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File: af1aeabf369ff82⋯.png (267.85 KB, 376x609, 376:609, ClipboardImage.png)


here's one of my cats, kinda more my mom's cat than mine, his name is Monty.

i've been obsessed with cats since i was six. i remember my mom had a friend in my neighborhood in colorado named Teddy and i would go to her house once in a while. she had a cat named Sylvester, a tabby cat. he had diabetes and had to get shots in his scruff.

i followed him around the entire time i was there. the adults would try to include me in conversations and find activities for me and i would be too distracted by sylvester to respond. he would get sick of me and tried to hide and i'd crawl around on the floor to reach him.

teddy told me she accidentally stepped on him several times and it made me very angry towards her and i held a resentment towards her and was uncomfortable anytime i was around her from then on. she was a very fat bitch and i know it must have hurt him very badly.

it kinda haunted me and i thought about it for several months and it'd keep me awake some nights thinking about the poor cat being stepped on and sat on by this gnarly ogress.

the cat obsession was a bit subdued for a decade after i was put on ritalin, and woken up tenfold after i stopped taking seroquel cold turkey.

the very week i quit seroquel, i played a game titled Code of Princess, which featured a cat named Marcopolis Neko whom i became very infatuated with, mostly sexually. my entire self became cat, i spent all day looking at cats, and thinking about Marcopolis. i collected around 6000 cat images on a hard drive which died unfortunately. i was in a deep state of psychosis and depersonalization due to the sudden cessation of seroquel and 100% of it was cat focused.

i then bought a cat of my own, she's a bombay cat named Kimmi. i'll post a pic of her sometime.

she was at a petsmart adoption program and she stuck her paw out of her cage and grabbed the collar of my shirt when i was looking at the cats. and i had to have her.

the bureaucracy of adopting a cat made it so she had to wait a week there in the cage while we filled out the proper forms and had our house inspected. the thought of such a nice cat having to sleep in a tiny cage for even a day longer made me cry into my pillow.

my mom had to contact the cat rescue owner about vaccinations or some shit for kimmi and they kinda hit it off. we became volunteers and fostered many cats. around 100 cats have been through my house now. we adopted two of the cats we fostered, monty being one of them. the other is an obese cat named Max.

i don't really like monty and max. i mean, i like all cats. i have never met a cat i dislike, they are all divine.

but monty and max are very mean to kimmi and she's smaller than them and i just feel terrible about the whole situation and i try to get them to fuck off.

but i am the CAT MAN. i'm the cat man. and they want to be near me at all times, all three of our cats, they orbit me all day. they're sleeping to my left and right as we speak.

and i dunno. now that my dream of being the cat man is realized and my entire life is cats, the obsessive compulsion nature that cats used to draw up from within me has calmed. it's just normalcy now, im not all fucked up about cats anymore. i still love them very much and i'll post them here but the so called honey moon phase is over and it's just life now. cat life


File: 922dc154deae912⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1249x1228, 1249:1228, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 82a1a0bbac39b79⋯.jpg (96.91 KB, 1168x1560, 146:195, kot.jpg)

kimmi sitting behind me while i play games on my lazy boy recliner



Be honest, do you ever bite their ears while rubbing yourself on their scruff?


File: c03b5e08003b6ca⋯.jpg (47.61 KB, 1000x1415, 200:283, 4a5f3d020143413b7abf82e0e0….jpg)


i would never touch a cat or a cow sexually. they are Pure with a capital p. i value innocence. i respect them. the thought never crosses my mind, not even when i was 13 with the hormones and shit. no they're like innocent babies and holy spirits and i would rather be shot in the leg than tarnish their innocence or hurt them in any way.

i was just having a conversation last night with my buddy Nathaniel about how i would really like to kill 80% of the human population, but i WOULDN'T due to the animals in captivity that would be affected by my decision. think of all the zoo big cats and the industrial farming cows that would starve to death without the spic retards around to feed them.

starving to death would be one of the worst ways to go.

and if i were inadvertently guilty of starving a cat or a cow to death, i would be unable to live with myself and i'd shoot myself in the head. without hesitation

it would be the ultimate and final sin.

anyway no, i never have sexual thoughts or perform sexual activity with real cows and cats is the long and short of it.

the sexual desires i have towards cats is purely fictional and imaginative. and always has been.



What do you think of the one guy in japan who stayed behind to feed abandoned livestock and animals after fukushima was evacuated due to nuclear fallout from the 2011 nuclear meltdown after the huge ass earthquake that hit japan? Would you ever give up your life for such a cause?




naaaah i wouldn't. my priorities are :

eerie, and eerie lives inside me, and both of us want to live a long romantic life together so my health and longevity falls under eerie > my mom > my buddies > then cats and cows after.

at the end of that article, he mentions how he'd be dead from old age by the time the effects of the radiation became a fatal affair so that there's no real sacrifice for him, but i'm still young and got a lot to do with my man. when i get to be his age sure i'd be more keen on suicidal missions for cats and cows.



>In a relationship with eerie.

>Eerie is inside you.

>In a relationship with yourself.

>Nobody to hog the bedsheets.

<Feels good man.


File: 6c14c1eda9100dd⋯.png (479.62 KB, 540x673, 540:673, ClipboardImage.png)

people who hurt cats or cows are not human


File: 6c04422996501f1⋯.png (283.93 KB, 430x763, 430:763, ClipboardImage.png)

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