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Comfy feelings.

File: 4680f1c4b93afa9⋯.jpg (592.4 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, maxresdefault.jpg)

69a405  No.10203

hello there, can /girltalk/ please redpill me on anti-aging products?


i am about to go to wal-mart to buy something

69a405  No.10204

File: f9e679ac34f709f⋯.jpg (340.39 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_m3lzucVELZ1r7e0cpo1….jpg)

i have found /cgl/ on 4chan to be a very good reference cite

364e43  No.10206

364e43  No.10208

92eec0  No.10209


>please redpill me on anti-aging products?

You cannot redpill someone on using degenerate lifestyle choices, that's an oxymoron. Newsflash, you'll look like shit when you get old, and look like shit beneath your layers of makeup.


4d8fd9  No.10227


Just get blood transfusions from teenagers or make billions of dollars developing something that stops the mitochondrial "clock" (repairing the damage that happens to mtDNA, accumulated among all of your mitochondria, thousands per individual cell) otherwise you're just giving people money who prey on your insecurities.


87ac1f  No.10229

Reminder of No maleposting outside the male thread.


Well, anti-agigng isn't something you should really focus on. Are you really aging that rapidly?

I use BB creams. But I kinda need to because I have oily skin.

74ed30  No.10291

File: 7579549a903f6f9⋯.jpg (8.56 KB, 235x250, 47:50, 1500946290018.jpg)



>These two hotheads get sent to alimony hell

25c865  No.10331

Its not a product, but alchemical daoism is highly effective

2cca28  No.11024

382eb0  No.11025

Tried honey on your skin? The natural one of course, works wonders. No homo.

092201  No.11032

File: 9e10a51d0feb18a⋯.jpg (61.03 KB, 700x560, 5:4, 189373.jpg)

Aloe vera (straight from the plant) and coconut oil. If you can't eat it I wouldn't use it. Also a tumeric paste evens the tone.

87ac1f  No.11036



I dunno. Putting food on my face doesn't seems so productive.

44e237  No.11039


> If you can't eat it I wouldn't use it.

> Aloe vera

Good point, bad example. Though it's technically the wax of the plant, and it only causes severe diharreha.

Having said that, I had some aloe vera toothpaste, shit worked well I thought.

And yeah- avoid harsh chemicals as applying them (and washing them off with make-up remover) will turn your skin into a pitted mess.

87ac1f  No.11040

Off topic but…

How do i fix oily hair? I think my skin is oily because my hair is so too..

092201  No.11043


True, good you pointed that out


Have you tried making a dry shampoo?


87ac1f  No.11045


Isn't that shampoo for dry hair?

Oh, I can actually do my own shampoo? I use head n' shoulders anti-oil. Should I try?

092201  No.11050


Well for me most shampoos actually increase oil production and it becomes a vicious cycle and then I would just use a shit ton of shampoo. It is the shampoo conspiracy. Now I use liquid castile soap in a foaming dispenser and my hair doesn't get as oily. If it does seem oily halfway through the day I apply the dry shampoo and brush it out. I have pretty long hair and this method works for me, hope that helps.

b3caae  No.11056

File: 714bdd14bbd641e⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 393x607, 393:607, 714bdd14bbd641e6a8771a7a08….jpg)

not to bring even more /pol/ to /girltalk/ but this is very relevant.

besides skin-care products not doing anything (they exist only to profit off of your insecurity, and provide a placebo. lots of science shots this), your genes (assuming you're not mixed) are time-tested to work and you don't need to mess with anything. you'll be particularly attractive to at least one other phenotype: your own. this is the simple reality of in-group preference.

it's one of few redpills that makes you feel better and not worse.

also for the last time, stop wearing make-up. it's a waste of money and time. your ancestors didn't wear make-up and they were clearly attractive: they made you. if you want to be more attractive, get some exercise, lose some weight (if applicable) and lift weights (makes your body more shapely, breasts better shape, butt better shape, smaller waist, etc)

87ac1f  No.11088


I live with a traditional family so telling them that shampoo is bad wo't change a damn thing.

