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Female board for 8chan's females
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Comfy feelings.

File: e9e52bcdf968109⋯.jpg (77.77 KB, 736x893, 736:893, Mobile game with ads up th….jpg)

3c88d5 No.4654

This is /girltalk/'s meta thread: /metatalk/

Feel free to post any advice, tip, suggestion, complain and critique regarding the forum in this thread.

All comments are appreciated and remember: There is no such a thing as bad criticism, just bad ways to deliver it.

Reminder the board action's log can be found here:


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5b0c79 No.5462


>but you are still on 8chan which probably has a majority of males over females as users so there's no need to ostracize what will probably make up your traffic/advertising before you've even started.

We dont, tho. We let males post. But, like I said, they must follow the rules. If people dont even read our posts.and just create a dumb thread to get a rise, I wont allow it.

Sorry, but banter made for "troll" will never be accepted. That's a final, and I frankly dont see why you want me to allow troll posts.

f58c49 No.5463


>Sorry, but banter made for "troll" will never be accepted. That's a final, and I frankly dont see why you want me to allow troll posts.

Where does a troll post end and an honest post begin? When do the lines begin to blur? That's all I'm saying.

5b0c79 No.5464



Check rule 5.

Its easy to tell tho. So only raid posts are the deleted ones most of the time

Keep in mind rules are subject to change.

Post last edited at

f58c49 No.5465


>5. Posting is a privilege, not a right. You WILL be banned if deemed fit.

>You WILL be banned if deemed fit.

This is what concerns me. But I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

5b0c79 No.5466


You can always check the board log to see if I go too ax crazy

Also I can always reword the rules.

f58c49 No.5467


True. Well you seem to be taking a lot of user feedback so far so just see how it goes I guess. Good luck in anycase - I hope it does work out.

5b0c79 No.5468


Of course. Feedback is important.

Thats what meta threads are foe.

0d3991 No.5471

File: e365a8fc537e3cc⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 500x468, 125:117, e365a8fc537e3cce478b3b4079….jpg)


>You know who else allowed such posts? /fem/ and old /girltalk/

>You know who died and lost all their females thanks to such little "banter" posts? /fem/ and old /girltalk/

No, /fem/ died when they started PPH-cucking, and thus became overly permissive towards obvious manposting. All of the females were driven as they became aware the fact that 95% of the userbase was actually male, the men followed soon after for the same reason (muh femanon nature reserve has no femanons). The board lost its' identity and purpose for existing in the first place (a board run by and for femanons), and users lost any reason to post there because it was essentially just /b/'s retarded younger brother at that point. "Banter" had precious little to do with its' decline, male-shitposting and incessant, repetitive b8 threads, however, did.


First post I ever made here and I'm sticking to it. Will it make all of the male posters magically step in line? Of course not, there's no getting rid of them, but it does set the right tone at the very least.

5b0c79 No.5472

File: 51dd0b6fcbb8b2c⋯.jpg (26.29 KB, 444x332, 111:83, images (8).jpg)


Worry not. If yo check the board logs, I have zero tolerance with male bait.

I still think that males who behave deserve to post. But that doesnt means I wont regulate them harshly.

Maybe, if we do get the ball rolling with morr females here, I will conceal males into one or two threas to discuss stuff with them. But that is then and this is now.

e5179b No.5520

File: 9f555fd0bc829a3⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 627x620, 627:620, wut867790.jpg)

>"You WILL be banned for being rude or using your "8chan mindset" or hate speak"

You could have just as easily said "no fun allowed", or am I just misinterpreting that?

bfcd93 No.5521


You are misinterpreting.

Altho the rules could always use some rewording

8ce9f1 No.5523


>If these threads are the norm and not the exception then yes

>no need to ostracize what will probably make up >your traffic/advertising before you've even started.

I think cancer starts small but develops exponentially. It's been stated somewhere before that this is a niche board so traffic it's really not important.

A strong inmune system, on the other hand...

8ce9f1 No.5524

File: b666cc581d786d3⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 360x479, 360:479, Dogged.jpg)


Why tho

0d3991 No.5529

File: db4c77b02f56796⋯.gif (217.69 KB, 444x408, 37:34, db4c77b02f5679683200a15484….gif)


It's almost like I explained why in the very post you're replying to. I don't want this place to end up like /fem/, with its' 50:1 male to female ratio.

f58c49 No.5542


>cancer starts small but develops exponentially.

Of course, but what does that have to do with what you quoted in my post?

>It's been stated somewhere before that this is a niche board so traffic it's really not important.

I wouldn't have imagined that every single female on 8chan would know about this board already, not that you'd want exactly all of them to perhaps, but if more people knew about the board then you would have that higher amount % of people (both male and female) knowing as a result. Unless the BO would prefer to remain more under the radar, but that's entirely up to her as It's their board.

>A strong inmune system, on the other hand…

Strange tangents on the other hand.. A strong immune system won't necessarily save you versus cancer because a cancer cell is a mutation that mutates and affects other cells. It's not an infection per se, because the cancer effectively starts within your own body and slowly begins to spread in size as it slowly converts other tissue. Although it can be caused by other things such as the various types of radiation.

906923 No.5575


>Honestly a solid week-long ban on all male posting would probably be good for the board

Unlikely to be the case. If word got around about such a thing (and it would), you would only be inviting raids a la Habbo.

Also, here's how the code tag works.

,-( o )-.
( o )-( o )
.-\-'.|,`-/-. .-.
( o )--*--( o ) ,-( o )-.
`-/-.'|`,-\-' ( o )-( o )
( o )-( o ) .-\-'.|,`-/-.
`-( o )-' _( o )--*--( o )
`-' \/_/ `-/-.'|`,-\-'
__ | ( o )-( o )
\_\| .'`-( o )-'
| .'\ `-'
|/ |\
__ | \|
| __
__ |
| __
__ |
| __
__ |
| __
__ |
| __
|/_/ VK/hh

bfcd93 No.5578


Its k. The number of female increased a bit, and the number of males decreased. All we need is good publicity and time.

0d3991 No.5587

File: 91fe3e37ef7cb1e⋯.png (13.69 KB, 176x255, 176:255, oven453.png)



Nothing makes for better publicity than a good raid or two.

bfcd93 No.5589


We want to be the Canada of 8ch, not the North Korea.

0d3991 No.5593

File: 4dc6b116c610577⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 540x849, 180:283, Mild Disgust.jpg)


>We want to be the Canada of 8ch

bfcd93 No.5595


We don't?

Canada is cute. Certainly better than fatso's little country.

0d3991 No.5597

File: 94bc436d3232a44⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Trudeau is a faggot 2.gif)

File: 16ac9d5c5339040⋯.jpg (19.32 KB, 351x351, 1:1, disgust2.jpg)


I mean, do you live in this communist shithole?

bfcd93 No.5598



Fine, no Canada.

906923 No.5602


>Certainly better than fatso's little country.

Woah, woah, woah. Not fat and not defending Best Korea (just a meme), but I want to be clear. You condone body shaming on this board?

