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File: 1455772970948.jpg (219.14 KB, 467x488, 467:488, FreudHotDog.jpg)

e12c69 No.6

Here is a list of the links we gathered throughout the last few threads that are relevant to our conversation. Please respond with digging and links only ITT.

Space kids?


High-IQ Exclusion


Eric Tannenbaum


Quality Matters in the Transnational Education: Undergoing the GATE Review Process


Assessing Cross-cultural Competence in Transnational

Education: The Intercultural Development Inventory


A Brief History of Gifted and Talented Education


Tannenbaum primary sources


UN Influence in Schools


Early Roots of Common Core


International Baccalaureate and Global Citizenship


Andrija Puharich


Dr Andrija Puharich and "space kids"


Joseph McMoneagle


Beyond Telepathy, by Puharich


Gifted, talented and high ability: selection for education in a one‐dimensional world


Gifted Delinquents: What Do We Know About Them?

http://cyber.sci-hub.io/MTAuMTAxNi8wMTkwLTc0MDkoODApOTAwMjItNQ==/mahoney1980.pdf (gifted delinquents)

Anne R. Mahoney


The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory


Sandia Labs


Sandia + GATE



Lockheed martin Cloning Qubits: A New Way to Converse in Quantum Computing


Lockheed's facial recognition contracts


Tavistock - must read.


The Human Meaning of Social Change


Youth in Transition


Americans view their mental health: A nationwide interview survey.




Edwin May


Deborah Sarkesian


Please discuss these and post more. For more context and analysis of each link, please ctrl+f it in the old threads. Feel free to discuss current and new links ITT.

Old threads:

https://archive.is/qQkpC - Green Pills, Red pills, (occult/Gate thread I)

https://archive.is/wced0 - Gate Thread II: Electric Boogaloo

https://archive.is/8IV6U - Gate Thread III: Veterans of Psychic Wars

https://archive.is/nNVa3 - Gate Thread IV: When Shills Attack

https://archive.is/bOC07 - Gate Thread V

e12c69 No.8

Thank you for compiling these links. This will be useful in the file I'm putting together.

e12c69 No.9

e12c69 No.10

e12c69 No.12

IB anon from thread V (e026a7).

How may I help?

e12c69 No.13


I mean, what we really need is a believable story that connects the dots for many people back to the powers that be.

By connecting these dots and explaining our story in a graphical nature, we can justify our (or the younger GATErs) right to political leadership.

Then we call aggressively for populations to cease to support senseless war in their countries.

I want off this ride.

e12c69 No.14


Never going to happen, but boy would it be cool.

I know I for one could not be paid off, and I'd rather die then let these deplorable cock suckers to continue ruining the world, and mankind as a whole, just so they get even richer.

If we ever got put into power, this world would start changing over night.

e12c69 No.15


I updated archive links in sticked post, wasn't expecting people to come here so soon, cool

e12c69 No.16


It is possible. I know it is possible.

You just have to engineer the solution. I have thought of a few, I'm working on them myself.

e12c69 No.19

File: 1455883800201.jpg (119.09 KB, 680x460, 34:23, God almighty I know that F….jpg)

>High-IQ Exclusion


Dude, I'm fucking crying reading this. I've met ONE person my whole life who's intelligence was comparable to my own. I feel so alone around normal people.

Even those here on 8/pol/

e12c69 No.21


we all do anon, we all do

e12c69 No.24

File: 1456006686548.jpg (56.25 KB, 1285x756, 1285:756, C'mon.jpg)

>Sodomite mods on /pdfs/ anchor our thread.