How easy are these shampoos to do? If I were to make one, how long would it last? Anything short of 3 months is a waste.


You are being a nice doctor, but I still refuse your pill.

1b0e13  No.11162



Average women didn't wear makeup in the 50's.

This makeup craze is really recent. Problem is these days is women are extremely insecure due to the hyper sexualization of everything.

87ac1f  No.11197


The beauty standards back in the 50s where different.

Also women had basically zero right in the 50s.

1b2ade  No.11202

File: 2e259af623cd24b⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 261x210, 87:70, 2e259af623cd24b2a41bc94881….gif)


Women have been wearing makeup since Ancient Greece. Saying that women "shouldn't wear makeup" is naive and idealistic, women like to look pretty, men like looking at pretty girls, and makeup can help with that as long as it's not overdone.

b3caae  No.11210


Make-up isn't going to make you look pretty. Men aren't that stupid. If you wear make-up the assumption is immediately "she must actually be pretty ugly." It makes you look like you have no self-confidence and in general is a red-flag. The more make-up, the worse you look.

A couple things are fine, like eye-liner, but for the most part unnecessary.

b3caae  No.11211


Women looked better in the 50's, we should go back to that. And we should stop demonizing women who want to be housewives. Not everyone wants to be a 40 year old man-hating spinster.

87ac1f  No.11216


>we should go back to that

t. male

511c74  No.11266


You're not wrong. I'll be honest: traditionalism is attractive. As long as you're trying to make yourself look pretty, keep that in mind.

Get out of your comfort zone.

87ac1f  No.11303


I like the traditional look. Not the traditional values. I like having rights and doing stuff like playing Yugioh and not being a house slave, you know? Traditional values can die for all I care. But long clothing and dressed can be really nice, making you rely on your true beauty and not on your body. Giving room to imagination.

1b2ade  No.11349


Feminists have been masquerading womens' "rights" for a long time, but for all that womens' happiness has been steadily declining at the same time. It's not rocket science, traditional gender roles are tradition for a reason: they work. The best formula is to find a good husband, be a faithful wife and raise a family together - that's what traditional values boils down to, and all evidence points towards that being best for the individuals and for society. Doesn't mean that women shouldn't have equal rights under the law, or should be forbidden to wear makeup or have a job (though generally men are more inclined to work so it just works out that way naturally), despite what uncle /pol/ may or may not tell you.

87ac1f  No.11352


t. male

bd1fa7  No.11354

What works for some doesn't for others. It highly depends on your age, lifestyle and skin type.

But I'm white, very dry, in my 30's with 4 kids so some time alone and a full night of sleep is the best for me. I also follow a keto diet and that's improved hugely. My hair is less dry than usual but still not greasy.

Any cheap nasty cream from walmart isn't going to do anything. Your skin health comes from inside.

If I had to pick a product though, anything with Hyaluronic acid.

1b2ade  No.11407



87ac1f  No.11425

51869b  No.11509

File: 37bc690d8a98cb7⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 405x373, 405:373, 37bc690d8a98cb72da2b3a0819….jpg)


I've never been a fan of Aloe because of the weird way it feels but I've found taking cold showers really helps keep my skin smooth and nice, its okay to moisturize and use coconut oil but you can't get it too wet or you'll start to retain less moisture and dry out quicker. I could go bla bla bla about the good and bad bacteria on our skin and why its bad to scrub and shower too much and kill them but if you're not taking cold showers stop. Stop right now and do it.

Cold showers are more than just good for your skin! We've got two kinds of fat in our bodies, white fat and brown fat. Brown fat is basically really hard to burn and all it does is insulate our skin and isn't activated too often when we exercise but cold showers force that fat into activation and calorie burning mode It's function is to generate heat and keep your body warm.

