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Comfy feelings.

File: 39902d23961860f⋯.png (532.31 KB, 787x830, 787:830, 39902d23961860fe872a639c67….png)

dfb7d9  No.6098

How bad was your first time? How much did it hurt?

dec459  No.6101

his penis wasn't that big so it was kind of an acceptable experience

i am a man btw

f148ab  No.6104

File: 5ed33782f7b77e9⋯.webm (960.76 KB, 720x404, 180:101, Barbed dicks.webm)


I'm a KHV, but I imagine it would've gone something like vid related.

f148ab  No.6106

File: b5bc603b7418704⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 331x590, 331:590, b5bc603b7418704facca965a73….jpg)


8f0940  No.6109


The fuck is a KHV?

8ef6bb  No.6115

File: c4f38b4d655e880⋯.jpg (91.74 KB, 407x405, 407:405, femanon_here_ama.jpg)


i think it's /r9k/ speak for kissless hugless virgin, basically someone convinced they'll never appear desireable to the opposite sex. for more info, see pic related

8f0940  No.6137


I'm glad I'm not that big of an autist to be familiar with those terms. but im still pretty autistic kek

b22feb  No.6168


I was 25 when I lost mine.

It hurt more than I ever thought it would and it took like 3 hours to put it in completely.

Overall it only stopped hurting around the seventh time. I had never known that beforehand.

76f35b  No.6173

It actually hurt. And he didn't seemed to understand me yelling so.

Plus it was uncomfortable and awkward. He would literally lay on top of me, squishing me in the process.

Not a nice experience. Probable why I prefer giving blowjobs.

a6e4ab  No.6289

Since it often hurts to have sex the first time: does anybody ever get too scared to do it again? I would imagine that it would be like classical conditioning in that having a painful, negative experience would make you want to avoid it in the future.

Quite frankly, if I were a woman, I wouldn't want to do it the first time: it sounds frightening.

e517dd  No.6293


Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it hurts simply because men don't know how to fuck.

68ad65  No.6294

Only hurts if he does it wrong.

c9c990  No.6296


No way, it'll hurt, at least a bit, the first time.

8ef6bb  No.6298


this is correct, as i understand it. i mean when a rape victim goes to get a forensics test done, don't the medical professionals know the girl was a virgin because of the bruising? my first wife, though not a virgin (she lied and i fell for it) hadn't had sex in years and experienced bruising when we consummated the marriage. and a bigger guy is gonna bruise her more and literally nothing can be done to avoid that except for a girl to be a permavirgin

76f35b  No.6304


The hymen breaks, anon. That's what happens.

But the good outweights the bad.

8ef6bb  No.6305


my SJW femanon friend would go off on you right now because the hymen has nothing to do with virginity, and cite scenario after scenario of possible ways the hymen can break that don't involve a man's dick. i have such a hard time talking politics with her. she's a proud socialist and i'm closer to /pol/'s views than anything else

>the good outweighs the bad

glad to hear it

party on wayne. party on garth

76f35b  No.6306


Yeah the hymen can break for other reasons, but its usually sexual.

ec2a10  No.6407

A friendly reminder that this thread proves 'Fembots' don't exist

76f35b  No.6409


Of course not because we have no reason to hate the male gender for our own faults.

If I can't get a boyfriend, and haven't got one in like 4 years, it's not the fault of society and every men that exists. It's my own damn fault for not getting over my issues and be insecure.

ec2a10  No.6411


>It's my own damn fault for not getting over my issues and be insecure.

But i haven't even gotten a boyfriend while your lamenting about not having one for a few years, and you've probably had sex during that period, while i haven't, you don't even know what it begins to feel like, at least you have the experience.

ec2a10  No.6412



fuck, meant to say gf

76f35b  No.6413


> and you've probably had sex during that period

I haven't.

And zero contact with any men, mind you. The only sexual experience I had around this time was being groped in a bus. it was like one of my Taiwanese animangos


Yeah, right. Wink wink.

ec2a10  No.6417


Still had a relationship and sexual contact while 98% of male robots haven't even come close

there is a saying it's impossible for a woman to walk out of a bar alone

76f35b  No.6421


Maybe for males that's a lot, but aroudn females that's enough to be considered a "fembot".

It's all about relativeness.

ec2a10  No.6422


>Maybe for males that's a lot, but aroudn females that's enough to be considered a "fembot".

It's all about relativeness.

Oh sweet Jesus.. You are so innocent.

76f35b  No.6423


Is that a compliment.

ec2a10  No.6424


No, its just an observation

c9c990  No.6425


>4 years

Unless you're using dildos, it'll hurt again when you finally have sex, depending on dick size.

76f35b  No.6427


I used a vibrator, but now it's busted.

So all I can do is use fingers. I know it's gonna hurt, so I better practice.

ec2a10  No.6429


>(((Fembot))) practices for the railing she will receive from chad thundercock

Lmao i should just go out and do an Elliot right now

76f35b  No.6430


I never said I am a fembot. Just that they exist.

I doubt I will do anything with anyone any time soon tho. I still miss my ex after all these years, and that makes me unable to move on and accept anyone (even one night stands)

ec2a10  No.6434


>(even one night stands)

The face you even contemplate this shows that you cannot understand true loneliness and that your understandings are superficial

37972d  No.6509

File: 28651c1fb3e4a70⋯.jpg (103.83 KB, 970x825, 194:165, Roger-Elliot31.jpg)


>I'm a KHV

marry me?


>The face you even contemplate this shows that you cannot understand true loneliness and that your understandings are superficial

I really DON'T want to agree with this guy, you sound like an asshole dude but I have to. Us robots are incapable of a "one night stand". Fuck we're usually incapable of a pity DATE, let alone a pity fuck.

Sweet lord Elliot, grace me with your divine presence.

76f35b  No.6512



I just added it because you would have added it either way.

37972d  No.6517


No? I can't speak for the other anon, but I would not have added that.

76f35b  No.6523


He did before tho:



37972d  No.6526


Ok? Then why did you tell me that I would have added it if you didn't? Bitch you don't know me. Insert sassyblackwoman.gif here

b5e1a1  No.6607

File: 17e294e6c05b6bf⋯.png (200.91 KB, 589x497, 589:497, feel bad.PNG)

I am 27 years old virgin, is that bad?

76f35b  No.6608


Most males would say it's a good thing.

I say it's really not important in the slightest. The moment will come if you look for it.

8ef6bb  No.6609


if you're a girl, you're a pot of gold at the end of somebody's rainbow. if you're a guy (also prolly if you're a girl) it's as good or bad as you want it to be.

19b5bc  No.6619


>The only sexual experience I had around this time was being groped in a bus

Sounds kind of hawt. Tell us more. Was it like one of those JAVs where you then fucked and everybody pretended to not notice?

e517dd  No.6626

File: a54ea142307bc70⋯.png (50.54 KB, 216x177, 72:59, Me IRL.png)

It's actually a really fucking odd feeling to see people (males and females both) talk about their sexual repression and I'm just sitting here having haven't had sex in 8 years purely out of laziness and lack of a real desire.