2e3fe4 No.5615

Are there actual girls here or is this some kind of weird trap G.I.R.L erp board?

0d3991 No.5617

File: 9ddc2b8f3dee534⋯.jpg (44.74 KB, 448x486, 224:243, neeto55756756.jpg)


Let me ask you this: how hard do you want to believe?

2e3fe4 No.5618


Yeah as i thought no actual girls

8ce9f1 No.5621

File: 876a16da0f9a71d⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x667, 500:667, dogger.jpg)


I really don't know what the fuck PPH cucking stands for

Still… why ban males tho

just you know POST MOAR FAGGOT

8ce9f1 No.5622


>Of course, but what does that have to do with what you quoted in my post?

Sorry, sometimes I think people are in my head understanding all my thoughts inmediately :^)

I'm trying to state that there is a need to ostracize any number of cancerous males even if it harms traffic/advertising. Because if you let that cancer entrench, it's over m8.

I'm only talking about cancer posters, ofc, I'm against an all male ban, mainly, because it'd be inefficient.

Get your facts together m8 the inmune system is also in charge of destroying cells that mutate/cells that refuse to die/tumorous cells, so that some cancers are the effect of the inmune system failing to act up against mutations. "a cancer cell is a mutation that mutates" are you retarded? you might want to take it easy on the marijuanas, son.

0d3991 No.5628

File: d09b217552e43bc⋯.png (265.59 KB, 665x574, 95:82, tard.png)


>why ban males

Because it's called /girltalk/, and if this place is going to end up like another /fem/ (95% male), then, frankly, I don't really see the point of it, or what it has to offer.

>I really don't know what the fuck PPH cucking stands for

Lurk for seven more years.

0d3991 No.5629


Meant for >>5621, but whatever.

bfcd93 No.5638

File: c919f649ff997ff⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 331x331, 1:1, IMG-20170811-WA0002.jpg)


Only if it is from girls to males.

f58c49 No.5641


Except an immune system won't be able to fight the cancer alone because it will spread exponentially without any form of external treatment so why the fuck would an immune system matter against cancer in the first place except to prolong the inevitable? " 'A cancer cell is a mutation that mutates' are you retarded?' " You forgot to read the rest of it you illiterate faggot. A Cancer cell is a mutation that mutates and affects OTHER CELLS. Arrogance and Ignorance go together hand in hand as usual, but what did I expect from a man with cum in his veins.

624334 No.5739

File: a10b2593e00f6af⋯.jpg (215.98 KB, 850x1197, 850:1197, __amane_hunter_x_hunter_dr….jpg)

Does /girltalk/ have an irc or discord channel?

bfcd93 No.5740


No, we do not.

That would kill such a slow board.

f58c49 No.5876

File: 9c627fcbe2fbcc2⋯.png (137.4 KB, 1920x891, 640:297, girltalk board log.png)

bfcd93 No.5878


Some twat was spamming with the tsundere girl from Neon Genesis.

f58c49 No.5879


Fair play. Twat eh? Careful snail girl I think you just revealed what country you're from! Unless you're just a fan of foreign favourites as insults Also, there seems to be a few threads where the OP has been banned or something similar has happened and so it seems to now only clutter up the rest of the catalog. Would you prefer to leave these threads or would you delete them? What would you intend?

bfcd93 No.5880


Nah m8, I just like words.

And I usually leave those threads to show WHAT they got deleted for.

But if you really want, link me the threads and they will be gone.

f58c49 No.5881




Come on now!

Fair enough. Well you got



But it's up to you because at least it's sheer autistic value could provide some amusement




Debatable, but (1) and done OPs are faggy enough as it is


Debatable as it seems like just innocent shitposting but it's your call


Debatable again, but (1) and done OP.

I think the rest are probably fine. If no one has posted in them for a while then I doubt people will miss them too much. Again, it's up to your discretion, but a lot of those in that list are shitposts anyway so I think you're good.

bfcd93 No.5884


There we go. Deleted some stuff.

f58c49 No.5885


Groovy. Also there was


but it spawned a separate conversation so I think you're probably fine. I do hope you were on the ledge about those threads anyway and didn't delete them just upon my recommendation!

bfcd93 No.5891


Nah, those threads were useless anyway.

bfcd93 No.5918

Small edit: Now flags are obligatory!

0e8f34 No.5930

Now we have the real girltalk with the real awesome new moderation team. Dont waste time here with the fake girl talk. Lets go to the real one!


d6b61d No.5934

What happened to the CSS?

bfcd93 No.5938


I dont see any problem. Please explain.

bfcd93 No.5948




Fuck. Now I see it.

I dont know what happened. I just added flags and the code broke.

bfcd93 No.5953


Holy shit I killed the CSS, what the fuck.

bfcd93 No.5954

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with the CSS. I will need some help fixing it.

Can someone help me through mail or Discord, please?

0d3991 No.5957


6553aa No.5976


>You WILL be banned if deemed fit.

Don't you mean "deemed unfit"?

bfcd93 No.5987


I get what you mean. I will probably reword it all today.

bfcd93 No.6062

Did some changes here and there, so tell me how it goes!

d6b61d No.6070

/girltalk/ is now a Top 25 board, congrats.

bfcd93 No.6148



Thanks. Sadly this generated an influx of trolls.

0d3991 No.6236

File: 84067eefe07b0ef⋯.gif (644.52 KB, 500x580, 25:29, 84067eefe07b0ef73b63665ab3….gif)

Why do you keep locking threads?

bfcd93 No.6237


They either go offtopic or where troll to begin with.

Leaving them there allows people to read them tho

35a133 No.6365

How about a "Ask a girl" thread for questions that don't warrant its own thread but that guys always wanted to ask a girl?

bfcd93 No.6369


I was thinking on a "manzone" thread. Where males could ask stuff, post stuff and the like, and we girls take the sidelines in that thread.

e5228e No.6393


/fem/ had that if I remember right.

1816ca No.6457

Just saw this board listed at the top, are there any actual females here, or is it just males and males pretending to be females? Also is /fringe/ and /pol/ welcome here? Also are there any females here that aren't here because a boyfriend brought them here / they're already in a relationship with a male anon? I've only ever in 10 years known 2 females that independently found imageboards, one was retarded part-abbo, the other was highly intelligent and pure white.

3006a4 No.6458

>are there any actual females here

Yes. But far too many males.

>Also is /fringe/ and /pol/ welcome here?

Read the rules.

But the answer is mostly no. In fact we have decided to limit male posting due to unsavory shitposters, made by none other than the sweet, sweet /pol/

>Also are there any females here that aren't here because a boyfriend brought them here / they're already in a relationship with a male anon?

I am just the Board Owner, not n omnipresent being.

772e34 No.6557


New /fem/ owner here. I'm planning on cleaning up the manshit soon to revive the board and get more femanons on 8ch.

bfcd93 No.6564


But why do we need two boards like this.

