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File: 2094566aac945cc⋯.jpg (221.19 KB, 960x540, 16:9, TiamatOpening.jpg)

0a45c1 No.2023

Starting this thread here for collections of PF and SF material as well as 3PP of those RPGs.

0a45c1 No.2024

0a45c1 No.2026

5b89bd No.2028


Good to see you back.

926757 No.2029

Did snip.li die?

d39305 No.2030

Yeah. There is a new way to access the troves.

6a7988 No.2031


That's a shame but I am not sure how to find the new place if it can't be posted I guess. Hope there is a way to know soon. It really helped me decide what to buy.

26eb9e No.2033

Good to see you back on the interwebs. Will be sending you new PFS sessions soon.

3aba58 No.2034

h1v3 dot am is the new place

old suffixes still apply

3b61eb No.2035

Thanks to all who put their effort on this new place.

By my side, i will continue to end new manuals to cleaners

3b61eb No.2036


I miss a "s": send manuals to cleaners

ada857 No.2038

A thousand thank you's for continuing the love! Good karma to you.

2bd0b0 No.2039


e93b40 No.2040

Thanks a bunch for sharing.

Do you guys have a similar trove for D&D 5E stuff?

0a45c1 No.2042


I know there is a 5E trove around but not sure where or who has it up. I believe Mageguru knows.

d0e0c3 No.2043







d43211 No.2044

Where does Mage post?

3195ab No.2045

82e4df No.2046

Thanks for starting this up here guys! 7chan was becoming way too unstable lol

2603ac No.2047

Anyone keeping a FFG Star Wars RPG trove?

26eb9e No.2048

soo <dot> gd

/Star Wars

26eb9e No.2049

that should be

/StarWars without the space

b88317 No.2050

Thanks guys, happy to have found you once again

d43211 No.2051



15bf8a No.2053

Is there a Judges Guild trove?

Or is it in the TSR trove?

7aa6e0 No.2055


Thank God you guys moved here! After that snafu at 4chan I was beginning to wonder were am I going to get my PF fix.

>>2024, >>2026

Great stuff! finally my week is starting to look up. Please don't stop. Keep the PF love rolling!

10c967 No.2056


There are troves for the new Judges Guild material (both raw scans and cleaned up PDFs) but I don't know if they have transitioned away from snip.li yet.

There's a full collection of JG material at the GS1987 trove

soo dot gd



d10951 No.2058

Anyone have Ruins of Azlant Player's Guide?

3aba58 No.2059


it's free on the paizo website

d10951 No.2062

Why does the PFTrove keep looping the "decrypting, receiving, requesting folder data" page?

ba6734 No.2063


That does not work. Gives a 404 error... Or maybe I just dunno what @ is supposed to mean?

3aba58 No.2064


They all work perfectly.

It's amazing how many people can't figure out simple character obfuscation

d10951 No.2065


The link works but it keeps reloading or looping like it's trying to find the files.

54a5fe No.2066


Just checked, loaded right up. Make sure the address is correct.

5c7bb3 No.2067

Requesting Demon Cults and Secret Societies for PF by Kobold Press

64c6df No.2068


Made sure link is correct. It just keeps refreshing.

However, when I input the link in an incognito window, it loads.

I'm using Firefox. Is there a reason those trove links don't work well in normal browser windows?

f532a1 No.2069


Thanks CityofCarse for pointing us to Mageguru!'s Troves. I sure hope that our appreciation reaches him. Please keep the PF and SF love rolling. :)

14f41a No.2070

Oh sweet Liberator! So good to see you still operating. Just got forwarded from a buddy, thank Besmara. As always, thanks to you and the rest of the crew.

ad5234 No.2072

When i try to connect to the PF trove it requests a acc and password?

... anyone can tell me what im doing wrong?

a6cf36 No.2073

26eb9e No.2074

snip url is back on track!

snip <dot> li


3aba58 No.2075

It is good to have snip back

My SOTDL trove is on that, updated, and still on hive

62b142 No.2076


Does this mean that ALL troves switch back to only snip or are people now maintaining multiple link sources?

26eb9e No.2077

Good question. I think the ones who were initially on snip are prolly still good. Not sure about any new ones since it went down

62b142 No.2078

Relatively new to how the #chans work. When a thread gets marked "This thread is archived" after an update, how long till the new thread gets posted and whats the quickest way to find it?

3aba58 No.2079


The amount of time varies, as people often have other things to do.

1. Go to the archived thread

2. Click 'Return', which can be found at the very top of the thread, on the left

3. Type 'pdf share' into the 'Search OPs' box

502376 No.2080

Someone can address me to the most recent path 3pp trove?

3aba58 No.2081


It's in the obvious place


502376 No.2082


i rembered a HUGE one about 3pp only, i suppose it has been taken down Thank you anyway

3aba58 No.2083


sorry, I never saw that one

ac8416 No.2085

Has any of the newer Starfinder 3pp stuff been liberated?

177057 No.2086

File: d69f51ecca477bf⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_0429.PNG)

Anyone have these audio books by chance? I have the very first one and it's actually pretty darn good!

d43211 No.2087


There's stuff under the PFTrove under Starfinder>3PP

3195ab No.2088


The second one should be in the PFTrove

1e1d35 No.2089


Is that complete?

3195ab No.2091


I only have the first two, unfortunately, But here they are.


0a45c1 No.2092

26eb9e No.2093


Thank you sir!

f532a1 No.2094


Thanks The+Liberator, your fellow cleaners and donors. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling.

da4600 No.2095


>Thank you!

>Does anyone know where can I find the Pathfinder Module "Heroes for Highdelve"?

26eb9e No.2096


Haven't seen it yet. Chronicle sheet is available, but no donation of the module yet that I am aware of.

0a45c1 No.2097


Unfortunately, we will need someone to scan that. It doesn't have a PDF release for some odd reason.

ae7009 No.2098


>Heroes for Highdelve

There will be a pdf. There was an error with the file after the book was made and the company that is producing it (not Paizo) is delayed in releasing the pdf. But it's coming.

da4600 No.2100

Is there any trove with maps and stuff? I'm looking for the Schleyscapes maps

740e4d No.2101

Requesting The Lost Lands: The Blight. TIA.

6282eb No.2103

Does anyone have the Starfinder GM Screen?

502376 No.2106


isn't the first one like total taboo, bringer of pain and sorrow in this days? BTW thanks, i was curious of what was all the fuss about

26eb9e No.2107



All of these are off limits. But I suppose you should get them while you can. Honestly, they are both kind of meh.

befbb4 No.2108



Also not PF related.

Double dumb.

ac8416 No.2109


I wouldn't touch those with a 10' pole.

On something that is topic related, looking for Starfarer's Codex: Planetary Explorers' Essential Equipment From Rogue Genius Games

26eb9e No.2110


Either you have mpd or someone is using your handle.

f5f051 No.2111

Instead of getting another thread locked, can we get Murderhobo banned and the post removed?

26eb9e No.2112


I reported the post awhile back. Nothing yer, it seems.

26eb9e No.2113


yer = yet

ae7009 No.2115


I'm fairly certain that 'Murderhobo' is the title given to anonymous posters.

3aba58 No.2116


it is indeed, Muderhobo

509663 No.2117

Is there Alien Archive yet? It's already released

1e1d35 No.2118


It won't be out until the 18th which is when the general public will have access to the PDF.

c73b10 No.2119

This humble murderhobo would like to request Sandy Peterson's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder, if it isn't too much trouble.

ce055b No.2120


This please?

ce055b No.2121


It's out for subscribers

5b89bd No.2122


And the cleaning team never releases a book before it's out to the public, and usually not until a week after. People are encouraged to not share files that they aren't 100% sure are clean.

26eb9e No.2124


Just sent you and Mage an email with the last PFS scenario for season 8, and the first three of season 9.

ac8416 No.2125

To the cleaners, scanners, and posters, I just wanted to say thanks for what you do and for sticking to a schedule as to keep us from getting shutdown. Also for knowing which pieces will get a thread DCMA'ed and doing everything to prevent it.

dec82d No.2127

is anyone willing to share Thunderscape: A Goreaux's Guide to Golems please.

502376 No.2128


Seconding that

26eb9e No.2129


Thirding that. Actually, would love an entire run of Thunderscape.

10c967 No.2131


Dunno if its the entire run but here's a start


502376 No.2132


This is all i have on Thunderscape for PF, it's almost 2 years old and a repost, but i didn't find it on the trove recently, so... Have fun! :)



0e53ac No.2133

Just wanted to second this


Requesting The Lost Lands: The Blight. TIA.

26eb9e No.2136

Are the newer PFS session getting posted soon? I've potentially gotten a few new ones possibly in the pipe coming up.


0f4c1b No.2137


I put them in QC, figure we would release with Oct releases.

26eb9e No.2138


Ah. Street date for Oct Releases?

1e1d35 No.2139


The October releases at set for the 18th of October, at least that's when Paizo will release Blood of the Coven and probably the rest.

1994aa No.2142

Dunno if the epicmeepo Animal Races trove that someone had was ever posted in Chan #7, but in case it was assembled, anyone have it here?

1994aa No.2143

Just curious as to what else is in the October release? Anything spooky/halloween oriented (besides the hag-blood race book, of course)?

1e1d35 No.2144


Sadly other Blood of Hags, there's nothing Halloween-y in this month's release. They moved Book of the Damned to September, so that's already out. The AP is obviously less Halloween-y than say Strange Aeons. There's a flip mat and a map pack but generally those don't get shared. Honestly November has a better outlook for wider releases since there will also be a Campaign Setting book along with a HC. >>2143

0a45c1 No.2145

Major October releases are all pledged and a few scenarios are coming as well.

1e1d35 No.2147


Thanks Lib! :)

3195ab No.2148


Working on more society scenarios. I think there are either 2 or 3 left for me to get you guys updated.


9862c9 No.2150

Hello there is the humble bundle about PF comics, I wonder I few or never see comics in chans


e2934b No.2151


>Alien Archive

Sent to the cleaner should be out soon...


26eb9e No.2152


Super awesome!

894197 No.2153

Are there any new 3pp PF files pledged for cleaning? I'm gonna buy some items so don't want to double up.

1e1d35 No.2154


I dunno about pledged, but I'd love some more Alex Augunus stuff.

26eb9e No.2155

Hey gang! New book for you.

Spheres of Might

(Drop Dead Studios for Pathfinder)

snip <dot> li


Also threw in the other books in the Spheres line.


beaf90 No.2156

Is there a trove or other collection with ponyfinder files for Pathfinder?

3aba58 No.2157

Looking for The Bleak Harvest from TPK for PF/5e thanks

befbb4 No.2158


Everyman - Options Unchained Fighters


Interjection Games - Class Expansions Bloodrager Bloodlines


Kobold Press - New Paths 8 the Trickster


Legendary - Mythic Minis 77 - Underdark Racial Feats


Purple Duck - Porphyra - Heroes of the Advent Imperiax


Purple Duck - Porphyra - The Sighted Seeker


Purple Duck - Porphyra - The War Mind


Purple Duck - Prestige Archetype - The Arcane Trickster


Dreamscarred - The Art of Psionics


Dreamscarred - Ultimate Psionics Power Cards


befbb4 No.2159


Amethyst - Renaissance 2.0


Tripod Machine - Advanced Bloodrager Bloodlines


FGG Mini (PFRPG) Bundle


Louis Porter Chronicles of the GateKeepers/NeoExodus Bundle


Thunderscape (PFRPG) Bundle


d13dcc No.2160



1) Thanks for the shares.

2) I was unable to download the last 4 files (all others are alright) due to "file not found"; namely:

- Tripod Machine - Advanced Bloodrager Bloodlines

- FGG Mini (PFRPG) Bundle

- Louis Porter Chronicles of the GateKeepers/NeoExodus Bundle

- Thunderscape (PFRPG) Bundle

3) Is it just me or snip<dot>li has become 1000% more aggressive and invasive with pop-ups and redirects? Despite adblock, I found myself closing a shit-ton of windows and tabs.

b0d664 No.2161


Got them just fine couple hours ago. It's not a snip issue, it's rather that gofile to where Mage's links usually redirected is having issues, so snip is now redirecting to userscloud which really is crappy with pop-ups and stuff. Try installing some adblocker.

31ebf3 No.2162

Hey guys, im looking for the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games.

Does anyone have it to share?

26eb9e No.2163


Assume you were wanting it for PF?

31ebf3 No.2164


I didnt even knew there were 2 versions heh., but yes, i would like the PF version of the book, if anyone got it please.

a68073 No.2165



Was been sent to one of the cleaners 10 days ago

31ebf3 No.2166


This is great news. I will keep an eye open for when it appears around here then.

Thanks to the kind soul that donated it.

41bd49 No.2167

>>Despite adblock

>>Try installing some adblocker

God at work, here.

5b89bd No.2168


Think you could snap up Everyman Minis: Black Blade Options?

dc1ac1 No.2169


Yeah missed that line...that said your adblocker obviously doesn't work try some other.

dc1ac1 No.2170



Sorry, not interested in that stuff...buying put on hold for a week or so. But there's a sale on DriveThru, and from the Frogs.

1e1d35 No.2171


You might not be, but we are.

18438c No.2172

The Bestiary 6 only have Lite version in PDF?

26eb9e No.2174

Has anyone freed the Bigger Basic flip-mat from Paizo? PZO30069

Nothing in the PFTrove Thanks!


26eb9e No.2175

While I am at it: Here is a list of the Flip-Mats currently available that have yet to be freed.