76f35b  No.6627


It was terribly hot. It was not the first time someone tried to grope me obviously, but this time I was in the mood. Usually I would yell and scream like before but somehow I liked this and let him go. And despite everything, it was a great experience.

Part of me feels guilty of liking such a thing,

considering the horrible thing gropers and rappists do, but at the same time I can't help feel pleasure everytime I even remember this event.

So yeah.

(Fuck off, newfag. Learn to spoiler.)
Post last edited at

8ef6bb  No.6630


square brackets

76f35b  No.6632


[spoiler]It's not working, you twat.

Well at the very least it did not in that post.


19b5bc  No.6633


Your spoiler didn't work because you put a paragraph in between - you can also use ** at the beginning and end of a sentence for spoilers. Thanks for telling me this. I'll do that next time when I have a good feeling about it. I don't think I'd get called out or mazed for it because my skinny physique and handsome face make up for copping a feel. There is a reason women like to be dominated (in one way or another) and men being aggressive and having the urge to do lewd things to women they don't know.

e517dd  No.6637

File: 47ab2cc766fd1f9⋯.png (18.67 KB, 172x184, 43:46, Lorem91.png)


We've all gotten aroused at things that are questionable. Hell, look at how common rape fetishes are. It's just important that we understand the distinction between fetishes and actual sexual harassment. It's not unusual to be turned on by something you know is wrong, just as long as you understand that it's still wrong despite that.

19b5bc  No.6638



Huh, my flag disappeared. I am a man, of course.

76f35b  No.6640


Just because I enjoyed it, doesn't means every other girl would.

Reminder it is still sexual harassment.


I know, I know.

I still get terribly wet just thinking about that event tho. And I wish I didn't because I know it was wrong and yadda yadda.

8ef6bb  No.6643


can't change the way we're wired

thinking about a grill getting wet gets me hard

19b5bc  No.6644


>Reminder it is still sexual harassment.

Depends on the context tbqhfamalamadingdoing. But thinking about it, I'm not much of a fan of hedonistic degeneracy, so starting with a potnetial girlfriend in such a manner wouldn't guarantee a stable relationship.

e517dd  No.6646

File: 4d1ba1b709dffe1⋯.png (18.53 KB, 127x138, 127:138, Lorem87.png)


I mean.

You should see some of my erp logs. I keep some saved.

There's some kinky shit in there.

76f35b  No.6649


I will pass on that one and take your word for it.


Do you seriously think you would get a girlfriend by groping a random girl.


Dunno about wires.

I don't want to have own children, for example.

1c511c  No.6651


I liked it (my first time getting dicked that is, wasn't the first sexual thing), it didn't hurt or anything.

I was really worried about it but I guess since I insisted on lots of lube+foreplay I guess?

also I used tampons for years so maybe?


>Do you seriously think you would get a girlfriend by groping a random girl.

literally would not be surprised with some robots I seen

e517dd  No.6653


It was less an offer and more of a like, there's rape, humiliation, degregation, piss, animal dicks, more rape.

So don't feel bad that you get turned on thinking about some groping.

76f35b  No.6657


Thinking is one thing but what about looking for it


To answer all the questions: yeah, it was that.

That's what I get for using pads.

19b5bc  No.6658


>Do you seriously think you would get a girlfriend by groping a random girl.

There are far worse means to get one, so yeah, but it ain't my cup of tea anyways.

e517dd  No.6660

File: 6e3c617e9377f27⋯.png (26.1 KB, 178x211, 178:211, Lorem57.png)


Are you saying you've been intentionally trying to get grouped since then?

If so then my best guess would be you have some unresolved issues that you've found an unintentional outlet for.

76f35b  No.6667


Yup, I have.

I know I have issues.


Those plans would never work. Trust me.

e517dd  No.6673


I mean I have issues too but I just get very drunk and flirt with various people on discord over DMs which usually involve me sending pictures I end up regretting the next day which is of course a healthy way to deal with things, as you know.

76f35b  No.6676


Sure, haha. Healthy outlets! Haha.

Kill me

Post last edited at

19b5bc  No.6678


>Those plans would never work. Trust me.

Dunno, fucking a rando at a club or party bring obligatory """relationships""" - harrassing someone verbally/physically into submission sounds not unrealistic.

e517dd  No.6679

File: 66cf311bf81a459⋯.png (45.71 KB, 283x209, 283:209, internal screaming.png)


That comes later.

19b5bc  No.6680


Excuse me, but are you male nigger by any chance? A nigger sent me some pictures of his via Discord the other day without me asking for it.

e517dd  No.6681


My bloodline is mostly Irish/English, sorry.

And I always ask before I send the pics. And people almost always say yes.

19b5bc  No.6685


The nigger was also a Britbong.

I think I wouldn't exchange pictures because the mystery makes it exciting. And in RL encounters I try to not exchange names for the same reason.

76f35b  No.6686


That's not how those things go.


Was he good.

e517dd  No.6688


I said bloodline.

c9c990  No.6689


Be careful with that. You'll probably end up on /shamedsluts/ one day.

e517dd  No.6691

File: 14bb72ccbe6d2be⋯.png (45.36 KB, 200x276, 50:69, Lorem23.png)


>implying I show any of them my face

76f35b  No.6692


That board, and boards like it, irk me so much.

But I guess it's a lesson: never give pics to any male.

19b5bc  No.6693


>That's not how those things go.

I got some news for you

>Was he good.

We weren't flirting and I'm not a faggot either. He wanted to prove that he hasn't a nigger nose, but he has. He looks alright, a mixture of Western and Eastern African features - that's something you don't see often.

76f35b  No.6694


>I got some news for you

How many times have you been to a club.

e517dd  No.6695


Your post on this made it sound like he had shown you his masculinity.

I mean unless he did that with a nose pic in which case he probably was flirting with you.

19b5bc  No.6696


Not often, and I'll never go there and to similar establishments/scenarios again. But I grew up in a lower milieu and that's how people there got to know each other.


Yeah, he probably is a faggot. That's why we haven't written to each other for almost a month now.

abbff1  No.6898


Mine hurt so bad that we had to stop and do it again another time. Don't know whether it was cause he was big or I wasn't turned on enough.

c63385  No.10548


>seventh time

>3 hrs

That's dedication

27e07e  No.10566

Any tips for taking a girl's virginity? Just take it slow, make sure she's comfortable, lots of foreplay first? There's surprisingly little written online

What's like, the consistency of a hymen? Is it hard to get through it? I'm rather large

I've had a fair bit of sex but never with a virgin although I might be in the near future and I care about her a great deal so want it to be as painless as possible

57b578  No.10580

File: 5c40f95cb6bcb7c⋯.png (12.96 KB, 640x712, 80:89, I'm a smug fuck.png)

>>10566 (wasted Satan dubs)

Well, first and foremost: you need to get rid of your reddit-spacing because a girl's natural reflex kicks in and tightens her vagina as much as possbile to prevent entering. Then you need to kill yourself and she'll completely loosen up once she knows there's one cuck less in her proximity. Send me a thank-you-card from the netherworld.

