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Our special little place in the darkest reaches of the Internet!
Winner of the 8chan Attention-Hungry Games
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The board has been unlisted from index, until it cools down a bit and we regulate the trolls.

File: e9e52bcdf968109⋯.jpg (77.77 KB, 736x893, 736:893, Mobile game with ads up th….jpg)

3c88d5 No.4654

I am the new board owner now… And boy, this place really needs a fix.

Feel free to post any advice, tip or suggestion to me in this thread. I need all the help I can get if we want to MAKE /GIRLTALK/ GREAT AGAIN.

135406 No.4658

We should enter in the >>>/sudo/ Attention-Hunger games!

bfcd93 No.4671


Should we?

I mean… We have ZERO posters so far.

99761f No.4676

File: 1b4e135a7ab24cf⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 273x230, 273:230, 1430104936893.jpg)


I'm not sure - I guess maybe it would be a good idea to hold off because a huge ad like that would be seen by /b/, /hebe/, etc. Maybe we should advertise on nicer boards like >>>/tea/ and >>>/ck/ first.

bfcd93 No.4678


Good idea.

Now how to do non-intrusive ads?

32ade1 No.4679


No problem, all non-raid boards qualify. You could also get an ad, maybe? That will get you some exposure.


bfcd93 No.4680


I will consider it.

I dont mind waiting too tho. People will eventually see the place… Right?

c89745 No.4682


Hm, over time, I guess. Adding board tags helps with discovery from search engines too.

Provided this is not /fem/, which used to be owned by swami, people will come eventually.

5b83a1 No.4683


/hebe/ has been gone for a long time anon.

Also, merely posting will give you visibility. The board index has 3 different categories for threads with heavy posting activity. That's how I found this place.

85f291 No.4684


This is 100% not /fem/.


>/hebe/ has been gone

Glad I didn't know that, and now I'm glad that I do. I was only using it as a boogeyman, if you get my meaning. What killed the original /girltalk/ was raids from /intl/, /fem/, /r9k/, etc. so I'm reluctant to just shill it all over the place.


Don't forget to use flags


5b83a1 No.4685


/intl/ is still apparently a boogeyman though. Or at least people are still accused of /intl/ fuckery.

/hebe/ left with 8chan's change to adhere more closely to the DOST. So it and all boards derivative of it are gone. Pedos seem to hang out on /b/ more now so I guess your boogeyman is still technically around.

Interestingly, I went to check the index to see if /hebe/ somehow returned and was surprised to see /younglovediscussion/ at the very bottom of the front page.

No. I'm not sticking around to join this community. Just relaying information you might find important.

bfcd93 No.4687


We just need to chitchat and be active. Things will surely shape themselves eventually.



The old /girtalk/ had zero modertaion. Silly raids will not be cool with me.

f64eb8 No.4690


No need to enforce the flag, lol.

It's not a rule; just common ettiquette.

f486b1 No.4694

File: 5aef41dc7159017⋯.gif (495.28 KB, 500x302, 250:151, rubbinghandslaw&order.gif)


You really don't need to advertise. Eventually you'll end up in the top line suggestions. That's how I found you.

So, when do we start posting nudes of ourselves?

f64eb8 No.4696


In 70 years.

Let's see if you still want them by then.

f486b1 No.4713

File: 5640410f203fd05⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 480x450, 16:15, old thumbs up.jpg)


>implying I won't

bfcd93 No.4716


Focus, you twat.

How do we improve the board.

f486b1 No.4722

File: 18a08745b3abefd⋯.gif (497.68 KB, 500x320, 25:16, saluteminions.gif)


First off? I'd say it's probably a good idea to figure out how to get it off the promoted tab at the top. I'm just a lovable old rogue, but there are asswipes posting bestiality porn in the catalog right now thanks to that promoted board breadcrumb.

Secondly, go to boards that are kind of nerdy and small like /strek/ or /pone/ and post the link to /girltalk/ a few times in threads where you suspect a lady or two would be lurking. Stay out of the top ten because that's when the hordes of doom will descend.

bfcd93 No.4723

File: c90be254f462bc1⋯.jpg (545 KB, 1973x1494, 1973:1494, KHV.jpg)


Well now, we aren't babies. Some beastiality here and there will not kill us.

We just gotta delete it and ban the people and presto, we are set. If they really insist on being a pain on our back… We simple press a button and have them banned over, and over, and over. At the end of the day, the ones making the most effort to bug the board are they, not us trying to defend it.

I tend to assume plenty of things, but I believe that the girls who would actually post here know a bit more about internet than most, so seeing "gross" stuff would only make them report and hide and that is it. We ain't exactly looking for tumblerinas here, you know?

647012 No.4728

File: 3d8313b9e1b4f29⋯.webm (5.91 MB, 464x810, 232:405, 3d8313b9e1b4f2911454be6aa….webm)


>We ain't exactly looking for tumblerinas here, you know?

That is actually a relief to read, considering how I remember /fem/ turning into a cesspool of shit.

I may not be your intended audience, but I'll lurk for the hell of it. Interesting perspectives to envision in my head makes for a good tonic to slake boredom. Cheers.

b37b5a No.4729


>We just gotta delete it and ban the people and presto

Whats wrong with bestiality tho? Its not against global rules

647012 No.4731

File: 322d4328fe0fd2e⋯.mp4 (7.89 MB, 750x422, 375:211, 322d4328fe0fd2e19f4ce14d03….mp4)


A board's rules are only trumped by the global rules in terms what isn't allowed on a board in regards towards illegality. If they want to sweep away horse cock sluts, it's their call.

bfcd93 No.4732



It's NSFW. And this is a SFW board so we don't allow that here. It's agaisnt our rules:

"2. /girltalk/ is a SFW board. NSFW images must not be posted."