PZO30037 Village Square (version 1 with blank side 2)

PZO30069 Bigger Basic

PZO30077 Bigger Forest

PZO30078 Asylum

PZO30079 Elemental Planes Multi-Pack

PZO30080 Bigger Ship

PZO30081 Forbidden Jungle

PZO30082 Airship

I know Flip-Mats aren't usually donated right away, but I figgured, go ahead and ask.


26eb9e No.2176


"figured". Typos. (sigh)

0fcdae No.2177

Another few requests:

Also looking for the following Map Packs:

PZO4064 Bridges

PZO4066 Desert Sites

PZO4067 Secret Rooms

None of these are currently in the PFTrove.



1e1d35 No.2178




My understanding is no one has a subscription and thus no donations were made for such things. Admittedly I myself would love to see the Bigger Basic Flip Mat. But it seems...unlikely at this time.

0fcdae No.2179


I know a few folks locally who have subscriptions. I will see what I can do to get some files. But a couple of them are asshats, so I am not promising anything. Yet.

ac8416 No.2180

I noticed that the last couple batches of 3pp stuff for Starfinder hasn't made it's way into the trove yet. Is there an update schedule for that stuff?

0fcdae No.2181


I know that the Pathfinder condition cards have not been liberated officially, but I have someone bringing them to me to scan on Sunday.

In the interim, I created a set of homebrew art (shamelessly stealing random art from online/mtg) for the Pathfinder Condition Cards using the Magic Set Editor program. They do have the exact wording that the actual cards have. Have not worked on the Starfinder ones yet.

At any rate, maybe this will tide you over until next Monday.

mega <dot> nz


3aba58 No.2182


Same with me and stuff for symbaroum, CoC, conan, and a few others ... I know people who have everything, and only a few are cool, and only with the odd thing

4a54fb No.2184

when come october stuffs?

81c1d5 No.2186

de713d No.2187


EPIC!! Thank you donors, cleaners, and the Lib!

89d4d4 No.2188


Hell yeah! Thanks a ton!

5c3b9f No.2189

Anyone picked it up and donated it? Was thinking of getting it for the group if no one has already.

364667 No.2190


Thank you Lib and the Cleaners!

1ee40b No.2191


We've got pretty much everything in there, unless I missed something. I am compiling the comics offsite, so up to you. I should have them ready in a few days at most. I think the only think I may not have access to are the bonus map for the comics.

80370e No.2192


Thank you The+Liberator, Your fellow cleaners and the donors. Please lets keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

546f4e No.2193



- Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide v9.0 [PZOPSS0000E]

- Pathfinder Society - Faction Journal Cards


175394 No.2194

thanks for society but did you have the 4th and the 5th ?

de713d No.2195


4th and 5th what?

4c8d5e No.2196



I think he meant the 4th & 5th scenarios for season 9.

8353d2 No.2197


Always good to be clear. reaching out to sources for those as we speak.

14fcfd No.2199

Any chance to get the Starfinder GM Screen?

8353d2 No.2200

In this folder are the Starfinder Condition Cards. One file is the cards in Sheet form, which if printed on 8.5 x 11 paper, should print the right size. Also the individual images are in a file of their own. And for those who would perhaps like to design their own card sheets, there is a directory with the raw scans.

m3ga <dot> nz


p.s. Official Pathfinder Condition Cards coming later this weekend.

8353d2 No.2201


Ok, Pathfinder Condition Cards are ready. Same deal. Folder has version in full sheets and in individual images. Folder also for raw scans.

m3ga <dot> nz


8353d2 No.2202

Hey Gang! New Starfinder material. Get it while you can!

Legendary Planet Material (Starfinder Compatible):

Player's Guide (Starfinder)

To Worlds Unknown

To Worlds Unknown Art & Map Folio - Revised

Legendary Worlds - Melefoni

Legendary Worlds - Volretz

LPJ Design:

Infinite Space Warp Speed Expanded Starship Creation (Starfinder)


Starfinder Society S01-04: Cries From the Drift

vola /r/e9d7hdjm

358b92 No.2203


Excuse me sir how do I interpret that "vola" url? Never seen that pattern

91c1e8 No.2204


volafile dot org

0c0f0d No.2205


Any news of this?

eff13c No.2206


Couldn't tell you.

They were sent off to Lib on the date mentioned along with two other pdfs.

Might just be a simple time thing with how big FKCC is (over 400 pages) or just life aggroing them.

Could forward em to Mage as well but I remember expression of annoyance when cleaners figure out they're both cleaning the same thing and thus one of them did redundant work.

8353d2 No.2207


Having said that, as long as you communicate with them, simple cleaning work can always be divvied out. Depending on how much longer you want to wait, I can help.

One thing I try to do when people contact me with work (cleaning or otherwise) is let them know what kind of turnaround they can expect. It's also a good idea to ask them first what turnaround they can expect to give you.

As you said, life might be in the way, or more likely, life (jobs) plus other projects. Regardless, you should reach out and ask where they are with your book.


4c8d5e No.2208

Who is this Murderhobo guy?

It's really off that he is answering his own questions.

8353d2 No.2209


That's the default "Anonymous" in this thread. I thought the same thing.

e694cb No.2210

Does anyone have Automata: Guide to the Awakened or any of the other books they would like to share please.

2cf7d8 No.2211

How about Starfinder Pawns (Core and Alien-Archive)?

81c1d5 No.2212


If it was sent to me, I might have missed it or not got it at all. A resend would help. Life sometimes picks up real busy and I may miss or forget a thing here and there. Feel free to always double check me with another email

eff13c No.2213


Resending books now

5b224b No.2214

>>2193, >>2200, >>2201, >>2202

Thank you CityofCarse, Murderhobo, the cleaners and the donors. Please lets keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

81297d No.2215



Argh, too late for me.

The Vola folder is empty :(

8353d2 No.2216


Refilled the room. Try again!


81c1d5 No.2217

Here's a pack of goodies donated and cleaned by the honorable crew:









6f7f1b No.2218


Was waiting for these, thanks a lot Lib and donors!

364667 No.2219


Thanks Lib! I was greatly looking forward to Forest Kingdoms Campaign Compendium. :)

bc07fc No.2220

Does anybody know if Ultimate Wilderness has been released yet or been donated?

eff13c No.2221


Ultimate Wilderness does not have a street date until November 15th for PDF version.

The general trend of any paizo product is it will not be released before the PDF release date (with the exact when varying on same day to up to two weeks after. This is not a hard deadline, but an observation).

As far as donation/pledging status, don't know.

bc07fc No.2222


Alright thanks for the info. I thought it was supposed to be out this month.

5b224b No.2223


Thank you The+Liberator, your fellow cleaners and the donors. Please lets keep the PF love rolling. :D

32ac1f No.2224

first: thanks for the thread, it´s very welcoming and effective <3.

I humbly want leave my request.

- Pathfinder Pawns: Pathfinder Society Pawn Collection

- Pathfinder Pawns: Villain Codex Box

- Pathfinder Pawns: Strange Aeons Pawn Collection

- Pathfinder Pawns: Heroes & Villains Pawn Collection

I know it's almost impossible , but I refuse to lose hope.

ps: is there any Pawn in the trove? i can´t find none

4c8d5e No.2225

Pawns will be with their respective product in the trove, not in their own folder.

81297d No.2226


Thank you CoC

81297d No.2227




I do not know who takes care of the PFTrove but I noticed that I have few files that are missing in some folder.

To whom I can send them ?

And maybe it will be necessary to check if they are clean.

8353d2 No.2228


Either myself, Mageguru, or Liberator can help.

8353d2 No.2229

New Starfinder scenario.

vola /r/e9d7hdjm

4c8d5e No.2230


My email is in the root directory of the trove.

4c8d5e No.2231


Kobold Press

Bosuns Booty


Courts of the Shadow Fey Bonus Handouts


Larger than Life


Wondrous Items 1


Wondrous Items 2



Advanced Races 15 - Tosculi


Sunken Empires - KQ Compilation


Sunken Empires


5b224b No.2232

>>2229, >>2231

Thanks CityofCarse, Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and donors. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

5b224b No.2233

>>2155, >>2158, >>2159

I missed bunch of real gems at the middle. Should have browsed more thoroughly. :P

Thanks to CityofCarse, Mageguru!, their fellow cleaners, and donors for these amazing stuff. Keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

56dbfc No.2234

Oh, i totally missed te SF society scenario 05!

bcdb53 No.2235

Asian Archetypes Magical by Legendary Games anyone?

7c9107 No.2236


m3ga <dot> nz


If Mage wants to add this to the PFTrove.

56dbfc No.2237

>>Thank you very much!>>2236

9a0ae3 No.2238

Sorry for asking again but is it possible to get the Starfinder Society S01-04 and S01-05 up again? They (the Society) want me to run the games for people but won't foot me a free copy...

9a0ae3 No.2239

The m3ga link doesn't seem to be working for me. >>2238

2905b2 No.2241



- Starfinder Society Scenario #1-05 <-- Re-Cleaned


8353d2 No.2242


You have to be a Venture Agent to get free copies.


56231f No.2243

Anyone care to re-up the Starfinder Society 1-04?

Thank you

8353d2 No.2244


snip <dot> li


in the Starfinder folder.

26e715 No.2245


Hey Mage, did you receive the Legendary and Fat Goblin file? I've sent them to your hotmail, don't know if you check it or you've just been busy.

8353d2 No.2246


I think he uses protonmail <dot> com these days.

8353d2 No.2247

These are all from Legendary Games for the Pathfinder system. Thank you, Mr. Donor!

Asian Archetypes – Magical

IG05 – Metal Heroes

IG07 – Scorpions of Perdition

KM05 – Beasts of Legend – Boreal Bestiary

KM06 – Horns of the Hunted

Mythic Monsters 37 – Robots

Mythic Monsters 40 – North America

Mythic Monsters 44 – Elementals

m3ga <dot> nz


bcdb53 No.2248

Many thanks CoC for Asian Archetypes - Magical

5b224b No.2249


Thank you CityofCarse, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for this new batch. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

4c8d5e No.2250


Yeah, they went directly to the PFTrove 3PP after cleaning, Sorry.

56231f No.2251

Thank you Coc

206a23 No.2252


No problem.

So for anyone looking:

Legendary Games Ancient Tombs

Fat Goblin Games Vathak - Inaoth Gamemaster's Guide

are in /PFTrove

8353d2 No.2253

File: fed0a9c773b72eb⋯.jpg (17.76 KB, 200x225, 8:9, Hulk.jpg)

347ae8 No.2254

Looking for the Still Grotto from Purple Duck? Doesn't seem to be in the Trove.

e2f458 No.2255


95236f No.2256

Thank you to the recent donors, your generosity keeps this engine running. You have our sincere thanks!

All links at $nip <dot> li

The Scavenged Code (Starfinder) – Legendary Games


The Scavenged Codex – Map & Picture Folio – Legendary Games


Starlog EM-011 Arcane Artillerist – Everyman Gaming


SIDE NOTE: Working on a number of major projects, will be unavailable to clean files for a few weeks. But the wait will be well worth it. Thanks! If there is an emergency need, you are welcome to email me at cityofcarse <at> gmail <dot> com.

48e3f9 No.2257


Thanks CityofCarse, your fellow cleaners and donors. Keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

a85cbc No.2258


Anyone got PF versions of Legendary Planet (except Assimilation Strain)?

Also, they have a megabundle https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/225673/30-for-40-Pathfinder-MEGABUNDLE-BUNDLE?affiliate_id=343951&

33b1a4 No.2259


Sadly, Assimilation Strain is all I have. I could use the rest myself.


13d473 No.2260

Am seeking the rare Tales of Zobeck by Kobold Press (Open Design) from way back in the day. NOT Midgard Tales....Tales of Zobeck was an limited edition of some d20 adventures.

Thank you for your efforts, everyone!

554d92 No.2261

3ed6d9 No.2262

f29d49 No.2263

Anyone have 101 Spells for the Common Man by zenith?

13d473 No.2264


That's the one! Thank you so much, kind anon.

38bec3 No.2265

Anyone have access to:

Battletech: Touring the Stars: Iron Land

Battletech: Touring the Stars: Old Kentucky

Battletech: Touring the Stars: Mizar

Battletech: Touring the Stars: Wynn's Roost

Battletech: Technical Readout: Succession War's

95236f No.2266

dcf983 No.2269

Hello, anyone interested in cleaning a pdf in Spanish? the golarion world guide?

95236f No.2270


I can clean the file, but not translate.

abfccb No.2271

I know this probably isn't the right place, but is there a FATE thread/trove?

95236f No.2272


Not sure, you should ask in the other channel.


7a9d5f No.2273

Any word on Ultimate Wilderness or People of the Wastes?

d73f61 No.2274


or the new Starfinder AP release? Part 3, I think.

3bbddd No.2275


Starfinder APs are released every other month, so not until Dec for #3.

d73f61 No.2276


Hmm. Oh well. The last two were September and October

1736de No.2277


The First Sarfinder AP volume released at GENCON alongside the Core Rules in August. Knock on wood, Paizo has yet to miss a release date on their Starfinder Stuff.

990c64 No.2278


Are you sure about it? ;)

First volume of the AP was released on August, alongside the first products. The second volume was released on October, alongside the Alien Archive.

d73f61 No.2279


I suppose I'm not, then.

