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File: 9d152e907e5e9a3⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 600x458, 300:229, ANGERY.jpg)


Does WUBI (github version) work on windows? I still use windows(because of my parents) but I'm planning into getting into Linux. I don't have a USB or CD to install Linux that way, but there is WUBi. So does it work for my win 10?


File: 67e033d34d5d8fb⋯.png (18.69 KB, 181x179, 181:179, 181px-Logo-Trisquel.svg.png)


If a socialist country such as Cuba were to adopt a Linux distro that would be used statewide for the development and use of FOSS software, which one would it be?


Hopefully Guix, got to keep communism on the cutting edge.



Even in communism Linux can't get a break.



They allready did that. It was a weird distro based on Gentoo. Gone now.



Would it make more sense then to adopt a currently active distro rather than make their own from the ground up?

File: c72133ca359b9e3⋯.jpg (74.94 KB, 507x679, 507:679, programming communism.jpg)


On leftypol, we had a great discussion in the Soviet Cybernetics thread and all learned a lot, but we still haven't made anything yet. It's about time that we do.

link to the actual thread (may break when the thread hits the bump limit and dies): >>>/leftypol/1477348

archive as of 05/16/17: https://archive.fo/s41yX

To start, we need to get a hold of what exactly it is that we're aiming to build. We can't expect to be building neural nets to handle computability just yet (maybe once it's a big project on Github), but we can make an outline of a basic input-output calculator as a web app which uses free software packages to achieve its ends.

To this end, we need a way to divide up the tasks of the calculator. Each complex task (corresponding to a folder) is given a number and a dash, and subtasks can be added on as subfolders with the same notation. End files are simply a number (and possibly a letter if circumstances demand it, such as with multiple files within a folder referencing each other to complete 1 task). To organize the thread's, use this to organize the proposals. If you need to find a topic to discuss it, use Ctrl+f to search up the string of tasks and subtasks in question, then quote the person and say what you want. CPA stands for "Cybernetic Planning Application".

CPA- Plan economy by computerized optimization of production's organization and purposing using inputted in-kind data in a secure fashion; it must output relevant data in a usable manner and be compatible with a free communist society, using currently-available technologies

CPA-1- Create an input-output interface as a web app

CPA-2- Organize and store all data in a secure and easily referenced fashion

CPA-3- Regularly run through all data and update plan on a schedule

CPA-4- Verify recorded transfers of possession of material objects as being real data and not fake data to try to game the system

CPA-1-1- If on the output tab, a search bar can be used to find the correct choice out of a list so that whPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Also, for anyone who wants to contact me on tox, my ID is




>server-side scripting language?

typescript please. Other JS frameworks are mess.



on TOX mostly 20:00-22:00 UTC.




File: 155b6e9e4d1b8fe⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 235x325, 47:65, 1ac3f51a052360a5cab178eb3f….jpg)



Good i, k;
Int j;
Consv temp;

for ( temp > 0; ??? )
for ( i > ''iron'' => ''labour'' )
// ???
''inputsij'' => k;
''usageij'' * (''usedi' - ''previousi') + ''tempk'' => ''tempk''
used => previous;
temp + ''used'' => ''used'';
return Round(''used'')



>labor time management holds a significant risk of bringing back the collective direction of labor power by force by intrepid individuals and/or bureaucracies which characterized capitalism's antecedents and, therefore, has the potential to redevelop an abstract, self-reinforcing dictator of labor and its transfer of energy into useful forms, which are the attributes which characterize capital as a social phenomenon.

this is bullshit, the whole point of central planning is to direct labor power where it needs to go. There are still going to be imbalances in the socially necessary amount of labor time and your idea would only hand control over to those people. In fact its incredibly hypocritical to say we have to do it your way because if we don't someone else will be authoritarian with it.

File: 19737f75994b3f3⋯.jpg (71.17 KB, 610x471, 610:471, anime-art-drawing-girl-Fav….jpg)


Post links to archives of threads you want to read but don't have enough time to do so now. Amount of forum sliding there is awful.


