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File: 4814f47419f4670⋯.webm (272.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 4814f47419f4670919e8b59c8….webm)


hey im garrett, the owner of >>>/eerie/

sometimes i like to blog about stuff that isnt directly related to eerie

SO IN THAT CASE i'll post it here

alright? alllright

contact me

discord: I love Eerie#3019

email: monhunaddict@cock.lu

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i have a PS4 and play games sometimes.

add me on discord and after we talk a while i'll give you my PSN.

i'm not normally paranoid, i dont give a fucking fuck about anonymity.

but sony is such an absolutely kiked business i think that if you emailed them and showed them i use the word nigger on 8chan that they'd ban me. and i have like $2k worth of games.

so vetting is necessary

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File: 30cf59fbe5bc78b⋯.mp4 (900.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DASH_9_6_M.mp4)


i feel like having a rainbow six thread so i can talk about my favorite game. i try to play daily.

my first impressions of rainbow was disinformation spread by /v/, they completely disallow discussion of the game at all by spamposting how it's shit and how it's propaganda and how it's imbalanced and how it's pay to win, it's all complete falsifications.

you have to actively look for propaganda to find it, none of it is in your face. there isn't gender neutral bathrooms just randomly about like lawbreakers or random framed photos of marx like deadpool 2 and there is no singleplayer content whatsoever so there isn't some story campaign where you hear orange man bad shit. the only only only propaganda is in character bios or subtle stuff like having an italian counter terrorist op be a nigger instead of a pureblooded italian. which is disgusting, sure, but it is again merely text you have to go through and read and not representative of the gameplay.

the only paid content is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay whatsoever and none of it is required for play. you buy the game, you play, you're equally matched with people who put 10000 dollars down for paid content, all of the maps are completely free, the cosmetics do not give you any advantage whatsoever.

there is no gambling so the game isn't part of the EA lootbox controversy. the only gambling is through free in-game currency that you cannot buy with real money. if i wanted to gamble in the game the only way to do so would be to play the game to earn the in-game currency, and paying real world money would not get me any lootboxes.

i mean i'm not trying to sell the fucking game to you here, i don't give a fuck if you don't want to play, but it just makes me mildly upset that people really badly misrepresent it around here. it's a great game and people are really missing out because of some political subtext that turns them off, the ubisoft brand itself or disinformation. and that is a shame.

i discovered the game for myself without /v/'s bias blinding me around august 2018 through the lolcow named Wings of Redemption who is an infamous failed streamer who streams full time Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Just passing by to tell you that faggots and drugs addicts deserve everything they get eventually, it's god's justice


File: 00db7641fef9366⋯.png (130.13 KB, 1155x623, 165:89, ClipboardImage.png)

not so bad? huh? im doing okay for myself. huh?


File: 1f846577900e82e⋯.png (19.12 KB, 641x181, 641:181, ClipboardImage.png)

i'm not going to be using frost anymore, she isn't viable at high level play. i can't even remember the last time i got someone stuck in a welcome mat. no one falls for it. you might as well play recruit.


File: 72758ab29e6f807⋯.png (19.17 KB, 672x179, 672:179, ClipboardImage.png)


the new operators FUCKING SUCK DICK, are you fucking kidding me with the recycled weapons? not a single new gun! not a single new ability! just putting defender's shit on attacker again.

are you fucking kidding me with the chinese shotgun on attacker again ahahaha

File: 6778c4161eaa44b⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1541688634869.jpg)


i bet that people with severe physical deformities are really good people. real human beings. and i'd like to befriend one. well not really, because i have more than enough going on with my four existing friends. especially nathaniel, he's the man. i'm satisfied and can't sustain more.

but i mean whatever.

i'm just saying i think cripples and hideously ugly people or dudes with that disease where they're missing all their skin and are just a giant open wound walking around, i bet all of them have a lot to offer in conversation cause they probably do a lot of thinking all alone. a lot of them are homeschooled and the only personal interaction they have with human beings are their parents, so they are kept sanitary from external culture and jewish and nigger influence. they're raw human and you don't get that often. you develop your own raw culture consisting of only your own mind and your immediate family and media you find on your own instead of that which is recommended to you by word of mouth through niggers and faggots.