30641b No.2280

did november be donated?

bcc082 No.2281

7a9d5f No.2284


That's excellent news! Thank you so much to the cleaners and donors, you guys are the real heroes. Any word on when they'll be posted?

f9d208 No.2285

Woah, almost forgot before going to bed. Good thing I remembered! Here you folks go, enjoy! Thank your donors/cleaners and be sure to offer help in either role if you ever feel like you want to. Good gaming to all! Enjoy your Thanksgiving for those celebrating the holiday!













a5f164 No.2286


The expressions of gratitude are somewhat sparse this month, which is especially puzzling here in the States. Thank you, one and all, for this November bounty.

4b982e No.2287

Looking for PZO92100 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Strange Aeons Poster Map Folio and PZO92104 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Construct Builder's Guidebook if they are out yet.

803083 No.2288

On the Paizo web site it says Construct Builder's Guidebook is out mid January

74afcd No.2289

Thank you to the Liberator and all who helped out with this months titles.

9135fc No.2290


The Construct book won't be out until January.

9135fc No.2291



f7827d No.2293

Strange Aeons - Poster Map Folio



a63538 No.2294

I think you guys jumped the gun on releasing CAMPAIGN SETTING - TALDOR, FIRST EMPIRE. It's still on pre-order and the pdf isn't set to be released until December 13th.

8fe1eb No.2295


orphanedBr, yo le puedo hacer limpieza. Sube el archivo a sendspace, mega u otra página donde puedas borrar el link.

Me envías la dirección de descarga a tlaundry arroba prontmail punto com. Ahí me escribes cualquier duda.

f753c0 No.2296


thank you!

96122e No.2297

Anyone got the pdf for Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder RPG?

I know the backers are just receiving the pdfs, but I can't find any place to buy it not being a backer. My pre-order hardcover only arrives in four months, so... anyone got it?

95236f No.2298

Pathfinder Society Scenarios

Season 9

Session 04 through 07 now in Mage's PFTrove under the Pathfinder Society Folder, Season 09. Thanks Mage!

snip <dot> li


f9d208 No.2300


For some reason I could have sworn it was listed as a November release, and then I found out earlier today it's a December release.

I took it off from my end, but it's already out there so I just gotta make sure I double check before releasing the PDFs.

48e3f9 No.2301

>>2285, >>2293, >>2298

Thanks The+Liberator, Mageguru!, CityofCarse, cleaners and donors for all of this swag. Thanksgiving really coming in great this year. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

a5e32a No.2302

Uhmm, guys, was Taldor taken down?

f7827d No.2303


Did you not read the post 1 post up?

95236f No.2304


It was accidentally posted early, so to avoid issues with paizo, it was taken down.

95236f No.2305


What he said.

9c5844 No.2306

Holy shit that book isn't out yet even for subscribers.

e318fc No.2307

Was anyone able to get TALDOR, FIRST EMPIRE? The link no longer works and it's not in the trove as far as I can see.

f9d208 No.2308


All the reason I don't want to anger Papa Paizo further. It was a slip up from my misreading of the release schedule.

f7827d No.2309


Someone is not reading the posts around them.

f0011e No.2310

IMO the relevant posts should be removed and reposted without the verboten item. Unfortunately, I think one of them was on a now-archived thread. We must then never speak of this again. It's the only way to be sure. TPTB at the purple golem have been remarkably restrained lo these many years, to the benefit of us all. Finally, Lib, no judging from me; this pales in comparison to some of the mistakes I've made.

95236f No.2311

Newly donated 3rd Party Starfinder compatible adventure from d20pfsrd

Station on the Borderworlds

snip <dot> li


74e0ba No.2312

It's fine, we saw nothing about any pdf getting leaked too early. But I have problem accessing the trove by the usual mean. It give me a bad gateway.

c4f6ea No.2314


If snip.li does not work try snipli.com

435d0c No.2315



Mageguru, CityofCarse, sorry about that. was just wondering about the link. didn't read the post of The Liberator

e2f458 No.2316

Anyone happen to have the pdf recently released to backers for Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu RPG for Pathfinder?

I'm supposing they'll eventually sell a pdf once it releases, but currently you can't even pre-order a pdf right now.

Good chance no one here has it, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Thanks ahead of time.

2a1e39 No.2317

I waited here like an idiot for several days for Xanathar's Guide To Everything before I remembered this is strictly a PF/SF thread.

That being said, does anyone know if theres a link to Xanathar's or if anyone's working on it?

d73f61 No.2318


head to:

snip <dot> li


032d78 No.2319


Is there a map trove out there anywhere? I'm thinking of the maps by the guy who's name rhymes with slay ... does the fifth ed. hardback stuff ...

f7827d No.2320


FGG - Masters Minions - Cult of the Mirrored King


FGG - Travel Guide to Epiphany s Wayside Inn


Legendary - Mythic Monsters 42 Halloween


48e3f9 No.2321

>>2311, >>2320

Thanks CityofCarse, Mageguru!, cleaners and donors. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :)

208ce0 No.2322

hi Cityofcarse, i send a e-mail for you with a book in spanish for clean. thanks for all.

0f73b3 No.2323

17% discount on DriveThru through monday for many titles, AAW games will have a 50% off all on their site from friday, and this bundle is still on https://www.opengamingstore.com/collections/on-sale-now/products/rogue-genius-games-all-pathfinder-ultrabundle

95236f No.2324


Got it, responded, will get it back to you soon.


c7dd5a No.2325


Just curious, has there been any scans of the 5e Monster Manual? I noticed you're missing it.

Same goes for scans of books beyond the first printing with the errata incorporated.

95236f No.2326


Actually, I have seen a PHB with errata notated, I think, if not changed. As far as a new scan, unless someone donates copies for me to literally scan, or does the job themselves, they don't get scanned. I scanned the ToA after getting the physical book and cutting it open, destroying the binding in the process. That is not something I can afford to do each release, especially with additional printings.

f753c0 No.2327


5e Monster Manual is in the trove.

And as a follow up to what Carse said, I don't think people really understand what it takes to get these 5e hardbacks to 'happen'.

I decent scan will often require a book to at least be dismantled, if not outright have its binding destroyed.

A simple stapled binding is one thing, but something like a WotC is a whole other thing. They have to be professionally rebound, which is no quick or easy thing.

5c0de9 No.2328


30% off almost everything at d20pfsrd store.

Frog God have 40% off PF product (and 30% everything else), not including Blight, code PF-BLACK-FRI (BLACK-FRI-30 for 5e and S&W)

01a624 No.2330

Anyone have Dracula's America and/or the supplement Hunting Grounds?

2afdd5 No.2331


This is a Pathfinder/Starfinder thread, so no.

658f38 No.2332

Does anyone have any of the Legendary Planet AP for Pathfinder. I have Assimilation Strain and am looking for any others.

d13c00 No.2333


i'm willing to buy them , only after all the AP are released (missing 2) i will buy them in bundle i hope , legendary games is making planet books and turning the AP into Starfinder , so it will take a while.

d73f61 No.2334


We should commiserate and see what has already been freed up that way there isn't any duplication. I've seen a few cases of people buying things that have already been purchased.

f7827d No.2335


Epic Level NPC - Epic Races Adapticons


Epic Level NPC - Epic Races Synthetics


Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume I - Atlantis


Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume II - El Dorado


Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume V - Lemuria


Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume VI - Hyperborea


Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume VII - Shambhala


9c5844 No.2336

Is there a post to request 3e/4e stuff?

5f6b05 No.2337

There's a separate trove for 3, 4, & 5.Its creators have been pretty thorough AFAIK lol

$n!p L! and I think it was just /W ot C Trove (and caps matter)

6804fe No.2338


/WOTCTrove is the correct capitalization

9135fc No.2339

Did I miss it, or has no one posted Sandy Peterson's Cthulhu Mythos for PF?

48e3f9 No.2340


Thanks Mageguru!, the donors and your fellow cleaners. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

95236f No.2341


No, not yet, but we continue to reach out and ask.

Stay tuned, I'm sure it will pop up soon enough.

9135fc No.2342


Thank you Carse.

f753c0 No.2343


The PDF went out to backers ages ago, but it looks like the only thing for sale is the hardcover, and even that is still pre-order only. Trying to find someone who backed it right now, but a lot of the Cthulhu heads I know didn't touch it cos it was for PF

f753c0 No.2344


I just my hands on the parts of the final DRAFT version. Will compile and tidy up and release later today

It'll tide us over until the actual final appears

f753c0 No.2345


Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder (FINAL DRAFT)

Right, I compiled it all. Took out all the duplicated bookmarks and editor's reference points. Just tidied it really.

There is zero artwork, as it is a final draft.

We should hopefully see the final release PDF soon, but this should tide us all over. Thanks to Shadow of Yarnham for finding the pieces of this.



d3b380 No.2346


Thank you! It even has bookmarks!

aa87a2 No.2347

Hey, CityofCarse, you mentioned on the main share thread that you have Wise&Wicked 2nd ed for PF, could you share it here?

d73f61 No.2348


I can indeed!

mega <dot> nz


f753c0 No.2349


You're welcome :)

aa87a2 No.2350


Thanks! Was this a part of some larger share that i missed?

d73f61 No.2351


It was. Lately when I get a chunk of donations, I label the new directory as whatever the date is, then release the link to that folder. Here is the rest of that folder and others, if you're interested. It's in the 11-30-17 folder. But fair warning, it's a lot of random, not just PF/SF material.

mega <dot> nz


bcb86c No.2352

Has Dead Suns #3 been pledged already? Since subscribers should already have it, even if official release is Dec. 13

032d78 No.2353

Would like to humbly request Last Gasp (5e). Don't see it in the trove in the K-press folder.

9c7f89 No.2354

f7827d No.2355


This is also a PF thread not a 5e one...

But it's in my /WOTCTrove

f9d208 No.2356


Yes, it has been pledged. : D

f753c0 No.2357

Final retail copy of Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder


9135fc No.2358


Thank you!!! :)

a048de No.2359

>>2345 >>2357

That was fast! :)

bcb86c No.2360


Can't wait for the 13th then! Thanks for the amazing job you're all doing

48e3f9 No.2361


Thanks Okultek. Didn't think we would be getting our hands on this treasure. Please keep the PF/Cthulu love rolling. :)

f9d208 No.2362

Happy Holidays all! Enjoy your December batch. Thank your donors and cleaners and do contact us anytime you want to help donate or clean.





PATHFINDER AP #125 - Tower of the Drowned (Ruins of Azlant 5 of 6)


PATHFINDER AP #125 - Interactive Maps


STARFINDER AP #3 - Splintered Worlds


c819b7 No.2363

Does anyone have the PF Core Rulebook in the Lite format?

9135fc No.2364


Thank you Lib! :)

6697fe No.2365

Requesting New Paths Compendium Expanded and Legendary Gunslinger

74afcd No.2366

Thank you for the new uploads and to all contributors.

c67912 No.2367

Thanks to Lib and the donors!

c7dd5a No.2371


Wish I still had my copy from when Prince was around. He actually cleaned all the Lite ones I had.

48e3f9 No.2374


Thanks The+Liberator, your fellow cleaners and donors! Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

391493 No.2375


A thousand thanks

d73f61 No.2376

Starfinder Season 1-06 - A Night in Nightarch

snip <dot> li


48e3f9 No.2377


Thanks CityofCarse, your fellow cleaners and donors! Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

d22d26 No.2378

Tried to get to the WOTCTrove via hive url, but it doesn't work... has it been taken down permanently? is there an alternative

f753c0 No.2379



d22d26 No.2380

Thanks, it worked :-)

c819b7 No.2381

Thanks to Liberator and the donators!

d73f61 No.2383

A few solo Pathfinder files for you.

snip <dot> li


9135fc No.2384


Solo - Never tell me the odds!

484f4a No.2385


I'm solo. I'm Han Solo. I'm Han Solo. I'm Solo, Solo.

95236f No.2411

Recent Starfinder donations.

all at snip <dot> li

Legendary Worlds – Carsis (Starfinder)


Legendary Worlds – Terminus (Starfinder)


Starfinder Society 01-07 The Solar Sortie



95236f No.2415

Some new pathfinder 3rd Party material, called The Tinker. Includes a few archetypes, items, etc around the supplement.

snip <dot> li


d1a231 No.2424

>>2383, >>2411, >>2415

Thanks CityofCarse, your fellow cleaners and donors! Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

0fb259 No.2437

Merry Christmas everyone.

f9d208 No.2438

Merry Xmas, New Year, and other festive holidays to you all! Including Saturnalia!

1607ee No.2441


Not sure what it is used in, but the 'Overland Map' is still dirty, FYI!

95236f No.2442


Thanks. Removed.

ddc23d No.2446

Has anybody ever offered up the new deluxe version of COCT?

f7827d No.2447




ddc23d No.2454


Sounds good. I got a coupon, so I was going to get it and offer it up.

f76990 No.2455

I see in the PF Trove there’s the PF Flip Maps and also the GameMastery Map Packs (tiles) but none of their Flip Maps!? Any idea where these would be?

c964cf No.2456


You just said you saw the flip maps. Those are the flip maps you are looking for.

9135fc No.2457


*Jedi hand wave* These aren't the PDF you think you're looking for, but they could be the PDFs others are.

5f6b05 No.2462

Has the Horror Settings been liberated? I don't see it

9ac654 No.2464


If you mean Horror Adventures, it's in the /PFTrove. If not clarify what you mean.

f7827d No.2467

DDS - The Creators Handbook (PFRPG)



d1a231 No.2468


Thanks Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and donors! Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

882c05 No.2469

Any DDS (Spheres Of) trove around? It is not included in the PFTrove.

f753c0 No.2470


Yes, it is

882c05 No.2471


Sorry, did not see there were individual files along the publisher folders in the 3PP folder

5f6b05 No.2472

its a campaign setting, saw in passing in print, nowhere else

743630 No.2473

Horror realms is also in /PFTrove

4719d0 No.2475

Was DDS - Vivomancer Handbook ever posted. I have checked the troves and cannot seem to locate it.

