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1. Follow the Global Rule.

2. No spamming. Doing so will result in a ban.

3. Try to keep the board in-between /pol/ /fringe/ /x/, let's not became full-blown /fringe/, occult theories are welcomed as much as scepticism

this is not a containment board

only use if we need to, but let's not leave /pol/

resources from /pdfs/

this board allows pdfs too, so feel free to post


feel free to give ideas and opinions in this thread

just posting archives of previous GATE threads from /pol/

Where it all started:

My berenstein/berenstain shift list https://archive.is/FJYep

Thread I: https://archive.is/qQkpC

Thread II: https://archive.is/wced0

Thread III: https://archive.is/d0pID

Thread IV: https://archive.is/nNVa3

Thread V: https://archive.is/ANDHs

Thread VI: >>>/pol/5030843

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new board owner here, i will continue the vigorous investigation going on via this board

ive got some posts planned for later on

im curious to know how many posters are still around here

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Crazy theories

Let's make our imaginations run wild in this thread

>every person lives in his own universe as the only one or one of the few consciouss people

>all the other people are just shadows of the other people from other universes, that is why most of them seem like a philosophical zombies without consciousness

>the more connected you are with someone or the bigger his power level is, the closer is his shadow from your world to his original from his own universe

>that could also mean that the stronger the person is, the more he can influence other separate universes

>kikes know about this and are networking thanks to some of their occult knowledge for the past thousands years of history

>they are trying to keep this knowledge hidden to always be one step ahead

>they never though something materialistic, like the internet could allow the same thing as their occult knowledge but internet runs thanks to electrons that behave based on quantum physics

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Autism, COS, and Childhood Trauma

Why is autism so common amongst ex-GATE? Is it a coincidence or is autism being deliberately caused? I personally don't think it's vaccines causing autism. Mercury poisonings more likely leads to insanity, mad hatter type shit. I think it can be certain triggers in early childhood that fucks up the growth of the brain and synaptic pruning. Note that ADHD, OCD, ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Anxiety, and Tourette's Syndrome are on the Autism Spectrum. And kids with Autism are 17 (SEVENTEEN) more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia or on the schizophrenia spectrum. There is a very heavy correlation between autism and schizophrenia and they share many of the same genes. Schizophrenia can also be 50 (FIFTY) times more prevalent in kids who experienced trauma. Childhood Onset Schizophrenia is commonly referred as a co-morbidity of autism and schizophrenia. I'll link some pdf's for the topic.

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Has anybody observed personality changes in girls who go through the program?

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Any of you drop out of school?

So I just found this shit via 8chan /x/, which I don't normally browse (I'm a halfchan regular, mostly because /pol/ is very much not my scene.) That said, I'm seeing a shit-ton of correlations with this stuff and my own life, including a possible false memory explaining a pinpoint scar I have in the center of my forehead - which I got at school.

My own gifted program experience ended around 6th grade, when I started having panic attacks at school (Triggered oddly enough by looking at a clock. I can go into more detail on that if I have to.) I started freaking out and at one point was unable to enter my school without breaking down in tears. I distinctly remember meeting with the school counselor regularly as we tried to work this stuff out. Eventually I ended p being homeschooled and pulled from school altogether, but thinking back…

I remember him saying that if I ended up missing so much school that I'd have to be held back a grade, he wouldn't be able to work with me anymore, and he really didn't want to lose me. At the time I just thought he meant as a friend, but now I'm wondering if this was an attempt to retain me in the program. I remember distinctly that when I was taking the gifted classes, I was the only child in my group.

I guess what I'm asking is, was anyone else a possible 'washout' of this program, or otherwise somehow slipped through the cracks?

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Massive sister/ally board team-up thread

without unity we are less than nothing. SEMPER FIDELIS. THE TIME IS UPON US.

properly linked links for spergs who wouldn't have it any other way. (don't blame ya)










(some of these are glitched, and some are a clusterfuck shitstorm full of spam. if the catalog doesn't work just visit the index)

some other related links.


(previous /x/ thread)


(exGATEers thread)






ribbit ribbit! come join your fellow natural and organic non-gmo gluten free vegan boards!

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Digging Thread

Here is a list of the links we gathered throughout the last few threads that are relevant to our conversation. Please respond with digging and links only ITT.

Space kids?


High-IQ Exclusion


Eric Tannenbaum


Quality Matters in the Transnational Education: Undergoing the GATE Review Process


Assessing Cross-cultural Competence in Transnational

Education: The Intercultural Development Inventory


A Brief History of Gifted and Talented Education


Tannenbaum primary sources


UN Influence in Schools


Early Roots of Common Core


International Baccalaureate and Global Citizenship


Andrija Puharich


Dr Andrija Puharich and "space kids"


Joseph McMoneagle


Beyond Telepathy, by Puharich


Gifted, talented and high ability: selection for education in a one‐dimensional world


Gifted Delinquents: What Do We Know About Them?

http://cyber.sci-hub.io/MTAuMTAxNi8wMTkwLTc0MDkoODApOTAwMjItNQ==/mahoney1980.pdf (gifted delinquents)

Anne R. Mahoney


The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory


Sandia Labs


Sandia + GATE



Lockheed martin Cloning Qubits: A New Way to Converse in Quantum Computing


Lockheed's facial recognition contracts


Tavistock - must read.


The Human Meaning of Social Change


Youth in Transition


Americans view their mental health: A nationwide interview survey.




Edwin May


Deborah Sarkesian


Please discuss these and post more. For more context and analysis of each link, please ctrl+f it in the old threads. Feel free to discuss current and new links ITT.

