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File: b32cc7450050cd9⋯.jpg (883.09 KB, 1000x708, 250:177, 947beed98d4afc3ce3cfc41aa8….jpg)

340a7d  No.913[Reply]

Because the share threads are the only reason I still bother going to /v/, I thought I might start up a share thread for /games/. Shamelessly copying the general OP for the /v/ share threads.

Check IGG-Games first before making a request, please check that the other links are still up before posting.

For Wii ISO`s first, check Consoles.

For GOG first, check the May 16th GOG dump (PC) and the site(s) under Check before posting.

We prefer Danknets Magnet links and not that shitty clearnet, shit like bittorents and IPFS.

Read a book or something if you want to catchup:





Save EVERYTHING >>>/eternalarchive/

For the full list:



Useful site to help fix most PC games.




https://gitgud.iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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aa4998  No.1655



1faaee  No.1733

Man, why bother uploading that NDS rom pack with no compression. I've got around 150 roms I collected myself and compressed with 7zip at around 5.5GB in comparison to the uncompressed mega folder with 338 roms at 28.65GB.

0c0228  No.2183

Do you guys have any personal vidya related mods/fixes/edits? Here's some stuff I've made that I haven't uploaded anywhere due to laziness.

Silent Storm mods

- Rebalance/bugfix mod

- Unique uniforms for non hero player characters

- Widescreen fixes

Armored Core Formula Front International with English FMVs.

Front Mission 2 English Patch with fixed FMVs.

If you want any of these just say so and I'll finally bother uploading them.

874589  No.2198


Did some additional fixes to the FM2 Eng Patch and uploaded it already so here: https://mega.nz/#!dGIF0JgB!P5d-3TDWciZ5AF9xYG6RAA5ttYWbiUrz-piZlU9hmEw

b86cfd  No.2590

http://www.mediafire .com/ file/pbk8ob5pwga33zj/GSS.7z

Golden Sky Stories plus Kickstarter supplements. I've got a few more lesser known rpgs if anyone is interested I could start uploading more.

File: 2094566aac945cc⋯.jpg (221.19 KB, 960x540, 16:9, TiamatOpening.jpg)

0a45c1  No.2023[Reply]

Starting this thread here for collections of PF and SF material as well as 3PP of those RPGs.

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a47d74  No.3015


literally type in sendspace <dot> com, then add the rest of the address he gave you. There is no lesson plan for sendspace. You just go there. No account necessary.

It's not complicated, people.

de0803  No.3016


Thanks for the info and getting back to me quickly.

3dc8db  No.3017


Thanks a lot, I have also a request, if anyone can fulfill it...

Can the text be removed from the Traps & Treasures Pawn Collection?

Or even better, can the pieces be packed as jpgs in a zip archive?

So that they can be used in maps without the writings.

Thanks in advance.

e224e8  No.3019

Big surprise, rpg.rem.uz is down now. I swear..

55c8ce  No.3020


No, it's not. Just checked. Everyone calm the fuck down.

File: 899f6989b83ef31⋯.jpg (9.4 KB, 298x90, 149:45, 12 times in a row.jpg)

b99cd3  No.1920[Reply]

What game have you probably died the most in, /games/?

18 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1a7488  No.2545



>While I was younger

The fuck?

Get out of here highschooler

ad8f1b  No.2548


Probably Ark. Even in the designated "easy" areas the game still sends high level dinos after you.

I had my base set up near the beach on the east side of the island and at one point counted no less than 4 alphas in the immediate area.

And don't even get me started on the other players, PvE is where it's at.

08dcb7  No.2554

in deadbolt, the mission where you need to destroy 3 totems under a minute, i had 256 deaths because I forgot you can wait out the timer in the vent

b48e16  No.2555

Shit. The only one I remember from years back is the bike section in Battletoads. More recently I suppose Elona.


The first time you encounter a bloodsucker in agroprom underground fucked me up. My mind was too spooked to think correctly.


Stage 4 is always when the difficulty ramps up. When all 3 lyrica sisters turned up at the same time in PCB took me aback.

f6300c  No.2563

File: 688fc898791dd9e⋯.png (212.68 KB, 600x594, 100:99, Lingering_Will.png)

In critical mode, hell even out of it, this guy does not fuck around in the slightest. I got walled trying to kill him for a fairly long time.

