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File: 4ea53b62e188bfa⋯.jpg (258.36 KB, 633x950, 633:950, 1549817226.miles-df_girl_s….jpg)


He's at it again.



Why not just add a 1 in front of it for more epicness


File: c7445e9d5f11768⋯.jpg (19.74 KB, 426x481, 426:481, 1526098907670.jpg)

>1 year payment plan

+interest of course



He's just doing what he is known for. Literally a meme artist.


there is literally no vagina.


https://twitter.com/Miles_DF He's memeing about it on twitter.


File: bf3be192ee2ebaf⋯.jpg (138.83 KB, 512x768, 2:3, W8NON8G84RXRO1PAJFI56IDAVT….jpg)

You could save 5k by coloring it in yourself or in some gimicky neural network shit like https://paintschainer.preferred.tech/index_en.html . Pic related is a lazy example to show that it's possible.


File: 5954dcc6948523e⋯.png (446.62 KB, 1300x1000, 13:10, milesdf.png)


if people are dumb enough to keep giving him money why should he stop really?


Greed is a highly offensive word in furryland



Have your character shaded like its blown up rubber for 5000.



Holy shit this guy can't be serious, I could buy a commission of the same pose for $50

Who would want his shitty garbage-tier shading, and who would spend $5000 on a generic non-animated image?


Hey, does anyone have that one pic about the furry spending 2k for a memorial of his grandmother with his fursona in the nude?



Furries. Retarded, autistic furries, who should legally not be allowed to own money.

But I hope they end up on the streets like that. Like Miles does in my dreams because he doesn't have a real job, obviously. Whenever he gets desperate he's ready to work on ONE pic with no special efford for the same money it'd take me 4 months to earn after all the fucking education I went through.

That shows again, be honest and work and you get punished in life. Just kill me.



Just charge more for your work. That's how you improve quality of life and national economy. Keep in mind that the flipside of having cheap shit everywhere is that cheap shit is all you could ever afford.


uhm if people are willing to pay then what's the problem?????



I know. It's just that I keep overestimating the skill level of everyone else.

Just like Miles fucking overestimates his own.



Yeah how about they give me the fucking money.

People get paid 5000 for like 3 pics a week, not one half assed pic.



>Retarded, autistic furries

this misses the problem with the fandom

it isn't chris chan tier autists who generally just make the place more colourful and interesting. it's literal NPCs working in high-paid jobs, usually in technology or engineering, who have nothing better to spend the money on and try to use a fursona as a proxy for an actual personality.

oh and trust fund kids, naturally.



I don't understand how you can not know what to do with your money. If not spend it, keep it. What pathetic people. They could pay 10 hookers and finally get laid.

Holy shit for 5000 bucks I could buy 2 computers. I could buy 2 fucking kitchen interiors. I could travel to Japan for a month.

I could buy like... TONS of porn with higher quality than Miles work.

Hell, if you don't know what you do with it, donate to cure cancer or some shit.

But you get ONE pic. The most expensive and only commission I ever paid was 250 bucks and I got it from Japan (and it wasn't even worth it because I abandoned the characters shown).

This is the most disgusting display of capitalism ever, that greedy scumbag already has a Patreon!



Or, well, just give it to me as I said, if you aren't thankful for the shit you have. I worked my ass off and don't get shit because I don't trust my own abilities.

If I'd be an asshole who wants 5000 for a pic, I'd feel so fucking bad, I'd apologize to the buyers family and hang myself.



Two really insanely powerful computers, or two really abysmally shitty kitchen interiors. :)

No one here can draw or color better than this guy tho. If his art was actually bad I think this thread would be a lot funnier. I mean yeah it’s priced out of this world but like you know, so just don’t pay it.


File: 8f307a24b18828a⋯.jpg (335.41 KB, 1080x1172, 270:293, Screenshot_20180214-220742.jpg)


At this point if he posts a ych for $4000 it'll look like he's having a sale and it'll sell even faster. Though if he's willing to ask for five grand I'm wondering how high he's willing to go...



I'd buy that for a dollar!


If I were artistically capable, and a clever person I would add a small discount to my commission prices for anyone that brings a YCH template as a reference for the pose.

Fuck it, if people will pay 5k for that pose, I would gladly do it for less...if I were so capable of doing so.


Miles should really had put it on a bidding site so the dick measuring contest could go full retard amongst paypigs really.