64432d  No.10662

File: 84bdcb5678094ae⋯.png (607.86 KB, 719x689, 719:689, c47ae69a582dfbb5d308cd4e28….png)

Okay, general question for the ladies. With one exception, every girl I've slept with *claimed* to be a virgin before we fucked (the exception was a single mom a year ago) but all owned sex toys and masturbated frequently. With one maybe two exceptions, I tend to believe they were all sincere (dated one girl with borderline.)

So far at least, only one claimed I hurt her the first time we fucked, and she was one of the ones who had a ton of sex toys, but she was quick to point out when I was baffled by this (this was my first time too, to be fair) that all her sex toys only went in like four inches, she had mostly jackrabbits.

Sometimes when I've mentioned this to guys, they'll assert that all my exes lied to me, that if they own sex toys they couldn't possibly be virgins, and in some cases insisted they specifically bought sex toys to explain away why it wouldn't hurt the first time.

So would you say sex toy ownership has any genuine correlation to whether or not a girl is a virgin? Would it make a difference whether the girl say, just had one vibrator she got at Spencer's, or due to gainful employment actually had a massive collection of sex toys hidden in her bedroom?

I feel like the two reasons a girl would get a sex toy are either because she's had sex and didn't much enjoy it or couldn't achieve orgasm and so turned to toys, or had a high libido and sex drive but for one reason or another didn't think they'd be able to get sex reliably? A lot of the girls I've dated were insecure about some random thing 99% of guys would absolutely never give a shit about (inverted nipples, stretch marks, large clit, one breast larger than the other, etc.)

I mean, when I think of a guy spending money on a fleshlight or onahole I don't exactly think "Yeah, that guy must be drowning in pussy."

ac9668  No.10676


Why would a girl have sex toys if literally all she had to do was open her legs and she could have sex?

42159c  No.10708


Would you just give up instead of being dedicated?


You seem to have the right idea already. Expect it to take a long time to really do it properly, and don't expect her to enjoy it much at first. She might, but there's still pain. Make her feel good however you can.

Maybe try not falling asleep right after.


Never used sex toys as virgin because I didn't want to break anything down there myself.

If a girl does that she will still consider herself a virgin though, because she hasn't had sex with anyone, and I'd agree with that. But they might not have their hymen anymore or just be loose.

27e07e  No.10711


>readability is reddit spacing

where did this even come from? pressing enter after lines of texts might predate reddit by a little bit

2889bc  No.10792


yes, in my books you stop being a virgin when you have sex, oral, piv, whatever, putting a dildo inside you doesn't stop you being a virgin any more than putting your dick in a fleshlight or microwaved chicken

imo the ones with sex toys are more likely to be virgins because, you know, they're using toys to get some action

aec36c  No.10827

File: b2c792356754945⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 367x206, 367:206, 1496135730790.gif)


19 here. I'm a KHV. Haven't even masturbated once. One time, I read some porn fanfic, but I got really bored, so I stayed away from it. I do fantasize about Clint Eastwood, or being a homesteader housewife in some western from time to time, but that's just from a romantic, emotional perspective.

All in all, I have no fucking clue when it comes to sex.

9e7788  No.10828



I wonder what it would be like being your partner and getting you to discover more about it.

It can only go one of two ways from personal experience…

490d39  No.10829


What a headache you are. Learn to enjoy yourself physically or nobody ever will.

3baabb  No.10881


My girl used to be like this but now that we are getting more sexual in our relationship, things are starting to change for her, she even said that she started to masturbate now (fingers only).

Although, she made it pretty clear that she still want's to wait until marriage, so I guess that there is still some time before I can truly say that she "became fully sexual" now.

My guess is that it's a girl's thing, probably a KHV type of girl, I don't think you should be worried about this if you do plan on getting married and having a family.

1635b7  No.10961


What. a. cunt.

512516  No.10970

File: 14598023bede14d⋯.jpg (12.17 KB, 236x283, 236:283, 14598023bede14ddaa409f40a1….jpg)



>jealous whores that became worthless after throwing their virginity away to men who didn't commit to them

1635b7  No.10974


Kek, I'm a dude. Fucking whiteknights.

3baabb  No.10978


What about girls that got raped?

64432d  No.10995


Why would girls who got raped be giving some other girl shit for not having sex or having much of a sex drive?

She's fine. When someone or something turns her on, she'll want to have sex, even if only to please them, it's nothing to rush into and if her body isn't into it, her body just isn't into it.

I don't get why anyone would call her a cunt for not masturbating.

3baabb  No.11000


Good point.

Although this could be applied to girls that got raped and can get shit on by other girls for not being sexually active.

Hell, I saw a lot of dumb shit from females during my time in college, some of them used to put some stuff into other girl's drink just so they could "enjoy" the party and the cute boy that was looking at her.

9ed770  No.11001


I wonder if this is due to some sort of hormonal abnormalities. Do you happen to not have womanly curves?

98a187  No.12062

File: 137cc33e01b5850⋯.jpg (37.99 KB, 615x407, 615:407, angry-woman-with-hood.jpg)

Wasted my V on some stupid curly haired faggot when I was 13, wish I wasn't so stupid. One of the first things I heard in middle school was I had to lose my V before high school or I was a loser so yeah fuck those people

229121  No.12064

Just go all in gangbang. There’s so much happening the pain is the least of your worries. Please don’t slutshame me for this comment.

267200  No.12066


13 really? That's way too young.

98a187  No.12068

File: 286ca803763c422⋯.jpg (125.24 KB, 500x611, 500:611, b89ca0978a3dba2afc47f0d91a….jpg)


Yeah it messed me up mentally. I just wanted to fall in love afterwards and he was a dumbass. Definitely not prepared at that age. Looking back I would like to have waited until I was 18. I couldn't even enjoy sex until a year ago. I'm 30 now.

9e7788  No.12073


>I couldn't even enjoy sex until a year ago. I'm 30 now

>Had sex at 13

Just how often did you have sex without enjoying it?

I feel really bad for you, not gonna lie.

98a187  No.12074


Well I was a "people pleaser" so this happened anytime a guy showed interest. Sounds pathetic but I learned the hard way. I met the man I married when I was 15, but at that point I had slept with 6 guys hoping for a relationship (they didn't want one). I think what pisses me off the most though is how my behavior was unchecked . I mean not once did my family say anything to me (they knew). I have a daughter and this shit is not going to happen to her that is for sure

9e7788  No.12075


>this happened anytime a guy showed interest

You surely mean anyone who you also liked?

You can't possibly have fucked every male who's shown interest….right?

bd5eb6  No.12089


I am slutshaming you hard right now.


Well I had sexual experiences at 12, so 13 doesn't sounds so farfetched.

I knew a girl who was 13 who would grope guys and let them grope her.

98a187  No.12098


Lol I'm like a 2/10. Wasn't fat (unlike now) but I have a really weird face. My self esteem was in the gutter, I 'liked' anyone who looked twice (just a handful of losers). I want to punch myself just thinking about it.

9e7788  No.12102

File: 6d242eac4a06177⋯.jpg (123.47 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, 6d242eac4a0617719e0eaa44ff….jpg)



Don't worry friend, you'll always be perfect in my imagination ❤ just don't post your face, keep the magic intact :^)

>Wasn't fat (unlike now) but I have a really weird face. My self esteem was in the gutter.