>labour vouchers


>cockshott thread




Archive of 2017 thread:


Another 2017 thread:




second thread re-save http://archive.is/nIqjT

File: 55225f7ce2c62c0⋯.jpg (165.73 KB, 649x800, 649:800, 55225f7ce2c62c03de6ee9dba9….jpg)


Are we going to talk about the recent debacle that Intel has made with thier hardware that requires kernel page table isolation without screaming about the Jews?


File: 0a8a0d58ff9ea50⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 833x469, 119:67, 1811b3752f3e868588d76960e4….jpg)

just don't use intel



File: 00c1679a647d225⋯.jpg (187.78 KB, 1218x1015, 6:5, 69bd1a0994bf19b958bd037e35….jpg)



The PSP is nowhere near as bad as IME. Actually, if the PSP functions correctly, it is in fact encrypting your memory and increasing security, and that's all it's doing. But even so, we need the option to disable it– and that option does exist now.


take your arm pill and embrace gpu blob

File: 27731c3fa6361da⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, capitalist kid.jpg)


Article by socialist programmer Ian Wright:

>Sometimes the meaning of a social situation can suddenly flip. You notice something new, like an object in the wrong place, or a small inconsistency that points to a secret, or a lie. This is one of those occasions. There’s an enormous difference between advancing capital to a firm, and owning a firm. This vital distinction is conspicuously absent from all the upbeat, world-changing, and progressive chit-chat in the coffee shops, restaurants, offices and homes of Silicon Valley.



Why do you post that twat OP?



the pic, not Ian. Sorry Ian



>Worker co-ops don’t hire in labour at a pre-agreed rental price. They do the opposite. They hire-in capital at a pre-agreed rental price (i.e., raise loan capital not equity capital). So capital, not labour, is merely another ex ante cost of production with no claim on the residual income of the firm.1

Wow, people who can write words I do not understand must be smart.



Which of these words don't you know? Ex ante means before. At the risk of sounding like a dick, I say if you are an adult native speaker, I expect you to be able to parse that.

People use means of production to produce and sell stuff. There is usually an increase in value here, that is the price they sell the stuff for covers more than wages and the cost of the means of production. The way this is usually organized is that there is an owner of the means of production, the wage level is fixed before the stuff is made and sold, and after meeting these costs fixed before profit is what then remains (the residual).

Wright proposes that instead the means of production should be rented by the workers, the price decided on before they produce stuff with it.



Thanks. My autistic drugged mind had trouble translating english, and when I stumbled upon latin word, I couldn't continue reading about "evil" stuff.

>Wright proposes that instead the means of production should be rented by the workers,

This sounds like UBI on steroids.

>the price decided on before they produce stuff with it.

This actually sounds wise.

File: 8a8394d92df35e7⋯.jpg (35.37 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 4be3c90eekk01.jpg)


ProNETariat comrades!

Please acquire your party membership at >>>/netcom/ , a board with heavy cybernetics focus utilizing a democratic centralist model!


File: a2144bfbae033a0⋯.png (282.13 KB, 548x640, 137:160, moore2.png)


Since it seems we have more than a month's worth of audio material collected >>>/freedu/1756 and that many people want to listen to books while at work we could definitely create a 24/7 youtube stream & radio broadcasting leftypol audibooks.

What's needed: someone with ~50+ gigs of free space downloading and organizing a collection, setting up streaming accounts, making the queue automated, setting up its basic info display (what comes next, how long much of the current book is left in minutes, chapter&book info, etc.), testing it, and finally making it public. IMO the mods would add it the FAQ or the reading list thread.

Comments? Any volunteers?

cross with >>>/leftypol/2013082

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So nobody gon' do it? :(



Is anyone still posting here I have an absurd amount of free computer space and free time I could do it.




actually still have things to fix.