They also wake you up and leave you feeling much more alert! And if you're a boy and reading this cold showers boost your testosterone and sperm production and if you're here on /girltalk/ you probably need it.

44e237  No.11574


So have a warm shower, then turn it down until you can't stand it? (and thereby be able to endure a colder temperature like an inverse boiling frog)

Or crank the motherfucker down to cold for the shock (and get the brown fat to work)?

Shame its near autumn/winter now I've read that, but I'll try it!

There's also some vitamins & minerals that increase the amount you cum- whether that's semen or the fluid between I'm not sure. Won't post that guide here since it's offtopic. And it could also be snake-oil

574ce2  No.11591


I used to just stand under the shower and turn cold on full blast. I also had a /fit/fag tell me you should alternate between hot and cold to train your capillaries, so I went through some cold/warm cycles and ended on cold.

4d8fd9  No.11654


Coconut oil is fucking magic.

Pretty much moisturizers and UV blockers are the only anti-aging that works from the outside. It's not like collagen can be absorbed topically, and CoQ10, especially topically, isn't exactly a panacea.

>you probably need it

Savage, but my problem is a thick beard that won't stop fucking growing and an abundance of DHT. I just gave up and shave my neck and trim it every week. Biding my time so I can shave it off and show off my cranium makes me want to kill myself tbh. I miss the thick hair on the very top that I got so many compliments about.

4d8fd9  No.11655



And yeah, coconut oil is magic because it works for pretty much everything. I used it several times for my beard and results are quick enough that it stopped the annoyance over the beard versus leave in conditioner.

87ac1f  No.11659

Atm I am using an algae cream I bought, and alcohol.

Alcohol is good, right?

4d8fd9  No.11680



You mean alcohol for astringence?

That depends entirely on your skin. It dries it out obviously, for some (oily) skin types that's what the benefit is.

Alcohol crash course:

Oily: maybe

Dry: probably not

Sensitive: you should not do that


Dude, see this is what I meant above. What does it mean by "algae"? Does it mean that it uses extracts from them that have anti-oxidant properties? Do you just use it as a thickener? For what?

I understand makeup but you guys have to understand that most anti-aging shit makes no sense, or has little documentation. Anyone can sell topical creams, and they do. Most don't do anything and most are paying money to rub some random shit suspended in propylene glycol on your face. And I get sent to alimony hell for it.

87ac1f  No.11695


It's astringence lotion. The bottle says "for deep cleansing", it has alcohol, salicyclic acid, propynele glycol and other stuff like that. It does clean my dirty face, but is it safe?

My algae solution + hydra IQ is a face-cleaning gel. I dunno, I feekl it really works. Once I apply it, I don't feel any more grease on my face for several hours. I used a lot of cream last two days sicne there was no water at home, and I despise washing with buckets.

4d8fd9  No.11730


>It's astringence lotion.

That's fine. I didn't mean it like that, I was saying that if you think it's a panacea whose sole purpose is "making you look younger" it's probably not. I wouldn't even call shit like that anti-aging. I still don't know where the algae comes in or what the benefit is, though.

Propylene glycol is just a suspension medium.

Exfoliates, UV blockers, moisturizers, cleansers and such are pretty much "not snake oil." I think that's clear. I was talking about products that are marketed as somehow "anti-aging topicals" whereas collagen cannot be absorbed topically. Also the problem with over exfoliating is that they can make oily skin worse.

I have naturally large pores from my mother and had the same over-active oil production when I was a teenager. They gave me a prescription of something for a year and I stopped having to worry about it. Fuck if I remember what it was but in the end it was probably hormonal imbalance, I haven't had to worry about it since. There's diets that work for it, instead of relying on topicals. All about finding what works for you but understanding what you put on your face or why you do what you do, whether it be a diet, exercise, cleaner pillowcases, colder showers, conservative cleansing, and so on.

