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File: 47d690ef2d23635⋯.jpg (148.2 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, pathfinder_kingmaker.0.jpg)

0e8336  No.3023

Old thread had to stop due to post limit. Here's our Thread #2.

0e8336  No.3024

And a link to our old thread.


320b0e  No.3025


Sweet. Welcome back!

cb9212  No.3026

/PFTrove - Pathfinder

/SFTrove - Starfinder

@ $nip<dot>li

c150bf  No.3027

Good to see a new PF/SF thread. The S/N ratio is so much higher.

cb9212  No.3028

Asparagus Jumpsuit PFRPG Bundle


Flying Pincushion PFRPG Bundle


Spes Magna Games - Making Craft Work PFRPG



4284a4  No.3029


The MA/RRR ratio is much better on this thread than it is anywhere else I've found as well. Very happy to see this new continuation of the PF/SF thread since the last thread is a "Dead Thread".

07708b  No.3030

Did we get lucky and get the Starfinder AP #5 donated?

7281c9  No.3031

i will get st ap 5, but again waith few hours for lib

07708b  No.3032

Just sent the following to Lib to post asap:

Pathfinder Society

Season 8-99B The Solstice Scar Version B

Season 9-18 Scourge of the Farheavens

Season 9-13 Clash in Kamuko Wood

Starfinder Society

Season 01-12 Ashes of Discovery

Season 01-13 On the Trail of History


7281c9  No.3033

did april stuff be donated to liberator?

fb1bae  No.3035


Lib has them. He's just making sure they're ready to be released into the wild. Patience.

cb9212  No.3036

Campaign - Nidal, Land of Shadows


War for the Crown - 3 - The Twilight Child


War for the Crown - 3 - The Twilight Child - Interactive Maps


SF Dead Suns - 5 - The Thirteenth Gate


Flip-Mat - Asylum


Flip-Mat Classics - Darklands


S08-99 - The Soltice Scar vB


S09-18 - Scourge of the Farheavens


S09-19 - Clash in Kaimuko Wood


SF S01-12 - Ashes of Discovery


SF S01-13 - On the Trail of History



5f286a  No.3037


Thank you thank you thank you to you and the donors!

8f1523  No.3038

Thanks MageGuru, Liberator and the donors for the constant supplying of goodies.

Minor thing for completism: did the maps for WotC issue2 got released/corrected after the mishap?

e4c4c2  No.3039


Not yet. Still checking on it, but I've not heard anything new since April 12th. Hopefully sooner than later.

8f1523  No.3040


OK, got it

0e23fa  No.3042

Thank you Liberator for making a new thread. I may be a little early for the request, but if anyone has a copy of AAW's Mini-Dungeon Tome ( http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/240154/MiniDungeon-Tome-Pathfinder-RPG ) it would be sincerely appreciated if you considered donating it. Big ups to all donators and cleaners for all the love you bring!

d7b841  No.3043

So, I looked through this whole place and found no such thread/topic for D&D. Is there one? Or are they posted in this one?

e76282  No.3044

I know it's just out pretty recent, but does anyone have or is anyone planning to get Bloodlines and Black Magic? It sounds pretty cool.

ddb915  No.3045


Go to the /TG/ section

(Tabletop games)

f9dcd4  No.3046

Did I miss the interactive maps for War of the crown 2? I can't find it

7284f8  No.3047


Just U/L dirty file to CoC for cleaning

0fd061  No.3048


Sadly, the only thing that that file was the title page, no map. I sent you an email regarding. Try again.

7284f8  No.3049




Just looked this up on the forums, as it appears both the Interactive Maps available for purchasers to download are incomplete and do not contain maps. Crystal Fraiser (Paizo Developer) acknowledged the issue on Mar 16th that they were resolving the issue, but unfortunately this does not appear to be resolved as of yet. When they release em, I'll check to make sure they get sent along correctly.

e12238  No.3050

Above Average Creations - Oracle Curses


Above Average Creations - The Mad Mage's Marvelous Menagerie


Absolute Tabletop - A Cookbook of the Realms Volume 1


Absolute Tabletop - Absolute Adventures Horror at Misty Meadows


Absolute Tabletop - Absolute Adventures Riptide Raid


Accessible Games - Diviner's Dissertation


Adamant Entertainment - Cooking With Class


LRGG - Alternate Paths Prestige Classes


LRGG - Champions of Magic


LRGG - Heroes Of The Waves A Polynesian Sourcebook


LRGG - Tome Of Ethical Necromancy



d31864  No.3051

was Book of Passion

Misfit studios released into the wild ?

375278  No.3052

Anybody have Pathfinder Map Pack "Secret Rooms" ?

e68dd6  No.3053

Finally, a replacement interactive map set for the Pathfinder AP #128 file (Songbird, Scion, Saboteur). Thank you, gracious anon for staying on top of that and passing this on when they finally corrected it.



793e61  No.3054


Yay! Inner compulsive completist appeased.

064a0d  No.3055

PZO1023E - Pathfinder Pawns - Curse of the Crimson Throne Pawn Collection

PZO1025E - Pathfinder Pawns - Strange Aeons Pawn Collection



8ab739  No.3056


Rock on!

375278  No.3057


The Pawn Collections are very much appreciated, Thanks! Would I be pushing it if I requested Map Pack Secret Rooms from you? If you have it.

7284f8  No.3058

>>3054 > > >>3055

But seriously, this!

95c899  No.3059

Looking for Racial Profiles Expanded: Hungry Souls, by d20pfsrd.com

Publishing. Seems absent from the trove, anyone willing to donate?

e68dd6  No.3060

Starfinder 3rd Party AP, episodes 1 & 2. Thanks, anon!

From Beyond Ep. 1 - Distress Call

From Beyond Ep. 2 - Descent



ad2f4f  No.3061

found this tutorial about making starmaps for your campaign

Tutorial for rpg map making for a Space /Sci Fi Setting Part 1


Tutorial for rpg map making for a Space /Sci Fi Setting Part 2


e12238  No.3062


Straight Path - Adaptive Armory


Legendary - Treasury of the Machine



Note you can donate your items to be cleaned at snip<dot>li


Noticed a decline in the last 2 weeks...

52ce48  No.3063

Is there any way to build a list missing items that still need to be donated? This can help get things donated more quickly without duplication.

375278  No.3064


Mageguru's trove is the most complete that I've seen. If he doesn't have it in his collection its probably because it hasn't been donated yet. There seems to be some Map Packs, Flip Mats and Pawn collections that have yet to be donated.

6123a6  No.3065


I think it might be:

Map Packs:

PZO4064 Bridges

PZO4066 Desert Sites

PZO4067 Secret Rooms

PZO4071 Frozen Sites


PZOSQW30010 GameMastery Flip-Mat

PZO30069 Bigger Basic

PZO30077 Bigger Forest

PZO30079 Elemental Planes Multi-Pack

PZO30080 Bigger Ship

PZO30081 Forbidden Jungle

PZO30082 Airship

PZO30090 Forest Fire


PZO1028 Ironfang Invasion Pawn Collection

PZO1029 Bestiary 6 Box

PZO1030 Ruins of Azlant Pawn Collection

375278  No.3066


If everything on this list is generously donated and sent to the the cleaners, then that would certainly make a "complete collection" of shared Pathfinder Pdf's. I for one am still trying to find Map Pack Secret Rooms.

e12238  No.3067

FYI snip @ /donate

6d2c64  No.3068

Is the D&D 5e trove still around somewhere?

bf5448  No.3069

I haven't been able to find two DSP books that I really want.

Unfettered Dreams:Malefex and Steelforge 2, have these shown up anywhere or does anyone have them?

e12238  No.3070



e12238  No.3071


DDS - The Auspicians Handbook


Dreamscarred - Steelforge Book 2


Dreamscarred - Unfettered Dreams - Malefex


Jetpack 7 - Gods and Goddesses Pathfinder Conversion


LRGG - Possessor Base Class


RITE - In the Company of Fiends (Updated)


WR - Shattered Skies - Cult of the Wendigo


WR - Shattered Skies - Thirst for Knowledge


Alluria - Remarkable Races Submerged - The Sisiutl


d20PFSRD - Racial Profiles Expanded - Hungry Souls


e12238  No.3072

Everyman - Star LogEM-025 Dragon Disciple.pdf 1.90MB


Everyman - Star LogEM-026 Mythos Mystic Connection.pdf 15.26MB


Everyman - Star Log.Deluxe Starfarer Grafts.pdf 2.94MB


LPJ - Infinite Space Dark Relics.pdf 6.25MB


NotN - Horizontech Catalogue 004 - Commercial Robots.pdf 1.79MB


NotN - Spacefarers Digest 004 - Grenadiers Handbook.pdf 1.74MB


RGG - Starfarer Adversaries - Invader War Machine.pdf 5.99MB


Northern Edge - Worlds Away - Gilgamesh Prime


(Missing) Traveler's Guide to the Galaxy 003 - Siron II

(Missing) Star Log.EM-024: Expansion Bays

bf5448  No.3074


Awesome, thank you!

e68dd6  No.3076

File: 1fce634999aaf0c⋯.jpg (197.31 KB, 1257x1643, 1257:1643, Pages from Adventure Card ….jpg)


Adventure Card Game 4-5 The Pactmaster's Bargain (now all five scenarios, A-E)

And the first scenario (A) of:

Adventure Card Game 4-6 Blood Lord's Lament




375278  No.3077

Anybody know if (Wayward Rogue Tales From The Laughing Dragon Inn) is in any of the troves?

986d04  No.3078


Thanks to donors and cleaners

e12238  No.3079


Psi-Watch Bundle (d20/PF)


Everyman - Star LogEM-024 Expansion Bays


Everyman - Star LogEM-027 Skittermander Options


8ab739  No.3080

File: 5e5ce8d69caa349⋯.jpg (110.49 KB, 843x601, 843:601, Screenshot.jpg)

Latest releases for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and the Adventure Card Game


S09-20 Fury of the Final Blade

S09-21 In the Grandmaster's Name


SF 01-14 Star Sugar Heartlove!!!

SF 01-15 Save the Renkrodas

Adventure Card Game

04-7 Yeleth of the First Blood (first two scenarios)

All at:



e12238  No.3081


Bestiary 6 Box - Pawn Collection


Ruins of Azlant - Pawn Collection


52ce48  No.3083

donated asian spell compendium, 101 plains spells, 1010 mountain & hill spells, and 101 desert spells for cleaning

52ce48  No.3084

oops...101 mountain and hill spells

0fd061  No.3085



And here they are.

Rite Publishing:

101 Plains Spells

101 Mountain & Hill Spells

101 Desert Spells

Legendary Games:

Asian Spell Compendium

Get it here:



Thanks, Mr. Donor!


7284f8  No.3086

Couple of neat releases from Legendary Games, hoping some fellow Anon's feel compelled to share these neat looking compilations:

Alien Bestiary Compendium: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/241946/Alien-Bestiary-Companion

Pirate Campaign Compendium: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/242441/Pirate-Campaign-Compendium-Pathfinder

As always, thank you to those who donate and clean to keep this little community running

f5386a  No.3088

7284f8  No.3089


Glorious Sabaroo, thank you very much for the redirect!

95c899  No.3090

Looking for the following:


* Ultimate Antipodism


* Classes of the Lost Spheres: Paramour

* Classes of the Lost Spheres: Echo

15fb22  No.3091


Paramour, haven't seen the others



edf154  No.3092


If you don't mind waiting I was going to get the Zodiac next week, I can get Echo too.

I'll send them to Mage somewhere between the fifth and the ninth.

9414a1  No.3093

Did books be donated to Lib or Mage?

b72466  No.3094

Some more 3pp pdfs to complete my collection:


Remarkable Races Submerged: Mrawgh

Remarkable Races Submerged: Morgen

Remarkable Races Submerged: Nelumbu


Racial Profiles: Tavi


Bloodforge Infusions: Feathers and Fur


Classes of the Lost Spheres: Shadow Weaver

Thanks in advance

00be48  No.3095


Seconded, when are we gonna get May Goodies? I don't want to rush anyone; just hoping for an update.

6d2c64  No.3096

Another question/possible request, has anyone ever submitted the available Return to Freeport adventures?

436cff  No.3097






PATHFINDER AP #130 Interactive Maps


375278  No.3098


Thanks Liberator.

c8fe14  No.3099


All three files are returning 404 messages. Please advise? Am I doing something wrong?

a96ed0  No.3100


Yes, you are. Links are fine.

c8fe14  No.3101


Weird. Can someone teach me how to access the $nip files? The URL I'm using is $nip<dot>li and then the link from the post (/file/etc), only replacing $ with S.

a96ed0  No.3102


It's not $nip, think of another site that has two $. in the name.

c8fe14  No.3103


Gotcha, you're a lifesaver. Thank you so much for your patience.

19f23e  No.3104

Nothing for Starfinder in this months releases?

3187f0  No.3105


Nope, starfinder gets stuff every other month or so

7284f8  No.3106



To clarify, Paizo does release Starfinder supplements just like Pathfinder supplements every month, with May being no exception. What we lack is a regular donator of Flip-Mats and Pawn collections for Starfinder or Pathfinder. So the Starfinder Flip-Mat: Starship, The Sunrise Maiden and Starfinder Pact Worlds Pawn Collection released this month are currently unavailable until an internet hero takes on the mantle to donate these.

b0b1e2  No.3109

Starfinder and Pathfinder troves keep giving errors when I try to get into them. "503 service unavailable" any thoughts?

ea943b  No.3110


This has been reported on some other threads. It appears to be a problem with snip.li itself. Snipli.com may work for you. It did for me, but seemed rather hesitant.

e12238  No.3111

503 Service Unavailable. The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server. The implication is that this is a temporary condition which will be alleviated after some delay.

