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Frantic days so far. MAKE SURE TO READ THE RULES.

File: aa603bc8bc665d5⋯.png (485.11 KB, 751x672, 751:672, aa603bc8bc665d5f37882a3bbe….png)

ba8b20 No.8599

Any other girls have this problem?

>been on imageboards for about 5 years

>been lurking /pol/ for past 2 years

>take all the redpills

>becoming redpilled further isolates me from other people than I already was

Being an aspie girl is a very lonely existence already, so becoming completely absorbed by /pol/'s ideologies has totally destroyed any chance that i ever had at forming meaningful friendships. (Or has made it extremely unlikely that I'll ever find like-minded people)

It almost feels like /pol/ has become my surrogate boyfriend, seeing as how the collective hivemind/thinktank has such a strong influence on my world-views. If I meet a guy whose political views are even marginally more left-leaning than /pol/ (i.e the average person), I view them as weak. It's not healthy, but I don't think I'll ever meet a person who measures up to /pol/; he'd have to be a man who was somehow even more extreme or equally as extreme as /pol/.

Not to mention the average millenial "man" is either a estrogenized soy-boy cuck atheist faggot who thinks being a feminist will get him laid, or a shallow, materialist normalfag who doesn't give a shit about anything meaningful, as long as he has tons of sex, weed, alcohol, and social media.

It's so tiring, and I don't think I'll ever find a bf.

TL;DR /pol/ has radicalized me and destroyed my chances of getting a boyfriend

b9a757 No.8600

I am sorry but the only weak person here is you for believing any of the trash /pol/ spouts.

You gotta be a special kind of retarded to even take seriously anything post in /pol/. And i honestly believe only a sick woman would follow /pol/ ideologies, which further opressess women and is made for men, by men.

Also being catholic is shit.

You are JUST another lost soul.

Post last edited at

ba8b20 No.8607

File: 7598cdfcfcd6ed7⋯.jpg (45.53 KB, 544x499, 544:499, 7598cdfcfcd6ed7831c72cd31d….jpg)


>you gotta be a special king of retarded

>being wholesome, anti-degeneracy, and traditional is retarded


>being catholic is shit

Who said anything about that? /pol/ mostly consists of atheists.

b9a757 No.8611


>the average millenial "man" is either a (…) atheist


>being wholesome, anti-degeneracy, and traditional is retarded

Traditional doesn't equals good. In fact, most of the traditional ways of thinking are warped and old-style. Not applied anyway.

Degeneracy is subjective. In /pol/ eyes, a woman having sexual desires is degenerated. Are you degenerated, then?

And /pol/ literally promotes killing people. How is that wholesome. Is as bad as extremists feminists.

ecfd36 No.8612

File: 892df45c11d6a65⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 600x335, 120:67, CRslhymUAAEt_g1.jpg)

ur in too deep in the shitpile. ur only options now are to meet /pol/ boys at far-right rallies or flirt on white supremacy forums and meetup to get dat aryan seed or w/e

c3c20d No.8615


You can meet /pol/acks, but it's tough since most of us lay low. Just find guys who aren't complete cucks and talk to them about sensitive issues and see how they react

015664 No.8616


Try being less self conscious at all times.

Realistically, the expectations put upon you by an imageboard rarely apply to real life.

9e1855 No.8618

File: 58fd78a89d9b3cc⋯.jpg (2.9 KB, 259x194, 259:194, blue pill.jpg)


Its easy, OP. Just take one of these.

744d71 No.8620


Better an atheist than a jew-worshipping christcuckold tbh.

b9a757 No.8622

File: 11c896f3caa4dde⋯.jpg (21.59 KB, 309x236, 309:236, angry.JPG)

Do I smell… /pol/itics?

f2351d No.8625


I've seen /pol/ bitching about non-natsoc fascists because its for the state instead of the nation. They're not wrong in regards to why modernity is so shitty, but their only solution to it is to become a nofunallowed puritan instead of acting within moderation of vices. /pol/ just likes to set nearly impossible standards on people in a place where nearly all that stuff is impossible to avoid, then call them cucks for not meeting that standard. Also if you live in the city you're going to find more nu-males than you would in the rural areas.