7191f8 No.2476

All PF products by Rogue Genius in a bundle Is anyone picking up the Rogue Genius Bundle? http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/224641/RGGs-ALL-Pathfinder-Bundle-BUNDLE

Anyone picking it up?

94967e No.2478

Interesting, seems this month's releases are no longer in the middle of the month, but at the end. No doubt the holidays had something to do with that. Good thing I checked first.

Currently, I have been pledged with:

---Flip Mats (Bigger Bridge; Dungeons Multipack)

---Map Folio (Ruins of Azlant)

---Pathfinder AP #126

---Disciple's Doctrine

If anyone wants to pledge other PF items, or future ones, hit up my email. Thanks!

c51115 No.2481

c51115 No.2482

I picked up the bundle...would be glad to share if you can email as to how to do it...

cd0973 No.2483


Email it to one of the cleaners, such as myself, Carse, or mageguru

Our email addys can be found by hovering over our usernames and looking at the bottom of the screen

3b9ac2 No.2484


Dude, you are a hero. I've been waiting for some of the Everyman Minis for forever.

c51115 No.2485

Sent them to Carse...still not sure if I sent them off correctly so I hope he got them

c51115 No.2486

Donated some nicer

Rite Publishing items to be cleaned...101 Urban Spells, 101 Swamp Spells, and 101 Forest Spells

55c8ce No.2487


Got them, going through them, should be released tomorrow morning ish.

36ae7e No.2488


Hate to be a downer but swamp and forest spell were already out. Thanks though.

I sent several items to mage for cleaning (legendary, AAW & Purple duck), so this should be a fun month for PF.

Big thanks to the dude who picked up RGG bundle.

55c8ce No.2489



Having issues with the email not giving me a link to all of them. If you could upload to a mega.nz link and email me the link when you are done, that would be great.


a8f401 No.2490

I'm looking for

Rogue Genius Games: Star Log.EM-015: Skinwalker

If no one has it I might be willing to pick it up.

c51115 No.2492

check your email for an update on the link

a071f0 No.2493

AWW - Fin Starling’s Guide to Morsain - Monsters of Morsain


AWW - Fin Starling’s Guide to Morsain


AWW - C1 Alagoran&#039;s Gem


AWW - C2 Goblin Cave


AWW - C3 Sufferhorn Castle


AWW - C4 The Play's the Thing


Legendary Beginnings - A Feast of Flavor


Archdevils of Porphyra


Demon Lords of Porphyra


Monsters of Porphyra 17 - Rancor Daemon


Otyughs of Porphyra 1 - The Watch



a03f41 No.2494


Thanks Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and donors! Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

9bc611 No.2495

Sorry to be a dunderhead, but I'm blanking on what 'SS' is?

ec54e6 No.2496

$end$pace <dot>c0M

cd0982 No.2497

Would someone post all of the Star Log EM files? That would be awesome!

55c8ce No.2499




Rogue Genius Games Bundle (almost 400 files)

mega <dot> nz



a071f0 No.2502


D20 Publishing - Into The Breach - The Summoner


Dreadfox - Gypsy


Dreadfox - Puppetmaster


Dreadfox - Ritualist


Dreadfox - Swordmaster


Dreamscarred - Highlord 2


Dreamscarred - Psionics Augmented Occult


Dreamscarred - Ultimate Psionics GM Screen.7z


1 on 1 Adventures 21 - The Gloom Over Dunnocksdell


Above Average - Scourger


Aetheric Dreams - Nights of the Crusades


Amora - Art of War Youxia


Amora - Bevy of Blades


Amora - Liber Influx Communis



a071f0 No.2503


Forest Guardian - Fighter Nuances


Four Horsemen Present - Base Class Engineer


Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class - Mountebank


Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Fury


Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Psychemist


Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Renegade


Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Shifu


DropDead - Aspect


DropDead - Dilettante


DropDead - Luchador


DropDead - Spiritualist


DropDead - WarDancer


Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Apostle


Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Striker


Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Technopath


Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Time Assassin



a071f0 No.2504


Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 1 - Sorcerer Bloodlines


Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 2 - Paladins Prevail


Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 3 - Rangers Renewed


Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 4 - Brutal Barbarians


Henry Hakl - Monk Unfettered


Interjection - Order of the Nullblades


Interjection - The Animist Nature Incarnate


Interjection - The Gadgeteer


Interjection - The Master Of Forms


Interjection - The Onmyoji - A Japanese Occult Diviner


Genius Guide to Bravery Feats


Genius Guide to Expanded Favored Class Options


Glen Publishing - The Gardener Base Class


Goodevil Press - Paths Less Traveled The Amazon



a071f0 No.2505


Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond - Spells of Boon & Burden


Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond WIP - Herald Mythic Path


Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond WIP - Wielder Mythic Path


LPJ - Classes of NeoExodus - Protean Scribe


Knotty Works - Advancing With Class The Physicist


Legendary Games - Cyborgs


Legendary Hybrids - Skinchanger


Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond - Liminal Power


Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond - Psionic Paths



a071f0 No.2506


LRGG - Alternate Paths Primal Characters


LRGG - Alternate Paths Social Characters


LRGG - Antimagic Sourcebook


LRGG - Bokor


LRGG - Dragon Tiger Ox Wuxia Wushu Sourcebook


LRGG - Forsworn


LRGG - Fury of the Elements


LRGG - Alternate Paths Ascetic Characters


LRGG - Alternate Paths Divine Characters


LRGG - Alternate Paths Magical Characters


LRGG - Alternate Paths Martial Characters 2 - Fight Smarter


LRGG - Alternate Paths Martial Characters



a071f0 No.2508


LRGG - The Detective


LRGG - The Invoker


LRGG - Tome of Advanced Item Use


LRGG - Unexpected Hybrids Techadin


LRGG - Vector


LRGG - War Journal 2


LRGG - Heroes Of The West


LRGG - King of the Ring


LRGG - Law and Order


LRGG - Politics and Power


LRGG - Primal Host


LRGG - Sind The Dungeomage



a071f0 No.2509


Rite Publishing - The Secrets of the Bravo


Rite Publishing - The Secrets of the Divine Adventure Earth Magic Water


Rite Publishing - The Secrets of the Divine Pantheon - Love Sky Wright


Storm Bunny - The Thaumaturge


The Genius Guide To The Cruorchemist


TPK Games - The Idolator Hybrid Class


Misfit Studios - Strange Brew Warlock


Northwinter - The Journeymen - Traveling the World


Quasar - Abstract Thief


Quasar Knight - Nice Things For Fighters


Rite Publishing - Convergent Paths Fey Archetypes



a071f0 No.2510


Wayward Rogue - Empath Hybrid


Wayward Rogue - Myrmidon Hybrid


Wayward Rogue - Prodigy Hybrid


Wayward Rogue - Revanchist Hybrid


Wayward Rogue - Super Spy Hybrid


Wayward Rogue - Venommancer Hybrid


Zenith Games - Maniac Character Class


Zenith Games - Superhero Classes


Tripod - Adventuring Classes - Presbyter Arrayed


Tripod - Adventuring Classes Monk Reborn


Tripod - Runemage



a071f0 No.2511


PDG - Gunslingers Unchained


PDG - Hybrid Class Armjack


PDG - Hybrid Class Luminary


PDG - Hybrid Class Redeemer


PDG - Hybrid Class Vessel


PDG - Legendary Classes Quartermaster


PDG - Mesmerists of Porphyra


PDG - Chi Warrior


PDG - Gunslingers Of Porphyra



a071f0 No.2513


PDG - Storeroom Magic Pants


PDG - Swashbuckers of Porphyra


PDG - The Kingpin


PDG - Unarmored and Dangerous


PDG - Vigilantes of Porphyra


PDG - Prestige Archetype Subscription


PDG - Psychic Class Overlord


PDG - Rangers of Porphyra


PDG - Samurai of Porphyra



c51115 No.2514

wow! huge pathfinder month! thanks for the shares donors and cleaners

394257 No.2515

Requesting Echelon Explorations Polyhedral Pantheons please

8ff2dc No.2516

Could someone please re-post the Necromancers of the Northwest Mega Bundle? I never saw it posted and the link mageguru once posted is long dead.

a071f0 No.2517


They are all in the /PFtrove

a071f0 No.2518


Magitech Monthly - Issue 2 - Weapon Technologies


NotN - Travelers Guide to the Galaxy 001 - Hazards of the Void


RG - Starfarers Codex - Witch Legacy Class


Star LogEM-007 Duelist


Star LogEM-008 Mystic Theurge


Star LogEM-009 Mechanic Tricks


Star LogEM-010 Operative Specializations


Star LogEM-012 Loremaster


Star LogEM-013 Augmentative Equipment


Star LogEM-014 Eldritch Knight


Star LogEM-015 Skinwalker


Star LogEM-016 Stellar Revelations


TPK - Races of the Outer Rim the Omenoi


Gravity Age - Mutant Menagerie


Horizontech Catalogue 001 - New Starship Systems


LPJ - Infinite Space - Alternate Racial Traits Worlds of Difference


LPJ - Infinite Space - Forbidden Weapons Experimental Arms


LRG - Red Sector Races



a8f401 No.2519


TY for your work and the fine gentlemen the bought these as well.

Also looking for

Mecha - A Field Guide by Rising Phoenix Games

a8f401 No.2520

Looking for the following from Stroh Hammer

Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium

Gravity Age: Nanotech Emporium

Gravity Age: Bioware Emporium

1a7ede No.2522


All in /PFTrove

cd0973 No.2523

Occult Archetypes II for Pathfinder


cd0973 No.2524

Run Amok Bestiary (Pathfinder)


189a69 No.2525

Just curious Mage, but will those massive amounts of Pathfinder PDFs be in the PFTrove soon or what?

a03f41 No.2526


Thank you CityofCarse, Mageguru! and Okultek, your donors and fellow cleaners for this massive amount of swag!

Please keep the PF/SF love rolling! :D

773fa5 No.2531











Wow, that was quick. I was thinking of asking if you had received them all right but you've already cleaned it all. That's pretty amazing.

a8f401 No.2535

What is the current address for the /PFTrove?

94967e No.2536

a071f0 No.2537


Hasn't changed still snip...

And also updated

a03f41 No.2538


Thanks The+Liberator, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

db56dc No.2547

Anyone with the Pathfinder Pawns: Traps & Treasures Collection?

cd0973 No.2552

a03f41 No.2565


Thanks Okultek, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

54d920 No.2566

Any news on January releases?

a3858b No.2567

Anyone have the Veranthea Codex and/or any of the other books to share please?

8d4303 No.2568


Should be in the RGG bundle up thread.

a3858b No.2569

hmm it seems Veranthea Codex: Adventurer's Handbook is missing from that bundle.

94967e No.2570


We have them, but they are pushed back to the 31st last I checked.

cd0973 No.2571


The 31st is the official release date this month, isn't it?

a3858b No.2576

Does anyone have the Veranthea Codex: Adventurer's Handbook that they could share please and before anyone says anything i looked in the bundle for RRG and it's not their so that's why i'm asking.

cd0973 No.2578

File: b9eedadbfa506ea⋯.png (83.21 KB, 665x878, 665:878, RGG.PNG)


It is there. Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see it.

a3858b No.2579

no it isn't Veranthea Codex: Adventurer's Handbook

isn't in their.

cd0973 No.2580


>Veranthea Codex: Adventurer's Handbook

Sorry, for some reason, when I read your request, I only saw the Veranthea Codex part, not the Adventurer's Handbook part

cd0973 No.2581

File: a1d9a305f53837c⋯.png (133.6 KB, 841x832, 841:832, RGG2.PNG)


Weird thing is, it's supposed to be...

a3858b No.2582

Are they not cleaned yet or where they just not shared?

cd0973 No.2583


From the RGG stuff?

I shared all I was sent

a3858b No.2584

i did find this on drivethrurpg so it might be this First purchase left out veranthea codex revised books from my library, but after repurchasing the bundle ( which was set to 0 buck because system wouldn't charge you for what's you've already bought.) catalogue on my library was fixed. I'm relieved, but should there be those of you who's dealing with the same problem as I have, I recommend you to do the same.

cd0973 No.2585


Thing is, I was sent the stuff anonymously, on my megadrop, so I have no way to get in touch with the donor

a3858b No.2586

well the one who sent you those has posted here in this thread so maybe he'll see it and send the others?

cd0973 No.2587



Ah yes, someone sent them to carse at the same time as to me. I remember now.

I have checked what I was sent, and it was 397 files, same as carse, but the full file count should be just over 400 files.

a3858b No.2588

yeah it seems one of the people who purchased it didn't get of the stuff either and had to repurchase it again for 0 dollars to get the missing pdfs so maybe that's what went wrong?

cd0973 No.2589


I'm on it ... watch this space ;)

c51115 No.2591

when i sent files to carse i didn't include all the pathways that had already been posted...that's why there were less files

cd0973 No.2592


It's more than that. There were files you didn't get.

It's a reported issue with the bundle. Go check the page on dtrpg to see

cd0973 No.2593


also you can check the images I posted earlier in this thread for an idea of what's missing

a46f91 No.2594

Requesting Legendary Fighters

cd0982 No.2595


So I would check with the bundle purchase, and then get back to us.

994a3f No.2596

I´ve bought this bundle too.

Carse, please check your JG-Folder, i put it in there.

cd0982 No.2597


Sounds good.