>Was in the gutter


So you got fatter and somehow your self esteem improved? Did your face improve with age?

I'm sorry if i sound rude, I'm just legit curious.

98a187  No.12105


Lol! Thanks, actually I've come to terms with my appearance because of hobbies and my kids make me happy too. But really being in a relationship for several years has been good for me. I would say that my husband and I are basically the same level of attractiveness so there's no issue there. Just like to vent about shitty past sometimes. It helps

98a187  No.12106


Lol! Thanks, actually I've come to terms with my appearance because of hobbies and my kids make me happy too.I would say that my husband and I are basically the same level of attractiveness so there's no issue there. Just like to vent about shitty past sometimes. It helps

98a187  No.12107


fuck would not let me post now there's double

98a187  No.12108

Would not let me post now there's double

64432d  No.12115

Just to clarify, did you want male losing virginity stories as well? Because I mean, I got one, and it did hurt, and it's all written up in as greentext, but I'm a dude.

2c4e44  No.12118


Now that you said it hurt I'm curious, so go ahead.

9e7788  No.12126




H-Have i been teasing a granny?

64432d  No.12130

File: 0fbe94d691a17da⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 0fbe94d691a17da00e4ca2449a….jpg)


Alright, I've posted the story all over the place before. I have a picture saved some where. I started posting it to wizards in "Should I ignore her looks?" "I'm such a loser, I could have gotten laid" etc. type threads as a confidence booster, and as an example of how you *should* be a bit shallow. For the record time I'll say this relationship sucked, but since then my sex life's been pretty normal.

>In my teens while not religious I didn't believe in sex until marriage, because I didn't like promiscuous girls and didn't want to be a hypocrite. By 23 I was starting to regret not having slept with the girls I dated in middle and high school.

>Posted a thread on halfchan /b/ asking if there were any nice girls out there. Yes, I met the girl I lost my virginity to on 4chan /b/.

>There were many responses, but they all fizzled out aside from one girl from Australia. Physically I hadn't seen much of her, but her personality and intelligence were extremely attractive. We shared similar beliefs and hobbies and she had like 8 degrees and spoke like 7 languages. She was from Australia. When I finally saw her… I was a little disappointed. I was already so into her personality though, I told myself I was being shallow. I found myself as the relationship went on becoming the stereotypical girl. I'd pretend to orgasm when I wasn't aroused at all by what I was seeing. Still, when the conversations weren't about sex, when we were talking about ancient Egypt, politics, her requirements for becoming a government intelligence analyst or Stargate I really enjoyed talking to her, so I just kept telling myself I was being shallow, I wasn't perfect, we'd improve together.

>Very soon after she planned a trip through the US with her mom with an ulterior motive of meeting me and losing her virginity.

>She took a plane across the planet, I took a bus upstate.

>I didn't really want to, but by that point I felt I had no other choice. How could I say no after she'd traveled to the opposite side of the planet to meet me?

Part 1.

64432d  No.12131

File: 9ab3c57409e0d4b⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 441x477, 49:53, 9ab3c57409e0d4b26daae5ac57….jpg)


>So, we had it all mapped out. I figured I'd be like the stereotypical virgin, cum real quick the first time.

>She was in lingerie. We made out, I pulled out her… breasts… such as they were…

>I hadn't previously described her appearance… Let's start with positives. She had green eyes, she hair hair which I thought was red as she said she was natural, but upon meeting her she admitted to dying, which is probably what made it kind of stringy and definitely what she told me burned part of her face, which didn't show unless she got hot or aroused, in which case part of her face made me think of Gorbochov.

>As for the negatives? Before we'd met she weighed over 300 pounds and worked in a plus size store. She was 5'1 also. She'd gotten her weight down to around 180 and was proud of this, but it had taken it's toll on her body…

>Stretch marks.

>One side of her stomach hung lower than the other.

>Her breasts were small, saggy, triangular and downward pointing. And she had hair on the nipples.

>The poor thing tried to tweeze them, but there was a noticeable scab, so she gave up and shaved the rest. So yeah, stubble.

>And then there was her pussy… I could feel she was soaking wet before we got her underwear off. My very first thought was "Wow, is it supposed to smell this strongly?" If I'd only known… We'll come back to this later.

>So we decided blowjob first, then I eat her out (hahaha…) until I'm hard again then we fuck.

>I was so afraid of my dick smelling bad or something when she kneeled in front of me I quickly excused myself to the bathroom to wash and soap it real quick just to make sure.

>I came back, she pulled it out. I was rock hard, pretty excited having never done this before despite not being hugely into her physically. She stroked me and I felt nothing. She licked and sucked on it and I felt nothing. I tried fucking her mouth, stroking into her mouth, hanging her head off the side of the bed. It was all completely numb to me. So I said why don't we get straight to the fucking. She was on birth control. So I pulled off the panties, and… What I'll say next gets kind of mean, but it was the most horrifying part of the experience.

Part 2.

64432d  No.12132

File: b379dd4b642ee67⋯.jpg (34.94 KB, 203x192, 203:192, 659476954.jpg)


>I could get over the BO and Halitosis, but this was the stuff of nightmares…

>Her pussy looked like an axe wound and smelled like an infected one. It was goopy and caused me to cough, physically gag, and my eyes to water. I could still smell it breathing through my mouth. I seriously couldn't even look directly at it. "Oh my dear god, do they all smell like this?!"

>I'd made out plenty of times in underwear before that, but for all I knew that thin layer of fabric really made all the difference.

>How exactly did it smell? Stop reading this if you're eating.

>Start with a dirty bathtub, fill the floor of it with grimy pennies, pour three tanks filled with filthy aquarium water on top, and then roll in two slimy six month old christmas hams on top, and stir with a broomstick from a distance.

>So then we fucked, she had to guide my dick in since I couldn't look at it. In fact at one point I was fucking a fold on her stomach unable to feel a difference until she corrected me and said "but that's okay." I didn't know which of us to be embarrassed for.

>We tried different positions, but just like the oral I. Felt. NOTHING. I was just hating every moment of it, trying to think of anywhere else I could be, just wanting it over with.

>As for how I was hurt? The only time I felt any sensation during the oral was the scraping of her teeth for one, the second was when she tried to ride me. She didn't climb up and slowly slide down onto my dick, for some bizarre as fuck reason she got the head in and then threw all her weight down on my pelvis. I actually screamed out, it felt like something was ripping under the skin. I was seriously afraid she'd just destroyed my dick.

>This just went on and on until we found ourselves back in the missionary position and I was just mindlessly plowing away as quickly as I could just wanting it to end. It felt like decades passed, but it was only a few hours. Finally I managed to cum and pulled off and tried to cuddle while still physically wretching. She didn't orgasm, naturally, so I just made out with her while using her rabbit dildo on her until she did cum. I went to the bathroom to clean off, and that was when it hit me.

>Oh my god, the smell's all over my dick and all over my hands!