other than their parent's constant fake praise, they probably also have 20 strangers come up to them anytime they leave their house or are paraded on social media, pegged with comments about how heroic and inspirational they are and how gorgeous and miraculous they are. and, as i said, i'm talking about cripples here, not retards. these guys have normal IQ's. and past the age of 13, they can surely see through these normalfag pep talks. imagine that, imagine all these virtue signalling CUNTS telling you how much they want to suck your dick, but how many of them spend more than five minutes actually hanging out with them? absolutely zero. and it must make them very acute to the normalfag condition and very cynical. a fucking barrage of normalfag propaganda and empty promises and hollow compliments. what a rotten way to live.

they must know even more than i do how phony and disgusting and transparent the average man is and they must be really awesome for it and have a lot of stories to tell of complete faggotry.

i'm droning on and repeating myself cause it's late. yeah fuck normalfags. that is all

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HEY LISTEN MAN sorry for not replying to your cool posts, i will try to today. it's just been rough at work, im gonna die of a heart attack at 40 cause im not equipped to leave my house. alright?

also been addicted to kingdom come deliverance and dumped away my whole 2 days off into that without any breaks.

but i will write a real reply to all your shit by the end of the day hopefully. im typing one for your one on /eerie/ right now.

sorry just didnt want you to think im blowing you off or have abandoned the board im just fucked up man


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


have you been prescribed any medicines unfit for children as a child? and suffered horrible side effects?

only recently have i been relieved of the insomnia that plagued my life for 12+ years due to ritalin and adderall prescriptions when i was but a lad of 6 years old.

im guessing the shit they'd give to someone suffering arthritis is worse…i'm not sure.

anyway just about every interaction i've had with doctors has been like being tortured in a POW camp and im sure you have some tales of your own yeah?

my mother has a spinal injury that causes her great pain. it's impeded any romantic interest she's ever had because no one takes her disability seriously and expects her to go hiking and shit all the same.

has anyone ever been so insensitive as to expect you to do things you physically can't and get angry over it with you?

it's not pretentious to me. i feel the same way.

this song is a little heavy handed but it describes us best

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File: f4f07acadc97600⋯.png (194.96 KB, 638x573, 638:573, 1557421931518.png)


That's okay, man. Take your time. Is Kingdom Come any good? Wasn't there a whole commotion about that in the media because the creator wouldn't put Africans in Medieval Europe or something? Also, how did you know that it was also me who made another post on /eerie/? Yeah and I know you're not abandoning the board, life is just busy for me now aswell.


File: fcaca6f5afb7e5e⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 800x795, 160:159, 1556561930184.jpg)


No, I wasn't prescribed any unsuitable medicine as a child only the rare expensive prescribed medicine for my arthritis. I've had insomnia before, it's bad isn't it? But I usually have the opposite problem which is being tired all the time. Maybe it's because dreams are better than this reality or something hahaha! I've heard about that adderal stuff, doesn't that make people more violent? What was it like on it? Yeah, sometimes I suppose the hospital could be compared to a POW camp since there's ill and deformed people everywhere along with pain and disease and I underwent some painful operations when I was younger so it rings a bell of familiarity. I do have some tales of my own from my experiences at hospitals and health centres, ask away, man. Yes, people have expected me to do physical things I couldn't and I couldn't participate in physical education in high school because of it and the teachers would always shout at me for not bringing my kit. I was humiliated and treated like a freak. Thanks for not finding it pretentious. Also, thanks for the song, man. I remember that song from years ago in the earlier internet days, brings back nostalgic memories. I've been listening to it all day now that you've reminded me of it and yeah, I agree that it describes us best.



on adderall i became a zombie dead man walking with no emotions and no respect for human life and no ambitions and i became very suicidal and fearless. i planned to firebomb a store that sells fur coats using a rented car and if i went to prison then that was fine. being in prison seemed relaxing and like i was meant to be there when i was drugged up as a kid.

did your mom bring you food from the outside world when you were hospitalized or were you forced to eat the hospital food? when my brother was in the ICU for the car accident, the stench of the fucking hospital food stood out most out of everything. the entire floor would smell like human feces during mealtime.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i fucking love buying stuff, im big into materialism, i like burning through cash as fast as possible.

i bought this yesterday, it's the first figurine i've ever owned. i'll probably end up buying all figures from the 200X line. i don't really like any hokuto figures other than the ones from this line. a couple of the revoltechs look okay but other than that, hokuto hasn't ever gotten any good figurines.