Might wanna move that shit over here boys.

e12c69 No.29

>Grew up in sunnyslope

>Apartment complex next to MP base. Department paid for by HUD

>Only a mother, father in prison for armed robbery of banks

>Mother enrolls me in an after care program for k-3 kids at 3 years old

>Kill a kid with a baseball bat for saying my apple juice is pee

>Spend the next couple years institutionalized

>When I get out and go to school I am enrolled in "Touch Stone" a program for troubled teens

>Every day after school you go until 7pm

>Only a kindergartner, pick up by comtrans everyday to go to Touch Stone near GCC

>After the first month the Comtrans takes me to Luke AFB through lightning gate

>Every school day until I am 16

>Graduate high school at 16

>I have seen some shit

>Program was scuttled right before Obama took office

e12c69 No.30


I just got through half of that paper.

It hurts anon.

It hurts in a profound way that I can't describe in words.

When it comes to math, geography, and science, I have an IQ that can't be measured by standard tests.

But when it comes to talking with other people, I literally can't even.

I try to talk to them and they literally have no idea what I'm talking about.

The vocabulary I use and all the proper grammatical rules mean that I would say 9 out of 10 people I meet can barely keep up with me.

To this date, I have met maybe 2 or 3 people that even remotely came close to me.

I'm too fucking smart for my own good and it frustrates me every day that I have to slow myself down to be understood or to not appear 'better' than someone else.

Turns out, nobody likes knowing that they aren't the smartest person in the room. Even so called "teachers" would routinely pick on me because I corrected them on a weekly basis in class.

Not just one school year, but 3 years in a row.

I want to kill myself but I know that even if I do, my suffering won't end until the heat death of the Universe

e12c69 No.31




Wow y'all. Usual lurker here, and not a product of GATE or anything, but I was identified gifted and grown up the last 15 years invested heavily in the internet. When I was 14 or 15 I was reading all the rational-skeptic debunking stuff, gradually doing autodidact study, and quickly outgrew conversations with everyone around me. So I can relate.

I'm close to 30 now, and I've been able to keep it together because for over a decade I've challenged myself to work customer service jobs. I was a salesperson, and I was the worst, always stoned on the floor, never getting addons. I dragged the team down and rather than fire me they threw me on the night-shift then stopped giving me hours flat-out. I've been a crappy customer-service employee, giving awkward, strange advice and service for a long time. I've run unstructured, impromptu psychological experiments on people like rats in a cage. It was like grinding in a video game, learning about people and myself. How to explain shit. It's a dual personality for me, a split world, between my NEET shut-in self that deals in complex thoughts, and my shitty social life where I've slowly learned to be cool.

But it's worked. It's like my real high-school experience, which didn't pay out, was played out properly at work. In my 20s I was acting like a stupid teenager, got it out of my system, hurt people, learned to take on responsibilities and fail, etc. i.e. go through the experiences of attaching to others and awkwardly disappointing them and learning people the hard way.

I think that's the surest, straightest, but hardest path to building intuition. We all really know that practise makes perfect when it comes to sports or music or any trade, but the same is true with communicating and empathizing, maybe unless you are autistic or something.

Reading all your GATE stuff so far in the past day has been interesting, but you keep all using occult terms like the third eye. I get the sense that you haven't gotten the same take-away from occult wisdom/cabbalism that I have so I'll try and formulate it.

Everyone is a universe. That is, the ego is a weak structure premesid upon the strong stucture of the exterior, objective world constructed by the senses. By my reading, if Adam was is the universe which reached down and was trapped and gendered into male and female humans, then we are each a reflection of the universe. So the philosophers stone, or logos, or 3rd eye, or whatever, would give it's owner/vessel/whatever the ability to perfectly empathize, and see the unverse from all other's perspectives. So to intuitively do that, you must practise being a charismatic son-of-a-bitch, and develop real confidence on the success you have. Knowing math, and seeing the dissipation of force in archways or hidden signs in culture or whatever is just part-way to having a transendental eye. Seeing through the signs, to the real, the simple, the obvious, is what you get with real wisdom. It grants serenity, living in the now without meditation. Perpetual calm awareness.

