Frequently Asked Questions

What is this board about?
It's our own imageboard. A place where the females of 8chan can talk about our own topics. Usually, topics that couldn't be discussed elsewhere, and around girls of our same social status (Aka: Social reclusive, mostly)

Why here on 8chan? Shouldn't you go to reddit/tumblr/other social media website?
8chan is a place where anyone can make a board, about any topic. Under that premise, we can make such a board, can't we?
This is just a place for deepweb-dweller girls, who know about imageboard culture, to hang out. That's all there is to it. There are several niche boards in 8chan, and this is just one of those.

Why SFW?
I personally believe that NSFW image content will only derail conversation. The board has a whole CAN discuss NSFW topic and link to NSFW material, but explicit images are not allowed.

Are there any girls in here?
Yes, there are.

If so, prove it. Tits or GTFO.
That wasn't even a question. And no, we don't need to prove anything to random males who come here, and you don't need to ask either. If you don't believe the legitimacy of this board, simply leave.

I am a male and come from /r9k/, /pol/, /b/... Am I allowed here?
It depends. Have you come here to spout your simplistic opinions about gender, race, politics and the like? If so, you aren't welcome.
We used to be more lenient with males posting here, but that has changed. To prevent this board of becoming a sausage-fest, males are heavily monitored.

7- What is "maleposting"? I see this term tossed around from time to time.
A little term made by the posters of /girltalk/, It basically means all the unsavory male posts made by people who really dislike women, yet feel the need to post in an women-centric board. "Maleposting" is usually the kind of posts no women in her right mind would do, yet males do all the time

I think women are awful and I have this graph proving it, can I post this?
No. We don't want any of that political/social nonsense in this board. Feel free to leave if you don't like the female gender.

So, is this board feminist garbage then?
I don't speak for everybody here, but I couldn't care less about such politic nonsense. All I did was revive this board, so that women like me have a place where we can discuss anything ever.
I don't believe all men are trash, nor do I believe that all women are superior to men. if we behave correctly here, why won't you? But the fact of the matter is that the men of 8chan are toxic in nature, and we don't want anything to do with that.

Without male posters, this place will surely die. There are no girls in the internet!
You know that's a meme, right? There are.
This board is a niche one, with a niche audiency. We aren't looking forward being the top board of 8chan or anything like that. All we want is to have a place where women can discuss and chat. Most hobbie boards, as well as lifestyle boards, are male-dominated, where even implying that you are a woman will give you vapid and nonsensical replies.
Here, things are different. Female is the default.

I really hate how you manage this board.
There is a meta thread stickied. Feel free to leave any suggestion, comment and criticism in there. But please, make sure to use the meta thread. Posting such comments in any other place would be pointless.

Why did I got a 5 seconds ban?
5 seconds bans are used as "warnings". Don't be scared and do not fret, these are just little messages left by the Board Owner and Moderators to communicate with the users.

What should I know about bans?
Most bans include a witty message, and a keyword between parenthesis. The keyword "Warning" is not serious and just a message. But other keywords are not.

Is this another /fem/?
No, it's not. /fem/ became /r9k/ v2.0 and /b/'s little brother due to zero moderation and control. We are hoping to make a true female-centric imageboard here.

Why don't you like political discussion?
We can't deny it: /pol/ is leaking. Shills and redpills run rampant, and some men think that women online should have their ideologies shoved down. We do NOT want men coming here to state their political points, and say things like "we need more traditional women" or "feminism is killing womanhood". Feel free to discuss in the /poltalk/ thread, but keep it civil.

I would like to get to know you girls privately. Can I post my contact info somewhere?
Absolutely NOT. We do not want people treating this place as some sort of /soc/, so posting private info is forbidden and you will receive a ban if you ask for mail address, usernames, Facebook, Discord or anything like that.