Lurk and comment if you please. It's always to also have guys who can play along and nicely.

f486b1 No.4739

File: f8957e97343b486⋯.gif (216.43 KB, 160x120, 4:3, mantohtfacemelt.gif)


>Some beastiality here and there will not kill us.

bfcd93 No.4740


Still baneable tho. So don't.

f486b1 No.4742

File: 3b70d9553e22578⋯.jpg (78.82 KB, 716x768, 179:192, baneCIA.jpg)



0f9f06 No.4743

File: 1197060b38d8b5d⋯.jpg (29.98 KB, 1050x576, 175:96, maxresdefault.jpg)


If i post bestiality will you die?

85f291 No.4747


It would be extremely baneful

(Here's a big ban. For you.)

61452c No.4781

This seems like a pretty nice idea, I'm not a girl though so I won't post much.

0e8f34 No.4785


We could even appeal with the site admin if raids get out of hand. I know he has helped other boards when they get attacked and raided beyond their moderation capabilities.

bfcd93 No.4792


They do? That's nice. I thought we were all alone.


Thank you!

Any opinion regarding rulesand the like is also fully appreciated!

ac1359 No.4849

File: be3178168276de8⋯.jpg (37.58 KB, 550x450, 11:9, say sumtin.jpg)

Why the fuck is it Anonette and not Femanon?

bfcd93 No.4852


Because /fem/ had that first.

bfcd93 No.4896

File: 953d30c45f25a5a⋯.jpg (286.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fuck off Meiko, you are tr….jpg)

I just noticed /fem/ is as dead as it can get…

Hmmmm… My excuse was that this place would be the SFW alternative to /fem/ like it was in the old days… But now I am not so sure.

Anyone has any inputs on allowing NSFW material (properly spoiled and tagged tho, we don't want nasty surprises).

c89745 No.4901


Don't use /fem/ as a model for anything. Really. Just do your own thing.

bfcd93 No.4904


People really dont like /fem/, huh?

000000 No.4906


This board should totally participate in the Attention-Hungry Games.

647012 No.4909

File: 5bf162d89e4b634⋯.webm (7.96 MB, 300x500, 3:5, Maps.webm)


I can say I did not. If I recall, /fem/'s BO was banned from /v/ for an ungodly amount of years (literally) for being obnoxious.

bfcd93 No.4910


If THE codemonkey says so, then I should give it a go! Hopefully raiders dont go full mean.


But sweet, sweet anon. /v/ is trash : )

647012 No.4912

File: ed3a026bd119eea⋯.webm (7.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Charlie Beale - It's Too ….webm)


Perhaps so, although that doesn't place her at better of a standing :^)

This is going to bother me until I remember her name

c89745 No.4917

File: 992494ca861a467⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 101.15 KB, 1169x493, 1169:493, 1450794128976.png)



Uh, let's see.

Swami, aka Japanese Lettuce Hardcore, flooded the 8chan PM system so much it had to be disabled. Before, you could contact BOs as a user. Now you can't because of it.

Tripfagged everywhere like its opinion mattered.

Killed the only viable board for femanons at the time because of utter faggotry.

bfcd93 No.4922


Well. FUG.

I have quite an image to clean when it comes to females and 8chan, don't I? But a femanon board can and will work god damn it. I swear on muh Neopets.

ac1359 No.4923

File: d03b24e153bc97a⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 600x574, 300:287, macbew.jpg)

What thread topics and subjects are an absolute No-No?

>-Behave. You WILL be banned for being rude or using your "8chan mindset" or hate speak (Politic nonsense, sexism, racism)

Political nonsense, does that mean actual, serious political discussions every now and again pertaining to the femanon just nothing like /pol/ nazi/antifa propaganda?

Sexism, does this mean no breakup diaries all about hating men?

Racism? Can we at least say nigger?

bfcd93 No.4924

File: 058f93d1c23410d⋯.jpg (36.68 KB, 210x240, 7:8, Might as well fucking use ….jpg)


>just nothing like /pol/ nazi/antifa propagand

Exactly. Something like "these incredible studies show that women are in fact demons from outter space and inferior to males in every way" will not fly.

>Sexism, does this mean no breakup diaries all about hating men?

Both sides.

We don't want any redpilled faggots, but we also don't want feminazism.

>Can we at least say nigger?

Of course, my nigga. We don't want serious racism, like people who actually and truly believe that your skin's pigment makes you a lesser human being.

Does that clears things up? If the rules need more info, what should I add to them?

ac1359 No.4930

File: 8082c59f19dc9b7⋯.jpg (940.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1378605766399.jpg)



We'll just have to see, won't we?

bfcd93 No.4934


Those rules aren't asking too much, I think.

After all, if people wanted outlets for racism and sexism, they could simply go to /pol/. And girls who are like that always have Tumblr.

I think it's pretty reasonable.

Also: Anime is trash, and lolis make you a pedo. #fact

d6b61d No.4943


>Also: Anime is trash, and lolis make you a pedo. #fact

Careful, autists don't have a sense of humor.

bfcd93 No.4945


That would imply I'm joking. ;*

f486b1 No.4949

File: 3ba8e61ef191f70⋯.jpg (61.61 KB, 498x750, 83:125, bane-she.jpg)


>(Here's a big ban. For you.)

Perhapsh he'sh wondering why you'd ban him for baneposhting while baneposhting.


Postmodern Jukebox?


>lolis make you a pedo.

I was a mod on another board. I'm pretty sure that it's the other way around. Those guys were creeps. I walked away from the job because I couldn't stand looking at all the spambot shit with actual children involved. I have kids of my own, and I'd fly into a rage whenever those fucks posted their links. Whoever those guys are, I hope they find their way to Hell sooner rather than later.

d6b61d No.4950


>lolis make you a pedo

<I'm pretty sure that it's the other way around.>

Nigga, what.

Pedos make you a loli? Holy shit.

f486b1 No.4952


Pedos MAKE loli is what I was getting at.

395a2d No.4977


what board was that?