408b39 No.6618



worst case scenario, since you were wishing there was more traffic from genuine femanons, you could use these each as testing platforms, work out the bugs, then combine into one smooth flowing, double strength femanon board.

bfcd93 No.6624

FAQ page.

Please, feel free to suggest me what else should I add:



Yeah, but that would also be dividing out efforts, I think.

to be honest, I will still try my damn hardest to have a real femanon board.

408b39 No.6628


>try my damn hardest to have a real femanon board

and i'll try my damnedest not to inject too much testosterone in it

bfcd93 No.6629


Feel free to dump all your testosterone in the designated male thread.

998efe No.6631

File: c2e330300bd4cea⋯.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, activates my almonds.png)


…Why don't you call it "The Testosterdome"?

408b39 No.6634


microphone check.


testing 1 2 3

408b39 No.6635


[spoiler]testing formatting

microphone check.[/spoiler]

testing 1 2 3

408b39 No.6636


no carriage return inside the brackets

b5a097 No.6662

There's no "none" option for flags. Why can't you turn it off once you've chosen one?

bfcd93 No.6664


Once you select one and make a post, that flag should be auto selected by default, so you don't have to choose anymore.

If that doesn't happens to you, its probably on your end.

408b39 No.6666



i don't think that's what anon was asking. when i pull down the drop box, there is no "none" option. the way the drop box is currently formatted, i must always have a flag. no way to turn it off

b5a097 No.6668


Yeah, what >>6666

408b39 No.6669

File: 22911db2ff000ea⋯.jpg (142.53 KB, 600x602, 300:301, check_em.jpg)

b5a097 No.6670


Sorry, accidentally clicked "New Reply" while typing that out.

What that guy is saying is the case. I can't unselect a flag, once I've already chosen one.

bfcd93 No.6671


Oh. Yeah.

Choose a flag then. They are cute and we worked our asses on them, damn it Satan.

b5a097 No.6672


What if I don't want to?

998efe No.6677


I can't actually see the flags before I select one, though.

bfcd93 No.6682


Why wouldn't you.


That's sadly something I can't change. You just have to go by their names.

b5a097 No.6683

File: 96ed6ef5deda907⋯.jpeg (34.79 KB, 287x407, 287:407, >8[.jpeg)


If I can do it on every other board, I shouldn't have to justify that we should be able to do so here too.

998efe No.6684


You are going to take full responsibility for this.

dc091d No.6887

Ban sluts and fuckboys please. Or just ban all males

bfcd93 No.6896


That's part of the reason why I made the male thread

8ce9f1 No.6916


Oi, snaillo! Why didchu lock this thread? https://8ch.net/girltalk/res/6244.html ? Can't handle the bantz? I wanted to reply so bad :(

bfcd93 No.6920


The thread went to shit.

Plus, now we have the Designated Male Threads. Males can have their little discussions there.

608862 No.7294


tbh a female was the one who derailed that thread by bringing up her cuck of an ex. I bet she knew how the boyim would react. perfect scapegoat to eliminate the carpet munching thread.

bfcd93 No.7296


That's not the lesbo thread I was talking about, lol.

bfcd93 No.7582

Accidentally denied a ban appeal.

What do I do now

Nvm I think I fixed it all.

Post last edited at

87675d No.7849

bfcd93 No.7850


I kind of don't have other option.

Compared to the other boards, we are a bit hugbox-y, but that's because we are a bigger target of trolls.

Harsh moderation helps regulating that.

bfcd93 No.7980


Post it in the right thread and then I will delete it. report it when you want me to

408b39 No.8013


On a new topic, you might consider editing the /sluttalk/ thread so that the very first line at the top reads

>this is a female only thread

or something like that. it might lessen the accidental maleposting. currently that line is in the middle, and most users won't see it from the catalog.

1bb212 No.8015


they could try reading the OP first and then they won't get in trouble

bfcd93 No.8035


If you don't read the OP before posting, you have no one but yourself to blame.

408b39 No.8039



i'm not trying to absolve anyone of guilt. it was just an idea to reduce the frequency.

58f8df No.8173

Don't let the stacys in!!bullies

bfcd93 No.8186


Where are the Stacys.

Let me have 'em.

6b4698 No.8193


dang it man. this board was the first thing i wanted to read on a chan since the s.t.a.l.k.e.r threads on /v/ and now im disappointed 90% of all posters here are man + 9% of all posters are larping as females. are there even any woman here?

(tarns faggotry and other schozophrenics do not count as woman either)

i personally support the idea to remove all male posters from this board because they ruin the narrative.

with at least 90%+ of posts made by men its just not what it suppose to be.

this board resembles so much /pol/ where 90%+ of the posters are kikes and shit skins

408b39 No.8195


hey, i stick mostly to the man thread with just a few snippets here & there on the main board. i only "female posted" once - to remind a guy not to post in the /sluttalk/ thread.


btw, snail, we received a mention on /pol/ yesterday, so it may or may not affect the traffic

bfcd93 No.8197


Aren't you a man too.

But yeah, I get you. Drastic measures will be needed. I have only seen 4 active females recently. And that is including me, so it's bad.

bfcd93 No.8198


>btw, snail, we received a mention on /pol/ yesterday, so it may or may not affect the traffic

JUST fuck my board up. Time to ban people.

Where did you saw that? I really don't want /pol/tards here.

Edit: Tries checking /pol/ myself but the reek of autism was too much for me to stomach.

Post last edited at

408b39 No.8199


it was in the taylor swift thread, which they bump-locked. it's on page 9, and it's been several hours since anyone posted to it. you are listed on the roulette wheel at the top, though. that's probably more to do with it than anything.


bfcd93 No.8200


Oh yeah. I forgot we are at top 25.

False alarm.

6b4698 No.8248


>Aren't you a man too.

yes. that was my first post here but it doesnt really matter as i have no intention to post outside of the meta thread.

998efe No.8261



Honestly I don't mind /pol/ as long as the /pol/ stays in /pol/.

What annoys me is /pol/ users who only see /girltalk/ as a place to come "redpill those girl folks".

b63c35 No.8265

I'm rooting for this board, It's the freshest thing I've seen on 8chan in ages.

408b39 No.8315

File: cea1cba09a673d2⋯.png (38.28 KB, 500x550, 10:11, Someone-is-wrong-on-intern….png)


there's probably a lot of blurred lines there. probably a lot of us are /pol/tards. i know as for myself, i value honesty & accuracy a lot. so if i see something being misquoted or a stastistic that's out of whack, etc, etc, there's that itch i have to scratch to fix it. pic related. that's probably a guy thing. when it's something based on subjective things like feelings or whatever, i'm fine letting it slide, but there are probably guys who still get that itch to scratch even then. on top of that, i like to have proofs to back up what i'm saying. charts and screencaps come in handy for that. i come here for the conversation and the insight. red pills are a side effect, not a cause. not sure if i'm in the minority on that one or not.

bfcd93 No.8316


Just keep in mind we have enough redpills as it is.

When things go too /pol/-like, we simply mock you for being /pol/ and then ban you. So keep that in check.