anyway, the Ein figure is the most expensive one of the line, buying all the other 200X figures will be easy. Rei and Raoh actually never had a price increase, they're $30, which is what this line retailed for at launch from what I've seen in magazine ads.

however it hurts my autism very badly that they made an adult Bat figurine, but not an adult Lin one. in fact, there was never an adult Lin figure from any toy line ever made from what I can tell. it'll be weird having Bat with no Lin.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

im LEASING TO OWN an iphone s6, i only have to pay 10 bucks a month for it.

now i get to play this new gacha shit SMT game, it is fun as fuck.

i got jeanne d'arc already from a free superior summon and i'm working on grinding to awaken her. it's a red jeanne


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

now that i have a phone i'll make more youtube videos.

smt has the BEST nigger music.

gotta get it back it's time i get it back i want to bring it back to the good old days




SMT if… was literally pure diarrhea ahahahaha. i pushed mason into playing it when i was playing it for the first time myself and i felt awful cause i made this poor kid's first smt experience liquid shit. there's just nothing to it at all.

i wish that FUCKING FAGGOT had finished the translation of Devil Summoner instead.


File: 578a78870b14349⋯.png (2.72 MB, 886x1412, 443:706, ClipboardImage.png)

had to have it. it's a phone charm. im gonna strap it to my PSP or 3DS perhaps.

i've had a lot of problems with phone charms being too hard and heavy and wrecking my shit but this one is a pillow so it'll be alright

i love the art style of the DD Hokuto no Ken web series– the televised one looks much much worse. glad to have it.

they turned juda into a hair dresser which is funny.

wait, come to think of it, did Teen Titans GO plagiarize DD HnK? now there's a thinker.

no im sure there's lots of shitty parody mini series of its kind in japan.

anyway i wouldnt say i'm juda's biggest fan or anything but he was the best character of the ones available so it's fine

File: 9b925a7b45f6d11⋯.jpg (25.79 KB, 720x670, 72:67, glimmer.jpg)


my grandparents are rich and they decided to give me a car randomly and it kinda fucked my family up cause we're all poor and can't afford a new car what with insurance and gas and stuff. also it has an issue that requires $300 to repair. and i don't know how to drive at all, which is part of what i mean when i say they kinda fucked us. now i have my mom up my ass pestering me to learn. the driving test in arizona is quite difficult. i took the written exam and failed nearly 90% of the questions. (my mom is convinced it is easy and discourages me from studying and gets mad at the suggestion). this is a time sensitive issue because the title in my name is temporary or something? so i have to get a license within 2 days or else [something bad] will happen. i don't understand it at all. i just know it's causing me distress that i didn't need, and i wish they had consulted us instead of just driving it down here and dumping it on us.

call me an entitled beggar. i don't give a fuck. if a homeless man wins the lottery and gets a free house, but doesn't have a dime and can't pay the taxes or utilities, then all he actually has is a fucking anchor weighing him down. he's still homeless with new debts.

but overall it's a nice car… it's a Volvo. if i take care of it, it could last me my whole life span. it's just the journey getting there is hard and will put our finances back a month. this is fucked. why couldn't they just talk about it to us first.

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File: 6c64fa7f06f1974⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 473x473, 1:1, 748348484.jpg)


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, very similar shit happened to me. In what ways did he physically abuse you and your family? My Father was also sometimes physically abusive, but usually he was just verbally and psychologically abusive. One time I remember he hit me and even though I blame dysgenics and heredity for my low quality and failure as a biological organism it was as though he punched me into my current state of social retardation. Ever since towards the end of primary school and the beginning of high school I have dealt with severe dissassociation and dettachment from reality along with chronic maladaptive daydreaming and general derealisation. I am also plagued by excessive paranoia that has become increasingly debilitating as the years have passed by. My interactions and experiences with normalfags have left their mark on me for the worse as I now trust nobody. My philosophical, political, racial and eugenic awakening in my youth led me to develop an extremely bleak and demoralised outlook on life coupled with a conspiratorialist view of history and evolution. Outside of school and College I have lived in a state of reasonably high isolation and have done for ever now so it seems. How about you?



he would get drunk and go on 8 hour long drunken rants crying and slurring. i am convinced my dad was a sociopath and it's proven that the only time sociopaths cry is when they are under the influence.