>I was almost in tears trying to scrub it off. What if it never goes away? Is this what all pussies smell like and I've just never known!?

tl;dr: We dated for two years. Two largely sexless years of me having headaches and being tired and pretty much never again maintaining an erection in her presence. I resigned myself depressedly to marrying her like I was trapped under rubble in a sinking submarine. "I can't tell her I want to dump her because her pussy smells and I don't enjoy sex with her." After two years she cheated on me with some guy she met in World of Warcraft. I was angry at first, but I quickly moved on to someone else. She came crawling back some time later saying the new guy turned out to be 38 and married with three kids. When I later told her about my new girlfriend she tried to claim *I* was cheating on *her*, presumably to save face with friends and family, I don't know.


2c4e44  No.12138

File: 63f90c37b5069a0⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 500x272, 125:68, sawa.jpg)




Ah yes, I had actually read this story before on a different board. I had been trying to forget it since.

bac56a  No.12140



I'm enjoying giving armchair advice to femanons, so I'll take a crack at it again.

How to take a guy's virginity

What to expect from him

- He may not be as muscular or thin as you expected. Clothes make you more flattering.

- His pubic hair may be thicker than expect, or he's totally shaven. He may also have hair between his butt cheeks.

- He may even have hair around his areola, or have large areola/nipples. It can be flat, puffy, pointed, or inverted- just like you.

- The head of the dick is nearly as sensitive as the clit. The balls can also be a little tender. In circumcised men, the head of the dick is a lot less sensitive (the foreskin acting as the clitoral hood, protecting the clit).

- His dick & balls will probably smell like sweat. It can't be helped- but the smell should not be overpowering unless he doesn't clean. Bare in mind how hot the weather is, what he's been up to, etc. can make him sweatier.

- Men rarely practice for endurance when masturbating (edging), so it's entirely likely he'll be a minute man, or even a one-pump chump.

- Nerves can fuck us up as badly as it can women. He may not be able to get it up, or cum in his underwear before he even puts it in.

- Do not mistake pre-cum for cum. Pre-cum is clear, kinda odorless, that only slightly tastes of cum. Much like in women, it's how the body self-lubricates the gentiles for penetration. It can come out usually as a few drips, but in some cases more can come out. It doesn't mean he's close to cumming (despite the name), though different guys have different biologies (some guys pre just as they get an erection, others even before they're fully erect). In rare cases can get pregnant from pre-cum (a few stray sperm mixed in), and you can get certain STDs if he has them.

- Unless the guy has sworn off red-meat and only eats pineapple- his semen will taste bitter (smoking & bad health can also make it taste more bitter). Not disgusting or outright rank- just bitter (personal tastes may vary). Spitting out or swallowing is fine- though most guys would like to watch you swallow. You will never be getting "mouthfuls" of cum. At best you'll get an amount that roughly fills a shot glass. This can be more if he hasn't cum in a while. Remember you can still get STDs from oral.

- The distance he shoots also varies. It can just trickle out the end, or it can shoot roughly a hand-width. Shooting the entire length of your torso (from your vagina to your boobs) is rare. Up to your face from there is damn near impossible. Usually he'll shoot 3-4 times in one ejaculation. But again- it can be more or less.

- Guys need to rest after cumming. But after resting (a minute or two- or longer) some guys can get it up and go again. He usually won't last as long, but some guys (especially if they have a LOT backed up) tend to be a quick shot at first, then can go again for longer. Younger men also tend to be able to get erections quicker & harder- at the cost of lack of experience (usually). Men can also cum without producing semen (dry ejaculation)- usually when the guy is aroused enough to keep hard. This isn't common- usually when a guy is done, he's done. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised". And just because a guy is dry ejaculating- this does not eliminate STDs transferring, or stray sperm.

- After cumming, one of the many chemicals released by the male brain includes one that induces drowziness. It is entirely normal for a guy to fall asleep after sex.

- "Blue balls" isn't just a phrase. If a guy has been aroused but unable to cum on multiple occasions, this can result in the testicles becoming bruised.

- Heavy drinking can result in "whiskey dick"- where the guy can't get it up. This can happen with any amount of booze.

- He should not have any smegma (dried semen) around his dick if he cleans himself properly. It will not cause you any harm- nor can you get pregnant from it.

bac56a  No.12141

File: 12303a93a0de553⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 532.24 KB, 972x1924, 243:481, BJ Guide.png)

File: 148e8fe16b78afe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.38 KB, 700x698, 350:349, Amateur, Normal, Princess,….jpg)


How to help him

- He's going to be an amateur. He's going to fuck up. He won't pound you all night like a stud, or eat you out like a dog with a whole peanut butter jar. Expect to not cum. But, the more you do it- the better he'll get.

- He should only go as far as you want to, and the same applies the other way to and he should know that. Due to first night nerves or the like he may cum before he even gets undressed or can't get it up. He might need a few sessions of heavy petting and making out to get over it. If he's not hard, you can still rub the inside of his thighs or grope his ass. If he's hard and he wants you to grab his dick, he'll let you know. There is nothing wrong with having your first time just be oral or mutual masturbation. Give him the out he might- damaging his masculinity is bad for his mental health as much as a bad first time can be for you.

- Communicate, tell him if you don't like something- and tell him if you like what he's doing. Knowing we're turning you on turns us on. You shouldn't fake how good you feel. But there's no reason not to let him know he's on target. Likewise, he'll then tell you what is and isn't working.

- Even if you're probably gonna be done in less then 10 mins (and that's including making out), give plenty of time. The more time he has, the less he has to worry about. "We've only got 5 mins until my Dad comes home" is not something we want on top of everything else.

- You don't have to deepthroat. A common trick is jerking off his dick while sucking on part of the dick that sticks out the end. Assaulting the head with constant sucking and licking can feel really fucking good- and it can also really fucking hurt. Again- it's sensitive. Don't be afraid to communicate.

- Balls are like step-children. They're often forgotten. If you're sucking his dick, play with them. Gently roll them around with a free hand and the like. Stimulating them during sex is not often possible due to positions.

- For all your other oral advice- first pic related (images in the guides are lewd, so spoilered). You do not need to give head however. Do what you're both comfortable with. Likewise, don't panic if you're boobs aren't big enough to give a tit-fuck or your ass isn't big enough to hot-dog. If he likes you enough to get naked- he'll like what you can do with it.

- The nipples can be an erogenous zone for some guys. Give it a go, but don't be shocked if he's not into it (though having you do it might just turn him on from what he sees rather than how it feels).

- Practice good hygiene. Especially down there. Your hot box is a sweat box, and there's a reason eating a girl out has long been considered heinous by men (in times before soap or clean running water in every home). BO is your enemy- keep your cootch clean, even if you have to wipe down before sex.

- Thanks to porn- he's probably expecting you to be clean shaven. You don't have to be but make sure your bush is manageable and clean. Don't shave the day before or day of sex. The skin will be sensitive, and it'll hurt like hell if you try to have sex after. Give it a few days (this also gives you time to deal with any pimples that came up thanks to shaving). Depending on how fast it grows back for you, it might feel like you're on a clock looking for a sweet spot. Don't panic. He's gonna be happy even if you have a 5 o'clock shadow down there.

- Changing positions frequently can stop him cumming as fast. Of course if you change every other moment it's gonna get annoying. Again- communication. Asking if he wants to switch it up will give him the out he needs to hold-fire for a while.

