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File: 56c4a6d80308c02⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 82051e8b8708ee1⋯.png (194 KB, 1490x923, 1490:923, Capture.PNG)


More like was banned from FA and his gf left with him. "leaving" is just an inevitable occurrence. Jasonafex has talked endlessly about making his own furry website but clearly that's never going to happen and even if it did he would just lord over it like a despot like Dragoneer does with FA.

At least the comments aren't putting up with their bullshit. It's only a matter of time until they either crawl back or fade into obscurity and we see a breakup. There are orbiters on their Youtube channel and most of them talk about this vague sense of "toxicity" and not realizing these people brought this shit onto themselves. All that's left to do now is to just watch them become has-beens and beg for money online because nobody gives a shit about tweened porn outside of furries.


I'm in the fandom, because I like the subject. Friends are a side-effect. I never had good social skills growing up so I tend to sympathize with others that are not popular.

If you are a "normie" you might as well have a normal hobby, such as sports.



They're only doing it for asspats and because it's a meme now. Like Kothorix and Kero did it. They're all doing it because they're being made fun of en mass by furries and they used to primarily like how they had orbiters that just gave them asspats whenever they were being bullied. But now furries aren't putting up with them anymore so they'd prefer to be normies. But in that space they're just losers so they fade into obscurity.


I won't miss them. It's unfortunate that there are people who are so widely popular, yet who bring so many problems-- and, incidentally, popularity and problems aren't necessarily connected. There are popufurs with far less BS, and there are problem people who aren't popufurs. But Jason is that crossover of popularity and bad drama.

Do I think he'll stay gone? No, I don't. He makes too much money from the fandom to just ditch permanently. But I do suspect he left because the drama he's part of drew fire on him. And in my opinion, he doesn't usually consider or think about being the drama creator and/or drama magnet; I suspect he assumes it's always others' doing.


>When your ego is so high you make personal blog videos nobody asked for



Kabier left him?



Read that again. It says "left with him"



He didn't turn into anything, he's been a piece of shit literally the entire time. Do some research, the dude literally scammed people, and on multiple occasions decided to use other people's art for his "animating" without their permission



Ah, i really need to go to bed.

Honestly I'll genuinely miss kabier's art, and I'm saddened at the loss of two right leaning furs, just one step closer to even more of an echo chamber.



I just said I hate online drama

so no





yeah this is top tier youtuber clickbait shit.


Yet another drama queen quitting for a while, till financial reality hits them.




Too bad this won't be as good a publicity stunt as miles' ych though



damn man if only he didn't call it the cuckshack on purpose



oh. so its about power and money?


Leave it to the dude named hunterwolf numbersnumbersnumbers to be king cocksuck because the contrarian points are just irresistable



Wait, that's not an edit? What the fuck





It's not even worth spitting upon, they'll be back, this is just another means of garnering attention



I didn’t listen to the stream but where does he say anyone is quitting or has quit or has been banned from FA? Is this fake news?

I see what the picture says but I also read the journals and submissions and contents and I don’t see why anyone thinks anyone quit anything.

Did they actually say this somewhere?


>not disabling journal comments

>not disabling comments on all submissions or journals by default



My favorite FA phenomenon:

>see a “I’m leaving the fandom” journal

>click on it

>this user has voluntarily disabled....



If you're not going to look into a person's character before you comment on it, don't comment on it.



its fake


hes just going ot make a new account somewhere else and change his username and art style a little.


what's he going to do now that his gf was the one who always drew for him



He's going to try and ride some other trend or try to appeal to normies. Both will fail. Jasonafex was only popular because he was at the right place in the right time and he was exploiting how in demand furry animations are. But in other communities animation is either not really cared about or it is everywhere and there are higher standards. Like right now he's on newgrounds, newgrounds isn't going to propel you to stardom for making tweened shit unless you're somehow also funny. And he's in short supply of that too.



>now that his gf was the one who always drew for him

Didn't seem to have any issue assuming he could just walk up and get permission to jiggle any artist's work he wanted.


I'm curious if their patreon numbers are gonna rise or drop from this, if their supporters came for furry porn.. a chunk of them may end up leaving if they stick to hentai and monster porn, or perhaps they'll get more followers, but honestly I feel as if it's a bit difficult to get exposure as a porn artist on a site such as newgrounds or even hentai foundry. Twitter is literally the next tumblr for artists, and where are they going to get their money from if they quit producing furry content for their supporters that expect that content?

They literally did this to themselves, you can't expect to say something shitty and get no backlash online or irl. I have zero sympathy.


File: 96fef91b58f66e8⋯.png (864.92 KB, 910x1025, 182:205, 2b001d7e27cf655ba65fbab4c4….png)

File: d43fc0e079cb5aa⋯.png (538.94 KB, 920x636, 230:159, 971a2297fda743412cc8f7f961….png)

meant to post these oops



Kabier's the one with the talent Jasonafex just mooches off of other people


anouncing you're quitting the fandom

desperate for attention again eh?



most furries have nothing of value to say anyway.