Does anyone here see anything wrong with like.. Rob Kardashian wearing a $2000 pair of jeans or a $750 white T-shirt? Because most people seem to think that’s admirable and newsworthy. Why is it so bad for furries to throw huge commission fees at each other?



Newsworthy how? Anyone who spends two grand on a pair of pants is a fucking idiot.



>Why is it so bad for furries to throw huge commission fees at each other?

because they walk in the same social circle as the rest of us.

imagine you go to community college but one fucker rocks up to class every day in a limo.

i mean i won't pretend i really care deeply about this guy or any other guy, what really bothers me isn't the overpaying weirdos - it's the people who hold out and maintain furry is a community and a nice place to be in spite of these people. furry belongs to them, this isn't community college it's UC or CalArts. Normal human beings with souls and overdrafts are the ones who don't belong.


File: 363c386abba6e8a⋯.png (35.14 KB, 338x286, 13:11, DF589EF4-9B62-47BF-9A51-5B….png)


I have criticisms and even jealousy.. but most people here are just hating for no reason.

It’s super commercial soulless Lisa Frank style art. However unique your fursona might be, it comes out of this machine looking like everything else the guy draws. And for that reason I wouldn’t pay $500 for it.. fifty might be a little too low given the arguably good technical quality. I mean it’s not BAD...

I think it’s a drag that people can’t see this when there’s much more skilled and expressive artists working for a tiny fraction of his rate, but if people will spend it, then he should take the money.

If you are dismayed that our fandom is stupid enough to chase fame with money in today’s economy tho, like just think about how easy it is to blow five grand on suits and cons in a single year.

It’s not shameful in our society to spend five grand on an article of clothing, or get some stupid bullshit you don’t need like a carbon fiber hood for your passenger car. Furries shouldn’t be held to a higher standard. Just stop hanging out and associating with shallow people.



i mean 5 grand on porno is definitely more shameful than 5 grand on suits, cars, or prostitutes.

like even 5 grand on back issues of playboy would be more classy. furry porn isn't just wasteful, it's vulgar.

but whatever, a car is floating in space, vulgarity has peaked. until it peaks again.

someone kickstarterpatreon shooting this hack's art into space.


Am I the only one who doesn't care? If some jackass wants to charge that, and some other jackass wants to pay that, I don't care if they do. I'll still say I don't think the art is worth that much...to me, or most people. If they think it is, that's fine by me, it's not screwing with me at all. I'll just laugh at it.



It isn’t just the picture tho.

For $5k you don’t just get a picture. You get a social media asset. This puts you in the spotlight with all the other furries who are materially successful enough to blow five grand on porn, and also some people who can’t afford it but try to talk the talk until the bill collector catches up.

This is no different than a bunch of millennial douchebags paying thousands of dollars to go to Fyre Festival so they can see the same bands and party with the same people as in their hometown... but in a third world island paradise with no plumbing or air conditioning. It’s an investment in your Instagram feed.

We reward bullshit like this in all other aspects of society. Why are furries disgusting for doing the same thing, is all I’m saying. Miles does not have the artistic skill or vision or interest necessary to do the kind of art I’d want (“tasteful”), but there’s nothing wrong with him giving his audience what they want at a price they’re content to pay.



>Why are furries disgusting for doing the same thing,

because it's also porn and furry porn at that.

the other thing is that there's always a reality underpinning furry. the guy blowing $5k on this shit? he's either a trust fund weirdo doing a meme degree or an engineer pulling in three figures. that's not the case for a kardashian. their vulgar, vapid, overconsuming behaviour is only underpinned by more vulgar vapid overconsumption in a way that makes them much harder to look away from.

a huge chunk of the problem with furry is that it isn't worthy of actively hating, it's just boring little rich kids, not even rich enough to be super-rich. it's not worth looking up from my lower middle class life from except to play amateur vulgar sociologist.



Kris Jenner’s ugly ass $15,000 suitcase is equally disgusting. And as intentionally vulgar as porn. It is shameful and disgusting that her post wasn’t treated with the same force as Roseanne calling Valerie Jarrett a damn dirty ape, or Liam Neeson’s story about looking for some black bastard to take revenge on.

It’s baller and classy when someone wastes a shitload of money that could have fed a hundred families. Let’s fix THAT, and then take a look around the furry fandom to see what we can clean up when the big problems are sorted out.



