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File: bb4e7a5231cba5a⋯.mp4 (2.15 MB, 480x360, 4:3, donkey dong is a tough fag….mp4)


cuban faggot playing tough queer in his car and online. donkey faggot will do nothing but harass you online have no fear he will hide and talk shit on video only! his mustard seeds are not big enough so he hides behind his wife and kids and his computer

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File: 32085bde2c7f464⋯.jpg (36.55 KB, 540x333, 60:37, 1510959.jpg)


File: ee21c3b08c63983⋯.jpg (831.51 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Tim-Valenti-and-ERIC-PAUL-….jpg)


File: dddd466ed4c88ad⋯.jpg (35.2 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532646.jpg)


File: 8943f6af93e679f⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532655.jpg)


- LGBT ANONIM CHAT http://lgbt.chat.dj -

File: b48320ae854e7f4⋯.jpg (151.15 KB, 400x500, 4:5, fed.jpg)


looks like eddie likes sexy nurses.

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File: 9a7cf3019cbfe10⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 640x480, 4:3, eddie dzial bw.jpg)


what a sexy body!!! come get me eddie…


File: c08023fe3f8c7f7⋯.jpg (550.29 KB, 2046x2046, 1:1, donny pedo pix4.jpg)


swallowing up eddie's thick milky spooge!


File: 8421c22fa8faff4⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532651.jpg)




File: a8140731f2e0dee⋯.jpg (685.6 KB, 1038x652, 519:326, polish sausage.jpg)


laugh factory is missing it's main gay comic!


File: e2413a416b5a757⋯.jpg (402.7 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, EDDIE DZIAL DERANGEMENT SY….jpg)


Date Posted: 13:43:11 04/26/19 Fri

Author: fosters freeze

Subject: DONNY LONG LIES, LIES, LIES! and refuses to answer the questions…

In reply to: eric paul leue 's message, "HOW MANY STRAIGHT WOMEN DID HIV FAGGOT DONNY LONG INFECT?" on 03:52:57 04/13/19 Sat


Note to Eddie: Posting the same troll articles 5 times won’t get you approved

TOPICS: Eddie Dzial Eddie Dzial Aka Edward Bernard Przydzial Edward Bernard Przydzial Edward Bernard Przydzial: libeled on pornwikileaks by Donald Carlos Seoane HIV POZ aka Donny Long



You should only post once instead of five times. The result will be the same. Your submissions will get rejected either way. Why waste the time submitting the same thing 5 times? Eddie never learns. Polack faggot.


donald carlos seoane keeps sticking his dick in hiv infected cum holes. his brain is diseased as is his mental stability. eddie never posted anything on your gay website donny long.

donny long thinks if he keeps posting message on his pwl wall accusing eddie of posting 5 articles. this NEVER happened only the donny's gay mind of homoeroticism.

he just can't get EDDIE DZIAL out of his mind! eddie lives in donny's head 365 24 7…

cuban faggot is obsessed and is inflicPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 606427ad8f83ccd⋯.jpg (349.78 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1146525_10201821011789976_….jpg)


the gloryhole where donald carlos seoane got busted wearing womens clothes and was issued a ticket and the dude who sucked his dick told cops he was threatening everyone there at that location… lol… donny long we gonna find even more of your dirt you filthy cum swallowing bone smoker!

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File: 2f2801ea01da7d0⋯.jpg (55.76 KB, 540x661, 540:661, 1482605.jpg)


donald carlos seoane lets niggers fuck his ass and suck his dick…

he also like fucking nigger bucks and sucking their radiator hoses…


File: 00e21e462ec3beb⋯.jpg (190.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, wianspool.jpg)