File: 75a118563fb09e3⋯.jpg (443.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1445603754539.jpg)

File: fe557f3f6d3a130⋯.jpg (227.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1468601142369.jpg)

bb0552  No.51[Reply]

Games with giant robots or about them. MUH REALISM fags need not apply

46 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d497f0  No.2386

SD Gundam G Generations Overworld is fucking good game and everyone should play it. It can be a little grindy and ships are expensive as fuck, but once you get a full team set up you don't notice it. Anyone play Genesis? Is it enough of an upgrade to be worth importing?

7ecb19  No.2387


I beat it before the EN patch came out.

I lucked out and found two mecha that could unlock Black History Turn A and bought like 5 of them for Hell mode.

8127a0  No.2429

Other than this guy >>79 pointed out months ago, why isn't Zone of the Enders mentioned more often as a mecha game? Is it too short-lived as a series (fairly easy to finish within a few hours or so, if you play ZoE 1) or are there more issues with it? I'll admit that it can lack in variety sometimes, even though ZoE 2 added a few more enemy types and made them more aggressive than ones in the first game, making them less of a pushover. It's still linear compared to the first game where you can freely explore a little though.

7ecb19  No.2433


Because I don't fucking know.

Never played ZoE so no comment on it

679bdc  No.2557


ZoE is largely overshadowed by MGS. The only reason the original sold was because it came with the MGS2 demo whereas the sequel was impossible to find until the HD remake which in turn mostly sold because it came with the demo for MGR. Its sad really but what can you do.

File: 95fca6e8a286906⋯.png (38.24 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Screenshot (74).png)

c5f3db  No.1792[Reply]

Have any of you played this? Would you call it a game?

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

c2d2f8  No.1818

There isn't really a lose state, is there? Which would mean it could barely be considered a game.

45e968  No.1819

File: c6d1fd0d854f576⋯.jpg (32.42 KB, 608x342, 16:9, SMB01.jpg)

File: fc6cf6126ffe058⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 480x360, 4:3, super mario world.jpg)

File: 30911c1c37641e6⋯.png (50.72 KB, 320x288, 10:9, Wario_Land_II.png)

File: bbbdcda43d4ff1f⋯.png (2.28 KB, 480x320, 3:2, seiklus.png)


It's a pity that most of the people trying to experiment with what can or cannot constitute a game are con artists trying to debase gaming into a way to make a quick buck via turd polishing. I'd like to see a genuine study of it.

Still, offhand, it seems to me that Yume Nikki is something that's explored, rather than played. From that angle, it's not a game, it's something else. I'd call it a "virtual reality" if the term wasn't already taken.

56d4af  No.1881


I would call this video game as a art form but in a traditional way, no.

49063d  No.2368


Yume Nikki does have fail states: you can get teleported into inescapable rooms, requiring you to wake up to escape. There's also that falling eggplant game everyone loves.

3422f3  No.2553


I'd consider The Witness to be a good representation of what you're working for.

File: 90e687af7af2f07⋯.png (45.12 KB, 657x228, 219:76, 90e687af7af2f07c5fda4633b2….png)

364243  No.1656[Reply]

TF2V, what is it?

TF2V stands for Team Fortress 2 Vintage, a /v/ made version of TF2C with all the gay shit removed and the game restored to stock TF2. The aim of TF2V is to recreate 2007 TF2 before Valve fucked it up.


Full game:




Full version w/ Hotfix:


Mega is shit and I don't want to download their shit plugin


Then use these, megatools are a set of applications run through CMD to do things such as download from mega. A readme for each exe is included in the package on their site. By default the megadl tool downloads to where it is unless specified.


Right now no one but /v/ seems to be aware this exists, so best we can do is spread the word about it.

Why not TF2C?

Because the devs went full retard and deviated from what TF2C wa meant to do, instead they added a 4 team deathmatch mode no one really seemed to enjoy and useless hats and weapons. Also the lead now is a disgusting unstable tranny

21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

952fde  No.2412

7754c8  No.2416


I really got to get into this, anyhow, changelog:

Binary fixes:

+"Complete" implementation of Payload and Payload Race HUD:

-Works on every payload map

-Mostly consistent with the original

-Missing animations for hill arrows and cart "whoosh" effect

-Is not visible during preround (~5 sec period of initial spawns)

-Accurate tracking of payload progress

-Red "alert" on carts nearing the final point in a round during races

+Alarms will now sound when the cart nears the final checkpoint

+Announcer will now say attacker/defender voice lines for checkpoints

+Greentexting and Pinktexting can now be enabled and disabled clientside via the command cl_use_custom_formatting (0/1)