I read that SpaceX tried to offer payload capacity to several research agencies, even at no charge, and no one was ready/willing/able to oblige. The falcon heavy is a very large launch vehicle and most space experiments are tiny. It needed to be tested with real mass.

An inexpensive block of iron would have been just as good, but the publicity would have sucked. It was a creative way to draw worldwide attention to space research and it performed the needed experimental function.

I hate Elon Musk because he’s a poseur engineer and presents himself as a genius innovator when he’s really a genius manager of innovators. But putting the car in space was a solid move in light of all the facts. This $5k commission is not the same kind of vulgarity.



>An inexpensive block of iron would have been just as good,

it would've been better. take a giant block of iron, repeat the voyager plaque, bingo. giant monument to mankind having been a thing and a pretty neat thing at that.

nope, car full of reddit references with a side order of being a car advert. space as a place for throwing our shit. i mean i grant you there are upsides to that thing being mankind's tombstone - like being a reminder that mankind is going to die out sooner or later.

the old modernist notion of space as place where we go above and beyond ourselves, united as one species, striving for something better than our petty struggles and vulgar consumption on earth died the moment that car failed to spectacularly implode on the launchpad. i mean even set out, it sounds stupid and childish and ridiculous even if we've got the voyager plaque and all those little flags on the Apollo missions to remind us that grown men once believed in it. whatever.

I probably sound mad, I'm not even mad anymore. There are upsides to coming around to the idea that the end of meaningful history is well and truly here. Postmodernity is as liberating as it is entrapping.

so i repeat, fuck cubesats: send this hack's art into space, on a cubesat if necessary.



I’m ok with Douglas Adams being our ambassador to extraterrestrial life.

I’m a little grossed out by the notion of furry art going into space. I realize to an alien society they’re equally meaningless but like, I watch Rick and Morty and I can imagine earth getting a galactic reputation as the planet of the dogfuckers.



Got you fam


50 $ and you get better value than spekind 5k on Miles shit


doesnt matter because the brand has 0 value that's why it's 50 fucking worthless dollars you idiot >>96091


>All these people complaining about the price here

What a bunch of pathetic virgins. Brand is the big thing here and to get Miles-DF to do a picture for you will show you off to every single person that watches him and more now that so many people are interested in the YCH.

You just wish you had $5000 to be immortalized and seen by over 56000 people.



but i could be immortalized and seen by far more people by running around nude in public

like that kony guy



Yeah but the Kony guy wont be cryogenically frozen



Better quality than miles-df AND cheaper?

Sign me the fuck up

(If I had any money and a female character anyway)


File: 2c8766fd835a21f⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 969x1280, 969:1280, 1518946603.tailhug_forest-….jpg)

I found this artist which is a better alternative, too: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tailhug

Also... what happens if someone just traces his pic and sells the trace for less?



Well, two of my really abysmally shitty kitchen interiors. You know. Because the world is in reverse. He deserves the shitty kitchen interior because he's a fucking fraud.



Nice projection virgin, also he's not promising to post the comission anywhere you dumbfuck, therefore he's not obligated to post it in any of his accounts, giving you ZERO spotlight and making this "brand" useless.



I talk shit but a $2500 reno would be a giant step up for me too.

Whatever your kitchen looks like this is mad overpriced for the quality and all about the popularity. It’s like buying a $500 bottle of champagne in the VIP room and not caring that they pay $60 a case for it.


Wow his page is full of cucks not only praising but supporting this desperate attempt to get spotlight.



No, people will know who it is when they see it, and people will remember who placed the bid, and most furries will worship everyone involved.

Outside of the fandom, if popularity is the goal, I really can’t think of a better way to spend five grand. It wouldn’t get you into a party with the Kardashians or help an ugly person get into a popular club. There’s probably a good reason so many people are willing to spend the money.



No one will see this pic if is not in his gallery, at best you will be able to show it to half dozen fags and that's it

Oh, and before you say "post it on e621 to get a couple dozen views!!" He didn't say anywhere that YOU are allowed to post it anywhere without his permission, so he can take it down as well.



>if popularity is the goal, I really can’t think of a better way to spend five grand

buy youtube subscriptions


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


furaffinity fags will support literally anything



I don’t mean it’ll be proudly displayed to the unwashed masses.

I mean that people in the circles for whom it was meant to be seen will recognize it.



$5k in fake followers will probably help you monetize content you make for net publication, but you need the content first, and it won’t instantly (or maybe ever) make you popular. Furries aren’t in this game for $20 a month in ad revenue.