delusional donny long is making up stories. see donny long is mad… why is he mad? well he's mad his address was exposed to the world. daddy and mommy were not very happy when their address was dox'd and is now public information and is connected to his name and his libel filled website. the address: 1663 NE 176TH ST NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL 33162 is now spidered by google and as they say the internet may last forever. when eddie was in florida from dec 20th to dec 30th he let donkey know he could come and use his miami cuban muscle and black belt to curb stomp eddie… well donkey dong got in his car and RAN like a RABBIT crossing state lines. poor donny long was so scared he crossed several state lines and denied he was RUNNING from florida. now donkey posted a video on instagram stating he was leaving south florida. but… he and heather receive welfare from broward county. he lives in jupiter in a seedy low income hotel. he drives his dad's truck around and owns nothing of value while he drags 2 children one who is HIV and his HIV infected wife living in a car running like rabbits on the road… well poor donny is going to get the life he made for himself. when you have children you'll have to settle somewhere… and when you do DONNY LONG will trace himself right to his location by posting on pornwikileaks which is tracked already but he's TOO dumb to know it. that site has been tracked and logged since 2012. what an idiot. he also forgets that eventually the kids will have to grow up and go to school… where they will be faced with public attention. you hear that donny you creep? so folks for those of us who will enjoy poking him online waiting for him to screw up (which he will) and he let's us know exactly where he's hiding. donny is too stupid to shut his ego down to protect his family. he's already proven how sick he is because he's already shown he has put all of his entire family in danger. big bad tough donald carlos seoane is rambo and will not worry about his wife and kids. DONNY LONG your future is going to be interesting and no doubt it will come back to you through your kids, the school system and other kids who will find out what a douche bag looks like when they figure out who you are. you moron.


File: 154f34d3f8cb242⋯.jpg (39.19 KB, 540x448, 135:112, 1523835.jpg)




File: 77c2c4c6cc18c88⋯.jpg (37.78 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532650.jpg)


File: 95a4fb6aef1bb5f⋯.png (511.81 KB, 751x418, 751:418, KillYourselfFaggot.png)


so is that girl randi wright the girl eddie was at the northridge mall when he confronted donny long and when eddie got in his face he ran in the mens bathroom and blocked the door then called the cops?

no, it was not randi wright.

anyone know the pornstar name of the girl eddie is talking about he never mentions the girls name in the article.


randi wright is nasty gross. only good thing about her is her face… with a big dick stuck in it. her body is to thin she looks ill and those AWFUL NASTY TATTOOS just make me think ok… keep your clothes on… SUCK MY DICK and done.

donny long is a gross piece of cuban shit.

you're not white donald carlos seoane so stop bashing foreigners on your instagram videos you faggot with HIV…

File: a2aeb0dcab60216⋯.jpg (49.38 KB, 540x665, 108:133, a2aeb0dcab60216a628c486ec5….jpg)


hey donny long i'm gay. i will let you suck my dick. i have a pretty big one and a huge head. email me and let's hook up. i want to suck your cock too but you need to get it super hard i like the cock to be solid

let's hook up and facefuck each other!

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File: c5284a9674a6fca⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1432x900, 358:225, dzial squirts on her face.jpg)


more video stuff on eddie…


File: bf6381b9b714aff⋯.jpg (778.09 KB, 1432x899, 1432:899, dzial gets sucked off.jpg)


you have to laugh… she swallowed the whole load. so did she not swallow the last load? just wondering…



donny longlegs says eddie was in greece but this video proves he was in germany. donny longlegs is an idiot…



File: 40190d4b40b7053⋯.jpg (60.21 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1513570.jpg)


now i feel left out. damn it now i'll never get to taste donny's man chowder infected with hiv! i'll never catch 'the bug' this way…


File: d0054bbf39e97f3⋯.jpg (53.38 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532721.jpg)


with his thailand beard!

File: 59459a5162c043f⋯.png (270.37 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at ….png)


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white trash…? no. CUBAN PIECE OF SHIT who pretends he's white. he's a loser who had to go to a third world diseased shithole to marry a under-age ladyboi… yeah.

NO AMERICAN woman will put up with DONNY LONG more then a few minutes before they are done with his bullshit.

she isn't even good looking.


File: f19a8374ab3c5f4⋯.png (268.75 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, gab 1.png)


scum… just scum and look at his GAB wall… it explains everything.











File: 9016fafd4b9197f⋯.jpg (37.61 KB, 540x499, 540:499, 1532654.jpg)

File: aa8417185d97921⋯.jpg (286.59 KB, 693x789, 231:263, article pwl.jpg)


what we are reading or seeing on PWL posted by donny long is he has nothing but made up fictional bullshit. he is jealous of another man. he is jealous eddie is a white man, a polish catholic american. he is jealous women like working with eddie, he is jealous women in the porn industry like eddie's company and even have sex with the man when they aren't even shooting scenes… donny long is mad because dzial knows the dirty details on all of the films donny has appeared in with all those other men… see xvideos or youporn or look around there are hundreds of videos of DONNY LONG with other naked men sharing the female holes and dipping their weiners in each others cum… see donny knows the truth is easy to find and we all know he's a liar who, lies, lies, lies.