In this case Snipli's hosting server, which could be apache, and or it's mysql server are being overloaded. and requests are timing out.

1f39ba  No.3113


Sent the Echo and Zodiac to Mageguru, plus four more 3pp books.

Ultimate Antipodism is on my list for August if noone does it first.


Shadow Weaver is low priority for me, but if noone does it first I'll get around to it by the end of the year.

Races I just not care about, tho I might buy Bloodforge Infusions if they finish it and collect it in a single book.

e12238  No.3114


Lost Spheres - Classes of The Lost Spheres - Zodiac


Wayward Rogues - Hybrid Classes Vol 2 - Horror Heroes


Wayward Rogues - Hybrid Classes Vol 3 - Heroes of Wonder


Interjection Games - Class Expansions - Ninja Tricks


Interjection Games - Class Expansions - The Unhorsed Cavalier


(Echo was already in the trove)

37dd50  No.3115

Many PF titles 33% off at DriveThru for next 10 days

375278  No.3116

Anybody ever heard of "Assassin's Amulet- Life is a dangerous buisness" by Legacies? Is it in any of the troves? Can someone tell me where I can get the PDF?

8ab739  No.3117

File: 92ffbb94429b81c⋯.jpg (304.62 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Eldritch Lairs.jpg)

I am not sure if this has been posted, but here you go. Enjoy!

Eldritch Lairs from Kobold Press (for Pathfinder). Thanks to the donor!




74ea84  No.3118

Hey Mage have you checked your protonmail? I sent files there a week ago

52ce48  No.3119

another donation coming soon

0fd061  No.3120

File: d8d7fa6f6990905⋯.jpg (287.37 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Everyman Unchained - Bards….jpg)

Everyman Unchained - Bards

Thanks to the donor!



5b6259  No.3121

File: 15640d9edd48d87⋯.jpg (284.63 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Caster Prestige Archetypes….jpg)

Though this is not technically for the Pathfinder system, it uses the Pathfinder Open Reference Document.

Caster Prestige Archetypes (Porphyra) from Purple Duck Games




e12238  No.3122

Legendary - Mythic Monsters 48 - Fey


JBE- Deadly Delves 9 Lives for Petane


JBE- Deadly Delves 9 Lives for Petane Maps


JBE- Deadly Delves Dragon's Dream


JBE- Deadly Delves Dragons Dream Maps


JBE- Deadly Delves The Gilded Gauntlet


JBE- Deadly Delves The Gilded Gauntlet Maps



97f40f  No.3123

Requesting The Book of Many Things Volume 2: Shattered Worlds for pathfinder


0fd061  No.3124

Neverwhen files (Pathfinder)




d4a957  No.3125

Requesting the Pathways Bestiary. Thanks!

50a83d  No.3126

Requesting Starship, station and salvage guide and the Book of Passion/Supplements

888b30  No.3127

Requesting Letters from the Flaming Crab: Iconic Princesses

436cff  No.3128

Here you go folks, the June PDFs! Thank your donors and cleaners as always!














375278  No.3129


Thanks Liberstor, aswell as thanks to the generous donors and cleaners. You guys rock!

375278  No.3130

Just curious...In the Planar Adventures Pdf file name it includes the designation (Lite). What does that mean? And sorry for the silly typo LIBERATOR.

cb27f7  No.3131

Sup guys, nothing about the GM starfinder screen?

6d2c64  No.3132


Paizo's Lite PDFs used to be smaller versions of the base PDF with the more intricate page designs removed for a white and green look that helped streamline the filesize. I don't know if they still do that now.

375278  No.3133


Thanks for the info.

7284f8  No.3134

>>3130 >>3132 >>3133

Just took a comparison look over my paid PDF from Paizo that is the "full" file size (roughly 92mb) and the "lite" file size release posted here (roughly 36mb). I can confirm that the edge page design appears to be the only major difference. You can see what the "full" pages look like when you look at the edges on pages such as 6 and 7 compared to the "lite" page edges on the rest of the pdf (such as pages 8, etc). Picture quality doesn't appear reduced and font appeared the same quality, page count is identical. Hope this helps clarify!

7284f8  No.3135


I don't really need it so the full price $14 is kinda steep currently, however as soon as Paizo has any variation of sale more than my Paizo Advantage offers I'll pick up the PDF. They have em a few times a year, I'll keep watch!

375278  No.3136


Yes thats very helpful. Thanks.

0fd061  No.3137

Some new files, thank you Mr Anon!

Legendary Games:

Legendary Races: Wyrmtouched

Terrors from the IDL The Book of Psionic Horror

Lost Spheres Publishing

Classes of the Lost Spheres - Zodiac



0fd061  No.3138

Two new Pathfinder/Starfinder Society scenarios each for you to enjoy. (Or read ahead so your local GM has no idea that you already know what's coming!)


Season 9-22: Grotto of the Deluged God

Season 9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy


Season 1-16: Dreaming of the Future

Season 1-17: Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear




4ab281  No.3139

Anyone knows where I can find Midgard Worldbook?

7284f8  No.3140


It's actually located in $n1p (dot) li (slash) WOTCTrove. It's a 5e and PF product, so you will find it under 3rd Party/Kobold Press folder

888b30  No.3141

Requesting Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood (Pathfinder Edition)

375278  No.3142

Anybody know were I can snag a copy of Wayfinder #17 and the Wayfinder Bestiary?

0fd061  No.3143


GImme a few secs...

0fd061  No.3144



Here you go. Free downloads at Paizo, but they do personalize it. Clean copies ready to go.



888b30  No.3145

Requesting Pathfinder: Worldscape - Vampirella, Swords of Sorrow, Reanimator and Dejah Thoris One-Shots

375278  No.3146


I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly and taking my request. I'm sure most of the books in my collection are books you already have aswell. But I've got a pretty large collection of D&D 3.0/D20 books. If you think of a book that I might have feel free to drop me a note. I'll be sure to upload it to where ever you want if I have a book you are looking for. Thanks again CoC!

52ce48  No.3147

It's An NPC World by The Knotty-Works...sent to Carse for cleaning


0fd061  No.3148


Damn, that was a weird crash. ANyhoo, here is that file plus another.



375278  No.3149

Just thought I'd arouse some attention about a book called "Assassins Amulet-Lifes a Dangerous Buisness" Maybe someone has the full version of this book. Heres the link if anybody wants to have a look at it. http://www.campaignmastery.com/blog/the-legacies-campaign-setting/

bebb62  No.3150

Imperiums Campaign Setting - Campaign Guide - Plight of the Tuatha (PFRPG)



97f40f  No.3152

Requesting Pulpfinder: Fantasy Adventure in the Roaring 20s, please.

Its for Pathfinder.

f412c8  No.3153

- Pathfinder - We Be 5uper Goblins! [Free RPG Day 2018]


0fd061  No.3154



Any luck on the Skitter Shot Starfinder module for Free Rpg Day?

70d88d  No.3155


>- Pathfinder - We Be 5uper Goblins! [Free RPG Day 2018]

Thanks! Is there any easy way to remove labels from maps to make a player version?

7284f8  No.3156


Yes there actually is! The trick is getting the right software. All of Paizo's official released material are layered PDFs, so it's easy enough to just right-click - save any picture. I use Adobe Acrobat Pro (v11.0.20, but doesn't matter the version though), which I obtained through The Bay of Pirates downloading service. Other programs will work, however you'll probably find it's only available in their premium or pro versions. Hope this helps

7284f8  No.3157

>>3155 >>3156

Forgot to mention, this absolutely works for maps because the words are a separate layer from the image.

70d88d  No.3158


Thanks! Will give it a shot.

f03780  No.3159

- Starfinder - Skitter Shot [Free RPG Day 2018]


0fd061  No.3160


Awesome! Thanks! I am looking forward to playing a Skittermander!

81bc5f  No.3161




375278  No.3162

b0e511  No.3163

Requesting Starfinder AP #4 and #5

8ab739  No.3164




97f40f  No.3165

requesting Suzerain (Pathfinder), please

446b5b  No.3166

File: 2f50e070c105b54⋯.png (635.85 KB, 639x967, 639:967, Space_Goblin.png)

I am on a quest to find a Fantasy Grounds trove, specifically one that contains Starfinder modules. Does anyone of you guys perhaps know one?

446b5b  No.3167


I know the one that was hosted by rem.uz /FGTrove but it was shut down unfortunately..

436cff  No.3168

Anyone have this available?

813820  No.3169


/r/theinnertemple @vola

436cff  No.3170



Says room disabled by moderator

b6aef9  No.3171


Try again without the hyphens. It's a replacement.

ec4f05  No.3172


are you using the old bookmark for inner temple? just copy the one I posted, file is there for about 20h

13ca46  No.3173

Abjurer's Handbook ?

0fd061  No.3174

New file, released Friday. Thanks to the donor!

Legendary Cavaliers v2 from Legendary Games




a1d36b  No.3175

Requesting Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future Player's Guide

52ce48  No.3176

395700  No.3177

a9be8b  No.3178


Community Use Package: Pathfinder Society Pregenerated Characters


a9be8b  No.3179

Requesting The Yule Lord

0fd061  No.3180

From a gracious donor!

Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium 2 [Starfinder Compatible]



ab912b  No.3181


Pathfinder Society Pregenerated Characters [Updated 03-Aug-2016]


a9be8b  No.3182

a9be8b  No.3183

a9be8b  No.3184

Please disregard my request for...

Once Upon an Encounter: Red Riding Hood

Letters from the Flaming Crab: Iconic Princesses

Longer interested in them after reading their reviews

97f40f  No.3186

Looking for following PF titles, please

Dungeonlands: Machine of the Lich Queen (Pathfinder)

Dungeonlands: Palace of the Lich Queen (PF)

Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen (PF)

Thank you!

a9be8b  No.3187

Looking for the following:

Design Camp Presents: Galahad - The Destined Knight

Design Camp Presents: Lugh, Master of Many Arts

Design Camp Presents: Heimdall, the Bright God

The Flame of Mithras

The Celestial Host from Storm Bunny Studios

e2173f  No.3188

So, i know this is about PF/SF, but has anyone got Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron yet?

e12238  No.3189

Cthulhu Mythos - Silence from Sommerisk (PFRPG)



0fd061  No.3190

Thanks to a gracious donor!

Legendary Barbarians for Pathfinder



e0e70b  No.3191

ddf9ea  No.3192

Paizo forums are saying that the 2e leaked, so, /r/

ecac83  No.3194


Some people got their physical copies already. Scanning it would mean destroying a book that is supposed to be a "collectors" edition. I'm not sure anyone is willing to do that, specially since the playtest is only one week away.

5b6259  No.3195


meh, I'd just wait until the 2nd. That book will be useless in a year anyway

a8a515  No.3196


I'm with Carse. We got until 2019 before a final version comes out.

52ce48  No.3197

35cd2c  No.3199


Necromancers Almanac & Advanced Arcana 8 were shared on main 4chan sharing thread by MageGuru, probably on the 8chan main share thread too. On his monthly allsync share.

Midgard Worldbook is in /WOTCTrove

e32bb1  No.3200


I don't know what's more hilarious, that it exists, that it costs $ 3, that someone wants it, or that someone expects someone else to spend those $ 3 on it.

97f40f  No.3201


I'm looking for the following series.

Cinematic Environs- seriesfrom Critical Hit Publishing, for pathfinder/3.5. It includes: Aerial Reaches, Arctic Lands, Aquatic Depths, Blasted Lands, Desert Wastes, Mountains, Plains and Grasslands, and Survival.

Also looking for the Pathfinder versions of these Dungeonlands modules:

Machine of the Lich Queen, Palace of the Lich Queen and Consort of the Lich Queen.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

a6096e  No.3202

hello i'm looking for Everyman Minis: Shapeshifter Options if anyone would be willing to share this i'd be a happy person please and thank you.

a6096e  No.3203

hello i'm looking for https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/226654/Everyman-Minis-Shapeshifter-Optionsif anyone would be willing to share this i'd be a happy person please and thank you.

a6096e  No.3204

6c0379  No.3205

looking for Pathfinder Sci-fi

Infinite Futures 2.0

Planets of the Fringe

Aliens of the Fringe

Dangers of the Fringe


Infinite Futures, Terran Marines Source Book

Infinite Starships

Infinite Threats 1

Infinite Treats, The Too-Nia

8ab739  No.3206

Here are 2 new PFS scenarios, 2 new SFS scenarios.


S09-24 Beneath Unbroken Waves

S09-25 Betrayal in the Bones


SF S01-18 The Blackmoon Survey

SF S01-19 To Conquer the Dragon



a9be8b  No.3207


There are other requests for ones that cost similar low prices or even lower.

a9be8b  No.3208

Requesting for

Legends of Excalibur: Arthurian Adventures HC


This is the d20 3.5 one pdf version. Is there a trove for 3.5 products?

52ce48  No.3209

I have it. Just not smart enough to know if it has been cleaned properly or not. I will send it out to Carse.

0fd061  No.3210

Thank you for the donation! Here is:

Legends of Excalibur: Arthurian Adventures



b489e5  No.3211

Thanks everyone, been looking for something like for for a long time.