Being featured by a luxury furry artist has an almost immediate payoff in an endless stream of furry sluts wanting to buy you art, offer their body orifices to you, tell others how sexy you are, invite you to meets and room parties, etc. It’s especially effective for people who are gross/fat/ugly and wouldn’t get anywhere on their own physical attributes. It’s a superficial fandom.

That’s why I say it’s a good investment. I mean, it’s not... but that’s my opinion. A goal-oriented wannabe popufur would do very well to invest in this sort of thing.

You might not be able to afford it, and you probably don’t need/want it... but this is a valued commodity in furrydom and some people just hate it because it’s expensive.


The ych says it's closed now bros



No one will see it, no one will magically show up on your gallery to see it.

This shitty artist popularity is useless unless he post it on his acount AND link to your account



That's the most retarded shit I have ever read in this board,If you are serious then you're clearly an autist virgin who don't know how normal people behave at all.

No one will give you pussy/ass because your sparkledog was drawn by some popufur.


File: d3ff3bfcb06ebf1⋯.mp4 (2.31 MB, 800x576, 25:18, A1cozAECioxmsZMD.mp4)

File: aae55637b14efd0⋯.png (8.4 KB, 360x266, 180:133, 631a2243979bc1f48372230d0c….png)

H O W D O E S H E D O I T ?



You don’t know much about the furry fandom, do you?

Most furries don’t behave the way one would expect “normal” people to behave.


I don’t dispute that it’s medium tier art. But Miles has 55,000 watchers on FA and the highest known commission fees in the fandom. People recognize his work. People recognize most popular furries’ work. He clearly has plenty of fans. Also he signs his work.

You’re the idiot if you think that slutty in-crowd furries can’t recognize Miles when they see it.



Miles, gtfo you shameless drama whore we know it's you.



Oh I forgot to mention the thousands of comments on the FA page and the fact that one thread on 8ch wasn’t enough to contain all the butthurt over it.

Yes. People will recognize it and they will respect whoever bought it. I don’t agree with those people but they do exist.



>and they will respect whoever bought it

Only retards will do that, and pray that this shit don't get posted on 4chan or reddit because this can possibly lead to a massive mockery and even turn into a fuking meme.



inb4 no one actually bought the slot and he's drawing a commission for an "anonymous" client that is actually just a made up character



>Implying a generic "brand"shtty furry artist is worth 5k shekels



Pick one Miles

>the imaginary friend who bought the art is not confortable with negative attention + *insert cringeworthy Holier-than-thou speech*

>haha I was just trolling I'm the smarterest *dabs*

>stay completely silent and refuse to bring it up



Well I was trying to leave that part out but yes! A thousand times yes! Some retard paid five grand for generic looking porn, and a whole bunch of other retards are celebrating the fact! Look at miles’ shouts right now.

I don’t think I could make it much clearer that I think this is one of the worst things about the fandom. I’m just acknowledging it.

Miles has a journal encouraging people to commission an artist who needs a kidney transplant and can’t afford it. Did he consider donating any of his commission proceeds?

I don’t like the guy but he has a brand that sells. This is a fact.


Show me one other artist who’s selling at this rate. Nobody’s implying anything. This is happening in real time. He’s been selling 4-figure commissions for a long time now.



It don't matter, now one will even know this pic exist if he don't post in his gallery.



>Show me one other artist who’s selling at this rate. Nobody’s implying anything. This is happening in real time. He’s been selling 4-figure commissions for a long time now.

How the fuck this got anything to do with the fact his art is not worth 5000 dollars?



Pretty simple. It’s worth what people will pay for it.

If that number is the same as all other furry artists’ work, then his art is nothing special.

If no one else is getting bids and sales for $1000+, then there is something about his art that makes it demand higher prices.

If the only reason it’s not worth $5000 is “because I wouldn’t pay that much,” then you’re either a hater or you have a realistic sense of value when it comes to furry porn. Unfortunately for all of us, though, your sense of value is not what drives the market.



How do you figure that no one would recognize this piece, now that we’ve been crying about it all this time and half the membership of FA has weighed in with their opinions?

This is easily the most famous and recognizable piece in the furry art world right now. It’s a furry Banksy.



Naw I'd make a better rig. Why the fuck would I want people to know I spent 5k on porn.

On furry porn

On furry porn where the majority of the price is going towards name recognition from primarily other furries?