while this wasn't physical, it was an often enough occurence and begun at a very young age so i think it did more damage in the long run.

my mom would try to get hotel rooms whenever this would happen but it was so often that you'd have to be spending $1000 a month and we couldn't afford to.

i think because of this i find the hotel atmosphere to be one of the most comforting even in adulthood. i really really really like hotel rooms. but maybe everyone likes it, i dunno. im just thinking maybe i like them even more because they were a safe haven in childhood.

i don't remember much like i said.

i remember one time i adopted gerbils from a boy in class who was moving away and couldn't take his pets with him. (load of shit excuse btw, if you love your pets it doesn't matter where you're moving, you find a way to take them. the way people instantly get rid of any animal in their possession during a move is the most damning evidence showing that normalfags think of pets as furniture rather than companions.)

but anyway, i can do my vegan retard monologues another time.

so i have these gerbils now, and they are quite messy animals, and at one point during cleaning i dropped a sizable amount of their flooring, wood chips or some such, all over my room. and i'm on my hands and knees cleaning it up, when my dad gets home from work and walks into my room. and seeing my mess upset him for some reason and he kicked me in the head with his work boots on and i suffered a concussion. he left the room without saying anything.

that was pretty standard

i don't know, i can't remember much

my mom had a job at a tuxedo shop making $80k a year, she was the storePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: c6237be1b439771⋯.jpg (95.2 KB, 450x587, 450:587, f508713db292a324f885f10c55….jpg)


I'm sorry that your Father did that to you, that's absolutely fucking terrible and uncalled for. I can imagine how you must have felt in that situation, whenever I was hit or shouted at by parents or teachers I would always feel completely drained and depressed. What happened to you as soon as he did that? Did you fall on the floor and lie their first or were you just immediately knocked out? What happened to your Father after this? I know you said you were given a concussion so were you taken to the hospital and what happened when you got their? Did you tell anyone that your Father did it to you or did you just make up an excuse? Also how long ago did this happen and has he tried to contact you again since? I can also relate to you on the part where your Father harrasses your Mother since my Father would sometimes turn up at the house and stare through our blinds and windows and even broke in twice, once when me, my Mother and Sister were at the back of the house and he just walked in through the hallway while I was sitting on my bed and my Mother and Sister dried themselves in the utility room across the hallway with the door closed and he started talking to me angrily if I remember correctly and then my Mother came out and they got into a heated argument and rightly so because they had been divorced for more than like seven years at this point due to his abusive behaviour and then my Mother kicked him out. He did it again when I was home alone at Easter to give us our Easter eggs but he left without any argument afterwards. They got divorced back in like 2007 and my Father still lived with us but in a different room of the house until 2009 and my childhood was very abnormal and miserable in many ways because of this. He became a degenerate fucking racemixer in 2012 and had been dating a disgusting little currynigger which I was secretly disgusted by even before I became consciously racially aware back then and in around about late 2016 about two years after my awakening I decided that the way he had treated me and my Mother and Sister, the ways he shouted at me, scolded me, belittled me, bullied and abandoned me, neglected and ignored me along with the fact that he was now a racemixer went against my principles too much and I was just sick of him so I decided to stop seeing him. I also forgot to add that he hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: b416546edffa4e7⋯.jpg (111.69 KB, 519x640, 519:640, Louis-Wain-Cats-louis-wain….jpg)


Why did you lock yourself in your room for four years? Did you have a social life, friends or a relationship before then or do you now? Also, why do you think that my description of myself is exactly like yourself, do you really think we're that similar? Also, do you think you'll ever lose your virginity, I don't think I will personally but do you think you will? Sorry, if this is a bit forward or rude but again I'm just seriously interested about this sort of phenomena as it occurs in the late stages of these endtimes we are all currently witnessing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i don't really remember what happened after. i think a lot of the time i was pretty brainwashed into thinking that the abuse was more or less normal when it came to these kinds of things. corporal punishment was a pretty standard household affair in Colorado Springs (where i grew up. it wasn't libshit back then, it used to be majority hard right catholic that would literally vomit at the sight of homosexuals. not joking, they would pass out vomit bags at the church during discussions of alternative sexual lifestyles.)

well so i didn't tell anyone, cause it was normal. and nothing could be done about it anyway. anytime i SNITCHED on my dad it would just be a 6 month long fight worse than usual.

