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File: 1456967222439.jpg (59.85 KB, 1024x839, 1024:839, would you really want to t….jpg)

748edf No.39

Good evening fellow autists, NEETs, and shitposters.

I am the original OP from the very first thread, believe me or not, I could care less.

I come to you with this, an observation I made in a separate board.

To think I started the first thread for teh lulz.

I didn't expect anyone to take my sleep deprived and weed influenced 'greenpill/redpill' seriously.

I thought the thread would be buried and gone within an hour.

Surprise, surprise, I pissed off a shill and he started sperging out.

This made me curious, so i started talking more about what I understood our reality to be.

Then the shilling kicked into overdrive.

I ask you fellow gatebreakers

What in the name of fuck did I just do?

I felt like everything that day was just …in tune with my thoughts.

Everything seemed so vivid and surreal that when I first got the idea to do the original thread, it just clicked together.

The image.

The words.

Everything made sense in a way I can't explain.

So I ask you again /gatebreakers/

Why does everything tie together so well?

Why does it seem like it was predetermined to happen in the order that it did?

What in the name of unholy fuck did I uncover with my sleep deprived and weed induced ramblings?

748edf No.40

When i read your first thread some memorys which were buried came to my mind.

Could it be that there existed/exist also a program in germany ?

I remember clearly nothing from my time in primary school but then i remembered that i was in some "seperate" class. I know it could be just a coincidence and i am overreacting but i will follow this door you opened in my mind and try to get the truth.

contacted my teachers from the old school maybe they can tell me something. Also remebering weird geometry puzzles and shit like what do you see at this picture

748edf No.41


I wanted to see you here, still standing behind your summer meme derived end times?

748edf No.44

File: 1457312652798.gif (13.24 KB, 309x444, 103:148, frontispiece1.gif)

Guys, are we the invisibles?

748edf No.47


Yes. There were associated international programs called IB, or International Baccalaureate.

>UNESCO provided the funding to create the International Baccalaureate Organization, a non-government organization, in Geneva, Switzerland.

In another thread some anon was able to connect some relevant individuals to each program, but I haven't had such luck finding the posts and the threads are massive. Apparently this thing called the "world core curriculum" exists.





Anyway, we need more accounts from IB people, to compare.

I've talked to a couple and their experiences seem similar to GATE. One connection I hadn't noticed before talking to them was the possible involvement of the Lions Club. Both the IB kids had been involved with the Lions in some way, and the Lions were involved in my GATE program too. They ran the vision / hearing tests. Could be pure coincidence though. If you were in IB, please share.

748edf No.64


fuck how fucked am i?

748edf No.81

i was abducted two weeks ago and have had my mind blown ever since

db7697 No.93



They're cooler than us.

4ae506 No.94


We had related in scandinavia. I made a thread about it but it sounded like a ciafag wrote it :(

A few from Finland, Denmark and Sweden has said that it happend aswell

Me myself i got some memoryblockades "off" like a year ago or so. Found gatereleated threads just a few months ago. Things getting more clear

4ae506 No.95


NOOO….. Lions had involvement here aswell.. WHAT THE FUCK

Guaranteed i did hearing tests with them and probably vision aswell…

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