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File: 1165cf4026dbe97⋯.jpg (27.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Pinebook_11.6inch.jpg)



I dunno guys, it seems like a Jewgle-free "Chromebook" to me, just gotta flash a different image onto it. I'd go for an XFCE desktop environment if it were me, it seems like it would make a legitimate performance difference with how cheap this thing is.



Use Windows. Even in a VM is less suffering.


Can anyone confirm it being jewglefree? Also what are yall thoughts on there phone, yes they have a phone?


Apparently this can run manjaro linux.





Pick one.



It's A64 SoC, nothing to do with google unless you put android on there.


Olimex (bulgarian company) makes a board with the same SoC. They also sell an ARM-based laptop, in kit form.











reminder that System76 is working to make high-end ARM laptops.




Keyboard is so shit it will miss keystroke and heat dissipation is so poorly managed you won't be able to work on it for extended period of time. Pineboard itself is not a bad SoC so buy it if you want to play with aarch64 but don't expect it to be practical daily driver.



Windows IS suffering. No exceptions.



It depends on what kind of stuff you do on your computer. IF it can run recent Chromium or Firefox, that's good enough. I don't need it to be fast, it just has to work for the few sites I need such a browser for.


File: cbf733c82050dba⋯.png (430.67 KB, 1519x2450, 31:50, ClipboardImage.png)

I am going to buy one as a dedicated trolling machine.


Good responsible org




unusable plastic paperweight.

you're better off installing shit on an old android phone


just libreboot an ASUS C201PA



this is fucking cool

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