0f9f06 No.4984

Can you please add option to delete your own threads?

bfcd93 No.4994


Why is that

People would use that to backpedal.

cd590e No.5018

File: 0bf879c484d58b7⋯.jpg (398.15 KB, 700x850, 14:17, 1473317932366.jpg)

What sort of culture are you hoping to foster here? It seems like a pretty nice idea, sort of a femme /kind/.

bfcd93 No.5024


I have zero idea, but a female /kind/ would be nice.

I am just giving females of 8chan the option to post here. We will see how it goes.

Niche, I know.

cd590e No.5030


I'm curious how many women there are on 8chan. Imageboards are often regarded as male-centric spaces, but anonymity can make it blurry sometimes.

bfcd93 No.5031


Isn't everything regarded as "male-centric", to be honest?

Videogames, board games, several social media, imageboards, even memes.

cd590e No.5035


Maybe not [i]quite[/i] everything, but certainly a lot of things. The effect seems magnified on the internet though, especially imageboards. Stuff like the "tits or gtfo" meme come to mind.

cd590e No.5036

Oh…my custom formatting doesn't work.

bfcd93 No.5040


Meh, I see memes like "tits of gtfo" just male insecurities and pervertiness projecting. Nothing more than that.


That is weird. "[code] tags" is enabled,so it should work…?

I don't know what formats are accepted, and the settings page doesn't shows such a thing.

cd590e No.5048


True, but the prevalence of it just seems to reinforce the idea that it's a "male" environment. Granted it isn't as common as it used to be.

Let's see if the default formatting tags work.

8f932e No.5118

How and when exactly did this board end up on the first page of 8ch all of a sudden? Didn't it have about 0-2 UIDs at any given time? Plus it seems to have only been "fixed" just a few days ago.

bfcd93 No.5119


I became the board owner.

8f932e No.5120


Yes, I understand that. But how did all of these users suddenly know that the board now had an owner, and why was that enough for them to come back in 4 days?

85f291 No.5121


Low-posting boards with relatively high activity are promoted to the ticker at the top of your browser window (by default) as well as the front page. This is a relatively recent effort to distribute activity across the site, much like it was a couple of years ago, which was this board's heyday.

8a36ce No.5122


>Meh, I see memes like "tits of gtfo" just male insecurities and pervertiness projecting. Nothing more than that.

Or more than likely, you're a newfag from Reddit with no sense of humor/no knowledge of chan lingo

bfcd93 No.5123


Honestly beats me.

bfcd93 No.5125


>U iz newfag

>Muh lingo

Nice. Stanky. Dank.

38466e No.5127


From the looks of things BO is looking to make a reddit clone on 8chan

>no 8chan style posts mentioned in rules

You are not off to a good start.

>light shitposting like >>>5025 gets banned

>shitposters no shitposting we SRS BZNS

And my initial assumption about this place simply being a reddit clone without usernames is right on the money. Seriously, why bother running a chan board if you want to have posters NOT post like a chan board?

bfcd93 No.5131


Sure, because redpills, brown pills and all that jazz are things this board needs, huh?

Take that shit to /pol/.

8a36ce No.5132

This place is gonna be the Quebec of imageboards if it survives the shitposting

cd590e No.5134


>every chan board has to have the same culture and no standards of conduct because I said so

bfcd93 No.5135



Hopefully it does.

I might need help tho

cd590e No.5136


What kind of help?

bfcd93 No.5138


Janitors that do it for free.

cd590e No.5140


I may be able to help with that.

bfcd93 No.5142


Please do.

Whats your time zone

cd590e No.5151

cd590e No.5152


Send me an email.

bfcd93 No.5153


I will..

When I discover how to make an 8ch email.

c89745 No.5163

bfcd93 No.5164


It wont let me log in. Those servers are trash!

bfcd93 No.5181

I entered the board to /sudo/'s Attention-Hunger games.

Is it too soon to get our own board mascot?

Most boards have a "tan", a cute little girl that represents them. I wanted to make us an "ojisan", an old male who would represent our board. I think it would be funny because little girls represent mostly male boards, meanwhile an old man would represent what is supposed to be a female board.

What do you think of the idea? I can show sketches tomorrow, if my lil sis has time to draw.

50bb34 No.5184


How about a crossdressing fat man, seeing as 95% of your userbase will be middle-aged men pretending to be women?

57f627 No.5194


Will it be a hot old man though?

bfcd93 No.5210


That's like saying 95% of the other boards userbase are pretending to be little girls.


Of course not.

998efe No.5221


>I see memes like "tits of gtfo" just male insecurities and pervertiness projecting. Nothing more than that.

Actually there is a legitimate reason for the meme. Let's look at a board like /v/ for example. Everyone knows that saying "I am a girl" on /v/ is just going to get you a ton of replies from thirsty virgins who don't know how to interact with a woman to begin with hoping that a woman will pay attention to them, replies from /r9k/ level men who hate women, and replies from beta orbiters and white knights trying to defend them.

This will happen, there is no way around it, the userbase is just that kind of userbase. Everyone knows that, and you should know that, and knowing that mentioning your a woman will result in such a massive thread derail and your vagina doesn't change your experience of Dark Souls, there should be no reason to mention you're a girl.

If you do, despite all this, you show plain and clear that you do not give a rats ass about the thread and don't care if it gets derailed, so people want you to post tits so they at least get fucking something out of their thread being ruined.

8dbef8 No.5222

Why are trannies allowed on this board?? Do you actually think men can take hormones and get surgeries in order to become a woman??

bfcd93 No.5223

File: 9acde94f8ab00f5⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 468x314, 234:157, images (9).jpg)


I dont see how that has anything to do with the meme but indeed, it's true. Mentioning gender where it is uncalled is just poor form. Calling for attention is even worse.


If it looks like a woman and bhaves like a woman, then might as well be a woman. Pic related.

Emphasis on "behaves". Several transgenders are cringefest, but cant fault all of them for a few rotten appleds, right?

On the same vein, would it be fair from me to assume every male is a mysoginist pig like SJW do? Not at all. For every beta hate-filled redpilled losers on the web there are men worth their salt, and for every dedpicable and greedy women, there are other who aren't so.