Please do it, and report on it to >>>/netcom/

File: 22976f08a45cbd2⋯.png (119.71 KB, 540x680, 27:34, l5.png)

File: 62524e1d45163bf⋯.jpg (83.02 KB, 640x430, 64:43, smartphone-cctv.jpg)


What to do about cell phones? AFAIK there is /no/ cell phone currently on the market that isn't a potential spying machine that tramples all over your freedoms. Even running custom firmware won't save you because you still need binary blobs to run at the very least the baseband. One solution, I guess, would be to maintain a VoIP account and use a tablet that runs through a trustworthy VPN (if you can bring yourself to trust a commercial VPN) along with a secondary mobile hotspot, but that's a complete pain in the ass.

The Neo900 and other OpenPhoneux devices seem dead in the water.

The closest thing to an open device I've heard of that might actually materialize is the Librem 5, which is supposed to launch in 2019. It'll run Linux (real GNU/Linux!) and have hardware killswitches to the camera, mic, and baseband. I'm pretty hype about it and saving my shekels.

How does /gnussr/ about smartphones? What are you doing to mitigate the risks they open up to you?

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Sadly I have an Android. I'm thinking of getting a new one and installing Lineage OS. That way I'll be able to get updates for longer.

A slightly obscure fact about Mac OS is that the kernel is free software. It's a mashup of Mach and BSD. So it's not even that much less free than Android, which has a shitload of proprietary and freedom-runing garbage.



I don't use smart phones at all.



I have an iPhone 4 that I bought on eBay for 50 USD. I only use it to take pictures, make phone calls and alarm / calendar. I use my laptop for everything else.


I use my phone for pretty much everything, all the time. I know the risks, I know that very well in certain circumstances all of my information could be obtained by another party, but I feel like I'm in too deep to get out, socially and technologically. I don't do anything illegal though so I assume that keeps me off the radar for the most part.



I'm back to an old cellphone.

File: 5039afcd9f95ec5⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 460x287, 460:287, EuropeanMayDay.jpg)


Hey people and peepits, so seeing that a lot of anarchy boards appear dead and the mods gave the others that where up for claim away before I could get to them; I decided to create my own.

New to the whole board scene and not looking to steal anybody else's shine but I want to play my part in trying to make a difference in this messed up world. And creating a board for proper intellectual discussion seemed the limit of my reach at the moment. So if anybody sees this and is interested in visiting go ahead.


File: b507959f9e5f364⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1200x1528, 150:191, 1492622946959-0.jpg)


A lot of "beginner" threads in programming boards aren't very academic and aren't really directed towards actual beginners. They almost never share resources for someone who has literally never typed a single line of code in their entire life. The following two textbooks and courses may be especially challenging for the person I've just described, but they actually start at the beginning and introduce one to programming in a rigorous manner that endows one with a conceptual understanding of the science of computation and how to think computationally rather than only how to engage in programming itself.

Academic Textbooks

Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python


Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs


Academic Courses

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python


Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science


​Academic Lectures

Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.




also the transition from 2 to 3 as a developer is mostly trivial. It's just that updating legacy code bases is a giant pain in the neck, mostly due to dependencies more than anything).

A large amount of python users still use 2 (I'm definitely not one of them).




too hard you have to have a masters in math with a concentration in category theory to even understand it. You have to learn pure FP programming style at the same time struggling with its abstruse and highly ornate type system. Wrote a random forests classifier using it in uni once for machine learning class. Never again




>Posts Crapitalistic links

Komrad, I can't even.



Fuck Amazon, but what is wrong with edx?



Just playing around with first-class functions, recursion and types can be fun and instructive for a beginner. It certainly was for me.

File: 609cfa6cc5f77ec⋯.jpg (219.53 KB, 650x300, 13:6, de.jpg)


Mine is KDE, because it lets you configure a lot of stuff without forcing you to spend weeks learning how to use it. It offers a nice compromise between intuitiveness and customizability.

33 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I use i3 on my thinkpad because the trackpoint isn't the best and MATE on my desktop where I have a mouse.