- We can say some nasty shit when we're turned on. Unless it's creeping you out or turning you off- don't read to heavily into it. It's less than roleplay. Hell, it's probably a bad habit he picked up from the porn.

- If you're doing it doggy, you can effect how deep he goes. But, if you want him to be happy with what he sees, last pic related. Be a legend. Trust me.

How he can help you

- If it's your first time- it's gonna hurt. It'll probably hurt the next time to. But it will hurt a little less each time, and feel a little better. He may need to understand this.

- Communicate- tell him what you like and vice-versa. If it hurts too much- there's nothing wrong with telling him to stop.

- Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay!! If he needs to finger you- ask him to fucking finger you.

- Uhhh… Yeah I got nothing else. But that isn't to say there isn't more.

Feel free to dispute, discuss, and offer advice to Femanons and men alike. The better we all lose our virginity when the time comes, the better sex we can have and happier relationships.

bac56a  No.12142

File: 9e5ba5cfc188ed1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 855.87 KB, 2355x3245, 471:649, bj1.jpg)

File: 0786b71f0b9cc62⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, bj2.jpg)


And more BJ guides.

You don't need to give head on your first time however.

bac56a  No.12143

File: b5a8a01bfd4a439⋯.png (3.27 MB, 2355x3245, 471:649, bj3.png)


> Only 2 images per post.

In the words of a popular normalfag meme "Damn bitch, you live like this?"

2c4e44  No.12206


Why is that "Legend" position better?

b5d1f8  No.12209


Was she a woman or a tranny?

3baabb  No.12214

File: 749ed6cbf0d1f71⋯.jpg (303.88 KB, 1383x1600, 1383:1600, 749.jpg)


>Give him the out he might- damaging his masculinity is bad for his mental health as much as a bad first time can be for you.

I wish my ex wasn't such a cunt, she pretty much destroyed my mental health after the first times we had sex.

Also, it seems like you are giving advice that is more directed towars virgin girls instead of the experienced ones that had a beta boyfriend, I don't know, but that's pretty much what I got from your posts.

But anyway, good advice, m8.

bac56a  No.12228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It makes your ass appear larger and firmer (like wearing heels), along with making your hips seem bigger by proxy. All stuff men like.

It's not all for him however. If you're the one moving, you have an easier time controlling speed and depth of penetration. Also, the position gives different sensations for you. In short, the back wall of the vagina stretches. If you want a guy to rub against your G-spot, angle it so his dick rubs against the front wall of your vagina. If you want to feel like he's going deeper, have him rub against the back wall. That pose (or doggy position in general) helps with the latter.


The experienced girl is gonna know how to take a guy's virginity, so by proxy it leaves the less experienced girls to reap benefits from the advice. That and it's kinda daft on my part to write how best to take a girl's virginity on a girl's board for girls. I don't even know if it's better to go slow when you break the hymen, or push in fast and hard under the "rip off the band-aid & get the worst part over with" mentality.


Forgot to spoiler this image, even though it's not lewd until you see past the text.

31af2f  No.12365

All this talk of horrible first times makes me think your dads should have shown you what's what. I'm sure they'd be gentle and loving.

bd5eb6  No.12366


Incest is disgusting, you inbreed donkey,

b7342b  No.12383


Have you tried it, baby satan?

bd5eb6  No.12385


No and I don't need to.

I haven't tried crack and meth and yet I know they are bad.

bac56a  No.12386


>This can happen with any amount of booze.

* any kind of booze. If he says he's got Whisky Dick after one beer- he has other issues he ain't telling you.

b7342b  No.12390


Tbh crack and meth aren't all that bad unless you abuse it and become addicted to it. Everyone should try it once then try to achieve the same high without them imo. Personally, I think meth is overrated. It's really just an escapist drug and not worth the time and you're barely conscious and remember anything so what the fuck is the use? Crack was horrible for me. Didn't do shit aside from making me feel like I drank 20 gallons of coffee. It's great for women though because y'all feel horny all the time after it. It's kinda like ecstasy minus all the feel good shit and just straight up rape mode. For men, it kills boners so yeah… very problematic when I tried it with a bunch of girls.

492492  No.12396

File: 4166c97dfb6cae6⋯.webm (3.27 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 01 You'll Cowards Don't E….webm)


Agreed. Viper the Rapper smoked crack and changed the rap game forever. How can people talk about crack if they haven't even tried it, he asks? Obviously because they're cowards.

b7342b  No.12404


Viper isn't a rapper, he's a warrior poet.

3e5247  No.12570

File: 1bdafa5e32cd71a⋯.jpg (74.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 411.jpg)


>Well I was a "people pleaser" so this happened anytime a guy showed interest. Sounds pathetic but I learned the hard way. I met the man I married when I was 15, but at that point I had slept with 6 guys hoping for a relationship (they didn't want one). I think what pisses me off the most though is how my behavior was unchecked . I mean not once did my family say anything to me (they knew). I have a daughter and this shit is not going to happen to her that is for sure

If society keeps following the stupid pattern it's going in now, you'll experience a different problem compared to being a parent preventing a daughter from being promiscuous.

98a187  No.12583




981c2e  No.12605


>He may also have hair between his butt cheeks.

do girls dislike this? I have never even thought of shaving this area and nobody I've been with has even touched me down there.

i don't want to shave my ass. fuck that.

>It will not cause you any harm- nor can you get pregnant from it.

it will cause him harm though, make sure he cleans his shit up or else his weiner will get rubbed raw.

<t. unjewed weiner

492492  No.12606

File: 0b643ea293588d6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1000x1459, 1000:1459, raspberry raz-ma-tazz.jpg)


>shaving your ass

No, friend, you need a bottle of the raspberry raz-ma-tazz.

981c2e  No.12629


i put that on my head once when I went full skinhead heh, it burned…

46864a  No.12647


I'm still a virgin.

069164  No.12653

>be 18 and invited to normie house party

>proceed to get drunk as hell because you don't have to socialize when there's a bottle on your lips

>some kinda weird guy in his 20s is there too and keeps talking to me while I just talk about random stuff

>he goes out to smoke a cigarette outside and I follow him

>outside we see a forest and I mention how it looks like that Slender (current memegame of the month)

>Y-you play vidya?

>He now refuses to let me alone

>I get drunk enough to think he's cute

>we proceed to go to the party hosts' parent's room

>he takes off his pants and puts his dick through his boxers

>proceed to lick the tip of his dick and having no idea what I'm doing

>proceed to have incredibly awkward sex where I fake moan very loudly because that's what you're supposed to do right

>I'm not aroused at all actually but I want to finally stop being a virgin

>It only hurts a little

>neither of us cums and it gets so awkward that we just stop

>As I dress up I notice there's a bit of blood in my undies

>awkwardly hug as I give him a fake number

>don't have sex or any boy contact me for another year as I'm filled with regret and grow a hate for sex

98a187  No.12657


What did he look like?

069164  No.12660


That fucking side swept bowl cut hair sported along with a flimsy sad try of a beard.

Was a bit chubby, but not fat and at least tall.