This would be due to the nugget, or substance of the stone consisting of some sort of hermetic wisdom, or simple, perfectly intuitive axiomatic rules which much of human life could be reduced to, taking in them for granted the connections between individual psychology and group psychology etc. Obviously since the printing-press shit has slowly gotten crazy, but nowadays new wisdom must be formed by the first digitial natives. I.e. us. So you are all important, I think.

Anyway, somehow if you are all gonna try that route to sanity then that's my perspective so far. Really, the only way you will connect with the normies is to overcome your ego and realize you must internalize all that is in the world, good and bad, to see it intuitively. You must learn to see more than what you already see, into the hearts and souls of those you look in the eye. And it took me years of hurting people to do it. Watching normy-shit with a critical, media-analysis eye is useful. I think film-making is the century-long reverse engineering of how the human imagination works, so studying film-directing methodologies and learning to critically analyze films from, say, psychoanalytic framework or whatever is a great conversation starter for some people.

The point is, the dumb normies won't grow until someone hands them what they need on a silver platter made special just for them. So if y'all gonna change the world, you need to pull a Steve Jobs and plunge yourself into what you hate and learn the hard slow way. For him, suit-and-tie business, for you… well, that's for you to figure out.

e12c69 No.32


>I want to kill myself but I know that even if I do, my suffering won't end until the heat death of the Universe

keep on fighting anon, this is one hell of a galactic theatre I stopped being depressed and started enjoying the amazing things that sometimes happen in the world

e12c69 No.33


wow, I was afraid this board will be useless, but if people like you post from time to time, than I like it

e12c69 No.45

File: 1457411779231.pdf (441.7 KB, [Wilfred_Ruprecht_Bion,Fra….pdf)


Me again! Someone on /pol/ posted a link to some incredible PDF searchable index for academic works. So I'm pleased to present an assortment of works by Wilfred Bion!


Attached to this post you'll find the first book that caught my eye, entitled "The Tavistock Seminars"

e12c69 No.48


great, checking it out

e12c69 No.49

This reddit thread on child sexual abuse rings names Michael Aquino (who has been mentioned in other GATE threads) at a certain point, but what is of more interest is its mention of this False Memories Syndrome Foundation, which connects child sexual abuse to US military intelligence and possibly MKULTRA.

I thought it was of note.


e12c69 No.57


Looking up the founder and funding now.

e12c69 No.58


Better history. Looks like the first president was from Israel and one of the founding officers was a DuPont.

e12c69 No.61


>A common experience with people in this category or higher is that they are not wanted - the masses (including the professional classes) find them an affront of some sort.'

This is certainly how I feel.

All over this article, I'm finding things that I'm relating to deeply - marking in school always seemed arbitrary at best; in school I was always strongly frustrated by the pace set for learning, and in university I'm little less frustrated with the pace set for learning now; "it is… likely that they prefer the polymathic 'question first' approach to learning" - damn straight, although I've picked up the idea that that's just a quality of the Myers-Briggs Perceptual type - something not to be treated as indicating capability; "many, perhaps most, 150+ D15IQ children reach college age with a bad grade transcript and even worse attitude" - that's me through and through.

I'll note, however, that I've never had the results from the one formal IQ test I've taken released to me, and that on (informal) RPM tests I tend to score only slightly higher than mean. All I've really got to go on as for my actually being gifted is this kind of circumstantial evidence, I suppose.

e12c69 No.62

This probably doesn't quite fit the thread, but have you guys tried much in the way of intelligence practice tasks - Dual N-Back games or what have you?


I've gone from ~50% scores on dual 2-back to ~50% scores on dual 4-back in the span of about a week and a half.

19304a No.107

File: 856644db3f5aeee⋯.png (62.09 KB, 1354x156, 677:78, no appropriate roles >150.png)


I recognize this is a 2-year-old post, but

>no appropriate roles for people over 150

is an incredibly depressing thought in context of this analysis. Haven't taken a legitimate IQ test since I was ~8, so I've little idea where I lie on the bell curve in reality and cannot say that I'm within that range, but this essay crawls under my skin with it's logical assessment and conclusions.

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