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File: a46eaa487584b72⋯.jpg (60.4 KB, 527x481, 527:481, IMG_2993.JPG)

5b7ca0 No.187

One thing I always hated about /v/ is their pc master race bullshit. Currently playing Mafia 3 DLC 1, COD BO2 + just got back into Civilization Revolution which feels sort of like relapsing into heroin.

ea3653 No.190

File: ee46d2054436414⋯.jpg (96.09 KB, 618x618, 1:1, dodged bait.jpg)


an effort was made

ea3653 No.191

File: 383ca479e95d1bf⋯.png (187.57 KB, 444x461, 444:461, frogged.png)


Thanks for ignoring my sage codemonkey

4a1db8 No.192

>Playing trash


I was about to tell you using consoles is A-ok but then you went and had to be gay.

8f20ba No.193

File: fc04e2fa4866e3f⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 480x318, 80:53, IMG_1791.JPG)

Goddammit not this shit again. You know who refers to it as "cawadoody"? Scrubs who couldn't last 10 seconds in a random pub match, actual casuals who don't like any game you can't eat food while you're playing. There's a reason the high end FPS tourneys are played on consoles and a reason why the top players consist of college age males in top physical condition (kim dotcom being an exception proving the rule): because they require fast reflexes, manual dexterity and mental stamina. Motherfuckers I'm a 1.9kdr master prestige with over 30 days on BO3 alone and have every major zombies easter egg achieved, about as fucking far from a casual ""dudebro"" as you can possibly fucking get. And


Civ Rev is trash? Really? I can only assume you're referring to Mafia 3 which reminds me of another one of my favorite /v/ pastimes: talking shit about games like gta or Arkham in the same thread where you complain about there not being a port. So go ahead, thrall me with your acumen: what would I being playing now if I weren't a lowly console pleb beneath your contempt?


841a22 No.194

Keep questions about permitted content to the meta thread.

bbda60 No.195


this reads like copypasta...

7fb771 No.197


Nope, the reason they all play on consoles is because the games are designed around controller use, because it allows for a uniform experience to all teams, instead of letting them sue their own computers (and custom made computers to the same spec would be a hassle) and because those championships are often sponsored by Microsoft or Sony, and thus give them free consoles to play on provided they place their name everywhere.

No one gives a shit at how good you are at a console game that is available on the PC, as the skill level for the majority of PC users is higher. I couldn't care less about "muh presteej" on CoD. You'd still be blown the fuck out when you transition to KB+M.

You know who refers to Call of Duty as Cawadooty? People who have played the first 2, can see the quality in them, then see the game devolve into the current shitfest that it is now, where there are stupid parkour tricks and weapons that do weird shit because it looks cool.

Per your second paragraph, yes, Civ Rev is trash compared to the other games. I enjoy it, but it's a complete step down from every other Civ game, even Beyond Earth.

And when I thought CivRev couldn't get any easier, they release the second one on phones, and really showed me how shit it can get.

Finally, the people who whinge for PC ports are the ones who don't want to buy a $400 console to play an $80 game when there are no other games they want for said platform.

Do you know how many people whinge and moan that a game won't be coming to a console? For example, when anons on /v/ were talking about the new game Ready or Not, someone went through Twitter and found ~40% of the replies to the initial announcement were people going "PS4 or I won't buy it!", which is strange, as they clearly don't have a PC to buy it for anyways.

In summation, you're a dickhead.

Try /r/esports and /r/ps4, they might appreciate your posts more.

36d23e No.198

My future patronage to this board now depends on whether or not this thread gets deleted, and the OP tempbanned.

4a1db8 No.199


I could ban and delete the thread but I think that it's not really needed. see >>197 does a good fucking job tearing OP a new asshole and that's the approach I want to see when people come running here going "BAWW why don't you like this game/platform/etc"

Then again I'm not graves and just a board vol. so this is just me

36d23e No.200


Fair enough. Let the community self-moderate when possible, I suppose

4a1db8 No.201


first off nice get. Second off that's another good point. This is low tier shit, but if crap had gotten out of hand the thread would have been nuked from orbit without a second thought

b0baa0 No.207


Ask stupid questions in the QTDDTOT and the meta

e98136 No.210


Graves from a different IP here. Was going to delete this thread when I got back home but a volunteer convinced me otherwise. If we can cultivate the sort of environment where mods don't have to do much because the userbase turns shitposts into something glorious or can rip them apart that'd be ideal.