Adventure Card Game / Season 01 / Adventures 4,5,6

0fd061  No.3212




Look under Society/Adventure Card Game

b489e5  No.3213


I did, they are missing, unless I am missing something...

ed89a7  No.3214


Yep, you are correct. Apologies. I will download, clean, and post around 1:30 - 2:00pm today est

ed89a7  No.3215


Sorry, taking longer than expected. Will get to it tonight

0fd061  No.3216






Sorry for the delay.



b489e5  No.3217


Less then a day is not a delay, much appreciated!

6d2c64  No.3219

Eagerly awaiting Starfinder Armory!

97f40f  No.3220

Requesting 'Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race Guidebook' for PF, please.

Thank you!

6c0379  No.3222

try Vola Graveyard

91e847  No.3229

Guys, this is Pathfinder / Starfinder ...

For 3.5 (and other) there is another area ...

52ce48  No.3230

Hey Carse --

Is there a new link for the main 4chan sharing thread by MageGuru? Can you post it here if there is?

Found his July PF files, but is there any way to get links to Mageguru's May and June shares? The July shares were amazing, but the older folders have been closed...

Sorry if the questions are a bit dumb...).

0fd061  No.3231


I think he closes each one at the end of the month. But you are welcome to ask him yourself.

dc3d2f  No.3232

File: 98d637ab885ab34⋯.png (561.37 KB, 720x1344, 15:28, Screenshot_20180731233455.png)

e12238  No.3233


It's gone, The folder is active until the end of the month... the BOOP, deleted.

7209f3  No.3234

File: 0cc2208c8949ded⋯.jpg (113.99 KB, 506x723, 506:723, CxAWAuWUQAAHoVQ~2.jpg)

Hi 8chan. Come visit us 4chan /u/. Let's have a good lesbian relationship


This thread is for:

*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.

*News reports about things relevant to our interest

*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics

*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.

Previous thread: https://boards.4chan.org/u/thread/2668252#p2668252

97f40f  No.3235


Where is the 3.5 thread of which you speak?

b58e35  No.3236


definitely not what was asked...

b58e35  No.3237


just go to the troves

bf5550  No.3238

Curious about the state of the July releases

d2f981  No.3239


August 2nd, same as playtest

216432  No.3240


It's rather the common thread, not a special one for 3.5 ...


This one is especially for Pathfinder / Starfinder ... ;)

c09e4f  No.3241

Does anyone have a list of the liberated files from last month paizo's products so I can find them in the troves or post download links please?

3d19a3  No.3242

>>3219 Are we there yet? :) also looking for Starfinder Armody

fa50d1  No.3243

Somebody posted PF2 playtest over at 4chan


064a0d  No.3244


Thanks to a donor:

Starfinder Armory



ddb915  No.3245


Just an FYI, when donating please only donate to one cleaner... it keeps us from duplicating efforts.

436cff  No.3246

Here you folks go, the August 2nd releases! Thank your cleaners and contributors and enjoy!






PATHFINDER AP #132 - Interactive Maps


FLIP-TILES (Dungeon Starter Set)


FLIP-TILES (Dungeon Perils Expansion)


FLIP MAP (Multipack Forest)


07fb15  No.3247



Thx to all...

f9dcd4  No.3250



Do not post direct links please

7284f8  No.3251


My bad, fix:

To those interested in the Pathfinder Playtest and wanted to print out a usable rulebook (especially considering many may not get their physical copies for many weeks to come), I have gone through the cleaned PDF and removed all of the "parchment" page backing (to save on yellow) and the bulk of the colour edging material (to save on magenta, however some left to tastefully frame the words, as walls of text feel very dated). Additionally, I have created 2 different PDFs: 1 including the colour hardcover splash images and the other with these removed (I have their hardcovers, I remember what they look like). Hope this is useful to some! Both at $$

Images included: /file/r0nz6y

Images removed: /file/z02wvg

5190ff  No.3252

does anyone have [PFRPG] - World Wonders?

50a83d  No.3253

Anybody have 9-00 assault on absalom and/or the last few starfinder scenarios?

0fd061  No.3254


The latest Starfinders were posted earlier in this thread...here


And PFS 9-00 has not been released to the usual suspects, just for VO's for specific cons. But as soon as I get it, I will post. But probably VERY soon. The promised street date for the general public was this past Thursday, the start of Gencon, so assuming Paizo gets their shit back squared away when they return to their offices, it will be available to download. Currently it is still listed as unavailable as of about 30 seconds ago.

b5fd21  No.3255


So...the one that's a buck fifty? I haven't seen that one shared before. Spend the buck fifty and share it with a cleaner?

a222d3  No.3256


Requesting old D&D 3.5 issues of EN World Player's Journal in pdf, especially EN World Player's Journal #3 if anyone has it, please. Thanks!

b2194b  No.3257

Zweihander - Core Rulebook:


Zweihander - Dark Astral:


Fall of Magic:




Thank you Mageguru and CityofCarse for sharing the preflight lesson.

efa794  No.3258

- Pathfinder Society Playtest Scenario #01 The Rose Street Revenge

- Pathfinder Society Playtest Scenario #02 Raiders of Shrieking Peak

- Pathfinder Society Playtest Scenario #03 Arclord's Envy




8e5768  No.3259

somebody trying to kill the thread

d1cf5b  No.3260

Report that wannabe-troll who posted Zweihander and the rest. Click on the triangle next to the name).

For those who don't know, those are shitty books from douchebag authors who send cease and desist orders whenever their unwanted shit is posted, killing the thread.

f9dcd4  No.3261


No direct links please

0fd061  No.3263


He probably did it along with others. No need to be petulant.

8ab739  No.3264

Recent Pathfinder/Starfinder/Card Game/Playtest Scenarios...



Starfinder Season 01

Scenario #20 Duskmire Accord 9

Scenario #21 Yesteryear's Sorrow

Pathfinder Season 10

Scenario #01 Oathbreaker's Die

Scenario #02 Bones of Biting Ants

Scenario #03 Death on the Ice

Pathfinder Playtest

Scenario #02 Raiders of Shrieking Peak

Scenario #03 Arclord's Envy

Adventure Card Game Season 05

Scenario #01 Threads Unravel

8ab739  No.3265

More recent Pathfinder 3rd Party Stuff. Thanks to the donor!



Agents of Aarf Adventure Path Part 1 (levels 1-3)

Book of Many Things - Campaign Exclusive Content

37de2d  No.3266



link doesnt work

8ab739  No.3267


damn, that was quick,

8ab739  No.3268


Damn, that was quick.



37de2d  No.3269


thank you!

375278  No.3270

I've never used vola before. Help please.

767d9f  No.3271

Strip out every other line.







(then the file structure)>>3270

527950  No.3272


What makes you think I didn't do it?

375278  No.3273


I appreciate the fact that you are willing to help me. But I'm still puzzled by this "stripping out every other line" thing. I assume that once you have the TRUE file structure it will precede (.org) in order for me to locate the download file. Is there a site I have to go to, similar to $$ where I access the download file? Remove every other line is confusing to me when I only see one line in your example. Do you mean strip out every other letter. I know absolutely nothing about Vola as you may have already guessed. Like where on the internet I need to go to plug in the correct file name. Again..I do appreciate the help Thanks.

5190ff  No.3274


is the site


is the room address

just put the room address where the xxxxxxxx are

375278  No.3275


Your explanation is much more straight forward. And yes, I've accessed the vola files I was interested in looking at. Thanks.

0fd061  No.3276

New Starfinder 3rd Party material. Thank you most kind anon!



Star Classes - Envoy

Classes of the Lost Spheres - Zodiac

a8a515  No.3278


Is this really necessary?

986d04  No.3279


Thanks a lot for all these files

>> Adventure Card Game Season 05

But I check the Season 4 folder and the Adventure 4-6 isn't complete, there is only the scenario A. Does a donor give the complete one ?

0fd061  No.3281


Yep! Here is the updated, completed version.



986d04  No.3282



Many many Thanks :)

2cb9be  No.3283

anywhere to find the boxes of pathfinder acg? campaigns and characters

2cb9be  No.3284


I really hope it gets removed

0fd061  No.3285



b00a5f  No.3286


Hello, they expired on the temple. It's possible to have them again ??

Thanks a lot !

d09b61  No.3287


Check again. They were re-upped yesterday.

176d74  No.3290


So what kind of dipshittery is this? Fucknuggets posting gay porn...seriously of all the faggoty ways to shit up ANY forum, that is LITERALLY the faggotiest, and that's an insult to gay people.

Fucking asshole,...

Okay no more puns. Can we get a mod in here? ferrealz.

6d2c64  No.3291


Keep reporting it, hopefully it'll do something.

2cb9be  No.3292


there are only the society decks in the pf trove, I'm looking for rise of the runelords, skulls and shackles etc

8ab739  No.3293


Ok, we're getting closer. You mean decks for the Card Game? or the item decks for the Adventure Paths?

Cause decks for the cards games are not out there. One of the reasons I don't play the game.

436cff  No.3297

Ok, clearly a troll is here. I have no idea how to remove those posts as it keeps stating "incorrect password" to do so. Anyone have an idea?

59d094  No.3298


i'm using an ad-blocker to remove them

e12238  No.3299

Or just click Hide next to file, Hide on the Triangle drop down menu of the post.

59d094  No.3300

my adblocker just died.

this page just got more suck content.

fuck auto-updates.

59d094  No.3307

File: 611d8841ff496cd⋯.jpg (38.29 KB, 393x524, 3:4, p15233635_e_v9_aa.jpg)

learn to read.

sentences are the key.

a8a515  No.3308

Okay so less porn and more pride. I can sort of handle that. HOWEVER, this isn't that kind of thread guys.

59d094  No.3309

does anyone have SANTIAGO: A Myth of the Far Future and expansions?

aae9e3  No.3310

I have it. However, your pornshit make me keep it safely on my disk.

59d094  No.3311


i didn't post any porn

d35423  No.3312

Murderhobo is the name for anyone who doesn't post with a name.

59d094  No.3313

and... "Kansas she said, was the name of the star"

9b69c0  No.3315


decks for the acg. dammit I might have to do some diggity stuff from the tabletop simulator workshops then.

f1b38e  No.3316

d8c6fc  No.3317

did we have new thread for august release?

9b69c0  No.3318


look in the chan 3 down

ced716  No.3319


I have no clue what this means, but I checked the catalog and the only thing I found was sort of a parallel thread for PF that's been going on since 2017, and I don't even know why it existed in the first place, since there was this one already.

4fe5ae  No.3320


he means 4chan (probably, 3 down should be 5chan, does that even exist?), but also check /PFTrove @ snip.li.com

By parallel thread you mean this one https://8ch.net/games/res/2023.html ? it's the old thread stopped because of the post limit

ced716  No.3321

Even on 4chan, I only find a thread that lists troves in the first post, but is a discussion thread.

But why should a new thread even be in another chan?

2d1c70  No.3322

Requesting 'The Construct Companion' by Rogue Genius Games


It had been shared previously but the SS link is dead and I'm not seeing it in the trove

375278  No.3323


If you found the PF trove then go to (3rd party) folder then (RGG) and finally (Monster Menagerie). Its in there.

9b69c0  No.3324


mageguru posts new pf stuff only there

2af369  No.3325


But where? Not in the thread I found.

Can't a link be posted here?

52ce48  No.3326

Here is the most recent link...


Once you get there, do a search for Mageguru. You will find a post and a link to his most recent folder which includes new PF releases...

6d2c64  No.3327

Have any of the Return to Freeport modules ever been released to the wilds?

5b6259  No.3329

File: 8455bd54ac7df25⋯.jpg (270.38 KB, 770x1000, 77:100, PZOPSS0900E.jpg)

For those who asked awhile back, this one is finally available to the general public.

Pathfinder Society

Season 9-00 Assault on Absalom



59d094  No.3331



found some Santiago (mostly 4e versions).


d2ecd3  No.3332

Here is August 29th Paizo goodies! Enjoy! Thank your donors and cleaners!




PATHFINDER AP #133 - Secrets of Roderic's Cove


PATHFINDER AP #133 - Interactive Maps




WAR FOR THE CROWN Poster Map Folio


0fd061  No.3333



0fd061  No.3334


Forest Tile Set is dirty. Clean set here.



375278  No.3335


Thank You donors and cleaners. Humbly requesting (Pathfinder Pawns: Dungeon Decor Pawn Collection). I know alot of people don't bother with pawn collections. But they are quite useful in virtual table top games.

7284f8  No.3336


I'll ship off the Dungeon Decor pawn set shortly for cleaning.

Carse, incoming.

0fd061  No.3337


Got it, on it. Shortly.

0fd061  No.3339

File: b62e6819e6ffa4e⋯.jpg (326.06 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, PZO1031E Pathfinder Pawns ….jpg)




PZO1031E Pathfinder Pawns - Dungeon Decor

Thank you gracious donor!



375278  No.3340


Thanks for the donation! And thanks to CoC for the cleaning job and getting it done so quickly!

a6096e  No.3341

Hey i'm looking for this https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/248608/Alien-Codex-Pathfinder if anyone could share it that would be great please and thank you.

375278  No.3342

Does anyone know if the first three PF Society Season 10 adventures are available yet? The release schedule indicates they are in stock.

c4b42d  No.3343

Thank you to the donors and cleaners for this month's selection. Any word on Starfinder Against the Aeon Throne AP#1? Did I just miss it?

0fd061  No.3344


My bad, I thought I had already posted these.



375278  No.3345


Thanks Carse...Much appreciated.

0fd061  No.3346



0fd061  No.3347

File: bd134e2995c96a3⋯.jpg (145.96 KB, 900x1164, 75:97, Rajah.jpg)

New PF file thanks to a gracious donor!

Divergent Paths - Rajah [PF] from Dreamscarred Press.