994a3f No.2598


shut i upload the complet RGG-Bundle, or only the VC:AH ?

cd0982 No.2599


I got the VC:AH already, but you are welcome to upload the rest, and we will compare and contrast.

cd0982 No.2600

Veranthea Codex: Adventurer's Handbook

snip <dot> li


The rest of the RGG bundle is being uploaded and compared with the others released so we can send out what was missed the first time. It's a lot, so please be patient.


994a3f No.2601

yes, i send the VC:AH first as single file...

But i will upload my complete RGG Folder right now....

It´s 3 GB, so it will take a while...

cd0982 No.2602


Sounds good! Appreciate that!

cd0982 No.2603


Just got an update from my VO about why I am not getting free scenarios as a VA for Pathfinder.

and I quote:

"...because of a couple of lawsuits currently going on between Paizo and a former VO, as well as the lawsuit where Wizards of the Coast and the group that handles their tournaments is being sued by a former volunteer. Both cases have a massive potential impact on how companies can provide free benefits to volunteers (like scenarios), as the lawsuit claims something along the lines of “since I’m getting stuff from them for doing work, I’m an employee not a volunteer” and that will cause a huge problem if the court agrees..."

Keep in mind that this comes from a local Venture Officer, and not from Paizo directly, but I thought it would help. So in the meantime only those who are already established are getting their scenarios in this way.

I already had to wait to sign a new revised NDA to even be considered a volunteer (basically running events) because of the MtG nonsense. Fuck. So dumb. We are fucking volunteers, plain and simple.


5bfa4b No.2604

Dice rollRolled 1 + 1 (1d1)

I've wondered about some of the scenarios that're only shared with the VIP GMs that've hosted x # of games during their convention dealios...has anyone ever gotten ahold of those? I;'m' sure they're super hard to come by if sho few have them.

cd0982 No.2605


I can ask, but I am not promising anything. There is maybe one dude I know that MIGHT send them to me. Maybe. Con coming up soon, I will reach out.

I am 5 specials from becoming a 5-star gm for PF, and most of what I might get you can get as a 4-star, but as I mentioned, I will ask.


5bfa4b No.2606

I thought if nothing else it'd be nice to share with the people who are regular providers as thanks to share among their suppliers and keep it on the DL and not share publicly so as to not depreciate the value to those who really earned them. Wasn't sure anyone had ever "liberated" them but I could see the point to keeping them off public thingy. I gotta go thru my share and finish sorting my 3rd party stuff. PF is still at 33 gb with Paizo and 3rd party stuff.

a071f0 No.2609


Wow, what a load of BS.

Not the first time people of voluntary status, have tried to plead in court that they are actually employees (cough uber). It's like people don't understand the concept of what a volunteer is. And it's not like you don't get any perks.

Even if if these clownshoes win wait till they file taxes, they are going to get screwed royally.

a071f0 No.2610

But I just dived in... The only thing I found was apparently Frank Mentzer was sexually harassing a female volunteer, she reported it and Paizo tried to cover it, and even forced her to continue to work with him.

And there was also at Paizocon an altercation where Frog God co-creator Bill Webb was harassing a female guest, that actually lead to a physical altercation that led to the injury of of an employee, that seems to also been ignored by Paizo. Bill Webb was allowed to stay because of his status, even though he was intoxicated.

60e202 No.2611

I was at Paizocon and I didn't hear anything about that, though...it could have happened at the party. Lot of drunk people there. Unless there's two Paizocons....

Are...are there two? I have no idea. I totally crashed that motherfucker though. :) Didn't pay shit.

cd0982 No.2612


Here is the official blurb from Paizo and others. Not that that explains away anything...


cd0973 No.2613

Legendary Fighters for Pathfinder, courtesy of a donor...

In the usual volas, and here...


cd0973 No.2614

Another wacky moment with the RGG Bundle... here are the final missing Veranthea, which the bundle did not auto-include upon purchase as it should have done. They are free files anyway, but I have included them here for the sake of completeness.


a03f41 No.2616

>>2613, >>2614

Thanks Okultek, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

ec6ff6 No.2618

a071f0 No.2620


Book of Beyond - Herald Mythic Path


Book of Beyond - Liminal Power


Book of Beyond - Psionic Paths


Book of Beyond - Spells of Boon & Burden


Book of Beyond - Wielder Mythic Path


FGG - CLASSified Options - Equipped for Battle


PFRPG & 5e

Gunslingers Of Porphyra


Ponyfinder - Forgotten Past


Ponyfinder - Tactics of Everglow


Ponyfinder - Tribes of Everglow



25461e No.2621

Does anyone know where I can find a New World of Darkness trove?

cd0973 No.2622


This is the Pathfinder/Starfinder thread

25461e No.2623


Yeah, but I'd like to know if anyone in this Pathfinder/Starfinder thread knows if there's a nWod trove somewhere else.

71d3ac No.2624

620392 No.2627

Thanks Liberator and the other cleaners and donators for this months Pathfinder books

9d3de7 No.2628


Thank you to the donors and cleaners for the PF releases. I know it is out there already, but the Bigger Bridge is scheduled for a February release now on Paizo (originally was going to be January).

94967e No.2629


Ugh I hate it when they change their crap at the last second. Funny cause I think that was the only one I forgot to check the date on. Figures.

Thanks for that, I went and killed the link for now, sadly.

94967e No.2630

Here are January's goodies. Enjoy and thank your donors and cleaners! If you wish to also help clean/donate, please email me.





PATHFINDER AP #126 - Interactive Maps


PLAYER COMPANION - Disciple's Doctrine


POSTER MAP FOLIO - Ruins of Azlant


a81aef No.2631

>>2620, >>2630

Thanks The+Liberator, Mageguru! , your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

adfc5d No.2632


thanks allfrom Spain

629aab No.2634

a071f0 No.2635

I have now setup a donation drop for your files to be cleaned. You no longer have to email me, and upload it to some cloud service, and worry about deleting it later.



cd0982 No.2639

Pathfinder Society

Season 09

09-08 Birthright Betrayed

09-09 Beyond the Halflight Path

09-10 Signs in Senghor

09-11 The Jarlsblood Witch Saga

09-12 Shrine of the Sacred Tempest

09-13 The Lions Justice

Starfinder Society

Season 01-08 Sanctuary of Drowned Delight

snip <dot> li


a071f0 No.2642

Blood & Steel - Book 5 - The Swashbucker (PFRPG)


Legendary - Corrupted Classes (PFRPG)


DragonWing - Lore of the Gods (PFRPG)


TPK - The Valkyrie Hybrid Class (5e & PFRPG)


Fractured Futures - Future Races (SFRPG)


Futures Past - Paying Forward (SFRPG)


Rising Phoenix - Mecha, A Field Guide (SFRPG)


AAW - Star System Set - Muinmos (SFRPG)


AAW - Star System Set - Querritix (SFRPG)


LRGG - The Aug (SFRPG)



a81aef No.2643

>>2639, >>2642

Thanks Mageguru!, CityofCarse, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

5170be No.2644

Does anyone know if the Bestiary 6 PDF only comes in Lite version?

94967e No.2646

Hmm, it seems my main donor(s) are MIA so I'll be contacting alternate donors to help with February PDFs soon if I don't hear back from my main one(s) within the week.

396651 No.2647

Is there a Starfinder Trove with the recent 3rd party releases? I checked the PFTrove but the recent releases aren't in there and I hate downloading one file at a time on SS


189a69 No.2649


I hope so. I'm curious about this War of the Crown AP. That and the new Taverns book.

a071f0 No.2651

Blood & Steel - Book 2 The Ninja


Blood & Steel - Book 4 The Monk


Porphyra - Hybrid Class Hermit


Porphyra - Hybrid Class Keener


Porphyra - Hybrid Class Persecutor


Drow of Porphyra - The Xelusine Sirens of Sin


Gruppo Chimera - The Legend of the Mist Flowers


Porphyra - Hybrid Class Abomination


Porphyra - Hybrid Class Gestradi



a071f0 No.2652

SFRPG - Star RPG Starships and Planets


TPK - Mystic Spell Deck I


TPK - Mystic Spell Deck II


TPK - Technomancer Spell Deck I


TPK - Technomancer Spell Deck II


Applied Vectors - Future Firearms


Epic Level NPC - Epic Races - Galactic Racial Abilities


Everyman - Star Log.Deluxe Genetic Knacks



a81aef No.2656

>>2651, >>2652

Thanks Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

5ad68c No.2658

Does anybody have these little gems squirreled away? Link is the bundle of all of them

Affordable Arcana Magic Rings

Affordable Arcana Magic Rings II

Affordable Arcana Magic Rods

Affordable Arcana Magic Staves

Affordable Arcana Magic Tattoos

Affordable Arcana Wands

Affordable Arcana Wondrous Item Sets

Affordable Arcana Wondrous Items

Wands Recrafted (PFRPG)


9af383 No.2659

I checked the PFTrove in the Starfinder section, but didn't see any.

Have any of the SF flip mats been released?

94967e No.2662


Haven't really had donors for that yet.

a071f0 No.2663

LRG - Alien Party Bus - New Races for Starfinder (SFRPG)


LRG - Dragoon (SFRPG)


Stygian Stars - SS01- Planet Death (SFRPG)


TPK - Races of the Outer Rim the Ruanoch (SFRPG)


D3 Adventures - The Starsea Chronicles (SFRPG)


Happy Gnome - Redshirts, Adventures in Absurdity Vol 1 (SFRPG)



a81aef No.2665


Thanks Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the SF love rolling. :D

674aa2 No.2666

I've been away from the scene for a while, and at the moment I can't seem to find out whether Inner Sea Taverns is out, if it's out on paper but not on pdf yet, or what else...

So, did I miss it (I don't see it in the PF trove), wasn't it donated at all, or is it still upcoming?

0fcd3c No.2667


Odd... I never even SAW an announcement for this book, or a link for it on the Paizo site in fact, but found it by googling the title. And apparently it's supposed to come up Feb 28, but for some reason, the book is tagged as 'available now' instead of 'pre-order.' Dunno if it's a mistake on the site or if they moved the street date up.

a071f0 No.2668



•Authorization (Order Spawning) Date: Thursday, February 8th

•Begin Shipping Estimate: Monday, February 12th

•End Shipping Estimate: Friday, February 23rd

•Street Date for Paizo Products: Wednesday, February 28th

674aa2 No.2669


Oh, alright, thanks.

As for odd mistakes (or whatever), I noticed they havent'added the next AP series after Ruins Of Azlant (dunno if it was even announced), but they added the poster map for it in the Campaing Settings area of the site (Poster Map Folios section > preorder tab).

Called "War for the Crown".

a071f0 No.2670

This is what is what is to be released for Feb:

•Pathfinder Adventure Path: #127: Crownfall (War for the Crown #1 of 6)

•Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Taverns

•Pathfinder Maps: Flip-Mat: Bigger Bridge & Map Pack: Starship Decks

•Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary 6 Box

•Adventure Card Game Class Decks: Occult Adventures Character Deck 2

•Starfinder Adventure Path: The Ruined Clouds (Dead Suns 4 of 6)

Remember, we don't break street dates.

13e394 No.2671

Does anyone have any links to a copy of the 3rd edition/3.5 DnD third party "Book of Erotic Fantasy"? Improbably I've found myself in need of a copy.

697cb3 No.2672

It´s a Pathfinder-Thread.... ^^

But take this link.. ;)


at Mega..

724f95 No.2673

Hello all,

With the recent aggression of anti-piracy and attacks on the file sharer, I am asking everyone if you can share information on the authors who are very active at filing DCMA.

I need their transaction platform if any, where they sell their pdf, etc… I will ask my Colleagues to have them investigated. If found guilty, they will be facing a Tax Evasion case from the IRS.

724f95 No.2674

Any information about the DCMA authors, (their names, and their addresses, etc) and their transaction platform (example: DrivethruRPG, or other online shop). We will then trace them if they are legally declaring their taxes to the government.

be30ba No.2675

is there a dnd trove or request thread right now? I looked and couldn't find it.

a071f0 No.2676



You're an idtiot

a071f0 No.2677



Oh and if you could do such a thing, you should have a problem being able to find out this info yourself, instead of putting out some SJW call for us to get you the information.

a071f0 No.2678

S Werd Studios - Adrift


S Werd Studios - Adrift Map Pack


S Werd Studios - Star Map - Asteroid


S Werd Studios - Star Map - Planets


S Werd Studios - Star Map - Solar System


S Werd Studios - Star Map - Starry Skies


Everyman - Star LogEM-017 Gnolls


Everyman - Star LogEM-018 Msvokas



a071f0 No.2679

Porphyra - The Red King


Ondine - Whispers of the Dark Daeva


Legendary - The Horseshoe Calamity


Legendary - Malevolent Medium Monsters


Run Amok - A Flirtation with Fey Maps


Run Amok - A Flirtation with Fey



0410b2 No.2681

Unless you are fuckin' dumb blind.

Volcanohound first bought pdfs spending $200-$300, cleans them then post.

Mageguru discourage cleaning from other people by declaring only he can clean the pdf well, cleans them then post.

Volcanohound establish Slush Fund, donators get early access and controls the room

Mageguru establish a secret room for donators, cleans them, release to his fellow cleaners and donators, and control the room.

Although everyone hates Volcanohound, but HE buys the book HIMSELF and CLEANS THEM. Donators just gives money. So no risk on their account.

Mageguru on the other hand accepts and encourage donators thru his portals for him to clean, retrieves personal information and ??.