I know you're joking; because i believe even the worse person here is at least smarter than to make something like that unironically, but the fact that someone probably likely believes this is baffling at best and worrying at worst.

You know what? Those conservative old people pushing against degeneracy and immorality? I'm starting to think they're onto something.


the whole "it's worth as much as people are willing to pay for it" argument can be used for everything i existence


File: c2a1bccf11502ba⋯.jpeg (23.25 KB, 520x390, 4:3, 7290B72E-6ED1-4150-9B26-E….jpeg)


Yeah did you know you can major in it in college? It’s a whole field of study called economics.

It’s not an excuse for people to charge preposterous commission fees. It’s a fact of how our world works.

This is a $150 wall receptacle. It performs exactly, absolutely 100% as well as the $1.50 ones you can buy at any hardware store, but some asshole gold plated it, screen printed “audio grade” on it, and successfully commercialized it. And some “audiophiles” really believe that it makes a difference in the sound of their stereo equipment. Yes it is overpriced bullshit. But it fills a market demand, just like Miles does.

He’s got a good thing going. Shit on it if that gets you through the day. But if you’re struggling to understand how this can happen in the furry fandom, you’re just needlessly stressing yourself. People are gullible, vain, and foolish with their money. Sometimes one can make a profit off of this.


Name ONE THING in human history that wasnt worth what someone was willing to pay for it. I guaruntee you can't.



Here's the thing.

People have been doing weird shit for a long, long time. The big difference is that they usually kept it private and didn't focus their identities around it. Nowadays your hobbies and sexual tastes are expected to be either entire identity or some fashion accessory

Is anyone actually surprised that a subculture of people mixing LGBT cancer with really liking cartoon animals as defining parts of their identity is filled with shallow, thin-skinned idiots blowing their money on overpriced porn and mascot costumes?



This. The definition of “value” of a good is exactly that, what someone will pay for it. Currency pretty much exists just so we can assign a quantitative measure to how much something is wanted.


Only 7999 more five grand ychs for miles to sell before he can afford the golden palmer johnson superyacht.


File: 158700387c9b1ae⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 336.59 KB, 360x360, 1:1, sick.mp4)





>Is anyone actually surprised that a subculture of people mixing LGBT

The cancer is mixing itself in, not the furfags. But still this sort of degeneracy doesn't need to be so public and widespread.



LGBT is a hot topic these days. Culture expects people to be defined by it.

Scarlett Johansson was cast as a TG man last year and got bullied out of the part because people wanted a LGBT actor to play the part more than they wanted a GOOD actor to play the part.

The acting community is basically being forced to treat people differently because of their sexuality, by people who are fighting to not be treated differently because of their sexuality. It’s hypocritical and reeks of a social justice crusade. But that’s how we live now.

Hey, even Miles restricts gender in some of his commission slots.



They're clinging to what little sense of identity they have: without the clutter they cover themselves in they'd be even more boring than the average normalfag. Liking animal people isn't necessarily bad but making it such a huge part of one's identity is foolish.



Who’s “they”? I don’t think most ACTUAL LGBTers want this to be a revolution. I think the people who actually live that life just want to be treated like everyone else. It’s the dickwads on twitter trying to force it on the rest of us.

Being straight isn’t an identity or a personality. It’s just as important and defining as being white or male. The theory that forcing others to see and interact with it will eventually lead to acceptance is not exactly wrong, but some people don’t get that it’s a means, not an end.


fun fact less people will buy art the more that prices increase because more people are poor than are rich

few people know this



>Being featured by a luxury furry artist has an almost immediate payoff in an endless stream of furry sluts wanting to buy you art, offer their body orifices to you, tell others how sexy you are, invite you to meets and room parties, etc. It’s especially effective for people who are gross/fat/ugly and wouldn’t get anywhere on their own physical attributes.

Got any evidence that this is common? I've not seen it. I think most furs will LOL that someone sent that much on art.



And they'll all be jealous seething poorfags no matter what damage control they try to shit out.



I’m sure you’re right about what most furries think. It’s obvious that more of the comments in his page are not supporting him.

But this isn’t about what most furries think. It’s about those few (or however many) furries that think it’s worth five grand.

And if you have never seen a furry attention whore then I don’t know what to tell you. Sex sells and porn is the best advertising vehicle.



>But this isn’t about what most furries think. It’s about those few (or however many) furries that think it’s worth five grand.