34c93a No.8628

File: 7945774ae555d14⋯.png (501.1 KB, 752x1040, 47:65, 1462123474527.png)


>implying I am

You have to admit, the average christian is much more pleasant to be around than the average atheist.


Lol, if only.


Cmom, this is more of a personal problems/advice thing. Please be gentle BO-kun.

744d71 No.8633


Eh, my experience on /pol/ is that the christians are really unpleasant to deal with. Pretty much all of them have some aspect of their belief that puts them at odds with the rest of us whether it be their belief that christianity "enlightened the savage Europeans with the wisdom of the (((Levant)))", or their arguing that jews aren't real jews we wuz israelis etc, or putting religion before race, etc.

9e1855 No.8634

OP honestly if you live in Burgerland just attend some Trump rallies and talk to the chads there. Even if you're semi-autistic and have trouble making conversation with strangers it will be easy because you already have common ground with them (supporting Drumpf).

df66c1 No.8637

File: 747a5c2d029d405⋯.jpg (43.33 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 1464761417035-0.jpg)


>we wuz Israelis


But yeah, putting religion before race is the textbook definition of a christ cuck.

But nobody is perfect, and at least christians make up for it in other areas i.e being anti degeneracy.

b9a757 No.8659


If I don't support /pol/, I am a Jew then. Black and white as usual.

Also no males outside the male thread plz.

53c75e No.8678


>visit /pol/

>laugh at those losers

>follow their sources

>it's all unscientific bs

not me

958d56 No.8684


Maybe I haven't gone as deep as you, I'm definitely not natsoc or anything but I've found that a lot of guys are way more right wing than they let on around girls. Every time but once that I've tried easing slowly into full blown conspiracy theory mode over the course of a few weeks it's been at least a qualified success. Especially with the kind of guys I know (engineers and cs majors) I find that even if they're moderates or apolitical when you lay out evidence they're smart and intellectually honest enough to give it an actual look. and this is at university too so if it works here I assume it works everywhere



>/pol/ is one person

protip: it's not

b9a757 No.8685


/pol/ IS one person tho.

They all are just a hivemind, with the same opinions one over other.

All of them think women should just be baby carriers.

All of them think white people is superior.

All of them think jews are spawns of Satan.

I can go on.

9e1855 No.8687


/pol/ has a pretty wide spectrum of views, actually. Just like autism has a wide spectrum ranging from high functioning to spurg.

You're just generalizing.

53c75e No.8688


Some of them don't think women should be chained up in a kitchen shitting babies they just think women should be banned from working and contraception?

958d56 No.8689


That's not even close to true

50k people read or post on 4/pol/ everyday

if you're dumb enough to think that 40 posters having a women hate thread is representative of all of them I have a bridge to sell you.


out of hundreds of thousands I'm sure a few think that, but most guys there are just looking for a wife who wants kids and understand that the mass entry of women into the workforce has devalued labor across the board. (which is objectively true)

If you want to spin it go ahead but there's really nothing sinister about it

53c75e No.8691


oh, so they're not christian ISIS that's just a fringe, most of them are christian al-qaeda

that makes it all better then

b9a757 No.8693


Yeah. No.

No one in /pol/ has any different views. They all believe their trash, and pat each other in the back.

That's why /pol/ is flooding to other boards now: Because they are tired of circlejerking each other and want to "redpill" everyone else.


You expect me to study every /pol/tard before basing my opinion?

Then I should surely ask /pol/ to study every woman before basing their opinions. Would they do that?

958d56 No.8694



if you seriously think wanting kids and understanding labor economics is the same as Al-qaeda, you're an unhinged ideologue

53c75e No.8695


yeah no /pol/ embraces long-discredited economists (and wages a war on the far left for doing the same)

there's no room for moderates on /pol/, it's a breeding ground for right-wing extremists and radicalisation

958d56 No.8696


>anyone who doesn't embrace keynesian economic terrorism is an evil nazi

how to give yourself away as a functional illiterate 101

53c75e No.8697


define Keynesian

3b418a No.8698



Don't try to sell your /pol/ ideology on us.

We already stated what we thinkg about it. And we simply think you guys are wrong, and spiteful.