0fd061  No.3348

War for the Crown [PF] Map and Cover (in German)



01500a  No.3350


Thank you!

375278  No.3351

Just a request for any information on this book and hoping its in a trove someplace. Any help would be appreciated.


446b5b  No.3352

Hello guys, I am looking for:

Dreadfox - Swordmaster.pdf

The link I found from Mageguru expired. Can someone re-upload this?

43f018  No.3353


I'm searching too.

f6ddc6  No.3354



3d3c9a  No.3357

No word on Reach of Empire, SF AP #7? Don't wanna rush anyone, just curious for any updates.

a9be8b  No.3358

Requesting Community Use Package: Pathfinder Iconic Characters

80f984  No.3359


Pregens for regular Pathfinder? Playtest? Any/all of those are completely free.

d2ecd3  No.3360


I have it ready to clean, just waiting on the cleaners to work on it.

80f984  No.3361


You can send it me, i'll handle it in 5 minutes tops

e12238  No.3362



I have sent back to Lib :)

80f984  No.3363


Sweet. Looking forward to it!

3d3c9a  No.3364

Glad to hear it's incoming. Thanks to everyone involved.

e12238  No.3365

Starfinder AP #7 - The Reach of Empire



Thank you LIB and his donators.

43f018  No.3366


A thousand thanks! :)

4e960c  No.3367

Does anybody have New Paths Compendium Expanded Edition?

a6096e  No.3368

Requesting this https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/248608/Alien-Codex-Pathfinder is anyone could share this it would be great.

Also question did the 4chan share thread get nuked?

e12238  No.3369


No... Archived, which happens when it reaches the 11th page which is about 300-400 posts. Then it gets recreated... which just hasn't happened yet.

Same happens here, just not as often as there are fewer posts here over time, 4chan hits that post count in 48 hours on average.

cceea9  No.3370

is there a printer friendly SF core rulebook around?

c9d3dc  No.3372

Have I missed any site changes or trove hoppings, cuz I've checked the $nip troves and still haven't seen Heroes from the Fringe or the new SF adventure.

e12238  No.3373


How about scrolling up or ctrl-f

c9d3dc  No.3374

Yeah, done both of those, and perhaps my digi-fu isn't as strong as everyone elses cuz I'm a bit clued out of what /filegroup/ and similar pertains to.

4cac79  No.3375



f9066b  No.3376


It refers to a link at the space of sending.

069433  No.3377

So we have nothing about the Starfinder DM shield? I really need it

0fd061  No.3378


If you needed it that bad, you would buy it yourself and solve your year long "need"..

069433  No.3379


Stop stalking me, its freaky

0fd061  No.3380


Says the person posting on multiple boards for the same. fucking. thing.

7284f8  No.3381


I will refer you to >>3135 , where I stated I will purchase it only when Paizo offers up a sale on their site.

Odd that it appears that this system works by having people who actually need a product request someone who only kinda want it purchase it for them, akin to child whining for an object from their mother.

Tl;dr : Look for prior requests before making them then wait patiently for someone to post it, or buy it and share it because you actually need it (that's why you have money).

ea943b  No.3382

Looking for Legendary Levels: Magic and Legendary Levels: Deific Bestiary by Little Red Goblin.

89bb31  No.3383

>>3381 Paizo currently has a 10% discount on one order through Sept. 30. Use code "downtime" at checkout. (There was a stickied post in the Website Feedback section of the forums.)

6d2c64  No.3384

Anyone read the Paizo blog today? Archives of Nethys is now the official PRD for both Pathfinder and Starfinder.

7284f8  No.3385


Right!? My jaw hit the floor. Place their primary business into the hands of a third party. All the pieces add up if you scroll down a bit and notice his wife is listed as a Paizo Customer Support Representative however.

Personally I would have chosen d20PFSRD, but they do what they do.

0fd061  No.3386

File: 097edc940562985⋯.jpg (28.58 KB, 435x446, 435:446, interesting.jpg)


Very interesting....

552285  No.3389


d20pfsrd is commercial site (it's the same reason they can't use proper Golarion names).

The paizo PRD was useful for GM rules, and organization by the books, while Archives were more useful for character building. I didn't like d20pfsrd because of the naming thing only reason why I used it at all was because Nethys didn't turn up very high on google searches.

0cd04c  No.3390

File: 368650f28f57756⋯.png (32.33 KB, 834x346, 417:173, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry for being a jerk, i've supposed that already passed so many time that someone delivered it. Also, about buying, pic related.

7284f8  No.3391


It's no worries, I was a little facetious in my pert reply, so we danced a good dance.

It is indeed rather odd that it hasn't been released to the wild considering its age. For something so seemingly important to the system you would figure someone would have bit.

And yea, I wouldn't buy it for $60 of my currency either, that is totally as far into left field as you can hit.

a6096e  No.3392

If anyone can share this https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/252347/Woodfaring-Adventures that would be great please.

21e034  No.3397

Does anyone have this to share?


87fc5f  No.3399

Is there an ETA on this month's stuff?

e12238  No.3400



e12238  No.3402


This months stuff already came out, next release date is Oct 17th.

fafc1b  No.3403

I see the August releases as the last releases

375278  No.3404


The release schedule states that the Planehoppers Handbook , the 2nd part to the Return of the Runelords and others were released today. The PDF's are now available.

e12238  No.3405


hmmm have to talk to LIb

375278  No.3406


This is the release schedule that I've been following. http://paizo.com/releasedate

There are more books set to come out in late September aswell.

068722  No.3407

did lib posted september release and where is links?

e12238  No.3409


Read the 5 posts before yours

db547e  No.3410

- Pathfinder Adventure Path - Return of the Runelords - Player's Guide

- Pathfinder Society - Roleplaying Guild Guide v10.0

- Pathfinder Society - Faction Journal Cards - Season 10

- Pathfinder 2E - Playtest - Rulebook, Update 1.2

- Pathfinder 2E - Playtest - Character Sheet v1.1

- Pathfinder Society Playtest - Pregenerated Characters


c5c10c  No.3411

Where is september stuff?

e12238  No.3412

Haven't heard back from Lib

375278  No.3413


Thanks TLaundry...If you've seen this tasty little gem hiding in a trove somewhere or if you have it in your collection, please let me know.http://www.campaignmastery.com/blog/the-legacies-campaign-setting/

068722  No.3414

did lib give answer?

375278  No.3415

I would have thought Cityofcarse would be all over the Plane Hoppers Handbook and PF AP #134. He's usually ontop of any new Pathfinder pdf's that have come out. But September has been a strange month as far as the release schedule is concerned.

0fd061  No.3416


I only handle the PFS scenarios. The other stuff goes through Lib usually.

375278  No.3417

Good to know. Its seems the new PF books that came out on Wednesday have slipped under the radar for many regular donors.

068722  No.3418

also new starfinder came out, what not be donated yet-mage or lib please answer

faf185  No.3419

New location of the trove doesn't seem to work all that well, and the 3PP folder is completely gone. Anyone else experiencing any issues?

375278  No.3420


Haven't had any trouble accessing Mageguru's Pathfinder trove. But your right, the 3PP folder is currently missing.

e12238  No.3421


It's not there cause I haven't added it.

375278  No.3422


Ok...I thought you used to have a 3PP folder in your trove. Guess I was mistaken.

e12238  No.3423


I did, but I moved cloud providers, and haven't uploaded it yet, as I am also doing a bit of organizing to it.

e12238  No.3424


And 35GB is going to take a bit.

068722  No.3425

any news about cleaning september books?

375278  No.3426


Got it. Thanks for the update.

5670ff  No.3427


The problem isn't access, but downloads. It's not responding. Using a smartphone, if that helps? Haven't had any problems with any of the previous cloud providers. Help appreciated.

e12238  No.3428


Keyword "smartphone"

068722  No.3429

where is trove about we speak, please post

ddb915  No.3430

Pathfinder AP #134 - It Came From Hollow Mountain


Pathfinder AP #134 - Interactive Maps


Starfinder AP #8 - Escape from the Prison Moon


Flip Mat - Wizards Dungeon


Planehopper's Handbook has not been donated yet.


ed89a7  No.3431


Thank you!

f06056  No.3432


Thanks for the hardwork. A pity Planehopper's Handbook wasnt donated.

375278  No.3433


Awesome. Thank you.

b489e5  No.3434

Was looking through the Trove and saw "The Improved Pathfinder Character Sheet". Looks pretty cool, just on quick glace noticed that CMB lists DEX Mod and I think it should be STR Mod. Nothing big but thought the creator might want to know.

3e7733  No.3435

Looking for Pathfinder Map Packs Bridges, Desert Sites, Secret Rooms, Frozen Sites. All of the Miscellaneous, Item, Face, and Campaigns Decks, and Harrow and Delux Harrow Decks.

3e7733  No.3436

Does anyone have the Adventure Card Class Decks? I found all the adventure decks in the trove.

0fd061  No.3438


In which trove did you find the actual adventure decks? Not the scenarios for ACG, but the actual decks.

375278  No.3439

Anyone know if the Planehoppers Handbook has been donated yet? Hopefully in the process of being cleaned. Maybe few people know its been released because it came out in the middle of the month.

0fd061  No.3440


Has not been donated yet.

375278  No.3441


Ok. Thanks for the update.

6d2c64  No.3442

Now for everyone's favorite game: Every time someone asks, "Why isn't Plane-hopper Handbook/insert new book here out yet? Can't someone just pony up for it," take a shot.

0fd061  No.3443

Thanks to a gracious anon! Finally we have:

PZO9492 Plane-Hopper's Handbook



375278  No.3444

Thanks to the donor and cleaner for the Planehoppers Handbook. Much Appreciated!

c7fe14  No.3445


I'd love to know too if you have found anything other than the society scenarios

f06056  No.3446


I dont know who shared it, but you have my thanks.

Also thanks to the cleaners.

8ab739  No.3448


Not knowing who shared is the point. :-)

But you knew that already...

a8a515  No.3449


I only know one this: chocolate tastes terrible with ketchup.

8347a7  No.3450

Thanks for september releases.

0fd061  No.3452

New Pathfinder/Starfinder Society Scenarios.

PFS Season 10-04: Reavers Roar

PFS Season 10-05: Mysteries Under Moonlight Part 1: Testament of Souls

SFS Season 01-22: The Protectorate Petition

SFS Season 01-23: Return to Sender



375278  No.3453


Thanks Carse.

0fd061  No.3454



e5eb7d  No.3456

Looking for anything from the Echelon Reference Series by Echelon Game Designs. Looked in a few troves and did not find anything from them anywhere I looked but could have missed something. Thanks in Advance.

a9be8b  No.3458

Requesting Heroes of the East, Heroes of the East 3, and Heroes of the East 4 from Little Red Goblin Games

42a899  No.3459

Knotty Works 1-125 plus some specials uploaded to innertemple

3bdd38  No.3460


Got one and three, I'll send them to the mage some time next month.

43f018  No.3461

Does anyone have the Bloodlines and Black Magic setting for Pathfinder?

78778d  No.3462


/r/theinnertemple @ volafile

78778d  No.3463


ditto /r/theinnertemple @ volafile

43f018  No.3467


Thanks! :)

0fd061  No.3468

A few recent Pathfinder 3rd Party donations from a number of gracious anons.

Return to Freeport (RtF) AP Parts 1-3 (4-6 will be forthcoming soon)

RtF Part 1: Curse of the Brine Witch

RtF Part 2: The Abyssinial Chain

RtF Part 3: Storming the Razor Caves



Lost Champions (new PF Classes) from Lost Spheres Publishing







Manifest Destiny (D20PFSRD Publishing)

Book 1: Domains & Devotions

Book 2: Cults & Clergy



a9be8b  No.3471

Requesting Little Red Goblin Games Racial Guide 5: Traditional Races

0fd061  No.3472

Some cool recent donations! Thanks anon!

Interface Zero for Pathfinder

Gatekeeper Chronicles - Kaylethon [PF]

Races of Neoexodus - Android [5e]



669393  No.3473


spell&sword @ /r/theinnertemple

375278  No.3474

I know this is not the place to talk about comics. So I won't ask about specific issues. I just want to know if there is a big Marvel trove someplace. Can someone point me in the right direction?

6d2c64  No.3475


Literally any comic-reading website?

375278  No.3476


Sure. Thats great. You can assume that I've done that already. The problem is that there are so many of these sites. And some just let you read the comics and others let you download. But its only after they make you jump through a few hoops first. I was hoping to find some sort of Mega or other cloud directory where the downloads are easy peezy.

0fd061  No.3477

File: a0512e5970f5186⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 612x792, 17:22, Technology Unleashed.jpg)

Another PF file from a gracious anon.

Tech Unleashed for Pathfinder from Skortched Urf' Studios.

Includes the Polymer Path.



a6096e  No.3478

61bb43  No.3480


I recently came across getcomics.info. I've only used it to download a few compilations but it worked fine and provided multiple download options. Some were dead links, but there were alternates.

375278  No.3481


Thanks OldDarb. I discovered this site very recently aswell. I have been using it to download what I was looking for. Its not as good as finding a large trove but it suits my needs. Thanks for your advice.

ee2e9a  No.3485


Complete retard question: How do I download this?

375278  No.3486


If you know how to find mageguru's PF Trove then open the 3pp folder and then find the Open Design folder. Its in there. Are you familiar with $n1p <dot> l1?

c94774  No.3487


$$ is sendspace, anon

436cff  No.3488

Update, I have pledges to the bigger Paizo pdfs for the month plus a few side ones and the Starfinder AP.

We don't have a pledge for Alien Archive 2, I believe.

