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File: ce0aa7b2e9253b7⋯.jpg (50.21 KB, 540x501, 180:167, 1478443.jpg)


wow… someone is either sabotaging eddie or they like him very much. it's funny watching the hate but when you look deeper who ever is doing these attacks likes his dick… they are fascinated with his cock… his porn, his balls and him cuming…

i'm betting there is either a real faggot who wants to swallow eddie's penis and empty his balls or it's a woman who really wants to be in a porn video with him…

well it's anyone's guess but it sure is entertaining…

why is it, donny long always seems to be around when ever eddie is naked and has his dick out? makes you wonder who's attacking donald carlos seoane and why?

maybe his wife heather deep is playing games…

i'm thinking maybe when eddie broke her holes in, way back 9 years ago… she fell in love. she settled for donny because donny was settling for her. i suspect heather thinks about eddie… a lot.

i suspect heather likes eddie, a lot. i also suspect she secretly hates donny as he's an idiot and the more she lives around him she is slowly learning what a scum bag he is…

i suspect donny and heather are here doing all this game playing.

i also suspect donny is not aware eddie is always in heather's head… i bet she dreams about him all the time. my thoughts are that secretly she loves the guy or she likes him, a lot.

you hear that donny you dumbfuck?

stupid cuban.

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