donny posts venus lux all over pornwinkydinkies… the tranny donny long has a current obsession with. eddie doesn't post on PWL and never has. no one believes any of donald carlos seoane's lies… the internet knows donny long authors and posts, controls PWL. no one else.

donald seoane is delusional… he claims eddie is obsessed with heather??? lol… not. hey donny get over yourself. no one wants a thai ladyboi with a nasty c section scar covered up by a nasty looking tattoo who has been swallowing your hiv infected spunk. sorry donkey wrongo bucko. lol… like eddie can't find way hotter asian females for his casting couch…

ask lana croft. when she was dating donny long… eddie was seasoning her up so we have to ask donkey… how did eddie taste donny? lol… yeah, we know you dumb cuban cuck licking all eddie's polish cum out of her holes… what flavor is eddie, donkey dong you dumb cuban faggot?

no donny you are obsessed with eddie and a search of your internet footprint puts all doubt to rest. you are attaching yourself to eddie not the other way around as you continue to play by the old democrat playbook of deflection. not working.

donny you are the one posting about chris strokes. not eddie. yawn… stop telling on yourself donny. eddie doesn't post on PWL…

eddie is 55. but donny is a dumb cuban who doesn't understand numbersPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1178213da950708⋯.jpg (38.36 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532653.jpg)

File: 51f74fc91828e9c⋯.jpg (34.94 KB, 540x281, 540:281, blow that nigger tranny.jpg)



File: 1751e0d7cebe183⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532657.jpg)


thanks dad! WINNING!

File: 06d9da4b143b457⋯.jpg (121.48 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 06d9da4b143b457d0327a16239….jpg)



File: 7ae64a9f6fac058⋯.jpg (36 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1532645.jpg)


i get to grow up GAY and with HIV! WINNING!

File: 7121363b115fec3⋯.png (118.2 KB, 1112x627, 1112:627, Eddie-Dzial-aka-EDWARD-BER….png)


Eddie Dzial has AIDS and is hiding in his mother house in Athens Greece spamming this board with his gay fantasies about straight male porn god Donny Long

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File: 459148f23f971c9⋯.jpg (46.19 KB, 540x670, 54:67, 1487269.jpg)




File: 2e4ddbd4591db4c⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1393x729, 1393:729, creepy homo porn mope.jpg)


creepy homo porn mope


File: ce156535e9f981f⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1394x730, 697:365, donald carlos seoane hiv.jpg)


bosco xxxstarpr advertises on pornwinkydinkies…


File: 898f184aadb1e1a⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1393x730, 1393:730, donald seoane queer.jpg)


creepy homo porn mope


File: 93185caa034322a⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 1395x729, 155:81, donny long faggot.jpg)


donny long is CREEPY HOMO PORN MOPE!

File: c9d23cb0a078258⋯.png (173.26 KB, 600x388, 150:97, jussie-smollett-jail-punk.png)


BUBBA and tha BRUTHAS gonna STRETCH YOUR ASSHOLE JUSSIE. better check in to PC punk. the bruthas gonna fill yo TUMMY up with many DNA samples and you gon be passed around for cigs by the nigs. come see us in jail JUICY and be BUBBA'S cell-mate. lots of black dicks you can suck in here nigga…

File: 5580a321f68d453⋯.jpg (999.76 KB, 1074x772, 537:386, josh moon kiwifaggot.jpg)


Joshua Conner Moon is apparently distributing videos of the terrorist attack in New Zealand and the killer's manifesto. This is a crime punishable by years in prison in many countries. Australian police contacted him about it and well, his response is international news -



No action is required now, but I am going to use this to try to have his Colocrossing hosting facilities and funding withdrawn. Actual major media article calling him an 'incel'. One Sam Ambreen might appreciate I would imagine.

It looks like the media are massively sourcing MHN for their stories.

File: fe167d5ddba6e93⋯.jpg (112.88 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 549001_10201821053631022_7….jpg)


hey donny… why are you on craigslist making fake stupid gay ads you dumb cuban piece of shit?