Post last edited at

408b39 No.8320


>keep it in check

yes ma'am. it's an unending balancing act, i assure you.

408b39 No.8365


the board (all of 8chan?) is going slow af. taking forever for posts to upload, and the (you) isn't showing up when i've been tagged. probably not in your control, so i'm just venting



c28cb9 No.8372


Can someone explain the escargot meme?!

c28cb9 No.8373


I came here to lurk on /pol/ to be honest, but this is such a nice board. I'm gonna stick around here.

408b39 No.8377


the board owner's nickname is snail girl. far as i know, that's as deep as the meme goes

6b4698 No.8380


>Honestly I don't mind /pol/ as long as the /pol/ stays in /pol/.

i think thats the problem, pol is now a cancer board. back then it was a more or less a good board with a lot of intellectual, wise threads and discussions, but then it was hijacked by imkamfy, trumptards/kushenr kikes, mason frog kek shit posters, christcucks, 4chan and reddit refugees and and others.

and you know cancer spreads

they are now getting bored with their repeating same trumptard kike narrative so they start coming over to other boards to ruin it for everyone while using "redpills" as an excuse. most of their "redpills" are no longer made by people who made /pol/ great, but rather from outsiders who jumped on the hype train. it makes it all counterproductive and they look like ridiculous losers no one wants to be with.

ee0e91 No.8402

>girltalk board

>every other post is a dude talking

Ban males on sight, BO. Men belong on pol or some other hobby board which is de-facto male territory. This'll make it so that recovering autists like myself can learn about women.

5b8dde No.8405


The more time passes by, the more inclined I am to believe this.

Don't get me wrong: I don't hate males at all but even with a male thread around, posts filter.

Looks like I will have to remove guys even if they are nice and not-shit.

But let's see what the girls think. (All 5 of them).

85326e No.8409

File: 90908cdfbcf9ce0⋯.gif (102.92 KB, 300x300, 1:1, [Big Guy Intensifys].gif)


>You WILL be banned for hate speak

998efe No.8411


Tbh I think banning all men will just lead to a lot of shitposting and drama. I'd suggest just banning maleposting outside of the male thread, far less room for drama there.

bfcd93 No.8412


Got changed. Check the rules page now.


We have drama regardless.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

624334 No.8414

>Just 4 active female poster. If anyone has any ideas, share them in the meta thread

Post this board into gloomy or not so aggressive boards.

I know for sure of girls lurking on >>/mental/ and >>/grim/ but both decayed over time.

You can probably find luck on >>/kind/ too.

6b4698 No.8415

File: c16ae79956d9a8b⋯.png (209.83 KB, 847x1013, 847:1013, fawffawfwf.png)


>shitposting and drama

you mean like this: https://8ch.net/girltalk/res/5026.html

i guess dramas and excessive shitposting are already part of the board. i think males should only be allowed on threads that state "males welcome" (or something similar)

all male posts or male sounding posts (even if they larp as woman) should be deleted in any thread without "males welcome" signature. at first its just one guy posting, then its two and then the older the thread becomes, the more men are joining in to post. to the end its just men posting only and usually all topics end up being turned into pol-threads regardless of what the OP was. BO then is forced to lock the thread as men have kicked out all female posters from the thread. men from the locked thread then go onto another thread and the same cycle repeats.

6b4698 No.8421

File: 9a8e28e27b6d9c5⋯.jpg (385.74 KB, 1806x1214, 903:607, asfffffffffffasfasf.jpg)

i may leave this here

07a489 No.8423


The weak must fear the strong.

bfcd93 No.8436


Beta males are not strong tho.

They are trash.

bfcd93 No.8440


The problem with ads is that it also brings bad people to the mix.



Yup. Enforcing rule #4 now.

Any help rewording rules/FAQ is aprpeciated.

608862 No.8451


Pointing out differences in how men and women experience friendships was more pertinent to the topic than the fifty faggots (and the OP) above me talking about how they'd been fag hagged, and some faggot trying to take it as a segue into /pol/ shit.


I really don't know why you're so gung ho about not deleting shitposts. Delete male posting, shitposts, derails, whatever. Delete and ban it all. Several times you'd rather just delete/lock an ENTIRE thread than clean it up by deleting the posts. Even the waifu thread you'd rather bumplock when it's clear that it's an aspie who just wants to rile you up.

Be a moderator who moderates.

You want a discussion forum for femanon then moderate it. You're up against bitter aspies, /pol/acks, robots, shitposters, and people like me looking for something new on this god awful website that's drowning in autistic screeching. Be the iron fist.

07a489 No.8476


>muh betas

Why are you so bitter?

86fd33 No.8478


You are right. Enough of the nice Snail.

I need to step it up and that's what I'm gonna do.

624334 No.8524

File: d5916709ec7fff9⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2017-01-31_09-36-45.png)


>It also brings bad people into the mix

So what?

There's already plenty males around, i'd bite the bullet for a chance at having more females.


>angery snail girl

Pic related.

6b4698 No.8543


>The weak must fear the strong.

shut up spongebob. we have not time for your daily mental downs

bc504c No.8556

Feminism isn't a radical ideology.

It's the truth, maybe you are too repressed to realize it.

bc504c No.8558


To add to this:I made a thread wanting to discuss feminism because as I said on there men just shit up everything they touch. Look at the ones posting in this board, they just can't STAND that we females have a board for us and us only.

eeff04 No.8559

File: 5efb2a1525a4e5b⋯.png (148.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1503940315954.png)


Stop it. You're trying to come off as funny, but this is just annoying. Are you trying to get back at the shitposters? Just ignore them, and they'll be deleted evetnually.

bc504c No.8560


It's not funny. Males shitting everything up is not funny. I don't like using swear words but I'm getting really tired of it. I wanted to start a thread about how maybe, just maybe, feminists might be onto something and what do I get? The thread gets deleted, I got banned ,even though I checked the ban list and it was lifted (by the way, thank you).

I don't see how feminism is a radical ideology, maybe if you are a robot virgin it is.

6ccb37 No.8561

Perhaps you were a bit rash snail. While I personally don't consider myself a full fledged feminist I still think women should be able to exchange female centered ideas in a non toxic environment excluding perpetrators. Or is being a feminist violating rules?


I appreciate your concern but I think it is up to us girls to manage this board. Snailgirl will make fine decisions without your 'advice'

bfcd93 No.8562

If she wants, she can remake the thread. But let's try to keep anger o a minimum.

I don't want political agendas here. Be it feminism or /pol/yards.

Also I accidentally deleted the /sluttalk/ thread. Can anyone find it? I can't

eeff04 No.8564


The problem is that it was worded in such a manner that Poe's Law comes into effect. Perhaps try a more civil version of what you originally wrote. Also, that temporary ban is a warning.


I wasn't giving "advice," I was saying that Snailgirl would handle it.

bfcd93 No.8565



I consider myself egalitarian.

But assuming that every man is trash just because the 8chan posters are is pretty vapid.

But you can repost it if you want.