Submission? Ass-kiss generic comments to suck up to the artist. Journal? Either asspats or arguments. Cutting off their echo chamber really doesn't lose anything of value.

I disabled notes long ago, I don't sell commissions so no one has need to note me. When I had it enabled it was mostly RP requests hitting my inbox, the rest were generic comments that could have been posted in a comments section. On submissions I was getting the same thing from the same people over and over, so what was the point? Journals, unless I'm asking directly for something then it's not needed. The system only exists for popufurs to get asspats from their legion of fans, and that's all they want, asspats. Anything else hurts their feelings.

I wish FA would let us disable page shouts too. They're rarely used for anything, it's mostly boring "thanks for" shouts, and half the community gets mad at those anymore(I used to leave then but too many "don't spam me or I'll block you" messages on profile pages had me put an end to that) so I don't see why it's needed either.



Twitter will ban porn eventually just like Tumblr did- why the even allow it now is beyond me. Their system fr posting "mature" images is pretty broken, you have to flag your whole account as "adult" to post it which automatically flags all your images as such, even ones that aren't. If you don't flag your settings to view the stuff then it's all hidden and you have to manually click each pic with no thumbnail available. And eventually the very reasons Tumblr ditched it will catch up to Twitter.

Hentai Foundry is such a dried up joke I wonder how they've managed to stay online. Their users seem to have dwindled for reasons other than the loli ban(of which nothing of value was lost), the site is just horrible to use or browse.



Is this bait? How did he ragequit?






For some reason the website that interviewed the person who was responsible for getting him suspended was deleted. Here's an archive




Recently he also spoke out in support of bestiality. Specifically he "doesn't care about it if the animal consents"



It's a shame it had to come to this. For Kabier, that is. Jason could've fucked right off and never come back for all I care and Kabier could've stay. The only reason Kab gets all the flak she got is for willingly associating with Jason and now mimicking his holier-than-thou attitude. Kabier had multiple chances to distance herself from Jason when he started creating his own drama and shit, but she chose not to and eventually got involved with it herself.

All that being said, I doubt this is truly the end of it. They are leaving behind literally tens of thousands of legit fans who either don't care about the drama they cause or don't believe in it. Just to spite the FA leadership and the few fans who are sick and tired of their pointless bullshit. I suspect that Jason will quietly proceed with his brand new furry art site and Kabier will *shockingly* return to furry art five or six months from now.



>he would just lord over it like a despot like Dragoneer does with FA.

I highly doubt he would do anything at all, his projects are all finding someone else to do all the job for him.



Who did what and why is everyone else mad?



This drama fur posted the OP picture on FA with nothing of consequence in the description and hilarity ensued in the comment section.

Allegedly there was a stream in which the departure from the fandom was discussed, and talk about one or both of them being banned/quitting FA, but both accounts are active. I didn’t listen to the stream so I may be missing something but it seems like nothing at all happened.


Kabs had an okay pic here and there. Is all her shit uploaded somewhere since they nuked it from e621 after that god awful Kobold comic?


Try to keep the subject of the thread specific to Jason/Kabs and away from the legality of pedophilia/consent discussion.




no hes a pedophile and deserves to be outed like one and a shitty person.

(Do not derail threads with topics unrelated to the OP.)



thanks for also deleting every bit of evidence against him? what are you defending him?


Holy shit we actually have moderation for the off-topic forced political and pedophilia derailments every thread feels a need to fucking have



>Recently he also spoke out in support of bestiality.

That is literally the opposite of what he said though.

>Almost like you suck at listening.


>Consent = Good

>Beast = Bad


>How hard is that to understand for you >simpletons.



Thank you, mods!!


>every bit of evidence against him

No evidence was posted. Only a link to someone who says they played a parody of Kabier, and who says he allegedly did this and supposedly said that.


He did also say it's not a problem if the animal consents. The debate there is over whether a creature which can't speak CAN consent.




Sorry, but if there's evidence related to him grooming Kabier, and this is a thread about Jasonafex being a shitty person, how does it not fit?



because it devolves into unrelated discussion that everyone is sick of after 1-2 replies. The topic in the OP was specific to how he and his gf are "leaving" furry


Now all we need is Trunchbul to try and make it about himself, get hit by a car and fuck off again.



How is something like Trunchbull >>97205 relevant then? They popped up in previous drama but aren't related to them leaving




You're a newfag and wans't present in any of the original threads.


File: 19e73cb5935785a⋯.gif (3.55 MB, 216x162, 4:3, 0683901E-FB1C-4EFA-8956-89….gif)


>quitting the furry community

This statement... doesn't even make any sense.