Accept the fact and move on.

a42a5b No.8699


I'm not going to write you an essay, but in general its the idea that an economy can be controlled by moderating aggregate demand. This takes the form of QE and interest rate setting, which are incredibly destructive policies that

1) funnel huge amounts of newly created capital into the pockets of the people who own the financial system, imposing an "inflation tax" on everyone else

2)Create value dislocations ie. bubbles that go on to cause more imbalance and "require" more intervention in the long run

Put simply it's a recursive cycle that does nothing but enrich the people running it at the expense of everyone else


I'm not trying to sell you anything

a42a5b No.8701


I should clarify the fundamental thesis that you can control an economy by controlling aggregate demand is accurate, the problem is the fact that keynesians think this means you should do it in every possible circumstance. Not that that's surprising since them and their buddies make literally trillions off it every economic cycle

47cf4a No.8702

File: 8cc53e5feb2b980⋯.png (137.96 KB, 500x608, 125:152, austrian pseudoscience.png)


wow, I'm honestly surprised, you're the first /pol/tard who answered with something that wasn't "the evil gubermint does stuff"

that said, the history of its implementation

if it only enriched the people running it, they would not form a coalition to push market fundamentalism when they did, wages and living standards would never have risen anywhere near as fast as they did

not to mention there is no alternative


I take back my first paragraph

136d62 No.8705


I think you're mistaking /pol/'s beliefs with your feminist indoctrination, desu.


>/pol/ is flooding to other boards now

Those people have been posting on those boards since the day they were created.

47cf4a No.8706


>I think you're mistaking /pol/'s beliefs with your feminist indoctrination, desu.

I'm not a feminist

guess it's true when you go far enough right even the centre looks left

136d62 No.8707


Its funny you say that when anything right of center is far right :-)

47cf4a No.8708


sure, that's why you hang around the right wing extremist pit, because you're centre-right, right?

136d62 No.8709


Okay honey, why don't you go ahead and make an anti-women thread on /pol/, and post the link here.

I'd like to see how many people agree with the beliefs you project onto them.

a42a5b No.8711


real wages have been flat for 40 years, since the mid 70's when we went off the gold standard to pure fiat. coincidence? nope

living standards have risen proportionally to the fall in consumer prices as a result of exploiting cheap labor in poor countries and the increased availability of cheap credit. It's unhealthy and unsustainable in the long run

3b418a No.8712

File: 39464b2581214fe⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2592x3872, 81:121, clothes.jpg)


I am trying to. But /pol/ won't elt me post.

Tried to post pic related with this post:

"Women are just useless creatures (if they could even be categorized as such).

Agreed, yes or yes?"

136d62 No.8713


Hurry up fam.

47cf4a No.8714


>real wages have been flat for 40 years, since the mid 70's when we went off the gold standard to pure fiat. coincidence? nope

you're arguing for the gold standard and calling someone else an economic illiterate? really? this is not debated anymore by, like, any economist

the US went off the gold standard in the 70s because the gold standard was completely incapable of reacting to a global economic crisis like, say, the 1973 Oil Crisis. A gold standard cannot realistically increase the money supply to react to a crisis. Worse, gold historically has suffered serious short-term price shocks of its own, not to mention the government lacks the same level of control over gold production and circulation that it does with fiat currency. Gold can end up even putting a cap on prosperity, as economic growth without increasing gold supply fast enough results in deflationary pressures from the lack of gold leading to decreased investment and hoarding.

If anything the gold standard was worse for the economy especially when the Great Depression hit. If we were still on the gold standard in 2008 it would be some ugly shit.

>living standards have risen proportionally to the fall in consumer prices as a result of exploiting cheap labor in poor countries and the increased availability of cheap credit. It's unhealthy and unsustainable in the long run

wrong, the industrialisation of the third world is much newer than you think and made up an incredibly small proportion of world industrial output until the 80s

3b418a No.8715


Can't, I get error messages. You do it.

Its either on my end or they enabled anti-raid features.

136d62 No.8716


Kek I'm not going to shit up the catalog. Maybe the mods disabled night time threads because the salt-left spam the catalog every night while they sleep.

3b418a No.8717


>he honestly thinks /pol/ as a whole doesn't hate women

Wait a second what are you guys doing here. I should be forcing rule 4

a42a5b No.8719


I'm not advocating a return to the gold standard, I'm opposing unrestricted money printing. Gold standard just happens to have been the mechanism that kept it under control before that. I can see how that would have been confusing.