(Typing in phone is a mess)

Post last edited at

06df18 No.5227



>Mentioning gender where it is uncalled is just poor form. Calling for attention is even worse.

I've read that mentioning one's gender is already a way of calling for attention, since it generally isn't a thing worth mentioning (at least on /v/). There was a screencap that explained more, but I don't have it on me.

bfcd93 No.5230


Yup. But that is /v/ and this is here.

Men who say "tits or gtfo" here are breakin our rules. And that's final.

8ce9f1 No.5262


You can have a red light district thread, where NSFW would be alowed but strictly spoilered

bfcd93 No.5264


>inb4said thread becomes the only popular thread

f58c49 No.5298

File: 81c305f8d2d252a⋯.png (642.28 KB, 478x768, 239:384, 81c305f8d2d252ab4631ab4cee….png)


>on 8chan

So the femanon is real? Without trying to sound rude because I know that you might just try to use it as an excuse to get me b& instead of actually responding to me query what brought you to 8chan in the first place? And furthermore, why create a board separate to the others? True /b/ is 80% pedophilia, /v/ is just shit-posting and video games, and /pol wouldn't take your shit for a second if you tried to make it about girl talk. Actually I think I just answered my own question, but I'd still like to hear what you guys have to say.

bfcd93 No.5301


8chan is a place where anyone can make a board, about any topic.

Under that premise, we can make such a board, can't we?

Just a place for deepweb-dweller girls, who know about imageboard culture, to hang out. That's all there is to it.

There are several niche boards in 8chan, and this is just one of those.

Mind you, I didnt "created" this. This board existed sinceb3 years ago (Check the board logs). It was great, but then the board owners forsaken us and the raids were too powerful. But nothing of that matters now: The board is back.

f58c49 No.5303


>8chan is a place where anyone can make a board, about any topic.

>Under that premise, we can make such a board, can't we?

I don't think anybody ever said you couldn't, I was just wondering about the reasons specifically.

>Mind you, I didnt "created" this. This board existed sinceb3 years ago (Check the board logs)

>But nothing of that matters now: The board is back.

So you've revived this board? I suppose in a sense it would have been easier than merely creating your own, and if /girltalk/ was already taken, I don't know what other options that gives you. I would be concerned about this becoming a hugbox due to the vigilance you'd probably have to have against anons deliberately trying to stir up shit, but apart from that, fair play. I've read some of the threads already and it seems somewhat like /b/ mixed with /r9k, but with the roles reversed instead. It's actually quite interesting to see things from the other perspective. What I also find curious is how long you've been here because you don't seem to have the typical anon speech, but I suppose don't answer if you don't want.


bfcd93 No.5307


I just type like myself.

And I dont want it to be a hugbpx, but I gotta regulate all the shitpost. Ideally, more females will come and moderation will not be as needed.

bfcd93 No.5321

File: 41241a5c2c7195d⋯.jpg (407.72 KB, 900x1154, 450:577, HELLO. AS YOU CAN SEE IM A….jpg)

Should I not use name when I post normally?

I use name as a "transparency" way, so people know I am around and have nothing to hide. But I don't want to look like some kind of attention-seeker. Then again, I AM the Board Owner… So yeah.

What do you guys say? Vote in this strawpoll please.


0d3991 No.5352

File: c235e49fab0ae97⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Consider 1.jpg)

File: a6d13961fa461d6⋯.jpg (57.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Consider 2.jpg)


85f291 No.5353

File: ea83e9528a7475e⋯.jpg (167.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 10515336_880799471948883_8….jpg)


Honestly a solid week-long ban on all male posting would probably be good for the board, especially at this early stage in anticipation of the Hunger Games potential publicity boost.

That means the girls need to post twice as often to keep the momentum going, though. BO is doing a good job of it as it is but can't do it alone.

bfcd93 No.5357


Considering it. But what about the ones who actually are nice?


Yeah, maybe you are right on that one. But how do I even start.

57f627 No.5361


Manposting could be contained to one cyclical thread or so maybe. But don't delete the threads that are already up.

bfcd93 No.5362


Ok, let me put up a strawpoll to decide this.

bfcd93 No.5363

Here's the poll. Feel free to vote any time.


f58c49 No.5368



Hahaaa! There's your hugbox BO. GG. If you're that opposed to it why not just have threads which state they want specifically only female responses? That way you can just siphon out the faggots a lot easier

bfcd93 No.5370


Need more posts before I can make any decission.

I mean first and foremost this is a place for girls. So if girls like those two want me to regulare men, who am I to oppose?

Initially, I allow any male as long as they are nice. But let's see what the poll says.

0d3991 No.5372

File: 76f3e022f323b50⋯.jpg (8.73 KB, 216x260, 54:65, 76f3e022f323b504db291737e9….jpg)


I wouldn't rely on polls too much. Any fool with a few VPNs can trash it.

bfcd93 No.5374


Why would they.

Also I know how many people post here. I can check IP hashes and stuff.

8ce9f1 No.5380

File: 5f01116d99e92fe⋯.webm (3.62 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Doggo PTSD.webm)





Pls no

I think that banning faggs and girls posting double-time should do to keep the board quality up and predominantly girly

000000 No.5392

what exactly are the criteria for posting here?





85f291 No.5395


It's not letting me vote, but my vote is Yes.

At least for the time being, this board REALLY needs to not be seen as another /fem/ where we are free to >tfwnogf and MGTOW all over the place


>sexism! racism! discrimination! you have to be inclusive!!


>threads with no boys allowed

There already is this, but I think boys have created about half of the threads currently up, so it's still imbalanced that way because there are more boys than girls on this site. This board is not intended to be a democracy.

0d3991 No.5396

File: ec099998d37e56c⋯.jpg (74.44 KB, 850x831, 850:831, A welcome surprise.jpg)


>this board REALLY needs to not be seen as another /fem/ where we are free to >tfwnogf and MGTOW all over the place

This, a thousand times this. I left /fem/ for that exact reason.