aaanyway, what happened to my dad? well in 2009 my mom finally divorced him. she wanted to for a decade but was afraid she wouldnt be able to financially sustain us and that we'd end up in a homeless shelter. but she had the finances lined up at this point and was ready.

and i just never saw him again after that. from pics of him, i assume he's had some medical issues because he's lost a lot of weight. that's all i really know.

i don't know what to say much about your political daydreaming, other than to just direct you to my thread where i explain my politics >>66 . yeah i dunno about that stuff anymore.

i guess i can also show you what my ideal reality looks like. it's this video i embedded. i used to watch this vid on loop and just cry for hours and hours when i was into politics.


i have a thread where i talked about why i locked myself in my room for 4 years too. >>108

i had only 1 friend from kindergarten through 3rd grade. he was a very autistic sheltered child named Matthew. he didn't talk much. his mother had died and he had a pet rabbit that he believed carried her soul or something and he named the rabbit after her. usually i wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: a7443d2d1f8e12d⋯.gif (28.02 KB, 255x229, 255:229, apathy.gif)


>one attention whore's shit board all about himself

I know it's infinitychan, but some boards don't deserve to exist.







File: 6fc6d1956238cd5⋯.jpg (62.53 KB, 720x546, 120:91, 6fc6d1956238cd577c8f6f3c00….jpg)


bunch of fake asses everywerywhere, everyone is fake as fuck

im having a panic attack, i don't know what else to say but that

also basicaly i voluntarily demoted myself at work because i couldn't stand the supervisors i was working with anymore, like 5 of them snitched on me like fuck , all over tone and just how i carry myself and not any real issues. i couldn't take it . i can't take it. i still have to face their fake asses every day and i don't want to


this fake ass "artist" on furaffinity said some shit to me too, thinking he's a REAL big shot huh? im complimenting his drawings and telling him we should hang out sometime and he goes "yeah i'll probably reply slowly though and just don't take it personal because i get so many private messages"

like fuck you do, blowing smoke up your own ass you fucking faggot

this guy has ONLY 10,000 page views on FA, the dude probably gets one message a week, the fucking fag

i just ignored him i'm done


2 of my old online friends are real fucked up alcoholics and hate everybody BUT they have this fake instagram life where they completely change their writing style to appease the normalfag zeitgeist and become this just completely fictional version of themselves writing nice shit

i can't imagine being like that

i can't imagine snitching on someone at work, i can't imagine, you don't even get anything out of it, this isn't south korea where you get a promotion for throwing people under the bus, you get nothing.

nothing but a power trip i guess

when i talk to coworkers, snitching on them isnt even a passing thought in my head. i can't imagine doing that

File: 502148ccf7d3911⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 720x960, 3:4, state fair.jpg)


it's the gayest game ive played in my life.


quick time event jumping along a mountain while a giant snake i cant fight tries to attack me,

dammn that was a movie moment.

it was just like game of thrones!

not a single stat i can level up,

not a single weapon i can equip,

not a single piece of armor i can wear,

just a bunch of shit the developers decided for me that i cant stray away from.

you play how they decided, with this limited ass move set and NO customization EVER.

your boss fight experience isnt unique, everyone that plays the game gets the exact same one

what a fucking piece of shit!

holy fuck

press circle to dodge when the boss fight turns red

just like batman arkham city


not a single piece of hidden treasure.

all your upgrades come from boss fights and they give them to you very carefully so youre leveling up at the exact time the devs want you to.

it's like they made you a roadmap and you're playing BY THEIR RULES

it's how playing legos with an autistic kid would be

"but i want to be the cool fireman"




holy fuck

it was the worst game ive played in my entire life

it seriously makes me ill thinking about it

i dont know why

it was so repulsive

i usually dont get upset by stuff

i watched this degenerate faggot movie called "16 Candles"

it was a total jewisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


random pic of me with my mom cause i don't have any other pictures to post, i don't save images to my computer anymore.


i sold sekiro to gamestop for 25 bucks and the guy asks me "what's wrong with it? just didn't like it? beat it already?"

and i said to him I FUCKING HATED IT.

and his retarded fucking face shrivels up like as though he just smelled a fart

yeah you fucking retard, i didnt like your faggot SCRIPTED ASS CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE, no, not at all.

i didn't like your UNCHARTED + BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM shit game.

shimmying on fucking walls like a clown in this linear "go exactly where i tell you to" faggot game



i would rather play call of duty for 20 hours than to play sekiro for 1, call of duty has more setpieces and things going on by a lot

File: 0768d03920639bd⋯.jpg (68.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0768d03920639bde2df3fad946….jpg)


"have my son on adderall"

wow that's cool, any plans to add him to antidepressants as well to just make it statistically impossible for him to not kill himself or others?

an underage kid who can't consent to permanently mind altering and growth stunting drugs, now that is awesome.