Old threads:

https://archive.is/qQkpC - Green Pills, Red pills, (occult/Gate thread I)

https://archive.is/wced0 - Gate Thread II: Electric Boogaloo

https://archive.is/8IV6U - Gate Thread III: Veterans of Psychic Wars

https://archive.is/nNVa3 - Gate Thread IV: When Shills Attack

https://archive.is/bOC07 - Gate Thread V

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Hey autists, if you give a fuck about this board you should probably claim it before someone with ill intentions beats you to it. your board owner has abandoned you.

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was able to call my mom and have her locate this

my 4th grade GATE screening evaluation

Red was my name, Blue was my social security number for some reason

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Hello gatebreakers

Good evening fellow autists, NEETs, and shitposters.

I am the original OP from the very first thread, believe me or not, I could care less.

I come to you with this, an observation I made in a separate board.

To think I started the first thread for teh lulz.

I didn't expect anyone to take my sleep deprived and weed influenced 'greenpill/redpill' seriously.

I thought the thread would be buried and gone within an hour.

Surprise, surprise, I pissed off a shill and he started sperging out.

This made me curious, so i started talking more about what I understood our reality to be.

Then the shilling kicked into overdrive.

I ask you fellow gatebreakers

What in the name of fuck did I just do?

I felt like everything that day was just …in tune with my thoughts.

Everything seemed so vivid and surreal that when I first got the idea to do the original thread, it just clicked together.

The image.

The words.

Everything made sense in a way I can't explain.

So I ask you again /gatebreakers/

Why does everything tie together so well?

Why does it seem like it was predetermined to happen in the order that it did?

What in the name of unholy fuck did I uncover with my sleep deprived and weed induced ramblings?

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Bit off topic. I'm not going to specifically say what it is I do for work other than it involves blending in. Sometimes dressing down or having lame cover stories for my job. I once convinced someone I was a McDonald's manager even going so far as to drive a $900 Ford Focus I got off Craigslist. I actually take a lot of pride in what I do. But whatever.

So my grey man tactics also extends to my friends and family. My niece however is only 11 but she's enrolled in more advanced classes. Not quite like those down in the US but it's rather strange because it's 2-3 teachers to a class of maybe 12 that's completely segregated from other classes. Kids in her class don't share any other classrooms with other students. My sister is a Single mom so I've taken over a lot of the caretaking. I'd consider it more hanging out with my niece than babysitting.

Maybe 1-2 weekends a month it's just the two of us. She's outwitted me on most board games, chess, mother fucking old school mortal kombat. I'm actually teaching her basic electrical and electronics. Had her finish reading Atlas Shrugged and The Stand.

Anyways last Sunday we were driving up to go eagle watching. She's telling me about her friends and her having lucid dreams together. I'm pretty skeptical at this point as in I think it's kinda like stoner fairy tales for kids. I thought it was kind of cute until she said she had dreams about me. She said I broke into bad peoples houses in her dream. And that I put television cameras hidden behind the walls because the queen doesn't trust the bad people. I asked her why she would have such a silly dream. She looked at me and just said because it was true and she always dreams about what other people do.

Sometimes my work actually involves breaking into homes and installing surveillance. I think she figured out what I did by me making a mistake. I also think she might actually be telling the truth.

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Gatekickers Scandinavia

Well… i cant be the only one in Scandinavia/Northern EU that has been part of some related GATE-shit as u Americans and Brits have been.

Read that some other ones from Sweden and Finland said that a similar program was set up here.

This thread is about to trying to "locate" folks around Scandinavia.

Im the only one here? Blueeyed, birthissues, scar @ upper head and a ninja at numbers and different patterns. That toothpaste shit drink was awesome…

If any of you are out here, type hier

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Compulsive consciousness quantum feeding AI

Have any of you seen this cap, or heard the Satanic/compulsive consciousness quantum AI timeloop theory in general?

Dead board, maybe some GATEist from another timeline will read this.

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occipital buns and other skull abnormalities

Those of you with occipital buns, do you know where your ancestors come from?

>They [occipital buns] do however occur fairly often among Australids [Australian aborigines], Khoisanids and Lappids [Lapps (Sami) in Finland], and, interestingly, among inhabitants of Lancashire, UK.

I found this interesting as my dad's side of the family are all from South Lancashire going way back. It would be interesting if we could find some link in location.

On another note, as well as the occipital bun, there have reports of other abnormalities in the skull, usually at the back of the skull or on the forehead. If you have any other bumps, lumps, or buns, share them here.

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Meeting together in a chat room


tox group?

lets connect

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I know that in some previous threads anons talked about psychedelics, so some of us probably share this interest.

Just got back from a very mild dxm dose, watching "I, pet goat" again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id6nCa_OTEM and I was thinking about something

Jews are all about illusions, they always copy some original thing and change it a little to gave themself some advantage or to use it in some way.

For example isn't it weird that black lives matter where going on at the same time as Oregon Bureau of Land Management "USA revolution"

both have the same tag #blm

and I was looking into some other things and saw other similarities can't remember much more since it wore off

and finally it all connected to jewish golem, the symbol of jewish artificality, basically the meme defining what they do: hijack ideas and form them for their own good, that is their jewish magick

sorry for crazy post, dxm still has some effect

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Kubrick on mind control?

This movie may be about star kids. Thoughts on the theory?

You probably thought you was the only one who could read minds. But you will realize that other people have them too. Most don't believe it or don't want to believe it.

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Possible tavistock connection