5b0c79 No.5398


No one is going to see a pic of you, so I couldnt give a damn.

Just be a girl.

8ce9f1 No.5430

File: 31274577ddad036⋯.jpg (52.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, doggly.jpg)


>This board is not intended to be a democracy.

I agree with this entirely.

Nevertheless, I believe it's a sloppy solution to cut down maleposting -trolls will simply keep posting hiding their id, quality male posters will diminish-

I think girls should post more, and fetch girls from other sites.

What is your opinion on 8/u/? Have you set an embassy thread there?

5b0c79 No.5431


Good point. We need more people. I believe they will come eventually

Also I bet /u/ is mostly weaboo males.

0d3991 No.5432


We can shill here. Miserable cunts, I know - but we need to bolster our numbers somehow.

8ce9f1 No.5433


Hmm… right now it's filled to the brim with God's punishment to America so you might want to take that with a grain of salt. Fans of anime tend to be unstable.

But first time I visited that place about half a year ago, it seemed quite chill in there. They hated tumblr and 4/u/ as well so…

5b0c79 No.5434


Dont even think about it.

I would ban all of those clowns in a swift move.


Nh. Lets just wait. We are on the first page already.

000000 No.5436


>for a post to count as having been made by a woman the poster must be willing to claim to have identified as female at the time of posting

>heuristics/generalizations/stereotypes of any sort (e.g. "this poster sounds like a man") are to be ignored. We will never assume someone's gender identity


0d3991 No.5437

File: 614e24b5ca9f134⋯.png (670.49 KB, 1024x1240, 128:155, 614e24b5ca9f134d2b22bd1cea….png)


Too late, tbh, I'm already thinking about it. The thread will get deleted immediately, of course. Leddit-tier mods have an axe to grind with everybody, do it for free like no other.

5b0c79 No.5440


Read above where I talk about that subjet in depth.

Basically: Act like a woman = fine

I mean, what would people gain pretending to be girls in THIS place, where males are regulated and you will not gain any more attention than the average anon.


What does that place hold anyway

I saw it mentioned a couple of times.

Post last edited at

ab2754 No.5441


>what does that place hold anyway

Femanon only imageboard, broadly centered around e-celeb drama and related cancer.

bfcd93 No.5442

File: 540a6b41f80b637⋯.jpg (202.26 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Snail Fighter girl!.JPG)


>e-celeb drama

I don't like how that sounds.

bfcd93 No.5443



On second thought I just checked the board… And it's not that bad.

Keep in mind I only gave a slight view. But it seems alright. And active too.

000000 No.5445

this place is pretty :3 but good luck getting other girls to stop using their ugh twitter fb gram chat sms sigh

5b0c79 No.5447


I guess this is for niches audiences.

I was so into this… Until I saw that lolcow forum. It discourages me from trying.

f58c49 No.5448


>So if girls like those two want me to regulare men, who am I to oppose?

Sure if it's a majority, but you're heading well on your way to a hugbox with that kinda stuff. Not even /pol bans lefty speech/shills outright; it's just ridiculed/stigmatised/pruned.


>>sexism! racism! discrimination! you have to be inclusive!!

And where did I implicate any of those things you tremendous faggot?





What is this meme? Are we at school?

>This board is not intended to be a democracy

It shouldn't be, but nice job speaking on behalf of the BO :^)


>tfwnogf threads

Just delete template threads then if that's the problem.

5b0c79 No.5449


>Sure if it's a majority, but you're heading well on your way to a hugbox with that kinda stuff. Not even /pol bans lefty speech/shills outright; it's just ridiculed/stigmatised/pruned.

Discussions are fine, but outright attacks are not.

You know how 8ch tards act sometimes. Blatant troll thread will not be allowed. If you think that's hugbox-y then I dont know what to tell.

0d3991 No.5450


>"getting other girls to stop using their ugh twitter fb gram chat sms sigh"

>willfully bringing that normalfag cancer here



>"It discourages me from trying"

How so? I did tell you they were cunts.

5b0c79 No.5451


The sheer coincidence that we share the same name tho.

f58c49 No.5452


>Discussions are fine, but outright attacks are not.

I think there's your problem. You need to recognise the difference between an attack and mere slander. Plenty of casual bullying happens in all boards, but I would say only the stuff which intentionally throws a thread off course is ban worthy.

If anyone has gotten this far on imageboards and still has thin skin by this point, I don't know what to recommend.

>>>/kind/ perhaps.

I think the majority of anons could police themselves by this point, don't become tumblr/twitter like in your censorism if you do censor at all.

0d3991 No.5453

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



That word has been eternally ruined for me.

5b0c79 No.5454


Well, slander or not… What can we discuss in a slander thread, anyway? They are basically shitposts, which we dont allow.

I think I am doing a good job, but I will keep it in mind.

Post last edited at

f58c49 No.5455


If a thread was dedicated to pure slander it would contain nothing but insults, but most of the time anons will only use slander and insults to reinforce a point or to remind a faggot, that he is indeed a faggot. And by slander do you purely mean being critical of something?

>They are basically shitposts, which we dont allow.

What's the deal with you not allowing shitposts anyway?

>I think I am doing a good job.

You should ask yourself that as a question before imposing it as a statement. In other words, what makes you think you are doing a good job? In your words at least.

5b0c79 No.5456


Funposts are fine. But shitposts.

Also this is the kind of posts I delete

"Women are stock.

Prove me wrong.

You cant"

After banning that person their ban appeal was "but its true".

Please tell me why should I allow that kind of posts.

f58c49 No.5458


>this is the kind of posts I delete

>"Women are stock.

>Prove me wrong.

>You can't"

>Please tell me why should I allow that kind of posts.