Volcanohound just ignores and lash back only at attackers.

Mageguru threatens to release identity of his falsely suspected attackers (he did this to 7chan before).

Who's stupid? Ask me, I'd rather pay the Slush Fund and keep my account safe than rely on the blackmailing mageguru to clean.

It is your choice. USA is a free country and you are free to lose your account!

d855c0 No.2682


Are you retarded?

Rhetorical question.

70007a No.2683


I've decided that you're all fuck ups, but hey, free stuff.

f2a3e0 No.2684


So, which game company do YOU work for?

68433d No.2685


He doesn't work.

He's clearly loony enough to be on permanent psychiatric disability

9c5642 No.2686

File: b6515cde0692b22⋯.png (3.2 MB, 5841x3114, 649:346, Mageguru.png)

Perhaps this will help remind you Mageguru...

...tell me what you mean by your statement? Don't tell me you'll deny it!

I know this will come in handy someday!

I leave it up to you people to decide!

a071f0 No.2687


Yeap and that was in response to the troll that was posting full links, intentionally killing other peoples file posts, he wasn't a donator. Who actually posted a link to his own FB profile in the channel like a moron. That was the guys pic of him with the lightsaber. The guy was harassing the channel. I stand by my actions, since the mods were not willing to do anything.

From over a year ago. no context, nothing to see here.

9c5642 No.2688

File: c26cf3ee687ca8f⋯.png (139.68 KB, 1364x770, 62:35, proved.png)

You said it was untrue...

and you never did anything of that sort...

and you dare me to prove it???

This is where the tirade comes in...

Now who's lying now! Yes, I agree you did that to scare the troll out, no question.

But as a cleaner? Making such statement really makes people wanna think twice! I am not in the guild, and I never side with that VH of yours. What is fair is fair. What is right is right.

By the way, I know how the cleaning works and your cleaning ability that you so brag about, there are some marks left in the java script.

You want me to point it out in the screenshot??

70007a No.2689


Stop being a stupid cunt and go back to jerking off to your mom's panties you fucking moron

9449ca No.2690

File: 6efe2f47b151273⋯.jpg (300.38 KB, 1554x772, 777:386, mage_room.jpg)

Really dude... You are exceptional!

b508da No.2691


LOL, that's not a secret room. its a mega.nz drop folder, it only allows public upload. It's meant to make it easier than emailing, and uploading to some random file share site. Several cleaners are doing this now, and is now part of the first post in 4chan/tg/. It just to make it easier for both sides.

A secret room would be something like vola, or a place that used logins and only a certain few have access to...

Man, what a dumb fuck.

9af383 No.2692

I rarely post, but I'm pretty sure most of us give zero shits about your drama, despite the fact that this thread is for the SJW company, Paizo, product.

Can we please get back to the pirate kind of sharing and not the he-said/ she-said but no one gives a fuck about how they identify bullshit? - thanks :)

Also, big thanks to those who share and clean drama-free. It's appreciated by the mostly silent masses.

5e05c6 No.2695


I don't know what you are trying to prove here. But people appreciate what Mageguru is doing, and not interested in you jacking yourself off.

a47d74 No.2696


>S Werd Studios - Star Map - Asteroid


The PDF included with this group is not the Asteroid compilation, but the Planet one instead. Can we get a correct upload for the Asteroid PDF?


b508da No.2697

Don't worry about folks, the Board owner already stepped in and banned them.

189a69 No.2699

Sheesh. I go on vacation for a few days and THIS shit happens. No wonder I keep waiting for someone to flush it all away.

5ad68c No.2700

a071f0 No.2701


I thought this was my error, I checked the RPGNOW listing... seems its an error from the publisher. If you check the preview, its Planets as well.

a81aef No.2703

>>2678, >>2679

Thanks Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

90b034 No.2705

I bought this bundle today:


If anyone is interested in the bundle, I would be willing to donate this (or my entire LPJ folder) tomorrow.

However, everything has to be cleaned, would someone take it over?

a071f0 No.2706



Recommend that you upload as 1 archive file. So I know its a bundle.


70aa31 No.2707

Anyone has Fantasy Grounds Pathfinder/Starfinder modules to share?

6ac1fa No.2709


I send you 2 Files. One with the bundle in it, and the other with th rest of my LPJ- Folder...

Thx for cleaning...

a071f0 No.2711


Received, may take a bit a of time to go through though... and I think I have a large portion of these files already that are clean, so that should make it easier.

c51115 No.2712

Anyone have Paths of Power II, published by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming? http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/111941/Paths-of-Power-II-Paths-of-Blood

a071f0 No.2713

I am not sure who sent me the large SFRPG bundle about a week ago...

Xeno File 003 - Halloween edition was bad, 0 byte file so it seems the upload errored so if you could re-up that would be great.

e82e82 No.2714


Great... Thx..

1aaf4a No.2716


I do. I had honestly forgotten about it. Hell, last time I checked it hadn't been compiled into a single pdf.

Sent to the guru. Mage, it doesn't have visible watermark but it's from the Paizo site so please keep your usual good standards of cleaning. Thank you.

a071f0 No.2718

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Conquering Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Crimson Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Egyptian Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Gothic Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Imperial Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Metal Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Nautical Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Planetary Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Righteous Heroes


Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Winter Heroes


Spheres of Might (Updated 2-9-18)


4 Winds - Path of Power 2 - Paths of Blood



c51115 No.2719

Thanks everyone for the recent shares. Especially for Paths of Power II! Those who donate and the cleaners on the site are much loved!

a071f0 No.2720

Starfinder has earned it's own home...


About 130+ 3rd Party books added...


3e3458 No.2722

Does anyone know if there is a trove for the Pathfinder Legends audio drama series?

a071f0 No.2723


It seems 1 file LPJ9431 - Aegis of Makash was broken.. if you could re-donate, that would be great.

25bb0e No.2724


Just a Moment... ich will check it..

25bb0e No.2725


A new File is in your Donate-Folder...

a071f0 No.2726


Thank you

981334 No.2727

981334 No.2728

Requesting Eldritch Lairs and Demon Cults&Secret Societies by Kobold Press

2960ba No.2729


Seconding that

ea5cf3 No.2730


Thank you MageGuru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

ceceba No.2732


Why are Crimson Heroes 103 MB?

a071f0 No.2733


Blame Lengendary

68433d No.2734


Got it down to 14 mega and change



189a69 No.2735


Someone mind explaining to me what the hell this link is?

8d4303 No.2737

Throwing out a request for "Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness" by Jon Brazer Enterprises

ac529d No.2738


Spam or spyware?

ac529d No.2739


I am, just puzzled. Thanks Okultek and Mage.

189a69 No.2740


Well whatever it is/was, the Mods to care of it. Thank you Mods!

c51115 No.2741

Anyone have a complete copy of this -- far as I can tell a complete version has been missing for years. Only version out there was incomplete...

Advanced Player's Guide from Sword & Sorcery Studios


a071f0 No.2742


As this thread is PF & SF related, this is the wrong place to ask.

a071f0 No.2743



Here you go... Yes it's complete.



1574b2 No.2744

I'm looking for as many solo Pathfinder modules as are available. I have a few but I need many more.

a071f0 No.2745

The contents of the LPJ PF Mega Bundle is now up on the /PFTrove


a071f0 No.2748

Everyman - Star Log.Deluxe Zoomer


Gravity Age - Autonomous Artificial Intelligence


RG - Writing With Style An Editors Advice for RPG Writers


Rite - In The Company of Valkyries


Blood & Steel - Book 3 The Cavalier


JBE -Book of Heroic Races - Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness


LRG - Alternate Paths Divine Characters 2- Odd Gods


Porphyra - Hybrid Class Lurker


Porphyra - Hybrid Class Pundit


Porphyra - Ultimate Covenant Magic


Unchained Monks of Porphyra


Changelings of Porphyra



299f72 No.2751

That guy really hates that wall. He's been punching it for five months.

189a69 No.2752


Thank you MG! :)

ea5cf3 No.2753


Thank you MageGuru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

c51115 No.2754

Wow. This place is amazing with the shares. Wondering if anyone has seen Asian Spell Compendium yet from Legendary Games.


ec6ff6 No.2758

today is street date-any will post or i need to do that?

189a69 No.2759


It might be the street date somewhere in Asia, but it's not the street date HERE in the US. That honor doesn't come for another 9 hours at least.

ec6ff6 No.2760

ok i dont break the rules, or put something against liberator and mageguru. Guys will post that in few hours

55c8ce No.2761


Looking for Starfinder AP 4

94967e No.2762

Here you all go, thanks to our donors and cleaners! Enjoy! (and email me so I can put you on a donor list should I ever need to contact someone to lend a hand)

FLIP-MAT - Bigger Bridge


MAP PACK - Starship Deck


STARFINDER AP #4 - The Ruined Clouds




PATHFINDER AP #127 - War for the Crown (1 of 6)


PATHFINDER AP #127 - Interactive Maps


51fe92 No.2763

Has anyone released the following starfinder flip mats?

Basic Terrain (PZO7301)

Basic Starfield (PZO7302)

Cantina (PZO7303)

94967e No.2764


Nope, no one has donated them in yet.

db56dc No.2765

Release of Pathfinder Pawns: Traps & Treasures Collection?

bf521e No.2766


Mmm I think these pdf's was not cleaned by The Liberator or maybe you are not The Liberator

a071f0 No.2767


Liberator is not the cleaner, he organizes the donations and sends it to me and one other to clean, but this month I didn't get to them and the other person we have cleaning finished them.

5b76f0 No.2768

Odd, hadn't FLIP-MAT - Bigger Bridge already been shared? I had it with the exact same name and file size, but now a ctrl-f search doesn't let me find where else it was posted...

In any case, thanks for all the stuff and all the work, guys.

a071f0 No.2769


It was released early, as Paizo changed the street date to Feb 28th. You got it before we pulled it.

cd0982 No.2770


Can you explain what makes them dirty? I don't see anything so far...

94967e No.2771

Sorry folks, though QC got around to the files but haven't yet. The links are dead and the new files are now in the PF Trove if you want them.

4ac246 No.2772


Can someone pass the link to this trove? Or will the link be reuploaded?

a071f0 No.2773

"Javascript free" cleaned files are now in the /PFTrove and /SFTrove for Feb Releases.

fa4752 No.2774


Should I delete and replace the files I downloaded earlier?

a071f0 No.2775

05ab24 No.2776

GM's Day Sale started on DriveThru, it's 33% off for next ten days on lots of stuff.

027c06 No.2777

Am I not using the correct trove. it says there has been no updates since last year.

I am using snip

027c06 No.2778


Nvm, my tired eyes were not seeing the tiny numbers clearly. Now I feel silly.

a6d0cb No.2779

The Starship Deck map ended up in the Pathfinder Trove.

a071f0 No.2780


Because its not actually a Starfinder release, its a universal map pack for both PF & SF under the Map Packs series, along with Starship Chambers and Corridors.

a071f0 No.2781

PF Stuff

PF Society S09-14 - Down the Verdant Path


PF Society S09-15 - The Bloodcove Blockade


Starfinder Season 1-09 - Live Exploration Extreme!


Higher Grounds - Hybrid Class - Blade-Siren


Higher Grounds - Super Retro Sourcebook Vol 1


SGG - 1 With a Bullet Point - 7 Shadow Assassin Feats


Amora - Xeno File 003 - Halloween Edition


FGG - 8-Bit Adventures - Perseus Jr Gear


Galaxy Pirates - Katar Fast Attack


Galaxy Pirates - Katar Heavy Cruiser


Galaxy Pirates - Katar Light Freighter


Heroic Journey Publishing - Eldritch Races - Runeborn



3599a2 No.2782

Nothing about pathfinder bestiary 6 pawns?

5ea42b No.2783

Have some AAW PF modules to donate that I haven't seen in the wild. Need cleaning...MageGuru you up for this? Check email please.

5ea42b No.2784

BTW I'm one of those lurkers who has benefited from everyone's efforts on here for a long long time. Figure it's finally time to pay it forward a little bit. Thanks to Lib, MageGuru, Nergal, and on and on for all of the PF love!!!!

fabe12 No.2785


Sweet! Thank you very much!

189a69 No.2786


There's not a dedicated share person to do those. Thus, we don't get Pawns.

ea5cf3 No.2787

>>2762, >>2771, >>2781

Thank you The+Liberator, MageGuru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

d1504b No.2790

New Pathfinder edition coming out, playtest coming out August 2nd.


189a69 No.2791


This is kind of meh but at the same time, I do think Pathfinder is over-due for a rules update in places.

1dca75 No.2792


I feel the same. I am happy that they can do an update, and while PF is fun, I have moved on. Best wishes to Paizo, and I will still be following the update blurbs as they release.

189a69 No.2793


I haven't moved on...but I have enjoyed the idea of updating some things to make it more...accessible to players.

45ddbc No.2794


Am I the only one for whom the link do not work? All the older links are still functional.

2960ba No.2795


check this



Where can I find a nice mythic path for the bloodrager, or a more appropriate place to pose such question?

P.P.S. Keep up the great work ;)

45ddbc No.2796


Darn, the trove I have access to is from the older board days, which if usually 2-3 months behind (ultimate wilderness is the newest thing there), can't find the link to the newer one.

2960ba No.2797


check here or the dotcom version. just checked, it is updated

snip <dot> li


05caad No.2798


Are we sure it isn't D&D 4 under Pathfinder brand?

189a69 No.2799


I'm sure it will be more like a mixture of Starfinder, Pathfinder and D&D 5th.