375278  No.3489


Cool. The next installment of the Return of the Runeslords AP and the Sand Point campaign setting are available in PDF this coming wednesday.

bdf3db  No.3491


/PFTrove @ snip

e12238  No.3493


3rd party

e12238  No.3495


Okay my bad... I only have the 4e version

a9be8b  No.3496


I read the 4e version and it will require other products from their line which is also not in the PFTrove. But thank you all for trying.

068722  No.3497

did Alien Archive 2 be pledged?

436cff  No.3498


To my knowledge, not yet.

375278  No.3499


Any word on the New PF/SF PDF's that were released today?

6d2c64  No.3500

068722  No.3504

any news of this months pf/sf?

436cff  No.3505

Sorry for the delay. Huge crap happening in my life (going through a bad divorce after a 19 year relationship, caught the bitch having an affair). But here's the PDFs! It's on one big zip file, kind of in a hurry.

We're missing Alien Archive 2, so any donors out there willing to help, please do! Thanks!




fafc1b  No.3506

Thanks Lib! Don't let these nerds rush you lol life gets in the way

068722  No.3507

please help with alien archive 2!!! Lib sorry to hear that, thanks so much

8ab739  No.3508


Condolences, my friend.

375278  No.3509


Thanks to the donors and to Liberator for making it happen.

f1075b  No.3510


Thanks to the donors and Lib.

Stay strong.

068722  No.3511

i just send file, we have now all

3eeaaf  No.3512


I'm sorry for what's happening to you, thank you for finding the time to clean and share

0fd061  No.3513

Pathfinder Society Ruins of Bonekeep Specials (all 3)

Replacing the scanned/"optimized" versions with official OEF files.

Cavern of Carse vola


6d2c64  No.3514

If there are any places that have the Alien Archive 2 PDF that accept Paypal, I'd be down for picking it for cleaning.

0fd061  No.3515


I've got it, gimme a sec to post.

0fd061  No.3516

File: e6c0f8696b720e3⋯.jpg (229.83 KB, 802x1000, 401:500, SF2 Alein Archive 2.jpg)

Starfinder Alien Archive 2



375278  No.3517


Your a Champ Carse! Special thanks to the donor aswell!

6d2c64  No.3518


Baller, my man. Thanks a ton.

9c9ce5  No.3519


The madman! Thank you very much!

919157  No.3521

snip /donate is still the link to send mageguru files for cleaning, right? Says it's to send to Hero, I don't know who that is.

Also requesting Interjection Games: Strange Magic 2

Alternatively if someone can get Ultimate Herbalism and Ultimate Onmyodo I can buy and share Ultimate Cartomancy.

7284f8  No.3522


Alternatively, you can upload it to an obscured $$ link and email Mage directly with the download link and the delete file link. I have used this method with complete success for Carse and Mage no problem.

e12238  No.3523


/donate (Hero) is mine

b6aef9  No.3525

Does anyone have Trailblazer from Bad Axe? Not in 3PPF. Also checked relevant halfchan posts.

a6096e  No.3526

Hey anyone got the updated version of this https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/219024/The-Book-of-Many-Things to share?

a6096e  No.3527

ad41e9  No.3529



/3PPF @ snip

a6096e  No.3530


If you had looked at what the links and what was in the 3rd party folder you would see that those two books were updated in the last 3 months and the ones in the trove are the pre updated versions.

0fd061  No.3531

New Pathfinder/Starfinder Society Scenarios.

Pathfinder Season 10

10-06 Treason's Chains

10-07 Mysteries Under Moonlight Part 2: The Howling Dance

Starfinder Season 1

01-24 Siege of Enlightenment

01-25 The Beacon Code Dilemma



375278  No.3532


Thanks Carse.

0fd061  No.3533



I played the Mysteries Under Moonlight Part 1 last week, and it's a good one. Looking forward to running this second part.

375278  No.3534


Don't suppose you've seen "Assassins Amulet" kicking around in any of the troves. http://www.campaignmastery.com/blog/the-legacies-campaign-setting/

I would purchase it myself but I don't have a credit card, nor any other means of purchasing things online.

0fd061  No.3535


I have not.

375278  No.3536


Thanks anyway. Maybe it will pop up in some trove eventually. Incidentally, Mysteries Under Moonlight 1 & 2 do look interesting.

640e9a  No.3537


Anybody have any news about chris avellon module for kingmaker ?

thanks a lot !

a1d36b  No.3538

66ce8b  No.3539

Is the SF folder moved to a new location? The /SFTrove sends me nowhere

0fd061  No.3540


I think it's been rolled back into the PFTrove.

000000  No.3541


on $lip?

0fd061  No.3542

727a9b  No.3543



The SF trove has indeed been moved to the PF trove. Also, 3rd party is now at /3PPF.

3e7733  No.3544

Other than Society stuff were there any end of October releases?

e12238  No.3546


Nope. Next date is Nov 14

000000  No.3547

And do we have any F/a/n/t/a/s/\g\r\o\u\n\d\s materials for SF?

a9be8b  No.3548

0fd061  No.3549


Please don't obfuscate requests. Totally unnecessary.

a9be8b  No.3550

a6096e  No.3551


Your in the wrong area my friend this is the thread for Pathfinder/Starfinder stuff not Dungeon & Dragons.

000000  No.3552



So could anyone point me in the direction I can find Fantasy Grounds SF materials?

c09e4f  No.3553


What comes out on the 14th?

e0e70b  No.3554


Martial Arts Handbook and Construct Handbook iirc

375278  No.3555


Check this release schedule. https://paizo.com/releasedate

It has been very accurate so far.

000000  No.3556

Hey everyone if anyone is looking for SF or PF FG materials there are some of them on the new remuz site. If anyone could point me int the direction of more of them (adventures preferably) I'd be really greatfull

0fd061  No.3557




000000  No.3558


I was rather looking for SF adventures, sorry I wasn't clear enough

000000  No.3559


and Fantasy grounds modules for adventures too

0fd061  No.3560



Starfinder has been rolled into the PFTrove.

Unless you are looking for 3rd Party material...

000000  No.3561


No, no what I meant is that I'm looking for Fantasy Grounds (VTT-virtual table top) module-adventure for Starfinder adventures. It's a dedicated file type for this program if you're unfamiliar with vtt

0fd061  No.3562


Well, now that you actually were clear about what you want...sorry, I cannot help.

375278  No.3563

Looking for lots of books from "Adventure A Week" Publishers (Pathfinder Compatible). I've pretty much got what I could from Mage's 3PP trove. More to the point, I'm trying to find more from the Rise of the Drow series and also any of the Mini-Dungeon collections for PF. Hope somebody can point me in the right direction. Maybe there is a big trove of AAW Books around somewhere.

0beede  No.3564

Has Starfinder Society 1-99 The Scoured Stars Invasion been released anywhere yet?

0fd061  No.3565




000000  No.3566


And would we as a community be interested in liberating such materials ( FG modules)?

I do know where the crack - and SF/PF core modules are, but it doeas lack adventures modules and additions - like Pact Worlds and such

04465d  No.3567


I know where to get the crack and most 5E modules, but I can not find the actual core rule module (not the SRD) for Pathfinder. The only "bought" mod I can find for PF is Bestiary. could you link your find for "Pathfinder Core Rules"?

000000  No.3568


I'm afraid we are both talking about TheTrove, so no

0beede  No.3569


Thanks! I'd thought I'd seen it out there somewhere, but couldn't find it.

3ee0c2  No.3570


AFAIK, Mage's trove is the most comprehensive one regarding AAW. I have several others bookmarked but none have anything new from them. I'm more curious what do you mean by "more" from Rise of the Drow, because all the files have been shared (and are in the trove). As for the Mini Dungeons, other than the Tome, I only have the freebies.

9bcde1  No.3571

Requesting Mythic Monsters 45-47

375278  No.3572


Its a trilogy and unless my eyes deceive me I have only found " Decent into the underworld" and haven't seen the other two modules in the folder. Check this site to have a look at the trilogy if your not familiar with it.http://diehardgamefan.com/2013/04/08/tabletop-review-rise-of-the-drow-trilogy-bundle-pathfinderdd-3-5/ By the way, thanks for the reply and taking a interest in my search. I appreciate it.

375278  No.3573

Yah....I just checked my collection and I realized all three modules are included in the big, 480 page, Rise of the Drow, PDF. I was looking for all three of the individual, modules, and didn't know they were all combined in one book.

8ab739  No.3574


Would you mind sharing that please, or at least indicating where it can be found?

375278  No.3575

Its in Magegurus PF 3PP folder (Adventure A Week folder - Adventures folder). The file name is simply named "Rise of the Drow" and its 41.4 MB in size. I assume you have been to Mages PF3PP folder in the past.

8ab739  No.3576


Not since the move, but I know where it is, thank you!

375278  No.3577


No problem. I was just about to remind you that MG has extracted his 3PP material from the Pathfinder trove and give you the new address. But you've obviously figured it out already.

375278  No.3578


Hey dude. If you happen to eyeball any more of the PF compatible, Mini-Dungeons or if you get lucky, a whole bundle, feel free to throw down some bread crumbs for the rest of us. Thanks.

a9be8b  No.3579

0fd061  No.3580


You are in the wrong thread for that. This thread is for only Pathfinder and Starfinder requests. I refer you to:


3ee0c2  No.3581


I will, I mean, I get most of my 3pp for PF from Mage (and send to him things I buy, although those instances are rare since announcement of PF2), but gems are known to pop-up.

4e32ba  No.3582

ea943b  No.3583


Wrong, because ice cream doesn't have bones!

375278  No.3584


I wasn't suggesting that you should buy any of the AAW bundles. I merely asked if you happen to find a trove or link someplace to any collections then please tell us. It would be greatly appreciated.

000000  No.3586

375278  No.3587

Just looking for a update on the PF and SF books released today. Have there been any donors? Not trying to be pushy. Just curious.

ddb915  No.3588


Donated and cleaned, Lib will be the one to post

375278  No.3589


Thanks for the update.

3e5797  No.3590

Alright here are November's goodies!






PATHFINDER AP# 136 - Interactive Maps


PATHFINDER CAMPAIGN - Construct Handbook


PLAYER COMPANION - Martial Arts Handbook




375278  No.3591


Thanks Liberator and to the donors and cleaner aswell. Much appreciated.

6d2c64  No.3592


Out of curiosity, do we have a list of PF/SF books that are currently missing for the trove? If we have a concrete list, I'd be willing to throw some money in to get whatever isn't there.

0fd061  No.3593


Mostly flip mats and pawn collections, unless I am mistaken.

Anyone know what's officially left to liberate?

375278  No.3594


I know "Map Packs-Secret Rooms" is not in the trove. Also, out of the "Gamemastery Compleat Encounters" series Dark Elf Sanctum is the only one in the Gamemastery Folder. I know there is at least seven of these mini-adventures and they included miniatures with each of them. Don't know if the Compleat Encounters were sold in PDF or maybe MG aquired Dark Elf Sanctum as a scanned copy. I haven't done a serious search of what is missing but I hope it helps abit.

14f4b0  No.3595


Ironfang Invasion Pawn Collection

fba0e5  No.3596

I don't seem to be able to see it on the trove, but could someone please share the pdf maps for Emerald Spire?

fba0e5  No.3597


It's there. You just need to look for THE Emerald Spire. That's where a lot of them are hiding.

d9baff  No.3598



PZO1028 Ironfang Invasion Pawn Collection

PZO1032 War for the Crown Pawn Collection

PZO4064 Bridges

PZO4066 Desert Sites

PZO4067 Secret Rooms

PZO30037 Village Square

PZO30069 Bigger Basic

PZO30077 Biger Forest

PZO30079 Elemental Planes Multi-Pack

PZO30080 Bigger Ship

PZO30081 Forbidden Jungle

PZO30082 Airship

PZO30090 Forest Fire

PZO30091 Carnival

(Last I checked)

0fd061  No.3599


There we go. Nice work, anon! I will save this for future reference.

0fd061  No.3600

File: 7aee7f9e41fb979⋯.jpg (213.81 KB, 806x1000, 403:500, PZO1032.jpg)

Thanks to the donor, one more off the list!

PZO1032 War for the Crown Pawn Collection



375278  No.3601


Thank you Donor! Thanks Carse!