Anywhore, never really liked those choppy animations he made. Basically just getting a picture, and, playing around with it. Never liked it a decade ago, and not now. It always got so much praise too, feeling click clickbait each time to the point where I just black listed him.





Remember when he and kabier made a comic where he had his fursona getting fucked by his dad and his fursona projected as his mother? They don't have mental issues btw :^)



I was, but you seem to believe that something Trunchbull says is automatically true.

It's not, 99% of the time.



link pls



but trunchbull is literally /ourguy/! /ourguy/, don't you get it?


My favorite thing about Jasonafex was the time when he got so high off his own farts he declared himself a better animator than fuzzamorous



kabier is the girl dog/ yellow lizard, jasonafex is the boy green lizard





Did he ever actually try to claim he was better than anyone at what he did? He was on-par with Washa.



That's not even the one where he gets raped by his father. It's in the kobold comic.


>the furry community






Post proof, I need to see some high quality delusion.


i hope he leaves and never comes back <3



just drink a 5th of vodka.


I literally only came here to see if anyone has leaked his nudes yet lmao.



Go to his ED page



real nudes ya twit



why would you want to see those, lmao, hes a fat ugly guy.



​​Most of the so-called liberal lesbians and all these groups, they just want to have the guy with the duck's ass haircut and the James Dean outfit. The truth is, James Dean wasn't slapping girls around, but they want to be the ones slapping the girls around. And statistically, it shows it. I'm not blaming all lesbians, but it shows that most of these butch lesbians, they want to be the guy smacking the hot chick around. They think that's manly. And a lot of the chicks, they like it. See, because no man will do that to them. And I'm not saying it's good if a man does that, but some women like it. And if they can't find a man to smack them around, well they found them a girl going to do it real good. Knock them upside their head, and have 50 Shades of Gray about the sexy rich guy that's going to chain you up. Of course, you're going to get chained up one time. They're going to put that devil mask or that piggy mask on. They're going to say, "Now I'm going to torture you for about six weeks, so start begging for your mommy and your daddy." That's the liberals. They want to get you in a dungeon. They want to strap you down and take a buzzsaw and cut the top of your head off like a pumpkin and pull it off and get a little spoon and go -- when you're looking in the mirror, this is one thing I know they like to do -- and they go, I'm going to eat your brain now. Let's start -- let's start at the side areas here, because we don't want to take away your sight at the back or your thinking in the front. I'm going to eat your cerebral cortex last, because I've got power. I love Satan, and I'm going to suck you dry, and I'm going to torture you to death.




boring and off topic jabber, but it seems like you put in some effort to write it



File: 94802043a339501⋯.jpg (292.35 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, IMG_20190218_181134.jpg)


Its alex jones retard



nice murrsuit, open your zipper and show us your dick



I though he already left years ago, what with all his shit going poof



>/pol/niggers whining about pedos

Can you fucking faggots kill yourselves?

You're on




I'm sorry your dad raped you as a toddler. Time to grow up.

(Do not derail threads with topics unrelated to the OP.)



Not really convinced it's /pol/, since that same vehemently anti-cub poster has also gone on unhinged rants about Trump and accused half the fandom of being Nazis. Of course- given the absolute autism of the average imageboard user, doubly so for the furry-specific boards, there's equal potential for some lone wolf to be larping/virtue signaling pretty hard about thing he may not actually care a lot about. Either way, it contributes to this board being pretty useless for actual discussion- as most anons get tired of talking to a brick wall and decide there's better places on the site to discuss their furfaggotry.



This, at the risk of getting banned by the mods, anti cub is a distinctly SJW thing, if you don't believe me just browse any of the vocal anti cub twitter accounts.

Last I'll say on the matter as not to derail further



>he declared himself a better animator than fuzzamorous

lol Jason is not even a real animator, he can't even draw.



That generally holds true, but I guess Discord staff is a notable exception. Hypocrites as far as the eye can see. polite sage for somewhat political-ish post




How's he going to be a better animator when he's not an animator in the first place?






show us your murrsuit cock.



waste of dubs

nice ban message tho


All of these people shitting on this dude in the comments section of that page would never, ever say this to his face in real life. Don't take this as a "say it to me in real life not online and see what happens" kind of tough guy shit. It's more like, why do people put the opinions of such cowards on such a high pedestal?

They aren't going to bother you at conventions. They aren't going to get your Patreon shut down if you aren't breaking any rules. It's just a bunch of very angry, very ugly people yelling a lot on Twitter and the computer where they don't have to look you in the eye. Its obvious they don't have the power to change anything so why bend to it? Cucks are so fucking weird and pathetic. The saddest part about all this is that Jasonafex is such a huge pussy.



