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File: e05d169b9b64c61⋯.jpg (37.87 KB, 618x494, 309:247, F17s1uz.jpg)


I wonder, what is moot doing at google now?

from wiki:

>On March 7, 2016, Poole announced that he had been employed by Google at a yet-to-be disclosed position.[30]

from his blog 2 years ago

>My next chapter

>Today I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Google.

>When meeting with current and former Googlers, I continually find myself drawn to their intelligence, passion, and enthusiasm — as well as a universal desire to share it with others. I’m also impressed by Google’s commitment to enabling these same talented people to tackle some of the world’s most interesting and important problems.

>I can’t wait to contribute my own experience from a dozen years of building online communities, and to begin the next chapter of my career at such an incredible company.

Trying to stand up for privacy where it counts?


File: fbe82153be3227f⋯.jpg (99.54 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 1418627395457.jpg)

>luggage lad

>standing up for privacy


He left with his tail between his legs after he got caught with his hands in the cuckyjar.



>what is moot doing

being a giant fucking CUCK like he always was


He grew a Jew nose and changed his name to James iirc



>changed his name to James

what kind of cuck changes his name


File: 833396fde59420e⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 680x570, 68:57, moot_btfo.jpg)


>Trying to stand up for privacy where it counts?


Christopher "Moot" Poole is a faggot. Everyone was saying that long before he sold out. The willingly got cuck'd by his SJW (((Girlfriend))) Then he sold his webshite to a known incompetent profiteer, Hiroyuki Nishimura.




Do imageboards even make any profit at all

Most imageboard users use adblock anyway. But maybe 4fags are too retarded to install adblock?


File: c15f9cf24bcf39d⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1402x3000, 701:1500, dont_trust_hiro.png)

File: ae0eb09f19446b0⋯.png (105.31 KB, 769x377, 769:377, 1513748929965.png)

File: 24eeef171ccaa30⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 362x65, 362:65, he gload.jpg)


Hiroyuki always tries to scare 4chan (and 2channel before he got kicked out) by saying that 4chan will run out of money if you don't be a good goy and buy a 4chan pass. He will probably keep on running 4chan for a few years before selling it (along will all data and logs) Last December, he added some encrypted botnet javascript (that got loaded from Ukrainian domains...) that broke AdBlocks?

Read this, if you haven't read it before:

=> https://pastebin.com/8bfsk6jP <




sounds jewish to me



>what is moot doing at google now

Getting railed in the ass most likely, he did say he wanted to be the little girl and there are more than enough faggots at jewgle to do it for him.


Moot is working on censorship/filtering algorithms at Google. For what other purpose would they take him?



4chan's Hiroshit has now split it in two: 4chan and 4channel, apparently to make the SFW part even more profitable for (((advertisers))).


File: 7d46686de494699⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 600x375, 8:5, oh-come-on-now.jpg)


>that png

>4chan probably costs hundreds of thousands of dollars

I wouldn't have given moot tree-fiddy

>that second png

Is this still valid, or is it integrated into uBlock already?

ie; https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/63921294/



Or AI for realistic shill bots.


>I wonder, what is moot doing at google now?

Like what happens to all Google employees: His body has been recycled and his existence assimilated and incorporated into Google's cloud.



it is every employee's final duty to go into the tanks



4chan data is only ~2TB


Two strong servers from a vps provider

And then get cloudflare

And mods cost literally not even a shekel

They ban for free it's their fetish

Hosting cost 35$

I guess they one server on EU and one USA

So maybe 75$

Max 140$ + hosting every month and domain maybe 10$ every year

It's know that they prob have over much much over then 6000$ from ads every month

Don't be retarded one month can afford 5 years of keeping the site up



this image is funny in retrospect


>>8763 South Korea government started to censor to foreign https websites. But it's similar to China, not North Korea.



>>9057 I wanna rape every girl in Seoul!


>>9057 Why do Korean people like dog meat cuisine?


>>9057 South Korea Expands Site Blocking Efforts with SNI Eavesdropping

February 14, 2019

South Korea will expand its site blocking measures with SNI eavesdropping, so HTTPS sites can be blocked as well. The new measure, which will also affect pirate sites, has generated widespread opposition. While it's more effective than standard DNS blocking, it's certainly not impossible to circumvent.



File: 4069ec7752d3737⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.11 KB, 648x1000, 81:125, mootpics.jpg)

>Trying to stand up for privacy where it counts?

Probably trying to use Google's resources to delete all of the last traces of his gay lewds.


>>9081 China, North Korea, Islamic states (Muslim countries) already have blocked foreign websites.



Fredrick represents the average 8chan users mentall state



Probably fapping to tranny porn and getting cucked


Probably teaching google how to track anonymous users better. That is both his skill set and theirs combined. Why else would they want him?



he's working to erase all traces of his connection with 4chan, from the web

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