9a8dcf No.220

File: 097f5a380d35e20⋯.jpg (42.84 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IMG_1795.JPG)


This board is supposedly different from /v/ how again? Except for the fact it has 3,000 less pretentious assholes.


Thank you.


First of all nice dodging my question, just like on /v/ god forbid you name a game you actually enjoy lest your fellow elitist hipsters judge you. Good luck growing this board with that kind of attitude, real recipe for success you got going here.

>because it allows for a uniform experience to all teams

Wow you actually get it! Congrats, now consider why that might be more important and cost effective to anyone who doesn't feel like upgrading a rig every 2 months. Believe it or not competition on a level playing field is more important to some people.

>You'd still be blown the fuck out when you transition to KB+M

Yeah just like Lebron James would get btfo in a wheelchair playing in the para-olympics. You gals really are a hoot, the condescension is an especially nice touch.

>see the game devolve into the current shitfest that it is now, where there are stupid parkour tricks and weapons that do weird shit because it looks cool

You have no idea what you're talking about, at all. If you've ever even played a BO title it was only the campaign, probably don't even know the difference between treyarch and infinity ward. Sad!

>civ rev is trash

>but I enjoyed it

Wew lad. Why did you leave /v/ again? Show me on the doll where Hebrew Hammer touched you.

>the people who whinge for PC ports are the ones who don't want to buy a $400 console

That wasn't my point, genius, my point was about how "I enjoyed it but it's trash" snobs like you are hypocrites who say a game is shit then turn around and complain about not being able to play it. Not surprised that went over your head. Here btw, a board that might appreciate your posts more



You sound like a faggot.


Didn't notice this board had IDs till just now (lel). Protip: this isn't reddit so bans really aren't a thing here, but you can relax since I won't bother posting in this sorry shithole again. Protip2: you will be deleting this thread.

>when people come running here going "BAWW why don't you like this game/platform/etc"

Nice imagination you got there, now read the OP again dipshit and remember this thread in a couple weeks when this board is just you and the BO circlejerking about halflife 2.


>gotten out of hand

Holy shit you retards seriously need a safespace don't you? And you say I should go to reddit. Wew.


Does posting with that trip get you hard or wet? Oops, guess I should have prefaced that question with a trigger warning, huh?


Welp I responded again so looks like it's time for another meeting. Would ask if you feel in charge but we both know the answer to that one, don't we?



7fb771 No.221


Just bumplock a thread that turns to shit. Give it maybe 24 hours (until board speed is up) and if it's not much better, lock it, but if it's improved, remove bumplock.

The fewer deletions (especially a 100+ thread) means people feel like they're not being censored. Hiding content through bumplocks so people can still access if it they wish is better for people properly contributing in a shitposted thread.

7fb771 No.225


>reddit frog

>responds to literally every post

>gets pissy the majority doesn't like what he's peddling and goes full sour grapes

>ban evading to say he'll never come back

Wewlad, take that shit to reddit.

4a1db8 No.226


>So assmad he went around his ban to post

>Shit tier bane posting

No I think they were right in banning you. I didn't want to do shit but it's clear now you're a massive sperg and would've been a ticking timebomb of bullshit


Agree with this guy In any case thread is anchored which I find funny considering we only have like 6 threads. Still though don't be like >>220 and get assmad

e98136 No.228


>This board is supposedly different from /v/ how again?

Any particular reason you used that as a reply to that post? /v/ doesn't even have a constant meta thread. I think I'll let the other guy respond to your counter-"argument" but I don't think you really bothered understanding his point and used flimsy retorts.

>volunteer tag = tripcode

I don't think much more needs to be said


That's probably a good idea, I'll use delete sparingly.

bbda60 No.233



Deleting posts is a good option for spam, uncalled for porndumps, sagebombing, and similar tactics. When it's a conversation and someone is just being a faggoty cunt, bans and anchors are the way to go. Let everyone see that the guy was a faggot and leave nothing to doubt on the validity of your actions.

7fb771 No.247


Adding to this; ban messages on posts are better than just removing the post. It's a clear indication of what is and isn't allowed. Just like public executions.

4a1db8 No.255


Good point there >>247 as well

with this we learn

f99bbd No.272


Good, because public executions are entertaining

4f9ca7 No.934

>Calling yourself a pleb

You just uninvited yourself, faggot.

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