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1ceb1a No.99

new board owner here, i will continue the vigorous investigation going on via this board

ive got some posts planned for later on

im curious to know how many posters are still around here

b65b26 No.100


a discord would be great because to gather around

i got some idea for the people which are connected to G.A.T.E

e3a9cc No.101

never actually posted to a chan but have lurked forever. sorry for my lack of formatting. i was in GATE in the late 80s, born premature, occupital bun, blue/green eyes, was recommended that i skip a grade but mom said no (seems to be a theme), no military family that im aware of but my mom was adopted by a family full of predators and at least one confirmed pedo, all of whom seemed to despise me for no apparent reason. the patriarch was a mason and i have strong suspicions that the women of the family were some flavor of occult practitioners. i only have one distinct memory of the program. the teacher filled a balloon with a flammable material and lit it on fire. i also vaguely remember the pattern recognition tests and im very good at them. i also remember being taken from class at seemingly random times. my mom says i was in the program for years but if you asked me prior to talking to her id guess it was a month at most. 1st girlfriend was jewish, lots of drugs in early 20's and pretty much a chronic underachiever. no NDE's and no abduction attempts. also had the soulmate who shattered my psyche into a billion pieces thing. it was a real mindfuck. sorry im late to the party, i hope my pov helps somehow.

173437 No.113

File: 554f80818a3927b⋯.jpg (244.05 KB, 1090x1074, 545:537, 554f80818a3927bf798d5284d5….jpg)


93ee9d No.117

I stumbled across a bunch of archived threads on this topic, and instantly I became intrigued. I'm not sure why discussion on it has stopped. I can't find a single active thread anywhere on 8chan. There was one thread on /x/, but it's gone on for so long that it's autosaged, and I'm not sure if they'd be interested in another.

I was in GATE all throughout elementary school, starting a couple weeks into kindergarten. I can't remember if they recommended skipping grades, but it seemed like they might have wanted me to considering they had me join in on a few science labs with the 5th graders, when I was only in 3rd grade. All I can remember from my time spent in GATE were a couple of brain teasers we got to play with during free time as well as a couple study units from 5th grade. One which I was absent for, the reason I don't know. Couldn't have been sick, I never got sick for longer than a week. I did have one NDE, nearly drowned in a lake while visiting my cousins. I do remember them taking me out of class a lot for random tests, I think they were IQ-related. I remember psychiatrists and such looking at my scores and saying things like "anon did you know? you're smarter than the president!" Towards the end of elementary school I started dealing with some shitty abusive people back in my home life, and that caused my grades and mental condition to suffer. I don't really consider that to be sabotage like some were describing it, though. Though now that I think of it, it is a little strange that one of my abusers, despite being high school age at the time, had no family in the area. All of her relatives lived out of state. But she was as white trash as they come, so I don't really think anyone sent her to sabotage me or something.

After 5th grade I moved to another school district, and that's where my experience with GATE ended. They put me into normal classes, and I'm not sure if that was because of my faltering grades or if it was because my mom wanted me out of the program. She did complain about me having to do so many projects. Instead of GATE, they stuck me into some kind of special ed program (probably due to assburgers), where an aide would be watching over me during several of my classes. They still pulled me out of class, but now the tests were no longer about "how smart are you" but instead "how not-retarded are you". I didn't encounter much more of the weird shit that everyone else did in middle school and beyond. No jewish girlfriend or any girlfriend, no abduction attempts, no experiments with ESP/Zener cards in middle school, no drug addiction in early 20s, none of that. People did talk about an interest in /x/ phenomena, though, and I did develop a fascination with parapsychology and spells during middle school. I've also had some encounters with premonition and my intuition sometimes makes me wonder if I'm even in complete control of my thought processes.

I think I kind of fell "off the grid" in terms of GATE, due mainly to changing school districts at the same time I stopped being part of the program. As such, I don't really know if I could classify myself as a category-2 going by that one screencap. Still, part of me wishes I could have stuck around in the program a little longer, if not for any reason than to see just how deep the rabbit hole would go for me.

If there's anyone still here, by the way, I made a userscript to help us keep track of slow boards like this one. Install it and make sure this board is part of your favorites, and you'll be able to see when the board gets new posts just by looking at your favorites list. My theory is that if we all have the script installed, we can see immediately when other people post and can respond in a timely manner. https://gitgud.io/trackanon/boardtracker

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