>And if you have never seen a furry attention whore then I don’t know what to tell you. Sex sells and porn is the best advertising vehicle.

Now that you mention it, blowing $5k on a porn commission is a great way of advertising yourself and your loose wallet to furry gold diggers if you're that desperate for affection.


Can't wait for Miles' $32,000 ych with a 6 year payment plan




dictionary cunt off time.

>the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

the fact that the price of something is sufficiently high does not grant that thing value, it does not grant generalised importance, worth, or usefulness.

reject this and you reject the fundamental building blocks of objectivity and enter the stormy waters of post-modernism, where there are no truths - only conflicting metanarratives. price them at your whim.


this isn't strictly true in furry

average income in furry has always trended above average if you exclude underageb& and even with that above-average-income cohort, a bunch of rich kids have been pouring in since say 2010-2012. as you add price, you specifically target these people looking for the latest meme thing to blow money on to get attention in their own subset subculture of furry. ($5000 postfurry thing WHEN?)



Ok yes you are exactly right about the literal value of this art, and I agree with anyone who thinks it’s not worth $5k, just like wall sockets priced at a hundred times their true value.

But in the study of economics the definition is more narrow and purpose-driven. This is what Wikipedia says and I think it’s pretty adequate:

Economic value is a measure of the benefit provided by a good or service to an economic agent. It is generally measured relative to units of currency, and the interpretation is therefore "what is the maximum amount of money a specific actor is willing and able to pay for the good or service"?

That maximum amount money part is what I had in mind. I remembered that from college and there was a lot of drug use. Gimme some credit.

Anyways it’s ok to say “that shit isn’t worth five grand,” but that’s a dis on buyers and their shitty taste. It’s not rational to rail against an obviously skilled artist who’s satisfying a demand for just the kind of stuff he makes. You’d do it too if you could. Don’t even lie. Miles could work harder and get better. He could even make stuff that I’d buy, but it would be a waste of his time because I wouldn’t pay nearly his rate.



Every city has a notorious furry with a lot of spending cash and (typically) a rotating selection of younger partners that he spoils with inappropriately expensive gifts. Where I live it was a motorcycle one boyfriend and a premium fur suit the next. I think he paid for pilot school for one of them too.

Without the cash and the connections in the furry art world he’d just be sitting home jacking it.


File: bc1686024442a1f⋯.jpg (110.76 KB, 512x724, 128:181, TWH8NQNK79WGL7QGN7K347VPTT….jpg)

File: fdc7b2172307a42⋯.jpg (91.73 KB, 512x724, 128:181, IAWHIMK9YVCK4LNNTGSV3SL8GM….jpg)

File: 3ef85b1c3f13cde⋯.jpg (113.5 KB, 512x794, 256:397, JBII7J2VJWESTM6UBG8LPWW7H8….jpg)


pretty cool tool you got there



t.hack artist trying to overprice their shitty drawings


File: b56896f8b0e8281⋯.jpg (93.16 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, macos-mojave-update-softwa….jpg)


>Name ONE THING in human history that wasnt worth what someone was willing to pay for it

Wow that was easy



waste of trips





File: 9ba42ae6cb15a23⋯.jpg (70.92 KB, 800x663, 800:663, milesdf-wan-drama.jpg)


remember when Miles shit on Zaush for charging $500 for a shitty figurine?



This webm is 9 minutes of a 13 minute long video. Some boomer expects you to pay $10 for this shit.



And retards are still supporting this hypocrital attention whore


File: a8f4b9941250ba8⋯.png (32.05 KB, 140x140, 1:1, 636395861126187783.png)


the fuck is this



Reddit and Tumblr believes it's hypnosis.


This is why we need more furry artists. With enough out there, it will drive the prices DOWN.



There's already shittons of furry artfags and prices are still high, so we need to try another angle. If we believe people like TysonTan, apparently (((certain people))) harass artfags who give out cheap or free stuff. Figuring out who said people are will probably help a bit but the real problem are the fags enabling said artists.

Commissioners aren't paying big money for quality, they're paying it for the artist's name. The fine art world has the exact same problem and it probably won't go away until people stop seeing artists as celebrities.



Seriously? That would make him an awful person, source?




nah, it doesn't really work like that. Prices are already generally low from the average artist. it's just that some of them are incredibly high.

what you want to do is chase off the high-spending consumers, destroying the high end of the market.