6ccb37 No.8566


It seems we found a constructive solution without any male help. Eureka


perhaps try not talking to women like they owe you something

bc504c No.8567


Did I hurt your male feelings?


I might write again, if you wish better worded even though I don't think I was abrasive or anything like that.

bfcd93 No.8569



Now that you botha re here:

Can anyone find the /sluttalk/ thread? I can't find it anywhere.

Looks like I might have accidentally deleted when I tried to delete the feminism thread.

6ccb37 No.8570


It seems gone. Shame. Seems like we have to restart it

bc504c No.8571


I can't see it. Sorry, but it seems you deleted it.

Is there any option to recover it?

bfcd93 No.8572




I hope there isn't any other deleted thread.Oh well, gotta reword the rules too now that I am on this.

deaed9 No.8573


A word of advice:

Be as detailed and autistic as you can in your wording. You know where we are posting, so if you don't do so they WILL nitpick everything just to shitpost and get you mad.

bfcd93 No.8574


I will try. Hopefully I nail it.

Also your IP keeps chaning with every other post. You better not be doing that manually.

eeff04 No.8575

File: 360c4f982dc2be7⋯.jpg (27.97 KB, 222x264, 37:44, Moon.jpg)


>perhaps try not talking to women like they owe you something

Never implied that.


As stated previously, it came off as a troll post at first.

deaed9 No.8576


I have a dynamic IP, and I'm having connectivity issues. This means that my connection it's resetting constantly, and I might be getting different IPs each time. Believe me, it's annoying, but I'm trying to fix it.

bfcd93 No.8578

Here it is, rules:


Tell me if it's clear.

deaed9 No.8579


They are for me. But again, keep in mind where you are…

6b4698 No.8582


i never confused myself with feminism because i never took that serious until i have discovered that board few days ago.

to some degree i now get why feminism exists and whats its rooted in. there are two major forms of feminism and one of them is the result of mostly loser males trying to interfere into womans spheres. i can only guess they do it because they are too weak to compete to other males, so the only people they can beat are woman (like this guy has indirectly admitted >>8423 ). i think that kind of feminism would be the positive and constructive feminism made by winner type woman.

the other feminism is the kike rooted feminism trying to attack man to D&C them even if there are no attack coming from, or if there is no real defense of interests in play. without going into details i would categorize that negative feminism as destructive and mostly counterproductive made by loser type woman.


>I have a dynamic IP

>but I'm trying to fix it.

dynamic IPs cant be fixed as its related to your internet provider.

bfcd93 No.8583


As long as they are clear.

What about the FAQ:


deaed9 No.8584


What I'm trying to say is:

-I have a dynamic IP (this I know for sure)

-My Internet connection is going down constantly(this too is a fact)

-I know that if you reset your router you get a new IP (99% sure)

Then I thought from this that I must be changing my IP every time I get disconnected.

Is this wrong?

6b4698 No.8594


>Then I thought from this that I must be changing my IP every time I get disconnected.

no you are right. each time your router resets you get connected trough a new random IP out of an IP range pool. in rare cases it can be the same IP as before. some routers are set to disconnect once a day on their own.

9fcebe No.8632

File: cca0d6f3f2369ae⋯.jpg (101.32 KB, 500x483, 500:483, 1443947513399-3.jpg)


Just a word of advice for BO: all female mods I've come across have been ruthless to the point the board is no longer fun. A prime example of this is one of 8/a/'s moderators. She bans people for formatting and grammar errors. It's fucking retarded.

Just remember - heavy-handed moderation does not make for a good board. All good memes were born from shitposting. Please allow for shitposting artistic freedom, even if you don't particularly find it amusing.

Freedom of expression is what separates 8chan from plebbit, and which is why they haven't produced a worthwhile meme in years (or ever, really).

bfcd93 No.8653


Yeah maybe.

But reminder this is a female board, first and foremost.

Females, feel free to shit post and chat. But males really seem to need that moderation.

a20dfc No.8741

I cannot post any threads right now. Is this a problem on my or on your end?

fc12af No.8762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7fae1a No.8790

File: a555e3f0c69aff4⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 639x768, 213:256, 1504138654569.jpg)


>can't stand the existence of a singular board devoted to females

>let's raid 'em


2c14a9 No.8794


What a bunch of virgins.


Anti-spam measures.

Sorry about that.

fb9516 No.8803


Do you still need Janitors?

I'll work very hard.

CST timezone

fb9516 No.8833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Make a gun

I don't get it. You can't just "make" a gun.

Unless you're in the Danao.

0643ec No.8843

File: 427b4ac6c1c1f38⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1276x1170, 638:585, liberator.png)


That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

2c14a9 No.8851


Why would I put a stranger in Janitor position.



No offtopic posts in the meta thread, please.

0643ec No.8873


S-sorry, I couldn't resist.

>Why would I put a stranger in Janitor position.

It's a dude, without his boyim star.

fb9516 No.8891


I have a lot of experience with online community management. I'm a seasoned shill so can lure female users. We can start to shift the narrative here that will bring less hostility from male users. So your actual female users could make threads again. I'm good at CSS.

I can give you some references.

You don't have to hand over log in credentials right now. If you want my Email it's soy@8chan.co we can talk about this more.

If not, that's cool I'll still hang here.

So in short

You have a boss board I can make it bosser

2c14a9 No.8894


I pass.

I can't give any kind of power to someone who came to this place less than 9 hours ago.

fb9516 No.8895


My tripcode says "soy" which already implies gender. I didn't see anything in the rules about assigned favicons

fb9516 No.8899


I know.

You seemed quite overwhelmed with the situation otherwise I would never have been so forward.

Thank you for your time BO

e0a662 No.8930

So when will we be allowed to create threads again?

2c14a9 No.8932


Try now.

7fe3a4 No.8934

File: 56f0854192c2af2⋯.gif (1 MB, 346x336, 173:168, oven.gif)


>boyim star

I like where this meme is going.

a43a01 No.8945


>Why would I put a stranger in Janitor position.

Who even WOULD you put in a Janitor position?

Serious question, I wouldn't trust anybody.

e0a662 No.8954


You. Locked. My. Thread.


2c14a9 No.8959




It was a troll haven.

Better locked than filled with males who try to annoy.

4bf29f No.8965


Shills deserve the rope

a43a01 No.8966


Honestly I wouldn't even know what to do most likely.

fb9516 No.8969


>the rope.

Is that a pet name for your flaccid dong cause it sounds unpleasant.

e0a662 No.8973


So males have learned that they just have to annoy you enough to get their way. Why not just ban them when they break the rules and leaving innocent threads alone ;__;

adafdf No.8977


War never changes


All you need to do is delete troll manpostsm

a43a01 No.9009


I mean I can try if you want and we can see how I do.

2c14a9 No.9014


Yes that would be nice.

Now how do i contact you. Make a dummy mail.

a43a01 No.9016


Decided to use moonmelons@8chan.co

Apparently "moonmelon" was taken. I am very disappointed.

a43a01 No.9018


Been trying to make a post for awhile.