Would it not be more entertaining for that person to get btfo by other anons of this board, or for that thread to inspire a completely different conversation entirely thanks to the course of discussion? But that never had the opportunity to happen in the first place because you deleted the thread and banned the poster. You must feel a lot of responsibility with that amount of power on your shoulders, but I think if your first instinct is to ban threads like that, you're just censoring a certain type of discussion, or preventing it from happening at all. Who says it could've happened, who says it couldn't, but now we'll never know because the thread is gone etc. I think the ban should not be the first resort is what I'm trying to say, but again, it does depend on what is in the post itself etc. Your judgement and discretion should be your most valuable tools in times like that.

5b0c79 No.5460


You know who else allowed such posts? /fem/ and old /girltalk/.

You know who died and lost all their females thanks to such little "banter" posts? /fem/ and old /girltalk/

See the pattern here? Its no wonder I am strict. But people, specially males, need to read our rules before making a post. It's all I ask. We only have like 4 rules.

f58c49 No.5461


I'm not sure if allow is the correct word you should be thinking of for these posts. If these threads are the norm and not the exception then yes, activate damage control mode. People will want to kill your board, just as people want to kill other boards for whatever reason. Just use the right amount of force when needed, and don't make yourself an easy target.

>It's no wonder I am strict.

And you should be, dead boards are usually cultivated by dead board owners or dead mods

>But people, specially males, need to read our rules before making a post.

I get that this is a female centric board, and you ideally would want the majority of your posts to be made by women, but you are still on 8chan which probably has a majority of males over females as users so there's no need to ostracize what will probably make up your traffic/advertising before you've even started. Not all males act the same, just as I'm sure that not all females act the same. Don't understand these guilty until proven innocent intonations

5b0c79 No.5462


>but you are still on 8chan which probably has a majority of males over females as users so there's no need to ostracize what will probably make up your traffic/advertising before you've even started.

We dont, tho. We let males post. But, like I said, they must follow the rules. If people dont even read our posts.and just create a dumb thread to get a rise, I wont allow it.

Sorry, but banter made for "troll" will never be accepted. That's a final, and I frankly dont see why you want me to allow troll posts.

f58c49 No.5463


>Sorry, but banter made for "troll" will never be accepted. That's a final, and I frankly dont see why you want me to allow troll posts.

Where does a troll post end and an honest post begin? When do the lines begin to blur? That's all I'm saying.

5b0c79 No.5464



Check rule 5.

Its easy to tell tho. So only raid posts are the deleted ones most of the time

Keep in mind rules are subject to change.

Post last edited at

f58c49 No.5465


>5. Posting is a privilege, not a right. You WILL be banned if deemed fit.

>You WILL be banned if deemed fit.

This is what concerns me. But I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

5b0c79 No.5466


You can always check the board log to see if I go too ax crazy

Also I can always reword the rules.

f58c49 No.5467


True. Well you seem to be taking a lot of user feedback so far so just see how it goes I guess. Good luck in anycase - I hope it does work out.

5b0c79 No.5468


Of course. Feedback is important.

Thats what meta threads are foe.

0d3991 No.5471

File: e365a8fc537e3cc⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 500x468, 125:117, e365a8fc537e3cce478b3b4079….jpg)


>You know who else allowed such posts? /fem/ and old /girltalk/

>You know who died and lost all their females thanks to such little "banter" posts? /fem/ and old /girltalk/

No, /fem/ died when they started PPH-cucking, and thus became overly permissive towards obvious manposting. All of the females were driven as they became aware the fact that 95% of the userbase was actually male, the men followed soon after for the same reason (muh femanon nature reserve has no femanons). The board lost its' identity and purpose for existing in the first place (a board run by and for femanons), and users lost any reason to post there because it was essentially just /b/'s retarded younger brother at that point. "Banter" had precious little to do with its' decline, male-shitposting and incessant, repetitive b8 threads, however, did.


First post I ever made here and I'm sticking to it. Will it make all of the male posters magically step in line? Of course not, there's no getting rid of them, but it does set the right tone at the very least.

5b0c79 No.5472

File: 51dd0b6fcbb8b2c⋯.jpg (26.29 KB, 444x332, 111:83, images (8).jpg)


Worry not. If yo check the board logs, I have zero tolerance with male bait.

I still think that males who behave deserve to post. But that doesnt means I wont regulate them harshly.

Maybe, if we do get the ball rolling with morr females here, I will conceal males into one or two threas to discuss stuff with them. But that is then and this is now.

e5179b No.5520

File: 9f555fd0bc829a3⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 627x620, 627:620, wut867790.jpg)

>"You WILL be banned for being rude or using your "8chan mindset" or hate speak"

You could have just as easily said "no fun allowed", or am I just misinterpreting that?

bfcd93 No.5521


You are misinterpreting.

Altho the rules could always use some rewording

8ce9f1 No.5523


>If these threads are the norm and not the exception then yes

>no need to ostracize what will probably make up >your traffic/advertising before you've even started.

I think cancer starts small but develops exponentially. It's been stated somewhere before that this is a niche board so traffic it's really not important.

A strong inmune system, on the other hand…

8ce9f1 No.5524

File: b666cc581d786d3⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 360x479, 360:479, Dogged.jpg)


Why tho

0d3991 No.5529

File: db4c77b02f56796⋯.gif (217.69 KB, 444x408, 37:34, db4c77b02f5679683200a15484….gif)


It's almost like I explained why in the very post you're replying to. I don't want this place to end up like /fem/, with its' 50:1 male to female ratio.

f58c49 No.5542


>cancer starts small but develops exponentially.

Of course, but what does that have to do with what you quoted in my post?

>It's been stated somewhere before that this is a niche board so traffic it's really not important.

I wouldn't have imagined that every single female on 8chan would know about this board already, not that you'd want exactly all of them to perhaps, but if more people knew about the board then you would have that higher amount % of people (both male and female) knowing as a result. Unless the BO would prefer to remain more under the radar, but that's entirely up to her as It's their board.