>what you want to do is chase off the high-spending consumers, destroying the high end of the market.

In any other fandom doing that would make us lose precious content like 5-10 minutes animations with dubs or extremely detailed pictures.

But in this fandom every single extremely expensive comission is some trash like tweening animations anyone can do in five minutes or coloring pics that are already finished.



This might be one of those rare cases where “ignore it and it’ll go away” applies. If it was only that easy. No one here wants that shit and yet we have two threads going about it.






I just found out my account is worth thousands on the used market. I definitely do not agree with that valuation and I’m tempted to sell it off and buy a new account for ten bucks on g2a.


How do we stop this?



Well, I mean, it’s self limiting. Sale’s over now. Unless you mean stop getting all worked up over it. Not get all butthurt and not make a bunch of threads next time he opens up a slot. I promise not to be that guy.



Flawed logic, if people find out that someone paid 1 million dollars for a literal piece of shit journals will talk about it and people will discuss it due to how absurd the situation is.



>Not get all butthurt and not make a bunch of threads next time he opens up a slot. I promise not to be that guy.

No, you will be the white knight who get buttblasted over people opinions on a 8ch thread.



Well there are two distinct issues here that we should avoid confusing for the sake of discussion.

#1 is that some furry porn guy sold an absurdly expensive commission.

#2 is that a shitload of people are freaking the fuck out over it.

My suggestion can only really help to alleviate issue #2.

I am with everyone that five grand is way too fucking much for this caliber of art, but I also think that what’s for sale here transcends a simple jpg file. Additionally, it isn’t something that we “need to do something about” it a “problem” that needs to be “corrected.”

If it’s not worth your money, it certainly isn’t worth your time.


File: 25ed22184f9ebc9⋯.png (45.3 KB, 434x700, 31:50, shekels.PNG)



Granted this is an animation with sound and shading and shit, but it got bought less than 15 minutes after it was posted.



That's slight overpriced but is not the same thing at all, Fuzzamorous is literally an professional animator while Miles DF is a hack who simply recolored a finished pic

>Fuzzamorous: Real literal Professional animator(hired by actual studios) spend days making a detailed animation for you

>Miles DF: Hack spend 5 minutes coloring a shitty pic for you at the same price


I don't know what stopping anyone from just using the paintbucket tool and saving shillings.



Yeah, I'm not trying to knock on them and probably could have clarified that a bit better, but the contrast is funny. Took MDF over a day to find a good goy after every furfag was aware of his YCH, fuzz got someone to drop an even greater sum at the drop of a hat.



you can't compare a professional animation to a fucking basic bitch pinup image



File: f564595cdbe270f⋯.jpg (11.35 KB, 281x281, 1:1, SvFh2W9__400x400[1].jpg)


Is 6000 even overpriced at all? Can anyone here link me to another studio animator like Fuzz (furry or not) who sell 1 min porn animations with sound,shading and color for less?

Fuzz and Trunchbull furry comissions are consistently bellow Market value.



That’s because you haven’t seen what his finished pieces look like. OP’s image is just a blueline to show the pose.


this fandom constantly makes me question whether i genuinely want to entertain people

sometimes i think the best approach would be to only show the things you create to a narrow circle of friends rather than giving it out to the world. for all the restrictions that involves, it also seems safer in every way.

it's an alien world out there on the internet.



basic animation for $1k is an insane deal considering his quality, he's underselling himself for sure. I shit on a lot of egotistical artists that overcharge for their quality, but Fuzz is one of the few that not only deserves it, but he should charge more.



it takes life experience and a decent amount of critical analysis to know the difference between good and bad opinions and criticism. Don't get an ego and ignore everyone that doesn't suck you off. Do comparisons with your art with other artists and their price points, also listen to non-artists perspectives as well, and for the love of god get your ass out of the furry fandom for criticism as well. Furries are an incestuous bunch, the artists even more so, look at what non-furry artists think, specifically actual professionals, not just tumblr morons. See what the pros charge then look at their art quality, then do a price comparison with furries and find a good average, you don't want to price yourself out of the market at the same time. Also always look to improve, shitty furry artists frequently get a "good enough" level of skill because furries have no standards and suck artists' dicks to hell and back. Always improve, look for new styles, look to reinvent yourself, don't just listen to your fans and never improve, sycophants are useless.


File: ed59043fa45e558⋯.png (2.41 MB, 695x900, 139:180, 1495140206.ikshun_angel_ik….png)


The buyer's fursona is hella ugly.