But what about the #wechangeddiscord victory?



actually people are working to get his patreon shut down and have protested people in the past like sangie and tora from going to conventions and gotten measures to get them banned, unfortunately this is just a money grab to stir up a NO PLEASE STAY WE NEED U. Response, just checked FA right now since hes posted this. 23k users online.

lmao, used to be like 800,000 right?



oops meant 28914 users online.

Lmao the fandoms dead boys.


File: 27b2a2b5ef21f4e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1857x835, 1857:835, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b1307b68138777⋯.png (814.6 KB, 1426x798, 713:399, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2d90762d938dca6⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1196x798, 598:399, ClipboardImage.png)

Welp. He's stealing the boomer meme and tracing over it.

Can this guy not seriously do anything on his own? He has to also ruin stale and ancient memes.

It's also a major sign of desperation if you make your own memes about yourself and post them.

That's the fan's job.



So now he's a goblin instead of a faggot lizard?




And a massive faggot just by looking at that desktop in his Twitter banner

>"Racing" chair

>Razer Headset, mouse, keyboard

>BluYetti USB mic

No wonder his audio is consistently shit., but I highly doubt this is even his setup and he just stole it from a google search.



he's doing what he knows best

which is very little



heaven forbid we talk about furshit on the furshit board am I right



Best thing to do now is just ignore him and let him fade into obscurity, the best punishment for an obnoxious attention whore.




Then when he starts flailing it'll be all the more hilarious.


File: 7c7ab3856500785⋯.png (144.53 KB, 300x256, 75:64, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2cddedf2795530b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1146x784, 573:392, ClipboardImage.png)


Who's a worse human being, Dobson or Cuckafex



Dobson has the caveat of at least being able to draw something recognizable.



Dobson is easily more pathetic. Jasonafex is just a mediocre artist whose only real claim to fame being his ability to be well known despite being pretty boring compared to furfags that make him look sane. He's pretty interchangeable with any other mid to low tier furry artist, just got lucky it seems.



Worse human being? Probably Cuckafex for all the stupid shit he's done and then blaming everyone else for his problems. Sure, dobson does this to dodge criticism and push his shitty worldview, but Cuckafex takes that whole shtick to a much higher degree.



Dobson can at least draw


File: 2fef3680f8e2fe8⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


One issue though: Cuckphex isn't an artist.

Kabier is, who he leaches off of, but all Cuckphex does is do jiggle-bone animation and it's speculated he even started outsourcing that too since he literally outsources everything.

However! He was caught tracing other people's work.



baddly but yeah



Is the original BadgerBen?


>anti-pedo is SJW

We've really reached that point in defending your nasty fetish?

>anti-pedo is only one person!

Nice way to pretend you're not hated by the majority

>waah someone insulted daddy Drumpf, must be the same person

Nice way to pretend Putin's puppet is not hated by the majority

We get it, the fandom is overrun by pedos. That "it's only a DRAWING of a child getting fucked" defense falls on deaf ears and you really don't believe that yourself. The people running this board are also Trump supporters and these days it seems more and more that pedophlia and conservative politics are shared views.

If the staff here want a conservative-friendly pro-pedo hugbox they need to make that clear. They've taken to banning anyone who says anti-pedo things just like they've had a habit of banning over anti-Trump. At least if they're going to do this they should have the balls to admit it's this way and no other way instead of being shy about it.

Lots of people hate Trump, lots of people see pedophilia as wrong. Stuff your "one person" defense, you mentally unstable clowns. That shit is a recognized mental disorder, BTW


Trying to shame people with morals by calling them SJWs for not wanting to have sex with kids isn't helping you, either. It's only making me proud of the label.

Kill yourselves, pedo trash. Do the world a favor. You'll never be accepted and running a tiny niche image board isn't going to change the world. You will NEVER be accepted!

(Do not derail threads.)


he's just too talented to be hanging around furfags anymore













Good on him, the community went to shit anyway, makes me yearn for the booru days. None of this petty gossip or drama, social media BS, fursonas, etc, just a bunch of degenerates comfortable with who they are creating content.



Funny that. He created and stoked all of the drama around him. Technically he was part of the problem so him “leaving” is a step to the community recovering



Be that as it may, the damage done to furries is long since set, the only way it'll recover is if it goes back to being a niche, underground art community, rather than trying to be a "trendy and mainstream" lifestyle.


why cant it be rasha leaving the community



Completely agree.

One more attention whore out of the community. Onto the rest.



They disabled their furaffinity yet again if it's any consolation, but you should know full well we'll never truly be free of rasha until someone takes one for the team and murders them after their info gets doxxed




That seems pretty excessive. I'd say its probably best for the fandom to splinter instead of insisting it's only one fandom, despite the numerous disagreements and issues most of it has with each other.