I like fluxbox because it makes me look like THE katana wielding hacker in the mainframe, it makes more sense to me (in a logical sense). I also want to try out Xfqt once I get flux all the way settled.



It's that anon that's out of date here. KDE has been working for a long time on being touchscreen-friendly, they've even released a new library just for mobilizing KDE apps.



>KDE has been working for a long time on being touchscreen-friendly

Have you actually used it? Last time I tried it, drag to scroll didn't work half the time.



i3wm with gaps and transparent urxvt. I know I'm a basic bitch but its just so sexy.

File: f204ec9e6c2d39d⋯.jpg (34 KB, 346x492, 173:246, Dvorak.jpg)


Hey famalam. This is going to a be an unedited blog-post of insufferable proportions, but this is a slow board so I don't really feel bad.

I'm a sophomore in college who has not yet declared a major. I have mostly taken classes in mathematics so far. In the long term future I would like to involve myself in the internet and software freedom movement and, to research cybernetic planning. I had originally intended to study computer science, but I have come to have second thoughts.

High quality computer science education and resources are available for free in so many places, (edx, project euler, stack exchange, etc.) that I would feel like a dumbass taking out $45,000 in loans to pay for a degree.

Sp, I think I will probably major in math and physics and go to graduate school for engineering or applied maths or some gay shit like that. This brings me to my question.

Do any of you hail from academic or career backgrounds such as math, physics, or engineering? If so, was it easy to learn everything you needed to in order to pursue open source software development as an autodidact? Any tips for navigating computer science education outside of a university?

Also–a completely unrelated question. Who /dvorak/ here?


read sicp



If I were to go back to the evil bourgeois institution, I'd study linear algebra until I understood matrices well enough to program sensors like kinect and leapmotion.



So math is a good call?



Just ordered it. Any tips on how to use it? Should I just read it a chapter at a time? Or use it as a reference book?



>I'd study linear algebra until I understood matrices well enough to program sensors like kinect and leapmotion.

Here's a book that points in that direction: http://codingthematrix.com/

The idea is to get you to learn typical applications of linear algebra in computer science and programming. You can find it in Library Genesis if you wanna check it out before buying

File: 6d223a808d64594⋯.png (422.66 KB, 1071x426, 357:142, Holo.png)


Is Holochain /gnussr/ approved?


>Today, we are forced to settle for what Facebook’s algorithm decides to show us. Our capabilities for manipulating our feed are extremely limited. With Holochain, we are only limited to the parameters set by the applications. And if you and your friends don’t like those parameters, you can change them with a forked app!

>And because the information exists on a layer on top of the app and isn’t held proprietarily, you can mix and match your feeds to your heart’s content. I might create dashboards for all different circumstances and be able to jump between them seamlessly. Everything dog-related from all of my app channels from users who have posted at least 10 times could be one of my dashboards. All pizza-related posts by users with a high reputation level who live within 10km of me could be another dashboard.

>Because the information isn’t forced to sit uniquely in each application, the end user can create a customized experience with the parameters of their choosing. The possibilities for data mining and consensus building are endless. End the data-monopolies of Facebook and Google. If we choose to use Holochain, we choose how our information is shared and empower the commons to utilize it for collective growth and understanding.

Are distributed apps the future?

File: 7e68b760492c5a0⋯.jpeg (55.53 KB, 599x769, 599:769, 7e68b760492c5a0da55592f8d….jpeg)


Say that America's congress approached you and asked you to propose some bills (or remove bills) in order to facilitate the growth of Free Software. What bills would this be? They have to be things that congress would actually consider voting for, so it can't be anything too outrageous like banning non-free software.



They should mandate that all federal government functions must transition to free software within 3-5 years, such as the post office, law enforcement, all the various federal government functions



probably this; it would probably force the govt. to redirect money in propietary tech support to money in support and development of free software, thus benefiting the whole FLOSS-phere

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