Is not so bad, just be thankful is not a sparkledog and there is no gross shit like double penis or herm genitals.



Since Trunch retired from doing furry animations FuzzAmorous is easily the best animator and arguably the best active artist in this fandom right now.



I don't think anyone paid for Miles pic at all, why even hide it? The guy is just lying to create drama and attention so he can get more views and be le epic smarterest troll evah.


All these comments across so many different platforms and they're all basically saying only 3 things.



>there is no gross shit like double penis

Ironically in this case that might be biologically appropriate.



That would be a great strategy for someone who can’t draw and doesn’t have a gallery full of recent work. Why would you troll the entire fandom if you had work lined up, and at those rates?



How many furry animators ever worked for a studio besidess Trunch and Fuzz?



Jasonafex interned at Pixar



just to name a few;

Hammytoy, Fnook, Tabuley, LordDirk, SpencerWan, Diives, black-kitten, neofluff, ursadaemajor, Grind, Tenaflux, tacticalmagpie



Surprising the number of professionals who choose to make a living as furry comissioners instead of staying in the industry.



Not an actual job and not an actual animator.



This is above average by furaffinity fursonas standards.



If you have ever worked in the industry you know it’s a significant achievement to intern at Pixar. Animation runs on a strict tradition of doing shit work for years before you get to contribute even the tiniest bit of your art to a film.



It's not about price, I don't want to sell anything. Maybe I will as living costs bite or work gets shittier, but my ideal aim is to entertain people - not make porn, but entertainment. most likely sfw animation. your general advice is useful but i probably should've made that clearer. i don't even specifically want to target furries, i just know they're a natural audience for the stuff i'm working on and definitely not an audience i have the necessary social skillset to interact with.

i don't know, as a social circle furry just seems to encompass every single way i'm unprepared to deal with the most socially dominant type of people on the internet today. (not that furries are those people, but they bring together all the traits in one microcosm.)



There’s nothing wrong with getting compensated on top of personal fulfillment. If you are worried about it getting too commercial you might consider limiting the number of paid hours you work in a week. Making it your job does have drawbacks but ultimately if you can create instead of going to some other job and still pay the bills, you should.



>Animation runs on a strict tradition of doing shit work for years before you get to contribute even the tiniest bit of your art to a film.

Yeah, that's why he's skilled at shit works but can't animate or draw at all.



Well my point is that you could have any level of skill and your first job at any major studio will still be shit work like stitching textures to props or cleaning up someone else’s pencil lines or mixing paint. Unless you’ve already got a substantial body of work with a cult following, toward which fortunately furry porn doesn’t count. Yet.


it's too bad jasonafex didnt learn shit during his internship


So who bought it?



good for him if someone's dumb enough to pay that much for cartoon fox titties



he did, he just used it to foreward his own self employment, lmao. when you make as much as he does, you will never want to work a job in your life, as sitting at home doodling all day on digital materials and with limtiless pens, makes your overhead very low coupled with living in a shitty basic apartment / at home in buttfuck nowhere and your basically wallstreet rich.


File: db8326fcc1985eb⋯.jpg (307.25 KB, 1280x1389, 1280:1389, 78395c34577ad7f26be5e8698c….jpg)

File: a4035d5afb02d7e⋯.jpg (67.46 KB, 512x555, 512:555, W9E8603V23L0Y2XLYB98M55NSY….jpg)

File: 0db92a201f39b85⋯.png (63.84 KB, 640x605, 128:121, 076ed5e28943fab3b5e6cb44cd….png)

File: 840b8803e30e46f⋯.jpg (45.69 KB, 541x512, 541:512, M52RWCCEME65G69G0JSNWOTXUT….jpg)


Results vary, but these came out alright. Even the worst ones are nowhere near sparkledog-tier.


File: de1807ff5df30d7⋯.png (293.7 KB, 617x939, 617:939, Ferne 5000ych.png)



nice add a dick



yeah sure man lemme pay of 5000$ in a year, thats like fucking 416 dollars a month, nobody has 416$ a month to pay off :L




i dont follow this conartist, what was the last YCH at?




would be even better with "50x" and jefferson's face on it





Now, how many of them worked at a known studio on anything anyone's heard about?

Because I can found a studio right now and give someone on this board a nickel to draw an MS Paint doodle and they would magically become professional studio artists.

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