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File: 1424491435757.jpg (26.08 KB, 500x402, 250:201, 41LcMcqdrOL.jpg)


Welcome to Gay Doujinshi

The only thing I ask is that you read the rules and have fun!

This thread may be used for suggestions and discussion about the board but I'll delete it when I feel we've all settled in.

>To do

>Get CSS right
>Populate board
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You might want to consider keeping all requests in one stickied thread. That way, most of the threads will be dumps instead of dead bumping. Every fulfilled request should have its own thread so that the stickied request thread won't be cluttered.

There's also the problem of people requesting for items that have not been released. It's up to you if they be muted, banned, or just deleted.

Now if someone dumped then a translation was made, should the translations be dumped in the same thread or a new thread should be made?


That could work. We could just have one big sticky thread with requests that get deleted once they're fulfilled.

Instead of having a separate thread for translations we could have a rule that the person requesting the translation needs to post a download link or dump the doujin in a specifically labeled thread. And if they do dump in the thread the translator either posts the download link or dumps it within the thread as well. I want to keep the clutter to a minimum on here.

As for released stuff, we can just delete them if they've made a thread and I wouldn't bother with them if they do it in the sticky thread.


I'm not sure about deleting requests in the request thread. Imagine yourself as someone who made a request on the request thread then found out it's gone. You'd post asking what happened to it, right? Then someone would probably answer. Why not just let someone reply to the request with the link to the thread it was dumped?


That would probably be more user friendly. but I'm trying to think of ways to not let the thread just overflow with requests. But we probably would never get to that point.


I'll post this here as well, though I'd like to keep most of the discussion on /him/ so I can manage it better and keep this thread about /gdj/


File: 1424529698448.png (190.38 KB, 866x501, 866:501, Plans.png)

Ah fuck forgot my image.

I really need to go to bed.


I updated this board with /him/'s new CSS but my quick reply isn't working right now and I'm having a few weird UI errors all over 8chan so I wont be able to change the colors of the Quick Reply box just yet so you'll have to deal with /him/'s green one until I can get my QR box to pop up.


Tripcode Color test





File: 1434912143515.jpg (280.83 KB, 627x1024, 627:1024, 47353866_p2.jpg)

Is this board for original doujins only or are fanwork gay/bara doujins allowed?



Basically anything is allowed as long as it's in a series or related images by the same artist, the only exception being art credited to multiple of the same individuals.

You can post CGs, comics, or just random art but I suggest keeping it to one thread per artist or book series.

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