+Engineer haul speed reduced from 90% to 75% (pre-Gun Mettle)

+Spies will now default to the client player when disguising as a friendly

+Heal beams will no longer show on cloaked spies at dispensers

-Healing sounds will not sound as well

+Voice bubbles will no longer appear over cloaked enemy spies when using sv_alltalk 1

+Medic bonesaw taunt will now play the violin jingles

+"Powerplay" roles will now be kicked on connection to Vintage servers (subject to change)

+Payload overtime logic is now workign 100%. Overtime now plays out as in retail TF2

+Menu music resources changes to fix issues with menu music

Security Fixes:

+Servers can now use file hashing to determine genuine TF2V copies

-Should also increase boot times for servers

+Added whitelisting for addons, models, etc.

-Jingles and sprays whitelisted by default, except in fullyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

99cb32  No.2427


holy fucking shit finally

952fde  No.2436

people in server, come join

2b5673  No.2539

File: 5ced5d81881cbed⋯.png (181.3 KB, 1158x863, 1158:863, unknown.png)

New version released fixing some of the issues from the other versions. There's also a Steam group and a Discord too if you're into communityfagging.


File: b80b2108d4f958f⋯.gif (332.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, farcry3_ssaom.gif)

6ecbb6  No.2373[Reply]

Aside from motion blur, what settings do you instantly disable in most games?

SSAO is usually rubbish. Good ambient occlusion isn't even accurate unless the scene is a cloudy day, and many versions add disgusting black halos to everything. Better versions waste extra frames to make an inaccurate effect more subtle and look closer to SSAO disabled, so why bother?

535fc4  No.2425


I always disable lens flare and chromatic abberation.

d92d23  No.2426


>lens flare

I will never understand the appeal of that, in games or in movies

6ecbb6  No.2431


Lens flares can be useful for emphasizing the brightness of a light source or scale of whatever the shot depicts, but adding it to a video game is usually pretty stupid. Adding noise makes a little more sense sometimes: in games with colour banding issues it works as a poor man's dithering.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

84b52d  No.2423[Reply]

First PV of the newest SRW title.

>Original Mazinkaiser is back

>In a game with Mazinger ZERO and Great Emperor G

File: dce6a6d1a3c5f6b⋯.jpg (99.66 KB, 578x327, 578:327, pgl-inter-challenge-may-16….jpg)

d66e85  No.598[Reply]

Since Graves gave it a ok I decided to start the first pokémon thread on /games/.

Discuss the main series and the spin-offs, just follow the Global Rules.

>Favorite Gen?

>Favorite Type?

>Favorite Mon?

>Favorite Spin-off?

There's a competition ongoing, players get mega stones and qualified players get Championship Points. What's your team? What you think about the competition till now?

27 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ad7509  No.1943


Anon, they never release a new mon Mid-Gen, we only get a new forms and moves.


Between that half a minute trailer and Dusk dog...nothing at all, also the dog is a A-Ninja thing you can't get it normally on the game only through a event.

e4f8aa  No.1957

File: d339eaa1cf99399⋯.jpg (157.55 KB, 904x636, 226:159, 234556.jpg)

ac9605  No.2123

Well its been a lot of time and since then we got some new info like new Z-Moves and most importantly new mons on the UBS.


3d23da  No.2141

I quit the main series after black and white 2, it went to massive shit.

Just noticed this weekend that pokemon sage got a new demo version. It's pretty much the only good looking pokemon related game anymore.

2c4672  No.2173


Well, looks like you owe someone 10 bucks

File: 6afc9282680e110⋯.jpg (245.12 KB, 865x560, 173:112, uwotwontfit.jpg)

b82826  No.313[Reply]


How is Square suddenly having issues with being understaffed months after the game's announcement? They're either trying to create a genuinely grand remake and don't have the manpower for it or are somehow understaffed even for making a half-assed cash crab. I'm betting on the latter, but how did they get to this sad state anyhow?