3b9ac2 No.2800


SF supposedly had a bunch of the changes that are being used in 2e, so it'll be a mix of SF, 5e, and Pathfinder Unchained.

7a7db4 No.2801

I don't think Starfinder will be too much of a influence. Paizo has been working on 2E for 2 years now, so probably paralel development. (this kinda explains the mess with the Shifter tough)

189a69 No.2802


The shifter class was more due to the lack of playtesting outside of Paizo. Though to be fair, they did stop doing open playtests due to trolls.

I'm also certain Murder Hobo anon is right there will be some SF involved.

a071f0 No.2805

AaW - A02 Devil of Dark Wood


AaW - A03 Champions Rest


AaW - A04 Forest for the Trees


AaW - A05 Winterflower


AaW - A07 Alchemists Errand


AaW - A08 Search for the Tri-Stone


AaW - A09 Rogue Wizard


AaW - A11 Wild Thing


AaW - A25 Flute of the Four Winds



a071f0 No.2806

AaW - C05 The Foul Passage of Progress


AaW - C06 The Community Dungeon


AaW - C07 The Sussurus Tomb


AaW - B06 Cry Of Ill Omen


AaW - B10 White Worm of Weston


AaW - B15 Rito della Successione


AaW - B19 Tower of Screaming Sands


AaW - B20 For Rent, Lease or Conquest



a071f0 No.2807

AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Arcineum Devaneas 1


AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Arcineum Devaneas 2


AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Devaneas Arcineum 1


AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Devaneas Arcineum 2


AaW - Rule of Law


AaWBlog - Presents Armory of Adventures



617022 No.2808

New comer here, glad I found it though. I have used Mageguru's Troves unabashed in ignorance for some time and benefited significantly. Thank you to all whom make such creations possible, the quiet lurkers sincerely appreciate all you contribute, as do future generations.

ea5cf3 No.2809

>>2805, >>2806, >>2807

Thank you MageGuru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

1574b2 No.2813

When is the post date for March SF and PF products?

189a69 No.2814


I believe it the 28th. Certainly that's the street date release for the PDFs on Paizo's site.

a071f0 No.2815

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - A Shackled Mind is a Clear Mind (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Legacies Campaign Guide (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Markelis (5e - PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Players Guide (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Service is Eternal (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Spiderfen Terror in the Trees (5e - PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - The ArchDespotate of Faremh (PF)


SoV - Secret Societies of Vathak The People of Ash


SoV - Vathak Terrors - Cured of Ursatur



323db1 No.2816


Thank you MageGuru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

901c5b No.2817

Nergal site down right after Mageguru start to be active there...

Well... so obvious who is the man behind DMCA...

3ec7bb No.2819


Can we please stop this melodramatic soap opera? No one cares

901c5b No.2821


What are you bitching around slut?

Hangover Mageguru's dick?

817351 No.2822

Well, hello there Bruno, or whatever you're called today.

Go away Bruno. We don't need you.

06e8b7 No.2823


Seriously, go away. Go away and fuck yourself to death. No one wants you here, no one cares what you have to say, you have no friends, and everyone's fucking your mother, the whore.

901c5b No.2825



Why? You own America? Fuck you pussies!!!

a47d74 No.2826


You can't be serious...oh wait, you probably are. Which is super sad for you.

1f53cf No.2827


Yeah... um wrong... Mage has always been active in my room. We all know what happened and who caused the issue. So find another conspiracy to stroke.

59f844 No.2829

Is snip down?

2960ba No.2833


Try the dotcom version

189a69 No.2834

Seriously can someone get a mod/admin/ops/whatever to clear away this crap?

901c5b No.2835

On the contrary, I'm a dickhead. Mageguru is the culprit. My bad!

d36d92 No.2836


Nice try prick.

aa49d9 No.2837

Are we getting a PDF share thread #150? Was it renamed?

(over at 4chan I mean)

Just curious.

a47d74 No.2839


Already there.

a071f0 No.2840


Been there for about 7 hours

a071f0 No.2841

Legendary - Tomb of Madness (PF)



323db1 No.2842


Thank you MageGuru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for this awesome gem. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

901c5b No.2843

Legendary - Tomb of Madness (PF)


901c5b No.2844

901c5b No.2845

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - A Shackled Mind is a Clear Mind (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Legacies Campaign Guide (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Markelis (5e - PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Players Guide (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Service is Eternal (PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Spiderfen Terror in the Trees (5e - PF)


FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - The ArchDespotate of Faremh (PF)


SoV - Secret Societies of Vathak The People of Ash


SoV - Vathak Terrors - Cured of Ursatur


901c5b No.2846

AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Arcineum Devaneas 1


AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Arcineum Devaneas 2


AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Devaneas Arcineum 1


AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Devaneas Arcineum 2


AaW - Rule of Law


AaWBlog - Presents Armory of Adventures


16a8ca No.2847

Does anyone have this pawn pdfs? I can't find them.

- Starfinder Pawns

- Pathfinder Pawns: Pathfinder Society Pawn Collection

- Pathfinder Pawns: Villain Codex Box

- Pathfinder Pawns: Strange Aeons Pawn Collection

- Pathfinder Pawns: Heroes & Villains Pawn Collection

- Pathfinder Pawns: Ironfang Invasion Pawn Collection

- Pathfinder Pawns: Traps & Treasures Pawn Collection

- Tome of Beasts Pawns

Thank you!

2960ba No.2848


isn't dangerous to post a direct link like that??

792128 No.2849


I have Villain Codex Box. I'm looking for Bestiary 6 Box too.

792128 No.2850

How do I put a pawn on the trove?

a47d74 No.2851


You can email Mageguru or another one of us to post for you. Or you can email me and I will get it to Mage.

cityofcarse <at> gmail <dot> com

cd0982 No.2852

Pathfinder/Starfinder Pawns

Mage, Liberator, anyone else?

Which Pawns are we missing?

I am currently cleaning the Villains Codex Pawns set, and want to give the donor a heads up to what other pawn sets are needed. Lets take advantage of this great opportunity.


cd0982 No.2853


Never mind, I see the list.

792128 No.2855

I contributed to the Villain Codex Box and Pathfinder Society Pawns Collection. It was my duty. I always come here to see the news and I have already got a lot of material through the trove. I just have to thank you!

Thank you.

a071f0 No.2856


We do appreciate it, thank you.

We're always looking for donators.

189a69 No.2857


Especially PAWN donators.

a47d74 No.2858



Can you set up a folder in the PFTrove for just pawns?

2c210d No.2859

Maybe someone here who has supported the German Starfinder about Ulisses-Crowdfunding?

If so, it would be great to share the PDF's here.

Thank you....

1b51ac No.2860

sorry this is a bit off topic, but does anyone know if there's an AD&D trove like these?

2960ba No.2861


the /TSRTrove

128d4c No.2863


Dumbass. Trove got nuked because of you.

41b672 No.2864


Undoubtedly that was the point. Fortunately, MageGuru was prepared for just such an eventuality. After all, he did go to Stanford, which is nearly as prestigious as Caltech. (Consider this: which of their mascots would win in a fight?) More seriously, it's regrettable that he needs to. Clearly the purple golem turns a (mostly) blind eye to our doings. It's the butthurt who cause trouble. My guess is that they're upset they can't come up with decent IP anyone would deign to pay for. Well, this post is already to long, so I'll hang up on myself now. Oh wait, requesting Legendary Levels: Magic and Legendary Levels: Deific Bestiary by Little Red Goblin Games.

a071f0 No.2865

Trove didn't get nuked,

This why you bookmark or go to the /PFTrove address and not the Mega address. which changes.

901c5b No.2866

Stanford graduates are pretty smart. Really man, I am not kidding! That's the reason why we tell people to keep using snip.li and tell them that we just shift folder to make it appear it got nuked.

Also, we collect info from cleaning pdf and god knows what we will be doing with all the personal info and purchasing details we have in our file.

By the way, re-posted to help the morons see it clearly.

Starfinder RPG Trove:


Pathfinder RPG Trove:


TSR Trove:


a47d74 No.2867


Ugh. Fucking tool.

901c5b No.2868

March 2018

Da Curated Archive:


Da Archive:


Da Archive Annex:


Have fun! Ignore the dicks who wants us out because they want to own the room!

901c5b No.2869

901c5b No.2870

41b672 No.2871


Nice spelling of Stanford, nitwit.

Look, I don't care if you're Bruno, or Daniel, or whoever. None of us do. You're not making us leave.

Yes, I'm probably just exacerbating things by feeding the troll. What's the method for reporting abusive posts again?

a071f0 No.2872


Click the triangle next to the name of the offender, and choose report post.

41b672 No.2873


Thanks. Too bad we can't just have blondie in the corner there give him a once-over. He's been looking to beat down someone since last year.

aa49d9 No.2874

Is the pdf share thread 151 up yet?

I ask because the last 2 threads (149.5 and 150) would not turn up under any search engines at all... and if 151 is up, it's not coming up at all.

I use "4chan pdf share thread #1xx"... and it worked until the last 2 threads. -_-

d061bc No.2875

aa49d9 No.2876


Thank you.

de0803 No.2877

I'm interested in finding out about the hard to find PF Pawn collections that were mentioned recently and where to find them.

de0803 No.2878


I was refering to this post when asking about how to find a PF collection which include the more recent Pawn PDF's. Like Traps and Treasures.

a071f0 No.2879

Villain Codex Box - Pawn Collection added to Trove.

Pathfinder Society Pawns was already in the Trove under the Society folder.

de0803 No.2880


Thank you very much. Hope to see some of the other "hard to find" pawn collections like PF Traps and Treasures. I appreciate your efforts Mageguru.

0f9123 No.2881


you got Mail...


2d16d4 No.2890

Looks like the Roll20 trove got emptied out...disappointing as I'm getting ready for a Roll20 campaign.

ec6ff6 No.2897

did march goodies be posted?

2960ba No.2898

I was seeking a complete collection, but I found only a couple of them in the trove. Where can I find them? Have they all been liberated?

ae8261 No.2899

So, The Liberator, CityOfCarse, and MageGuru...check your mail from a misbehaving magic user. IT's not freaky spam I promise.

unfortunately ruggedinbox shut down a while back and I still haven't found a good alt email system so I'm stuck using the hot mail for now.

ae8261 No.2900


What's SoP ?

2960ba No.2901


Sphere of Power

94967e No.2902

Not much here. Just the AP and the Merchant's Manifest. We don't have a donor for SF Pact Worlds, if you have it then send it our way to liberate, thanks!

As for the #128 Interactive Maps, owners of the PDF received a copy missing all the pages except for the cover page and Paizo has yet to issue a fixed version. Soon as that is available, we can clean and send it out.





cd0982 No.2903


Pact Worlds



94967e No.2905



Ah thanks, I must have missed this LOL I'm usually given word on whether we have the Paizo SF or not.

2960ba No.2906


Wow, it's a scan!

cd0982 No.2907


Yeah, I noticed that right away. I'd prefer the official pdf.

cd0982 No.2908

Pathfinder Society Scenarios

S09-16 Fallen Family, Broken Name

S09-17 Oath of the Kosherwatched

Starfinder Society Scenarios

S01-10 The Half-Alive Streets

S01-11 In Pursuit of the Scoured Past

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Official Scenarios

Season 00 through Season 04

(To whomever requested these, sorry it took a few extra days to compile and clean)

All the above at:

snip <dot> li


53df98 No.2909


Please, can you create a pawn-only folder on the trove to improve the organization? Thank you.

a071f0 No.2910




Actually that's not a scan, that is a flattened OEF and image compressed. Someone doesn't know how to do a proper clean.

a071f0 No.2911



a071f0 No.2912



a47d74 No.2913


Since Mageguru has added the newest Pathfinder/Starfinder/Adventure Card Game scenarios I posted earlier to the PFTrove, I am deleting mine. If you need these, go to:

snip <dot> li


under the relevant folders. Thanks Mage!

68cc38 No.2914


I gave the 2 first seasons to Volcanohound years ago, but I am pleased to see the others shared.

Thanks to donators and cleaners, as usual !!

a47d74 No.2915


Yeah, I saw those. And I did not change those at all. I used yours as a template, and simply kept them together. Someone requested them recently, so I simply added the new seasons.

Thank you for releasing them way back then!


169baf No.2916

Can someone reup the hero trove?

68cc38 No.2917


I checked the Season 00, and this is the first version.

They made a second version when they changed the rules of the Organized Play.

I send the last version to CoC.

As would say The Stereophonics "Have a Nice Day"


323db1 No.2918

>>2902, >>2903, >>2908, >>2913, >>2914

Thank you The+Liberator, CityofCarse, MageGuru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors like Lulu-le-Poilu for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

29949a No.2924

- Pathfinder Adventure Path - War for the Crown - Player's Guide

- Pathfinder Society - Faction Journal Cards - Season 9 - Full Sheet (Updated)

- Pathfinder Society - Faction Journal Cards - Season 9 - Half Sheet (Updated)

- Pathfinder Society - Roleplaying Guild Guide v9.1

- Pathfinder Society - Adventure Card Guild Guide v5.0


323db1 No.2925


Thanks TLaundry. Is this clean?

4b6a87 No.2926

If someone has not donated Pact Worlds, I can.

aa49d9 No.2927


Is yours is text rippable, that'd be hugely appreciated (at least by me, can't speak for anyone else) !!!

aa49d9 No.2928


Upping a bunch of the Evil Robot Games Galaxy Pirates ships to you for cleaning... I decided to buy them because they've been going through them and updating them with maps, crew stats, and other things... Also the price went up on the few they've done deckplans for already, so figured may as well get them now before the rest go up in price.