The bitch of it is that my sister ended up with the smoothest, prettiest face you can imagine and no large pores, with no product, and an atrocious diet, where as my mother has the same problems as me.

e0cf24  No.13857

Just stop filling yourself with cola and potato chips you fat fuck.

c799a4  No.14338


using a tub of nivea creme before going to bed is hardly degen.


sounds great goy, now I wonder how a single income millenial/genx household could support the five children I'm planning….


don't. Alcohol is an irritant, you don't want to make your skin mad. Not to mention stripping oilsnoff that aggressively is just going to make you oilier in the long run.

87ac1f  No.14481


Jokes on you: my diet is healthy and yet mY face gets greasy.

Wonder if the laptop screen has anything to do with it

1cbc55  No.19468

i fixed my fucked up skin with a diy concoction of unrefined shea butter, rosehip oil, vitamin e, and german chamomile and my skin was in shit shape: texture like a hass avocado, gordon ramsay-esque expression lines, sunspots, combination skin that went from scaly-dry to oil slick. now my skin is smooth, clear, and even the lines are less noticeable

granted a lot of this was from my lifestyle throughout my 20s: sleeping 3-5 hours, drinking coffee and never water, walking to work in the heat with no protection or sunglasses, sleeping in my makeup. all of which I've remedied. still, my skin kept looking worse while I was using regular skin care products even if i was paying for the high-end or k-beauty stuff

i also make my own makeup remover, toner, and this turmeric mask recipe i came up with every plant oil/extract i could find that contain anti-inflammatory compounds that's so powerful it makes my sinuses drain when i use it

but i'm a shut-in with the free time and funds to do this kind of shit and i really enjoy diy projects

ea408d  No.19473



Post it?

1cbc55  No.19474


a whole bottle of turmeric powder

shea butter, like 8oz

calendula oil

blue chamomile essential oil

lavender essential oil

magnesium oil

kava tincture

like 5 drops each of peppermint and spearmint essential oils

lanolin (to prevent the mask from drying out too quickly)

black pepper tincture (couldn't find one in a store so i added black pepper to 90% isopropyl alcohol and let it sit for a month while taking it out occasionally to shake it like hell while i watch tv)

c89c05  No.19478

File: d38a32541f604a1⋯.jpg (110.34 KB, 636x767, 636:767, happy-lamb-is-happy.jpg)


Sounds really nice anon. I'm glad you got those drastic results. My grandmother didn't take care of her skin and always told me to start young fortunately. And I did.

A heads up for anyone with very sensitive skin tho.. rosehip oil can cause irritation. I am extremely fair and my skin dries up in the winter so I need to be constantly moisturizing it. I tried a cocoa-butter rosehip oil mix and it was nice (and smelled soooo good) but if I used it for more than a couple days in a row my skin got really red and irritated and I later found out the rosehip oil can do that. Also made me break out a bit.

I prefer home remedies like yours for just about everything but to be completely honest the best face cream I ever used (I used to work in a high-end makeup store and even the $150 expensive shit didn't compare) is this retinol and vitamin A cream: https://www.puritan.com/health-beauty-070/retinol-cream-vitamin-a-100000-iu-per-ounce-005510 I'm not a shill I promise! :P

I have combo skin too and I've been using it for about 10 years and in my late 30's I don't have any wrinkles save some small laugh lines at the side of my eyes. Kind of a hidden gem that I found shopping for supplements years ago. I bought it based on reviews and they weren't wrong.

I also use organic cold pressed coconut oil that you can buy at the grocery store on my skin all over my body. Stuff is pretty great, not greasy and absorbs really well into dry skin. Also helps with rashes and irritations too if they appear. It works wonders for sensitive skin that can't handle perfumes, dyes, alcohols and stuff like that.

000000  No.19480


Essential oils can burn your skin, you honestly put that shit on your face, near your eyes?

1cbc55  No.19598


only some essential oils are irritating, and you always want to dilute them in a carrier oil

peppermint essential oil is super strong but a couple of drops diluted into 6+ oz. of carrier oils just gives the mix a slight cooling sensation when you use it

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