"why you being so judgemental man? i take good care of my son he's my best friend! i've taken many drugs myself and lots of them fucked me up so i'm careful with his"

ah enough bad experiences with jew pharma to count on all five fingers but let a minor gamble with it too huh, genius shit man.

put him on tranquilizers to top it off and solidify the retardation for life and permanent stasis 12 year old intellectual capacity with the slowing of blood flow after the insomnia kicks in, an inevitable side effect of all ADHD medicine. how's he gonna get to sleep if you don't pump him up with retard tranqs too huh?


this is what happens when /pol/ wants to make abortion for white people illegal and expensive, you get a bunch of degenerate fuck up liberal retard PIECES OF SHIT that torture their kids and turn them into miniature versions of their shitty selves only 20x worse after the abuse.

is preventing the abortion of a white kid really worth it when that white kid grows up to murder other whites due to his torturous upbringing in the hands of libshit retard nigger lovers? NO



Do you support eugenics as a matter of interest?


File: 63245f221482fc8⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, The-Southwesterly-II800.jpg)


What are your own personal experiences with normalfags and the dysgenic mutt school system along with in society at large? You seem to have a very interesting take on things here.




human shit shouldn't have children regardless of skin color. i'd rather the white race go extinct than to have 100% of the earth's population be whites that are obese/retarded/on psych meds/making dadaist "art"/spiritually and ethically a nigger etc. am i making sense? not worth it.

shitheads shouldn't have kids.

there should be a pretty intense screening process and look into hereditary diseases before youre greenlit to have kids.


you ask really broad questions. "write an autobiography".

i appreicate the enthusiasm but you have to be more specific.

i just got home from a 10 hour shift and im drunk and want to die and dont know how to reply to your shit yet.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ive been watching this

the amount of shitskins in UK is really a sight to behold

when i saw that the tenant not paying rent was a nigger i was like yeah makes sense.

but then the landowners come out and are wearing turbans too

it's amazing

then later in this episode there's some shitskins that have a family of 16 living in one house

"we were born in britain, we're citizens!" a quote from them

i raise my fist in solidarity to that my brethren

god save the queen

seems like a safe job alright, wonder how often these agents get murdered by nigger squatters.

break into houses with a fucking crowbar and force yourself into the bedroom of a nigger stranger, unarmed!



they all must leave within an hour or what? a bunch of unarmed bobbys dressed up as gay pride easter eggs are gonna come over and politely ask them to leave?


File: 6e8be778bafa60d⋯.png (616.35 KB, 1032x770, 516:385, ClipboardImage.png)



File: b345b795c8071ae⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 480x467, 480:467, 1557149295754.jpg)


>I raise my fist in solidarity to that my brethren god save the queen

Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a retard but what do you mean by that? Do you mean that in a pro-white or anti-white way? Do you mean that as if to say that the non-whites are your brethren or the whites? But yeah I understand exactly what you mean, mate. The British Isles are in such a severe state of mass dysgenic deterioration and racial degeneration that this video seems to mirror something out of the original 'Dawn of the Dead' (1978):




just some snarky sarcasm

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


youtube video


making vlogs

File: 52b5287ee18acf1⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1386x823, 1386:823, ClipboardImage.png)


ah i am just so fucking happy today maaan, i popped a muscle relaxer and i took a 2 hour long shower with eerie and i just unloaded how fucking stoked i am about the upcoming DOOM PATROL movie with brendan fraser, i mean man, let me tell you, i read those fucking comics, and i think they have potential. the set pieces are all there. they got fucking amazing creative characters and drama and setting, it's just the execution is fucking atrocious. and i'll tell you this much: after reading every fucking DOOM PATROL comic, i still think that the three episodes that doom patrol appeared in TEEN TITANS the animated series as guests was better than anything in their source.