Actually I am disappointed about this. I liked Kabier's art, I liked Jason's animations, and Cuckshack was something entertaining to pass the time and learn about furries while I was coloring bases... :(



I don't know much, but I share a discord server with him and his latest thing was complaining about an artist and then proceeding to mention that he was going to tell an artist to cancel his current ones, all stemming from some mood swing that originated from something totally unrelated and then snowballed. They ranted all about it in the server as if anyone in there gives a fuck.

Long story short the latest happening with rasha is they basically gave an artist 400 dollars for pretty much nothing.Seems pretty based to me, I wish he could commission me like that some time.


Don't bite it.



you sad, sad retard.



>yet you and the people who "hate" them, frantically watch, then comment, and then share within 24 hours.






Rasha already re-enabled their FA with the sole intent to bitch about commissions again lmao



lol you people are actually pathetic. if you side with those faggot cry babies in his comments there is no hope for you.



So in other words nothing new or remotely interesting. Got it.



yes the fandom should just splinter that way everyone stops fighting with each other and just does there own thing, fuck being a collective and accepted by the mass media. being public only brings children, children brings pedophiles, pedophiles molest children at cons and we have a bigger problem on our hand then just people fucking animals and fucking in 3000$ rugs.


File: 25c930f37f8f860⋯.jpg (152.38 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, IMG_20190305_230458.jpg)


For once, DarkShadowFox, you're actually right about something.



Simply allowing kids doesn't necessarily lead to child molestation. In fat, it usually doesn't, because kids come with parents. Kids (with parents) go to all the massive comic cons. Noticed an uptick in reports of molestation at 'em? No? That's because it's not like that.

As usual, you think child molesters are everywhere. Stop being a dumb shit.



child molesters arent everywhere huh:













and many many more like that are in hiding in the fandom, stop inviting fucking children to this fandom, its always adult, always sexual and children and teens just shit up cons, its a fetish cult, not a day care.

once again, fuck being accepted by the mass media, less exposure = more fun cons with more crazy shit like an 80s fueled cocaine binge.

being mainstream makes people less interested then hiding it behind closed doors.



i'm finna nut in this lucario's asshole after he's finished eating and then force him to felch himself



thats really hot you should make an animation of it.



or get a lucario murrsuiter to spray his own cum onto his fursuit from his ass after you breed it.



And I like PK why must you tell me this now I'm fucking ruined I hate you AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!






are you being silly



Glip (glitch puppet) was a great artist sure she made fun of autistic people despite being one herself.

She has problems man this is over reaching.



>Chris Bryant

Youth in chats, but no proof I can see that he is a pedo per se. Creepy fucker, yes.


Now ex-hubby dicks teens. Bet that's one reason they're divorced. Not a pedophile.


SJW, sperg, wants to take down KiwiFarms. Not a pedo.


Yes, pedo. Fuck him.


Borderline, but don't see evidence he's more than a shitty person in general.


Yep, pedo.


I already know him. Keep in mind that I like some cub porn. I have Tay blocked on IB. I don't want to see his creepy art or read his creepy journals.


Pedo, but undergoing treatment. Still creepy.


Friend of 2 Gryphon, which tells me he only says controversial things to be a shit-stirrer. Not likely to be an actual pedo, rather more like the people who say "Hitler did nothing wrong" just to watch people fall apart.


Pedo, yes. Thankfully not offending.




Not a pedo. Zoosadist, yes.

Six. That's six. The fandom is NOT "full of them."

>stop inviting fucking children to this fandom

>children and teens just shit up cons

Nobody is trying to attract kids and teens to the fandom. But if they find furry art and decide they like it, there isn't exactly a way to stop them. Cons aren't trying to attract them, either.



I some what agree with this only a few are pedophiles.

Others are just simply alt right or people who are being shat on for hanging with or dating pedophiles or being zoophilic or creeps.

If there's anything kids are pushing themselves into sexual relationships with adults and it's the adults responsibility to keep the kids away from shit that they themselves can't finish.

Keep kids away from adults and or atleast teach them something about what their doing.




actually cons are trying there best to be more family friendly.



she also wants 13yos to view her porn, hows this overeaching



Which is creepy. Name 10 popular artists. How many of them are well known and only draw sfw?

The fandom is a horrible chimera of half a dozen subgroups all which are extremely nsfw. Getting a kid into furry early on is like having your gay uncle babysit him for the weekend.



Got some actual proof of this? Yes, they make dealers keep X-rated material covered, just in case some parent comes through with kids, and they ban suggestive activity and skimpy clothes in con spaces, but none of that is recently. It's always been like that at furcons; there was no period in which they were dens of open debauchery. Nothing has changed.

I fully expect your response, if there is one, to be nothing more than restating that it IS happening-- and, I suspect, adding that they're trying to draw in families because the fandom is filled with pedophiles. Prove me wrong.