40e29a  No.3602


Seven it is, including Dark Elf Sanctum. I have them in hard copy, but have no clue about scanning (proper parameters to get the images right, the tiles right AND allow for OCR) and only have an old version of Acrobat for Mac. Direct advice or pointers to comprehensive references for scanning appreciated.

e86d4a  No.3603


You can mail them to me for scanning.

contact me at: cityofcarse at gmail

375278  No.3604


After a little more research it was apparent that these Gamemastery Compleat Encounters were never distributed in digital form. CityofCarse, Mageguru, and Liberator are much more savvy in the finer points of proper scanning methods. But obviously Carse has offered to handle the scanning for you. I'm sure those mini-adventures would make a nice way for DM's/GM's to kick off a new campaign with a inexperienced group of players. Thanks for the reply and I hope it all works out for you.

c4b42d  No.3605

Here is what I record as missing:

PZO1028 Ironfang Invasion Pawns

PZO2001-6 GameMastery Encounters (non-pdf releases)

PZO4064 Bridges Map Pack

PZO4066 Desert Sites Map Pack

PZO4067 Secret Rooms Map Pack

PZO4071 Frozen Sites Map Pack

PZO7101 Starfinder GM Screen

PZO7301 Starfinder Basic Terrain Mat

PZO7302 Starfinder Basic Starfield Mat

PZO7303 Starfinder Cantina Mat

PZO7304 Starfinder Starship Mat

PZO7305 Starfinder Urban Sprawl Mat

PZO7306 Starfinder Space Station Mat

PZO7307 Starfinder The Sunrise Maiden Mat

PZO7308 Starfinder Asteroid Mat

PZO7309 Starfinder Ghost Ship Mat

PZO7310 Starfinder Hospital Mat

PZO7402 Starfinder Core Pawns

PZO7403 Starfinder Starfinder Alien Archive Pawns

PZO7404 Starfinder Pact Worlds Pawns

PZO7405 Starfinder Dead Suns Pawns

PZO30069 Bigger Basic Mat

PZO30077 Bigger Forest Mat

PZO30079 Elemental Planes Multi-Pack

PZO30080 Bigger Ship Mat

PZO30081 Forbidden Jungle Mat

PZO30082 Airship Mat

PZO30090 Forest Fire Mat

PZO30091 Carnival Mat

8bb8d6  No.3606

What happened to the Kobold Press folder in the PF trove/

0fd061  No.3607


All 3rd party material is in a separate trove now.

a9be8b  No.3609

b38f25  No.3610


it's not for pf/sf

b38f25  No.3611


are these files still available somewhere?

a9be8b  No.3612

718c8b  No.3613

File: c51570374e165db⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 780x439, 780:439, ghosts-in-pokemon-tower-po….jpg)

7284f8  No.3614


Good Anon, here are the files I originally uploaded. I placed them into one $$ so you may pick and choose which version you would like. I also attached the landscape GM screen I designed in case you were interested.

$$ /filegroup/AfaUBk6Ix%2Bi8pOzgiX5Pq%2BItAaK9PZ%2BB

0ef3fa  No.3615


much appreciated, thank you!

6b025f  No.3616

Today I bought the ALL GENIUS GUIDE BUNDLE from the Open Gaming Store (A bundle with EVERY Pathfinder Compatible "Genius Guide").

Is there interest? I do not know if the files need to be cleaned ...

2e9eb4  No.3617


There's always interest... yeah you should get that cleaned.

6b025f  No.3618


OK. then I send Mage the bundle to check.

I hope the snip / donate was the right link ..

e12238  No.3619


Yeap that is correct

6b025f  No.3620


Very well...

I hope it arrived ..

375278  No.3621


You might want to check Mageguru's Pathfinder 3PP trove in the "Super Genius Games folder". Many of the Genius Guides are likely to have been cleaned and donated long ago.

e12238  No.3622




Well I hope you didn't pay much... there were only 2 books missing.

Vampire Magic

Horrifically Overpowered Mythic Feats


e12238  No.3624


/Super Genius Games/Genius Guides

564f20  No.3625


I paid $ 10 (about 8 euros), so not much.

But when we have that completely, it has been worth it.


For bundles with a good price-performance ratio, I sometimes hit suspicious. There is always something missing ...;)

Unfortunately, the download of large amounts of data in Allsync is not easy and the sync tool apparently also deletes after desire and mood ....

375278  No.3626


I see your point, although I didn't know the sync tool deleted files. Maybe if your interested in Pathfinder compatible, book bundles, which Mageguru doesn't have alot of, then check out some of the Adventure A Week (AAW) Bundles. I personally wouldn't mind seeing more of the Mini-dungeon collections. However, thanks for your donations all the same.

375278  No.3627

Hope your online. I began downloading one of the sub folders from the Heroic Maps Trove. I clicked download all, thinking I would download only what was in the sub-folder. Instead it seems to be downloading everything in the entire Heroic Maps trove. Yandex apparently doesn't have a transfer counter or any other quick means of letting me know just how big the trove is. I'm at 985MB and its still transfering files. How big is this thing! Help! :)

ed89a7  No.3628


It's big. Close to 10gb

375278  No.3629


Is there anyway of simply downloading one folder instead of each file in the folder individually?

375278  No.3630

Just noticed the blue band at the top of Yandex lets you download the entire folder once you actually open the folder.

ed89a7  No.3631


Was just about to post that.

375278  No.3632


Thanks for getting back to me quickly. I've been looking for lots of eezee peezee, ready made, maps like the AAW Mini-Dungeon Collections. Then I noticed you mention the Heroic Maps trove on 4Chan. Never even heard of this nice trove until today. Are there any other cool troves for DM's Map Creation lurking about that you know of?

ed89a7  No.3633


There are other similar maps.





375278  No.3634


Awesome! Thanks for the help!

b4661b  No.3635

Is anyone picking up this AAW kickstarter? It looks good for bonus pdfs if nothing else.


375278  No.3636


I think AAW produces lots of good quality, Pathfinder compatible, products. The Cloak and Ballot Trilogy looks very interesting. I don't have any way of purchasing books online. So I basicly wait to see if someone makes some request for books or role playing accessories which I potentially have in my collection. Then I can donate and give something back. I'm basicly replying to your post because I've been requesting the Adventure A Week Mini-Dungeon Collections, which are also available in "Bundles". Hope to see some of those being donated aswell.

83613b  No.3637

So im interested in checking out third party APs, any you guys think are good?

375278  No.3638


I did mention the Cloak and Ballot Trilogy from Adventure A Week Publishing in my last post. You can check it out for yourself and tell us what you think. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/115521/Cloak--Ballot-Trilogy-1-Tyranny-of-Greed

ccf0c7  No.3639


There are not a lot of third party APs as there are mega adventures, but I suggest you go through:

Way of the Wicked AP (evil AP)

Frog God's adventures such as Rappan Athuk, The Blight, Sword of Air (they lean heavily on the sandbox style).

Kobold Press Courts of the Shadow Fey and Halls of the Mountain King

AAW's Rise of Drow, Snow White and Shattered Heart AP

All of these should be in /3PPF @ snip

ccf0c7  No.3640

BTW, anyone looking for AAW titles can subscribe for free on their website for a month (current code SIGNUP2018), and get two files (it requires credit card info though, even if it doesn't charge anything). You are not eligible for mega adventures and more expensive files, but there are loads of smaller ones that haven't been shared.

17ddf0  No.3641

Anyone got these Spheres of Power handbooks? They're not in any trove I've found.

The Chronomancer's Handbook (Time)

The Destroyer's Handbook (Destruction)

Diviner's Handbook (Divination)

The Illuminator's Handbook (Light)

The Necromancers Handbook (Death)

The Trickster's Handbook (Illusion)

375278  No.3642

Any word on this months PF and SF society Scenario's? Are they still in the cleaning process?

0fd061  No.3644


I have those, will send in about 30 minutes

0fd061  No.3645

File: 13b7e476675962a⋯.jpg (178.4 KB, 770x1000, 77:100, PZOPSS1008E.jpg)



The most recent Pathfinder and Starfinder Society scenarios.


10-08 What Prestige is Worth

10-09 The Rasping Rebirth


01-26 Truth of the Seeker

01-27 King Xeros of Star Azlant



375278  No.3646


Thank you Carse. Always appreciated.

0fd061  No.3647



93438e  No.3648

Sorry, but it seems that the 3PPF folder eludes my attempts to find it.

There's a simple trick or explanation to it, but today I suffer a bad case of the stupid.

Please help. ;-D

5d49bc  No.3649


Link to /3PPF is down. Is it temporary, or did stuff moved?

e12238  No.3650


aa3ee4  No.3651


destroyer, diviner & illuminator @ /r/theinnertemple

haven't seen others shared

263940  No.3652

Anyone have the Bloodlines and Black Magic sourcebook from Storm Bunny Studios?


d231d1  No.3655


It should be in /3PPF but since it's down here /r/theinnertemple

ddb915  No.3656

Troves are back online.

375278  No.3657


I had the troves bookmarked. When the were recently put back online some of the bookmarks worked but others I had to re-establish through SN1P. Can you give me the "OSR" address again. I know its case sensitive.

d6e775  No.3658

Some PF requests found at /Dec-Releases @ Snip, PW: merryxmas

4884b1  No.3659



375278  No.3660



848049  No.3662

a6096e  No.3663


I don't think you should be linking those so can you delete that message?

0fd061  No.3664



Please do not post direct links to the thread. Those won't be valid soon anyway.

86ce79  No.3665

Does anyone know whom the HeroTrove belongs to? He/she seems to be missing opportunity to upload past Mutants & Masterminds files from the InnerTemple to the HeroTrove.

0fd061  No.3666


Mage handles that one

e12238  No.3667



Is it 3rd party?

e36092  No.3670


Good. You got them.

068722  No.3671

did we have december pf/sf donated? release date is tom.

23d1be  No.3675

Requesting Ultimate Strongholds for PFRPG

3e5797  No.3676

Here you all go! Thank your donors and cleaners as always! Enjoy your holidays!



PATHFINDER AP #137 - Interactive Maps


PATHFINDER CAMPAIGN - Faiths of Golarion




PATHFINDER MODULE - Cradle of Night Poster Map




f2443f  No.3677

Uh, Lib, Starfinder AP isn't clean... like at all.

0fd061  No.3678



Clean version



375278  No.3679



Thanks to Liberator, CoC and the donors and cleaners for this months PF/SF pdf's. Ive' been waitting for Cradle of Night to be released for almost a year. Now I'm chomping at the bit for the release of The Tyrants Grasp AP.

ea943b  No.3682


Dirty one still up at first address.

42a899  No.3683

The Starfinder AP pdf is #11, not #12

fba0e5  No.3684


It's also part 2 of 3, not part 1 of 3.

42a899  No.3686

dd9f7c  No.3687


Most of these have been shared, so it's not worth it as a bundle, better to pick up the missing items during one of the sales.

375278  No.3688

86ce79  No.3689

Looking for the following companions to The Reincarnated Knights of the Round Table:

Weapons of Old


Weapons of Old V2: Knights in Shining Armor


375278  No.3690

The PF/SF Society Modules PDF's were released yesterday. Any word on donors or a ETA on there posting?

0fd061  No.3691


Yep, got them down, just making it back to my station to clean them and liberate. Will share in a bit.

From here on out, you can assume that when they come out, I get an email letting me know that I have them to download. Usually a day or so afterwards, I will clean, post, and share.

0fd061  No.3692



Also, you don't have to wait on donors. I am a local gm for PFS, so I get all the scenarios for free.

375278  No.3693


Ok. I wasn't 100% sure about the procedure you use when it comes to when and from whom you receive newly released PF/SF Society PDF's. Thanks for explaining.

0fd061  No.3694





Newest Pathfinder/Starfinder/Adventure Card Game scenario releases:


Season 10-10 The Shattered Shield

Season 10-11 The Hao Jin Heirophant


Season 01-28 It Rests Beneath

Season 01-29 Honor Bound Emissaries

Adventure Card Game

Season 5-2 The Patchwork Prison

Season 5-3 Escape from the Titans Jungle



375278  No.3695


Thanks Carse. Always appreciated! May I ask which locale (City/Town) do you play in for PFS ? I don't use the PF Society scenario's for any sort of organized play. I simply adapt them for "Home game use" as short or medium length adventures. Does organized play tend to help weed out the "problem players"?

eeb4ff  No.3696


How about not asking a donor to disclose information so it can be viewed by someone who might report it to Paizo? Carse, you also should have kept quiet about you being a donor. I mean this thread is really low profile, but why risk it.

0fd061  No.3697



There are literally thousands volunteering their time for Pathfinder. I was not going to respond, but since you brought it up, no, I was not going to mention city/state.

As far as problem players, organized play tends to weed out players that are not a fan of restrictions. Despite that, we still get plenty of players who want to game the system or are terrible bookkeepers. Plus the typical loudmouths, power gamers, trolls, neck beards, grognards, etc. But typically those that like their own style of running the game shy away, at least in my area. Having said that, there is a nice group of locals that are regulars, and the stores in which we play know everyone.

When I first started to play I latched on to the idea of getting a sheet that recorded your experience, items to purchase, boons, etc.

My job now is to organize what stores we play in, the sessions that are played based on feedback or request or what's new, provide scenarios to the gm's to run, get all the sessions reported, answer questions about legality or if I don't know, get the answer from someone who does, make sure results and/or issues get fed up the chain if I feel it's beyond my scope (like if we need to ask someone to find somewhere else to play because of bad behavior of various kinds.)

So I am still handing out scenarios locally for free, the only difference is that I print them out ahead of time and give them the printed copy.


375278  No.3698



On the subject of "donor outting" Murderhobo, you are right, I should have not asked CoC which City/Town he games in. And he clearly refused to do so.

Unfortunately image boards like 4chan /tg/ is a hotbed for those wishing to destroy any sort of PDF sharing for any roleplaying game. I do not post or reply to anything on 4chan tg, because 90% of the people who use this imageboard are Mental Midgets, Rage Monkeys, and Romper Room Retards. All anyone has to do in order to see the tantrums being posted regarding Pathfinder/Paizo hatred is go to the 4Chan /tg/ archives and type Pathfinder or PF in the search window.

I only visit 4chan /tg/ out of some morbid fascination towards "RPG Noobs" trying to portray themselves as Pathfinder/ D&D 5E experts. I'm still prone to laughing at this whole "Martial/Spellcaster" disparity the "Anons" keep whining about on 4Chan tg.

By the way, thanks Carse for your feedback regarding your experiences with PFS gaming. I've always appreciated your PF book sharing.

243ea0  No.3699


To be fair, the pdf share thread has some good posts mixed in with the incessant trolling. As you may already know, some valuable resources are located at /ShareThread. As an extra added bonus, every thread is rounded off with vintage art.