Also it's been so lang that I can barely recall his face. But he was in total just painfully average.

Weird was mostly his stupid, vacant smile and that he kept talking to me.

a6bb7c  No.13757


>>I'm not aroused at all

>>It only hurts a little

How is this possible? Because of the alcohol? Still though.

I was aroused and it hurt like shit.

3e5247  No.13773


You're an inspiration. Don't trust the other hoes in the thread.

3e5247  No.13775


I saw your story in another thread.

Or maybe it was this thread and I forgot I've already read this before.

Or Deja vu or something.

a9b079  No.13849


>Whore jealous of a women who didn't whore herself out.

Hope you enjoy never finding true love, bitch.


Don't listen to the other jealous women in this thread, they're whores. I will tell you that many men, and not just robot types, want someone who hasn't been defiled. Keep it up and you'll win big, unlike the other whores here.

669489  No.13850


As a 30 year old kissless virgin guy I'm not sure how I'd react to being groped by a woman like that, but I can't deny I'd probably enjoy it to some extent, though I'd probably also be royally confused and a bit scared at the world having gone completely mad.

The closest I've ever been to that was a group of teenage girls ironically wolf whistling behind my back as a joke when I was around ten, so that's decades ago.

I and probably most guys on this website can't possibly relate to your feelings on the matter of that groper, but I doubt any of us can see it as something being wrong with you or your reaction either.

669489  No.13851


I'm left trying to figure out if guys should consider themselves lucky that they generally have to put a lot more effort into getting laid, and therefore have a lower chance of making a mistake like that, while they're still typical stupid teenagers.

33daca  No.18020


I broke my own hymen when I was 11 years old through fingering myself, bit by bit till one time there was actually blood.

It hurt, but for some reason little me thought that I should have been able to stick 3 fingers inside myself.

So yea it broke sexually, but a lack of a hymen certainly doesnt indicate a non virgin

ccc97b  No.18021

File: f9ce3e08b7fddd3⋯.jpg (85.63 KB, 601x900, 601:900, 1926e695f9aec6e05efd55afed….jpg)


>but a lack of a hymen certainly doesnt indicate a non virgin

This. I hope this isn't pervasive myth because the hymen is surprisingly easy to break. I simply broke mine through the use of tampons.


You could view it from that perspective, however I believe most teen sexual mishaps stem from improper parenting and/or a lack of guidance and occurrences such as hers would dwindle to nearly naught if homelife was stronger. There's a lot of pressure on teens to be sexy and have sex. Children/teens are inherently ignorant. This coupled with the undue influence of the media, if parents don't maintain a watchful eye their children may learn through The School of Hard Knocks about reproductive responsibility.

339033  No.18025

File: bc8135c279ed4d3⋯.gif (89.94 KB, 320x320, 1:1, bc8135c279ed4d3b69f6c49035….gif)


I'm always kind of surprised when people describe their first time being painful. I had that nonsense well taken care of by the time I was, like, 12. Just through masturbation.

That said, my first time was pretty horrendous. It was essentially a revenge fuck. I was dating a guy for three years who was very religious, I was still going to church but wasn't very serious about it. My bf was one those "I want to wait" types, and I definitely wasn't. He always refused to have any kind of sexual intimacy with me.

It REALLY got to me. All I could hear was rejection because I knew I wasn't terribly attractive and I've always been very insecure about it. It drove a wedge between us, and I gradually began to resent him for it. I became a frigid, hostile bitch towards him, and one day, he just decided he'd had enough and dumped my ass 'cold. He was already dating someone else within the month, someone considerably hotter, mind you.

That pretty much crushed me. I was pissed and very much sexually frustrated (as pathetic as that sounds). So, I acted I rashly, I figured I would get back at him and check something off my bucket list in one go. I called up the ugliest (easiest) friend of his that I knew (they weren't even that close). Got to know him over Facebook for a bit. We went out, he brought me back to his place, I insisted on getting him drunk and, rather unceremoniously, we had the most dispassionate, sterile, awkward sex you can imagine. I regretted it even as it was happening. It wasn't really his fault, my head just wasn't on straight.

I only felt likecomplete shit when it was over and done. I even locked myself in the bathroom afterward and cried my eyes out over the toilet, but made sure not to let him hear. I didn't stay the night, I was going to head home but I decided to run to parents place and asked if I could stay with them for a few days, because I was just feeling so abandoned by everybody.

It was such a negative experience for me that I remained willfully cellibate for about four years, all through university, that is until I ended up with my current bf.

3c5434  No.18031

File: 00b4f919453967a⋯.png (238.67 KB, 488x500, 122:125, 00b4f919453967a1a3bbda73db….png)


I love how asshurt some women get when they're confronted with a someone who just doesn't buy into their loose, hedonistic lifestyle, lol. It's so fucking beyond petty, they take it as personally slight that anyone dares choose a different path in life.

3c5434  No.18032


*as a personal slight

8f6e5b  No.18034


He fucked your shit up. No, seriously, you're fucked now.

d687fc  No.18035


>you're fucked now

What do you mean? I'm in a stable relationship now, Anon.

8f6e5b  No.18040



Seriously. That guy fucked you up without putting a damn thing in you. Your first time was a revenge fuck you immediately regretted, on some guy that either wasn't man enough or a fucking psychopath, followed by years of false chastity, when you could've met "the one", and have been deep into a family already.

000000  No.18041


>implying not having a sex drive is totally lenormal and not a symptom of a bigger problem, whether it be a physical or psychological one

>implying sleeping around is the same as masturbating

Off with your chastity belt!


Happened to me when I was learning how to do the splits. I assure you, there was nothing sexual about it.

33daca  No.18042


Holy shit femanon, you fucked up pretty bad. But it happened now, and I can only hope it helped you grow as a person and youre sorry now.

Meanwhile, Im looking forward to my first time with guy Im 100% marrying. Im happy you have someone too now, who I assume is working out better than the first

33daca  No.18043


This, it's disgusting just how hateful they are

>I want to have sex only with people I would marry/am okay with having a child with



33daca  No.18044


>false chastity

I mean, I didnt see anything in her post that suggest her first bf wasnt being sincere. The issue here seemed to be a lack of communication and understanding, his decision and her need are both normal, and not wrong.

b06935  No.18047


>off with your chastity belt

You're proving her right, whore.


No. She was pretty much the only one in the right. His lack of commitment sent her overboard, and then she completely fucked her shit up by jumping straight into whoredom, all because she couldn't handle it all. Absolutely disgusting.

33daca  No.18050


Fucking some random while drunk to get revenge on your boyfriend for wanting to wait isn't in the right

b06935  No.18051

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wanting to get married and have children together is very much in the right. Unfortunately, she loved him too much, and took the heartbreak very badly, corrupting herself in the process. No doubt the fellow's just waiting for vid related to prophesise once his mad dash for gash and cash comes to a slow, geriatric end. Awful man.

d687fc  No.18053

File: 73d7c4b3eefa2f0⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 500x367, 500:367, Shinji.jpg)


>a fucking psychopath

I don't see how you've managed to arrive at that conclusion. He knew me and my ex had broken up. It's not like he knew what I was up to either, as I at least made a show of wanting to get to know him and being genuinely interested. If anything, I was the one being predatory. He even continued to pursue me for a few weeks after the fact. I tried ghosting him and hoped he'd take the hint, but I eventually found the spine to confront him and break it off officially. I've always felt guilty about that, he really wasn't a horrible guy and I treated him like throwaway trash. It was probably for his own good that he didn't get too deeply involved with me at the time, though.