>Getting a kid into furry early on

There's no evidence that people are doing that. Mom taking Junior to the con once, to see the costumes and buy him a plushie, is not "introducing him to furry." No more than taking Junior to Disneyland so he can meet all their walkaround animal characters is.



nobody wants to prove you wrong cause your just trying to cover up the fact that the fandom is a fetish and that its more sex positive then not. its not covered up at cons because we want to, its covered up because we would be banned from that space if we turned it into a sex party, cons get forced out of venuse all the time because they find property damage that outweighs the risk associated because furries suck and are disrepspectful of there con venuses, i hope if i ever own a hotel i dont have to host there bullshit.

most people go to a con just to fuck, nobody goes to the panels and everyones just uses as a landing pad for hookups.

keep your kids out, it just causes issues.



>the fandom is a fetish and that its more sex positive then not

I'm not covering up anything, because it's true that it's sex-positive. A fetish, yes, but not always as one ordinarily thinks of that.

>its covered up because we would be banned from that space if we turned it into a sex party

Well, yes. But there are also con-goers who are adults, yet don't want cons to be public sex parties. It's not like every con is just a thinly-veiled group of people who're there because they're DTF. We ARE talking about a fandom filled with artists, writers, content creators, etc.

>cons get forced out of venuse all the time because they find property damage that outweighs the risk

That has happened very few times. RainFurrest is the only really major example, and even so, the damage there was caused by a small number of assholes. It was just magnified by an unusually lazy staff who were unwilling to throw bans around.

>most people go to a con just to fuck, nobody goes to the panels

You've obviously not been to very many. The panels, the gaming rooms, the non-sexual stuff fill up. If nobody went to them, cons wouldn't bother to arrange them. You have your opinions and you've decided you're 100% correct, and a lack of actual evidence won't dissuade you.

>keep your kids out, it just causes issues

Considering the fact that cons do keep adult material under cover, do require anyone underage to be with parents, don't TRY to attract kids, and indeed aren't attracting more than a few kids (with parents), it's a moot point. As far as I can tell, the only reason you're still arguing is you've built up a big ball of rage and you can't see yourself just dropping it.



Before Albany Anthrocon was Anthrocon there was an issue with NYS’s “blue laws” which forced a policy change in the con. The issue wasn’t making the fandom family friendly, but keeping it from being kicked out of the hotel and people being charged with breaking the law.

Freaky shit is more common today as social attitudes become more liberal. Hotels demand increasingly better behavior of attendees just because they’re trying to keep their other patrons from going elsewhere when a freak show comes to town. The families are already in the hotels. I think that’s the biggest reason cons are more “family friendly.”


Yeah I'd totally take my kids into an enviornment know for drug and alcohol use and also let them hang with grown ass adults who voluntarily shit in diapers too because thats so funny! And not at all fucked up. Any small child would just adore a panel about how to put on an adult onesie and find cub art or whatever goes on in an Adult Baby Diaper Lover panel. Im sure they'd love to see them there too;)

Either stick to actual family-friendly panels and events or leave your kids at home. Furry Cons are know for drinking, sex, drugs and a lot of "not very kiddy" things. Your children do not know this so being aware of this shit yourself (like how diaper furs are associated with pedophiles) is literally your responsibility as their father. You choose to become a parent and you seriously need to start acting like one before your kids get hurt or mentally fucked up.



Absolutely correct. Look at furthermore in Maryland. They threw the con out because the artist's were selling porn. The con moved to Virginia to hide.



>The families are already in the hotels

Yes, except that most major cons almost entirely sell out the hotel, leaving little if any room for families. The sci-fi/fantasy con near me is beside an airport, and only leaves extra room for pilots and flight attendants.

>Either stick to actual family-friendly panels and events or leave your kids at home

The few parents who bring kids just show them around the public areas, which are very safe, and maybe go through the dealers' room, which has no porn showing. It's not like parents are taking kids to adult-themed panes so, again, it's a moot point.

>like how diaper furs are associated with pedophiles

You'd be surprised. The creepy peeps don't go to cons, they're too well-policed. I used to go to the diaper/cub fur parties because I had AB friends, and they were closed-door, invite-only, and consisted of a bunch of people wearing jammies, eating popcorn, watching movies and chatting about art. No parent would bring a kid to an invite-only party, openly aimed at babyfurs and starting at 10 PM.

>They threw the con out because the artist's were selling porn. The con moved to Virginia to hide

>moved to Virginia to hide

>to hide

Hotel didn't want adult material sold. Threw the con out. So the fuck what? It's not like the porn sold at furcons is, really, more than just illustrated, fetishy porn. It's not like the con had to "hide" anything.


