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File: 1461171767566.png (350.13 KB, 911x518, 911:518, DOITFAGGOT.PNG)

9e5b67 No.52

So I just found this shit via 8chan /x/, which I don't normally browse (I'm a halfchan regular, mostly because /pol/ is very much not my scene.) That said, I'm seeing a shit-ton of correlations with this stuff and my own life, including a possible false memory explaining a pinpoint scar I have in the center of my forehead - which I got at school.

My own gifted program experience ended around 6th grade, when I started having panic attacks at school (Triggered oddly enough by looking at a clock. I can go into more detail on that if I have to.) I started freaking out and at one point was unable to enter my school without breaking down in tears. I distinctly remember meeting with the school counselor regularly as we tried to work this stuff out. Eventually I ended p being homeschooled and pulled from school altogether, but thinking back…

I remember him saying that if I ended up missing so much school that I'd have to be held back a grade, he wouldn't be able to work with me anymore, and he really didn't want to lose me. At the time I just thought he meant as a friend, but now I'm wondering if this was an attempt to retain me in the program. I remember distinctly that when I was taking the gifted classes, I was the only child in my group.

I guess what I'm asking is, was anyone else a possible 'washout' of this program, or otherwise somehow slipped through the cracks?

9e5b67 No.53

not a 'washout' of gate, and don't want to be rude, but that sounds like it could also be some sexual abuse that you are trying to supress, and I am sorry if it is, but in case it isn't basic fiddling attempt I would like to know more about whatever you can remember from those classes

9e5b67 No.66

I can attest to the idea of being a "washout" of the gifted program. I joined 2 years later than most of my classmates and had multiple talks with my teachers about my behaviour in class and my inability to keep up with other students.

I remained in the program and eventually saw it through to its completion, but that was only after my teachers were specifically selected. One memory in particular was my grade 7 teacher telling me within the first few months of the school year that I would be under the supervision of a history and english teacher in the following year to better serve my skill set.

9e5b67 No.69

I got expelled from high school. Apparently, school administrators don't have much of a sense of humor about Columbine parodies.

9e5b67 No.77

I was taken out of achool right before the dimentional shift happened into the berenstain universe.

I remember not even finishing the first month of 3rd grade and having being put into a homeschool program by my mom.

Its interesting becsuse I also FUCKING HATE CLOCKS. I FUCKING HATE THEM. The sound drives me up the fucking wall, tick tock tick tock ill fucking break that shit open in two flat seconds if i hear it. I get really angry and agitated just at its fucking sound.

It could be related to the jews worship of Chronus/Saturn, and how CERN re-wrote the time/space system. Or it has something to do with GATE type2 dropouts whom the system hates.

9e5b67 No.80

Less than 1 year after being admitted into the GATE program, I remember being kicked out for in effect not doing the assigned work etc.. Shortly after, my grades tanked from 5th grade on. Prior to this I was a very productive student; I used to LOVE school and did very well. I barely got into college and it was mostly due to my abnormally high ACT scores, my GPA was utter trash and my level of engagement in school was below low. My aversion for classrooms has never recovered since. I never even considered the connection until I just checked virtually every box on the list of similarities in the /x/ thread on the topic.

9e5b67 No.89

File: 6c2fe7b49877b20⋯.jpg (53.41 KB, 930x183, 310:61, cat2.JPG)

I believe those that were deemed a threat to the status quo had triggers implanted. I actively sabotaged myself beginning in 9th grade, this continued on later in life. I was called the best IT guy my last company ever had yet got panic attacks just thinking about going there…

e5d609 No.102

I'm from Slovenia, a small European country formed in 1991. In 2004 we joined the European Union. About that time, the country also undertook a massive educational reform, which made my generation skip the 6th grade. About that time or a year later (which would make me 11 or 12), some of us with top grades were tested for the gifted program.

I remember taking an IQ test, and some other creative write-a-story type excercise. I was always the best in class, and even my peers said i was smart. However, i did not pass for gifted. In the last 3 years of elementary, there were some teachers, especially for math, that picked on me, and i grew tired of school, but still kept good grades and got in to a good high school.

In freshem high school year, i started optimistically, but teachers started picking on me from the start.

I barely passed the first 3 years, and didn't pass the senior year. A lot of strange things happened at the time, like the headmistress lying to me she would not enroll me to repeat the year, even though she had to by law. Then when i was repeating the year and skipped school a lot, she called an emergency meeting with no prior warnings and was shouting all the time, threatening to expell me. My grades were actually above passing until then, but sunk below the Fail threshold again after that. I finished the repeating year with even worse grades than the first try. I even attempted completing the final exams without completed high school, which you can do after 21, but failed even that, even though i spread the exams over a year, which meant i had the whole year to study just math, and having a private tutor as well.

I just fucking cannot believe that i could fall so low, after i was the cheesiest smarty pants for most of elementary. Something like 85% of all people that attempt those final exams pass them, with most failures being the adults with no high school. For years, all students (about 180 per generation) from my high school that entered those exams pass them. I can study things that i love from the internet just fine. I dread the tests and formal education now, and could never go back. Please tell me it's some government conspiracy and i'm not retarded.

ba91f5 No.105

File: 598c91c312c25c1⋯.jpg (261.46 KB, 500x701, 500:701, IMG_1553.JPG)

I dropped out of high school at the end of sophomore year, which was my first and only year at public high school, before that I had gone to private schools my whole life. Public wasn't as difficult but I found the environment impossible to learn and focus in. It was impossible to trust anybody including the teachers; at least at private school if I was being bullied there was always a teacher there to comfort and mentor me. In public that was not possible.

d8770a No.106


>actively sabotaged myself starting in 9th grade

>highly efficient/successful at work but anxiety and panic overwhelm at the thought of these environments or situations with little logical cause

are you me

14c089 No.108


Fuck, met too lads. This is uncanny.

You're not alone.

84b1ea No.110




What the fuck. All of this completely matches my life story as well.

In 3rd grade I was one of the top students and I was put into the advanced learning program with a few other kids in my grade. I remember being sent to see a school psychologist in 4th grade a few times because by that point I started skipping school and faking sick to stay home. I can't remember what my emotions were like at the time, but I know I had very good attendance in my earlier years.

But by the time I was in middle school I started skipping school as often as I actually attended. I remember one day in particular where I had a panic attack and started crying and shaking at the thought of just going back to school. I had a repeat of that same situation a few years later but I've never had a panic attack about anything else in my life and am usually very calm and stoic.

I've had my parents even mention the self-sabotage angle to me many times because that's exactly what is going on. I have extreme anxiety and panic at the thought of school or going to a workplace. I've tried countless times to get over it but my willpower can never last longer than a few weeks before I revert.

It's made me very depressed because I can't even go to university or hold a real job. But I have no problems at all with working hard and completing my own personal projects for hours on end. I was very skeptical researching about this at first, but there are way too many coincidences for there to not be anything to this. Hopefully we can find a way to cure ourselves from whatever messed up shit was done to us.

3b8805 No.112


I'm >>108

on the off chance that you see this (or even if anyone sees this I want you to know that your story is even closer to mine than I could have imagined.

>faking sick

>skipping school

>panic and anxiety

all happened to me lad.

Fuck. This honestly gives me such an unnerving (but oddly motivating) feeling. We'll beat these people, don't you worry. Stay strong bros

19451d No.115

yikes, I dropped out at 10th grade.

Prior to that I went from brilliant overachiever to not giving a fuck/get me out of there/stay home play sick to drop out

Of course now I'm pursuing an MD/PhD

I was hoping to work for the NIH thinking it was of my own free will but maybe I fell into their trap after all.. :/

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