That being said, there never would have been a 2008 if we had market interest rates and stable money.

47cf4a No.8721


money printing is never unrestricted, except for brief periods in war-torn or impoverished hellholes, there is always an inflationary and public opinion cap on how high inflation can go

we wouldn't ever have the Great Depression if we didn't have the stock market but changing that too would have been a whole lot worse

and like I said, gold isn't all that stable in the first place, over very long periods it is, over short periods it can be very volatile

41c1ec No.8724

File: 2767c9bd4df6420⋯.jpg (224.72 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1452126186158.jpg)


Why do you honestly strawman this hard then threaten to ban them when they object to the assertion?

136d62 No.8725


>banning someone for talking about /pol/ on a thread about /pol/

It sounds to me like you combined feminist propaganda with something a spurg posted on /r9k/ and turned it into a boogyman that you project onto /pol/.

And you wanna ban people who challenge that belief.

3b418a No.8726



No. I literally forgot about rule 4 for a second.

But I bet OP doesn't minds guys.

This thread is going nowhere tho.

136d62 No.8727


Because people are disputing your beliefs and you don't like it.

3b418a No.8730


I already told you it wasn't for that.

But this proves my point from some threads ago: no matter what you tell them, a /pol/hard will not listen to you.

Why bother.

e9d979 No.8731


Womens """"logic"""", or more accurately, lack thereof.

3b418a No.8732


>telling you it wasn't because of that

>"lol yes it is. You women make no sense"


136d62 No.8735


You're free to prove me wrong instead of repeating the same thing over.

3b418a No.8736


I am not treating to ban anyone. I just mentioned I forgot r>>8717

ule 4, and you guys forgot about it in this tread too. That all.

See it there?

c67159 No.8739


>being catholic is shit

>OP did not even mention catholicism

I smell kosher bagels………

f0af99 No.8744

File: 64561ea8d5bb031⋯.jpeg (1013.55 KB, 2000x1404, 500:351, 1462917973286.jpeg)


You should try visiting the Traditional Latin Mass in your area. The people there are very wholesome. Also a good way to make some girlfriends

The best way to keep the cucks away is to being a good woman. They are intimidated by that I think. A purity ring might do the job

e7a5af No.8755

File: 9b9b7f8fc5bb0ad⋯.jpg (161.65 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 4708ee338aaf2685560d2ab907….jpg)



5a04c2 No.8831

File: 5a8e3ba54f4512d⋯.jpg (26.93 KB, 270x256, 135:128, black cat6566.jpg)


Why are you not chained to the kitchen sink pumping out babies?

136d62 No.8916

File: d0ea5ad88628066⋯.jpg (265.36 KB, 900x500, 9:5, America torch rally.jpg)


Nice propaganda, but sadly it doesn't reflect reality. you know these chads get your panties moise :P

8d691f No.8947


You truly didn't lurk at all on /pol/. You'd know that they don't hate women, but take great pity in them since are the main targets who get propagated all kinds of degeneracy up their asses. They appreciate the white women who aren't weak-minded, hence didn't get infected by the Jewry. Because, as we all know, white women are the means to prevent and enable the white genocide. It is not even really their fault either, because females are bio-psychologically hardwired to be way more agreeable than men; the Jews know this, hence did all they could to brainwash them into hating and distrusting men, which resulted now in a general distrust between both white sexes.

3ee96c No.8968


I agree that her post was propaganda, but I don't think you can really call alt-kike /pol/.

3ee96c No.8974

OP, have you thought that maybe the solution is to find someone that seems of the right mindset for you to discuss with/educate about these things yourself over time instead of just throwing away all possibilities as a whole? Why not try to take the Evola approach of identifying the right "heart" that you could naturally help build on rather than going for "emulation", i.e. simply trying to find /pol/: the boyfriend? Try to think a bit about the kind of mindset that makes someone more likely to be what you want, as well as where those kinds of men are more likely to be found.

de0d98 No.8979


you don't have to date /pol/

just find a guy that isn't a faggot numale and has traditional values but isn't a cuck

its a much lower bar


>/pol/ just likes to set nearly impossible standards on people in a place where nearly all that stuff is impossible to avoid

nobody on /pol/ really meets the /pol/ ideal, its more of a goal to aspire to

most jsut accept that they are imperfect and try to improve

de0d98 No.8992



c5ed28 No.8993


How do you know they aren't just hiding their power level?

