Welcome to /girltalk/!

This is a special little place by girls, for girls. It's an imageboard aimed at female anonymous posters (Also known as femanons). Our audience is niche and far inbetween, but sometimes women need a place to just be ourselves, don't we?

In this board, you can talk about any topic you please. But there are some rules that must be followed:

1. All posts MUST follow 8chan's global rules (

2. /girltalk/ is a SFW (Safe For Work) board.There is a spoiler feature to hide the more saucy pictures, but anything explicit (be it porn or gore) will be deleted.

3. Threads and posts created to antagonize, banter, attack or simply "troll" the board, posters of the board, the female gender or individuals are not allowed. Said posts will be deleted and their posters will get a warning or a ban. Check the FAQ page for more info.

4. Discussions of political and religious nature (outside of the /boytalk/ and /poltalk/ thread) is not allowed. These kind of discussions usually devolve into men forcing down their opinion on our female posters ("redpilling" and "shilling"), and it's something we do not want in this board.

5. This is a board for women, so naturally men are not welcome. If you are male, you can post in the /boytalk/, /metatalk/ and /poltalk/ threads, which are all stickied. Feel free to also post on threads that state male input is allowed. Men spotted posting outside of these threads will be warned and/or banned, if deemed fit by moderation.

6. Do not post contact info, or ask for such. For example: Do not post Discords, Steams, Facebook or anything like that. Such posts will be deleted.