375278  No.3700


I agree. Its one of the few reasons I visit 4Chan /tg/. I collect image files that I think would make good character sketchs. Da Archive is also a valuable resource for scoping out lots of active PDF Troves. But I think it has now been cancelled. I can't seem to find the most recent Da Archive directory. And in reference to my previous post, I did say that 90% of the people who visit 4Chan tg are Mental Midgets, Rage Monkeys and Romper Room Retards. That leaves 10% that are reasonably intelligent and mature, adults. I only post and reply to posts on this thread because I have seen mature, adults (for the most part) engaging in PF/SF book sharing without the mindless, ego wars which plague 4Chan /tg/. I only brought up 4chan /tg/ in my last post to point out that if their are any dickheads trying to "pin a tail" on the on the biggest, cleaners, donors, and organizers, then 4Chan /tg/ is ground zero. Besides you are probably well aware that (those who will not be named) have clearly demonstrated many times that they are the prime movers in the pdf sharing threads which includes donations. Even the janitorial staff working at Paizo can spend 15 minutes on their mobile phones juring their coffee break and figure out who the big donors are at 4chan tg.

0fd061  No.3701


>Even the janitorial staff working at Paizo can spend 15 minutes on their mobile phones juring their coffee break and figure out who the big donors are at 4chan tg.

Not really, I mean, Paizo sells so much (and gives away more than enough) that trust me, they couldn't care less.

375278  No.3702


I only made this point to emphasize "how easy" it would be to discover who is farming all those dastardly donations. And I've basicly stated what you have just commented on. Except I used the simple analogy of Paizo's janitorial staff tracking down all you copyright cleaning cowboys. This was meant to point out the pointlessness of it all for the exact reasons you stated. I'll work on my clarity. Guess, I gave myself a appropriate moniker.

Jo Kerr

943010  No.3703


Da Archive, along with Da Curated Archive and Da Annex, are at snip /ShareThread.

375278  No.3704


Thanks for the update.

3e5797  No.3705

My primary source for the Paizo PF stuff has yet to reply to me after 3 tries so far and it's been almost a month since the first was sent. If I hear nothing by the time the Jan goods should be released, I'll be requesting donors to help out.

Happy Holidays to you all, in the meantime!

375278  No.3706

File: d35e2800d129838⋯.jpg (574.93 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, DDS1002E.jpg)

This class looks fun. https://paizo.com/products/btpy8yt9?The-Vauntguard

I didn't see it in the Drop Dead Studios folder. Anyone seen this book in other troves?

536d52  No.3708



375278  No.3709


Your Awesome! Special thanks to the donor and cleaner for this book.

2b965c  No.3710

Merry christmas to you guys! Happy new year!

Hope you guys have some good games :D.

e5eb7d  No.3712

375278  No.3713

File: 409d59b3e30f4c1⋯.jpg (223.82 KB, 950x1500, 19:30, 81TXflT5ZjL._SL1500_.jpg)

I know this Map Pack has yet to find its way into Mageguru's PF Trove. Its not that I absolutely must have it, since I can make my own high-detail, maps with Adobe Photoshop. I was just curious to see if it has some useful (tiles) for map making. Anybody seen this map pack in another trove someplace?

8ab739  No.3714


Got it here.



375278  No.3715


Thank you Carse for the quick reply to my request. If you ever want to see a example of my map-work post some details of what you would like to see and I'll post the finished map.

8ab739  No.3716


You are welcome to email me a sample!

cityofcarse at gmail

375278  No.3717


Ok. I only asked if you would think of some details for a map you would like to see. So that I may be inspired. (e.g. A black market hideout where there is evidence of brutal violence that had taken place.)

Go easy on me. If you ask to see a castle with 5 floors and a dungeon level that is a shitload of work.

375278  No.3718


Just wondering if you got my sample. Hope I sent it properly.

7d2d5d  No.3719


Do you have any of these?

PZO4064 Bridges

PZO4066 Desert Sites

PZO4071 Frozen Sites

375278  No.3720


Unfortunately no I don't have those. They were included on this list >>3605 which was compiled by "Wonderer" over a month ago. Not sure if they ever got donated.

86ce79  No.3721

a6096e  No.3722


Hey you know that's free right all you need to get that is an account you know that right?

0fd061  No.3723



Everything but the pawn collections. I splurged. Merry-After-Christmas

PZOSQW30010 GameMastery Flip-Mat

PZO30069 Bigger Basic

PZO30077 Bigger Forest

PZO30079 Elemental Planes Multi-Pack

PZO30080 Bigger Ship

PZO30081 Forbidden Jungle

PZO30082 Airship

PZO30090 Forest Fire

PZO4064 Bridges

PZO4066 Desert Sites

PZO4071 Frozen Sites



And the two I forgot:

PZO30091 Carnival

PZO30095 Bigger Sewer




df6bb1  No.3724

I must have missed these maps or perhaps my old eyes in dying...

PZO30051 - Battlefield

PZO30067 - Desert Ruins

PZO30076 - Mythos Dungeon

Thanks in advance donators. Happy New Year!

0fd061  No.3725


They are in the PFTrove without the numbers of course. Wish they were, but not my trove. Also, Desert Ruins is 57, not 67. 67 is slums. I put both up.

and the rest in my Cavern of Carse vola


7d2d5d  No.3726


Thank you!

df6bb1  No.3727


WOW!!! Thank you Carse.

By chance you have the following:

Flip Mats

PZO30037 - wasn't included in vola?

PZO 30001 to 30010

Campaign Settings

PZO9201 -

PZO9203 - Item Cards, Second Darkness Deck

PZO9206 - Second Darkness Map Folio

PZO9212 - Legacy of Fire Map Folio

PZO9218 - Council of Thieves Map Folio

PZO9236 - Carrion Crown Poster Map

PZO9242 - Jade Regent Poster Map

PZO9247 - Planes of Power

PZO9254 - Shattered Star Poster Map

PZO9260 - Reign of Winter Poster Map

PZO9277 - Iron Gods Poster Maps,

Bless you for your kind heart

4450bd  No.3728


PZO30037 was replaced with the newer 31004 (both are Village Square). The original pdf is no longer available, unless some other collector has it. I would not mind getting that myself.

PZO9021 is The Jackal's Price, the 3rd AP book in the Legacy of Fire AP. That should be in the PFTrove.

30001 to 30009 were not map files that I can tell. 30010 was the PZOSQW30010 that I posted, the original flip mat.

Did not purchase any of the other ones you listed since I hit my budget at $150.

375278  No.3729


All the Adventure Path Map folio's you listed are in the PF Trove. Look in the "Adventure Path" folder in the main directory and choose the specific AP Map folio you are looking for within the sub-folders. (i.e. If your looking for the Jade Regent Map Folio, then it will bee in the Jade Regent AP folder). Planes of Power is located in the "Campaign" folder.

375278  No.3730

File: d760c6dfc5179c7⋯.jpg (429.21 KB, 900x1165, 180:233, LSPCOTLS03E.jpg)

Anyone seen this book in a trove or vola? Its not in Mages 3rd Party Publisher trove.


19d279  No.3731

Does anyone have:

PZO4067 Secret Rooms

PZO4077 Urban Starter Set


Thank you in advance

86ce79  No.3732


I know but I have been banned from opening an account by my father.

ffbe5b  No.3733


Considering you are using something that looks as a real name on a pirate site maybe it's for the best.

0fd061  No.3734


PZO4067 was shared earlier in this thread here:


No one has shared PZO4077 that I am aware of.

0fd061  No.3735

File: a4ed84a1ddadce0⋯.jpeg (16.79 KB, 180x175, 36:35, Urban Starter Set.jpeg)


Aaaaannnd, now it's here. Thanks anon!



375278  No.3736


Thanks Carse and to the donor aswell! I'm sure the "Urban Perils" expansion set will eventually be released to go with this Flip Tile Set.

0fd061  No.3737


Feb 27 is the release date on Paizo

375278  No.3738


Thanks. Yes, I later took a look at the release schedule myself. I'm anxious to read the first installment of "The Tyrants Grasp" Adventure Path when it becomes available.

7b181f  No.3739

Friendly reminder: final hours of Dec-Releases, pw merryxmas. I don't know what time today it'll close, but I suspect midnight GMT, so hurry!

375278  No.3740


The Dec-Releases are now closed. Even though they may not be accessible as "New Releases" by Mageguru they are still able to be downloaded. For example, the remastered D&D modules he's been working on have replaced the lower quality modules in the TSR Trove. Maybe you know this already. You just make it seem so urgent, as though they will become off-limits. I'm sure all the files will end up in there respective troves witin Mageguru's main collections. Or am I missing something? I'm very impressed with the "Remastered" D&D modules he has released. They are as good as any of the direct to digital books being sold online.

e12238  No.3741


Yes, the PF and 5e Content will end up in their respective troves....

Also I carry over the last dated folder to January, but I haven't got any bulk donations yet for January, I assume cause of the holidays.

375278  No.3742


Thanks for the confirmation Mage. Good to know.

86ce79  No.3743


It's no my real name. I just don't like the default name.

631840  No.3744


thanks. Somehow I missed it.

375278  No.3745

I got a Pathfinder Rules issue and I'm not sure if this is the right place to throw it out there to get opinions from fellow PF gamers. Its the first time I've put forward a Pathfinder rules query online. Its just not worth the bother to login, sign up, join our club on reddit or the Paizo rules forum website. And I certainly don't need to discuss PF Rules bad enough to start my own thread. My rules issue involves the "Daylight Spell" and transitions between light levels. Do I have any takers?

0fd061  No.3746


Fuck I hate that light/darkness horseshit. Comes up every time.


0fd061  No.3747



The only rules that comes up just as often are the grappling rules.


375278  No.3748


Well Carse. My points of contention concerning the Daylight spell are not as bad as all that. Every time I do a search for a answer to my question I end up getting hit with all this Magic light vs. Magic darkness crap which doesn't answer what I would like to know. Maybe I'm taking something simple and trying to make it more difficult than it needs to be. I don't know. So I'll use this example and tell me what you think.

A wizard and a fighter walk into a dungeon chamber (120' x 120' square). The chamber is in complete darkness (Not Magical darkness) so the wizard casts Daylight on his own hat that he's wearing. If I'm reading the RAW correctly for the Daylight spell then there will be a 60' radius of BRIGHT light originating from the wizards hat. And everthing from 60' to 120' will be in DIM light because the light in the Secondary radius has been increased one level (From Darkness to Dim). This means there will be no natural transition between the Bright light and the Dim light. That is to say, there is no Normal light level between the Bright and Dim radius's of effect. So if the fighter walks away from the wizard he will leave the Brightly illuminated zone and enter the Dim light zone without any Normal light in between.

I'm doing my best to not be pedantic about this. I've got a lot of years experience as a DM and I've already decided how I should handle the abrupt light transitions which I illustrated in my example. I guess I'm just looking for outside opinions.

As far as that Grappling rules flowchart goes, I wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole in Magical Darkness. It looks like somebody tried to come up with every conceivable rules issue concerning Grapple and put it all on one flow chart. Flowcharts tend to be messy and end up causing more arguments than they solve. I try to deal with only the points that need to be rectified when theres a Who Grapples Who debate.

dd2584  No.3749


There's often stuff not in the many, many troves MG maintains. Also, there're often posters who miss out and ask for a reup, although maybe nobody did this time, or they're still sleeping it off.

375278  No.3750


Ok, thank you for the info.

0fd061  No.3751


Mechanically, that is correct. Like I said, most of the PF light rules are dumb.

But if that same daylight is in an area of deeper darkness, then the only light remaining after the two fight each other, is ambient or natural light if there was any. Moonlight, torches, and even sunrods.

375278  No.3752

File: 2a9df66b4f006fb⋯.png (171.68 KB, 460x345, 4:3, Vision and Light levels.png)


Thanks for your input. Found this pic online while attempting to find views and opinions about light levels and concealment. (Pic related) I didn't add the caption to the picture. But I think the person who made it didn't read the rules in the CRB about concealment completely. Its in the strange example I explained above which creates some interesting possibilities for some Stealthy bastard sneaking around within the dim light just outside the primary radius of Bright light of the Daylight spell. But this is just me throwing some ideas out to fellow Pathfinder DM's or Players who like the occasional "Brain Teaser".

0fd061  No.3753


Very nice! I will share that pic with my PF group.

375278  No.3754


Sure. Although I would like to add that the person who put the caption on the screenshot needs to take a closer look at the Pathfinder concealment rules. Because the picture does not represent what he probably thought it would.

375278  No.3755

File: 1654fb8a5b22aaa⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2364x934, 1182:467, Race-Class Combo.jpg)

My recent interests in light levels, stealth and concealment, as it applies to the Pathfinder RPG, inspired me to think up a Race/Class combo for those who might enjoy running a "Splinter Cell" styled character in Pathfinder. Check out the Pic.

0fd061  No.3756

Anyone here? Just checking to see if we need another thread...

53cd12  No.3757



I have (almost) always an eye for new things ...


375278  No.3758


I think I scared every one off with my long rants or maybe it was my Splinter Cell post!

5808bb  No.3759

What's the release date for January stuff?

42a899  No.3760

"late January", as per Paizo's site.

e3ea3f  No.3761

Anyone got cleaned version of Community Use Package: Starfinder Society Pregenerated Characters?

0fd061  No.3762


It's a free download. Hence the name, Community Use.

0fd061  No.3763


Seeing as how it's not currently in the SF Trove folder of the /PFTrove...



c6098e  No.3764

Can anyone point a humble newbie to the location of Deep Magic 15 by Kobold Press?