2c14a9 No.9025


Alright I will contact you.


Pretty sure you can now.

I disabled the spam measures.

a43a01 No.9030


Alright I haven't gotten anything yet, though.

fb9516 No.9037


B& please. I've nothing to gain here.

Every time I come back it's like holding my fucking hand to the stove.

Somebody should take my stove from me.

Good luck to you, but honestly, this place will only do more dirt to "hate-chans'' stigma.

fb9516 No.9049

File: 6098ef0676718ae⋯.png (68.5 KB, 409x229, 409:229, ban now.png)


(If you insist.)

2c14a9 No.9125

File: 3dadb887dedf6bd⋯.png (183.91 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2017-09-01-10-5….png)

Ebin troll xDDDD

a43a01 No.9128


By the way if you tried to send me an email I never got it. I tested it and the account works though.

2c14a9 No.9132


I am actually gonna email you just now.

8chan wont let me login to my mail.

32e38e No.9166

why bumplock thread instead of just deleting them?

2c14a9 No.9168


Deletion is really the last option we would rely on.

The order goes as follow

Bumplock < Lock < Deletion

I only want to delete posts that should not be here (troll or NSFW), I would lock threads that deviate too much from the OP (filled with redpills, etc), and I would bumplock anything else that doesn't fits.

03c7d9 No.9173

Ban men.

Ban anyone who you can see is a male even if they try and hide

Only this will save the board from becoming like >>8421

Or better yet, just go to another site that isn't infested with guys that will try and browse here to pick up girls.

2c14a9 No.9180


Banning men will get me the usual bitch and moan from guys. They will scream "muh reddit-tier mod" and the like.

I don't know what to do honestly.

32e38e No.9182

File: 62c1ff4a3053081⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 320x213, 320:213, i am somebodys mommy.gif)


In my opinion guys can bitch and moan all they want, even if they are allowed to post here, they are NOT the target audience.

This is a board with some high potential, but, as I'm sure you've realized by now, because this board doesn't fit a /pol/tards ideals you're going to do a whole lot of janitorial duty, it is inevitable for any owner of a board that isn't shitpost central.

Don't get drawn into retarded flamewars on the topic of "hurr hotpockets", respond to infantile complaints as calmly and as emotionally detached as possible (and even outright ignoring them) and recruit some janitors (ideally from various different timezones).

"the usual bitch and moan" isn't going anywhere regardless of what you do, the diligence of the board owner and it's janitors are what keeps quality up and shitposting at bay.

Keep up the good work, Snailgirl!

03c7d9 No.9183


So what? This is a female board right?

a43a01 No.9192

Snail it's your board so I want to get an idea of what you do and don't want but this post for example


The post it's replying to was just about literally triggering events. As in "do x in game and y happens" and could just devolve the thread into posts about sjws vs /pol/.

What do you want in those circumstances?

2c14a9 No.9202


That's true. I just wish men could understand.


I deleted that posts and gave a warning for being offtopic.

If you can, check the posters's IP historical, and make a judgement accordingly.

New IPs making such posts usually get banned sooner.

a43a01 No.9205


Yeah I was thinking of a warning but I know you don't want to seem to be TOO overarching.

And yeah, I can see their IP, or at least its post history.

2c14a9 No.9207


As days pass by, the amount of trollposs increase.

I think I will have to go full reddit-mode.

53572e No.9248


If you really thought about it, that would make no sense whatsoever to attempt. Because 1) this isn't /soc/ 2) /soc/ shit is banned 3) damaged goods.

tbh tho stating such a motivation is probably just projection on your part.


Shitposters aren't people tbh their opinions don't matter. Neither do mine, since I'm a penis monster.

I thought the board was neat and it'd be comfy to talk with femanon. Not shit up the threads, mind you. But since the board has been spammed all across the site you're just seeing not only roleplayers from /pol/ who play the little girl, due to the fact that they have a mental illness and just want to talk about traditionalism all day despite being 300 lbs of fat, and of course more shitposters. There's nothing you can really do except holocaust.

53572e No.9254


no m8 shitposters are here because this board was cross posted to /pol/, /b/, /r9k/ and such.

>>makes a board on an anonymous imageboard that draws attention to identity

Are you retarded?

Also the rules have been the same for quite some time famalam, just clarified.

People are allowed to have opinions, and /pol/ is dogshit anyways. Anyone who's not a retard knows that. You don't see anyone being banned for opinions, they get outright banned for shitposting. It's obvious to make the distinction.


>before I get banned

>oooga booga /cow/

Why don't you just post it to /cow/ like you've posted it to /r9k/, /pol/, and /b/, you fucking faggot. They'll tell you what a moron you are.

No one has sperged out here, what I have seen are dipshit /pol/acks roleplaying as the little girl, dick pic spam and derailing threads.

Moderator actions aren't "sperging out." Do yourself a favor, and just post it to /cow/ so everyone tells you how pathetic you are, you fat fuck.

2c14a9 No.9263

Sigh. Had to write new rules.

Post last edited at

32e38e No.9342

Maybe it's a good time to unlist the board again.

just occasionally list it and unlist it, so on one had we get some stream of new posters and on the other hand people who just see this board don't shitpost.

a4236c No.9348

File: 0ee1ca6d0d88fa8⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1168x766, 584:383, asfffffffasf.png)

File: 1eff28cca96d377⋯.jpg (280.75 KB, 1443x637, 111:49, asffffasfwfasfff.jpg)


> I just wish men could understand.

they do understand, they just do it on purpose because its damn fun for them. each time you show mercy and forgiveness they see it as a weakness and abuse it


> 4. Discussions of political and religious nature (outside of the /boytalk/ thread) are banned. These kind of discussions usually devolve into men forcing down their opinion on our female posters ("redpilling"), and it's something we do not want in this board.

its sad we have to implement that kind of rules because its narrowing down the board through censorship but there is nothing we can do about it because this people have tens and hundreds of other boards and places to discuss things like this, yet they all come here to mess this place up.

why? simply because they are bored with their own boards and they have 0 respect.

2c14a9 No.9355


I doubt it.


Yup. Unlist time.


And men have the audacity to say they have it harder.

Of course you have it harder, if you act like a damn retard.

a66968 No.9363

File: bd254e291f78fa6⋯.png (5.76 KB, 200x154, 100:77, Eye_of_Horus_Right.svg.png)

Are these /fa/?

2c14a9 No.9367

a3ad9f No.9679

File: 1e07745ea1a4c3e⋯.jpg (115.11 KB, 530x507, 530:507, 1e07745ea1a4c3e3913371633c….jpg)

Im telling it how it is, this board will die because of the BO. Snailgirl is the type of person you normally find as a NeoGAF or Reddit moderator, someone who loves the power and relevance being someone who does it for free on the internet gives them.

<heavy moderation

<snarky comments on every third post in hotpockettext

<lots of thinly veiled presence leading to tripfag-tier personality establishment

<rulefagging constantly and thinking everyone gives a shit about holy commandments updated all the time

<personal agendas that clash with the userbases opinions yet are still enforced like no meany politics please~

Basically these people let the >power get to their head and are raging faggots about it. Imageboards don't work like this and thus this board which has a nice concept will go down with her. Moderators should not be 50% of a boards content, this is reaching IRC levels of cancer.