so to finally have them appear in something again, oh man, i am just so stoked.

the comics are just so fucking post modern and jewish it was just such a fucking waste of this potentially awesome intellectual property–i mean some of the latter comics had art in them that looked like stick figures, im not joking you should google the late doom patrol comics– and i know that pretty much no matter how this film turns out, it's still going to be awesome because the characters are just so great there's no way to blow it.

fucking thank god

and then what do i find but a fucking ROBERT RODRIGUEZ movie came out just today!!!! holy fuck man. fucking god. i fucking love robert so much. i'm not one for nostalgia but i grew up with sharkboy and lava girl and spy kids. i saw every single one in theaters. and then the recent controversial SIN CITY A DAME TO KILL FOR, i loved it, fuck you, PLANET TERROR, MACHETE. i mean i haven't even seen a trailer for his new film yet, titled ANITA BATTLE ANGEL, and i'm not gonna watch the trailer and just go in blind. i can't afford a movie ticket right now but Eerie and I are going tomorrow as a sorta late valentine's day date. i get paid tomorrow! i fucking love movies, i fucking love eerie.

and fucking KILL BILL man. man! i'll tell you. listen to me. i spent my entire life hating quentin tarantino. i was growing up a very angry faggot and very contrarian and i'll admit, i went into PULP FICTION looking for every reason to hate it, and i did, and i still do, i admit, i'm still holding a very large bias towards pulp fiction.

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im watching reservroir dogs now, no way it can compete with kill bill though, no fucking way, what a movie that was, what fucking expertly crafted sound design


this just in::: doom patrol is actually a TV show not a movie. and ultra jewish



i forced my mom to watch kill bill 1 and 2 tonight and she complained and called it boring the entire time.

how is a movie where a woman punches through a coffin and dirt after being buried alive boring

File: 39557654d7836ba⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1080x989, 1080:989, ClipboardImage.png)


earlier today i saw this picture and it gave me some ideas to write these dumb fake headlines for no reason

Ben Shapiro ABSOLUTELY RAVAGES DISGUSTING OVERWEIGHT COMMUNIST with just one simple argument you ought to know before taking to the streets with your fellow MGTOW…. Watch This!

CLICK HERE to see the t-shirt that OFFENDED MILLIONS of campus students on 9/11…. (It's not what you think!)

Can this mouse outsmart a gender studies major?

Georgia House of Representatives told this unlawful protestor snowflake to quote "take a hike"–I don't think THIS is what they had in mind! (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!)

Police release photos found on arrested antifa member's phone (REPUBLICAN'S HOUSE SET ON FIRE!)

ALT-RIGHT, LISTEN UP! – Ever wonder why it is Apple products and Antifa go hand in hand? These newly discovered incriminating photographs of Steve Jobs might turn a few heads… (CNN ACTIVELY HIDING THESE PHOTOS!)

File: 858f1d4d15ebe09⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1554503220635.jpg)


i finished the PLANET OF THE APES trilogy today.

watching that trilogy of shitty hollywood schlock triggered me so bad and ruined my whole day

because they did some narrative things that i want to do in my own stories but can't cause i'm not a writer

a trilogy is always better than a single movie, a series of books, multiple episodes of a show


the longer you spend developing characters the bigger the payoff is

the final scene, in the last movie, the protagonist has become a legend, his name is CESAR

and he looks upon his pack with pride, the sun dawning in the horizon, the children are playing, he is surrounded by friends


and he has secured the future of his people

but he's dying, he got shot in the armpit with a crossbow bolt in the scene prior

and his right hand man sees it, and he says to him some shit like

"your son will know who his father was"

and these guys have hung out for 3 whole movies mate


it was all earned

they developed everything just enough to do this shit

and i love the idea of this LEGEND OF THE BATTLEFIELD being cemented in their people's TALES, his right hand man, i got images of him you know, like fucking native americans, over the campfire, TELLING THE TALE OF CESAR ad nauseum, the kids are like "damn shut up about him already old man" but he just can't stop himself cause he got to be in the fucking greatest battles alongside this guy and they all just adore and respect him so much

and i can't have that, cause i can't write, but i want to have that

i'll get drunk and play shitty video games and die

what interests me isn't so much the heroes' actions, as it is the public perception of him

john wayne was a good actor, superman can lift cars

so what

who givesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


it's so much fucking work to establish a character like Cesar, you can't just have everyone instantly love and appreciate him, you can't have a scene like war for the planet of the apes did RIGHT AWAY in the first film, it takes BUILDING to get to that point organically.


i guess the reason i'm so infatuated with the idea of a public figure having so much respect and admiration towards him is 'cause that's kind of a dead concept.

there are no beacons of hope on this dead planet

maybe some nigger rappers are cool to teenagers for being in jail.