6d5ba4 No.9020

File: e1d429f6c9029e1⋯.jpg (725.89 KB, 3847x2566, 3847:2566, trump family 5QiWInk[1][1].jpg)

File: 5e568504e8eb25c⋯.png (499.38 KB, 594x403, 594:403, bernie hillary merkel chil….png)

>blue pill


The left are nothing more than sterility and nihilism.

Ghostbusters 1984

Ivan Reitman 3

Dan Aykroyd 3

Sigourney Weaver 1

Harold Ramis 3

Bill Murray 6

Rick Moranis 2

total children 18

Ghostbusters 2016

Paul Feig 0

Melissa McCarthy 2

Kristen Wiig 0

Kate McKinnon 0

Leslie Jones 0

Chris Hemsworth 3

total children 5

Be virtuous and seek virtue, have faith.

136d62 No.9043


>find a guy who isn't a numale

I would recommend OP try attending a church or cuckservative group once or twice to see if theres any traditional chads there. But really if you're in burgerlands theres no better place to go than a Trump rally to find young chads.

823097 No.9048


>I view them as weak

Retards are "stong", you know. They still smell like shit, drool on you, and mumble about the kikes being behind everything.

d0f14b No.9050


You're a big guy.

823097 No.9051

File: 34519337f221004⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 608x397, 608:397, armenian genocide denier a….jpg)


For you.

d0f14b No.9053



9ecd57 No.9057

File: b50a0b07b9aa1ce⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 900x599, 900:599, tumblr_and_4chan_by_huhsmi….jpg)

>have old hs female friend

>she's tumblr, i'm '4chan'

>we see each other every now and then

>it hurts to see her become more and more progressive, ideologically and appearance-wise

>but i can't, in good conscience, 'redpill' her, knowing she'll be alienated in her social circles and the rest of society

>i quietly hope she'll come around, maybe then i won't be alone, and she won't have to be either

d0f14b No.9058


That pic is why 4chan became cancer.

136d62 No.9060


>it is impossible to be smart and also work out.

Kek I always laugh at this cuck rationalization.

4bdcc0 No.9061


I think the problem is more that you're too fucking stupid to be able to interpret a simple one-liner joke.

The joke was a play on "retard strength." There you go, I explained it for you.

Par for the course, though, for neo/pol/. Retards and low functioning aspies abound.

Why don't you go on about how you definitely don't smell like shit or how you definitely do not drool, to reassure some imaginary person who you believe actually gives a fuck. Drooling moron.

9ecd57 No.9062

File: 940a89d2b3cd266⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 500x325, 20:13, tumblr_lbwr4kKMQO1qekjbno1….jpg)

File: c31232f0dfbc381⋯.png (292.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1289784532058.png)

8d691f No.9063

File: d731041826dfcda⋯.jpg (6.04 KB, 200x200, 1:1, u wot m8.jpg)


Holy fuck, you're a fucking pussy and need to kill yourself. Not spreading the truth and not making white babies makes you the worst traitor.



de0d98 No.9064

File: 8eb7ded5eeca4b1⋯.png (748.46 KB, 1903x4323, 173:393, trs plotting 8pol.png)


keep in mind that /pol/ looks down on the alt-right as band wagon jumping faggots that dont really believe in the ideals or understand them

take the creator of pewtube for example


if you skim the thread you can see his twitter posts and see his behavior when things did not go his way

just a fair warning that alt-right is not /pol/

pic is from when TRS an alt-right group was shilling /pol/ a while back

9ecd57 No.9065



almost got me

de0d98 No.9068


grow the fuck up and ask her out and be honest with her when she talks about politics

and don't lose your damned temper

136d62 No.9070


Great post my lad.

de0d98 No.9071


>and mumble about the kikes being behind everything.