Have you learned nothing from years of imageboards? Automoderation is where it's at, you don't "fix" a community by applying weekly "rule patches", just keep a cool head and let things play out how they will.

3a4677 No.9692


why are you faggots such melodramatic losers. it's her board, the fact that she's letting you continue to post here despite your obviously having a dick between your legs is hardly hotpocket tier. she would've done better to just holocaust all of us faggots, and it wouldn't be heavy handed. it's supposed to be a femanon community.

>power get to their head

do you have brain damage?

>the content

she's already stated that she would rather a dead board than one that's completely overrun with men and one women.

and yet, you obviously have men not indicating as such and starting to roleplay as the girl because they're degenerates while going on about how women should be tied up in the kitchen while squeezing a few kids out.

so fahnny tbh never heard that one b4 xdddddddddddddddd what great jokes lads, truly the work of comedic geniuses

>wahhhh I'm shitting up the board by technically being here but the moderator is heavy handed and my opinions matter

they don't tbh, unless they want to take them into consideration.

all of this would also apply to male communities too. for example male virginity communities like wizardchan or /r9k/ or something.

in closing: ur a faget.

a4236c No.9695

i give up.

some anon said this board will not work on 8chan and i think he was right. this is just not a safe space zone and regardless how many rules are added, no one gives a damn about any rules on a place like 8chan.

all i wanted was to read a neutral board with only/mostly woman posting but instead its a board with men dominating most threads. each conversation always ends up in pol, leftypol, shit skins, faggotry, feminism, christcuckery and similar.

2c14a9 No.9709


I can reply with just one sentence:

This is a board for women, and women only.


All I need is some moderation help, that's all.

a3ad9f No.9749

File: 49b8e27d8c9bf2c⋯.jpg (216.25 KB, 1570x1536, 785:768, insufficient loom.jpg)


>it's her board, the fact that she's letting you continue to post here despite your obviously having a dick between your legs is hardly hotpocket tier

Im just pointing it out after lurking for a couple days. See >>9735 or the womanhood thread, or the "New Rules" thread for evidence. If anything this board is an interesting experiment, and im trying to point out the mistakes you are making that will lead to your demise. Also if you're implying she's "merciful" for not banning dissenting voices in a metathread, wew. That would be the final nail in the coffin.

>she's already stated that she would rather a dead board than one that's completely overrun with men and one women.

I don't criticize constraining men to certain generals, but this is a cantonese basket weaving message board after all, you need healthy automoderation instead of a paranoid BO that bans false positives and tries to cull everyone disagreeing with her sentiments, like >>9735 for instance. Look at any major board, they don't require 50 mods to keep Redditors in check, they just bully them out. You have to understand what a gigantic difference that is.

>all of this would also apply to male communities too. for example male virginity communities like wizardchan or /r9k/ or something.

Not in the slightest. First of all, /r9k/ is complete cancer but they operate via there are no girls on the internet, they don't have a BO with a cutesy mascot prancing around everywhere, banning who he doesn't like.


>This is a board for women, and women only.

Except for the ones that don't visit Tumblr and also use the other large boards on this website?

a43a01 No.9755


So far from what I've seen relying on "healthy automoderation" would just result in this becoming /pol/2 (with a few girls).

Since that's what every fucking thread devolves into.

4ba10d No.9757


Yeah. No. Your so called "false positives" aren't false in the slightest.

We are an easy target for toxic boards like /pol/ and /b/ (Not so long ago, /b/yards made a thread about us). Thinking I am "power hungry" just for monitoring is beyond absurd.

You need to understand we aren't in the position other boards have. We are an outstanding minority, with only 5 active females. Any outside spam will just remove the point of this board.

I don't know how to make you understand the situation the board is at the moment. Have you seen the banned /pol/yard who ban-evades from time to time? Or the brand-new IPs of "women" who talk about beyond conservative topics (smells like /pol/ to me, and everyone else).

a3ad9f No.9761

File: 40defa25b69190c⋯.webm (4.71 MB, 322x240, 161:120, women know your limit.webm)


I mean yes, it is a delicate thing to set up a board like this. But if all you have is actually just 5 active girls, you might as well start an IRC then, there's not much point to have an imageboard with 5 posters, where everyone knows everyone and you're prone to raids. At the end of the day, do what you will, but don't expect a healthy board if you moderate this much and let everyone know about your positions and opinions. Moderation should try to be as unnoticeable as possible, with few, non-vague rules, and mods shouldn't walk around with everyone knowing they're the mod.


>just result in this becoming /pol/2

How many times have we heard this on /v/, /tech/, /sp/, /tv/? You have to get over the fact that people are political, and that politics is an emotional topic. Suppressing politics is political in itself. Also, this board is identity politics from the get go, since it centers around a certain sex, what do you expect or want from this board? To be a bunch of girls talking about only safe inoffensive bland topics? Do you want webm related?

a43a01 No.9765


Politics aren't being suppressed. /pol/ is literally right around the corner and the /boytalk/ thread allows politics.

The point is you don't need to make EVERY thread political. Which is what has happened, when politics gets brought up that's it, that's all that is talked about.

What you need to understand is that there are times and places for discussing politics. Thinking that people being opposed to politics being brought up in EVERYTHING is the same as wanting NO political speech whatsoever tells me that you are not very intelligent socially.

a3ad9f No.9767

File: 0ba659dfd5f44fe⋯.jpg (799.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 0ba659dfd5f44fee2564fbdb71….jpg)


>only one specific containment general allows politics

>politics aren't being suppressed

a43a01 No.9768


>I'm not allowed to talk politics at work

>They tell me to save it for the pub

My politics are being suppressed.

2c14a9 No.9769


>But if all you have is actually just 5 active girls, you might as well start an IRC then, there's not much point to have an imageboard with 5 posters, where everyone knows everyone and you're prone to raids.

It's all a matter of time. The board will eventually grow, if we give it the chance.

> but don't expect a healthy board if you moderate this much and let everyone know about your positions and opinions.

This is, atm, not a healthy board. But not because of what you think.

It's unhealthy due to the sheer amount of males invading.

> and mods shouldn't walk around with everyone knowing they're the mod.

Pretty hard for me to post and they not know I am the mod. With just 5 females here, and 2 of them being mods… Guessing is pretty easy.

>Also, this board is identity politics from the get go, since it centers around a certain sex, what do you expect or want from this board? To be a bunch of girls talking about only safe inoffensive bland topics? Do you want webm related?

No. We just want a place for girls to hang out.

We can discuss politics if we want to. But you guys shouldn't come here to target us with your politic agenda.