They're named as the publisher named them.

db56dc No.2929

We also need Starfinder GM Screen

a071f0 No.2930




4b6a87 No.2932



aa49d9 No.2933


This is the list of what's missing from Paizo for starfinder currently;

Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain, Basic Starfield, Cantina, Starship, Urban Sprawl - paizo.com/store/starfinder/maps

Starfinder GM Screen - paizo.com/products/btpy9tmn?Starfinder-GM-Screen

Core Rulebook Pawn Collection - paizo.com/products/btpy9tml?Starfinder-Core-Rulebook-Pawn-Collection

Alien Archive Pawn Box - paizo.com/products/btpy9uji?Starfinder-Alien-Archive-Pawn-Box

8da7f3 No.2934

Not sure if this is off topic, but does anyone have environmental audio or other fantasy music as background for RPGs? Like Plate Mail Games or Syrinscape

a071f0 No.2935

Easter Edition

Pact Worlds - Official Proper Clean... Not the crappy 80mb flattened and poorly compressed version seen here >>2903


Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-1 Lost at Sea v2


Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-2 A Pirate&#039;s Life v2


Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-3 Treacherous Waters v2


Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-4 Island of the Damned v2


Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-5 Run Out the Guns v2


Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-6 Hurricane Weather v2


Ascension - Path of Iron


LRG -Forces of Red Sector v1.1


Forest Guardian - The Direlock v2


Kettle of Fish - The Meddlers Multipurpose Maps Cavern of The Crimson Cult


Kettle of Fish - The Talented Rogues Guide to Rogue Talents Vol 1


KromeDragon Games - Bloody Cauldron


KromeDragon Games - Fenrirs Fury


KromeDragon Games - Shrine of the Risen



aa49d9 No.2936

Has a new share thread over at 3 chan been set up yet? Not getting any hits looking for #154... or is it another 'oddly named' thread?

a47d74 No.2937


nothing yet.

Save yourself some time and just look for "pdf share"

a071f0 No.2938


You need to be patient...

It is Easter after all.

aa49d9 No.2939


Age test...

"Patience. yea yea, how long'll that take?"


41b672 No.2940


I'll confess I had to look it up. Now if you'd said, "One for Jenny and the wimp," I'd've gotten it right away.

I've driven my kids nuts listening to "Existential Blues".

aa49d9 No.2941


Ed Gruberman would have been to obvious... as would 'Boot to the head'... :D

323db1 No.2942


Thank you Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors like >>2926 for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

d7794a No.2944


Anyone liberated Top Secret New World Order including The White Queen module?

de0803 No.2945


I have the official D&D soundtrack for rpg background music. I'm a Noob to the file sharing so I don't know where I should send it. The music is in MP3 format in case your wondering and its by "Midnight Syndicate".

a47d74 No.2946


send it to:

snip <dot> li


de0803 No.2947


You probably just received all the "loose" mp3 files and the CD cover image folder. I thought it would give me the option to upload it to a sub-folder. Sorry. But I did send the entire album.

a47d74 No.2948


That was to MageGuru

de0803 No.2949


Ok. Then he should have received 24 MP3 files and a folder containing the CD Pics. I did state that I'm a noob at this file sharing thing.

a47d74 No.2950


No worries. It's in the right hands for now!

de0803 No.2953


I also have the 2disc Star Wars Empire Strikes Back OST. Lots of great, orchestral music by John Williams. Including "the Imperial March" a.k.a " Darth Vaders theme". I know what your thinking...Why would I want a well known orchestra tune from Star Wars Empire Strikes Back playing in the background of my rpg game session? If your running a Pathfinder game, picture this. Your player group notices a mysterious fog and this is when you play "the Imperial march". Through the fog a armored figure appears, clad in Jet black, full plate and he's breathing like he's got a bad case of emphysema. Its a Anti-Paladin named Darth! And he's got telekinesis and a ectoplasmic, phantom, saber!..With the imperial march playing in the background, Darth the Anti-Paladin is throwing the PC's around the room with telekinesis while cutting others down with his Phantom Saber...I think after the player characters collectively, shit themselves I think that "Darth Vader music" will be a fun addition to your game session. :D

de0803 No.2954

I figured I might as well donate the Empire Strikes Back Album aswell. I sent it in a Zip file this time. You may find alot of decent background music on the two discs included in the movie soundtrack. I sent it to Mageguru already. Enjoy!

d7794a No.2955





Hey fuck brain, this is Pathfinder thread!

de0803 No.2956



Tell that to the dick looking for Top Secret the New World Order and the White Queen module. Oh..Thats right. It was you.

7c1004 No.2957

Hoping that someone can help me out. I am looking for the following:

Wayward Rogues Publishing -

The Hunger from Below

Feast of Ashes

Legendary Games -

The Legendary Planet series in either Pathfinder or Starfinder format (All I have is the Assimilation Strain for PF)

I'm also interested in any of the New planets that they have detailed for Starfinder, and Mythic Monsters 42, & 45 - 50 (Halloween, Middle East, Japan, Greek, Fey, South Pacific,& Celtic)

a071f0 No.2958

Luminous Echo - The World Compendium (5e, Anima, PF)


April Augmented 2018


Psioncis Augmented - Focused Disciplines


Psioncis Augmented - Mythic Psionics


Psioncis Augmented - Seventh Path


Psioncis Augmented - Wilders


Talislanta - The Savage Land



de0803 No.2959


Hey Mage..Did you receive the audio files I sent you? A request was made for background music for RPG's. Thought I would donate the D&D OST and The Empire Strikes Back OST.

f76819 No.2960


First two parts of Legendary Planet for SF are in /SFTrove

Mythic Monsters Halloween is in /PFTrove

both @ snip

I haven't seen the others

a071f0 No.2961


Rite - In The Company of Fiends


Wayward Rogue - Shattered Skies - Librarian Unbound Hybrid Class


Wayward Rogue - Shattered Skies - Portal Hopper Hybrid Class


Wayward Rogue - Shattered Skies - RR1 The Hunger From Below


Wayward Rogue - Shattered Skies - RR2 A Feast of Ashes


Kobold Press - Midgard Players Guide


Lost Spheres - City of 7 Seraphs - Akashic Trinity


LRGG - Dilettante Base Class



323db1 No.2962

>>2958, >>2961

Thank you Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

de0803 No.2963


Did you remove your $nip<dot>.li trove Mageguru? If so, will it be back again in the future.

a071f0 No.2964



0fc85f No.2965

oh no...

58717d No.2966

As it says on the tin: any troves have Wayward Rogue PDFs other than those just advised?

7a92af No.2967

Well crap, and I just got the Asylum flip-mat to donate. Sorry to hear that @mageguru

de0803 No.2968


I'm not familiar with "$$". Do I need to download a software program to access it? Can anyone instruct me on how to access it? Mageguru, sorry to hear about that DMCA shit.

a071f0 No.2969


you can still donate

a071f0 No.2970



53df98 No.2972


How we can found the files now?

41b672 No.2973

The SF trove was up when I checked last night but now it's down too. Stuff will be back up whenever it is, but is this time different, MG? Or is it just pesky RL interfering? I haven't done my taxes, either.

a071f0 No.2974


Yeah some fucker is messing around submitting fake DMCA's, cause as a test I put the SF one back up, and it was taken down on 3 hours ago on a saturday, when Paizo offices are closed.

de0803 No.2975


I haven't tried Send Space yet because I read something about Send Space sending targeted malware with some downloads. Will you be using M3g@ in the future with temporary links as you have done in the past for the monthly PF release's?

de0803 No.2976

I'm interested in >Wayward Rogue - Shattered Skies - Portal Hopper Hybrid Class and the Asylum Flip Mat which was offered by somebody in a earlier post. But after reading about Sendspace it seems alot more "sketchy" than downloading from your M3g@ directory. If you haven't guessed already...I'm not that internet savvy.

de0803 No.2977



Both these post were directed to Mageguru, if it isn't obvious.

68433d No.2978


Did you screenshot the messages from mega about them, by any chance?

c51115 No.2979

Anyone have either of these two from Rite Publishing?

101 Hill and Mountain Spells http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/184097/101-Hill--Mountain-Spells-PFRPG

101 Plains Spells


6acf96 No.2980

So the vault was down and now moved elsewhere?

Where can I donate by the way? I have everything from the sphere series

a071f0 No.2981


As of right now the trove is offline.

/donate @ snip<dot>li

a071f0 No.2982

Troves are back up... at least temporarely

cd0982 No.2983

Word on the monthly path/starfinder stuff?

ee9aa7 No.2984

Strange, the snip<dot>li doesn't seem to link to the M3G@ troves but instead redirects to the Remuz archive, which unfortunately hasn't been updated since January. Not sure if this was intended or not.

a071f0 No.2985


Yes I did that intentionally

a071f0 No.2986


April 25th

de0803 No.2987


Do you know who owns the Remuz trove and if so would you consider adding your PFTrove to it? It seems like somebody made a effort to keep it well stocked and then just gave up on it.

a071f0 No.2988

Everyman Minis - Patriotic Options


Legendary - Intrigue Archetypes


The Knotty-Works - Advancing With Class - The Vigilante



3090e9 No.2989

It's been a while since I accessed the trove, it seems to have disappeared. Help, please?

a071f0 No.2990


read the prior posts

de0803 No.2991


Have you read this post >>2987?

94967e No.2992

Well some asshole got my MEGA account files locked so I now I have to waste time setting up a new one.

323db1 No.2993


Thank you Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

aa49d9 No.2994

Weird issue with the 4chan 158 thread... try to post and it gives me a connection error... been doing it all day. Only site it happens on.

Also, post count has been at 46 all day... so I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem???

cd0982 No.2995


Yep. Just have to wait it out

a071f0 No.2996

Cloundflare issue.

aa49d9 No.2997



Ah, okay, glad to know I'm not (too) crazy then. :p

94967e No.2998

Someone with the now defunct email reported my MEGA account. Fuck them.


Anyway, I'll be sending file shares via SS instead.

a071f0 No.2999

/SFTrove now up for testing

95de1c No.3000

Shit, haven't checked on here for months and now PFtrove seem to be down/moved? I've tried to make heads or tails of the posts above but not sure if it's just down for the moment or moved to somewhere else (in which case not sure where).

Sorry for being slow.

f7e0c5 No.3001


Yeah, there's been some DMCA bullshit.

As of right now most of the troves are moved over to the out-of-date Remuz directory, while the SFTrove got moved (as far as I know) to a new oDrive site.

d83e74 No.3002

the new sf drive works great!

776bd7 No.3003

Once trove is back up, any word on Legacy gunslinger? I'm in no rush, just curious.

cd0982 No.3004

File: ddf2a953d6dea23⋯.jpg (304.21 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, scan.jpg)

Heroes for Highdelve (Gen Con 50 print module only) for Pathfinder.

I've been able to get a copy, scan it, and include the PFS chronicle sheet with it. It's a great little intro module, with a really nice chronicle sheet that you earn for playing it in Pathfinder Society.




129bb5 No.3005


Thank you CityofCarse, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF love rolling. :D

a071f0 No.3006


Alluria - Remarkable Races Submerged - The Kvol


Alluria - Remarkable Races Submerged - The Sea Squole


Alluria - Remarkable Races Submerged - Trueforms


Drop Dead Studios - Wild Magic



AAW - Futures Past AP 3 - First Contact


D3 Adventures - The Starsea Chronicles


Everyman - Star Log Deluxe - Starfarer Grafts


Everyman - Star LogEM-022 Magic Hacks


Everyman - Star LogEM-023 Yroometji


Gamer Printshop - Dead In Space


RGG - Starfarers Codex Legacy Gunslinger


TPK - Races of the Outer Rim - The Anarchane



de0803 No.3007

I Went to the empty 0Dr1ve which is currently in the test phase. Any word on when to expect the PFTrove to be up and running again?

129bb5 No.3008


Thank you Mageguru!, your fellow cleaners and the generous donors for the new material. Please keep the PF/SF love rolling. :D

ee9aa7 No.3009

Just donated Flip-Mat Classics Darklands and a quality 3PP by Spes Magna Games called Making Craft Work, as a heads up to those that are interested. A small contribution of what I can as thanks for all the work cleaners/donators do, thanks to all!

55c8ce No.3010


Heck yes! Thank you good anon!

97313b No.3011


Making Craft Work is in the wild for years. Thanks anyway!

ee9aa7 No.3012

And because today is 4/20 and I feel like giving back to the world properly, Carse should have just received the Traps & Trasures and Heroes & Villians Pawn sets.

55c8ce No.3013


Thank you good anon!

Heroes & Villains Pawn Collection

Traps & Treasures Pawn Collection

Both available here.




de0803 No.3014


Can you help me access these pawn collections. I've never used Sendspace before. I set up a account but I don't know how to access the filegroup you provided. Any advice would be appreciated.

a47d74 No.3015


literally type in sendspace <dot> com, then add the rest of the address he gave you. There is no lesson plan for sendspace. You just go there. No account necessary.

It's not complicated, people.

de0803 No.3016


Thanks for the info and getting back to me quickly.

3dc8db No.3017


Thanks a lot, I have also a request, if anyone can fulfill it...

Can the text be removed from the Traps & Treasures Pawn Collection?

Or even better, can the pieces be packed as jpgs in a zip archive?

So that they can be used in maps without the writings.

Thanks in advance.

e224e8 No.3019

Big surprise, rpg.rem.uz is down now. I swear..

55c8ce No.3020


No, it's not. Just checked. Everyone calm the fuck down.

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