0ca788  No.319


>current year square making a final fantasy game

does anyone really think it's gonna be anything but a disappointment

aa4459  No.332


KH3 and the FF7 remake are both being built off the engine they botched together for FF15, and all current rumors are saying that Squeenix is failing, yet again, to get their shit together in a timely manner, and soon KH3 will be released in a half-assed state, like FF15, and all their future games won't be much better. Sounds like they are on the verge of losing a lot of Brouzouf and IO Interactive just ditched them, so they are losing IPs to milk too.

d33d96  No.1184

Why do I get a feeling that they're in a situation similar back to their early PS1 days where they're shuffling all of these games at once? Sounds like they mismanaged themselves into a corner and now they can't get out. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually were trying to make these games several times throughout different engines just trying to see what will work the best while developing the other games.

f84f5f  No.2140

Squenix had a good run, made some great games in their time, but all good things must come to pass. It would be better for everyone if they just closed shop now, instead of dragging on this painful existence any longer.

They should sell off their IPs (while they still have any value) to various smaller companies and see what they can do with'em.

File: 6d13296766daf1f⋯.jpg (39.52 KB, 546x410, 273:205, game.jpg)

e42a13  No.2102[Reply]

So I recently finished Arkham Asylum for the first time since it came out back in 09, when I first played it. Now, I don't know what the fuck to play. Pic attached shows my weak library

9be840  No.2114


RLH was pretty good.

File: 5b4f15d1ce3e830⋯.jpg (526.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170930220754_1.jpg)

3bdedf  No.2104[Reply]

Preferred builds, favorite companions and factions, stories of shit you've done.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ef6efb  No.1644[Reply]

The newest version of the RPCS3 PS3 Emulator has substantial advancements. About 10% of the PS3's library is fully playable from start to end.



Check the "Compatibility" page for the list of games that do/don't work and their progress.

>Quick setup guide







First 3 links deal with .PKG links from PSN's very own servers. If it's on PSN, then there is a .PKG download link for it. DLC as well. .PKGs need .RAP license files which PSNDL and PSNstuff also provide.

PS3iso.com does .PKGs but also game folders (which do not need .RAP files and don't need to be installed). They also have Undubs and JAP games patched to english as well.

16 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bd1f90  No.2015

So are they more focused on getting as many games working as they can or more on optimization? And will it be able to play PS1 games?

984a77  No.2016


The former. They want to have a proof of concept and show people that it works first. Not that they're doing a bad job anyways.

For now they're focusing solely on PS3 games, but you can emulate PS1 games on its own emulators though?

984a77  No.2017

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dante's Inferno now playable.

6266ff  No.2041


Little anime kid fighting... scarecrow gnolls? WTF?

71f61f  No.2071


This got them in trouble:

>Atlus Issued DMCA Takedown Notice To PS3 Emulator Developer Group


The combination of collecting money via Patreon and mentioning that one of (((Atlus'))) games was playable was enough for their lawyers.

The specter of some brain-dead judge deciding that general purpose computing "illegally facilitates criminal acts" looms one small step closer...

File: 03190a3cfcaacc3⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 530x165, 106:33, gurpslogo.jpg)

f379e0  No.2061[Reply]

GURPS General, post questions and comments on this underrated system made by Steve Jackson Games.

Q.What is GURPS?

A.==GURPS==; or Generic Universal Role-Playing System, is a tabletop role-playing game system designed to allow for play in any game setting. For more detail, I suggest looking through the Wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GURPS

Q. How should I start?

A.The most recent edition is the Fourth Edition, and the best way to start playing is to download the free PDF of GURPS Lite, available online, it's 32 pages of simplified basic rules for GURPS, great for starting out and introducing players on the game. If you are serious about playing and GMing, I suggest you purchase the Fourth Edition's Basic Set, two books focused on Characters (PCs) and Campaigns (GMs). There are many other supplements to expand your game-worlds with equipment, adventures, details, vehicles and more.

Anyone have any memorable GURPS moments? Any interesting campaign settings, ideas, or characters you'd like to share, even just concepts? What do you like or dislike about GURPS, if anything?

File: 7b36d568fb96e7f⋯.jpg (157.76 KB, 562x650, 281:325, 1311827722623.jpg)

0c145a  No.203[Reply]

In my years browsing /v/, I found myself frequently thinking that more /v/irgins should simply give tabletop games a chance, since it seemed to offer everything they wanted. Since the board pulls heavily from /v/, but also features /tg/ interests, I'm curious to know how many of you indulge in /tg/ hobbies (RPGs, Board Games, Card Games, Wargames) and if not, why?

17 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

002ab4  No.1595


He could be hyperautistic and plan the environment such that he can give hints and if the players follow them and perform certain actions in certain areas, they can find neat secrets. It'd be a fuckton of work, though.

0e741d  No.1603


I really like tabletop games to the point that I think most video games should directly copy them, especially the fluff.