>false chastity

"Chastity" usually implies some sort of moralistic reasoning being involved in its' practice, which is why I used "celibate" instead. I think it would be more accurate to say that I simply disillusioned with sex as a result of my demoralizing past experience, and no longer viewed it as something worth pursuing. Even so, I did mention that I'm not exactly striking; it's not like I have men throwing themselves at me.

>you could've met "the one"

What, you think that because I hit a speed-bump that I've given up? I don't get you, man. People can learn from their past mistakes, you know. I'm only 27, for fuck's sake.


>I can only hope it helped you grow as a person

Believe me, it has.


>The issue here seemed to be a lack of communication and understanding

The communication was fine. Understanding? Not so much. I let my insecurities rule my thoughts and couldn't see things any other way because of it.



Wow, I guess one time in a moment vulnerability = whore, now.

ba1125  No.18054


>I don't see how you've managed to arrive at that conclusion

I don't see how you've determined I am calling the hog you slept with the psychopath, and not the guy who led you on, and left you to corrupt yourself.

>I tried ghosting him and hoped he'd take the hint

Well, I guess the other anon's right about you being just as awful of a person.

>I simply disillusioned with sex as a result of my demoralizing past experience

Which you brought upon yourself. You were but a pristine flower, and you roasted yourself in the flames of sin.

>you think that because I hit a speed-bump that I've given up

You drove yourself into a wall, because you got heartbroken over some dickless bastard, and now you're three years from total impact. You're literally a bastard child in tow away from being the epitome of a bottom rung female. There's a word folks from outside of this site call a lady like you, that I really don't like saying. I much prefer whore to it.

d687fc  No.18055


Welp, none of that was particularly reasonable or worth responding to, so I'm just gonna' take it as bait.

f4cefc  No.18056


You cannot argue against it because you know it is the truth. Pretending that I am doing this only jokingly shall change none of that. You are beyond redemption. I feel ashamed for disagreeing with that anon from before so harshly.

17074f  No.18057


>People can learn from their past mistakes

people can learn from the mistakes of others as well. i've learned that you are trash.

ad661b  No.18058

File: b269041e4a6c81b⋯.jpg (226.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shrug543534534.jpg)


>people can learn from the mistakes of others as well

In that case, I'm happy to be of service, I guess. Although, I still don't get what has led you to make such harsh conclusions about me, given that I have not made any attempt to excuse or justify my past behavior. But, you're a paragon of human perfection, I'm sure, so who am I to question? You've never fucked up.

Then again, you're just trolling, aren't you?

8f6e5b  No.18071


You turned yourself into pure garbage over not getting any, and you feel no shame for it.

You are beyond redemption. Be gone.

6198e7  No.18811


common misconception about the hymen. it actually tears

8c9933  No.18812


I didn't have sex for about 5 years and didn't use dildos. When I did have sex again, it hurt a bit for the first few minutes but believe me, that shit will open right up again. Like riding a bicycle. Don't stress about it. Just tell him you're really tight and get on top. Take your time.

cf267c  No.18824


Religion fucks people up so bad.

Don't feel too bad about this first time of yours. Not ideal circumstances, but it's not the fucked up part of the story.


She just had dispassionate sex. That's like –intentionally losing at checkers or some game. That level. "Redemption" Pff. Playing the religious card for real or a troll is stupid either way.

e52cf8  No.18846


>that's like –intentionally losing at checkers or some game

The game of course being their lives. Religious institutions played this card all the way back to shamans for a reason, and that's because it kept people together. No virgins, no marriages.

cf267c  No.18849


Evidently you are wrong. She has a life. Only religious-cucks think less of her, and the fool who spurned her is probably married to an even bigger fool and they're miserable together.

>Muh shaman wisdom

You aren't a close student of the ancients

f19c6f  No.18861


>the fool who spurned her is probably married to an even bigger fool and they're miserable together

Which doesn't spare her from being miserable either, considering she was the one who was fooled.

ddb63a  No.19434


Oh great, here comes the male who just has to make it about himself. Fuck off pig

0b7a00  No.19489

it was horrible because he tried to make me top and that's gross and the most painful part of the whole experience.

ed770b  No.19554


It really depends on your point of view.

A part of me says that being a virgin is a good thing for both male and female because it really does make the first time all the more special.

When I look at it that way, there really is a sense for sex after marriage.

After all, sex isn't really THAT big a part of being married. It may play a big role in intimacy, but it isn't the end all reason to be together in the first place.

On the other hand, there also is a reason why virginity isn't all that important today.

Today, sexual compatibility between couples have also become important.

I myself wouldn't want a woman who barely gives any effort in bed, and I'm sure some women share the same sentiment.

ed770b  No.19558



I guess what I'm trying to say is, it doesn't really matter.

Just enjoy life as it is, and think about it: do you want to be with someone who places virginity too high on a pedestal that it becomes an issue if you aren't a virgin?

891b48  No.19563

File: b94851c8b0054b5⋯.jpg (331.28 KB, 1223x1541, 1223:1541, rrLe319.jpg)

891b48  No.19564

File: a23bd52b38130b5⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 385x400, 77:80, teachman.jpg)

679fb2  No.19632

File: 79f655a14066e69⋯.jpg (78.78 KB, 800x450, 16:9, daisy.jpg)

Pretty sad to see how many women have had terrible first time experiences. I was lucky and had a memorable, great first time with my current boyfriend of four years. We were both 18 and though he wasn't a virgin, he knew how I felt, so he got us a hotel for complete privacy for the ~deflowering~. It was the first time I saw him fully naked, so I was really stoked and after some foreplay, he pushed in slowly. Yeah, it hurt a little, and I felt like I was stretching to hell, but it wasn't bad at all. I was excited and so I relaxed enough to just let it all the way in. I barely even masturbated before this. I wouldn't even use my fingers much, let alone an object, so I was surprised I was able to take it and not bleed or anything. Not gonna lie, man's packing some decent heat, too. So it was even more surprising.

tl;dr yeah first time hurt a little but it shouldn't be excruciating pain and if it is then either you're really tense and uncomfy or you aren't turned on enough (or both). It should be really exciting and fun imo

8c9933  No.19633


Same here. My first time was quite nice and only got better. It doesn't have to be bad or very painful. If you have a partner who listens to you and doesn't just go rushing in it'll be fine. We tried a few times before that and it was painful for me so we just fooled around. Then one time it just.. slipped in, lol. Yay!

ecdb6a  No.19677

File: 48f81fa00b7e368⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.27 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 1445984727483.jpg)

My first time was extremely painful…

34180c  No.19836


What if it's his first time too?

97cb8d  No.19838

It was quite painful for me but he couldn't stop telling me how good it felt so I was still happy

0ff3a3  No.19841


Oh my.

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