>A strong inmune system, on the other hand…

Strange tangents on the other hand.. A strong immune system won't necessarily save you versus cancer because a cancer cell is a mutation that mutates and affects other cells. It's not an infection per se, because the cancer effectively starts within your own body and slowly begins to spread in size as it slowly converts other tissue. Although it can be caused by other things such as the various types of radiation.

906923 No.5575


>Honestly a solid week-long ban on all male posting would probably be good for the board

Unlikely to be the case. If word got around about such a thing (and it would), you would only be inviting raids a la Habbo.

Also, here's how the code tag works.

,-( o )-.
( o )-( o )
.-\-'.|,`-/-. .-.
( o )--*--( o ) ,-( o )-.
`-/-.'|`,-\-' ( o )-( o )
( o )-( o ) .-\-'.|,`-/-.
`-( o )-' _( o )--*--( o )
`-' \/_/ `-/-.'|`,-\-'
__ | ( o )-( o )
\_\| .'`-( o )-'
| .'\ `-'
|/ |\
__ | \|
| __
__ |
| __
__ |
| __
__ |
| __
__ |
| __
|/_/ VK/hh

bfcd93 No.5578


Its k. The number of female increased a bit, and the number of males decreased. All we need is good publicity and time.

0d3991 No.5587

File: 91fe3e37ef7cb1e⋯.png (13.69 KB, 176x255, 176:255, oven453.png)



Nothing makes for better publicity than a good raid or two.

bfcd93 No.5589


We want to be the Canada of 8ch, not the North Korea.

0d3991 No.5593

File: 4dc6b116c610577⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 540x849, 180:283, Mild Disgust.jpg)


>We want to be the Canada of 8ch

bfcd93 No.5595


We don't?

Canada is cute. Certainly better than fatso's little country.

0d3991 No.5597

File: 94bc436d3232a44⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Trudeau is a faggot 2.gif)

File: 16ac9d5c5339040⋯.jpg (19.32 KB, 351x351, 1:1, disgust2.jpg)


I mean, do you live in this communist shithole?

bfcd93 No.5598



Fine, no Canada.

906923 No.5602


>Certainly better than fatso's little country.

Woah, woah, woah. Not fat and not defending Best Korea (just a meme), but I want to be clear. You condone body shaming on this board?

2e3fe4 No.5615

Are there actual girls here or is this some kind of weird trap G.I.R.L erp board?

0d3991 No.5617

File: 9ddc2b8f3dee534⋯.jpg (44.74 KB, 448x486, 224:243, neeto55756756.jpg)


Let me ask you this: how hard do you want to believe?

2e3fe4 No.5618


Yeah as i thought no actual girls

8ce9f1 No.5621

File: 876a16da0f9a71d⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x667, 500:667, dogger.jpg)


I really don't know what the fuck PPH cucking stands for

Still… why ban males tho

just you know POST MOAR FAGGOT

8ce9f1 No.5622


>Of course, but what does that have to do with what you quoted in my post?

Sorry, sometimes I think people are in my head understanding all my thoughts inmediately :^)

I'm trying to state that there is a need to ostracize any number of cancerous males even if it harms traffic/advertising. Because if you let that cancer entrench, it's over m8.

I'm only talking about cancer posters, ofc, I'm against an all male ban, mainly, because it'd be inefficient.

Get your facts together m8 the inmune system is also in charge of destroying cells that mutate/cells that refuse to die/tumorous cells, so that some cancers are the effect of the inmune system failing to act up against mutations. "a cancer cell is a mutation that mutates" are you retarded? you might want to take it easy on the marijuanas, son.

0d3991 No.5628

File: d09b217552e43bc⋯.png (265.59 KB, 665x574, 95:82, tard.png)


>why ban males

Because it's called /girltalk/, and if this place is going to end up like another /fem/ (95% male), then, frankly, I don't really see the point of it, or what it has to offer.

>I really don't know what the fuck PPH cucking stands for

Lurk for seven more years.

0d3991 No.5629


Meant for >>5621, but whatever.

bfcd93 No.5638

File: c919f649ff997ff⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 331x331, 1:1, IMG-20170811-WA0002.jpg)


Only if it is from girls to males.

f58c49 No.5641


Except an immune system won't be able to fight the cancer alone because it will spread exponentially without any form of external treatment so why the fuck would an immune system matter against cancer in the first place except to prolong the inevitable? " 'A cancer cell is a mutation that mutates' are you retarded?' " You forgot to read the rest of it you illiterate faggot. A Cancer cell is a mutation that mutates and affects OTHER CELLS. Arrogance and Ignorance go together hand in hand as usual, but what did I expect from a man with cum in his veins.

624334 No.5739

File: a10b2593e00f6af⋯.jpg (215.98 KB, 850x1197, 850:1197, __amane_hunter_x_hunter_dr….jpg)

Does /girltalk/ have an irc or discord channel?

bfcd93 No.5740


No, we do not.

That would kill such a slow board.

f58c49 No.5876

File: 9c627fcbe2fbcc2⋯.png (137.4 KB, 1920x891, 640:297, girltalk board log.png)

bfcd93 No.5878


Some twat was spamming with the tsundere girl from Neon Genesis.

f58c49 No.5879


Fair play. Twat eh? Careful snail girl I think you just revealed what country you're from! Unless you're just a fan of foreign favourites as insults Also, there seems to be a few threads where the OP has been banned or something similar has happened and so it seems to now only clutter up the rest of the catalog. Would you prefer to leave these threads or would you delete them? What would you intend?

bfcd93 No.5880


Nah m8, I just like words.

And I usually leave those threads to show WHAT they got deleted for.

But if you really want, link me the threads and they will be gone.

f58c49 No.5881




Come on now!

Fair enough. Well you got



But it's up to you because at least it's sheer autistic value could provide some amusement




Debatable, but (1) and done OPs are faggy enough as it is


Debatable as it seems like just innocent shitposting but it's your call


Debatable again, but (1) and done OP.