I'm pro /pol/ but I thought it was a good joke anon

cf739e No.9072


/pol/ here, Keynesian economics is the foundation of national "socialist" Germany. /pol/ hardly supports obscure economic theory - a good portion would still subscribe to the austrian school despite loathing practices such as usury.


if you're serious op you should spend time away from the internet and especially websites like 4chan. It's unhealthy for you - try get involved in something in your local community like charity work or something>>8599

597e5f No.9111


>supporting the family unit, being Christian, and not wanting illigal aliens in your nation is wrong


3aa4c9 No.9272

File: 0198a3b5d355d30⋯.png (150.66 KB, 860x758, 430:379, 1474406769986.png)


Thanks for the advice. My family is catholic, and I've actually been wanting to start going back to church just to build up a conservative social circle.




That's good advice. It's important for me to keep in mind that people are not static, they are constantly growing. I agree, I just need to find a guy with good values and a good moral compass.


>You didn't get my vague, shitty, unfunny joke!! You must be be a drooling moron, WAAAAAH!

This is how you sound.

fdcbd8 No.9639



Nah it's a pretty straightforward joke, punchline and everything. The retard without his boyim star didn't know what "tard strength" was, though, so he didn't get the joke.

3bd737 No.10244








ae603d No.10428

I went through the exact same path as you OP. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking the way that you do. I got really bitter and hopeless myself at seeing the state of men today. It is very difficult to find a proper man.

That said, now that you know what to look for, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay away from politics and focus on being a good woman, depending on your ideology. Being redpilled is really great but women should stay out of politics as it erodes their feminity.

Find your tough nazi bf, OP. The right movement is filled with a lot of weirdos but there are legitimate good men out there. Don't lose hope, put your energy where it counts.

43aa26 No.10442


The /pol/ mindset is constantly growing. Seems to me like it'll be mainstream within a few years.

Don't give up hope. Most of the guys out there that actually care about us having a country to raise our kids in are sad because they think the only girls their age are total whores.

b87642 No.10444


>not wanting an ethno-nationalistic Orthodox Christian theocracy


61fc4c No.10448


I agree with catholic being a meme, but not for the reasons you think, and you're pretty well wrong about everything else.

Catholicism is a sinking ship, I would not trust any religious institution at this point, even though I do believe in much of their stated principles.

226f01 No.10455

no I don't have this problem

583cd8 No.10456


There was always wiggle room in the gold standard. IIRC the monetary supply could have doubled and we could've still met the agreed upon $$$ to gold reserve requirements. We just couldn't print the money necessary to fund the Vietnam war, which is why Nixon took us off. It had nothing to do with being able to respond to crisis.

c83329 No.10476

you could try and redpill a conservative, ive never heard of a womeng doing it in a relationship, either that or you go on tinder paste your profile as pro white ect, but u might get memed on by some marxist scum.

20d94e No.10494

>all the people claiming to actually read /pol/, but think it's about being anti-sex and believing in the free market

ce1c12 No.10502

I don't *quite* have this problem, as I don't know any guys well enough to know their political beliefs, and (in addition) have never had a social life anyway. …maybe base a relationship on things other than politics, like shared taste in books or music or something?

I totally get where you're coming from, though, I'd like a like-minded boyfriend too.

ce1c12 No.10503


(also, thank you so much for posting this, I had NO IDEA that this board existed, much less that there were people like me browsing 8chan.)

2c8378 No.10509


Unironically, this.

2597dc No.10511

>destroyed my chances of getting a boyfriend

eh you got a whole forest of cocks to choose from as a racist girl

ea13e6 No.10512

Fact: none of the people talking in this thread are women.

2597dc No.10513

File: ba5e29067a1106b⋯.jpg (442.4 KB, 991x637, 991:637, 334239-5cb7333a6d9e4deb319….jpg)

Being i pol girl means your market value is way up

No break-in or deprogramming needed

483c05 No.10527


Quality =/= quantity.

So, SO MANY LARPers, so few legitimate real men.

c78928 No.10534


>the first

you never asked anyone else, you dishonest retard

8ed19d No.10552

Pol is right in a lot of things. It's always good hearing uncensored opinions even when we end up disagreeing. There's a lot to be learned there and you spending 2 years lurking must know a lot.