File: 1b1bc79c8331643⋯.png (88.26 KB, 354x529, 354:529, a8f423230d1c75b0dde07d9c9a….png)

File: 8cd31a8126617b0⋯.png (169.54 KB, 402x565, 402:565, 828c41c37298e8806aab871dec….png)


File: 1c6a9f23cdca5bd⋯.png (782.13 KB, 680x543, 680:543, 1419123466233.png)


>two right leaning furs


Shit like this is why I'm glad I said absolutely nothing when I wiped my stuff and disabled my gallery a few weeks ago. If you're leaving, LEAVE, don't make a spectacle of it. People who do that want to be begged to stay. Those of us cutting out don't give a fuck if you might miss the free fap material or not and odds are if we don't announce it, you won't even notice. Bonus tip - If you're not a popufur then you are interchangeable and replaceable and no one will give a shit if you walk away.



It's less about morals and more about image- if furry cons flaunted how the fandom is a sex fetish culture with a lot of pedophiles in it and a top artist committing sexual assault through intimidation, Chris Hansen would be crashing a con with a full camera crew and you'd be fucked.

Frankly it's a miracle this hasn't happened yet with all the shit that goes up online for everyone to see. Even the CNN article somehow missed 100% of the nasty shit of the fandom, and while the CSI episode had a lot of fact to it people assume it was made up by idiot writers looking for TV drama- which when you think about it the show is about forensics investigators doing full police work so no one has much faith in it being fact to start with. I would assume much of the media ignorance is due to furries not wanting to involve anyone outside, even if they're fed up with the fandom. The furry fandom has become disturbingly self-policing to the point that even outing an actual pedophile is looked down upon.

I can see furries going collectively apeshit if people start tweeting Yiffyleaks note links to @chrishansen or other major media personalities. There might even be suicides if that happened.


File: 17e2b782d9054d6⋯.png (18.22 KB, 731x239, 731:239, ss250.png)


>defends pedophilia

>calls someone they disagree with a "retard"

Trumpet detected, same old shit every time, same arguments, same insults. Can't stand facts, can you? Get shot by a mugger. Pedos are shit.



Call them whatever you want, they go against the grain of the prevailing "furry culture" and without them it will be even more of an echo chamber



Largely irrelevant detail as there are other people the information could be sent to, but, you don't keep up with mr. Hansen, do you? He's in no position to do anything right now. http://archive.is/2ZHEr



>Parents let their kids dress like total sluts

>wtf stop having sex with them?????

No, sorry. Just because you're too bitter and autistic to enjoy life the way the Greeks did doesn't mean the rest of us are so brainwa and hollow on the inside.

Maybe try living a little instead of existing as a flesh machine that mindlessly flails around at the mention of certain words like some lifeless automaton



how about you stop forcing children to have sex with you and go after someone your own age? theres a reason the greeks dont exist anymore. i doesnt matter if it evolved into another culture, that way of life is much dead, get with the 21st century and except the fact that child sex will never be legal except in countries where being homosexual and american will get you killed. slob. get shot by the police pedophile or better yet hope the town that houses you strings you up on a rope and shoves a 1foot hot iron up your ass so you can feel the pain and suffering that sexually abused children have.

its wrong and you deserve to die.



>he thinks a comcast IP outside the NAT identifies one user




>i-it'll never be legal

>parents already let their half naked little boys wear skirts at pride parades

Yeah, naw and it's not forced if their little boy dicks get stiff as a board. Just accept it sweety. You're on the wrong side of history and in 10 years everyone will be in paradise taking hormones and having sex while you sit in your basement mumbling to yourself about society collapsing like those boomers who whined about gay or interracial marriage.

Only boomers are against perfectly healthy and hot sex, go die old man.



>>parents already let their half naked little boys wear skirts at pride parades

Eesh, what pride parades are you going to? I go to a huge one every year. I see kids with some of the advocacy groups, but in very ordinary, if colorful, clothing. There used to be naked adults (a group on bicycles) but they haven't been in it in years.



>The creepy peeps don't go to cons,

Gonna disagree with you on that one, bud.



yeah dont get whats with all the pedos pushing the half naked child propaganda, they say its not a paraphillia and a fetish but all they mention is sex or sexual aspects or how much kids want it.

akin to how much a rapists victim wants them.



You're welcome to disagree, of course. But until you show some hard evidence, that's just words.



The guy who runs inkedfur is also a convicted pedo



This, too, needs evidence. Got a link? WikiFur posts stuff like that, and Sangie isn't listed as such.


go fuck yourself jason, i hope you crash and burn


still higher than trunchbull lul




Checking the case numbers in the screencaps in that thread should yield conviction stats.



tHaT too needs evidence

>op literally defending people so hard because they want the fandom to remain full of dangerous people that should not be allowed on any website or let alone to run there own.


File: 7cee9289bee3279⋯.jpg (21.15 KB, 250x400, 5:8, TrollSpray.jpg)


See, that's what I was looking for, and most of the posts making such claims on this board don't post evidence, even when asked!