375278  No.3765

File: 04c18e61447a385⋯.jpg (89.93 KB, 628x810, 314:405, DM15-Heiroglyph-COVER.jpg)


If this is the book you want it should be in Mageguru's DnD 3rd Party Publisher trove. But unfortunately it seems to be down at the moment. By the way this is a thread for Pathfinder and Starfinder, not DnD 5E.

375278  No.3766


Actually its not down ($n1p <dot> li /DnD3P), but I checked and its not in the Kobold Press folder. I don't think its been donated yet.

e12238  No.3767



Nope, has not been donated, And the actual story on this was that it was delayed, and 16 was released before it.

375278  No.3768


Thanks for the feedback Mage.

375278  No.3769

File: c92031e051812d6⋯.png (430.76 KB, 454x587, 454:587, cover-LG1000.png)

While we're on the subject of book search mysteries, has anyone seen this one floating around somewhere? Hopefully in a trove or vola.

8ab739  No.3771

File: 50b88a43afd93c9⋯.jpg (114.62 KB, 891x1132, 891:1132, magus.jpg)

Recent donation for Pathfinder thanks to a generous anon:

Legendary Magus [PF]



8ab739  No.3772


Link got cut off, apologies.



375278  No.3773


Thank you generous Anon and to you Carse aswell.

375278  No.3774

File: a57cc95279abfee⋯.jpg (130.02 KB, 480x622, 240:311, AB-SCREEN1.jpg)

I was looking for this book in the troves, but could not find it. It looks interesting. Anybody have this one in their collection?


42a899  No.3775

End of January is approaching. Are this month's releases secured?

0fd061  No.3776


They are from what I understand. Will be posted just shy of a week from now..

8ab739  No.3777

File: bbc3d56ffc07987⋯.jpg (692.6 KB, 685x900, 137:180, Path-of-the-Mystic-cover.jpg)

Recent donations, all for Pathfinder.

Manifest Destiny Book 1: Domains & Devotions

Manifest Destiny Book 2: Cults & Clergy

Path of the Mystic



375278  No.3778


Thanks Carse. And Thank you Anon Donor.

8f1fe6  No.3779

Looking for Interface Zero 2.0 (Starfinder Edition)

000000  No.3780


How can I donate it? :-) Thanks.

0fd061  No.3781




000000  No.3782


Done (with bonus) :-)

8ab739  No.3783

New Pathfinder/Starfinder Society scenarios:


Season 10-12 Breath of the Dragonskull

Season 10-13 Fragments of Antiquity


Season 01-30 Survivor's Salvation

Season 01-31 Treading History's Folly



375278  No.3784


Thanks Carse. Any word on the other PF/SF books released today?

3e5797  No.3785

Here you go folks, enjoy. Thanks to the donors and the cleaners!

FLIP MAT - Tavern Multipack




PATHFINDER AP #138 - Interactive Maps


PLAYER COMPANION - Wilderness Origins




375278  No.3786



Thanks Liberator and to the donors aswell.

9c9ce5  No.3787

Some kind anon have the Talented Bestiary?

a6096e  No.3788


It should be in the 3rd party trove in the super genius games folder.

371b41  No.3789


Thanks as always to you an to al contributors!

39227f  No.3796

Hey Mage, when were you going to tell us about the new stuff in Feb-Releases?

4410e2  No.3797

Is the /PFTrove at bitly down? Or did I forget the correct address?

0fd061  No.3798


You forgot the correct address.


d9baff  No.3799

Has anyone seen the Legends audiobook files lying around anywhere?

Curse of the Crimson Throne or Mummy's Mask would be greatly appreciated.

0fd061  No.3800

As far as February's release date, the schedule says Feb 27th for all PDF releases, including the next 4 society scenarios (2 each for PF & SF).

375278  No.3801


Thanks for the update Carse. I haven't been following the PDF share thread on 4chan for many weeks. If you can think of any Adventure A Week (AAW) products that have made it into the troves lately I would appreciate the heads up. I don't expect you to look through troves. Just thought that if any books come to mind then maybe point them out. You know whats going on with the 4Chan share threads better than I do.

0fd061  No.3802


Lots of the usual nonsense, unfortunately.

cbee19  No.3803


There's one in /Feb-Releases (pw valentine) in the 02-15-2019 Path folder, specifically Future's Past Infinity Incursion (4 of 5). None other come to mind, although I certainly could have missed something.

375278  No.3804


Thanks for the tip OldDarb. I appreciate it.

a07dc9  No.3805


Pardon me, I don't follow 4chan, the /Feb-Releases where?

375278  No.3806



Don't use the same characters that I used, just type what the characters represent.



You get the picture?

a07dc9  No.3807



Oh, sure, thanks, I just didn't know that was a different trove altogether, I thought it was a subfolder somewhere.

5b6259  No.3808

File: 83e7178d81e4ead⋯.jpg (462.57 KB, 2595x1632, 865:544, Collage.jpg)

New Adventure Card Game scenarios for Season 5.




a6096e  No.3809

Hmm it seems in the >Feb-Releases there's the The Expanded Godhand but in the 3rd party trove for the Little Red Goblin Games there isn't the core Godhand so that kinda needs to also be shared right?

838af9  No.3810

Feb-Releases trove is asking a password. Anyone can help me?

375278  No.3811


The Password is valentine.

0fd061  No.3812

New Society scenarios for Pathfinder and Starfinder.


10-14 Debt to the Quah

10-15 Tapestry's Trial


01-32 Acts of Association

01-33 Data Breach



375278  No.3813


Thanks Carse. I guess the donations for the rest of February's PDF's has yet to be cleaned.

0fd061  No.3814


No, they are cleaned, but the Liberator usually passes them on.

375278  No.3815


Ok, Thanks for the update.

3e5797  No.3816

Enjoy everyone!




PATHFINDER AP #139 - Interactive Maps




243617  No.3817


Thank you so much!!!

Any chance to get the RotR Poster Map Folio?

375278  No.3818


Thanks to the Donors and Cleaners and to Liberator awell.

Hopefully this will be available down the road aswell.

>Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Urban Perils Expansion

73aadf  No.3820

Why do we have such low activity?

375278  No.3821

File: 804405e870c799f⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 426x320, 213:160, tenor.gif)


This thread is generally used for those requesting and donating PF/SF books.

Or books compatible with PF/SF.

There really isn't much discussion regarding the games themselves. Even though I have started rules discussions from time to time.

ea943b  No.3822

MageGuru has some good stuff in /Mar-Releases pw madness!! for PF from both the purple golem and 3rd party publishers.

375278  No.3823


I appreciate the heads-up OldDarb. Thanks.

a6096e  No.3824


Hey are you sure it's safe I tried to download some stuff and my computer said the was malware or viruses in them?

a6096e  No.3825

Tho that did happen when I tried to bulk download.

e12238  No.3826



Google flagged all of cloud.allsync.com/s/ it's not just mine.

a6096e  No.3827


Hey I'm just saying when I tried to bulk download stuff my anti-virus software said it had a virus or malware in it, but it was totally fine downloading each file individually, so what I can gain from that is something is trying to putting something in with the files when you try to bulk download stuff.

a6096e  No.3828


So I'm not blaming you or anything I'm just giving people a heads up.

d1290a  No.3829

Can someone give me the links for the 3rd party trove please ?

375278  No.3830


We don't post direct links here. Use $nip<dot>li. Its /3PPF for the folder address.

d1290a  No.3831


Thanks, i know the lkinks but forgot the name of the folder ^^.

Have a good day.

1dccdb  No.3833

From four doors down, courtesy of k3tamin3

City of 7 Seraphs

$$ 3eqaih

40e29a  No.3834


Link down

ea943b  No.3835


It needs /file/ in the middle.

40e29a  No.3836

9a9090  No.3838

I know this thread for PF/SF releases but can someone please direct me to a thread with Dragon and Dungeon magazine scans/releases?

375278  No.3839




375278  No.3840


Wrong trove. Its /TSRTrove not /WOTCTrove.

9a9090  No.3841


Thank you very much.

b1d41b  No.3843

I've been considering getting a couple of the Starfinder flip-mats. How would I go about donating them if/when I do?

e12238  No.3844

You can send to /donate

@ Snip.li

0fd061  No.3845


I was about to say the same, then I refreshed.

13d02e  No.3846

So just to be clear about the Pathfinder/Starfinder items still remaining to be liberated, I believe we have the following left:


Map Packs: (none currently needed)

Flip-Mats (none currently needed)


PZO1028 Ironfang Invasion Pawn Collection

PZO1032 War For the Crown Pawn Collection

PZO1033 Return of the Runelords Pawn Collection



PZO7102 Starfinder GM Screen

Flip Mats

PZO7301 Basic Terrain

PZO7302 Basic Starfield

PZO7303 Cantina

PZO7304 Starship

PZO7305 Urban Sprawl

PZO7306 Space Station

PZO7307 The Sunrise Maiden

PSO7308 Asteroid

PZO7309 Ghost Ship

PZO7310 Hospital

PZO7311 Jungle World

PZO7312 Warship

Pawns & Accessories

PZO7401 Pawn Base Collection (Not sold as a PDF)

PZO7402 Core Rulebook Pawn Collection

PZO7403 Alien Archive Pawn Collection

PZO7404 Pact World Pawn Collection

PZO7405 Dead Suns Pawn Collection

PZO7406 Critical Hit Deck (Not sold as a PDF)

PZO7407 Agains the Aeon Throne Pawn Collection

PZO7408 Alien Archive 2 Pawn Collection

PZO7409 Critical Fumble Deck (Not sold as a PDF)

PZO7410 Signal of Screams Pawn Collection

Please correct if anything is amiss...

375278  No.3847


I haven't seen these items on your list. Have they been liberated recently?

>RotR Poster Map Folio

>Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Urban Perils Expansion

375278  No.3848


This has already been liberated. Its in the PF Trove, in the Pawns folder.

>PZO1032 War For the Crown Pawn Collection

375278  No.3849


Nevermind about this:>RotR Poster Map Folio

I found it in the AP Folder of Mage's trove.

0fd061  No.3850



Got it, thanks for the corrections. Cheers!

d31864  No.3851

Christmas day ;-)

Just waiting for Santa

8ab739  No.3852


I know the monthly Paizo files are coming soon, and I myself will be posting the new Society scenarios is a little while.

8ab739  No.3853

Pathfinder/Starfinder/Adventure Card Game Society scenarios released today.

ACG Season 5-5 Arms of the Deep

Pathfinder Season 10-16 What the Helms Hide

Pathfinder Season 10-17 On Sevenfinger's Sails

Starfinder Season 01-34 Heart of the Foe

Starfinder Season 01-35 Rasheen's Riches



375278  No.3854


Thanks Carse. Always appreciated!

3e5797  No.3855

Sorry for the delay, here you folks go! Thank the donors and cleaners! Enjoy!


FLIP MAT - Wicked Dungeon




PATHFINDER AP #140 - Interactive Maps


PLAYER COMPANION - Heroes of Golarion


POSTER MAP FOLIO - Return of the Runelords




375278  No.3856


Thank you Liberator and to all the donors and cleaners.

fae7c2  No.3857



ff280a  No.3858


All links offline. Can we have a new one?

91581a  No.3859




fba0e5  No.3860


Still missing the map folio

91581a  No.3861


Yeah, thought that one had already been released prior to this one. Here you go.



375278  No.3862


Yes. The Map Folio has been in Mage's PF Trove since March 22nd.

3a21ce  No.3863

FBI takedown on Maguguru's troves. Any guesstimate as to when the inevitable backup will resurface?

Keep up the good work!

375278  No.3864


A little bit late for April Fools jokes. Nice try.

e12238  No.3865



The joke was on time.

More a little late, when they were restored 20 hours ago

375278  No.3866


Has your OSR Trove always been password protected. Is it found at a different address than before ( /O-S-R )? After the whole "FBI" fiasco I had to re-establish my bookmarked links but the OSR Trove is the only one that required a password. Help please?

0fd061  No.3867


Mage does not maintain the /O-S-R trove.

pw = Leucrotta

e12238  No.3868


That's why you bookmark the snip link. The destination share link can change at any time.

375278  No.3869



Ok, thanks.

a6096e  No.3870

50a83d  No.3871

Any news on the Book of Passion and its extras? I wanted to read it for...research proposes.

Also the Starship, Station and Salvage guide.

ea943b  No.3872

Is there anyone with Trailblazer willing to share? Checked /3PPF and didn't find it.

375278  No.3873


I have it. But its 3RD Edition (D20 rules). Where do I send it?

f8020b  No.3874


Sorry, I thought it was a PF mod. The vola of your choice would be fine. TYVM!

375278  No.3875


I sent everything I had from Bad Axe Games including Trailblazer to the Cavern of Carse only a few minutes ago. Sorry for getting back to you so late.

f8020b  No.3876


No apology necessary. Heck, I just got off work. Again, tyvm.

375278  No.3877


Your welcome. I have a shit ton of D&D 3.0 (D20) compatible PDF's I downloaded from a torrent years ago which I still haven't sorted through completely yet. If you need anything else from that system its possible I might have it.

375278  No.3878


Just realized Trailblazer is a D&D 3.5 compatible book. But I'm sure you know this already. My "D20" 3rd Party Publisher collection has a mix of 3PP D&D 3.0/3.5 books. Then again, its all Pathfinder compatible.

c81eff  No.3879

826eb4  No.3880

Is there any trove or something with zips of all the Pathfinder maps exported as jpg files (the modular maps and the flip mats)?

I suppose more than one person already found themselves needing them, and in case the job was already done, no point in doing it again myself.

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