File: e1a93f55b42cebb⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 533x625, 533:625, 1523837.jpg)



File: d29f4c0bded538f⋯.jpg (171.34 KB, 680x750, 68:75, post bills.jpg)


los angeles california


File: 968235749cc565d⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1436x769, 1436:769, milli mar.jpg)


found on duck duck go!


File: 3f65a52c54b99a5⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 450x600, 3:4, full-3.jpg)


donny long is trying to copy eddie dzial… the hair and glasses are totally eddie and stolen look except eddie would never wear a brown shirt…

lol… i noticed a european actor comedian has also stole the 80's eddie look and style. he's a well known celebrity in greece or italy somewhere out that way across the sea…


File: 70f8b7ec175d0ea⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 1513569.jpg)


yeah eddie would never wear a tacky 80's nylong fake dress shirt like that…

File: 0e666917733ec44⋯.png (529.42 KB, 1280x1109, 1280:1109, su.png)


Edición paisajistica

Bienvenidos al nuevo hilo general de Steven Universe.

Este hilo es tanto para los fanáticos de Steven Universe que gustan de ver la serie por su historia, por sus personajes, por la música; así como también para aquellos que disfrutan ver cómo la serie se hunde cual barco que naufraga.

Esta edición se concentrará en compartir fondos, paisajes y demás arte del show, Mientras esperamos a que Sugar muestre señales de vida puntos extra si son capturas propias.

> Sitio donde se pueden ver todos los capítulos estrenados hasta el momento de Steven Universe en inglés, subtitulados y en español latino:


> Tumblrs de la serie:



> Soundcloud de la serie:


> Imagen utilizada para el hilo:


Reglas del hilo:

> No salirse del tema general del hilo.

La mención de otras cosas está permitida en tanto se relacione de una u otra forma con Steven Universe.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

42 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 626ced61dad5f4e⋯.png (1 MB, 1403x837, 1403:837, donnylong lies 2018-11-20 ….png)


donald carlos seoane posted a huge lie on his blog… he's NOT in porn because he is HIV and he is out… blaming faggots isn't working donkey dong dumb jackass…

donny long is working with cam shows and his illegal under-age thailand wife because only miami prostitutes and whores will swallow his HIV infected cum… he's making babies infected too. he has 1 child from his previous wife who kicked his ass out and now has a gay HIV infected son… she is preggy with another mutt as we speak…

donkey dong is a dumb faggot.

he spent his entire christmas holiday not at family like mom & dad but online posting a full wall full of LIBEL and harassing people using e-mail and posting brag videos on instagram, bitchute etc.

donny is seriously deranged.


File: 79984e2de3f7ca9⋯.jpg (40.3 KB, 540x345, 36:23, 1511001.jpg)


donny long needs another dude there to help him keep his sponge dick hard…


File: a2289a5da8285d4⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 540x375, 36:25, 1511007.jpg)


and fuck these whores!


File: ca6125248b8e2f5⋯.jpg (47.54 KB, 540x375, 36:25, 1511006.jpg)


we always share all the holes!


File: 0dd147a94882a3d⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 540x375, 36:25, 1511003.jpg)


call my bro so he can get naked and help me with these two whores… sticking our dicks in cum filled holes gets us off!

File: fa03adf01d47b4e⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1147x762, 1147:762, nurses coke dzial.jpg)


temple city, california and two blonde nurses… coke for the tip of the head. sex and video in a seedy hotel room. looks like eddie and his blonde bitches like to partake in some recreational drug abuse while making porn video's. well kids now this is how the porn industry goes now ain't it.

5 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: a92d9dfc7b6d75a⋯.jpg (89.04 KB, 622x437, 622:437, pic_93_big.jpg)


in a seedy hollywood hotel bathroom zoe matthews sucks eddie's dick!


File: 6ae7fa58d8ffa89⋯.png (178.71 KB, 559x564, 559:564, eddie's wife bw.png)


…found a picture of eddie's wife from the 80's…


File: 5cecbfec5e9d202⋯.mp4 (1.1 MB, 304x240, 19:15, alana evans BW monster mov….mp4)


w/ alana evans - eddie dzial ~ pornstarbrand of beverly hills


File: d4b2bdd0e491c5b⋯.png (683.45 KB, 739x758, 739:758, hacked iphone pix 6 set.png)


hacked from pornstarbrand iphone cloud.

set of 6 images 3104079413 t-mobile

beverly hills california 90213



that's an old 80's trick putting coke on the head of your dick to last all night long…

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