.


looks like someones got the diabeetus what a shock!



kayla-na is the most pressed person I've met in a while

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