I'm nor OP, and I'm not defending anyone per se. There's at least one user here who thinks everyone in the entire fandom is either a pedo or a pedo apologist, and they accuse just about everyone; all I want is to see evidence. And whoever posted above did so. Sangie's a convicted pedophile-- when there's proof, I won't argue.


Dammit, not again. Get the spray.





>pride parades

That shit needs to fuck off, a bunch of degenerate faggots. Just a bunch of fetishists making the rest of the homos look bad tbh.



Fucking THANK YOU. Sometimes feels like I'm the only not-straight person in the world who realizes how fucking stupid those things are.


>"I'm leaving the fandom!"

>continues to post regularly furry content on his FA

He just click-baited drama.


File: daebd9f1444dccd⋯.png (113.84 KB, 522x381, 174:127, ff9eb4fb9692b93e41b48e6f9e….png)


To be fair, do you think Jasonafex is actually going to walk away from his status/notoriety and cashflow here? He's kind of stupid but he's not THAT stupid. (Unfortunately.)



He only "left" because it's trendy to now because "hey look guys some furries are zoophiles I'm leaving now. XD." Then everyone says "nooooo Jason come back let's give you money". Although that really didn't happen since a lot of the responses to him leaving were akin to "don't let the door hit you on the way out" and he mostly just... hung around? He also still does furry livestreams with his fursona.

Kothorix also did this shit and eventually just went back to using his fursona after his numbers tanked when he "left". None of these people have the balls to actually leave. And most people would prefer it if they just stayed gone and shat up some other group like bronies instead.


I do have it on good authority that despite Jasonafex being an insufferable shithead in his own right, Kabier is a goddamn psychobitch from hell.


>Podcast is literally called the cuckshack

what next, his gamer clan is going to be called Cringin' Incel Gaming?



How have literally none of you commented on this yet?



Presumably because I don't care about muh ecelebs too much.



Apologizing isn't a good thing. They'll just continue abuse you until they can use you for their own gain.


Didn’t this dude rape his dog? Like he gets a pet dog and immediately makes a comic sexualising and reducing to a toy something that is meant to be cared for by him for life?



>something that is meant to be cared for by him for life

First of all, that's just your opinion. And secondly, that's an extremely recent interpretation of how dogs should be treated, last 20 years really and only in western countries at that.



Oh look I made a zoofag seethe



Fuck them both. They're clowns.



Those who want to leave should get their accounts permanently banned, not simply walk off. Make it impossible to come back. I know FA has account deletion but I bet it doesn't do anything, and other sites lack it anyway. I know getting banned from Sofurry is hard because Toumal is afraid of losing even a single user, but on any of the furry sites calling Zaush a rapist usually does it.


>that static IP is meaningless

Fuck off, pedo. We all know you work as a teacher to get close to kids when you're not writing your pedo fanfic stories.


File: ea9b8d8326e46dc⋯.png (246.34 KB, 1280x951, 1280:951, 1558891386.kabier_vergence….png)




I wish vergence would knock me up



Where's your art?



>you must have at least 1 michelin star if you want to critique my cooking!



File: 3ddbc9cda15e268⋯.png (64.38 KB, 387x364, 387:364, 3ddbc9cda15e268fd2ed06098d….png)


>You have to dox yourself to criticize Kabier's art

Jason pls go nobody likes you



>Kabier's art

This is a thread about Jasonafex, stop derailing it with art that' snot by him then


File: b6e98f64b0eca89⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 184x181, 184:181, b6e98f64b0eca899a8e8bbfbd4….jpg)


The art has his fucking jolly green giant fucking his girlfriend in the ass it's totally relevant


jiggle jiggle jiggle



>fucking his girlfriend in the ass

That's not the butthole anon



If this is you kaiber post more nudes



this "shading" hurts my eyes


File: 74a7c236d33b120⋯.png (3.17 MB, 2475x3225, 33:43, jasonincest.png)


Vergence (and by extension Jason) is more into getting cucked while a zombie apocalypse is in progress or fantasizing about being his mother when his dad fucks him though.



And what's wrong with that? :^)



He never really goes full cuck, Ie tied up watching his wife get fucked or masturbating to it.


Does anyone have an archive of Kabier’s FA spanning back to 2012/13? I swear to god she drew cub art including Simba (gag) but locked the fuck down when she got involved with Jason. She had an InkBunny too, but I know they weren’t uploaded there.



Ask somewhere else, degenerate.



I’m trying to dig up more shit on her because they deserve to be chased off the internet but okay, fellow “degenerate”



That's what all the pedos say, "just for research"



You sure you aren’t just projecting here? It’s been proven that she was in a relationship with a guy that was into cub & she drew several images for him while she was 15. I’m only here to put together a comprehensive timeline for KF, especially since Jason said anyone who had an InkBunny profile is a pedo, while Kabs had one that she locked down a year or so ago.



>Accuse a 15-year old of being a pedo

>Proceed to date them

Wew, what a fucking moron.

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