>Ignoring this blatatly the rest of the argument

"What you need to understand is that there are times and places for discussing politics. Thinking that people being opposed to politics being brought up in EVERYTHING is the same as wanting NO political speech whatsoever tells me that you are not very intelligent socially."

a43a01 No.9772

File: e67d1e8adedef14⋯.jpg (50.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DGveZWDW0AAs55h.jpg)


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're just being dumb on purpose.

But I really don't know anymore.

a43a01 No.9775


Well by your logic snail should hate me, but she doesn't.

And if we're going to talk about "reddit spacing" (which by the way I've been doing on 4chan long before anyone cared what reddit was, nobody started giving a shit until reddit became popular and people started using it as a boogyman and then ironically most the posters ended up using reddit anyway) but saging a stickied topic at the top of the board doesn't do anything, or is that your "downvote"?

fc12af No.9777

What's up with all the deleted posts?

2c14a9 No.9778


Some twat has been ban-evading and spamming all day long.

The quickest way to remove all his spam is simply banning and deleting every post he does.

a43a01 No.9779


Was apparently a ban evasion.

fc12af No.9781

2c14a9 No.9785


Of course it had to be a /b/irgin.

a3ad9f No.9835

File: b793a6cc716f05b⋯.png (250.34 KB, 500x500, 1:1, b793a6cc716f05ba4444e9daaa….png)


>>Ignoring this blatatly the rest of the argument

Yeah, it is a cute little sentence about why suppressing politics is the right thing to do. Whats the issue with politics being brought up where they happen to be relevant? Why be a faggot about this in the first place? Oh right its because you don't want an imageboard, you want a fucking subreddit

>people being opposed to

Read: BO being opposed to, i've seen many anons protesting this rule

2c14a9 No.9839


All those anons protesting the rule are men. Who wants to discuss politics? The /pol/tards who come here and deviate every thread to politics.

Keep your politics in the /boytalk/ thread. That's all there is to it. Further arguments about this rule are doing nothing but prove us what kind of people are the ones agaisnt it in the first place (like if it wasn't obvious)

a3ad9f No.9845

File: cab985fb228018e⋯.jpg (31.13 KB, 500x535, 100:107, cab985fb228018ee6e30ecf28d….jpg)


The reactions in this thread https://8ch.net/girltalk/res/9262.html tell me otherwise. Anyway i don't really give a shit, it was just my advice and you don't seem to be the person to change your mind anyway. Remember me when this board is dead by the end of the year, either because you chase your own users out or because it gets raped by /b/ one too many times.

2c14a9 No.9846

File: 817860f34b81b16⋯.png (115.83 KB, 320x240, 4:3, bleh.png)


You act like if allowing politics will change anything.

All it will do is allow /pol/acks to redpill and throw their rampants ideologies in this board.

I really don't know what you expect me to do when you now we are in the minority. I need to state we do NOT want males posting outside of their concentration camp.

The only "advices" I have received so far are "remove this rule because we want to talk about politics". Do I need to remind you guys, for the fifth time in the last five days, that a board about politics exists, and you could go there to talk about them?

You do not understand how many threads devolve into politics. Let me show you if you do not:


The first thread. Back when I allowed males everywhere, this is what we got.


One of the early threads too.


It didn't even took 10 posts to it to go full betacuck male.


Another really bad derail, before /boytalk/ was created. "Politicians" judging how females dress, and how should they dress in their perfect worlds.


Got to politics too. It completely lost its meaning


Maybe we poked a hornet's nest with this one, honestly. But it still went bad.


This one was doomed. Apparently women cannot talk about sex. Urbanization has truly ruined us.

a3ad9f No.9851


>talking about politics is somehow a horrible sin

>no board other than /pol/ is allowed to talk about politics or ever does it

Your reasoning is shit. All of those threads you posted except for the one with the "Casually Charming" turbofaggot are just fine. Face it, your board is inherently political. Also by the looks of it at least 50% of your female users are at least lite /pol/acks as well. A last suggestion i have is creating generals for each major board there is, so /girlv/, /girfit/, /girlpol/, /girltech/, /girltv/ and so on, that way you have your dear apartheid yet your girls can talk about what they want without you going apeshit.

2c14a9 No.9852


>Also by the looks of it at least 50% of your female users are at least lite /pol/acks as well

Who doesn't knows about /pol/ ideologies by now, honestly.

>A last suggestion i have is creating generals for each major board there is

You might be onto something here.

But, like I have said over and over again: I don't give a rat-ass if this board is inherently political. It's made mostly with females in mind, so keeping male posters happy is the least of our priorities.

But I can accept a good idea. If I made a politics thread, would you guys stop having your panties in a brunch?

a3ad9f No.9854


Try it out, it's a clean cut solution. Not just politics, make at least one for /v/ and /fit/ as well

2c14a9 No.9856


Meh. The other topics do not need one, since they aren't divisive in the slightest.

This one is the problem, because males.

a4236c No.9869


stop running in circles

>felames users are /pol/lacks


yes you got that right, they are FEmales

a3ad9f No.9870


I don't know what you're trying to say anon

c5251c No.9887

Snailgirl, you keep responding to shitposters and that's the worst mistake you can make, it's basically feeding the trolls.

When you public ban someone with a message that is anything other than "USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST" or "USER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR VIOLATING RULE X" you're putting a personal spin on it, It's frankly a bit immature and is also the exact response people who come here to shitpost want.

And while I'm on the topic, I think you should separate the BO persona and the regular poster persona.

Or to rephrase it; you should stop using 'Snailgirl' anywhere where you don't post AS an administrator and just go under the regular anonymous nametag when you post casually.

Other than basically being namefaggotry with elevated privileges, it means that the BO's opinions are known and it's the easiest thing in the world to accuse them of biased moderation.

So in short, please keep moderation as sterile as possible, ditch the name for anything where you don't need to identify as the BO and don't respond to stupid shit.

2c14a9 No.9905


If you think so, I can stop that. Maybe you are right, I give too much attention to them, even tho I do it for mocking only.

As for the BO and poster: It's pretty late for that now. I don't use the name when posting, yet everybody knows it's me.

c5251c No.9911


That would be because you still use the snail flag you silly sod, ditch it, not entirely from the board naturally, but you specifically should change it.

Also, even if people do recognize you by your writing style, just disregard it, don't confirm or deny it.

Also, out of curiosity, do we have volunteers? how many?

a43a01 No.9912


If we don't include snail as a volunteer, one.

a4236c No.9914


it doesnt matter what political leaning or opinion a woman has on this board - its a female board and you are not welcome. woman are allowed to express their political views but

a) they dont do it at all

b) it attracts dumbfucks like you

c) this is not a political baord


> If I made a politics thread

i doubt it will work. they have little or no fun posting in the official threads of containment because its not forbidden to post there. the trolls are all about spamming the causal threads and afterwards playing the victim

d9671c No.9921


Alright I will.

We have one volunteer atm

bf2eea No.9924


> woman are allowed to express their political views

>this is not a political board

a4236c No.9977


>bf2eea (1)

you still can post a political opinion on a primary non political board. i dont see any problem with that. its just it evolves in troublesome flaming and spam due to the fact all political conversations are picked up by men.

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