There are so many bland fucking video games that one have to ask oneself what the creators used their time for, yet there is the literal flood of flavor and options in tabletop that one can only be amazed.

There are supplementary books that have enough content to give the story for an entire franchise of games, yet nobody is using them or ripping them off.

b9852a  No.1709

File: bf07e9ee06c60ee⋯.jpg (203.39 KB, 2176x1080, 272:135, Dragon's Crown_bar_fairy.jpg)

File: 579a3412e617fbf⋯.png (187.96 KB, 755x960, 151:192, Operating Flow Chart.png)




>HS age cousin invited me to a Con

>friend of his is there, alright chap

>there's a DnD stand

"Dude, it might makes us huge nerds but I'm thinking of checking out DnD, can't get the idea out of my head since that one BBT episode."

>jump on the chance

>stage was few strides away, blaring music or announcing the events going on

>dice were made of printed paper or very flimsy cardboard third world going through bad times, understandable

>it was beginning to get hot in there

and yet it was great. Being very passive in videogames, taking the Gentle Murderhobo route always, it was cathartic to play as a half orc -character sheets were pre-made- and bully NPCs in character while drinking, eating and hacking foes at the side of my gnome cleric and gnome mage at some no name tavern. It is specially interesting how immersed you can be at the moment, the hectic atmosphere on the entire floor didn't shake us from the enjoyment at the table. We went at it again with a couple more of his acquaintances.

Later Cousin and I get on Tacticool Operators -system made and/or posted by an anon in /tg/- by ourselves to some good fun, then Risus by ourselves to prepare for a game night with the mentioned group: which altogether teached me the consequences of too much freedom, but they enjoyed it still so it's good.

71008d  No.1954

File: 6044f280daaf56f⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Got into mtg in middle school with my spic, hipster, and fedora tipper friends

> spicbro ran izzet themed deck

> Hipster bro lived monoblack same as me

> Fedora bro and me got the most into it he had a pure Bs decking deck and a hella fun eldrazi

>Long haired school shooter looking faggot joined up in high school

>Smelled like shit

>He invited fags even more beta than us (and half of us were bronies)

>Got sick of there shit

> Fedora bro and hipster bro come up with idea

> Spicbro and I spend shit-ton on op proxies and custom cards

> Make decks that could kill fuckers in 2-3 turns

> Disgonbgud.wav

> Colombine looking fucker threw desk at smart board ran away crying

> Beta fags left slowly

> Never saw Sandy Hook wannabe again

As I type this I look up at the fat pack box from eldrich moon my favorite set and the last one I played as my friends all split now in senior year I miss those assholes

5f45dd  No.2054

Tabletop games are great if you have the right people to play with. Theres a lot of really shitty people that play too so you kind of have to be wary of that. For the most part if you're into crpgs than this is just an upgrade. Dialog is always gonna be better, you're never going to have as much freedom in vidja, and combat is as interesting as you want it to be. Of course you could have a shit game master who doesn't really do dialog, doesn't let your party do what it wants (railroading), and doesn't think too much about fun encounters but that means you're playing with someone really inexperienced or a shit person.

As far as specifics I'm really into Dungeon Crawl Classics right now. It's brutal, encourages exploration and imagination, and being a wizard is all about spells having semi-random effects that might mutate you.

DnD is in it's 5th edition and pretty user friendly, it's also kind of dumbed down so that that for what it's worth. There's still enough shit to form an interesting story but I've found its kind of hard to run a game and make shit scary. It's pretty hard to die.

There's pathfinder, which you'll find a lot of groups for. It's Dnd 3rd edition for the upteenth time. It's not really complicated but there's a lot of options, most of them awful with some good ones. I kind of like it but only because I played the shit out of 3rd/3.5 back in the day and I know it really well. I think you'll find a lot of it's popularity from that.

As far as other non-dnd fantasy goes, shadowrun is super fun. Magical dystonia future, super fun to read about. There's whitewolf stuff, where you're vampires or werewolves or whatever. It's popular but i don't have a lot of experience in it, worth a try. There's a bunch of other shit too.

Point is, system isn't super important, its finding the right people. However, if you happen to find the wrong people and it's a dumb shit show, enjoy it for what it is. Some of my favorite stories are when I've gamed with retards. Sure the game can suck, but you get that story about how a fat guy whats to pretend to fuck an elven bar tender (played by a dude) or someone who giggles wayPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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