THAT ISNT EVEN HYPERBOLE my brother has friends over and they all talk about how cool it is to be 18 and have killed people, talking about some rapper.

i want to write a real hero. a real hero. that is adored for good deeds. like CESAR, john wayne, SUPERMAN. i want that for Eerie.

File: 96d3e97f1877d2b⋯.jpg (624.32 KB, 1600x1345, 320:269, 14_Andy_Warhol_Wallpaper_C….jpg)


i just want to be high all the time i can't fucking take it i can't fucking believe what hell we live in i can't fucking believe what hell we live in we live in such a fucked up world that it cant be exaggerated, you can say the most ludicrous thing and it sounds like dumb parody but it's real, everything's 5x more fucked up than you think it is. think a fucked up thought, think of the most fucked up thing you can think of, it's actually 5x worse than that thought, minimum.

im fucking I DONT GIVE A FUCK im fucking not alive im a fucking all i fucking think about is how my mom is going to die in a car accident on the way picking me up from work, im gonna fucking get stomach cancer, i eat food and it feels like i got stabbed in the stomach, i have fucking gastritis from stress, im gonna fucking, carry around 4 prescriptions with me everywhere that dont even fucking work, talk about nothing with fucking retards, i havent had a productive discussion about anything with anyone in an actual decade, i have all these things going on, all these isolated projects, no one gives a fuck about, i try to include people, i try to pander, i try to ask for advice for help on my shit, no one gives a fuck,

i fucking

i fucking

this guy's all super passionate about something, OK, i do it, i read/play/watch/listen to his shit he recommended me

i try to talk about it with them and they just shut down, they have nothing to say, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WASTE MY TIME, i play DOOM I and II for 100 hours to talk about it with piotr, it's his favorite game, HE DIDNT GIVE A FUCK,

i try to get them to watch hokuto no ken, i get this fucking retard to buy Monster Hunter so we can play together, i recommend 3 movies a DAY, THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK, EVEYRONE IS HAPPY TO BE ISOLATED AND TALK ABOUT FUCKING NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE i dont want to fucking sit and make womanly smal talk, i want to talk about art, i want to share hobbies, THEY FORCE ME, I AM ISOLATED BY FORCE, BY FUCKING RETARDS BEING UNCOOPERATIVE

piotr has sketch books of FUCKING A MILLION, fucking MMILLLIIIONS of drawings he wont show anybody, he has entire UNIVERSES in his mind he keeps to himself, IT'S A FUCKING RACIAL HANDICAP, HE IS A FUCKING RETARD, HE PROBABLY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THAPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


uterrly alone


HERE I AM, im camping in a doctor's lobby, my mom is being fucked by her insurance and fucked by the doctors.

she's waiting for the head specialist to get done with his surgeries so she can meet with him. they have a personal relationship and he's her only hope.

they took her prescriptions away and he's the only one who can get them back.

AS IM SITTING HERE camping in the lobby with my mom crying next to me, piotr is doing a job application and messaging me on my phone asking for my help

and i did practically the entire application for him even though im dealing with my own shit.

would he do that for me? no. would anybody? no.

i am nothing but his best friend ever and i cant say the same for him.

he doesnt even give me any contact info. even if i did need his help, he HIDES his phone number from me, he could die and i wouldnt even know he's dead, i have no alternative communication, it's I WAIT FOR HIM TO GET ON WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT, and if i need his help at any other time, too bad!


spam calling piotr cause he ditched me and i have no one to talk to now

ClydeBOTToday at 4:47 PM

It appears you've been by yourself in this call for more than five minutes. The bandwidth patrol has asked me to disconnect you to save bandwidth. That stuff doesn't grow on trees!

Only you can see this — delete this message.


dude xanax is hardcore, im not taking it anymore lol.

im getting drunk as fuck tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

party at garrett's!



Can't blame Piotr for ignoring you when you do the same for others. Man, fags and their dramas.

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