That said, most frequent posters are sick. They have to be sick. It's a hate dungeon. People join the hivemind and then try to one-up the others by being even more hateful, even more extreme. Anonymity is like a mask. If you were meeting those guys in real life, i doubt you'd comfortable spending so much time with them.

It's not the /pol/ pills, it's the community mindset in general. If you spent that same amount of time on /r9k/ or /x/, the effect on your life could be similar, even thought the reasoning would be a bit different. Radicalization of the world view, and being stuck on the "left side of the brain" is what ruins relationships.

The internet is vast and content is endless. There are many more "pills" to take and communities to explore, even while avoiding normalfags altogether. Take the pills and leave. Build your own worldview that is sufficiently adaptable for real life situations (if you spend too much time on the same community, your mind will try to adapt to them like IT is your environment you need to survive in)

e43683 No.10553

I read this thread title off the main board as "lurking on /pol/ has ruined me sexually'

Apologies for a pointless post, just that it gave me a giggle when I realised my error

9eb40a No.10565

Not-femanon here, you are exactly who I wish I could find and have a relationship with.

>just wanted to say that.

eb0862 No.10567

I'm a /pol/ack. The natsoc variety in particular.

The unfortunate reality is that most of the "/pol/" guys you might find are, at most, LARPers who parrot edgy talking points and have zero actual substance.

If you want to find the real kind of men you're looking for, you have to actually get into that community, because all of those guys are busy actually trying to do things. The easiest way for you (or anyone) to do that is to find a /pol/ discord and talk to people. If you haven't already, it's a decent way to get introduced to what's really going on.

I can hook you up if you're interested, at the risk of someone reporting me for not hating my race.

4ba5a8 No.10569


>I am sorry but the only weak person here is you for believing any of the trash /pol/ spouts.

If pol spouts trash how come they are always proven right about everything?

bccd7a No.10575

8chan's /pol/ is an echo chamber. Many people know this, /pol/ poster themselves know this too.

If the mods are having a little bitch fit, they will hunt down any opposing views and zap them out of existence. Usually they give reasons for dissenters being banned as "shills".

So just remember that /pol/ is /pol/, it's one image board and it can't have any power beyond it's domain if you don't let it. I can go many other places on 8chan and 4chan and I won't have to deal with 8/pol/ autists, they really don't matter.

>Not to mention the average millenial "man" is either a estrogenized soy-boy cuck atheist faggot who thinks being a feminist will get him laid, or a shallow, materialist normalfag who doesn't give a shit about anything meaningful, as long as he has tons of sex, weed, alcohol, and social media

I don't disagree, but what about you? For all the criticisms you give towards modern men, I'm sure you're not a perfect person either.

/pol/ has not destroyed your chances of finding a boyfriend, you have.

bccd7a No.10587


Why are you so bitter?

>We memed a man into the fucking Presidency

Prove it.

>You sound like a true beta MGTOW faggot

MGTOW has absolutely nothing to do with this, I'm not sure why you pulled that out of your smelly ass.

2a2a80 No.10589



2a2a80 No.10591


I feel a similar way about women. I wish you success. It seems the only answer for both of us is to keep looking for a redpill to court.

9cb2e6 No.10596


Anyone having sexual desires is not degenerate, it is to be human, i don't understand where you get this opinion from because i've never seen it on /pol/, only once you act on such impulsive animalistic desires does it becomes degenerate. You having dirty sex with your boyfriend/husband is something that happens in the home and is of nobody else their concern. The Christians on /pol/ spout marriage but i don't see it happening in modern society. Studies however do prove as women rack up the numbers of partners the less likely a LTR/marriage is even going to work, mostly due to the women increasingly acting upon her sexual impulses to cheat. Someone being in a committed relationship and acting on their impulses to cheat on their boyfriend/husband is degenerate. Your sexual deviancy which ever fetish it may be only becomes a problem when you openly spout it and promote it towards society. Latex, BDSM, furries, trans etc are all degenerate, but my husband ties me up in the bedroom because i like to feel constricted and choked a little during sex.

6239ad No.10597


Welcome home.

d352b5 No.10602







This does not look like woman hate to me, also note that the people in said thread speaking anything hateful of women are less in numbers and also droping the tired old


>white knight

memery that pushed the overton window into a place in which guys having or attempting to display any degree of respect for women makes them look like faggots. The few there doing this are probably not even aware of this due to meme psychology and there is a chance they themselves hold the same feelings of respect towards women internally but would not outright say it because they are mentally enslaved to a meme culture that makes you look and sound like a faggot because the current meme is that to do otherwise makes you a fedora lord.