I think the rest are probably fine. If no one has posted in them for a while then I doubt people will miss them too much. Again, it's up to your discretion, but a lot of those in that list are shitposts anyway so I think you're good.

bfcd93 No.5884


There we go. Deleted some stuff.

f58c49 No.5885


Groovy. Also there was


but it spawned a separate conversation so I think you're probably fine. I do hope you were on the ledge about those threads anyway and didn't delete them just upon my recommendation!

bfcd93 No.5891


Nah, those threads were useless anyway.

bfcd93 No.5918

Small edit: Now flags are obligatory!

0e8f34 No.5930

Now we have the real girltalk with the real awesome new moderation team. Dont waste time here with the fake girl talk. Lets go to the real one!


d6b61d No.5934

What happened to the CSS?

bfcd93 No.5938


I dont see any problem. Please explain.

bfcd93 No.5948




Fuck. Now I see it.

I dont know what happened. I just added flags and the code broke.

bfcd93 No.5953


Holy shit I killed the CSS, what the fuck.

bfcd93 No.5954

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with the CSS. I will need some help fixing it.

Can someone help me through mail or Discord, please?

0d3991 No.5957


6553aa No.5976


>You WILL be banned if deemed fit.

Don't you mean "deemed unfit"?

bfcd93 No.5987


I get what you mean. I will probably reword it all today.

bfcd93 No.6062

Did some changes here and there, so tell me how it goes!

d6b61d No.6070

/girltalk/ is now a Top 25 board, congrats.

bfcd93 No.6148



Thanks. Sadly this generated an influx of trolls.

0d3991 No.6236

File: 84067eefe07b0ef⋯.gif (644.52 KB, 500x580, 25:29, 84067eefe07b0ef73b63665ab3….gif)

Why do you keep locking threads?

bfcd93 No.6237


They either go offtopic or where troll to begin with.

Leaving them there allows people to read them tho

35a133 No.6365

How about a "Ask a girl" thread for questions that don't warrant its own thread but that guys always wanted to ask a girl?

bfcd93 No.6369


I was thinking on a "manzone" thread. Where males could ask stuff, post stuff and the like, and we girls take the sidelines in that thread.

e5228e No.6393


/fem/ had that if I remember right.

1816ca No.6457

Just saw this board listed at the top, are there any actual females here, or is it just males and males pretending to be females? Also is /fringe/ and /pol/ welcome here? Also are there any females here that aren't here because a boyfriend brought them here / they're already in a relationship with a male anon? I've only ever in 10 years known 2 females that independently found imageboards, one was retarded part-abbo, the other was highly intelligent and pure white.

3006a4 No.6458

>are there any actual females here

Yes. But far too many males.

>Also is /fringe/ and /pol/ welcome here?

Read the rules.

But the answer is mostly no. In fact we have decided to limit male posting due to unsavory shitposters, made by none other than the sweet, sweet /pol/

>Also are there any females here that aren't here because a boyfriend brought them here / they're already in a relationship with a male anon?

I am just the Board Owner, not n omnipresent being.

772e34 No.6557


New /fem/ owner here. I'm planning on cleaning up the manshit soon to revive the board and get more femanons on 8ch.

bfcd93 No.6564


But why do we need two boards like this.

408b39 No.6618



worst case scenario, since you were wishing there was more traffic from genuine femanons, you could use these each as testing platforms, work out the bugs, then combine into one smooth flowing, double strength femanon board.

bfcd93 No.6624

FAQ page.

Please, feel free to suggest me what else should I add:



Yeah, but that would also be dividing out efforts, I think.

to be honest, I will still try my damn hardest to have a real femanon board.

408b39 No.6628


>try my damn hardest to have a real femanon board

and i'll try my damnedest not to inject too much testosterone in it

bfcd93 No.6629


Feel free to dump all your testosterone in the designated male thread.

998efe No.6631

File: c2e330300bd4cea⋯.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, activates my almonds.png)


…Why don't you call it "The Testosterdome"?

408b39 No.6634


microphone check.


testing 1 2 3

408b39 No.6635


[spoiler]testing formatting

microphone check.[/spoiler]

testing 1 2 3

408b39 No.6636


no carriage return inside the brackets

b5a097 No.6662

There's no "none" option for flags. Why can't you turn it off once you've chosen one?

bfcd93 No.6664


Once you select one and make a post, that flag should be auto selected by default, so you don't have to choose anymore.

If that doesn't happens to you, its probably on your end.

408b39 No.6666



i don't think that's what anon was asking. when i pull down the drop box, there is no "none" option. the way the drop box is currently formatted, i must always have a flag. no way to turn it off

b5a097 No.6668


Yeah, what >>6666

408b39 No.6669

File: 22911db2ff000ea⋯.jpg (142.53 KB, 600x602, 300:301, check_em.jpg)

b5a097 No.6670


Sorry, accidentally clicked "New Reply" while typing that out.

What that guy is saying is the case. I can't unselect a flag, once I've already chosen one.

bfcd93 No.6671


Oh. Yeah.

Choose a flag then. They are cute and we worked our asses on them, damn it Satan.

b5a097 No.6672


What if I don't want to?

998efe No.6677


I can't actually see the flags before I select one, though.

bfcd93 No.6682


Why wouldn't you.


That's sadly something I can't change. You just have to go by their names.

b5a097 No.6683

File: 96ed6ef5deda907⋯.jpeg (34.79 KB, 287x407, 287:407, >8[.jpeg)


If I can do it on every other board, I shouldn't have to justify that we should be able to do so here too.

998efe No.6684


You are going to take full responsibility for this.

dc091d No.6887

Ban sluts and fuckboys please. Or just ban all males

bfcd93 No.6896


That's part of the reason why I made the male thread

8ce9f1 No.6916


Oi, snaillo! Why didchu lock this thread? https://8ch.net/girltalk/res/6244.html ? Can't handle the bantz? I wanted to reply so bad :(

bfcd93 No.6920


The thread went to shit.

Plus, now we have the Designated Male Threads. Males can have their little discussions there.

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