9d84ea No.10604

File: e5f7bfcf07e9ffe⋯.png (504.85 KB, 456x1124, 114:281, hmm.png)


>everything I believe comes true in my fantasy world!

84a7ac No.10605


Leftypol is bad at propaganda, but then theres women.

b00209 No.10608


>I find that even if they're moderates or apolitical when you lay out evidence they're smart and intellectually honest enough to give it an actual look. and this is at university too so if it works here I assume it works everywhere

It works because the chance of them being retarded and at uni is much lower. Most men, or people in general, are too stupid to do that. Don't expect this to work elsewhere.

84ea9e No.10617

/pol/ is baiting other boards with an obvious "us guys" association tactic.

Should have asked for OP's timestamp. Dollars to donuts it's just a random, burnt out Alt-Right guy who can't find someone to pair bond with.

8b0c50 No.10645

The next red pill you must take is to realize that the left and right are pieces of a whole. To see the world through only one or the other is to blind yourself to half of it. No one belief system has all the answers and to stick to one is to fail to see the finer nuances and variables of reality.

If you're not ready for this right now, I assure you that one day you'll realize that you have nothing more to learn from /pol/ except how to leave it forever.

d05a1d No.10646


This is probably bullshit unless you're an urbanite.

In which case get to the rural areas where actual humans live, find a guy who's in a skilled trade, he'll probably be close to what you're looking for, you just have to push him a little further right.

4ba5a8 No.10704


On the contrary pol represents the pitiless nature of cold hard reality. They arent interested in making you feel good. Or feeding your ego.

The way they put their ideas across upsets and trigers people. But one of their strengths is that everything they predict comes true in the real world.

I was just trying to think of one prediction they made that hasnt come true and I cant.

cdfdc7 No.10705

File: 3850e8fdd0d43b0⋯.jpg (156.16 KB, 577x409, 577:409, 1431398164008-3.jpg)


F-femanon. I think t-thats very attractive

a48aee No.10707


Just represent who you are and what you believe in honestly. Doesn't mean you have to say "gas the kikes race war now" when politics are brought up IRL. Just be honest with how you present yourself and you'll meet like minded people easily. It's easy enough to separate the LARPers from the men of action once you realise that a man who actually believes in the things that he says is unafraid represent them in public.

e22f59 No.10714


Hey Rabbi, whatcha doin?

8c473e No.10814

File: 5d635dfcacbc478⋯.jpg (172.35 KB, 505x489, 505:489, 1424297142119.jpg)


> /pol/ literally promotes killing people.

niggers aren't people anon…

0c9bcb No.10842


>Degeneracy is subjective. In /pol/ eyes, a woman having sexual desires is degenerated

No it's not.

>And /pol/ literally promotes killing people. How is that wholesome. Is as bad as extremists feminists.

There's nothing wrong with killing invaders, if you hate it you can go live with the religion of peace.

56d5bb No.10843


>/pol/ has radicalized me and destroyed my chances of getting a boyfriend

If you live in America/Canada then go to Trump/Alt-Right rallies/gatherings if you live in Europe then Identitarians

e602ba No.10900


>says the redditor

6d1219 No.10920

File: a0c9af57138a3cc⋯.gif (335.19 KB, 666x386, 333:193, comfey.gif)



I wouldn't say atheists per-say but I would say the majority of /pol/acks were atheists at one point. My self being one, I was once a staunch atheist who refuted the legitimacy of the bible due to its inherent contradictions story-wise. Then as I read more and more into /pol/ and the various holy books I grew an appreciation for the message they spread and hold. I later found out exactly what the concept of god was getting at, not necessarily a singular, all-powerful being but rather the collective made into an influence of itself. It is the end of the universe and the universe itself. It has been mathematically shown in the natural world and it is beautiful. I was so much of an autist that I couldn't see that for a long time due to my need for internal translation from Normie tier words. So I wouldn't say /pol/ is godless but rather a requirement of a higher level explanation of the collective being known as god.

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